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Dead: Crino (Falcon Punch), Three Fairies (Sakuya and China), Rinnosuke (throat slitted), China (accidental axe to the head)

Want you dead: Daiyousei (killing Cirno and raping her), Keine (probably - tried to rape her), Sakuya (maybe - lying to her and causing a scene), Marisa (possibly - shit on her broom and dress)

Inventory: 2-handed Axe, low-level danmaku wand, two sticks of dynamite, a patch of China's skin and hair

Current location: In front of Reimu's donation box. Reimu has come out wearing only a sarashi.

You have just shot your load into Reimu's donation box and, being the retard she is, praises you for giving her a donation. She comes up to you and give you a little peck on the cheek for you charity.

Just then, Suika sleepily comes out of the shrine, completely naked and holding her bottle; "come back to bed Reimu, you're so much fun when you drink," she says. She then spots you and rage appears in her eyes.

what do you do?
Oh no
Must generate threesome.
[X] Scream
[X] Scream.
In b4 we end up having to punch the sun
You have a smirk on your face and you garner another erection; although Reimu doesn't know what's going on, Suika does. She oni's eyes widen and punches you in the jaw. You fall to the ground and Suika's orders you to leave as she embraces Reimu.
[x] challenge her to a staring contest
Throw the dynamite at the loli oni.
YWUIG is pretty innocent, but this might be a bit sadistic for the (small) usual userbase here...
needs a NSFW board
The userbase is probably F5'ing in the YWUIG thread.
You pick yourself up and glare into the oni's big eyes. She returns the stare, but you see some demonic shit going on with a mere second. You reflects away and Suika just scoffs.

You take out a stick and throw towards Suika; of course, since you have nothing to light it with, nothing happens.

Suika still wants you to leave.
File 120709594425.jpg - (3.02KB, 125x125 , 1206480024541s.jpg) [iqdb]
fall asleep.
[X] Genuflect.

Then claim you have mental issues stemming from an encounter with moon rabbits.
You drop to your knees, but the oni grows tired of your fuckery.

She gives you a kick to the face and retreats back into the Shrine while embracing Reimu with a smile.
she's the perfect girl
faint wherever we fell and fall asleep.
Follow them
Weren't you going to keep posting in /jp/ come hell or high water?
You hear a voice saying that's not a good idea.

You pick yourself up and go to the front of the Shrine's doors; you're about to enter, but she hear a moan come from the other side.

It's Reimu's and you hear Suika say from very vile, sexual things in addition. You know it's not a good idea to enter, but what should you do?

It's annoying getting 404'd with three posts
Stop fagging up /th/
[x] pretend to leave the shrine. stalk suika from a safe distance
Look for Aya nearby. She'll know what to do.
Stand outside and masturbate.
The walls are made of paper. Poke a hole and watch.
Try following the voice
[x] get some of this anti-ghost/oni-salt-or-whatever-it-is
You slowly back away and quickly walk around the Shrine; you find a decent place to hide, but no Tengu in sight. You take rest behind a batch of bushes right outside the Shrine.

Reimu makes a extremely loud moan and your penis become ready for action, you pleasure yourself, but in the mean so, you hear someone behind you speak.

"What are you doing ze~?"
[x] Cast Magic Missile
Proceed to spam SHOW ME YA' MOVES!
[x] i'll show you
get naked, enter and then say "You called me?"
"I'm just taking an evening stroll. The air feels nice tonight. Care to join me, madam?"
i'm an archeologist and looking for ruins of long forgotten civilisations
Our penis is pretty strong.
You take your wand out and fire; a small bullet comes out and grazes Marisa. You try to fire something more, but fail greatly.


You smirk, but Marisa just throws danmaku at you. Being the failure that you are, your hitbox is struck and you fall to the ground.

Marisa then lefts you up and places her on her broom.

"I'm only to teach you a lesson."

You're weak, but you may be able to run away if you wanted.
Scream YES! and run away.
[] ... in Love, right?
Oh yeah, hit me
[x] run away and scream "i will remember this"
[X] Accept her lesson.
>"I'm only to teach you a lesson."

[X]Correct her grammar
Stop trying to hit me and hit me!
You shout "yes!" and run off, or at least to. Marisa has already begun to take off you just fall two-feet to the ground. The witch sighs and puts your weak ass and your axe onto her broom again and take off.

You use this time to rest instead of enjoying the beautiful landscape. Within minutes, though, Marisa lands and you see a large shack with a lot of garage around.

"We're home ze~"

Should you follow her, try to run, or do something else.
Hug her

follow her
"What's the lesson?"
Agreed. We never put our dick away from the fap. Try to rub that in a little too.
Go into the garage
follow her
run to that shack
You wrap your arms round Marisa and she strikes her broom into your ribcage. You wince in pain...

and follow her inside. The first thing you see is mounds of junk that would put Kourin to shame (although it's probably stolen from there)

"Sit there ze~"

She probably to a weak chair that would probably break the moment your fat ass sat on it.
Where can I find the first 2 parts?
Sit in the chair.
[x] Sit my fat ass down
Be a kleptomaniac and steal anything remotely useful.
are you drunk or something?
"am i cute ~uguu?"

You do so, and as expected, the chair disappears in pieces of wood.

Marisa gets pissed and orders you to sit on the floor; you do so, but Marisa goes off into another room.

You wait patiently, but then you hear what sounds like a whip crack. A chill runs up your spine, and now may be a good time to make haste or at least pick up a weapon for protection, if you wished.
I put on my robe and wizard hat
Stay put. I like it rough.
stay and enjoy her "lesson".
In case of failure, I put on her robe and wizard hat
What time zone is he in? It's 2 AM here, and I'm so tired that I'm not even noticing the mistakes.
Prepare dynamite
[x] take her broom
Oh God start fapping nao!
Take off my pants.
Take off glasses, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception FUCK YEAH
You stay put and hear Marisa come into the room holding a weird piece of rope. She comes behind you and ties you up with little resistance on your part. After her, she takes off her bloomers and lift her dress.

"Pay back ze~"

She does what you expect and she doesn't miss a single part of your body; "How can she hold this much!?" you scream in agony as she empties herself onto you.

After what seems like a lifetime, she finishes and goes off into the other room. She quickly returns with some sake and some matches. She pours the sake on you and is about to light the match.

You could try to get out of this if you tried...

9PM; I fail at typing.
Start spinning
Nah, I'm good.
complement her on her fine ass
"Please allow me to lick you clean first."
Drink the sake and eat the shit.
The urine will negate the sake, so I should be fine.
Try harder.

Despite the rope, you roll around on the floor and knock Marisa over. She falls to the ground and you lodge your shitty body on top of her. She can't lift you up, but you can't get yourself loose.

The matches are out of reach for her, so you have sometime to think of something.
Sake wouldn't light on fire.
It's rice wine, not pure grain.
If anything, the match would go out or just feel uncomfortably warm.
get matches
light dynamite
all akbar

first terrorist in gensokyo
Sing the rickroll to her, making her kill herself out of boredom
[X] Active the Nanaya gland. Break free and use the axe to carve her up like a thanksgiving turkey.
Activate, rather.
Rub against her. Need to get off one way or another.
Go all Tsundere on her
♪Never gonna let you down...
Never gonna turn around... and,
Desert You!♪


Wow this thread is an eyesore.
You think of this, but alas, being tied up would make it hard to light the match.

You struggle a bit and notice a sharp object by next to you; you wriggle around and are able to position yourself and break the rope while not getting off Marisa.

You punch Marisa. Hard. Many times until she is knocked out. You run outside and grab the axe she brought over and run back inside. You spot Marisa groggy and trying to get up, but you swing the axe and put her right back down there.

You go nice boat on her and when you come to, she rests as 17 pieces; you then whip your tired penis (because you know you were going to) and jerk off to Marisa body with her shit in between your fingers.

You now have a whole house of junk to yourself, what now?
Go back to Kourin's and get the shotgun umbrella.
Look for precious things. Or burn the house.
File 120709913545.jpg - (91.43KB, 437x640 , 1206655165242.jpg) [iqdb]

Dress up in Marisa's clothes. Visit Alice.
only needed to cut her head ;_;
find powerful weapons that we can carry and use instantly with no training. Burn down the house.

Hunt and Kill Reimu to present to Reisen as a wedding gift.
Eat Marisa's brains, in order to acquire her knowledge.
throw her remains in the donation box
Your fat ass is too lazy to do that now.

You decide to snoop around the house for something good; while doing so, however, you spot a doll staring outside the window.


The doll quickly flies away and goes to the other part of the Forest.

You continue your search and find a small chest that contains a whole bunch of cards; they may be useless, but who knows so you take them.
find powerful weapons that we can carry and use instantly with no training. Burn down the house.

Hunt and Kill Reimu to present to Reisen as a wedding gift.

Stick those cards up my nose. One by One.
Get some pieces of Marisa to use as ammo.
You never know when you're going to need to throw stuff at others, do you?
don't forget the matches
don't forget the matches
don't forget the matches
don't forget the matches
>stay and enjoy her "lesson".

If it's good enough for Satan it damn well is good enough for me.
You get out of Kourin's clothes and play dress-up like the little girl you are.

You find no such thing.

You split the skull and pick out the gooey remain. You scoop them into your palm and eat them.

You feel no different.

You do a little dance. Yay! You feel a little happier.

Nah, you just take your previous advice and try to visit Alice; with your newly acquired robe and wizard hat, you leave the house, but have no clue how to get to Alice.

You thought you saw the doll go Southwest though...
You run back in and grab the matches; good thinking Anon.
Follow the doll, carrying some pieces of Marisa along with us.
Did we remember to get the hakkero along with her clothes? If not, run back and get it.
how can her clothes resemble anything close to ... clothing after we chopped her into pieces?
I'm sure she has more than one pair
People tend to have more than one change of clothes. Especially if they're at home.
Go to the SouthWest. Find some fairies and befriend them.
Charge into the forest in the direction the doll went, screaming, "ALICE! COME GIVE YOUR NEIGHBOR A KISS ZE!"
You run in again and grab the two largest pieces of Marisa still intact, her arms. You also grab her elemental reactor, although you have no fucking clue how to use it.

You now leave the shack for good and make your way southwest through the wood and hope to make it to Alice's.

After a little venturing, you come across a small, clean shack; should you step forward?

Knock on the windows with Marisa's arms.
Shout, "I'm coming in ze!"
Walk in.
step backward
Attempt to use the Hakkero to perform Starlightspark Masterbreaker and obliterate the shack.
Fap using Marisa's hands
You failed.

You take a deep breath and walk forward, but before you yell, you hear a girl sobbing very loudly.

Alice must have just heard to news.

What should you do?
Break in and rape.
Comfort her, if you know what I mean.
And give her one of Marisa's arms.
Rape Alice, followed by NICE BOAT!
give her a hand!
yell "would you be interested in a life insurance. i do sell some fine policies."
"What's wrong ze?"
Look for the lake and jump on it.
We can't love Alice the way we want to if we're covered in shit.
You rush to the door and break it down. "I'm here ze~!" you yell with great might. You spot Alice sitting in a chair with her face covered in tissues.

You run towards her, but Shanghai strike you with something strange. You scream in pain and fall to the ground. Alice give you a delicious yandere look and takes out a dagger that was concealed in her bra.

"Oh shit ze~; I think I fucked up."

What do you do?
Get killed
Use a spell card.
Nanaya Gland. Thanksgiving Turkey. You know what to do. This shit always kicks in when you need it the most.
Axe Shanghai, Cut off Alice's dagger arm, rape.
Say you did it because you wanted Alice only for yourself.
Use a bomb, ze~.
hey Alice, whats "sex"?
Throw the arms at her
"alice it's me, marisa! we switched bodies, don't kill me"
Point the hakkero at her. She doesn't know we can't use it.
"Can't you tell it's me?"
>"Can't you tell it's me, ze~?"
"So you want to do it, eh..." Then pull a dagger out of our ass and proceed to the epic yandere battle.
Not now ze~

You reach for one of the spell cards and hold it up, trying to read the back, but Hourai swipes it from you as Alice closes in.

You hold it in...

You reach for the axe, but it's been swiped by one of those fucking dolls.

She can't hear you over the sound of her psycho.

Tried but failed.

Her ego can't hear you.

"I hear Alice has a knife," your brain goes and temps you to try something different.

She can't hear you ze~

You bluff and pull it out; you grasp it tightly and Alice stops and stares at you.
Now try >>904
Punch her while she's still fazed.
[x] explode
Do a barrel roll! (Press R/Z twice)
File 120710116534.jpg - (953.05KB, 1940x1400 , 1204760135968.jpg) [iqdb]

Wake up from terrible nightmare.
"i come from a world you may not understand"
Use one of Marisa's arms, the mini-hakkero, your shit and all the strenght we have to do the best fucking Falcon Punch of our life.
Offer to make eggs
She still doesn't respond.

You brain urges you to think of something more...

"Uh, no," goes your brain.

ZZ. Nothing happens.

You try saying this, but tears from in her eyes from her murderous, empty glare.

"Fuck you, brain." You drop the object and clench your fist back. You spring forward, but the room instantly fills with smoke. You can't see shit captain, and when you come to, everyone has left and the hakkero and dagger are gone as well.

You're safe, for now...

Now what?
Pull up your skirt (since we're wearing her dress) and fap like the MOTHERFUCKING FIST OF THE NORTH STAR.
Your penis is worn out.
Alice has to have some dirty laundry somewhere in the house. Find it and fap in it.
Rape dolls
We still have the arms!
[x] Fap with Marisa's arms
None remain.
Collapse from Anemia.
Laugh like Kefka.
The lie from the Human Village may have caught up to you, or it could have just been a smoke bomb set off by one of Alice's dolls
You now feel awesome, but the remaining smoke make to hack loudly.
Get out of the shack before we die from asphyxia.
Good move, you leave and now stand in the empty open space.
I use magic missile on the emptiness.
Laugh like Kefka again, now that there's no smoke in the way.
talk to the dolls. maybe they understand you. after all, it's just series of misunderstandings and accidents.
you need also someone you can talk about your desire for that lesbian oni girl you've seen at the shrine.
You don't know how.

You feel even more awesome.

Although it may be about time to be moving on...
Is this some Anonymous terrible past flashback?
fucking Nasu
Laugh like Kefka once again.
Such awesomeness must give us some idea.
Collapse from Anemia.
anonymous has no past
the future is his only possession
Develop a sudden appetite for sparrow.
Return to the shrine with our spoils.
Your brain grows tired of that annoying laugh.

Duly noted.

You move on trying to find the shrine. You eventually come across a road and wonder whether to go left or right or go someplace else.
Build a mirror so strong it can reflect Master Sparks.
Go up.
You have no clue to start and your brain threatens to leave you if to try such stupid shit.

You head right and find yourself at the entrance of the human village; you could head back in the other direction, or do something else while here.
Visit the human village. Look for valuables to steal. We have a big hat to fill.
Head to Kourin's and get the shotgun umbrella
and take a shower somewhere
Present Marisa's arm to Keine as an apology.
Go back, Keine will be there to cave us.
You walk around, but unless you cause a scene, this won't happen.

You trudge your way back to the shop and find it still deserted. You enter and look around the mess again, but find nothing of that nature.

You take off all your clothes and take a shower while here. You feel very refreshed.

Should you do anything else her before you disembark?
Then WHY do you want to go back?!
Grab some Ahoges and Suwako's Hat.
Arch backwards and WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Then, go to the part of the lake where I murdered the fairies.
You find no such things.

You leave Kourin's and head back to the Human Village. You go up to Keine's house and knock, but there is no answer. You look around and see Keine walking in your direction with one of her students at her side and a smile on her face.
burn your dirty clothes, sell your soul to a devil for new ones
Present Marisa's arm to her as a gift to apologize. Tell her you took care of that thieving witch, and she won't steal from the village any more.
Howl and turn into Pedobear, the rush towards the kid.
This thread makes me sad.
I think that may have been Keine's intention.

She sees your hat and she gets angry.

"You are you doing you Black-White? Have you fallen to the point in that you must steal in daylight?"

You turn to her and smile; you hold up her arm. "She's dead," you state and take off your hat.

Keine breathes a sigh of relief, but then remember who you are. She stands tall and asks why you have returned.
How so?

Also, auto-sage. Next response will be a new thread.

Why bother with a new thread?
This place moves so slowly, that this thread will still be on page 1 tomorrow.
"What do you think of my handiwork? She isn't the only one you know."
Grin very widely.
Fine, I end this in a bit.

But, Keine still awaits for an answer.
You figured you could make up for it by removing a threat to the village. Claim you were slightly manic from an encounter with the moon rabbits previously.
"Because I am hungry."
You're killing all my waifus
You state that the village is a little safer now that Marisa is gone and that the moon makes you a little crazy as well.

She thinks for a bit and allows you into the house along with the student.

She asks if you would like anything to drink.
God damn it. I wanted her to be genuinely creeped out at my slasher smile.
I plot and wait for a perfect time to kill her too.
tell her you want to drink her milk if you know what i mean.
Fuck that. We need sex w/ a LIVE woman.

Wait until alone, then rape again. All the way this time.
Your brain makes a note.

You say this and Keine frowns. She goes and returns with your drink in hand; you go to take a sip but notice that the color is off... very off. You also notice Keine staring at you, waiting for you to drink the water. You put the glass down and state at Keine.

She sighs and you don't know what to do next.
Give the kid the drink.
Ask her why she tried to poison you.
Ask her what she put in the water
"Oh boy!" the kid say as he gulps down the drink. Keine tries to stop him, but he'd down the entire glass before Keine smacks it out of his hand.

The boy's body constricts and falls to the floor within seconds.

You ask this, but Keine just sobs over the boy's loss.

"This boy needed a lot of help, but I gave him special sleepover tutoring sessions; this boy was extremely special to me. I hope you're happy that you robbed a boy of his life and a teacher of her duty."

You could ask again, back away, or try something else.
Rape her. This time, don't stop. After we're finished, make her [X] GENUFLECT and then it's thanksgiving turkey time.
Tell her it's her fault.

You reap what you sow.
Drink what's left. You won't die, as you've secretly been empowered by consuming pieces of China, Cirno and Marisa.
"It's all your fault," you say to her as the place your hand on her shoulder.

You then push her down to the floor and give her a few strikes across the face. You spend some time trying to figure out how to remove her frilly dress, but after using some logic, you are rewarded with a naked Keine (she had no underwear on). You bring your bloomers to your heels and j-j-jam it in.

You finish up and look back at Keine. She's in a state of shock and just speaking very softly as a fell tears fall from her eyes; maybe she knows how it feels.

What now?
Knock her out, and find something to tie her up with. Don't kill her just yet. After tying her up, gag her, and find a sack. Cut holes in the sack for her to get air through, and take her out of the town to Kourindou, and keep her as a sex slave.
[x] Decapitate. Steal her hat and run out of the village as fast as I can.
I don't quite think you would even to do anything.

She's at the state where she'll do anything.

You take your axe and chop her head clear off. You remove the hat, and a demon appears.

"Foolish human, you will regret this."

The demon disappears and you acquire the hat; you leave the house, and make your way back to the entrance again.
No, Not Gensokyo Man!WqZjpnt2w6, you are the demons.
And then Not Gensokyo Man!WqZjpnt2w6 wrote the fanfictions.
Return to the lake, muttering how I regret nothing. Demons don't scare me!

Go back in and pee on her corpse. Flay the skin from her breasts and wear them as shoulder pads.
Couldn't Keine just erase the history of you killing everyone and raping her?
Goto Moriya shrine.

Frog rape.
File 120710600097.gif - (178.54KB, 160x120 , OHSHI.gif) [iqdb]
Take her head and go for a walk in the bamboo forest.
You do so, you feel no different

You return to the lake where you made your initial killings; you find that the area is clean and that even China's body is gone. You wonder as what you should do, until a sharp pain strike you in the back.

You turn around and see a fairy take off; it was Daiyousei and she left a gift into you back. You remove the object and scream in pain from doing so; it was her dagger.

Luckyily, the dagger didn't go deep, but you need help fast. The SDM lies ahead and wonder if you should take the chance.
Consuming the flesh of the others and defiling them has imbued us with an unholy power. It forces the knife out of our back and heals the wound over.

Try swimming. The lake can't be that cold.
Shoot her down, via wand, thrown dagger, anything.
Run back to the shrine

Sakuya will kill us.
Lets see, we killed the door guard, lied to the maid, and lied to get fairies to attack the maid. I don't think the SDM will welcome us.
"I don't think so Tim," the brain states.

That fucking fairy's long gone.

1. Shit a brick.
2. Throw it in the lake.
3. ????"
You need help now and are not sure if your make it.

You're gonna die though.
Put on Keine's hat. Maybe the hat is the source of the their powers.

I agree. so far they don't know of our evil.
How the hell would we get across the lake anyway? Get to the shrine.
You do so, but you feel no different, at least you think so.

You take that chance and run back to the main road; you make your way to the Shrine, but the pain becomes too unbearable. You faint along the way and hope someone will come...

We shall pick up next time.

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