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File 121522870615.jpg - (93.56KB, 600x600 , Mari-cake.jpg) [iqdb]
You sigh, if you leave things alone Marisa will probably blame you for not telling her but if you actually point it out plainly she'd probably get angry at you for making her look stupid in front of the others. Instead, while the others are still distracted you gently tug on Marisa's sleeve, causing her to turn and stare at you.

“What?” She demands, only for you to point at her then at the side of your mouth. She glares at you, uncomprehending. You make rubbing motions by your mouth, miming the act of wiping something off. Marisa merely stares at you in confusion. “You're weird.” she says at last, turning back to get in on whatever conversation the girls were having now. You groan and slap your hand against your head in frustration. Here you were, trying to be nice, and she doesn't even get it!

“Marisa!” you hiss, causing her to turn and glare at you again. “Wipe your mouth!”

“My mouth?” She frowns at you and wipes the back of her hand across her mouth. Glancing down at it her eyes widen and the next few moments are spent frantically wiping at her mouth with her hand. After a while she looks up at you, “Gone?” she asks and you nod, she has indeed wiped it all off. Marisa glares at you for a moment before nodding and turning away again, this time you let her get sucked into whatever it is the girls are talking about.

As you lead the girls to the supermarket, which was back near where you had parked, you do try to listen in on their conversation. Several minutes later and all you feel is confused, the girls were discussing things and concepts you had no idea about - what was 'history sealing' supposed to mean anyway? The girls also seemed to have an obscure fascination with gaps as every few minutes you heard on of them refer to the things, or rather to a specific person's gap. You sigh. Ever since these girls arrived it's been hard to make sense of things, as if they were from another world.

You pause and snicker slightly to yourself. Of course it would be like that, they practically are from another world!

It's not long before your little party reaches the supermarket and, after a quick explanation and a few instructions for the girls - not to leave the store, not to go to the back of the store and not to try and take anything without you to check it - you all head inside.

From there... things went downhill quickly. This store was one of the giant supermarkets that originally had only sold food but now sold, well, damn near everything under the sun. Over the past few years such supermarkets had risen in popularity partially because they were convenient for many shoppers but also because the richer owning companies had swallowed up their competitors at a ferocious rate during the two year recession some time back. As such most supermarkets now were huge, filled with shelves and far, far too easy to get lost in.

Which is pretty much what the girls did within moments of entering the place.

Oh, not all at once but every so often as you were doing your rounds of the food aisles and filling your trolley one of the girls would get distracted and wander off or pause to look at something and stay behind as you carried on. Each time you called to them, telling them you would come find them once you'd finished getting what you needed.

Well, you sure as hell weren't going to be able to carry all this crap back to the car alone.

Eventually your trolley was piled high with stuff and it was time to go seek out the girls - there hadn't been any announcements over the PA system, so you were pretty certain no-one had caused any real trouble yet. Still... you had better find them quickly.
File 121522874372.jpg - (64.96KB, 700x500 , superstore(7).jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, choice is here... Take a look at the rough floor plan of the department store. (and yes, it is a department store, just in case my use of the word 'supermarket' caused any confusion. I'll fix that on replay or rewrite)

Anyway, pick where you want to look for a girl first.

Frozen food isle. THIS ISLE. IT WAS MADE FOR ME.

LETTYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ moe.
[X] Books

[x]frozan' food isle
Touhou findan' gaemz.
[Liquor] X
[x] Frozen food isle
Letty, please don't tell me you're taking out packages of frozen food and holding them against your body. Or anything else like that.
So we're at a Wal-Mart Supercenter?
[x] Frozen food isle
[x] Books

Circling the store is the fastest way to find them and the closest is the book store, and we know Keine's there.
[X] Books

It's probably the most likely place to find Keine. Marisa should be found ASAP, and that will be much easier if we have at least one other responsible person along to help.

Letty...well, I think we can safely assume she'll be sticking around the freezer aisle. She shouldn't be hard to track down when the time comes, so let the lady enjoy herself.

Komachi might be checking out the booze, but so long as she doesn't try to sample the wares it shouldn't be a problem. I hope.

And Meiling...honestly, I have no clue where she would be likely to hang out here.
[x] Books
File 121523428454.jpg - (150.71KB, 800x600 , Hong Meiling12.jpg) [iqdb]

Maybe the garden center?
[X] Frozen food isle.

Letty is just standing there, basking in cool air.
She's a food aficionado. No doubt she's in at food court awestruck over food served in less than 5 minutes in such quantities.
AISLE is a hideous word, but it is nevertheless a frozen food AISLE and not an ISLE. Isle is also a hideous word.
I bet money Meiling is in the Women's Clothes section. Even if she has a new wardrobe, I doubt the novelty of being able to own things has worn off yet. Under that same logic she might be in Jewelry, though I doubt it.

Letty has crawled into the freezers, but thats ok. Meiling is looking at items and confusing the sales people, but thats ok. Keine is in the books and will probably see the trashy romance novels, but thats ok. Komachi is sampling the booze and thats only mildly bad. Marisa is in electronics or more likely toys, shaking valuables. Not ok.

[x] Don't forget to buy condoms and Astroglide
[x] Don't forget to buy some rope (full moon soon?)
[x] Go to toys (which is next to electronics) and stop Marisa from doing whatever it is she is doing.

Curse my vote being out of fear of disaster rather than want for moe.
[x] Don't forget to buy condoms and Astroglide
[x] Don't forget to buy some rope (full moon soon?)
[x] Go to toys (which is next to electronics) and stop Marisa from doing whatever it is she is doing.

But Doujin, this IS a vote for moe primarily because all the other girls don't do a damn thing for me regarding moe.
[X] Books
I can think of things much more fascinating to do with rope than to just tie up Keine on full moon. Like tying her up every day, in interesting positions.
Updates when?
You know, if we're on the Letty route, then some of those chemical glove warmer packs might come in handy. You know, to make sure that certain part of Anon's anatomy doesn't get frostbite when the time comes.
[x] Go to toys (which is next to electronics) and stop Marisa from doing whatever it is she is doing.

This vote is bad and you should feel bad.
[x] Books

It seems like a good idea to find Keine first. She can help us find the others.

As much as I'd like to check out other places, finding someone to help out sounds great. So,

[x] Bookstore to look for Keine

Do these girls have watches? Maybe you should go to the electronics or jewelry sections and get some. Maybe a lovely pocket watch for Meiling--*stab*
[x] Liquor

Isn't it most likely Marisa's buying booze?
File 121527290652.jpg - (7.23KB, 280x280 , no_frostbite_tonight.jpg) [iqdb]
Way ahead of you.
Astroglide Warming Lubricant.

Theoretically, whomever we select we'll buy an item for, thus gaining more affection points. I can't tell how many we've lost/gained with Marisa, but Komachi hasn't been getting very much attention.
[X] Get some fricking condoms.

Imagine if we end up getting all the touhous pregnant. That'll be a tough one to explain
[x] Garden Center

I wants me sum china
<Marisa> I-I'm pregnant!
<Anon> Mighty fuck! Shit shit what are we going to do?
<Komachi> Hay guys, whats going on?
<Anon> Komachi! You're a shinigami! We...uh....need to you ah...."work" on something.
<Komachi> ...
<Marisa> *sob* you're so cruel! *sob*
<Komachi> Fine. Just hold still.

And then Anon watches as Komachi simply punches Marisa in her slightly enlarged stomach.

oh god i lol'd and feel bad about it
That may very well be the single worst thing you have written. Though I haven't seen to much of your stuff, so I can't say.
Anon just needs to better appreciate the humor of underage pregnancy, abortion, and euthanasia.
Hey, I'm all about the youth in Asia.
You've just earned yourself 5 Pun Points!
For some reason, I just remebered to ask: WHat religion are you ordained in?
File 121529216110.jpg - (303.58KB, 518x727 , Marisa-awesome.jpg) [iqdb]
Books. That seems like a good starting point right? It's close to where you are now and, if you have to, you can easily do a full circuit of the store starting from there. Besides, you suspect that it would be the sort of place Keine would gravitate too in search of information about the world. Although you rather think you want to find Marisa first before she causes any trouble, and you do so expect her to be the one to cause trouble, you simply have no idea at all where she would be likely to end up. At least if you found someone else you could most likely arrange a meeting point then split up to find her. It takes only a minute or two to wheel your laden trolley around and push it towards the shelves of books. As you draw nearer you see a book fly into the air above the shelves.

Then another. And another.

As you grow closer you realize that there are books scattered everywhere about the area. Fact books, fiction books, big books and small books alike - it looks like a small whirlwind has torn through the shelving leaving only chaos in it's wake. You groan, making an educated guess as to who could have possibly been behind such an inccident. “Marisa!” you yell, causing the chaos to pause and, cure enough, moments later the blonde girl's head peeks out from behind one of the shelves.

“OH! hi.” She calls in reply before ducking back around the shelf. Curiously you leave your trolley and walk around to see what she's up to, along the way you stop to pick up a few of the books and stuff them back onto the shelves you pass on the way. As you turn the corner to the area of shelving Marisa is in you are forced to duck suddenly as a book flies at your face. Standing back up again you stare flatly at Marisa as she grabs a book from the shelf nearest her, flicks through it, then casually throws it over her shoulder and reaches for another one.

“Marisa.” you state, “just what are you doing?” The girl pauses in flicking through another blook and looks up at you.

“Lookin' for magic.” she says, “I'm always looking for magic books and stuff to, uh, inspire me.” Inspire her. Right. From what you know of Marisa so far you're fairly certain that 'steal' may have been a better description of what she did when she found something. “Nothing but junk here though, what kinda civilization do you guys think you are if you don't even have magic books on sale!”

You stare at her. “One without magic, obviously.” you say, your voice flat. Marisa stares at you uncomprehending for several moments before it dawns on her what you mean.

“Ohhhhh.... oh...” She looks around at the mess of books on the floor. “Oops?”

It takes a short while to clear the books up and Marisa protests all the way but doesn't actively shy away from helping. Evidently she's too embarrassed at her rather stupid mistake to make too much of a fuss over the mess and, luckily, you caught her before she managed to attract too much attention with her actions. Had she been left to her own devices she probably would have been caught by one of the store staff sooner or later and, frankly, you didn't want to think about the kind of trouble that could have ended up as.

Leading Marisa back to the trolley, you ponder the other girls. Marisa was a good find but you didn't exactly trust her to be reliable if you split up to find the others so it looked like you would have to go together to find someone else now.

Refer back to the store picture, pick a new destination -
BOOKS is no longer a possible choice (as that's where you happen to be)
[x] Liquor
[X] Frozen foods
The most dangerous has been captured. We can leisurely find the rest. Now I'm torn on whether China's in women's clothing or food court, and both are pretty close...

[x] Food court
Not only can we search for China here, but we can stuff Marisa here with some cotton candy at least until we snag Letty for the frozen food aisle.
I'm a certified priest of AWESOME.

No, but actually its just the Universal Life Church Monastery, which sort of seems like Unitarian Universalism crossed with a pyramid scheme. I don't really care; I'm an atheist after all.
[X] Frozen foods
[x] Watch for one of them in Women's Clothing, while on the way to...
[x] Liquor

Most likely place we'll find someone, followed by the most likely place someone's causing trouble.
[x] Watch for one of them in Women's Clothing, while on the way to...
[x] Liquor
[x] Liquor

Too bad there is no athletics section. China could be breaking stuff accidentally.
[x] Liquor
B-b-but... Letty...
Okay. I was hoping you had started your own religion, like the church of moe or something.
Nothing like that yet. But if (when) I do start a cult, you'll be the first to know.

I think Women's Clothes along the way to Liquor won. Go Go Angry Desu. Writan powers activate!
[x] Liquor

Maybe we'll find YAF there HAHAHA.
File 121529576627.jpg - (26.36KB, 501x351 , leyaflouch_writelouge.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Liquor

Well, after making sure the store wouldn't be destroyed by a freak accident that nearly sent you to oblivion in your house, you think you should probably keep an eye on the second-most potentially destructive, which will be......
"Komachi" you mumble, in the same instant that a horrifying fact hits you:
This dept. store has a liquer section.
A big one.
Without wasting time, you zoom twards the liquer section, only to find Komachi with a dreamy expression on her face, and her eyes...... are looking kinda glazed. This can't be good.
Oh, it seems she noticed you at last, since she's... wait, what?
she seems to be floating twards you, slowly, while mumbling "looooooooook".
So you do, suddenly noticing the small mountain of various kinds of bottles she's holding.
There is no palm worthy enough to burry your face in, and there is no time to do so as well.
Without a moment's hesitation, you pull Komachi to the ground, it'll be bad if people start seeing a floating girl all of a sudden.
It's a good thing the liquer section is pretty secluded, you think.
"Komachi, NO!. pick ONE, and only ONE. we have enough of those at home" you say, trying to maintain a serious strict tone.
It's suprisingly hard to do so, since you have to admit, her dreamy face looks really cute.
Komachi snaps back to reality in an instant, obviously disappointed, and then the impossible happens-
She walks back to the shelves, putting back that small mass of bottles she gathered, except for one.
What the hell just happened? you should be able to solve this.
But you fail horribly trying to do so.
Dumbfounded, you mumble "okay, you can make that two"
The dissapointed frown leaves Komachi's face to be replaced with a little smile.
After a small browsing session, she decides and picks up a bottle, and you both start heading back to the trolly.
On the way you suddenly notice a young man sitting near one of the cupboards with a laptop, a few open bottles around him, and it's not too hard to see that he's drunk. He seems to be wearing a brown coat with initials on the cuffs. "Y.A.F". What kind of name is that?
Someone should call security to remove this person, the sooner the better....
You decide to ignore, and just pass near him, catching something like a complaint on low connection signal to the wireless network. What the hell can he be doing in there?
Losing interest, you leave the section, hoping to never see that eerie-eyed drunkard again.

Well this came out a HELL OF A LOT longer than i expected it to.
Dammit, for a moment I thought it was an actual update.
I.... I..... THIS......
I'm at loss of words. Where the hell did you pull this from?
File 121529636492.jpg - (34.90KB, 402x298 , 1203803567343.jpg) [iqdb]
Even in your VN, F.O.E!
Nicely done, good reading for this dead hour
It's fanfiction of fanfiction!

Smile, smile.
File 121529667944.jpg - (30.16KB, 352x395 , Lelouche.jpg) [iqdb]
I love when people do that
File 121529702387.jpg - (78.32KB, 853x480 , 1213239077299.jpg) [iqdb]

We all know you are fucking raging.
[x]Frozen food isle.
File 121529732184.jpg - (149.08KB, 500x375 , 2468497083_78ebfa3768.jpg) [iqdb]

But that description is quite fitting so no. Except I usually wear a military uniform, not a coat.
I motion this becomes canon! What say you, /th/?
File 121529780033.jpg - (59.41KB, 343x319 , 1212873324045.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Liquor
[x] Pick up a few condoms on the way
Watcha thiking of doing with those condoms, breakong a hymen or two?


Sex is like architecture.

I like this Komachi
Supporting in making this canon.
File 121530114197.jpg - (174.00KB, 555x470 , Komachi-soul.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, finding Marisa in the books section wasn't what you had expected or hoped for. Since this meant that Keine was somewhere else, and you had little idea where, you figured it would be best to aim for someone who you had a pretty good chance of finding easily. That, really, came down to Letty or Komachi and, after a quick mental decision over who could cause more trouble if left alone you decided to go seek out Komachi first as you were pretty certain you would find her around the liquor section of the store. As you and Marisa make your way there you do your best to look into the sections you pass by, Women's clothing and Frozen foods, but the two are simply too packed full of displays and shelving units for you to see everywhere in them. Resigning yourself to the fact that you would have to check each section properly you continue to the liquor section, pausing only to give Marisa a brief warning not to get too far away from you. The warning was just in case she was mistaken as a child and taken away by a member of staff but, frankly, you were smart enough not to tell her that to her face.

Thankfully Komachi was right near the entrance to the area, apparently deep in thought over a selection of different spirits. She notices you pretty quickly and brightens up, grabbing two different bottles of alcohol before moving to greet you. “Hey!” she calls, “Look what I got! Drinks I haven't tried before!” She grins, “There's so many different types here! I wanna try 'em all!” You sigh and nod, causing her to grin happily as she deposits the two bottles in the trolley and makes a grab for another two.

“Hey, just two more for now.” You say, causing her to pause and frown at you. She quickly looks back towards the row upon row of bottles and scratches her chin, thinking hard. She glances at you.

“Just four?” She asks, her voice slightly whining. “But I want them all!” Glancing at the trolley she gives a look of inspiration, “I can carry 'em myself if that's the problem!” As she says this the redhead holds up one hand and concentrates slightly. At first there's just a slight haze in the air but, to your amazement, a small purple smoky orb seems to pop into existence after a few moments. You watch, wide-eyed, as it slowly floats over to a bottle of spirits, engulfs it, and floats away again with the bottle still held in it's grip. “See?” Komachi says, looking proud, “I can summon hundreds of these things - I can carry all the bottles myself!”

Your eye twitches slightly. “H-how did... no. Actually, I don't want to know how you did that.” Shaking your head you turn back to the trolley, “Just... make it go away before someone sees it and I'll let you bring six bottles instead. We can always get more later.”

Komachi grins and, to your horror, the purple thing simply vanishes - leaving the bottle to plummet towards the floor. The redhead, however, had obviously planned that as she grabbed the bottle by the neck as it fell without even looking in it's direction. “Sweet! Wait right there!”

As Komachi rushes off back down the rows of bottles you sigh and look back at the rest of the store. Only three more girls to find... as long as something didn't happen before then.

Refer back to the store plan again, one more location choice.
BOOKS and LIQUOR cannot be chosen.
[X] Frozen foods
[] Frozen foods
Meh. Give the bandwagon a running start.
[X] Frozen foods

Humpin da wagon
[X] Frozen food
Letty is almost certainly in the frozen foods aisle. Love her, and she'll be happier there than anywhere else, so save the best for last.

I get the feeling that Keine is liable to be in the toys or baby clothes section, as she's always seemed a bit motherly to me. Those are nearby, so I'd suggest we hit those. She might also be in the home goods section.

Meiling does seem to like food, so maybe she's at the deli or bakery. Maybe arts and crafts, as she likes physical activities.

Eh, I'm going to go with:

[X] Check the toys section. Take a peek in the the baby clothes section on the way.
[X] Frozen foods
[X] Check the toys section. Take a peek in the the baby clothes section on the way.

The idea if Keine wistfully looking through the baby clothes is HNGGGGGGGGGGGGG
[X] Frozen foods
[ ] Toys
[x] Frozen foods
I will laugh if Keine, whom we consider responsible, gets into trouble somehow.
[ ]Home goods.
Wonder if any touhou might be checking out modern appliances?
[ ] Frozen foods has it. Voting stop!
No "writing now"?

Thinking of it, what timezone are you on?
The frozen section, it's nearby and you're all but sure that you'll find someone there. And by 'someone' you mean 'Letty'. While Komachi is off grabbing her booze, you quickly ask Marisa to guard the trolley and jog off to the masses of freezers that make up the frozen foods section.

Alas after several minutes searching you are forced to conclude that none of the girls are here. Instead you just have to walk back to the trolley and think of somewhere else to look next.

Shortest goddamn post ever by me. Ever.
Again, pick a place. Including this choice there will be 2, repeat, TWO such choices remaining so it's almost over.
BOOKS, LIQUOR, and FROZEN FOODS cannot be chosen.
[x] The Chicken Sandwich stand.
[ ] Deli
[x] Electronics.
Quickly, until they start a fire!
[ ]Garden center?
It'll let us semi-effectively check the front of the store? or walk past several other departments in any event.


[X] Arts and Crafts

Perhaps Keine is looking for new things to keep the children's attention?
[X] Arts and Crafts
>Again, pick a place. Including this choice there will be 2, repeat, TWO such choices remaining so it's almost over.
Two more choices? Sounds like COUNTDOWN TO DOOMSDAY to me!

[x] Jewelry
File 12153153992.jpg - (392.15KB, 800x600 , bg21a4.jpg) [iqdb]
[] Rest area

...On second thought, that bear is creeping me out.
[x] Women's Clothing
3 girls and only 2 choices left? Hmmm....

I guess I'd say Jewelry and Garden Center. But then again, AD has been trying to mess with my head...
[ ]Garden center.

I agree with Kira, this will allow us to pass by check multiple spots on the way.
Damn, Doujin. I have no problems with abortions, but even that... Well, "hahaha oh wow" certainly applies.

Anyhow, Anon would probably be more than happy to go through with a pregnancy, since I'd think the government would be taking the position of BUT WILL IT BREED? and compensating him handsomely.
[x] Letty option
Ugh... hard to see who won but i'm gonna have to go with Garden center as three people mentioned it in regards to voting. (if you don't like it, blame DD.)
Deciding to make your way down to the garden center, an area which took up a huge chunk of the far side of the store, you herd the two girls you have found along the route there. As you go you do glance into the various sections you pass but they all too packed full of things to see much at all. Mentally you curse whichever moron was behind the layout of the various areas as it was almost impossible to be sure if someone was there or not without actually going in.

As you reach the garden center Marisa lets out a squeal of delight and makes a bee line towards a set of mental shelves covered in... Yes, as you thought, they were covered in mushrooms and other such odd plants and fungi. Still, while Marisa was distracted with the mushrooms it would give you time to do a quick dash from one end of the garden center to the other.

One quick dash later and all you feel is tired and annoyed. None of the girls had been there at all and the only thing your dash had accomplished was to make you hideously out of breath. Panting you look back into the main store, where on earth could the others be? Letty you thought you had pinned down to the frozen foods as you were sure she would have gravitated towards somewhere cold, or at least cool. Although you had found Marisa at the book section you had been certain you were going to find Keine there as she seemed the scholarly type who would love to learn new things about the world and where else could you do that from? As to Meiling... you had no idea where she could be since, aside from being chinese and having worked at a mansion of some kind, you don't really know enough about her to make any real guess.

Grumbling, and ignoring Komachi's amused smirk at your exhaustion, you call Marisa back and push the trolley back into the main store.

Final location choice!
BOOKS, FROZEN, LIQUOR, GARDEN cannot be chosen. Make your guesses now!
[x] Food court

Simply because trying to find Keine/Letty in either Home Goods, Electronics, Automotive, Baby Dept, Men's Clothing, Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, and Fabrics is going to be a pain.

CHINA IS WHERE THE FOOD'S AT! And if not, it's a better place to relax.
[X] Arts and Crafts

Not terribly surprised at no one being in the garden center.

Arts and Crafts could be a good place to find Keine, as she is a teacher. Maybe Meiling, considering that she likes physical activities? I'm not sure where Letty would be.
Would the Home Goods section happen to have air conditioners or fans? And would these be on display?


Don’t let the walls;
Cave in on you!
We can’t live on, live on without you!
Don’t let the walls;
Cave in on you!
We can’t live on, live on without you!
[x] Don't forget to buy condoms and Astroglide
[x] Don't forget to buy some rope (full moon soon?)

Eh, I haven't really read the thread, I still need to read the end of thread 5. But if this hasn't been done yet, JUST DO IT ALREADY.
You are a fucking moron.
Home Goods is usually like kitchen essentials and furnishings. Basically "Bed, Bath, and Beyond" or as it is sometimes called "Sheets 'n Shit." They might have fans, but if they have ACs they will be off.

Dammit Desu. Challenging us.... You better have a damn good explanation for why our guesses were wrong. I shall not be your scapegoat!

Ok lets think. Meiling, Keine, Letty.
Home Goods - homemaker type stuff. Since China lives without many comforts, this might appeal to her.
Electronics - I don't think any of them have ADD, so I doubt it. Then again, I don't think they have seen a TV yet, so it could mesmerize anyone one of them.
Automotive - no
Baby Dept - unless someone wants to dress up faeries, no.
Men's Clothing - I'm blaming George Zimmer if someone was actually here.
Arts and Crafts - possible school instincts for Keine
Jewelry - any one of them
Fabrics - do any of them make their own clothes? no real need anymore, unless they have a surprise texture fetish.
Deli and Fast Food - I could see Letty in Frozen Foods and then wandering to the source of a delicious smell. Maybe China.

So lets see thats
China - Home Goods
Keine - Arts and Crafts
Letty - Fast Food

These are my assumptions, though Jewelry or Electronics could be Desu's backup for fucking us.

I say hit Home Goods on the way to Arts 'n Crafts just because they are close, while Fast Food is on the other side of the map. If we are absolutely allowed only one option and travel time is irrelevant, then go for the Fast Food/Deli.

What would be funny is if they are already in trouble and by Customer Service. And if any one of them has waiting patiently at the exit, I'm going to hit you Desu.
>What would be funny is if they are already in trouble and by Customer Service.

Actually, given we have three to find and only one choice left, this might not be a bad idea. At customer service we can just ask for them to be paged over announcement to come to the front.

[x] Customer Service
>Keine [...] would love to learn new things about the world

[ ] Electronics.
[x] Tampon section.

There are five different girls.
Of different ages, born at different times.
Someone musst have her time of the month, right? It's not like every touhou has a japonese flag down in theyr panties at the same time?
Would any of the girls even know what a tampon is?
They've only been around since the nineteenth century...
They would likely be using pads. Interesting thought. Pharmacy is a good idea.

Oh and don't forget, women who live together for a while tend to synchronize their cycles. Be looking forward to that in the future. DESU is going to need to make something up for Youkai menstrual cycles though.
[ ] Electronics. pretty pretty, shiney shiney?
For all we know Letty's currently enthralled/terrified by the containers of anti-freeze in automotive. Or someone else could be plotting against Cirno...
[X] Electronics
Just becuase.
>For all we know Letty's currently enthralled/terrified by the containers of anti-freeze in automotive.

This. This.
[x] Electronics.
Because I could see one of them stopping to stare at a TV if a display was up.
What about the electronics section? It occurs to you that any of the girls could have been attracted by the bright lights and flashing images of the games consoles, televisions and other goods up there. Also, as far as you were aware the girls from Gensokyo had never seen electrical goods before, aside from the ones at your home, and surely some of them would be amazed or interested right?

With that in mind you take a hard left after leaving the garden center and power your way up to the electronics section at the end of the main thoroughfare. Again you do try to look into the sections on either side of you, but once again you are forced to conclude that whoever designed this place was an idiot of the highest degree as you can't see a damn thing due to all the badly placed shelves and racks.

Soon the noise and flashing lights of the electronics section are visible. While Komachi seems vaguely interested, she also appears to be quite happy in taking her time to get there. Marisa, on the other hand, starts dashing ahead only to come to a sudden stop as a hand reaches out to grab her from behind.

“Don't run in here Marisa.” A voice states, just loud enough for you to hear. “Everything in here is so easily breakable it seems, and very expensive too from what I understand.”

Keine. You sigh in some small measure of relief at finding who you think to be the most reliable of the girls, someone you can leave with the trolley while you look for the remaining two girls. As you pull closer the silver-haired woman comes into view, hand still holding onto the back of Marisa's shirt.

“Plus,” you hear her say, “all these things run on 'electricity' and while I do not understand exactly what it is, I do know that it can easily kill you if it is not properly respected.” You nod in agreement, as you wheel your trolley up to the pair.

“That's right,” you say, causing Keine to turn to you in surprise, evidently she hadn't noticed you were there. “Electricity is pretty dangerous stuff, sort of like fire I suppose - so useful but it can easily be dangerous to the people using it.” Marisa makes a little 'oh' of understanding and nods, as does Komachi. “We use it everywhere in the modern world,” you continue, “because it's a type of energy we can easily turn into other energies.” The girls look a little confused at that and you decide to elaborate, “Well, we can turn it into light or heat, sound or movement. With the right devices of course, televisions, torches, space heaters, loudspeakers, motors... the list of things is pretty long.”

The girls look confused and you sigh, “It isn't something easy to explain, is it?” Keine asks, “Whenever I have something difficult to teach I always look to examples and activities which make the explanation more understandable... is there something perhaps that can do a similar thing for this electricity?”

You look at Keine and frown, you had already thought of that! Still... you knew she was only trying to help so you just shook your head slightly and looked around. “Perhaps,” you reply, “There might be something here, an introduction kit or something... wait here, i'll go and ask one of the store staff.”

Moments, and one conversation with an idiot later, and you were happily in possession of two junior electronics kits. Nothing special but they would suffice for teaching the basics of electricity to the girls. As an added bonus, on the outside edge of the arts and crafts section - where these had been located - were also junior science kits too, so you had been able to grab two of them as well. Returning to the trolley you pile the four boxes on top of the other stuff you have and grin at the girls. “These should help explain some things,” you say and nod at Keine. “Electricity and basic chemistry at least, which is all you really need to know about science for the moment.”

Smiling you turn the trolley around. Now where should you be heading off to nex-

There's a scream.

Two screams in fact.

One, the closer one, sounds like someone yelling about someone else collapsing, while the one further away is accompanied by the crash of something impacting into shelving of some kind. The girls, who were calm and easygoing until then suddenly snap to alertness as if they expect to be attacked at any moment. This, you *know* has the potential of going bad really quickly unless you take command of the situation and forestall the girls natural reactions to dangers that, in this modern world, might not exist.

What do you do anon. WHAT DO YOU DO.

Hmm, we don't know exactly where we are. Only one thing to do in this case.

Well Letty probably collapsed and China broke something. I suppose one thing you could do is

[x] Take the girls over to the close collapsed party member and tell them to stay with her and not panic while you
[x] Make a mad dash towards the crash.
[X] Take the injured girl to CAVEVACS
[X] Move from cover to cover and slowly approach the potential enemy
[] Take the girls over to the close collapsed party member and tell them to stay with her and not panic while you
[] Make a mad dash towards the crash.

Letty, sounds like she might be in Women's Clothes, judging from the map. Well, I'm not sure.
[X] Attempt to calm the girls down
[X] Go to the collapsed person

If it's Letty, I say we have at least one of the girls take her to the frozen foods section to cool off, while the rest of us double-time it to the crash.
Aw, snap. Countdown to doomsday indeed.
I'm giddy just imagining the havoc if we hadn't found ANY of the girls during the previous five choices.
[x] Take the girls over to the close collapsed party member and tell them to stay with her and not panic while you
[x] Make a mad dash towards the crash.
[x] Take the girls over to the close collapsed party member and tell them to stay with her and not panic while you
[x] Make a mad dash towards the crash.
Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Have the girls take Letty over to Frozen Foods and open up one of the doors. Komachi can easily carry her, and Keine is pretty level headed. Leave the cart, you can check out later. In fact, it might be wise to exit with them as soon as possible, leave them in the car, and check out by yourself. If anyone messes with Anon, he can just say they have “diplomatic immunity.”

I don't know how it works in Japan but if you claim diplomatic immunity in the U.S. you have to have a card.
Hey, guys, it's AD you're dealing with, not your average writefag. There's absolutely no guarantee that "Letty collapsed" and "China broke something".

Still.. if one of our girls collapsed, I doubt they can deal with ambulance without us. And we can always pay for broken things later.
[x] "Keine, Marisa - to the crashing site. Wait for me there."
[x] "Komachi, follow me." Go to the collapsed person.
We're a government agent, not a foreign ambassador. We definitely have a card.
Indeed. Which is why we can say "I'm from the government. Its under control." And if anyone complains about the girls acting odd, we can say they have diplomatic immunity. Even if people get pissed, we still has authority.
You are right. In actuality, China was huffing paint and passed out while Letty saw something so cute she went on a “I’M GONNA TAKE YOU HOME” rampage.

Its so obvious. Why didn't we see it before.
Okay, what i'm getting from the write-ins is basically a plan of action that involves:

Going to the nearest scream, then leaving the girls behind while you (and maybe another girl) run off to the other scream.

So unless there are major complaints, this is what I'll write.
Basically. If its Letty who is passed out, we would like someone strong to carry her to the freezers while the girls accompany us. Actually we should carry whoever it is regardless.

And lets watch as somehow. SOMEHOW. this will be the worst possible decision.

Oh DD, you wound me. Just remember though, I'm not Kira. Absolute DESPAIR is not my style.
>>you wound me
which means I didn't kill. hmm, I better work on my aim.

The more I think about it, the more I am sure we need to just pick the fainted person up and keep all the girls with us.
File 121547186493.jpg - (46.43KB, 640x424 , open cotton 5.jpg) [iqdb]

Delicious Plotton, you must pick it.
[X] Explain to the girls that once they've seen a shopping centre, they've seen a mall.
Have we introduced the girls to the wonders of chocolate yet? I need to do it ASAP. Maybe some kopenhagen.

Too bad Momiji wasn't one of the 5 girls chosen. It would be Momizi Pop all over again, and I would not have any regrets!

Except, i point out, momizi pop wouldn't be capable of occuring anyway on the basis that the lethal dose of chocolate for someone of her mass would be equivilent to the same as a human. That is to say approximately 24lb of the stuff.

A dog has to ingest roughly 1oz of milk chocolate per lb of body weight for there to be enough theobromine (the chemical that's actually poisonous) to really affect it in any way beyond general sickness.

Scaling this up, and taking into account the fact that a youkai she would have greater tolerance (as, at the very least, she's not 100% dog after all)... i'd put her at around the 100lb mark... now as a youkai i'd give her a conservative estimate of being 50% more resistant than a normal dog. So that's 150oz of chocolate or about 6lb 6oz she'd need to consume within a single 17.5 hour (the time it takes for the body to get rid of the toxic chemical) period in order for it to be approaching actual toxicity.

Now, we can probably assume that maybe 2lb or so in 17.5 hours would be her limit before it makes her feel significantly queasy, wheras more would make her progressively more sick until the dangerous limit is reached.

So there, Momizi CAN eat chocolate, just not much.

God i'm a sad bastard for working this out.
Completely buggered up the first bit of my post there. Meant to say that momizi would either have a lethal limit equal to that of a human *or* would have the limit i worked out afterwards.
What about raisins. They're supposed to be poisonous to dogs too.
Yeah, Raisins and Grapes can cause accute kidney failure in dogs. But again it's a case of knowing what the toxic limit is (and AFAIK there are no actual papers on the subject giving any idea of an exact limit) and adjusting it to Momizi being a) bigger than any dog and b) not being 100% dog.

For simplicity though, i'd probably just make dog-killing foods make her feel queasy since, frankly, if you start applying what's lethal to her you'd have to do the same for birds (Mystia, Tokiko and Aya), cats (chen), insects (wriggle), and other animals (Ran, etc) too and that would be hell to apply in any sane way. Hell, by these standards eating a human who has ingested enough of the toxic foods could be toxic enough to kill them - and that's just, y'know, too stupid to beleive a Youkai isn't adapted to such possibilities.
And so ends today's session of "Touhou: And Now You Know."

Please tune in tomorrow for our regularly scheduled TtR story.
“What the hell was that!?” Marisa is off like a shot before you can so much as make a move to stop her, running towards the further away of the two commotions. Grimacing you try not to curse, instead glancing at the others who look at you and nod. The three of you move quickly to the scene of the closer of the two commotions - somewhere within the home goods section. When you get there you see a number of goods knocked down and a stunned-looking staff member surrounded by onlookers. Nodding to Komachi, you and her push your way through the onlookers only to find... nothing. Well, there's a small pool of water on the floor but beyond that you don't see what anyone would be screaming about at all.

“What's going on?” You ask to one of the bystanders as Komachi looks around the scene.

“Iunno!” The bystander exclaims, “There was this woman see? She's lookin' at the conditioner's, the staff dude goes up and starts 'splaining the things to 'er and then she just kinda, screams and runs - knocking shit over as she went!”

You turn and grab the staff member, who had just picked himself off the floor, by the shirt. “What the hell did you do?” you snarl, at which the man just shoves you away.

“I don' need to talk to you!” He yells, “Damn crazy woma-” he stops suddenly and goes pale in terror. You feel a hand on your shoulder, Komachi's hand, and from the way the staff member is reacting you have the overwhelming feeling that turning to look at her right now would be a bad idea indeed.

“What.” she states, her voice deathly calm, “Did you do?”

The man gibbers and falls to his knees in fear, you note with some disgust that he's even wet himself judging by the rapidly expanding stain on his trousers. “I din' do anything!” he wails, “I was jus' showin' her the features!”

“What features?” you ask, a feeling of dread welling up inside you.

“Th' th' th'” the man stammers for several seconds, “th' heating! Room heating! Th' models she was lookin' at! They heat a room in seconds!”

You swear and turn around, glaring at the first bystander you see. “Which way did she go!?” you demand, causing several bystanders to point in one direction. “Keine!” you call, “Head that way! See if you can find her! Marisa too if you can!”

You see Keine turn and start moving, much quicker than you would have imagined she could, in the direction the bystanders had pointed in. You yourself however turn to Komachi and nod at her before the two of you bull your way through the crowd again and make your way towards the site of the second scream, at the entrance of the store near the deli counters. Here there is another crowd, though this one is much bigger and, to you concern, contains several members of store security. At first you try to bull your way through as before but the number of people is simply too many this time. Grimacing you glance at Komachi. She nods, her face bearing a cold expression far from her early happy-go-lucky look.

“Move.” she states, in that same cold voice she used before. To your amazement the people do move, many of them shivering in terror and more than one simply fainting on the spot. You gulp and remind yourself to ask Komachi about this later, but for now you push your way through the gap into the center of the crowd, the red-head following close behind. In the center of the ring of onlookers is, as you had vaguely expected, Meiling. Somewhat more worryingly were the four security guards pinning her to the floor and the two police officers examining the scene.

As you approach one of the officers moves over to push you back, but you ignore him and attempt to move nearer to Meiling. The officer says something, some kind of warning, but you ignore him - until one of the unoccupied security guards comes over to grab you. You see a flash of red and Komachi is there, grabbing the man's wrist with - if his expression is anything to go by - bone-crushing force.

“What.” You say, “Happened.”

The police officer tells you it's none of your business and you growl slightly before whirling on him and pulling a small black leather folder off from your belt.

“It's my god-damn business!” You yell, pushing the folder practically into the officers nose. The officer, sighting the contents pales - the folder was effectively a mark of officialdom that ranked you, theoretically, far far above this poor officer. “These are my charges! Now let her up and tell me what the hell happened!” A nasty thought occurs to you then and you lean in to stare the officer in the face. “Or do you want to be held singularly responsible for starting a war?”

The man stammers and backs away, his hands held up in a peace gesture. You ignore him and move over to Meiling and give the four men pinning her down a sharp look. “Meiling.” you say, “Stand up, it's alright now.” One of the men smirks - though his smirk soon turns to terror as Meiling does pick herself up, completely ignoring the weight of the four men pinning her down - who collapse in a heap as she stands. She's crying, obviously upset by the whole ordeal although... you frown. There's no way those men could have held her down unless she had actually let them, and you doubted that she would fall apart over something like that either.

“Meiling?” You begin, gesturing for Komachi to clear some space. It's only now that you note that there's a second man on the floor and that the police officers have ignored you and moved to deal with him - by cuffing him. The man is groaning in pain and lying near to... your eyes widen slightly, there's a massive dent in the metal shelving units near the man - a dent that could only have been made by... “Did you hit him Meiling?” You ask, “Is that what happened?”

The girl nods and wipes her face with the back of her hand. “Y-yeah...” she mumbles, “I... I hit him.”

“Okay...” You take a breath and look at her. “Why? What happened?”

“I was... at the door.” Meiling says, “Talking to the door guard man, someone yelled there was a thief and the door guard man went to stop him.” You nod, shoplifting was all too common these days, and in a store like this there were plenty of expensive things to steal. “That door guard was useless!” You smile slightly as Meiling face heats up with annoyance rather than upset. “That thief didn't even have to try hard at all in order to get past him!” The redhead frowned, “So I hit him. Favor from one guard to another I guess... Didn't want him getting in trouble for letting a thief get away.”

Meling looks at the ground again and sniffs slightly. “Outsider humans are so weak.” She mumbles, “I didn't even hit him that hard... not really... and he didn't even try to dodge...” She looks up at you, “It happened so fast - I didn't expect to hurt him that badly, really, I didn't want to make any trouble...”

“It's okay,” you say, “You stopped a criminal from escaping with stolen goods, right? That means you did a good thing.”

“I know,” comes the reply from the chinese girl, “I just... I didn't want to make trouble for anyone... And I messed that up.”

You smile, “Nah, this is nothing.” you say, “now if you'd blown a hole in the side of the store, that would have been trouble - but stopping a criminal? Even if you did hit him too hard, you still did the right thing.”

Meiling smiles at you and wipes her face with the back of her hand, “Thankyou.” She says, then looks down. “Sakuya-san would have beaten me if I had done something like this back home... making trouble for her and Lady Remilia...”

Frowning at the mention of 'beaten' you reach up and put a hand on Meiling's shoulder. “Don't worry,” you say, “As long as you're under my roof then you're not going to get in trouble. Well... not unless you take out half the house anyway.” The girl smiles at your last comment.

“That's more Marisa's style.” She says, “But... thankyou.”
“Oi,” Komachi butts in, “Shouldn't we be finding the others now? Letty's still missing and Marisa is way too hyped up to be anything but trouble.” You nod, and Meiling sniffs one last time and also nods in agreement. The police officer moves towards you at the mention of your group leaving and you simply glare at him.

“Later.” you say, only to have him nod in response - before a third scream cuts through the air of the shopping center, causing both you and he to slap your hands to your heads in exasperation. Glancing at him you sigh, “It's probably one of mine.” You say, “I'll handle it, I doubt it's anything serious this time anyway.”

“There's a corpse in the freezers!” A woman screams, as she comes tearing down the passage from the frozen foods section.

“... well, not too serious.” you grumble, as you, Meiling and Komachi bull your way out of the crowds.

It took only moments for the three of you to reach the frozen food section where you found, as you had more or less expected, both Keine and Marisa standing near an open freezer unit. Lying inside, head resting on a sack of frozen vegetables, was a sleeping Letty.

“We found her mister Ryogi,” Keine states, “she had run away from the heaters and had collapsed around some mens suits, we guessed she had been heading this way to get to something cold so...”

“We carried her here!” declared Marisa, “and dropped her in one of these freezers!”

You smile at them both, “Good work then,” you say, “Both of you. Quick thinking too.” You look at Keine for a moment then nod, “Do you remember where we left the trolley?” She nods. “Great, can you go back to it and, ah, push it towards the exit? There'll be a lot of counters where the goods are counted and stuff before you get there, the rest of us will meet you there.”

“Getting out before the trouble hits, huh?” Marisa says, “Good plan, 's just what I would do!”

At that Marisa and Keine both smirk. “No,” Marisa says, “You'd just blow a hole in the wall and leave that way.”

“Whatever! Lets just go already!”

It took some time, some stealth and more than a little luck but you somehow managed to get everyone and the food out of the store without any trouble. Fortunately for you the cashiers at the far end of the store hadn't been privy to the details of the commotion and thus didn't know that any of you had actually been involved. Nevertheless you had practically sweated up a storm as you waited for your goods to go through, terrified that someone from the scene would come over and actually catch you. Oh, sure, you were pretty certain that you were going to get one hell of a yelling to from the government officials but... Well. The girls hadn't technically done anything wrong per se, and you had left the police officer with enough information to contact you if they decided to do anything. Though you were pretty certain that your 'special' government rank would be enough to... avoid... such issues for now.

It took some time but eventually you had gotten home. Letty had woken up in the car and you had graciously set the air conditioning as low as the car could manage, which was chilly but not too cold. The other girls didn't seem to complain at all, for which you were far too grateful. Once home food had been unpacked, then repacked into the kitchen under your supervision - so that everyone knew where everything was. Letty had been allowed up to her room to 'chill' out, literally, and once everything was away you told the girls to do whatever they wanted until Renko arrived later.

“Oh,” you say as everyone turns to leave, “One more thing. Our government is going to put on a military 'fly by' some time this evening, in theory to show you what they're capable of doing.”

“Fly by?” Marisa frowns, “Fly by what?”

“No,” you say, smiling. “They're going to send a few fighter jets to fly past the house - probably pretty low so you can see and hear them easily. They're like... flying machines, with weapons on them - so I don't want anyone making any sudden moves or trying to attack them or anything, just in case they get spooked.”

The girls nod, they knew well enough to know that 'spooked' plus 'armed' was not a good combination. “These, ah, these things look like big arrows right?” Komachi asks, surprising you. Nodding back she smiles. “Yeah, 'planes' they're called, right? I hear about 'em every now and then from th' other shinigami. They seem to crash a lot, huh? Carry a lot of people too.”

You shrug. “Some do,” you say, “Some carry people from one place to another and some fly around with weapons to attack things with. It's those second ones we'll see going past. Anyway, they'll be noisy and fast, so this is just a heads up okay?”

As the girls nod and leave you sigh. Today had been a... hectic... day. You decide that next time you go into the city you are going to only take one or two of the girls, all of them at once was just simply far too much. Still, they all learned something about the modern world and you learned something about their world... Fairies, Shinigami... Gensokyo was a strange place indeed.

Idly you wondered what it looked like. Renko and Maribell had often told you stories about what they believed and Maribell used to keep a sketchbook of pictures she had 'seen'. Still... it just seemed so... so... Impossible! Magic, fairies, shinigami, monsters! Maybe what Keine had told you yesterday was right, even with proof staring you in the face you still didn't want to accept it. Not yet, not without knowing what, exactly, it was you were going to accept at least. Idly you finger the 'Mini-hakkero' you had been told to look after this morning, you'd kept it in your pocket all day. Pulling it out you stare at it, an inert block of carved octagonal wood with a hole in it. Aside from the markings etched around the outside it seems so... normal. Nothing like the weapon of fear the others seemed to treat it as.

You sigh and pocked the mini-hakkero, not wanting to risk setting it off or something. It would still be a good two or three hours until Renko showed up...

What on earth were you going to do to pass the time?

[ ] Find Marisa
[ ] Talk to Meiling
[ ] Check on Letty
[ ] Speak to Keine
[ ] Talk to Komachi
[ ] Speak to Keine
[X] Check on Letty

Sexy snow lady collapsed. Worried about her.
[X] Talk to Meiling
[x] Talk to Komachi

Gotta thank her and find out what she did.
[X] Talk to Meiling
Remind her that stopping the shoplifter was a good thing.
[ ] Check on Letty

Just to make sure she's recovering well, then

[ ] Talk to Komachi

Find out about whatever she did in the store to terrify those people into submission, then

[ ] Talk to Meiling

Make sure she's feeling better after the scare she got at the store.
[x] Check on Letty

Hopefully the idea of room heating hasn't left her traumatized.
[ ] Check on Letty
{X} Talk to Komachi
{X} Check on Letty
[X] Find Marisa

She needs some attention~ze.
[x] Check on Letty

She probably lost a few pounds from THIS HEAT THIS HEAT.
[X] Check on Letty

Letty, every time.
>>47511 >>47516

You are no fun AD. Now I like Scorn more than I like you.

And hey, Youkais are completely different species tahn humans, they ougth to be weak/vulnerable to some substances of our world or some diseas (ANTRAX and AIDS are a possibility). That would add in some reality to the CYOA, and could give a boost to the plot. You know, the girls get sick and have to go to the hospital and all that gibberish.

Better put her in more heat then.
FAT letty is FAT
[+] Talk to Komachi
[+] Check on Letty
You mention 'reality' but in the same sentence mention them getting Anthrax and AIDS. No. Just... no.
Anthrax is only common around farm animals, and AIDS requires very obvious direct contact from an infected human to get. Why would the girls get either?

Now, the flu, on the other hand... Serious illness with risk of death, high rate of transmission... scary stuff for someone who doesn't know how to deal with it.

What? No love for me now i've killed off the Momizi-pop concept?

As to girls being susceptable to things that humans aren't... yes, they are. I'm just not at liberty to say how, what or why because you'll find out eventually.
[x] Talk to Komachi.

She hasn't gotten enough attention. Only alcohol.
File 121555515081.jpg - (243.11KB, 700x535 , 1213917723339.jpg) [iqdb]

Don't want her to turn out like YAF, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?!

[x] Check on Letty

Target. On. Stay.
[x] Talk to Meiling
[X] Talk to Meiling
>Don't want her to turn out like YAF

[] Talk to Komachi

Oh, what's the point? All everyone cares about is Letty.

If you complete the romance path, and AD starts another play, and you guys try to romance Letty again, I'll be very angry.
[x] Talk to Komachi.

No need to be angry
Just Chill~
Sorry, but I find Letty absolutely boring~
[ ] Speak to Keine
It was pretty much stated in PMiSS (I think) in Eirin's (IIRC) article that all youkai are pretty much immune to all regular disease. It was said that Eirin couldn't sell any regular medicine to them, so she developed drugs that induced certain kinds of dreams.
[X] Check on Letty.

This is Letty country. Letty comes first.

Also, you know, she fainted just recently. I'm a little more concerned for her than I am for the others. They can wait.
File 121555755747.jpg - (40.21KB, 238x238 , RAGEyuka.jpg) [iqdb]
>I find Letty absolutely boring~
You forgot we have Marisa and Keine here, too. Marisa's human, and Keine's human except on the night of a full moon.

[x] Talk to Komachi.
File 121555865979.jpg - (144.39KB, 417x380 , 121475779421.jpg) [iqdb]
>I find Letty absolutely boring~
File 121555903134.png - (99.58KB, 986x449 , 1215223963296.png) [iqdb]
>I find Letty absolutely boring~
File 121555918825.jpg - (53.63KB, 600x750 , 1190414872982.jpg) [iqdb]
>Sorry, but I find Letty absolutely boring~
File 121556027642.jpg - (46.60KB, 360x249 , 1207173967172.jpg) [iqdb]

>Sorry, but I find Letty absolutely boring~
[ ] Check on Letty

In my RAGE, I forgot to vote! We didn't even get feedback of her experience, unlike Keine, Komachi, and Meiling.

Lots of booze and no attention. It was pretty subtle, I know.
I find it interesting that everyone who disagrees with me seems to be unable to come up with any response other than an image and a bit of quoted text.

As opposed to, you know, an actual argument in favor of the character.
You're pretty new to this whole 'internet' thing, aren't you?
File 12155639506.jpg - (58.91KB, 261x223 , lolmarisa.jpg) [iqdb]
>As opposed to, you know, an actual argument in favor of the character.
File 121556406513.jpg - (8.23KB, 400x259 , facepalm.jpg) [iqdb]
>I find it interesting that everyone who disagrees with me seems to be unable to come up with any response other than an image and a bit of quoted text.

They were just examples, even if they are -very- unlikely to happen. But hey, they aren't the only threats out there.


Fuck yes, do want sick touhous to nurse.
File 121556524435.png - (59.48KB, 347x187 , youmuwut.png) [iqdb]
>As opposed to, you know, an actual argument in favor of the character.
[X] Talk to Komachi

Hm, I wonder if there will be spies from another nation to see wtf Japan's army is planning. Heh, the possibility of causing an international misunderstanding is pretty appealing.
File 121556793055.jpg - (29.77KB, 252x346 , glare.jpg) [iqdb]
>As opposed to, you know, an actual argument in favor of the character.
[X] Talk to Meiling

Explain how store rent-a-cops work.

Also, if you make A-10s the planes for the flyover, it will be awesome.

The Japanese don't have A-10's
[x] Talk to Meiling
for all we know, AD could make it be Viper Zeros with Futami Ami on them or something.
or, they could just be the JASDF demonstration team.
[ ] Talk to Komachi

Useless vote is useless.

Apparently by 2012 they do. They also have nukes apparently. Yeah.
[X] Check on Letty.

Komachi may be my soulmate, but this is the Letty story. Letty deserves some loving.

I happen to feel that she could use our company more than the other girls, as well. Komachi's hax are something we can bring up most any time, and Meiling's emotional distress is rather mild. Letty, on the other hand, may well have been deathly frightened by the thought of melting, and this is the time to comfort her if she needs it.
Updates when?
No, I didn't. The question was whether youkai can get regular disease, not whether the girls we have get them.
>“Getting out before the trouble hits, huh?” Marisa says, “Good plan, 's just what I would do!”
>At that Marisa and Keine both smirk. “No,” Marisa says, “You'd just blow a hole in the wall and leave that way.”

Something went wrong here. I'm guessing it should be:
>At that Komachi and Keine both smirk. “No,” Komachi says, “You'd just blow a hole in the wall and leave that way.”
[x] Check on Letty.
[x] Talk to Komachi

I'd vote Komachi first, but we haven't gotten a chance to talk to Letty about what happened. Did she...melt?

Remember, regardless of who we're pursuing romantically (Letty), every girl has some sort of life goal that we need to help them achieve.
It seems like the general consensus is to check on Letty and give her some not-so-cold comfort. Maybe give her some Häagen-Dazs or something. Also tell her about the flyby.

And then we go have a shot with Komachi, and praise her for being scary as fuck.
Perfect plan. Especially that last part.

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