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Ugh. Your head hurts. Your arms hurt. Your legs hurt... actually, now that you think about it, everything hurts. Your head would actually hurt less if it wasn't for that infernal ringing noise that... wait... ringing?

Ringing... ringing.... the phone!

Your roll onto your front and lift yourself onto your hands and knees. By the way the surface underneath you gives way to your weight, you can only assume you're on your futon - a fact reinforced by the draping of the cover over your back. Blinking furiously to try and get your eyes accustomed to the light you grope around blindly with one hand... oh... wait, that's right, this wasn't your apartment was it? Here the phone was kept out in the hall a little ways outside your room, not on the floor near where you slept. Grumbling you manage to pull yourself to your knees and, from there up into a slouched standing position. Several painful steps take you to the door, which you rip open with all the grace of an ape-man clawing at a tree. Several more, also painful, moment later and you're lifting the phone to your ear - only to be blasted by the irate yelling of some... person... with a loud voice.

“-THE HELL HE THINK HE'S PLAYING AT!?” The bellow was loud, officious and vaguely familiar. In fact he sounded like some kind of... crazed... “YOU THERE RYOGI?” ... shit. It was one of the official bastards who had shipped you out here. “HAVE YOU ANY GOD-DAMN IDEA WHAT SORT OF-” you pull the phone away from your ear, it doesn't help your headache much but it does reduce the loud bellows to a tinny whine from the phone's speaker.

“Yes sir.” you mumble in answer to one question, “No sir,” to another. “it will... probably happen again sir. Stop it sir? It's... mostly harmless sir... yes sir, like paintball sir.” Eventually the phone call ends with some vague threats and the promise of a military flyover later. Fly-over... fly... over... huh... probably be best to warn the girls then, didn't want them freaking out over a fly...

You pause.

Girls? Girls! You were living with girls now! That was right!

You were living with girls! .... and... you were mostly naked in the hallway. The public hallway. That the girls use.

“Gah! Shit!” you curse and move faster than you've ever moved before. Unfortunately, thanks to a combination of pain and sleepiness the direction you move in happens you be straight down due to your legs getting tangled as you tried to turn around. With a sharp crack your jaw smacks against the hardwood floor of the hall and you barely miss biting your tongue as the shock travels up your skull - sending your already existing headache into overdrive. “Ugh....” you groan as you blink away a new wave of fuzziness and focus on the two feet in front of you.

Feet? Shit.

They are, you would readily admit, rather nice feet. These feet were attached to what appeared to be rather nice legs too. The problem was that those legs happened to be attached to a girl who was, as of now, standing over your mostly-naked and heavily injured form.

“Woah!” You grimace, sending a fresh wave of pain through your jaw. It's not broken, you know that much, but it would be hurting for quite a long while at least. “You look like crap!”

Marisa. It just had to be Marisa.

Planting both hands firmly on the ground you re-create your earlier waking up, only you don't quite manage to get further than your hands and knees. Although you want to rant and rave at Marisa for blasting you the night before you just can't seem to summon the energy to do it right now. Instead you drag yourself along the floor for a short distance before, suddenly, you feel yourself hoisted into the air by an arm around your waist.

“You... you should still be in bed.” Meiling, you can practically hear the guilt in her voice. You sigh as she carries you, rather inelegantly, back to your room and carefully deposits you on your bed. “I... I should have been more careful, I... I'm sorry.”

“It's not your fault.” you mumble... “You...”

You remember the night before, the red beam of light filling your visions and then... a stomach churning spin as Meiling spun to put herself between you and the laser. It hurt, like dropping into a too-hot bath, but it hadn't been the flesh-burning sensation you had expected - painful, but not injuring. You remembered dropping from the sky and.... ...

“You flew...” you whisper, “You... you actually flew. All of you.... flying.”

“Ah...” That was Keine's voice. “We were supposed to have kept that secret.” Slowly you turn to look at your door where, much to you horror, the rest of your guests are standing. Keine, at least, seems to have the decency to be looking away. Komachi appears to be leering slightly and Letty... you can't quite place the expression on her face but she seems to be looking at Meiling more than you. Odd. Also embarrassing.

Hell, the whole situation is embarrassing, in under half an hour five separate female guests had seen you in naught but boxers and... wait a minute. You glance down with a curious thought in your head before breathing a sigh of relief - you were still wearing the same boxers you had put on yesterday. For a moment there you had thought that... You laugh slightly, catching the attention of the girls even as Meiling drops your cover over you after retrieving it from where you had flung it earlier.

“Mister Ryogi?” Keine's voice again, and you not that she still isn't looking in your direction. “Is something... wrong?”

You stifle your laughter at her question and try to be serious again, despite the now-fading pain.

[ ] It's just a silly thought I had.
[ ] So, you... you all can... fly?
[ ] I feel like crap all over... Thank you Marisa.
[ ] So, you... you all can... fly?
[ ] How long have I been out?
[x] So, you... you all can... fly?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Getting lasered is painful shit.
[ ] It's just a silly thought I had.
[ ] I feel like crap all over... Thank you Marisa.
[ ] No more MAGIC TIEM! America agreed. Don't bother them about it.
[ ] So, you... you all can... fly?
[ ] I feel like crap all over... Thank you Marisa.
[x] "Well, aside from the pain, cognitive dissonance, threat of nuclear annihilation, and the ring ring ring ring bananaphone...."
[x] "I feel fine. Really."

[x] This is all just so...over the top. I'm living with 5 women who are practically superheros, but thats impossible.

[x] My entire body feels horrible. How long is this supposed to last?

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just to let you know
I'll tell you how I became the bitch of 5 crazy touhoes.
[x] So, you... you all can... fly?
[x] So, you... you all can... fly?
[x] So, you... you all can... fly?

Ahh, sweet kind Meiling. No need to feel guilty over us.

Now we just to build up your self-confidence.

And find people who can dissuade the wrath of Remilia and Sakuya for giving you a spine.
[x] So, you... you all can... fly?
[x] How long have I been out?
[ ] It's just a silly thought I had.
[ ] How long have I been out?
[x] So, you all can fly?
No need to studder like a retard.
[ x ] It's just a silly thought I had.
[X] It's just a silly thought I had.

[X] I feel like crap all over... Thank you Marisa.
[] So, you... you all can... fly?
“So you...” you begin, only to grimace slightly at the memory of hovering several feet in the air, “You can all... fly?”

“Not everyone can,” Letty whispers, “You need enough power and control of magic in order to do it, or have an item to handle that for you. Most humans can't manage it alone unless they're particularly strong, but almost all youkai can fly without much trouble.”

Meiling nods in agreement and it's only then that you realize she, unlike the others, isn't wearing clothing similar to what she had on the day before. Instead she seems to be wearing a mix of Keine's and Letty's outfits - a skirt from Keine and a top from Letty. It, actually, doesn't look too bad, but you can see her squirming occasionally due to it's poor fit. For a moment you wonder why she's wearing... then you remember what Letty had told you yesterday, about her not having brought any luggage. Come to that, everyone had lost a lot of stuff when the luggage blew up... which had also been Marisa's fault...

“We're going shopping.” you say suddenly, cutting off an explanation on flight that Keine had been giving while you thought. Bits of it had made sense but others... whatever, you could always discuss it in depth later when you felt up to actually thinking properly again.

“Shopping?” Keine asks, evidently a little peeved at being cut off mid-speech.

“Yes, shopping. You all need new clothes and stuff, right? Since the luggage got destroyed.” you nod to yourself as you speak, “I need to pick up some more food anyway and you probably all should get a better look at...” You were about to say 'the city' when you realized just how stupid taking all five girls into the middle of a city would be at this point. “... a town nearby.” you finish, mentally changing your shopping destination to a smaller, less crowded, town to the south.

“That just leaves one thing,” Keine states, mollified by your explanation. Still trying not to look directly at you the silver-haired woman closes the gap between yourself and her before dropping something onto your covers. Picking it up you see it's the octagonal object Marisa was waving about yesterday evening, the... what did she call it? Oh, yes, the 'Mini-Hakkero'.

Hakkero... the name sounded familiar, but you couldn't quite place it at the moment. Something your father had spouted off at you once perhaps? Or was it something you saw in a film... or read in a book? Hrm... well, no matter. You could look into that later.

“I have decided,” began the teacher, “That until Marisa learns to control herself, you will look after her artifact. Without it her most powerful spell cards are sealed, frankly I would like to do more in way of punishment, but for now this will have to be sufficient.” You sit up a bit and lean over to look past both Keine and Meiling to see Maria standing, arms crossed, leaning against a wall and sulking. “In addition she will be explaining the basics of magic to you once you've recovered - I most likely would have had her do it anyway but...” Keine sighs. “Just keep that Mini-Hakkero out of her way for the moment.”

“And lock the doors.” Meiling adds, “actually, lock bar and barricade them. The windows too... Marisa is very, very good at getting into places she shouldn't be in.”

You sigh and lie back onto your bed, “Fine,” you say, “I'll keep an eye on it... now... can I get some sleep?”

It's amazing what a few extra hours sleep will do for an aching body. The shower you took once you had woken the second time had helped significantly too... On the way to the kitchen you had realized that unless Marisa had offered, which was unlikely, the girls had probably not been able to prepare any breakfast that morning. You felt perhaps a little guilty at that and decided then that, next chance you got, you were going to teach one of the more responsible girls to navigate the kitchen - Keine or Meiling most likely. A quick look in the kitchen had revealed that the girls hadn't gone hungry that morning, but also that they had not eaten anything more than a few snack foods... Perhaps taking them out to lunch before the shopping would be a good idea?

Come to that... where were the girls right now anyway?

[ ] Search for Letty
[ ] Look for Keine
[ ] Find Meiling
[ ] Seek out Komachi
[ ] Go find Marisa
[x] Search for Letty
[X] Search for Letty.

This Letty was made for me.
[ ] Search for Letty
[ ] Search for Letty

Lettyfag, reporting in!
[ ] Look for Keine
[X] Search for Letty
[x] Find Meiling
[ x ] Search for Letty

Fresh Touhou characterization in my CYOA LA?!
[X] Search for Letty
[ x ] Search for Letty

You might want to consider cutting back on the ellipsis a bit. It's fine to use them occasionally, but I counted about 40 of them in just the first post of this thread.
[ ] Search for Letty

It seems that once again, Letty is love.
Can we, by any chance, get the pleasure to introduce the internets to someone of the touhous? And the darker sides of it, of course
Komachi's the closest to an Anonymous in this group than anyone. I nominate her.

Do Death Gods have an interest in modern technology?
I... am... the... god... of... elipses...
And possibly a clone of shatner. I dunno how else to get the loooooong pauses i need for this to read how i think it.

Anyway, looks like you're going after Letty.
[x] Go find Marisa

Now that Marisa is alienated from her group and on double secret probation, we can now tighten or loosen the screws as we need. "Hey can you keep a secret? It's hard to say this so forward, but that thing you hit me with... that "Omnidirectional Laser" you called it? It was totally awesome. Wow. Anyway, this octagonal Large Hadron Collider? Uh right, you can have it back. Sure, I'm sure! As I understand it, you have a drive to become stronger than you are, even though you are already stronger than your peers as is. I'm sure we can come to some understanding whereby an exchange of information provides free power with exclusivity. Allow me to show you how much better life would be if you could rely on our labor-saving devices instead of wasting precious magic toward the boring hum-drum of monotonous, everyday tasks, like cooking, cleaning, washing, preparing, maintaining, entertaining, fact checking, cross-referencing, plagiarizing, information piracy, breathing and much much more! Do you want to know how to blow up the earth without needing any mana all? Or maybe catch a ride off a rocket ship & see some real stars for a change? And my gods, the food! Our HARD WORK and your GUTS, we'd make an excellent team. I come to you as ambassador of my peoples, because I can tell you're a natural born leader. Could be the next Hitler even. You and me kid, there's a future."
Damn straight! TtR is Letty centric as of this moment!
Enjoy getting FREED THE SHIT OUT OF!
[ ] Go find Marisa
[ ] Search for Letty

Even the queen of winter can't stay frigid to us forever! ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH

>Damn straight! TtR is Letty Express Rail to hot dickings.

At least in my case it is, and I will do everything in my power to make it so.

>Damn straight! TtR is Letty Express Rail to cold dickings.


>Damn straight! TtR is Letty Express Rail to mildly cool dickings.

Double-fixed. And why am I so intrigued by the idea of a lukewarm girlfriend?

>Anon wants to rail Letty's caboose.


Because Letty is a pretty cool girl. She has a real chill personality, isn't frigid, and is never cold hearted.
File 12147910475.png - (395.85KB, 465x698 , 1214770494385.png) [iqdb]
I just realized, won't Letty just fall asleep from the heat everytime Anon tries?

Air conditioners.
Oh ho, I think Anon has enough experience with girls falling asleep during sex. He'll be fine.
Have her lay on some ice packs or something.

They are called roofies, ok Reverend?
>Have her lay on Cirno.

Well, there's a good Letty in RaAN in /others/, but she's not seen as often as this one.

Ellipses could be scaled back on, yes.
Indeed they are, my child. Indeed they are.
Oh hey, AD. I have an idea for Letty. We found one of these cooling jackets when cleaning out a house that had been foreclosed on.

To geek it up a notch, it'd sort of be like The Doctor's portable emitter in Voyager, if you've ever seen that.

Aren't you also in a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-frat, Dr.Doujin? Surely, many women must fall asleep around you.
Pics or it didn't happen, Doc! And draw a penis on one of their cheeks when they're passed out. That's always worth a laugh!
THe ellipses...they must stay.

No, seriously...It doesn't really...matter...unless you're butthurt over them....
When we have parties, women come and drink themselves into oblivion just like everyone else. I sadly I am a moralfag in this area and refuse to take advantage of drunk and or incapacitated women. I know of other fraternities who would resort to it, but if any of my brothers tried to roofie a girl, I would beat them senseless.
File 121484011535.jpg - (85.88KB, 800x748 , more-letty.jpg) [iqdb]
Letty... Yes, searching for Letty seems like the best idea to you now. Admittedly not for any great reason beyond the fact that you were pretty sure as to where you would be able to find her - just follow the sound of air-conditioners.

In fact it took only a few moments for you to find Letty, all you had to do was walk upstairs and it quickly became clear which room was hers. In fact, as you stood in front of and knocked on her door, you couldn't help but shiver at the near-freezing air that was blasting out from underneath it.

“Come in~” at the sound of Letty's voice you nod to yourself and push the door open - only to shudder at the sudden cold - and step inside. Although not a lot has changed in this room, you note that the wardrobe is open and Letty has only a few outfits hung up inside it... and more than a few somewhat charred ones in a pile beside it. “Oh, Mister Ryogi, is there anything you want?” Letty herself is lounging on a simple wooden chair the room had come with - naturally she was sitting right underneath the full blast of the air conditioner. As you draw closer you note that she has apparently been working with some paper and pens - writing a letter perhaps? You hadn't thought much of it earlier, but these people must have had friends or something they'd left behind when they came here.

“Writing a letter?” You ask, nodding to the paper. Her response is to nod, then look embarrassed. You assume it must be because she's writing one so soon after arriving or something, possibly because no-one else seems to be worried about such things yet.

“Ah... um... yes, writing a letter.” she agrees with a nervous stammer. “Writing to Cirno and the others.”

“Cirno?” You ask, “Is she a friend from back in Gensokyo?”

“Well... yes.” Letty whispers in reply, “Though I doubt she even knows i'm gone. I usually sleep through until winter, so unless something stops spring from happening again I don't get to play with her now anyway.”

Your mind boggles slightly at the implication that there were people capable of stopping spring from even happening... Your first thought is that it was probably a freak weather oddity or something but then you remember that, as far as you knew, magic could probably do it somehow. “Stop... spring?” You mumble, causing Letty to look at you and nod.

“Oh yes, one of Gensokyo's bigger incidents, though perhaps not as big as the moon thing that happened later.” explained the lavender-haired woman, “I don't know all the details myself, you would be best asking Reimu or Marisa as they both had a hand in solving the whole mess. As far as I knew about it, someone had been gathering the energy of spring in order to make a demon cherry tree bloom.” Looking at your evident confusion, Letty smiles slightly, “If you take away the energy of spring,” she explains, “then the energy of winter will remain in place - meaning that snow will not melt, the air will not warm and plants will not grow again no matter how sunny or beautiful the day may become.”

“But... how is that supposed to...” You frown, then sigh, “Magic again?” you ask, resigning yourself to that nebulous explanation.

“Oh, partially, partially.” comes the reply, “the energies of the seasons are more... complex than mere magic but also, in some ways, simpler. You could perhaps liken them to phases of the moon perhaps, it's all the one great ambient magical energy the earth creates, but parts of it are hidden or visible depending on the time.”

“Ambient... magical energy?” you ponder the term for a few moments, “where does that come from?”

Letty frowns at you, but shrugs. “No idea.” she says after a while, “I know scholars of magic have been thinking about that question for years and years though... Marisa might have a better idea than I but she's not really a person who goes in for in-depth study. Keine, too, may have some idea but you would be best to find someone who really studies magic if you want an answer to a question like that i'm afraid.”

You nod, understanding the problem entirely - it sounded like magic had that in common with science at least, the constant questioning of 'how' and 'why' in an attempt to find the beginning of things. Glancing up at a clock mounted on one of the walls, you consider the time... it would be a good hour or more trip into town to do any shopping and you had the vague understanding that females took a very long time shopping for clothing... if you hoped to get that done as well as a quick tour and some shopping for food, well, you'd have to leave soon. “Miss Letty,” you ask, “Will you be alright outside for today?”

“Ah, for the shopping trip you have planned for us?” She responds, “I have a few tricks that should keep me awake enough for that - as long as it doesn't get too hot at least.”

“Magic again?” You say as you head back to the door, “I think i'll pass, I have my own preparations to do anyway.”
File 121484013711.jpg - (224.74KB, 450x580 , Renko-1.jpg) [iqdb]
It took a while, as well as numerous complaints from the girls, who were not used to traveling by car, but you eventually pulled into a small out-of-the-way car-parking area. From there it took almost as long getting the girls to the shopping center as every few seconds one of them would be attracted by something shiny, bright or new and you'd have to stop and explain it to the group. Of course it didn't help that your group as a whole was receiving a number of strange looks from passers-by and you yourself were receiving a fair number of jealous looks from passing men.

“Right,” you say, “I don't know a thing about women's clothing, so I managed to get in contact with... ah... an old friend who runs a store around here.” You smirk, your friend had been rather interested in your little story of what was going on... but then, as you recalled, she and her other friend had always been interested in this sort of weird stuff anyway. “She'll probably ask you weird questions but she's always been a weird person anyway.”

“And who, Shiki Ryogi, is the weird person you're referring to?” You freeze at the sound of the voice from behind you. Damn it, you had hoped she would still be in the store but it seemed she had seen you coming and come out to investigate. Oh well, you knew she didn't mind being called weird anyway, but it was still a little annoying that you couldn't finish warning the girls about her.

“Now now, I was just about to introduce you.” You smirk as you turn and see the puffed up indignation on her face. “Girls, this is Renko, she and I used to go to the same school a few years back. Renko, these are the girls I was telling you about, Marisa, Keine, Meiling, Letty and Komachi.

Renko grins a feral looking grin. “From Gensokyo?” She asks, you nod in reply, “We knew it was real! We KNEW it! Wait til' I call Maribel up!” You sigh, Renko and her friend Maribel had been insisting on the existence of the supernatural for years, much to your annoyance as one of the few 'normal' acquaintances they had possessed. Wait... if this proved that their claims had been right then... “Pay up!” you grimace as you see Renko holding one hand out expectantly, “We were right, you were wrong so you lose the bet! Now pay up!”

You grumble as you pull out your wallet and deposit several notes into Renko's waiting hand, “Fine,” you grumble, “you win. Now can we please get down to business? We need clothes and you know I have no idea about women's fashion.”

“You have all the fashion taste of a week-dead hampster.” Renko snorts, “Which is why you did the right thing getting help from someone who actually has taste.” You frown, just because she had inherited her parents clothes store didn't mean she actually had 'taste' any better than your own. “Now, I you girls all want to follow me and maybe look around for something you like?”

You watch as the group of girls wander off, leaving you standing outside the store looking stupid. Ugh, well, no choice but to follow them in.

[ ] See what Meiling's looking at,
[ ] Find out what Komachi likes,
[ ] What is Letty browsing through?
[ ] Go find Keine and talk to her,
[ ] Marisa must be around here somewhere,
[ ] Actually, let's annoy Renko.
[ ] Actually, let's annoy Renko.

best way to not get killed? Maybe. Possibly?
[ ] What is Letty browsing through?
[x] What is Letty browsing through?
[ x ] See what Meiling's looking at
[x] Actually, let's annoy Renko.

[x] Find out what Komachi likes,

Slacker Moe~
[x] Actually, let's annoy Renko.

Hey Renko!
[ ] What is Letty browsing through?
{X} See what Meiling's looking at
[x] Find out what Komachi likes

Old and broken: yen on a belt. New hotness: tacky fake diamond studded belt!

Something tells me we will need to summon a drawfag once this is done.

[ ] Actually, let's annoy Renko.
It could be worse. Much much worse.

<Renko> So what type of person are you?
<Komachi> I'm constantly surrounded by death.
<Renko> Hmm, lets check our goth section then.

God damn it Doc. I will never get the idea of Komachi with heavy black eyeliner and porcelain white face makeup out of my mind.
File 121484679040.png - (313.60KB, 731x736 , 120953897736.png) [iqdb]

Don't encourage him...OH F---
I can't get the image of Komachi with KISS makeup and Gene Simmons style tongue out of my head.
huh, just had a thought.

Komachi In Siki's Service

I smiled. Well played.
[ ] What is Letty browsing through?

Also, in before Marisa is arrested for shoplifting.
[ ] What is Letty browsing through?
Should that happen, I say we write in the option, "Punch Renko in the face".
[x] Find out what Komachi likes

Let's see what the boobzilla likes
I know I'm slowpoking big time here, but

>Ringing... ringing.... the phone!

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring, Bananaphone!
[x] Actually, let's annoy Renko.
[X] What is Letty browsing through?

You vote for Letty on Letty route.
[ ] Find out what Komachi likes

Lettyfag here. At the thought of a "wardrobe malfunction", Komachi has my full, undivided attention for the moment. Plus, DO NOT WANT GOTHIC KOMACHI! Let's steer her clear of that, gentlemen!
We don't have to go with the Letty option every time, we need to get to know all the girls if we're going to get Good Ends for all of them.
File 121485257919.jpg - (83.64KB, 322x275 , TasteTheRainbow.jpg) [iqdb]

Very true. I like Letty as much as the next guy, but we don't want to alienate the rest of the girls. It won't do good to catch Letty's heart, and have the rest of the house hate our guts.

Also, I though this would be appropriate.

The crossover between us and pooshlmer, it seems.
[ ] See what Meiling's looking at,
[x] See what Meiling's looking at
[x] Actually, let's annoy Renko.

"Oh, hi Renko, I'm just here to annoy you and (oh god the government dragged me away at gunpoint and stuck me with youkai in a place supposed to be a nuclear testing ground help!)."
[x] Actually, let's annoy Renko.
Erk... many votes. Writan now...
Who won? you'll see.

I said i was writan, not that i would finish. Now, DESPAIR.

So, um, will you finish and post the update?
I have at least six albums worth of Touhou arranges, remixes, and other related works. Nothing short of the apocalypse shall make me despair now.
Just for that you can wait until tomorrow for me to update.
Besides, this next post is turning into a goddamn FORTRESS of text, no mere wall here as i now have to describe all the new outfits well enough for some drawfag (a generic one if possible, hint hint) to sketch something up for them.
[ ] Actually, let's annoy Renko.
Entering the store you take a glance around, the place has a reasonable selection of common fashions along with a number of more... esoteric brands. You grimace as you see Komachi nosing around in an area filled mainly with black, black and more black. Meiling seems to be wandering around in awe while Marisa is looking at one display, sulking, then vaguely moving over to complain about another. Letty and Keine meanwhile seem to be going around together, looking at some of the more conservative fashions - though you can see Letty is looking with interest at the nearby swimwear.

You, however, are more intent on the lady behind the cashiers desk. She's chatting on the store phone - not something she should really be doing but, given that she owns the store, isn't really something you can complain about. You can already guess who she's talking to and, as you draw closer your guess is confirmed - Maribel Han, Renko's best friend and partner in craziness. You cough to get her attention... but are casually waved away. Frowning you glance around the store and, seeing no-one but your guests, allow yourself a devious smirk before moving up behind Renko and snatching the phone out of her grasp.

“Goooooood day Ms Han!” you call into the mouthpiece, then laugh as you hear Maribel pull her ear away from the phone in shock and curse at you. Then you gasp in pain as Renko elbows you in the gut for your stunt. “No fair,” you wheeze, “You're not supposed to assault customers!”

“Unless you have suddenly developed a taste for cross dressing,” Renko begins, “then I severely doubt you're going to be a customer of mine. Your guests on the other hand...”

“Hey!” You protest, “I'm paying for everything they're gonna buy!” At that Renko gives you a savage little grin and hands you the phone.

“Here,” she says, “You talk to Mari for me, I have work to do!” You wince as she says that but can do little to stop her as she rushes off in the direction of the nearest girl - no doubt to inspire her into buying either something horribly expensive or buying farm more than they needed. Actually, knowing Renko... probably both.

“Uh... Yo, Maribel.” you say into the phone, only to get a lecture from the girl over the prank you pulled a few moments ago. “Yeah... uh... sorry 'bout that...” Looking into the store you wince again when you see Renko showing an enthusiastic Komachi a large jacket, leather and likely very expensive. “So... Renko explain the situation?”

The phone is silent for a few seconds before you hear Maribel's voice again, “... the witch is there, isn't she? And you met the shrine maiden too, didn't you?”

You frown at her question - you didn't recall mentioning Reimu to Renko at all... “How did you know that?” you ask, “I haven't told anyone about the shrine maiden at all!”

“I saw it.” comes the reply, making you groan in despair. Maribel had claimed to 'see' things ever since you had first met her something that you, unlike Renko, had simply passed off as weirdness on her part. But now... with 'monsters' living with you who could use actual magic... now you weren't so sure. Maybe Maribel really did 'see' things? Could that sort of thing even be done with magic? You make a mental note to ask someone about it later. “Are you listening to me?”

You blink and realize you've just zoned out and ignored whatever Maribel had been saying. “Ah... no, sorry, kinda zoned out there. This is all so... weird.” There's a thump on the cash desk and you look up to see Marisa and Renko standing grinning along with a pile of brightly colored clothing. Behind them you see the other girls, each with their own selections in their arms. “Gonna have to go now Mari,” you say into the phone as Renko comes around to start ringing up the girls purchases. “But uh... hey! Maybe if you have some time in the next few weeks, you and Renko can come visit or something?” It was a spur of the moment invitation, one you yourself hadn't even planned but... Well, Renko and Maribel had spent years of their lives believing in this kind of supernatural stuff and you couldn't really think of any reason not to let both girls at least learn about the things they'd always dreamed of.

Besides, Maribel could cook like a four-star chef and if she visited you knew she would offer to cook in return.

With each beep of the cash register you twitch slightly, the cost rising and rising to levels you used to be lucky to earn in a the best part of a year. Still, it was the government - not you - who was paying for this and that made you feel significantly better about the expense. Grinning you reach into your wallet and pull out the little black credit card they had given you for 'acclimatization expenses' and slap it down in front of a surprised Renko. “Hit me,” you say, and grin wider when she tries the card and actually has the payment go through. “Working for the government has it's perks.”

The brown-haired store owner looks at you and laughs then, before packing the piles and piles of clothes into bags. “You sure you can carry all this?” She asks as the pile of bags grows larger. She has a point, you think, there's no way your group could carry all this stuff and go exploring without problems.

“Hey,” you say after staring at it all for a while. “If I give you directions to get to where we're staying, do you think you can deliver this tonight? I'll even pay for fuel and have dinner for you if you want.” Renko nods and begins to shuffle some of the bags out of the way when you stop her, “Actually,” you say, “You think the girls can maybe get changed into some of their new stuff here? Some of them are going to stand out a bit otherwise, and if you're delivering anyway you can bring their old stuff too.” At this Renko seems about to argue, but you quickly move to whisper in her ear. “and I really, really don't want to have to explain anything about their new clothes they might not know... like zippers and stuff.”

The storekeeper-girl grins at you obvious embarrassment, “Fine,” she agrees, “They can use the back room - you just mind the store for the moment though I doubt anyone else is likely to come in this early.” With that Renko, along with the girls, leave you alone again as they go to slip on their new stuff. You sigh, step behind the counter and wait. Fortunately Renko was right and no other customers showed up and you were able to fill the time by writing down the directions to your current home for Renko to follow later.
Soon enough the first of the girls, Komachi, came back out into the store front. Now she was wearing an outfit that consisted mainly of the large black leather jacket Renko had been showing her earlier. Under that she wore a gray loose shirt of some kind, and a loose black skirt that reached down past her knees. You also notice that she has also found a dark red waistband similar to her old one and that too has her coin-and-string belt over the top of it. It clashes somewhat with her outfit but... well, maybe it was something important? A sign of office maybe? She did mention having a job yesterday after all.

Before you have a chance to ask Keine steps out of the back room and you sign in relief. The teacher is wearing pretty much what you had thought she might wear - a female suit in blue. Light blue blouse, dark blue jacket and a dark blue, and also loose, ankle-length skirt. Nothing particularly special or visually impressive but, more importantly, it would fit into any modern crowd without issue... except perhaps for the lunchbox-shaped hat she has apparently refused to let go of. Still, it did look rather respectable - which is what you imagine she was probably trying to achieve.

Meiling and Letty are the next out, the two of them sporting fairly mundane casual wear. Letty has opted for a light sundress and blouse, probably because such clothing was the coolest she could wear in the warmth of spring. She, like Keine, hasn't relinquished her hat and you spot that Meiling hasn't done so either. Speaking of her, the chinese-style girl has opted for some loose training slacks and has somehow managed to find a shirt and jacket similar to what she was wearing yesterday. Again the two weren't exactly making a statement, but weren't exactly normal either. They would, however, not raise more than a few eyebrows in public.

On the other hand, you think as you slap your face with your palm, Marisa is going to cause riots. The girl, who had just entered, was blinding - quite literally. She was wearing this and that, a mix of everything under the sun. Hell, she looked like she'd just been dragged backwards through the 80's. A bright orange knee-length skirt, a bright blue t-shirt, sagging-socks, bangles of several different styles and colors, and... yes, she too had her hat on still - though now it was decorated with a number of pins. She probably thought she looked awesome, you thought she looked like something that should be sending geiger counters haywire with her mere presence.

“The look... different, wouldn't you say?” Renko, who had obviously followed the girls out, asks as she leans on the counter. “They sure have some pretty good tastes in fashion, almost as good as my own I'd say.”

“As good as yours?” You ask, then sigh, “So that's what went wrong. Well, we should be off now I guess, I left directions on the desk so if you can come by later with the deliveries that'll be great.”

Renko frowns at your jab, but nods. “I'll be there,” she says “Pity Maribel is too busy to get here any time this week huh? She'd love to visit, still, there's always next week right?” You nod, Renko and Maribel were both weird as heck, but having a girl who would be able to explain any... embarrassing things to the others? That would make either of the two worth their weight in gold.

Saying your goodbyes for now, you lead the girls out into the street - and are glad to see only a few odd looks, most of them aimed at Marisa. The girls seem to be happily chatting away amongst themselves and showing off what they had got to each other although the most vocal was Marisa who was proclaiming, as you had guessed, that she looked awesome.

Well, that was one task finished... but it was still too early to go do the food shopping and head home yet. Maybe, you decided, you should take the girls to see something else the modern town could provide?

There were a few places in town worth visiting...

[ ] Cafe's and Ice-cream parlors
[ ] The local Cinema
[ ] The nearby Library
[ ] The local Shrine
[ ] The Park

or [ ] WRITE IN ( other suggestions for places to go in town? )
[x] Amusement Park

>though you can see Letty is looking with interest at the nearby swimwear.

I stopped scaling this wall in order to say I love you, Desu. No, really, I do.
[ ] The Park

Every other choice leads to being loud in a place where you're not supposed to be loud.
[X] The Park
We should try to take them to a pool at some point. Or the beach.
Gotta have a beach episode for these kinds of things.
[ ] The Park
[ ] The Park
[ ] Cafe's and Ice-cream parlors

They're accustomed to 15-minute tea breaks every hour. Plus, ice cream for Letty and Marisa!

>On the other hand, you think as you slap your face with your palm, Marisa is going to cause riots. The girl, who had just entered, was blinding - quite literally. She was wearing this and that, a mix of everything under the sun. Hell, she looked like she'd just been dragged backwards through the 80's. A bright orange knee-length skirt, a bright blue t-shirt, sagging-socks, bangles of several different styles and colors, and... yes, she too had her hat on still - though now it was decorated with a number of pins. She probably thought she looked awesome, you thought she looked like something that should be sending geiger counters haywire with her mere presence.

She SOUNDS AWESOME!! I envisioned she'd end up wearing something EXACTLY like that, but with knee high rainbow toe-socks instead.
[ ] The Park
They have ice cream at the park, too.
[ ] Cafe's and Ice-cream parlors

Letty can keep cool, and we can introduce the others to the wonders of modern cuisine.
Yes, and too much sun for Letty's good.

[+] Cafe's and Ice-cream parlors
[x] The local Shrine

Voting this on the off-chance that it's the Hakurei Shrine. 'Cause that would be wacky.
[x] Cafe's and Ice-cream parlors
Dammit, AD. You used such a delicious pic of Meiling in the OP of this thread that I can't concentrate on the rest of the thread.

>Dammit, AD. You used such a delicious pic of Meiling in the OP of this thread that I can't concentrate on writing my own thread.
Mmm, ice cream.

[x] Cafe's and Ice-cream parlors
[x] The local Cinema
Let's show these girls the wonders of modern movies. Preferably something like A Clockwork Orange or American Psycho.
Better yet, take them to see Harry Potter. They'll think it's a comedy!
[x] Cafe's and Ice-cream parlors
The faint rumbling of your stomach provides the answer to your own question - you'll take the girls for something to eat! Now, if you remember correctly, there was a lovely little place only a short walk from here which served a reasonable selection of teas, cakes and other treats. For now this would be the best course of action as you feel that with this first trip into a major town you really don't want to pander too much to any individual girl by, say, taking them to the library. Keine would have loved it but the others? You weren't so sure. Likewise taking the girls to a Cinema would require rather more explanation than you were willing to give today in order to avoid the strong possibility of one of them opening fire on the screen or something.

The park? Well, that was still a good idea... perhaps something worth seeing the next time your brought the girls here - hopefully on a cool day so as not to tax Letty too much. You frown slightly as you consider various things while leading the girls down the street and offhandedly answering the few questions they posed to you.

They pointed at posters of idol singers, at displays in store windows, at cars and people passing by in the street... Everything was, more or less, going well. Even Marisa was acting more friendly towards you, evidently the new clothing had broken her out of the sulk she had been putting on all morning. It didn't take long for you to locate the cafe, seat the girls, and have some tea ordered for everyone while the others discussed the menu.

“Hey, hey!” Marisa pokes you sharply in the arm with the corner of her menu before flipping it open and pointing at one of the dishes. “What's this? Can't these people write properly?”

You glance down at the menu, at the dish she's pointing out and sigh. “No, they can write properly.” You say, “It's just in a different language, that's all. French I think... or Italian, those are the two i'd expect to see on a menu.”

“French? Italian?” Marisa scowls at the menu, “What's wrong with using a proper language so I can read it!?”

“Well, duh, it's in another language 'cuz it's a dish from another country.” Surprisingly it was Komachi who had explained, not Keine as you would have expected. “There are a lot of countries bigger than this one in the world, and they all have different foods 'n clothes 'n languages 'n stuff.”

The young witch looks at Komachi strangely, “How do you know that?” she asks and, from the way Keine looks, she's not the only one who wants to know. In response, however, Komachi just smirks.

“I can speak lot'sa languages. Have to for th' job y'know? Gotta be able to explain th' rules to anyone who shows up after all.” So, Komachi's job meant she dealt with a lot of foreigners? You frown at this, since that information clashes with the idea that Gensokyo has been sealed away.

“What is your job anyway?” You ask, “Actually, what do all of you do? I know Keine did some teaching but I have no idea what the rest of you used to do before you came out here.”

The red-head in the leather jacket frowns at you. “I told you already,” She states, “I'm a God of Death.” Then she smirks, “Of course you thought I was joking but, you know,” her voice drops down to a whisper as she leans across the table and stares you in the eye. “I wasn't.” That said she sits back in her seat, takes a slug of her tea and looks at you. “I'm the official shinigami aide to Siki Eiki, the Yamaxanadu of Gensokyo and surrounding areas.” Noting your look of confusion, as well as those of some of the others, Komachi exaplains. “She's a Yama, see? And Yamaxanadu is like... highest of the high positions a Yama can get, one of the Judges of the Dead, and I'm her personal shinigami assistant. Or at least I was, they probably have some shinigami substitutes covering for me while i'm out here.”

“Uh...” You stare at Komachi, “You're... really...” you begin, only to be cut off by the girl in question.

“Eh, it's not that big a deal. Anyone can become a shinigami if they meet all the requirements 'n stuff. We're only really just glorified boatmen anyway - tho' we're supposed to be bodyguards for our Yama bosses... most of them can kick our asses sixteen different ways without even trying so that's kinda just a ceremonial thing.” Komachi shrugs, “Most 'o the time we just pick up souls of the dead 'n ferry 'em across to be judged. As long as they can, y'know, pay the fare. 's a complicated system but it works.”

“As long as you're not slacking off.” Marisa murmurs, just loud enough for everyone to hear. Komachi and Keine both frowned, but Meiling and Letty both perked up.

“Oh!” they both exclaimed, almost at the same time, “You're the slacker who Cirno kicked th-” The paused, then stared at each other.

“Cirno told you about that?” Letty asked, her voice pleasant. Too pleasant almost.

Meiling beamed, “Of course! Cirno tells me lotsa' stuff she does when we play together!” She frowns, “Though I thought she was maybe exaggerating when she told me about beating up a shinigami...”

“Cirno... Cirno...” Komachi frowned in thought, “The ice fairy?” she asked, only to receive nods from the others. “Yeah, she kicked my ass good. 'course by the time she showed up everyone else had already done the same thing, so I wasn't exactly in top condition y'know. She even kicked me in the face!”

“HA!” Meiling cheers with a grin, “I taught her that myself!” As she says that you noticed a scowl pass briefly across Letty's face. You're not sure why, but if you hadn't actually been looking at her at the time you would have missed it.

Still, not wanting to risk anything, you interrupt the girls. “Well,” you say, “How about we place an order now?”

You smile as the girls suddenly seem to remember their menus and scramble to look them over. What follows is a flurry of questions and answers as the girls ask you about various dishes and you explain, as best you can, what they are meant to be. Meiling, however, asks nothing as she already seems to know what most of the dishes, apart from the most modern ones, were already. You file the bit of information away for future questioning - why does Meiling seem to have a better grasp on more modern things than the other girls?

As you place the girls orders you glance at your watch, by your reckoning there's probably enough time to eat and perhaps chat a bit, then you would have to be off grabbing some food and heading home. Especially if you actually wanted to be there and have dinner on the go before Renko arrived with her delivery!

So... now seemed like a good time to ask some more questions of the girls. You still didn't know much about what Marisa, Meiling and Letty did before they came here... but there were other questions you really wanted answering too.

[ ] Ask Marisa about previous life
[ ] Inquire as to Letty's normal routine,
[ ] Find out about Meiling's 'job'.

[ ] Ask something else - WRITE IN.
[X] There are Tengu ninjas, fight them
[X] Find out about Meiling's 'job'.
[ ] Ask Marisa about her previous life

Lettyfag here. We already know a bit about both Letty and Meiling (we're really not suppose to ask, remember?), but absolutely nothing about Marisa since Day 1.
[ ] Ask Marisa about previous life
[x] Inquire as to Letty's normal routine
[x] Ask about Cirno

Not the right mood for Meiling to start talking about her job, and I get the feeling Marisa's explanation will get out of hand.
[ ] Ask Marisa about previous life
[ ] Inquire as to Letty's normal routine,
[ ] Find out about Meiling's 'job'.

[X] Ask about Cirno
[ ] Ask Marisa about previous life
[ ] Inquire as to Letty's normal routine,
[ ] Find out about Meiling's 'job'.

We can build this wall.
Stronger than it was before.
>“Oh!” they both exclaimed, almost at the same time, “You're the slacker who Cirno kicked th-” The paused, then stared at each other.
Cirno fights Yuka in stage 8, not Komachi

Lets just pretend she does.
[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.

[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.
I like this
File 121503696171.png - (208.70KB, 512x512 , 7efdc724bf58dee296a89a51233b2130.png) [iqdb]
[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.

File 121503720299.png - (307.99KB, 500x687 , d8506f2a00a3b775c2579c039891c91b.png) [iqdb]
[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.

A mistake bought about by me being utterly shit at that game. Hohohoho.
But yeah, i can probably elaborate on that to make it fit - Cirno coming across an already beat-up Komachi by accident or something. Iunno. I'll think on it.
A wall is unavoidable with this choice. Sort of.
[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.
[ ] Ask Marisa about her previous life
File 121503917843.jpg - (38.25KB, 808x439 , awesome.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.
[x] Ask something else - "So, who is the strongest in Gensokyo? What type of guy is he?"
[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.

Tell me about Cirnobyl.
[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.
[x] Find out about Meiling's 'job'.
> She even kicked me in the face!”

>“HA!” Meiling cheers with a grin, “I taught her that myself!”

I laughed so hard at this.

[x] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.
[x] Find out about Meiling's 'job'.
>“As long as you're not slacking off.”
I first read this as "As long as you're not jacking off."
<Ataisai> I just had a terrifying thought.
<Ataisai> What if we'd selected Cirno,
<Ataisai> and then we took her to see 300?
File 12150470467.jpg - (69.58KB, 340x460 , 1206275065669.jpg) [iqdb]

IRC faggotry.
[X] Ask about this Cirno character and her antics.
I just had a terrifying thought.
What if somebody said some unfunny bullshit on IRC,
and then they posted it on the board?
[+] Ask Marisa about previous life
[+] Inquire as to Letty's normal routine,
[+] Find out about Meiling's 'job'.
File 121519627965.jpg - (127.12KB, 650x650 , Cirno-chest.jpg) [iqdb]
“So,” you say as the waitress walks off with your groups orders. “This Cirno character, it sounds like you all know her?”

“Pff!” Marisa snorts as she slouches down in her seat. “Almost everyone in Gensokyo knows that nineball!” The brightly-attired girl shrugs, “She gets up to something stupid every other day at least, but then that's to be expected from the strongest idiot.”

“Nineball?” you ask, not understanding the reference.

“It's the nickname Cirno has earned herself,” Keine explains, “Although I don't think I know how she earned it.” She frowns, “Then again, I am not entirely sure I would want to know either.”

“Cirno isn't an idiot.” Letty states with a slight pout, “She's very smart! She can even read and write!” Meiling nods in agreement with Letty.

“Yeah,” says the chinese girl, “That would make her maybe the only fairy to be able to do that - the ones up at the Mansion are all pretty dim about things like that. Even that one that follows Cirno around everywhere... Daiyousei? She can't read, but I've seen Cirno trying to teach her before.”

Letty blinks and looks at Meiling in surprise, “Cirno is teaching her? She never told me about that.” Again you notice a slight frown flit across Letty's face, “Little Cirno, teaching, imagine that.”

“Hey!” Meiling grins, “She tell you about that time she got eaten by a giant frog?”

The lavender-haired woman scowls. “She showed me the newspaper she was in.” She stated, “Why didn't that awful tengu actually help her out instead of just taking pictures?”

“Eh, it's nothing special.” points out Marisa, “That nineball is always getting into trouble with frogs 'n stuff. She keeps freezing the little ones then wonders why they attack her when the grow up. Seriously, so stupid.”

“Pretty much,” agrees Meiling, “It wasn't so bad until those new people came to the mountain, one of them is a frog youkai or something I think. She and Cirno are always fighting each other whenever they get the chance.” The redhead smiles thoughtfully, “I think they're really friends though, they just like to squabble a lot is all.”

“Frog youkai?” Letty asks, “Cirno hasn't mentioned a frog youkai to me before...”

“Eh?” the chinese-girl blinks in surprise, “Really? Well, I never hear the end of Cirno's victories over her... and Cirno's oaths of revenge and stuff when she's the one who lost. It's cute really, but I guess it's better than some of the really stupid ideas she's had before.”

“The soy sauce incident?” Keine spoke up suddenly, “That was one of hers if I recall correctly, although I never found out why she was stealing it all.”

“She was stealing soy sauce?” You ask, wondering what kind of weirdo would want to steal soy sauce of all things! “That's kind of...” you glance at Letty and pause before casually insulting her friend by accident. “... weird.” you say at last, noting a tiny smile on the lavender-haired woman's face at not calling Cirno stupid.

“Hey!” Marisa yells, “Foods up!” You look up in surprise and, indeed, she's correct. The waitress has returned laden down with several plates full of small cakes and treats as well as a glass full of ice-cream which Letty quickly lays claim to. Komachi's hand darts out to snatch a small plate of frosted donuts that she immediately digs into. Meiling and Keine had both ordered chocolate-topped eclaires while Marisa had... well, it was chocolate covered at least. You assumed there was probably some cake under the several layers of frosting somewhere though. Given how quiet she was being, Marisa seemed to like it though.

You take a bite from your own order, a layer cake made with green tea. Rather plain but it would do for now. “So,” you ask, “Why was miss Cirno stealing soy sauce anyway? I can't imagine anyone would do something like that without a reason.”

“Exactly!” Letty agreed, rather loudly. “Cirno isn't some everyday thief, unlike some people we know.” That last part quietly and you had to hold back a smirk as everyone elses gaze flickered over to Marisa for a moment. The witch, thankfully, didn't seem to have heard as she was too busy enjoying her chocolate-covered delight. “She is a very kind person inside.” There was a pause, then Letty spoke up again. “Why... why was she stealing soy sauce? I asked her but she seemed to embarrassed to say and never told me.”

“Little Cirno,” began Meiling, “For some reason, wanted to look more... ah...” she glances at you, then coughs slightly, “more mature. If you know what I mean.” The girls, except the still unaware Marisa, nodded. You yourself had a pretty good guess what the redhead had meant too. “Somewhere she heard that washing in soy sauce could... improve growth?”

You stare at Meiling. “That's absurd!” you declare. Then glance around conspiratorially, “So, did she actually try it?” Letty frowns at you but also leans in slightly, wanting to know the answer herself. Keine, however, suddenly sat upright and banged her fist into her palm in an 'aha!' gesture.

“So that's why all the animals were after her!” she declared, “It wasn't mud, it was soy sauce! They were after the salt in it!” Looking around at the surprised girls she elaborated, “It was not long after Cirno's soy-sauce stealing spree had hit the village, she came tearing through the village gates covered in gunk and screaming her head off. A good ten or twenty animals were chasing after her, we never did understand why.”

“Yup!” Meiling nodded, “She actually went and had a bath in the stuff. I only know 'cuz she wanted to know if we had an old tub or something in the mansion she could borrow.”

“Oh man,” Marisa groaned, looking up from her cake for the first time since receiving it, “This wouldn't have been around the sixth moon a few years back would it?” Meiling and Keine nod an answer to her question. “Oh man,” repeats the witch, “Reimu so would have killed Cirno if she found out it was her who brought all those animals to the shrine. She spent days cleaning up! Only reason she didn't go off an investigate was... well, other stuff came up.”

“Oh... Cirno.” Letty sighed, “She just lets things get the best of her is all. She's a nice girl, really. She always plays with me in the winter.” You're not sure, but you could have sworn Letty had placed extra stress on 'me' when she said that.

“Well,” you say, “I learned about Shinigami, and I learned about Cirno. That's enough learning for now I suppose.” You glance at you watch and nod. “We still have to get some food, which means I'm going to have to introduce you to the modern supermarket.”

Keine looks at you, “Super... Market?” She asks, “I understand what a market is, but a supermarket? It sounds to me like it's just a very large market.”

“Sort of,” you reply, “I's much more packed in, there's a lot of stuff and they usually specialize in food and drink.” Komachi perks up when you mention 'drink' and you smirk at her. “Yes, that does mean alcohol too, we can stretch to buying some to replace what everyone had yesterday.”

Waving the waitress over you pull a few bills out of your wallet to pay for the food. The girls finish up and are soon ready to continue, though you note that Marisa still has chocolate smudged all around her mouth.

[ ] Wipe if off for her,
[ ] Leave it, she deserves it.
[ ] Laugh at it,
[ ] Tell her discretely.

Okay yeah, delay on this one. Took me a while to think of something stupid enough for Cirno to have done. Post would have been MEGALONGER but i decided to put a choice in since otherwise i'd keep writing until tomorrow.
[X] Tell her discretely.
[ ] Tell her discretely.

remember last time when we pointed something out?
[x] Tell her discretely.
Not that there's anything wrong with writing till tomorrow, right?

[ ] Laugh at it, but try to play it off.
[ ] Tell her discretely.

Wiping it off is either insulting or lovey-dovey, and we aren't even close to the latter. As I recall, we're pretty much even, and even if my mind did just make up parts of the story on its own being spiteful is still childish and not befitting of our position. If we laugh, then the more attentive girls might catch on and have some fun with it too, but at the cost of Marisa's dignity. Play it off as a particularly vivid mental image of the previous story suddenly arising or something similar, and save the Marisa points.

[ ] Tell her discretely.
[ ] Tell her discretely.
lolwut? Wasn't me, jackass.
[ ] Tell her discretely.

[X] Tell her discretely.
[ x ] Tell her discretely.
[X] Lick it off

I'm suprised nobody came up with this sooner
[ ] Tell her discretely
[X] Tell her discretely


That's because it's fucking stupid.
[X] Lick it off

This taste, it's the taste of a liar

biuut its not chococate do you wntrt to dkick it off?
[X] Lick it off


butim dunk so no

[X] Lick it off

Back on the subject, I want to taste a Marissapop
[X] Tell her discretely.
[X] Lick it off
[x] Lick it off discretely.

Is this even possible?
[x] Lick it off

Aiding in stupidity.
[x] Tell her discretely.

go back to /eientei/ or A Shikigami's Life, kids
[X] Lick it off

then after the bad end,

[X] Tell her discretely
>[ ] Lick it off
Why are you fucks even voting for this
[x] Tell her discretely.

I haven't even caught up with this and I can tell that licking it is fucking stupid. What the hell people, do you really think that this Anon is like that? This doesn't fit him.
[X] Tell her discretely

Stop trying to fuck us up you retards.
[x] Lick it off

Voting to sabotage plot
[X] Tell her discretely
[x] Lick it off

to see how AD depicts the government after their messenger-escort dies.

I say invasion or large scale bombing
[ ] Tell her discretely.
Stupid votes STOP.
[x] Lick it off

Who's to say he'll even die? For all we know, there's just going to be a shitload of animosity between us and the rest of the because of some fuckhead choosing to actively dick us over when we're trying to get a good ending for this project.

Hell, we'll lose the groups trust over the fact that some anon here decided that "HEY LETS LICK IT OFF HER FACE. HURR HURR HURR."
[X] Tell her discretely.

>[x] Lick it off.

Oh god what
[x] Lick it off

This is what happens when you send a random idiot to be an ambassador.
Meh... Don't yell. I check the votes when i check the votes. Anyways, Discreetly won this round.
>Voting to sabotage plot

This is why writers should just reject stupid write-ins that really don't fit the story, regardless of how many votes they get.
Hah. This story gets better every post.

What is this? Fair Letty showing jealousy? Such an ugly emotion doesn't fit such a fair lady.
I'm slowpoking but...
[x] Tell her discretely.

>"Even that one that follows Cirno around everywhere... Daiyousei? She can't read, but I've seen Cirno trying to teach her before.”
Blew my mind.
[+] Tell her discretely.

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