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You stand on one knee, adding emphasis to your demands. You point at Mima. "Mima!" As you yell her name, she startles. You continue, "The Hakurei hot spring now belongs to me!"
She shrugs. It's no big deal to her, it seems. She may have expected something more from you. "Meh, have fun."
You add to your list of demands, turning your attention to Aya. "And you!"
She turns her attention to you, slowly. You notice she's halfway through her second bottle and beginning to show signs of her drunkenness. "Huh? Wha?"
You point to her. "You too, now belong to me!"
You're not sure if it's your statement or the alcohol, but her face starts to turn red. She rubs her hands together and giggles lazily. "Ehehehe~"
"But the baths can wait!" You grab another full bottle and open it. "First, I much teach you how to properly use this!" You wave the bottle in front of Aya like a batter signaling a home run. " This bottle is a weapon! In the right hands it will not lose! We'll keep drinking until you get it right or we run out!"
"We won't run out!" Yukari hollers to you from across the room as she tosses one of those flattened boxes she brought with her in your direction.
Mima catches it and opens it. You can clearly see a pizza inside.
You're impressed. You'd last eaten one during a mission in Italy, back before you were reassigned to the Pacific. It was delicious, and it'll certainly beat the hell out of whatever you have in your gear bag.
In minutes, you've eaten half of one pizza, and you begin showing Aya the ropes on how to win a drinking contest. She catches on quickly, you don't have to drink more than one bottle before she gets it.
"Now then, you have the basics. It's time for something stronger. Tolerance is key in booze warfare!" You hold up a finger in a similar manner an old schoolteacher of yours used to. You call to Yukari, and she tosses you another bottle of something.
You recognize the lettering instantly as English. The drink she tossed you is a bottle of rum. You don't recognize the brand name, and there seems to be a label measuring the strength of the drink. You toss it to Aya.
"Here, drink this."
She catches it, examining the bottle. She unscrews the cap and holds the bottle to her nose. You watch as she catches a whiff of the infinitely stronger substance, and reels her head back.
"What is this? It smells awful!"
"It's good, trust me." You motion for her to drink it.
You feel a sudden weight on your head. Looking up, you notice that horned girl leaning over you. She seems unable to recognize her surroundings.
"Wzzat?" She slurs, leaning her head over your shoulder and staring at the bottle in Aya's hands. "Givvi't'me!"
She grabs for it, but her arms are too short to reach it.
Aya continues to stare at the bottle, reluctant to take more than a sip. The girl behind you slumps down your back and falls over onto her side as she tries to grab for the bottle. As she lay on the floor, she kicks herself to face Aya.
"Y'gonn drinkit'r wat?" She half heartedly raises an arm into the air. "Wharz'yer pride a'za Teng'eh, Ayappe?"
She hurls in one last insult before passing out. You turn to face Aya, who's still fighting off her reluctance to drink it. "Alright, fine."
You call to Yukari for another bottle, and she willingly tosses one at you. She's probably hoping you miss catching one and it breaks against your face or something. Unfortunately for her, you catch it proper and open it.
"On the count of three then." She nods as you hold up your own bottle. "Ready? One! Two-"
You don't get to three. She starts drinking it as you finish counting two. You take it as a challenge, and do your best to beat her. Again, you win.
She tosses the empty bottle aside. "Geh!" She sticks her tongue out. "How can you drink that stuff?" She allows herself to fall backwards, sprawling out on the floor.
You don't answer. Instead, you grab another bottle and head out of the room towards the baths. You're not nearly drunk enough to realize that you stink and haven't bathed in all day. Aya follows you with her eyes as you walk past her and head out the door. Mima seems to have disappeared altogether. You didn't see her leave or anything.
You follow a small cobblestone path from the main building to the baths. You notice the baths are separated into a men's and women's side. Maybe the hot spring is another way the shrine maiden brings in revenue? You don't bother with the details. You simply undress and throw yourself into the hot water.
You lay still for a while before hearing the door to the women's bath open and shut. You can hear the voices of several people. Yukari, Aya, Mima, and another voice which you assume to be the girl Yukari brought with her. You don't hear the other girl, so you assume she's still passed out.


Also, sleepan.
[x] Take a peak of the woman's side.
[] sneak into the other side of the baths using the cardboard box.
[x] Relax in the water.

Knowing them, they'll come to us.
[x] Relax in the water.
[X] Call out for Aya.

Hopefully Aya will at least.

[x] Relax in the water.
[x] Relax in the water.
[x] Whistle a little song quietly. (enough to remind Aya we're here.)
>Gunman in Gensokyo, Strongest Thread
I just understood why.
>>I just understood why.

Of course.
It's you who he's talking about.
[x] Relax in the water.
[x] Whistle a little song quietly. (enough to remind Aya we're here.)
[x] Relax in the water.
[x] Whistle a little song quietly. (enough to remind Aya we're here.)

Relaxin gaems.
[x] Relax in the water.
[x] Whistle a little song quietly. (enough to remind Aya we're here.)

[X] Relax in the water.
[X] Whistle a little song quietly. (enough to remind Aya we're here.)
[x] Relax in the water.
[x] Whistle a little song quietly. (enough to remind Aya we're here.)

Every damn time I see that pic.
Updates probably later tonight.
You said there would be updates Snake. Where the updates?
I'm being a lazy bastard again, so I've only half-finished the next one. I'll have it up early tomorrow.
It is early tomorrow
You sit still in the water, relaxing. You hope to hear some of what they're discussing, but other than their tone of voice, the walls are too thick and muffle most of what's being said. You'd had hoped to announce your presence somehow, but it may be an act of futility. As you think about it, you start whistling the national anthem to yourself.
You sit for several more minutes, enjoying your short moment of patriotism. The thought that you may never see your country again weighs heavily on you. Once this is all over, you'll have to think of a way to get back. You wonder if Aya would go back with you.
As you're thinking and humming to yourself, you hear a noise coming from the far end of the baths. You ignore it for now. It's probably just an animal or something, Aya would have made her presence known before walking in on you. Just to be sure, you remain still for a minute to hear if it moves. You can hear it on the far side splashing around, but it doesn't seem to be getting closer. For now, you decide to try to listen in on the conversation on the other side of the wall. You stand up and walk out over to the rocky ledge holding the wall in place. The wall appears to be made out of solid bamboo trunks tied together, and although there's no place to look through, you can clearly hear people's voices from between each stalk.
"Heeh~? THAT Youmu was?" You hear the unfamiliar woman's voice first.
Aya responds, "Yeah, so we have to wait at the bottom of the shrine's stairs for them to show up."
"Sounds tough." You hear Mima laughing, "Want me to blow 'em away when they get here?"
"From the woman's conversation I overheard with Snake, it might not be necessary."
"You've gone soft, Aya~" That one seems completely sober already.
"Wh-what do you mean, Suika?"
"Before, you'd have just blown 'em away. Like BOOM!" You feel the ground shake as she exclaims.
"Hey, hey! Don't destroy the place!" Mima laughs.
"I'm sure she has her reasons~~" Yukari sings. Her tone indicates that she's hinting at something.
"Like thiis~ and thaat~~~"
"Will you knock it off, Yukari?" You can practically feel the embarrassment coming from Aya.
"So what're ya gonna do, then?" Mima drags the topic back on course.
"For now, I'll let Snake decide. He thinks things through his actions better than any human I've met before. Sometimes, he amazes me."
"Like how?" That strange woman again.
"Like how he managed to convince Nitori to let him borrow the Metal Gear."
"And how he convinced you to-"
"Shut it, Yukari."
Yukari laughs. "Aww, Aya's blushing~~"
You hear another splash on your side coming from the far side. Your attention is drawn from their conversation and back towards it. The sounds haven't moved, but that last one was louder and much to violent to be a small animal.

[x] Maintain stealth. Sneak towards the sound and try to determine the cause.
[x] Go find whats making the splashing
[X] Maintain stealth. Sneak towards the sound and try to determine the cause.

[x] Maintain stealth. Sneak towards the sound and try to determine the cause.

This is a sneaking game. Do NOT reveal your position to the enemy.
[x] Maintain stealth. Sneak towards the sound and try to determine the cause.
[X] Maintain stealth. Sneak towards the sound and try to determine the cause.

Didn't Snake say in the beginning that there'd be loads of Bad Ends? How many have we gotten, aside that one time with Yuka?

Actually, I think Yuka was our first bad end.

Fuck. I meant only bad end.
There was the complete bullshit retarded BAD END at the start where we didn't immediately agree to go dragon hunting and Reimu vaporized us right there in the shrine, but we don't like to talk about that one.

Oh yeah...

That was fucking retarded. I guess I blocked it out.
I forgot that one bad end.
Yeah, I hope I've gotten better at this since then.


There's a chance that the source of those noises could be human, or at least human-shaped. You're currently unarmed, so you decide to sneak up on it slowly. You pull yourself away from the wall, and carefully walk back to the water's edge. The water's clear enough that you'd be easily spotted, so camouflage is unnecessary. You sink down into the water far enough to conceal everything but your head. You hope the steam will mask your presence. You slowly swim in the direction of the sounds.
Damn, this bath house is larger than it looks from the outside. Either you're swimming in circles, or this is one long spring. The steam in the air hides your surroundings, and you can't see the edge. Continuing forward, you come to a large rock jutting upwards through the water's surface. It's large enough that you can stand behind it, and you're certain the noises are emanating from the other side of it. You feel something brush up against your leg, and you look down, unsure of what to expect. What you see is a small patch of water lilies, seemingly growing from the side of the rock. Strange, this water should be too hot for anything like that to live in it, yet these plants look to be entirely healthy.
You ignore it for now as you press your back up against the rock and begin to move to the other side. You peer around the corner. There's certainly somebody there. You see a pair of legs, playfully splashing the surface of the water. A quietly humming voice tells you that the person is most likely female. You crane your neck to get a better view of the person, and the distinct curves of a pair of breasts confirms your suspicion. This is the men's bath, isn't it? You examine the woman further. You're unable to see her head and face, but her slow and relaxed movements state that she's still unaware of you. After all, she's completely naked. Had she noticed you, she'd probably try to hide.
You decide to pull back. You've identified the source of the noises, and approaching the woman would probably be a bad idea. You silently work your way back around the rock, through the patch of strange lilies, and-
You can't move your foot. You look down, it appears that you'd caught yourself on the plant's roots as you'd stepped through them. You carefully step back, trying to work your way out of the tangled mess. To no avail, you're unable to pull yourself free of the growing mass.
Wait, growing?
You're certain, the mass of roots appears to be growing up your leg.
Are you hallucinating?
Is this your imagination running wild?
No, you can feel it. Reality or not, the fact that you're slowly being tied up doesn't change. Careful to maintain silence, you grab at the tangled brownish-green mass and try to pull it apart. It comes apart with relative ease. You'd breathe a sigh of relief, but the woman's still on the other side of the rock. Without taking this moment of freedom for granted, you silently pull yourself from the mess and turn to head back to the other side. You close your eyes instinctively as your head slaps against a new obstacle. It's soft, like a pair of..
You take a step back. Before you stands a familiar green-haired woman with her arms to her side, completely apathetic to the fact that she's still naked. She scowls at you, her luminescent red-eyed gaze sending a chill down your spine.
[X] "You're not a man!"

[x] "So we meet again. This may seem like an odd question, but what are you doing on the mens side of the bath?"
[x] "So we meet again. This may seem like an odd question, but what are you doing on the mens side of the bath?"

Oh fucking hell. Why the hell is Yuka here?
[X] "So we meet again. This may seem like an odd question, but what are you doing on the mens side of the bath?"
[ ] "So we meet again. This may seem like an odd question, but what are you doing on the mens side of the bath?"

Wow. This just went from carefree to OH SHI-!
[x] "So we meet again. This may seem like an odd question, but what are you doing on the mens side of the bath?"
[X] "So we meet again. This may seem like an odd question, but what are you doing on the mens side of the bath?"

Time for the first Boss Battle.

Naked boss battle? This could get awkward.

Will we get a chance to flex our semi-youkai strength?
File 121477064029.jpg - (20.40KB, 603x380 , Big boss.jpg) [iqdb]
Naked Snake, you say?
"Uhh, hi." You say, making your best effort to sound calm. "So we meet again."
She remains silent, her expression unchanging.
"So tell me something. This may come off as a bit of an odd question, but what exactly are you doing on the men's side of the bath?"
"I'll do as I please." She says, her voice shows no hint of emotion.
"One more thing." You stand up straight, holding the towel tied around your waist. "Why are you naked?"
You'd hoped to throw her off to give yourself time to escape. She doesn't even flinch.
"Should I be embarrassed?" A hint of a smile appears on her face. "Tell me, would you feel embarrassed when standing naked in the presence of insects?"
You brush off the obvious insult, allowing yourself to laugh. "Just a little, yeah." You drop the smiling expression from your face. "I know what you said during our last meeting was a lie. What do you want from me?"
She narrows her eyes, "Tell me, what do you think I want?"
"How the hell should I know?" You take a step back, distancing yourself from her in case she attacks. "If you're looking for a fight, you won't get one from me."
She smiles. You know exactly why. You've stepped right back into the patch of roots. You look down to find them holding your legs firmly in place, and growing at a rapid rate over the rest of you. She steps forward as the plants entwine your arms behind you and pull your back into the rock. You struggle to free yourself as the plants grow towards your head and cover your mouth, holding your jaw shut.
You're completely helpless, at the mercy of this woman you had killed not even days ago.
She takes another step forward, now mere inches away from you. She presses her naked chest against yours, and leans her head over your left shoulder and next to your ear. Her hair tickles your nose. If you weren't afraid that she'll kill you at any moment, you might have found the sensation enjoyable.
You try to speak, and find that you're able to do so without trouble. The roots only prevent you from making noises any louder than a whisper. You force words through your clenched teeth.
"What the hell are you doing?"
She answers you with another question. "What would you do if I said I was raping you?"
The vines tighten around your throat, restricting your breathing. "You're crazy!"
"Am I?" She giggles. "Well, too bad~ It's not gonna happen." She bites your ear. You feel a sharp pain. You're probably bleeding.
You feel her throat move against your shoulder. She spits and pulls herself back off of you.
"Disgusting!" She leans into the water, washing your blood from her face and mouth. "You taste like youkai!" You feel the plants release you.
You fall to your knees, clutching your injured ear and gasping for breath. You spend several seconds regaining yourself and assessing the damage to your ear. You can feel a small piece missing, and your blood stains the water red. You force yourself to your feet.
Too slow. She forces a single hand onto your throat and pushes you back up against the rock.
Her strength is immense. You're unable to free yourself from her grip no matter how many different techniques you try. Her arm just doesn't budge.
"I could have sword you were human." Her face full of rage, she leans into you again. This time, she places her nose against yours and stares deeply into your eyes. You feel her breath on your chin, and she smells of blood.

"I know, it's news to me too. Thank Remilia for it."
Seems like we avoided being eaten by her. Now she will just rip us apart.
Challenge her to danmaku...
[x] "I was human since yesterday. What I'm becoming now I have no idea."
[x] "I was human since yesterday. What I'm becoming now I have no idea."

Saved by the vampire.
[x] "I was human since yesterday. What I'm becoming now I have no idea."
[x] "I was human since yesterday. What I'm becoming now I have no idea."
[x] "I was human since yesterday. What I'm becoming now I have no idea."

She tightens her grip around your throat. "You were human." She growls as you stare into her beastly eyes. "Why aren't you human?"
She pushes you away as she releases her grip. You rub your throat for a second time as you regain yourself.
"I was human." You speak between ragged gasps for breath. "But I'm not anymore."
"Why?" She demands, her expression more animal than human.
"I don't know. It just... happened." You lean forward, looking for anything you could improvise as a weapon. You don't see anything, and unless you can overpower her, there's no way you can escape. "So, what do you want, then?"
She smiles, baring a set of sharp teeth. "I want to see you suffer."
You smile as well. "Like squashing a bug, right?"
"Perhaps." She straightens her posture. "Maybe a crow or two as well."
You can feel the rage boiling within you. "Don't you lay a finger on Aya!"
She laughs, "Oh ho, are you going to stop me?"
"If it comes to that." You'll take her down with your bare hands if you have to.
"For a youkai, you're still awfully human." She narrows her eyes, finding humor in her statement.
With the change of subject, you feel the rage subside. "I was human a day ago. I don't see a problem with that."
She takes a step forward, closing the distance between the two of you again. "And you hope to explain your weakness with that?"
"I don't hope to explain anything. As a matter of fact, I don't think I CAN explain it."
She laughs as her expression softens. She takes another step closer, pressing her naked self into you once again. She places her slender arms around your waist as she looks down at your chest, and the small butterfly-shaped pendant around your neck. The object seems to catch her attention for a second. She gently draws her fingers across your body and to your chest.
"Weak." She spits out the word as she places her hands on your shoulders. With an immense force, she swiftly pushes you off your feet and into the water, away from her.
You pull yourself to your knees for the third time. She's beginning to wear you down, and she hasn't even explained her reason for being here.
"What the hell do you want with me?!" You yell, angered. You're certain the others on the other side can hear you.
"You'll know soon enough." Her eyes dart off into the foggy air. "You have potential, but you're still too loud. You have guests."
She turns away from you and walks off into the steam, her gracefully slim figure holds all of your attention. You watch in a manner confusion as her naked figure disappears from view.
Yet you're not confused enough to try to chase after her. You follow in the direction she traveled, hoping she may still give some answers. You can hear Aya calling your name from the other side as you head after Yuka.
But she's long gone. You continue onward to the other side of the baths, expecting she may have left her clothing somewhere, but you see nothing as you walk out of the steam. No trace of her ever being here remains.

[x] Find your clothes, dry off and head back inside the shrine.
We need a Power up.
[X] Take your anger out on those plants.
[x] Find your clothes, dry off and head back inside the shrine.
[x] Find your clothes, dry off and head back inside the shrine.

So we have potential as a youkai then? Hmm...
Movie watchan gaems. Be back in a couple of hours.
[X] Take your anger out on those plants.
This Plant is an eyesore.
[x] Find your clothes, dry off and head back inside the shrine.
[x] Find your clothes, dry off and head back inside the shrine.
Yuka. Always tsun-tsun. All the time.

[x] Find your clothes, dry off and head back inside the shrine.
[x] Find your cardboard box. Some IMAGINATION should solve your worries.
I am the up of my date.
Touhou is my body, and CYOA is my blood.
I have created over a thousand posts.
Unknown to jobs.
Nor known to sleep.
Have withstood hunger to create many routes.
Yet, those Anons will never vote for anything.
So as I pray, "Unlimited Writefag Works.

Also, back and writan.
With that, you'll treat it as if she were never here. Although you should inform Aya, considering it may involve her. You wade back over to the other side. A visibly worried Aya waits for you at the water's edge.
"Hey, are you okay?" She reaches a hand out to you as you come within the range of her reach. "I thought I heard screaming."
You take her hand as she helps you out of the water. "Yeah, I'm fine."
Her expression changes. She looks angry. "You're not fine! What's all this blood? What happened?" Her eyes dart to the side of your head, where Yuka bit your ear.
"I'll tell you later." You walk over to the basket where you set your clothes. "I'd like to get dressed first."
She follows you into the room and stands impatiently in front of you. "That can wait. We need to do something about that first." She points to the side of your head. "You sit right there, I'll be right back."
There's not much you can do but obey. You look yourself over in a nearby mirror. The chunk missing from your ear seems to have grown back, but you're still bleeding from a small bite mark. Testing yourself, you touch it. It doesn't hurt. Not even a little. You walk back into the bath and wash off the remaining blood.
As you walk back into the dressing room, you hear the door open. Aya walks in carrying a small roll of gauze and some scissors.
"I told you to wait right there!" She grabs you by the hand and forces you into a chair at the edge of the room.
"I'm fine, really. It's just a small scratch." Even though it wasn't just a few minutes ago.
Silently, she wraps your head in gauze, covering most of your hair and one eye.
"Uhh, I think you're going overboard with this." You stop her from covering both of your eyes.
"Ahh, sorry." She ties off the ends. "I... don't like the sight of blood."
You put a hand on her head as you stand and walk over to the basket. She follows you, holding something out in front of her.
"We're spending the night, remember?" She thrusts it into your arms. "Wear this."
You unfold it to reveal the form of a bathrobe. You'd prefer to wear your own uniform, but it won't hurt to wear it for one night. You put your arms into it and remove your soaking wet towel.
After you tie it closed, you pick up the basket with your stuff in it and head back into the main building. It's surprisingly quiet, compared to earlier.
"Where is everybody?" You turn to Aya, who's been following you the entire time.
"Everyone but Mima left." She leads you through the building to a small room.
"Is this where we're staying?" You look over the room. It's entirely bare, save for a single bed laid out in the center.
"That's the idea." Aya pulls you into the room. "So?" She crosses her arms and stands in front of you.
You put down your fatigues. "So, what?"
"Are you going to tell me how you got that ear?"
"How I got it?" You smile. "Well, I think I was born with it."
She doesn't smile. "You know what I mean. Please tell me."
You explain what happened to you in the baths. How you stumbled onto Yuka in the baths, and that she had attacked you for some reason.
"You have no idea why?" Aya doesn't seem entirely convinced.
"No, she didn't bother to explain anything, except she said that I'm weak."
"And she was completely naked?"
"She said something about not being embarrassed by the presence of insects. I'm sure she was talking about me." You shrug.
Aya lets out an exasperated yell of frustration. "Aaargh! That bitch!" Aya holds her hands against her head. "I know what she's after! She wants to steal you from me!"
"Uhh, no, I don't think that's.." You try to calm her down, but to no avail.
"That's exactly it, isn't it?" She runs up to you, and grabs both of your arms. "Isn't it?"
"Uhh..." The look in her eye is almost terrifying.
"Well I won't let it happen!" Aya lets go of you and turns her attention to herself. "Two can play at that game!" She begins to furiously strip off her clothes, immediately putting any attempt you'd planned to make at protesting on an indefinite hold.
You sit down on top of the bed as she forcibly removes her shirt and pants.
[x] "Are you going to bite me too?"
[x] "Are you going to bite me too?"
[x] "Are you going to bite me too?"
[x] "Are you going to bite me too?"

[x] "Are you going to bite me too?"
sure Aya, I'll take you
Now standing in no more than her bra and panties, she turns her attention back to you. She leans forward, smiling.
"So, who would you choose?" She pulls on the strings of her bra, showing off her cleavage.
Rather than answer truthfully, you decide to toy with her a bit. "That's a good question." You put your hand on your chin, pretending to think deeply. She's obviously displeased. "You see, she was completely naked, so..." You trail off on purpose.
Aya stands upright again, a displeased scowl on her face. "All right, I get it!" She crosses her arms. "You want me to take it all off, don't you?"
You decide to take it a step further. Her troubled face is most enjoyable. "Hmm, I don't know." You lean forward 'inspecting' her. "The offer is tempting... However.."
"What? What is it?" She glares at you. She's completely oblivious to your little game.
"Are you going to bite me, too?" You grin as you stand and walk over to her.
She smiles back. "Do you want me to?"
You place your hands on her shoulders as you maneuver yourself behind her. You slide the thin black straps from her shoulders.
"I'd love it." You whisper into her ear as you slide the thin black garment from her chest.
She covers your hands with hers as you move to touch her breasts. She moans quietly as you pinch her nipples.
"Nnn.. Do I win?" She leans her head back, smiling as she tries to find your face.
You rest your face against her forehead. "Are we still playing that?" You squeeze harder.
Her face contorts in a mix of pain and pleasure. She bites her lip, stifling a cry as it forces it's way through her throat. She pinches your hand in response. You instinctively pull your hand back as the pain hits you.
"Don't get ahead of yourself." She spins around in your arms, pushing her naked breasts into your chest. "Do I win?"
She seems intent on knowing the answer. You're not sure if it's a game, or if she's absolutely serious. The lustful look in her eyes hides her intentions.
You're determined to save your answer for the very last minute. When comparing the Aya in front of you to a murderous, borderline insane Yuka, the winner is all too clear.
"It's still too close to call." You grin, pulling her closer to you. "Hmm, I thought so." Yuka's breasts were at least a cup size bigger.
"What?" She makes an effort to scowl at you, but the attempt is half-hearted.
"As I expected, she's still in the lead." You see Aya's confidence fail her. Tears well up in her eyes. You give her a warm smile. "But it's not over yet. You have something she doesn't."
She sniffles. If this is an act, she's doing a damned good job. "What, what do I have that she doesn't?"
Quickly, Snake! Make with the sappy one-liners!
[x] "Me."
[x] "Me."
[x] "Me."
I was thinking sanity but that works too i guess
[x] "Funny looking shoes."

[x] "Calm down, Aya. Are you going to bite me, too?"

I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did.

[x] "Me."
[x] "My cock in her."


Don't you have an H-scene to write?

Why yes, I do. At a later point in time, such as near the midpoint or end of Day 5, when I start writing again tomorrow.
[x] "Me."
cheesy but effective
It's sappy, but it just might work!
She waits for your response. "What is it?"
You gaze deeply into her eyes, brushing a hand against her cheek. You speak as calmly and confidently as you possibly can. "You have me."
You'd expected something else. She stands there, not moving a muscle. Was it so effective that it sent her into a state of shock?
"Pfft!" She sputters, breaking out into a fit of laughter. "Ahahahahaha~!"
Her legs go limp, she flops backwards into your arms, throwing her entire body weight into your care, laughing the entire time. You can't help but laugh with her.
"What th-AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She struggles to regain her composure as you slowly lower yourself--and her-- to the floor. Tears stream down her face.
"Really, haha, what the hell was that?" She sighs as she regains herself, resting her head in your lap.
You wait for her to continue, brushing her hair from her face.
"Hehe, you never cease to amaze me, Snake." She closes her eyes as you continue to play with her hair. "Taking a joke that far."
"You knew I was joking?" You pause for a second, turning your gaze from her face to her chest.
"We were both joking, weren't we?" She states rhetorically, rather than asking an honest question. She places a hand on her cheek, forcing your gaze back to her eyes. "You'll have plenty of time for those in a minute." She smiles, gazing at you through one half-open eye. "Come to think of it, we haven't had any quality alone time since the mountain shrine."
She's right, now that you think of it. Even your last time with her in the forest was a little rushed. "You know..."
"What?" She closes her eyes, smiling as you scratch her head.
"We could just skip all of this, and do it all night." You laugh to yourself. "I did win the springs in that drinking contest, you know."
"You did, didn't you." She places her hands on your shoulders, pulling herself into a sitting position on your lap as you sit cross-legged. "We'd best enjoy it while the prize is still ours, then."
You laugh. "Don't get cocky. I said it was mine. You've merely been invited."
She feigns offense. "Oh, how rude! You'll have none of this, then!" She places a and on her breast.
"I'll just have to take it, then!"
You stand up, rolling her on the ground in front of you. She laughs as you grab a blanket from a nearby closet and wrap her in it. You pick her up, sling her head over your shoulder, and carry her out into the hall. You turn the corner to get back outside, but something stands in your way.
"Whatcha got there?" Mima points to the Aya-shaped white bed sheet slung over you.
"A dead body. I'm off to bury it in the garden." You hear Aya giggle over your shoulder.
"Awfully lively dead body, huh?" Mima raises an eyebrow, staring at you.
[X] "You're one to talk, lady."
>"A dead body. I'm off to bury it in the garden." You hear Aya giggle over your shoulder.

Oh man I lol'd.

Definitely not going with first instinct here though.
[X] "Seems to be common around here."
[x] Ignore Mima, you've got a foxhole to fill.

Awesome, some Nitori loving so soon. and we are already on Day 5, so only a little bit more to go.
[x] "Seems to be common around here."

We need to respond with a quick double-entendre about fucking Aya and just keep moving.
[X] "Out of my way women, i won the hot springs and Aya, and i am about to enjoy both of them now."
[x] "Sorry, Can't talk. Have to fuck Aya."

Short, Simple, to the point.
But we aren't going for Ran, delicious as she is.

Oh ho, clever.
Get back to writing, you are just being useless for hours now.
[x] "Seems to be common around here."


Have to brush up on my technique and sample some of the product before I can recreate it adequately. Keep your pants on, it'll be here soon enough. At least take it to my thread if you want to bitch at me for being a lazy nigger.
I'm not sure making fun of Mima is going to work out well. We need to dismiss her, not engage her.
Wait. Don't we own her now?

...oh dammit. That was Aya, not Mima.
We COULD trade the springs back to Mima, but then we get no spring funs.

[x] "Sorry, Can't talk. Have to fuck Aya."
[x] "Sorry, Can't talk. Have to fuck Aya."
[x] "Seems to be common around here."

We can let Mima watch.
Answer combinan games.
[x] "Sorry, Can't talk. Have to fuck Aya."
As long as it works.
"It seems to be awfully common in this world." You need to think of a way out of this, fast.
Her expression goes flat. "I hope you weren't talking about me." She prods you with her finger. "There's a big difference between zombies and evil spirits."
Any other time would be fine, but not now. Please, Mima, shut the hell up!
She continues. "I happen to be the latter. Now then, the fundamental difference is the presence or lack of a-"
You cut her off. "Sorry Mima, some other time. Gotta hit the head!" You run off past her, headed towards the bathrooms. You're surprised you know where they are. You somehow manage to stuff yourself and Aya into the small room.
You pull the sheet from her, exposing just the top part of her face and eyes. She looks around the room, verifying her current surroundings.
"A bathroom, Snake?" She says in a mocking voice. "How romantic.."
"Sorry, It's all I could think of to get out of that." You nod your head toward the door.
"Sure, okay. But doing it in a bathroom?" She sighs, heavily.
"I know. It wasn't my original intention either." You think for a second. "If we wait long enough, she might not be there when we get back."
"How long?" She struggles to pull an arm from the tightly wrapped bundle.Her arm free, she slowly starts to unravel the lower part of the sheet, exposing her legs. "I don't want to wait. It'll ruin the mood!"
"So what do you want to do, then?" You're unsure of what answer she'll give.
She shrugs. "First time for everything.." She eyeballs the room a second time.
You do the same. There's a small sink to the right of you, and the door is to your left. In front of you is Aya, and a toilet sits behind her. Behind you, however, is what might as well be your holy grail. A shower stall that doubles as a bathtub.
You point to it. "So what about that?"
She shrugs. "It's no hot spring, but it's with you, so I'd do it anywhere."
"Even in front of Mima?" You grin, testing her.
She stands up, pulling the bedsheet from her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. "You bet." She smiles as she walks past you into the tub. "Huh." She looks at something behind the shower curtain, confused.
You lean over, looking past her shoulder. "Something wrong?"
"No, nothing. Just thinking to myself." She steps into you, her back against your chest. You place your hands on her shoulders, massaging her neck.
"Mnnh.. Not there." Her wings sprout from her back, covering your vision with grey-black feathers. "Here."
You say nothing, moving your hands from her shoulders to where the wings meet her back. You can feel a set of smaller bones on top of her shoulder blades that you're certain weren't there a minute ago. You comb the small feathers with your fingers. You find a joint in her wings after a bit of time massaging them. As your hand settles on it, she yelps.
"Ahhn!" Her body shivers once and she drops to her knees. She flaps her wings twice, throwing loose feathers all over the room. "Ri-Right there!"
She continues to cry out as you play with the feathers above and below the joint. She struggles to release herself from you as you work your way past a second joint, closing in on her wing tips.
"AHHHhhhh~" She shivers.
You lean over her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?" You've never known a girl to have wings until now.
She flaps her wings vigorously, throwing you off her. You fall to the floor, hitting your head on the tile. You wince as you grab your head, trying to rub away the pain.
As you open your eyes, you see Aya sitting on top of you, breathing heavily. She licks her lips as she leans down toward your face, stopping just short of kissing you.
"M-more.." She whispers silently. As close as she is, you can barely hear her.
hahaha, oh wow. just superb.
[x] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.
It'll be awfully amusing if we end up blacking out AGAIN.
[X] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.
[X] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.

in before knockout, or one of 2 cliche things:
1. enemy breaks in, using this time as a suprise attack
2. ally comes in, and ruins the moment/joins in
[x] Turn on the water.
[x] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.

If we can't go to the hot spring, we'll bring the hot spring to us.
[x] Turn on the water.
[x] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.

Fuck, that's hot.
[x] Turn on the water.
[x] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.
[z] Turn on the water.
[z] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.
[x] Turn on the water.
[x] She wants more. Let's give her MORE.
Anymore updates?
You take it that it doesn't hurt. As she lay on you panting, you slowly reach up behind her, grabbing her wing again. You give it a small tug. She collapses onto you silently, exhaling heavily as her nails dig into your bathrobe. Then you remember. You're in a bathroom. If people walk by, they'll be able to hear the two of you going at it.
But she won't let you sit up. Every time you try, she just pushes you back down. Then you get an idea. You squeeze her wing again, and as she convulses you lift yourself up. Easy as pie.
You slowly make your way over to the shower stall, sure to keep Aya immobilized in pleasure as you do so. She'll let you do just about anything if you give her wing a squeeze. You reach up and turn the water on. You don't care what temperature, you just need some background noise. You lean your back against the edge of the tub and sit the half-conscious Tengu on top of you. She's still wearing those panties, and you want to get them off. The last two times you've been with her, you didn't get a chance to take a good look at her.
You push her backwards so that her legs and feet are up in the air. She leans her body weight onto her back as you slide the plain black fabric from her hips, down her thighs, and past her feet. You throw them aside as she throws herself back onto you. She seems to have regained a bit of her composure.
"Snake.." She leans into you, her head resting against your chest. She flaps her wings slowly, as if trying to beckon you towards them. Water from the running shower beads against the waterproof feathers. You massage her wings as she struggles with something below her.
That's right, you're still wearing this bathrobe. She appears to be trying to take it off, but in her current state it would seem that even the most simple tasks are a challenge for her. You decide to turn up the difficulty. You lean your head forward as you find the weak point in her wings with your hand, and you grab it in your mouth, biting it softly. She yells loudly, dropping her hands to your sides. You let go before she can flap her wings again.
She brings her arms up, and beats your chest with limp fists, probably as an act of frustration. It's cute, and doesn't hurt in the slightest. You don't even raise a hand to stop her.
She tries to form words to yell at you, but most of it comes out sounding like a drunken slur. She returns to her attempts to loosen your bathrobe.
You're not about to give up, though. Her struggling is probably the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life, and you're not about to let the moment pass yet. You drop your hand from her back, and gently slide it down the sides of her torso and through her legs. You reach up, finding her most sensitive spot with your fingers.
"Ahh! AHHhhN!" She moans twice, leaning into you again as the muscles in her hips fail her. You play with her for several more minutes as she tosses and turns, trying to stave off your attack. Eventually, she completely rolls over and pushes herself up onto you, until her head is on-level with yours.
"You ready?" You whisper into her ear. She simply nods, unable to speak. You wonder how many times she came in these past few minutes of foreplay, or if she did at all.
You lift her to her knees, and help her into the bath tub. She simply lays against the walls in a daze as the water from the shower beats against her face and chest. The few seconds she lay there gives you enough time to strip down.
You join her in the shower, carefully lifting her to her feet. You turn her around to face the wall, and she rests her hands against it. She turns her head back to face you, a dazed look in her eye.
You lean your head over her shoulder as you grab her by the hips. "What is it?"
"I-I.." She stutters, and her words come out quietly. "Don't.."
"Don't what?" You reach your arms around her body, caressing what little pubic hair she has. "Want me to stop?"
"NO!" She yells, her body tensing up. "Roughly.."
"Roughly what?" You want to hear her say it.
"G-give it.." She pauses, moaning as you continue to play with her. "Mnnnnnnh!"
"Say~ it~" You singsong into her ear.
"I-I want you to.." She trails off. Every moment you wait makes the moment all that much sweeter.
"Come on, if you keep dodging the subject, I'll sto~p."
She presses herself up against the wall, freeing her arms from their position as supports. She reaches around behind her and plants her hands firmly on your buttocks.
"JUST PUT IT IN YOU ASSHOLE!" She yells, squeezing you with her hands and trying to pull you towards her. She turns her head to the side, cheek pressed against the wet tiled wall, glaring at you.
You push your hips into her, slowly, without needing your hands to position yourself. Without even the slightest warning, you thrust forward, pushing yourself inside her in a single swift movement. You feel her drop her hands, and she sighs heavily, as if a great weight had been lifted from her conscience.
"Ahhnn~!" She smiles, satisfied. She stares at you from the corner of her eye. "This is what I wanted!"
You move your hips, thrusting in and out of her violently, as she had requested.
"Ahh! Mnnh! Ngh!" She bites her lip, trying to stay quiet.
As you force your way in and out of her lower body, you reach forward and grab her by the breasts. With one hand, you lift one of her legs, throwing it over your head and resting it on your shoulder. You force your way in deeper as her moans become ever louder.
"AHHN! SNAKE! AHH!" She tries to hold her leg up on you with her arms, but it's become apparent that she won't be able to hold this position for much longer.
You grab her by her thighs, lifting her from the tub floor and swinging her around to straddle you. She wraps her legs around your back, trying to hold herself up. You set her down on the outer ledge of the tub, so that she now sits at knee-height.
"Better?" You ask, thrusting into her again.
She now wraps her arms around your neck as well, completely entangling you in her embrace. "Mu-much!"
She leans back over the tub, and you catch her just before she falls backwards over the ledge. She lifts her head up, staring deeply into your eyes. You lean forward and kiss her, making sure not to stop moving your hips. She can't hold her breath, and she pulls away gasping before you can do anything beyond grazing her lips.
"Snake, I-I'm.. Mmmmmnh!" Her eyes lose their focus, she drops her head forward over your shoulder.
"M-me too." Until now, you were completely unaware of all the strange noises you've been making as well. You yell loudly as you come inside her again.
She falls into you, breathing heavily. The sound of running water against your face drowns out her ragged gasps.
"S-Snake, you.." She rests her head against your shoulder, staring down at the white fluid pouring from her.
You're suddenly reminded of your current non-human self. The sudden reminder hits you like a ton of bricks. You wrap your arms around Aya, hugging her tightly. "I know. I just.."
She leans her head back, resting her forehead against yours. She stares at you with upturned eyes. "Whatever happens, happens." She smiles. "I hope you'll take responsibility and make me your wife."
"Yeah.." You assure her. It doesn't sound bad at all, especially considering your current situation. "So what's next? I said all night, didn't I?"
"Hmm.." She leans back, pulling herself to her feet. "Ow, ow!" She leans backwards, flexing her spine. "Anywhere that's open. My back won't take much more of these cramped quarters."

[x] Whisper into her ear. "Mission Objective, The Hakurei Shrine Hot Springs, Male Side. This is a sneaking mission so take all precautions to not be discovered.
[x] Borrow Mima's room.

Why not put that claim from earlier to the test?
I like this option.

[x] Whisper into her ear. "Mission Objective, The Hakurei Shrine Hot Springs, Male Side. This is a sneaking mission so take all precautions to not be discovered.
[x] Whisper into her ear. "Mission Objective, The Hakurei Shrine Hot Springs, Male Side. This is a sneaking mission so take all precautions to not be discovered.

>"S-Snake, you.." She rests her head against your shoulder, staring down at the white fluid pouring from her.
You're suddenly reminded of your current non-human self. The sudden reminder hits you like a ton of bricks. You wrap your arms around Aya, hugging her tightly. "I know. I just.."
She leans her head back, resting her forehead against yours. She stares at you with upturned eyes. "Whatever happens, happens." She smiles. "I hope you'll take responsibility and make me your wife."

♪~Little Tengus~♪
[X] Whisper into her ear. "Mission Objective, The Hakurei Shrine Hot Springs, Male Side. This is a sneaking mission so take all precautions to not be discovered.
[x] Whisper into her ear. "Mission Objective, The Hakurei Shrine Hot Springs, Male Side. This is a sneaking mission so take all precautions to not be discovered.

The idea of Aya MILF is so fucking hot.
[x] Whisper into her ear. "Mission Objective, The Hakurei Shrine Hot Springs, Male Side. This is a sneaking mission so take all precautions to not be discovered.

>>♪~Little Tengus~♪

Well, if Yuka is to be believed, we are youkai now. Wouldn't that mean that it would be possible now?


I like the idea of Snake teaching his kids military tactics.

I do believe that was the point, slowpoke.
You miss a few threads or something?
File 121481001750.jpg - (188.31KB, 793x1200 , mgs3_doujinshi_mgs09.jpg) [iqdb]
Any more updates Snake?
Last one for tonight.


You stand up, slowly walking over and gathering up your bathrobe. You tie it shut and point at Aya, who seems unable to locate her panties.
"Snake, where did you-"
You won't let her speak. "Speak only when spoken to, Private!"
"Huh?" She stares at you, confused.
"Don't you 'huh' me, maggot!" You slap her playfully on the rump. "You will stand. At attention. In the presence of a superior officer!"
She slowly catches on, straightening up her stance and following your movements only with her eyes.
"Good! At ease, soldier." you order, watching as she places her hands behind her back. "I will now begin briefing." You point to the mirror, drawing out the shape of the shrine's corridors on it's fogged surface. "The mission is as follows. You are to locate, infiltrate, and carry out your assignment inside the Hakurei Shrine's bath house. Do I make myself clear?"
"Sir, yes Sir!" Aya stands at attention, now completely aware of your ruse. You dramatically slam closed the water valve to the shower.
"Good! Now your assignment is very simple. You are to carry out lewd acts of various degrees with your commanding officer in the baths. Furthermore, you are to remain in uniform at all times. This will be a sneaking mission. You are not to be spotted. Any questions?"
She raises her hand, "Sir, what exactly is my uniform, sir?"
You smile as you pace back and forth across the small room. "Why, you're wearing it right now, Private!"
A look of dread crosses her face. "You mean, I'm supposed to walk all the way out there... Like THIS?!"
"Are you disobeying a direct order, soldier?!" You point at her dramatically.
"S-Sir, no Sir!" Her unease makes you laugh to yourself.
"Very well." You open the door and motion to her to walk through it. "You take point."
As soon as she's cleared the room, you gather up her panties and the bed sheet, and quietly catch up to her as she sneaks through the hallways. You make certain to stuff the panties in the robe's single pocket. They might come in handy later.
You follow the naked Aya through the halls, making certain to poke and prod her cute butt the entire way. She does well, not making a sound the entire time. Without incident, you make it to the baths. You throw the blanket in the corner, thankful you hadn't needed to use it. Were Aya to run into any sort of trouble, you'd have thrown it over her before she was spotted.
"You did good, kid." You continue your act up until you walk into the baths. You're now in the same place you were when Yuka attacked you, the men's baths. There's still small traces of your blood on the floor. You doubt it'll ever come up off the concrete and stone surface.
Just then' you think of something. Yuka had control of those flowers. Which must mean she's somehow connected to them. If any of them are still alive, they may be able to communicate with her. You turn to the naked Tengu, who stands beside you, flapping her wings in anticipation.
"Hey Aya, I just thought of something."
She raises an eyebrow. "What's that?"
"You remember how I said that Yuka tied me up with flowers, right? Well, that got me thinking."
"Hmm?" She's already got an idea of what you're going to say.
"She might be connected to those things, somehow. And if it works like the screen inside RAY, she might be able to see through them as well."
"Go on." She waves for you to continue.
"So now I'm thinking, would you rather go to the women's side, or would you rather take the chance that Yuka's watching and go in anyway?"
"You should know my answer." With that show of jealousy from earlier, you have a pretty good idea.
"So, right next to them then?"
"You guessed it." A malevolent grin appears on Aya's face. For a second, you hardly recognize her. So she has a side like that to her, too..
You strip down, and allow her to lead the way. Grabbing you by the wrist, she drags you into the water and up to the rock. You feel an itch on your head, but as you move to scratch it, you remember the head dressing that's in the way.
"I think it's safe to take this off, now." You say, reaching to follow through.
Aya grabs your hands, pulling them back down to your waist.
"No, Snake. I have a better idea." She looks it over once to make sure your wound is healed. "Good." She nods as she gets a firm grip on the gauze wrapping and pulls it down over your eyes.
"Hey! I can't-" You can't see anything through the thin fabric. Light shines in, but there's not nearly enough to form a clear picture.
"I know, right?" She laughs in anticipation. "Heh, you really did a number on me back there."
You feel a pressure on your chest. It pushes you down into the water. Reaching your hands up to grab it, you catch Aya's right foot.
"Then you made me walk all the way out here, naked."
Her voice is full of malice, although you can tell she's only playing with you. Right?
"That was awfully rude of you, Snake. I'm afraid you're in need of discipline."
You feel her hands on your shoulders, and you hear her slowly drop down into the water. The weight of her hips presses down against your thighs.
"Now be a good boy and put on a good show for our viewers." She laughs.
[x] Play along.

Punish me Aya~!
File 121481114721.jpg - (45.63KB, 381x397 , 1214587636224.jpg) [iqdb]
>Last one for tonight.
>[03:28] * %SNAAAKE Quit (Quit: Sleepan gaems)
Also, sauce plx kthxbai.
[X] Play along "No degree of coercion will ever break me!"
Les Enfants Terribles MGS3, look for it on /rs/
[X] Play along "No degree of coercion will ever break me!"
[X] Play along "No degree of coercion will ever break me!"
[x] Whisper into her ear. "Mission Objective, The Hakurei Shrine Hot Springs, Male Side. This is a sneaking mission so take all precautions to not be discovered.
[x] Look into getting a ring.
>"That reminds me, you'd said something earlier." You turn to Aya.
>"That was?" She looks at you, curiously.
>"That whole thing about humans an Youkai not being able to have kids.." You try to think of a way to word the question.
>"Oh, I think I know what you're saying." She narrows her eyes, grinning at you slyly. "Wanna find out?"
I slowpoked hard, but still.
I think she'd love the ring.
[x] Play along.

Looks like we're about to get hit by some Illusionary Dominance
[x] Play along.
She's probably just putting on a show for Yuka
"A show, you say?" You laugh. "This is more like an interrogation!"
"Is it, now?" She places her wet hands on your face. "Well then, I'll have you tell me everything I want to know."
She seems to be playing along. You smile. "Unfortunately, my name is all I can give you."
You feel her lean down into you, her hot breath brushes against your face. "Let's hear it then, your real name."
You blindly reach out, feeling for her. Your hand finds the back of her neck. "I suppose I can't even tell you that much, now can I?"
You hear her sigh in disappointment. "So you won't tell me, then?"
"Nope." You shrug. "I'm afraid you'll just have to kill me."
"Then kill you I shall."
Her hands drop from your face, and you lean her into you, kissing her on the lips. As you do, she drops her hands between your legs, grabbing you with both hands. She pulls her head back as you try to force your tongue into her mouth. You lean your head forward, wanting more. You blindly search for her.
"Snake." She whispers, her voice both seductive and commanding. "You said so yourself. This is an interrogation."
You feel her shift her weight, her breast brushes against your chin.
"You're not supposed to enjoy it." She slowly lowers herself onto you. "Before the night is over, I will learn your real name."
You feel her release her hands as she lowers her body further, her breasts sliding down your neck and chest. The sensation alone is certainly torture.
"You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?" You say, feeling her grab your arms and tie them together behind your head.
"Am I?" She giggles, continuing her slow descent onto you. "What would you do is I said I was?"
"This!" You thrust your hips upward, penetrating her forcefully.
She lets out a muffled yelp, and squeezes down on you hard enough to stop your invasion.
"Mnnnnh..." She lays her hands on your face. "Sorry, but that trick won't work twice."
You mutter a curse under your breath, and slowly let the tension loose in your legs. Her hips follow you as you sink back down into the water.
"That's a good boy." She giggles, resuming her slow descent. "Now then.."
She drops down onto you, forcing you inside her in a single instant. The feeling is multiplied by your inability to see, and it sends you over the edge. You come before she can begin.
"Ahh! Sna-" You feel her body shiver. "Already?"
You allow the feeling to pass before you respond. "Heh, sorry."
She tightens her grip around you. "Ahhh.." You feel her slowly raise her hips. "But you're still..." She forces her self back down. "S-so hard!"
Her movements become vigorous as you struggle to pull yourself from her.
"Hey! Sto-" You're still too sensitive. Forming a proper sentence is beyond you at this point.
She laughs, almost maniacally. "Haha! Now you know.." She wraps her arms around your head, pressing you into her chest. "How I felt!"
You come several times in quick succession, but she doesn't stop. Her movements become more and more vigorous as your vision fills with white. She doesn't seem to notice as you black out beneath her.


Your consciousness returns to you in an instant. You feel for your surroundings as you're unable to see.
Then you remember. You reach up and pull the gauze bandage from your head. Light floods you eyes. You allow them to adjust before you look around. You're in the dressing room of the men's baths. A faint light floods into the room through the windows. It must be morning.
You need to get to the bottom of the shrine as fast as you can. You use your arms to pull yourself to your knees. The floor feels weird, almost alive. You look down.
It is alive! You're crouched over the naked and sleeping body of Aya, your hand on her breast. You give her a squeeze before you pull yourself to your feet.

[x] Wake Aya up. "Time to face the day my little Tengu." Get yourselves dressed and skip breakfast, heading down to the bottoms steps of the shrine.
[x] Rush to the meeting point as fast as you can. You need to get there now!
[x] Wake Aya up. "Time to face the day my little Tengu." Get yourselves dressed and skip breakfast, heading down to the bottoms steps of the shrine.

Let's get the hell down there.
[x] Wake Aya up. "Time to face the day my little Tengu." Get yourselves dressed and skip breakfast, heading down to the bottoms steps of the shrine.
[x] Wake Aya up. "Time to face the day my little Tengu." Get yourselves dressed and skip breakfast, heading down to the bottoms steps of the shrine.
[x] Wake Aya up. "Time to face the day my little Tengu." Get yourselves dressed and skip breakfast, heading down to the bottoms steps of the shrine
[x] Rush to the meeting point as fast as you can. You need to get there now!
Your entire body aches. You wonder exactly how you made it from the rock over to this room. You put on the bathrobe, feeling around in it's pocket. Her panties are still there.
You walk back over to Aya and nudge her shoulder with your foot. She moans lazily and rolls over, her wings hang loosely over her arms.
You lean down and grab one, pulling on it gently. "Wake up, Aya."
"Nnnnh..." She turns her head to the side, facing towards you. "Wha?"
You pull on the wing again. She yelps, suddenly wide awake. She pulls herself to her feet. supporting her upper body with a hand on her hip.
"Ow, ow!" She looks over to you, laughing sleepily to herself. "Hehehe, I think we overdid it again."
"Yeah." You hold out the small black piece of fabric and watch as she grabs it from your hand.
"Hey! These are mine!" She stretches them out between her fingers.
"I picked 'em up on the bathroom floor." You tie your bathrobe shut. "Come on, it's light out. We don't have much time."
She nods. "Right." She pulls the small garment over her legs, wincing as she pulls them over her hips. "Ow!"
You walk back over to her, placing a hand gently around her waist and pulling her into you. "You alright?"
"Yeah, but what happened to you last night?" She rests her head against your chest.
"Huh?" You look at her, confused. "What do you mean? I passed out when you had me against the rock."
She looks up at you, not believing a word you said. "No you didn't! Then what was all that?"
"All what?" You're now completely puzzled. "I don't remember anything after the rock. I passed out and woke up here in this room!"
"You're really not lying, then." She looks disappointed. "It's a shame, that felt so good, too. Never mind, then." She pushes you back. "We'll discuss it later."
She walks, half naked, out of the room. You follow close behind her as she leads you into the main building, and back to the small room. The two of you quickly get dressed and gather up any remaining equipment. You check your weapons and leave the shrine, passing RAY as you begin walking down the weather worn and overgrown stairs.
"So what happened then?" You ask Aya as she floats beside you. These stairs seem to go down forever.
"I don't really know. I'd hoped you could tell me." She scratches her head. "I had you pinned, and then you just stood up, like I wasn't even there." She giggles as she remembers. "You seemed... stronger. You grabbed me and I couldn't move, no matter how much strength I used."
"Huh." You shrug.
She leans into you as you walk. "Really, I may look like this, but I'm a lot stronger than I look." She throws a punch into the air, ahead of her. "Hehe, I could destroy this shrine if I used my full power, and you held me down like it was nothing! We really did do it until morning."
"That'd explain why my back hurts." You smile as you look ahead of you. You can see the bottom of the stairs just ahead.
She scowls at you. "That's it? Just your back? You should feel my pain for once!"
"We're here." You point ahead of you as you reach the bottom.
Aya lands beside you as you're faced with three individuals. Starting from the left, you see the blond-haired girl from earlier, now dressed in a white uniform, a young woman in a red dress, and a strange silver-colored humanoid machine standing just behind them.
[x] "So. What've you called me here for that is so important that you go to the point of taking Youmu hostage?"
[x] "So. What've you called me here for that is so important that you go to the point of taking Youmu hostage?"

[x] "So. What've you called me here for that is so important that you go to the point of taking Youmu hostage?"
[x] "So. What've you called me here for that is so important that you go to the point of taking Youmu hostage?"
[x] "So. What've you called me here for that is so important that you go to the point of taking Youmu hostage?"

"You're late!" The blonde girl steps forward, crossing her arms indignantly. "We've been out here all morning!"
The woman in red whispers to the girl, and as she responds, slaps her across the back of her head.
"It would appear that my subordinate didn't specify the time in which we should meet." She sighs. The girl rubs the back of her head, glaring at the woman.
You take a step forward. "So what is it that's so important that you have to kidnap Youmu?"
"Kidnap?" The woman stares dumbfounded before turning to the girl and slapping her a second time. "You did it again!"
"Ow!" She shields her head as the woman raises her arm again.
The machine takes a step forward. You get the feeling that it's focused entirely on you.
"So if you didn't kidnap her, then where is she?" You demand, loudly.
"Right here." The woman waves her hand, pointing to the machine.
You look over the machine again. Certainly it's humanoid, but there's no possible way it could BE Youmu.
"You lie. Where is she?" You draw your pistol, training your aim on the woman. "What proof do you have?!"
The blonde girl jumps forward, reaching to draw her own weapon. "YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!"
The woman whacks her again. She reaches over to the machine slowly as you follow her with your pistol. She pulls a familiar weapon from it's back.
"Snake, thats-" Aya jumps ahead of you.
"Youmu's sword, I know." You turn your attention back to the woman. "That's definitely her weapon, but where's the rest of her?"
The woman sighs, putting the sword back and pushing the machine forward. It walks over to you. It's movements are fluid and organic, if only a little high-strung. You aim your pistol at it as it approaches.
It recognizes your weapon, and throws it's arms in the air, yet it continues to approach. A strangely metallic voice emanates from it.
"Hold your fire, Snake!" It knows your name. "I may look different, but I am indeed Youmu."
It talks like Youmu, too.
"Then where's the rest of you?" You demand, searching the air around it for that ghostly blob that follows her around. "And where's Shinki?"
"One question at a time." It stops. "But will you not put away your weapon first?"
You comply. From it's actions, you can tell it's not trying to kill you. At least, not yet.
"If you expect me to believe that you're Youmu, let's see some proof."
"Very well, if you insist." The machine claiming to be Youmu lowers it's hands, placing them on either side of it's 'neck'. You hear a mechanical whirring and the head folds back, revealing the white-haired Youmu beneath the metal shell. "Good enough, or do you want me to strip?" A faint, ridiculing smile appears on her face.
"No, no. That's good enough." You search around her, again. "But where's that thing?"
"What thing?" She cocks her head to the side, staring at you in confusion.
"You know," you gesture with your hands, "It's shaped like this and looks myon-ish."
"Myon?" She raises an eyebrow. "You mean my ghost half?"
"Yes! Yes! That!" You point towards her. "Where is it?"
"From what I'm told, this suit draws it's power from my ghost." She looks over herself. "I've spread it evenly across my physical body so that I may move." She looks back to you. "Does that make sense?"
"Uhh, I guess so." No sense in the least. You skip it, for now. "What about Shinki?"
"She's still looking around the lake for the dragon. She mentioned something about a cave on one of the islands, and something about an old abandoned mansion."
[x] "What the hell happened to you? What's with the suit?"
[x] "So, shall I fulfill my promise now?"

[x] "What's with the suit? Something BIG about to happen?"
[x] "What's with the suit? Something BIG about to happen?"
"I see." You look over the suit. "So what's with the metal skin?"
Youmu looks uneasy. "It's supposed to boost my power, or that's at least what they told me. In any case, I'd appreciate it if you didn't stare too much."
You can't seem to pull your eyes away from it. Maybe she's embarrassed because it emphasizes the curvature of her body. You wonder what Aya would look like in one of these.
Youmu crosses her arms in front of her, blocking your view of most of the suit.
"Stop it!" She yells, completely red in the face. Whatever her reason, you'd best get on with the conversation.
"Right, sorry." You feel an angry glare coming from Aya's direction burning a hole through the side of your head. "So where'd you get it?"
She nods to the two women behind her. "They gave it to me for some reason. I was following Shinki down the path to the lake when they just jumped out in front of us."
"Like a couple of kidnappers?" You ask, looking at the small blonde girl.
"I suppose. In any case, they had mentioned something about strange goings-on at the lake, and offered to lend us powerful weapons in exchange for investigating it. Seeing it as the best course of action, I agreed. Shinki told me she'd meet us by the lake and left me to fend for myself.
"They just about dragged me into their base. It was an awfully embarrassing affair, and they refuse to return my clothing! The least they could do is return the overcoat! This suit is too revealing, don't you agree?"
Always complaints. "Actually, I think it looks pretty cool."
"Really?" She seems to be honestly happy to hear you say that. "They said I'm too small.."
"Small?" Well, she is kinda short..
She doesn't answer. She simply turns away, facing the two women and bowing.
They bow in kind, and the taller woman speaks to you. "We have indeed returned Youmu to you." She bows again. "With that, we must take our leave. If you'll excuse us."
She pulls something from her pocket. The two of them seems to turn to a cloud of dust as they disappear before your eyes. You rub your eyes, not entirely believing what you just saw. They're certainly no longer there, although something remains in their place.
You walk over and pick it up. Although it's become a little dirty, it's definitely the long black coat Youmu was wearing when you last saw her.
She walks over and takes it from you, throwing it over herself without a word. She waves for you to follow her as she begins down the path.
"Youmu!" You stop her, placing a hand on her shoulder and turning her around.
"What, what is it?"
You point to the stairs behind you. "There's something up there that I need to pick up." You speak of RAY. It's still parked outside the shrine.
"Very well, I shall wait here."
You sigh. Her stubborn attitude can really get under your skin. Aya follows you as you begin your climb back up the stairs.
"You were staring at her, weren't you?" She asks after a long period of silence.
"Not in the way you might be thinking, no." You watch as she floats past you, turning around and glaring.
"Really?" She crosses her arms, allowing her wings to do all the work.
"Really." You smile. For a second, you had forgotten just how jealous this woman can be. The thought that she cares enough to be mad over something so minor reassures you. "Tree." You nod to her.
She barely misses it, a low tree branch directly in her flight path. Any sign of anger and jealousy leaves her expression, replaced with a contented smile. "Thanks."
"If I didn't care, I'd have let you hit it." You smile back.
You come to the top of the steps. RAY sits just off to your left. You hand the gear bag to Aya as you run over and climb up onto it's back. Remembering the basics, you open the hatch and plop yourself into the cockpit.
Startup takes less than a minute, and you're in the air in no time. You watch as Aya flies beneath you, over the tree tops and down to where Youmu waits. You remain still in the air as the two of them fly up to your position.
Although you can't see Youmu's face behind her now closed helmet, she's pointing at you and yelling at Aya in obvious surprise.

[x] "So who were those people anyway Youmu?"
[x] "Mine's better."
[x] "Mine's better."

[x] "Mine's better."
Aya hands something to the obviously dumbstruck Youmu. You hear the radio come to life.
"Snake?" It's Youmu's voice. "Snake! What is-"
"Pretty cool, huh?" You raise RAY's arms in a gesture of victory. "Guess what!"
"What?" Youmu asks.
"Mines better!" You laugh.
"Yeah, yeah." Aya cuts in. "Shouldn't you be working on something right about now?"
"Damn." You curse under your breath. "Party pooper."
"What was that?" Aya sounds annoyed.
"Nothing, nothing. Let's head to the lake then. You lead the way."
You follow Aya as she flies away, following the paths below. She eventually leads you to the outskirts of the village. Looking down, you see people in the streets. Several of them are pointing in your direction as you fly past.
You look ahead. Just over the horizon, you can see a shining body of water. This must be the lake. Minutes pass, and you find yourself directly over it. You shoot up into the sky to get a better look. Judging your heading with your directional compass, you asses your surroundings.
From your place in the sky, you can see just about everything. The lake is huge, large enough that it may take several days to walk around. To the South is a small outcropping of land extending a ways into the otherwise circular body of water. Behind a small patch of trees growing from it stands a large red building, with a large garden surrounding it. It caught your attention first, as it stood out like a sore thumb from the surrounding landscape.
You look to the North. There seems to be an old run-down building built by the water's edge. The roof has collapsed into the structure, and you doubt there could be any living being inside.
To the East you see a shimmering forest, which looks strikingly similar to the one where you met Marisa. It begins just before the horizon and appears to stretch onward for several miles.
You came from the Southwest, so you know the village is back that way. You can see some of the farms and fields just below the horizon. You can see a path extending almost completely around the lake, continuing from the house to the South, past the village, and extending due North to the mountain range in the distance.
There's a large island directly below you, almost in the exact center of the lake. A small field of yellow grows at the Southeast corner of it. The rest is covered by trees.
As you look around the lake for a second time, you notice a small frozen patch by the path to the West.
Content with your observation, you cut back on the thrusters and drop back down to the waiting Youmu and Aya. You decide where to start your search.

[ ] Red mansion
[ ] Ruined building
[ ] Island
[ ] Frozen patch
[ ] Search the paths
[ ] Return to the village
[ ] Other (Specify)
[X] Frozen patch
[X] Frozen patch
Looks suspicious
[ ] Island
what better way to search for a dragon in a body of water than starting in the middle of it
[x] Island. That yellow field looks as good a landing spot as any...
[x] Island
Start in the center and work our way around clockwise.
[x] Island
The following is a joke bad end inspired by IRC faggotry. Sleepan gaems will begin soon, and the real update may happen sometime tomorrow.


You decide to set down on the island to start. You drop down until your just above the water, and skate along the surface towards the lake. A loud noise from behind halts your advance.
You set the view screen to rearview, and you see a pair of flashing red and white lights behind you. What is this madness, some sort of police force? You're unaware of the ability of the vehicle behind you, so you slow to a halt and hover mere feet above the lake. You watch as somebody steps out of the vehicle and floats over to the back of RAY's head. You hear a knocking on the cockpit door. You press the button to open it, and poke your head out.
"Sir, do you know why I stopped you?" The woman asks.
Wait, this voice! This person!
"Reimu?" You recognize her almost instantly. Her red and white outfit identifies her immediately. "Huh?"
"You were doing 360 in a 30 zone." She places a hand on her hip. "License and registration please."
"Uhh.." You had a license back home, but you didn't bring it when you left for the war. You don't know if RAY has anything even close to registration inside it. "Actually, I'm only borrowing this, so I don't.."
"Try checking the glove box." She barks, her one hand on her hip settles on a wooden stick in her belt.
"It doesn't have one." You're familiar enough with the cockpit to know that.
"Driving without a license, then?" She smirks. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to impound this vehicle if you can't find it."
"Wha?" You decide to double-check. "Hold on a sec."
You dig through the cockpit searching for anything similar to a license. You find a small manual shoved under the seat, and looking through it you find a small strip of paper. You hold it up, handing it to Reimu.
You watch as she grabs it from you, and returns to her vehicle without a word. Tense minutes pass as you wait. Finally, she comes out and floats back over.
"Do you realize that you're required to have a CDL before piloting a vehicle of this weight, sir?"
"Uhh... No, I didn't." You honestly don't know what the hell's going on.
"I see." She frowns. "Could you step out of the vehicle, please?"
You comply, disconnecting yourself from RAY and allowing her to lead you to her vehicle. You ask her about the situation. She explains that you were driving a vehicle with an improper license, and that you're to be taken in an processed while the vehicle will be impounded.
She reads a few statements from a small booklet before she shoves you into the back seat of her vehicle, slams the door behind you, and drives it back to the shrine. You watch as the motionless RAY behind you hangs in the air as it slowly fades into the distance.

[x] "NO! I MUST FIND THE DRAGONS" Snake said.
Yukari said "No, Snake. You are the dragons"
And then Snake was Flandre.

Snake-Flandre having sex with Aya then?

You are now reading Flandre's dialoge from /sdm/ in Snakes voice and mindset.


who needs Metal Gear when you have a nuclear loli?
[X] Island

The one without the vampires on it. Wasn't that the deal?
So yeah, no updates until probably later tonight. Workan games resume in like an hour.
The island in the center of the lake would be a good starting point. The closer you are to the water, the better.
"Let's start with the lake" You speak into a small headset built into the helmet, hoping Aya and Youmu can hear you.
"Understood." You hear Youmu's voice through your earpiece as you begin your descent into the trees covering the island.
You feel RAY shake as you touch solid ground. You push aside tree branches to get a better view of your surroundings.
"Alright, here's my plan." You begin explaining a half-assed strategy of yours to Youmu and Aya. "I thought it might be best if we were to split up. We could cover more ground that way."
"Rejected." Youmu replies, calmly. "It would be best if we stay together. Strong youkai of an extremely unwelcoming sort inhabit this part of Gensokyo."
"I agree." Aya flies into your field of vision. "We're stronger as a group and.. Uhh, Snake..."
"What?" You cut the power to the flight mechanism. Almost instantly, you realize that you probably shouldn't have done that. RAY leans crooked to one side, it's foot falling through the ground. "Oh, sh-"
You feel a sudden bump, and immediately stop speaking. You turn the flight mechanism back on, pulling yourself from the hole in the ground.
"That." Aya answers your initial question.
"Yeah, thanks for the warning." You reply, sarcastically. You hover mere inches above the ground, focusing your attention on the black pit below. "But what the hell is this?"
"I've no idea." Youmu floats next to Aya, both of them hover over the pit. "But it begs us to investigate."
"Yeah!" Aya waves you onward. "You lead the way, since you're the tallest"
"What am I, a human shield?" You mutter under your breath as you start to tear away chunk after chunk of rocky soil, widening the hole just large enough so that you can fit RAY inside. You descend into the blackness.
You activate the radar display. In your visor appears a glowing green representation of the terrain ahead. The details are sparse.
"Nitori." You tap the screen as it almost immediately comes to life. "Does this machine have night vision? This radar isn't working too well."
"Night vision, head vision, It's got it all!" Her smiling face appears on the screen as you flip up the visor. "Funny, it should be automatic for night vision." She shrugs. "Meh, just flip the green switch. There's only one of 'em, so yeah."
The dials and lights inside the cockpit illuminate your surroundings with a faint red glow. You find the switch above your head labeled "NIGHT VISION" with several other vision mode switches to either side of it.
"Uhh, what's 'Y-vision'?" You point above you to the array of switches.
"Ehh, I just threw it in there." She laughs. "So yeah, it focuses on and illuminates certain magical signatures. Namely those belonging to youkai, so you should be able to easily see them in any environment."
"That might come in handy." Yuka's a youkai, right? "Thanks." You flip the visor back down, but not before you activate both night vision and the mysterious Y-vision modes.
The radar shuts down automatically as a clear picture of your surroundings appear before you. You're inside a large network of caves, all of which seem to intersect just below the hole you made in the surface, and extend downward deep into the ground below. Youmu and Aya cling to RAY's shoulders, and you see the both of them in either side of your vision.
"Well, I guess we'd better pick one." You choose a random tunnel, the one straight ahead looks most appealing and you start to walk in that direction, your flight mode on standby in case of any more sudden mishaps. The cave continues downward at an almost exact 20-degree decline for several miles. Aya and Youmu grow visible restless as you continue forward. You try talking to them.
"Dark in here, huh?" You laugh.
"Shut it, Snake." Aya speaks in a low whisper. Youmu remains silent.
"I'm just trying to ease things up a bit."
"We know. It's not helping." Aya turns into the view screen, pleading with you. "Just shut up, okay?" There's no anger in her voice. It's merely a simple request.
You continue onward in silence before you hit a wall. A very elaborately carved wall at that. There appears to be a small, human-sized doorway through it. You'd have to leave RAY behind.
You decide to witness the situation with your own two eyes. You deactivate RAY and pull yourself from the cockpit.
"What's wrong, Snake? Why have we stopped?" Youmu asks you almost immediately after you open the cockpit hatch.
"We seem to have hit a wall." You look ahead. It's dark, but you can clearly make out the towering stone walls surrounding you. You follow the wall upward, and it seems to continue onwards forever. You've entered some sort of underground stone atrium, and the only way out is either forward or back the way you came.


Only one for now. I'm tired, and if I were to continue as-is my writing quality would suffer as well. I'll pick things up again mid-afternoon tomorrow.
>you're the tallest

[x] Forward, into the Garden of Madness.
[x] "Forward, you dogs, to victory!"
[X] Get back in RAY, activate illumation thingamabobs.

Srsly, we can't see in the dark, and recon is needed.
>You follow Aya into the blackness. Before, you couldn't see an inch in front of your face, but you can clearly remember your surroundings. They're so clear in your head you can see everything as if it were bright as day.
>No, wait.
>That's no memory. You really CAN see everything clear as day, including the blinded Aya stumbling and feeling around beside you.


People missing things and calling for retcons?
First in WUIG with the touhou foreknowledge and now this?

People should pay more attention.
I also tried to make it fairly obvious that Snake could see everything while he's outside of RAY, but maybe I wasn't clear.

Also, no ret cons in GiG. This includes the possible second playthrough I've been brainstorming. If there's enough demand for it, of course.
2nd playthrough? Are really that close to the end already?
And most of all, can we sex up Yukari like Aya in the next game?
Or maybe Shinki.
A little more than 3/4 of the way through, I guess. It really depends on how long I drag it out, and several of the options chosen.

The second playthrough will generally follow the same basic guidelines as this one. Namely the write-in voting and the freedom of choice will stay the same. There's a few key differences in the plot that I've thought up, but I won't spoil it. My first thought is that I might try writing it in first-person instead, although that makes it difficult to write BAD ENDs believably.

I'd like for some really out-there votes to win, too. This one's been pretty much just as planned since the beginning, save for a few minor events.

Would you prefer if I posted my knee jerk reactions to situations? I'm sure you know ho they work already.
I just want an excuse to write something different like the monocle thing.

Or swatting Mima with Aya?
It seems to me that you really enjoy writing this as much as i enjoy reading it.
I probably look 7 or 8 times a day if you did write another update.
He said recon, not retcon. As in, reconnaissance.
>He said recon, not retcon.
>People missing things and calling for retcons?

Writan. New thread soon-ish.

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