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Thread 10,

In the last thread, You had traveled to Yuka's Flower Fields, and told her your story. I then put you through a trial run of the Hint system without telling you that it's there so that I can have Yuka and the Flowers hint at how you can further progress with the selected story.

You then went over to Komachi's River, and talked with her. She didn't seem to be taking it easy, so you offered possible solutions. Eventually, you realized she couldn't take it easy, and gave up. You then decided to follow the hint.

After reaching Mayohiga, Chen Offered you tea, which you then refused. Now, Allow me to apologize here, because I had completely forgotten that Chen hadn't actually offered you Tea, but rather I had Nemo asking for it as an option. I'm sorry for the Confusion, but I'm going to have to Retcon that her asking in anyway so that I don't break the flow of the story. Sorry! At any rate, you're still stuck with Cheering her up, but on the bright side, it looks like you've succeeded because...

[x] Tell Chen you want to go and play with her.

Ran still doesn't look like she's coming back soon. You stand up, and start walking for the door. You turn around to Chen, who looks like she wants to ask you what you're doing. You smile cheerfully to her, and tell her that you would rather be doing something fun with Chen than waiting. Chen jumps up immediately.

"So! You want to Train again, Young Grasshopper!" She exclaims in a voice mocking that of an old man's. "Very well. We shall fight!" She then Leaps past you out of the Doorway.

Following her, you raise up into the Sky. Looks like it's time for some Danmaku.

[x] Declare a Spell
[x] Let her Declare a spell
[x] Let her Declare a spell
[x] Let her Declare a spell
[x] Make another spellcard in the mean time.

Channel our RAGE from the whole possessed flowers incident into our third spellcard.
{X} Let her declare a spell
{X} Make another spellcard in the mean time.
Flower RAGE~
[x] Let her Declare a spell
Sorry about the E-mail address, thing guys.

[x] Let her Declare a Spellcard.

Chen spins around in delight. "So!" She shouts out across the buildings. "Do you want to go first, or should I?"

You bow to her gracefully, allowing her the first spellcard.

"Ooh, how daring of you. Let's start small, Shall we?" She pulls out a card and shouts.

Wizard Sign [Phoenix Spread Wings]

Isn't that a hard/lunatic mode spell? That's not small.

She stands there for a while. Nothing appears to happen, when suddenly circles of bullets appear randomly. They then twist around and fan out towards you.

[ ] Get Closer to take out more of the spellcard
[ ] Stay back, don't risk anything

[ ] Focus more on shooting
[ ] Focus more of Dodging
[ ] Stay back, don't risk anything
[ ] Focus more of Dodging

Taking it easy
[X] Stay back, don't risk anything
[X] Focus more of Dodging

> Taking it easy
Sounds like a plan.
[ ] Stay back, don't risk anything
[ ] Focus more of Dodging
[X] Stay back, don't risk anything
[X] Focus more of Dodging
You guys sure are taking it easy with the votes, too.

[X] Stay back, don't risk anything
[X] Focus more of Dodging

You hang back a ways away, as the bullets spread so do the gaps between them. You easily position yourself dodging each of them, firing whenever you find it convenient. The spell takes quite a while to finish, but you manage to get out unharmed.

The Spell breaks, and you stare her down.

"That was an easy one, for warming up, you know!" You believe her. You're more Chill than ever now. You contemplate if you want to activate another spellcard, but she doesn't give you a chance. "Try this one!" She yells holding up a another card in the air.

Wizard Sign「Incarnate Immortal Sage」

Just like in her last spellcard, she doesn't move. Watching carefully, you notice that she's actually chanting in this period. The "Wizard" part seems to make more sense now. She opens her eyes at the end of the spell, and glares down to you. Sudden explosions in a double-sided spade shape send bullets hurling towards you much the same as the last one. She seemed pretty energetic after that last one. You wonder if you can drain her stamina by attacking her spellcard with more force.

[ ] Get Closer to take out more of the spellcard
[ ] Stay back, don't risk anything

[ ] Focus more on shooting
[ ] Focus more on Dodging
>You guys sure are taking it easy with the votes, too.

Yeah, unexpectedly quiet here today.

[X] Stay back, don't risk anything
[X] Focus more on shooting
[X] Chill

Zak, are you on irc? If so, could you ask someone to unban me?

Granted. I think.

Also, I might not be on for the rest of the day. Something's come up, and I might not even get the next update up before I have to go. Sorry everyone. I thought today was going to be a good one.
[ ] Stay back, don't risk anything

[ ] Focus more on shooting
[X] Stay back, don't risk anything
[X] Focus more on shooting
{X} Stay back, don't risk anything
{X} Focus more on shooting
{X} Chill
[x] Get Closer to take out more of the spellcard
[x] Focus more on shooting
[x] Focus more on Dodging

Taking it easy.
[x] Stay back, don't risk anything

[x] Focus more on shooting
[ ] Stay back, don't risk anything

[ ] Focus more on shooting
[X] Stay back, don't risk anything
[X] Focus more on shooting
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>In the last thread, You had traveled to Yuka's Flower Fields, and told her your story. I then put you through a trial run of the Hint system without telling you that it's there so that I can have Yuka and the Flowers hint at how you can further progress with the selected story.

So, is Yuka the final boss?
[x] Get Closer to take out more of the spellcard
[x] Focus more on dodging

Couldn't we manipulate the pollen in the air with our plant-talking? Not like we have to use such a nasty trick on our Chen but it might be useful against some of the bad guys. They'd simply collapse due to an allergic shock without a clue what happened to them.
Soon Nemo's curse would be feared in all Gensokyo. Forcing his enemies to their knees through his mere presence, eradicating the already unimmunized fanboys. To chill would become the preferred action whenever Nemo would be around as you would get "chilled" by him in every other, more agitated state. The chilling youkai would be known. Only approached in complete relaxation but by fools who didn't know any better...

...On a second thought, that might be a bit overpowered.
[x] Get Closer to take out more of the spellcard
[x] Focus more on dodging
[x] Stay back, don't risk anything

[x] Focus more on shooting
I don't see why not. It's not any worse than Mastery over Bounderies, or literally inviting people to their death, or infecting people with serious viruses, or being able to manipulate fate, or heck, why not just give someone the ability to destroy anything and everything just by thinking really hard about it.

I guess my point is that he fits in with the crowd.

I don't see her as the Xanados Gambit type, so no.

[X] Stay back, don't risk anything
[X] Focus more on shooting

It basically the same type of spell, right? So hanging back should give the advantage of open gaps. You quickly notice however that since the bursts fire more rapidly, and at different bullet speeds, the Gaps end up being much tighter than the last spell.

You don't let this bother you, however, so you focus more on firing. You move out of the way of bullets, but you always manage to directly face Chen again. After a steady stream of fire, her spellcard ends in a significantly shorted time period than the last.

She's still standing tall, but she seems to be hesitating now. Here's your chance to fight back.

[ ] Declare Petal Sign [Whispers of the Rooted Garden]
[ ] Declare Petal Sign [Colorful Blossoming of Fruit Trees]
[ ] Let her use up another spell.
[ ] Declare Petal Sign [Colorful Blossoming of Fruit Trees]
[x] Declare Petal Sign [Colorful Blossoming of Fruit Trees]

FABULOUS spellcards.
[ ] Declare Petal Sign [Colorful Blossoming of Fruit Trees]
[ ] Declare Petal Sign [Whispers of the Rooted Garden]
[x] Declare Petal Sign [Colorful Blossoming of Fruit Trees]
[ ] Declare Petal Sign [Colorful Blossoming of Fruit Trees]
[+] Declare Petal Sign [Whispers of the Rooted Garden]
Bump, in a demanding sort of way.
Zakeri is busy harvesting plotton to make the cupcakes. It is a little known(?) fact that good cupcakes require a large quantity of it. While it is generally cheaper to purchase pre-packaged plotton, or not use it at all, one will find that the quality and subtle taste of the cupcakes will diminish. Truly, the best plotton is home-grown, hand picked, and cared for with blood, sweat, and tears. All of this, mixed together by the skilled loving hands of the writef- *cough* chef, will produce cupcakes of the finest quality, to be enjoyed by all for years to come.

...Seriously? I just creeped myself out.
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This was bad and you should feel bad.
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Hows about some updates?
Write a goddamn update already you lazy nigger.
Take it easy

nigger, calling nigger black, etc.

Zakeri is dead. YAF and Kira killed him in the ultimate act of trolling and despair.

Fuck. And I enjoyed reading this as well.
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Yuka waits in her field of sunflowers. This is what she always does. She enjoys it here, and despite some minor annoyances recently, she isn't disturbed. She enjoys the peace and quiet.

But she waits for something. She fondly remembers a certain disturbance, unlike the others. She found in him someone she could relate to. Someone who loved flowers as much as she, and he was a man, too.
He woke up in her field one day, and they got along well. This could not be said of all the other people she met.

She thought of how it could have been nice if he stayed with her. She enjoyed his company, and the flowers did, too. She liked to think he enjoyed hers. But, that wasn't to be. He decided to travel the world, though he promised to come back and tell stories of his travels.
She would look forward to his stories. They were wonderfully told, some so majestic that she doubted the authenticity of them, but looking in his eyes, she knew he told the truth. She was even tempted to go travelling herself at times, to see the things he had seen, but who would look after the flowers? So she stayed.

He'd been gone for a long time. Much longer than any previous trip. Every day the flowers would ask her when he would be back. "Soon." This was the best answer she could give. She could not do anything, and so she waited.

Yuka waits in her field of sunflowers. She thinks fondly of the stories she's heard and of the man who had told them to her. She thinks about the feelings blooming in her heart, and wonders what they mean. She tries to find ways to pass the time while she waits.

But she's happy waiting. Waiting eagerly for the day that man has seen the world and tells her he's ready to settle down.

Yuka waits in her field of sunflowers.
File 122112628722.jpg - (13.71KB, 332x214 , 1207808602669.jpg) [iqdb]

| // /
|// /┃
 / ̄''' ┃ プラーン
 | (-_-)
 | U U
 | UU
 | (○)
 | ヽ|〃
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

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You should be glad I didn't go with the despair ending.
File 122114515542.jpg - (144.91KB, 374x420 , 120926097943.jpg) [iqdb]
Yuuka~ ;_;
brb an hero ;_;

Why you do this?
File 122116899023.jpg - (123.99KB, 1015x1100 , Cirno bawwww.jpg) [iqdb]
Come home Zakeri. The story should not end this way ;_;.

I just started reading this thing. Pretty good story. Too bad the writer vanished.
How did a sage manage to bump this thread?

someone probably ghostbumped
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Yuka waits in her field of sunflowers. She's been waiting for a long time. She doesn't even remember what she's waiting for anymore. All she remembers is that she has to wait, because waiting is all she can do.

Somewhere, at the back of her mind is a memory. The memory of a man she loved. The memory of a man she's long since forgotten. But it's to be expected. He kept her waiting for so long.

Yuka waited in her field of sunflowers. Even after the field was no longer there. Even as the plant youkai known as Yuka Kazami slowly left this world, she waited. He never came back.

Recoil of Myriad Dreams

She waited for you, Nemo!
You bastard.
At the very least, you could have given us a happy ending.
>At the very least, you could have given us a happy ending.
...Someone write this. A good one.

I want closure, goddammit.

I wanted a happy ending. I wanted closure.
But Zakeri didn't give us one.



Race you?
Well, you've already got a head start...

Nah, I haven't even started, and am going to bed. Besides, I got stuff to work on. You'd do a better job anyways.

It's dead, Jim.
File 122653292548.jpg - (22.55KB, 400x273 , mccoy.jpg) [iqdb]

It still needs an appropriate ending.

Something involving Nemo come back all injured and a very dere Yuka doting on him while he's in bed.

Then Nemo decides to stay with Yuka from now on, seeing as how Ran framed him at the village.

Also cause he like her.

I think Zakeri's dead. Does anyone know his name/where he lives so we can confirm this?
Blankfag says he's talked with him, and confirmed that Zakeri "lost interest, and doesn't want to write anymore."
So yeah.
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Writing now.

File 12265874317.jpg - (139.32KB, 545x670 , c6e899130d5b160b459bc88bf44e9bc3.jpg) [iqdb]
This is taking longer than I thought, so here's the first half or so. I might not have the second half done before I need to get some sleep, so if I don't, I'll do it on Saturday.

That guy... He always keeps me waiting, she thinks. Who, you ask? A certain disturbance, from long ago. One day, while taking a stroll through the sunflower field, she came across him. A human who simply woke up there. He was a little strange for a man, she thought. She had never known a man with such passion for flowers. A passion they shared.
She'd been having problems lately. Troubles with the border and many people coming to bother her. Those brash fools stomping over her flowers and asking if she would love them. How could she possibly do such a thing? She didn't know love to begin with.
But that guy, he was different. She didn't really know how. Was it because he didn't act like the others? Was it because he enjoyed the flowers, and they him? Was it the great stories he would tell? No, it was something more; something deeper than that. Something she didn't really understand herself.

But as much as she found herself thinking about him, there was one thing that irritated her. It was both a blessing and a curse to her and the flowers. He would only be with them for a day or two at a time. He had a lust for adventure. Unlike her, he didn't grow roots in a place he enjoyed. He was always searching for new things; new experiences. But that was one of the things that made his returns so enjoyable. He would tell them stories. Stories of the places he'd been and the people he'd met. Imagine her surprise when the human she saw leaving on foot came back through the air! Indeed, he'd learned a great deal in such a short amount of time. But none of his skills came close to his ability to tell a story. Words would flow from him in a way she'd never seen before. He had such excitement telling her, as though he was impatient and trying to hold off on the good parts. She would find herself getting lost in his words; as though she could feel what he felt, see what he'd seen, like he was showing her a recording of what had happened, rather than simply recounting it.
He would stay for a short time afterwards. Long enough for them to have a pleasant chat and perhaps dinner.
And then he would be gone.

It always hurt her a little to watch him leave. Never knowing how long he would be gone, or if he would even be coming back at all. Gensokyo is a dangerous place, after all. But even so, she didn't want to tie him down like herself. She would put on a smile, and see him off as enthusiastically as she could. She didn't want him to feel obligated to stay with her. She had her flowers, and she told herself that it was enough for her. She lied.
At first she would feel a little sad. She didn't understand, and continued with her daily routines. But as he continued to come and go, her feelings became stronger and her emotions harder to keep inside. Once, she simply cried and cried long into the night. Another time, she felt so angry that she didn't even give the people waking in her field a chance. She wasn't used to these feelings. Sometimes she thought she hated him, other times she thought she loved him.
She would worry constantly. "Has something happened to him? He's been gone longer than usual, right? Maybe I should go look?" But she knew he was fine; that he'd come back safe and tell her some more stories. After all, he had a bond with the flowers. He could talk to them in a way she never could. It made her a little jealous. A simple human could gain such powers in so little time, when she, who had lived for centuries, could only understand their raw emotions. But, it wouldn't do her any good to think that way, so she stopped.
The only thing she could do for him is wait. Wait until he came back telling her he was done; that he had seen the world and was ready to stay this time.
She's been waiting for a long time.

But this time it's different. He's been gone much longer than any other trip. But the flowers have told her he's coming. They've done so for many of his trips. He would tell flowers far, far away that he would be returning home, and the message would come to her. When she heard this, she was ecstatic. She even prepared a feast for him when he got back. But the flowers aren't happy. They hang down, as depressed as a flower could be. She cannot speak to them, so she cannot ask them why. Time passes. It's been a day since he said he was coming back. It's taking too long.

She has to do something.

And so she leaves. For the first time in many years, she leaves her flowers behind and soars through the sky. She doesn't know where to look. She doesn't know where to begin. But she has to. She can't continue to do nothing when she knows there's something wrong.
Then it occurs to her. She needs to ask the flowers. She dives down to the ground, landing with a thud.
"Where is he?!"
She yells at the nearest batch of flowers. She doesn't have time to be polite. If anyone saw her, they'd think she was completely insane. But she already has that reputation, so it doesn't matter. What matters now is that she needs to find him. The flowers don't understand. She knows that much. But they need to. She rushes out a description of him, and his name. The flowers don't react for a few seconds, and she's about to try elsewhere, before they turn. They turn on their roots and face in a certain direction.
"...Thank you."
She utters this before racing off.
She follows the flowers for some time, each patch telling her where to go from there. Every second she flies is a second she spends agonising over what could have happened inside her head. And then she sees him. Lying on the ground, in the dark cover of the trees. She races to him, as a youkai springs from the bushes to cut her off. She doesn't even break her sprint as she tears it in half. She draws near. He's bloodied, beaten and bruised. She sees the cane she gave him when he first left. Broken. It doesn't matter.
"Nemo!" She lifts him up. He's breathing. Ragged, painful breaths, but he's breathing. She lets out a silent cry of thanks as she carries him away.
File 122685620460.jpg - (78.18KB, 500x500 , 5598902efb86e35271d5b2f46ddd20dc.jpg) [iqdb]
(Still more coming.)

She doesn't know what to do. She's never cared for someone like this before, let alone someone so injured. She doesn't have anything like bandages or ointment in her home. She rarely loses a fight, and if she does, she simply heals by herself. So it's expected that she doesn't know how to treat him. But that didn't stop her from trying. Wrapped around the body lying in her bed are leaves and vines. Leaves to cover up his wounds, and vines to keep them in place. Pieces of plants that offered themselves to help him. Lastly, a damp towel on his forehead, that she finds herself changing every few minutes. She doesn't realise that she's doing it so often. Each second feels like an eternity to her, so she thinks it's been much longer. She can't sit still as she waits. She fidgets, adjusts her place on her chair, plays with her hair, and bites her nails. She needs to be doing something. Just sitting there watching him, knowing that she can't do anything to help is what she finds the most painful. So she needs to distract herself.

He's definitely a youkai. Even if he doesn't realise it, she knows. A human can't do the things she's seen him do. Humans can fly, or use magic, with training. But to control plants... or talk to them? No human could do something like that. And that's why she can't help him. All she can do is keep him out of danger as his body heals itself. It could take hours, or it could take days, or it could take weeks, or months, or years. It all depends on him. She doesn't know why she's so worried. Youkai can only truly die under exceptional circumstances. She could have left him to be picked apart by the one that attacked him, and he'd still return eventually. She shouldn't worry. She shouldn't, so why does the thought of him not waking up make her want to cry..."

She goes outside. She can't stand to be in there anymore. His face is so peaceful. She doesn't like that. He's so badly injured that if not for his chest rising and falling she would be certain that he was dead. She doesn't want to think about it. She takes a deep breath as she walks into the sunflower field. The flowers are raised, standing taller than before. It's almost as though they're happy.

She's back. She got everything she could from the human village. She doesn't like going there, especially not with the idiots that have appeared lately. It took all her restraint to remember why she was there, instead of blasting them out of existence. Had she done that, nobody would have wanted to sell her anything. She got everything she could think of, even if she didn't know what it was for, and it shows. The leaves are gone, replaced with hastily wrapped bandages, awkwardly trying to cover the fading wounds despite their poor placement. Medicine used for other things applied to bruises. She's trying as hard as she can. But it's not enough to wake him. His body needs more time.
He looks so calm like this. His peaceful face. His eyes starting to be covered by his growing dark hair. As she looks, she also starts to feel calm. Just sitting by his side, staring at his face as he sleeps. She leans forward before she can think about what she's going to do. He won't notice, it's fine if she just...
This close, she can feel his breath on her face. Their lips meet.

She pours herself a glass of water. It's good to be out of that room. She needs to calm herself down. If he were to wake up now, she'd die of embarrassment. She brings him a new towel, and as she puts it on his head, she swears she can see a smile on his face.
File 122686031463.jpg - (155.53KB, 800x1053 , sample-eacaa8159f0c72587e0919af3393d8d4.jpg) [iqdb]
It's been some weeks since then. She hasn't spent nearly as much time around her flowers, but she knows they understand. They're waiting too. Visibly, he's fine. His body just needs to finish healing the inside. She has no way of knowing how long that will take. She doesn't even know how long it takes for her to heal. After all, she's unconscious while that's happening. So, she continues with what's become her routine. She brings him water. She changes the towel on his forehead. But mostly, she waits for him to wake. It's tiring. Youkai don't need sleep. But watching him just makes her feel so calm, she can't help but feel sleepy. And so she falls asleep, her head resting on his chest.

"...Hey, Yuka."
Someone's calling her. It's a voice she recognises from long ago. The voice she's been waiting to hear for months. But she's not quite awake yet.
"Still sleeping, huh?"
A hand falls on her head, ruffling her hair. It's strange. Why does something like this make her feel so happy?
"I guess you took care of me, right?"
She doesn't respond. She's still sleeping, hearing his words through a haze.
"I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. But don't worry, I've got some great stories for you. Oh, and something else..."
She's fading away again.
"I think I'm done exploring. I've seen enough, and you know what I think?"
She knows. And that knowledge makes her the happiest woman in the world right now.
"I think nothing I've ever seen can compare to this one thing: A golden field that one day I had the chance to wake up in. But that's not all. Not in all my myriad dreams could I possibly have thought of something as amazing as Yuka Kazami, the flower youkai."
With these words drifting through her ears, she sleeps.

20 years later...

"Mommy Yuka!"
A child is running through the flowers. His hair is golden like the sunflowers that surround him.
"Mommy Yuka! Where are you?"
As he's only a child, being separated from his mother is distressing. He can't find her among all these flowers that are so much taller than him.
"David?" His mother's voice.
"Mommy! Where are you?"
He runs towards the voice. He runs until he suddenly bumps into a woman.
"Oh, David! There you are! That's why we keep telling you not to run off like that!"
He's picked up in his mother's arms as she scolds him. She swings him around before putting him back down.
"Sorry mom... But look what I got!"
In his hands is a charming red rose. He beams as he shows it to his mother.
"That's great, David! Let's go show your father."
The child nods as they walk together, drawing closer to the sounds of laughter and play.
They break through the flowers into a clearing, her parasol shielding them from the sun bearing down on the scene. A blanket laid down on the grass. Food and drinks scattered around. There are many people, her children. Some are young, like David, running around and playing games. Others are older, sitting down, chatting animatedly. And then there's his father, who the boy runs to, leaping into his outstretched arms, excitedly showing him the rose.
He's definitely a youkai. He looks just the same as that day when they first met. And she knows, that he'll stay that way for many, many years. And she'll stay the same as she is now.

That's how they've been, and that's how they'll stay. Unchanging, together, in that golden field.


Recoil of Myriad Dreams
The end.



And saved.

Imagine the impact of having hundreds of mini Yukas running around gensokyo after some centuries of those two together
Quit fucking around with this and write your own damn CYOAs, Anonymaster.

That's what I'm going to do tomorrow.


Thank for the wonderful closure.
Thank you. That was wonderful.
The only sad thing is that I enjoyed this story, and now it is no more.
This. This was what I wanted.

There's tears in my eyes.

Thank you.
I cried manl-
...you know what? Nevermind the manly tears. I cried happy little girl tears over this.

Feels good, man.
>It's tiring. Youkai don't need sleep. But watching him just makes her feel so calm, she can't help but feel sleepy.

Even unconscious, Nemo's Chillax still takes effect.
Are you the faggot that keeps bumping this and deleting your posts?
You need to let go Anon. It's time for it to move on.

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