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43757 No. 43757
“Miss Kirisame!” You bark, startling the girl into dropping the remote - as well as surprising the other girls too. “I won't accept you insulting Miss Meiling, or anyone else, in that manner!”

Marisa stares at you in shock and you wonder if this is possibly the first time she's ever actually been reprimanded in a long while. For a moment she stares at you, along with the others, with mouth agape then, with slow anger, her mouth closes and sets in a grim line. “How...” She sputters, “Who... it's just stupid China! She's not gonna care!” she yells, pushing herself in front of the others so that she can glare up at you from up close.

“Be that as it may,” you say - dimly remembering how your old professors used to speak and realizing that you sounded almost exactly like them right now, “We have to live with each other for the next several weeks and I don't want us to end up hating and fighting all the time - I had enough of that back at the lab I used to work in, so I don't want it here.”

The young witch merely scowls at you and reaches for something hidden in some fold of her dress - as she's about to pull it out however a hand reaches to prevent her - Letty's hand. You watch silently as Marisa attempts to pull whatever she was after out anyway and, to her evident surprise, fails to shift out of the taller woman's grip. Finally she gives up and settles for crossing her arms and fuming instead. Letty, it seems, has obviously had some experience dealing with hotheaded people of some kind.

“Look,” you say, trying to sound nice, “I'm not angry with you or anything, I just want everyone to get along, okay?”

“Fine!” Marisa declares, stomping one foot. “Now if the lecture is over with I'm going outside to practice my danmaku!” The blonde-haired girl pushes her way between Keine and Meiling, only to pause before she leaves, “Why don't you come out too?” She suggests sweetly, before giving you a nasty glare, “I could do with a moving target!” she yells as she stomps outside, slamming the door to the room as she went.

“Well...” you mutter, looking at the remaining three girls. “That... probably could have gone better.”

Across from you Keine sighs, “Yes,” she agrees, “It may have been better if you had talked to her in private - Marisa is rather... shall we say... proud? Yes, she's a proud girl - it's understandable that she would not take kindly to being knocked down in front of others.” You watch as the woman glances out of the window, “Still, it is something she needed to hear. Marisa is a girl who never really grew up after all, she still acts like a small child a lot of the time.”

“Perhaps I should go... apologize to her then?” you suggest, only to have Meiling shake her head violently.

“Bad idea!” she exclaims, “Not when Marisa is mad! Wait until she calms down!” suddenly she seems to realize something and backs down slightly, a faint blush on her cheeks. “And... uhm... thank you. For defending me like that.”

Keine smirks behind Meiling, “Yes, it was quite gallant of you, wouldn't you say Letty?” in response the lavender-haird girl just smiles sweetly and nods... though you suspect that has more to do with the fact that she has moved right under the blast of cool air from the conditioner than anything else. “Still, I feel it would be nice if we could perhaps learn a little more about each other? You mentioned a previous place of work for instance, a 'lab' you called it?”

Possible 2-part choice.

[ ] Answer her question now,
[ ] Evade the question for the moment,
[ ] Suggest discussing it over lunch,

If you choose to answer, then Anon's place of work is at:

[ ] A Physics Laboratory
[ ] A Chemistry Laboratory
[ ] A Biology Laboratory
[ ] A Medical Laboratory
[ ] An Engineering Laboratory

THINK CAREFULLY. The job choice can and will affect Anon's knowledge and what he can teach (obviously)

>> No. 43758
Also, a note on how ENDING works in this.

Basically the primary goal is the END of the 'program' to try and integrate gensokyo into the modern world.

Aside from this, however, each girl can have their own END based on actions taken throughout the VN.

This means you can, for example, GOOD END the VN as a whole, but still BAD END a given girl. Romance is also counted seperately, so getting with a girl does not END the VN, only the program END will do that.

Maybe that makes sense. maybe not. Either way, i told you so don't come whining if you fuck things over later on.
>> No. 43760
Ehhh...since we'll probably be explaining technology most of the time, I doubt medical and biology will be particularly useful choices. Eh, I'll pick randomly from the remaining three.
Also, isn't the AC still on full blast? No good chatting here.

[x] Suggest discussing it over lunch
[x] An Engineering Laboratory
>> No. 43763
> [ ] An Engineering Laboratory


[x] Suggest discussing it over lunch
>> No. 43764
>Basically the primary goal is the END of the 'program' to try and integrate gensokyo into the modern world.
>you can, for example, GOOD END the VN as a whole

The GOOD END is where we fail to integrate Gensokyo, and the youkai pound the outsiders back into the stone age, right?

Do not want an annexed and assimilated Gensokyo. These militant outsiders can go nuke themselves and leave Gensokyo in pristine isolation.
>> No. 43765
Sounds like BEST END to me.
>leave Gensokyo in pristine isolation.
Everything else is unacceptable.
>> No. 43770
We're heading towards a Meiling BAD END. Reimu isn't stupid, I think we should take her advice on Meiling. I'm not saying we can't be nice, just don't try to plant any ideas into Meiling's head.
>> No. 43771
[X] Answer her question now,
[X] An Engineering Laboratory.

Although, I'm a bit torn. I feel a slight nagging to go with medical. It may not seem that useful, but we're living with youkai. We may want to know enough to patch ourselves up, in case of accident. Marisa's a human as well, and Keine is half-human, so medicine might be useful for them at some point, as well. Letty and Meiling ought to be alright, though.

Well, I'll stick with engineering. We're probably going to have to explain a lot of tech to them, and it could be useful if any of them want to build something later or have an idea for something they'd like. Engineering has quite a bit of practical application.
>> No. 43772

..this is the only the 3rd thread idort. We are still, most likely, in the introduction phase.

[ x ] Suggest discussing it over lunch.
[ x ] An Engineering Laboratory

Because Art degrees are for fagets.
>> No. 43774
[ ] Answer her question now,
[ ] A Biology Laboratory, Umbrella Corp.
>> No. 43775
so what kind of integration is planned for these touhous? Is the Japanese government planning on forcing them to work for a living in regular society, do they just have to get used to outsider 'tourists' and get to stay in Gensokyo, what?
>> No. 43777

Generally it means to allow the people of gensokyo to exist within the modern world without, basically, accidentally killing themselves and/or large numbers of civilians and such.

Obviously annexing, taking advantage of, etc are things to... be wary of? And lets leave it at that.

Anyway, looks like we'll talk over lunch and anon is from an engineering lab.
>> No. 43778
To clarify, since I was asking about this IRC earlier:

- Primary goal: The program, getting the girls integrated into modern society and furthering diplomatic relations with Gensokyo.
- Secondary goals: The girls, improving their lives and/or helping them find their place in the world (5 goals total).
- Bonus goal: Romance, hooking up with one of the girls.

Goals can be completed, partially completed, or failed - you can think of this as GOOD/OKAY/BAD END for that particular situation.

Some goals are dependant on others. For example, if the program goes badly and Gensokyo decides to bring everyone back and put the border back up, this will obviously limit how the secondary goals can turn out. Something like Meiling quitting her job at the SDM* would happen either way, though.

Basically, instead of the story splitting into separate story routes with endings for each, the "routes" (goals) will be happening simultaneously, with the story "end" being a combination of how all the goal situations turn out.

*Important note: This is vital to completing Meiling's goal, but we'll need to deal with Remi somehow.
[17:44] <%Angry_Desu> Remi would be annoyed. But Shiki i think understands that people are their own people,
[17:45] <%Angry_Desu> It'll probably involve having help from people who can put Remi in her place.
>> No. 43779
[X] Suggest discussing it over lunch,
[X] A Chemistry Laboratory

We learn how to make things go BOOM.
>> No. 43780
[x] Answer her question now,
[x] A Physics Laboratory

>> No. 43782
>> No. 43786
Anomalous materials.
>> No. 43789

>> No. 43790
[x] A Physics Laboratory--Black Mesa East

This. Fuck, maybe we activated the resonance cascade that collapsed the border in the first place? It's time to live up to our family name and face our full life consequences.
>> No. 43791
File 121416611573.jpg - (39.17KB , 620x372 , c1a0_release11_002.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 43792

Considering how Gensokyo Works verse how our world works, It may be a good idea to be able to tell everyone who everything works without using the term "Magic" ever.

voting's useless, now, though.
>> No. 43794

>> No. 43795
This takes forever, i wonder when they will finally complete it.
>> No. 43796

>>43762 here. Changing to:

[x] Answer her question now
[x] A Physics Laboratory--Black Mesa East
>> No. 43797

So, we're working for the G-man now?
>> No. 43799
In the end, Ryogi Shiki failed his primary goals with smashing colors. However, the time he spent together with the Gensokyo inhabitants left him on good terms with them. They promptly agreed to help him escape from the government's troops, and brought Ryogi with them when they returned to Gensokyo.

In subsequent weeks, the government made multiple attempts to enter Gensokyo, first with diplomatic envoys, and then with soldiers. No communication was ever received from those who crossed the border. The only response came in the form of the bloody and torn corpses of the soldiers which were found scattered outside the border's edge.

Future incursions were never attempted. Documents regarding Gensokyo's existence were sealed and the entire incident was swept under the carpet by the regime. In later years, a mysterious fire swept through the building housing the documents, destroying everything. Arson was suspected but the cause of the fire was never ascertained, and Gensokyo soon faded from memory....

>> No. 43800
And Ryogi Shiki lived happily ever after.
>> No. 43801

No, he was torn to shreds after the girls kept fighting over him.
>> No. 43804

I think I like the MAD END better.

You know, Mutually Assured Destruction?
>> No. 43805
Ryogi Shiki took up residence a slight distance away from the human village. Although he felt comfortable in Gensokyo, he still didn't feel quite at home in the village. And then, one day, he entered the local pharmacy and at first sight fell in love with a certain rabbit-eared girl. Fifty years pass....
>> No. 43806
If Anon knows physics, he will be able to explain the theoretical logic behind danmaku and magic with science, or die trying (more likely!)

If Anon knows chemistry, he'd already be making out with Eirin, but no one from Eientei is here so thats irrelevant (unless we use the 'Marisa uses shrooms for magic' logic)

If Anon knows Biology, we could work with Keine on her were transformation (cure?) and maybe study Letty.

If Anon knows Medicine he could help Komachi become the new Dr. Kevorkian. Or maybe he could turn them all into magical healers.

If Anon knows Engineering, he could help Marisa with her portable LHC and maybe build some other fun artifacts. None of the other girls have any real experience with the field, although just saying "Engineering" is EXTREMELY vague since there are so many different types.

There is no one option which will help everyone. 3 of the girls are balls deep strong but not exactly intelligent, one is a history buff, and one is a mad scientist in her own right.

Which is why I vote to blend!
BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. (the jack of all trades)
We know biology, medicine, electrical and mechanical engineering, sufficient chemistry (especially organic chem), and enough physics.
>> No. 43808
[X] Suggest discussing it over lunch,
>> No. 43809
Probably too late by now, but anyways!
{X} Suggest discussing it over lunch,
>> No. 43810
[ ] Evade the question for the moment


[ ] An Engineering Laboratory
>> No. 43811
Goddamit. You're all doing this because i'm a slow-as-shit writer, aren't you?

After this i may compromise a bit with the votes, still an engineer but i'll flavor it based on everything else.
>> No. 43812
File 121417149093.jpg - (85.85KB , 1680x1050 , 1205211869409.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 43813
{X} Suggest discussing it over lunch,

Oh yeah.
>> No. 43814
{X} Suggest discussing it over lunch,
>> No. 43815
[x] Suggest discussing it over lunch,
>> No. 43816
[x] Suggest discussing it over lunch
>> No. 43817
All this stuff about biomedical engineering makes me think of the guy as the engineer from TF2. 11 degrees and all.
>> No. 43820
[X] Suggest discussing it over lunch,

This gives us fair amount of knowledge in the Medical field and quite a bit in the Engineering field.

though, [X] Theoretical Physics is tempting....

Also, Ryogi needs one of them drill instructor hats when he yells at Marisa.
>> No. 43821
The best part about being a Biomed is that no one knows what you do, so they automatically assume the best or worst. Unfortunately, that also means companies have no idea what you do was well....

We are mysterious~~~
>> No. 43823
File 121417703577.jpg - (51.13KB , 480x640 , govtanonsketch.jpg ) [iqdb]
(( Awesome pic of T:TtR 'government anon' by Genericdrawfag - praise him ))

“I...” You feel uncomfortable being put on the spot like this... “I... um... How about we talk over lunch?” you suggest, “I mean, you all must be feeling a little hungry now, right?”

Keine smirks at you but nods, while Meiling nods in agreement. Letty, however, has apparently lost all interest in everything but the cool air from the air conditioning unit for now. Mentally you register this as her room and gently herd the other two girls out - scooping up the AC remote on the way and, glancing back at Letty, you set it to the lowest temperature setting and deposit the remote on a cabinet near the door.

Within a short while the three of you, along with a newly awakened Komachi - roused by the smell of food - are sitting around the table in the dining area. It's a western style dining room, with table and full chairs and, to your interest, that while Komachi and Keine seem a little uncomfortable with it Meiling apparently has no problems with the arrangement at all. The food you prepared isn't anything too special, just some packs of instant ramen... you had put off buying much food until you knew what your guests ... well, until you knew what they actually ate.

Komachi was happily slurping the instant noodles down without a care. Keine was perhaps being a bit more polite, trying to eat them carefully while Meiling seemed to just be poking them around in her bowl. You, however, were eating yours slowly - trying to delay the questioning.

“So,” Keine stated at last, “Tell us about yourself? You mentioned a previous job? Why not start there?”

“Ugh...” You really don't want to do this. Partially because it will lead to more awkward questions, but also because you really don't want to think about the crap you put up with for the past few years of your life there. “... I was...” You sigh and decide to bite the proverbial bullet, “... I worked at what we call an Engineering laboratory.”

“Engineering?” Keine seems to lean forwards as you explain - which admittedly offers you a rather nice view of her chest. You're a little too caught up in the bad memories of your previous workplace to appreciate it though.

“Yeah, Engineering. A mix of stuff really since I was only an assistant.” You see Keines eyebrows raise and quickly hold your hands up to forestall any comments, “It was only a part-time thing! A job I had while I went through my studies!”

“Oh?” Keine smirks, “and what, exactly were you studying?”

“A mix of things... Physics, Chemistry, Biology... Biomedical science you see, it's sort of a mix of everything although I had a bit of a personal interest in theoretical physics.” You shrug, oblivious to the growing confusion of the three girls. “I don't really know what I'm supposed to do now though, this place is so far away from where I was studying that I don't think I'm going to be able to continue.” You sigh again, realizing that you were probably going to have to get into contact with your new 'bosses' in order to find out what you were supposed to do about that. Eventually you just shrug. “Got me out of my job though, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned, it paid well and I guess I liked the job... but my bosses weren't exactly the nicest of people you know?” At that Meiling and Komachi both nod in understanding although it's pretty clear that all three girls have no real idea what it is you were actually saying.

“That's very... um... impressive?” Keine ventures after a few moments of silence, “So you're a... scholar, more or less?”

“Well... I guess so.” you reply, your mind now shifting into high gear as you realize you may actually have to explain what the hell it was you just told them. “I suppose the important thing is that I'm something of a generalist - I know a bit about a lot of things, but I don't know as much in great depth. Like, for example... I know quite a bit about general medicine like a doctor would - but I don't know much about the illnesses they might treat, you see?”

“Ah... I suppose that makes sense.” Keine nods, “I, myself, am a teacher - mostly of history, though I usually just teach the younger children everything from mathematics to language. I would, if it is at all possible, love to learn about the history of the outside world.”

[ ] There's a library in town, we should be able to go tomorrow if you want,
[ ] I know a bit and can tell you what I know now,
[ ] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first,
[ ] Ha... our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know it?
>> No. 43825
>> No. 43826
[ ] Ha... our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know it?

Pessimistic Govanon, who has hardened his heart against the horrors of the world!

But in time, perhaps his new friends will be able to...?
>> No. 43827
[X] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first.
Just check out the internet. Soon Keine won't get away from computer.
>> No. 43828
>> No. 43829
{X} Ha... our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know it?
Cynical anon~?
>> No. 43830
[x] Ah, sure I guess. Our history is a bit depressing, but I can fill you in as much as possible. If you really want to learn, I supposed I could take you down the the library tomorrow, or show you how to use the computer.

Learning Moe~
>> No. 43831
[ ] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first,
>> No. 43832
[ ] Ha... our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know it?
>> No. 43833
[X] "You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first."
[X] "I could tell you some general things in the meantime, if you'd like, though."

Don't want to make it look like we're totally ignorant of history, but a computer really would be her best bet.
>> No. 43834
[ ] Ha... our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know it?
[ ] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first,
>> No. 43836
[x] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first,
>> No. 43837
[ ] Ha... our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know it?
[ ] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first,
>> No. 43838
in b4 Keine discovers our scat/guro folder.
>> No. 43839
I think Keine would be more shocked by the bestiality folder.
>> No. 43840
Quick! Clear history! Clear hist- aw crap, she found it... with that Keine/Mokou pic no less. CAVED END
>> No. 43841
I don't know, if we let Keine into Wikipedia she's never going to come out. We need her to help keep order here.
>> No. 43842
[x] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first,
>> No. 43845
[ ] Ha... our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know it?

Because I don't like the idea of a Keinonymous.

Now, let me tell you the story of my world, washed away long ago under waves crimson. Let me tell you of our blacken'd skies and our tired coasts...
>> No. 43846
[X] You could try using a computer... but I would have to teach you to use it first
>> No. 43847
<Keine> "So, what do you do in your free time?"
<Anon> "Oh this and that. Although I do MOONLIGHT as a COWboy at rodeos."
<Keine> "...."
<Anon> "What?"
>> No. 43851
Hokay, Voting end -
Depressing and Computer got a tie, but Depressing got there first so Depressing it is.
>> No. 43852
File 121418278338.jpg - (99.20KB , 420x700 , meiling-boobs.jpg ) [iqdb]
You grimace, “Ha... Our history is pretty depressing, are you sure you want to know?” you say moments before you are pierced by a frosty glare from Keine.

“History is history.” she states, “Good or bad, happy or depressing, history is still history and people should learn about it - especially if it is bad, as that is the only way to learn from ones past mistakes.” Her voice is as frosty as her glare, evidently you hit a nerve or something with your casual statement. Komachi is laughing nervously, waving her hand trying to convince Keine to calm down while Meiling appears to not be paying attention to either of you. In fact, she looks a little upset...

“Miss Meiling?” You ask, luckily diverting Keine's attention from you to her...

Unfortunately you don't get a chance to ask what's wrong as the next thing you know is the deafening sound of an explosion right outside the house, the shockwave of which sends you lurching forwards into your thankfully empty bowl. Ask you pick yourself up Meiling lets out a wail of upset, causing you to look at her and her... her... well... Evidently her bowl had still been full. It wasn't anymore though as it's contents seemed to be currently spread across her ample chest and noodles were even now dripping down onto the table. You gulp as you realize something you hadn't realized before - Meiling doesn't wear a bra.

[ ] Stare
[ ] Don't Stare
>> No. 43853
[x] Don't Stare
>> No. 43854
[X] Don't Stare
>> No. 43855
[ ] Stare
[ ] Don't Stare
Both. At the same time.
>> No. 43856
[ ] Double Stare

lol jk
{X} Don't Stare
>> No. 43857
How nice of you to actually give us a choice.

[x] Don't Stare
>> No. 43858
[ ] Don't Stare
>> No. 43859
[x] Stare
[x] Don't Stare

Chameleon eyes!
>> No. 43860
[X] Don't Stare

>> No. 43861
[x] Don't Stare

Iron will, Anon, iron will!
>> No. 43862
[x] Don't Stare

Self-controlling anon is self-controlling.
>> No. 43863
[x] Don't Stare

Must resist. They'll notice.
>> No. 43864
[x] Don't Stare...directly
>> No. 43865
Playin' with fire.

No really, [x] Don't stare.
>> No. 43866
And what if all China did so far was... calculated? Letting us carry her defenseless drunk self, letting us see her wet top...

"China: not as simple as you think"
>> No. 43867
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 43868
[X] Breasts
>> No. 43869
What if all that calculation was to see if we could be trusted NOT to do perverted things?
>> No. 43870
[X] Don't Stare

The steel will of a man of science!
>> No. 43871
[x] Don't Stare
>> No. 43872
File 121418542294.png - (238.77KB , 375x450 , Letty-wake.png ) [iqdb]
Somehow you manage to tear your eyes away from the girl and focus your mind on the problem at hand - the explosion outside. To be honest you don't know what you're going to do when you get there, but something compels you to run and find out what the hell the explosion was. As you dash out of the dining room you're vaguely aware of Komachi moving after you and Keine going to assist Meiling with her current problem. Your feet slip and skid on the hallway floor as you half run, half slide around the corner that leads to the front door - the direction you think the explosion came from. The door itself is wide open, the lock apparently wrecked by the pressure wave of the blast - how the hell the windows either side are in one piece you don't know, but it is possible they're military grade or something. Several steps outside the front door you slow and stop, staring in shock.

A few meters away is Marisa, staring at her hands in bewilderment. Not far from her is a shallow crater the size of... you pale and, beside you, Komachi starts swearing like a sailor. The noise seems to break Marisa out of her trance and she glances at you and Komachi in a mix of fear and shock then, with a swirl of skirt, she turns and runs towards the forest with her broom in hand - a few steps later she swings the broom down and... and...

The next thing you know is waking up lying on one of the sofas in the living area, Letty kneeling next to you with one cool hand pressed against your forehead. From the humming in the background you guess she had found and turned on the air conditioning in here too as, while not as cold as she had made her own room, the air here is definitely much cooler than normal... Some dim part of your mind also points out that unless Letty has been dunking her hand in ice-water, which given that it doesn't feel damp is not the case, her hand is far colder than it should be.

“Well, are you awake now? How do you feel?”

[ ] Ugh... What happened?
[ ] I... I feel fine, thanks.
[ ] Jus' lemme rest a bit...
>> No. 43873
[X] Ugh... What happened?
>> No. 43874
[x] I... I feel fine, thanks.

Letty points, go!
>> No. 43875
[ ] Ugh... What happened?
>> No. 43876
[x] I... I feel fine, thanks.
[x] What happened?
>> No. 43877
[x] What happen?

someone set us up the bomb.
>> No. 43878
[x] Ugh... What happened?
>> No. 43879
[x] Ugh... What happened?
>> No. 43880
[X] It's you!
>> No. 43881
[ ] Ugh... What happened?

Waking up to Letty's beautiful image... Could get used to this.
>> No. 43882
[ ] Ugh... What happened?

Who am I?

Who are you?

Did...something hit me?

Ah, who are all of you people?
>> No. 43883
[x] "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met."
>> No. 43884
{X} I... I feel fine, thanks.
{X} What happened?
>> No. 43885
since i want some sleep, i'll let yez keep voting and count when i wake up so... no winner yet (kinda)
>> No. 43886
>> No. 43889
[X] I... I feel fine, thanks.
[X] Ugh... What happened?

Damn black-white.
>> No. 43890
[X] "Ugh... What happened?"

Hopefully Marisa was "escorted" back by a squadron of F-22 Raptors.
>> No. 43891
[x] "I was having the most wonderful dream I was sharing a house with four beautiful women... and one black-white witch. And you were there, and you were there and OHGODMARISADON'THURT ME."
>> No. 43892
[X] I... I feel fine, thanks.
[X] Ugh... What happened?
>> No. 43893
[x] Ugh... What happened?

The hell happened? Did Marisa try magic and find the outside world screws it up? Curse you, Outside World!
>> No. 43895

The explosive results of the world attempting to resolve the paradox of magic in it? Time to learn some humility Miss Kirisame!
>> No. 43910
>Did Marisa try magic and find the outside world screws it up? Curse you, Outside World!

Curse? That would be a fucking blessing.

No longer would we feel trapped between a master spark & a hydrogen bomb. Rather, we could rest easy, knowing that their magic isn't quite functional, they need us as much as we need them.

Obviously, Reimu will have told them to not let out such an important secret, so we won't get a straight answer.
>> No. 43929
>No longer would we feel trapped between a master spark & a hydrogen bomb. Rather, we could rest easy, knowing that their magic isn't quite functional, they need us as much as we need them.

...the logical leap between the last clause and the rest of your comment is horrific.

Also, Marisa's reaction indicates that she was quite surprised, therefore Reimu probably did not know about this "secret" and gave them no such instructions.
>> No. 43934
File 121419411912.jpg - (287.85KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_0159.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 43936

>> No. 43948
I don't know, I assumed we passed out because we couldn't deal with seeing Marisa fly. Maybe some things work and some don't, though.
>> No. 43953
>...the logical leap between the last clause and the rest of your comment is horrific.

Touhoes can't work magic correctly in this world means that touhoes are not such a severe threat to this world's security. This means that if they prove especially violent or otherwise costly, they might just get atomized. Of course we'd have to let them know what that means for it to act as a deterrent.

When you're playing diplomat for the world, there's obviously going to be political ramifications to your actions. Try to keep up.
>Also, Marisa's reaction indicates that she was quite surprised, therefore Reimu probably did not know about this "secret" and gave them no such instructions.

We haven't seen any of them use magic, except for Marisa's gaff. We haven't seen any of them fly. They may have been told not to, while not given the reason. Even if they were given a reason and knew, Marisa is dumb enough in this story to have tried it out anyway.
>> No. 43955
I smiled. I don't get it, but I smiled.
>> No. 43960
Aren't magic and Danmaku sort of different things?

Sure Danmaku requires magic, but magic itself?
>> No. 43968
>>Not far from her is a shallow crater the size of... you pale and, beside you, Komachi starts swearing like a sailor.

Anyone else worried about what Marisa blew up?
>> No. 43982

Our van, probably.
>> No. 43983
Pretty certain that danmaku is just one application of magic, like our air conditioners (This story is now unofficially renamed to Touhou: Air Conditioner) are an application of laws of physics.
>> No. 43984
[x] "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met."

Letty's the best.
>> No. 43985
[X] Ugh... What happened?
[x] "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met."
>> No. 43986
File 121421006413.jpg - (351.55KB , 800x640 , Tc_01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Holy shit.
I knew I saw this guy somewhere before.

[X] Ugh... What happened?
[x] "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met."
>> No. 43987
hyperventilating from laughing so hard at this
>> No. 43988
Ability unlocked
>> No. 44001
[x] S.G.G.K.
>> No. 44010
Deeming us "expendable" may simply mean they're willing to find replacements should we fail and be killed by them; hence, the touhous may not need us as you initially stated.

>Touhoes can't work magic correctly in this world means that touhoes are not such a severe threat to this world's security. This means that if they prove especially violent or otherwise costly, they might just get atomized. Of course we'd have to let them know what that means for it to act as a deterrent.
Whatever Marisa did KO'd us from quite a distance. Even if this was her magic not operating quite the way she expected, it's not clear that her destructive powers are at all diminished. So it's not clear that they're less dangerous.

That said, what's this about world security? There's no specific mention of a world government and us being its diplomat--at best we're being forced to play host by the japanese government. And if, in AD's world, the japanese regime in 2012 consists of bastards for whom acceptable policy is grabbing a civilian at gunpoint, threatening his boss, and marching him off to play host at a ground intended for nuclear weapons testing...then let them take a couple of master sparks.
>> No. 44012

They're not necessarily as bastard-ish as you think, just terrified. I mean lets face it, they've just discovered a huge area which has been hidden for hundreds of years and, by all reports, is filled with things which eat people and don't necessarily die when shot at.

Some level of bastard-ness is bound to stem from the fear of that.
>> No. 44013
“ugh...” You groan, for a moment you consider just laying here for a while longer - Letty's cool hand feels nice against your forehead and, well, having someone nursing over you is a pretty nice feeling in itself. But, even so, you try to pull yourself up into a sitting position - only to find Letty pushing you back down with cold hands upon your shoulders.

“Wait,” she says kindly, “A little more rest won't hurt you,” Despite her saying this you get the vague impression that she hadn't expected you to be quite so aware so soon. A bit silly, you though, as it wasn't as if you had been beaten unconscious or anything... Given your lack of injury and general state you make the educated guess that you fainted for some reason - although why you're not entirely sure... that memory is a little fuzzy at the moment.

“Wh... What happened?” you say after a few moments, again trying to sit yourself up.

This time, however, Letty seems happy enough to let you do so - evidently having decided that you have recovered enough for now. She also seems a little embarrassed at your question - though you can't for the life of you understand why. “Marisa...” she begins, “Marisa did something she was asked not to do out here, and you fainted when you say it. That's all.”

That's right... you had rushed outside to see what the explosion had been, only to see Marisa and...

“Miss Letty...” you ask, a feeling of dread welling up inside you, “... What happened to the luggage?”

“Destroyed.” Is her reply, “We all managed to save a little but... Hm, I do hope you know of a good tailor, because we're all going to need one soon.” Looking at you she frowns slightly, more to herself than at you. “Especially Meiling.” She states, “She will not admit it but... She came here with nothing but the clothes on her back. I can't pretend to understand what goes on at the Mansion of that Scarlet Devil Remila, but it appears Meiling was evicted without warning to be sent here.” As you watch Letty's mouth draws into a tight line, “For someone who is supposed to be a 'refined lady'... If I get my hands on that little girl,” she whispers to herself, “I would teach her a few things about real manners myself.”

You grimace, “What about Marisa?” you ask. Try as you might you simply couldn't understand how a little girl like Marisa could possibly have made an explosion like that without some kind of weapon. Come to that, you're still not sure why you fainted but... no, it didn't really matter now - there were more important things to worry about.

“She's being given a lecture by Keine,” comes Letty's reply, “It seems it was mostly accidental... so I doubt she will be getting too harsh a lecture. Besides... she seemed a little upset by the whole thing herself. In case you're wondering, Komachi is off drinking and cursing up a storm in the garden outside the kitchen, while I last saw Meiling offering to carry what was left of the luggage upstairs for everyone.”

[ ] Stay here with Letty a while longer,
[ ] Go find Keine and Marisa,
[ ] Find out what Komachi is up to,
[ ] See if Meiling needs any help.
>> No. 44014
[X] Stay here with Letty a while longer,
>> No. 44015
[X] Stay here with Letty a while longer,
Letty hasn't been getting enough attention.
>> No. 44016
[ ] Go find Keine and Marisa
>> No. 44017
[X] Stay here with Letty a while longer,
[X] Ask what Marisa did.

If our brain goes into LOGIC ERROR whenever magic is cast we need to know.
>> No. 44025
>As you watch Letty's mouth draws into a tight line, “For someone who is supposed to be a 'refined lady'... If I get my hands on that little girl,” she whispers to herself, “I would teach her a few things about real manners myself.”


[X] Stay here with Letty a while longer.
[X] Agree that the Meiling girl seems to take an awful amount of abuse.
[X] Tell Letty that there are frozen climates in this world, where the outside stays cold all year round.
>> No. 44026

>> No. 44029

Don't tell Letty about frozen climates out of the blue. That's practically telling her to get out.

[X] Stay here with Letty a while longer.

Love Letty.
>> No. 44030

>> No. 44031
[X] Stay here with Letty a while longer.
>> No. 44032
>“For someone who is supposed to be a 'refined lady'... If I get my hands on that little girl,” she whispers to herself, “I would teach her a few things about real manners myself.”

Cirno's recklessness rubbed off on Letty? AWESOME!! LETTY IS FUCK AWESOME!!

[ ] Stay here with Letty a while longer

Get this woman another bag of frozen peas! She deserves it!
>> No. 44033
>Don't tell Letty about frozen climates out of the blue. That's practically telling her to get out.

Yeah, lets not tell the girls about anything in this world that they might find interesting; otherwise they might run away looking for it!
>> No. 44034
I'm pretty damn sure winter existed before the border went up. Letty probably already knows about arctic climates and the like.
>> No. 44035

Hey, it's fine to tell them if it comes up in conversation, or they ask. But if we're just sitting around, especially after an irritating incident, then it's a strange thing to bring up.

Have you no sense of appropriate timing?
>> No. 44036
(And also because it's neat to hang around with Letty, who hasn't showed up in other stories.)

[x] Stay here with Letty a while longer,
[x] Ask what Marisa did.

>They're not necessarily as bastard-ish as you think, just terrified.
Hmm, maybe. But if we extrapolate and make inferences about the checks and balances on their powers and the nature of their policies based on how Ryogi entered this situation, I'd still condemn them as being a QUALITY government. Though as a way to get Ryogi quickly into this story situation, it's fine by me.
>> No. 44037
[ ] Go find Keine and Marisa
>> No. 44038
[x] Stay here with Letty a while longer,
>> No. 44039
They sent an seemingly randomly chosen citizen rather than a diplomat, ambassador, or some other person skilled in relations. They are either bastards, incompetent, or planning to unleash the nukes.

Also you can bet that the house is bugged and we've got 18 satellites watching our every move.
>> No. 44040
[X] Stay here with Letty a while longer,
[X] Ask what Marisa did and why she is like this.
[x] Prep the car to take the girls into town for a SHOPPING SPREE!!! (also grocery shopping)
>> No. 44041
File 121424640249.png - (141.18KB , 450x350 , 43f38a7686cb7e05c6cf4cac99b8aeba.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Stay here with Letty a while longer



>> No. 44042

>> No. 44043
File 121424712354.jpg - (69.70KB , 500x685 , letty1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks as if we're only 3 invoking Letty route 3 threads in.

Should I stamp the "Best VN Evar" stamp on this, or should I wait the standard 5 threads?
>> No. 44044
[x] Stay here with Letty a while longer

I love me some ice lady.
>> No. 44045
>> No. 44047
>> No. 44051
“That's alright,” you murmur, “I don't exactly feel up to moving about much yet.” Although you probably could if you wanted to, it's not exactly a lie - you do still feel a bit dizzy. “Besides,” you add, “I have a lovely nurse looking after me, why would I want to move?”

Letty gives you a lopsided grin and raps one knuckle against your head in a in response. “My,” she says, “Aren't you the smooth talker, only just up and already with the pickup lines. Still, I suppose I should be flattered - I don't get to talk to very many people much normally.”

“Oh?” You look at the lavender-haired woman curiously. She looks normal too you... well, aside from maybe the hair color, but given how many people in the big cities dye their hair it's not impossible that she could have been able to do the same in Gensokyo. “I can't see why not, you're not a ten-foot tall man eating monster after all.”

“Oh,” Letty smirks, “I haven't eaten a man in years. I'm on a diet after all.” You start in shock before realizing she's joking and settle back down. “Wound a little tight?” She asks, “Although it is hardly surprising, everything has happened so fast after all.”

“Yeah... Just a week ago I was a normal, average guy who probably wouldn't have amounted to much.” you say, “Now I'm living with five ladies... well, four ladies and one girl at least.” Glancing over at the window you stare at the field and forest outside. “When they told me there were youkai in gensokyo who ate people... I guess I was kind of terrified. I didn't know what to expect, monsters I suppose.” Turning back you smile at Letty, “I didn't expect five normal women, that's for sure!”

“Normal?” Letty asks, and you could swear she's trying not to snicker. “How do you mean normal?”

“Well..” you reply, “You know... normal. You all look like any other girl in the world, you know? Even Keine, and I already know she must be a youkai.... Still, it's weird they sent four humans and a you-” You pause as Letty gives up trying to hold her snickering in and starts laughing, her hands pulled in to cover her mouth. “Er... Miss Letty? What's, uhm, what's so funny?”

“Oh, nothing dear, nothing.” She manages to reign in her laughing and smiles at you, “You know, I was horribly afraid that this was going to be a disaster from the start. So far you've shown me that, at least, there's a chance that I might actually enjoy this.” her smile turns into a smirk, “Especially since these 'Air Conditioners' mean it's cold enough for me to actually be awake. Normally I spend most of my time sleeping, now I may actually get to enjoy the other seasons for once.”

You frown, “Wait... what do you mean by that?” you ask, only to have Letty stand up.

“That, I think, is enough question time for now mister Ryogi,” she says gently, “You'll find out soon enough anyway, at least let us keep out secrets a little longer hm?” She smirks, “it'll be more fun that way, don't you think? Besides, it's getting close to mealtime - and none of us know how to operate your kitchen, so you're going to have to make a move yourself anyway.”

Sighing you push yourself up and off of the sofa. She's right - the miracles of a modern oven cooker could probably kill any of the girls and you really didn't want to think what would happen if any of them tried to use the microwave... Mentally you note to teach them how to use the oven, at least, as soon as was convenient. For now though, it was time to rummage through the freezer and find something suitable... actually, thinking about it, you could probably teach one of the girls now...

[ ] See if Keine is free to be taught,
[ ] Check if Meiling wants to help cook,
[ ] Ask Komachi if she wants to try,
[ ] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen
[ ] Maybe Letty would be interested in cooking.
>> No. 44054
[x] Stay here with Letty a while longer

Tonight, Letty is Love!
>> No. 44055
[X] Maybe Letty would be interested in cooking.
>> No. 44056
[ ] See if Keine is free to be taught

Safest choice. Komachi and Marisa are microwave type eaters, Letty would fall asleep in front of a stove and burn the entire building down, and China... she might not want to do it out of respect towards Sakuya. Keine is the ONLY choice, it seems.
>> No. 44058
[ ] Maybe Letty would be interested in cooking.
>> No. 44060
[x] See if Keine is free to be taught

I can see Letty falling asleep due to all the warmth in the kitchen. And subsequently catching on fire.
>> No. 44062
[X] Maybe Letty would be interested in cooking.

Might as well teach her how the kitchen works, so that she doesn't end up hurting herself near the oven later on. Plus, while we might be able to make hot food for the others, she may not enjoy it. This would be a good time to ask her what she likes to eat.

Probably cold salads and sandwiches.
>> No. 44063
{X} Check if Meiling wants to help cook.
One Meiling Special coming up~
>> No. 44068
[X] See if Keine is free to be taught,
>> No. 44069
[x] Check if Meiling wants to help cook

>> No. 44072
>Chill out, Letty fans. We need to spend time with all the girls.

> Chill out, Letty

That's the plan.
>> No. 44075
[X] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen

A little one-on-one time with the problem child would be good. Do some normal things, maybe apologize about snapping at her in front of the others, start working on her education, learn something about her, etc. Need a chance to get on her good side. Probably not force whatever the explosion was about, though. That can wait.

It'll be awfully awkward if we isolate Marisa right off the bat and it stays that way.
>> No. 44076
Meiling = workhorse. give her a break.
Letty = maybe, though I don't know how well she'd do around cooking heat.
Keine = maybe, but is probably tired from lecturing
Marisa = only if she is sorry and wants to make it up to us (DOUBTFUL). Though maybe showing her new toys could cheer her up. Good time to apologize.
Komachi = drunk?

I vote Marisa.
>> No. 44078
[X] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen
>> No. 44079
[ ] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen

Getting in good points might help.
>> No. 44080
[x] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen

If that won't work out, second choice Keine.
>> No. 44081
[z] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen

We can ask her what exactly happened with her.
>> No. 44083
Surprise victory by Marisa... huh. And here i was ready to write Keine.

Well, marisa it is then.
>> No. 44087
The weirdest come from behind vote I've ever seen... MARISA CAN'T COOK! It's a staple of hers...
>> No. 44089
I bet even Marisa can use a microwave.
>> No. 44094
She's going to Tim Taylor the microwave! She'll try to give it MOAR POWER!, and level a city block.
>> No. 44095
It's good. We need to be nice to everyone if we want to succeed on the endings.

So far (and including this Marisa choice) we've given attention to pretty much everyone except Komachi. Remember to give busty readhead some attention later.
>> No. 44100
"GET BACK TO WORK, WETBACK!" comes to mind.
>> No. 44108
[x] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen.

She'll get a kick out of the stove and microwave.
>> No. 44110
[x] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen
[x] Maybe Letty would be interested in cooking.
>> No. 44117
[ ] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen

She makes those random mushroom stew thingies, right? Surely the kitchen is not a lost cause for her.
>> No. 44123
[ze] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen

>> No. 44125
[x] Offer to show Marisa how to use the kitchen.

'This is a microwave. You put food in it, press the buttons and it cooks it.'

"Awesome! I can't wait to try it ~ze!"

-10 minutes later-

'... What happened to the house. Marisa?'

"I-I dunno, it was like that when I got here ~ze."
>> No. 44132
Marisa actually seems to be kind of smart when she's actually working on something. Kind of have to just to be a successful Magician.

It's only in conversation that she acts like a complete idiot.
>> No. 44139
Actually, you feel maybe a little sorry for Marisa - you had pretty much knocked her down in front of everyone earlier and, if Letty is right, the girl lost just as much as everyone else when the luggage got destroyed. Worse, she knew it was her fault - if only accidentally... although how someone can 'accidentally' blow something up like that without the aid of explosives was more than a little beyond your understanding.... Unless, of course, Marisa was a youkai. Could youkai make things explode at will? You have no idea but you have pretty much decided that it might be an idea to at least make an attempt at getting back onto her good side.

Maybe you could offer to teach her how to use the kitchen? It would give her something to brag about for a little while and it would help you get a handle on what youkai, like you were now pretty sure she was, actually ate.

Leaving the living room you were expecting to have to wander around most of the house before you found the girl but, luckily for you, you caught her just as she was leaving the study room. Given her slightly upset expression Keine was probably inside having just chewed the smaller girl out somehow. As she notices your presence you step back in nervousness from the decidedly angry glare she throws out at you. “What?” She demands, “You gonna yell at me too? 'cuz I heard it all already.”

“Uhm...” You're aware you face and hands are twitching slightly - if Marisa could blow apart the luggage she could probably do the same to you. “Actually... I was wondering if you wanted to help make dinner Miss Kirisame... you can pick what we make?”

Marisa stares at you for a few long moments. “Fine.” she says at last, “You have any mushrooms?”

“Er... what?” the question caught you off guard, mainly because you had expected a flat out refusal.

“Mushrooms. You got any? I want to make mushroom soup.” the girl states as she forces her way past you in order to get to the kitchen, “And one more thing.” she adds, as she gives you a glare that makes you shudder in fear from the intensity of it. “Don't ever call me 'Miss Kirisame' again.” with that the girl storms off into the kitchen leaving you to follow along behind.

Several minutes later and you have finished the initial explanation of the kitchen, the kettle and sink are no longer mysteries to Marisa and the fridge, while mostly a mystery, she has at least accepted as being were fresh food is kept - including a pack of mushrooms, much to her delight. You've shown her where the pots and pans are kept and hauled out a reasonable sized one. Marisa had stayed pretty angry early on but with each new thing shown to her she mellowed out a little. Now she seemed to be cool, but not necessarily angry with you.

“Butter.” She states, her eyes closed. “Some cream, a couple of onions... a lot of mushrooms, those are kinda weedy but they'll do I guess.” As she lists each item you move around the kitchen, delving into the fridge and other cupboards - only to place the requested item on the counter next to the oven hobs. “Chicken bones, we'll need to make a stock with them so they better be good ones.”

You pause, smirk, and pull a stock cube out of one cupboard. Marisa's eyes were still closed, so she wouldn't notice the lack of bones until she opened them. Marisa, naturally, kept reciting ingredients for a little while more.

“What the heck is this?” Or... maybe not. “Where the hell are the bones! You can't make stock without bo-” She stops her tirade suddenly, mainly because you've just stuck the stock cube in front of her nose. “Wha...? What's this thing?”

“Stock cube,” you say, “Just add it to hot water and you get stock, much more convenient than messing about with bones.”

“... the outside world is pretty lazy, huh?” Marisa states after snatching the cube from your hand and sniffing it experimentally. “Everything is so convenient...”

Not much is said after that as the two of you are too busy preparing the meal for everyone. You, who are used to only preparing food for yourself, find it a bit of a struggle to prepare enough for six people. Even Marisa doesn't seem to be too confidant and you get the feeling that she too usually only cooks for herself. As you cook you teach the young blonde the simpler points of using your gas oven - including several warnings about the dangers of it's misuse. Marisa herself seems impressed by the concept of a flammable, invisible, smell - you did try to explain the concept of gas as a matter but Marisa's blank look had made you give up. Maybe, when you next go into town, it would be an idea to pick up a few entry level science books... chemistry and physics, ideally some with diagrams.

You shake your head, that's something to think about later on, not right now. So far you've made a salad and cooked your last few pieces of fish while Marisa, after being shown how to light the oven hobs and introduced to the use of instant stock, had busied herself with making mushroom soup. Now the pot was cooling down, big chunks of mushroom floating in the liquid... in all honesty it didn't look too appetizing right now.

“Hn...” Marisa is staring at it. “I need to... squish the mushrooms.” She looks at you, “Don't you have something to do that? Squish 'em all to paste in the pot then mix it up.”

You stare at the mix alongside her, trying to work out exactly what it is she wants to do...

“usually,” she says, “I'd just...” she trails off, “... never mind, I don't know if it'll work here and I don' wanna get blamed for ruining dinner too.”

2-part vote:
[ ] Let Marisa do whatever it is she usually does.


[ ] I have a tool to do that,
WRITE IN - Which tool / appliance?
>> No. 44143

Oddly enough I was thinking something along that line as well.
>> No. 44144
[x] I have a tool to do that.
[x] rolling pin
>> No. 44145
[ ] A food processor could blend them, then a potato masher could be used if necessary?
>> No. 44146
I'm conflicted.

Part of me wants to gain points with Marisa by saying it's alright to do what she normally does, and part of me wants to try to impress her with the food processor...

I don't know. Whatever you bunch decide, I guess.
>> No. 44147
[x] I have a tool to do that:
[x] Pestle and mortar!
[x] Blender!

Either should work to pulp something to a paste. Which one is picked depends on the availability of the tech, I suppose.
>> No. 44148
[x] I have a tool to do that,
Potato masher. Don't know the proper name, though.

>“... the outside world is pretty lazy, huh?”

>> No. 44149
I'm pretty sure a food processor + masher could get the same consistency as a lot of mashing.
>> No. 44150
File 121426208128.jpg - (16.55KB , 500x500 , potatooo.jpg ) [iqdb]
{X} I have a tool to do that.
Potato masher?
>> No. 44151

>> No. 44152
When I think about it again, the pestle and mortar would probably be better suited to the task than a blender, despite being lower tech. But it's so low tech I'm not sure the place would have it.
>> No. 44153
Don't forget the prime objective of this VN. We aren't suppose to let them use THEIR methods, but our technology. We're getting points just by teaching her this stuff.
>> No. 44154
Sounds like she could use a [x] Food processor.
>> No. 44156
[x] I have a tool to do that,
Potato masher

Eventually Shiki is going to have to learn about everyone's secrets, like the fact that there's four youkai and one human, not the other way around.

But then, our goal is to teach everyone the wonders of technology. Plus it's not worth risking our dinner. Especially when we can just ask what her method was afterward.
>> No. 44158
I think a potato masher is just called a potato masher...
>> No. 44159
File 121426230462.jpg - (24.47KB , 450x488 , fn-shotgun.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] I have a tool to do that

I don't trust Marisa's cooking. Especially when the only mushroom soup I'm aware of that she makes ends up as solid bricks she uses in magic and experiments.

Failing that (and I know it will anyway), Potato masher.
>> No. 44160
Couldn't a food processor be used to puree stuff? That's what we want, to puree stuff, right?
>> No. 44162
Pretty much. It's what you get from a lot of mashing.
>> No. 44165
[x] Blender!
oh god yes!
>> No. 44167
[x] I have a tool to do that
[x] Potato Masher
>> No. 44168

[x] I have a tool to do that
[x] Potato Masher

>> No. 44169
[x] I have a tool to do that,
Potato masher

I'll be good to vent her frustration. Also, Marisa's independent. She doesn't seem to like machines doing the job for her. The Potato Masher's the perfect choice.
>> No. 44170
[x] I have a tool to do that
[x] Potato Masher

>> No. 44171
[X] I have a tool to do that,
Garlic press?
>> No. 44172
[X] I have a tool to do that,
[X] A distinguished, pink, spiked dildo. Great for both stirring and mashin.
>> No. 44173
Pic made me lol hard.

[x] Blender!
The more violent the tool, the better. Gotta impress~
>> No. 44175
Potato masher seems to have won, writan.
>> No. 44176
What? Blender pretty much = Food processor, if you didn't know.
>> No. 44178
>Potato masher seems to have won, writan.
SHIIIIIT! Potato masher won't be able to properly grind mushrooms worth a damn.

Blender/Food Processor is the only answer.
>> No. 44180

I'm sure Marisa can figure out how to squish potatoes with it.
>> No. 44181
I know processor 'n blender are the same - i counted 'em as such, i just counted more votes for masher is all.
>> No. 44241
[X]I have a tool to do that
[X] Benelli M3 tactical with flechette shells