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You are stirred from your sleep by a gentle rocking. You open your eyes, and feel a light tap on your cheek. It takes a few seconds before you realize you're floating on water, but you don't panic. Rather, the feeling is very relaxing You're aware that you're back in your original body, and that you must be in another of these strangely lucid dream worlds. You have no problem with it, since you feel so at peace right now. You decide to enjoy the sensation for a while longer, floating effortlessly on your back in this, what is it anyway? A lake? You enjoy your time, looking up at the clear blue skies above you.

After a few minutes of aimless floating, you feel a soft brushing against your back, which quickly gives way to a solid surface. You must have drifted onto the coast, then. You consider pushing your way back out into the water to enjoy floating around a little bit when a little girl pops her head into view, long blonde hair tied at the ends with ribbons looks down at you, head cocked to one side. She looks you over, studying you, with her deep yellow eyes, and when her eyes meet yours, she gives you a smile.

"Hi," she says cheerfully. "What's your name?"

You watch her for a few seconds, her eyes watching your face as she waits for a response.

"I'm-" you respond, but your voice fails you before you can say your name, even if you can feel your mouth forming the sounds. The little girl gives a small giggle.

"That's a funny sounding name," she says, looking around for a moment. You take a moment to notice her rather simple looking purple dress, adorned with the occasional line patterns, before she looks back down at you, then crouches down and pokes you on the forehead. "You wanna play with me?" she asks with the same cheer. It wouldn't hurt to play with her afterall, since you're in a dream. You manage a nod, and she smiles and stands back up quickly before running off out of sight before you can get yourself to a standing position.

Once you manage to pull yourself to your feet, you look in the direction the little girl ran, only to find yourself looking at a woman, a fan covering half of her face, but the same tell tale golden ponytails give her away.

"Such a nice person you are," she says, mouth concealed by the fan. You notice that her clothes look much more elaborate now, with the main portion of her dress being a light blue with white patches. "Offering to play with a little girl you just met, even though you know you could never stay here with her."

She closes the fan and rests it against her other hand, which she has tucked up against her body. She takes a few steps towards you, and you feel a lingering memory. You've heard this voice before, somewhere, but where? This woman can apparently see your thoughts, because she offers a slight giggle, with a very eerie echo of the little girl's voice following shortly after hers. She stops approaching you and simply stands there, watching you. She idly taps the closed fan against her hand, which draws your attention. In that moment, you realize she did it on purpose to lure you into looking in the direction of her chest. She offers another laugh.

"You like what you see?" she asks, leaning forward while looping one arm across her chest, just under her bustline. While you can't deny that she is endowed, you notice something else bizarre. The white patches on her dress look like they're moving. "Maybe you'd like a closer look?"

You look up at her, surprised, and don't have time to react to her hands closing in on the sides of your head. She pulls you forward without effort and draws you towards her bosom. Instead of meeting with solid matter though, you seem to pass right into her, and her hands come off your head as you fall through an impossible hole in the sky, entering a total freefall with no ground in sight. Now you panic, and you instinctively try to fly, only to find that you are making no headway in the matter. The clouds around you whip past you as you plummet through endless sky, your mind racing. Even though this is just a dream, you can help but feel the fear as your thoughts are choked out by the sound of wind rushing past your ears.

You're too busy worrying to notice the woman is right beside you again, falling through the air. Instead of the wild tumbling you're doing however, she's falling perfectly straight, head pointed in the direction you're travelling. She falls past you, then seems to slow her fall slightly, and looks down at you. Down from her perspective at least.

"Now why are you rolling around like a fool?" she says, her voice completely drowning out the speeding winds. You blink in your confusion and sit up, propping yourself up in the grass on one hand, and rubbing your head with the other. Why were you rolling around like that? Wait, no, you were just falling. You look around at the grasslands that surround you, then back to the woman. She's gone. How annoying.

You get to your feet once more, looking around at the endless field of grass. While not entirely unpleasant for a dream, it is a little boring. Being as lucid as it is, you wonder how much control you have over the world, and simply through imagination, you create a forest from nothing, watching as the trees spring from the ground fully formed and rise around you. You quickly find that flight is restored to you, and float above the treetops. You get an oddly nostalgic feeling at the view, thinking back to Alice's house. You hear a creaking sound behind you, and spin around to see something that surprises you; a windowed tower poking out from the trees. Alice's house? Now you're intrigued, and decide to float over to check it out.

It's much as you remember, right down to the locks, the scorch marked walls, and the window that Marisa uses to climb in, you now use too. Once you get inside though, you notice something that makes your head jump. The front portion of the house, where you spent most of your time, is fully formed, but looking towards the farther parts, the room seems to break away into a deep, inky blackness spotted with lights. It only takes a comet streaking past to make you realize that it's opening out into space. No way, you float back out of the house and look at it from the outside. It's fully formed outside, but the inside is something else entirely. How bizarre. You lose interest though, since it's not really anything you haven't seen before. You should imagine something else now, something new.

[] You envision a large, glorious castle built next to a clear river.
[] You envision a grand tower, topped by a beautifully decorated red bell.
[] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.
[] You envision a night sky, just after sunset, with a large and clear waxing gibbous moon.
[] You envision a cold, remote cave in a far mountain, formed out of limestone.

God damn it how can I fail so many times at making a thread. orz Pic related, my face after failing to correctly make this thread FOUR time.

Putting this up for character votes. Going to sleep now, and will be returning in about 6-7 hours and getting to the actual thread.

>> No. 42521
[x] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.

Waiting for one's arrival.
No regrets, this is the only path.
Her whole life was...
>> No. 42522
[X] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.

Guessing this is either one of Alice's dolls, or Medicine. Either one is fun.
>> No. 42523
[X] You envision a night sky, just after sunset, with a large and clear waxing gibbous moon.
Maybe Reisen if i am lucky.
>> No. 42524
[x] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.
The possibility of possessing one of Alice's dolls is just too good to pass up. She'll think we beat her to the punch of making a working, independent doll, and then when Reimu exorcises us again, she'll realize we were just playing her like a harp. And then there will be RAGE.
>> No. 42526

No, "waxing gibbous moon" sounds more like Sakuya. It's all in the name.
>> No. 42527
[] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.
>> No. 42529
[x] You envision a cold, remote cave in a far mountain, formed out of limestone.

Hmmm. Cold, remote cave.... Letty?
>> No. 42536
[X] You envision a grand tower, topped by a beautifully decorated red bell.

<_< ...Gate guard~~~~
>> No. 42537

>> No. 42539
[x] You envision a cold, remote cave in a far mountain, formed out of limestone.
>> No. 42541
[X] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.
>> No. 42543
Dolls is it then
>> No. 42544
[x] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.

Even if it's a likely a red herring and actually Medicine ("rusted", "dolls"), Nitori ("mountain", "key"), or Hina ("mountain", "dolls"), still I wish to be the little Shanghai doll.
>> No. 42609
[x] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.

Bandwagon etc.
>> No. 42612
[x] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.
>> No. 42680
[] You envision a large, glorious castle built next to a clear river.

No regrets, etc
>> No. 42689
[] You envision a large, glorious castle built next to a clear river.
Youmu or Yuyuko. Probably Youmu, since Ezmode doesn't want us getting too powerful.
[] You envision a grand tower, topped by a beautifully decorated red bell.
[] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.
[] You envision a night sky, just after sunset, with a large and clear waxing gibbous moon.
Rumia? This could be lots of characters.
[] You envision a cold, remote cave in a far mountain, formed out of limestone.
An SA or PC-98 character.

[X] You envision a cold, remote cave in a far mountain, formed out of limestone.
>> No. 42695
I see then, very well.
>> No. 42697
Actually, 'Izayoi' means '16 day old moon' which should be waning gibbous, not waxing gibbous.
>> No. 42698
Hmm...I'm curious. I know Reimu's off-limits due to the tea, but can she be possessed later on? I wonder how that would work...

Also, it would be amusing to be possessing one of the people on our trail.
>> No. 42699
[x] You envision a desert with innumerable swords embedded in the ground.
>> No. 42701
So we possess the anon at /eientei/?
>> No. 42702
[x] You envision a desert with innumerable swords embedded in the ground.

I have no regrets, this is the only path.
>> No. 42703
We possess Saber?
>> No. 42704
Sounds not as planned
>> No. 42705

Bah, maybe I counted in the wrong direction, counting backwards from the next new moon rather than forwards from the last. Whatever though.

[x] You envision a mountain of dolls, each holding a rusted looking key.

Your eyes open, and you're immediately aware of an itchy feeling on your back. You pull yourself up to stratch it, and find yourself in a very simple looking house. It seems somewhere along the way you downgraded your quality of life, damn. At the very least, you're someone new now, but who you are is unsure. All you have to go by is your laced up red dress and hair, which was quite a peculiar looking colour. What colour was this again? Aquamarine? Hair comes in all colours in this world apparently, not that it would be much of a problem. You're also not surprised to find you're still inhabiting girls bodies, but unlike Alice, this one seems to have at least hit puberty at some point in her life, as a noticable presence of breasts occupies your chest now.

No use sitting around inside at the very least however you think to yourself, standing from the bed and inspecting the room more. It's really quite sparse, with only a bed large enough for you and a bedside table. Exiting the room, you find a small living area, complete with fireplace, a table and chair set, and a small book shelf sparsely filled with books. She mustn't spend a lot of time at home, which is pretty much fine by you. You notice a pair of knee high boots sitting just inside the front door. You're starting to feel a pattern for laced things here, and you hadn't even noticed the ribbon on your head yet.

It takes you longer than you expected to get the boots on, not quite used to putting on something like them. You think about maybe getting some practice in at some time in the future, just in case, but your mind is quickly taken off such things when you open the door and find yourself looking at an army of dolls, hanging from the trees just past your front door. Great, another weird girl. At least you might be able to act a little more freely. You leave the house, once again noting the utter lack of locks. Not that this one had anything to steal of any value. A quick test reveals that flight still works as expected, so you lift off and float through the trees. It doesn't take you too long to realize you're at the mountain you went to as Cirno, which means Aya is likely nearby. Once again, you're hit with a sweet smell. That again too, it smells even better to you now.

As much as you'd like to explore, you feel you should get to know yourself first, but where to start without being suspicious is lost to you. You try to see if there's any information you can get out of your new host body, but her mind is clouded. Sure, you could probably unlock memories by living her life, but you have no idea what she does, and her sparse living conditions give no real clue.

[] How about checking out that smell first.
[] Maybe we should pay Aya a visit.
[] Check out the mountain more.
[] Go somewhere else. [Write in]
>> No. 42706

There seems to be a common theme among anon's picking the exact options I don't want them to, but if I really wanted this to all go exactly as according to plan, it would be non-interactive.
>> No. 42707
[X] How about checking out that smell first.

Delicious smell, I must investigate it.

Also, hurray for Hina. One of my favorites.

Then again, almost any character with remotely green hair falls under my favorites eventually, often for reasons having nothing to do with their hair color. Odd, that one.
>> No. 42708
[X] Go visit the Shrine.
The brilliant thing is, she will never expect it, and we can find out who we are and even more how we can counter that exterminating things that she uses.
>> No. 42709
[] Check out the mountain more.

>> No. 42710
[] Maybe we should pay Aya a visit.
>> No. 42711
[] Check out the mountain more.

So what, Are we Hina now?
>> No. 42713
Now that this is over, can you tell us who would have been who in the choices?
>> No. 42714
[x] Check out the mountain more.

Hina is love. Well, Tetro's Hina was love anyway.
>> No. 42725


Someone caught on I was using literal interpretations of the names, but Letty was a bit of a hard one since it's already in English. I was going to go with a referece to 'A Murder is Announced' (lol Lettie Blacklock), but I figured that would be stretching it a little thin.
>> No. 42734
[x] Check out the mountain more.

Now would likely be a good time to take a better look aroudn the mountain, since you're going to be living here for a while at best. You look down again, making note of the area below you so you could find your way back here on your own later. No good to play someone's part and completely forgot about where they live. You start your way up the mountain.

It doesn't take too long before you reach a river flowing down from the waterfall. You float along for a bit before you notice something off about the river, and on closer inspection, you can see a thin band of shimmering rainbow colour in the currents of the water. Is there some kind of chemical in the water? A loud bang further up the river catches your attention, and you can see a small black tuft of smoke near the base of the waterfall in the distance. What in the world?

[] Go find out what happened.
[] Better to avoid it.

Feels like this thread is going quite slow.
>> No. 42735
[x] Go find out what happened.

Oho, why not gather some misfortune?
>> No. 42736
[x] Go find out what happened.
>> No. 42737
[X] Go find out what happened.

The river. Nothing messes with Hina's river. How else is she to bear away misfortune and help humans?
>> No. 42738
[] Go find out what happened.
>> No. 42739
[] Better to avoid it. Go see Aya.

We have almost no idea who we are at the moment. The best best balance of gaining sync safely is probably to talk to someone who knows the person we are possessing, and someone who we (the soul) have met before, so we don't screw up things like forgetting names.
>> No. 42740

EZ just said we're Hina genius.
>> No. 42741
The soul doesn't know that, genius.

If the kappa are having trouble with their experiments, going there as Hina will probably get us blamed...eh sounds like a good way to get into character.

[X]Go find out what happened.
>> No. 42742
File 121391641561.jpg - (162.41KB , 485x915 , 1208640731356.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Go find out what happened.

Yuusha-Oh Hina! AWAY!
>> No. 42744

Oh yeah. Disregard then I suck yaf's cock.
>> No. 42745
[x] Go find out what happened.

Given that there's a river in this area, it's likely to be important enough to everyone, so checking it out would be something that likely anyone would do, particularly residents of the mountain, especially at signs of pollution. You speed up your flying a little bit, getting closer to the gradually dissipating plume of black smoke. The closer you get, the more you see various bits of wreckage. Twisted, charred metal, bits of wire, what the hell?

At ground zero, you find a large patch of burnt ground containing the remains of some now completely destroyed mechanical device, along with the largest assortment of broken parts and a variety of tools. Fairly modern tools actually, there's even a rather new, if not slightly blackened, power tool, with interchangable drill bits and screwdriver heads. So there is modern technology in this world it seems. You search the blast site a little bit more, and find a young looking, blue haired girl laying several feet away in some bushes, her face slightly blackened, and slight scratches here and there, though apparently unconscious. The first thing you notice is a key secured to her chest by some straps looped over her shoulders, the second is that she looks like she's about 14 years old, roughly half your apparent age as far as you can tell from your limited view of yourself.

"Uu," the girl moans slightly, opening her eyes with a grimace. "Ah, Hina. Ho-how's ya' doin'?" she asks, sounding a little dazed. She must have been blown back by the burst. You kneel down to help her sit up, and you can practically feel her head spinning. Hina she said, then that's probably your name.

"You okay?

She hold up her hand, giving an 'OK' sign. She doesn't seem that great, but she's alive at least, and she doesn't look like she has any serious injuries. At the very least you don't see any punctures or blood on her dress, so nothing from the explosion hurt her. Can't say too much about her landing though. You decide to stay with her for a few more minutes just to make sure.

Much to your relief, she starts to come around quickly, and before long she's managed to get onto her feet, though still a little wobbly, she starts brushing herself off.

"Stupid machine," she grumbles to herself, patting the pockets along the bottom of her dress and looking around the area surrounding her. "I was tinkering with it perfectly fine one minute, but I must have hit something wrong, or had a bit of bad luc-" she cuts herself off, casting you a brief sidelong glance. "Or, uh, maybe it was just some faulty wiring or something. I-I'm sure it wasn't due to any kind of misfortune. Or, y'know, anything like that..." she trails off, making a rather distinct effort not to look directly at you. Somehow you feel like it's relevant to you, that she's trying not to offend you, or who you are. Could it have some connection to your ability.

"I'm sure it was just a mechanical fault. Bad luck wouldn't make a machine explode like that." you say, trying to ease her a little bit, but also trying to play the situation. She wheels around to face you, thumb extended.

"E-Exactly! It was mechanical error!" she exclaims.

Definitely trying to keep from offending you. The girl starts heading towards the blast site, and you decide to follow her, not having anything better to do. The girl sighs in exasperation of the situation and starts searching the area, recovering a backpack from a nearby shrub, and starts packing the tools into it.

"It took me forever to find one of these generators, and it goes and explodes on me like that." she whines, pushing the tools into the pack. "I didn't even have enough time to make any kind of detailed blueprints of it either. Stupid Kourindou selling me broken machines."

Once she finishes packing the tools away, she slings the pack over her shoulders and turns her head towards you.

"I'm going to head back home to find something else to play with. Wanna come with?" she asks in a rather familiar tone. At the least she seems to be on friendly terms with who you're supposed to be, so going with her could be a good thing. Plus, you're kind of curious as to what kind of technology this would could have. If there's anything to be seen, this girl probably has it.

[] "That's okay, thanks for the offer though. I have other things to do."
[] "Sure! I'd love to. Lead the way!"
[] "Okay, but I can't stay very long."
>> No. 42746
[] "Sure! I'd love to. Lead the way!"

Oh this is gonna be fun.
>> No. 42747
[x] "Sure! I'd love to. Lead the way!"

Let's mosey.
>> No. 42748
[x] "Sure! I'd love to. Lead the way!"
>> No. 42749
[x] "Sure! I'd love to. Lead the way!"

friendly option
>> No. 42750
[x] "Okay, but I can't stay very long."

I wonder what would happen if we find Tewi somehow.
>> No. 42751

Gensokyo implodes.
>> No. 42752
File 121391941454.jpg - (46.84KB , 375x300 , 11.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 42758
[x] "Sure! I'd love to. Lead the way!"

The girl lifts off without another word, and begins flying across the river, moving upwards the whole time. You follow close behind her. In only a few minutes, the two of you arrive at a cave at a shorter part of the cliffside, and the girl enters. You see her use some kind of dial on the cave wall, and a string of lights turns on overhead, illuminating the cave. It all looks like some kind of mining lighting, with all the lightbulbs attached to a single wire attached to rivets in the ceiling. You follow the girl in as she goes further into the cave, and it curves back towards the waterfall. You spot a few cracks in the walls and ceiling that have small amount of water running through, even though you're quite far from the waterfall, and wonder if this place is entirely safe.

Another turn, and the cave opens into a large cavern. A really large cavern, in fact. In the far distance, you can see a large fissure that opens into the sky, and intersecting with the natural fissure seems to be a strong of what looks like large boreholes. It isn't until you follow the girl farther in that you realize that these holes were bored out off the local terrain, and are aligned with the arc of the sun so that natural sunlight reaches inside. This giant cavern has apparently been turned into some kind of village, as there are many houses built in here using a wide variety of construction materials and designs. You want to remark on the sight, as it's quite new to you, but you're not sure if 'you' should know this already or not. A few people are outside, and each of them seem to be working on something. You follow the girl as she walks down the one main street, looking around at everyone. A few people give you a cautious look, while others don't even seem to notice you. There are no explosions at least, so that's a good thing.

The girl walks up to a rather large wooden house, and pushes open the door, turning around to face you.

"Well, come on in then, I'll get some snacks, and-"

"Nitori!" a voice calls out, and the girl turns her attention to somone behind you. An older looking girl in a lab coat, maybe in her late teens, is walking up. She brushes aside some of her purple hair and adjusts her glasses. "How'd that generator turn out?"

You look back at the girl you followed, 'Nitori' apparently. She's rubbing the back of head head and looking at the porch with an expression you recognize very easily as 'Oh shit'.

"It exploded." Nitori says. The girl in the labcoat crosses her arms across her chest, bowing her head with a sigh.

"Did you remember to drain the fuel before you started playing with it?" Glasses asks, glaring at Nitori. You're almost positive she doesn't even see you. Nitori doesn't respond. Instead, she looks like she's pretending she didn't hear her, as she's taken a rather keen interest in the cavern ceiling.


"I forgot!" Nitori says rather flatly with a pout. "You'll have to forgive me for that, I was just too eager to take a look at it." she says with a shrug. Glasses looks like she was rubbed the wrong way, and storms up to the porch. You half expect her to hit Nitori, but instead she marches past her into the house. You look to Nitori, who only offers a shrug and a sheepish grin.

"Don't mind Rikako, Hina. She takes her work too seriously sometime, though I can understand she's upset about losing a generator that doesn't use water."

You look back into the house. You can hear some banging around in there, and you're hoping this Rikako isn't making trouble. Nitori doesn't seem to concerned as she practically skips into the house. You enter behind her, and despite how clear the entrance is, everything else is a mess of epic proportions. Random screws and bolts laying around, broken tools, bits of machinery laying around. One room looks entirely dedicated to some kind of engine, and varous smaller objects line shelves and tables. You even recognize a Gameboy among the various bits and pieces. At least, it looks like part of a Gameboy, since the casing is sitting nearby, and next to it lies what you would assume to be the circuit boards. They look like they were haphazardly worked together and finally notice that the LCD screen is detached. Instead, the entire thing looks like it's been wired to a loose TV screen sitting on the same shelf. You wonder if it can even work, but Nitori interrupts your examination by poking you in the arm.

You turn to her and find yourself looking at a plate of sliced cucumber.

"Have some!" she says with perhaps just a little too much excitement. You take some though, and Nitori follows suit.

"I see you were looking at some of the things I made, huh?" Nitori says, looking at the Gameboy-TV hybrid. "It works with the scren, but I still have to work on the controls. Then there's the whole issue of finding cartridges."

Seems it's not just a chaotic amalgamation of attempted science, and looking around at the various bits laying around, you wonder how many of these things actually do work, and what they used to be in the first place. Some aren't so obvious.

[] "What else do you have here?"
[] "You sure do love electronics, don't you?"
[] "This place looks like some kind of workshop."
>> No. 42763
[x] "What else do you have here?"

Nosing about.
>> No. 42770
[] "What else do you have here?"
>> No. 42771
[X] "What else do you have here?"

Maybe something that could say...make a doll move on its own?
>> No. 42772
[x] "What else do you have here?"
Anything that I can break by standing too close to it for a prolonged period of time?
>> No. 42775
[X] "What else do you have here?"
>> No. 42776
[] "What else do you have here?"
>> No. 42777
File 121392183819.png - (237.96KB , 600x609 , 1204493867154.png ) [iqdb]
> Rikako


[X] "What else do you have here?"
>> No. 42778
[x] "What else do you have here?"

Other options are things "we" should know already.
>> No. 42781
[X] "What else do you have here?"

Nitori looks around at the room, with a certain air of pride.

"More stuff like this. Lots of different machines and such laying around all over the place, I'm not sure what most of it is myself, but that's why I love taking it apart so much. Don't you just love taking apart something new?" she says, looking up at you. You're a bit unsure how to respond, but she seems to have made a bit of a slip up, as she laughs a bit. "No, actually, you probably wouldn't."

Nitori looks back over the room. She does seem to be on friendly terms with Hina, but you feel a little bad that you're taking over her friend, something you never really got with Alice. As opposed to Marisa, who simply felt like a nuisance and Patchouli, who felt like an acquaintance, no one really seemed to be friends with her. At least, not in the sense you're familiar with. Nitori makes a dismissive wave at the room.

"Well, these are more like my past projects, but I feel like playing with something new. Come on." she says, munching at cucumber slices the whole time. You make sure to take a few every now and then, since she's eating them at quite an incredible rate on her own. She leads you from the room down the hallway to another, cleaner room. Cleaner in the sense there's not as much spare parts lying around in the open, it's surely not clean in any sense of organization. For the most part, it's filled with boxes, most of which are closed. One of the open ones by the entrance looks like it's filled entirely with bolts. You imagine how much of a nuisance it would be to have to clean up that many bolts if the box managed to break, and the thought of 'bad luck' crosses your mind again.

Nitori definitely made a big deal out of trying to avoid saying it or insinuating you were the cause, so maybe you have some kind of supernatural presence that influences luck? You wish you knew more on the subject, but the idea of granting bad luck strikes you as particularly amusing, if only because you begin imagining ways you'd screw with Reimu for ejecting you from Alice. Actually, that doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, but you're definitely going to have to get a hang of Hina's abilities before you can really do anything.

While you were thinking to yourself, Nitori has been rummaging through boxes, and finally pulls out something that looks like a scanner.

"A ha! This looks interesting!" she says proudly, hoisting the scanner into the air and closing the box as best as she could with one foot. She heads towards the entrance and walks past you. You notice that she left the plate of cucumber slices behind. Having already observed her apparent ravenous love for them, you pick up the plate and head after her. Along the way, you note a set of stairs heading up, and realize you hadn't seen Rikako since you came inside. You figure she must be up there, and now you're curious as to what she could be doing.

[] Head upstairs.
[] Bring Nitori her cucumbers, then head upstairs.
[] Go outside with Nitori.
>> No. 42786
[x] Go outside with Nitori.
>> No. 42787
[x] Go outside with Nitori.
>> No. 42794
[] Bring Nitori her cucumbers, then head upstairs.
>> No. 42795
[x] Go outside with Nitori.

We're Her Guest, it wouldn't be right to wander off.
>> No. 42799
[x] Go outside with Nitori.
>> No. 42801
Does this story have an archive?
If so, link please.
>> No. 42803
[] Bring Nitori her cucumbers, then head upstairs.
>> No. 42805
[x] Go outside with Nitori.

You decide to stay with Nitori for now. Rikako seemed a bit pissed and you don't want to agitate her at whatever she's doing if she's up there. You head to the front door and step out, only to be greeted by a flash of light.

"Gyah!" Nitori shouts, recoiling from the scanner with her arms over her face. She's apparently already taken it apart and has managed to rig the scanning light to a wire, which is rigged to an outlet in the wall behind her. She must have been looking directly at the light when she turned it on. It's common sense to you not to do it, but Nitori apparently didn't know. You can't help but laugh at it.

Nitori looks over at you, continuing her blinking with a smile.

"Guess I deserved that," she said, sitting back up and turning off the light, rubbing her eyes again. She looks back to you and sees the plate in your hands. "Ah! I forgot those!" she states, standing up and taking the plate from you. "Thank you~!"

She eagerly returns to poking at the various components of the scanner, looking over the circuit boards and wires, checking every last detail of it. You sit on your knees nearby, watching the whole time. You're seen scanners, mostly the large photocopier variety, but you've never really seen one taken apart.

"These humans make some weird things in the outside world," Nitori says, looking through the clear plate of the scanner. "Like why would they make a box with such a big light in it? Why does it have all these little gears and moving parts," she says, looking at the track the light runs on. "I wish I knew what this kind of thing was for."

You feel a nagging voice in the back of your head. She's genuinely interested in stuff from the outside it seems, and you could perfectly explain a lot of things to her, but you'd blow your cover in the process. You haven't been in Hina too long, so no one has had a chance to get suspicious of you yet and it wouldn't be too hard on you if you had to leave her body.

[] Take the chance, Nitori will be thankful no matter the consequence.
[] Make hints at it's use, but try to play dumb as a cover.
[] Keep quiet, you don't want to give any hint towards your true nature.
>> No. 42809
[x] Make hints at it's use, but try to play dumb as a cover.

"I donno, maybe it's used to take data from a physical object and copy it into one of those computery-thingys you guys tinker around with... or, something."
>> No. 42810
[x]Make hints at it's use, but try to play dumb as a cover.

"It reminds of that camera Aya uses. It's a box that flashes with a big light too, right?" Subtlety gaems.
>> No. 42812
[x]Make hints at it's use, but try to play dumb as a cover.
>> No. 42814
[] Make hints at it's use, but try to play dumb as a cover.
>> No. 42815
Well put.

[x]Make hints at it's use, but try to play dumb as a cover.
>> No. 42819
[x]Make hints at it's use, but try to play dumb as a cover.

You couldn't risk exposing yourself, not yet at least. You decide to play it safe, all you need to do is choose your words carefully.

"It kind of makes me think about that camera thing that Aya uses. Maybe this makes pictures too."

Nitori looks at you with a bit of surprise. Maybe that was a bit too much? She looks back at the pieces of the scanner and pokes around at it.

"Looks really big for a camera..." she says, though she seems to get lost in her thoughts. "Unless... It's a giant's camera!"

Suddenly, she's full of life again, picking up the frame and turning it over, filled with a whole new perspective of the electronic device. She apparently doesn't even stop to think about the issues with the design if it was a giant camera, which you find kind of funny. She's arrived at a completely unexpected conclusion though, and you wonder if it would be okay to let her go on with her assumption, though you can't think of any way to explain it better without stating specific knowledge.

[] Correct her assumption.
[] It's fine if she doesn't know.
>> No. 42821
[x] It's fine if she doesn't know.

It doesn't really matter if she actully figures it out, just as long as she THINKS she's figured it out. Nitori probobly misunderstands a lot of outside tech, what's one more?
>> No. 42822
Fuck it. I'm sure Hina would want us tohelp her friend.

[x] Correct her assumption.

PLUS sync
MINUS safety
>> No. 42824
[x] It's fine if she doesn't know.
>> No. 42825
Even though I don't exactly like giving hints that can direct the action towards particular goals, I feel I should explicitly mention that taking safe options is, of course, safe, taking huge risks can lead to even bigger payoffs, even if they do destabilize your situation.

The main issue to keep in mind is who you are, and who you're telling. You could pretty much go around telling everyone you're the evil spirit if you're Tewi, and no one would believe you except for a few choice people. This is such an obvious thing for her case being that she's a liar that I don't even mind stating it quite plainly.

Timing is everything.
>> No. 42826
[] Correct her assumption, but play dumb.
>> No. 42827
[x]Correct her assumption.

I dunno if we have to worry about suspicion just yet, seems Nitori would be too excited to really notice we know a little too much now that she's in SCIENCE! mode. Though if we can work it in that some of the electronic parts remind us of the Game Boy thingy she showed us, that might make it seem like we're just observant, and deflect questions of how we know so much. After all, how does a curse goddess know what computers is?

Since we're about solving people's problems in this story, are we working through Hina to help Nitori this time (since we apparently didn't pick "right", heh, and it was mentioned these things could happen) or do we have some Hina trouble to work with? Find ways to quit accidentally bringing bad luck to people? Clean the river? Spin on?
>> No. 42828
Spin on! I like that. Sounds like a nice farewell message.

[x]Correct her assumption.
>> No. 42829
[] Correct her assumption, but play dumb.
>> No. 42832

Your task with Hina is to awaken the dormant Spiral energy of Gensokyo.

Sorry, I lied. Actually, I'm not sure if I want to state clearly what your goal is, or let you try to figure it out. Each character really has multiple problems in a variety of importance. Alice's main one was the autonomous doll, and a subtask was a romantic relationship. One that got pretty much entirely overlooked and avoided was to expand Alice's social reputation to help her stop being a shut in. Hina's main issue I think might be kind of clear if you take a moment to consider her character. Essentially, the problems boil down to 'Major issue, Romance subplot, Life improvement', just to get an idea.

There is no 'right' choice per se, it's just when I make options, I think ahead to what I'm going to write for each choice, which means that I'm essentially playing my own CYOA in order to make decisions as they happen. That fact that I'm making it though, I know what leads to all the best things, so when anon chooses something else than what I did, all the things I'm thinking of and laughing to myself about, they become ideas that remain locked in my head, waiting for a second playthrough perhaps.
>> No. 42833
The moment someone accuses us of being the "evil spirit" while we're Hina, we need to make a short speech about all the burdens we endure for the sake of humanity and the fearful, accusing stares we have to face every day like we're some sort of black sheep, and then proceed to run away crying.
It will be epic.
>> No. 42834
Hina's a bit of an odd case, since she really doesn't *have* a canon personality. Anything beyond "Hi, I'm the curse goddess, let's fight" is fanon, and who knows how you're going to interpret her.

Anyhow, [X] Correct her assumption.
>> No. 42835
[X] It's fine if she doesn't know.


Don't drop hints at times that will throw us off, man!


We need to do that if anyone accuses us of being ill fortune too angrily. Especially if somehow it's Nitori. When Nitori inevitably chases us down, we need to pull her into a hug and confess how happy we are that she tries so hard not to offend us. Then we need to kiss her.
>> No. 42836
Our task is to find MiG anon and drop him on a rock?
>> No. 42838

Ugh...Just remembering that makes me sick. Poor Reisen. Who turned out to maybe not really be in love with us.
>> No. 42841
[x]Correct her assumption.

If she got so excited over a misconception, you wonder how she'd react if you told her what it really was for. If she had the scanner, maybe she had an entire computer somewhere in the boxes. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to assume that there might be a computer somewhere in this world.

"Actually, Nitori," you say, taking a deep breath. "It's used to copy pictures onto a computer."

Nitori sets the frame down and looks at you for a moment, then back to the scanner frame and tilts her head.

"You think so?" she asks, completely oblivious to your potentially uncharacteristic revelation.

She spends a few seconds rummaging through the parts and uncovers the usb port. She looks like she's thinking about something, then she starts putting it back together. You watch her entirely reassemble the scanner in what could only have taken a minute, even though it was completely taken apart and practically scattered across the porch. She hoists the scanner again and marches into the house, and begins her way up the stairs, and you're close behind her.

The upstairs is no different then the ground floor, pieces of everything scattered everywhere, and Nitori stops in front of a door near the end of the hall.

"Hey Rikako, you think I can see something really quickly?" Nitori asks. You peek over her head to see Rikako sitting in the room in front a computer that's not only on, but working. Rikako looks at the scanner, then to Nitori, then finally at you. She looks back at the scanner.

"You're not going to be breaking things in here are you? This machine is extremely difficult to replace you know." Rikako says, placing her hand on top of the monitor. You'd have to bet that they'd be hard to replace, there doesn't seem to be any computer shops nearby afterall. Nitori walks over to the desk and sets the scanner on top of the tower, and turns it so she can see the USB port. She then starts poking around the computer, and apparently finds what she's looking for, because she quickly half-runs from the room and storms down the stairs.You consider following her, but a few seconds later she comes back up the stairs holding a couple black cords. Probably the power cord and USB cable. Rather convenient they were on hand, you'll have to ask where she gets this stuff later.

She goes to the scanner, and plugs the USB into the slot, then finds the matching slot on the computer, then finally connects the power cord. After a few seconds, a tone rings out from the speakers on the monitor, causing Rikako and Nitori to both jump, and Nitori starts cheering.

"It did something!" she exclaims, turning towards you. "Hey! You know how this works right!? Show me!"

Rikako looks at you, a quizzical look in her eyes. Well, seems you're in up to your knees now. You check the screen, noting the little information bubble that popped up on the screen. You take the mouse and click the bubble and you are greeted by a generic installation recommendation by the OS. Seems you're going to need to find the install disc.

"Hey, Nitori. Were there any discs in the box with this?" you ask, partially abandoning all inclintation to pretend you shouldn't know this kind of stuff. Nitori cocks her head to one side. She probably doesn't get it. You make a circular shape with your hands about the size a CD would be. "About this big, sometimes comes in a paper container?"

Nitori lights up, seems that you hit the nail on the head for her!

"Be right back!" she says as she rushes from the room again. You can see Rikako looking at you, her glare intensifying.

"How peculiar..." she says, eyeing you. You try to act non-chalant, like you're supposed to be a Hina that does this kind of thing all the time. Nitori comes running back holding several various white squares, which you recognize as the paper sleeves for discs. You take a few seconds to look through them until you find one for the installation of the scanner. The rest are for a variety of different things, printers mostly, and various other brands of hardware. You locate the CD drive on the computer and press the button to open it, popping the disc in. Nitori watches this the entire time, her eyes practically shining with anticipation while Rikako continues to give you a condemning glare of one who caught on to funny business.

The installation window pops up on the screen, and Nitori pushes past you to see it.

"Wow wow wow! I'd have never thought of this!"

She seems to incredibly happy over something so simple to you, but you consider that she could have very likely gone her entire life taking apart scanners and printers without ever knowing what they were for. Something like this is probably a world changing event for how she thinks of things. After a few seconds, the installation is done, and you lift the cover of the scanner.

"You got any pictures or something you want to test this on?" you say to Nitori, who is looking at you in a way you would think someone would look seeing the true form of God.

"Yes!" she says, running from the room once again. Rikako's continuing stare is beginning to burn holes in you, or so it feels. Nitori returns once more with an extremely detailed technical drawing. She hands it to you eagerly, and you place it on the scanner, closing it. With a simple press of the scan button, the machine starts up. Nitori looks like she's about to explode when she sees the light coming from it, and you half expect her to open it and stare directly at the light again. The few seconds the scan took, the software pops up on the monitor, displaying the scan of the drawing.

Nitori is utterly lost for words, staring at the screen like it just saved her life. Even Rikako, who had been giving you the evil eye, is looking at the screen with moderate surprise. Nitori suddenly jumps up to you and wraps her arms around you.

"Thank you Hina! I never thought you knew anything about these things!" she exclaims, squeezing you hard enough to make you feel like you're going to break. She lets go of you and looks up at you again. "Hey! Do you know how any more of these things work?" she asks expectantly.

"Moreso, Hina," Rikako says, butting in as she adjusts her glasses. "How do you know these things? You're a Curse Goddess, not a scientist or an engineer."

Curse Goddess? A step down in lifestyle, but a step up the power chain? Not that it would do you much good with no idea how to make use of your abilities.

[] Admit the truth about your spiritual possession.
[] Blame it on dumb luck.
[] Try to play it off as something you once read.
[] Don't explain anything and hope she gets over it.
>> No. 42842
[x] Don't explain anything and hope she gets over it.

We're the mysteeerious Curse Goddess!
>> No. 42844
[x] "I happen to have passed by Kourindou once, and the proprietor accused me of making one of these fail to work properly. He of course showed me how it was supposed to work, as he had been taught."
>> No. 42846
[x] Don't explain anything and hope she gets over it.
>> No. 42847
But how does soul know what Kourindou is?

Unless we went there as Alice that I'm not recalling.
>> No. 42849
You do realize that if Nitori actually asks Korin about this we'll be screwed.
>> No. 42850
Didn't Hina come across the border with the other Moriya goddesses? If that's the case, I'd expect her to at least have seen this sort of thing before.


[X] "Ah, a lot of people throw things out... I remember I found a booklet once that had something like this in it... I don't get a lot of visitors, and I have a lot of time, so..." Look down at the floor, sadly.

Rikako will feel like shit after that one.
>> No. 42851
[] Admit the truth about your spiritual possession.

"It was a cursed spirit that I absorbed. He knew about these items."
>> No. 42852
[x] "I can't explain it really. Something popped into my head, like flash of insight as what this was and how to make it work." Clutch your head. "Ow, I have a slight headache. Something like this is making my head hurt now."

Play it off as a burst of sudden genius.
>> No. 42853
And soul aside, would Hina even know about Kourindou? If Hina generally stays by the mountain, this alibi won't make us less suspicious at all.
>> No. 42854
Good point. Don't remember if we did or not. Deleting to go with [] Try to play it off as something you once read.

Just to not risk messing with continuity.
>> No. 42855
[x] "I can't explain it really. Something popped into my head, like flash of insight as what this was and how to make it work." Clutch your head. "Ow, I have a slight headache. Something like this is making my head hurt now."
>> No. 42856
[X] "Ah, a lot of people throw things out... I remember I found a booklet once that had something like this in it... I don't get a lot of visitors, and I have a lot of time, so..." Look down at the floor, sadly.

Woohoo pity route!
>> No. 42857
[x] "Ah, a lot of people throw things out... I remember I found a booklet once that had something like this in it... I don't get a lot of visitors, and I have a lot of time, so..." Look down at the floor, sadly.

Oh, superior write in there. Should work, too. Crap falls across the border every now and again, and people in Gensokyo wouldn't have any use for a booklet. Hina could easily get curious, and I imagine she would have the time to memorize things.
>> No. 42858
>> No. 42859

Actually, I get a lot of insight on character behaviour from game dialog. Hina tried to chase away Reimu/Marisa to keep them from the dangers of Youkai Mountain because she was concerned for their safety, while completely ignorant of their power. To me, this means she comes off as a 'good girl' type that wishes everyone well and tries to protect people. A lot of my character personality interpretations are taken from a mixture of game dialog and their profiles on the touhou wiki. Sometimes, depending on the characters, fanon things might show up as part of the character.
>> No. 42860
[x] "Ah, a lot of people throw things out... I remember I found a booklet once that had something like this in it... I don't get a lot of visitors, and I have a lot of time, so..." Look down at the floor, sadly.
>> No. 42861
[X] "Ah, a lot of people throw things out... I remember I found a booklet once that had something like this in it... I don't get a lot of visitors, and I have a lot of time, so..." Look down at the floor, sadly.

Hahaha, Rikako. Nitori's going to be pissed at you for bringing it up now.
>> No. 42865

Superior write in is fucking superior. Writing.
>> No. 42866
You guys are all fags, play it damn you!

[ ] "Occasionally curses from outside the border will seep through and of course, I'm glad to take them on. For some reason there a are a lot of curses related to computers involving windows, I don't really understand the connection but I just followed what I saw in my head. I'm sorry, maybe I've done something bad? I am not good with computer."
>> No. 42867
>> No. 42868
File 121393305141.jpg - (7.51KB , 126x126 , Th02FlyingTankSigma.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Even Rikako, who had been giving you the evil eye
>evil eye
>> No. 42869
>> No. 42870

[x] You envision a desert with innumerable swords embedded in the ground.

As you open your eyes you see what appears to be the remnants of quite a battle...

...You look around and your eyes immediately are drawn to the figure in black, his blonde hair waving in the wind. His red eyes glaring intensely at you.

He starts to speak and multiple voids open up behind him. You pay his talking no mind as you take in your surroundings.

Then, words start to appear in your mind, they start to form a statement of some sort. Soon enough you understand.

You stand up and begin to pray.

"I am the bone of my sword.

Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.

I have created over a thousand blades.

Unaware of loss.

Nor aware of gain.

Withstood pain to create many weapons.

Waiting for one's arrival.

I have no regrets, this is the only path.

My whole life was "Unlimited Blade Works."

And fire envelopes your vision. When it fades away, what you see is barren land as far as the eye can see. There are swords stuck in the ground everywhere you look.

It only takes one look to understand, this is paradise made from an unlimited number of blades. The finest of blades.

The man from before continues to speak, but you ignore him. You pick up a sword nearby and face this man.

You know what you must do.

[Unlimited Blade Works End]
>> No. 42872


[X] "Ah, a lot of people throw things out... I remember I found a booklet once that had something like this in it... I don't get a lot of visitors, and I have a lot of time, so..." Look down at the floor, sadly.

You catch a glimpse of Rikako's face turning a shade of red as she fiddles with her glasses a bit.

"A-ah, I see. I- uh..."

Nitori shoots Rikako an angry glare, which seems to drive her further into her instant despair.

"Sorry, Hina. I guess I got a bit carried away, and-"

"No, it's fine..." you say, trailing off dramatically. Though you're playing the tragic part perfectly, you're laughing up your sleeve in your head. This'll show that nosy girl to question you. You can see that Rikako is quite visibly upset now, especially since Nitori has begun reprimanding her.

"Why did you have to be so mean, Rikako? Hina is a good friend, who cares how she knows what she does? I'm at least happy that she can know so much about something that interests her friends, she can be a great help in speeding up work!" Nitori delivers to a sad looking Rikako, who has fully come under the crushing despair of her poor choice of words.

"Well, I am happy too," Rikako says, looking up at you, then back to Nitori. "I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, huh?" she says with a small smile. Nitori warmed up rather quickly after that, and returned the smile.

Nitori turns back to you, beaming.

"So, you know anything else that could help us out?" she asks.

"I'd like to see how more of these things we have laying around work as well, to be honest." Rikako adds, seeming to get over her suspicions and warm up to you.

[] "Well, there is a bit more..."
[] "Not really, no."
>> No. 42875
[X] "I found it in a little pile of booklets... I don't know if any of them will help, though... and it was only a few..." Twiddle your fingers, and look up bashfully.

Oh how I love my moe Hina.
>> No. 42879
[] "Well, there is a bit more..."
[ ] Stick to scanners, printers or anything else in that sort of general area. Don't move beyond the mundane
>> No. 42886
Suddenly replies grind to a halt, lol.
>> No. 42887
[] "Well, there is a bit more..."
[ ] Stick to scanners, printers or anything else in that sort of general area. Don't move beyond the mundane
>> No. 42889
Difficult choice is difficult. The fact that you told us Rikako is less suspicious only makes us more suspicious. "Well, there is a bit more..." is giving off this Call for Tewi vibe. That said,

[x] "Well, there is a bit more..."
>> No. 42891
[] "Well, there is a bit more..."
>> No. 42892
[] "Well, there is a bit more..."
[ ] Stick to scanners, printers or anything else in that sort of general area. Don't move beyond the mundane
>> No. 42895
[x] "Well, there is a bit more..."
[x] Stick to scanners, printers or anything else in that sort of general area. Don't move beyond the mundane
>> No. 42897
[x] "Well, there is a bit more..."
[x] Stick to scanners, printers or anything else in that sort of general area. Don't move beyond the mundane

Nitori cheers and rushes from the room, and Rikako follows you as you leave after Nitori. The three of you head to the back room. Progress is slow at first, with the discovery of a printer. After a bit, Rikako finds a sound system, and Nitori finds a box that contains a TV.

As time passes, you helping the others find and set up new equipment, more things start getting uncovered as you get deeper into the boxes. A bit of idle chatter between Rikako and Nitori reveals to you that for the most part these boxes have gone unchecked for a long time. Nitori takes so much time toying around with single objects she never gets through more than a single of the larger boxes in about a year, and Rikako spends most of her time using the computer upstairs to compile research notes rather than keep physical copies, something you tell her could be very bad for her should there be computer problems, but which is the reason she insists great care be taken around the PC.

By the time you're done with the computer, it's had a new set of speakers installed, a printer, a webcam and a microphone. The TV was also taken upstairs and put into a fairly unused room when you all started uncovering game consoles and switch boxes. Deciding that you might as well hook up everything you knew how to or isn't too difficult for you to understand, when it was all said and done, you've managed to assemble a fairly decent entertainment center in the spare room. A TV hooked up to nearly every kind of peripheral device you could want. DVD player/VCR combo, a stereo system, several game consoles of various generations. Granted, there was very little in the way of movies or games to use with it, but with each step of progress you made made Nitori ecstatic, so you've become rather addicted to seeing her smiling at you, so you've done everything you could to continue to see it.

You've run out of options though, being left with many left over objects. Very few are broken, but there's little use in hooking up more than one kind of anything other than for the sheer fact of having it set up. There are other things as well, namely things you recognize as video cards and the like, but you'd prefer not to go digging around inside the computer and break it after all this. Maybe if you can find a second one you could have some trial and error, but you're not going to take risks.

In the end, you're sitting outside sitting on the porch with Nitori and Rikako, enjoying a little fresh air after so much. Nitori's returned to munching on the cucumbers she'd left behind, and Rikako is scribbling notes in the margins of a rather beat up looking text book of some sort.

"Who'd have thought that you'd have found out so much about the outside world." Nitori says, looking up at you from her seat on the porch. "Maybe some higher power felt sorry for you being surrounded by misfortune, so you were granted a bit of good luck to find those books."

Bringing up the misfortune and luck things again. You were called a Curse Goddess by Rikako after all, so it's your duty, no, divine ability to manipulate curses and bad luck? You think back to all the looks you'd gotten walking through the main street. It makes sense in retrospect, people might be afraid to get close to you out of concern for their own safety. That raises an interesting question in your mind though. Why would Nitori be friends with someone who could potentially destroy something important just by being there? She very clearly values technology and machinery, which is prone to problems even without accidents or mistakes. Why would Nitori think differently? Admittedly, nothing seemed to go wrong today when assembling the various technological bits, but something could have. Is Hina not that in control of her own powers, or is it a side effect of simply existing? You really wish you could understand as you watch Nitori chew down the last of the cucumber as she stares off towards the giant fissure in the cavern ceiling, watching the sky outside. There are a few questions on your mind now, and you juggle them in your mind, wondering which ones you should ask.

[] "Why did you befriend a curse goddess?"
[] "Why didn't you build above ground?"
[] "How often do you get new gadgets from the outside?"
[] "Why doesn't the human village have these things?"
[] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.

Probably last post for tonight.
>> No. 42900
[x] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.

All of those options risk giving away that we're possessed.
>> No. 42902
[X] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.
>> No. 42904
[X] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.
[X] Rest your head on Nitori's shoulder. It sure looks comfy...
>> No. 42905
[] "How often do you get new gadgets from the outside?"
>> No. 42906
File 121393921410.jpg - (113.01KB , 704x792 , 1208666123004.jpg ) [iqdb]
Had some pretty interesting Freudian slips going on when I was writing this thread.

Kept writing cumcumber.

Stupid sexy Hina...
>> No. 42908

You know you want to caress Hina's soft porcelain thighs.
>> No. 42909

Of course. I mean, it's not like I have a Hina wallpaper on my desktop or anything.
>> No. 42910

Just like you don't have a body pillow of her either?
>> No. 42911

Damn, every time I see that image I have to will myself not to fap like there's no tomorrow. Hina's thighs are too tempting to resist...
>> No. 42913

I swear this artist's stuff emits some kind of strange sex rays. Just a glance at his(her?) stuff make me want to fap.
>> No. 42914

That's a step too far.

Just a Fleshlight and a lot of imagination.
>> No. 42919
[] "Why did you befriend a curse goddess?"

While "we" should know the reason for our friendship with Nitori, we can build on it. If she gets suspicious, we can play it off as Hina having low self esteem ("I hurt everyone I get close to" etc).
>> No. 42921
[X] "Why did you befriend a curse goddess?"
Go for it, help fix up Hina's relationships. Rikako may have calmed down but she's surely still suspicious.
>> No. 42922
[x] "Nitori, why did you become friends with me even knowing that I inadvertently cause terrible misfortune to those around me?"

Ease into it.
>> No. 42924
[z] "Nitori, why did you become friends with me even knowing that I inadvertently cause terrible misfortune to those around me?"
>> No. 42926

Nitori collects broken stuff, broken stuff brings bad luck, Hina absorbs bad luck. It's obvious why they might be accquainted.

Read PMiSS, you faggots.
>> No. 42929
[x] "Nitori, why did you become friends with me even knowing that I inadvertently cause terrible misfortune to those around me?"
>> No. 42931
[X] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.
>> No. 42932
[X] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.

>> No. 42933
[x] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.
>> No. 42934
[x] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.
or [x] "How often do you get new gadgets from the outside?"

>[x] "Nitori, why did you become friends with me even knowing that I inadvertently cause terrible misfortune to those around me?"
I'm not sure Hina would just come out and admit that she leaks bad luck. This is way too risky, let's get a better handle on her personality before we start messing with relationships.

...Nitori and Hina aren't even in PMiSS.
>> No. 42935
>>...Nitori and Hina aren't even in PMiSS.

That's not what I referring to. I was referring to the fact that broken tools that have been thrown out bring bad luck.
Atleast, according to PMiSS

Obviously Nitori would have alot of these.
>> No. 42940
[x] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.
>> No. 42944
[z] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.

Restin gaems.
>> No. 42946
[x] Don't ask anything, just enjoy the rest.
>> No. 42954
>"Who'd have thought that you'd have found out so much about the outside world." Nitori says, looking up at you from her seat on the porch. "Maybe some higher power felt sorry for you being surrounded by misfortune, so you were granted a bit of good luck to find those books."

[x] “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”

This would be so Hina.
>> No. 42959
[X]Secret sex option
>> No. 42962

No no no, you gotta do it like this

[x] "How often would you like to get my new gadget inside you?"
>> No. 42963

Since discarded broken tools and objects would need to be paid special attention so they don't become tsukumogami, I don't think Nitori would collect just any broken junk. Kappa and humans both make their own tools, kappa to a rather remarkably successful degree. She would only take broken things if they were particularly interesting or unique.

Tsukumogami are born from the idea of a spirit in everything, and through misuse, mistreatment, etc. the spirit could become agitated and cause the object to become a youkai. I think vengeful spirits are outside of Hina's jurisdiction.
>> No. 42967

[x] "Nitori, why did you become friends with me even knowing that I inadvertently cause terrible misfortune to those around me?"

got the winning position first due to me considering it an extension of the 'befriend a curse goddess' line, the 'do nothing' option has twice the votes.

While I'm sure going with the choice with the most votes is the preferred course of action (due to more people wanting it, naturally), I can't shake the feeling I should just take whichever one wins and ignore the number of votes. After all, there are some signs of deleted posts, and I even noticed myself that some posts I thought were there are gone now. quite disorienting.

Also, out of personal curiosity and perhaps a little bit of ego, I was wondering what everyone thinks of my work so far.
>> No. 42968
>>Also, out of personal curiosity and perhaps a little bit of ego, I was wondering what everyone thinks of my work so far.

A most unique premise, good writing, and the cheesiest "mysterious" shit I've ever seen.
>> No. 42970
I like the premise. The writing is good. The effects of "Sync rate" need expounding upon - aside from flight skill, what did we get out of forwarding Alice's goals again?
>> No. 42972

>the cheesiest "mysterious" shit I've ever seen.

Well at least I'm the best at something! Care to explain that more though?


Well, aside from the karma for helping solve people's problems, sync rate is first and foremost your connection to a particular character. The higher the sync, the easier they are for you to use and the more access you have to their abilities. From outside their body, a high sync rate affects your potential interactions with them, as they will feel more drawn to you. You also have a better understanding of their powers with higher sync, which helps you if you ever find yourself in battle with or against them.

Maxing your sync rate with a character will eventually give you an option to permanently bond yourself with them, essentially becoming them. This would lead to a Normal 'Life of _______' End, though the True End would be finding a way to bring yourself back to life without consequences.

From Alice, aside from flight, you also retain all of the knowledge you've gained from magical research. For all characters, you'll retain knowledge of everything you learn, regardless of who you are. Some might be able to put it to better use than others through their own natural talents, like employing your knowledge of magic. Overall, there are a small number of subskills you can pick up unique to you that you keep no matter who you are. You could very likely continue to cast the Attack Doll spell unless you end up in someone with very little power (Tokiko, as an example), though you would need to get your hands on the spell once again so you can properly memorize it. Maybe sometime in the future when there's a number of things to keep track of I'll create an overall list of personal abilities.
>> No. 42974
So far, so good. It's different in that we have to fill the role of the touhous rather than the usual stranger in a strange land case...though at the same time we are the stranger, or something like that. It'll be interesting to see how far we have go to reach whatever the goal is, how many lives to lead.

Writing is rather good, and engaging even when it was all about book reading, plus walls of text! Who doesn't like a wall? Pacing seems good, though I'm surprised how many threads covered just two days with Alice. Having fun but time not flying? I guess that works. Also thankful that in this one, it doesn't seem to be quite as easy to wind up in painful situations as others, but then you've said we've managed to actually pick correct choices so far. Better not to jinx it.

Only problem I might have is thread numbering/labelling. If someone doesn't pay attention, they might end up reading them out of order. Naming by location is nice, but a number sequence would be useful as well. With your update schedule, usually a thread finishes up by the time the next comes, so they don't usually overlap, but over time, they might.

Overall, keep up the good work. This is another one worth following to the conclusion, in my opinion.
>> No. 42975
This is easily the best story on the boards. Your talent for detailed, coherent improv, characterization, and general premise are all awesome. Keep writing or I will find you and shiv you.
>> No. 42976
>>Well at least I'm the best at something! Care to explain that more though?


This'll make me sound like an asshole, but the parts like that are so packed with fluff, melodrama, and cheese that I could barely read it without rolling my eyes.

I'm not really a writer, so the only thing I could say to try to help you with that is to write less of that, or more of everything else.

Other than that, I have no issues.
>> No. 42979
You people will complain about anything.
>> No. 42986

If you can read stuff like that without zoning out, then you're better at it than me. It's just so played out and cliched that I have trouble stomaching it.
>> No. 42988
I'm guessing the dream world in the thread's first post is a representation of our sync successes? So far we only really have Alice's house (we didn't do a lot with Cirno but get a general idea of how to fly, use powers), and it being incomplete I presume reflects that we didn't achieve full sync, but a good amount. As we fill in our dream world, that'll also show what powers/knowledge we've gathered as well. Maybe that could be a way of listing those abilities we get, symbolized in the dream, eh?

Either that or it represents our progress toward the final goal, karma buildup and whatnot, though the above feels more likely.

Hopefully we'll get our chance to finish the building, or it'll at least be enough. Man, wish I'd been reading the day Reimu came to visit. Soon as I saw the mention of the tea leaves at the door I knew that'd be the kicker. Though, I'd prefer to avoid taking the permanent bond route, unless we completely run out of success options. Worst case we'd end up overshadowing them for life, leaving their soul trapped forever while we walk around "as" them, best case it's a full merge, so neither is subdued, but neither is truly itself. Doesn't feel quite right either way.

Well, no worry on that for a bit thanks to Reimu. Good to get a touch of that danger and some other paths going in the meantime.
>> No. 42991

Yeah, my head nearly exploded when the idea came to me, thanks to a suggestion of an Anon. So many stories already use the 'outsider in Gensokyo' theme, even the original fic I'm writing that I post on pooshlmer uses the same theme. I don't think there's really been one yet where you play as one of the characters, but having you get stuck as a soul possessing a body adds more to that.

The fixation on grinding towards the automation was one of the longer route options, because there's a lot of thinking and guess work involved in working with still unknown materials that are, still, an entirely new concept to you as an outsider. Very work and choice heavy, which means a lot more writing covering events over a shorter period of time. Other options would lead to less involving things, but consume a lot more time.

Eh, I guess I should probably return to stating the thread number in the first post at least. We're up to... 8 now? I personally don't like the look of thread numbers in the title, especially if it can end up being fairly long.


Ah, well that's definitely something. Don't know about being the best on the board, since it feels (and looks) like some of the other threads get a lot more votes. Then again, it could just be a long time between updates for them, I don't really look closely. It's good to know there's some people that really like this, it gives me more motivation to make it even better.


From time to time I get ideas that I can't think of a way to properly express, or I'm hesitant to try. This idea was something that fit along with the rest of the story, so I went with it, partially because I wanted it out of my head, and partially because I wanted to use it to hint towards an added mechanic, though I think people missed that part or misunderstood it. Maybe they just don't care? I don't know, I just write things as they come to me because an audience wants it. Sometimes I like to do things like that because it gives me a way to explain something new without having to try to incorporate it into the main story. Since I can write something like that on my own time as well and I'm not pressed to provide a response in a relatively timely manner, I can actually put a little bit more than a token amount of effort into writing it, though maybe my brand of mysteriousness is a bit off. I blame it on the fact that I don't really read books, so I have no practical experience of being on the reader end of a mystery.
>> No. 42992
Hmmm, I hadn't read the opening post of this LA, so I went back to browse through it. I can see what you mean, to a certain extent. The writing doesn't present the feeling that it's from a character's perspective, experiencing the situation. In the absence of such perspective, the description instead seems to take to on a specific narrative intent that blatantly slaps one in the face and has minimal subtlety (e.g. "this is supposed to be mysterious"; "this is supposed to be dream-like").

Well, this may be because it's the first post though, and it really just seems to be for cramming in the story premise.
>> No. 43000
This is thread 10, actually.

Also, "Daughter of Charon" was an awesome way to refer to Komachi. I really like the obscure/less obvious way you refer to things like that, and especially like the character dream choices.
>> No. 43003
It needs more options to hit on other characters. There is way too less romance in this.
>> No. 43012
I count 8 main threads, plus "Sanctuary of the Mind".
>>33724 >>33984 >>35159 >>38079 >>40805 >>41349 >>42160 >>42520
>>37780 - SotM
Did I miss one?
>> No. 43013

Well, write ins are allowed as long as they make sense. Though it's not like there's a main romantic theme for it all. It's there if people want to pursue it, but as Alice they most went for the GRINDAN MAGIC and a few things with Patchouli, though I do admit to forgetting to add options now and again when I had intended to.


I have FotLS.rtf 1-8, plus 4 prelude which is SotM, so 9 threads all together, making 8 CYOA threads and one fluff.
>> No. 43039
I remember you saying that we have to force you to write some romance between the characters, because you don't want to do it, maybe thats a part of it too.
Will you include any romance or hitting on other characters choices for Hina?
>> No. 43141

H scenes would need to be forced, because I very likely wouldn't write them naturally until I'm ready, which might not be for a while.
>> No. 43254
Are you doing updates tonight?
>> No. 43303

I was going to actually, but after waking up in the morning for once, I laid for for a quick nap at 2pm and slept until 9pm. Then I got tired again at 10 and slept until 3am, so it pretty much ruined any plan I'd have had.
>> No. 43305
>H scenes would need to be forced, because I very likely wouldn't write them naturally until I'm ready, which might not be for a while.
Did you intentionally write this sentence to sound sexual?
All it needs are a noun and a verb to be changed, and then it sounds like we're trying to bang EZMode.


[x] Rape the writefag.
[x] Tenderly.
>> No. 43306
Hi there Yukari.
>> No. 43307
File 121404221340.jpg - (6.25KB , 278x153 , oo_.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 43308
>[x] Love the writefag tenderly
>> No. 43335

I like it. It's one of my top faves, along with /sdm/ and /forest/