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"In this, the year 2012, the planets have aligned and belief in the supernatural is at it's peak. In northern Japan, as well as in many places around the world, barriers have fallen. Mostly because the people who put them up knew fuck all about astrology and didn't expect this to happen."

"You have been deemed smart (stupid) and charismatic (expendable) enough to work as a diplomat (sacrifice) between us, humanity, and those humans and non-humans who were previously under the barriers."

"Five such barrier-dwellers will be chosen to live with you in an all expense paid (also, condemned) house in a lovely quiet (deserted) area originally planned for mass landscaping (nuclear testing). Your job is to teach them to integrate with the new world, to learn our laws, and mostly to not get eaten in the first week."

"To prevent any views of favoritism, or rigging, by the native dwellers of the lands within the north japanese barrier (henceforth to be referred to, as the locals do, as 'Gensokyo') a semi-random system of selecting the five you wil acclimatise has been put in place. Each eligible local has been asked (or forced by the local authority, one Hakurei Reimu) to write a single word or phrase which they feel describes themselves."

"You are to choose five words or phrases from the following list. This will determine the first five from Gensokyo to be put through this trial program."

"The list is as follows and has been arranged in random order, please select five only:
Elegant, Pad, Strongest, Friendly, Intelligent, Willful, Rumia, Talented, Journalist, Fuck-Off, Hard-Working, Useless, Genius, Gorgeous, Honest, Dull, Following, Educated, Optimist, Playful, SPRING, Young, Sleepy, Efficient, Perfect, AWESOME, Pleased, Shy, Bullied, Forgiving, Dizzy, Loyal, Happy, Maid, Tired, or Princess."

"Once you have selected your five candidates, please hand this letter back to the courier who will arrive tomorrow. You will then be moved to your new accomodation and, when preperations are completed, your 'house-guests' will move in."

"Please note that failure to comply with this program will be considered a crime against the government state of the country, punishable by incarceration (and death)"

"Do have an enjoyable day."

You look over the letter again, then glance up at the military courier who had hand-delivered it.

"Is this... serious?" You ask, feeling a little stupid over the act. While it sounded so stupidly far fetched, the fact it was delivered by an honest-to-god member of the military proved that even if you didn't believe it, someone did.

"I am not privy to the contents of top secret documents!" declares the courier, standing to attention as he does so. Probably, you suspect, to intimidate you somewhat. "If, however, you are asking if this document is legitimate then I indeed can confirm this is the case! It was handed to my by the general-in-chief and prime minister themselves!"

"Oh." you say, feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Especially by the last few lines... incarceration? Death? This was a lot to take in at once and you guessed it showed on your face in some way. "I see... I'll need... uh..."

"Time to think? Yes!" The courier saluted once, "I have been instructed to return this time tomorrow to receive your reply to this document! Do have a good day sir!" With that the courier turned sharply and marched down the hallway of your apartment block - leaving more than a few people peeking out of their own front doors to see what the commotion was all about.

Laughing nervously at your neighbours, you pull your apartment door shut and take another look at the letter, then at your meagre hovel. An all expenses paid house in the countryside... it did sound nice. The word 'condemned' was a little worrying, but then the apartment block you were in now was technically 'condemned' too, so it couldn't be too bad. Besides - if the goverment was paying, surely it couldn't be hard to afford some men to have it touched up some, right? Either way it was a step up and it wasn't like you had any particular reason to stay behind in the middle of this over-crowded city.

Besides, no matter how... dodgy... the rest of the letter looked, there was no real way of getting around the threat at the end of it.

So... pick five huh?


So, here's an odd little VN thing... Think along the lines of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki or Tenchi or the like. You, anon, must look after five touhous for an undisclosed period of time - in the modern world (albeit very far in the countryside in the modern world) You must attempt to teach them how to live in this modern world (and yes, this includes trying to teach them not to eat people though... that one is kinda up to you)

Each word on the list represents a touhou. Some people (irc room peeps) may have guessed some... some may be obvious, some not so obvious. Don't worry though, as the reasoning behind each descriptive word WILL be explained when the touhous come to stay.

so for everyone, here is that list again:

Elegant, Pad, Strongest, Friendly, Intelligent, Willful, Rumia, Talented, Journalist, Fuck-Off, Hard-Working, Useless, Genius, Gorgeous, Honest, Dull, Following, Educated, Optimist, Playful, SPRING, Young, Sleepy, Efficient, Perfect, AWESOME, Pleased, Shy, Bullied, Forgiving, Dizzy, Loyal, Happy, Maid, Tired, or Princess.

Pick five each, and i'll do a tally to pick which five are the most popular choices tomorrow.

PS: Don't ask about Suika Wright, it'll happen sooner or later.
[x] Useless
[x] Sleepy
[x] Gorgeous
[x] Hard-working

Hoping for Meiling, Yukari, Yuyuko, Cirno and Reisen.

Yuyuko is pure mindfuck but I'm fairly confident in the others apart from Reisen. Of course, this probably means I'll end up being horribly wrong.
[X] Maid
[X] Rumia
[X] Tired
[X] Educated
[X] Elegant
Fuck-Off, Sleepy, Tired, Gorgeous, Educated
[x] Strongest
[x] Hard-Working
[x] Genius
[x] Dizzy
[x] Bullied
[x] Useless
[x] Sleepy
[x] Gorgeous
[x] Hard-working

Eh. I got nothing so I'll just choose this.
cmon, it'd be great to have a maid! think of the possibilities!
[X] Rumia
[X] Hard-Working
[X] Princess
[X] Educated

I can't help but go for Rumia and Lily. The words they chose... HHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm guessing Princess is Kaguya. Hard-Working... I will laugh my ass off if it turns out to be Komachi. Educated is anyone's guess.

Meiling, Eirin, Mokou, Yuyuko, Komachi?
[x] Sleepy
[x] Hard-working
[x] Honest
[x] Loyal
[x] Educated
File 121384994955.jpg - (153.12KB, 500x408 , zawarudo.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Useless
[x] Useless
[x] Useless
[x] Useless
[x] Useless
[X] Honest
[X] Following
[X] Playful
[X] Efficient
[X] Loyal
[x] Strongest
[x] Fuck-off
[x] Journalist

Because I want to see the grumpy person blow their fucking top when surrounded by the 4 potential most annoying characters in Gensokyo. This will be sitcom material.
Efficient? (Ran?)
[x] Dull
[x] Sleepy
[x] Tired
[x] Useless
[x] Dizzy

This is what Men want in women.

Fuck that. Anon wants someone to take care of housework.

I like the cut of your jib

[x] Useless
[x] Sleepy
[x] Gorgeous
[x] Hard-working

No harem, Sakuya only. FINAL DESTINATION!
File 121385115699.jpg - (48.97KB, 1024x576 , iseeharuka.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Rumia
[X] Useless
[X] Bullied
[X] Friendly
[X] Strongest
[x] Dull
[x] Sleepy
[x] Tired
[x] Useless
[x] Dizzy

One competent man in a house full of lazy? Awesome
Educated or Intelligent?
Educated or Intelligent?
[ ] Friendly
[ ] Useless
[ ] Dull
[ ] Shy
[ ] Forgiving

Who would be easiest to live with, that's what I asked.
A life rife with strife is a trifle stifling.

Why do I hope this will be like a Touhou Reality TV series?
[あ] Strongest
[い] Young
[え] Maid
[お] Princess

Lemme guess, Yuka, Chiyuri, Mima, Yumeko, and Kotohime?
[x] Maid
[x] Efficient
[x] Hard-Working
[x] Pad
[x] Perfect

One of these has to be Sakuya. I'm cool with getting Yumeko or VIVIT in the process, though.

oh look, me in 5 words.
watch us get stuck with Rinnosuke.

That'd honestly be hilarious.

Rinnosuke could fit into the real world rather well though I think. He's got his own business back on Gensokyo so I think he could manage a job in the real world.

Though if we manage to get one of the animal youkai, trying to hide their features would be a task. Ran can probably change her apperance, so blending in wouldn't be that difficult. Clothing wise though, you'd need to get most of them a new wardrobe.
[1] Tired
[2] Educated
[3] Dizzy
[4] Gorgeous
[5] Maid

On another note,
I lol'd. Twice.

Hey, at least he'd have half an idea of what all this modern shit is for with his ability. And as a half-youkai, he'd likely be used as a sort of translator or intermediary for the less human-friendly youkai.

ah, this is after the border fell, so the youkai shouldn't need to be hidden. Besides, people would find them moe.

and i wouldn't say that Rinnosuke would be a great thing....

Oh right.
[] Young - Dunno.
[] Honest - If this isn't Tewi, I'll be surprised.
[] AWESOME - If this isn't Marisa, etc etc.
[] Strongest - If, Cirno, etc.
[] Tired - Yukari?
Someone is thinking with PC-98s.
You know what I'd love to see? This, but with the LA Anons (Nanaya, David, Belmonymous, Cu, Futako).
[ ] Rumia (Mihoshi stand in.)
[ ] Bullied (Kiyone~)
[ ] AWESOME (Mn... Not sure. Marisa possibly. if so, then the Ryoko allegory)
[ ] Perfect (Dislike Sakuya, but every group needs the annoying bitch, a la Ayeka or however you spell her damn name)
[ ] Educated (Here's hoping for a Patchy Washuu, or a Nitori Washuu~)

Yeah, I know it's missing a sasami, but whatcha gonna do? I supoose rumia could pull double duty. Mn. . . or ignore the Kyone stand in. Also, watch princess be Flandre.
Tenchi Muyo, I remember that series.

It always made me so terribly depressed.
>[ ] Bullied (Kiyone~)

Fuck Kiyone! No one likes her.

[x] Playful (Sasami~)
I'm sorry, but Kiyone was one of two halfway sane female characters on that damn show.

[x] Pad - Sakuya
[x] Useless - Meiling
[x] Journalist - Aya
[x] Educated - Akyu or Keine? shouldn't be anyone troublesome
[x] Friendly - risky, but probably someone good (hoping for Reisen, but I doubt it)

Other matches:
Strongest - Cirno
AWESOME - Marisa
Bullied - Tokiko
Dull - Patchouli
Hard-Working - Komachi
Honest - Tewi
Gorgeous - Rinnosuke
Maid - Rinnosuke, again
Tired - Ran (probably)
Sleepy - Yukari (probably)
Loyal - Youmu (probably)
Good sir, it's no fun if you tell them!

[X] Gorgeous
[X] Maid
[X] Hardworking
[X] Loyal
[X] Fuck-off
Eh, it's not like those are hard to figure out or anything.

[x] Rumia
[x] Sleepy
[x] Dull
[x] Princess

I dunno, I'm pretty good at being completely braindead.
taking it back, we have tiebreaking needed - so voting can go on a bit longer.
[x] Strongest
[x] Journalist
[x] Young
[x] Sleepy
I wish that more anons were Reisen-type useless (on the side note she is not useless)
Chen or Suika?
Ran, oh please RAN!

Hey AD! Hey AD!
Please, please make us a hard working, nice looking, proffesional diplomat-negociatior-type unlike heros of most VN's.

>Taste the Rainbow

If we gonna be gay in all-women house I will kill you with pure willpower.
{X} Friendly
{X} Hard-Working
{X} Honest
{X} Gorgeous
File 121388204483.jpg - (114.00KB, 340x800 , art-009.jpg) [iqdb]
>hard working, nice looking, proffesional diplomat-negociatior-type
[x] Princess
[x] Rumia
[x] Educated
[x] Genius.

AWESOME Princess Rumia Educated Genius.
There's a headline for you. And yeah, I picked these solely because of the sentence I could spell with them.
I love AD's writing, but... Case 2 WHERE?

It'll be the greatest harem ever, believe me.
Voting STOP. Anon Voting STOP.

The words which won:
Sleepy, Useless, AWESOME, Hard-Working, Educated.

So who do you think you got? All will be revealed when i y'know, write it.
Yukari, Reisen, Marisa, ?, Keine
Yukari, Meiling, Cirno, Reisen, Patchouli?

Yukari, Reisen, Marisa, Sikieiki, Keine

Sleepy: Yukari or Yuka-in-pajamas.
Useless: Hina is probably the only one who would think that way.
AWESOME: Suika--awesome.jpg
Hard-Working: I see what you did there, Komachi.
Educated: Akyu or Keine.
Dang, I was hoping for SPRING and getting Lily White. That would have been her first real appearance in a VN/LA/CYOA.
[X] Nyan, nyan
[X] Nyan, nyan
[X] Ni hao nyan
[X] Gorgeous
[X] Delicious
[X] Deculture

In spite all that [x] "Gee it sure is SPRING around here" in YWUiG. Remember that? Good times.
Sleepy: Yukari
Useless: Reisen
AWESOME: Marisa is the only AWESOME Touhou I know
Hard-Working: Siki, the hardest working, underrated being in Gensokyo! ....or it could be Reimu...
Educated: Keine, although someone brought up Akyu, so now I don't know.
>Hard-Working: I see what you did there, Komachi.
I like the way you think.

Sleepy: Yukari
Useless: Meiling?
AWESOME: Marisa or Tewi
Hard-Working: Komachi
Educated: Keine or Akyu
formatting fuck up, update returns in a moment.
You're waiting by the door. A week ago you had replied to the strange letter you had been given. Sleepy, Useless, Awesome, Hard-Working, Educated. Those had been the words you had circled on the list, not that you knew exactly why you had picked those words. They had just seemed... well, it had seemed right, that was all. Admittedly you had picked them less than half an hour before the courier arrived to take the reply and had spent the whole night downing coffee and fretting over the
decision. How the hell were you supposed to know which words were good and which were bad? Some sounded good, but what if the people who picked them had been lying? What if you were going to get saddled with some crazy man eating demon of darkness or something?

Over the past we you have changed significantly. Before you were a nobody, barely making a living in a crappy job that just about paid for your crappy apartment. Six days ago you had been marched, with a military escort, into your place of work to hand in a notice of immediate resignation. Your boss had yelled, chewing you out but... Well, he soon shut up when your escort leveled their rifles at him. The look on his face then more than made up for the few years of torment you had spent
working under the arrogant bastard.

Five days ago your belongings had been packed up, your rent agreement with your landlord terminated, and you had been shipped out here. Despite being in the middle of no-where 'here' wasn't actually too bad. Sure it was a good two hour drive out from the nearest signs of civilization... but you had a driving license, and the goverment had apparently supplied you with a small people-carrier. Presumably they expected you and the 'guests' to be able to all travel at once at some point.

The house was... rickity, but not too bad. A few workmen had come along to patch things up so the place was in no danger of collapse at least. The place had, once upon a time, been some kind of inn. This suited the program's purposes exactly, as each room was pretty much a self-contained living space - perfect when you had six people who might not have been all that comfortable without some kind of privacy. Each room consisted of a reasonable area to lay a futon, a few cabinets, closets and a small attached bathroom complete with shower and toilet. Two such rooms were on the ground floor, along with what seemed to be a large living and dining area. Given they seemed new, they probably hadn't been a feature of the original inn's design. There were a further six rooms on the second floor, meaning eight rooms in total - ideal if there were to be guests of some kind.

Outside the house was... forest. Lots and lots of forest. In fact, aside from the road you came here on, the only flat land really was a few fields set to one side of the inn-building. A shed behind the building had revealed some simple farm equipment, something that you really didn't like the look of. Work was one thing, but farming? You wouldn't even know where to begin with such a thing... but with the nearest shops a good two hours away it was something you were pretty sure you were going to have to learn if you wanted to eat regularly.

On the third day you had met some horribly camp guy who had taken you out for a 'makeover'. Given that he too had come with a military escort, you correctly guessed that 'no' was not going to be an acceptable answer to this. In the end though, it hadn't been quite as bad as you had expected... a haircut and a visit to a few fairly fasionable clothes stores, the kind you could never have dared to buy things from before due to the cost, was about it. When you returned you were smartly dressed in a casual suit, your hair was neatly trimmed and the beard you had been growing since you received the letter was gone entirely.

Yesterday had been... dull. Surprisingly so. A few technicians had shown up to install a telephone line and a dedicated fax line though... Apparently any further information from the government was going to be received by direct fax rather than having some poor courier drive all the way out here. Not long after the technicians had left your first fax had arrived -

"Dear Sir,
At 10:00am tomorrow your five houseguests will be arriving and this program will begin. You will also meet your contacts with Gensokyo as well as learn the ground rules for this trial. We encourage you to not do anything that would reflect badly on our modern society nor our own government. Should you have any desire for visitors to your new home, you will be required to pass requests for access through to us first as unauthorised people found entering the site will be considered criminals and, more importantly, will be considered outside the bounds of governmential and judicial juristiction. For all intents and purposes your home, as well as a one-kilometer radius of land around it will be considered part of Gensokyo and subject to the laws of such.

This means if an intruder is caught, then they may be eaten at will.

Thankyou for your co-operation. Additional instructions may be sent at a later date."
MONDAY: 5th March, 2012, 10:00am

You watch as a large black people-carrier pulls up. From inside you can hear various yells and complaints and, given the bloodshot look of the driver, you can easily guess that it has been like this the entire journey.

Swallowing you do your best to look elegant, sophisticated and non-edible. Hopefully you don't also look stupid, but right now you're not quite so worried about that. Then again, the large armored vehicle that had been following the black car had a lot to do with it... That thing could kill you in a heartbeat and, from what you understand, so could every one of your five guests. For a moment you wonder if the armored vehicle is to protect your guests, or protect against your guests?

Taking a deep breath you straighten your back and watch as the driver half-collapses out of his car, walks around to the side and opens one of the doors. immediately a black and white blur streaks out of the vehicle with what seems to be a yell of happiness.

"Hell yeah-ze! Fresh air-ze! Legroom-ze! No more boobs in the face-ze!"

You blink at that last one as your mind tries to catch up with what your eyes are seeing. A girl, short but not too short, with bright blond hair dressed as... as... well... to be honest she looks like something out of a haunted house or something. She's dressed as a witch for heaven's sake! Hell, she even has a broomstick too!

Pulling your gaze away from the girl, who was even now shaking her legs out - probably because of cramp - you watch as a second person exits the vehicle. Actually, 'exits' may have been too active a word as the second person, a girl with blue-purple hair, simply falls out of the door to lay slumped down on the ground. Moments later a third person, red-headed and with a bust the size of... the size of... wow. Shaking your head, and hoping no-one noticed your staring, you take a better look at the two girls. Both are sporting... weird... costumes and both are well developed. More importantly both seem terribly tired for some reason.

At that moment the door on the other side of the car springs open on it's own and out steps a second red-head. This one seems to be sporting a much more familiar outfit, something akin to a chinese dress of some kind. She seemed upset though and more than a little nervous. Behind her was what seemed to be a much more refined young lady. Light, silvery hair and and lovely blue sundress. As well as what looked like a lunchbox on her head.


Did everyone from this 'Gensokyo' have some fixation with weird headgear? Only the first, busty, redhead didn't seem to be wearing anything on her head - but then, her costume was weird enough already, like someone out of some kind of edo-period historical drama or something.

Well... time to meet the devil, as it were.

"Hello!" you call out, causing everyone to look towards you. well, everyone except the blue-haired girl, who seems to have fallen completely asleep.

The silver-haired young lady responds first, moving away from the car and bowing in your direction. "Good morning," she says, her voice pleasant. "Are you the young man who will be explaining this new world to us all?"

"Ah..." You begin, taken aback slightly by how... normal... she seems. Seriously, you were expecting bloodsucking ten-foot tall monsters practically. "Yes," you say, "Yes I am. My name is..."

[] Write in for a name. Remember it has to be pretty normal since anon is, y'know, normal.
[X] Preston

Anon has a faggot name.
[X] Macheath. Mack for short.

Lulz, Anon is a dashing highwayman.
[x] John Freeman, brother of Gordon Freeman.
[x]Phoenix Wright
for obvious reasons
[x] Shiki

We have Shirou and Nanaya. May as well make the cycle complete.
[x] Tsubasa! Ohzora Tsubasa!
So we've gotten:

Marisa - AWESOME
Komachi - (Hardworking or Useless)
Keine - Educated
China - (Hardworking or Useless)
Kanako (?) - Sleepy
{X} Shiki
Why not. :>
No, actually I don't.
[]Tsubasa! Ohzora Tsubasa!
I agree with him, if only because it sounds the most normal (if I recall, we do live in Japan). And most of them wouldn't get the reference.
[X] Macbeth. Mack for short.
[x] Yuri Volte Hyuga
[X] Macbeth. Mack for short.

[x] John Freeman, brother of Gordon Freeman.

Other names were nice, but this one was singing and it's hilariousness and possible gags were almost down from the top of the board.
[x] Shiki Ryogi

This name! It was made for me!
[x] Macbeth. Mack for short.
[x] John Freeman, brother of Gordon Freeman.
[x] Rinnosuke

[x] Hercules Rockefeller
[ ] My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die
[x] Macbeth.

This seems the best of the lot. But damn, no shortening to "Mack". It's terrible. Let's stick with the full Shakespearean glory.
Blue-purple haired girl who is tired.... Is that a faith-weakened Kanako or something?
[x] Max Power

It's the name you want to touch, but can not touch!
[x] Gendou Kamina
>This seems the best of the lot. But damn, no shortening to "Mack". It's terrible. Let's stick with the full Shakespearean glory.

You obviously haven't seen "Scotland, PA", which means you're not a true fan of The Bard.

[x] John Freeman, brother of Gordon Freeman.
Less weeabo
Yeah, actually I hate his stuff. The archaic english is too tiresome to wade through. I only used the term "glory" out of morbid amusement, since Macbeth was hardly a glorious character.
[x]Bond, James Bond
File 121389239514.jpg - (45.98KB, 384x512 , 1212896166534.jpg) [iqdb]
Captain Tsubasa reference much?

Anyway, gonna shortlist to:

[] Shiki
[] Tsubasa
[] Yuri
[] Inigo
[] Ryuuichi

Family name:
[] Ryogi
[] Macbeth
[] Naruhodou
[] Ohzora
[] Montoya
[] Freeman

'cuz lets face it, we are in japan - that's where Gensokyo is. It's gensokyo coming to us this time, not us going to it, though we can be mixed-blood i doubt the eleven government would pick a full foreigner for such a role.
[x] John Freeman, brother of Gordon Freeman.

That works for me. I'll be damned if we're going to have another crossover story, like in /shrine/
[x] Tsubasa
[x] Ohzora

O'course. I support it again.
[x] Shiki Ryogi

I'm not backing down from this EVER!
[X] Yuri

[X] Montana

Montana wasn't on the list you say? Don't care.
{X} Shiki Ryogi
lol k
[] Ryuuichi
[] Macbeth
[] Montoya
[] Freeman
[ ] The Third
[x] Inigo
[x] Ohzora

Eh, I dunno.
File 12138929067.jpg - (6.29KB, 150x183 , tn_kenshiro1.jpg) [iqdb]
>i doubt the eleven government would pick a full foreigner for such a role

okay then

[x]Kenshiro or just Ken

Goddamit scorn, now i have to introduce anon as that, even if just as a joke.
>i doubt the eleven government would pick a full foreigner for such a role.

Inter-planar diplomacy is a world matter. Anonymous was calculated by the U.N. Security Council out of a matrix of six billion people to be the most expendable.

[x] John
[x] Freeman
[] Gendou Kamina
Changing my vote to this
[] Ryuuichi
[] Macbeth
[] Montoya
[] Freeman
[ ] The Third

Has to win.
>i doubt the eleven government would pick a full foreigner for such a role.
Screw the rules, I have green hair.
[x] John
[x] Freeman
[x] Brother
[x] Of
[x] Gordon
[x] Freeman
[] Ryuuichi
[] Macbeth
[] Montoya
[] Freeman
[ ] The Fourth. Because awesome like this doesn't come along just three times, no. It's a four time affair.
[] Ryuuichi
[] Macbeth
[] Montoya
[] Freeman
[ ] The Third
Haha, well we'll stop it there now. Anon shall introduce himself to all new people as 'Ryuuichi Macbeth Montoya Freeman the Third', but his real name will be Shiki Ryogi.
Only one person voted for Shiki. And there's already a crossover going on. I myself do not want another crossover, as I feel it causes cliches, etc. and creates a certain amount of predictability.
Do not want Crossover. Create something original without involving people and settings from other Stories.
Who cares, it sounds Japanese enough. As long as we don't start turning into Shiki Ryogi, it can just be a name. I, for one, don't want to return to the voting hell we just emerged from.

I got two shiki ryogis after i last posted, and a bunch before. That makes it a pretty strong contender. At the very least the name 'Shiki' is likely to make Komachi squirm some, so is worth it for amusement value. If you insist i have no issue with changing the Ryogi part.

I mean hell, it's just a name. I just want one anon isn't gonna hate too much.
It's fine. I wanted Kamina, but that's a bit too late now.
Oh, I don't mind the name itself. I just don't want the name to determine our character.
I voted the name, but I'm with the rest, no MEoDP.
i will at this point point out i have fuck all idea who Shiki Ryogi is anyway. XD So no worries about devolving into another character.
“My name is...” You pause, then smirk slightly, you can afford to have a little bit of fun, right? “My name is Ryuuichi Macbeth Montoya Freeman the Third.”

The silver-haired lady looks at you in surprise, then smirks to herself as the others who were listening in gape at you with wide eyes. It seems, perhaps, that this lady was the only one who had endeavoured to find out about you before meeting you.

“That's an AWESOME name-ze!” Screeches the witch as she bounces on the spot, “Ryuuichi Ma-Macbeff Montoya Treeman the Third!” next to her both redheads are nodding in agreement, while the remaining girl is... still sleeping, sprawled on the floor next to the car.

“Ah... that's not quite...” you begin, then sigh. It seems you may have made a tiny mistake there, since that's not your name at all and it seems only one of the four conscious girls is aware you were being funny when you introduced yourself.

“Now girls,” begins the silver-haired lady, “It's only fair that if mister Ryogi here has introduced himself, that we should introduce ourselves. Besides, I'm sure you don't want to be stuck outside when we can be enjoying some tea indoors now, correct?” She smiles and motions to the snoozing girl behind them all, “And if someone could carry...?”

Sighing you watch as the two redheads look guilty for a moment, then march back to pick the fifth girl up between them. Once done you find yourself leading the girls into your, their, new home. Behind you you can hear the witch whispering, presumably to the silver-haired lady. “Hey! Why'd you call him mister Ryogi? He said his name was Ryuuichi Macbeff Montoya Treeman the Third!”

You wince at the girl's pronunciation of your fake name but stay quiet. From what little you understand of 'Gensokyo' they have been cut off from the mainland for a very, very long time. English is probably not known at all there or, if it is, only very little. You fumble for a moment with the front lock, but soon you are leading the group down the main hallway into the living area.

“You're late.”

The voice is harsh, female but harsh. Somewhat stressed too.
Mostly, however, it's entirely unexpected because, as far as you knew, the only people in the house should have been you and the girls behind you.

“Oh, heya Reimu-ze!” pipes up the witch as she practially hangs off your shoulder in order to look over it at the new arrival. This harsh-sounding girl appears to be a shrine maiden of some kind, familiar ground in one sense, since shrine maidens weren't exactly unknown in this day and age. As you ponder this arrival your mind flashes back to the original letter you received a week ago... Didn't that mention a Reimu? Something about her being the authority figure in Gensokyo?

“Hakurei Reimu?” You ask the girl, only to receive a nod in reply.

[ ] “What's going on here?”
[ ] “This is all your fault!”
[ ] “Would you like some tea?”
[ ] “How the hell did you get in here?”
[ ] “Would you like some tea?”
[] “What's going on here?”
[] “Would you like some tea?”
[X] “Would you like some tea?”
[ ] “How the hell did you get in here?”

In before Yukari
[ ] “Would you like some tea?”
[ ] “Would you like some tea?”

Neko Miko Reimu~
[x] “This is all your fault!”

[ ] “How the hell did you get in here?”
[ ] "The letter said five girls! Unless you're smuggling sausage, then someone didn't tell me everything!"
File 121389899042.jpg - (86.46KB, 640x480 , marisasmile1.jpg) [iqdb]
>Unless you're smuggling sausage

Shouting at the wrong person.
[x] Would you like some tea?
has won.

But... goddamit scorn. 'Smuggling sausage'? I couldn't stop snickering enough to write...
It's a Gensokyo conspiracy! All the girls are smuggling their sausages into our world despite the fact that we have put an embargo on their meat!

It's not sausage.
It's crack
“Would... Would you like some tea?” You offer, vaguely aware that if this girl, this Reimu, was the authority in gensokyo, capable of forcing other to do things then... well... she must be insanely strong somehow. Possibly she was a ten foot tall man eating monster of darkness - in disguise of course. Or she was really a killer robot. Either way it was probably best to try and get on her good side really.

“Oh? You have tea?” Reimu perks up slightly at your offer, seeming significantly less dangerous now. “I raided your kitchen but couldn't find any at all. Just these stupid little white bags.”

Luckily you manage to hold back the laugh that threatens to burst out of your mouth. 'Little white bags' - those were probably the teabags, she'd been searching for tea and had gone right past the stuff! How... How... ... you pause. She... she honestly didn't know they were tea did she? But teabags had been around for practically forever... right?

“Ah... yes,” You say, distracted by the thoughts your brain is presenting to you, “If everyone would like to sit down, anywhere is fine, and I'll go make us some now, it'll only take a minute or two.” At that Reimu stares at you strangely, as if you were saying something weird.

“A minute or two you say?” she states, “Impossible. Tea takes a good ten minutes at least. Why, boiling the water itself takes five or more on a good fire.”

That's right, you think, these people have never heard of 'instant tea' or, for that matter even 'electric kettles'. To them making tea probably involved hanging a kettle over a fire then steeping, straining and sifting the tea leaves by hand... hell, most of them probably picked their own teas from the plant itself! Actually... that was kind of humbling in a way. You, after all, aren't even entirely sure what a tea plant even looks like.
“Well... I'll show you then. The first of many things the modern world has done...”

As you leave the room, heading out to the kitchen, you notice that the witch has thrown herself into the largest comfy chair and began talking animatedly with Reimu. Probably describing the journey over here or something... The silver-haired lady has also settled down, and was injecting her own comments every now and then. The hatless redhead, it seems, has sprawled out along one sofa, while the sleeping girl had evidently been deposited on the second sofa in the room.

You quickly glance at your kettle and, seeing it full, flick the switch on it's side. Within seconds the faint hissing sound of water coming to a boil fills the room - along with a 'hmmm' of interest. Turning you see the second redhead, the one in the chinese outfit, crouched down at the counter and staring at the kettle.

[ ] “Uh... hello?”
[ ] “It's a kettle.”
[ ] “What do you want?”
[ ] “Could you grab me some cups?”
{X} “Uh... hello?”
{X} “Could you grab me some cups?”
[x] “Could you grab me some cups?”
"Don't worry, we've got it under control China, that is your name right?"
[] “Uh... hello?”
[x] “Uh... hello?”
[x] “Could you grab me some cups?”
>[ ] “Uh... hello?”
No need to create an awkward situation.

>[ ] “It's a kettle.”
She knows.
>[ ] “What do you want?”
Way to sound like a dick.

[X] “Could you grab me some cups?”
[] “Could you grab me some cups?”
[X] Explain how it works
[x] “Uh... hello?”
[x] “Could you grab me some cups?”
[x] “Could you grab me some cups?”
[ ] "Could I grab me some of your cups?"

It was an effort to make that innuendo but I think I pulled it off.

[X] Explain how it works

Dunno about the process exactly, but I do know that the kettle turns off automatically because there's a strip of metal that expands as it heats so that once the water is boiled it pops out of place breaking the circuit.
[ ] “Could you grab me some cups?”
[x] “Could you grab me some cups?”
[x] Explain how it works
[ ] “Could you grab me some cups?”

The "Uh.. Hello?" thing is fucking stupid.
As much fun as it would be to explain how the kettle works, it'd probably take longer than a minute to explain the kettle in any meaningful way beyond "power comes in through here, and heats the water up".
[ ] “It's a kettle.”

>She knows.

It's rather to snap China back to reality more than stating the obvious.
But! But! You could explain electrons, conductivity, resistance, the conservation of energy, current, and so much more! And it's so much fun to explain it all! How could we not?!?
I take it you're on the Keine\Patchouli route

Damn, if only we could of been named Phoenix Wright.

Wait until they ask. THEN you can explain everything. EVERYTHING.
No; I myself simply enjoy explaining how things work to people who are curious. While I was locked out of my car in Wonderland a taught a little girl all about electricity, wave mechanics, basic circuitry, etc. because she wanted to know. She also asked about lightbulbs, which were fun to explain.
Heh. Well, yeah. But we wouldn't cover even the slightest bit of material before we return to Reimu and are forced to switch to a different topic. So we wouldn't get decent explanation done, and what we do say may simply leave Meiling confused and discouraged.

If we get a chance later on, I'm definitely going for '[ ] Explain how it works'. Because bringing someone up to speed on modern tech is awesome.

Wait until they ask, then i will let you say 'SCIENCE!'

Anyway, 'can you grab me some cups' has won, but i'll throw in a bit of explaining (i was gonna do that anyway).
But she was looking at it curiously! Curiously! That's practically shouting "How does this work?"
The best way to explain electricity is by making a parallel to rivers/water:

Height of river = voltage
Width of river = resistance
Rate of flow = current
...Well, pipes are a better way, but I don't think any of them have really dealt with piping systems.
And then Komachi caused a power outage by experimenting with her Manipulation of Distance on the "river" of electricity.
If she compressed it enough, she could probably cause everything electronic in the house to burn/explode spontaneously from the voltage/current surge. Which would be good fun!
Also, all the wires would melt. The house would need to be completely rebuilt, if it didn't get burnt down.
Oh god Meiling is already being moe. I can...smell it.
You can smell moe?

What's it like?

Burnt sugar, I'd think.

Napalm, son.
[x] “Could you grab me some cups?”

Smile & nod; smile & nod.
File 121390628261.jpg - (87.28KB, 550x555 , mini-meiling.jpg) [iqdb]
Turning away from the girl you reach over to where you keep your teabags, “Can you grab me some cups?” you ask, vaguely directing the question at the girl so interested in your electric kettle. Out of the corner of your eye you see her start suddenly, then look around in a panic. “Top cupboard,” you say, “on the right.” as you direct her the girl visibly calms down - until she opens the cupboard and looks inside and brightens up somewhat. Moments later a cup is placed down in front of you, followed by a second and a third. Strangely it looks like she's taking pains to handle each one delicately... weird, those cups can take more than a little punishment. Still, she is helping and it would be rude not to acknowledge that.

“Thanks,” you say as you start dropping a teabag in each cup, for a moment you could have sworn she stiffened slightly, but perhaps you were just imagining it as she seems fine now. As you drop the last bag in, the boiling sound of the kettle reaches it's peak and with an audible click it switches itself off. “Could you put some water in these cups?” you say, surprising the girl again, “I'll see if I can find some biscuits or something.”

“It's... boiled? The girl asks, her voice low - as if she expected to be reprimanded for asking such a stupid question. As you watch she pokes the side of the plastic kettle only to pull her finger away suddenly with shock. “It is boiled! How could it boil so fast!?” She glances at you, “This isn't magic is it?”

“Magic?” Again you have to repress the urge to laugh. Magic, as everyone knows, doesn't exist, but this girl has obviously been brought up believing that it does. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to wreck that misconception just yet, not until you actually got to know these people a little first - some of them could take it badly after all. “No, it's not magic it's... ah... Technology. Electricity and stuff...” How the hell are you going to explain electricity to someone who has probably never heard of it? “I guess... it's a bit like magic, if you don't know how it works.”

“Oh.” The girl seems to buy the explanation and nods to herself as she lifts the kettle and starts pouring - hesitantly at first but more confidently once she sees the steam rising from the cups, “Is that something we have to learn? This tek-no-lo-gee? Miss Keine told me we had all been sent to learn stuff here...”

“Technology,” you reply, wondering which of the girls was 'Miss Keine', “And yes, it's something I have to teach you I think... I don't really know though, they haven't exactly told me what they want me to teach you.” As you finally manage to retrieve a tin of biscuits and pull a few out to arrange on a little plate, you keep a careful eye on the steaming tea. Fortunately you bought the teabags with pullstrings on them, so as you judge each one to be about ready you simply grab each string, tug the teabag out of the mug and deposit in it a nearby bin. That done it's a simple matter to load the cups onto a tray and, after gesturing to the girl to go ahead of you, take the whole lot into the living area.

Roughly in the middle of the living area is a small coffee-table, and it is on this that you place the tray full of tea - much to the surprise of Reimu and the others.

“Well,” the shrine maiden whispers, “Tea in a 'minute or two', that is convenient.” Taking one of the cups she takes a tentative sip of the liquid inside. “Not great,” she says at last, “But not too bad for something made at speed. I'm sure a tea-fanatic like Remila wouldn't touch the stuff, but then she is somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to such things.” next to you, still standing, the red-headed chinese girl nods in agreement with Reimu. Is she this Remila? No... no, if Remila was such a tea buff then this girl would have said something in the kitchen. Remila, then, must be someone the both of them knew in some way.

A few moments passed as the various girls sipped at their own cups of tea. The chinese girl had, after pushing the other red-head out of the way, sat down in the middle of that sofa and you had sat next to her out of a lack of anywhere else to sit. Even the sleeping girl had been roused enough to drink hers, though by then it must have been barely lukewarm at best. “So, mister Ryogi.” spoke up Reimu once more, “What would you like to discuss?”

[ ] “So... what happens now?”
[ ] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[ ] “So you're Hakurei Reimu, right?”
[ ] “I don't know, what do you wish to tell me?”
[x] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[ ] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[X] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[ ] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[X] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[x] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”

You get to introduce yourself to the new residents, and they get to know their RA...
File 121390665939.png - (32.57KB, 186x256 , 1206847974450.png) [iqdb]
nervous, curious Meiling is killing me to death

[ ] "Age, maidenhood, Bust size, hip size, height, favorite colour. If I'm running a harem I need to know these things."

[ ] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[ ] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
Same here. I couldn't even finish reaHNNNNNNNNNNNG
[] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
File 121390750233.png - (123.82KB, 550x600 , huegslowpoke.png) [iqdb]
Slowpoke! We thought you hadn't made it!
[ ] “So you're Hakurei Reimu, right?”
[ ] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[ ] “So... what happens now?”

WALL TIEM! You know the drill.
>“Magic?” Again you have to repress the urge to laugh. Magic, as everyone knows, doesn't exist
Oh, Ryogi, you failure.
[ ] “So you're Hakurei Reimue, right?”

Grumpy Miko Reimu~
>{ } “So you're Hakurei Reiℳℴℯ, right?”
We already know that.

{X} “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
[ ] "Alright. At least tell me what is it about?"
[X] “Actually, I'd like some introductions.”
“Actually,” you say as you glance around the room. “I'd like some introductions. I know you must be Hakurei Reimu, and I know one of you here is called miss Keine -” At that the silver-haired lady raises her hand in acknowledgement of her name. You smile at her then turn back to Reimu, “- but I don't really know who is who here..”

“And I bet you want to know how those words you were asked to pick relate to everyone here, right?” Reimu asks, then smirks as she sees what must have been a guilty expression flash across your face. “Well, you were picking people based on how they described themselves after all... Even though some people,” here the shrine maiden glared at the bustiest redhead, “lied on their application and others,” here Reimu shot a quick glance at the chinese girl, “had other issues with theirs.”

Sighing the shrine maiden gestured to the witch.

Then she gestured again.

Finally she smacked the girl around the back of the head.

“Eh!?” The witch practically screamed at Reimu, “You want me to go first-ze!?” She waved her arms and shook her head frantically. It was kind of cute in a way, how she seemed to protest like a child. It was also a little sickening... what kind of person, in today's world, could act like her normally and get away with it? Maybe some kind of rich débutante or celebrity but not a normal working or studying teenager, definitely not. Eventually the witch seemed to give in to Reimu's unspoken demands and turned to face you. “Fine-ze...” She eyes you for a few moments before raising one hand to dramatically flip her hair out of the way... at least, you think it was meant to be dramatic because actually it looked more than a little silly. “I,” she begins, “Am Kirisame Marisa and I. am. AWESOME!” As she bellows the last word you see stars, literally, because in her declaration of awesomeness Marisa decided to strike a pose. Unfortunately in striking this pose she also happened to smack you, quite hard, around the head with her broomstick, knocking you forwards into the chair opposite.

On the plus side you landed on something soft.

On the minus side, that soft thing apparently happened to be Hakurei Reimu herself.

She smelt faintly of polish and tea. As you pull yourself off of her, being exceedingly careful to not put your hands anywhere... inappropriate... the shrine maiden stops you by grabbing your head in both hands and pulling you up to eye level. She twists your head this way and that, then sighs in relief and lets go. “Good job Marisa,” she says, “You didn't kill him or knock him silly so that would make this your least damaging accident to date.”

“Hey... this wasn't an accident-ze,” the witch, Marisa, whines - causing Reimu to frown in annoyance.

“You mean you tried to kill him on purpose?” As you rub your head and sit up properly you are somewhat pleased to see that the other girls, well 'Miss Keine' and the chinese girl at least looked a little concerned. You think the sleepy girl might be concerned too but it's a little hard to tell given how she seems to be practically on the point of dropping off to sleep again. More pleasing however is the way Marisa is sputtering incoherently at Reimu's accusation. Rubbing your head you wince as your fingers touch a particularly sore spot, as you do you notice movement from the side. Glancing quickly in that direction you realize the chinese girl has raised her hands - as if she wants to help - but is pulling them away guiltily now that she knows you're looking at her.

“Ah...” Turning back to Marisa and Reimu you cough to get their attention. “A-actually I'm fine,” you say, “Maybe we should continue the introductions?”

[ ] Ask about the Chinese Girl
[ ] Ask about 'Miss Keine'
[ ] Ask about the Busty Redhead
[ ] Ask about the Sleepy Girl
[X] Call out for Mima
[x] Continue with introductions
[X] Ask about the Chinese Girl
[X] Ask about the Sleepy Girl.

Curious. I can't seem to guess who she is. A few different people spring to mind.
[x] Continue with introductions
<%Angry_Desu> UPDATION.
<%Angry_Desu> and now i'm gonna go play games for a beet
<%Angry_Desu> *bit
[x] Continue with introductions

Just introduce them all to us.
[x] Ask about the Chinese Girl

Might as well start with her.
[] Ask about the Sleepy Girl
I spent an embarrassingly long time wondering if "legroom" was French.
[x] Continue with introductions
[ ] Ask about the Busty Redhead
[x] Ask about the Chinese Girl
[ ] Ask about the Busty Redhead
{X} Ask about the Chinese Girl~
[ ] Ask about the Chinese Girl
[ ] Ask about 'Miss Keine'
[ ] Ask about the Busty Redhead
[ ] Ask about the Sleepy Girl

[x] Ask about the Chinese Girl
[x] Ask about the Chinese Girl
[x] Continue with introductions
[ ] Ask about the Chinese Girl

I wonder what name we're going to get?
I like how we've pretty much just assumed she's Chinese from her outfit.

Not that it isn't true. I just thought it was a curious thing.
It's probably just a label for now. I doubt Ryogi seriously thinks she's chinese, what with the red hair and all.
File 121392031938.jpg - (101.79KB, 650x894 , Meiling-cry.jpg) [iqdb]
Thinking about it, the chinese girl has been acting a little... odd. Hesitant really. Extremely so. Perhaps it would be best to inquire about her next, maybe see if you can learn something about why she's acting so... weird. “How about,” you begin, shuffling in your seat so you can face the chinese girl, “Yeah, how about you.”

The girl blinks, looks around, then points at herself. “Me?” She asks, sounding quite obvious disbelieving. “You want to know who I am?” You hear a faint sniggering from behind you, Marisa no doubt, but it's quickly cut off by the sound of what you assume is Reimu's hand hitting Marisa's head. Ignoring the commotion you nod at the chinese girl's question then blink as her face lights up significantly. “My name!” She states, loudly, “Is Hong Meiling!”

“Well... uh,” you stammer, “It's a pleasure to meet you Miss... ah... Miss Meiling.” As you say her name the girl's face, though it had seemed impossible, lights up even more. A little worried you glance at Reimu only to see her shrug in response. “Oh... well, um... Why don't you, ah, tell me what you put -” You don't even get to finish your sentence before all the happiness seems to drain from the chinese girl, Meiling, and she slumps forward in depression. “Uh... Miss Meiling?”

Turning to Reimu you're about to ask if she knows what's wrong when she pre-empts your question. “She has issues,” Reimu states. “She was 'useless', but she didn't write it. Remilia did.”

“Remilia?” You ask, “The tea-fanatic? Why'd she do that?”

“Why? I don't know why. Probably annoyed that she wasn't allowed to leave Gensokyo. China here works for her after all, and Remila did the same to her other two employees.” Reimu shrugs, “Remila's a Vampire, no way were your stand-in emperors going to let a vampire out here. They said 'Youkai can mean a lot of things, but in this world Vampire means only one thing'.”

Reimu shrugs again and you're about to ask what she meant when the quiet voice of Miss Keine cuts in, “It sounds like they were more worried about people being predisposed to hate vampires really.” You frown slightly, then nod at her words. It makes sense... a 'youkai' just meant a monster, but in todays world people were aware that in a lot of old legends and such 'monsters' were just things that hadn't been properly explained yet - sure some could be dangerous, but then people used to think grass-snakes were deadly when they weren't, it was probably the same with some 'youkai'. A 'Vampire' ... now everyone knew what a vampire did, they drank blood and killed people. If the people knew a vampire had been let loose not too far from a major city... well, there'd be rioting of some kind at least.

“Miss Meiling? Are you okay?” You ask, bending down to try and get a look of the girl's face. Though you do manage to catch a rather nice glimpse down the front of her shirt, she's slumped over too far for you to look her in the eye in any way. Besides, a thought has just occurred to you. “Hey, Reimu?” You ask, “What was with calling her 'China' ?”

The shrine maiden shrugs. “Eh, everyone calls her that. 'cuz she's from China, you know?” You frown. It looks like even a mystical land sealed behind some kind of barrier isn't safe from racial prejudice of some type.

“That's not very polite,” you mutter, before bending bending down to talk to Meiling again. “Miss Meiling? Are you okay?” suddenly, without warning, she moves - almost clipping you in the face with the back of her head as she sits up. Her eyes are wet and, a little gross, her nose is running due to her trying to keep her tears back.

“Th-tha's three times,” She sniffs, “Mistress Remilia hasn't even called me by name more than once in the past ten years...” You think she's about calmed down when suddenly she erupts into all out bawling. Looking about in a panic you see both Reimu and Marisa looking rather uncaring about Meiling's crying.

“uh... uh...” You stammer, but are quickly saved when the three other girls all ofter to take her outside to calm down. Miss Keine seems competent enough for the task... The busty red-head seems sympathetically understanding towards Meiling while from the third girl... Well, she may be sleepy but she seems to have the definite air of someone who's dealt with crying people before. Either one of them looks like they would be suitable enough to calm Meiling down.

Two part choice:

[ ] Ask 'Miss Keine' to deal with Meiling,
[ ] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down,
[ ] Ask if the sleepy girl can make Meiling feel better,


[ ] Ask 'Miss Keine' for an introduction,
[ ] Ask the redhead to name herself,
[ ] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.
[ ] Ask if the sleepy girl can make Meiling feel better,
[ ] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.

Also, does miss sleepyhead have a hat?
[X] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down.

Red-headed workers unite!

[X] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.

[ ] Ask 'Miss Keine' to deal with Meiling
[ ] Ask the redhead to name herself
[ ] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down,

[ ] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.
[ ] Ask 'Miss Keine' to deal with Meiling

[ ] Ask the redhead to name herself,

That sleeping girl won't notice we picked her last anyways
[X] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down.
[X] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.
[x] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down,
[x] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.

No preference, so I guess I'll hop onto this bandwagon.
[ ] Ask if the sleepy girl can make Meiling feel better,

Fuck. Knowing you typed it out makes my mind twist this into possibly Kanakon sexing up Meiling. You fucking bastard. Playing with my head like that.
You know, this would be the time when Yukari sleeps. During the day.

Wrong hair color, though.
People still haven't figured out that the sleeper is Letty?
[] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down,
[] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.
Hong Moeling looks to be a hit~

Anyway, i'm off for the night so i'll check votes and do the next update tomorrow.
Ahhh, Letty. That would make sense, since it's not winter. Though her hair color has always struck me as "light purple" rather than "blue-purple" as it was described. I've never noticed any blue in Letty's hair. "Blue-purple" makes me think of Kanako and Nagae Iku's hair color.
[X] Ask 'Miss Keine' to deal with Meiling,
[X] Ask the redhead to name herself

You always make some kind of joke post at some point to twist a normal option into something sexual or violent.

My mind went on auto pilot once I saw your post and assumed the worse because you are Scorn.
[x] Ask 'Miss Keine' to deal with Meiling,
[x] Ask if the sleepy girl can make Meiling feel better

[x] Ask the redhead to name herself

Meiling needs all the support she can get. I want all the Komachi we can get.

My first instinct was Tokiko. Yeah...

This is why I hate being colourblind.
[x] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down,
Komachi can relate to Meiling

[x] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.
Since Komachi will be busy and we already know Keine's name...
Damn. I was thinking Patchy.
[X] Try to calm Meiling down yourself.
[X] When done, ask 'Miss Keine' for an introduction.

Meiling! My one weakness!
[X] Try to calm Meiling down yourself.
[X] When done, ask 'Miss Keine' for an introduction.
[x] Try to calm Meiling down yourself.
[x] When done, ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself

Meiling needs love, I want to make her as happy as possible. Also, we should get Letty's introduction over with so she can go ahead and pass out.

If that won't work, second choice:
[x] Ask 'Miss Keine' to deal with Meiling
[x] When done, ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself

Keine's going to be the biggest help in keeping order here, so let's ease her into that role.
[ ] Ask if the sleepy girl can make Meiling feel better,
[ ] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.

>Well, she may be sleepy but she seems to have the definite air of someone who's dealt with crying people before.

Still confused on a Letty consoling Cirno, or Kanako consoling Sanae. Either way, let's get her fucking name, finally!
I don't see how Letty's hair could be described as "blue-purple" when it's pink. It would better describe Kanako's indigo.
File 121396553218.jpg - (36.24KB, 432x600 , letty (14).jpg) [iqdb]
Seems pretty bluish purple to me
Seems pretty light purple to me.
Where art thou, AD?~
Can we has cupcakes?
We're voting that, huh? Changing my vote then.

[X] Try to calm Meiling down yourself.
[X] When done, ask 'Miss Keine' for an introduction.

I am here... whoever you are~

Yeah, i said blue-purple... in hindsight i should have said Lavender or something.

[ ] Ask 'Miss Keine' to deal with Meiling,
[ ] Ask the busty redhead to calm Meiling down,
both drew with six votes, but since 'busty redhead' hit that six first i'll go with that.

[ ] Ask the sleepy girl to introduce herself.
was pretty much the runaway winner there, so all your questions shall now be answered! hohoho.
You might want to start a new thread.

Yeah, new post will be in new thread. I just didn't want to stat a new thread with 'these guys won, this is why, new post in a bit' is all.

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