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Oh~~~. . . Your head hurts. And that damn sun is too bright. Someone turn off the sun. You groan slightly as you turn over, trying to get away from the bright light. It’s on the other side too. Your head throbs as you push yourself up off the ground. Looking around the room, it looks quite thoroughly trashed. There’s dozens of scribbled pictures, cards, stacks upon stacks of board games, and a bunch of jenga sticks that are set up to look like the pantheon. Looking around, you don’t see any cans or bottles. In the corner of the room there’s a chalkboard with a circle with two lines coming out of it, and another circle with a smiley face. There’s a bunch of lines tallied on it, with there being one more under the smiley face side than on the circle with lines side.
You vaguely wonder why your head hurts so much, and what happened last night. The last things you remember is Suika all but throwing you in the bath after nearly ripping your clothes off. That earned her another whack from Reimu. You’d laugh if your head didn’t hurt so much. You remember Reimu serving rice and apologizing for it being all that she had, and you and Suika seeing who could eat it faster. . . Then she offered you a swig from her gourd, and then after that things get a little. . . fuzzy. You vaguely remember strip poker, and that the miko sucks at bluffing. Bandages. Who knew! Ugh. . . You really wish you could remember more of what happened last night, but it all just dances just beyond your ability to remember. However, a much more pressing concern comes to your attention.
You stumble out into the hallway, walk a short ways, and find yourself in a bathroom. Huh. How’d you remember where this was. No matter. Several minutes later you emerge from the bathroom feeling slightly better. Turning to your right, you’re treated to a hilarious sight. Suika’s walking down the hallway, Reimu’s bloomers and socks pinned up on her horns, apparently to dry. You snicker, only to be rewarded by a fresh throbbing in your head.

“G’m’n’ng” The small girl rubs her eyes as she plods along the hallway, “G’ta st’rt th’ firrrre”

She continues down the hallway and into, what you presume anyways, is the kitchen.

[ ] Follow Suika.
[ ] Go lay down again.
[ ] Go find Reimu
[ ] Wander the shrine.
[ ] Wander the shrine.
[ ] Follow Suika.

More Suika!
[ ] Go find Reimu
[X] Follow Suika.
[X] Follow Suika.
[ ] Follow Suika.

[ ] Follow Suika.
[x] Follow Suika.

Come baaaack, we wanna ruffle your haaaaaiiiir!
[X] Follow Suika.
haha, we stipped down the Reimunator, bitch never saw it coming.
But next time we want it in more detail.
[x] Go find Reimu

Hangover Moe~
[ ] Go find Reimu
[X] Follow Suika.
What can go wrong with this?
[X] Wander the shrine.
[X] Follow Suika.

I don't think now is the best time to seek out Reimu, for some reason.
[X] Follow Suika.
Mmmnnnh. If Suika’s heading for the kitchen it’d be a good idea to follow her. Something to do for your hangover maybe. You slink down the hallway, one hand supporting yourself against the wall, the other hand holding your head.
You walk into the kitchen to see Suika face down on the grill over the fire, snoring lightly. Huh. You wonder absently if that hurts as you fill a glass with water and take a drink. WAIT! You almost drop your glass in your haste to get Suika off the grill. Her face is bright red with lines where her face was on the grill.

“Huh. . whuzaa?” She looks around confused for a moment before reaching up and touching her face. “Ah. . . Ow.” A dazed look crosses her face. “Huh. . . I did’t gain. . ah ‘ell. l’st R’mu’s clothes nn’t burn iis time.” She giggles. “Mnnnn. . .” Suika streches languidly. “St’ll t’rd.” She takes a swig from her gourd. “Ah. Much better!” Seeming totally revitalized, Suika stretches again, brushing against Reimu’s clothes. “AH! I need to get these to Reimu!” Suika carefully removes the clothing from her horns and folds them on the table in the middle of the room. She looks up and seems to realize that you’re here for the first time. “Ah! Hey. Can you throw a pot with some water over the fire? I’ve gotta take Reimu her clothes or she’ll be pissed at me.”

[ ] Do as Suika requests.
[ ] Offer to take the clothes for her.
[ ] Stare at her, and point out her burned face.
[x] Do as Suika requests.
She's probably inside the room of thisareashouldn'texist anyway. What are those things anyway?

[X] Do as Suika requests
[ ] Stare at her, and point out her burned face.

[X] Offer to take the clothes for her.
[ ] Offer to take the clothes for her.

[ ] Offer to take her clothes off.
[ ] Stare at her, and point out her burned face.
[ ] Offer to take the clothes for her.
[ ] Do as Suika requests.
[X] Offer to take off her clothes for her.
[ ] Do as Suika requests.

As far as I am concerned, the Oni owns us.
[x] Do as Suika requests.
Agreed. Drunken moe.

[ ] Do as Suika requests.
[x] Do as Suika requests.
[x] Do as Suika requests.

Let's get to voting faster
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Take it easy!
<~Dark_Mercury> Ergh. Would someone post in the MiG thread and tell them that I'm having techincal difficulties ATM.
[ ] Do as Suika requests.
UPDATE: kira broke his internet because he's dumb, stay tuned

<~Dark_Mercury> Everything's going to MSN search bullshit.
<~Dark_Mercury> Even google.

<~Dark_Mercury> Ergh. Would someone post in the MiG thread and tell them that I'm having techincal difficulties ATM.

How the hell can you fuck your browser up like that? If he's still using IE just have him reinstall it. It'd be easier than the trouble.
200+ items of spyware from the housemate's games. ~.~ Anyways, tubes are now uncloged and vote counting has proceeded. Writing will commence shortly.


>>spyware from the housemate's games

Communal computers are a terrible idea.
Suika runs out of the room before you can scarcely do more than nod your head. Turning back to the grill and the counter, you look around. There doesn’t seem to be a pot here. Several minutes of searching later, you finally find the pot, outside. On top of a chicken to boot. As you’re about to head inside again, you hear a familiar voice.
“OI~ REIMU, YOU HERE ~ZE?” Someone shouts from above. Looking up, you see it’s that Black and White witch from before. You really wish she’d quiet down, your head still hurts.

[ ] Go yell at Marisa.
[ ] Stand there and watch.
[ ] Go back inside with the pot.
Now we get busted for lying about Marisa.
[ ] Go yell at Marisa.
[X] Stand there and watch.
[x] Throw the pot at Marisa
[ ] Go back inside with the pot.
[ ] Go yell at Marisa.
Better come up with a good story so that the shit won't hit the fan.
[X] Go yell at Marisa.
[x] Go yell at Marisa.

The time is near for Anon to take Suika and hit the road.
[x] Go yell at Marisa.
The time has come for Marisa, the evidence has to vanish.
Our Plan cannot be foiled now, sex up Reimu and control whole Gensokyo.
[ ] Go yell at Marisa.
>>“OI!~ ZE”, Marissa zooms back from the sky and floats in front of you. “I forgot, you’re not from here. If you wanna get out of this place, you should head to the shrine. It’s just over that way ~ze.” Marisa waves off in a direction. “Or if you wanna stay here a while, you should go to the human village ~ze. I have to run. See you ~ze”
>>With that, Marisa is gone, again. You stand there a few moments, thinking she might come back again, but it seems that she really is gone this time. Oh well.
Definitely, Alice in Wonderland.

Anyway, [X] Stand there and watch.
[X] Go yell at Marisa.
[x] Go yell at Marisa.

My precious thing. I want it back.
[x] Yell at Marisa.

Marisa -technically- sent us to the Shrine. Also, if she says she didn't steal our money, that's the thief's word against the victim's. Thusly, we get away with it.
Who in their right mind would ever believe Marisa if she said she didn't steal something?

She's not only well-known as a thief, but also known for denying she stole anything.
The only possible way some doubt could arise is if we were asked specifically what she stole, and a search doesn't turn up anything like that.

Of course, Marisa steals so much shit that not only is finding ANYTHING specific among her ill-gotten goods unlikely, but she's not likely to even remember if she stole it or not anyway.

Yes, these are my main reasons for having suggested it in the first place.
Let's get Marisa pissed off at us! It is a smart thing to do.
If she challenges us to danmaku, we'll just throw more fairies in her hair.
Mig anon, Skills: Hair ruffling, Youkai Befriendin, Fairy throwin, fleeing.
You forgot to add "Fucking up, Schizophrenia, and Dying" to your list.
I think every CYOA anon has that ability by default.
Ah. damnit. this update is taking longer to pound out than I thought. It's most definatly not because of a myriad of distractions, mind you, not that at all. In any event, it's about half written, and as an appeasement, I'll wall text it uppon the morrow. Until then, G'night /th/
[X] Go yell at Marisa.
I eagerly await LUNATIC MODO MARISA chasing us around and trying to kill us.
You ADHD fools. There's a drunk loli oni we're on the verge of getting in good with, and you're getting distracted.

[+] Put the pot, full of water, on the stove, as per Suika's request.
Why be amiable with an oni when we can provoke the hate of a black-white?
To-do list for this play-through:

[] Befriend Reimu
[] Collect entire 9-Squad
[] Max out Ruffle skill
[] Get Mr. Banana as a permanent party member
[] Greet Eirin with a cheerful "Hi, Mom!"
[] Unlimited Carrot Works for Tewi
[] Bang Reisen
[] Rape Kaguya
[] Rape Eirin
[] Rape Yukari
[] Kick Yukari in the face
[] Rape Yukari again
[] Acquire Camera
[] Don't lose Camera
[] Don't call out to Tewi
[] Don't lose Camera
[] Don't lose Mokou
[] Don't lose Sanae
[] Don't lose Camera
[] Orgy
LUNATIC MODE Marisa is better than Lunatic Reimu chasing us around, at least she can't go convince Reimu, Alice, Suika and SDM to come kill our ass.
[ ] Go back inside with the pot.
[X] Go back inside with the pot.
Remember the umbrella that fell out of the sky? It's Yukari's.
Excellent point, dear sir.

[ ] Go back inside with the pot.
[X] Go back inside with the pot.
[ ] Go back inside with the pot.
[ ] Go back inside with the pot.

Kira has also said that befriending Suika would take a lot of work, but many of the writefags agree they generally have to leave her out of things because she is too strong when fights break out. Let's fix that.
[X] Go yell at Marisa.
[ ] Go back inside with the pot.
I said what with the who now when?
[x] Go back inside with the pot.
This sounds good
[x] Go back inside the pot.

You said that in the IRC channel that befriending Suika would take a lot of work, and from my general discussions with a bunch of the writefags about why Suika isn't on hand in a bunch of the fights, the other fact was plainly obvious.
Uh... I really don't remember talking about Suika and befriending at all. Unless you're talking about the befriending the SHIT out of someone, in which case, I was probably joking, but I don't remeber.
[00:57] <Bastille> I take a DS break, and we've already befriended Suika... Fuck yeah!
[00:58] <Bastille> Now we just need to change befriend to bed, and we're all good
[00:59] <~Dark_Mercury> Bastille: You haven't befriended her.
[00:59] <~Dark_Mercury> You have to befriend the SHIT out of her.
[00:59] <~Dark_Mercury> Before you can befriend her.

tl;dr he was joking
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>You have to befriend the SHIT out of her.
Too bad MiG anon isn't a overpowered Mary Sue.

If MiG Anon were like Futako we wouldn't have to worry about that not being one.
So harsh.
Marisa floats down and lands in front of the side building.

“HEY! YOU!” You shout at Maria who summarily ignores you and proceeds into the building

“Oi~ REIMU! WHERE ARE YOU ~ZE!” She’s gone inside the side building. Well, you’ll not have this! You’re going to yell at her come hell or high water. You storm around to the door where Marisa went in and peek around the edge. Marisa’s standing in the middle of the room looking around at the mess before sighing.
“Oi. No fair having a party and not inviting me ~ze.” Marisa mutters to herself while slumping her shoulders forward. She straightens up and shouts for Reimu again.

“SUIKA~ YOU HERE ~ZE?” Marisa plods out into the hallway while calling for Suika now. “IT’S NOT GOOD TO SLEEP THIS LATE IN THE DAY WHEN YOU HAVE A VISITOR! OI! WAKE UP!”

Marisa trundles down the hallway a ways, opening every door she comes across and shouting inside for Reimu and Suika. You follow along, at a safe distance, wondering if she’s going to go through the ENTIRETY of the building this way. After about seven or eight doors, Marisa comes to a door, opens it, and is about to shout when she freezes. You feel a weight on your back and look up to see Suika looking around the corner with you.

“What’re we lookin at?” Suika looks down the direction you were looking. You shush her, and point at the frozen Marisa.

“Huh. I wonder what’s. . . Isn’t that Reimu’s room?”

“Oh. . .Uh. . . Er. . . Hi Reimu ~ze” Marisa Giggles nervously.

A piercing scream echoes through the building and the nearby area. You and Suika fall backwards into the room you were peeping down the hallway from.

“M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-MARISA! W-WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Reimu’s screeching at this point.

“Uh. . . Nothing ~ze?” Marisa tries hopefully.

“Y-YOU!” There’s sudden loud thud againsty the wall. Several pictures and items on shelves on the wall in the room you’re in fall to the floor as the whole wall shakes. You stare at the stuff that fell, wondering what happened.

“ACK!” The footsteps running up the hallway breaks you out of your reverie as you see Marisa running past, A half dressed Reimu running along behind her throwing spell tags and persuasion needles. Suika starts to giggle, but you clamp your hand firmly over her mouth. You REALLY don’t need Reimu coming after the two of you, given how upset she seems to be. Suika pries your hand off and starts laughing in earnest.

“Hoo. It’s like this ever other morning. Marisa is so impatient” Suika continues laughing while you’re desperately trying to catch her attention.

“Oh, so my displeasure is funny to you, Oni?” Reimu is suddenly looming behind Suika who freezes. Slowly turning to face Reimu, Suika’s face is a mask of shock and surprise.

“R-Reimu. . . Ah . . You don’t. . . err. . . That is. . . RUN!” Suika suddenly jerks upright and bolts out of the room, leaving a very upset Reimu staring at you.

“And just what do you think YOU’RE looking at?!” Obviously still upset, Reimu glares at you.

“Uh. . . I just was looking for the pot.” You hold it up. “Oh look! There it is! I need to get back to the kitchen! Excuse me!” You bolt from the room leaving the fuming Reimu behind.

You sigh inwardly as you finally get the pot over the fire, which you had to re-start after the little ruckus and distractions that happened earlier. No sooner do you have the water boiling than Suika walks in carrying a giant bag of rice.

“Sweet! You got away from Reimu too? Sorry I didn’t grab you earlier, I was in a hurry. Sorry.”

[ ] Accept apology.
[ ] Refuse to accept apology.
[ ] Accept apology.
[x] Accept apology.
[ ] Accept apology.
[ ] Refuse to accept apology.

[x] Accept apology.

Suika is awesome.
[x] Accept apology.
[ ] Accept apology.
“It’s alright. I got out of there ok. No harm no foul.” You shrug your shoulders.

“EH?! You’re gonna forgive me THAT easily?! You’re supposed to make me beg and plead to you for forgiveness! This means you’re not awesome!” Suika sighs and slumps her shoulders. “Oh well. Well, let’s start the rice.” Suika drags herself over to the pot and dumps the whole bag of rice in. A bit of water spills over the edge and onto the fire, which you quickly tend to. When you look up from the fire, Suika’s gone. Damn.

The rice is quite quickly cooked, and you drain the water off from the pot. After putting the rice into a large bowl with a lid, you move the bowl to the table. There’s already settings for 5 people, but nobody seems to know that breakfast is ready.

[ ] Go look for Suika.
[ ] Go look for Marisa.
[ ] Go look for Reimu.
[ ] Eat while it’s hot.
[x] Accept apology.
[ ] Go look for Suika.

I guess.
>This means you’re not awesome!

Wtf is this shit......
[X] Eat while it’s hot.

You snooze you lose, girls.

Also, when Suika comes back and complains about not going to get her and tell her that breakfast is ready, we can say that's her punishment for not accepting our accepting of her apology.
[x] Eat while it’s hot.
[ ] Go look for Reimu.

Oh ho, why not peep a second time!
[ ] Eat while it’s hot.
[X] Go look for Suika.

You want awesome? I'll show you AWESOME!

Jazzhand, followed wih all the poses we have learned while reading Jojos Bizarre adventure. Then we moonwalk the fuck out of there
[x] Eat while it’s hot.

Also this >>40701
Your level is not high enough to Moonwalk yet, grasshopper.

- Teruyo
[X] Eat while it’s hot.
[X] Go look for Reimu.

Get on her good side damnit!
[X] Go look for Reimu.

Now that things with Sukia are fucked up it's time to fuck them up with the miko as well.
In other words, back to basics, right?
[x] Go look for Reimu.

Offer some sort of service as appeasement.
Hey, screwing things up is our only real talent. We might as well put it to use.
[x] Go look for Reimu.
[x] Rape Reimu.
File 121279180193.jpg - (184.13KB, 500x545 , reimudonations0.jpg) [iqdb]
But Anon is broke...
[X] Eat while it’s hot.

This one's their own fault. Too bad, so sad.
Be creative anon! We can still make a biological 'donation'.
MiG needs more Anon raping Reimu while Alice holds her down and Marisa watches.
[ ] Go look for Suika.
[x] Go look for Reimu.
[x] Go look for Reimu.
[ ] Go look for Suika.
[+] Eat while it’s hot.
Thirding >>40701's suggestion. Revenge in small ways.
Revenge on Sukia, sure I can see that. But do you really feel a need to get revenge on Reimu and Marisa?
Not revenge, just friendly messing around. Hopefully we'll get some respect back.
>“Uh. . . I just was looking for the pot.” You hold it up. “Oh look! There it is! I need to get back to the kitchen! Excuse me!” You bolt from the room leaving the fuming Reimu behind.

Males in Gensokyo: They should just stay in the kitchen.
[ ] Go look for Suika.

We're still not done with the oni yet damnit
[ ] Go look for Suika.
[X] Eat while it’s hot.
[X] Go look for Suika and challenge her to some game.
Make her beg for our mercy if we win.
[X] Go look for Suika and challenge her to some game.

Sounds like fun
[X] Go look for Suika and challenge her to some game.
[ ] Eat while it’s hot.
What are you doing here? Get yourself checked out and rest.
I've been checked out, initial diagnosis is I've pulled a muscle in my chest around my diaphragm and there's little that can be done except take pain killers.

So unless it gets worse today there's nothing I can do but sit around and wait, can't lay in bed because that just slows down the process.

Ouch. Well, at least it wasn't in your heart. Hoping for the best, Scorn.

In that case WORK, BACK, ETC.
While loopy on pills? No thank you.
Damn that's a relief.
Think you should mention it on your forum at least for people who cared.

Heh, why do I think that sounds potentially awesome?
...because now he can put himself in Alice' position.
*makes notes*

Antagonize Suika: Always. We earn respect.
Antagonize Reimu: NEVER. We earn DEATH.

Got it. I'm sure that'll work. Yeah.
This is good to hear.

I think it's more complex with Suika right now. We won the challenges last night by a single point, so perhaps to her we're seen on a different kind of level to the one we think we're on?
ZUN's oni value strength in character. All of Suika's dialogues in IaMP during her scenario seem to characterize that trait as Suika (even if playfully) criticizes her challengers. It's probably just heckling, but, still, oni can't tell lies. We can only assume everything they say is really how they (think they) feel.

And I'm incredibly suspicious about her comment about Yukari's "very existence" being "fraudulent."
Next time we meet up with Suika, we should make up for disappointing her for not making her beg by telling her that a man should never make a lady beg for forgiveness and then ruffle her hair.

It would most definatly show her strength of character, and then we get in a free ruffle as well.
Agreed, but substitute "cute girl" for "lady". Flirt flirt flirt.
Kira where are you? YOU PROMISED US UPDATES!
First that Sad End, now this!

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