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A couple hints to get you started-
The full 9 squad is required for anything resembling a good ending.
9 squad: Cirno, Rumia, Chen, Wriggle, Letty, Mystia.
Ex 9 squad: Aki sisters, Hina, Medicine.
Mystia is someone you don’t want to meet at night.
Letty likes cold places.
Checking garbage cans sometimes gives surprising results.
Magicians tend to have quite a bit of information.
You’re dreaming. Dreaming a dream of a dreamlike dream. You’re trudging across a field of snow. It’s snow as far as the eye can see, and most likely snow far beyond that. The passage of time is immeasurable in this white, featureless landscape with snow falling almost constantly. It’s cold, but you don’t feel it any more. Eventually you collapse, your body shuddering beyond your control. A pair of feet come into your view. It looks like they’re wearing white boots.
“Too bad we couldn’t have met earlier. I might have liked you. . .” The voice giggles.
There’s an extreme cold that envelops your body just before everything fades to black.

Some time later you wake up. Face down on top of a hill. Pushing yourself up off the ground rewards you with a throbbing headache. You manage to get yourself up into a sitting position and, looking around, you see nothing familar. Nearby there's a forest, Down the hill in the distance there seems to be a village, and on the edge of the forest, off in the opposite direction of the village, there seems to be a shrine. There’s some cloud cover overhead, and a slight rumbling. It looks like it might rain. Where will you go?
[ ] Into the woods
[ ] Down to the villiage
[ ] To the shrine
[ ] LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (this option is grayed out.)
[ ] Become An Hero.
[X] Into the woods
I will not go to Shrine.
[X] Into the woods
[x] inventory
[x] To the shrine
She'll come for us eventually no matter what. Get it over with.
[ ] Into the woods
The Woods, they call out to me
[X] Into the woods

Cirno GET
[x] LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (this option is grayed out.)
We found Cirno here. This was a pretty good start imo.
[ ] Into the woods
[x] Into the woods
By the way guys, if we don't pick the right choices we'll never find out what's happening in the story. Hope you like plot hol- I mean, mystery.

[18:29] <@Dark_Mercury> It's not a story where you're on rails and have everything explained to you in the end.
[18:29] <@Dark_Mercury> If you miss plot, you miss plot.
[x] Into the woods

Youkai daughter collectin' gaems.
Honestly man, you can find ways to explain shit in more ways than one. Is there some shit we should be able to miss? Yeah, of course, but theres also some shit we should find out no matter what. The only thing we really found out last time is that Yukari had a plan. Big revelation there.
[ ] LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (this option is grayed out.)

Cirno was a good first choice in many ways.

In fact we did well with much of the starting choices in MiG, so don't rule them out yet.
[X] To the shrine

If we beat Reimu now, do we get to the secret Developer's Room?
[ ] LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (this option is grayed out.)
[x] LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (this option is grayed out.)
Cirno's a guaranteed GET right there. Why miss out on her now?
Nono, Reimu is like Magus, and Yukari is like Lavos. We have to go and find the gap that only appears on New Game+, and then defeat Yukari with our Rainbow Box.
shouldn't we just start at the part where we find letty in the fridge instead of going from the beginning?
[X] LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (this option is grayed out.)
We need to assemble the 9 squad
[ ] To the shrine

Call it a hunch. I believe we have some unfinished business there...
[x] To the shrine
While the Shrine or the village may be good places to go, something in the woods calls you. Collect even. You want to find the person who just called you so you can make them pay the charges. You’re quickly swallowed up by the woods as you charge forward. Going in what you perceive to be a straight line, you quickly find yourself lost among the myriad trees. You could, theoretically, go back the way you came, given that you haven’t turned around at all, and it should be a straight shot out. Well, now you know how Hansel and Gretel felt.
Something small and green flits pats you. It. . . It looks like a tiny little person, wearing a green dress. What the hell? As quickly as it was there, it’s gone now. Well that was odd. You wonder what you’re tripping on, because it must be some damn good shit. In any event, you could probably follow the little fairy illusion thing, go back the way you came, or continue wandering through the woods.

[ ] Wander.
[ ] Chase the Fairy.
[ ] Make like a tree and get the hell out of here.
[ ] Call out for assistance.
[ ] Dance.
[x] To the shrine
If it rains, wouldn't it resemble night? Then Mystia will go om nom nom on us...
File 121244834371.jpg - (184.10KB, 1000x714 , reimuspell.jpg) [iqdb]
>we have some unfinished business

Baby, you ain't kidding.
[x] Chase the Fairy.
also [x] Inventory
[X] Chase the Fairy.

We're not in LUNATIC MODE yet, this shouldn't kill us.

[ ] Call out for assistance.

[ಥ] Chase the Fairy.

Go chase that shit, Anon.
[ ] Chase the Fairy.


[x] Dance.

The fairies shall be entranced by our dance!
[X] Call out for assistance.

Try to get their attention. They'll just run away if we chase them.
[X] Whistle
[x] Call out for assistance.
[x] Chase the Fairy.
[ ] Chase the Fairy.

This, this insn't a euthamism for drug abuse is it?
[x] Call out for assistance.
We'll become a nineball magnet. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?
[X] Call in Airstrike.
File 121244962270.jpg - (47.76KB, 800x600 , nekokorun.jpg) [iqdb]
See, you, there, etc.
[x] Dance after the fairy, calling for assistance.

and then anon drank absinthe in gensokyo
Eh, might as well follow this trip through to it’s logical conclusion. Following along, you see the fairy-like thing flitting along in front of you. Well, at least you think it’s the same fairy you saw before. It’s wearing a red dress now. Twisting and turning through the woods brings you to the edge of a clearing, where there are dozens of fairies gathered. They seem to be watching something going on in the clearing. You move closer to try and get a better look, but can’t see anything through the cloud of fairies. You can hear two people talking. . . well, shouting would be a more accurate description.
“For the LAST TIME. STOP stealing thing from MY HOUSE.” The first voice sounds quite angry.
A new voice laughs, “I’m only borrowing it until I die ~ze. Come get it back then.”
“I am sick and tired of you thinking you can waltz in whenever you feel like it, and just take my things! I need many of the things that you claim that you’re ‘borrowing’. Sure I can let some of these things go, but. . .” The first voice trails off.
“Eh? I’ve never seen you like this before ~ze.” The first voice sounds confused.

It sounds like whatever’s going on over there is quite a fight.

[ ] Push through the fairies to get a better view.
[ ] Wander off.
[ ] Call out to the people.
[ ] Talk to the fairies.
[x] Talk to the fairies
Fuck Marisa, time for some FAIRIES
[X] Talk to the fairies.
[x] Talk to the fairies.

And then Anon was bulletraped by fairies.
[ ] Wander off.

What time of day is it?
[x] Talk to the fairies

[►] Push through the fairies to get a better view.
[x] Talk to the fairies.

It's gossip time.
File 121245076013.jpg - (154.60KB, 426x500 , 1205467194097.jpg) [iqdb]

[ x ] Push through the fairies to get a better view.

>>What happens if we're on the other side this time?

[x] Push through the fairies to get a better view.
[x] Talk to the fairies while trying to get a better view.

Ask them what's happening.
[x] Call out to the people.

Prepare for epic swordfight vs. 88 crazy Dolls
...I want my semi-animate Hourai doll back.
People shouting? Do not want. The fairies in front of you, however, seem all a buzz about the two girls. Huh.
“Hey, what’s going on there?”
The fairies suddenly turn and see you, realizing that you’re there for the first time. They stare at you for a moment before one of them screams. They suddenly all scatter in every direction, except towards you. Several dozen fly out into the clearing.
“AHHH! THEY’RE IN MY HAIR ~ZE. GET THEM OUT GET THEM OUT ~ZE!” You can now see a girl with long blonde hair with several fairies tangled up in it. They’re flailing madly only serving to get themselves more stuck in her hair. The other girl, with short blonde hair swats a few fairies away while laughing at the plight of the other long haired blonde girl.
“Don’t just stand there, Alice, help me ~ze! They’re really stuck!”
‘Alice’ just stands there, still laughing at the sorry mess that the first girl’s become.
Looking around, you don’t see any fairies left, other than the ones in the blonde girl’s hair. Oh well, it’s not like you really expected figments of your. . . Wait, they’re caught in that girl’s hair, which means that they must be real. WHAT?! Fairies aren’t real. . . Are they? They can’t be. . . Right?

[ ] Go talk to the two girls.
[ ] Get away from this place, as fast as you can.
[ ] Scream.
[X] Go talk to the two girls.
File 121245293275.jpg - (760.96KB, 1088x1518 , fullalice.jpg) [iqdb]

[ x ] Go talk to the two girls.

Sup...bitches. No really.
[X] Go talk to the two girls.
[X] Go talk to the two girls.
[ ] Go talk to the two girls

[X] Go talk to those girls
Hm, I wonder if they'll think that was "fairy danmaku."
[ ] Go talk to the two girls.
[ ] Get away from this place, as fast as you can.

The lake, it calls to me.
[x] Call out to the two girls.

[x] Go talk to the two girls.

You're gonna get attacked, brutally.
[ ] Go talk to the two girls.
No anonymous, not tonight..... I'm too tired. I have to get up in the morning, I said not tonight. I have a head ache. I'm on. Can't we just cuddle? We don't have to do it every night. I told you I was busy tomorrow, let me rest. It's a heavy flow and I'm embarrassed. Can't you just please yourself? We'll do it tomorrow I promise. I'm not in the mood. I've had a few drinks and if you make me do it I'll be sick.
Are you channeling Alice, Scorn?
Your head is spinning. This must all be some bizarre dream. It only takes a few steps and you’re in the clearing. The girl with long blonde hair is still fighting with the fairies in her hair, but Alice seems to take notice of you the second you step into the clearing. She turns to face you, and her eyes narrow instantly.
“Hm? And who might you be?”
“What’s going on here?! There’s fairies! They’re real?!” You sound slightly panicked. Alice seems taken aback by this.
“Well, of course there’s fairies! Why wouldn’t there be. . . You’re not from here are you?”
“Ah. . . I’m not quite sure where ‘here’ is, to be honest. I just sort of woke up here, a little while ago.”
Alice tilts her head to one side and is about to say something when the other girl screams.
“AUGH! GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF!” She flails around randomly running back and forth in place before she pulls out a strange little device.
“ACK!” Alice quickly flies into the sky and zooms away. The other blonde girl is waving this strange little hexagonal thing around in front of her with one hand, batting at the fairies with the other hand.

[ ] Make like a tree and get the hell out of there.
[ ] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.
Wow... just wow.
[ ] Go talk to the two girls.

Oh, hello. How do you do? I'm tripping balls!

Tripping balls!


[x] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.
[x] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.

Oho, why not get Master Spark'd? I will lol if we get Bad End'd this early.
[X] Go try and help ...
We'd be dead where we stand, on the other hand.
[x] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.
File 121245484046.png - (29.39KB, 336x336 , awesome.png) [iqdb]
[ ] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.
[ ] Make like a tree and get the hell out of there.

Don't want to eat Master Spark for breakfast, still full from the Reese Puff cereal.
[x] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.

Fuck it, we have nothing to lose yet. We'll play it safer after we recruit a few party members.
[X] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.

[x] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.
PROTIP: Avoid getting stuck in dark places.

[21:06] <NEfff> Hmm. Well I'm assuming the Reimu comes after us has a time-trigger. And after that, the information sources decrease because we have hostiles.
[21:07] <@Dark_Mercury> partially.
[21:07] <@Dark_Mercury> Anon took a huge jump when they got gapped.
[21:07] <Kapow> kira, you at least have it set up so there's more than one possible scene to get any important info from?
[21:07] <@Dark_Mercury> Yep.
[21:07] <@Dark_Mercury> There's usually a couple.
[21:07] <Kapow> so unless we fuck up really bad we won't miss anything
[21:07] <@Dark_Mercury> Anon's proven adept at avoiding them.
[21:07] <@Dark_Mercury> Gapping usually means you're skipping things.
[21:07] <NEfff> Goddammit, Yukari.
[21:08] <Kapow> so we have to avoid gapping...somehow
[21:08] <Kapow> does something trigger it? or what?
[21:08] <@Dark_Mercury> Usually getting stuck in dark places.
[21:08] <@Dark_Mercury> Gapping works much like grue.
[21:08] <@Dark_Mercury> 'cept instead of getting eaten, you're thrown to a random location.
File 121245563535.jpg - (56.77KB, 585x538 , 121179855718.jpg) [iqdb]

Then how will we find our moegrue?
Kira's undertones of DESPAIR are being countered by this image of Rumia.

Thread might not be so bad after all.
[x] Go try and help the girl get the fairies out of her hair.

Lets hope she doesn't end up accidentally killing us.
Everyone seems so sure that we're going to get killed by trying to help her. That means, of course, that we can't possibly be killed trying to help her.
From the autobiography of Marisa Kirisame, published some time in the far future:

>I'll never forget the very first thing he said to me:
>He said, "Hey--
>"You got fairies on your face."
>That's when I knew it was true love ~ze.
Your post. I'll be taking it.

Unless Kira has taken this into account and the option that we think surely must kill us and thusly won't, does in fact kill us.

[ ] Wait in the room.
Ah, You really do suppose you should help her, given that you scared the fairies into the clearing, you guess.
“Hold on a minute, I’ll help you.” You shout to the girl. It takes a scant few seconds to get over to the girl, who’s still flailing about wildly.
“Ack, Stop flailing so much and I’ll help you.”
“AH! JUST HURRY ~ZE! THEY’RE DRILLING INTO MY BRAIN!” She continues to flail madly.
You have no idea what she meant by that, but you have an idea to make her stop flailing.
“Hey, You’ve got fairies on your face.”
The girl stops flailing and stares at you stupidly. Taking the advantage you reach up to her hair and start helping the fairies disentangle themselves from this girl’s hair. It takes several minutes to get the first one out. The whole while the blonde girl is twitching.
“So uh. . . you-”
“My name’s Marisa”
“So, uh. . . Marisa, What did you take from that girl?”
“I DIDN’T TAKE ANYTHING!” Marisa whips around to face you, making the two fairies that are still stuck in her hair scream.
“Ah, But the fairies are still stuck in your hair.”
“Oh. . . right.” Marisa’s cheeks redden before she quietly turns back around. The last two fairies come out quickly, and flit away into the sky, thanking you for helping them out of the tangley yellow mass. You snicker at the name that they use for it. Marisa humps and stomps her foot.
“It’s not that much of a mess! I comb it weekly ~ze!. Jeeze. Fairies ~ze. They’re always so rude. Anyways, thanks for that. I’ve gotta get going though, see ya ~ze!”
With that Marisa picks up a broom off of the ground and flies off into the sky, leaving you alone in the clearing.
You’re left standing there wondering what the he. . .
“OI!~ ZE”, Marissa zooms back from the sky and floats in front of you. “I forgot, you’re not from here. If you wanna get out of this place, you should head to the shrine. It’s just over that way ~ze.” Marisa waves off in a direction. “Or if you wanna stay here a while, you should go to the human village ~ze. I have to run. See you ~ze”
With that, Marisa is gone, again. You stand there a few moments, thinking she might come back again, but it seems that she really is gone this time. Oh well.

[ ] Go off towards the shrine.
[ ] Go off towards the village.
[ ] Go wander.
[ ] This seems like a nice spot. Stay here.
[x] Go off towards the shrine.
[ ] Go off towards the shrine.
[x] Go off towards the shrine.
[X] Go off towards the shrine.
Time to see the Reimunator. Maybe we can get along this time with her, and without all the shit like last time.
Just as with Alice, we seem un-fazed by the fact that she can fly. Hm.

[X] Go off towards the village.

Ms. party-pooper will probably want to boot our ass "home" if she's not already digging us our grave.
[ ] Go wander.

I choose not to walk into the jaws of the beast, even if it does not want to eat us yet
[x] Go off towards the shrine.
Nevermind raymoo. DO WANT Suika.
>If you wanna get out of this place, you should head to the shrine.

[x] Go wander.
Do not want to be kicked out of Gensokyo by Reimu. ....though maybe she'll try and get Yukari to do it, meaning we may get to meet Chen....
[x] Go off towards the shrine.
we're going to meet her sooner or later so why not take initiative?
[X] Go wander.
Still need our ⑨ squad.
[X] Go off towards the shrine.
[X] Go off towards the shrine.

Do not want getting bounced out, but I'd like to see how Reimu is when not in psycho bitch mode.
[X] Go off towards the shrine.
Sorry guys, got distracted by the greatest typo ever.
[21:05] <@Dark_Mercury> oR SおMetHiNG
[21:06] <Suika_Wright> ... i think you found a new level of typo.
You may not want to go home just yet, but this ‘shrine’ sounds like it’s closer, given that you saw it on the edge of this forest when you headed in. Above you the clouds rumble ominously. Damn it, is it going to start raining sometime soon? Meh. No matter. You set off in the general direction that Marisa waved off in. As you’re walking you come across what appears to be a trail of some sort. It’s heading off in the direction that you’re going anyways, so you decide to follow it and see if it’ll get you to where you’re going. After walking along for a while you come across a three way fork in the trails. Well, it’s not so much a fork as there’s a main path, which you’re currently on, and two smaller paths that branch off from it.

[ ] Right
[ ] Left
[ ] Straight ahead (this option is grayed out)
[X] Right
[ ] Go off towards the shrine.

Back to square one. I reiterate: >we have some unfinished business!
[X] Right
Left is for fags.
[ ] Left
[ ] Straight ahead

Real men walk straight! Plus this IS the path Marisa put us on.
Oh, just so you guys know, greyed out options just mean that you've taken that choice before, and it leads to a scene that you've already been to. The scene may be slighly different based uppon your interactions leading up to it, but it's essentially the same scene.
[X] Straight ahead

Straight is always the shortest route to a destination.
Unless, of course, your destination lies to the left or right.
Thanks for the reminder, but I kinda hoped Anon wasn't THAT stupid to not realize that.

Anyway, we need to get on our past self's path in order to assemble the 9 Squad.
Roll of a die gave me:
[x] Left
[X] Straight ahead
>>[X] All three paths at once (this option is rainbow colored)
[ ] Right

Everything that isn't right is wrong.
I'll take the [X] right-handed path.
[X] All three paths at once
[x] Left
I want to go left!
[X] Right
Left is a trap, i know it, right is safe.
You will go right like a brave little soldier.
So, we're done for tonight?
Nothing has enough votes, so. . . meh.
[X] Right
[X] Right
[x] Left
[x] Right

Last time I went right, things went wrong, so hopefully the same doesn't happen here.
[X] Right
[X] Right
[x] Wrong

I'm sorry, what was the question?



The right path leads upwards slightly and seems to be relatively infrequently traveled. That may be why it piques your curiosity so much. Well, whatever. You step off of what could be supposed to be the ‘main path’ and onto this side path. The path winds and twists it’s way up the hill. It doesn’t seem like very long, but it’s quite a bit darker when you come out of the woods at the base of a huge stairway. Wow. That’s a lot of stairs. This must lead up to the shrine.
The accent is slow and painstaking. Step after step, you loose count after the first dozen steps. The angle is quite steep too, which makes it worse. When you finally reach the top of the stairs, you’re quite tired. You didn’t realize you were QUITE this out of shape. It’s been a long time since you did that kind of physical exercise.
Looking around, it seems that the shrine grounds are deserted. You wonder if people really are sent out of this place from here, given the fact that there doesn’t seem to be anyone here. Or has been here for a while, given the number of leaves on the ground.
Overhead a bolt of lighting flashes, followed quickly by a rumble of thunder. Great. It’s probably going to start raining any. . . Of course, as soon as you start thinking that it might start raining, it does. You run over to your right, where there’s a building separate from what is, apparently, the main shrine. The walkway around the building is under the roof, so it’s keeping the rain off of you. The storm has quickly developed into a downpour with some gusting winds. Really quite annoying. You sigh. What a day this has turned out to be. Stuck in some strange land, where fairies exist, and girls can just fly away on a whim. Why should anything surprise you in this place? The storm seems to be getting worse, so sitting out here won’t be a solution for long.

[ ] Go in the building.
[ ] Yell and see if you can get someone’s attention.
[ ] Go to the shrine.
[ ] Go back the way you came.
Bitch will get what she deserved for fucking with us in the last route, Anon's hate knows no bounds. We will fucking torture her and Reimu, while Alice watches and helps us.

I believe the term "underage b&" strongly applies here.
[X] Go in the building.
[X] Steal food.
Reimu is probably out killing Wriggle or someone else of the 9 squad.
[ ] Go to the shrine.
[x] Go in the building.

No planning, just going forth and dealing with situations as they arise.
[ ] Go in the building.
[ ] Go to the shrine.

Go donate. Let's prevent Psycho Reimu while we still can.
[X] Go in the building.
[ ] Go to the shrine.
[ ] Go to the shrine.
[ ] Yell and see if you can get someone’s attention.

Ha ha, no.

[X] Go to the shrine.
[x] Go to the shrine.
[ ] Go to the shrine.
Donate? DONATE?
Alright. Shrine won, and I'm off to bed. G'night all.
Now we probably won't be meeting Suika, fuck the main shrine.
>The full 9 squad is required for anything resembling a good ending.
-1 reader
The question, really, is where are we supposed to find Letty this time of the year? as the joke goes, in someone's fridge?
We are not going to get a good ending. Or anything that resembles a good ending. Either accept that now or stop reading as doing so will only serve to piss you off. If you're cool with it then just keep on.

I don't really care about getting a good ending, so much as it isn't such a lame ending.
That's where she was when we were trippin' out last time.
Actually, no it doesn't. I'm of legal age. I was born in '89, after all.
Well, staying here isn’t an option. The next best thing would be to head for the shrine. You dash out across the courtyard and up to the main door of the shrine. Trying the door you find it locked. Damnit. The rain is still pouring down and the door here isn’t sheltered from the rain. THUD. The dull sound resonates around from you kicking the door. It doesn’t even budge in the slightest. Standing here isn’t doing you any favors, and only serving to make you more wet. This sucks.

[ ] Stay in the rain.
[ ] Go back to the side building.
[ ] Singing in the Rain~
[ ] Singing in the Rain~
[X] Go back to the side building.
[X] Singing in the Rain~

Sing while running back.
[X] Singing in the Rain~

[x] Singing in the Rain~

MiG = Musical in Gensokyo
File 121255015828.jpg - (28.48KB, 400x480 , singing-in-the-rain.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go back to the side building.
[x] Singing in the Rain~

Hoo-ah, Mystia has nothing on us!
File 121255040930.jpg - (232.60KB, 1600x1200 , 120878249132.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Singing in the Rain~
[x] Go back to the side building.
[x] Singing in the Rain~

We should try to find Suika.
[ ] Stay in the rain.
[ ] Singing in the Rain~

[ ] Singing in the Ran~
File 12125519665.jpg - (65.18KB, 392x310 , Suika rain.jpg) [iqdb]
As you’re standing there, in the pouring rain, an umbrella falls down from above. You deftly catch it and hold it above you. Mn. An umbrella is nice. For some odd reason, it really makes you want to sing. You stride forward humming some little tune you remember from somewhere. . .

A few steps later, you look up into the sky, still humming. You stop and put your hand out, feeling the rain again. The umbrella rests on your shoulder while you look at your hand, then over at the umbrella. Shrugging, you bring the umbrella down, the rain pouring from above. It closes in one swift movement as you pull down on the umbrella’s release mechanism. You return the umbrella to your shoulder and start walking forward again.

“I’m Siiiiiinging in the rain~ Just siiiiiiinging in the rain~ What a glorious feeling~ I’m happy again~”

You reach the Torii at the front of the shrine and hop up on the block, hanging off of it by one arm.

“I’m laughing at clouds~ So dark up above~” swinging back and forth on the Torii, you hop down from it and start walk around the base, leaning up close to it again. “The sun’s in my heart~ and I’m ready for love~”

Pushing off, you step away from the Torii into the courtyard again, “Let stormy clouds chase~ everyone from the place~” The rain pours down on your face as you look straight up into the sky once again, “Come on with the rain! I’ve a smile on my face!”

“ I walk down the lane~ with a happy refrain~” the umbrella twirls in your hand while you walk now, “Just singin’~ Singin’ in the rain~”

By now, a large puddle has formed in the middle of the courtyard, close to the side builidng. You dance around a bit, splashing merrily in the puddle and jumping up onto the walkway around the side building when you realize that you’re not quite alone. You turn, slowly, to face the girl who’s standing there, on the walkway, with her arms crossed. She stares at you for a moment before you just look at her, smile brightly and shrug.

“Um… What are you doing” The small girl with horns growing out of her head asks you.

“Me? I’m just singing in the rain!” You smile, standing out in the pouring rain.

“Oh. Huh. Ok.” She brushes a bit of her red hair aside.

“Wanna join me?” You grin widely at the girl.

“Is that a challenge” She returns your wide grin with an equal, if not larger intensity.

[ ] Yes, this is a CHALLENGE! HOOOAAAAAAA!
[ ] Nope, just an invitation to dance in the rain.
[ ] Yes, this is a CHALLENGE! HOOOAAAAAAA!

[ ] Nope, just an invitation...for singing...and dancing...in the rain~

Kelly-type answer.
>When they find a human that they like, they tempt that human into challenging them in any way the human desires. Should the human lose, they are abducted.

[X] Nope, just an invitation to dance in the rain.
[ ] Yes, this is a CHALLENGE! HOOOAAAAAAA!

Then lets not lose.
[X] Nope, just an invitation to dance in the rain.
[ ] Nope, just an invitation to dance in the rain.
[x] Nope, just an invitation to dance in the rain.

It's fun, Suika!
[ ] Yes, this is a CHALLENGE! HOOOAAAAAAA!

If we win, we Suika joins the party.
If we lose, we join Suika's party.

Sounds good to me.

Challenge her to sing in the rain.
Nothing to lose except our life, and who gives a shit about that?
Are we not some crazy experiment that Eirin created?
But it seems that we are broken and that means extreme powerful or something.
Time to awaken our true power and shower her.
[x] Nope, just an invitation to dance in the rain.
The girl absolutely beams at you.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a challenge from a human!” She giggles “By the way, my name’s Suika. Nice to meet you.”

Suika reaches out her hand and grabs yours, shaking it quite forcefully. You’re almost thrown off your feat. This girl is STRONG. But, while she may be strong, she can’t beat you now! You’re all fired up.

“So, Singin’. . . And Dancin’. . . In the ra~in.” You smile at her, “That’s the challenge.”

The girl nods, agreeing to the terms. You lead off, you dance back and forth in front of the side building the umbrella your imaginary dance partner. Suika follows suit behind you. She really is does seem to be quite good at this. Makes you wonder if she’s ever done something like this before. The pair of you continue to dance all over the courtyard, back and forth, up and around to the front of the shrine. This continues for quite some time until you fall on your back, looking up into the sky. You’re breathing heavily. Suika splashes down in the puddle next to you, also on her back.

“You’re good.” You laugh.

Suika starts laughing too. “You too. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.”

The two of you continue laughing for a short while before someone clears their throat. Both of you freeze. Slowly you tilt your head back and are greeted by the sight of a black haired girl, wearing a red and white outfit. She sighs and shakes her head.

“What are you two doing?” She looks annoyed.

“I was just challenging this human!” Suika is back on her feet, smiling brightly. The girl in red white brings her gohei down on Suika’s head. She clutches her head around her horns as her eyes tear up.

“What have I told you about challenging people! You can’t just go abducting them because you feel like it!”

Suika sniffles a little, “But, but. . . He challenged me! I didn’t challenge him!”

The girl in red and white brings the gohei down again. Suika cries out and rubs her head again.

“Enough. We’re both soaked. Let’s just go inside. And you,” The red white girl turns to you, “What are you doing here?”

[ ] Singin in the ra~in
[ ] I wandered in here on a southern breeze, don’t mind me.
[ ] Marisa sent me.
[ ] Nothing.
[ ] Singin in the ra~in
[ ] Marisa sent me.
[x] Marisa sent me.

Please don't bounce me out of Gensokyo. Or stuff me in the village.
File 121255442397.jpg - (29.91KB, 544x384 , justs.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Just dancing...
...and singing...
...in...the rai~n...
[x] Singin in the ra~in
[x] Marisa sent me.
[X] Singin in the ra~in
[X] Singin in the ra~in
[ ] I wandered in here on a southern breeze, don’t mind me.
[x] Singin in the ra~in
[ ] Singin in the ra~in
[ ] I wandered in here on a southern breeze, don’t mind me.
[ ] Marisa sent me.

I wasn wondering on a southern breeze, then Marisa sent me here to sing in rthe ra~in
[ ] Marisa sent me.
[ ] I was going to donate, but she stole my money.
>[x] Singin in the ra~in

Holy shit, we're Kiranonymous.
[x] Singin in the ra~in
[x] Marisa sent me.
File 121255495549.jpg - (44.02KB, 300x300 , 1171259709404.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Singin in the ra~in
[x] Singin in the ra~in
[x] Club her with the umbrella. Surely you're faster than this girl.
[ ] Marisa sent me.
[ ] I was going to donate, but she stole my money.
[ ] Marisa sent me.
[ ] I was going to donate, but she stole my money.
[ ] Marisa sent me.
[ ] I was going to donate, but she stole my money.

let's see her react when we tell her.

I don't get it.
[ ] Marisa sent me.
[ ] I was going to donate, but she stole my money.

This can't go wrong!
[ ] Singin in the ra~in
>[ ] I was going to donate, but she stole my money.

Oi oi, I thought we were trying to avoid getting Reimu pissy at us this time. Lying and playing her against Marisa before we've met a single member of the Nineball crew.... We'll end up getting thrown into Angry Reimu Lunatic MODO even earlier than last route.
[x] Marisa sent me.
[x] I was going to donate, but she stole my money.
People bet on how fast we can get that Bad end, let's speed this up a bit.
[x] Inventory
Hopefully we actually have some money to donate after we get done pissing her off.
[x] Singin in the ra~in
[x] Marisa sent me.

Just tell her the truth and avoid getting on her bad side again.
Aye, at next opportunity....

[x] Inventory
[x] Singin in the ra~in

But we have gotten nothing until now?
Inventory: Cellphone 1ea. LHC blueprints 1ea. Wallet 1ea. Clothing 1ea. Pen 1ea. Notepad 1ea.
You sit upright and look at the red white girl. “Well, someone named Marisa sent me up here. I was thinking about donating to this fine establishment, however, this Marisa person took all of my money.”

The red white girl sighs and hangs her head. “Yeah, that sounds like Marisa alright. You must have had some out. . . Hey, did you just show up here today?”

You nod. The girl glares at you for a moment then sighs. “Huh. I guess you’re not the one from earlier. . . Did you see anyone else when you showed up? Was anyone wandering around near you?!” The girl sounds somewhat bothered.

“Uh. . . No? I just woke up face down on a hill.” You tilt your head to one side and look at the girl. Suika takes you by the arm and pulls you to your feet.

“C’mon inside! I’ll getcha clean’d up nice and quick!” Suika starts dragging you towards the door of the side building. “Get some nice drinks into ya too! You can challenge me to a drinking game!”

“Oi! Don’t decide things like that on your own!” The red white girl seems rather annoyed at Suika.

“Awww. . . c’mon Reimu! He’s got nowhere else to go. He’s an outsider. It’s not like he’ll be able to make it back to the village before nightfall, even if you take him. And you know darn well what happens to humans in the forest after dark.”

This Reimu girl sighs. “Alright. He can stay here-”
Suika starts cheering before she’s interrupted by Reimu.
“BUT only for tonight.”

“Awww. . . Well that’s better than nothing.” With that, Suika resumes tugging on your arm, puling you towards the side building. With her strength it’s not like you could resist. You half stumble, are half dragged along into the house. Reimu sighs and shakes her head again before following along behind the two of you.
Alright, and with that now I'm really off to bed. G'night folks.
[X] Challenge Suika to a drinking Game, make Reimu drink too. A Strip drinking Game.
[X] Challenge Suika to a drinking Game, make Reimu drink too.

This is a good idea. However, we aren't in a position to be sure that Reimu won't kick us out just for bringing up the idea for a strip drinking game.
[X] Challenge Suika to a drinking Game, make Reimu drink too.

At the very least Suika will accept it. If Reimu doesn't join in, we'll still have Suika to drink with.
What is wrong, Anon? Why haven't you done it already? Why have you not used "that"?

We get to the shrine, we dance in the rain with Suika, are now going inside to stay the night and have drinks, and so far not ONE mention of us using "that"?

Have you been wallowing in despair so long you've forgotten the most basic of basics for this Anon?

I am so disappointed in you all.
We will ruffle Suika when we're good and ready and drunk.
[X] Do "that".

When Tewi is ready, of course.
[x] Get drunk, Ruffle Suika's hair
oh god
please, yes.
So, if we're Singin' in the Rain Gene Kelly, does that mean Suika is our Donald O'Connor?

Because that would be terribly awesome.
[ ] Lose drinking game to Suika.

Having a love-struck Oni by our side? Best protection ever. Or should we win more games against her first to cause that? I'm not sure.
Well, that's not as bad as crawling under the house ... but somehow it's much more useful too.
I thought ruffle only worked on stage 1 and 2 bosses?
[X] Challenge Suika to a drinking Game, make Reimu drink too.
Anon's hair ruffling will grow stronger!

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