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The first thing you are aware of is the pain. There is a lot of it, and it's rather...painful. You try to think up some better words, but quickly find that it's difficult to root about for synonyms when it feels like someone's playing the Coro di zingari on your skull.

With a sledgehammer.


You realize that you're laying on your back, looking at the sky. A bunch of small somethings prickle at your back, through your shirt--grass, you think.

You roll over, turning your face into the ground, inhaling the smell of dirt. Your stomach lurches, and for a moment you think you might be dreadfully ill, but in the end you manage to suppress the gag reflex and simply moan into the grass nasally.

An image blurs through your mind--something like neon light, and the feeling of writing in the back of a taxi and looking past the driver's head, at the city. Circles. No, circles in circles. Your mind grasps at the idea, manages to hold it for a second, then grumbles to itself as the thought fades into nothingness.

You roll over again, in the same direction as before. This is entirely the wrong thing to do, as the sky is a disgustingly bright shade of perfect, the sort of irritating color that makes you want to punch small woodland animals. You close your eyes halfway, and wait.

You're better now, you decide after a few minutes have passed. Your stomach's alright, and your headache has almost faded all the way away, even. But still, that sky has to go, so you roll over, just once more, and then just once more, and then just again and just again and just again right before you realize that gravity's been considerate enough to take the job entirely out of your hands. Apparently, you were on a hill of some sort. A steep hill. Part of you is understandably worried about the whole "rolling out of control down a very steep hill" sort of thing, while a tiny bit of you that you're ashamed to know is rather glad you don't have to go through the effort. Luckily, the grass is just soft enough that you aren't bound to get anything more than a bruising.

Oh well, there's really nothing you can do about your circumstances now, are there? Just as long as you don't hit anything blunt on the way down you should be fine.

A large grey thing rises quite quickly into your vision, and you have just enough time to think 'hojeez' before there is pain and a ringing in your mind that fades almost comfortingly into nothingness.
>An image blurs through your mind--something like neon light, and the feeling of writing in the back of a taxi and looking past the driver's head, at the city. Circles. No, circles in circles. Your mind grasps at the idea, manages to hold it for a second, then grumbles to itself as the thought fades into nothingness.

>You roll over again, in the same direction as before. This is entirely the wrong thing to do, as the sky is a disgustingly bright shade of perfect, the sort of irritating color that makes you want to punch small woodland animals. You close your eyes halfway, and wait.

Welcome to Moonside?

If you're doing another CYOA, you should probably take it to /other/. It's getting a bit crowded in /th/.
File 121236224575.jpg - (50.26KB, 500x330 , 6342554_500.jpg) [iqdb]
The circles are concentric, you think. This is very...important because...spokes. Follow the spokes...travels faster on the longer circles. Science class. She always graded you down, and you always thought that it was because she hated you, just a little. You never kept your mouth shut in her class, because you hated her too.


It is almost epiphanic, the way your body realizes how utterly and terribly in pain it is. Curiously, you don't actually feel the pain until you realize it's there, at which point your entire head begins to pulses nastily in time with your heartbeat.

At least, that's what it feels like. It's not as if your head is really swelling and unswelling, like some sort of...head-balloon. Ha. The image makes you snort out of brief breath of laughter--which makes your head hurt even more. Bad idea.

More importantly, what the hell happened? Where are you? You're sitting up--leaning backwards a bit--a chair? No, not a chair. Too furry. Or grassy. Yes, that's it! Grass! Then why is the grass against your back and your legs?

Hill, right. You rolled down a hill, and--

The memory of your impact makes you wince, which makes your head hurt more again. Facial movement, you think, should be kept to a minimum.

So you came to rest in a sitting position against the bottom of this terribly steep hill. What're the chances of that, honestly? You don't know the exact number, but it's got to be something really, really small.

You think you might be bleeding.

You raise a hand to your forehead, and it comes away red. Yes. Most definitely bleeding. But head wounds look worse than they really are--you heard that once, from your mother.

You relax and close your eyes. Nothing to do now, you guess, but wait for the pain to go away. Again.

why is that always the first thing that pops up when someone does this? Does it surprise you that there are Writefags on this board?
File 121236343618.jpg - (239.92KB, 1000x800 , 2513383038_bf3dd12482_o.jpg) [iqdb]
Your consciousness swirls back to you, and you open your eyes. That's the second time this has happened. No, that's not right--the first time was on top of the hill, the second time was at the bottom of the hill, and now again, still at the bottom--that's three times, alright.

You hope this "fading in and out of consciousness" thing doesn't become a habit. It'd be a bit inconvenient, you think. What if you were doing something really important, and--

Important. Something is important.


A quiet curse escapes from your mouth before you can stop yourself. That's right, your boss needed you to put something together on that new...that new thingy. What is it, anyway? It makes you a little ashamed to admit it, but you're not entirely sure what the company you work at does. Something with electronics, or computers, maybe. Electronics and computers and products with hopelessly random strings of letters and numbers instead of proper names. Not even informal in-jokey codenames--the boss frowns on such behavior. The guy must have a stick somewhere unpleasant.

Stick. Sicky keys. Keyboard. You were typing buzzwords into the computer, faking your way through your job, as always, and then--and then--what happened afterwards? What page were you even at? You don't even know for sure. All the slides have melted together in your mind.

Come to think about it, how did you get from over there to over here? That doesn't make any sense. You turn your head--it really doesn't hurt anymore, thank goodness--and look at your surroundings. Any hope that perhaps you simply sleepwalked here drops away as you take in a lush, green forst of some sort--a far cry from the almost-suburbia you're used to. There's no way a place like this is anywhere near your home. It would've been torn down to make room for a condo a long time ago.

You stand up unsteadily and look to the north, up the hill. Jeez, that's a pretty tall hill. Come to think of it, hill is probably the wrong word. Mountain? No, too grassy for a mountain. Can mountains be grassy? If mountains can be grassy, then it's a mountain. Otherwise, it's a...

You can't think of any other words. Oh well.

To your north is the hill you originally stumbled down. To your south, east, and west are forest, as far as the eye can see.

[ ] go north
[ ] go east
[ ] go south
[ ] go west
[ ] some other text adventure-inspired action
[x] Get ye Flask
[ ] Request permission to authorize writefaggotry
[x] go north
Time for you to meet your maker, you abominable hill.
[x] go north

[ ] Use dagger on unicorn
[X] Get ye flask.
[x] Go north
[x] Get ye flask
[ ] go north
[ ] go east
[ ] go south
[ ] go west
[ ] get ye flask
[x] go north
[x] take hill
[x] go south
[x] go south
[x] Use hill on forest
File 121237281262.jpg - (48.49KB, 480x362 , ja.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go North

Going back up the hill makes sense, you figure. After all, the hill's a prenty high place. And high places tend to make good vantage points, not that you're speaking from experience or anything. No, the only experience you've had with "vantage points" is--

That camping trip. That terrible camping trip. Ha ha.

You quickly shove the memory out of the way and look up towards your goal. The top of the hill--mountain--whatever is pretty high up. It's not out of eyeshot, but it's pretty high up. Seriously, this is one steep hill.

Well, a journey of a lifetime starts with a single step, so you take a little hop, onto one of the rocks that adorn the hill's base. So far, so good. Now, onto the next rock--onto a little patch of grass--

If you walk sideways and be careful with your balance, you think, it shouldn't take more than five minutes.

At that moment, of course, you hit a patch of mud.

Your leg flies out backwards from underneath you, and you pitch forwards, the bottom of your jaw coming down harder than should be possible on the grass.

Well, no one said this would be easy. You pick yourself up to a squatting position, your weight on your toes and your legs bent underneath you, and--

You fall again. Luckily, it doesn't hurt as much as the last time.

You pick yourself up again.

Careful, you think. Careful. Just have to be careful. Small steps, small steps, sideways, hands for balance--

You make it almost six meters before your foot twists in a direction that you're pretty sure feet aren't intended to twist, and suddenly you are rolling backwards painfully, somehow managing to knee yourself in the face as something on the ground tears at your arm, and then you are at the bottom of the hill once again, body and pride painfully bruised. You mutter a word that isn't for use in polite company, stand up, and dust yourself off as lightly as you can, your numerous scratches and cuts making you wince.

Well then, what next?

[ ] Command
Think we might need a new branch board for /th/ its getting kinda crowded with all these stories, /th/ has WUiG, SHaG, Recoil of Myriad Dreams, School days, Gunman, Flight of the Lost Soul, MiG if we start it up again, and general threads and who knows if there are more writefags out there that want to start.
[X] Get ye fucking flask.
I would agree, but despite all the stories based here this board hasn't moved in like 3 days.
[ ] Ye Flask. Get it.
[x] Get ye flask.
[x] Get ye flask
[x] Go Dennis
File 121237596732.jpg - (101.95KB, 393x380 , 1209976185258.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Get flask

You don't see any flask here!

[ ] Command
[x] RAGE
[X] Attack Hill

I don't care if we end up with an injured hand, it needs to be done.

[x] South

[x] Go South
Writefag, get a trip so we can start yelling at you to write.
[x] Get ye flask.
[x] Attack Hill
Die monster!
[x] Depart from hill in August at a grueling pace with meager rations.

Wait, so we're not in Gensokyo? What is this, The Oregon Trail?
File 12124365537.png - (127.94KB, 800x494 , suicide.png) [iqdb]
[ ] Attack hill

A sort of rage comes over you. Scowling furiously, you settle into a fighting stance opposite your one true enemy. Then, with all of your might, all of your anger, you--

You punch the hill.

Luckily for the gene pool, some sort of supernatural selection seems to be in play. Or maybe you just used too much might and anger. Anyway, you end up punching a really, really hard rock. You instantly feel several somethings shattering in your hand and collapse to the ground, screaming in pain. A small part of you--the only part of you that has somehow managed to remain aware of your surroundings--notes that you can see bone. 'Circles and cirles,' you think, and pass out.

You wake up, many times, but never manage to do more than stumble in one direction or another before passing out again.

You don't know how much time has passed, but you begin to notice a terrible, pungent odor. Upon further investigation (which takes longer than it should, for some reason--not only are you in terrible pain, but you feel dizzy, and it's a bit difficult to think), you realize that it's coming from your hand--the open wound has become infected. This moment of horror and clarity is soon wiped away, however, as you settle back into a fever-induced delerium, and eventually, death.

*** You have died ***

Would you like to RESTART, RESTORE a saved game, or QUIT?
[x] Restart
[x] Depart from hill in August at a grueling pace with meager rations.
[x] Load restore point
[x] Nuke the hill from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
[x] Zombie option
[x] Zombie option
[x] Zombie option
[x] Zombie option
Best choice ever!
File 121244203925.jpg - (24.27KB, 577x311 , barrel_cropped_(1).jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Zombie Option

Not a valid command.

Would you like to RESTART, RESTORE a saved game, or QUIT?

[ ] Option Zombie
[ ] Option Zombie
[X] RESTORE zombies, RESTART zombie parade, QUIT raping the maids.
Enough zombiefaggotry.

[x] Restart
Continue the story, already!
File 121256492987.jpg - (77.06KB, 480x640 , 1211697556798.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry. I've been sick and busy. End-of-school what-now, you know?

I'll definitely have a post up by the end of the week.
File 121281668427.jpg - (38.53KB, 345x500 , 35369.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Restart

A single thought repeats itself over and over in your frogged-up head as you struggle towards awakening, and that thought is 'I am going to vomit'.

And then suddenly you actually understand that thought.

Hastily, you make a move to fling the covers away, hoping that you'll be able to get to the toilet in time--but there are no covers, you realize. Why aren't there any covers?

Oh, of course. You remember--you passed out in front of the computer, putting together that slideshow your boss wanted. So, of course there wouldn't be any covers. And during the night your head must have slipped off your desk, or maybe you just fell off your chair and somehow you didn't wake up at all--that would explain why you're lying down. Right. That makes sense.

Satisfied with your explanation (and somehow having managed to forget about vomiting altogether), you open your eyes and--

--are instantly hit with three hundred and sixty degrees of sky sky skyskykskyskysky--

You twitch to the side, somehow managing to roll over onto your nose. That--that's strange. That's very strange. You only saw the sky for a moment, but you know what you saw--there were any clouds, just an endless expanse of perfect blue in every direction. That's strange.

No, come to think of it, that isn't very strange at all. Some days are cloudy, and some days aren't. What the heck is wrong with your brain, to be coming up with such strange thoughts? Besides, maybe it isn't cloudless, after all--maybe there's a small, scraggly cloud, just off the edge of where you were looking. Yeah, that sounds right. Just get up, and you can see for yourself--

You're barely to your feet when one of your legs suddenly gives out from underneath you, and then you are rolling down the hill, your body curled into a twisted hoop, like a circle interrupted by a thousand lazy angles--well, not a thousand, only four. Arm-arm-leg-leg. That spells four.

You feel a moment of stupid pride at that thought--and then, unexpectedly, there is pain--and then nothing.
File 121281699740.jpg - (125.83KB, 451x1424 , 1206102975854.jpg) [iqdb]
You have hazy memories of stumbling around, fruitlessly looking for something. Watching for something. They aren't real memories, anyway. That phrase--"Real memories"--makes you laugh, though you aren't sure why.

All you know is that you are at the bottom of a hill. Also, you were apparently on a hill. Ah ha.

Black spirals. That's what it looks like, every time you pass out. Except now you are conscious (mostly), and now you are alright (mostly), so maybe you can...find some Advil, or something? You don't know.

You orient yourself so that you're facing north--towards the hill you fell down, the hill you didn't even know was there. That's north. The hill itself looks pretty steep. That's the only way to describe it. Pretty steep.

To your north is the hill you originally stumbled down. To your south, east, and west are forest, as far as the eye can see.

[ ] Command
[X] Inventory
[X] Status
[X] Inventory
[X] Status

[X] East
I think the shrine was that way in another story. Or maybe not.
[X] Inventory
[X] Status
Dick all has happened, and I can still tell this shit is going to rock.
I hope.
File 121296831165.jpg - (105.65KB, 546x636 , hairisabird.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Inventory

You have on you: nothing.

[ ] Command
[X] East
[X] East
[x] East
File 121326876932.jpg - (396.50KB, 719x527 , 1206415504335.jpg) [iqdb]
I forgot about this thread completely. I am ashamèd. It isn't even a lot of text or anything.

[ ] Go east

You head in an easterly direction. Or, rather, you head in a westerly direction, since an easterly wind is defined as a wind that moves FROM the east. Meaning that it probably moves to the west, maybe? You don't really know. You were never an expert where nature was concerned.

Hooray for ignorance stemming directly from a lifetime deeply ingrained in suburbia!

There's no path to follow, but you head blindly east, regardless.

Finally, you come to a small clearing. The trees are rather thick in all directions, but you think you can progress if you head either east or west.

[ ] Command?
[x] East!
We'll hit SOMETHING eventually.
[+] Examine surroundings thoroughly
[x] Examine surroundings thoroughly

If nothing of interest,
[x] East

The games don't always give you all available details until you've examined your surroundings. The first info you get is just a cursory look, more or less.
File 121330562832.jpg - (30.07KB, 544x384 , cbi.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Look

There really isn't much to see. It's a small clearing that seems to have grown--or rather, no grown--here purely by chance. Underfoot, a thin layer of green is simply there. Stamping on it probably won't do any good. Around you, there are trees. The trees are rather uninteresting, save for the fact that they're larger than any trees you've seen before. Hooray for suburbia again!

There is a sudden burst of noise, like something breaking through foliage and exploding. A small girl suddenly appears, having weaved between the tree trunks in a way you would have assumed quite impossible, if not for the fact that--well, you just saw it, after all. She's being hotly persued by a similarly agile girl--except this one is on a broom. How strange.

[ ] Command?
[x] Tackle the small girl
[X] Trip the running girl
[+] Trip the running girl
[X] Trip the running girl

What could go wrong?
File 12133192299.jpg - (26.60KB, 280x280 , 68427.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Stop the running girl

The running girl doesn't take any notice of you as you try to stop her.

No, that isn't right. She notices you, just for a second, but her eyes quickly flit away--you're simply that unimportant to her, that's all. Just as you've done, in the past--sitting at home, working on some report or other on the computer, you've more than once noted the buzzing of a fly battering itself against your windowpane--

To her, you're just a fly.

So, when you stick your leg out into her path, she doesn't even pause or slow her pace. She simply tears the offending limb from your body. It comes off easily. All she has to do was grab and pull.

You spin in a circle almost comically, desperately trying to keep your balance despite your gaping wound and single supporting limb, but finally topple to the ground. Through a haze of pain, you see the back of the other girl rapidly becoming smaller. It seems that she didn't notice, either. Or, perhaps, you're really that unimportant to everyone...not just that girl...

That is your last thought.

*** You have died ***

Would you like to RESTART, RESTORE a saved game, or QUIT?
[X] Pursue the little girl
Harsh game.
[x] Restore.
[x] Breasts.
File 121333535866.jpg - (17.26KB, 366x457 , photography.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Restore

Please specify the saved game you would like to restore.

[ ]

I thought RESTORE was one choice back.

That's what I meant when I voted for it.
We don't have a saved game, do we?

[X] Restart

I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man.

File 121351794120.jpg - (143.97KB, 680x512 , 121105307676.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Restart

A dead man, coming back to life.

That image floats, dreamlike, in your mind as the universe moves around and around your head. A dead man, coming to life. A lifeless heart--nothing but a lump of muscle--suddenly contracting again, and again and again--beating. Breath once again rushing into expanding lungs, then out again. The separate portions of the brain connecting themselves once again, and rational thought recommencing.

Why would you think of something so morbid?

And then you open your eyes and the question becomes utterly moot. Well, not moot, per se--just a little bit inconsequential, seeing as you aren't in your room, which is where you're supposed to be, since you fell asleep in your room.

You pause, stopping that train of thought just for a moment as you realize that your head hurts. Bad. Like someone shoved a set of razor blades and your brain into a blender, and set the whole batch spinning for thirty seconds. Actually, that's a pretty morbid thought, too.

The blinding pain soon diminishes to a dull thud-thud-thud, and you carry on with your mental investigations. Did you fall asleep in your room? You actually don't remember that part. Just the banality of filling slide after slide with meaningless information. "Specs"--that is a word your boss uses, though, and you hate your boss. So you were typing meaningless numbers and letters and figures and whatnot, and then--and then, well, this.

This being you, prone on your back on something that feels a lot like grass, looking up at the clear blue sky--come to think of it, shouldn't there be a roof somewhere around the area of "up"?

Come to think of it, where the heck are you?

You unsteadily climb to your feet, and a quick glance in every direction--well, first it sends the world spinning in a circle, and that in turn sends your stomach spinning in a circle, but you manage to keep down last night's pasta and try again, this time slower. You appear to be in some sort of...forest? That's definitely not CLOSE to where you're supposed to be.

It seems that you may be late to work today.

Well, no use just standing here.

To your north is a hill. Though just as grassy as the ground you're standing on, it appears rather steep. Very steep. Not the sort of thing you'd try to conquer without at least a year of serious training. To your south, east, and west are forest, as far as the eye can see.

[ ] Command
[x] South

I dunno.
[x] South
shall rise again

[x] LOOK
File 121360782816.jpg - (64.46KB, 536x397 , b00dbf9e4e56db47b642585ec5f8dbb8.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go south

You head south. After all, south is as good a direction as any. It's not like there are any immediate advantages in picking one direction over another, right?

There's no path to follow, but you head blindly south, regardless.

The forest becomes thicker and thicker as you progress. Finally, you come to a point where you're sure it's impossible to go any further south. You think you may be able to head to the north or the west, though.

A small girl and a girl on a broom disappear into the east. The trees appear to have grown too thickly for you to follow.

[ ] Command
[x] West

[ze] West
[x] SAVE
[x] SAVE
File 121367659074.jpg - (851.23KB, 1280x960 , 1211022387183.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go west

You go west.

You appear to be heading deeper into the forest--it's not as if you can really tell, though.

It seems you can progress to the north or the east.

[ ] command
[x] North

...you know what, fuck it

[x] Systematically explore the area until discovering something of interest
[x] northeast

[x] LOOK
File 121386144127.jpg - (116.21KB, 700x537 , 1212816267384.jpg) [iqdb]
It's not that I've forgotten about this, it's just that there hasn't been a majority from the results.

Just eff-why-eye.
[X] North
File 121395037598.gif - (24.58KB, 245x269 , 1207210175770.gif) [iqdb]
[ ] Go north.

You head to the north.

This portion of the forest looks just the same as the other parts you've already been through. You look about at the trees, almost warily, as if expecting something to jump out at you--nothing does, of course.

That would be silly.


But there's a more pressing matter: you may just be lost.

It appears that you can move to the east or the south.

[ ] Command

[x] East to the goddamn hill
[x] East again

If that doesn't work,
[x] North, West, South, West
Fuck if I'm getting lost in a magic forest, I know how this shit works.

[x] LOOK

Also seconding.

[z] LOOK
[e] North, West, South, West
File 12141000929.jpg - (272.10KB, 962x672 , GustaveDore_She_was_astonished_to_see_how_her_gran.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Look

There really isn't much to see. The trees have grown a bit thick here, in a way that obviously impedes hiking in certain directions, but it's nothing particularly imperious. Trees is trees, after all. You note that the bark on one of the trees looks a bit strange. Its pattern--if you step back and squint, it looks almost like a door.

It appears that you can move to the east or the south.

[ ] Command
[x] Knock on door

Fairy house?

[x] Knock
File 121412477421.jpg - (77.37KB, 600x500 , d3c0b6775f3e6bcd4b8999af70730a40.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Knock on strange tree.

You knock on the strange tree, nothing happens. You knock again, harder. Nothing continues to happen.

You think about knocking again, then suddenly realize that if you don't step back and squint, the door on the tree doesn't look anything like a door at all. In fact, it looks just like bark. Ordinary, everyday bark--albeit bark that sort of kind of almost appears to resemble a door if you look at it from three yards away and squinch really really hard.

And if you tilt your head this way, it looks like a horsey!

[ ] Command
>And if you tilt your head this way, it looks like a horsey!

I laughed.

Also, [x] GET YE FLASK!

[x] east.
[x] East

hooray circles
Does the girl in >>43630 look to anyone else like Asakura?
>And if you tilt your head this way, it looks like a horsey!

ha ha oh wow

[x] East
She's from One ~To the Radiant Season~, a game made by Tactics before a bunch of their staff split off and became key. It's a good game. There's a patch on the internets.

Yeah, she does look like Asakura.
File 121445201761.jpg - (183.86KB, 355x973 , 1212087522037.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go east

You go east.

You are at the base of a hill, to the north. You can progress to the east, south, or west.

[ ] Command?
[x] Crawl up the hill


[X] Kill horsey

[X]become an hero
File 121455001277.gif - (414.66KB, 150x150 , 840.gif) [iqdb]
With the exception of >>44529 , all of you who voted this round are terrible people, and I hope you all die.
[x] east east east east eats east east east east eats east seat state east teats yeast get ye flask east

Well, the only things that have happened until now was we dieing and getting lost. The lack of reasonable choices that should be provided instead of just [ ]Command? is seriously dismotivating.
File 121471028337.jpg - (106.93KB, 450x519 , 0a539090c755892b0bb61136fed7935d.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go east.

You go east.

The trees begin to thin--though not to the extent that you can wander in any direction you wish. It's a very subtle thing, something you almost miss. You feel a bit relieved anyway. It can't be long now.

Wait, can't be long now until what? It's not like you know where you are, after all. For all your luck, when the trees finally disappear you'll find yourself at the edge of a cliff, or some sort of similar crap--hold on a moment again. What did you mean by "for all your luck"? Your boss gives you a bit of trouble at work, yeah, but other than that you'd consider yourself a pretty lucky guy. Why, then, just for a second, did you think your life was awful?

You mull over the question for a minute, but can't come to an answer.

You are in a forest. You can progress to the east or west.

[ ] Command?
[x] East

[x] east yet again
[x] Go east, young man!
File 121479924233.jpg - (191.19KB, 1000x750 , d5fbf328dc9120e52eda16d571e0b31e.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go east.

You're unlucky.

Your brain runs in circles, deperately trying to pick up that thread of thought once again. It's something important. You can feel it.

You're unlucky, because--because--

Because you--



You go east.

You are still in a forest, though it seems remarkably thinner, compared to the part of the forest you were in earlier. Otherwise, this area is entirely uninteresting in ever way possible.

To the north, you see a building or house of some sort, though you can't tell for sure.

You can progress to the north or west.

[ ] Command?

[x] SAVE - SLOT 1
[x] North
[x] North

File 12148803407.jpg - (257.22KB, 500x500 , bleeeeeeeeeeh_2.jpg) [iqdb]
That's one vote for [ ] save, one vote for [ ] go north, and one vote for [ ] look at building. Someone play tiebreaker here.
[x] SAVE
I see 3 votes for going north. Can't we just do all of them? Save, look, and then go?
File 121579898383.jpg - (221.48KB, 1339x1193 , leftcyan.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry, I've been ill.

[ ] Save

What would you like to name your saved game?
[x] Fear and Loathing in Gensokyo

Delightful Vista and Equivocal Serenity
File 121580077667.gif - (415B, 80x80 , morningcoffee_b.gif) [iqdb]
Game saved as "fearandlo.sav"

[ ] command?

I'm still going to go by "majority out of three votes wins", by the way. This is just an exception! Don't get a big head! I don't really like you, Anonymous!
[X] Building
[x] Into the building, holy shit
[x] North.
File 121580140343.gif - (608.23KB, 320x240 , 8b46d7fbb9e83e8cbcff0eca6f11c9c6.gif) [iqdb]
Guess who Anon is in this picture~
Come on, guess~

[ ] enter building.

The building is too far away to enter here.

[ ] Command?
That's easy, I see Sunohara and the back of Tomoya's head.

[x] North
[X] Go towards the building
[x] North
File 121580313743.jpg - (7.79KB, 183x158 , 1211843046073.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go north

You go north.

You are standing in front of a building. It appears to be a normal building, or at least what would pass for normal around here. There's something wrong there.

The only thing strange would be the large letters across the top--kanji. They're the sort of letters you would expect to see on a shop of some sort, or something. Yeah, that's right, a shop. Something like this--it must be a shop.

[ ] Command?
[x] Enter the damn building already.
[x] Nord
[x] Open door and enter.
[x] Knock

Kourindou? Marisa's house?
[X] Enter the damned building
[x] Enter
[0]Get ye flask.
File 121692889720.jpg - (270.62KB, 500x590 , p6040051.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Enter building

The front door is locked.

[ ] Command?
[x] Knock
[X] Knock
[X] Punch the door
[x] Eat the door
[x] Knock
File 121842350177.jpg - (28.73KB, 500x395 , ReaganBerlinWall.jpg) [iqdb]
Forgot you pic.
[x] Enter the house.
I wouldn't be an anon if I wasn't.
[x] North

fucking house

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