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You take a step towards Kaguya. The movement is sluggish, and takes a great deal of concentration. Step. Step. Step. Each step brings you closer to Kaguya. Closer to ending all of this, hopefully. You lift your food slowly, so painfully slowly, so that you can bring it down on the prone Kaguya. You reach the top of your lift and lean into bringing your foot down. Kaguya seems to realize what you’re about to do, and suddenly your foot is moving towards her much more swiftly, however, it never connects. You tumble forward into a gaping black hole that tore open in front of you just as you were about to connect with Kaguya. The passed out Reimu still in your arms as you tumbled forward through the darkness, a scream echoing out behind you. Somewhere.

It feels like you’re falling, even though you have a fairly good idea that you’re not. As you’re falling you feel something tugging at Reimu. You struggle against the force, time and time again. It goes away for a while, only to return, over and over. This tug of war continues for quite some time. There’s no way to know how long that it’s continued. However, it returns one final time, pulling harder than ever. You hold on to Reimu with all your strength, for as long as you can, but it’s not enough. She’s pulled away from you quite forcefully, leaving you falling in the darkness.

You have no way of knowing how long you fell before you saw a bright light in front of you. Headfirst you fly out of the gap onto the cold, hard, snow covered ground. A trail left in the snow marks your arrival path, as you push yourself up off the ground. Everything hurts after that forceful landing. Looking around, this place looks somewhat familiar. There’s a large building in front of you, but it looks run down. Abandoned even. There’s also a building to your right which looks even worse than the building in front of you.

You lean forward, clutching your head. It hurts quite badly. The headfirst landing onto whatever hard surface is below the snow certainly didn’t help in the regard.
“Hello! Is anybody out there!?” You shout loudly
Looking around, you don’t see anyone. Given that your landing path seems to be the only disturbance this snow has seen, you doubt that there’s anyone around. It’s cold out here. Really cold. You shiver involuntarily. The clothes you’re wearing aren’t designed to handle this kind of weather. You need to get out of the snow. The building in front of you seems far more promising than the building to your right so you trudge through the snow towards it.

A short while later, you manage to start a small fire inside the building. You’ve wrapped yourself up in a tattered blanket that you found while rummaging for something to burn. It’s not much, but it’s warmer than with out it. Slowly sleep claims you.

You’re awoken by the sounds of shuffling footsteps. Apparently, you’re not alone in this building. Quite quickly you’re sitting bolt upright, next to the smoldering embers of your fire. The sound grows somewhat louder, but continues it’s slow shuffling gait. You quickly move into the shadows that cover one of the corners and watch as a bent over old woman shuffles into the room. Her hair is long and stringy, and is, or well, most likely was, blonde at some time long ago. Her dress drags on the ground around her feet, and her hat seems to be ragged and worn.

“I know you’re in here. . . Just come out already.” The voice sounds quite old and tired. The woman looks in your direction, her eyes unfocused, and partially clouded. You doubt that she can see any more.
“I can hear you breathing, you know. Bah. Since you’re not going to come out, I guess I’ll have to come to you.”

The old woman shuffles over to where you’re at. Her hands shoot forwards and run over your face. She gasps.
“It. . . It’s you. So you’ve finally come back now, have you? I was wondering when, or even if, you were ever going to come out of that gap. . .” She sighs.
“Get this fire going again, would you kindly? It’s quite cold in here. . .”

You shiver again. It has grown quite cold, even with the blanket. A few moments later, you have a small fire going. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s enough to warm yourself by.
“Ah. . . Thank you.” The woman nods to you. “You probably have no idea how long you’ve been gone. And taking Reimu with you. Gensokyo fell apart after that. With no Hakurei left to support the barrier, it quite quickly collapsed. The youkai had also grown quite restless after the quite thorough stirring you gave them. With out Reimu to keep them in line, the only thing keeping them from going on a rampage was the border.” The woman adjusts her position.

“Well, even after getting Reimu back. . . She was the weakest Hakurei in almost 30 generations. It’s no wonder she wasn’t able to put them back in line, nor was she able to restore the Hakurei barrier.” The woman smiles sadly. “They also didn’t want to use her spell card rules any more. She was torn asunder quite quickly. A sad end indeed.” The woman is overcome by a coughing fit at this point. It dies down slowly.

“Ah, but they do say that you reap what you sew. My meddling brought my precious Gensokyo to it’s end. The rest of the Youkai scattered back to the human world, or the moon. Or wherever it is that they’ve fled to. I don’t know. I do know that I’m the last youkai here. Left to watch over my graveyard of my ambitions and my desires. A fitting punishment for one as myself. You, on the other hand, deserved none of this. I’m truly sorry for what I have done to you, but It cannot be undone.”

You shift uncomfortably, listening to this old woman’s story.

“I am near the end of my life. My powers have dwindled, and even my shikigami have left me. So I can offer nothing but my sincerest apologies. I can’t even send you back to where you used to live, not that it’s there any more.” The woman breaks into another coughing fit. “I’m sorry. . .” she manages through the coughing before collapsing on the floor. You move over to her quite quickly, but her body vanishes before you even make it to her. Leaving you alone. In a cold and ruined world. All alone. You stumble outside into the snow which has begun to fall again, covering your landing and look to the sky.


Sad Ending No. 4 -Endless Snowfall-

File 121204061379.jpg - (4.23KB, 136x101 , 39053395.jpg) [iqdb]
> New Game+
At least we got to see Yukari die
File 12120407316.jpg - (75.02KB, 563x800 , 1205532006472.jpg) [iqdb]
We can fix this, this will not happen again...
No sisters.
No moon bunny.
No sex.


>She was torn asunder quite quickly.

Oh god damn it all.
So we unwittingly destroyed everything?
>You lift your food slowly

At least I have this typo to comfort me.
Ended as it begun.
Nothing is lost.
File 121204100337.jpg - (308.80KB, 582x456 , crying rage.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't feel anything anymore.

This has robbed me of any sort of hopeful emotions.
>Sad Ending No. 4

You wrote multiple endings, Kira?
So, are we going to get a "Teach me Keine-sensei" or something? Please give me some ray of hope ;_;
Maybe we can find Mokou and Kaguya.
File 121204130066.jpg - (14.94KB, 705x399 , kafka3.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't be silly guys.
There's no way such a dismal ending could occur in MY Boards, those are the things you only hear happening from other domains. So this clearly cannot be a Sad End.
>Sad Ending No. 4

This is misleading. It implies that good endings exist, when we all know that not to be the case.


Yukari ;_;
File 121204149785.jpg - (164.53KB, 700x967 , 6fe4327f74a48c8ac50465719fad7d39.jpg) [iqdb]
So, after all of this we still have no clue what the hell Yukari's plan was, what Kaguya's and Eirin's role in all of it was, why Reimu was such a bitch most of the time only to sorta-kinda help us at the very end, no further advancement with Reisen, no explanation for our dreams and that goddamn box, most of the items in our inventory, our origins, or anything else, really?

<Kapow> kira, are we going to reload from earlier until we get a decent ending
<@Dark_Mercury> Earlier for a decent ending is like, 1/2 way through the game back.
<+Kimeraki> Restart would be more beneficial
<@Dark_Mercury> You could trip the final flag if you went back,
<@Dark_Mercury> BUt it woulnd't get you past the sad end.
<Kapow> well you said "normal end" was available, didn't you?
<@Dark_Mercury> You'd just get 3 in stead of 4
<Kapow> or is that this?
<@Dark_Mercury> I thought it was, but after counting up the weighted flags, you're just shy of it.
<Kapow> jesus christ
<Kapow> well we need to find reisen again, whatever the fuck happens next time
<@Dark_Mercury> normal end would basically be you getting thrown out of gensokyo,
<Kapow> we need to AVOID LUNATIC MODE ARC
<@Dark_Mercury> And spending your life trying to get back.
<Kapow> seriously this shit should have been locked until at least the second playthrough
<Terminal-tan> It's going to be difficult to avoid LUNATIC MODE if Reimu threatens Wriggle again.
<Kapow> run into the fucking bushes or something
<Kapow> there was something in the bushes
<Kapow> maybe mystia
<Kapow> we need to find mystia too
<Kapow> any hints as to what the other arcs would be?
<@Dark_Mercury> (9) squad is, Mystia, Wriggle, Cirno, Letty, Chen, and Rumia
<@Dark_Mercury> Keep that in mind.
<Terminal-tan> Next time we don't leave Letty in the freezer and save Mystia from Yuyuko.
<@Dark_Mercury> EX (9) members are the aki sisters, hina and Medicine.
I expected worse, honestly.
File 121204227579.jpg - (171.45KB, 478x700 , keine.jpg) [iqdb]

The truth is you were in all likelihood damned to this fate the moment you acted against Reimu.

True, it is theoritcly possible to archive a happy ending in this path, but it requires making correct decisions in an area where "correct" has an odd definition. There is often no true logical reasoning behind the "correct" decisions, and if there is you probably don't know about it. Even if you did, I doubt that you could find 6 people who agree with you.

The best path for you is to cooperate with the Miko and not instigate any kind of rebellion. The status quo will be maintained, and everyone wont die. The bug girl isn't that important, just let Reimu kill her and be done with it. You'll be happier this way, I promise.
>You'll be happier this way, I promise.

Letting Wrigs die is its own special brand of DESPAIR. Not happening.
>The bug girl isn't that important, just let Reimu kill her and be done with it.


I would sooner despair with her alive than despair without her.
In other words, it's best to just forget all notions of getting anything remotely resembling a good ending, because even if you could work out the ass-backwards or outright nonexistent reasoning behind what the "right" choices are, there's no chance in hell of getting enough people to go along with it for such choices to be selected.

Have fun with your pipes under houses, guys.
[X] Call out for Tewi.

That was the stupidest fucking thing ever.
I know, and I just love repeating it at every chance I get.
The problem from the beginning was Kira's extreme Chado-interpretation of Reimu.

Or perhaps his extreme Chado-interpretation of everything.

It sure as fuck didn't help us any to go screaming into the night with Wriggle on our back.
File 121204382818.jpg - (148.82KB, 500x703 , 50.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm just going to pretend that despite all the bad shit that happened in this ending, that Reisen opted to wait for us to return, and the two of us live out the rest of our days in the lonely, snowy wasteland that was Gensokyo.
So... is it over?

Even with a youkai on our back, it's not like Reimu would attack a human, and it's not like Reimu goes out of her way to kill mostly-harmless youkai. Then again, we was framed.

The Rabbit went back to the Moon.

But I'm sure every night she must have looked up at Earth and thought of us...

We also never got to have our fascinating conversation with Nitori to show off how awesomely smart we are.
File 121204583389.jpg - (72.65KB, 429x540 , Shiki cry.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh, fuck you!
>>We also never got to have our fascinating conversation with Nitori to show off how awesomely smart we are.

>>show off how awesomely smart we are.

There is no way you typed that with a straight face.
We were doomed the moment we met Reimu in the forest.
I dub this the "run like hell while accomplishing nothing and learning nothing" route.
But of course. Such like Anon, to run on and on anon. And on "run on", we ran-on quite a bit, didn't we?

Dipping our thumbs in every side dish when we had barely the time to scrape the marrow from our bones. Instead, we ended up with the bones scraped away from our marrows.

Well, let us try again. We may yet keep our marrow and marrows tomorrow.
File 121205110750.jpg - (3.56KB, 237x195 , kermit1.jpg) [iqdb]
What the fuck did you just say?
File 121205259127.png - (39.17KB, 314x340 , 1211761049362.png) [iqdb]

You're trying to hurt my brain, aren't you?
I understand completely.
Now I'm sad.

Why does this make me want to cry!?

Bad shit always goes down, one only needs to look for and find it.

Unfortunately, this Anonymous appears to have been swimming in a lake full of it for quite some time.
> They also didn’t want to use her spell card rules any more. She was torn asunder quite quickly.

Knowing that there is a spellcard of Reimu's with ZUN comments that if it weren't restrained by spellcard rules of a time limit, she would be invincible... I find this a little hard to believe.
Wtf did i just read?

... Wait, I have a better Idea.

[X] As your final act of sanity and perhaps your life as well, you decide to recreate the world... with snowmen. There is plenty of snow, no?
File 121205871193.jpg - (38.18KB, 694x530 , 1157303139250.jpg) [iqdb]



To be honest, I expected something more... sad and reasonable than this. Getting gapped into the future at 88 miles per hour then becoming a hobo is just... Well, bland.
The hobo end was suppose to be Capt. David Anon's BAD END, and MiGAnon even robbed him of that!! DESPAIR ON TWO BOARDS!!
And then Anon became a yuki onna youkai.
I doubt Reimu was in any condition to use her lol invincibility hax. It seems like Yukari screwed her up quite badly.
But he'd have to become female and he can't replace Letty. He just isn't fat enough.
I thought the same thing there. Well, at least it was not that much of despair there, could've ended with our little sisters dead or something. But.... who knows they probably died anyway.
Commence bombardment.

So are you going to restart MiG? Will GA get finished first? Will we ever get answers? Will the next playthrough have new villians, story, and DESPAIR? So what was Sad end #3? most importantly, WILL WE EVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE WITH OUR MOON BUNNY?!
Kira was not clear about that. I don't know what he has planned or how he wants to continue.
Best to sit back and wait what happens next, i guess he is busy or something.
Not enough despair. That could've been really horrible and heart wrenching if it was drawn out for longer, we did get gapped back to the future after all.

So what's the plan next time? Stick to one base of operations? Assemble the nine squad?
What the fuck, guys.
What the fuck.
Next game we must aquire Reisen good end

all we had was one kiss

I will not settle for that
What delicious delicious rage and dispear.

GG Kira. GG.
Wait, it's over?!
Archiving guy, please archive it.
I shall read this all at once.
Everything Kira touches turns into ash and woe.

We couldn't even get our fifty years of lies.


Agreed, ending was kind of flat but nonetheless cool
><@Dark_Mercury> Earlier for a decent ending is like, 1/2 way through the game back.

So half the game was an extended bad end. A bad end that revealed no real details about any of the things we were trying to figure out. I know I should despair or RAGE, but this just seems...underwhelming, I guess. Going through all that effort just for this seems kinda dumb.

So, we haven't had a chance to reach anything resembling a satisfying end for 1/2 the game eh? Where'd that put us? Moriya, the road to Moriya before Hina Drop, the battle at Eientei, wherever that old "56 choices back" option would have left us? I guess if that last one was it, we can't say we weren't given a chance to do better, but I was with the others who wanted to go ahead and press forward in the hopes that there was at least something good to come of it. Of course, this was a silly notion given we know who was writing, but in a way I'm glad we managed to reach an ending at all. First one I've been reading to reach an end! (Any of the LAs made it there yet? Haven't followed any)

I do hope we get to do another runthrough before long to try to reach something satisfying. This one's been going on for...how long's it been? Months? I lost track. But to have spent all that time following the story, half of it apparently wasted, to get to this point is kinda depressing. No surprise again, of course, but even so, I tend to get all wrapped up in stuff like this. That and all the loose ends left completely open, just can't stand that sort of thing. The other points were mentioned, but I'm curious about the house full of figurines too, just what the hell was up with that?

Only trouble with going through again hoping to do better was also mentioned. Can we really get all the...few dozen or more (how many of us are there here?) anons who follow along to get all on the right path? Just going by the whole of this round, it's like there's only really one or two ways to be successful, often obscure or only possible by reading deep into the given clues all throughout the story. Feels like the sort of thing that one or two people could work out with careful thought, but add in enough people we're just gonna clusterfuck our way through it again. That case we might end up spending a few more months just for another Bad End, which just feels like a shame for all the fun and rage that's had along the way, not to get something worth celebrating over.

I wonder if it wouldn't be interesting to "mark" the previously made choices as we get to them. Trying to think of a more appropriate example, but only one I can recall at the moment is Star Fox Command. You're given the choice of missions, but those you completed on a previous playthrough are marked, letting you know you've been that way or if there's more previously unselected choices further on if you do select that path again, making it easier to find any other endings you missed. Another thought, what if we get a hint as to what our previous selections showed what flags they would trip as we reached them (Choice1: +1 hair ruffle, +20 DESPAIR, etc), helping us figure if we want to do that again, and leaving the unselected options a mystery for us to reach entirely new levels of suffering. Of course, all of that is just thoughts and probably far too EASY MODO, but it is New Game+, gotta think of some way to keep it interesting. Of course, the question being, is this jRPG "you keep all your power, knowledge, and kickass gear from before" New Game+, or Gradius-style "you thought was bad? Now the explosions of the enemies that shoot you also shoot you" 2nd loop? I wonder which Kira would pick?

tl;dr, Ignore me, I suck cocks, just thinking aloud (in text? uh...) to ease the pain. Game Over, I raged, then despair'd. Good job, Kira, it was an interesting ride while it lasted. If we don't get another play, at least tell us what the hell was going on. Going to go listen to emo music and cut myself now.
Oh, also, if we did get another shot, would the new touhous from SWR be worked into the story somehow? Don't know if the SA crew could be worked in since we don't have the full game/story for that one just yet, but at least the others might work.
I don't think there are even translations for SWR yet, not on the wiki at least. Without them the new characters would just be guesswork, so I'm going to guess no.
Ah. the half way back is an exageration. Anon just needed to hit on a few more of the plot points and that would have been enough to get the normal end.
Yeah, and Normal End is us getting stuck in the real world or something, right? If we're going back anyway, we're definitely aiming higher than that.

My first thought was that we should avoid this whole fucking LUNATIC MODE PSYCHO MIKO arc and focus on learning Ruffle Sign 「Perfect Ruffle」, but now I want to keep at it until we at least figure out what the fuck's going on, and get some kind of good end where we still have our moon bunny. Like >>37953 was saying, throw us a few New Game+ hints or something so we don't waste all our time doing pointless shit again.
File 121224201626.jpg - (31.74KB, 571x800 , 43277044.jpg) [iqdb]

I believe dis is for you
File 121224521714.jpg - (40.59KB, 395x532 , 121098116340.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121224644497.png - (25.47KB, 500x400 , 12071154899.png) [iqdb]
How boring.

Not that it was unexpected considering the story had already spiraled into an unwritable monster half-way through and with the way its tone took a ninety degree turn near the beginning.

Still, you should've realized somewhere along the line that you can't explain plot holes with plot holes. Sometimes it's better for everyone to just suck it up and say, "Rocks fall, everybody dies."

Gensokyo Academy is good; you've done well with it. This story however should probably be swept under the rug.

[ ] New Game
[ ] Load Game
[ ] Extras
[ ] Options
[X] Exit
File 121224676351.png - (232.97KB, 571x700 , 120822428192.png) [iqdb]
>>How boring.

N-N-Nanaya? Oh shit! YAF get over here your creation jumped boards and is going to knife us!
What? We destroyed Gensokyo? We killed Yukari and Reimu and didn't even get to keep our moon bunny? WHY KIRA, WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!???

Yukari destroyed Gensokyo, this really is a BAD END for her. Think positive, Cirno is still out there alive somewhere.
>Cirno is still out there alive somewhere

When the supernatural began to pour back out into the 'outside' world, humanity was prepared.

Due to the carelessness of hunting parties based in Gensokyo venturing out to capture humans, its existence was revealed to several government organizations and equally unethical secret societies. Due its chaotic organization, or lack there of, most experts agreed that the existence of the 'border world' would be temporary at best, so preparations were made for this inevitability. When unnatural beings finally began emerging they were quickly captured, incapacitated, or otherwise coerced into captivity for study and observation.

The regenerative properties of faeries were of particular interest to many groups, with enthusiastic researchers poking, prodding, stabbing, and maiming the poor creatures in their every waking moment. Many of them would come to envy the ability of humans to die permanently.

Of course, that doesn't do anything to alter the fact that anon is now trapped in a snowy mountain range with no provisions and no one to keep him company.
Not to mention that, if we've been out of the loop long enough for even Yukari to die of old age, it's a fair bet that the world is a different place and everyone we've ever known outside of Gensokyo is long dead.
I still don't remember how our story went from Ruffling hair to fighting various touhous.

Wasn't the beginning of MiG where we dropped into Remilia's bed and survived? That's what MiG began like.

And then suddenly Gensokyo breaks into all out war.

No, that was supa quest, which got abandoned not even a day after it started.

MiG started out with us trying to kill the lake, stepping on a frog, and pissing of Suwako.
Ah, those were the days.
Remember when /th/ was good?

/th/ was never good
Or maybe they'd be more proactive than all of that, and invaded before the denizens of Gensokyo could invade themselves.
You, sir, need to calm the fuck down.

And for anyone that cares, I'm gonna do another run through of MiG. Gonna give you some 'guide' options. Several uses, I suppose. It'll auto make choices for you for the next 2~3 choices (dependant uppon the context), towards a good ending. If you really feel that you need them, that is.

Hey Kira, do you think you could rapidshare what you've written so far Gensokyo School Days for me? I'm missing stuff that I never got a chance to copy onto notepad. I'm up to the point where you can press Sikieki about the tv show and I think it got deleted.
Does Lunatic Modo requires some kind of spiritual and physical training yo complete Kira?
We can't fight all this shit with bravery alone.
Anon is to whimpy to save the world.
>training yo

Sorry, "t" and "y" are soooo close.
Awesome. Thanks.

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