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37035 No. 37035
...What's up with that smile? And if he thinks the way you act is wrong, why does he want to help you?
Better make this clear first. "That smile implies your 'help' is rather expensive, correct? What's the other half of your offer?" His smile dwindles a bit, but he still keeps the hand extended.
"Oh, it's not much." He shrugs. "I might just tell you to do something for me."
That didn't help much. "What kind of things? You're not gonna ask me to kill somebody, are you?"
"Now why would I do something like that?"
...This isn't doing you any good. He won't tell you anything, but he knows that you need help. Time to try something else.

"Alright, I'll accept." His smile gets wider.
"Great! Now..."
"But remember this. You are my weapon, you serve me. Any help you give me will be to my benefit, not yours."
He steps back looking unsure, still his arm extended. "What... Why are you naming conditions too?" What's this? You decide to continue, better make it sure he knows the position he's in.
"So, if you refuse or break this condition you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of a lake where you will remain forgotten for untold centuries." You pause letting the message sink in. "Understood?"
No response. He just looks down, but hasn't taken his arm back. Could it be that after saying his demands he can't take back the deal anymore? You step forward, and before he can react you grab his hand. "It's settled then. I hope you serve me well." After that, it gets quiet. Can't you wake up now?


...He's laughing? He slowly raises his head, and looks at you. "I never expected it to come to this. You didn't seem like the type."
You tilt your head to side. "What do you mean?"
"From what I observed, I thought you would be much more... Submissive." How did he ever get that idea? "Even so, being with you should be interesting."
Darkness disappears, and Claymore with that. For a moment, only thing you see is entirely white light.

You wake up.

Perhaps going to sleep without clothes wasn't such a good idea after all, it's cold. Usually you're tempted to stay in bed after waking up, but not now. You get up, and search for some clothes.
You find underwear and some kind of light-blue pajama from the same closet you got clothes from yesterday. These should be enough for now.
For some reason you don't feel sleepy at all. Funny, after dream like that...
That dream. You remember it, everything about it. The man who was your sword and promise you made with him...
You look around your room, and immediately see the sword leaning to wall, sunlight hitting on to it. It's still in it's sheath though, did Momizi bring it here after training?
[ ] Look at the sword. Was that dream true?
[ ] Go to living room, you didn't eat at all last night.

>> No. 37039
[X] Go to living room, you didn't eat at all last night.

Can't ponder mysteries on an empty stomach.
>> No. 37041
[ ] Go to living room, you didn't eat at all last night.

Creepy sword can be looked at later
>> No. 37042
[ ] Go to living room, you didn't eat at all last night.
>> No. 37044
[x] Go to living room, you didn't eat at all last night.
Foodan tiems
>> No. 37045
[x] Go to living room, you didn't eat at all last night.
Haha, take that, stupid talking sword.
>> No. 37046
[X] Go to living room, you didn't eat at all last night.

>> No. 37047
Our bankai is getting snacks?

I think Jesus already did that. Fish and loaves or something.

>> No. 37050
Going to living room to eat, then.
>> No. 37052
Who cares about Claymore, anyway? All he is is a stupid weapon, not even able to get his own body like Dagger.
>> No. 37055
>> No. 37056
Isn't it sad, Claymore?
>> No. 37057
That sword can wait, you're hungry. You head to the living room.
Nobody seems to be there. You sigh and go to kitchen.
What to eat, what to eat... Yesterday the breakfast wasn't that big, an you don't want to take too much. Still, you're hungry. You settle for some fried eggs and sandwiches.
The bread is easy to find, there's few kinds of it on container at the table. You take some rye bread and make your way to fridge.
Wait, they have electricity here? Oh well, better not to worry about it now. You open it, and take out can that you assume to be filled with milk, eggs, butter and cheese.
You take rest of the stuff to table, and start preparing eggs. How about some pepper? No, not now, you don't really feel like it.
After cooking is finished, you set eggs on a plate and get back to table and make some sandwiches.

As you're starting to eat Aya walks in, her regular clothes on. She sees you and smiles.
"Oh, so you finally woke up?" She walks to table and sits down next to you. "Actually, that's no wonder considering what happened last night." She looks at eggs on the table.
"Do you mind if I...?"
"Sure, go ahead." You took them from her fridge, after all.
"Thanks." She goes to kitchen and gets back with plate, fork and knife. After sitting down she nabs an egg to her plate.
"So," she says while munching on it, "what're your plans for today?"
[ ] How about going with Aya this time?
[ ] You'd like to explore the mountain.
[ ] Ask her where Momizi is.
>> No. 37058
[x] How about going with Aya this time?

With sexy results.
>> No. 37059
[X] How about going with Aya this time?
>> No. 37061
[x] Ask her where Momizi is.

trainan gaems
>> No. 37062
[x] moriya shrine festival?
or am i confusing stories?
>> No. 37063
[x] How about going with Aya this time?

This time hit on Aya, so we can get the Momizi/Aya Route.
>> No. 37064
I'll tell you when the festival is close. But going to Moriya shrine before it wouldn't hurt either.
>> No. 37066
[x] How about going with Aya this time?
>> No. 37069
[x] How about going with Aya this time?
[x] Molest Aya.
>> No. 37073
[X] Ask her where Momizi is.

She could come along. Why not?
>> No. 37076
"Could I come with you today?"
"Mmm..." She thinks while chewing on the egg, and finally swallows. "Yeah, I guess that's okay. You could help me with few things."
You gulp down some of the milk. "What kind of help?"
"Like setting up moments for me to take pictures of. Or taking them." She wags her finger at smiling. "Nothing too big, though!"
You smirk. "Thinking of making me work for my stay here?"
"Something like that. And I want to see what you can do."
You smile. That's only fair isn't it? So far you haven't done much to help her, even though she just took you home two days ago.

After finishing with the food, you notice that there's still few sandwiches left. "Aya, do you have a paper bag or something?"
"Yeah, what for?"
"I thought we could pack these as a lunch. Is that okay?"
She gets up and goes to kitchen. "That's fine! Usually I eat while talking to people at their places, this could be a nice change." She gets bag, carrying a brown paper bag. "Here, I can pack them. You go and get dressed okay?"
Maybe just go out in pajama?
The idea makes you smile, but you decide not to carry it out. Clothing like that would leave pretty bad first impression on people.
You go back to your room and look through the closet for something. Where do these clothes come from anyway?
You find... Almost exactly same clothes that you had in your dream. The dress that reaches you knees is brown now, but otherwise you don't notice any notable differences from them.
Is somebody messing with you or what?
Even so, you put them on. They're actually kind of comfortable, and shouldn't stick out as much as other stuff you've had. You prepare to leave with Aya, but...
What about that sword?
[ ] Take claymore with you.
[ ] You don't need that creepy sword.
>> No. 37079
[X] Take claymore with you.

Awright, Mr. Sword, let's see what you've got.
>> No. 37080
[ ] You don't need that creepy sword.

Taking it will ensure we need it, thusly don't take it?

Of course, that logic works both ways.
>> No. 37081
[ ] Take claymore with you.
>> No. 37082
[ ] You don't need that creepy sword.

Not worth the risk of ruining our day with Aya.
>> No. 37083
[X] Take claymore with you.
This sword, it was made for us.
>> No. 37084
And somewhere, Claymore cries.

[X] Take claymore with you.
>> No. 37094
File 121198771298.jpg - (27.04KB , 300x300 , sworudo.jpg ) [iqdb]
That sword might be creepy as hell, especially after last night, but it might prove useful. You grab it's hilt to set it on your back.
Immediately you feel something coursing through your body. You feel something beating in your chest. You feel everything that's going on in your body. It doesn't feel unpleasant, no, far from it. Never before have you been this aware of yourself, and...
It is expanding. The air around you, and floor under. You feel it all.

You drop the sword to ground, and fall on your knees staring at it. If that had continued you... Would've lost your mind.

'Such a strong reaction.'

A voice in your head, but you already know who it is.
You sigh and stand up. "Claymore, what is this?"
'Since it was first time you touched it after our contract, it was just confirming you as it's wielder.'
This is confusing. "Wait, you talk about sword as 'it', so what are you?"
A pause, before you hear the voice again. 'I am me, and right now that sword is just an ordinary weapon. Although, you can't use my powers without it. At least not right now, and I suppose that will continue for quite a while.'
So, that sword isn't ordinary. But you got it thinking that it was, no harm done.
'Oh, and no matter how amusing it would be to have you acting like crazy, you don't have to speak to talk to me.'
Hmm, that's good. It would be really bad if... Wait, he can hear everything that you happen to think of?
'Yes, that's true.'
Always? Even if you're far away from that sword?
'The moment you touched it there was link formed between our minds. So leaving that sword somewhere won't help you one bit.'
This is getting annoying. You have to find some way to keep him quiet.
'Good luck with that.' Is he amused? So he can display emotion even just as voice in your head.

"Adahn you ready yet?" Aya calls to you. You've been 'speaking' with Claymore for quite a while, so it's no wonder she's wondering where you are.
"Yeah, I'll be there in a bit!" You yell to her, and get up, also picking the sword. You don't get that sensation now. Good.
You make your way to living room, where Aya waits. She looks surprised as she sees you. "I don't remember having clothes like that and..." She eyes at the claymore on your back. "...Is that the sword you got from Kourindou? What do you need that for?"
'You're really going out with that tengu?' He sounds displeased.
[ ] "Let's just go Aya."
[ ] "You're right, I don't need this." Leave the sword.
[ ] "Actually, I think I'll stay here. I have something to do."
[ ] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.
[ ] Ask Claymore just what kind of help this is.
[ ] Ignore Claymore.
>> No. 37096
[ ] "Never hurts to have added protection. Even if I can hardly use it."
[ ] Ignore Claymore.
>> No. 37097
[X] "Let's just go Aya."
[X] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.
>> No. 37098
[X] "You're right, I don't need this." Leave the sword.
[X] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.

That's right, asshole. You don't want to play by our terms? Then keep your mouth shut or you get left behind.
>> No. 37102
[X] "You're right, I don't need this." Leave the sword.
[X] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.
>> No. 37112
[x] "You're right, I don't need this." Leave the sword.
[x] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.

Claymore better stay silent.
>> No. 37116
[x] "Never hurts to have added protection. Even if I can hardly use it."
[x] Ask Claymore just what kind of help this is.

We know he hates tengu, but we don't know why. And leaving the sword won't stop him from whining.
>> No. 37121

>'The moment you touched it there was link formed between our minds. So leaving that sword somewhere won't help you one bit.'

At best, we can tell if he's lying about his ranged telepathy. At worst: He whines. He whines and doesn't stop. all. fucking. day. in your dreams. in your waking hours. a constant verbal assault from someone with absolutely nothing else to do.
>> No. 37123
That's a good point.
[x] "Never hurts to have added protection. Even if I can hardly use it."
[x] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.

Asking him about what kind of help it is would propably just result in him telling that we should't be around Aya.
>> No. 37124
[x] "Never hurts to have added protection. Even if I can hardly use it."
[x] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.
>> No. 37169
[x] "Never hurts to have added protection. Even if I can hardly use it."
[x] Tell Claymore to keep his mouth shut unless he has something important to say.

Now get to writing.
>> No. 37180
>Now get to writing.

says who
>> No. 37183

I'm waiting on people to decide if they want to continue the bullshit route right now. I'm hoping they ask for the start over option.
>> No. 37186
You know what they'll pick so just start writing BC2.
>> No. 37197

I'll start BC2 when you get back to writing.
>> No. 37201
Back to writing Niggers.
>> No. 37283
>>37186 >>37197
>> No. 37284
>>37186 >>37197

You two are working together, aren't you?
>> No. 37296
Yeah, what do you need that sword anyway? Walking around with it would only make others suspicious of you.
'You will need it, and you know it.'
No, you don't know it. But better be safe than sorry. You turn back to Aya.
"Never hurts to have added protection. Even if I can hardly use it." Aya nods.
"Well, I don't have anything against you holding on to that. Actually..." She thinks for a moment, and then smiles at you. "It might make you more presentable."
'At least she got something right. Without that sword you'd be pretty miserable.'
...This guy will be stuck on your head from now on? He's already annoying you.
'What's the matter? Don't like honesty?'
Damn it Claymore. If you keep talking nonsense all the time then you'll just end up at lake. Girl needs some peace, understand?
'Gah... Alright.'

While 'talking' with Claymore you followed Aya and put the shoes on. Thank god she wasn't talking, it would be really hard to respond to both her and Claymore.
You head outside, and Aya gestures you to come closer. "So, you've already gotten used to flying?"
You nod. "Well, as long as I know I wont fall down it doesn't bother me."
She grins at your response. "Oh? So you think I'm safe, then?" She offers her hand to carry you. "Come on then."
'She's too fickle. You shouldn't count on her.'
Shut up Claymore. You let Aya grab hold of you, and feel her grip tightening around your chest.
"...Hey Aya."
"Hmm, what is it?"
"Could you loosen up a bit?"
She smirks. "What, and risk you falling down?" She does a light hop, and before you know it you're high over the ground. "Alright, let's go."
She starts flying away from the mountain, with much greater speed than Momizi last night. You might have some time to talk to her before arriving... Wherever you're going.
[ ] Ask her where you're heading to.
[ ] Where is Momizi?
[ ] What's the deal with clothes in that closet?
[ ] Just enjoy the flight.

Also, blame Doujin. He is at fault here.
>> No. 37301
[x] What's the deal with clothes in that closet?
No really, what's up with them?
>> No. 37310
[X] Ask her where you're heading to.

I am curious.
Don't want to hurry us.
>> No. 37311
[x] Ask her where you're heading to.
[x] What's the deal with clothes in that closet?
Don't hurry us, Aya. We have questions.
>> No. 37328
[X] Where is Momizi?
>> No. 37358
[x] Ask her where you're heading to.
[x] What's the deal with clothes in that closet?
>> No. 37367
[x] Ask her where you're heading to.
[x] What's the deal with clothes in that closet?
>> No. 37403
It's strange, but I keep picturing Adahn wearing clothes similar to Arcueid's casual clothes.
>> No. 37419
[ x ] Where is Momizi?
>> No. 37440
[X] Where is Momizi?

Special assignment to the Venezuelas.
>> No. 37459
You better pick up the pace, Vodka. I want my Futako sidequest.
>> No. 37462
Get back to Work Nigger.
>> No. 37465

Get back to voting, Nigger.
>> No. 37500
[ ] Just enjoy the flight.
>> No. 37532
If you want me to vote more then one time, then i will do vote, you just need to tell me.
My vote is already there, NOW WRITE.
>> No. 37582
[X] "You're right, I don't need this." Leave the sword.

Annoying scottish piece of shit. Bet the voice even speaks in a scottish accent just to piss us off more.
>> No. 37601
[x] What's the deal with clothes in that closet?
>> No. 37624
You are now hearing Claymore's voice as that of Sean Connery's. Manually.
>> No. 37630
>> No. 37704

I was doing this from the start.
>> No. 37778

Nope. I'm thinking of it like Gig's voice. You know, this is too similar to Soul Nomad, girl/guy gets sword and gets someone else's voice in her/his head.

So, when do we get to use a Max Gigfy?
>> No. 38105
That closet bothers you. Really, everybody else wears these eccentric clothes, but there's completely normal stuff there.
"Hey Aya."
"What is it?"
"Well..." There's nothing to hide, so better just to say it straight. "There's this closet in my room, and it's filled with these clothes."
Aya lets out laugh. "It's that normal for closets?"
Uh, yeah. That didn't go so well. "What I mean is that, the clothes in there are kind that you'd find from my world, not something
"Oh, like what you're wearing right now?"
"Yeah, and..." Claymore's voice cuts in.
'What, you're going to tell her about that dream?'
"And what, Adahn?" She sounds curious.
"...No, nothing." Claymore might be annoying, but he has a point. What would she think if you told that You saw dream where you were wearing these same clothes?

Silence. You're getting closer to the Shrine where you first appeared at, but better make sure. "So, where are we going to?"
She slows down, and thinks for a moment. "Actually..." A change of course. She goes towards the forest. "I thought that we could go talk with Reimu, but that thing about closet made me think about something."
"About what?"
She flashes a grin at you. "We're going to go see Yukari."
Yukari? Perhaps you'll get a chance to ask about just why you are here and... your stuff. You want those back.
'You're heading into dangerous place, I hope your luck is good.'

Aya flies around for a while, seemingly without any real destination. It's almost as if she was... "Aya, are we lost?"
She sighs. "No, not yet." She slows down, and gets a bit lower. "It's really hard to get lost if you've been everywhere in here. It makes getting there kind of annoying."
"...You have to be lost to get there?" You smile. That reminds you of that one movie you saw while still in real world. But Aya doesn't sound happy at all.
"Yeah! See, if I know where it is, and I do, it will be a real pain to get there again. After once accidentally finding my way there, I haven't been able to get back no matter how much I've tried."
A good way to get lost? Hmm... "You could just close your eyes."
She glares down at you, looking mildly amused. "...If it ends up being that easy, I don't know what to do with you."

After a while of hanging on to Aya while keeping your eyes closed, you hear something. A sound of birds singing, and leaves swaying in the wind. Also, quiet calls of people. Sounds of people calling for others. But that can't be true right? You're flying high above forest, and there shouldn't be anybody near here.
It's not a pleasant sound. You wish it'd go away.
'No. Don't ignore it. Trust me on this one.' He sounds serious. Alright, you...
[ ] Trust Claymore. Remember that sound.
[ ] Just ignore it. Don't listen to that crazy sword.
...Well, you don't feel much different, but open your eyes. There's lots of houses under you, as if... Abandoned village?
"Hey, is that it?" She opens her eyes, and looks down, soon beaming.
"Well, what do you know! That is it! Great work!" Aya lands down in front of what looks like main door, and finally lets go of you. You let out deep breath. Really, compared to how Momizi carried you, Aya is a lot rougher.
"Alright, here take this." Aya hands you her camera. "Take some good shots, okay? I'll handle the interviewing." She goes for the door, and knocks on it.
Soon you hear familiar female voice from inside the house. "Alright, I'm coming! Just wait a moment!" And then some steps getting closer to the door.
[ ] Snap a picture as soon as the person comes out.
[ ] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.
[ ] Look behind you.

What's this? Choices in the middle of the post? I should've done this when I made you toss that spell-card down.
>> No. 38111
[ ] Trust Claymore. Remember that sound.
[ ] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.
>> No. 38117
[ ] Trust Claymore. Remember that sound.
[ ] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.
>> No. 38120
[ ] Trust Claymore. Remember that sound.
[ ] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.

The choice in between startled me somewhat.
>> No. 38121
[x] Trust Claymore

[x] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.
>> No. 38136
[X] Trust Claymore. Remember that sound.
[X] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.

I'm sure that that sound might be important. It's not like just remembering it will hurt us, anyway.
>> No. 38138
[x] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.
>> No. 38139
[X] Trust Claymore. Remember that sound.
[X] Wait a moment, see if anything interesting happens.
>> No. 38167
Writan now.
>> No. 38173

That's what I like to hear.
>> No. 38174
And it sure would be great to hear it come from you too, huh?
>> No. 38178

I just updated. Now it's your turn.
>> No. 38195
Rushing to take a picture wouldn't have good results. You step bit to side, so you'll have good view of both Aya and the person who will open the door. Soon it slides open, and behind it stands the fox-lady you remember seeing before.
...Wow. She look pretty incredible in the daylight. Compared to Aya standing opposite to her, she's tall. And those large tails behind her just make her seem larger. You didn't see it in the dark room, but they're actually really well kept. How much time does she spend setting them up every day?
After opening door she seemed calm, but when sees Aya her expression drops. "It's you. How did you get here again?"
"Reporter should never reveal her ways. But I enjoyed last visit so much I though I'd come again, and write some more." She's smiling all the way through this, and Ran looks more and more displeased.
"Did you now." Her tone is ice cold. "I'd appreciate if you would refrain from that."
You swear you can see her nails growing longer. Is Aya just brave, or doesn't she notice? "Relax Ran, I'm just teasing you. Actually, I came here for something else this time."
"And." Ran takes step closer to Aya, and extends to her full length, looking at her down. "What would that be."

Perfect. This is the moment you waited for, you snap a picture of Ran glaring at smiling Aya.
As the camera flashes, Ran quickly turns to look at you. "And who is this? I didn't know you had anybody else than Momizi helping you."
Aya shakes her hand to Ran. "She's Adahn. I thought you'd have something to tell her."
"...Adahn?" She inspects you more, but eases up after a while. "Oh, you're the person from two days ago. Right, how did you end up with her?" She points to Aya.
[ ] "I'm working for Aya."
[ ] "She just took me home."
[ ] "Just tagging along to get some answers."
>> No. 38202
[X] "She just took me home."
[X] "It's fun there. I like it."

Aya! Momizi!

Tengu moe!
>> No. 38205
[X] "She just took me home."
[X] "It's fun there. I like it."
>> No. 38207
[X] "She just took me home."
[X] "It's fun there. I like it."
>> No. 38209
[x] "She just took me home."
[x] "Just tagging along to get some answers."
>> No. 38213
[x] "She just took me home."
>> No. 38218
[x] "She just took me home."
>> No. 38221
[X] "She just took me home."
[X] "It's fun there. I like it."
>> No. 38232
[X] "She just took me home."
Then maybe a reflective pause, after which:
[X] "It's fun there. I like it."

Although if anything, I see Adahn being the one to YOU GONNA GET TAKEN HOME Aya & Momiji.
>> No. 38237
[X] "She just took me home."
[X] "It's fun there. I like it."
>> No. 38239
Kind of hard to write when you're tired as hell, isn't it? Yeah, continuing when I wake up, or whatever.
>> No. 38326

Yr4ah g'night6.
>> No. 38510
"Well, I appeared at the shrine and..." You give a quick look to Aya, after which you turn back to Ran. "She just took me home."
She looks at you in amazement. "It's okay, I like it here." She seems to ease up a bit, and sighs.
"Ah, that's good. I'm glad you managed to get by." She steps aside bit to let you inside. "I guess I owe you as much as to give you some answers if you have any." She goes inside, and you two follow behind her.
But... she owes you? Wasn't Yukari responsible for bringing you here? Before you get to ask about it Aya speaks up. "Shouldn't Yukari answer for her actions herself? Or is she making her servant handle everything again?" She scribbles something to her notebook while speaking.
Ran stops, but doesn't turn to face you. "Lady Yukari had something to do, and told me to keep watch on the house. I'm just acting as I see best." She continues walking a bit faster. Is she hiding something?
Aya just sighs. "Shame, I hoped to speak with her personally..." Apparently she doesn't find the matter important enough to press further.
While still walking, Aya turns to you. "Can I have that camera back now?" Oh, right. You're still holding on to it.
"Sure." You hand it to her.
"Alright, when we get back let's see what kind of picture you took..." She's looking at the camera, almost as if she expected it to tell her.

Man, this really is really big. Ran leads you on for what seems like forever, but doesn't take that many turns. Mostly you're just walking forward, occasionally so that you can see some of the well-kept inner-garden. How many servants do they have here? You'd need a lot to take care of this place on daily basis. But...
You haven't seen anybody. Maybe they're just away now. Ran couldn't do all that by herself, right?
Eventually she opens door to one of the rooms, and you walk in. It's decorated simply, with kotatsu in the middle of it and few large pillows on the floor. Compared to Aya's place the walls seem really empty, there's no paintings or portraits at all, just plain white walls.
"I will be back shortly with something to eat. Please stay here." She goes out of the door, and closes it as she leaves.
After sitting next to table for a while, Aya stands up. "Hey, I'll go and take a look around this place. Last time I didn't have nearly enough time for that." She goes for the door you came in from and opens it.
[ ] Follow her.
[ ] Stay here.
[ ] Tell her that you should wait.

Oh my.
>> No. 38514
[ ] Stay here.
>> No. 38515
[ ] Stay here.

Fucking Yukarin.
>> No. 38516
[ ] Stay here.

Yeah sorry. Can't remember posting that.
>> No. 38517
What I wonder about is how you managed to hit 6 at the end. r and 4 are close to e, but how did you do that?
>> No. 38518
[x] Stay here.
>> No. 38519
[ ] Stay here.
>> No. 38523
[x] Stay here.
>> No. 38532
Aya looks back to you. "You wanna come along?"
You shake your head. "No, I'll just stay here."
She nods. "Alright, cover for me when Ran comes back, alright?"
...How are you supposed to cover for her? Really, tell that Aya ran off to explore the house?
You keep on waiting, and eventually lay down. There's not much to look at in this room, and kotatsu is pretty warm. You kind of wish Aya had something similar to this in her place. That would make breakfasts so much more pleasant...

There's sound of steps behind the door where Ran went to, and you get up. Soon after that, Ran comes in carrying can of tea and small tray filled with snacks.
"So, here's the tea and-huh?" She stops, and looks around the room, as if searching for something. You already know what, and feel bit sorry as she turns to you with puzzled look. "...Adahn, where is Aya?"
You sigh. No use hiding it. "She wanted to see more of this place, so..." Ran just stares at you with empty look on her face.
"...She went off to explore?" Even though she seems shocked, she managed to set tea and tray down on the table fine.
You nod. "Yep."
She sits down and leans back. "Really, what does she think she's doing?"
You wait for a moment, but she doesn't get up, or show any intention of going after Aya. "Uh, so you're just gonna let her be?"
She waves her hand to you. "No use going after her now. She could be anywhere in here, I just hope she doesn't do anything reckless."
[ ] "Ran, she won't mess up anything. I promise."
[ ] "Could you tell me about something?" (Anything specific to ask about?)
[ ] "Let's just relax. I'm sure she will be back soon."
>> No. 38541
[X] "Could you tell me about something?"
[X] "Can i touch your tail?"
>> No. 38543
[X] "Uhm, ca... Can I... Can I touch your tails?"
>> No. 38545
[x] "Could you tell me about something?"
[x] "Tails feel pretty good, huh?"
>> No. 38546
[x] Tail, touch, etc


I was completely hammered at the time. Not a damn clue how I managed that.
>> No. 38560
[ ] "Ran, she won't mess up anything. I promise."
[ ] "Your tails. I'll be taking them."
>> No. 38565
[X] "Uhm, ca... Can I... Can I touch your tails?"
( ´ω`)
>> No. 38566
Could it be that Scorn is YAF's evil twin brother?
>> No. 38567

You're saying YAF isn't evil?
>> No. 38570
[X] "Uhm, ca... Can I... Can I touch your tails?"
>> No. 38578
[ ] "Welcome to this beautiful killing chamber"

"Welcome" you say to Ran "To this beautiful killing chamber."
Her eyes widen at your sudden declaration. In suprisement, she takes a step back as you pull out a knife.
"W... What are you doing... Your eyes... Blue...?"
Ignoring her shocked stare, you step forward. The target is right here. Below her waist. The fluffy goodness...
"Your tails... I'll be taking them."
She backs off more. Foolishness. There is no escape. In this small room, with only one exit, there is no way she's going to run away.
You tighten your grip on the knife.
"You'll make a splendid corpse, Ran Yakumo, Shikigami of the excrement Yukari."
"What are you talking about..."
Her back bumps against the wall. She seems to be completely overwhelmed by your killing aura.
"Well then... Let us end this."
Saying those words, you jump forward.
"SHOUBI HASSEN." grabbing her shoulder, you forcefully turn her around "MUJOU NI FUKUSU!" and swing your knife down, at the base of her tails.
Red blood splatters on the wall.
"Let your soul scatter in vivid colour. The poisonous radiation will at least kill some bugs."
Devoid of any strength, not able to make any kind of retaliation, she falls to the ground, trying to stop the bleeding.
And you...
Ignore that woman. Because the only thing on your mind now are...
Those tails.
Crouching down, you bury your face in the fluffy (but a bit dirty) goodness.
"Tail feel so good~!"
>> No. 38584
Wtf is this shit.
>> No. 38588
File 121216650422.png - (81.99KB , 348x236 , dozo.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 38594
"Ran, I'm sure she won't mess up anything."
She turns to you with puzzled look on her face. "You sound pretty sure. Why is that?"
"I just know it. I promise nothing's gonna happen."
She looks at you for moment, and then starts laughing energetically. "Ahaha, and how can you say that?" And she continues. You shrug. That really didn't sound convincing, but at least you managed to cheer her-
Oh. Her tails are swaying as she laughs. Yeah, they're definitely more well-kept than Momizi's fuzzy tail. And there's so much of it. Wonder how it would feel to just embrace them, bury your face in...
"Adahn? You're blushing, is something wrong?" Is it really that obvious? Well, your face does feel kind of hot.
'What are you thinking about?!' He has to have it pretty bad. He's suck in your head and he knows everything you think about, but...
You look back at Ran. She's otherwise good looking too, she has mature body, and cute looks. "U-uhm..." You start fidgeting with your fingers, and look at her. "Ca... can I..."
"What is it?" She sounds actually worried. "If you want something just ask."
...Better just go to with it then. You lean over the table, and look in her deep yellow eyes as you almost scream. "Can I touch your tails!? Please?!

She looks shocked. Really shocked. But even so, not angry. Soon her expression changes into embarrassment as her face turns red. This situation isn't that good for you either. What if somebody walked in right now?
"We-well..." She coughs to her hand, and tries to look composed. Her face betrays her though, it's bright red. "I... Appreciate that you asked, but I'm not sure..."
"Please Ran." You plead to her, now almost completely over the table. "Just now, please."
She seems to think for a moment, but finally nods. You just stare at her in amazement. "Really? It's okay?!" You face must be beaming, as Ran smiles at you.
"Yes, but just for a bit." She poofs her tails a bit, so they're in their full size. Wow. They're even larger than they seemed like at first. You get behind her, and extend your hand.
You lightly brush them at first, and don't seem to get any kind of reaction from her. Momizi got flustered when you just touched her's at the bath. It probably makes sense, she only has one while Ran has nine. If she had same kind of reaction every time something touched her tail, she would have really hard time. But still... They're so soft. So smooth.
You decide to go for more, and slowly grab one of the tails. "Ah." Ran let's out small sound as you feel it more. Hmm, now you're holding only one. What if you had more? Better find out.
As you embrace almost all of her tails at, slowly tightening your grip, you can feel her trembling. "Adahn... Isn't that that..." Her breathing is heavy, but the tails feel so good, and they're brushing against you nose, and...
"A-choo!" They just tickled too much. You had to sneeze. But you your face is even deeper in her tails. Ran has stopped moving completely, as if she was in shock, or is she just waiting you to react?
'NONONONONONONO. What are you doing.'
Still, she's so calm. She wouldn't mind if you...
[ ] Laid down on them. Relax.
[ ] Felt even more. You have to have it all.
[ ] No, stop now. You went too far.

>> No. 38596

A 'tail feel so good' that isn't a bad end? Wut?
>> No. 38597
[ ] Felt even more. You have to have it all.
>> No. 38598
I came

[ ] Laid down on them. Relax.
>> No. 38599
[ ] Felt even more. You have to have it all.

>> No. 38600
[X] Laid down on them. Relax.
One of these will lead to bad end and we all know which.
>> No. 38601
[x] Laid down on them. Relax.
Claymore is freaking out.
>> No. 38603
[X] Laid down on them. Relax.
>> No. 38604
[ ] Lie down on them. Relax.
>> No. 38606
[X] Laid down on them. Relax.
>> No. 38607
[ ] Feel even more. You have to have it all.


Adahn, she only rapes the ones she loves.
>> No. 38608
[X] Laid down on them. Relax.
Tail feel so good
>> No. 38613
[X] Laid down on them. Relax.
>> No. 38616
[X] Felt even more. You have to have it all.

All part of our plan to give Aya one hell of a photo op
>> No. 38621
[x] Felt even more. You have to have it all.
>> No. 38622
[X] Laid down on them. Relax.

Maintain focus Anon, one wrong move can change a pleasurable setting into a world of pain.
>> No. 38623
[X] Felt even more. You have to have it all.
She didn't even say no yet.
Later we can talk about tails with her.
>> No. 38624
[ ] Laid down on them. Relax.
>> No. 38720
Going any further than this would be way too rude. You've invaded her personal space enough already. So instead, you should just back off.
'Even if you are an idiot, you did something right. She's a beast, you should kill her, not... THIS.'
Claymore might be a bloodthirsty weapon, but he does have a point, kind off. You just met her but already you're pushing yourself all over her! Just get away from her and apologize.
...But it feels so good. You'd like to lay down, relax, and... You get away from her, and sit down. "Ran, sorry about that." She lets out breath, and seems to ease up for a bit.
"You should try learning to control yourself, but no offence taken." You sigh. Really, what got into you?

But you'd still like to... "...Uhm, is it okay?" You gently brush one of her tails again.
"Is it okay to do what?" She tilts her head.
'You fucking idiot.'
"Could I rest on your tails?" You both look at each-other, unsure what to do.
"...Alright, just for a little." You can't believe it. It's really okay? You at her puzzled, and she just nods. "There's not much to do while waiting for Aya to return. And you really want to, right?"
How do you go about doing this? Really, it was better with Aya, she just swept you to her lap. Now it feels... Weird. Acceptance on stuff like this makes it hard. Since you're not doing anything, Ran seems to be getting worried. "What's the matter?"
You shake your head. How can it be so hard? "I don't think... This is right. Since you agreed so easily it feels that..."
"Adahn." Her eyes are serious. "Just lay down, this is nothing serious." You nod. You have to get your thoughts straight.
You lay down on her tails. You expected them to be soft, but not this... warm. Still, it feels wonderful. The light feeling of the fur to your ears, and it pushing against your back. You sigh. Really, this would be the perfect place to fall asleep in.
Eventually after you've settled down, and started stroking one of her tails, she speaks. "...Did you want to talk about something?"
[ ] "...No, not really."
[ ] "Yes." -What?-
>> No. 38721
[x] "Yes." Our stuff and what's up with the Border.
Give me some story.
>> No. 38724
Poor Claymore, having to deal with a master who loves the 10%.
>> No. 38725
>> No. 38726
[ ] "Yes." "There is an annoying voice in my head and it just won't shut the fuck up, how do i get it to be quiet?"
>> No. 38727

[ x ] "Yes."

"I think I'm hearing voices. Like some sort of character from a shitty shouen. Telling me to kill everything and take stuff. You know what, nevermind"
>> No. 38732
[x] "Yes." "I need my stuff back and I heard there's something wrong with the border. Humor me."
>> No. 38733
[ ] "I think I have a thing for beast girls."
>> No. 38774
>Acceptance on stuff like this makes it hard.
ITT, Adahnko learns that you can't rape the willing.
...Unless it's Moemiji.

Whom we should really get back to sexing up.
>> No. 38775
[ ] "Yes." "Can you tell me why Yukari decided bring me here? Also, what exactly happened to my belongings that I had before?"
>> No. 38777
[x] "Yes." "Can you tell me why Yukari decided bring me here? Also, what exactly happened to my belongings that I had before?"

Answers and lost and found.
>> No. 38778
[ ] "Yes." "Can you tell me why Yukari decided bring me here? Also, what exactly happened to my belongings that I had before?"

Liking this version of Ran. Also lol Claymore.
>> No. 38779
[ ] "Yes." "Can you tell me why Yukari decided bring me here? Also, what exactly happened to my belongings that I had before?"
>> No. 38837
[ ] "Yes." "Can you tell me why Yukari decided bring me here? Also, what exactly happened to my belongings that I had before?"
>> No. 38966
File 121225753668.jpg - (159.40KB , 450x600 , Ran.jpg ) [iqdb]
You need some answers. That's why Aya took you here in the first place. "Yes. Can you tell me why Yukari decided bring me here?"
It takes a while for her to answer. You're lying on her tails, so you can't see her expression. Is she angry? "...I knew you'd ask about that. I'm sorry, but I don't know much more about this than you. What I know is that she was preparing something for days before bringing you here." If she is angry, she can control her voice excellently. No, she has to be calm. "Can you keep this next bit from Aya?"
Aya won't like you keeping information from her, but you need to know this. "Yeah, sure."
"The day after she got you here, she just disappeared. I don't know where she went to, but she's probably keeping an eye on you."
"Really? So you're alone here?"
"Alone? No, no, Chen is still here."
Who's that? "Chen?"
"That right, you still haven't met her. She's my shikigami, like I am to Yukari." Shikigami is kind of servant then? But you'd like to meet Chen. Just what is she like?
There's this other thing bothering you too. "Hmmm... also, what exactly happened to my belongings that I had before?"
"You had something when you came here?"
"Yes, but I left them on my clothes, I know that wasn't all that smart to do. Anyway, do you know where they are now?"
Ran thinks for a moment, and then answers. "Sorry, I haven't found anything out of ordinary in here. But I have an idea where your it might be."
Anything helps. "Really? Where?"
Ran sighs. "Lady Yukari took some items with her when she disappeared. So, knowing her they might be just anywhere right now." ...You have feeling that you're not any closer to getting your stuff back than before.
"Anything else?"
"No, I guess that's it. Let's just wait for Aya now." You continue laying down on her tails. So warm...

'Adahn. There is somebody at the door.' You quickly get up, and notice that Ran is staring at the door too. Standing at there is...
Very surprised looking Reimu. "Oh." She stands there, looking at you. "How did you end up here?"
"Well..." Before you get to answer Reimu breaks you off.
"Actually, that doesn't matter. I was looking for you. At morning I went to village, but nobody had even heard of you. So I thought about going around asking if anybody's seen somebody that looks like you, lucky I decided to come here first."
This seems weird. From what you heard from Mima and Suika two days ago, Reimu doesn't seems like type to actively go looking for people. And she doesn't even know you well. "...Why were you looking for me?"
She closes her eyes, and crosses her arms. "Right. Yesterday Sakuya came to the shrine, asking if anything weird had happened lately. I told that everything has been suprisingly peaceful, so she asked me to tell her if anybody that matched certain description showed up." She opens her eyes, and looks at you. Oh. You can guess what that Sakuya said. "It wasn't that precise, but I could tell that she was talking about you. Obviously I didn't tell her, but I'm curious why she would ask me about you."
It must be important to make Reimu fly around looking for you, but you have to know just who that person is. "Wait, Sakuya, who's she?"
'Screwed up. Good for you.'
You don't need Claymore to tell you that, Reimu is glaring at you, looking really serious. She doesn't seem angry or annoyed, but just inspects you. "Tell me the truth. Are you from outside the border?"
[ ] "Yes."
[ ] "No."
[ ] "That's not important right now, is it?"
>> No. 38968
[x] "That's not important right now, is it?"
>> No. 38970
[ ] "That's not important right now, is it?"
>> No. 38971
[X] "That's not important right now, is it?"
Fuck yes Lunatic mode.
>> No. 38972
[ ] "No...I come from another plane of existance...One much higher than your own!"


[ ] "Yes."
>> No. 38973
To tell the truth, SDM is not the hardest option. More like medium.
>> No. 38974
SDM is an option? Tell me more, but before what is the hardest one.
>> No. 38979
I should've used metaphorical options for picking those dreams before.
Anyway, that choice determined the main house you're going against. With what you have right now, SDM won't give you the most trouble.
>> No. 38980
Will this be like MiG where we go around fighting for our life and with Touhou killing and slaughtering?
>> No. 38982
[x] "Yes. Does it matter?"
>> No. 38983
[x] "Yes. Well, I think so anyway. Does it matter?"

Always leave room for doubt considering the number of semi native or native descendants that have popped up in stories lately.
>> No. 38986
I'll try to not to go there. Actually, no, this will not be like that.
>> No. 38987
[X] "That's not important right now, is it?"
>> No. 38990
[x] "That's not important right now, is it?"
>> No. 38991
It is not important, you say? I see, writing.
>> No. 39000
And we screwed up now. Time to watch Reimu go berserk on our ass.
Can't we go back to making Aya and Momizi our harem.
>> No. 39010
You can't tell her now. "That's not important right now, is it?"
"Yes it is!" Reimu slams her fist to wall, and looks at you, incredibly angry. "You just show up in the shrine, and then Sakuya comes looking for you!"
She walks closer to table, and looks down to you. "If you were just native to here, I'm sure there would be a working explanation for that, but..." She grabs your shoulders, and looks at you really worried. "...If you are outsider, I don't know why she would go asking like that."
Ran cuts in. "Reimu, calm down, she doesn't know what this is about." Ran has stood up, and is holding on to Reimu's hand.
Reimu looks down for a moment, but then lets go of you. "...Alright sorry. Adahn, you seem like a nice person, but this is important. You should try to understand stuff like this better." She turns to Ran. "Tell me. Is she an outsider?"
Ran nods and bows her head down. "Yes she is. Sorry for not telling you about this earlier, but Yukari..."
Reimu just shakes her hand. "I know how it is, at least it got solved now. So, what do you suggest we do-"

There's a flash of light, and a familiar sound.
"What a scoop!" Excited yell from the door. You turn to it, and see Aya standing there, with her camera raised high. "This is great! The story just keeps getting better!"
Ran seems annoyed, but hasn't moved from her spot. "Aya, how long were you listening outside that door?" If this happened last time she was here, you can understand why she wasn't happy to see her.
Aya lowers her camera and smiled. "I noticed Reimu when she arrived, and followed her. So, about from the point she entered the room." That's good, then she didn't hear that bit about Yukari. Ran seems to ease up too. "Hey, so I missed something important?!" Looks like she noticed that.
"It's not that big Aya, just... Personal matters." Ran sits down, still keeping her eyes on the door. "But you heard about the deal with Sakuya, then?"
Aya shrugs and walks next to table and sits down. "Yeah, I got it. Dealing with her will be problematic, no matter what you do she'll find you sooner or later."
Ran nods to Aya. "Exactly" She then turns to face you. "And I don't really think what follows after she finds you will be pleasant."
Reimu lets out a small laugh. "Or then it might be. Who knows, you could just save lots of trouble from everybody and go ask!"
"Reimu, you shouldn't joke about this."

Alright, so apparently this person is dangerous. But why? "Can somebody tell me just what's so bad about Sakuya finding me?"
They all go quiet, until Reimu speaks up. "Ah, well... You see, Sakuya herself isn't that dangerous, but I doubt she'd go around asking for anybody from her own accord, so it was probably her mistress' idea. And the person she works for is a vampire."
'Oh yes. Now we're talking, I know how to deal with those.'
A vampire? Like the ones you've read about in your own world? "And, uh... She drinks blood?"
Reimu continues, now with slightly more serious tone. "Yes, but her victims hardly ever die from blood-loss. So that's not the problem here." Shiver runs down your spine. Even if it wouldn't kill you, getting your blood sucked can't be nice at all. "She is dangerous. And it's weird to see her getting Sakuya to inquire about somebody like this." You should try to avoid her. But how do you do that?
Ran continues the explanation. "So, we should probably find good place for you to stay in. Even if it doesn't help that much."
Aya leans back and looks at you. "Yeah, actually, any place would be as good as other at this point. Where do you want to stay?"
'Go with the human priest.'
Why should you do that? You know Aya's place much better, and you can't get here without getting lost.
'She is a human, but powerful.' A pause. 'I don't think anybody could beat her.'
[ ] Stay around Aya.
[ ] Go with Reimu.
[ ] Stay here.
>> No. 39011
[X] Stay around Aya.
>With what you have right now, SDM won't give you the most trouble.
All three of them will take care of the problem, whatever it is.
Better look at the fun side now, more time to hit on Aya and Momizi.
>> No. 39013
[ ] Stay around Aya.

>> No. 39014
[ ] Stay around Aya.
>> No. 39015
[ ] Stay around Aya.

Moemizi must not be abandoned.
>> No. 39016
[X] Stay around Aya.

I already love Aya and Momizi. Sorry Claymore, but you'll have to deal.

On another note, we'll need to find more people to introduce ourself to. If we can get enough people to believe our name is Adahn, we can use the resulting creation of our double to throw Sakuya off our trail.
>> No. 39017
[x] Stay around Aya.

Leave the twhore and Moemizi? HAHAHA
>> No. 39018
[x] Stay here.

good luck getting lost.
>> No. 39021
Claymore loves you guys. Anyway, finished reading the Hakugyokuro LA, writing now.
>> No. 39023
Scratch that. 7 minutes, etc.
>> No. 39066
>'Go with the human priest.'
I like how he phrased that. It shows his Western viewpoint.
>> No. 39081
Main board writefags sure like to take it easy.
>> No. 39085
Come on and update, Vodka. I want to see Adahn run into Futako some time soon, and see how you handle this situation with your writing.
>> No. 39350
There is no need to even ask, right? If this Sakuya can find you even from Mayohiga, hiding wouldn't help at all. And going to Reimu's place would just bring unnecessary attention to her. "She can find me no matter where I am, so I'll stay with Aya."
'Damn it Adahn. On this matter I can understand your way of thinking, but don't you trust me?' The people on the room nod understandingly.
Trust Claymore? ...No way. So far he hasn't done, or said much to gain your trust.

Aya just smiles. "No leaving the place where you have bed available, huh? Makes sense. And we still have stuff to talk about!"
Ran bows her head slightly. "I can appreciate your choice, but we have fully decorated room free, so you're free to com here if you ever change your mind." She does seem like shed like some company...
Reimu gets up. "I can understand your reasoning too. It doesn't really matter who is around you when Sakuya finds you." She goes for the door. "I guess my business here is over. Good luck."

You can hear her footsteps, when suddenly there's two suprised gasps. One from Reimu, and another from voice you don't recognize.
"Oh, Futako, I haven't seen you in a while." That's Reimu. She sounds happy.
You hear young female voice tell that life outside border can be a mess sometimes. Wait, life outside a border?
Reimu seems satisfied with that explanation, "You should come for a visit. Suika would love to meet you again." That's right, Suika was that little oni. You can hear Reimu's footsteps getting away, but they again soon. "If you want to see Ran, she's in that room over there."
Voice of a girl thanks Reimu, and it gets quiet for a while, until she opens the door.

The girl comes in, and you have to admit your amazement. The first thing you notice is how short she is, and then her complete lack of breasts. You can see why Suika could get along with her, they have a lot in common. Like her, she seems really young, almost like a little girl. Funny. Even though her name sounds Asian, she looks pretty western to you.
She has long, black hair, and her eyes are blue. She's wearing red skirt and black stockings, and a white dress shirt with black coat over it. Strangely, she also has a tie. But it all fits together well, and... She does look kind of cute.

Aya and Ran look at her suprised, and speak at the same time.
They look at each other, and then back to the girl. Ran has a pleasant smile on her face as she speaks. "Tako-chan, it has been months since you last came here." This girl is from outside too? So you're not the first one. Also, it's kind of funny hearing Ran call her that, but you guess it fits her.
The girl starts fiddling with her fingers. "Uh, I'm thankful for that computer and everything, but there's some things I can only do outside."
Ran quickly shakes her hands, and starts talking fast. "No, no! That's okay, I understand that completely, but..." She eyes behind the girl, as if looking for something. "Renko and Maribel are not with you?"
"Ah. They have..." Light blush appears on her face and she looks down on the ground. "Something they have to deal with. Right now." Then she looks up, and sees you. Immediately she smiles and looks back to Ran. "Ran-sama, who is this?"
As Ran is about to answer, she claps her hands together. "Actually, don't answer!" She walks to you grinning with her eyes closed, and extends her hand to you. "Who're you?"
'This girl... I think I know her from somewhere.'
[ ] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.
[ ] Just introduce yourself.
[ ] Suspicious. Let Ran handle this.
>> No. 39352
[X] Suspicious. Let Ran handle this.

Something this moe must be hiding a great power, right?
>> No. 39353
[X] Just introduce yourself.
[X] "My name is Adahn."
>> No. 39354


[X] Suspicious. Let Ran handle this.

Also lol crossovers.
>> No. 39356
He wouldn't quit bugging me about it. And it's only fair since he came up with Claymore as sentient weapon.
>> No. 39357
[X] Suspicious. Let Ran handle this.

I say we let Ran handle this. It seems suspicious.
>> No. 39358
[X] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.

I want to see if Claymore figures anything.
>> No. 39359
[X] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.

Why not.
>> No. 39360
[X] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.
>> No. 39362
[X] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.
>> No. 39365
[x] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.
>> No. 39366
[x] Suspicious. Let Ran handle this.

observe the situation
>> No. 39367
[x] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.
She can't be THAT interested in getting her talking sword back, right? Let's just get on with it.
>> No. 39368
[X] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened

oh god no
>> No. 39369
[X] Suspicious. Let Ran handle this.

She can read our mind so there's not much use anyway.
>> No. 39370
[X] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.

I hope she can tell us how to shut Claymore up.
>> No. 39371
[x] Grab her hand, introduce yourself.
Let's do this.
>> No. 39372
Grabbing her hand, are you? Yeah, been writing forfew minutes now.
>> No. 39373

He has a point.
>> No. 39374
You grab her hand. Really, she extented it, why shouldn't you do it? "I'm Adahn, nice to meet you Tako."
She lets out small laugh. "Silly, that's just a nick name! My real name is Futako, but..." She blushes, and looks into your eyes. "You can call me Tako too, if you like..." Oh. She's just too cute for words.
But after few moments of holding her hand, shock runs through your spine. You also feel it on your hand, and you could swear that Futako flinches for a bit too, but her expression doesn't change.
'I REMEMBER NOW! He's the Dagger!' Claymore sounds incredibly excited.
Dagger, a what? Didn't Claymore mention this earlier too?
'Yeah, Dagger as in the only person who is still of blood, and who should be the one to wield me!'
Right. You suppose you still don't meet Claymore-standards.
'Damn right you don't. Compared to him, who has actually fought with his own strength, and has inhuman blood in him, you're pathetic."
Something about that bugs you....Claymore, it is possible to confuse her for a boy with those looks, but she's clearly a girl. Or weren't you listening to her voice?
'Listen. He is my supposed wielder, and I know everything about her. Like how he is half-oni, or what happened to his mother. '
...This is heading in an unpleasant direction.
'If somebody has a dick, he's a guy. What the hell are you tying to pull on me?'
Wait, he means that...
'Yeah, he has a dick. That reminds me, you've been getting too close to some women. What is this, can't you...'
What. Claymore continues rambling in your head, and Futako is looking at you curiously.
[ ] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?
[ ] Ask Claymore one more time. Is he for real?
[ ] Scream.
[ ] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.

Lol futa.
I kind of forgot that too, but it doesn't make much of a difference on this part.
>> No. 39375
[x] Scream.
>> No. 39376
[x] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?

>> No. 39377
[X] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?

"Eh, dickgirl? Fine by me. Still has something else I can use."
>> No. 39378
[X] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.
Save yourself, Adahn!
>> No. 39380
[x] Check to see if she has a penis.
>> No. 39381
[X] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?
>> No. 39382
[X] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?

>> No. 39383
[x] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?

Weird things are normal, and normal things are weird.
>> No. 39384
[X] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?
>> No. 39385
[X] Calm yourself. That's actually pretty hot, right?
>> No. 39386
[X] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?
>> No. 39387
[x] Ask Claymore one more time. Is he for real?
"It's not that weird, I mean, it's okay if he wants to name himself Futako and dress like a girl. That's HIS lifestyle!
Wait, that IS weird."
>> No. 39389
[X] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.

Crossover detected. Evade. Evade.
>> No. 39393
Winner is obvious, but I'm cathing on to other stories.
>> No. 39394
[x] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.

>> No. 39395

Futako loves you.
>> No. 39399
[x] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.

Doesn't count at this point, but I'm expressing dissent regardless.
>> No. 39428
[X] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.

I need my moemizi fix
>> No. 39429
>. "Renko and Maribel are not with you?"
>"Ah. They have..." Light blush appears on her face and she looks down on the ground. "Something they have to deal with. Right now."

Holy shit. She knocked them up!
>> No. 39433
[x] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.
But politely and saying our goodbyes and all. Claymore's telling us she's some pretty hot shit, after all.
Plus, she might want her sword back, and we got this damn thing fair and square.

And don't forget to hug Ran and thank her for the tail-pillow.
>> No. 39436
[X] Calm yourself. That's not so weird, right?

Tako-chan is loev
>> No. 39453
[x] Run away with Aya, forget this ever happened.
>> No. 39456
...No, think about it, what all have you seen here? People flying, people with weird things growing out of your head, people using weird powers for god-knows what(will that work here anymore? After all, you did meet a god too) and for today there has been a talking sword in your head.
Now you're thinking about freaking out on some boy that looks like a girl. That's something you might even see on your own world. But...
He's still holding your hand, smiling even wider than before. It kind of looks like she's trying to suppress a grin. That exchange of minds with Claymore shouldn't have taken that long. Did your expression change during that?
'It's a disgrace that he decides to dress like a woman, but even that is better than being actually wielded by one.'
You shake your head. Claymore still hasn't stopped, and this is starting to feel kind of awkward.
"Uh, yeah." You let go of his hand. "Nice meeting you, Futako." Wow. You really have to look down to look at his face. How old is he anyway?
He seems to ponder about something, with his index finger placed on his lips. "You said your name is Adahn, right?" He grins at you. "I see what you did there." ...That's right. It's not your real name, you just picked it and wanted to see if anybody caught it. And then it stuck. Really, you had already lost hope. He continues. "At least you didn't go for Nanaya."
"Nanaya?" You tilt your head in wonder. Is that reference to something? You remember hearing something about that but... "Sorry?"
He looks at you in amazement. "...You don't get it?" You shake your head, and he laughs into his hand. "Really, you might be interesting."
...Seeing him act like that now that you know that he's a guy makes it kind of... Disturbing, but deep inside your mind you have to admit that it's cute.

"Aaw, isn't that sweet..."
You turn to voice, and see that Ran is looking at you two with complete bliss on her face. Aya on the other hand, is doing her best not to laugh. You wonder if they know that Futako is, in fact, a guy.
Ran continues, smiling. "Adahn, remember when I mentioned that room earlier? That was Tako-chan's. Now that we're all here, would you like to stay for tea and talk?" Incredible. Her attitude is completely different from before. Is this what kind of effect Futako has on her?
Aya shrugs. "Yeah, this has really been wonderful, but..." Aya looks outside, from the door Futako left open. "I think we should go. News to gather, you know?"
Futako hugs you. His head is about on the level with your breasts. He looks back to Ran as he speaks. "Couldn't Adahn stay here for a bit?" He looks up to you. "I would love company!"
You can't tell if this situation is incredibly cute, or incredibly disturbing. Futako does make really convincing girl, though.
'Oh, would you look at that. He likes you.'
[ ] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[ ] Actually, you want to stay here.
[ ] What the fuck Futako.

Also, moar Futako in the future?
[ ] No.
[ ] Neutral stance.
[ ] Yes.
>> No. 39458
[X] Actually, you want to stay here.
[X] Yes.

Oho, why not love the shota(Who is actually a futa)?
>> No. 39460
[ ] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[ ] Neutral stance.
>> No. 39461
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[x] Yes, if he's an antagonist.
>> No. 39462
[ ] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[X] Yes.
>> No. 39463
[ ] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[ ] Neutral stance.
>> No. 39464
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[X] Yes.
>> No. 39465
[X] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.

>> No. 39466
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[X] Yes.
>> No. 39467
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[x] Yes, but only if he takes an antagonistic role.
Seriously, that last post just made me think that Futako is pure villain material. I can imagine him grinning through a fox-face while he silently plots the most opportune moment to rape/murder Adahn and take back his claymore.
>> No. 39468
[z] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[z] Yes.
>> No. 39470
What makes this so great is that Claymore probably doesn't understand the concept of dick girl, and straight assumes that Futako is a guy that likes to dress like girl.
...And Adahn just listens to him. Why now? Really, this kind of Claymore in opposition to "YOU SUCK BITCH YOU'RE NOT WORTHY OF ME" is really entertaining.
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[x] Yes, but only if he takes an antagonistic role.
>> No. 39471
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[x] Yes.

Maybe he can visit us?
>> No. 39472
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[x] No.
>> No. 39482
[X] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.

[X]No, Crossovers=Bad idea.
>> No. 39493
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[x] Hell no.

Please don't ruin what you've done so far with this crossover crap. Please.
>> No. 39500
[x] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[x] No.
>> No. 39502
[X] Get rid of Futako (politely), go with Aya.
[X] Yes.
>> No. 39506
>'grinning through a fox-face while he silently plots the most opportune moment to rape/murder Adahn'

>> No. 39507
[ ] Get rid of Futako, go with Aya.
[ ] No.

I don't mind cross references with approval from the original author, as long as it's nothing that overwhelming the Touhous.
>> No. 39512

That reminds me. Can I borrow Davey some time in the future?
>> No. 39516
More Futako would not be bad, but only in small appearances. I want to see the stuff Vodka's thought of.
>> No. 39529
>I want to see the stuff Vodka's thought of.
So do I. In fact, that is one the reasons why I don't want to see Futako in SHaG.
>> No. 39532
Well it's up to you ultimately but I'd prefer to wait until he reaches extra play or at least Wriggle's day, being an amnesia victim has left him with less flavor than other protagonists and even I'm still getting a feel for him.

But if you've got an idea, go nuts! I'd love to see that.
>> No. 40338
Futas aren't supposed to be males.

They're supposed to be women that just happen to have penises, sometimes only occasionally.

Isn't Futako a girl? Or did ⑨ specifically say she was a trap?