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Two pairs of hungry eyes stare at me like wild animals. The blue eyed beast smiles wickedly while rubbing her mate’s soft breasts. “We should repay him for all his…kindness, don’t you think?” The red eyed beast licks her lips and narrows her gaze, as if savoring the moment before the kill. Slowly they crawl on their hands and knees towards me. Fuck, how did it turn out like this?

Twenty minutes earlier…

It’s not easy to walk, but Kaguya is clinging onto my arm and smiling so happily I can’t tell her to stop. As we enter into the hotel, I wonder if this happiness will last. It was a little harder to convince Mokou to come. Her stuttering and protests were so cute when I told her to meet me at the hotel today after handing her the key. If either of them knew what was really going on, I doubt I’d even have a chance. Feeling the yellow berries in the bag in my pocket, my confidence returns. I should visit Yuuka again and “thank” her for them. They are my trump card after all….

Alone in the elevator, Kaguya hums happily and runs her fingers along my chest. Before I realize it she is already unbuttoning my shirt. “Just a little longer, princess” I whisper and lightly run my lips along hers, not even forming a full kiss. Her face forms a pout for a second, but it quickly turns into a devilish smirk. She knows how many years it’s taken for her prince charming to return. She can wait a few more minutes.

Finally we reach the room. I pause and breathe in deeply, for this may be the last moment before I lose everything. We enter and I quickly close and lock the door behind me. Unfortunately, as I turn around I am not greeted by a pleasant sight. Kaguya is frozen in place and staring at the girl sitting on the bed. Mokou returns her confused expression as an angry red tint spreads across her face. Uhoh.

“Oh ho, what are you doing here? Come to see my moment of triumph?” Kaguya taunts as she grabs a hold of my arm again. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I doubt he’d be interested in a tramp like you” Mokou retorts. “Tramp am I? How would you know? You haven’t got a feminine bone in your body, you damn tomboy. You might as well get surgery and go the whole way you..”

“ENOUGH!” I shout. This situation is getting out of control. Before they can react I pull Kaguya over to the couch and gentle push her down. “I’m tired of you two fighting. We all used to be the best of friends, and I’m going to bring that back. I love both of you and I know you used to care for each other.”
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Mokou looks absolutely furious. “I should leave” she says with a shaky voice as she jumps up and hurries past me to the door. She moves quickly, but I’m quicker. I have just enough time the pull the berry out of my pocket and chew it before she reaches the door. Grabbing her arm, I pull Mokou back to me and instinctively grab her other arm before she can throw a punch. More forcefully than intended I pin her against the wall and press my lips to hers. Wide confused eyes meet mine as I slip my tongue past hers and push the mysterious fruit juice into her mouth. She struggles as she swallows it, but soon her body no longer resists. Mokou’s angry red eyes lose focus and become hazy, but the raw emotion remains. Since she can no longer fight with her arms, she furiously presses her lips against mine and beats me with her tongue. I slowly pull back and our tongues wrestle each other in the open air for a moment before I break the kiss. Stumblingly slightly, she follows me back to the bed while I sneak another berry into my mouth.

“W-whats going on?” Tears emerge from Kaguya’s eyes. The same look of sorrow and betrayal I saw that night in the park fills her face as she looks to me for answers. It’s more than I can bear to see. Kneeling in front of her, I softly run my hand along her cheek before reaching back and cradling her head in my palm. Gently I pull her head forward to me and feel her tender lips against mine. She closes her eyes and reaches her arms around me, as if this kiss was worth more than the world itself and the drama she felt a few seconds ago. Slowly, I let the fluids flow into her mouth. She breathes sharply, surprised by the sudden sweet taste, but quickly accepts it as my tongue and even the remains of the berry slip in. While Mokou’s kiss was firm and forceful, Kaguya’s is soft and long as she savors the moment she has waited so long for. After a minute I pull away, leaving a thin string of saliva shining in the light between our lips. She doesn’t even notice as I pick up her light body and carry it over to Mokou. The two girls sit next to each other and fidget as they unconsciously rub their body, unsure of what to do next. Well, here comes the moment of truth.

I bend over and reach my arms around both girls, bringing them towards me. All three of us meet in a triple kiss. It feels exciting but awkward. Praying, I turn their heads towards each other and remove my lips. I watch while refusing to move my hands as they sit there with mouths met and eyes closed. Tears fall down Kaguya’s face and after what feels like a horrifying eternity she reaches and wraps her arms around Mokou. I draw away my arms just as Mokou is pulled down next to the frail raven haired beauty.

With awe I watch as the two girls kiss each other deeper and more passionately. Quietly I return to the couch and remain silent, afraid of breaking the moment. Kaguya run her fingers through long silver hair as Mokou moves on top and nibbles her ear. They continue to play as Mokou is slowly and subtlety undressed and her bra is unclasped. Kaguya runs her fingers inside the shirt and does something, causing Mokou to gasp and grab her firmly. With a passionate growl, Mokou pulls the ribbons on Kaguya’s blouse apart, nearly ripping them. A giggle counters the growl as Kaguya continues to grope and massage Mokou’s breasts. The girls continue like this, changing positions and removing an article of clothing each time.

With Kaguya on her back again, she lifts one slender leg up to Mokou and smiles. Rubbing her hands up and down Kaguya’s thighs, Mokou bites the lacy white sock and pulls it off with her teeth to expose a smooth white foot. Mokou smiles evilly as she brings the first of those small delicate toes into her mouth, running her teeth along them. Kaguya cries out in delight as she squeezes her breasts. After sucking all five, Mokou lowers the leg and runs her tongue from the tip of Kaguya’s foot to the inside of her thigh, causing her to squirm. Kaguya’s thin pink panties and final sock are stripped as she lays naked on the bed, smiling and giggling. Mokou slides off her new black laced panties and crawls to her lover, who sits up and greets her warmly. The girls kiss deeply but briefly before turning to me.
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I don’t even recognize them anymore; they are drunk with desire and fervor. The two girls have become sex crazed animals, hypnotized by the lust inducing berries. My plan worked all too well. The two horny beasts slide from the bed and walk on their hands and knees towards me. I can’t tell if it’s amazingly sexy or terrifying. Before I can think of something to do other than fleeing, both girls crawl onto me, each resting on my knees. Kaguya finishes unbuttoning my shirt and moves down to my pants as Mokou gets revenge by grabbing my wrists and kissing me deeply. Before I know it, Kaguya has stripped me down to my boxers and Mokou moves to join her.

Kaguya runs her hand over my crotch, feeling my hard member underneath the cloth. Somehow it feels like she is treating it like a wrapped present, eagerly waiting to play with the gift inside. With careful hands she removes my last article of clothing and exposes my manhood. “So that’s what it looks like in the light” Mokou states humorously. Kaguya giggles again. Ouch Mokou! I know it wasn’t meant to be mean, but still that sounds awful…

Kaguya runs her hand up and down my shaft, exploring every inch of it. Mokou moves down and licks the top, causing me to jump a little. Kaguya grins and follows suit, and then runs her tongue along my member. Staring at me with those hungry eyes, both girls take turns sucking and licking my penis, occasionally running their tongues together as one. Kaguya grins wickedly again. Uh-oh. Carefully she wraps some of her long hair around my shaft and then brings Mokou’s long silver hair down, creating a swirling tapestry of black and white. It nearly covers my manhood as Kaguya begins to pull the bundle back and forth. The pleasure is surprising as the fibers shift and rub every inch of my penis. Wasting no time, Kaguya speeds up and sucks the head hard while Mokou observes with interest. It was amazing watching them before, but I can’t hold back any longer. Pleasure consumes me as I release my pent up load into her mouth. After making sure I’ve finished, Kaguya removes her dark binds and leans over Mokou, who is still on her knees. Closing her eyes, Mokou opens her mouth and takes in my semen as it drips from Kaguya’s soft lips. After nothing is left, the two embrace to tongue deeply, sharing the mix of fluids. I can’t help but to sit and watch the amazing scene.
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The two girls turn their gaze back to me again, eyes burning even brighter now. Kaguya looks at my recovering penis with disappointment and places her foot against it. Somewhat painfully, she rubs up and down my member and taunts me. “Come now, surely you have more in stock, don’t you my beloved prince? See, look your already getting hard again. Who would have thought you’d like this abuse?” That pisses me off. Angrily, I push the would-be dominatrix aside, grab her, and shove her forcefully onto the bed. Kaguya laughs in glee, but soon moans as I bite her neck and finger her wet pussy.

“Mmm, yes! Take me!” Kaguya begs as I spread her legs and get ready to insert. There’s no need for foreplay; Mokou and the berries took care of that. Mokou sits behind me and rubs my chest while softly biting my neck and shoulders. Slowly I slip into Kaguya’s wet pussy until I’m all the way in. I can’t see it, but I know Mokou is watching with interest as I move in and out. Kaguya cries out in pleasure and joy before I move my fingers to her lips. She immediately bites onto them and sucks fiercely as I increase my speed and plunge into her harder and harder. Mokou quickly turns my head and kisses me passionately before moving around to Kaguya. Pulling back my hand from her mouth, I grab both of Kaguya’s ankles and pull them straight up so her legs rest against my chest before I dig in harder. She grasps and moans while Mokou licks and nibbles her breasts before kissing her again. With my free hand I reach down between Mokou’s legs and slip two of my finger into her dripping wet vagina. Both girls gasp and moan as we carry on for another few minutes until Kaguya cries out a melodic series of moans, as if singing, and squeezes in tight spasms around my throbbing member.

“Your turn” I instruct as I move out from Kaguya and position myself behind Mokou. Lifting her firm but ample butt, I push into her from behind while Mokou moves down to lick Kaguya’s pussy. Not caring about anything else other than this feeling, the girls lose their minds in pleasure. As I get close to my limit, I bend over and reach my hands to Mokou’s nipples and squeeze them hard. Kaguya looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes and smiles as she rubs the silver hair of the woman eating her out. Mokou quickly cums hard as I drive into her with every bit of strength and fluid I have left.

Eventually we settle down and both girls fall asleep in my arms. They really are like two opposites; blue and red eyes, black and white hair, soft but manipulative and firm but honest personalities. These women of yin and yang rest against my chest, breathing heavily. As I pleasantly drift off to sleep I wonder how things will be in the morning, but I smile and know that somehow the gap between them has been filled.
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STATUS: Tired but proud.


SAVE? [x]Yes []No
How ironic. You actually get it done when the server is completely fucked and no one can read it.
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Sorry for the delay. I just couldn't get into thisstory as much as I did with the Yuuka one. People had been requesting more fetish oriented things since the first Mokou story, so I decided to throw a couple in to see how it is greeted. Also SURPRISE FIRST PERSON DIALOG!

What people might you do after this?

I wouldn't mind seeing Sikieki or Reimu Hatesex.
Shit i wish that i wouldn't be so tired so that i could read it.
I kept bothering you about it for 2 weeks and now it's here and i can't read it.
Thanks Doujin. I bow down before you.
I liked Yuka more. Oh well.

Sikieki sounds good. Nobody cares for Reimu.
Reimu bondage/hatesex seems like the most logical choice. We haven't really interacted with anyone else (including Siki) enough. If Kira updates us with some GRIMDARK maybe some Marisa/Mystia?

Thank you, though I am unworthy of the praise. I just don't like this story as much as Yuuka. I feel like I ended up rushing it, so its missing descriptiveness and atmosphere.

Aww man, how did I make typos in the thread title? Thats sad.
Since you already did a Mokou solo, do you also think you'll do a Kaguya solo?

I'm still wanting waiting out for my Teach Me Ran Sensei! also. Damn it Kira, give me some Ran interaction.
Forget about the typos, i forgive you for them.
Needs more H-Scene from the characters in Touhou 11. DRAGON GIRLS!
If you're really dissatisfied with the result, redoing it may be an option (though I don't know whether that's viable in your doctrines). Never mind the typos, though; they're easy to ignore and you are forgiven anyway.
Anon's proving highly skilled at avoiding the characters that people seem to want to interact with most, given they have no idea where certain people are at certain times.


I guess theres always write in options of asking to talk to her after class or visiting the faculty room.
>>given they have no idea where certain people are at certain times.
We're not at fault here.
'cept anon goes around to essentially the same locals every day, and hasn't really explored the school very much.
I'm just glad for the lack of comparisons to marine life.
It's been so long since the last Thread, i can barely remember where the usual places are.
There can never be enough Sea Creatures.
In the first day we took our little sisters to restraunt where Mokou was working. Then we got home and something..."
Second day we visited magic club and met magic peoples. Did we do something on the evening?
The day after that we went to flower shop with magic peoples, and... Something after that?
What was the day when we went to Arcade? Before or after flower shop? And when did we go to park to save Reimu? I'm drawing a blank here, and I can't bother to read archives.
The latest day we... Was this the day when we saw Sikieiki? Anyway, in the evening we told Marisa that we had amnesia.
Yeah, days on what everything happened are propably wrong as hell.

But we've gone to lots of different places, not just same ones all the time.

First day was school, restaurant, and then home.
Second day was school, magic club, saving Reimu from being raped.
Third day was the flower shop, visiting Reimu in the hospital, and then the arcade.
Latest day we pissed off Mokou, had school, met Sikieiki, found out we had skipped out on our job, and then told Marisa everything (why?).
File 121190576479.png - (9.95KB, 125x125 , 1211346087.png) [iqdb]
>on our job, and then told Marisa everything (why?).

To see her reaction. Don't worry, it's all going according to keikaku.
>>To see her reaction. Don't worry, it's all going according to keikaku.

ITT: stupid actions and the denial used to justify them.

Jumping in the lake does not count as a Keikaku
And I suppose if Patchy told you to go jump in the lake, you'd do that too, wouldn't you?

Not jumping in the lake, testing the water.

If all our memories were gone, we should have no reason to suspect her of anything, right? We've confirmed she's a villain and that she had a role in why we've lost our memories, but she doesn't know we're on to her.

I think the most relevant piece of information we gained is that we definitely need to talk to Yuka again.
Yeah. Too bad Mommy Marisa went to go "talk" to her first.

Have fun trying to talk to a corpse.
File 121192225348.jpg - (134.64KB, 1918x1012 , 1211560311379.jpg) [iqdb]

Marisa? Killing Yuka?

hahaha no
Sparks will fly.
Oh u.
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This is all delicious candy for the imagination. Thanks, Dr.
Fewer dialogue = good.

Narration-wise I think I still prefer "You" over "I" though.
also sieg heil to you too.

Not samefag, but that really is a hard & fast literary convention. It's not really a grammar issue so much as a readability issue.

But as for grammar, you need to put commas (or a colon if you want to be dramatic) before introducing quotes, and you have to end quotes with a comma if they lead into a sentence.

Also your misuse of ellipses is quite disturbing; narrate these awkward pauses with some description instead of cheapening out. And interrupted dialogue is marked by an em dash (—), or if necessary two hyphens (--), but not with an ellipsis.
I remember seeing a book once where trailing-off dialogue was marked with a dash instead of an ellipsis. Some historical fiction book.
Shit was irritating as all hell, and made everyone's dialogue odd.
I'll keep your critiques in mind, but really all I can reply with is "meh" at the moment. Normally I follow the proper grammar and punctuation rules, but I just didn't care with this one. Half of them seem redundant anyways.

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