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35379 No. 35379
Hmm, is Momizi taking out her wallet?
Now that won’t do at all. You put your hand over hers and she immediately stops.
”Adahn, what are you doing?” Momizi looks at you as you pull 1,000 yen bill from your wallet and lay it on the counter. As she catches on what you’re planning, she takes some cash of her own and is about to put it down, but you grab her hand. ”He-hey! I-I, appreciate the thought but…”
”Momizi, it’s alright. I was the one who suggested eating outside.”
”Yes, but you have just... How much money do you have anymore?” …She does have a point, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting more any time soon.
”Hey, if she wants to pay, what’s the problem?” You turn back to girl running the stand. She’s leaning over the counter with sly smile on her face.
Momizi thinks for a moment, and finally puts the money back in to her wallet sighing. ”Hmm, well… Thank you Adahn.” She slightly bows her head to you.
”You don’t have to be that formal, we’re friends, right?” She doesn’t respond, but just smiles and walks away from stand. Tap on the counter, what now?
”So, the you get 200 yen of change.” The girl has placed two coins on the table. 200 yen? That’s not really much, and you’re feeling generous.
”Actually, you can keep that as a tip.” She gives a wide, kind of childish smile.
”Thanks! So, see you later…” She thinks for a moment, then scratches her back laughing. ”I don’t think we’ve been introduced yet. The name’s Mokou.” She extends her hand, and you shake it.
”I am Adahn. See you later?”
”Hope so. Oh, and good luck with that.” She gives you a wink. Does she mean Momizi?
”Heh, thanks.” You walk to Momizi who has gone farther from the stand, and is inspecting the bamboo. As you get closer she turns to you.
”Finished?” You nod, and she grabs hold of you. ”Alright then, let’s go.”

The trip back to house goes quietly, not because of bad atmosphere, but you decide to just appreciate the scenery. This place is really incredible. You just got out of that bamboo forest, but now you’re flying over completely normal forest filled with oaks and spruces, from what you can tell. You never were good with trees.
Here you could just walk from one kind of environment to completely different one, that is one thing that makes Gensokyo fantastic to you. And the color of sun is slightly different from what it was.. On outside, as people here called it. Just where on earth are you right now?
Then you notice that you have no idea what time it is. Well, it can’t be too late judging from the light, but there’s not that much of the day left anymore. Perhaps it’s something around 5 PM? You reach for the cellphone in your pocket to check the time, or set it more right. That’s the only use it’ll have anymore, doubt there’s

…It’s not there? Funny, where did you leave that…

You remember. The first thing that happened when you entered this world. That woman(Yukari, was it?) asked you to change the clothes. And you followed her orders. Why didn’t you at least keep your stuff? Now your wallet and cellphone are god-knows where.
…Losing cellphone wasn’t that bad, the battery on it was nearly dead anyway, good thing you held out on replacing it. And your wallet was nearly empty anyways, aside from little bit of cash it also included that expired gift certificate you never got around using.
No, what annoys you is losing your Swiss Army knife. You just got it last week as a birthday gift. And that might have proved useful here!
”Adahn, is everything alright?”
You look up, and see Momizi looking down at you with concerned eyes. She has slowed the flying speed considerably.
”…More or less. Nothing important.”
”That’s good. I was worried since you were so quiet and looked so…” She pauses.
”Looked like what?”
”Uh, nothing, let’s continue.” The speed picks up again. You sigh. Hopefully you can get those back some time soon.

Soon you’re back to the Aya’s place. Guess this will be your home from now on, at least for a while. Momizi sets you down, but stays on air. ”I’ll go check out one place quick. You just go inside, okay?”
”I can manage that much.” She nods, and then flies off.
You walk to the door and… Open it. That’s right, you and Momizi left after Aya and neither of you locked the door. Is this just careless, or is there really no need for security? Oh well. You go inside, and head for the living-room. Nothing has changed from the morning, and you just sit next to table. There’s no food or tea, but this place feels good.
You let your gaze wander through framed photographs on the wall. On some there’s people, caught unaware during their daily business. Few of the reactions are quite good, actually.
…It would be good to lay down now. Just relax for a bit.
”I’m here!” You hear Momizi’s shout from the door. That business certainly didn’t take long.
When Momizi reaches living-room she stretches and sits down next to table, opposite to you. ”Aah… A lot happened today.” She lets out long yawn. ”I think I’ll have a nap soon. If Aya comes back before I wake up, could you tell her?”
”Yeah, sure.” You yawn too. Momizi is right, you’ve been travelling all over the Gensokyo since you woke up. Although she must’ve had it harder, she had to carry you around everywhere after all.
You aren’t exactly tired, but nap wouldn’t hurt.
[ ] Follow Momizi’s lead, go take a nap.
[ ] Explore the house.
[ ] You have a sword, train a bit by yourself.

I thought about giving an option to take a walk around the mountain, but figured that you’ve traveled around enough for one day, so I’ll save that stuff for tomorrow.

"No! I must entertain the audience" Vodka shouted
The director said "No, Vodka. You are the audience"
And then Vodka was unemployed.

>> No. 35380
[x] Explore the house.

>> No. 35382
[x] Explore the house.

What no dessert? Some chocolate pudding would be nice.
>> No. 35383
[X] Follow Momizi’s lead, go take a nap.

Unemployed. Ouch.
>> No. 35384
[z] Follow Momizi’s lead, go take a nap.
>> No. 35385
[X] Follow Momizi’s lead, go take a nap.
>> No. 35386
For just a week or so, hopefully.

Also, if anybody could recommed good freeware text editor, it would be very much appreciated. Wordpad is annoying and Notepad has obvious flaws.
>> No. 35387
[x] Follow Momizi's lead, go take a nap
>> No. 35388

Open office. Haven't used it in ages though, don't know what it's like now.
>> No. 35390
[X] You have a sword, train a bit by yourself.

Poor Claymore doesn't get any action. He must have some sort of inferiority complex with dagger, that's why he's being such a jerk.
>> No. 35393

Depending on what you're looking for, you could try Notepad++.
>> No. 35395
[x] Follow Momizi’s lead, go take a nap.
>> No. 35396
TextPad is pretty nice
>> No. 35398
Thanks, going with this.

Also, starting to write now. The nap option happens to be the one I didn't expect you to pick.
>> No. 35399
>>The nap option happens to be the one I didn't expect you to pick.

Not my fault.
>> No. 35400
Yeah, I know. just when you think you know Anon, they throw you a curveball.
>> No. 35404
Momizi has a point, little bit of rest right now wouldn't hurt.
Well, she did ask you to inform Aya about her sleeping, but she should able to figure that out by herself, with shoes near the door and house quiet.
You go back to your room, and find it pleasantly warm. But it's really bright, why does your room's window face to the sun? You shut down the blinds and it gets dark. Hm... Now you can rest.
At first you don't think about undressing, you're only taking a nap after all. But sleeping in dirty clothes wouldn't be good for bed, even less for you. You take off your clothes, and set them next to bed.
After little while you notice that your blanket combined with "pleasantly warm" room makes good rest impossible. You spend good while looking for something thinner but eventually set for taking the comforter from inside it off. There, nice and cool.
Honestly, this much work for a nap? Well, time to sleep.

...Hmm. This isn't really working out. Sure, you're a bit tired, but not sleepy. Best you can do right now is just lie on the bed and relax. You honestly don't feel like doing anything right now.
Still, just lying motionless is boring. You let your thoughts drift to...
[ ] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!
[ ] The shrine you ended up at.
[ ] People living on the mountain.
[ ] The sword you got from Kourindou.
[ ] Bamboo Forest of Lost.

>>eventually set for taking the comforter from inside it off.
This part might sound weird, and for reason. I don't know the exact for for the thing inside blankets, and Internet translator I used gave suspicious result. Oh well.
>> No. 35405
inb4 paranoia

[x] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!
>> No. 35406
[ ] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!
>> No. 35407
[X] People living on the mountain.

So many nice people.
>> No. 35408
[x] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!
And our third leg!
>> No. 35409
[x] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!
>> No. 35411
[x] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!
>> No. 35415
[ ] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!

Futako has it now.
>> No. 35417
[x] That gap lady, Yukari. She has your stuff!
>> No. 35418
Yes! That woman who you met the moment you entered here! You were walking home, and just like that she took you here!
Just like that, that seems pretty cruel actually. What if somebody was waiting for something great, and she teleported them here? That's horrible.
She gave you some clothes and told you to change. Why did you even listen to her? You hadn't ever seen her before, but you listened and changed. Would've she given you that wallet if you didn't change?
And then you asked for a kiss, and she-NONONONO!
You bury your head in the pillow, hiding your blush from the empty room. Shouldn't think of that, like Aya said, she's just bored woman with too much time in her hands. Wonder, how many other people has she transported here, just to watch them trying to survive?
...Can't be that many. Just you appearing here is worth article in a paper.

But Aya's paper takes any kind stories, at least that's what it looked like. She's not really good bench mark when it comes to importance of incidents in here.

But no matter how bored woman she is, she gave you that wallet, and change of clothes too.
ARGH. Change of clothes! She said it might make your life easier. Sure, but the stuff you had also might have made your life easier!
...Why? Is it bad to be outsider? So far the only people who know it are Aya, Momizi and Chiyuri, and feedback has been pretty pleasant... Except for Chiyuri taking a blood sample from you. And she was a human. Youkai eat humans, right? What if they learned that you're from outside?

Your thoughts are broken by Aya's shout, and door slamming open. Looks like she got home.
"Hey! Where are you?!"
...At this rate you don't have to tell Aya about Momizi taking a nap, that shouting should wake her up.
[ ] Dress yourself, go talk to her.
[ ] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.
[ ] Sneak around, surprise her!
[ ] Just lay down. Don't do anything.

Either I have to write faster or write less.
>> No. 35419
[ ] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.
>> No. 35420
[ ] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.

Act like we were just rudely woken up as well.
>> No. 35421
[Z] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.

I like it, this way
>> No. 35422
[X] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.

This will work.
>> No. 35423
[x] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.
While rubbing your eyes. Make it look like you just woke up.
>> No. 35425
[X] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.
>> No. 35427
I'm not sure there really is a word for it...filling, maybe? I get what you meant, though, mine's on the chair next to my bed.
>> No. 35429

I think you mean a duvet
>> No. 35431
[x] Go talk to her while wearing nothing but your underwear.

>> No. 35440
...Yeah, that. Stupid dictionaries.
>> No. 35460

I was confused at first because you rarely see true duvets here in Amerikkka. We're more of a top sheet & comforter folk.
>> No. 35476
This reminds me. I need to take the fucking winter duvet out. Was wondering why it was so hot at night.
>> No. 35504
This could be fun. You get up, and start dragging your feet towards the living-room where you assume Aya to be, taking the blanket along as you go.
As you step back into hallway you start notice the downsides of the plan. Rest of the house isn't really as warm as your closed room. You wrap the blanket bit over your shoulders...
Actually, this should be even better, more like "just out out of bed" look. You grin, this will be great.
"Hey, I'm making food! You want some?!"
She's still shouting? You enter the living-room, with your eyes half closed, keeping up the act.

OW. That wasn't smart. You hit your feet to one really thick wooden chair. It takes all of your will-power to keep your face, and not scream. Aya, who seemed to be going to kitchen notices the sound and turns to you.
"Aya..." You give out long yawn, rubbing your eyes, wiping small tear off. "If you keep that up, you'll wake up Momizi."
She just stares at you, then shakes her head. She opens her eyes, and looks at your feet, slowly lifting her gaze to your face. Do you see a blush?
"Ah, uhm, yeah" she stammers for a while, before coughing regaining her usual composure. "So, you were sleeping? For the whole day?"
Another yawn. "No, just taking a nap."
"And Momizi is...?"
"Taking a nap too. Lots of things happened." You slouch over the table, closing your eyes. "Really, I had such a nice dream and you woke me up..."
"Hmm, I'll make some tea. You shouldn't sleep this early." She goes to kitchen, and you let out small giggle. Completely fooled her.

You stay as you are, until the smell of tea hits you.
As you hear Aya walking out of kitchen you get up. She's carrying the same tea can as they used in morning.
"So, I was wondering..." She puts the cups on the table, and pours some tea for you. "Could you answer some questions for me?"
"Hmmm?" You take the cup. The warmth of tea can be easily felt through it.
"You, as kind of an interview." She takes a cup herself too. Is she avoiding looking directly at you? Well, you're not wearing anything but bra.
You take a sip. Like earlier, its kind of bitter. Good nonetheless.
[ ] "Interview? Sounds interesting."
[ ] "Interview? Sounds like a drag."
[ ] "How about later? I'm not really awake yet."
>> No. 35505
[ ] "Interview? Sounds interesting."

Sure, I'm getting flashbacks to /eientei/.
>> No. 35507
[ ] "Interview? Sounds interesting."
>> No. 35509
[x] "Interview? Sounds interesting."

"My three measurements are as follows..."
>> No. 35510
[x] "Interview? Sounds interesting."
>> No. 35512
[X] "Interview? Sounds interesting."

"Too tired to talk loud. Come over here, Aya~."
>> No. 35513
>You hit your feet to one really thick wooden chair

This chair.
>> No. 35514
[X] "Interview? Sounds interesting."
>> No. 35515
>You hit your feet to one really thick wooden chair.
>> No. 35516
[x] "Interview? Sounds interesting."

Story time
>> No. 35519
>”I am Adahn. See you later?"

Somewhere, a counter increments by 1.
>> No. 35520

[X] "Interview? Sounds interesting."
[X] "Too tired to talk loud. Come over here, Aya~."

I'll be turning that into an actual vote. DO WANT an excuse to cuddle up to Aya while we talk.
>> No. 35521
[X] "Interview? Sounds interesting."
[X] "Too tired to talk loud. Come over here, Aya~."
>> No. 35522
Yeah, had to make sure house was staying warm. Break, whatever.

I wish somebody had come up with that earlier. Unless you actually want that to happen, I'll start writing now.
>> No. 35523
Tossing in my slowpoke vote in an attempt to change destiny.

[X] "Interview? Sounds interesting."
[X] "Too tired to talk loud. Come over here, Aya~."
>> No. 35524

Do it. Do that.
>> No. 35525

Do it.
>> No. 35530
Wasn't the original reason Aya took you home that it would be easier for her to make that article? "Interview? Sounds interesting." It only makes sense.
Aya looks excited "Great! Then let's started!" She takes out small notebook and pencil. "Now, where did you enter first Gensokyo?"
...You're already acting sleepy, why not go further? You let out small cough, and get more of the blanket over you. "Actually, I'm too tired to talk loud." Aya turns her head and puts the pen back into her pocket.
"Is that so? I guess we have to do this later then." You shake you head. "Eh, no?"
"Yeah, we've got time now, just come over here Aya~" You pat the place next to you.
She gives you a confused look, then smiles and gets up. "Alright, I know know how horrible it can be when you're tired." She sits next to you, not too close, but still kind of farther than you'd hope.

You start talking in more quiet voice, and shift bit closer to her. "Thanks Aya." She just smiles.
"So, back to first question... Where did you first enter Gensokyo?"
"Hmm.." You just went though this yourself, but it's no fun to just give the answers straight. "I guess I got to the shrine first... Oh no, that's not right. At first Yukari got me to her place."
"Really?" Aya makes few scribbles to her notebook. "What for?"
You smirk. Might as well make this interesting. "Well, I used to have lots of stuff on me, like money and pocket knife, but she told me to change clothes. I haven't seen any of those ever since."
"Oh-ho! She's done it this time!" Furious scribbling. Hopefully you didn't go too far.

Interview goes on like this, until you run out of tea. Aya went to get some more, but she left her notebook on the table.
Let's get a better look at that, shall we? You get bit closer to it, and see what she has written by now.
"Gap youkai teleports poor girl Adahn to Gensokyo, steals clothes and possessions!"
"Shikigami tries to reason, animal abuse is suspected to follow."
"Girl teleported in the middle of wilderness with no hope of survival!"
...Poor Yukari. Aya comes back, and notices you looking at her notebook.
"Hey hey! No peeking!" She quickly swipes it away from the table.
[ ] Stay put.
[ ] Cling to her, looking over her shoulder as she writes.

Probably the only good thing about SHaG's slowpoke speed is that even slowpoke choices can get in.
>> No. 35531
[X] Cling to her, looking over her shoulder as she writes.

>> No. 35532
[ ] Stay put.
>> No. 35533
[x] Cling to her, looking over her shoulder as she writes.

>> No. 35534
[ ] Stay put.
>> No. 35535
[ ] Stay put.

If we get on her nerves she might kick us out.
>> No. 35536
[X] Cling to her, looking over her shoulder as she writes.

I highly doubt that Aya will figure out why we're doing this; she'll just think that we're clingy when we're sleepy. Besides, it'll be fun to see her be all embarrassed.
>> No. 35537
[x] Cling to her, looking over her shoulder as she writes.
Blushing? Stammering? God damn it Aya, you make this too easy. I just want to tease you mercilessly.
>> No. 35539
It's not a tie, but what the hell?

[X] Cling to her, looking over her shoulder as she writes.
>> No. 35540

[x] Stay put
>> No. 35541
[x] Cling to her, looking over her shoulder as she writes.
>> No. 35542
It was a tie. But then I noticed >>35537
So it wasn't tie anymore.
>> No. 35543
Damn, I'll bet Momiji is going to walk in in the middle of this, having been woken up by Aya's shout earlier.

If that happens, we should... I don't know. Give her a (seemingly tired-clingy) hug if she sits down, or at the very least a wave and greet her when she sees us.
>> No. 35546
"Hey Aya, hold on a bit." You move behind her, and hold on to her, laying your head on her shoulder. She doesn't say, or do anything, just letting you pick your spot. You breathe in. Her scent is great, fresh. It would be wonder if it was anything else, the fastest person flying could only be like this.
"What are you doing?" Finally she breaks the silence, looking at you amused.
Yeah, just what are you doing? Do you just want to tease her, or is there something more to this? "It's good like this. Warm." You hold on to her bit tighter. That's right, you can feel her body warmth through her shirt.

"Alright, let's continue. What did you do when you were outside?"
"Hmm... I was a student. At a college."
"Well, it's a..."
Now you understand what it's like for Momizi to explain all those things to you about Gensokyo. Something seems simple when you've grown up with it, but so many things are connected to it a that explaining just that one thing to somebody else can prove really difficult.
After rather long-winded explanation Aya still has one question left. "...So, you didn't do any work?" You think for a moment.
"No, mostly just some smaller jobs every now and then. Enough to get by." She writes something. Let's see...

"Originally slob from outer world, no future planned."

You let out a small giggle. Is this reliable reporting, Aya?
"...Are you watching what I write?"
"I would never."
She tries to move the notebook so that you can't see it, but you keep on following. And any places you don't have good view of just end up with her being unable to write anything decently.
Eventually she settles for holding the notebook really close to her stomach, so that you see it due Aya's breasts being in the way. But doesn't she have the same problem now?
"Aya, if you hold it like that then you handwriting will be a mess."
"You can't see anything either."
"And if you keep holding your head like that then your neck will hurt. A lot."
Finally she turns to you, grinning viciously. "Adahn, you're not actually sleepy at all, are you?"
[ ] Say nothing.
[ ] Tell her the truth.
[ ] Lie.
>> No. 35547
[X] Tell her the truth.
[X] "But this is nice anyway. Warm." Snuggle up closer.


If Momizi walks in... well, we're just having fun with Aya, that's all. Momi is still in our heart.
>> No. 35550
[x] Say nothing.

Throw in a mischievous grin with this.
>> No. 35551
[x] Say nothing.

Throw in a mischievous grin with this.
>> No. 35552
[x] Tell her the truth.
"After I saw those reactions I just couldn't help myself. You're so moe~"
>> No. 35553
[ ] Say nothing.
>> No. 35554
[z] Say nothing.

Whatchu talkin bout Aya?
>> No. 35555
[x] Say nothing. Grin mischievously.
>> No. 35556
[ ] Say nothing.
>> No. 35557
[X] Tell her the truth.

"You're comfy."
>> No. 35558
[x] Say nothing

>> No. 35559
[X] Tell her the truth.
[X] "I saw you blushing, Aya. See something you like?" Stretch seductively.
>> No. 35561
[x] Say nothing
Throw in a mischievous grin with this.
>> No. 35565
Instead of telling her one way or another, you just grin mischievously, still holding on to her. She smiles back.
"So, I was right, then." Before you can react, she turns, and instead of resting your head on her shoulder, you end up on her lap, looking up in her eyes. She doesn't look angry, just calm.
"Really, what got into you?" She starts running her hand through your hair, it feels good, somehow calming. You close your eyes.
"Mmmm... At first I just thought about teasing you, but then..." You take a pause, to just breath air around her again.
"Yes, and then?" Aya has started scratching behind your back.
"Hey, that tickles!" You try to raise your arm to push her away, but she just stops you, by laying her hand other on top of yours.
"Don't worry about it, so what happened after that?"
"Yes, then I saw your reaction. You were too cute, I couldn't help myself."
The motion of her hand stops. "...Cute?"
"Yes, cute. Aya, can you continue that? It felt nice."
"Oh, you're silly." And she continues. You can't tell how long you just lay there not saying anything.

Then you hear sound in hallway. Momizi woke up, and is coming this way. You open your eyes, and look at Aya. No, she hasn't reacted at all.
You think about getting up for a moment, but if Aya hasn't done anything, you probably shouldn't either. She should be used to dealing with Momizi. Even so, you turn your head so you can see the door better.
As Momizi enters, you notice how she seems much more awake than last time you saw her, and her overall appearance is cheerful. Unlike you, she is fully dressed.
"Hey AdaAAHHN?" She doesn't outright scream when she sees the situation, but you can definitely hear the raise in volume. That's to be expected though. You're lying on Aya's lap wearing only underwear, and blanket covering you. You can't even think what this will seem like to stranger.
But Momizi isn't a stranger, right?"
[ ] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.
[ ] "Take it easy, Momizi."
[ ] "Uh, hey Momizi. What's up?"
[ ] Continue as you are, ignore her.

It might seem that I write slowly. This is not the case, when I write I do it quite fast. I just have to decide what I write first, now even more than earlier. And after that I'm easily distracted. Really easily.
>> No. 35566
[ ] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.
>> No. 35567
[x] "Care to join us?"
>> No. 35568
[z] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.

Oh poor Momizi.
>> No. 35569
[x] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.
>> No. 35570
[X] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.
[X] "Join me?"

Love Aya, love Momi.

Love tengu.
>> No. 35571
[x] "Care to join us?"
>> No. 35572
[ ] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.
>> No. 35573
[ ] "Uh, hey Momizi. What's up?"
>> No. 35575
>I'm easily distracted. Really easily.



[x] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.
>> No. 35576
[ ] Absentmindedly wave to Momizi.

10% is flustered and so cute.
>> No. 35577
I'll go to sleep after Tetro posts next part of Youkai Mountain LA. It's 4:30AM, I'll continue this after I wake up.
And I love Notepad++. Wonderful little thing.
>> No. 35578
File 121159316473.jpg - (59.73KB , 528x600 , StayinUpAllNight.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>after Tetro posts next part of Youkai Mountain LA
>> No. 35580

Can you really wait a whole 7 minutes? Mind you, we're still on Namek.
>> No. 35582
I've already stayed up all night, just morning left to lose. And if I go to sleep he'll just post it ninute after I'm off.

Also, this is good time to tell me what I am doing wrong. Or what you want to do.
>> No. 35583

H-Scene with Aya and Momizi.
>> No. 35584

Sounds good to me.
>> No. 35585
Sounds good.
>> No. 35599

The writing is good, if slow.

It feels a lot like the Forest LA. Low-powered main character, nonviolent interactions, slice-of-life, easy modo.
>> No. 35733
File 121162127472.jpg - (128.54KB , 719x674 , NUTBLADDER HOLOCAUST.jpg ) [iqdb]
Do you realize what you've done? That's the forbidden art of lesbian moe, the most powerful moe in the universe! YOU FOOL, YOU'LL DESTROY US ALL!
>> No. 35811
Aya must know what she's doing. You slowly raise your hand, and give wave to Momizi. She doesn't do anything for a moment but eventually moves away from the door to the table.
When she sits down Aya finally lifts her gaze from you. "Oh, hey Momizi. Slept well?" She didn't stop stroking your hair, though.
She doesn't answer. Just looks down at the table blushing.
"A-Adahn, uh..." Even though she's speaking to you she avoids looking at you. "What's going on?"
Before you answer, Aya speaks cheerfully. "She woke up when I got home, and told me to quiet down so I wouldn't wake you up. Don't you think she's sweet?"
"Yeah... But, why isn't she wearing anything?" Her blush deepens. It was okay to be on bath with you, but this is a problem? Interesting.
"My guess is she didn't have time to dress. Is that right, Adahn?" Aya looks down to you.
"Yeah... that's it." You lift yourself a bit, and Aya stops stroking your hair. "I didn't want you to wake up."
"Ah... Thank you." She looks at you, kind of desperately. "But... could you go put something on? Please?"
"Hmm, sure." It is getting kind of cool.
You yawn and stretch before getting up. Man, resting on Aya was making you sleepy, you were so full of energy earlier.

When you reach your room you look around for clothes. Where's the stuff you wore yesterday? Probably still waiting to be cleaned. You find brown jeans and black tank top, that'll do for now.
...Wait a minute, everybody else is wearing these weird dresses. How come you get normal clothes all the time? That's probably making you stick out, maybe you should ask Aya for something that's more ordinary here?
Oh well, no point doing that now. You dress, and notice that this time clothes are more your size, still not completely right though.
You get back to living room, Aya and Momizi still there. Momizi smiles as she sees you enter. Was it really bothering her that much earlier?
[ ] "How about we finish that interview Aya?"
[ ] "Momizi, can we train now?"
[ ] Go take a bath, you need one.
[ ] Sit down and drink tea.

I admit it. This situation didn't go according to any plan. You weren't supposed to take a nap. Why the hell did you pick it?
>> No. 35818
[x] "Momizi, can we train now?"

Aya clearly wants to hook us up with Momizi, so the interview can wait. Take a bath after you get all sweaty.
>> No. 35820
[x] "Momizi, can we train now?"

Gentlemen prepare your nutbladders.
>> No. 35821
[x] "Momizi, can we train now?"

Trainin gaems.
>> No. 35823
[X] "Momizi, can we train now?"
Is this some Momizi pop? Time to get our chocolate.
>> No. 35824
[x] "Momizi, can we train now?"

Vodka's Aya is fucking awesome.
>> No. 35825
[ ] "Momizi, can we train now?"

Momizi needs reassurance that she's the only girl for us.
>> No. 35827
[x] "Momizi, can we train now?"
>> No. 35828
[x] "Momizi, can we train now?"

She's the one, folks. Let's see if she can concentrate after seeing us like that. Make sure to press up against her as often as possible.
>> No. 35830
[X] "Momizi, can we train now?"

I can see no fault in this logic.
>> No. 35831
[ ] "Momizi, can we train now?"
>> No. 35832
As if it wasn't obvious, training with Momizi won.
>> No. 35835
File 121166295041.jpg - (148.33KB , 1112x800 , 9b6df3073e00ecd24cb9fea05eec7a38.jpg ) [iqdb]
>This situation didn't go according to any plan. You weren't supposed to take a nap. Why the hell did you pick it?
Why, would something more awesome have happened if we hadn't?
>> No. 35839
You've told everything interesting to Aya already, no point continuing the interview. And Momizi might feel left out if you continue.
"Hey, Momizi?"
"Remember when I mentioned training? Would now be a good time?" Aya looks up. She seems interested.
"Ah, that! Right, I guess that would work."
"Training? What's that about?" That's right, she doesn't know about what happened during the day.
"I got a sword from Kourindou, and thought about learning to use it."
She tilts her head. "Just how did that happen?"
"We visited Nitori and Chiyuri, and Chiyuri asked me to..." You think for a moment, telling that would take too long. "Actually, I'll tell you later, alright?"
"Yeah, that's fine." Aya goes back to drinking tea, and Momizi gets up.
"Come to courtyard, I'll get the stuff ready." She walks past you towards her room.
Wait, meet her where? You turn back to Aya. "The courtyard?"
"Where the shag is. Remember?"
"Ah, right."

You go to your room and take the sword. Time to see what it's like to use this. How about changing the clothes?
...No, these will do fine. And if Momizi has something special prepared, changing would be waste of time.
You go to courtyard, and find it empty. Looks like Momizi is still getting things ready. Oh well, you sit next to wall and get a look of the place.
It's pretty much the same as last night, that is not really worth a note. There's no plants, or even larger rocks there. You could make it pleasant, or set the place for party, but right now it's just uninspiring.
Hmm? There's noise coming from shag. Momizi walks out of the there carrying few wooden swords, which she sets next to wall. When she turns around and sees you her expression changes into surprise.
"Adahn? You're not going train with that, are you?"
You raise the sword and inspect it more closely. "Is there something wrong with it?"
"No, but..." She looks at the wooden swords next to wall. "Those would break. I would have to my normal sword."
"I... I see." You shudder. What you remember from bath yesterday, her sword is really big, if that hit you...
She gives an exaggerated cough. "Ahem. I'm fine with either, though."
[ ] Use training sword.
[ ] Use the claymore.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
[ ] Get close to her, and try to push your body to hers. What could go wrong?
>> No. 35841
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35842
[x] Use the claymore.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.

Most likely to result in accidentally cutting an arm off.
>> No. 35843
[ ] Use the claymore.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35844
[ ] Use training sword.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35845
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.

Fucking around would most likely annoy her. Showing we're serious about this will get her admiration.
>> No. 35846
[x] Use the claymore.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35847
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35848
[ ] Use training sword.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35849
[X]Use trainning swords
[X] Train seriously, you have to get better. What could go wrong?
>> No. 35850
[ ] Use training sword.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35851
[ ] Use training sword.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35852
[X] Use training sword.
[X] Get close to her, and try to push your body to hers. What could go wrong?

Do want embarrassed Momi.
>> No. 35853
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.
[x] Call her Sensei\aniki

Which ever seems cooler
>> No. 35854
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.
Because nothing says Deep Love quite like a good old-fashioned befriending.
>> No. 35855
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Get close to her, and try to push your body to hers. What could go wrong?

Seriously guys.
>> No. 35856
Wow, are the servers fucking up or something? I can't seem to post at all.
>> No. 35857
[ ] Use training sword.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35858
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35860
Poor claymore doesn't get any action.
Also, board seems slow.
>> No. 35861
[x] Use the claymore.

If it breaks so easily, it wasn't worth keeping around in the first place.

[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.

She's excited about this and is taking you seriously. Don't disappoint her.
>> No. 35862
[ ] Use training sword.
[ ] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35863
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Get close to her, and try to push your body to hers. What could go wrong?

Seriously guys.
>> No. 35864

Board started fucking up for some reason.
>> No. 35865
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Train seriously, you have to get better.
[x] Call her Sensei\aniki

Which ever seems cooler
>> No. 35866

Nothing past >>35846 was showing up in this thread for me for half an hour. Never seen this shit happen before.
>> No. 35867
[X] Use training sword.
[X] Train seriously, you have to get better.
>> No. 35868
[x] Use training sword.
[x] Get close to her, and try to push your body to hers. What could go wrong?

Seriously guys.
>> No. 35878
[X] Training sword
[X] Train seriously
>> No. 36043
Well, if it's her doing it to us, yes. Especially since:
1) it's more likely to happen that way
2) Then we get her fussing over us and feeling sorry for clocking us and tending to us and whatnot.
(at least, maybe. It depends on how devoted she is to training us; whacking us over the head could result in "Oh Adahn, I'm so sorry, are you all right?!" or "Come on, focus, Adahn, focus! You leave yourself open too much!", depending on how she trains.)
>> No. 36044
>"Where the shag is. Remember?"
...No, I'm pretty sure that happened in the bath one or two continues ago.
>> No. 36045
File 121170764829.png - (131.19KB , 600x599 , momiji - bark.png ) [iqdb]
While snuggling up to Momiji is good, I think we've made enough forceful moves on her out of the blue for today, what with feeding her earlier.

However, if we can end up atop/just in front of Momiji, then we should take the opportunity to lightly kiss her, or possibly remark, as if just now noticing, "You're even cuter up close, did you know that?"
But that would only be if we arrived in such a position after gaining the advantage in the fight.

Now, if SHE lands atop Anonko, then something like "Oh, so soon?" should be said when she hops off us.

And best of all, if she gets flustered after one or more of these, simply say "I thought we were supposed to be focusing and shutting out all outside distractions~" in a smiling, gently teasing manner (assuming she says any such thing.).

...God, I love this story.
>> No. 36220

I love how our entire purpose in the story is to trib with Momizi.

Also, Vodka's interpretation of Aya, especially the hair stroking scene made me fall in love with her characterization.
>> No. 36230

If I weren't so hooked on Momizi here I'd be voting for Aya to love us tenderly and I usually hate the whore.

Though I'd rather like to make Momizi our bitch and make ourselves Aya's bitch. It'd be like the Yakumo family only with sex and YOU'RE A GOOD GIRL ADAHN.
>> No. 36233


Oh god, my moebeetus is setting in. I'd love to go after Aya next playthrough if it featured more teeth meltingly adorable scenes like that.
>> No. 36254
...Suddenly, I want a clone route.
>> No. 36257
Sexing up Momiji is only one part of it. Aside from whatever plot ideas Vodka has in mind for the future, we also have...

>...Suddenly, I want a clone route.
...a certain surprise that will show up somewhere after we introduce ourselves four or five more times. Perhaps.
>> No. 36263
>...Suddenly, I want a clone route.
Chiyuri has our blood, it's only a matter of time. We just have to wait awhile then we can rub our clone's head while she rubs ours and call each other good girls.
>> No. 36265

Or both our heads on Aya's lap as she strokes our hair while Momizi freaks out in the doorway.
>> No. 36271
It's 4 in the morning and I've been writing for the last three hours!
...For you? No way. But since I'm up, what the hell, I'll write next part now. I'll make this topic reach auto-sage if that's the last thing I do.

Yeah the plot. I decided to kinda go "fuck-it-this-introduction-is-taking-too-long" so something will finally happen on day three.
...I thought about doing something totally different after this was done, but I'm tempted to do second play-through now.
>> No. 36273

If you have to be up any time before eight or so, I would recommend you just don't bother to sleep. I tend to function better on no sleep than on just an hour or two of it.

But, then, I'm strange.
>> No. 36276
Seriously, getting hit by that sword would hurt. And...
You take a look at your claymore. No point training with something that would tire you out before learning anything. Thinking this, you lay it next to wall.
"You're right Momizi. It would be better not to use it now."
She sighs happily and picks up the training swords. "That's good. Catch." She throws one of them to you, and you catch it, but not entirely without trouble.
Momizi takes a stance, pointing the sword at you. "Now, attack me. I have to see how good you are." Wow. She seems so much more serious than before. Is it becuase of her skills? In that case...
"Heh." You smirk. Sure of her abilities? Soon she'll be amazed. "Here I come!" You scream as you dash to her. Perfect, she won't know what-

Bang. With one swing, she hit the sword off from your hands. You just stand there dumbfounded as it falls next to you. Momizi looks kind of amused, and... Is that pity? Hey!
"I guess I should have expected this. you have never used sword before, correct?"
"I... Uh..." Was it really that obvious? ...What ever did you expect, being that confident? "Yes, that was my first time."
She looks down. "Do you want to continue?"
Does she even need to ask? "Yes, we started, no point stopping in the beginning."
"Good, nobody can do it in the beginning. Wanting to improve is the first step to right direction." She smiles. Good, still the same Momizi. "Now, pick up your sword and we'll try again."
"Ah, sure." You kneel down to pick up your sword, but as you do Momizi gives you a light hit to head. "Hey, what are you..."
"You should never stay too close to you opponent."
"But we're training!"
"For a possible real fight. Now, stand up and take a stance." You grumble, but get up and hold your sword in similar way that Momizi does.
"Now, do it again, this time don't yell as you attack."
"Right." You nod. This training will take loong...

"Hmm, that's enough for now." When Momizi says this, you fall to the ground, completely out of breath. Even more, you're drenched in sweat, your arms are trembling and your whole body hurts. Not becuase of bruises though, Momizi was pretty generous about handing blows. No, this is the most you've moved in ages.
And Momizi is... You open your eyes to get a look at her.

...No way.

She's almost completely the same as when you started? Is this what she's like when she gets serious? Not even shaken up. Your skills can't even be compared.
'Clap, clap, clap' Somebody is clapping? ...On the roof? You turn around, and see Aya sitting there with smile on her face.
How long has she been there? "Aya, were you watching us?" Looks like Momizi noticed her just now too. Heh, at least you kept her focused on you.
"Yup! Since the beginning!" She jumps down and walks to you, looking down. "Really Adahn, compared to beginning you did really good in the end."
Momizi sighs. "Only way you can get from bottom is up. Progress was obvious."
"Is that so?" Aya grins. "But you also need a good teacher to get better, even I can tell that." Momizi blushes. You can't help but to let out small laugh. Really Aya, you're something else.
"We'll... Continue this tomorrow!" And with that, she goes inside.
...Continue? You can't even think about that, right now you're lying down on the ground more tired than ever before.
"Come on, get up." Aya has her hand extended to you. You grab it, and she pulls her up, letting you lean to her. "Heh, you know, I asked her to train me once. Quit half-way through the first time, swords really aren't my thing." She drags you inside.
"She's really skilled, I bet she's happy to have somebody willing to learn. She might be hard, but I bet that's how she was teach ed." You can't do anything but to smile. Really, you're too tired to give decent answer.
"So, what now?" She seems willing to carry you somewhere.
[ ] Bath. You need a bath.
[ ] Too tired. Sleep now.
[ ] Hungry. Must eat.

Don't you ever ask me to wall you.
Yeah, I'll go outside and run around for a bit. That always helps me.
>> No. 36277
[ ] Bath. You need a bath.
>> No. 36278
[ ] Bath. You need a bath.
>> No. 36279
[z] Bath. You need a bath.
>> No. 36280
[X] Bath. You need a bath.

Covered in filth is uncomfortable. Dinner and sleep come afterwards.
>> No. 36281
[x] Bath. You need a bath.
>> No. 36282
[X] Bath. You need a bath.

We're stinky and we ache.
>> No. 36283

[ x ] Hungry. Must eat.

>> No. 36287
Yeah, bath would help. But I have to get to job interview in... Two hours? Christ. Hopefully I don't manage to screw it up.
Next post after that. Or later today.
>> No. 36297
Until now, I did not know it was possible to have something make me unsure whether I should fap to it or go D'AAAAAWWWWW.
>> No. 36310
[X] Bath. You need a bath.
>> No. 36320
[x] Bath. You need a bath.

Momizi is probably in there right now:

"Oh, Adahn? Good work today. I'm surprised you're awake. But it was a good idea to take a bath now; if you had slept without relaxing your muscl--"
"Wash... please..."
"Come again?"
"Can't raise... arms above... shoulders."
"Well, you're going to have to expect that when you're train--"
"Please... wash... my hair..."
"...o-oh! OK, sure."
>> No. 36333
File 12117904408.jpg - (43.67KB , 500x600 , Anon-tan 04.jpg ) [iqdb]
>...I thought about doing something totally different after this was done, but I'm tempted to do second play-through now.
You damn well better. Anonko is fuckwin.
>> No. 36335


Is Anonko flat? Because if she's not, then the next time we train with Momizi, we should do this:

"Hey, sensei! My breasts get in the way when we train!"

"A-Adahn! I... what am I supposed to...?"

"Help me wrap them!"

"A-ah... wha?"
>> No. 36340
File 121179219586.png - (71.81KB , 289x638 , 1205444082025.png ) [iqdb]
Like this, but more perverted.
>> No. 36341
File 121179315128.png - (317.09KB , 987x1400 , sword_dancers_028.png ) [iqdb]
I've thought that Adahnko would have Archerko level bust. Not too big, but still noticeable.
>> No. 36345
Oh god, Himura Kiseki's Archerko is the best fan-Servant EVER.

Also the hottest.
>> No. 36346
This is how Archer should've been.
>> No. 36350

I've always imagined Adahn as Kyonko. Or the other way around.
>> No. 36351
File 121179934710.jpg - (206.41KB , 498x703 , Aya.jpg ) [iqdb]
"B.. Bath.." It takes way too much effort to get those words out. Dip in the water should refresh you, and it feels horrible being sweaty.
"Alright, come on then." Aya starts moving you towards the bath while you lean to her. It's more like she's dragging you along. "You're not just playing tired again so you'd get to hang on to me?" She says this half-jokingly, but there's hint of seriousness in her voice.
You shake your head. If you had any energy left you'd enjoy the situation. Training like this every day? Hopefully you'll grow used to it.
"At least you're honest. Alright, we're here, clothes off." That doesn't go very well. Aya has to basically peel the shirt of you, get the bra off too. The pants go slightly worse, as when you're trying to take them off you fall down. Eventually you manage undressing.
After that's done with, Aya drags you to bath. You're slightly more in your senses, so she just has to drag. When you reach there, she stops and looks at you.
"I guess I could just dump you into a bath, but right now you might drown there. Hmm..." She puts you on a seat as she thinks about way to handle the situation. "A-hah! Wait a moment there." She snaps her fingers and dashes somewhere.
Well, it's not like you'd move anywhere, even if you wanted. You stay where you are, occasionally wobbling from side to side. Soon you hear Aya's steps getting closer again, but from behind you.
"This should help." Does it sound like she's suppressing laughte-

'SPLASH!' You're soaked with cold water, and immediately jump up screaming. "AYAYAYA!"
The cultrip herself has broken into uncontrolled laughter, holding her stomach. "AHAHAHA! See, didn't thAhahahaa, that help?! AHAHAAA!" Oh sure, that helped. You're not tired anymore, but pissed off. Time for pay-back.
You take a look around you for any other buckets, not finding anything, but... Directly behind Aya there's the bath. That's it. You dash, and tackle her, taking her to the bath with you.
"He-Hey! What ar-" She doesn't have time to finish that, as you both reach water and go under.
You get up first and see Aya coming up spitting water. "A... Are you crazy?! Do you know how deep this is?!" She's not angry though. No, far from it, her face is beaming.
"What, isn't that just fair?" You splash some water on her. "Actually, you have it better, I didn't throw cold water at you."
She just bursts into laughter. "Oh, you're just..." And it continues, you keep throwing water at each other, laughing like crazy.

Eventually Aya stops, and you start just laying next to wall, enjoying the warm water. "Hmmm, you got my clothes all drenched." Oh. That's right, she was still fully clothed when you tackled her. She's looking at her shirt, hopefully it wasn't ruined. "Well, truth to be told, I needed a bath too."
And then, she undresses, still in the water. She takes off her clothes, and places them next to bath. "Ahh, that's better..." Now you're both bathing naked. It gets quiet, but atmosphere is calm. You and Aya both just enjoy the silence in warm water.
Now that the energy outburst from cold water is gone, you feel more than ready for bed.
[ ] You're clean, go to sleep now.
[ ] Sleeping without supper? What is this?
[ ] Stay here a while longer.

Personally I liked Archerko more when she was trying to sex-up Saber, and wasn't involved in deep plots. Even so, she's awesome.
Anyway, combine Kyonko and Archerko and you have pretty good Adahn. Unless somebody has better ideas.
Holy shit. That hits just the right spots, I died.
>> No. 36355
[ ] Stay here a while longer.
>> No. 36360
You don't want her to fall asleep and drown, do you? I can see it already, Adahn slowly nodding away until her head silently slips beneath the surface of the water. Aya, in a panic, would haul Adahn out of the hot springs, and seeing that she's not breathing, be forced to take a deep breath and press her soft, warm lips against Adahn's to administer CPR.

All while poor Momizi is standing red-faced in the doorway, utterly shocked as she watches her boss, dripping wet and stark naked, leaning upon the similarly unclothed body of their guest, having a very... intimate seeming moment.

What a horrible and embarrassing fate. I vote for having dinner. Or at least a snack before passing out.
>> No. 36362
I was hoping Momizi might come in for a bit....
>> No. 36364
[X] You're clean, go to sleep now.
Poor girl needs her sleep, guys. Or else she'll fall unconsious again.
>> No. 36366
[x] Stay here a while longer.

Not eating dinner means Aya will just make us a nice breakfast.
>> No. 36368
[x] Stay here a while longer.

>> No. 36369
[X] You're clean, go to sleep now.

We can eat when we're dead.
>> No. 36370
[x] Stay here a while longer, move closer to Aya.
>> No. 36371

I see what you did there.

[x] You're clean, go to sleep now.
[x] Stay here a while longer.

The water is so relaxing you fall asleep and dream that you're lounging on the bottom of a Lake. "This is where I like to be," you muse. "In an octopus's garden in the shade." Smiling contentedly, you let out a sigh.

You're broken out of your reverie by the voice of your best friend saying something about "taking it easy". You turn your head to greet your best friend: "Momizi?"
"No, this Patrick." You see a starfish talking to you. It has a confused look on its face (face?). You hear its concerned drawl addressing you again, "Spongebob?"

You look down at your body. And you scream.

Except you realize you can't scream because you're underwater, so you wake up and scream instead.
>> No. 36377

>> No. 36389
[x] You're clean, go to sleep now.
Knock. Knock.
Someone's at the door. It could be...
>> No. 36392
[x] You're clean, go to sleep now.
Because "Stay here in this body of water while you're at the brink of collapsing" sounds synonymous to me with "Jump in the lake"
>> No. 36394

But the water's warm...
>> No. 36396
[x] Stay here a while longer.
[x] Molest Aya
>> No. 36397
[x] Stay here a while longer.
[x] Molest Aya
>> No. 36410
[x] Stay here a while longer.
[x] Molest Aya
>> No. 36414
[X] You're clean, go to sleep now.
>> No. 36416
[x] You're clean, go to sleep now.
>> No. 36417
[X] You're clean, go to sleep now.

Fuck, Vodka's Aya is HNNNNNNNNNNGH.
>> No. 36419
File 121182977951.jpg - (21.37KB , 474x328 , thegame.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Stay here a while longer.
[x] Molest Aya

>> No. 36421
[x] Stay here a while longer.
[x] Molest Aya
This sounds like a good plan
>> No. 36422
File 12118312258.jpg - (67.13KB , 525x595 , 1211794207897.jpg ) [iqdb]
Shameimaru is
playing with her
penis over there
>> No. 36423

I fucking wish.
>> No. 36424
>Adahn is
>playing with Aya's
>penis over there
>> No. 36425
[x] Stay here a while longer.
>> No. 36426
[z] Stay here a while longer.
>> No. 36427
[ ] Stay here a while longer.
>> No. 36428
[X] You're clean, go to sleep now.
>> No. 36440
[x] Stay here a while longer.
>> No. 36445
[x] Stay here a while longer.
>> No. 36453
You lean back, and sigh. Yeah, no need to go anywhere, it's good to be like this.
"Ahh..." Hmm, looks like Aya is enjoying it too. Her eyes are closed, and she has just her head over the water. You follow the example and get deeper.
The water is warm, and when you think about it, the bath isn't really uncomfortable. Your muscles relax, and your mind gets cloudy. It's getting harder to think straight.
You're drifting... on to unconsciousness...

"Come on, time to get out." You feel tug on your shoulder, and sluggishly turn to Aya.
"I know this place is great, but falling asleep here would be bad for your back." She stands up, still holding on to you. "Get up."
You look at her for a bit, but eventually get up. Yeah, she should know the best. You go to dressing room, this time without Aya dragging you. Shame.
Aya hands you the towel, and you begin drying yourself off. When you finish Aya already has her towel around herself, and is waiting at the door.
"You can manage from here on, right?"
You wrap the towel around yourself. "Hmm, yeah."
"Alright, you should go to sleep."
Well, that's kinda obvious. You make your way to your bed room, almost dozing off in the way.
No time to bother with underwear, you're going to sleep anyway. And the bed...
Damn it. You forgot about that blanket, the duvet is still out. The warmness of day is gone, but... It's still manageable. And you seriously don't have energy left to bother with it.
You get to bed, and wrap the blanket around you. Hopefully the morning won't be cold.
After lying motionless for a bit you fall asleep.

Dream will follow.
>> No. 36457
I'm hoping we get to wake up earlier than Momiji again so we can watch her dream. Then, when she wakes up, we can tell her how cute she is when she sleeps.
>> No. 36459
It is dark. That's the first thing that comes into your mind as you open your eyes. Everywhere around you there's darkness, perfect blackness.
By that's wrong. When you look down, you can see your clothes perfectly well, as in moderate light.
...Wait a second, your clothes? Gray dress and black vest with white shirt under it? You certainly don't remember wearing these, ever. You've also got striped stockings on, but curiously no shoes.
No doubt about it, this has to be a dream. Seriously, is this gonna happen every night? Yesterday too...
Yesterday, the last night's dream. You can remember it now.
But... Compared to this, that was different, more dream-like. Right now it is as if you'd be awake, fully aware of your surroundings.
You shrug it off. That's just the way dreams are, they don't have to make sense.
"Enjoying yourself, Adahn?"

Sound. From behind. You quickly turn around and see a man standing in the darkness. He's smiling. But as he sees your expression he sighs.
"Guess not. That's to be expected though, can't say I like this place either." He takes few steps closer to you. If you tried, maybe...
No. He looks well-built, you couldn't run away from him. Not that there'd be point in that, he doesn't seem very hostile.
He smiles again. "Good. I like sensible people."
...Was he expecting that? You ease up, and look at him. "Who are you?"
He raises his arm to his chin, seemingly thinking about it. "Me?" No, not thinking. He's just putting up an act. "I guess you can call me Claymore."
Funny. No matter how much you try you can't make out any details from him. You shake your head. "Claymore? How do you know me?"
"Oh Adahn!" He gives a long laugh. "I've been with you for quite a while, even if you haven't realized it yourself."
Why does this seem important? "What do you mean?"
He takes another step closer to you. "Yes, after you picked me from that shop, I have followed you everywhere."
'Picked him from that shop'? Does he mean Kourindou? Then... "You're that claymore?"

His smile widens. "You catch on quick. I like that." He might not be dangerous, but being close to him definitely isn't safe. You want to take some distance to him, but you don't. Better to seem confident.
"And what do you want? Why didn't you let me sleep?"
He frowns, but only for a moment. Is that the first honest feeling he has shown? "That... is what I wanted to talk to you about. Even though you can't possibly understand how glad I were to get out of that store, you have done few things... I am not too happy about."
He snaps his fingers, and picture next to him. You recognize it immediately, it's you and Momizi eating at that stand. Namely the part where you were feeding her. You look back to Claymore.
The smile on his face is gone, he looks dead serious. "Like befriending that wolf, or..." Another snap, and picture changes. Now it shows you clinging on to Aya. "...Getting overly close to that tengu."
You cringe your teeth. They are your friends, who is he to speak of them like that? "Is there a problem with that?"
"He opens his eyes and looks at you... Sad? "Even if I don't approve of it, it's not my job to take care of those two, so I have to listen to my master on this matter. You should be glad you didn't end up with katana or dagger..."
"Wait, what do you mean by 'master'?" Other stuff he said sounded important too, but you have to get this cleared first.

He goes quiet, but finally speaks. "I might regret this, but you asked. Anyway, since you're not of the blood but still chose me, you own me." He turns his head away from you. "Funny, neither me or dagger seem to be in very good situation, me even less. At least the other girl knows how to do the work."
For some reason that annoys you. "What do you mean? Am I not suitable master?"
He starts smiling again. "I never said that, did I? But that does bring us to the second matter." He snaps his fingers again, and picture changes to that of you training with Momizi. It's pretty clear you're not doing very well.
"Although I am glad that you wish ti improve your skills, you don't have much to built on."
It annoys you, but what he says is the truth. "What do you suggest, then?"
"Oh-ho!" He claps his hands, and picture disappears. "Now, it is not very fit for my master not to know how to handle a sword. I could give you a bit of help on that matter, since you're not of the blood." He disappears, and you look around yourself. But soon you hear voice directly behind you.
"What do you say Adahn?" You turn around, and see that he has his arm extended. "I could help you with many things other than just using swords too." His smile is wider than ever.
[ ] "I accept."
[ ] "No, I don't need your help."
[ ] Write-in choice.

Write-in choice means that neither of the provided options have optimal results.
Also, day changed. Next post will be in new topic.
>> No. 36463
[ ] Write-in choice.

Something about accepting some help, but that you wish to retain full control?
>> No. 36465
[ ] Write-in choice.

"I will get stronger under my own power."
>> No. 36469

[►] "That smile implies your 'help' is rather expensive, correct? What's the other half of your offer?"
>> No. 36470
Sounds good.

[►] "That smile implies your 'help' is rather expensive, correct? What's the other half of your offer?"
>> No. 36479
Going to third this.

[X] "That smile implies your 'help' is rather expensive, correct? What's the other half of your offer?"
>> No. 36480
[X] Write-in choice.

[X]"I'll take your help, but remember one thing. Weapons serve their masters, not the other way around. Any 'help' you provide will be strictly to my benefit, not yours. If you refuse or break this condition you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of a lake where you will remain forgotten for untold centuries. Understood?"
>> No. 36483
This is quite incredible.
[X] "I'll take your help, but remember one thing. Weapons serve their masters, not the other way around. Any 'help' you provide will be strictly to my benefit, not yours. If you refuse or break this condition you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of a lake where you will remain forgotten for untold centuries. Understood?"
>> No. 36500
[X]"I'll take your help, but remember one thing. Weapons serve their masters, not the other way around. Any 'help' you provide will be strictly to my benefit, not yours. If you refuse or break this condition you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of a lake where you will remain forgotten for untold centuries. Understood?"
>> No. 36503

[X]"I'll take your help, but remember one thing. Weapons serve their masters, not the other way around. Any 'help' you provide will be strictly to my benefit, not yours. If you refuse or break this condition you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of a lake where you will remain forgotten for untold centuries. Understood?"
>> No. 36535
[X] "That smile implies your 'help' is rather expensive, correct? What's the other half of your offer?"

I like this better than outright threatening him.
>> No. 36550
Vodka, can you somehow combine the wary acceptance of
>[X] "That smile implies your 'help' is rather expensive, correct? What's the other half of your offer?"
...with the "Okay, but don't fuck me over, or else" of

>[X]"I'll take your help, but remember one thing. Weapons serve their masters, not the other way around. Any 'help' you provide will be strictly to my benefit, not yours. If you refuse or break this condition you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of a lake where you will remain forgotten for untold centuries. Understood?"
>> No. 36551
[X] "That smile implies your 'help' is rather expensive, correct? What's the other half of your offer?"
>> No. 36564
[X]"I'll take your help, but remember one thing. Weapons serve their masters, not the other way around. Any 'help' you provide will be strictly to my benefit, not yours. If you refuse or break this condition you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of a lake where you will remain forgotten for untold centuries. Understood?"
>> No. 36567
Yeah, I'll do that. Not today though, I'd like to run the game with decent speed from day 3 onwards, and I have loads of crap to do today.
...And my sleep chelude is totally messed up, so I'm forcing myself to stay awake so that I'll wake up at sensible time tomorrow.
>> No. 36713
How's this coming along?