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Thread three go? Going to be leaving for a few minutes sometime soon to clean.

[x] Search the house for money, find the village and eat at a restaurant.

You've never trusted your own cooking, plus you'd much rather have to avoid the effort all together if you could help it. You decide to search for any money, and go get a bite to eat at the village. It takes you a few minutes to find a small coinpurse tucked away in a corner of a shelf in the bedroom. Inside are some coinds you've never seen before in your life. Well, fantastic, you have no idea how much each of these are worth. You also have no idea what prices are like.

You look over a few of the coins, trying to find some kind of marking to identify them, but you can't make heads or tails of them. Everything on the coins seems to be written in Japanese, or Chinese, or whatever language it is. You wonder just how little sense it makes for the money to be covered in a foreign language if everyone is speaking English. You curse your luck and pack the pouch away into a pocket you find at the waist, just beneath the sash tied around your waist.

Your next problem comes when faced by the door, or rather, the locks. You open them, and then the door in turn, but find there are no keyholes on the opposing side. What the hell, how are you supposed to lock them from the outside then? Surely Alice must leave her house at some point, does she only lock the door when she's home?

A thought occurs to you. What if Alice doesn't leave her house though? Afterall, Marisa said about as much when she came in, there are no keyholes for the locks, and you did look kind of pale when you saw yourself in the mirror. You brush the thought away however. You couldn't imagine someone would stay cooped up in their house all day, making dolls, reading books and making some kind of notes. You opt to lock the door from the inside and leave via a window. Why not, after all?

You float up into the sky, passing above the treeline, when you're suddenly struck from behind. You're knocked forward by the impact.

"Whaa~!" you hear a shout as a winged girl falls past you, and only barely manages to right herself and flap her wings to stay airborne. She looks around for a moment before she turns and sees you floating above her.

"Hey! Watch where you're flying!" she yells at you, flying up to you. You wonder if she actually has to flap her wings to fly, because there's seriously no way they should be able to carry her weight with that weird bend in them. You only notice now she's carrying a handful of some kind of eel.

"Huh, aren't you that weird dollmaker from that time?" she asks you, looking like she's trying to remember something.

"Well, if it was a dollmaker, it probably was me." you say. You really have no basis for saying such a thing, but she already seems like she knows you anyway.

"Yeah, you and that loud witch. Where are you off to today?"

"I'm going out to get something to eat." was your reply.

"You should come to my stand!" she says, holding up the handful of lifeforms. "I've got some fresh lamprey, you'll love it!" she declares, rather excitedly. Well, that solves that problem, and now you're kind of curious as to how those weird things taste. The winged girl starts flying off again.

[] Follow her
[] Go to the village anyway
[] Follow her

Lamprey sounds good.
[x] Go to the village anyway
I don't trust her. Nope. Not at all.
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[X] Follow her
Y hallo thar Mystia
[X] Follow her.

Yay, Mystia!
[x] Go to the village anyway
[x] Go to the village anyway
[x] Go to the village anyway
A vote for Mystia is a vote for getting the shit extorted out of us.
[x] Go to the village anyway
[x] Go to the village anyway
[X] Follow her.

I love Mystia, and I feel bad that we aren't spending more time with her in GA:SD.
[] Follow her
[X] Follow her.

Alice? In the Village? Komachi will be on our heels in a second.
[X] Follow her.

Lamprey eatan.
[] Follow her
[X] Follow her
We have to protect her, before she turns into food.
[x] Follow her.
[x] Follow her.

Going to the village is probably a bad idea if we're gonna keep in character as Alice.
[x] Follow her.

So, when are we going to start to use our body-takeover powers for some lulz

When we Want to turn ourselves in to Komachi.

Well, truthfully, we already did by hit telling Marisa we wanted to Manipulate her body movements.
All that I'm saying is, that we could have much, much more fun
If we possess a characters body once are we unable to back to it if we go to sleep?
Hmm, kind of torn. Village won, but there are definitely more than twice the votes for following her.

I already have the response for the village written, but should I override the winning vote for the majority vote?

We should probably stay in character if we want to survive, so I'd say go with the follow vote.

Go with follow. We need more interaction with the touhoes.

Also, forgot to mention here:

From Alice onwards, you'll have a 'no dream/change' option at body swap opportunities that will be pretty obvious by comparison. If you do leave a body, you can go back to it, but you have to wait for it to come up randomly again in a body swap choice. Of course, you could constantly [X] Sleep for a write in to change bodies if enough people wanted it.

I'll also say as a hint that there are certain perks to staying in one body longer, and particular conditions that can be fulfilled that will allow you to revert to them at will when you go to sleep/fall unconscious.
Can we go for Marisa or Reimu while being in Alices Body?
I know that as a living creature with a survivalist instinct, I should tell you to go with "Follow her" but if I were in your position I'd just say "Fuck it, First to Five wins, I already wrote it, Eat your soup."
Following Mystia sounds good to me. Plus we might be able learn some more about Gensokyo while we're eating.

You could, but I'll likely dodge the bullet for having to write any sort of ero scenes as long as possible. Not to say there definitely will not be any, but silly one liners and suggestive actions aren't going to cut it when the only 'canon' yuri relationship I immediately accept is KeinexMokou.


Eh, now I have both options written. I'll go with Follow her now because that's the option I wanted Anonysoul to take.

[X] Follow her

You can't overcome your curiosity for lamprey. You follow after the girl as she flies away. The whole way, she's singing quietly to herself. While you can't understand a word of what she's saying, you have to admit she is rather good at it. You wonder what she runs a stand for if she can sing, you'd imagine she'd probably have an easier time making a living off of singing, but whatever.

Soon enough, she touches down near a small booth by the side of a road leading out of the village. She lights a grill on her side and sets to work immediately, cutting up the lamprey and preparing them.

"So is it true that you and that witch fixed the eternal night?" she asks you idly. Whoa, that's a bit of a question to ask. You're kind of wondering what it is she's talking about, but you're also cursing your luck as being stuck in the body of an apparent hero of the people, solving impossible situations.

"Ah, yeah... I guess." you say, not really sure how else to answer. You have no idea what your real part in the whole ordeal was, but you don't want to pass down the opportunity to sound like a hero of some sort.

"Ah, that's a bit of a shame. Us youkai flourish in the night, but I'd have to admit that if I never saw the sun again I'd have been a bit upset."

You're not really sure how to take what she said, partially because you have no idea what a 'yo-kai' is supposed to be. You don't dwell on it too much though, it doesn't seem that important to you.

You sit in silence for a while as the girl prepares the lamprey and grills it, singing the whole time. After a while, she takes the skewered lamprey off the grill, drizzles some kind of sauce on it and hands it to you on a plate.

"This sauce is a new recipe, try it out!" she says happily in a break of her singing. You it over, doesn't look too bad. You slide a piece of the meat off and try it. Wow, that's better than you thought! You eat the rest of the skewers, setting the plate aside once you're done.

"So, uh, how much?" you ask.

The girl stops singing for a moment to think.

"Well, I haven't seen you since that eternal night, and you did fix it. You're also the first customer I've had yet today, so..." she trails off, as if making a crucial decision. "I guess I'll waive the charge for you today. Come eat more often though! You'll have to pay full price then."

That went better than you expected. You're a little relieved you didn't have to pretend to know how much money to give her, especially since you seem to mean quite a bit to her even if she doesn't know you so well. With nothing better to do, and your hunger sated, you decide to head back home and figure out what to do from here on. Despite still being evening, it's darker than you'd expect it to be. You attribute it to the mountains surrounding this land. You scan the forest, trying to make out the shape of the tower you remember. Spotting it is a bit easier in the darkening forest, thanks to the lights coming from within.

A few minutes later, you float back in through the window, closing it behind you. You toss the unused pouch of coins onto the nearby table and head off into the house. As you do, you spot the stacks of books and papers out of the corner of your eye. That's right, Marisa was looking for some papers in here, though you don't really know why. Seeing these books reminds you of the bound one as well, still laying on the table where it was since you woke up. You can't help but wonder what kind of book it is, and why it's apparently sealed. In any case, you've got nothing but time to kill and no idea where to start.

[] Look through the books and papers for something interesting
[] Examine the bound book and try to find a way to open it
[X] Look through the books and papers for something interesting
[x] Examine the bound book and try to find a way to open it
Grimoire GET
[X] Look through the books and papers for something interesting.

Yeah, opening the grimoire? Doesn't sound like the best idea.
[] Look through the books and papers for something interesting
[x] Examine the bound book and try to find a way to open it

It'll be a bit like Pandora's box won't it?
[X] Look through the books and papers for something interesting

It will help us in the future.
Murmering ... All around, people are murmering ... talking about ... Me?

The soft flesh of her face stirred. Her eyes open to reveal two crystal blue irises.

"Did she really use the fan on herself?"
"She is such an idiot."
"And here I thought she was so smart after making that story up."

"DON'T CALL ME AN IDIOT!" The Ice Fairy leaped into the air. She found herself hovering in the middle of the Newspaper office on Tengu Mountain. She looked around, confused. "What? Where am I? How did I get here?"

"You don't Remember?" The Tengu dressing in a white vest and deep, dark brown skirt said plainly. "I took you in for an interveiw of 'The Strongest Fairy in Gensokyo' and you made up a pretty nice story of how you were possessed."

"Possessed?" A more mature voice cut in like a blade. "I'd like to speak with this possessed person."

Cirno looked to the corner the voice came from. Stepping out of the Adjacent Hallway was a Red haired woman, which was tied off at both ends of her head. "Who are you?"

"Don't you recognize me, spirit? It's Komachi." She said. Her glowing eyes seemed demonic.

"Hey, yeah, I remember you now. You where that creepy lady by the river." Cirno plainly said. "What do you want with me?"

Komachi Grabbed Cirno and took off with her. The Tengu weren't even able to catch up, for it seemed every step Komachi took she was 500 miles farther away. "Now," Komachi Began. "I shall take you up to the Yama for your judgment."

"Judgment?" Cirno was genuinely confused, but she knew it must have been bad. "I don't want one of those! Let me go! I'm The strongest and I'll prove it! I'll Freeze you so cold you'll sneeze icicles!"

Her threats were useless against the Shinigami, and she soon found herself in front of Sikieiki. The Judgment was about to begin ...

"OW, OW, OW, STOP IT! I THOUGHT IT WAS THE SPIRIT!" Komachi was crying. Siki was repeatedly smashing her Stick over Komachi's head repeatedly and with great force. Cirno could barely look on.

"Now." The Yama said sternly. "Go and find the spirit, and bring him back, or I will think of a more sever punishment for you next time." She glanced over towards Cirno. "And take the Fairy back with you. It would be unjust to bring her here mistaking her for another and then to leave her."

"Right." Komachi sighed heavily. "Come on, little thing. You'll need me to take you back."

Cirno gave a concerned look. She really had no idea how she even got to the office. She could have sworn she was going to play Tricks with Daiyousei and the others when she woke up.
[X] Look through the books and papers for something interesting.

I approve.
>You could, but I'll likely dodge the bullet for having to write any sort of ero scenes as long as possible. Not to say there definitely will not be any, but silly one liners and suggestive actions aren't going to cut it when the only 'canon' yuri relationship I immediately accept is KeinexMokou.

Well Anon in Alice Body hitting on Marisa is kinda interesting. Too bad that you don't want that. Onwards to Keines Body then. The possibilities are unlimited.
>Siki was repeatedly smashing her Stick over Komachi's head
If you know what I mean
I'd rather have Mokou's body when we try for that, but I guess it's just because I prefer Moe over Tsundere.

I lol'd
>sever punishment
I think that's *Scorn*'s territory.
[X] Look through the books and papers for something interesting

You decide to flip through some of the papers to find out what they're all supposed to be. You grab a stack of papers piled among some books and carry them over to the nearby table. You set them down, then go pick up one of the lit candle that was nearby, setting it down near the stack.

You seperate the stack into two stacks, and immediately you notice the strange writing and various diagrams etched in meticulous detail on the pages. What is this? Some kind of concept sketching? You flip through a few more papers, finding some pages of nothing but writing, and some with more diagrams. Every once in a while you come across a page with a rough sketch of something on it that you recognize as some kind of concept sketch for a new dress, and you realize that those pages at least are probably ideas for new dolls.

You put aside the papers for now, and look at some of the books. Most of them are in the same asian characters you're unfamiliar with, and you feel a slight headache. You do however, come across a few books with English titles. 'Fundamentals of Magic', 'Sorcerous Manipulation', 'Theory and Application of Elemental Magick'. Magic books? You look back at the papers. Marisa called them 'notes' and they very much look like them to you. They must be some kind of ongoing research, but for what? You decide to flip open one of the books in English, and are almost immediately lost. Well, maybe you should start from the beginning if you want to understand it, but you're just browsing for now. Your headache persists however, and reading in the candlelight isn't doing much to help you. You feel compelled to read however, and you pick up another book, cracking it open. You feel a bizarre sense of familiarity, like you've done this before. Well, of course you've studied before, but you can't put your finger on it. It feels different somehow, like you're used to it.

The more you read, even perusing the books, you slowly start to pick up on things. You are remembering the words before you even read them, and you remember various papers that contain portions of the same text, even before you find them yourself. Names start to pop into your head. Shanghai? Hourai? Your attention turns towards the bound book sitting nearby. That's the Grimoire of Alice? Your headache is getting worse, even though you're determined to continue. You switch back to reading the notes now. You can almost remember writing them, scratching the characters and letters onto the paper with a fountain pen. That's what you're missing. You don't even realize that the doll still attached to you has carried over an inkwell and fountain pen until you've set it onto the table. Where'd that come from anyway? You pick up the pen, and your headache vanishes, dissipates into a wave of clarity. You were researching a new spell, something that would grant automatism to a doll. The sketches are various designs you had come up with for her dress.

Realization hits you suddenly. These aren't your memories, they're Alices.

Just as suddenly as they came however, the thoughts and memories vanish, and you're back at square one. Well, almost. You look at the various notes and realize you can understand the characters. You look at the other books and realize you understand the titles, even in Japanese. You're not sure what happened, but you're sure now that you've somehow tapped into Alice and recovered parts of her own memories. You remember everything she had read and written up until she laid her head down on the table and fell asleep. You also recall something called 'Spellcards' and realize that these are part of your powers, or are the manifestation of your abilities.

You look back down at the papers and books spread on the table. You know what she was doing, and you understand part of it now at least. You understand this is something Alice would be doing, and you feel compelled to act on that thought, but you also still hunger for more knowledge. At the same time however, you want to try to find out how much more control you have over her abilities.

[] Continue research into Automatism spell
[] Research magic for your own use
[] Test the new limits of your memories
[X] Look through the books and papers for something interesting.
[] Research magic for your own use
[x] Research magic for your own use
Uh oh. Is there going to be a BAD END where we synch up TOO much with somebody?
[X] Research magic for your own use
[X] Continue research into Automatism spell.

The memories will come as they do, no need to force the issue. Besides, this will help Alice a little when we eventually leave, and we owe her in a sense.

Ain't nothing wrong with living Alice's life.

Aside from the loneliness and whatnot.

[X] Continue research into Automatism spell

The more we do what Alice would be doing, the more we learn about the powers people of Gensokyo Have. besides, Alice would be happy if she "Sudden comes up with the answer overnight."
[X] Continue research into Automatism spell
[X] Continue research into Automatism spell
[z] Continue research into Automatism spell
how does Anonymous know what loneliness is?

Synching more can help you, because the more you act like the character, the less you stand out, the more you remember about them and the less suspicious you will seem. It also helps because the more you come to understand a character's abilities, the more it will help if you do manage to get caught somehow (and there are ways, infallible ways) because you'll at least be able to put up a fight using your newfound powers.

Shit, you're right. I forgot how anon is naturally ronery all the time.
[X] Research magic for your own use
So which routes will Possesanonymous have? Do we get free choice or are there only a few choices like in MiG.
[ ] Continue research into Automatism spell

Eh, I don't fully understand what it is you're asking.

[X] Continue research into Automatism spell

You feel it's best to look more into the automatism spell. You put the pen down and head off to another stack of papers nearby where you remember there were a few pages of notes for directions to take research, a checklist of sorts. You find the stack instantly, and head back to the table, setting them down in front of you. You flip through the notes, refreshing your memory on various things that have failed, and things that have lead to some moderate amounts of progress. One of the notes details a spell that can be cast that allows a doll to respond to voice commands, and yet another spell that allows for telepathic messaging of orders, but both are marked as 'potential failures' due to the need for you to still actively order the dolls.

Still though, if a doll can be moved and respond to vocal commands and mental commands, maybe that could be the key to breaking the secret. No, they've both been tested though, and you can't think of any ways to circumvent the need for your involvement. Even still, the point of the spell would be to create a doll that could think for itself, which would mean it needs to be able to perceive it's environment and be able to determine it's actions. Having a doll that could do basic chores on it's own would be a disaster waiting to happen if it wasn't able to identify fire and caught flame due to flying over candles. The same train of thought is reflected in the notes. It would seem your priority is finding, or at least trying to create a spell that allows for perception of environments remotely. None of your notes have any leads for such a spell however, and there are quite a number of books in the house. It might take a long time to find a particular book that might help you in your search.

Marisa comes to your mind, and Patchouli. That's right, you remember her too. Both of them have magic books as well, and maybe they have something you could use. You'd have to go visit them however, and it might still take a while to find a book that would help you.

[] Search the house for a book on psychic abilties and mental powers.
[] Search the house for a book on senses and magic to affect perception
[] Search the house for a book on magical detection and magical fields
[] Visit Marisa
[] Visit Patchouli
He wants to know which girls we can fuck. And who we can fuck them as
[X] Visit Patchouli
She should be more of a help than Marisa.
[X] Visit Patchouli

If we're looking for a way to create a spell that grants dolls an idea of the environment, then Patch could be a good lead. Her specialty is the elements, and those would be a good base to work off of - first create a doll that can react to different elements, then build on that.
Like he said.
Fuck this boring stuff
[X] Visit Patchouli
Time to hit on Patchy, we have to make what happened in SDM LA come true.
Hey, what are the odds that Patchy will 'sense' that Alice is a bit off?
[] Visit Patchouli

Gah, I want to give my own views on a method to make an autonomous doll but it's part of my story and I don't want to give it away.

Patchy it is then.
Does it involve putting mouse brains inside 'em?

'cuz i'm not putting such a thought past you...

No, it involves believing that they're real girls. See /forest/.

Speaking of which...


Work, nigger, back to, etc.

Well, KeinexMokou is the only relationship I would acknowledge without a second thought because I consider both characters involved to feel the same way towards each other. Alice, maybe not so much as the only person she regularly sees is Marisa, and I can relate to her kind of relationship where Marisa annoys her but she still talks to her a little too well given some of my friends, so I have a little trouble considering her as the tsundere she's portrayed as. Alice would have to work pretty hard with any other character than Marisa (as opposed to just 'work hard' with Marisa that is) to get a route out of it due to her nature as a recluse. Characters she doesn't know through interaction (excluding the cast of PCB, IN and IaMP/SWR, so like Suwako and the like.. 4 other characters that don't know of her) would need just as much work.

Taking the time to type out a full 'possible route' tree would take a while and is subjected entirely to a combination of my own tastes and my own interpretations of characters. I'm also a bit apprehensive about revealing who I would agree to let pursue who, because then that would almost certainly influence decisions in the future to drive towards a certain goal, that being hot lesbian action. All I will say for now is that if a pairing makes sense, it's likely able to be taken.

I should get to writing the response now.
hmmm, interesting idea to possess a Touhou and hit on other Touhou Characters.
I like it.
[X] Visit Patchouli

Patchouli is your best bet. She has an entire library at her disposal afterall, and you know she writes her own books as well. If there's anyone that can help point you in the right direction, it would be her. You set aside your books and notes and get up, putting on the shawl hanging from a nearby rack. Oh, hey, that's right, Alice usually wore this and you hadn't put it on until now. You secure it in place with a ribbon matching your sash, and turn towards the door. Oh! Your Grimoire, it's dangerous to leave it laying around, so you take it with you as well. You realize now that yes, Alice really doesn't lock her door when she leaves. After all, the only person that comes is Marisa and she'll just use the window-

That's right, you blew out one of the windows. You'll have to patch that up when you get back. You float off towards the lake, the Scarlet Devil Mansion a red shadow in the night. You almost don't realize you also remember the name, though considering what you know now to be a surprise doesn't concern you much. You're just happy you know more about Gensokyo. Oh, hey, that was the name after all.

You set down outside the mansion, outside the gates, because you know it would be a bad idea to just fly over the wall. Even if that guard of theirs was asleep at her post. What was her name again? It was something Chinese. Ah well, not that important. You stop at the gate, looking down at the red haired woman in green sitting against the nearby wall asleep. You wonder if you should wake her up and tell her you're going in. Ah, who cares. You float over the gate anyway, she'll just get the blame anyway for being asleep at her post. You land on the walkway beyond the gate, and already you can hear someone talking. Probably Remilia out enjoying the moon. You decide it would be best at least to go announce your arrival so there's no issues over an intruder in the mansion. After all, you're not Marisa.

Walking towards the voices, you pass some tall, well manicured shrubs to find exactly what you expected, Remilia and Sakuya out under the moon with a few other people you don't recognize.

"Ah, hello Alice," Sakuya says, even though you didn't see her look in your direction. In fact, she's been looking away from you the entire time. You never understood how she knew these things. "Are you here to join Mistress Remilia?"

"Actually, I'm here to see Miss Patchouli. I'm doing some magic research and I have a bit of trouble deciding what direction I should move in."

Sakuya finishes pouring some kind of liquid into a cup near Remilia, who is apparently been involved in a conversation with these other people and doesn't even notice you.

"Miss Patchouli should be in the library. You remember where it is, right?"

You do remember, Alice has been here at some point.

"Yes, I'll see myself in then." yo say, heading back towards the front doors.

As you come back to the doors, you hear a shout behind you.

"Stop right there, criminal scum!"

You freeze up, turning around. Nothing. For a second you thought that guard had woken up and caught you on the premises. Guess she's just talking in her sleep. Talking really loudly in her sleep. What a strange woman. You open the doors and step in.

The first thing that you see is a series of dim candles glowing faintly in elaborate candlebras, and almost nothing else. The interior of the mansion is quite dark, and even though you could see well enough in the dark, this darkness seems to be much deeper. You quickly remember how creepy this place was, as if you needed the memories to tell you that. You start walking in the direction you remember the library being, when you hear a noise. It's not a very clear noise, but it was something, seeming to echo through the hall. Was it laughter? You feel a little uncomfortable at the thought. After all, Sakuya and Remilia are outside, and Patchouli is in the library. There wouldn't be anyone else in the mansion, would there?

You hear it again, a clear sound of laughter, very faintly. It almost seems to come from the walls itself. You don't remember this, and it's unnerving. You feel a knot of dread in your stomach. Could it be a ghost? You almost don't realize the ridiculous irony in that thought, then you can't help but smile to yourself. You'd gotten used to Alice's body and it slipped your mind you're a spirit yourself, why should you be scared?

Another laugh. Right, you forgot that you couldn't make a single sound as a spirit. You realized the sound was coming from behind you, the opposite direction of the library. As much as you want to get to the library and get away from the sound, you can't help but be a bit curious, if not scared out of your wits, by what's making that sound. Maybe there's some more people in the mansion after all. You hardly believe that Remilia, Sakuya and Patchouli could use all this space on their own. Maybe more servants? Or maybe someone using the restroom?

[] Investigate the source of laughter
[] Get to the library without wasting time
[] Get to the library without wasting time

No time for Flan.
[X] Get to the library without wasting time.

[X] Get to the library without wasting time.
[] Get to the library without wasting time
[X] Get to the library without wasting time
What's wrong, Anon? Scared of a little girl?

Ah well, writan.
We have enough Flan in SDM, time for Patchy.
>>Having a doll that could do basic chores on it's own would be a disaster waiting to happen if it wasn't able to identify fire and caught flame due to flying over candles.

Sounds like Dorf Fortress
[X] Get to the library without wasting time

You don't feel brave enough to go chasing noises from a house like this. You decide it's best to get to the library, and maybe once you're done there you'll leave from a window instead of walking back to the doors. You pick up the pace regardless, the hallway is creepy enough without the sounds of laughter echoing through them.

You reach the library doors, and open them, immediately assaulted by a wave of dust. Damn, Sakuya mustn't come by here too often.

"I'm occupied, please leave whatever you're bringing on the table by the door," a voice calls out from somewhere in the library. "I'll have my assistant collect it shortly."

"It's Alice, I've come to ask some questions."

Silence. You take a few steps into the library, then hear a low thump echo throughout th cavernous room.

"Very well then," Patchouli says, voice echoing through the room. "I'll try my best."

The doors close behind you, and you turn to see a winged girl turning towards you. That must be Patchouli's assistant. Well, you should have closed the doors yourself, but whatever. You float off the ground and clear some bookshelves, looking around. You see Patchouli sitting at a table, surrounded by books and papers, and you float down to her.

"I'm working on some research to make an automatism spell, and-"

"Still?" Patchouli interrupts, her brows furrowing slightly. She looks tired, but then again she always looked like that. "Made any progress?"

"Ah, well that's why I'm here. I'm not too sure what I should be looking in to. I think I need to find a way to make a doll recognize it's surroundings in order to avoid accidents or damage, but I'm not sure how best to go about it."

"I would suggest a remote perception spell coupled with a magical detection field," Patchouli responds almost immediately, as if she didn't have to think about it at all. Impressive. "It would need to be able to 'see' it's surroundings, and the magical field will give it a fully enclosed circle of awareness of it's surroundings that will help your doll not only avoid seen dangers, but respond to dangers on it's own from unseen directions."

Patchouli stands from her seat and floats over to a shelf. Her winged assistant floats down next to her as Patchouli floats along the shelf fairly quickly, grabbing out seemingly random books and handing them to her. The assistant swoops by the table and deposits a the books before returning to Patchouli and relieving another couple books.

"These books are some helpful ones I have on perception, magical fields, and remote viewing. I've also included a few books on enchantments, since you'll need to specially prepare the eyes in order for them to be responsive to magic to create sight," she continued, without missing a beat. "The real issue will be how the doll will interpret their senses and be able to react to them, and that's the trick that will make the spell work."

"You sound like you know a lot about how this works, you wouldn't happen to have an Automatism spell, would you?" you ask. Patchouli shakes her head. Well, it was worth a shot.

"Nothing that will animate a doll at least. I can animate a corpse, but the spell uses the already existing brain and reanimates only the most basic of senses. It only reactivates a dead mind and body, what you need is to create a mind from nothing, something which should be impossible." she says. Well, you're sure she didn't mean to crush your hopes, but if she didn't think it was possible, why does she help you?

[] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[] "Well, thanks for the lead, Patchouli." Take note on the books and leave.
[] "If you don't think it's possible, why are you helping?"
[X] "If you don't think it's possible, why are you helping?"
[ ] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[X] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[X] Give her a kiss on the cheek to show your thanks.

We could get away with it. Say something about how we're feeling particularly good today.
[X] "If you don't think it's possible, why are you helping?"


>"Nothing that will animate a doll at least. I can animate a corpse, but the spell uses the already existing brain and reanimates only the most basic of senses. It only reactivates a dead mind and body..."

Here's the Plan.

1. Take over Patchouli's Body
2. Leave Gensokyo
3. Find our own body
4. ???"
5. We live yet again
>"Nothing that will animate a doll at least. I can animate a corpse, but the spell uses the already existing brain and reanimates only the most basic of senses. It only reactivates a dead mind and body..."

And now i'm back to suggesting putting mouse brains in dolls. Thinking problem solved! Kinda.
[X] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[X] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.

Research is good, plus regaining more of Alice's memory is an interesting goal.
[X] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[X] Give her a kiss on the cheek to show your thanks.

I like this. Get just a little amorous. Slowly ease everyone into thinking of Alice a little differently.
[X] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[X] Get to the library without wasting time

Creepy little sister can wait.

More like:

>1. Take over Patchouli's Body
>2. Collapse from Anemia
>3. Lose control of Patchy's Body
>4. lolidunno
[x] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[x] Give her a kiss on the cheek to show your thanks.

We will mimic /sdm/ here.
Just hijack Mokous body, wait for Keine, hot lesbian action. Touhou Enchantress dance taught us that.
"It's a Request from Yuyuko, It can't be helped."

Yukari opened a border that lead directly From Hyakugokurou to the outside world.

"Thank you, my Friend." You reply.

"But," Yukari stops you before you enter. "May I ask why you wish to go to the outside world?"

You hesitate for a moment. You're not entirely sure how to answer. You decide to tell her the truth, while being as vague as you could. "I wish to see if I am able to bring a living person back to life."

"Ahh, you're chasing that dream again?" Yukari sighed. She must be referring to the Saigyou Ayakashi from what you can recall. "Very well, like last time I will leave you to your amusements. I hope it works out well, this time."

You remember the spell you studied during your time as Patchouli. "I am certain I will." You say cheerfully, and you float through the open border.

a Hospital. You remember this hospital as the one from your home town. People don't seem to be able to see you, even though you are floating around like a spirit. You fly up towards the hospital, ignoring the walls and doors as you pass through them. Finally, you come to rest looking down on your own body. This almost seems like a dream.

You recite the spell that you studied in Patchouli's body. As you finish, you see your body stir. it looks like it worked, the body and mind are now able to move again. All that's missing is the spirit.

You quickly return to open border that Yukari had left for you. You quickly pass through it. On the other side, Yukari and Youmu greet you.

"So, how did it work." Yukari asks.

"I think I did quite alright." You mention passively. "For now, I think I'm tired. Youmu, go prepare my a bed."

"Yes, My Lady." The Silver haired half ghost responds. You lied about feeling tired, but now is not the time to stay awake, is it?

You rest in the bed, and order the Silver Haired girl to sing you to sleep. She softly lullibys you, and you fall into a deep sleep. You dream about

[ ] Playing Tricks on Aligators to cross a River
[ ] A broken Grandfather clock and a Young Man smiling to you, growning older
[ ] Driving in a Car, Suddenly two headlights appear in front of you
[ ] A moon shines with a brilliant light, then turns blood red and angry.
[ ] Nothing.
[X] "Thank's for the advice, Patchouli. I'll look into this more." Take books and leave.
[X] Give her a kiss on the cheek to show your thanks.

You gather up the books, about seven in all. They're not that hard to carry, thankfully. Patchouli floats down near you to help you straighten them out, and you have a sudden decision. You lean over and kiss her on the cheek.

"A-Al-!" she cries out, drawing back from you, hand on her cheek. Even in the dim light you can tell she's turning red. "What-?"

"Thanks for the help, Patchouli." you say with a smile. You then float up and turn away before you start turning red too. Your heart is racing in your chest. What did you just do that for? Well, okay, she was relly cute looking, but still. You're a girl too, and, well, actually that's pretty awesome now that you think about it. You hope you didn't do any kind of permanent damage to Alice's relationship with Patchouli though.

You float through the doors of the library with Koakuma's help, who was absent for your kiss on Patchouli's cheek. You float through the halls too, mostly because you're still kind of shaking from your nerves and you'd likely end up tripping. You reach the front doors, and have your doll open it for you. Ah, right, Shanghai must be the kind of doll this is now that you think about it. You almost didn't even have to think about controlling her at all since you gained more of Alice's memories.

You float away from the Scarlet Devil mansion, heading back towards Alice's house. You pass by the blown out window, What isn't broken and cracked is simply melted clean through. Yeah, the window itself and even the surrounding frame will have to be replaced. You'll have to figure out how to get that fixed later, right now you have some work to do. At least, you should, because you can't get your mind off of both the broken window and your recent trip into surrogate lesbianism. Not much you can do about the errant lipwork, but at the very least you could fix the window. After all, Marisa might see it as an invitation to come in whenever she wants.

The thought soon leaves your mind though, as you find yourself drawn more and more into the research with the new books. One in particular happens to be a book on constructing magical traps. As awkward as it sounds, it's actually fairly helpful in your research, having quite detailed information on the creation of magical fields that react to presences within them. One particular example details a set of glyphs that explode only when read. With such specific activations, you have a feeling that this book could be nearly invaluable to the research, and it proves itself rather well. After only an hour of reading and making notes on things of interest, you have the general idea of how to cast a spell that detects objects entering it's field by crossreferencing several steps in creating traps to unleash prepared and held magical charges in inanimate objects. You think it should be pretty easy to write the spell in such a fashion that it can make a doll stand up on it's own power when you get close.

Several minutes later, however, you're stuck. While only general references to the process of creating the spell were used in the last chapter, when you reached the chapter that details the actual practice of such triggers and building spells to use them, you found it was written in completely unintelligble characters. This prompted you to check other books you were given, and you've also found that one of the books is comprised almost entirely of this bizarre lettering. It doesn't even look like a language you've ever seen, and you're utterly stuck. Could it be some kind of code? Why would Patchouli give you books written in code though? It doesn't make any sense to you. Despite this setback, you still have a basic idea of how it's supposed to work. You can only hope that your basic grasp of the structure of the spell, in comparison to other, simpler spells, is enough to let you write a functional version without the specific steps on how to do it.

[] Try to write the spell
[] Don't attempt the spell
[] Call it a night
[] Try to write the spell
[X] Try to write the spell.

Where there's a will, there's a way.
[X] Try to write the spell

After all, if we manage to get a grasp on the spell, our magical knowledge will increase, and the illegible letters will become legible by themselves.

That's how Magic Books work after all.
[X] Go back, talk to Patchy.
[] Try to write the spell

Whats the worst that could happen?
[] Don't attempt the spell.

Alice can do it later when she has the time to look for a translation.
[X] Try to write the spell.

Oh, what a delicious foray into minor lesbian action that was. The next time we visit Patch, maybe we can try brushing our fingers against hers when we hand the books back, and linger there briefly.
[X] Try to write the spell

On the amazingly low chance this works we need to code in a command word or something so it will still obey us if we switch bodies.
[X] Try to write the spell

You might as well try it. After all, it's a relatively harmless spell so there's not much harm in trying anyway. At worst, nothing will happen, and at best you'll succeed despite only partial knowledge. You set to work on the spell, using partial explanations of the spell itself from various diagrams and examples of other traps. Everything from firing a crossbow when a magical trigger is released, to discharging a held spell.

The process is slow going, but it's still going. When you can't find a useful example, you go with intuitive knowledge of magic inherent in Alice's memory. When even that fails you, you get stuck temporarily, searching through various notes and examples for anything that could set you on the right path. After an amazing two hours, you're sitting in front of a page that contains the spell as best as you could write it. You're not sure what happened during the process of writing it, but it's even difficult for you to read, not due to poor handwriting or lighting, but because the writing itself seems to shift back and forth between your writing, and the same kind of illegible markings you saw in the books. It dawns on you that this must be some kind of limit to magical knowledge, that magic above your ability it literally unable to be learned or known. If that's the case, this spell is just barely within your capabilities, though you're unsure if those abilities are yours, or Alice's. In any case, you've completed the spell, and since it's difficult to read it's clearly something powerful. The question is if it's been written correctly. It could still be a difficult spell, but not be the result you're looking for. You have no choice but to try it anyway.

You prepare a single table, placing it in the middle of a rather empty area of the house. You take a doll and set it down on the table in a sitting position and back away. You tried to set the reaction trigger to at least 5 feet, and you back up at least 6 just in case. You look down at the spell in your hands, the words still shifting before your eyes.

Multiple choice:
[] "O, great magic, I beseech you,"
[] "O, great force, I command you,"
[] "O, grand spirit, I request of you,"

[] "bless unto this object the grace of motion,"
[] "grant this object the power to move,"
[] "allow this object the chance to act,"

[] "beyond the hands of mortal flesh,"
[] "without the interference of man,"
[] "free of control from the forces that made it,"

[] "under the eye of the power that binds it."
[] "in the presence of the spirit of life."
[] "as decreed by the contract that seals it."
[] Try to write the spell

If we end up transferring our soul into Shanghai that would be SO awesome.
I'll be back in a few minutes. Heading to an ATM to take out money.
[] "O, great magic, I beseech you,"
[] "bless unto this object the grace of motion,"
[] "without the interference of man,"
[] "under the eye of the power that binds it."
[X] "O, great force, I command you,"
[X] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[X] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[X] "in the presence of the spirit of life."

Each of these has a slightly different tone or wording than the other choices around them, so I'll go with these.
[] "O, grand spirit, I request of you,"
[] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[] "as decreed by the contract that seals it."
[] "O, grand spirit, I request of you,"
[] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[] "in the presence of the spirit of life."
[X] I am the bone of my sword
[X] Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
[X] I have created over a thousand blades.
[X] Unaware of loss.
[X] Nor aware of gain.
[X] Withstood pain to create many weapons.
[X] Waiting for one's arrival.
[X] I have no regrets, this is the only path.
[X] My whole life was "Unlimited Blade Works."
[] "O, great force, I command you,"
[] "grant this object the power to move,"
[] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[] "under the eye of the power that binds it."

I'll go with this.

[X] "O, great force, I command you,"

A command, whereas the other two choices are supplications.

[X] "allow this object the chance to act,"

The other two refer explicitly to movement, while this one uses the term "act," which is slightly broader.

[X] "free of control from the forces that made it,"

The other choices make references to humankind by mentioning flesh and man. This one uses the more universal "force."

[X] "in the presence of the spirit of life."

The other options mention bindings and seals - restraints, as it were. This instead references a witness of sorts - the spirit of life.

So, hey, at least there's some kind of rationale here, I guess.
[x] "O, great force, I command you,"
[x] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[x] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[x] "in the presence of the spirit of life."
I just can't help see it as a contract, as you are creating a sentient being.

[X] I am the bone of my sword
[X] Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
[X] I have created over a thousand blades.
[X] Unaware of loss.
[X] Nor aware of gain.
[X] Withstood pain to create many weapons.
[X] Waiting for one's arrival.
[X] I have no regrets, this is the only path.
[X] My whole life was "Unlimited Blade Works."

The doll explodes into light. Suddenly, hundreds of dolls everywhere, each of them carrying swords.

"Th-this wasn't what I wrote," you stammer. "... but I like it."

In one night, Gensokyo was conquered by Alice and her Doll Army. Not even Komachi or the forces of Higan could stop you, unable to reap the life from thousands of soulless dolls.



I mean, still counting votes and/or deciding a winner.
[X] "O, grand spirit, I request of you,"
[X] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[X] "beyond the hands of mortal flesh,"
[X] "under the eye of the power that binds it."

I don't know. We're trying to create something independent, aren't we? Wouldn't binding something with a contract be counterproductive to that end?
[x] "O, great force, I command you,"
[x] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[x] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[x] "in the presence of the spirit of life."
Independent isn't true. We're creating a sentient servant, bound to obey us.
[x] "O, great force, I command you,"
[x] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[x] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[x] "in the presence of the spirit of life."
[x] "O, great force, I command you,"
[x] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[x] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[] "as decreed by the contract that seals it."

But Alice's goal is to create an autonomous doll. For it to truly be autonomous, it has to be able to operate on its own and make its own decisions - even if they conflict with its master's desires. The first step to creating a truly autonomous doll is to relinquish a desire for control over it.
[x] "O, great force, I command you,"
[x] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[x] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[x] "in the presence of the spirit of life."
[X] "O, great force, I command you,"
[X] "allow this object the chance to act,"
[X] "free of control from the forces that made it,"
[X] "in the presence of the spirit of life."

As soon as you utter the final word, the paper erupts with light as the words begin to shine. A magic circle fades in around your feet as you focus your energy into your hand. The words you recite appear in glowing letters around the circle as it rotates. You can feel the power flow through you as the paper floats from your hand. Whatever your spell is doing, it's having some kind of effect. As per the instructions, you hold your hands out in front of you, allowing the magical energies from your spell to channel into your hands. You slowly lift off the floor under another power as a ball of light forms in your hands, several rings inscribed with your spell revolving around it.

The orb grows to about the size of a baseball, and flies forward erratically. It touches the doll and flashes, leaving behind a lightly shimmering dust as the magic circle at your feet fades and you touch the ground once more. The doll shimmers for a few seconds as the outline glows with the energy it's received, the rings that previously revolved around the orb are now revolving around the doll, passing through the table as they spin. One by one the rings seem to contract into the dolls body, and the light fades. After a second, the doll slumps over.

You're hesitant to move, even though you have no idea if it worked. You take a small step forward, beginning to second guess yourself even before you knew it failed or not. As soon as you take a step forward however, the doll visible twitches. That makes you jump slightly, you weren't expecting that, but could it mean that it worked? You take a larger step forward, entering the range you designed. The doll visibly twitches again, and then slowly, shakily, it's pulled up by an invisible force until it stands under it's own power. You can feel your pulse in your entire body. You take a large step back, and the doll collapses again, limp and lifeless. Oh wow. You decide to test the field by taking one of the books off the table and tossing it forward. As soon as it passes into range of the doll, it snaps to it's feet almost immediately, and in a most surprising turn of events, flies fromthe table and impacts the book, seeming to tackle it to the ground.

You don't move for a few seconds. The doll, just -jumped- off the table after the book. You take a step backwards, and the doll visibly shakes. Oh, well you're in range again now. You decide to take a step towards the doll. As you do, it shakes and stands up again. It stands straight up, looking straight ahead, much as expected. Yous lowly walk up to it, kneel down, and pick it up. It retains it's position even as you do this, and you place it on your hand. You tilt your hand to one side, and the doll tilts over but actually shifts it's legs to maintain it's balance.

Holy shit, your spell actually worked!

You carry the doll over to the table and set it down on top of some papers, and search for the paper you wrote the spell on. You find it under the table, and you notice immediately you no longer have a problem reading it. You jump back to the trap book and look at the chapter you couldn't understand. Sure enough, you can read it now, and you quickly scan it for information regarding making such spells. You find out that what you wrote isn't too far off from an automatic reaction spell, and that it's commonly used in creating inanimate sentries to protect locations. Well shit, if you could read this earlier you could have skipped a lot of hard work, but now you have the exact words in front of you.

You spend an hour looking over your spell and re-reading sections of the chapter. Your spell is a rather haphazard affair, and actually fairly weak, but it's fully functional as surprising as it is. You almost can't believe that you had to wing parts of it and it still worked. Maybe this magic business isn't so hard after all. With just this you're already on your way and cleared a rather considerable hurdle, at least to you. You're so excited over your discovery that you almost want to enchant more dolls just to see what happens when ten or so dolls tackle the same book, but you're worried what would happen if one broke. After all, you don't have the skills to repair or make dolls, but you can apparently enchant them to attack things.

This becomes especially apparent once you hear a sound behind you, and the doll you had standing on the table springs off the stack of books. You hear a surprised cry behind you, followed by a rather heavy thud. You turn arund to find Marisa lying flat on her back with the doll sprawled over her face.

"What was that? What's this doll doing Alice?" she shouts, clearly surprised. She grabs the doll and lifts it off her face easily. It hangs limp for a few seconds before twitching from her grasp and landing back on her face. You laugh, partially out of triumph and partially out of amusement watching Marisa fight with a doll.

"I managed to create a spell, Marisa. If I enchant a doll with it, they apparently attack things that come in range. Here," you say, stepping over and kneeling next to her. You pick the doll up off her face and walk across to the table you first sat it on and place it there. It stands up straight once more until you leave it's range, then it falls limp. "As long as you don't get too close it won't attack you."

Marisa eyes the doll warily as she walks over to the table, and jumps back when it twitches when she gets close to the edge of it's range.

"This part of your research, or you just decide to make an attack doll out of nowhere?" she asks sarcastically. You don't feel the need to answer her, since it's pretty obviously a rhetorical question.

"I'm on the right track, Marisa, I'm sure I can create an Automatism spell now, I just need to get the right spells. I should probably start by looking more into-"

"Yeah, yeah, but that can wait," Marisa says, dismissing you and breaking your train of thought. Damn it. "I told Reimu that I'd stop by with you later when I saw her, and she actually didn't tell me to go home for once!" she exclaims in a manner. You can tell that Reimu has quite the same mindset as you. "I told you we'd go drink later anyway, so if you've met such great success, why not celebrate?"

Well, she does have a point, but...

[] I can't stop now!
[] I have to celebrate this!
I can't wait until we return the books to Patchy, and get to tell her how successful we were. Perfect time for a victory hug, if I do say so myself.

[x] I have to celebrate this!
[x] I can't stop now!
Reimu might be able to detect that Alice is possessed right away, and then proceed to exorcise us. Way too risky.
[] I have to celebrate this!
[ ]I hope you make this worth my while, Marisa.
[z] I have to celebrate this!

Yeah, a night on the town is just thing for a special occasion like this.
File 12115136186.gif - (57.70KB, 288x374 , It a Trap.gif) [iqdb]
>"I told Reimu that I'd stop by with you later when I saw her, and she actually didn't tell me to go home for once!"

[X] I can't stop now!
[X] I can't stop now!
[X] I can't stop now!
[x] I can't stop now!
[X] I can't stop now!

Reimu will know. She's a miko. This is what they do.

Then again, we aren't really causing a huge mess, and there's no reward for our capture, so there's no real motivation for Reimu to do anything about us. Especially since we're not inconveniencing her. Canon Reimu is lazy enough to probably not give a damn about us.
Patchy began schlicking furiously after the kiss, and died of suffocation because of an asthma attack during the schlick.

Marisa finds out and kills Alice.
[X] I can't stop now!

This is in character. It'd be weird for Alice to go out so frequently, this would be the third time today.
[X] I can't stop now!

This is bat country.
[X] I can't stop now!
[X] Don't stop me now, 'cause I'm havin' a good time, I'm havin' a ball~
[X] I have to celebrate this!

This is definitely a time to celebrate. Even if it was something Alice could do herself, well, if she could she probably would have actually. In any case, you can't sit still anymore. Getting hammered sounds like the way to go about it.

"Sure. I've been looking for a break for a while now, and I got it. I might as well take some time to relax after this point, I've been working most of the day." you say.

Marisa smiles and starts unlocking the door, pulling it open.

"Come on then. Reimu's probably already started without us as it is." Marisa says.

You step outside after Marisa, Grimoire in hand. It's really gotten dark outside, you didn't even notice. At least you know now that as boring as it seems to spend hours inside each day studying books and papers, the time sure can pass fast. Then again, this isn't something you do regularly, so maybe the experience is different for Alice. In any case, Marisa climbs onto her broom and lifts into the air and you float of as well, heading towards the mountain range where Reimu's shrine is.

"Can't you fly without that broom, Marisa?" you ask, idly wondering. Alice's memories don't have any answer for you as it were.

"Of course, but that's not very witch-like." she replies with a smile.

The rest of the flight is mostly spent listening to Marisa talk about various things she did in the day, mostly related to magic. As opposed to Alice's studies, Marisa looks more into various magic for the purpose of attacking, and she makes a point of telling you the notes she 'borrowed' earlier helped her out a bit in devising a new way to create her trademark star shots. You idly wonder to yourself if you should take some time later to do some general study into more direct magic. Even if it doesn't help Alice, it might help you out later to have a general set of skills you could use regardless of whatever body you end up in.

The two of you arrive at Reimu's shrine. Much like Marisa said, Reimu was already out, sipping from a large cup.

"How can a witch with an astronomy theme have such poor sense of time?" were the first words out of her mouth when you two landed. Marisa seemed to ignore the question entirely and go right into guest mode.

"Where are the snacks Reimu? You said there'd be snacks!"

Yeah, she's a pest to everyone it seems. You follow behind Marisa a bit, a bit nervous. Alice's recovered memories don't tell you much about Reimu, so you're a bit unsure about how you should act with her. Perhaps you can act neutrally and no one will notice.

"There are rice crackers in the shrine, just take some." Reimu says, rather pointedly. Marisa stands there for a few seconds silently, as if she was expecting Reimu to change her mind and get them. Reimu only continues to sit and drink from her cup, which you realize has tea in it. Marisa sighs, then heads into the shrine. The sliding door closes behind her, and Reimu looks up at you from her tea.

"You're that spirit that slacker shinigami was looking for, aren't you?"

Oh god what? Your blood feels like it freezes.

"I don't know wha-"

"Don't lie, it'll only stain your soul more. I don't really feel like having to do anything, so please just return to the underworld quietly."

You're lost for words, the entire world feels like it's ceased existing. Reimu's feet are planted flat on the ground, she's not in a relaxed state, she's ready to stand up at a moments notice. If you tried to run, she'd surely be on you. She can also clearly tell that you are in control of Alice, how you don't know. Your mind races for answers. Your mind turns to the Grimoire in your hand, you know you can use it's power if you needed to now, the box that connects the straps can actually be opened pretty easily. That's only in an emergency though, and... no, this is am emergency. You look at Reimu, you can see she's only putting on a appearance of relaxation. She's ready to attack you if you so much as breathe wrong. Oh damn, damn! You can't help it, you move your arm up like you're going to stratch it, slowly inching your hand towards the golden clasp.

The shrine door slides open, Marisa appears holding a bowl of rice crackers and a large bottle, as well as several small cups. Her appearance startles you, and you look at her. Your heart skips a beat as you do, and you feel like you just left yourself open. You expect Reimu to be on you any moment now, but nothing happens.

"Reimu giving you the 'I think you're the suspicious ghost' treatment?" Marisa said with a laugh, walking over next to Reimu and sitting down, putting the bowl and cups down. What?

"She did it to me earlier when I came by, and she even did it to that tengu reporter when she swung by to drop off a paper," Marisa said, pouring a cup from the bottle and proceeding to drink it. "I personally don't believe this whole spirit business. If there really was one around, Reimu would be able to find it no problem, let alone that shinigami."

Your heartbeat feels like it's returning to normal. Reimu's already back to sipping her tea. She's slid her feet out some, no longer ready to pounce, as it were. It was all just a mind game? Well, she almost got you, that's for sure. You walk over to Marisa and sit down. She passes you a small cup of liquid. This must be sake, you take a sip. Huh, it kind of tastes like whiskey.

The rest of the night is uneventful. You share your story of success, Marisa rattles on about her own magic, and Reimu complains about donations and worshippers. Before long, you're having trouble seeing straight. Alice apparently isn't too good at holding her liquor, though Marisa seems to be in a similar state. Despite the fact Reimu has been drinking with you, she seems perfectly fine. Stupid Reimu...

You lay back, stretching out on the porch. You don't want to move feeling like you do. You'd much rather just go inside and lay down.

"Reiiiimuuu..." you groan. "Can I stay here tonight?"

She doesn't respond. Marisa gets to her feet and walks to the shrine door, sliding it open.

"She's not going to stop you if you do anyway," Marisa says, leaning back against the doorframe. "C'mon in Alice."

You get to your feet and head towards the door. Marisa waits until you're through before sliding the door closed.

"Don't do strange things to my shrine." Reimu says, just after the door closes. Marisa walks across the shrine, opening some storage area and pulling out some bundles, rolling them out along the ground. Beds? Sounds like a good idea. You walk towards the beds, trying to keep your footing. About halfway there, Marisa starts pulling her clothes off, stripping down to her bloomers and a simple white shirt before sliding into her own bed. You're a bit thankful Alice dresses much simpler, as a single motion and you remove your dress as well, wearing much the same underneath, and slide into your own bed.

"G'night Alice." Marisa says.

"G'night, Marisa." you say, but she's already asleep. You follow not to long after.


So, this is obviously where I'm ending the thread today. I'm about ready to sleep myself, and I actually couldn't think of anything that would give options, make sense, etc. and not be perfect H-scene bait, so I opted to just cop out. Will pick up tomorrow sometime most likely, and depending on how I feel, there might be a bit of a surprise.
Huh, I could have sworn there was 4 celebrate votes by the time I started writing.

Damn it.
First to three wins? I ask because [X] I can't stop now! had vastly more votes.
Eh, everything worked out so it's fine. G'night.

First to five wins, but I usually start writing the first that gets to four because by that point it usually wins. Either I was looking at things wrong, or my eyes were playing tricks on me because I remember seeing four votes for it, but looking over it now there couldn't have been. I also didn't refresh the page before I post like I usually did so I didn't notice the mass of votes until after I had posted.

ಠ_ಠ Well that's what I get for jumping the gun on writing I guess. I should wait until I get a clear winner from now on before I start predicint things.

Well, it all worked out, so don't worry about it too much. Sleep easy.

No, you were reading it right, I had deleted my vote earlier to change it to something else.
Had you thought about all this autonomous doll magic research stuff before, or are you mostly adlibbing it?

Whichever it is, it's doing well for him. It's not easy to make magical research interesting.

The shrine part makes it look like Reimu is our L. She's done a good job of roping us in through Marisa (who likely wouldn't have taken "no" for an answer anyway), reading us at the confrontation scene, filling us up with drink while she stays sober, though it's probably serendipity that we stayed overnight. If she is going to act directly, she'll do so now that we're drunk and asleep.

We made some mistakes at first, but we've gained the moral high ground ever since we apologized to Keine as Cirno, bettering Alice's life (breaking her mental block on spell development, making her actually leave the house and socialize, possibly hooking her up with Patchy). Maybe this is our penance? We're in a position to benefit many living people; surely when we eventually face Siki these acts would improve our karma. Youki put faith in us, and I'd consider him a pretty good judge of character, and Siki in the first run said we've lived a pretty good life in the first place.

If Reimu really can spot us on sight, she wouldn't have been asking others, but we may have given ourselves away by moving towards the book clasp. I think Reimu may suspect us but is only observing for now, gaging our intentions and ability. Maybe she's waiting to see if we upset the balance and this becomes an "incident"? Otherwise, she has no obligation to help the shinigami. Or maybe extraction hurts or kills the host body, and she doesn't want that to happen to one of her friends.
File 121153915040.jpg - (68.74KB, 480x680 , Lily White & Rumia - Flying Lessons.jpg) [iqdb]
tl;dr, this is Quantum Leap: Gensokyo, and we're damn well going to perpetrate some good whether they want us to or not.

Fucking love it.

pic tangentially related, in that it involves sudden invasions into another's body.

this, this, a thousand times this.

Let's do some good in the world.

Good? What is 'good'?
>>What is 'good'?

>Good? What is 'good'?

Making love to Nightbugs

The subjectivity of good is subjective.
>Good? What is 'good'?

We just need to ask Ziggy, it'll work out.

As is the subjectivity of it's subjectivity.

Nazis, Arc of the Covenant, Indiana Jones, Etc.

Entirely ad-libbed as far as content goes. When I give choices, for example 'Run', 'Fight', and 'Try to talk your way out of it' I only ever think 'Running will lead to a chase and their next choices will be directions/distractions', 'Fighting will lead to them choosing an opening attack/Choosing a dodge method', and 'Varying degrees of apologies/excuses'. All the elaboration is created on the fly immediately. I've DMed D&D games by the seat of my pants before, and they require much more thought put into everything as far as numbers and balance goes. This is actually several times easier, because all the secret results that happen behind the scenes I can take care of later, leaving more time to think about my wording.

Overall, I do have planned 'goals' for characters as you take control of them. Alice's is, of course, the Automatism spell. As examples, Flandre/Remilia's goal is the same, to improve their relationship, with the extra focus with Flandre to learn to throttle her power. For the most part, character goals are something they struggle with, or are some part of their character, something they would strive for. I haven't come up with goals for everyone because they don't really have any problems, or any that are easy to fix (everyone in Eientei comes to mind. What can you do about the Lunar Capital Yukari hasn't already failed at doing? Suddenly, CUE REISENHANDER).

Also, obviously no thread today.

If you do this, I will love you forever.
File 121159841748.jpg - (122.05KB, 500x500 , 1203292012273.jpg) [iqdb]

Forgot your pic.
File 121159863321.jpg - (55.28KB, 500x500 , 11989915622881.jpg) [iqdb]

As tempting as it is, I don't think I could pull it off very well in a text game.

Beat me to it.

I imagine he's gone for the weekend, as that was when the last one was.
Well, shit.

Eh, stupid shit has a way of sneaking up on me. Aside from the fact that I've been waking up at about 5-6pm for the last few days, I've been busy most of the day as well, while also getting ready for an exam in a night school class that's happening today. Once I'm done this exam, I'll be free and clear, with nothing to do with my days until September, so I'll likely pick back up on writing this, writing more chapters for my touhou story, and playing my recently ordered copy of Einhander.

Quick question. I'm assuming that Sikieki and Komachi are out of the possession list due to plot, but what characters are Anonysoul unable to synchronize with and/or possess?

No one is off the list, but some will be harder than others to deal with, especially if their powers aren't readily apparent. For example, how would you realize Reisen's ability to manipulate wavelengths and induce madness? As long as we're in Eientei, how about Tewi's luck? Eirin's medical knowledge is directly tied to her memories, and I don't understand how Kaguya's ability to supposed to work really. Synchronization occurs the more you become the character, which pretty much means staying in character, advancing their goals, because then their consciousness begins to overlap with yours. Though Reimu and Sanae would be considerably harder to progress, for obvious reasons.

As for who you can possess, I've a list of all the characters available. Who you can possess is tied to how 'powerful' you are, which is pretty much a reflection of your knowledge you gain that carries over between bodies. As you get more powerful, you'll get more powerful characters to possess. When I give possession choices, the majority are within the same general power range as far as I consider them, and usually one is somewhat more powerful (Sakuya as opposed to Nitori, for example).
>because then their consciousness begins to overlap with yours.
Yeah, speaking of that...where IS their consciousness? Are they just blacked out, or what?
I would imagine so, but imagine what fun we would have if they could remember everything we did. It wouldn't hurt us that much, since if they told everyone else, they wouldn't be doing any more harm than we already did as Cirno, and if we get someone to like us enough, maybe we can confront them and talk with them.
>>36454 >>35589

I consider that spoilers. Really, don't do that, saying what we should be doing like this, it's like saying the end of a movie to someone who just bough tickest to see it.
He's just explaining how the framing device works, how we can switch between stories. Unless your goal is to work your way up to Yukari ASAP and end this, it's not ruining anything.

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