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Power outage, then late tutoring(Usually it's on Mondays, for future reference, but it was put off a bit due to IRL traveling on their end,) Then sleep. Then exams. Then D&D. And finally, at 8, I am now waiting 7 minutes for the computer with all my Touhou images to load. Am sorry. Hypothetical question, for the one you like more, what would you do if Keine was in an on-off relationship with a shopkeeper in the village, or Meiling deciding her job was more important than feelings?
tl;dr RL sucks, want refund. Also above question.
I'd be sad if Keine was taken. But I wouldn't do anything to upset that relationship, as hurting her would be hurting me. Don't care about chuugoku.
Oh Snap.

Honestly, I don't know what I would do in both of those situations. the HARDO MODO would be if both those hypotheticals were true at the same time. Anon would have a fight ahead of him either way, thats for sure.
woo keine into liking me more than that dirty shopkeeper
For Keine, it depends. If I'm in a relationship with her, I'd definetly be a little pissed if mister shopkeeper decided that he could continue his little flings while I'm dating her. If not, than it becomes a competition thing. However, I'm for Chi- Err, Meiling, so...

Meiling: Nuuuu! I'd respect her wishes, tho, and start helping her with her job, or something that proves that she doesn't have to compromise between her guard-dog job and her feelings; with enough support from Anon-kun, she can do both.
Keine can go screw her boyfriend, and China can go screw her boss for all I care.


and what if that shopkeeper was MANNOSUKE? do you still think you could compete?

You know, maybe you could meet Anon too... ah what am I saying. it would require you leaving the house once in a while.
Stay close to Keine as a friend, and build up a relationship with Mokou. Or, stay close to Meiling as a friend and build up a relationship with Sakuya.
Keine: Might make things more interesting if Anon wills things to go her way.

China: Might make Anon more prone to taking long walks off of short piers, but still might be interesting.

Either way, I see much despair to look forward to.
It will be delicious.
You discover Mokou has no interest in men, and Sakuya is even more "work over feelings" than Meiling.

An hero.
It happens, I don't think anyone really minds save for the one or two people who sit and F5 the main page the whole day.

The questions. Well. Fuck. Tail between the legs off into the sunset. At least there would still be other random adventures, love can always take a back seat. That or become the harbinger of a season who you find out is actually kinda absent minded and fickle after you start working for them.

"Hey, Miss Lake, would you like some eggs?"
It would be a shame if Anon's love for Keine would go to waste when she's already in a relationship with a shopkeeper. Anon would pretty much give them his regards and leave at that.

Meiling is out of anon's hands. He might as well be good friends instead of lovers.

Also GM, if all else fails, give us an option where anon would go berserk and go on a murdering spree.
Good. Time to head to Alice's place.
GM what do you tutor?
Take a plate of omelettes and an inhaler to the bookworm witch.
File 120735448387.gif - (24.08KB, 500x600 , 1179770006952.gif) [iqdb]
Hey, aren't you forgetting about someone, Anon?
O yea, we forgot Alice
little sister material, not relationship.
File 120735457692.jpg - (118.32KB, 400x400 , 1177180065471.jpg) [iqdb]
If all else fails.
The hell with Keine, I want Meiling.
Even if she decides her job is more important- i'd just show up and meet her there, probably with Cirno, thus ending her roneryness.
We know Remillia isn't a total bitch, she might show some considiration if we stay loyal to Meiling
I tutor the loli in english.

Also, to make moar ronery China copypasta, since it seems so popular:

"What... What are you saying, sir?" The smile dropped off her face at your words, leaving the lovely woman looking rather confused, sure she misheard you.

"I'm so sorry, Meiling, but I can't. You are a Youkai, and I am a human..." You say, and her jaw drops. Her blue eyes look at you, filled with utter disbelief and despair.

"You- Why, I..." She drops to her knees with a sob, burying her face in her hands as she bursts into tears at the rejecting, sobbing bitterly as all you can do is watch, frozen by an odd combination of sadism and guilt.

And she cries.
She cries.

All you can do is stand there as she decends into misery, and at last, you run. You run like the cowardly bastard you are, unable to watch any longer.

And the gatekeeper remains. Her spirit crushed. She cries, and although she stops and returns to her stoic guarding of the gate to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, inside, the tears continue. For the rest of those long, lonely days, guarding the gate, she thinks of nothing but you. Even though you ran, she still does. And the slow throb of hurt and betrayal remains, pounding on like the ticking of a clock.

Oh delicious suffering, how anon doth thrive on his pain and hurt.

But seriously, while I'm not personally committed to either character I am fond of Meiling now so barring any change of mind. I'd stay steadfast and faithful in my choice and pursue her patiently, I can be the tortoise.

But I'd rather keep options open right now, I'm a little annoyed people are already trying to leap on one character or another.

I reckon GM is getting tired of writing about the same characters all the time, that or suggesting that Meiling and Keine aren't easy Modo and carry their own potential twists and problems.
I don't like her that much and this still makes me sad ;_;

Thats cheating.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful.
Duel with said Shopkeeper and/or ask Meiling the real reason why she doesn't want to see us.

I mean seriously? Preferring guarding the gate to a mansion inhabited by people who don't even bother to remember your name, or someone who has committed suicide by lake once because they fucked up with you slightly?
>>And the slow throb of hurt and betrayal remains, pounding on like the licking of a cock.

that's how I read that last sentence until I checked it again.

If there was no gate to guard, Meiling wouldn't have to guard it.


Why not?
Cirno might be "not so bright" right now, but imagine the next situation-
Anon decides to go all the way with her, asking Keine's/Someone else's help, and eventually Cirno becomes a lot more knowledgable, a bit more mature, but is still pretty childish, playful and innocent.
i see GREAT relationship material here.
There's plenty of other fish in the lake.

To Youkai Mountain!
File 120735501590.gif - (26.17KB, 500x600 , 118652043149948.gif) [iqdb]
It doesn't have to be a relationship like THAT.
The point is that even if Keine rejects us for some shopkeeper, and Meiling and Sakuya choose their jobs over love, Cirno will still stand by us, no matter what.

Cirno will never abandon us. She will never reject us. And no matter how bad things may get, she will still be there.

Though our adventures may end with our painful and gruesome demise, with her around we can die without regret, and know that if nothing else we had fun every step of the way.

I was outside on the third day, but Nooo~ Anon wanted to go to the freaking Scarlet Devil Mansion

I agree 100% with this. Give us our Cirno family love route now.
>>Cirno will never abandon us. She will never reject us. And no matter how bad things may get, she will still be there.

Until we're forced to incinerate her to move on to the next stage, at least.
Kiene- eh. Sucks.
Meiling- . . . Damnit.
Both- FUCK. Wait.. PATCHY. TO THE ASTHMA INHALER THAT HAS TO BE SOMEWHERE IN GENSOKYO. Otherwise, we have a Yokai to see about some gaps. Or some moon people. You know. Which ever.

Too true, anon. Too true. Couldn'tve said it better myself.

You endure constant hardships, and face certain death more times than can be counted, but you finally complete the inhaler that will hopefully restore Patchoulli to health. With newfound determination, you make haste back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and to the great library within, only to discover you are too late. While you were away, she finally succumbed to her illness, and died in her sleep.
For poor Keine:

"... You do hate me." Keine whispers quietly, her words still soft and breathy as always, as she quietly looks up into your eyes as it pains you to speak those words.

"No, Keine, It's just- You, I, it won't work. I already have... Someone else." She doesn't cry, but you can tell she's holding back those tears as she gently shakes, the knuckles on his fists white as she uses every resource of emotional strength. And all the while, she looks up at you with those eyes, that seem to silently scream "WHY?!" at you. There is a silence for the longest time.

"Please leave." Her voice is thick as she makes her request, still polite. She was used to this, people shunning her for her wereform, deeming her ugly, a youkai, or running screaming. This was just another nail pounded through her chest.

A spiked, poisoned nail.

You left hesitantly, a sickening fascination of suffering urging you to watch, but the better part of you rejects it, and you walk out. As soon as you do, the door slams shut behind you, and you can hear her cry softly behind it, interspersed with hiccups. Although you can't see it, you can imagine her face twisting with despair, her eyes red as the tears flow. With nothing else, you walk away.

And that is all you can do. Nothing ever consoles Keine, and even that dashing boy across the way can never break through the coldness that Keine develops after you left her. Kids seemed to be the only one she showed any emotion for, as she slowly pulled away from the rest of the world. She even pushed away Mokou, who felt there was nothing left she could do to console the heartbroken schoolteacher.

In the end, she died alone inside of her little house. She never recovered from a cold which she refused to get treated, which eventually became pneumonia. She died cold, and your name was the last thing on her breath.


Must. not. let. this. happen!
Then you have a delicous succubus all to yourself. You just have to seal the deal with a 'mana transfer'.

You heartless bitch! Why do you have to do this to us?! ;_;
I...I feel...like swimming.

Yes. Yes, I think I need to go...swim.

y u do this?

Damn those two are KEY endings.
Manly tears are shed. Hate Anon
Look, Anon. It's started to rain.
Now that's fucked up. At least the Meilin one was entertaining. This is just..wrong ;_;
Please don't apologize to us. If anything, we should apologize to you, for making you feel like you have to come here.

GM, you are a golden shining thingie among other thingies that are less shiny and also not gold. Your face will echo forever in the halls of some really awesome place, for sure.
Lets make this thread a bad end Thread.
This needs a Cirno bad end NOW!
Please write us a Cirno and Mokou bad end!
Show us how a cowardly hateful bastard Anon is.
Your damn right its raining! These are tears. Manly tears of loss. I predict a 100% chance of rain across the usa this weekend, a cold, cold rain.
File 12073564308.jpg - (113.59KB, 799x942 , eggs.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh wow.


"Bwa ha ha ha ha!"

You are taken aback. "What?"

Keine wipes the tears from her eyes. She stops laughing long enough to say "I'm sorry. I ... did you really think we were in a relationship?"

You could only mutter. "Huh?"

Keine finally calms down. "Look," She says seriously. "I want to apologize if I fooled you into thinking I was in love with you. I always take it upon myself to help the weak humans who can't fend for themselves. Mokou found you with a nasty cold, and I just wanted to take care of that and made sure you were well rested before you left again."

You start dumbfoundedly at her. "S-so then it's cool?"

She raises an eyebrow at the weird slang, but she easily determins the meaning of it. "Yes. We're cool." She reassures blandly.

Anon stood up, and left Keine alone.

Later that night, during a full moon.

Keine, green haired and horned stood over Mokou's gored body.

"I can't believe him! I hate him so much!" The were-hakutaku shouted into the night.

Mokou made no effort to move or dodge Keine's attacks. "It's alright. -oof- Let it all out -erk-..."

Keine stopped, and began sobbing again. "I'm so sorry, Mokou, I just thought ... finally I found someone else who accepted me like this."

"He did accept you as a Were-hakutaku, Keine. I'm sure he had the best intentions." Mokou could only reassure.

Keine began bashing Mokou in anger again. Mokou took the pain. Even though she had died several times in the process, Mokou was glad to be there for Keine. After all this was done and over with, Mokou would be having hot lesbian scissorings, and that was enough for her.

Oh. Wow.
If this Anon were ever to breed, he would gladly offer Gensokyo Man his first, second, and even third-born as a sacrifice. Of maybe just as something to put on display on the mantle.
They make for great conversation starters.
>>You left hesitantly, a sickening fascination of suffering urging you to watch, but the better part of you rejects it, and you walk out.
>>but the better part of you rejects it

You over estimate anon, the temptation to just stand there gawking like a retard drinking in that heady pain would be over whelming. If you doubt my words remember that anon read that and loved it, we are fixated on agony.

Also, you're good at what you do GM. Damn good.
File 120735674867.jpg - (85.47KB, 600x338 , Anti-Spiral.jpg) [iqdb]
Pathetic Anonymous. An obstacle other than your own ineptitude appears and you've fallen into the darkest depths of despair. Do you see it now? This is your limit.
Well, if either of those situations cropped up, I'd probably choose to pursue the other girl, but still stay on good, friendly terms with the now-unavailable girl. And then I would do this >>3530 .

Wouldn't really pursue it unless she showed signs of wanting that. Cirno is more fun as a fun, excitable little sister type.
Like how they said it.

It's not Key without Downs and Key AIDS.

Maybe not Mokou, but sure. Let's see a Cirno Rejection End. I'm already BAAAWWWWWing like a little girl; one more won't make me look any worse.
Just feel worse.
I heard Cirno bad end requested.

"I don't get it." Cirno stares at you blankly, her large eyes looking up at you with a lack of understanding. You feared this. She returns to a smile. "Come on, we have to go defeat these Tengu on the mountain, this really mean Aya one insulted me in her paper thingy, and-"

"Cirno... We can't go on another adventure. I've settled down. She's pregnant. There is nothing more between us. I'm sorry." Her happy face turns to one of surprise, then... She frowns, looking slightly hurt.

"What? But you're my human-"

"I am sorry, Cirno. It is best if you don't come here, anymore. Go back to the lake. You have other fairy friends there, right? Good bye, Cirno." You turn, and walk away, even as she begins to frown.

"NO! No! You can't stop! You're my human!" She shrieks, and launches herself at you... Only to be pushed away harshly, a soft thud as she hits the ground. You continue walking, not even looking back at the little ice fairy. Autumn had just arrived,, and you hurried onward. It was due to rain soon, and you promised to be back.

But she lies there in the grass. "I don't understand..." She whispers as the rain softly begins to drizzle down, the fallen droplets around her turning to ice. "You can't..." There is no ears for her words to reach. "Why am I crying! I don't need any stupid human anyways!" Cirno sniffles, wiping at her eyes as tears begin to flow. But she is unable to stop. She wails, like a little girl, not even willing herself to get up, and remains right where you pushed her down without a second thought. The clouds gather, and soon the drizzle becomes a downpour. But she never moves.

She disappears after that day. Nobody sees her again. Other fairies get strangely quiet whenever the topic is discussed, and turn it to more pleasant things. But somewhere in a lake, she is drowning herself.
Over and over again.
Did you know?
Fairies can't die. But she feels the pain. Every time.
But it's slightly less painful than remembering when you cut her cheerful, innocent heart in half.
File 120735700853.jpg - (4.93KB, 238x195 , 1207355842095.jpg) [iqdb]
No, no, no. You're being brutal and just going for shock.

You have to make us feel like horrible, wretched trash and make us ever regret causing the girl any heartache.

Spring showers now upgraded to torrential downpours.
File 120735711451.jpg - (36.78KB, 400x300 , toho_001815.jpg) [iqdb]
As bad as I feel reading that, I feel even worse at the fact that I can look at this image after reading that and laugh.
File 120735727470.gif - (402.77KB, 300x168 , 1189478237881.gif) [iqdb]

Despair! These bad ends have left me in despair! Why can't anon just be happy with being happy?
...This makes me feel bad, but it turns out all right... eventually... kind of. Good job.


I feel like utter shit.

Mission accomplished, GM. ;_;
Anon is such a bastard, we cant just choose one girl, we have to get a harem to please them all at once, if not we will make all those girls cry!

Please a Mokou bad end while you are at it.
Men, these BAD ENDs have opened my eyes.
There can be but only one path for us.

NEVER will we give them up, let them down, or run around and desert them.
We must never make them cry, nor shall we ever say "goodbye". And never must we tell them lies or hurt them.
File 120735753750.jpg - (13.83KB, 250x477 , Mgs3_the_sorrow.jpg) [iqdb]

WHY MUST YOU GO FROM "Oh God, the happiness! I've finally escaped this hellhole, and have been greeted by a group of friends!" TYPE POSTS TO "DEAR GOD, THE SORROW!" BAD ENDS?!
Anon has a new name today.

Astley. Rick Astley.

fairies can't die?
(You are now being rickrolled manually)
I look at these as visions of possible futures.

Futures which must never come to pass.

I don't know how Anon is going to do it, but we can never upset these women.
Because Gensokyo Man is just that damn good.
I can't believe I'm asking this...
GM!! Requesting Alice bad end.

No, just make these BAD ENDS an exclusive.
Hasn't it been done already? Also, /r/ing Marisa bad end copypasta.
Alice is dead.
I feel like dying now. this is utterly horrible.
That, mixed with a sudden urge to hug Cirno and promise her i will NEVER leave her, and will come to play even if i settle down with someone else (but, why the hell should i do that? no one is as fun as Cirno)
Every Bad end is an Alice end, theres is no hope for her at all. Just DESPAIR.
Theres no hope for her at all, Alice Route - double suicide is happy ending

I'm sorry, but I can't help but to find these amusing. All three of them are ultimate tragic story time. fact of the matter is that none of them would really care. they might be sad that this guy they knew for a day or so rejected them, but any of them would be over it in less than a week.
kiene would go back to her teaching.
meling would go back to her lazy days watching the gate.
cirno would simply forget.
really, I doubt any of them would find us worth crying over, much less the scenarios you put forward.

>>Still, an individual fairy is short-lived(*1),
>>but they immediately resurrect in the same
>>shape. Even if they suffer large injuries so
>>that their bodies are in pieces, they heal
>>immediately. In a stricter sense fairies
>>can´t die.
File 12073579952.jpg - (80.68KB, 504x709 , ca9d6beaa28be5cce1d359f2e584a82e.jpg) [iqdb]
Anon shall not be deterred!
Anything truly worthwhile is worth fighting for!
All of them assume, naturally, that you've been there for months, or possibly years and known them through that time.
PROTIP: try reading them out of the game's immediate context
File 120735820693.jpg - (119.36KB, 562x437 , HA HA HA OH FUUUUUCK.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes, it is raining... yes... the rain... I can feel it...
The rain...
I'll give Cirno a whack

"Cirno, please listen to me for a second." You say trying to still the over excited fairy.

"What is it anon-chan?" Cirno stops flitting about when she catches sight of your serious expression, she tries to settle her self on your shoulders but you disengage your self from her. Holding her arms firmly by her sides you look her in her big blue eyes, filled with such love and trust and say.
"I'm sorry."

Cirno doesn't understand she just stares at you her tiny form trembling, her heart fluttering in her chest like a caged bird. Going moist at the eyes she wriggles free from your grasp and tries to place her hands on your shoulders but you withdraw.
"W-what's the matter anon-chan? I don't understand, but. It's okay! I forgive you. What did you do?"

"Goodbye Cirno." You say, you turn your back on her and begin to walk away. Cirno stumbles and begins to follow, your walking too fast for her to keep up and she has to resort to flying to keep up.

"Anon slow down! Where are we going? Why are you sorry? Anon? Anon?"

You're running now, Cirno keeps grabbing at your clothes trying to stop you but you always manage to twist out of her grasp. One jerk of your arm hits her in the face sending her crashing into the undergrowth, as she looks up all she sees is your figure retreating into the distance. Cirno stands and tries to run after you but trips, laying prone on the floor she begins to sob.

"Where'd you go anon-chan? Why'd you leave me, I dun't wanna be alone no more."

That night Cirno wandered the forest searching for her beloved human, she was so distraught her powers weakened and couldn't even fly. She felt sick to her stomach, it felt as though something very special had been taken from somewhere inside her and all that was left was an empty space that made her feel cold, colder than she had ever felt before.

Finally the little fairy could search no longer, she was exhausted and just wanted to curl up and cry. The tears tht ran down her face were icy and glittered cruelly in the moonlight, wrapping her arms around herself she heave with great sobs as pain wracked her body, her heart. Sometimes she screamed, sometimes she fell deadly silent.

No one ever saw Cirno again after that night, it was as if she disappeared. But some fairies say that there is a stream in the forest where Cirno was last seen that was never there before and the water runs frighteningly cold all year round.

"What... What are you saying, sir?" The smile dropped off her face at your words, leaving the lovely woman looking rather confused, sure she misheard you.

"I'm so sorry, Meiling, but I can't. You are a Youkai, and I am a human..." You say, and her eyes almost seem to fade in their blue color.

"Oh, I see." She said quietly.

"So, I have to be going now. I have to return home." You continue. Meiling nods softly. "But, I might visit every once in a while, if it will help you."

"No, no. It'll be quite alright. I'm a strong youkai who's purpose is to guard the Scarlet Gate. It wouldn't be right if you only came to admit the door." She said. You nod, and turn away, heading towards the boat on the lake.

Once Hong Meiling can no longer see or hear you, she begins weeping softly. "China" A stern voice emanates behind her.

"Oh, Miss Sakuya, I-"

"It's alright." Sakuya cut her off. "I saw everything that happened."

"Oh, you did. Well, I-"

"It's alright." She cut in again. Meiling looked down. Sakuya began to speak again, in a softer voice than anyone would contemplate her having. "Do you want to come inside?"

China looked up in surprise. "But it's my duty to-"

"You don't look fit to be guarding the gate today. You should come inside and rest for today.

... Hong Meiling."

Meiling seemed absolutely in shock at Sakuya's kindness. Meiling began following Sakuya inside to mansion. To ... rest for a little while.

I feel like a monster...

And then they had freaky interspecies scissor sex

>>heading towards the boat on the lake.

This part I do not understand. Is the Lake a portal back into the Real world?
I'm not sure whether the fact that Anon would most likely never get far enough along with anyone to reject them like that makes me feel better, or worse.
bugger now I regret writing mine

/r/ing a Lily White BAD END
Thats a comforting thought.
No that's jsut retarded. Only GM can bring out Alice's true character (cannon > fannon)
File 120735888659.png - (6.67KB, 300x300 , 1207345099522.png) [iqdb]


I don't know where to begin with this one..."
In before 50 years of lies.
Damn, this one was truly a sad, bad end
Damnit, you just have to mention that one ;__;

File 120735922260.gif - (13.80KB, 400x294 , 1203614598834.gif) [iqdb]
Holy shit, this thread is awesome! GM you magnificent evil bastard!
Pick one.

[ ] Alice

[ ] Reimu

[ ] Mokou

[ ] Patchouli
Pick one.

[ ] Alice

[ ] Reimu

[ ] Mokou

[ ] Patchouli
File 120735928047.jpg - (82.78KB, 460x450 , 1199865933125.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Mokou
Lets stick with the bad ends to characters we encountered first. Mokou, Sakuya, Flandre, Marisa and Remilia.
File 12073592907.jpg - (160.13KB, 1000x700 , sad copy.jpg) [iqdb]
Broken hearts anon... broken hearts.
[X] Mokou

*innocent Whistle*

I've never seen that one, link?
[X] Mokou
File 120735932725.jpg - (248.15KB, 640x640 , Patchouli Knowledge013.jpg) [iqdb]

There can only be one. Library moe~
torn between wheezing and flames.

[ ] Mokou
[x] Mokou
Not a fan, but damn I'm curious what that's like.
I honestly hope there's going to be something remotely uplifting after all of this DESPAIR. Otherwise, I fear the next time we resume Anon will cut his reunion with everyone short and run into the lake screaming "IT'S BETTER THIS WAY AFTER ALL!"
[X] Patchouli

Do your worst.
[X] Mokou
Its our prevailing reoccurring strategy. Of course its going to win on occasion.
You're gonna carry that weight.
[X] Patchouli
"And...That's why I can't be with you any longer." As you say this sentence, China seems to not understand.

"I don't know what you mean. Why can't I see you anymore?"

"Because. I hate this place. I hate Sakuya, Flandre, Remilia, everyone at this mansion. After what happened the other day, I realized how much I hate this place. And how much I hate you."

As you said this, Meiling seemed to be thinking. Her eyes began to water, and tears started to hit the ground.

"But...Why do you hate me? Why, me?"

"I hate you because of them. I hate you because of this mansion. I can't even stand looking at you, gaurding a gate for a house of evil women, who care nothing about other's lives. Goodbye, Meiling."

As you walk away, you hear her break into a loud sob. You know that you don't really hate her, but you can't see her anymore. This must be for the best, it must be.

The Scarlet Devil Mansion no longer has a gate guard. After you rejected her, Meiling was so distraught that she killed herself. Apparently she had stabbed herself hundreds of times, and had written a message displaying her love for you with the blood that gushed from her wounds. Apparently, she had traveled all the way to the human village to do this. Even today, noone will go near the center of the village, where you can still faintly see the words:

"Please forgive me, Anon."
Our relationship with Cirno is purely platonic. Even if nobody else in Gensokyo will take us, Cirno will be our sweet, beloved, adopted daughter.
... thats not sad as it is gruesome.
some one write a Lake rejection.
"So... That's it then? We're through?" Mokou blinks, and you step back a bit in surprise. No hysterics? No screaming? Just... Acceptance?

"Mokou, you know we continually fight and all. You're immortal, and it'll probably only be a blink of an eye to you; I don't want to hurt you like that-"

"There is someone else, isn't there?" She's always to the point, isn't she? It's always been part of her charm.

"Perhaps." You reply evasively. "Mokou, don't take this-"

"I won't. Please, go."

You left silently, with a small smile which was returned. Keine would be happy, and you could be together with no hard feelings on any ends. What you didn't know, was that Keine was far more perceptive than you had thought. She had prepared for days, seeing the signs. Even now, not an hour after you left, she screamed in inarticulate rage, burning the bamboo. It had taken a long time for her to accept you were out of her reach, even more to ensure she wouldn't turn you to ask on the spot.

She had lost her family, and all that she cared about outside the borders of Gensokyo, who all fell to the ravages of time in her quest for revenge. You never saw her again, she she avoided you, having no wish to feel those pangs of jealousy and rage to so tightly compressed whenever she saw Keine now. She slowly stopped seeing the both of you as you grew older, pulling away emotionally. Having to see you always pulled open old wounds for her thereafter.

At your funeral, your grandson saw a strange woman placing flowers on both of your graves even as his mother, your daughter, pulled him away.

"Bye, Kid. Keine." She whispered, before running off, the memories of both of you etched into her heart for the rest of her eternal life, like it or not.

((Night, Anon.))

Ah this one's not so bad. At least she didn't drown her self.
Thats it. I'm jumping in the lake.
>was that Keine was far more perceptive than you had thought.

Should this read "was that Mokou was far more perceptive than you had thought."?
Fuck, it's late, and I've got to go for the night. I'll try to get WUIG in tomorrow, and if I can't, moar bad ends for your reading pleasure.
File 120736106543.png - (779.88KB, 989x700 , 7a5a686ab217cf7e69cef8bed95becb7.png) [iqdb]

That's it. We're LAKE-ing ourselves. Just spare everyone the trouble and heartbreak, and end ourselves. It's for the best, really.
It's cool, don't burn yourself out.
She can't.
Fuck yes, the last one wasnt so bad, yeah i thought Mokou could handle it better, she has eternity on her side and knows the pain already too good.
Thanks GM, your as awesome as ever. Just rest tomorrow, and maybe write us some more bad ends, that would be awesome
Fuck you. These are possible outcomes, anon has the capacity to win in the face of adversity. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

That said I think we have the capacity for much deeper fail and pain too.
File 120736169087.gif - (12.09KB, 360x440 , 1181606525729.gif) [iqdb]
You're right, Anon. Nothing will be gained by running away!

We'll show those BAD ENDs the TRUE MEANING OF DESPAIR! We shall unleash a BAD END of such epic proportions, the land shall be flooded by the rain of tears!
I enjoyed this thread as much as I enjoyed YWUiG, to be honest.
Your right! Fortune favors the bold!

Or we could have a nice boat back at the lake.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise anon at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good anon, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild anon who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave anon, near fail, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my GM, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

ahh man, it wasn't even deliciously heart retching. I guess it is pretty late, huh?
File 120736229848.png - (423.62KB, 875x2550 , 1205958827465.png) [iqdb]
So anon will have to become Dan Kim?
Finale of WUiG is a battle with ZUN on top of thin ice on Scarlet Devil Lake while your lover and Cirno watch by the shore.

No danmaku
Fists only
No. Anon will have to attain a level beyond Dan Kim.
I don't know if even an army of Anon could hope to defeat ZUN.

I'm pretty sure we could take that shopkeeper Keine's on-off again with, though. Let's just kill him instead.
I'm fine with that, as long as it doesn't end with us carrying Keine's head around in a bag.
>what would you do if Keine was in an on-off relationship with a shopkeeper in the village

If already in a relationship:
"Keine, you love everyone. If someone needs your help, you'll take care of them. That's the woman I fell in love with. I couldn't ask you to stop loving someone any more than I could ask you to not be who you are."

If not:
Keine: "I've got a man."
Dumbass: "What's your man got do with me?"

>or Meiling deciding her job was more important than feelings?

"Everyone has obligations that take priority over others, but I can't see how having dinner with you every night would interfere with your duties. With the setting sun and then the twinkling of the stars--we don't need to leave this place to go on a date."
I never understood this comic.
File 120736297639.jpg - (22.70KB, 606x587 , antispiral.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes, that's right, foolish Anonymous. You have no courage to please everyone at once, and no resolve to choose, so drown. Drown yourself! Drown yourself to death in despair!
The baby's the pie.
Patchouli started coughing. It wasn’t bad at first, but as it grew steadily worse she reached for the inhaler that used to be nearby. Finding nothing where she was reaching, she remembered that it had long since run out and had been thrown away. Kokouma came from nowhere and gently started rubbing her back. Patchouli waved her away in a sign that she would be alright in a minute.

Once the coughing abated, Patchouli sighed. She thought back on that strange human who had braved the dangers of the mansion just to attempt to learn magic. Oh sure, at first he seemed to have the magical aptitude of a clod of dirt, but over time he learned. He had also vanished for a short while and had returned bearing the strange medicine that made her coughing fits subside far more quickly.

Meling was the one who found the body, unceremoniously dumped in front of the gate. There was apparently a note. Sakuya and the others apparently hid the body quite quickly to keep Patchouli from finding out. But Patchouli knew. She knew when he didn’t return with the medicine. From what she had managed to find out, he was involved with some dangerous tasks in order to keep Patchouli in her medicine. Gathering materials from both the forest of magic and Youkai mountain, as well as breaking into Entei and stealing materials from there. Kaguya had set a trap on his last excursion, and that, as they say, was that.

He had been a promising student, and the medicine he provided was quite useful, but it was nothing more than that. She told her self this little lie constantly, in the hopes that eventually she would believe it. Patchouli started coughing again, and this time, she didn’t wave Kokuma off when the little demon started rubbing her back.
Why's it taste like tears then?
She's just saying that because she can't bring herself to say "my baby", and is crying for no apparent reason.
Would've been nice if it were done like "this tastes like...

It amazes me that Anon can go from raging about his loss of pride and masculinity for submitting to the humiliations Flandre forced us into and behaving like a spineless bitch, only to immediately lose all resolve and become a miserable little puddle of despair when the difficulties change from the life-threatening variety to the heart-rending type.

gb2/dead/ Anti Spiral. Don't you have a Spiral Hobo to bother?
Anonymous is not afraid of anything. Anonymous laughs at the pitiful weak little girl that can kill us if she wishes. Anonymous laughs at the red eyed rabbit girl that nearly caused him to have a bad end. Anonymous would willingly dive into a freezing lake and drown himself rather than hurt a woman. Anonymous is a kind, considerate person that would rather himself be hurt than a woman he loves.
Anonymous's weakness is his heart.
Anonymous is a colder and more psychotic Shirou Emiya.

"Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all."

Beat 'em up, guys!

Go for broke!



File 120736422883.jpg - (897.59KB, 641x2344 , keine.jpg) [iqdb]

Goddamn it's such a good picture.
lol wtf, that Keine bad end looks like win
File 120736458766.gif - (261.62KB, 560x840 , 321a7cc89c8d35cbbb67cb9cb63cc360.gif) [iqdb]
Good evening. In less than 7 minutes, Anon from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest romantic battle in the history of Anonymous. "Anonymous." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fifth of April, and we will once again be fighting for our good ending. Not just from death, lakes, or NICE BOATs... but from despair. We are fighting for our right to happiness. To love. And should we win the day, the Fifth of April will no longer be known as a non-holiday, but as the day the Hivemind declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the lake! We will not drown in sorrow without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! TODAY, WE CELEBRATE OUR HAREM END DAY!
I remember anon being easier to inspire\whip into a frenzy than this.

There we go
File 120736496398.jpg - (968.04KB, 1134x1142 , danchou.jpg) [iqdb]
You fellows look like you could use some MOTIVATION!!
We need to have an option to court the girl of our choice by standing outside her window (or a few feet away from the gate in China's case) and serenade them with Anon's very best impression of Rick Astley.
File 120736499998.gif - (29.41KB, 125x125 , antispiral.gif) [iqdb]
You will die like dogs! VANISH!

Is Yuyuko feeding Youmu an Egg?
File 120736521492.jpg - (437.18KB, 1000x800 , toho_001501.jpg) [iqdb]
Guys, if we just focus on one girl from now on, none of these BAD ENDs will happen.
File 120736527487.jpg - (50.43KB, 528x600 , winter cheerleading.jpg) [iqdb]
Go, Cirno's human! Go!
Actually I disagree. We will have to be faithful when the time comes but we're hardly going to close any paths quite yet. It's okay for Mr Dumbass to be sociable and make friends but well:

At this rate we will need a fixed choice by day ten. Maybe day seven, I don't know how long GM is willing to write for.
Sign, sign.
Everywhere a sign.
Blockin' out the scenery.
Breakin' my mind.
Do this. Don't do that.
Can't you read the sign?
Well, I didn't mean completely ignore the other girls. I mean we can still be friends with them.
File 120736578617.jpg - (216.75KB, 520x640 , 1207279177768.jpg) [iqdb]
WAKE UP! Break away from your fantasy you hide in. If this world is too hard to deal with, then change it! Destroy your fear of the Lake! We are beyond needing continues! We will go forth and turn Gensokyo into a paradise for us! We will need no harem! Every woman and plot twist will be ours for the taking!

Now go!
File 120736593190.jpg - (77.31KB, 419x584 , 1207261573321.jpg) [iqdb]
Pierce the lake with your long fingers and nineballs, Anon!
The way I see it is we should use the next couple of days to visit the rest of Gensokyo. A new place each day, we aim to spend the night at each region as well to get the full benefits of visiting there.
We need to hit:
The shrine
Forest of magic
Human village
The boarder (if possible)

during this period who ever we visit more than once, say we return to check on meiling, will be the primary path we can follow.
File 120736601264.jpg - (142.51KB, 350x458 , 1207279025338.jpg) [iqdb]
fuck...I shouldn't write when I'm tired. That was horrible.
File 120736606894.png - (288.97KB, 837x1200 , silent_sinner_ch04_05.png) [iqdb]
Rice balls.
Remember this well. This pan is a pan that fries the universe. That meal will become a breakfast for those that follow us. The wishes of the drowned and the hopes of everyone that follows, with those two thoughts, with twenty eggs mixed in, we will create the omelet to tomorrow!

If we actually start being like this in the game threads we may actually get a good end.

I think Meiling needs a pep talk from anon, I'd love it if she started giving Sailor moon style speeches to intruders
I came in expecting some progress.

I see you all prefer drowning in misery at the upcoming decision. Apparently none of you read shoujo manga.

Not that I do...

At any rate, while GM controls all the plot and you masochists control the decisions, that doesn't mean we have to pick a choice that hurts one or the other, point is, we've known everyone for 4..5 days, in other words, we still have time to change things before they go to far.

I thought the main problem is what anon will do when the time comes to pick. I mean, the division between Keine and Meiling is like (I don't like to use this analogy, but..it is like) the Democratic race in America right now. The split is killing their chances of winning.

We have no continues, anon, better think this out.
Anon will have to gradually become less romantic with every character except the one he wants.

Except Anon wants practically any girl, so this will be a problem. It's not like we're all going to agree on one. That basically means we're going to have to "choose", rather than "phase out" and that'll lead to heartbreak.

So far, we've woo'd:
Flandre (not really).

We're in a pretty bad spot right now.
I imagine that will change once we open up the choices a bit.

We jumped on those two because they were the only women being nice to us while we faced danger in every direction.

Any port in a storm.
but ports demand concessions from you when you stay to long, can't dwell in two ports at the same time.

Yeah, the main problem is that we can't agree on the same route.
Cirno is pretty much disregarded from the choices as romantic interests go. She's better as our adorable little sister/daughter who adores us and goes on adventures with us as we ruffle her hair affectionately.

And there's no chance in hell of wooing Flan short of some ungodly HAX power-up Anon might get that allows him to truly face her on her level. She will never respect someone who she can obliterate in the blink of an eye, after all.
FUCK CONTINUES, true men dont need continues, dont play it safe, we need the danger, we laugh in the face of danger.
We do the impossible, steer toward manly tears BAD END. Even if we die, we will conquer the Netherworld and make It ours.
This picture is fucking adorable.
Poster of >>3759 here
I'm a (9) fan myself, but it's true that I'm not as romantically inclined towards her right now. But I can imagine her being so; she might be stupid, but she isn't really that stupid. She has shown some maturity in her canon.

Also, should I archive these BAD ENDS as well?
Unless they're going to be tucked away with the rest of BAD END theater sure.
Damn, smooooooth Anon.
File 120736780066.jpg - (359.73KB, 1280x720 , strigon03.jpg) [iqdb]
Gentlemen, I do not believe a lady in Gensokyo will be able to resist us now.
I wish to bring Cirno to womanhood.
Stick penis inside Cirno
Penis snaps off
I don't get why we're going into the smex already. it's been 4 days.
Nah. We'd use a condom of frost-resistance. Anyways, she's only that cold if she wants to be. She actually is a real fairy, so she can't really melt per-say; that's more of a running joke.
You obviously don't have enough testosterone in your system. Consider steroids.
Let's examine our prospects, shall we?
Cirno: She adores us. She would gladly charge right alongside us into the worst situations, and even if separated from us she would not rest until she found us safe and sound again. In short, FUCK YES, YOU ARE THE BEST LITTLE-SISTER-TYPE EVER!

Keine: Kind, caring, and sensitive. She took us into her home and nursed us back to health, and has shown great concern and care for our well-being. Of course, this is Keine we're talking about, and so it might be best to not read too much into that. On top of her sensitivity regarding her non-human side, the prospect of a love-rival means to pursue her would mean having to proceed carefully and cautiously, while still remaining firm and resolute. It's gotta be all or nothing, here, but it can be done.

Meiling: The sweet gate guard who clearly doesn't get enough attention or appreciation in her line of work. While she may still address us somewhat formally, she clearly cares about our safety more than is usual for your average guest at the mansion. However, aside from the hints from GM, the fact that she persists in her work despite the conditions means she truly is quite devoted to her job. It will take a lot of effort and braving the Lake more times than we might like to have any hope here. Plus there is also the concern of if the Head Maid becomes involved in any way...

Sakuya: Ranging from cold to outright hostile towards others depending on if you're just visiting or are an intruder, she has shown in the brief time we've been with her a softer side. Plus, she didn't instantly kill us, slap us, or do anything else all that negative when we suggested doing her, and actually smiled. Between her genuine disdain for liars and her own apparent problems in expressing herself, the only way to go with her is to remain honest, direct, and from-the-heart. She was more impressed by our willingness to get down to business and cook some damn good eggs rather than our skills of diplomacy and bullshittery. However, she will likely be even more married to her work than Meiling is, and so will be even more difficult to make things work. Also, forget about pursuing Meiling beyond just friends. It will only be more painful for the both of you, in more ways than one.

Flandre: Ha ha. Yeah. Right.
Forgot patchy.

Also, sakuya has loltimehax, so she can make time for someone she loves.
>>Flandre: Ha ha. Yeah. Right.

I know you're right, but imaging "Dumbass onii-chan" makes me light headed.
What about Mokou?
File 120736956455.jpg - (134.51KB, 500x706 , 66c4cc6793cb83a17d362499b4a62622.jpg) [iqdb]
And so I did.

Patchoulli: The moe moe asthmatic bookworm. As subdued as she generally seems to be, she isn't as blatantly fond of us as Cirno or Meiling are. However, the fact that she knows full well what Flandre is capable of possibly caused at least some respect for us to develop when we willingly chose to be her personal pet for the day. And even if her helpful advice for surviving the day and her agreement to consider teaching us magic was more due to slight sense of pity for us, we definitely proved ourselves to her by helping thwart Marisa's attempted robbery of the library. Even though she should clearly have known we had no chance of learning magic, she took the time to humor us, and in the end still bestowed upon us a gift that would quickly prove to be a life-saver.
Them problem here most certainly would stem not from some interpersonal conflict, but from her own ailing health. If we want to make any more progress with her, we have to do anything and everything in our power to find a cure, but even then we won't be able to rest on our laurels. As Flandre's teacher, we will be forced to be closer to the little psychopath more than we may like, and will still have to be wary of her destructive abilities.

Of course, if you dick around too much before coming back with a cure, she will probably die by the time you return, rendering all of your efforts for nothing, and your chances for settling down with anyone else all but closed off.

The clock is already ticking, Anon...
God dammit...

I've been bit by the bug. Now I'm writing a BAD END too...though this one is more bittersweet I think than "Whoops, you fucked up, you're dead! LULZ".
We haven't really had enough interaction with Mokou to know where we might stand with her.

She's the one who saved us after our ill-conceived infiltration of Eintei and subsequent bitch-slapping by Reisen, and apparently made some vaguely tsundere-esque comments to Keine about how she didn't do it because she CARED or anything, but the fact of the matter is aside from cooking breakfast for her and everyone else the main reason she's around is as Keine's friend.

If we want to get closer to her, we should start by trying to pay her back for saving us, and try to spend some time with her. However, a relationship would be risky, as you would become a prime target for Kaguya to attempt to get at Mokou. Even if you aren't attacked directly, there's no guarantee you won't wind up in a worse state than Keine if you get caught in the cross-fire. Of course, there are bound to be quite a few other problems as well.
You know, the most interesting thing about YWUIG is how the character of the protagonist shifted from being a self-insert who apparently knew about Gensokyo even before waking up there to a more believable, non-fourth wall-breaking everyman.

Just inputting my twosense.
attack moon peoples with Mokou, Steal medicine for patchy, beat up Erin for good measure Maybe capture her, force her to make UNLIMITED INHALER WORKS for patchy, also, lolimmortalityhax. Then Mokou route is GOOD TO GO.
Anonymous has been absorbed into Gensokyo. With each night he sleeps he slowly forgets where he comes from.

Only in the end will he remember all that he's forgotten as his fantasy comes crashing down all around him to reveal the lonely reality he had once lived in and must return to.
That's what I've been saying.
We get to not only bond with the firey-hot immortal, but also make good on squaring away our debts to her and Patchouli for all they've done for us.

It might be hoping for too much, but it might be nice if we could also somehow make it up to Reisen for pissing her off and making whatever bad night she was having worse.
problem is, Invading the moon people's mansion is not gonna help in any way, shape, or form. If we do this, we've effectively screwed ourselves out of anyone from eientei. There's no way we could get away with having our cake and eating it too.
Ever thought about asking nicely for the inhaler?
...I don't get it.
pfft. Like that'd ever work.
No, you screw yourself out of a route with anyone from Eintei just by aligning yourself with Mokou.
There's no reason, however, they can't remain civil with someone on legitimate business.

Heck, Eirin was probably genuinely impressed with us getting Keine out of there. She only really tried to fuck with us because we were copping an attitude.
Remember this. You've barely formed anything with Mokou other than a recognized face.

We'll still accept you. Just be sure to betray her. You don't have to do it now, you can wait until you're safe with us.

Heck, We'll even accept your Icey little friend. I'm sure she's be helpful if anything starts to over heat.
Mokou saved our life and is best friends with someone some of us are fond of.

All Eintei has offered so far was Tewi attempting to lead us into something unpleasant, a cranky Reisen bitch-slapping us, and Eirin pointing a weapon at us and laughing as we pissed ourselves like the weaklings we are.

Oh yeah, and they beat up our were-hakutaku schoolmarm. Someone's gonna pay for that one.
>Mokou saved our life and is best friends with someone some of us are fond of.

All that proves is that she's in a relationship with Keine.

>Oh yeah, and they beat up our were-hakutaku schoolmarm.

She got in the way. She should have known better. Mokou is immortal after all.

>All Eintei has offered...

So in lieu of that, you decide to go somewhere where people will kill you without a reason rather than spend it with people whom would be civil and welcome you in as long as you act like you're not hostile?
File 120737618695.jpg - (31.20KB, 420x573 , 1206548670256.jpg) [iqdb]
>Meiling deciding her job was more important than feelings
I never expected her to be able to quit. But I still choose Meiling, because it works out perfectly.

If she can't leave her post, we can just come by regularly and spend time with her. We can tell her about the ridiculous adventures we'll be having with our new ice fairy imouto, adventures where we get gifts and interesting things to bring back to her. And after we ransack Eientei or sneak over the border of the Netherworld, Meiling will always be there to welcome back her beloved explorer.

If she can't go out into the world, then we'll just bring the world to her.

We just got to Gensokyo and some of you want to settle down with Keine? Are you fucking kidding me? WHERE'S YOUR VIKING SPIRIT, ANON?
You were aching all over and your legs were on the verge of buckling under you from fatigue. You knew from the very beginning victory could not be achieved against ZUN himself, but avoiding confrontation was never an option for the bravest in Gensokyo.

The pulsing in your skull was intensifying, and you could feel yourself reaching the end of your mortal coil. Now would be a good time to finish things. Turning your head toward the lake shore, you could make out the figures that belonged to Cirno and your beloved despite your slowly dimming vision. You could see the ice fairy frantically waving her arms. You figure she was trying to encourage you somehow, but the throbbing in your head overwhelms your sense of hearing. You give them the best smile your battered face could muster before returning your attention to your now approaching adversary.

With each advancing step he takes, your breathing intensifies along with your fist clenching tighter. As soon as he come three steps away from you, your first rises as if vainly reaching for the sun high above only to come down to meet the ice between you and ZUN. The impact snapped the bones of your forearm and dislocated your shoulder, but more importantly broke the ice that held you mere centimeters from a frigid and watery death. The ice gives way and both of you plunge into the cold embrace of the lake.
File 120737662736.jpg - (567.37KB, 1029x741 , 9e604cd8cc6ff711dbfe33b369c96e34.jpg) [iqdb]
>>So in lieu of that, you decide to go somewhere where people will kill you without a reason rather than spend it with people whom would be civil and welcome you in as long as you act like you're not hostile?

And yet despite that, we got one vampire loli amused and interested enough to give us a job there, a non-social bookworm to attempt to teach us magic and give us an item to protect us, her pet Succubus to go from "TERMINATE ON SIGHT" to actually talking to us (if only briefly), and got the cold-hearted tsundere maid to smile, compliment us (even if in a somewhat back-handed manner), and apparently at the very least open to the idea of engaging in sexytime with us.

Do not underestimate us.
Well, I just hope GM got his bad ends out now and so we won't actually experience any in the game.
Oh, Anon. You haven't seen anything yet.
>>We just got to Gensokyo and some of you want to settle down with Keine? Are you fucking kidding me?

Keine ain't EASY MODO anymore. Now we have to clear the love-triange challenge and deal with "the other man". Will Anon be able to man-up, reclaim his balls and fighting spirit, and face his destiny head-on, or will he puss out and leave things as they are?
File 120737703979.jpg - (118.98KB, 453x640 , 1192772618823.jpg) [iqdb]
>you decide to go somewhere where people will kill you without a reason rather than spend it with people whom would be civil and welcome you in as long as you act like you're not hostile?
We're being flown around Gensokyo by the strongest girl. That makes us the strongest Anon.
Wait, I just realized something.
Back when we stormed Eintei, how the fuck did we wind up outside in the middle of the bamboo forest, alive and relatively undamaged while we were unconscious and getting bitch-smacked by Reisen?
How about Anon is glad Keine has someone else, so we don't feel guilty about avoiding a possible relationship with her? That makes it even clearer that Meiling is the one who really needs us, and I like her better anyway.
So much despair, we need some TRUE ENDs.


For I second, I thought it was gonna end with Anon holding up a D-cell powered boombox outside said womans window.
File 120737812366.jpg - (245.43KB, 525x645 , patchy china cheongsam.jpg) [iqdb]
For starters, it's apparently an on-off relationship. Maybe due to Keine's insecurities about her hakutaku side, or possibly due to some other problems with the relationship. I get the feeling it's not meant to serve to discourage those who want to take a Keine path, but to make it so that there's actually more conflict to pursue it. The way things have been going, there will probably be something about her relationship that will make some Anons want to get involved even more.

As for Meiling, could it not also be that Anon be respectful of her choosing her job over romance? As thankless and unpleasant as it may be, she clearly stays with it of her own free will, so she probably has a good reason for doing what she does.

Neither are supposed to drive us away, but to make it so that if we do want it, we'll have to WORK for it. Meaning more pitfalls, more conflicts, and more chances to have things blow up in our faces and end horribly. And, really, isn't that what this game has been all about?

If we don't wind up going for Keine, I'd rather go for Sakuya or Mokou, personally.
File 120737827416.jpg - (100.63KB, 320x262 , movie_bg.jpg) [iqdb]
File 120737842998.jpg - (119.12KB, 480x640 , 1206629135663.jpg) [iqdb]
"Back door, huh? Good idea."
i cried bitch tears ITT
>As for Meiling, could it not also be that Anon be respectful of her choosing her job over romance?
That's what I keep saying, she doesn't have to leave her job. >>3837

Reisen had her eyes closed. And probably used Danmaku powa level of a fairy. common fairies are generally weaker than the average human.
That still doesn't explain how we got from Eintei getting bitch-slapped to the middle of nowhere in the forest, and Cirno nowhere in sight.

If Cirno brought us there, she wouldn't have just ditched us. And I don't know why anyone from Eintei would let an intruder live, let alone go to the trouble of moving them out to the middle of nowhere for Mokou to find.
File 120738204060.jpg - (148.81KB, 800x823 , 1206230477076.jpg) [iqdb]

Fuck you, guys. Fuck you.
This man is right. As anon said before China has chosen her job over us, but looking at Mokou she's a free roaming delicious immortal who would tolerate and possibly join in our adventures with Cirno. We can always visit China and talk to her/play mahjong and be friendly, Keine will remain ours and Mokou's friend and nurse. Patchy gets an inhaler and might give us more magic stuff/training in return. With this anon's plan we pretty much make every one happy and have a Moekou route.
File 120738502465.jpg - (60.73KB, 660x940 , keine2.jpg) [iqdb]
this is the worst thread ever

even while sober i would cry like a little bitch
;_; i hate you all
You shut the hell up, Gensokyo Rose.

Isn't that the plot of some Key game?

needs a cirno ending, where she cuts her wings to look more human like and live with you in the real world, but shocked as you are you flee through yukaris one way gap, leaving her behind. last thing you hear is her crying.
>For starters, it's apparently an on-off relationship. Maybe due to Keine's insecurities about her hakutaku side, or possibly due to some other problems with the relationship. I get the feeling it's not meant to serve to discourage those who want to take a Keine path, but to make it so that there's actually more conflict to pursue it. The way things have been going, there will probably be something about her relationship that will make some Anons want to get involved even more.

I could see her relationship with shopkeeper as something she'd do either out of pity or from emotional blackmail. The shopkeeper might have kind of psychological issues or be an alcoholic; maybe he threatens her with suicide if she leaves him. Maybe he's infatuated because she looks like his dead wife. Maybe he is just lonely, and she couldn't say no to helping a human. Resolution could be through getting Keine to realize the relationship is destructive for the both of them, hooking him up with a girl in the village who is actually in love with him, or resolving his underlying problems.

On the other hand, if it's Keine who is the problem, due to fear of revealing her hakutaku self, Anonymous could convince her directly or indirectly to eventually show him, leading to her ultimate rejection. Anonymous will be there to comfort her from this crushing emotional blow. Just as planned.
Why is it raining here suddenly?

It sounds like you're trying to make the other man a bad guy in order to justify snatching Keine away from him, anon is not the white knight. More grey or beige really.


Maybe Eintei isn't as hostile as people think? Perhpas Reisen took pity on us? She seems the tsundere type.

It's spring right? Maybe it's mating season for lunar rabbits......
I don't know if Reisen is so much of a tsundere, really. It could simply be that the ease with which she kicked our asses caused her to snap out of the bad mood she was in from whatever bad day/night she was having long enough to realize we weren't a threat but just some idiot who didn't realize what he was doing, and so perhaps felt a little sorry for us.

She DID try to warn us at first, after all.
Then again, being the sensible sort, she may have just realized that killing us would most likely result in quite a mess that she alone would be stuck with having to clean up, and with the way her night had been she didn't feel like giving herself extra work. And so, she simply whupped the invading idiot enough and dumped his ass out in the middle of nowhere in the hope that if he survived he would at least be smart enough to not try something like that again.
She clearly doesn't know anon very well then.

But for the Eintei path in general, how are we going to ever clear things up there? Just prey they don't remember our face?
Unlikely, I think. Reisen is sure to remember us from our last thwarted intrusion, and Eirin at the very least will remember us as the guy who helped one of the friends of Kaguya's enemy before negating that selfless act of bravery by pissing himself and feebly threatening her with a rock.

It wouldn't be easy, but considering how both Koakuma and Sakuya were flat-out ready to kill us without a second thought when we first met them and yet we're now on both of their good sides, we might very well be able to turn things around at Eintei, too.

Mind-breaking powers aside, Reisen is definitely far more reasonable and level-headed than our dear tsundere maid, and so as long as Anon doesn't do something stupid she might very well become a good friend.
Eirin would be a different matter, though. While there's a chance she might, much like Remilia, find our antics and ability to survive seemingly impossible odds at least amusing enough to let us live, she might not have so much patience for our occasional bouts of rampant idiocy.

Friendly or not, Tewi would still probably mostly just try to fuck us over for the lulz no matter what. She would probably be best thought of as the Eintei equivalent of Flandre. Only instead of risking certain death at every turn, we instead risk humiliation and possibly getting set-up in things that will make the others angry at us.

And of course, there's Kaugya. We haven't really met her yet, though, so there's no telling how she would respond to Anon, nevermind the fact that he seems to be at least chummy with one of the friends of her worst enemy. Maybe she'll disregard it if we amuse her enough, or maybe she'll try to find some way to use us against Mokou. Or maybe she, like Remilia, will be won over by our fucking awesome egg skills, and also employ us as a part-time chef.

Might cause a bit of conflict if she and Remilia call on us at the same time, though.
>Eirin would be a different matter, though. While there's a chance she might, much like Remilia, find our antics and ability to survive seemingly impossible odds at least amusing enough to let us live, she might not have so much patience for our occasional bouts of rampant idiocy.

I'd consider threatening an immortal with a rock while she has a bow pointed at you to be rampant idiocy. Reading her dialog, it was quite clear she was quite amused by Anonymous' attempted suaveness and puffery. And she can tolerate stupid; she is surrounded by highly excitable rabbits all day.

Honestly, I think she's our best hope in Eintei.
There's stupidity, and then there's Anon.
We take it to a whole new level.

Still, you're right. If we want to have any hope of surviving Eintei, Eirin is the one we'll have to go through.

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