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“Sky it is then.” Aya nods.
The three of you wait for nightfall. Thankfully it’s a cloudy night, so there should be little chance of them seeing you directly. You stand there watching as Aya and Medicine speed off into the air, but quickly loose sight of them. You pace back and forth in the small clearing that the pair left you in. Left to wonder how long it will take them to finish their attack. The wind picks up slightly causing you to shiver involuntarily. Your eyes raise skyward to look at the cloudy night, watching the clouds rushing by. Suddenly there’s a break in the clouds, causing the moon to come into full view. This isn’t good! But wait. . . There’s something wrong with the moon. . . It’s. . . it’s blood red! The glow it casts across the ground is unnerving, bathing everything in an unearthly red glow. The whole scene makes you feel rather uneasy. You wish you had some way to contact Aya and Medicine to see if they’re alright.
You think you hear a scream off in the distance. Looking around in the sky, you see several large shafts of light shooting through the air. There’s nothing you can make out from this distance. If only you could see better. Thoughts of that nature are quickly banished from your mind as you hear a rustling in the woods. A tall woman, wearing a green dress and a hat with a star on it steps into the clearing. You don’t know if her hair is red, or if it’s been tinted by this unnatural glow from the moon.
“Good evening, sir. I would say it is a pleasure to meet you, but I’m afraid that it’s not.”
The first blow comes before you even realize that the woman’s moved. Pain explodes out from your stomach, then both shoulders. Your legs are swept out from underneath you, but before you can hit the ground, you’re punched by the woman, with both hands, in the chest. You feel your ribcage shatter as you fly backwards through the air into a tree. You doubt that there’s anything left that’s unbroken, or you would if you could concentrate on anything beyond the pain. The world around you swims and fades into darkness.

Bad Ending No. 3

[ ] Back one choice.
[ ] Back two choices.
[ ] Restart.
Tired of MiG much?
[x] Restart.
[x] Restart.
oh wow
[ ] Restart.
[X] Back two choices.

Oh, it's the final day and the final assault?

In that case, let's just bring everyone and go all out.
ITT Kira wishes his words became fact and kills Anon in a fit of frustrated rage fueled by Anon's stupidity.

When you said Restart, where would that take us?
SUP MIMA. Well, that was random.
[ ] Restart.
Final just means that this is the last thread. It ends here, either from you guys reaching an ending that isn't bad, or from anon giving up. Not that I'm quitting MiG altogether, it's just that today, You're about 5~6 choices from the end. Maybe a few more if you hit all the right choices to extend it.
[x] Back two choices.
[x] Restart.
File 121139099012.jpg - (83.35KB, 354x524 , 1210445497728.jpg) [iqdb]
restart is begining. You hit the reset button and start over~
[x] Back two choices.

Weak! We're so close! despair not, anon!
Wow, what happened to all your resolve?

Looks like all that DESPAIR was for nothing?
Thats the plan. Too bad no one listened while some of us were pointing this out.
[ ] Back two choices.

Full scale assault, use all party members.
[x] Back two choices.
Giving up so easily, anon?
[X] Back two choices.
[ ] Back two choices.
[ ] Restart.

Too many trolling options previously to even bother salvaging what's left of this route.
File 121139150085.jpg - (69.14KB, 1024x576 , Gurren20Lagann20-202220-20Large2016.jpg) [iqdb]
Anon! Don't give up! Who the hell do you think we are?! Our burning blood will defeat our enemies, so that we may overcome fate and destroy the destiny God has laid upon us! We will be victorious, our determination and our fighting spirit fighting our way through the darkness!

Despair is for sissies and women! We are not sissies, and on the Internet there are no women! We will triumph, Anon! We will be victorious! Our might together is unquestionable! We can, and we will, find victory!

Our drill is one that will pierce the heavens!
Kira, are you up for a new game from the beginning again?
This time we try for hard mode.
[ ] Back two choices.
[X] Back two choices.

No restart. We're like five or six choices from a better end. It can't be that hard to just go for it.
[x] Back two choices.

[x] Rumia

[x] Remove Ribbon
[X] Back two choices.

Lets just finish this. Get everyone in your party to attack, unleash hidden power on Reimu, go home happy. The End.
[X] Back two choices.

It's boring to start again this late in the game, at least let's get some plot exposition first
[X] Back two choices.

restarting isn't even an option now we're this close
restart hit 7 first. You guys really wanna just restart at this point?

There's twelve votes for back two, and ten for restart.

Incoming shitstorm
[X] Back two choices.

Seriously, why restart this late in the game, when there's a chance to get at least a NORMAL END in just a few choices? We shouldn't give up here.
Failure is not an option. We've come to far too abandon Reisen, our moon bunny. We've come too far to abandon our cause. We've come too far too abandon this damn box with Kaguya. We've come too far to abandon the 9 squad. We've come too far to abandon our fight. I implore you, Kira, allow us to fight to the end, victory or no.
Really, this was to be expected.

You don't make a final assault with just a small fraction of your force. You bring everything you've got, so that they can fall one-by-one as you advance closer to the final boss, where you and the few survivors with you finally learn what the hell has been going on before beginning the fight, which ends when you make your final blow by putting everything you've got into one last attack.
[x] Call out for Tewi
I deleted my restart vote, doubt this will change anything, restart still hit 7 before the other option. Let's be fair, even if the people want to restart there are some people who want to see the end, let's give them the end.
[x] Back two choices.
Probably better to wait perhaps a little longer before calling it, this may flare up tempers if not handled carefully.

Well, deleting yours did change the order.
If you restart it everyone will be pissed and bored with the story. MIG didn't become awesome until Anon first ran into Medicine anyways (no offense).

Please just finish the story.
Back 2 it is. Shortened version of said post incoming.
“From what we’ve managed to gather, after escaping from the Mountain, is that the red white is planning something huge. We’re not sure what it is, but she’s apparently been far more active both in clearing the area around the shrine of Youkai, and well, actually leaving the shrine and getting things from both town and Kourindou. We can only assume that this is bad, so we’re left with but one choice. We have to assault the shrine. We probably shouldn’t take too large of a group, but we don’t know what kind of defenses she might have up there. . .” Tewi sighs. Man that was a huge info dump. “We need to decide on a group to go and assault the shrine.” Tewi looks directly at you.
“Since this is your fight, and you’re going to be the one leading the charge, I guess we should leave the making of the party to you.”

[ ] You and one other.
[ ] You and three others.
[ ] You and four others.
[ ] Everyone.
File 121139353566.jpg - (87.28KB, 550x555 , chinarainbowdragon.jpg) [iqdb]
Tall woman, green dress..."I wanted to say "The fuck is EX-Keine doing at the Shrine!?", but you mentioned the hat, so it's not her...

[X] Everyone.

Fuck, yeah.

No man gets left behind.
[x] Everyone.
[x] Everyone.
[x] Everyone
[ ] Everyone
The GM voted Everyone, so shall i vote!
[X] Everyone
[ ] Everyone
No man gets left behind.
[ ] Everyone.
Gee, I wonder if the OP picture has anything to do with it, or, you know, the red streaks of light shooting into the sky. Or maybe the blood red moon. </sarcasm>
Remilia's here, China's here, so apparently, the SDM is here in full force (MORE information we could've been clued in on beforehand there, Kira...). 6+/shirne/ against 4 (face it, we're useless, we don't count) is silly, so

[X] Everyone.
File 121139396530.png - (145.24KB, 712x1100 , JOJO-v01-c08-p018e.png) [iqdb]
[ ] Back two choices.
I just want to see the end when we are alone, tired, but with love to our freinds and Reisen, we still keep fighting
File 121139396969.png - (89.26KB, 400x500 , f6e3418fb9653d2b9793f39bb53f8a39.png) [iqdb]
[X] Everyone.

[ ] Everyone.

[x] You and one other.
Let's go Cirno! This will be fun!
[x] You and one other.

Red moon? No problem
The moon won't even shine when we're done...
[ ] Everyone.
[X] Everyone
everyone ?

prepare for a high death toll and lots of despair
[x] Everyone.

We will hit that place with our army of Touhous, there will be a high death toll, but we will liberate Gensokyo from Reimus terror Regime.
Even sweet Meiling gets the Chado-treatment?

I'll gattai with Wriggle if you know what I-
FUCK, now's not the time for this.
[ ] Everyone.
[X] Call for Tewi.
File 121139968754.jpg - (221.35KB, 800x800 , meilings buring spirit.jpg) [iqdb]
“We need to take everyone. We can’t afford to leave anyone here. We don’t know who the shrine maiden may have in her employ, nor do we know which abilities we may need to take advantage of. “
Tewi looks at you a moment before sighing. “It’s going to be tough moving a group this size that quickly or quietly kid, you sure?”
“Absolutely certain.” You nod sagely.
It takes most of the day, but your forces are prepared. You’ve also replaced the button. Waiting until dark, your large force slips away from the small shack under the cover of a cloudy night, and Rumia’s darkness. Wriggle leads the way, her bugs telling her which way to go to avoid running into things. In short order you find yourself at the steps leading up to the shrine, Tewi and yourself hiding in the woods with the rest of your group a short ways back. The wind picks up, and the clouds break, revealing a blood red moon. The entire area is bathed in an eerie red glow, and standing at the very bottom of the stairs appears to be a young girl. She’s just standing there, staring off in your general direction. Something isn’t right here. . . Why would they only leave a little girl to guard the stairs? You barely have time to react as Tewi slams into you, knocking you to the side.
There’s a gaping hole in the woods where you were before, Something tore through there with tremendous force, that’s for sure. Where the hell did it come. . . glancing back at the girl, she seems to be carrying a gigantic red spear, energy is rippling off of it in waves. Holy. Shit. That’s why they left just the one little girl to guard the stairs.

“It would seem that we have some unwelcome visitors. . .” The girl chuckles to herself. There’s a slight movement to your side as medicine appears next to you. As quick as she’s there, she’s gone again. Tewi grabs you and jerks you to the side again as another part of the woods you were hiding in is vaporized.

“This is no fun. Maybe I should just unleash a barrage and wipe out this whole forest.” A wicked grin splits her face and makes you pull back in terror. If it were not for Tewi holding tightly onto you, you would have likely fled in sheer terror already. Coming from seemingly all sides of the little clearing at the base of the stairs, a mist pours out of the woods.

“Oh? What’s this now? Going to try and hide in some sort of. . . What is this?!” The girl takes a step back coughing. The mist quickly swirls and rises around her.

“S-Silve. . . SAKUYA!”

In an instant, a maid appears, she vanishes as quickly as she came, along with the small girl. Medicine is quickly next to you again, nodding to you and Tewi.

<<The way is clear, bring everyone up.>>

<Understood.> Reisen is brief. You have no idea if the shrine maiden has any of monitoring the communications, but you don’t want to risk it.

You, Tewi and Medicine start up the stairs and are quickly joined by Aya who arrives carrying Wriggle. The five of you charge quickly up the stairs. About half way up you come across a woman wearing a green Chinese cut dress, and a large green hat with a star on the front. You don’t know whether her hair is red, or if it’s just from the glow cast by the blood moon. Wordlessly she assumes a fighting position. The five of you continue staring at this woman who seems bound and determined to stop you. No. You won’t be stopped this close to the shrine, this close to ending it all. You step forward. You never saw the woman move, she took off so fast, However, Tewi was faster. Her blow was met by a kick from Tewi. Stumbling back a few paces the woman quickly regains her balance, and resumes her stance.

“I don’t think so, Meiling.” Tewi assumes a fighting position.

“I don’t think that a mere rabbit will be able to stop me. If you get in my way, I think that the mistress would enjoy some rabbit stew.” Meiling charges towards you again, only to be stopped once again by Tewi.

“I’m your opponent this time, Meiling.” Tewi launches into a series of attacks that Meiling holds off easily.

A grin spreads across Meiling’s face. “If you want to be my dinner so badly, come then.” Meiling then charges off at Tewi. The two are quickly locked in combat, the blows coming so fast you can’t even keep track of them. The four remaining members of your group rush up past the Meiling/Tewi battle and quickly reach the top of the stairs. You’re now at the gate to the shrine. There’s several buildings that comprise the shrine. The largest is directly in front of you across a wide open expanse of space that seems to be completely unguarded. To your right there appears to be some sort of building with many sliding doors attached to it, and to your left there’s a wooded area. Looking around you don’t see anyone except for the others with you. From behind you comes the sounds of the battle raging between Tewi and Meiling.

[ ] Wait.
[ ] Straight ahead.
[ ] Into the woods.
[ ] The building on the right.
[ ] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.
[ ] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.

[x] Into the woods.

Straightaway is an artillery magnet
[X] The building on the right.
[ ] The building on the right.
[ ] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.
So crazy that it might even work.
Protip: One of the best ways to avoid artillery is to run straight into it.
[x] The building on the right.
[x] The building on the right.
[ ] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.

If we run into the shrine, they won't want to nuke their own infrastructure.
[X] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.
[X] Straight ahead.

Let's face it, we're on their home ground. The open expanse may be a trap, but damn near everything is liable to be trapped. At least with the open space, we have the advantage of being able to see whatever comes at us.

Waiting seems like a bad idea, as we're pressed for time and the blood red moon is a tip that something is happening. Shouting for Reimu probably won't turn out any better than any instance that we've shouted in hostile situations; that is to say, it'll turn out horribly.
[ ] The building on the right.
Ray-moo, remember?
[X] Straight ahead.
Going straight in just screams BAD END. Chances are the shrine has been rigged with booby traps, any logical person would go straight into the main building which is why I believe that it would be rigged. Then again Reimu has to have realized by now that anon doesn't do things logically, so the building to the right may be the one rigged with a trap.
[x] Straight ahead.

The building on the right is likely to be a red herring. We can't get the jump on them as it is, and that building is an incredibly obvious alternate entry point. Hell, they probably expect us to use it.
[X] Straight ahead.

Hasn't this worked every other time we've been in either a chase or at a critical junction?

Might as well not stop here.
The building on the right isn't connected to the main part of the shrine.
[X] Donate to the shrine.
[ ] Wait.

A good commander does not need to take risks - he merely waits for his foe to do so.
[ ] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.

Wait, do we have any money?
Because I'd support this if we do.
[x] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.

It is time. We do not have the advantage of surprise. We are surrounded by our guards, alert for sneak attacks. We know the enemy is lofty and has an ego.
We must face down Reimu, not fall into a trap.
>A good commander does not need to take risks

If that's true then we are the shittiest commander in the god damned world.
We're not good commanders.
Also, [x] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.

why are you not writing ?
You guys voting for shouting for Reimu? You know what you're doing?

Remember [ ] Call for Tewi?

This is basically the same thing, but for Reimu.
[x] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.
[x] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you

I'm confident that Tewi can beat Meiling, if I'm powerlevelling right that is.
On hiatus until June.
[X] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.
File 121140176916.png - (223.25KB, 512x512 , 1210879184479.png) [iqdb]
[x] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you.
What can Reimu do, by the way? Fly and hit us with a stick?
Seals and Yin Yang orbs. Our team is made of youkai, and we might count as outsiders too.

Did you somehow miss the bit of the story where she rendered one of our arms completely useless in five seconds with pinpoint needle-throws, destroying our weapon before we could draw it? Or the bits where she fucking annihilated most of Eientei, leaving heaps of dead and injured rabbits lying around, and then got ready to torture us?

Where the fuck have you been?

Sealing Needles
Even if the spiritual damage don't hurt us, the needle the length of our arm might hurt us.

Chado Reimu. Absolutely indestructible. Captain red-white.
Oh right, Reimu has balls.
Bigger ones then Anon.
[x] Strip and deal with what happens next.

Sha-- Shana?!
File 121140256899.jpg - (693.21KB, 1920x1200 , WP_Shana_Black.jpg) [iqdb]
Fuck this. The entire shrine is likely trapped, and you’re not going to fall for it.
Your allies jump at your sudden outburst.
The door to the shrine slams open. Reimu is standing there, looking quite infuriated. Marisa is standing there, seemingly trying to hold Reimu back, but failing miserably. Reimu brings her gohei down against Marisa’s face, knocking her back into the shrine.
“Alright, you stupid little fucking shit. Here I am.”
Sakuya walks out of the woods shrugging and shaking her head. Alice slides opens one of the doors to the building on the right, and Patchouli opens another. Reimu is still fuming at the end of the walkway as Patchouli, Alice and Sakuya walk up to the stone path.
“So what. You’re just gonna sic your dogs on me? Can’t even fight your own battles? Making a little girl fight for you too. It was so sad to see her have to get hurt because of this.” You glare at Reimu.
Sakua’s seems to be getting quite angry. “Don’t you DARE speak of the mistress like that.” In the blink of an eye, Several dozen knives are flying at you, only to be deflected by Aya.
“Too slow, Dog of Remilia.” Aya smirks at Sakuya.
“I said you’re too damn slow you old hag. You damn dog. Go run off to your mistress, tail tucked between your legs.”
Sakuya is instantly next to Aya, she stabs down with a knife, but connects only with open air.
“Too slow~ Too slow~ You can’t hit me you damn dog~” Aya flies off into the woods with Sakuya in close pursuit.
Reimu starts marching forward, Marisa in tow, still nursing her face where Reimu connected with the Gohei.
“So, You little shit. I assume that you want to fight. A proper fight this fucking time. So. How’s this going to go?”

[ ] One on one.
[ ] Her team versus your team.
[x] One on one.

[x] Her team versus your team.

Skins vs. blouses
[X] One on one.
[X] One on one.

[x] Inventory
[x] Status
[X] One on one.

We've dropped her ass before, lets hope we can do it again.
[X] One on one.
We started this alone, time to end this alone. No one needs to get hurt because of us.
File 121140423022.jpg - (37.30KB, 555x400 , rika7ia.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Her team versus your team.

[x] Her team versus your team.

I believe in the strength of our team.
>No one needs to get hurt because of us.

A little too late for that don't ya think?
[x] One on one.

It is time. We must prove our strength before our allies, send our enemies fleeing like cowardly rats to the darkest corners of Gensokyo, begging for mercy. Let us defeat Reimu once and for all, and end her reign of terror. We're outnumbered, we cannot let our team suffer.

Today, we fight our OWN battle.
[x] Her team versus your team.
Hell fucking yes, let's go one-on-one as a normal un-superpowered human being against a HIGHLY TRAINED YOUKAI HUNTER THAT DEFEATED GODS BEFORE with very little items to spare, not even our camera. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME WE DID THAT?
[ ] Talk first

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ALL ABOUT? Why do you want to kill me? Why did you have to destroy Eientei to get to me? What's Yukari got to do with all this?"
[X] One on one.
Better late then never, if it comes down to a group fight someone we care for could die. If we can fight one on one and beat her the whole thing gets resolved.
[x] Talk first
[x] Her team versus your team.
[X] One on one.
[x] Talk first.

Inventory: Spellcard 4ea. Talisman 1ea. Hourai Doll 1ea. Box 1ea. button (equipped) 1ea, clothing (equipped) 1ea.

Status: You- 100%
[X] Her team versus your team.

We brought everyone together so that could go all out. To show her that her power-driven ego and authority through force was no match for the bonds of our friendship and the strength of our love.

Her self-centered ideology will be her downfall. Marisa is already rebelling against her. Her team is poorly structured, and has no sense of unison - Sakuya has already run off to wage her own battle. They can't coordinate themselves, and they can't handle all of us working in concert.

[ ] Talk first

Scorn's right for once.
[X] One on one.
[x] Talk first.
[x] Shout loudly for Reimu to come out and face you
File 121140482256.jpg - (55.97KB, 380x288 , 1194016803157.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Talk first
[x] Her team versus your team.
We brought EVERYONE here so we could end this fight once and for all and now we're going to do this one-on-one?
What's up with that?
File 121140483496.jpg - (119.34KB, 720x446 , 1203305254612.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Talk first.
[X] One on one.
[x] Talk first
[x] Her team versus your team.

Have the rest of the teams distract each other and fight Reimu yourself.
[ ] Her team versus your team.

No, we fight together. How selfish would we be, abandoning our comrades to die helplessly?
I'm going to start collecting screen shots of people saying this, I'm right more often than not.
In before Anonymous gets turned into a pincushion, considering he's just a normal human, and she's, uh, THE GODDAMN REIMU.
>>I'm right more often than not.

No, we just don't call you out when you're wrong.
File 121140505221.jpg - (25.89KB, 512x512 , 121098276438.jpg) [iqdb]

Now's the time when you're not.
File 121140505776.jpg - (116.31KB, 500x484 , 1205644684906.jpg) [iqdb]

Reimu is an outsider! Pic related.

Sounding sorta like GGG there, Anon.
[X] Talk first

Makes sense.
[ ] One on one.
[X] One on one.

*insert final battle music here*
[x] One on one.
Final boss, folks. POP THE PHOENIX DOWNS.
I'm listening to World Revolution (CT). FUCK YES.
[x] One on one.
[x] Her team versus your team.
Use the power of teamwork.
[X] Her team versus your team.

Haven't you learned yet? We don't have power unless we have friends.

When were we at our peak? When did we pull off our greatest accomplishments? When we needed to help Wriggle, when we saw more in Rumia than a mindless monster, when we netted Cirno a victory against Suwako, when we pulled Reisen up from the depths of her despair, when we were worried about our team. That's our strength: their strength.

When were we at our worst? When we gave up on trying to call out to help Sanae, when we tackled dangerous problems on our own, when we didn't think about the good of our friends.

This isn't just our battle. It's their battle too. United we stand, divided we fall.
You know...How ARE we going to fight Reimu? No spellcard, no camera, no weapon, no help...

[ ] Talk first
No magicks, no spellcards, fists only, FINAL DESTINATION.


[x] One on one.
Let's rock.


>Let's rock.

[x] Her team versus your team.

Tactically speaking, this makes more sense.

We're piss weak, and the only reason we managed to trump Reimu the first time we fought her was that poison from nowhere - likely Medicine. We couldn't do it on our own.

We have synergy with our team, and our team has synergy with each other. They've fought together, and they've fought together well. Look at Reimu's team for half a damn second: Sakuya is so caught up with anger that she's rushed off to do her own thing, Marisa is nursing a wound from her own leader, which she received while trying to hold Reimu back, and Alice was entirely unsure of her allegiance last we saw her. Let's face it, Reimu can't do shit to us if we do a team battle, because she doesn't know anything about leading teams.

God damn, think through your decisions.
Sure, we relied on our tame &s in the beginning.
But sometimes.
You have to take over and ascend on your own wits.
We have to defeat the Priestess of Moloch and take the Amulet of Yendor.
File 121140669165.png - (35.37KB, 736x736 , Awesome.png) [iqdb]
Why think rationally when we can go HURR ONE ON ONE WITH REIMU I'M SO MANLY and leap like lemmings towards an obvious BAD END?
15 one versus one
12 Party vers Party.

Writing One versus one now.
My BAD END senses are tingling...


err. . . Scratch that, I have to go mow my lawn, as the nice man from the city says so, or else I face a 200$ fine. So, uh.. mowing first, then writing. Sorry guys.
Feels like a bad end.
[X] Back one choice.
[X] Her team versus your team.

Way to completely ignore that the heavy hitters have no fucking coordination at all, and apparently have some degree of discord in their ranks.

But, hey, whatever, let's just rush to the damn BAD END, that way we can go back and fix it faster.

And you're ignoring that our team consist of level 1 bosses, a level four midboss, a jacked up reisen, and medicine.

Both are equally likely to result in a bad end.

Guess what took down Reimu the first time? Poison.

Who held off Ran? Reisen and Mokou, and they managed to keep it until we could help, even when they were in a horrid state of body.

Our level one bosses? Guess what, they've worked in tandem before, and have done so with some degree of efficiency.

As long as we actually focus on one target at a time, and simply stopping the members of Reimu's time from supporting one another - if they even try it - we have a damn good chance of victory. Our opponents don't seem to be able to work in synch at all, which gives them a huge disadvantage in team combat. Plus, with Sakuya having flown off, Mei Ling busy, and Remilia having been blown off, we outnumber them.
Shakugan no China will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP

Don't forget that even though Patchy showed up here, there's a chance that she's traitorous, considering that she showed up at Moriya. Even if we were under Reisen's lunacy at the time, even Tewi thought this was odd. If one of their teammates turns on them in the middle of battle, we would have a damn near guaranteed victory.
Just woke up.

Are we dead yet?
Provided stray bullets didn't nail us.

There's a fair chance we will be the next time Kira posts, thanks to everyone feeling like we can take on the world, despite previous experience.

I mean, if you need to pay a fine for not doing it.....


Hell, Kira got lost in the Grass, fucking jungle out there. Man eating Plants and shit everywhere. Guess he will no return again.
[X] "Cirno! Freeze the vines!"
[X] Talk First
This should go as follows:

"Wait! Hold it right there just minute, JUST a fucking minute. Before you get all kill-happy, and wipe me out; me, this.. HORRIBLE, FEROCIOUS threat to Gensokyo, I've got one request, just one.


From the day-- THE VERY MOTHERFUCKING *DAY* I arrived in this crazy-ass world!-- your disgruntled, irritated ass has been hunting down me and mine. WHY?! What the FUCK did I do?! Why the hell am I a threat? Why did you destroy Eientei?! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU AND THAT WATERMELON-TITTED GAP YOUKAI WANT FROM ME?!
I've been trying to just fucking ...LIVE. And yet, apparently, that's some kind of crime? WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?!

So strike me down tonight, if you must. Cleanse the existence of my friends and I from this world, if you really fucking MUST.

But as one human being to another, I think you owe me some damned ANSWERS before you do that."
Addendum: If we can punch Reimu once, one good, solid, right hook, I will be pleased. Even if we are killed to pieces afterwards, it will be worth it, to say we went out decking the Red-White.

I started having strange yet arousing thoughts when I read this.
If it wasn't funny the first time, why the hell would it be funny the 100th time?

I think we can pull it off.
If you remember, We've still got spell cards.
And Medicine might give us a bit of a boost. I'm sure she's got some odorless invisible gas.

Obviously, odds aren't in our favor, but I don't think it's impossible
Does it involve a blindfold and a stick?

Yeah, i'm writing.

I'm sure we'll be able to reach those spell card before Reimu shreds our arm to pieces faster than we can move, just like she did the first time.

If she can move that fast, we'd already be dead.
Regardless of help or not.
That's really hot.
Hm, I never got to ask this, but Kira, do you plan on making a NEW GAME+ like the LAs?

Blindfold? Yeah... Stick? Well, yes, but not the kind you'd usually use to smash a watermelon. But let's leave it at that.
File 121141293552.jpg - (17.89KB, 409x377 , 79bc1828aa39634879a890697faff958.jpg) [iqdb]
Do you mean like a hockey stick?
Giggidy giggidy giggidy
>>34815 Yeah, i'm writing.

What you're writing? If it's MiG, then this gotta be hueg wall to take almost one hour to write.
i'm currently stringing together six ideas and trying to make them work as a coherant whole. Write is not easy.
Let the Man write you useless nigga.

Man does raise a point
This is taking longer than normal.

I figure it's forgivable cause this is ENDGAME and wrapping shit up might take some thinking.

Well, then that's explains it. But damn, six different ideas for one ending? Looks like we did the right choices then.

Or not. But since >>34490 then we just have to keep trying.

If you used IRC you would know why this is taking so long.
I blame IRC for the reason that he slowed down so much.
>Write is not easy

I wish some people would realize that.
>>34850 also, I'm just a bit impatient because I won't be able to stay and read for long. Godamnit Kira, I want to see the ending first-hand!

You're being too optimistic. This is Kira.

He's thinking of six different ways that we can fuck up and be lead into DESPAIR.

Cry moar
Writing may not be easy, but whining is. Gotta learn to expect it.
>>34859 >>34857

Let's not start anything. Don't touch or comment anything and let it die.
I have it on good authority (re: I asked Kira) that one (9) squad limb will be removed for every further BAWWWWW or 'write faggot' post in this thread.

Hurry up and write faggot.

I had a feeling it'd be you who'd do that.

Thread's autosaging, so it's not like it would matter.


Pitty. I liked Wriggle.
“One on one.” You step forward slightly from your allies.
“Fine by me kid, it’s your funeral.” Reimu waves the girls standing on the side off, and Marisa heads over to join them, still rubbing her face slightly.
You move to walk into the shrine when Medicine pulls on your sleeve. She pulls out Hourai and seems to be talking to her. A moment later she offers the doll up to you.
“She wants to help you.”
You hear Alice gasp as she recognizes the doll that Medicine is offering you. She turns to Patchouli and starts whispering to her fervently. You ignore this as Medicine slips the ring onto your finger. It seems to fit much better than you would have thought.
“She just needs energy from you. Just let her do her thing.” Medicine smiles at you. Wriggle steps up next and gives you a spell card. She simply nods at you before stepping back. You thank both of them before turning back to Reimu.
“Awwwww. Now isn’t that cute? Feh. If kiddy happy is over, let’s get this fucking fight started.” Three orbs fly out of the shrine and float around Reimu. They look like Yin yang beach balls of some variety. Quite odd looking, really.
“You gonna move first, you little shit, or should I slaughter you where you stand?”
You step forward, Hourai hovering next to you. You feel a slight. . . Pulling sensation from your hand. Suddenly, a laser shoots out of Hourai at Reimu. Alice stands there dumbfounded as the laser streaks past Reimu, catching one of her Yin Yang orbs, sending it clattering to the ground.
“You. . . YOU STUPID LITTLE SHIT.” Reimu instantly has an array of needles in both hands, she whips them at you, more seeming to come from nowhere. However, somehow, you can see them moving at you. They seem to be moving far slower than they were before, even though you seem to be moving slowly as well. A thought occurs to you. It must be the box again, as you step to the side. You manage to barely dodge the needles she threw.
“Argh!” Reimu shouts in frustration, “The rest of you! Don’t’ just stand there! Get his little friends!”
“What the hell are you doing! This is a one on one fight!”
“One on one, Huh? Well guess what kid, I lied. Don’t have to honor deals with scum like you. Yeah, You fighting me, with no help. Really kid, Fuck you. I’m not going to let you bring your little friends into this.”
“You conceited self centered bitch!” you shout angrily, “Leave them out of this! This is between you and me!”
“Hah! I decided to kill them the moment they threw in with you! Now or later, it doesn't matter since I'll be making sure they're all dead in the end."
Reimu throws several more needles which you manage to dodge again, via whatever slowdown trick is working for you.
Alice launches her self at Medicine, bringing her several dozen dolls to bear on the young youkai. Medicine launches off into Alice and drives her back into the building.
Patchouli floats over to where Wriggle is, hovering there lazily.
“So it would seem that it is left to you and I then.” Patchouli coughs.
“So it would, Miss Patchouli.” Wriggle raises up her arms and an army of insects come crawling out of the woods.
Marisa stands there, still rubbing her face, watching this whole scene unfold.
You and Reimu have now effectively traded places. You almost trip over the fallen Yin Yang orb, but instead quickly scoop it up. You’re fighting closer to the shrine with Reimu closing in on you. Medicine and Alice still seem to be fighting in the building to the right, and Wriggle and Patchouli are fighting near the gate and the stairs, with Marisa standing and watching the fight.

Double choice time.

[ ] Fight
[ ] Run.
[ ] Surrender.

If fight-
[ ] Close the distance between you and Reimu.
[ ] Set off a spell card.
[ ] Use the Yin Yang orb.

If run-
[ ] Run into the shrine
[ ] Run into the woods
[ ] Run into the side building
[ ] Charge past Reimu to the stairs.
[X] Fight
[X] Set off a spell card.

We have a few, lets use one.
File 121141602630.jpg - (129.67KB, 711x440 , kingkittan.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Fight

And, at the same time.
[ ] Set off a spell card.
[ ] Use the Yin Yang orb.

While screaming,
Pfff. Like Reimu couldn't dodge a spell card attack at this range.
[x] Open the fucking box.
[X] Fight

Never give up. Never surrender.

[X] Set off a spell card.

Reimu seems to be trying to close the gap between us, so let's buffet her away with a spell card. We can put that Yin Yang orb to use when she tries to dodge the spell card.
[X] Fight
[X] Set off a spell card.

Close the gap after we've got some kind of cover, wait these aren't bomb cards are they?

>>Pitty. I liked Wriggle.

I've been threatening to kill Wriggle for weeks, you think that'll stop me doing......


So, this is Danmaku power, eh?

It's.. quite something.
[ ] Fight
[ ] Close the distance between you and Reimu.

She can dodge any ranged attack we can throw at her, get in close and knock her the fuck out!
>So, this is Danmaku power, eh?

>It's.. quite something.

Hey, I was going to write that!
[x] Fight
[x] Use spell card

Ranged should help us, we're anon. We're not all that well muscled.

And then Kittan was space dust.
[ ] Fight
[ ] Use the Yin Yang orb.

So this is Hakurei's power huh?

It's quite something.
File 121141658938.png - (14.36KB, 80x80 , Ginji80.png) [iqdb]
>Pity. I liked Wriggle.

Forgot your image.
Surrender is death. I have a feeling the Ying Yang Orb must be bugged, but there's no option to get rid of it.

[ ] Run ... into the shrine
I can't even guarantee Reimu is even holding her own Spell Card rules sacred anymore, though I also doubt any card we have would do anything.
[X] Fight
[X] Set off a spell card.

So, can we set off more than one spell card at a time?

Only those of the Hakurei bloodline can use the orbs, don't even bother with it.

What if we ARE of the Hakurei bloodline?
That'd be the worst plot twist ever.

Suits Kira then.
Wow, Aren't you two just the kindest fucks ever?
moar like plop twist amirite?

We could just chuck it at someone's head, right? I mean, it's gotta be fairly weighty... could knock Patchy out with it if we beaned her in the skull.
Fucking THIS.
[x] Fight
[x] Use Yin-Yang Orb
Let's see what we can do with this. Though I have a funny feeling it may backfire horribly.
Lol, wtf is this, that means like 3 posts to go or 4, so what to do now.
[ ] Fight
[ ] Close the distance between you and Reimu.
All Options are shit. Is there even a 1 to 100000 chance that we win this thing?
[x] Fight
[x] Set off a spell card
and then get ready to kick the Yin-Yang orb at her when she starts dancing.
[x] Fight
[x] Set off a spell card
Guys, just remember, don't let her get the orb back.
Whatever you do.
Protip: To defeat Reimu, attack her until she's dead.
Or naked.
Done for the night?
or both.
I still don't understand what is going on...
Ok, FINALLY got back on. The housemate kicked me off the computer 'cause she needed it for her job. Thusly, it took priority over writing. I've gotten some done on my laptop, but it's still needs to be cleaned up, as it really is crap writing. 7 minutes, tops.

>>Guys, just remember, don't let her get the orb back.
>>Whatever you do.

>>don't let her get the orb back

>>let her get the orb back


[X] Give Reimu her orb back
Awesome idea! Fuck, while we're at it:

[x] Give Reimu the box
Don't underplay your generosity, Anon.

>>[X] Throw yourself down the shrine stairs

Don't forget to leave a donation on the way down.
Dear christ, you're right. Fuck, I feel thoughtless. Let's off ourselves now and save the dear Red-White the trouble!

[X] Give Reimu her orb back
[X] Give Yukari the box
[X] Throw yourself down the shrine steps.
In all seriousness, though, I really think we should give Reimu her orb back.

And we will.

When we shove it up her ass.
I like your plan.
[x] Suddenly fall in love with Reimu.
[x] Fight
[x] Close the distance between you and Reimu.

7m tops
Manipulation of Time and space.
Yeah this probably isn't worth the wait, but here it is.
You reach back and pull out a spell card. Words escape your lips, but you’re not even paying attention to that at this point. Reimu is closing in fast as the card bursts into light. Bullets shoot out from the card, in a spiraling path towards Reimu. Your body seems to be rooted in place. The bullets near Reimu, but she simply leaps into the air, and begins heading down towards you.
“That kind of spell card is useless when you can’t fly!” Reimu closes quickly only to get blasted by a ball of flame. Looking past Reimu you see Patchouli and Wriggle locked in combat, Patchouli spraying flame everywhere. Thank GOD for small miracles. Your spell card seems to run out of energy and you can move again. Reimu’s picking her self up out of the hole she made into the shrine.
“God DAMN it you stupid magician. Watch where the FUCK you’re shooting.”
Patchouli wheezes some response, but you can’t make it out. She seems far more preoccupied with fighting Wriggle to really be bothered by Reimu’s insults.
“FUCKING BITCH. LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TELL YOU SOMETHING.” Reimu launches herself into the air from the hole in the shrine. The Yin Yang orbs begin spewing a massive barrage at Patchouli while Reimu pulls stacks of spell tags out of her sleeves and adds to the barrage.
“WRIGGLE! LOOK OUT!” You yell, running from directly in front of the shrine where you had ended up.
Wriggle glances up and sees the barrage incoming, and quickly runs off into the woods. Patchouli seems to be extremely exhausted after that last barrage, and has fallen to the ground, huffing and puffing, desperately searching for the inhaler.
“PATCHOULI!” Marisa screams at the top of her lungs. Patchouli looks up just as the barrage is about to hit her.
The air between Patchouli and then explodes into a beam of light, evaporating the needles and the spell tags.
“You. . . YOU BITCH!” Reimu whips up a spell card, and chants quickly. “SPIRIT SIGN [FANTASY SEAL]” Several colored balls shoot out from Reimu and seem to be homing in on Marisa, who seems to be rooted to the spot, controlling the power of the master spark. Reimu already has another card whipped out and is focusing on that. Given the distance between you and Marisa, you may be able to tackle her out of the way of the spell card that Reimu just activated, or you might be able to get an uninterrupted attack against Reimu off.

[ ] Help Marisa
[ ] Attack Reimu
[ ] Flee while they’re fighting.
[x] Attack Reimu
[X] Help Marisa

[ ] Help Marisa.

God damn, that crazy bitch...
[ ] Help Marisa
FUCK YES! United against a common evil!
[X] Help Marisa
then think of something to tell her later
[ ] Help Marisa
Wait, so Marisa tried to help Patchy, and Reimu attacked her? Because you lost me halfway through the paragraph.
[X] Help Marisa.

This is the dramatically appropriate action.

Plus, god damn, Reimu is a bitch. We've been in Marisa's shoes before - we know exactly how it feels, and exactly how much we appreciate help in the same situation.
[ ] Help Marisa
[X] Attack Reimu

Why not do both?
[X] Help Marisa

We may get hit by this attack, but maybe our sacrifice will make everyone realize who the real evil is here.
[x] Help Marisa

[x] Help Marisa

Oh, geez, after so much time I had forgotten the title of this really was "Why do I hate Reimu so much".
[x] Help Marisa

Haha, oh wow! She's off her rocker!
Anon, we will not falter! We will not fall! This bitch is nothing! She cannot, will not understand why we fight! We don't fight for our own personal benefit, we fight for justice, for honor, for the sake of our comrades! We fight for the dreams of the defeated and the hopes of those who wish for freedom from the oppression of Reimu! We cannot allow ourselves to be bested, not here, not now! We will not be defeated like this! There is nowhere left to hide, to run! There is only one option, and that is to stand and fight!

For the sake of our fallen comrades, those who fell for our sakes, for Mokou and for Nitori, for Sanae and for Eirin!

For the sake of our allies! For Cirno and Twei, who believes in us, for Wriggle and Rumia, who love us! For Aya and Patchouli who helped us in our time of need! For Kaguya, who's fate lies in our hands! For Reisen, our love and our supporter, even to this dismal stage!

And for ourselves, for the sake of all Outsiders, so that they may live in Gensokyo safely and free! We showed love where there was only abandonment, we protected those who needed protection, we put faith in our allies and forgiveness to our enemies! But now, now we must strive forth for victory! Go forth, anon! Go forth and WIN the glorious day, and regret not thy path for good or for ill.

[X] Help Marisa.
[ ] Help Marisa

Enemy of my enemy and all that jazz.
[x] Help Marisa
We're dead anyway, might as well TRY to help someone before we go.
[x]Help Marisa& Patchouli

They're both in the way of that spellcard.
[x] Help Marisa

We've shown a powerful resistance against her spiritual attacks. But can we hope for the same against Fantasy Seal?
If we help Marisa, who isn't moving so that she can protect Patchoulli, then wouldn't pushing her out of the way put Patchy back in the line of fire?
She's not moving because she can't move while Master Spark is being fired.
[X] Help Marisa

[X] Attack Reimu

Dash to Marisa with a card ready, get her out of Reimu's line of fire, and then fire that sumbitch off.

We still owe Marisa for that bitch-slap she gave us back at Eientei, but we also owe Patchy for giving us our button back, and at the very least not ratting us out.
We're about to tackle Marisa while she's attempting to control master spark. Anyone else see the stupidity in this?
In case you haven't noticed, but suicidal levels of stupidity is pretty much MiG Anon's shtick.

It's our thing. It's what we do.
[x] Do the Rumba Rumba Rumba Rumba
Just take the attack and hope our magic/spirtual resistance is as high as it was before.
It probably won't be, as we're more or less sane right now.

Our invincibility only kicks in when we're completely tripping balls, and Mr. Banana is there to comfort us with his words of wisdom and funny jokes.
FUCK, now I miss Mr.Banana ;__;
Now? NOW?
Are you suggesting there was ever a time you did NOT miss Mr. Banana? That you, for even a second, did NOT feel the gaping hole in your very soul at his absence?

How do you manage to even look at yourself in the mirror?
Truer words have never been spoken.
>Marisa screams at the top of her lungs

Fuck, Kirakishou's reimu's a TK.

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