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Since I'm out of college for the summer and extremely bored, I figured I'd try my hand at making an adventure story of my own. I've decided to start out with the whole "you wake up in a strange world" plot line, but I've decided to put a bit of a spin on things. There will be no set path and almost all votes are write-ins. I don't really want to set up a single route here, and I'd rather give as much freedom to the readers as possible. Because of this, it doesn't really fit any specific location and I've decided to stick it in /tg/. The system I've set up will start out as follows and may change according to it's success/failure:

*The majority of decisions will be made based upon Anon's creativity. Sky's the limit here, folks.
*Bad ends aplenty. You also have infinite lives, so no real worries there. It's time to live up to your name and face full life consequences.
*There may be times when I give a set of options. Only one can be chosen unless stated otherwise.
*This is a sneaking mission, the use of stealth is required. Maybe.
*First to three wins to start. This may be extended if popularity increases. I don't expect too much, but we'll see what happens.
*Changes to the voting system will be made by way of a popular vote. Democracy is king in this thread.

This'll be my first time doing something like this, so I'll try to adapt as things move along. Criticism is welcome, as it will help me grow as a writer.


March 1945, over the sea of Japan.

You peer through the porthole of the B-29 and gaze upon the vast, blue ocean. The way the sun hits it, it looks like a sheet of glass. You try to concentrate on anything but the mission at hand--the rush wind past your ears, the weight of your rifle, the smell of gunpowder on your uniform--all of them do little to ease the knot in your stomach. The rumbling of the engines is a constant reminder of where you are, and what you'll soon have to face.

"Mad, the lot of 'em!" you think out loud. "Who in their right mind throws a man out of a bomber?"

You laugh to yourself. You must be the crazy one. You accepted the mission, after all. Any minute now that red light will turn green, and you'll be falling over the outskirts of Tokyo.

Suddenly, the plane jumps. An alarm sounds. You look through the window. Land. So this is Japan? Yet you've little time to stand around with your mouth agape. The Japs have let loose a deadly fireworks display in your honor, and you don't plan on dying before the party's over. You rush towards the other side bomb bay doors as fast as the confined corridor and your leg bags will let you, and position yourself for what's to come.

Minutes pass, but it feels like an eternity. Slowly, the doors open, revealing the scenery of a ruined metropolis below. This must be Tokyo. The bombing runs earlier in the week must've been a success. Suddenly, the alarm sounds and the red light starts to flash. It's do or die time. You hook your parachute to the line and clench your one free hand into a fist. You look down one more time to see a mix of small houses and trees, and the red flashing reflected in your goggles becomes green. You bit down, offer a single word of prayer, step forward and jump.

Part 2 shortly.
>>March 1945
>>sea of Japan.

Due to allied flight paths, this would make us Soviets.

Fuck yeah, communism!
>>stick it in /tg/
>>in /tg/

/Touhou Games/ right?

Might have been a better idea to ask before taking up /th/ up
Correction, /th/. The keys are like right next to each other.
File 121120177599.jpg - (177.56KB, 1015x863 , Gurren.jpg) [iqdb]

/kill General Patton
The Russians were U.S. allies during the war. I'll leave our hero's nationality concealed for now, but I'll say I've taken a few liberties with the historic bits.

You fall for what feels like an eternity, but the sudden jolt of your chute opening says otherwise. You take in the scenery once more. All before you is blue. The noonday sky is breathtaking from this height. Looking down, you see a vast forest, with what looks like Tokyo behind you. You can't tell which direction it is, but you make a mental note of it's location. You close your eyes and run through the mission one last time. Head into Tokyo, set up a radio beacon, radio the locations of the AA guns, and wait for support. It should be easy if you remain quiet. You open your eyes. At least, you think you do. Everything around you remains black. You rip off your jump helmet and goggles and are horrified to see hundreds of eyes in the blackness looking right back at you. You feel the strength being drained from your body. What you can see begins to fade out, and all that's left is a woman's laughter.


You slowly open your eyes. Everything around you is a blur, but you can tell you're somewhere in a forest. The green colors in your vision tell you that much. There's an intense pressure on your shoulders, and you try to get up. Nothing happens. You shake your legs and find no resistance from the ground.

"Have I gone crazy?" You mumble to yourself.

First that weird hallucination, now you can't feel the ground? What the hell's going on here? Your vision starts to come around, and you take a closer look around. It would seem your chute's gotten caught in a tree. Now what to do about it?
[x] Check inventory for a sharp object
[x] Use sharp object on Parachute
>>The Russians were U.S. allies during the war. I'll leave our hero's nationality concealed for now, but I'll say I've taken a few liberties with the historic bits.

Of course
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Course, that didn't mean the soviets let us use their airfields.
Heck, any planes that went down near them, they interrogated our damn pilots and kept the wreckage before sending em home.

[x] Vodka

I like this. I think I'd like to use it.
File 121120238464.jpg - (526.50KB, 891x1200 , normal_mobile_zayaku_udongam_01.jpg) [iqdb]

Take the 'chute off and get ready to hit the ground.

Possible side story?


1 Airborne BDU (Equipped)
1 Military-issue Kabar
1 Thompson SMG w/4 spare mags (Gear bag)
1 Wool blanket (Gear Bag)
1 Canvas parachute (Tree)
1 Mess kit
1 Small sirst-aid kit
1 M1911A1 pistol w/2 spare mags (Gear bag)
1 Gear bag (Tree)
1 Picture
[x] Detach parachute and prepare for a rough landing.
[x] Say "It's time for the Snake to shed his skin."
[x] Remove parachute
>>Thompson SMG

Shouldn't that be an M3?
If the gear bag is retrievable, drop it down to the ground and release yourself from the parachute, use the Kabar knife if necessary.
Either or. I chose the Tommy gun over others because of my familiarity with it.

"GODDAMN YUKARI!" you scream aloud, although you have absolutely no understanding as to why you just did that or who "Yukari" is. Yukari is a Jap name, isn't it? You can feel the hate well up inside you.

You try to unhook the parachute from it's harness, but the force pulling you down is greater than what you can manage to lift at the moment. You reach down and pull your knife from your boot. Now this is a knife. As you begin to cut the harness to the parachute, you see your gear bag stuck in the tree. You extend your arm and reach out to it, but it's too far away. You may be able to climb the tree later to get into it, but for now you're only weapon is this knife. You cut the lines as quickly as possible. Those Japs certainly saw the parachute in the sky and you certainly don't want to be around for the welcoming committee. After cutting the last line, you plummet towards the ground. You the ground with a heavy THUD. You stand up slowly, making sure you didn't break anything in the fall. God-DAMN your shoulders hurt.

"How long was I out?" You ask yourself, though you're completely unaware of the answer.

You look back up at the tree, spotting your bag. It's higher than you thought, but not impossible to reach.

Well, an M3 can more easily chamber captured 8mm rounds which would be more important in a highly solo mission, and it would have been more up to date.
File 121120439687.jpg - (85.47KB, 600x338 , Anti-Spiral.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Climb up the tree to retrieve your bag
Can't wait to see who's going to come along to fuck us up before we can finish our MGS3-style introduction.
>Now this is a knife.
I see what you did there.

[x] Retrieve your backpack, Snake.
[X] Look at the picture.
File 121120463211.jpg - (36.05KB, 575x264 , 1129854758495.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Climb up the tree to retrieve your bag

I already like this, could turn out to be something awesome.
Cutting the votes down to three until things pick up. I'll try to combine several together in each post.


You take the picture out of your jacket pocket. It's an ordinary photograph of your family. You're already starting to miss them.

You decide to climb the tree. You put away the picture and your knife and try to find a foothold on the base of the tree. Nothing but wet bark. You pull the knife back out and jam it in the tree's base. For an improvised foothold, it's quite strong, but the tree bark is slippery and you can't find a good grip. Frustrated, you pull the knife out and kick the tree, but that only serves to make your toes hurt. This tree. This FUCKING TREE! You pick up a large rock and hurl it at your bag.

Miracles are rare, but they do happen. The rock hits the bag and both come falling to the ground. You open the bag to check your equipment. Everything looks to be in order, save for a rock-shaped dent in your mess kit. Now that you've retrieved your equipment, you're free to continue your mission. You load up and prepare to head towards the city. Which direction do you go?
[x] Climb up the tree to retrieve your bag

2nded, I want my little friend back ;__;
[x]Look for a path.
[x] That way
[x] Kiss your Thompson SMG and give it a girl's name while hugging it.
[x] Climb some big tree and look around what you can see.
[x] Tokyo was behind you, right? Turn around and go that way. Keep your Thompson SMG at hand in case you encounter hostiles.
Changing vote because the Tommy sounds like a better idea.
[x] Tokyo was behind you, right? Turn around and go that way. Keep your Thompson SMG at hand in case you encounter hostiles.

This sounds good.
Before you set out, you think it would probably be best to have a weapon at ready. You set your bag back down, and rummage through your various odds and ends. You settle on the Thompson. Good ol' Mima, she's never failed you once. Sheer firepower may come in handy if you need to make a scene. Those anti-air guns might be heavily guarded and it'll be all over if someone spots you. Remember, this is a sneaking mission. But wait, what's this? You pull a long black piece of fabric out of your bag. When did that get in there? Well, better put it to good use, right? You tie it around your forehead. Fits like a glove. Your badass level has just increased by +3.

You try to remember what direction Tokyo was in, but after being knocked out for so long you don't know which way is which.

"FUCK, I should've brought a compass"

You always leave out the little bits, don't you. You silently curse yourself and your ignorance.

"Well, I guess I'd better find a path."

You examine the trees further. Basic survival training taught you that moss grows on the North side of trees. You search nearby trees for such signs, and upon finding one, you've reoriented yourself. Taking into consideration that Tokyo is an oceanfront city, and that the ocean side is to the South, you're probably North of the city. You decide to head South.

Eventually, you come across a small rural-looking village. Is this the outskirts of Tokyo? You ready your rifle and think of your next move.
[x] Check for guards, and for any AA guns in sight. Don't forget your mission, soldier.
[X] Find a box to hide in.
[x] Check for guards, and for any AA guns in sight. Don't forget your mission, soldier.

>You pull a long black piece of fabric out of your bag. When did that get in there? Well, better put it to good use, right? You tie it around your forehead. Fits like a glove. Your badass level has just increased by +3.

Awesome. Do we now have infinite ammo?

[x] Try to find a vantage point, get a better look at your surroundings.
[X] Find a box to hide in.


All write-ins, but a serious tone? Color me intrigued.
First set-option post.

You run a quick visual sweep of the immediate area. Two guards by a gate to the right. They appear to be wearing some sort of leather armor and are armed with... Swords? Wait just a minute here. This is war, god-dammit. Who in their right mind would arm their sentries with just swords? They've gotta have a gun on them somewhere! Where the hell's the alarm? Do the Japs have some obsession with all this dark-ages bullshit?

"There's gotta be more. I gotta find a way to sneak by them."

You look around a second time, looking for a way into the city... If you could call it a city. There! To the left by the guardhouse! A barrel, and you just might be able to fit inside it. It's worth a shot. You crawl up to the building and try to lift up the barrel. No use, it's full of water. You're already this far, there's no turning back now! Maybe if you distract them... You lean up against the wall and tap it a couple times. You hear swords draw and Jap-speak and you backtrack as quick as possible to the tree-line. No use, they've spotted you and they're hot on your trail. You lay down in some tall grass. You can hear them talking their goddamn moon language. Those fucking Japs, you want to kill them so badly right now for what they've done. Those silly metal sticks are no match for your Mima buster! But just as soon as you're about to stand up and rain hell upon their sorry asses, everything goes quiet. You can't hear their moon language anymore, and their footsteps have stopped. Something's wrong, very wrong. They know you're here and they're waiting for you, aren't they?

[ ] Stay in the tall grass.
[ ] Run away! Run away!
[ ] Rain hellfire upon the immediate vicinity.
[ ] Anemia option
[x] Stay in the tall grass.
[X] Anemia option.

[X] Stay in the tall grass.
[x] Stay in the tall grass.
[x] Run away! Run away!

We've either entered the Alert status or they left.

Or they were KILL BY YOUKAIS
[x] Check for guards, and for any AA guns in sight. Don't forget your mission, soldier.
[ ] Swap to your pistol.

I understand the need for a Thompson, but if we need it that badly we're dead anyways. We should keep the (Slightly) quieter weapon, which is more easily mistakable for something else.
Like what?
[ ] Stay in the tall grass.

Fucking slowpoke.
File 121120885337.gif - (28.17KB, 249x250 , [[[[[[[[[.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Stay in the tall grass.
You decide to wait it out.

"I'll play your little game, Japs," you think to yourself.

You wait, and wait, and wait for what feels like hours. They must've given up. You decide to wait it out a little longer. Sure enough, you hear movement. Headed right. FUCKING. FOR YOU. You remember that knot in your stomach back on the plane? Yeah, it's back ten-fold. You tighten your grip your gun. You force the urge to run away to the back of your mind, but the footsteps are only getting closer. Every bone in your body is telling you to get the fuck out of there, but you remain still. The footsteps stop, and you feel something heavy on your back. You've been caught. In an act of defeat, you roll over to look up at your aggressor and see...

A rabbit. A fucking rabbit, white as snow. What the hell? Where's the guards, where's the imminent death you sensed just now? Why a fucking rabbit? Are rabbits even native to Japan? You breathe a sigh of relief and stand up. The guards are gone. There's no trace of them at all. You backtrack to the gate and nothing. Even the guardhouse is empty. It's like they just disappeared. What the hell is wrong with this place? Well, you're not one to look a gift-horse in the mouth. Through the gate with you!

Village infiltration successful, bad end 1 avoided.
Dun dun-dun dun dun dun-dun-dun... DUN DUN DUN!!

"Impressive, Snake." *click*
File 121120931841.jpg - (35.17KB, 800x441 , 121100549316.jpg) [iqdb]
Forgot mah pic
what would have bad ended us?
Take the rabbit. We need some extra food.
[X] Stay in the tall grass.

remember, stealth mission, etc
Goddammit, I need to find a copy of the VR missions again.
Eaten by Mystia and Rumia.

Holy slowpoke.
Well, this still applies.

[ ] Swap to pistol.
[X] Rambo
File 121120982874.png - (24.73KB, 500x600 , 120934226962.png) [iqdb]
Fuck yeah, somebody got it. Here, have a Chen.
[ ] the rabbit will be your emergency food

awesome setting, I was tired of going tthrough the list of more or less generic anons
[x] Swap to pistol, look for AA guns
Protip: Guys, we're 'Snake', we aren't one of the Dirty Dozen. We can't gun our way through this.

Only one way to find out.
Considering that you're now in an urban environment, you figure it'd be best to switch to your more silent M1911. You dip back onto your pack and examine it. It sure is beautiful. And a little bit upgraded, too. Well, it's more than a little. First of all, the feeding ramp has been polished to a mirror sheen. It's not going to have any feeding problems. The slide's been replaced with a reinforced version. And it meshes perfectly with the frame. The frame itself has been iron-welded and scraped down multiple times for maximum precision. The front strap part of the frame has been checkered to make it dig into the hand. That prevents any slipping. The sight system's original, too. It's a 3-dot type. It's got an enlarged front sight, giving it superior target sighting capability. The regular hammer's been replaced with a ring hammer. That enhances the cocking speed and increases the hammer-down speed. They also reworked the grip safety to accommodate the ring hammer. Looks like they eliminated it altogether. This is a tool for pros. The thumbs safety and the slide stop are extended to allow for more precise handling. The base of the trigger guard is whittled down, so you can use a high grip. And the trigger itself is a long type for easy finger access. The trigger pull is about 3.5 pounds. That's about a pound and a half lighter than normal. The magazine well has been widened to make it easier to put in a new magazine. The magazine catch button has been cut down low to make it harder to hit by mistake. The mainspring housing has been changed to a flat type to increase grip. And it's even been fitted with stepping so that it doesn't slip from the recoil when firing. On top of that, they added cocking serrations to the front part of the slide. That lets you load and eject cartridges faster in an emergency. Whoever did this is a professional. No question - this thing could shoot a one-hole at 25 yards in a machine rest.

"Oh, wow!"

As for the rabbit, it seems to be following you. You're pretty damn lucky for someone this far behind enemy lines. It may come in handy as food later in the mission. You try to grab it by the ears, but it dodges your hand and bites you. That's no ordinary rabbit, that's for sure. You try again, only to wind up repeating the same events. Grab, dodge, bite. You try this several times. This has got to be the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on. This rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! Well, if it keeps following you, you might be able to trap it somehow. First, you should concentrate on your mission. You begin your sweep for the guns. Nothing. Furthermore, the place seems to be abandoned. Maybe they're all taking shelter in the inner city after the last bombing run? In any case, it looks like you're free to do as you please for now.
Yeah, We're Snake. No one else would get so worked up over a (admittedly awesome) pistol.
[x] Search buildings with caution.
[x] Wait, abandoned? That's nonsense. They're obviously hiding in the buildings, waiting for a chance to shoot you. Check them out.
[x] Wait, abandoned? That's nonsense. They're obviously hiding in the buildings, waiting for a chance to shoot you. Check them out.

Sneaky japs are sneaky.
how will we call this anon ?

Waronymous ?
[x] Remember the basics of CQC. Knife in one hand, pistol in the other.

Vladimir Putin
Ivan Drago.
John Doe.
Uncle Sam.
Your viking blood commands you to pillage! But wait, you don't have any viking blood in you? All this Jappo air must be making your mind dull. You decide it's best to proceed with caution. You search the buildings one by one. Knife in one hand, pistol in the other, ready for anything.

Damn, this place really is deserted, and not a gun in sight. Hell, the closest thing to weapons here are the swords the guards carry. You continue your search well until dusk. You'd best find someplace to sleep. Considering the place is abandoned, anywhere would do.
Your stomach protests. "I'm hungry, feed me!"
"Now that I think of it, I haven't eaten all day." You say to yourself.
Talking to yourself really helps you keep your cool on the battlefield, but you'd really like to get those reinforcements in by tomorrow. A white building which looks not too dissimilar to a Western-style church catches your eye. That style of architecture stands out like a sore thumb amongst all these wooden hovels. It's one of the only buildings you haven't searched, so it may be full of enemies. On the flip-side, it may have food that doesn't try to bite you when you grab at it. You glare daggers behind you, but the rabbit seems to have disappeared. You sigh, another meal lost. You look up at the sky, lost in thought. Nothing here makes sense. This isn't Tokyo, it's way too small. It's just an abandoned village. Something blew you way off target, and now you've no idea where you are. The lack of decent weapons, and that blackout during the jump don't help, either. It's like you've traveled in time to the middle ages. You laugh. Time travel, what nonsense! You continue to gaze up at the sky. Something else isn't right, but you can't put your finger on it. Is it the moon? No, couldn't be. You scratch your head in confusion, and head towards the church.

[ ] Go in guns blazing.
[ ] Sneak in through the window
[ ] Sneak in through the front door
[ ] Eleven option
[ ] Sneak in through the window
[x] Sneak in through the window
[X] I'm the motherfucking assassin sneaking in through the window jesus christ
[X] Eleven option

If this is a Geass reference beyond the obvious, I don't get it, so maybe I've just voted for beetles in our eyelids. But what the hell.
Euphemia orders an eleven massacre. Something like that.


The front door would be entirely too obvious, and after a bit of searching, you find a window on the side of the house. As quietly as possible, you climb through the window and into the... Wait, what room is this? It's pitch black, and you can't see an inch in front of your face. You draw your pistol and wait for your eyes to adjust. You begin to make out shapes in the darkness. This room appears to be a bathroom of sorts, not too dissimilar to the one at home. You carefully sneak towards the door, ever vigilant. The door appears to be cracked open. You peer through, and the coast seems clear. You open the door slowly, and step out into a hallway. Two doors on the opposite wall, a large room at one end, and another door on the other end. You start with the door at the end of the hallway. A bedroom, empty. Next, the remaining doors in the hallway. A kitchen and study, both empty. You walk into the large room to find nothing. Not a soul is in the house, or so you think. You slowly make your way to the front door. Locked. Nobody's getting in without a key. You breathe a sigh of relief, and proceed back towards the kitchen. There's a light on that wasn't there before. Wait, what?
[x] Hide near the entryway so that anyone entering can't see you, be ready to bring someone to gunpoint.

[x] Hide near the entryway so that anyone entering can't see you, be ready to bring someone to gunpoint.
Why not!
[x] Hide near the entryway so that anyone entering can't see you, be ready to bring someone to gunpoint.
We're either going to get a hostage/interrogation or a very gruesome bad end.
[x] Hide near the entryway so that anyone entering can't see you, be ready to bring someone to gunpoint.

So what's our CQC knowledge at?
>Euphemia orders an eleven massacre. Something like that.
Who? Oh, that thing in the stadium? Yeah, that probably would've been bad. Not beetles in the eyelid bad, but yeah.

[X] Hide near the entryway so that anyone entering can't see you, be ready to bring someone to gunpoint.

It's won anyway, and it's a good idea.
Actually, shit, I didn't think that all the way through.
[x] Hide near the entryway so that anyone entering can't see you, be ready to bring the first person you see to knifepoint and keep the gun ready in case there are two or more people with the first.
They might not be alone.
I can imagine Solid Snake holding a knife to Ran's throat while pointing a gun at Chen/Yukari now. John Doe is stone cold.
Holding a knife to Ran's throat? Would you be able to see past all 'em tails?
File 121121718590.gif - (29.48KB, 296x289 , 9_IS_THE_STRONGEST.gif) [iqdb]
Fucking wall of text mode GO!


You hug the wall, and get close to the doorway. Gun and knife at the ready, you wait for anybody who may be in the room to turn the corner. Better to take them alive than to kill them on sight. You wait, but nothing happens. There appears to be no movement coming from the room. You carefully round the corner into the room, prepared for an ambush, but there's nothing but an empty candle. You breathe a sigh of relief, but something taps your shoulder. You turn around to find nothing. Something taps you from behind again, and you turn around to nothing, once again. Suddenly..
"Up here!"
"Up here!"
You look up. Floating above your head is a young girl in a blue dress. Wait, floating? You're speechless.
"Who're you?" She asks.
"..." You can only stand there with your mouth open. You must be seeing things. The hunger must be getting to you. You slap yourself in the face a few times, but the illusion doesn't go away.
"I'm asking you a question." The girl puffs out her cheeks.
You try to think things through rationally. There's gotta be wires holding this kid up. You back up, and she follows you, staying over your head as you move. Wires don't work that way! Suddenly, it gets cold.
"I asked you a question!" She repeats, loudly.
"Ahh... I-I can give you m-my codename, rank and serial number, but nothing more." You somehow manage to say this without stuttering too much.
"What's a cereal number? Is it food?" She asks with a confused look.
"No, it's for identification purposes."
"I just wanna know what you're doing!" Her voice echoes through the halls.
"I'm looking for big guns. Seen any?"
"Uhm... nope?"
"Then... do you know where we are?"
"Could you tell me?"
"You don't know?"
"Why else would I be asking?" You say, slightly annoyed.
"Uhm, I dunno."
"Right, and?"
"And what?"
"Where am I?"
"You're right here!" She ruffles your hair.
"I know that, but where is here?" You're starting to get tired of this.
"Gensokyo, idiot!"
"Genso- Wait, this isn't Japan?"
"It is, but it isn't. I know these things after all!"
"How can you speak English?"
"It's 'cuz I'm a genius!"
"I see." You facepalm. "So, where is everyone?"
"A big scaaaaaaa~ry dragon flew through and they all left!"
"You mean a plane?"
"What's that?"
"It flies and shoots bullets." You try to keep it simple.
"But dragons shoot fire!"
"Bullets can look like fire to the untrained eye."
"Maybe it was, then.." She looks confused.
"Could you do me a favor?"
"Sure, if I can go with you!" This isn't going to end well, you just know it.
"Could you point me in the right direction to the biggest building here?"
"I KNOW THAT ONE!" She blares with a smile. You wince, wasn't this supposed to be a sneaking mission?
"So can we go there?"
"I don't wanna. Scaaaaary people live there."
"How scary?"
"I'm good with scary." Convincing her to go won't be easy, and it looks like she won't help unless she can go with you. Getting to Tokyo won't be easy, especially with his idiot as the guide.
The Story just got 100% more awesome.
[x] "Look, kid, I'm the scariest. So you have nothing to be afraid of. You say there are scary people over there? Well, you don't have to be afraid of them, because I'm the scariest person in... Gensokyo, right? Right."
Looks like we're heading to SDM. Dear God...

Also, looks like the pilot got gapped in as well. Poor bastard.
[] Hide near the entryway so that anyone entering can't see you, be ready to bring someone to gunpoint.

This thread may be a stroke of genius. Nobody has tried to jump in a lake yet.
[x] "Look, kid, I'm the scariest. So you have nothing to be afraid of. You say there are scary people over there? Well, you don't have to be afraid of them, because I'm the scariest person in... Gensokyo, right? Right."
Well, I was going to put a were-cow in there, but after thinking a bit, I thought it'd be funnier to but in the ➈ instead. And I'd read that dragons do exist in Gensokyo, although they happen to be rarely seen. Epic win dragon fight, maybe?

That's twice you've failed today.
slowpoke, alive, etc
You mean 9%?
[x] "Look, kid, I'm the scariest. So you have nothing to be afraid of. You say there are scary people over there? Well, you don't have to be afraid of them, because I'm the scariest person in... Gensokyo, right? Right."
Suddenly, John Doe becomes a motivational speaker and becomes a contender for the title of "Scariest Person in Gensokyo"
DANGIT! *cough* Well, I'm eating lunch and reading the threads at the same time, and I'm not used to things updating while you read them. :P
I type fairly fast, and my head's full of half-baked ideas. I'm also a little sleepy after pulling a darks. Plenty of typos may be had, but I'll keep the updates coming for now.


With your level of reasoning, you doubt she'd be able to comprehend what you're trying to say. You decide to try her style of reasoning.
"Look, kid, I'm the scariest. So you have nothing to be afraid of. You say there are scary people over there? Well, you don't have to be afraid of them, because I'm the scariest person in... Gensokyo, right? Right."
"You're not the scariest." She looks at you disbelieving.
"I am!"
"Prove it!"
"Okay, then!" You reach into your bag and grab out ol' Mima. You walk outside with the floating girl following you, and unleash a volley of fire into the barrel by the guardhouse, blowing it to splinters. (-5rds)
"Well, how's that?"
"I CAN DO THAT TOO, YOU KNOW!" Shit got cold real quick, didn't it? You're practically freezing in your boots. The girl lifts her hands over her head, and a ball of blue light appears between them. She hurls it towards the guardhouse, which ceases to exist upon impact.
"..." What. The. FUCK?!
"Cool, huh?"
"..." She stares at you, waiting for a response.
"H-H-How'd you do that?" You're afraid to ask.
"I dunno." Her face looks like she really doesn't know.
"You don't know?"
"You can do that again, right?"
"No, That was 'Hailstorm', not 'Cool'."
"I see..." You wonder if she's doing it on purpose. Nobody can be this dense, can they? "So, if I'm not the scariest, then who is?"
"That basement girl. She lives in the big house."
"I'd like to meet this 'basement girl,' perhaps challenge the title of scariest?"
"No you don't, you'll die." She looks worried. Shit just got serious.
"If I can't go to the big house, then where would I find lots of people?"
"AH, I KNOW THAT ONE!" She's beaming.
"Where is it, then?"
"SHRINE!" A shrine, huh? This may be interesting. No, the other one. Tedious.
Ask "Who's at this Shrine?"

Wow, she blew the hell out of that guardhouse.
Go to the shrine.

It's not that dragons are rare they just don't show up unless some serious shit is going on like Gensokyo's creation.
[x] "Alright, that's fine. Let's go to this shrine. Who lives at the shrine, anyways? Are they as scary as this basement girl? I'm not afraid of scary, you know."
[x] "Alright, that's fine. Let's go to this shrine. Who lives at the shrine, anyways? Are they as scary as this basement girl? I'm not afraid of scary, you know."
"So, kid, who lives at this shrine?"
"What?" What's she going on about this time?
"My name's not kid, it's Cirno!" She stops flying and puts her hands on her hips, pouting.
"That's an odd name."
"No it's not!" She looks offended.
"Alright then, Cirno, who lives at the shrine? Are they as scary as the basement girl?"
"The red-white. She's poor an mean an throws stuff at people an-"
"Alright, I think I get it. She sounds pretty scary." You wonder if it's even true.
"She is! She beats people up for no reason!"
"I think I get it. Anyone else?"
"The horny girl!" What? Did you hear that right?
"She has horns on her head an likes alco... Alcolol!" Horns? On her head? Well, you've seen stranger things already today. Couldn't be worse than flying people and dragons. What's next, moon men? Demons? What's certain is that you need a drink. BAD. Perhaps she'll share..
"I see, anyone else."
"Well no one else lives there but everyone visits." She looks like she's deep in thought, if that's even possible.
"AH! Gap lady!"
"Yukari!" Why does that name soun-GODDAMMIT YUKARI!
"Tell me more about this 'Yukari,' will you?"
"She like to cause problems!"
"What kind of problems?"
"I dunno, ones with gaps an stuff."
"Like black things with eyes you know?" Black things? Eyes? Why does this sound all to familiar?
"This sounds interesting, I'd like to speak to her."
"She's sleeping!" Speaking of sleep, you're starting to feel tired yourself.
"When'll she wake up?"
"I dunno, her slaves might know." Slavery, in this day and age?
"In any case, I need food and sleep. You're free to hang around if you want."
You head back into the church building and unceremoniously raid the kitchen. You find several strange appliances, and lots of raw ingredients. Being a man of war, you know little about cooking. Perhaps the kid could help.
[X] Ask Cirno where you can find Yukari's Slaves.
[x] Examine the raw ingredients. If need be, we'll make MANWICHES.
Get Cirno to help cook some eggs.
[x] Even so, I can't trust this "Cirno" character to cook well. Ask her to help me make something simple.
"Hey kid!"
"Cirno. Do you know where to find these 'slaves' of Yukari's?"
"Nope. You can't find their house if you know where you're going."
"What do you mean?"
"You can only find it if you're lost. At least that's how I found it."
"So you have no idea?"
"I thought you were a genius." You raise an eyebrow.
"I am!" She looks upset. It's probably best not to question her genius, or lack thereof, any more.
"So could you help me with all this stuff?"
"What stuff?"
"All this food. I don't know what to do with all of it."
"Kay! I'm also a genius at cooking!"
"That's good, we need a genius around here for times like these." She grins, not picking up on your sarcasm.
In front of you sits a carton of eggs, a bag of flour, salt and sugar, and a fuckton of butter.
"So what should I do with all this?" You think to yourself out loud.
"I know! Lemme do it!" You're reluctant, but let her do it regardless.
"Try to keep it simple, will you?" She ignores you.
Cirno grabs a bowl from one of the shelves, and starts throwing ingredients into it. Literally, throwing. Handfulls of salt followed by whole eggs followed by sticks of wrapped butter. The entire bag of flour is added, and upon "completion" she freezes the dish solid. You stare at the mess, not sure what to do.
"Here ya go, eat up!"

[ ] Eat
[ ] Do not eat
[ ] Other (Insert response here)
[X] Stick some of the mess into her mouth.
[x] "So, what do you call this... unusual recipe?"
[X] Eat
We are the fucking Snake, we eat forest animals raw, so this will be no problem for us either.
[ ] Other

[x] "So, what do you call this... unusual recipe?"
[x] Reluctantly put some of this mess into your mouth, where you then get down on your knees and praise the FOOD OF THE GODS. Eat, followed by Manly tears, etc
[x] "With my brains and your brawn we make an excellent team."

[X] Stick some of the mess into her mouth. "How does it taste?"
[X] Stick your finger into the mess, gather up a ton of it, then make Cirno suck it off. Slowly.
You think it's probably best if you don't eat this. Rather, you really can't eat it. It's frozen solid. You manage to break some pieces off with a spoon, and something gives you an idea.
"Is this... The usual recipe?"
"Uhh..." She's thinking. She also has her mouth wide open. You stick your finger into the dish and thrust it forward into her mouth. Her eyes widen, she's surprised. Funny, for someone who seems to be able to control cold, the inside of her mouth is warm. Her hands, however, are another story. She grabs your hand, pulls it from her mouth and throws it back at you. It's gone numb.
"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Her face turns bright red.
"Well?" You ask, trying to return feeling to your fingers.
"Well what?"
"How'd your 'invention' taste?"
"..." She goes silent.
"It was bad, wasn't it?"
"... yeah." You stare at her. She really expected you to eat that and she didn't even know what it tasted like? Guess the limit of her cooking skill is on par with her genius.
"So much for that, then." You look around and grab an apple on the counter.
"Where you going?" She asks.
"I need sleep, there's a bedroom at the end of the hall." You start heading in that direction and notice she's following you the whole way.
"Need something?" You turn around and ask her.
"Not really." She looks away.
"You don't still expect me to eat that, do you?"
"Then what is it?"
"..." She's looking off to the side, pouting.
"Fine, if you want to follow me, go right ahead. I don't like beds. You can have it. I'll sleep on the floor." Her face lights up. Really, why's she getting excited over something like that?
As soon as you open the door, Cirno's already past you and jumping on the bed. Really, how old is this kid? You pull the wool blanket from your bag and sleep on the far side of the room.
File 121122376792.gif - (36.22KB, 679x604 , cirno flutter.gif) [iqdb]
Oh. Guess I should have read further before I saved this as This Is A Sneaking Mission.

>no match for your Mima buster
...We have a silver dagger?

I think you mean ⑨⑨% more awesome.

Got huge Yotsuba vibes off that.
Forgot mah options. Choose one:

[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 3


>We have a silver dagger?

Mima is what I pet-named the Tommy gun. Much confusion will be had later.
No, you're missing the tasteless joke. It's a /shrine/ reference.
I should have been able to solve that.

Poor Mima... ;_;
[x] 4
Because those Japs know this number as the number of DEATH. WHICH WE'RE GOING TO BRING TO THEM.
[x] π
[X] 2.999999999~
>Mima is what I pet-named the Tommy gun. Much confusion will be had later.
...oh, I like the implications of this.
➈. All you see is ➈. ➈ of them in a row, dancing circles around your head. You don't know what it means, but it's all you can see. It's all you know. And then you hear a voice.
"Don't call me ➈..." It says, shakily.
You try to respond, but all that comes out of your mouth is
The voice repeats itself,
"Don't call me ➈..."
You decide to wait. The spinning ➈'s begin to spin faster. All they do is spin. Spin and spin around your head. It makes your head spin, and all you want to do is spin. Spin with them. Become one with the ➈. The ➈'s command you and you will do their bidding. You will spin. You will spin and spin and spin and spin spin spIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN until you can spin no more. The voice speaks up,
"...e o.. ..s.." You can't hear it. You try to speak but all you can say is
The voice stays silent. You think to yourself, "I called it ➈, it must be angry."
But the voice is not angry. It speaks again, this time, louder.
"o..e o.. us.."
You want to respond, yet you know now you can only say one thing, so you stay silent. The voice responds in kind, making not a peep. The ➈'s surrounding you stop spinning. You can sense their gaze. Staring, staring. Peering inside you. Your mind, it's secrets. All of you belongs to the ➈. The voice repeats itself yet again. You can now understand it's message.
"One of us..." It doesn't stop this time.
"One of us... one of us... one of us... One Of Us... One Of Us... ONE OF US. ONE OF US." It continues to get louder. And louder. Until you can no longer bear it. You realize there is only one way to stop it. You must become the ➈. The ➈ is you. Without ➈ you are nothing. Without ➈ you are nothing! NOTHING. YOU ARE NOTHING. ➈! ➈!

And then you became the ➈.
But that's equal to 3.
Rounded up, yes. If not, it's an infinite number of 9's. The strongest decimal.
File 121122599996.jpg - (104.52KB, 800x600 , 120880838745.jpg) [iqdb]
Forgot mah image again.
2.999999~ and 3 are the same number.

If you want to prove me wrong, then find a number between them.
You are both mathimatically and logically challenged. To all means and purposes, 2.999~ would produce a result effectively the same as 3, but 2.999~ < 3 is still true, so they are not the same number. ;)
File 121122675849.jpg - (21.87KB, 250x406 , 250px-Captain_Falcon.jpg) [iqdb]

For 2.99999~ to be less than 3, there would have to be a difference between them. A number that that lies between the two, thus defining them as different. A "border," if you will, between them.

Care to tell me what that is?
File 121122704761.jpg - (28.64KB, 400x300 , 493207018ead5c227f5755bca535bdf8.jpg) [iqdb]
The ➈ cannot wake up. The ➈ is commanded by us. We will not permit the ➈ to awaken. It must not be allowed to awaken. Forever shall the ➈ slee-
You wake up from the nightmare. No spinning numbers are surrounding your head, and the commanding voice has disappeared. You check yourself to make sure you haven't become a ➈. What is a ➈ anyway? A miserable little pile of secrets, you presume. Everything checks out. You've got all your fingers and toes, nothing looted your gear bag during the night, and Cirno is safe and sound, sleeping right next to you.

You continue to sit there, slightly stunned. She looks so peaceful in her own dream world. Too bad the same couldn't be said about yourself. Perhaps she's the cause of all this. You get out of bed without disturbing her, and prepare yourself for a long haul through enemy territory. Getting to the shrine may not be as easy as it seems, considering all the weird things that have happened lately. Returning to the kitchen, you can now see the full extent of the mess that was made the night before. The mystery concoction has thawed out, and now reeks of rotten eggs. As if it wasn't bad enough to begin with. In any case, you may be a soldier, but you still know better than to leave your messes lying around. The cleanup doesn't take too long, and the kitchen looks as though you were never here. Now to get out before the owner of the place gets back. You return to the bedroom and nudge the sleeping moron on the shoulder. She rolls over on her face, still asleep. You didn't get a real good look at her until just now. Her hair's as blue as her dress, and she has 6 wings or something similar protruding from her back. Curiosity gets the better of you, and try poking one of the wings. Cold as ice. Cirno moans something unintelligible into the pillow. You try pulling on it to witness the same reaction. Really, this girl sleeps like a rock, and you've got to get her up so you can leave..
[X] Stroke her wings, starting slowly but increasing the speed of your strokes gradually.

It must be done.
[x] She did this to me, now it's time for some PAYBACK. Ruffle her hair.
[ ] Pick her up and leave.
[ ] Pick her up and leave.
[ ] Ruffle her hair then pick her up and leave.
[X] Stroke her wings, starting slowly but increasing the speed of your strokes gradually.

It'll be just like masturbating her, except no one will complain that we did something inappropriate!
[X] Ruffle her hair then pick her up and leave.
No Man gets left behind on the battlefield.
"If that won't do it..." You're definitely getting some sort of reaction by touching her wings, so you decide to keep at it. Maybe if you try something a little more daring, her reaction may become stronger. You start rubbing her wings, like you would with a pet dog. Her face starts to turn red, and she starts talking into the pillow again. You hear her say something about cake. Maybe she's only pretending to be asleep. I wonder, I wonder.
"You awake kid?" You whisper into her ear. No response. You slowly start massaging her wings faster, and she bunches up her hands into fists and her feet start to curl. She starts moaning into the pillow. Nothing like before, just moaning unintelligibly. You wonder if she's enjoying it or if it's just uncomfortable. In any case, it's too interesting to stop here. You reach down and ruffle her hair. Payback's a bitch, ain't it? She yawns, rolls over, and looks up at you in a half-asleep daze.
"Time to go, kid."
"The shrine, remember?"
"Yah..." She won't be of much help like this. You pick her up along with your remaining gear and carry her towards the front door.
That was hot, needs a Cirno route now.
Yes, new erogenous zone discovered. That will be handy if we bed Cirno at any point.

[X] Head out of the village a ways, then try to wake Cirno up. Preferably by rubbing her wings again.
Work called, 7 minutes, brb.
[x] What's that? I'm not in Japan anymore? No more need for subtlety then. Open the door and ask Cirno which direction we need to go to head to the shrine.
[x] This has been bugging you for quite some time. Ask Cirno if the residents of Gensokyo dress as... eccentric as she does.
Tip for the future:
use ⑨(U+2468, "Circled Digit Nine") instead of ➈(U+2788, "Dingbat Circled Sans-serif Digit Nine"). It looks a lot cleaner on these boards.
File 121123201661.png - (26.98KB, 450x665 , Cirno - Later That Day.png) [iqdb]
Sort of like this one, but more:
[x] "Hey, Cirno... Does everyone here dress as weird as you?"
Remember, Gunmanon is a soldier from WW2. He probably doesn't speak so tactfully or eloquently.

Our stamina gauge is probably pretty low at this point.
[X] Put Cirno down
[X] switch to Thompson
[X] Use item "Mess Kit" on self
Rations, mirite.
You're doing it wrong. Not counting imaginary numbers, we need to be able to preform a change on one to create the other. In this case, take 3 and subtract 0.0000...01 and it becomes 2.9999~. But we ARE dealing with infinite decimals, so it gets weird anyway.
Point: Mathimatically, they are different numbers.
>subtract 0.0000...01

And guess what, that's impossible, because you can't have an infinitely repeating sequence that ends differently - or at all for that matter.
You know, I posted this to troll mathfags. Looks like it's working.

To be fair, I posted >>33675 for the same reason.
7 minutes over. Postan.


You're pretty hungry. Rather than leaving immediately, you decide to grab some food first. You set down the half-sleeping idiot on a chair in the large room by the hallway and walk back to the kitchen. There's canned foods stacked on a shelf next to the stove, and it looks like you've some room to spare in your bag. You can't read any of the labels, it's all in that gibberish moonspeak. Whatever looks familiar goes into the bag, you're not picky. Once you feel you have enough, you head back to the room where you left the girl. Damn, she's still asleep. You tug on her wing again.
"Mnnnnn..." She moans and bites her lip. This could get addictive, but you don't have time for games. You kick the chair, hard. This chair makes you angry. She jolts awake.
"Time to go, kid."
"Mmkay.." Looks like she's still not fully awake. You grab her arm and try to pick her up. She struggles, and starts kicking at you.
"I know how to walk, idiot!" Who's the idiot here, you wonder?
"Fine, let's get out of here. Which way to the shrine?" You leave the house, with Cirno floating close behind you.
"Why're you walking?"
"Can't you fly like everyone else?"
"Normal people can't fly." You turn back and look at her.
"I can."
"Normal people don't have wings, either."
"That's 'cuz I'm a fairy!" You'll believe just about anything at this point.
"Alright, miss fairy. How do I get to the shrine?" You turn around and start walking.
"That way!" She points to the far end of the village. "There's a path there!"
You walk to the edge of the village. The place still looks deserted, so you're probably safe for now. You keep one hand on your holstered pistol just in case.
"So kid, I've got a question for you."
"What's that?" She flies in front of you, leaning towards your face.
"Does everyone else in this place dress weird like you do?"
"I don't dress weird! You're the weirdo! Why're you wearing all that green?!"
"It's camouflage. It makes it harder to see me in the forest."
"So you came from the forest?"
"I landed there, but I came from a plane."
"YOU RODE ON THE DRAGON?!" Her eyes light up.
"I guess you could put it that way."
"WOW! YOU MUST BE PRETTY STRONG!" She's barely inches away from your face.
"I still can't blow up buildings with my bare hands like you can, though."
"That's cuz I'm the strongest!" First it's genius, now it's strongest. Perhaps she thinks too highly of herself?
"Right, right.." You're almost to the end of the village. "You should probably stay behind me. I'd rather not be seen until I can interrogate this Yukari."
"Kay!" She flies behind you, but she still stands out like a sore thumb. That blue dress won't do any good to keep her hidden.
"Here, wrap this around you." You say as you toss her your sleeping blanket. "It'll make you harder to see in the trees"
"What about the path?"
"We're not taking the path today, kid."
"Why not?"
"I told you, I'd rather not be seen, and walking the path wouldn't make things easier. We'll stay in the woods alongside the path."
"But the woods're scaaary."
"I'm used to scary."
"But they don't like humans.."
"Who doesn't?"
"Mystia an Wriggle an the dark one. They live in the forest." Goddamn, these people sure have some weird names. You're really beginning to wonder if this is even part of Japan.
[X] "Then I'm just gonna have to count on you to get me by them. We're on a top secret mission, you know."
You crawl into woods to the left side of the path, carefully and silently. After you're about ten feet from the tree-line, you hear a loud noise behind you. The idiot's up to something. You turn around and glare at her.
"Look, frogs!" She yells, encapsulating one in a ball of ice. You shush her.
"B-but.." She looks down, depressed.
"I need you to try to stay quiet." You whisper to her. "You can take that with you, but try not to make too much noise behind me."
You continue to follow the path from the forest for several miles without incident before happening on a small clearing. The path branches out into several directions ahead.
"Hey, kid. Which way is it?" You look at her. She's still got that frog with her.
"Up there." She whispers back. Looks like she's finally getting the idea.
She points over to the right side of the path, behind you about ten feet. You look and notice a stairway, covered in vines and overgrowth between the trees. It looks like nobody's used or cleaned the stairs in years.
"The stairs there?"
"Yup!" She's not trying to be quiet anymore.
"It looks abandoned.."
"But it's up there."
Nobody else seems to be around. You grab her hand and run across the path and stop alongside the stairway. Looking up, you can barely see the end. You start to climb.
"Hey, how high do these steps go?"
"Pretty high I think." Her face tells you she doesn't really know. She's starting to look nervous. Whoever lives at the end of these stairs must be pretty fearsome to scare someone who can blow away a building in an instant. You stop for a moment, thinking to yourself. Why are you trusting this girl? She seems harmless enough, if not just a bit dull. Trusting someone you just met in enemy territory is stupid, you tell yourself. She could be leading you into a trap. You'd best stay on your guard. You drop your pack and open it up.
"What're ya doin?" She asks, putting a finger to her mouth.
"I might need something more powerful than a pistol." You respond, pulling the Thompson out of the bag.
"Lemme see!" She grabs at it. You hold it just out of reach.
"Stop that, this is dangerous!" She stops reaching over your shoulder.
"Alright, but can I see it later?"
"Maybe.." It won't hurt anyone if it's not loaded. "But let's keep going for now."
You resume the climb. The stairs seem to go on forever, and you can just barely see the summit through the trees ahead. It's not too much further. You look back at Cirno, floating carelessly behind you. What you wouldn't give to be able to fly right about now.
Eventually, you reach the top. You lie down on the hillside and scope out the building just ahead of you. It appears as if the top the the mountain you just climbed has been shaved off. The ground is perfectly flat, and an elaborate, wooden building is placed at the center. For all intents and purposes, it looks like an ordinary building, if not just a little run down. From the stairs, a stone path leads to the front of the shrine, with an immaculately clean wooden box placed on a pedestal at the end. The grounds appear to be devoid of leaves, or anything for that matter. Crossing over to the building won't be easy. You'd most likely be spotted instantly if you were to leave the safety of the hillside. You turn around to face the ice fairy. But she's not there.
"Where'd she go?" You mutter to yourself. You look back towards the building and find her flying right up to it.
"The idiot, she'll get us all killed."
She flies over to the far side of the building, and out of sight.
[X] Try to go after Cirno, no man gets left behind! If she is going to get into danger, she will need help.
[x] Could be a trap. Remain in position.
get a job

I don't really dig the premise of this story, but I figured I'd come in here to point out the futility of saging the first thread on the first page at five in the morning on a monday.
5:00? It's 6:42, man.

Even the east siders like you should still be occupied at this hour.
File 121128172166.jpg - (149.15KB, 563x537 , G_A_J.jpg) [iqdb]
Wtf, get back to writing.
[x] On second thought, maybe this is what you need: A distraction. Go in from the opposite side that Cirno went and make a pincer attack.
[x] On second thought, maybe this is what you need: A distraction. Go in from the opposite side that Cirno went and make a pincer attack.
Just to keep the ball rolling...

[x] On second thought, maybe this is what you need: A distraction. Go in from the opposite side that Cirno went and make a pincer attack.
[X] On second thought, maybe this is what you need: A distraction. Go in from the opposite side that Cirno went and make a pincer attack QUIETLY.

goddamn japs could be setting a trap. Remember, this is a sneaking mission.
She may be an idiot, but you can use this to your advantage. You sneak over to the nearest wall of the house, gun at ready, and begin to sneak over to the far side of the building. As you make your way over, you realize the building's a lot larger than it looks at first glance. Behind it, there appears to be a living quarters and bath house separate from the main chamber. If people live here, that's probably where they'll be. You decide to start searching the bath house.
There doesn't appear to be any guards, and you cautiously walk through the front door. There's an empty shoe rack and a door that leads to the baths. No time for pleasantries, you walk over to the door, and upon opening it a burst of steam rushes past your face. You can't see more than a few feet in front of you inside the room. Searching the room, you find nothing, but you discover that the building appears to be built over a hot spring. One room safe, onto the next one. You sneak around towards the living quarters, and can see Cirno's wings on the far side. Good, at least she's not hurt. But she does appear to be talking to somebody. There appears to be a crawl-space large enough for you to fit under the building. They're certainly making it too easy for you. Almost two days in and not an enemy in sight. You begin crawling in the direction you last saw Cirno.
You crawl up towards the edge of the building. Getting closer, you can hear two distinctly different voices. One of them is certainly Cirno. Nobody else you know is that loud and obnoxious. The other is soft-spoken and calmer, yet definitely female. You crawl as close as you can towards the voices, until you're directly under them. You can hear what they're saying, but can't make out a word of it. It would seems they're speaking Japanese. So much for that. You see if you can get closer for visual confirmation. You can see Cirno from the edge, pointing towards the trees in the direction you were hiding before. Good thing you didn't stick around. The owner of the second voice walks over. Yes, walks. Perhaps there are normal people in this god-awful country. The idiot follows close behind her. You ready your rifle to enter the house and-
"Oh? What's this, a rat?" A third voice pipes in above you, clearly in English.
"Who's there?!" You demand, looking around behind you.
"Is it not customary to give one's own name first, boy?"
"I've no time for pleasantries. Show yourself!"
"You've a lot of guts to give orders to a God." A God? You're still waiting for those moon men and demons to show up.
The voice continues, "Very well, I am Mima, denizen spirit of this shrine." Mima? Wait, your gun's talking to you? You drop it and quickly back away.
"W-why didn't you tell me you could talk?"
"Oh? But I've been addressing you all this time. You certainly are a dull one." Now it's calling you a retard.
"I should have left you back on the plane." You grab it and hit it against a support beam.
"I'd rather you didn't needlessly put any more dents in my shrine, boy." The voice sounds irritated. You can't help but apologize. You turn around to face outside the building again, and right in front of you is a woman's head coming through the floor above.
"Boo." You scream. A hand reaches through the floor and starts pulling you out from under the building. You're too shocked to struggle.
By the time you're outside, you look and see the full form of your aggressor. Or, at least what you can see. Her legs are gone, and she's floating in midair. She's talking to you, but you can't hear anything but your own mind racing.
"... and I'll have you clean up the baths later. Really, who walks into a building with their shoes off like that? Such disrespect for other people's stuff might get you killed someday." She's scolding you. Like a child. You stare at her in confusion.
She turns toward the stairway you just climbed, and speaking in a foreign tongue, she calls over Cirno and the woman dressed in red.
[X] "what is this i don't even"
[x] Retreat
[x] Calmly ask Cirno to explain things
[x] Calmly confront Cirno about the present circumstances and your confusion ... and then explode with rage while asking "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!?"
[x] "So everyone here DOES dress that weird."
Think this:
[x] "So everyone here DOES dress that weird."

Then do this:
[x] Retreat

Followed by:
[x] Continue to scout out and survey the shrine.
First, very calmly:
[] So everyone DOES dress that weird.
Then, after a few seconds:
[] Freak out.

The ONLY possible answer. :D

[x] Repeat to yourself the basics of shell shock prevention: "No soldier should be allowed to think that loss of nervous or mental control provides an honorable avenue of escape from the battlefield..."
File 121133170816.jpg - (17.83KB, 261x400 , 3.jpg) [iqdb]
"If you will not serve in combat, then you will serve on the firing line!"
"Wha..?" You feel your knees start to give out, and you sit down. You still don't understand what's going on. Cirno and the red-white girl turn around and head towards you. Almost immediately, Cirno's in front of you. You can practically see the stars in her eyes.
"THERE YOU ARE!" She cries just before she tackles you and ruffles your hair. For the time being she can do as she pleases, but you're still not happy with her after she tried to turn you over to what could be the enemy.
By this time, the girl in red is standing in front of you. You look up to her. She's staring at you much like a man would at a bug invading his house.
"So everyone does dress weird around here.." You study their outfits further. Mima is wearing an elaborate heavy blue cloak with white embroidery. It looks ordinary at first glance, much like an expensive dress overcoat. It shimmers silver when the light shines off it, giving it an ethereal appearance. The one in the red is dressed similar to a traditional Japanese shrine maiden. You've seen them in pictures. This one is slightly different. Her sleeves, if you could call them that, aren't attached to her shirt, and you can see her armpits. Something in the back of your mind tells you to keep staring.

"You're the only weird one here, kid." Mima pipes up, redirecting your attention. The red one's still standing there. She says something incomprehensible and looks at Mima. Really, what's going on with this? You decide to ask.
"Why can't I understand her?" You ask, not directing it at anyone in particular. Mima turns to face you.
"It's magic."
"Magic? What do you mean?"
"Humans and youkai here can only speak one language, Japanese. This was a part of japan at one point- after all." You still don't get it. She continues. "Some of the more talented youkai here learned to use their magic as a translator, after outsiders like you started showing up."
Magic? And what the hell is a youkai? You look towards Cirno. Even if she can use magic, that ability is...
"Oh, her?" Mima speaks again. "I taught her how to do it. She's always running into outsiders, but she's an idiot so she can't-"
"And you just said it four times, kid." Mima grins. Cirno fumes, and flies inside the building. The girl in red is still examining you with that uncomfortable piercing stare.
"Where was I... Oh, that girl's like a beacon for outsiders, so in exchange for the ability to talk to them, I told her to bring them all here so we can send them back to their world." A glimmer of hope.
"Are you sending me back like the others?"
"No can do, kid." Mima looks at you. "You're stuck for now."
"Why? Why the hell am I stuck here?!" You start to worry. Why aren't they letting you go? Are you a captive?
"By the looks of that getup of yours, you're not like the others."
"What do you mean?" Your clothes are normal for wartime.
"What year is it, kid?" A weird question.
"1945, why?" What is she getting at?
"Not in here, it's not." What?
"By your calendar, it's 2008 here." You've had enough.
"DON'T FUCK WITH ME!" You're vision turns red. "THAT'S NOT FUCKING POSSIBLE!"
You lose control of yourself. Your mind starts to race. You start babbling nonsense to yourself, trying to calm yourself down. It doesn't work. Mima starts to approach you.
"STAY BACK! Don't Get any closer!" You bring your gun up to bear, aiming it at her chest. She's still getting closer. Doesn't she know what this is?
"I'm warning you!" She reaches out, you close your eyes in panic and pull the trigger. You grit your teeth as you empty the clip. *CLICK*
Out of ammo. You let the gun fall from your hands and drop back to your knees. You just killed someone. You didn't mean to. You panicked. You slowly open your eyes. She's still there. Did you miss? No, it's not possible. You're too well versed in firearms to miss with that many rounds. She looks at the gun, and back up at you. You fall on your back and look up at the sky. Your vision goes black.


You slowly wake up, your vision slowly coming back to you. You're in a room. You panic, your gear is gone. You must be inside the shrine. Nobody seems to be around. You slowly pull yourself to your feet. You feel weakened, but not enough to keep you from escaping, if necessary.
I hope to god we didn't kill Cirno...
[x] Slap some sense into yourself. Don't stop until your calm and capable of rational thought again.
[x] Leave your room and search for your gear. After all, you feel kind of naked without your weapons.
[x] It's 2008? Sounds unbelievable, but you've seen a fairy and a god so far. Ask one of the residents of the shrine who won the war.
Wouldn't worry, faeries are immortal.
[x] Ask one of the residents of the shrine where you can find Yukari.
[ ] Look for your gear.

You can't hope to survive without it.
[x] Search for your gear
[x] Try to get some answers from Mima
[x] Look for your gear.
[x] It's 2008? Sounds unbelievable, but you've seen a fairy and a god so far. Ask one of the residents of the shrine who won the war.
You need to find your gear. Questioning the residents can come later. Next to your bed is a set of green, leaf-patterened pants and shirt. They're different from your own, and may even work better in the woods than what you're used to. You try them on. Perfect fit. Now to find your weapons. Looking around the room, there's a sliding door, slightly ajar, that appears to lead to the rest of the building. There's another, smaller door to the other side. You open the smaller door first. A storage closet. You look around for anything of use. Nothing but boxes an- wait, boxes? You have a crazy idea. You find the biggest box in the room, and put it over you. Not only will it work, but the sense of inner calm you feel inside the box is surprising. It's like... you were meant to be inside the box.
You head towards the door on the other side when you hear footsteps. An unfamiliar voice accompanies them. Whoever it is, they appear to be... singing. You crouch in a corner of the room with the box over your head. There's a hand-grip on the box you can see out of. The door slams open, and a small girl walks--rather, stumbles into the room. She has something on her head. It looks like... horns? Wait, Cirno already mentioned someone like this. She stops, and looks around the room.
"Whar'dheego?" She's slurring her words like a drunkard. You stay silent. She spots the box. You can almost see a question mark appear above her head, her confusion is so strong.
"Whazzis?" She stumbles over and slaps the box. You stay quiet, and hope she doesn't notice you're in there. She turns toward the door.
"Raymooooooooooooo~" She calls out.
"What, what is it?" The red-white shrine maiden walks in. Somehow you can understand her now..
"Heezgone!" The girl says.
"I can see that. So, where is he?"
"I dunnah." The girl spins around.
"Well, I guess we'll just have to look for him." She looks around. "Wait, what's this box doing out?"
Oh shit. You'd be worried right now, but the peaceful darkness inside the box has made you content. You are, at this very moment, truly happy.
[x] Happiness be damned. I want to scare them. Pop out of your box suddenly, and yell "SURPRISE!"
[x] Stay still, as long as you're not in their path, the guards won't notice you under the box.
[x] Happiness be damned. I want to scare them. Pop out of your box suddenly, and yell "SURPRISE, COCKFAGS!"
[x] Stay still, as long as you're not in their path, the guards won't notice you under the box.
[x] Stay still, as long as you're not in their path, the guards won't notice you under the box.
[x] Stay still, as long as you're not in their path, the guards won't notice you under the box.

You concentrate. You concentrate on the box. You memorize its shape, it's color, every little dent in its surface. You draw a clear mental picture of the box. The box is now all you see, all you think. You can smell the cardboard, the glue holding it together, the mold from the last rain. You drown out the rest of the world. Everything fades to grey. Everything, but this box. This box, and all you have seen before you. Thousands upon thousands of empty cardboard boxes cloud your vision. You stand up, and begin to pray.

"I am the card of my board.
Wood is my body, and tape is my blood.
I have opened over a thousand boxes.
Unknown to labels.
Nor known to contents.
Have withstood box-cutters to open many parcels.
Yet, those razors will never cut anything.
So as I pray, "Unlimited Box Works."


I had to do it. The real post will come up next.
I love you.

Manly tear.
You decide to try to wait it out. Hopefully they won't notice. The shrine maiden's right in front of you. Her leg blocks your vision.
"Suika, go get the others." She says.
"Kay!" You hear footsteps leaving the room. Now it's just you. You, and this shrine maiden. She kicks the box.
"I know you're in there. Get out." You stay put, hoping she's merely bluffing. She kicks the box again.
"Don't make me get in there and drag you out." You might like that, you think to yourself. You don't move.
"I guess he's really not there.." She says, and starts to walk out. Safe, or so you think. You hear laughter in your ear.
"Ufufu... Oh my, what have we here?" The voice is unfamiliar, yet feminine. Are there any men at all around here? You glance behind you, into the box. Nothing. You turn around to find a pair of violet, snake-like eyes peering into the box. Your sense of inner calm disappears. You've been caught.
[x] Find a vent, they can't follow you into the vents!
[x] Calm down. "How do you like my box?"
[X] Raise one eyebrow.
[X] "Care to join me?"
[x] "Damn. You caught me. Now what are you going to do?" Come out.

[x] Stay put.
[ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC. [ ] Remember the basics of CQC.
[x] Ask for this new person's identity. Could it be..."
[X] Raise one eyebrow.
[X] "Care to join me?"
[X] Raise one eyebrow.
[X] "Care to join me?"

She might say yes.
[X] Raise one eyebrow.
[X] "Care to join me?"

for lulz.

Also, inventory check.
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