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“Hello,” you call out loud enough for her to hear, but without shouting. The girl glances away from the moon to you before turning her eyes back to the moon. The small doll floating next to her lands on the shoulder of Medicine and appears to be whispering in her ear.”
“. . . Oh. It’s you again. . . You’re significantly less. . . Noisy this time.” She doesn’t seem to be paying you much mind. Medicine falls into silence, still staring intently at the moon. The small doll on her shoulder seems to be saying things to her, and occasionally glancing over at you. Wriggle shifts uncomfortably, and Cirno’s just looking around at this point, she seems rather bored by this whole exchange. A few more moments pass in silence and Cirno starts tugging on your shirt.
“Come ON. Let’s GO. It’s boring here. She’s not doing anything either.” She stomps her foot while pulling on your shirt.

[ ] Move along.
[ ] Wait just a little bit longer.
[ ] Try talking to Medicine again.
[ ] Wait just a little bit longer.
Damn, right before class too.
[X] Wait just a little bit longer.
[x] Wait just a little bit longer.

Best Rash I ever got.
[ ] Wait just a little bit longer.
[x] Wait just a little bit longer.
[x] Wait just a little bit longer.

Don't want to be noisy and get killed, but still need to find out if it was her who did the Reimu poisoning shit.
[ ] Try talking to Medicine again.

well, since we failed to recurute Hina, why not recruite the other touhou that hardly gets any attention ?
[] Wait just a little bit longer
[X] Wait just a little bit longer.
Waiting will most likely end badly, but what the hell...
You stand there quietly, hushing Cirno.
“We’ll leave in a little bit, I don’t think it’s really a good idea to go pushing past her right now though.”
Cirno stomps her foot again and crosses her arms. She puffs out her cheeks at you and glares. Medicine’s doll starts laughing. It’s a light ethereal thing. Cirno whips her head around to glare at the doll. Cirno looks like she’s about to open her mouth and start shouting at the girl. You almost drop Aya in your frantic rush to slap your hand over her mouth. You just barely make it, but Cirno is now glaring at you instead. Your hand is getting very cold very quickly so you whip your hand away from her mouth.
“Why’d you do THAT for?” Cirno looks quite irate.
“The last time I ran into her? She almost killed me for shouting in her general area. I don’t feel like getting attacked right now,” You half snap back at her. You’re slightly annoyed, but you don’t want to cause Cirno to start shouting either. Wriggle seems shocked that you’ve met Medicine before, but Cirno seems decidedly unimpressed by your not wanting to be attacked.
“You’ve got US here. I’m the strongest! So there’s no way she could. . . UWAAAA!” Cirno stumbles backwards as Medicine is suddenly standing right next to her.
“. . . The moon says I should go with you.” The tiny doll on Medicine’s shoulder nods as well. “So, where are we going?”
You, Cirno and Wriggle all look shocked.
“Uh. . . We’re not sure where we’re going at the moment. . .” You spit out stupidly. This girl, why would she suddenly just come and help you. No matter. You’re not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. . . but you really do need to figure out where you’re going. If Aya were awake, you could ask her where you guys were supposed to meet up with Momiji and Tewi, but it seems like she’s going to be out for quite some time.

[ ] Try to wake Aya.
[ ] Find someplace to stay for the night.
[ ] Whistle for Tewi.

[x] Find someplace to stay for the night.

Medicine is a live wooden doll. I imagine rain doesn't help her too much, so she must have someplace to stay.
[ ] Find someplace to stay for the night.


she almost killed reimu the last time we ran into her. now we might be able to face her !
[X] Find someplace to stay for the night
[x] Wait just a little bit longer.

hiya Kira

hiya slowpoke
[X] Find someplace to stay for the night.
Whistling just doesn't sound like a nice idea, and aya doesn't seem be easily woken up at the moment...
File 121078245756.jpg - (489.22KB, 944x1445 , 120925618526.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Find someplace to stay for the night.

Medicine? Helping us? Oooh yeah
>[ ] Whistle for Tewi.

>“. . . The moon says I should go with you.”
...awesome. In a bizarre sort of way.

[x] Find someplace to stay for the night.
May as well rest.
I wonder, is this doll following her like what myon is to Youmu, or what ?
You better not be thinking about hotglueing her, fellow Anon.
...Let's hotglue her when we have the chance. the bad end would be worth it.
I don't believe canon explicitly states the relation between Medicine (big) and (small). PMiSS speculates that Medicine (big) was the doll that became a youkai. Medicine (small) isn't even mentioned, so who knows what she is.
You look around across the vast expanse of this lily of the valley field. There doesn’t seem to be anything here at all, other than just a seemingly endless expanse of lilies of the valley. Wriggle pipes in at your looking around.
“What are you looking for?”
“Mmn. . . We need somewhere to stay for the night, given that Aya seems to be in no real condition to continue, and she’s probably the only one who knows where we’re supposed to meet Momiji and Tewi.”
“. . . I know of a place. . .” Medicine interjects quietly. “There’s an abandoned house on the edge of the hill here.”
“Well then, would you kindly lead us there?”
Medicine nods. Cirno, having since gotten up off the ground and brushed the dirt off of her dress, seems unhappy about the decision to follow Medicine.
“HEY! Why do we have to go with HER?” Cirno stomps her foot, “Why aren’t we looking for Tewi or the other girl! Or the tall bunny girl! THEY’RE our FRIENDS.”
“We’ll go look for them in the morning, right now we have to worry about ourselves.”
“YOU may have to, but I’M gonna go look for MY FRIENDS.” with that Cirno streaks off into the sky quickly vanishes from sight. Damn it Cirno! Why now?! ARGH.
Wriggle sighs, “She does this from time to time. Don’t worry, she should be fine.”
Your little rag tag group heads across Nameless Hill, following Medicine. A short while later, you arrive at the house Medicine was talking about. It’s nothing much but it’ll be a roof over your head. You knock on the door which falls inside. Well, hopefully the place will stay up over night. The five of you head inside the small house and begin setting up for the night. It only takes a little while to get a small fire going in the fire pit in the middle of the room. Aya is lying on the ground near the fire with Wriggle and Rumia curled up next to her. You sit by the fire while Medicine has trotted back outside to stare at the moon again. It’s a little disquieting, but you don’t have to worry about accidentally running into her.

You wake up to what sounds like a fight. Sunlight is streaming in the windows, so it must be morning. You hear shouts, and it sounds like there’s some sort of fight going on. WAIT, FIGHT?! You quickly come fully awake and sneak over to the door. Glancing out you see Tewi and Cirno attacking Medicine. Oh crap, this isn’t good.

[ ] Rush out and stop them.
[ ] Yell for them to stop.
[ ] Stay quiet.
Slowpoke! You're alive!
[x] Rush out and stop them.

>[ ] Rush out and stop them.
Rushing into a crossfire sounds like a good BAD END chance.

[x] Rush out + [x] Yell for them to stop.
[X] Yell for them to stop.

God damn it, Cirno, if you instigated this, I will be pissed.
...hopefully Medicine won't decide to kill us for yelling "Stop!" Wouldn't that just beat all.
[ ] Yell for them to stop.
[ ] Rush out and stop them.
[ ] Yell for them to stop.
Help medicine,recieve delicious Medicine H-scene later.
or that's how I like to think things would happen
[X] Yell for them to stop.
>>Help medicine,receive rash

[x] Rush out and stop them.
Because yelling is just asking for Medicine to go hostile again.
No no, this is MiG. The proper order is: (1) try and get Medicine to join your party, (2a) succeed or (2b) fail, and (3) get your asses kicked by Reimu and/or Yukari anyways.
[ ] Rush out and stop them.
Oh ho, why not get ourselves killed.
[x] Rush out and stop them.
We haven't used our Ruffling powers in a while. Don't say you guys have forgotten our ruffling powers?
[X] Rush out and stop them.
[ ] Rush out and stop them.
>“The last time I ran into her? She almost killed me for shouting in her general area. I don’t feel like getting attacked right now,”
Oh ho, why not yell and repeat this all over again?
[x] Rush out and stop them
Unfortunately, we can't ruffle Medicine. We'd get AIDS by touching her.
I'm sure she is reasonable enough to not kill us for shouting if it is to save her. No, wait, I forgot how mentally unstable every Touhou is. We're screwed anyway
File 121078492148.jpg - (87.72KB, 600x500 , 12053524041472.jpg) [iqdb]
Your marksmanship skill increased.
>I'm sure she is reasonable enough to not kill us for shouting if it is to save her. No, wait, I forgot how Kira is the Anti-Spiral. We're screwed anyway

Have you learned nothing from kira? Using your mouth will get you killed/kidnapped by ninjas.
[X] Yell for them to stop.
File 121078540566.jpg - (473.97KB, 1309x1604 , 12077058564.jpg) [iqdb]
We must complete the rest of the game in pantomime.
[x] Rush out and stop them.
Except for those times when you're actually required to speak to save someone's life. You won't be killed for speaking then. But that's moot, since you'll be paralyzed and unable to speak anyway.

[x] Learn how to communicate telepathically
Where have we put that motherfucking button, by the way?
It's probably long gone by now because it was too useful.
[x] Yell for them to stop.
Or because people have forgotten that write-ins are accepted.
Shit, completely forgot indeed.
[x] Dance the macarena
How about a [x] Inventory check?

since we got seperated from Reisen, when was there ever a need to contact her through the button ?
We should ask Medicine if she can turn our hourai doll into something dangerous.
Or sentient.
Well, it would have been reasonable to give her a status report: "Hey, Reisen, we stumbled across some freaky-as-hell hut in the mountains, and then got blasted half-way across Gensokyo. How are you doing?"

However, many Anons probably forgot we even had the button. I know I certainly did.
I just assumed that Reisen was still unconscious
[X] Do the Rumba!
Everyone currently engaged in the battle stops dead and stares at you. While they may not understand what you said, it seems to, at least for the moment, have stopped the battle. Despite making you look like an idiot.
“Uh. . . Hey. What’s going on?” you scratch the back of your head and smile nervously.
Tewi stares at you dumbly, “You mean you haven’t been captured again? The way Cirno described it, this girl here had kidnapped you, Wriggle, Rumia and Aya.”
About this time, a bleary eyed Aya wanders out the door. She looks around and sees the three people frozen mid battle. She yawns turns around and walks back into the house. Tewi brings her hand up to her face briefly before whipping around to face Cirno.
“You told me that she’d taken them away from you! Ugh. . . Momiji!” Tewi shouts for Momiji now, “It’s safe to come out. Aya’s here too.”
Momiji trots out of the underbrush, still carrying Reisen and the other person. A short while later, everyone is gathered around inside the small shack. It’s a tight fit to get everyone in there, but you figure it’s better to have everyone inside and out of plain view than it is to be a little cramped. Reisen’s also finally come around, but the other person Momiji was carrying still hasn’t. They’re wrapped up tightly in a blanket so you really can’t tell who they are.
“From what we’ve managed to gather, after escaping from the Mountain, is that the red white is planning something huge. We’re not sure what it is, but she’s apparently been far more active both in clearing the area around the shrine of Youkai, and well, actually leaving the shrine and getting things from both town and Kourindou. We can only assume that this is bad, so we’re left with but one choice. We have to assault the shrine. We probably shouldn’t take too large of a group, but we don’t know what kind of defenses she might have up there. . .” Tewi sighs. Man that was a huge info dump. “We need to decide on a group to go and assault the shrine.” Tewi looks directly at you.
“Since this is your fight, and you’re going to be the one leading the charge, I guess we should leave the making of the party to you.”

[ ] Go alone.
[ ] You and one other.
[ ] You and two others.
[ ] You and three others.
[ ] You and four others.


Remember the write-in rules people~
File 121078744978.jpg - (653.42KB, 1280x960 , EV_YU17B_3.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go alone.
And die a horrible death.
No, seriously, [x] You and four others.

You related.
[ ] You and four others.
You, Nanayanonymous, Belmont Anonymous, Cu Chulainn, and Captain Anon.
[x] You and up to 300 people
Get as much people as possible.
[ ] You and one other.

On a more serious note...damned if I know. Lessee...Aya's a decent power house. But other than that....

[x] Status
[ ] You and three others.

We take the (9)-team from the west, the rest attack from the east
[x] Status
[x] Status
[x] You and two others.

Because the other 2 members will attack separately and divide their forces. Come now, haven't you people tried to assault a well enforced base before?
[x] You and one other.
[ ] You and three others.

Medicine, Reisen, Aya
Kind of hard to plan from a basement.
[x] Status
[x] Inventory
Time to hop into the thinking chair.
[X] You and two others.
[X] Medicine
[X] Aya

Dangerous combination due to poison and wind to spread it around. It's stated in PMiSS that Medicine is technically one of the stronger Youkai, due to there being enough poisons that her power can affect damn near everything. Not to mention that poison crippled Reimu once already. Fastest Youkai can help us get out if anything comes up that we can't handle, not too mention that she's a fairly high-tier character.

If we still have the button, we'll want Reisen in the other group, for comms purposes. The nineball crew... well, they don't seem like the best team for this kind of delicate situation. Tewi stays back to keep their asses out of trouble.

Reisen is still jacked up. Best to leave her and somebody behind.

[x] You and three others.
Ex-Rumia to block out the Sun and fight Marisa.
Aya to take on Alice.
Medicine and us to take on Reimu.

On the basis that you're all goddam stupid for trying to divide our forces again. because that ALWAYS ends in a goddamn BAD END.
Taking everyone would be retarded. We probably need to be TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTIONing our way through half of this and with 2 dead weights slowing us down? We'd be fucked.
You guys may want to add Momizi to your lists. Tengu speed is great for harrying, and she's probably has a higher status percentage since she hasn't been in any fights.
Medicine- 95%
Tewi - 92%
Cirno- 99%
Wriggle - 99%
Rumia - 99%
Aya - 89%
Reisen -75%
Momiji - 98%
You - 92%

the only one who put thougth into this

[X] You and two others.
[X] Medicine
[X] Aya
[x] You and two others.
Because Medicine and Aya tag teaming could probably rape everyone at the shrine by themselves.

Look, every time anon's party has split, we fucked up.

Every time we go off on our own, we fuck up.

Every time anyone else goes off alone, they fuck up.

[X] You and two others.
[X] Medicine
[X] Aya

fuck, leading charge ?
with wind and a poison cloud we can fuck them from a mile away, paralyze them and then when the poison is gone (again easy due to aya) we could simply kill/take prisoner whomever we want
[X] You and two others.
[X] Medicine
[X] Aya

makes much sense
Actually I was thinking the same thing. Aya carries Medicine and fills the base with poison. Hopefully we will have a way for our party to be immune, but if not wait for it to disperse. That will at least weaken them.

Charge in with Tewi (keeps you lucky) and whomever. Wriggle can flood the hallways with bugs, giving you cover. Cirno can Ice 9 anything to slow down or stop assaults. Rumia could also be used as cover if needed. Reisen could also be useful for cover with her illusions.

We have a pretty good AOE group.
[X] You and three others.
[X] Medicine
[X] Aya
[X] Momizi

momizi can see great distances, if we poison the shrine from afar, she will be of great use

You think dragging these WOMEN AND CHILDREN MONGRELS along with us will somehow make everything work out? Anon is an idiot no matter who he's with.

Then one or both will be shot from behind because we were too stupid to take people to protect them while they're working.

And 'we'll do it' is not the fucking answer because everyone we're facing will rip us in two in seconds.

lets count.

us. two others.
This makes THREE.

Reimu, Suika, Alice, Marisa, potentiall Kourin, Maybe even Ran and Chen, oh and Yukari could be in on this too.

That makes... LOTS.
And this is before we consider the 50/50 chance of SDM being on Reimu's side.

Now i don't know about you, but 3 vs LOTS = BAD END.
I wonder if Cirno could freeze some of medicine's venom into a nasty one-shot dagger.
If Marisa's backing Reimu up, we'll want two versus one to compensate for the fact that they're hax.

[x] You and four others.
Aya and Momizi make one team; they can probably harass pretty well with their speed.
Tewi and Reisen can make the second team; hopefully they'll be decent at teamwork.

Wriggle seems pretty responsible. She can keep the rest of our group in check. Have Medicine be our ace-in-the-hole. We'll hit our opponents with poison miasma when Aya/Momizi use their speed to drive them into the right region.

...not that this plan will survive first contact.
[x] You and three others
[x] Aya, Momizi, Medicine
The bug bombing strategy is a nice idea but if Eirin dies when she is killed then it's going to suck if she's inside the base while it's happening. Momizi should be our spotter.
Ack, not kourin, i meant to say Kourindou and human village.
[X] You and four others.
Fuck yes, Showdown at the Shrine. Tonight we dine with Shikieiki.
But damnit, attacking the shrine full force seems kinda suicide.
faggot, what do you think the other ones are doing while we start the main attack ?

masturbate to touhou fanfiction ?

or form their own team/teams and attack from other ankles ?
[x] You and three others.
[X] Medicine
[X] Aya
[X] Momizi
Poison the shrine from afar via Medicine's miasma and Aya's wind control..."That's a genius combination, IF Medicine has enough poison--and it's strong enough--not to dissipate.

eirin does not die when she is killed

also, medicine can manipulate poison, i am sure she can set her phazor from kill to stun if we ask her to
I'd much rather have them fap to Touhou fanworks then going about attackin people's ankles.

And you, sir dumbass, forget we're no-where near the shrine. By 'take X others', Kira means to leave everyone else here. Not attacking, not assiting, leave them here.

In the middle of no-where.

While we go die because anon is stupid. Way to go Reisen, you sure can pick the idiots can't you?
[X] You and three others.
[X] Medicine
[X] Aya
[X] Momizi

Yeah, this seems like a good team. Momizi cuts down on our chance of being ambushed and gets us good intel because of her sight. Aya is crazy powerful and works well with Momizi as well as Medicine for the poison/wind combo.
supposing she knows the difference.
Anyways, you and 2 others won.
I guess I can skip the next option given that You guys seem to want medicine and Aya.
If we take everyone Kira will make half the team get wiped out in a surprise attack. At least this way we get to choose who we keep.
Only 2? That seems like a dumb idea to me, we need more firepower, at least take Tewi too, she was always useful.
If I'm counting right I see a 4 to 4 tie for Aya and Medicine vs Aya ,Medicine and Momizi.
I think Anon is forgetting that Momi was carrying someone else as well. I know I'd like to find out who it is.
Daaamn. According to Kira, anyone we're not taking for the attack is going to be hiding in the shack. So don't be betting on any backup from the people we leave behind.

Wish we'd chosen to take Momizi along. That way we'd have two tengu to haul the two slowpokes into/out of there when we'd need it.
Where the fuck is Reisen by the way? In Reimu's hands?
Can we get a [x] inventory check?
Might as well make some weapons before heading off.
lern2read. Momizi carried her in at >>32630
Come on people, use your heads. Aya and Medicine don't need to be with you to poison the enemy. They can do that while you run with other other characters covering you. Hell Aya is so fast the y could catch up to you before you reached the second door.

Reisin - Illusions
Wriggle - Bug/Zerg Rush
Rumia - Darkness (they'd attack it, but they can't see shit capt)
Cirno - Ice.

What useful abilities to make your assault and cover easier! Fucking use them.
I'm seconding this and betting $10 it's Uboa.
>According to Kira, anyone we're not taking for the attack is going to be hiding in the shack
1 cent says it's Mokou.
Another 1 cent says it's Nitori.
You, Aya and Medicine prepare to leave.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everyone while you’re gone.” Reisen hugs you tightly. “Be careful, please.”
You hug her tightly back and begin heading off with Aya and Medicine. Aya carries you while medicine flies along with the two of you, staying close to the ground so as not to draw a lot of attention.
You explain to the two of them the basic concept of the plan that you had.
“Basically, my idea is this, First we have medicine create a cloud of poison a distance from the shrine, then, Aya, you can blow it into the shrine using your wind powers. After that it’s just a simple matter of going in and picking off anyone who’s left.”
Aya nods. “It’s a sound plan, I think. Keeps us at a safe distance from the shrine. Not too bad of a plan there.”
Medicine just flies along silently along side you.
“But where should we launch the attack from?” Aya asks. “We could probably do it from the woods, but anything there would be dying in it’s path, so that might be noticeable. . . We could always do it from the bottom of the stairs leading up to the shrine. It leaves us a bit more exposed, but we wouldn’t have to worry about being discovered early. Or I could leave you on the ground near the shrine and Medicine and I could spread the poison from the air.”

[ ] Stairs.
[ ] Woods.
[ ] Sky.
No wait, revise my bet here. 2 cents says it's Mokou, since she's bundled up and silent. Nitori wouldn't be KO'd and quiet for this long. But a half-regenerated Mokou would be silent, and it makes sense to keep her half-regenerated self bundled up.
[ ] Sky.

...wait, we can't fly.

USE YOUR FUCKING HEAD. We need a SMALL attack force that can get in and out quickly. Aya and medicine are perfect for a fast attack that would work. Momizi would of been a good bonus though.
[ ] Sky.
Gogo mustard gas!
What's our goal by the way? Kicking reason to the curb and killing everybody in the shrine?
[X] Sky.
Why not, it will poison us too probably.
[ ] Sky.
fuck yes nuke
They'll shoot Aya & Medicine out of the sky before they can get into position. They need the cover of darkness, whether that means regular Rumia at nighttime flying up with them, or EX Rumia anywhere during the day. A sun-blocking EX
Rumia would be more useful than having her radiate darkness, because the we could light our way if needed with Wriggle's fireflies.
Momizi would useful to get a better view, but that wouldn't increase the range of the Aya/Medicine dual tech.

Goddamn we should've just brought everyone.
...all of these options suck, and seem to have an equal chance of being noticed and getting us caught.

It makes sense for them to look into the air, since they're always flying. And Reimu's been clearing the area of youkai recently, so it would make sense if she kept watch over the woods. And we're plain out in the open if we go by the stairs.

[x] Sky.

It's the great war all over again. PREPARE THE MUSTARD GAS!
[ ] Stairs.

if shit hits the fan, I don't want to be seperated from them

also, all you anons are morrons
remember that kira said that reimu was active around the base of youkai mountain ?

chances are, she isn't home anyway
we might catch suika, but she is strong enough to take a good amount of poison before feeling any effect. Mima is a ghost, so no effect either. Marisa and Alica are probably with reimu or at home.
I am. Do you even know why you are attacking? To get back Eirin? You should be ending this once and for all while you have a chance. Kira said that the story will end very soon, so I honestly doubt you will have much of a chance to heal up and earn new allies, much less use the poisoning trick again later. You're out of time, Anon.
Lern2read. It said that Reimu was "far more active both in clearing the area around the shrine of Youkai, and well, actually leaving the shrine and getting things from both town and Kourindou." That means she was clearing the area around HER OWN damn shrine.
[x] Woods.
[x] Woods.

Sky seems like a good way to get captured again.
[X] Woods
[X] Sky.

Fly high enough at distance until you can't be seen from the ground, then dive-bomb with the sun behind you.
[x] Woods.

Didn't Aya mention that if they attack from the sky , they would leave us in the woods? Alone.

Alone. In the woods. Which Reimu has been patrolling? Yeah, that sounds like a bad idea.

Getting half the group killed because they have no role other than as cannon fodder wouldn't sit well with me. We have Medicine who can carry Eirin if everything goes smoothly and that's all we need after the attack.
[x] Woods.

noticable because of dying animals and trees ?

On the ground you can be attacked from your sides, behind, in front, and above.

In the sky, the can only come from below.
We have to worry about being SEEN, not about where the enemy MIGHT be coming from. Your point only highlights the fact that all our enemies have to do is look up.
>Or I could leave you on the ground near the shrine and Medicine and I could spread the poison from the air.
>Or I could leave you on the ground near the shrine
>leave you on the ground near the shrine

[X] Sky.
If Aya can Shoot the Bullet, she can evade AA fire coming from a single direction. And she can circle as fans at them.
[x] Woods.

We'll be seen no matter what we do. We have to rely on Aya's evasion, to which the sky suits better.
But can Medicine accumulate a dense enough cloud of poison for Aya to fan at Reimu when Aya's hauling Medicine around and dodging at haxspeed? Probably not.
I believe both woods and sky are possible, it just depends on the choices that follow

we are directly attacking the shrine, this is lunatic mode anyway
Guys, the woods are probably loaded with alarm seals now that she's killed off any local youkai.
Cannon fodder my ass. If they attacked individually from every direction then maybe, but I'm talking about a full assault together (maybe 2 parties, since there could be traps).

Also, the very weak and tortured Eirin will be in the shrine. The shrine you are flooding with poison. Just thought I'd make that clear for you...

Reimu is gathering power. Have fun waiting while she finishes that up. You are going to run into her regardless on this attack, so you might as well make the most of it...
...fricken alarm seals. Damn, now I'm inclined to vote [ ] Sky.
>Also, the very weak and tortured Eirin will be in the shrine. The shrine you are flooding with poison. Just thought I'd make that clear for you...

But Eirin is an immortal so yeah.
Right! Deleted my post and changed my vote to '[x] Sky' because of the possibility of fricken warding/alarm seals mentioned by >>32734. Hopefully Reimu will just be asleep if we attack at night, and won't have people staring at the goddamn nightsky waiting for attacks.

Choice is made. Quit complaining and use what you have.
>Also, the very weak and tortured Eirin will be in the shrine. The shrine you are flooding with poison. Just thought I'd make that clear for you...

I'd be extremely surprised if Eirin was still affected by poison after all the shit she does.

Also, Medicine has more than one type of poison. We can just have her load up something that paralyzes instead of kills, or maybe even something that just doesn't affect Lunarians.

I think it's been mentioned already that the Sky option involves them dropping you off in the woods. The woods that are probably filled with alarm seals. And then they leave you there while they execute the plan.

I'm pretty sure that being dropped in the woods, but without a guard of any sort is a bigger type of fucked.
You know, Kira did say we were nearing the end.

Are you ready for the FINAL BATTLE gentlemen?
[X] Entrance of the dream world behind the shrine

Hopefully kira will bad end us for once instead of continuing the story with us in a much worse position.
Unless the warding seals are geared to detect youkai specifically, and won't notice humans. After all, Reimu doesn't want the flipping thing going off anytime an animal moves. It's not like the wards would be motion sensors.

Kira is the Anti-Spiral. It's not about Bad Ending you...it's about letting you live in DESPAIR.
Is a gas cloud really the way to go? Even carrying Medicine, Aya should be nosediving directly downwards at Reimu, using her fan for propulsion instead of for poison, that with her natural speed and the aid of gravity, she's going to be impossibly fast. Drop the poison doll directly on the target; if Medicine uses her far more potent contact poison in a grapple (which by our tackle she is proven to be weak against), the Miko is dead, and we have won.
"All right, we got seven canisters of CN-20. I say we roll them in there and nerve gas the whole fucking nest."
I like the way you think. But it's not like we expect Reimu to be sitting outside in the middle of the night. We're trying to hit her with a gas cloud while she's sleeping. We can divebomb Medicine in for an added assault after Reimu stumbles outside hacking up her lungs.
The thing about killing Reimu is that doing so will also collapse the border. Yukari would gap us into a thousand different dimensions at the speed of light if we brought down Gensokyo.
Actually, retcon that. Hit shrine with cloud of poison, then immediately have Aya drop off--while avoiding the poison if possible--Medicine at ground level. When Reimu starts to exit, have Aya keep Reimu pinned at the doorway with a danmaku barrage from the air, while Medicine moves in and increases the poison dose.

Not sure if things will work out this way...but it sure as hell sounds nice.
Just gas the place. So what if Eirin dies, one life ain't worth all of Gensokyo being wiped out/enslaved by Reimu.
Guys, it's very important that we only focus on taking out Reimu. Marisa will always abandon a sinking ship, and Alice is only there because of Marisa. Attempting to take on Suika or Mima would be an exercise in futility.
Step 1: Have Medicine fill the place with something flammable
Step 2: Fire
This sounds good
>Attempting to take on Suika
...shit. I forgot about the friggin' Mega Oni. ...oh well, if the poison doesn't work, there's no helping it. It's not like we could take Suika in anything resembling normal combat.

If she isn't immortal, Kaguya has the power to bring her back to life, as shown in IN last stage A.
We can always reason with the henchmen. They have to of noticed Reimu's weird, violent behavior.
Why don't we just ask Medicine to fill the place up with VX gas?

You know, that gas from The Rock

I love smell of napalm in the morning.

Smells like... victory.
Alright guys, I've gotta run to work now, Sorry, but I'll finish writing later. Sorry. Monday I should be able to resume, until then, See you guys.
Should we brace ourselves for DESPAIR?

Great. Faggots aren't gonna stop complaining about how this is gonna be the biggest failure in MiG anon's whole journey all week.
This Shit will never work, poison attack the shrine? Reimu will expect it and we will get blown out of the sky for sure. Either way, Sky, Wood or Stairs, it’s all the same, we are fucked anyway, why not take as many of them with us to hell as possible.
Instead of killing them all, we can just turn them completely delirious and catatonic using an incapacitating chemical weapon, like BZ gas.

If we wave in BZ in, they won't notice it, or see where it's coming from.

"BZ is odorless. It is stable in most solvents, with a half-life of three to four weeks in moist air; even heat-producing munitions can disperse it. It is extremely persistent in soil and water and on most surfaces... Because BZ is odorless and nonirritating, and because clinical effects are not seen until after a latent period of 30 minutes to 24 hours, exposure could occur without the knowledge of casualties."

In 24 hours, we blow the gas away, bind and just take Reimu and maybe Alice and Marisa prisoner. They'll be out for quite a while.

"Once effects appear, their duration is typically 72 to 96 hours and are dose-dependent. Following an ICt50 of BZ, severe effects may last 36 hours, but mild effects may persist for additional days...
"The clinical course from BZ poisoning can be divided into the following four stages:
"1. Onset or induction (zero to four hours after exposure), characterized by parasympathetic blockade and mild CNS effects.
"2. Second phase (4 to 20 hours after exposure), characterized by stupor with ataxia and hyperthermia.
"3. Third phase (20 to 96 hours after exposure), in which full-blown delirium is seen but often fluctuates from moment to moment.
"4. Fourth phase, or resolution, characterized by paranoia, deep sleep, reawakening, crawling or climbing automatisms, and eventual reorientation."

With this, the possibilities of retributional torture and information extraction are endless!
you kind of scare me, but the possibilities for torture sounds hot. Reimu torture H-Scene, nice. For once we will do the torture here.
Reimu expects us to attack the shrine? She probably thinks we're running for our pathetic lives and hiding as best we can. And I doubt any of her pals would tolerate keeping watch on the night sky day after day because some human and his rag-tag band might show up.

Well, at the very least we'll make it so that she can't be a shrine "maiden" anymore.
I like this plan, especially because it nulls out the penalty that comes from attacking from the woods. Even if they notice shits going bad nearby in the woods it'll be too late, they'll already be exposed.
Does this mean we are the SS?

Except for that possibility of alarm seals.

It’s all the same. Just this time killing in the name of Justice and democracy.

Oh, not killing. Just mindfuckery, imprisonment, and maybe some rape-torture.

In the name of justice and democracy.

Anonymous approves.
Rape-Torture, exactly what we need to do to Reimu.
This could be the start of a great business venture.
We keep Reimu restrained and helpless, and then charge money for the various residents of Gensokyo to come and do whatever the hell they want to her.

It's like a cross between the stocks and a dunking booth, except with less falling into a vat of water and more things getting jammed into Reimu's various orifices.

Oh, Tewi.

No. Reimu is our prize, our spoils. We will have her chained and lying at our feet, Princess Leia-style.
That's some interesting stuff.

"Semiautomatic behavior may also include disrobing (perhaps partly because of increased body temperature)"


Then she'll choke us Jabba-style.

Unlike Jabba, we can actually defend ourselves from that, being physically stronger and having arms that can reach our head.
[x] Charge the fucker
We really haven't thought this well-through at all, have we?
Well thought out plans don't survive first contact.

No plan doesn't get us past first contact.

The only way to win is not to play.

Also, waaaay back when we were in Eientei I wrote a tactical plan for beating Reimu, Marisa and Alice. We didn't even have Aya or Medicine back then, we should've gone for an all out assault using each team member to alternatively drive or block the enemy.

Of course it runs the risk of loosing team mates but to be honest I would rather we tried swarming them under and attacking from all sides than trying to win with only two special moves.

Remember, there's no a single person in our party that Reimu hasn't beaten in one on one combat.
>Remember, there's no a single person in our party that Reimu hasn't beaten in one on one combat.

Using spellcard rules. And by technicality, Mokou, since it was two-vs-one, EX Rumia, since not canon lol, and Anonymous, since tackle.

Remember that, Reimu was affected strongly by the poison in this continuity. Related is Reimu's "victory speech" in PoFV if Medicine loses against her.
this thred:

too much powerlevels, not enough story

Numbers=/=victory. We stand a much better chance against the titans of the shrine with a more manageable group than with a whole party. If something goes wrong we can issue orders and adapt faster with just Aya and Medicine.

Effective communication between two groups can be done by using Reisen as a sub commander.

The thing is Reimu IS the titan piece in this battle, she the SPESS MAHRENS in this case and we're a mix between the Tau (anon is some kind of ethereal) and the Tyrinids. (kekeke zurg rush)
We can only win by overwhelming her and out maneuvering her, she has overwhelming strength and the home team advantage we have numbers and surprise.

If we take Momizi as a body guard and our eyes we can keep out of the battle in order to orchestrate it, momizi observes and we command Reisen. Plus we're the king piece, largely ineffective in combat but the game ends when we fall.

Now the whole smoke them out with poison is a good start, but it probably won't win on it's own. Still it's a good first strike, follow it up with Rumia's moe darkness blob we send Wriggle in to harass them with insects. They break the darkness and run right into Lunatic Eyes, put them under and we win.

Failing that we get Reisen out of there with Cirno providing covering fire and a quick response rescue from Aya. After that we have to keep them in a pitched "hit and run" battle trying to wear them down if we expect to win, otherwise we have to pull out.

We would've stood a better chance if we sent Tewi and Cirno out to gather the rabbits and the faeries, faeries would make excellent shock troops even if Reimu kills thousands of the all the time they'll be able to provide cover etc.

Also, I am fully aware of the different conflicting game analogies I used in this.
What is the extent of Momizi's ability to see great distances? If it's HAX, then with help from Reisen we can use her to scout out the area first before we gas the fuckers.
If we're the Tau then it's just a simple matter of Move-Shoot-Moving our way to victory. The Tyrinid comparison is quite accurate, since half our group consists of flesh eating monsters.

Considering Cirno's recent behaviour I don't think we could count on her for any real tactical use. A nice side effect of having small numbers is that it's far easier to organize a retreat, and bringing the fastest in Gensoukyo with us just makes a tactical retreat an even more viable option. Our best bet for victory is a lightning raid, we go in, burn the shrine to the ground, poison everyone in there and get the fuck out until the poison takes effect and our opponents are all half dead. We should forget about rescuing Eirin, she's MIA and we're not going in to rescue POWs, we need to end this war here an now, before there are anymore victims.
Am I the only person concerned about Medicine's random willingness to join our group?
the 'moon' told her to. I don't see what the problem is.
Our poison plan would be perfect, except for one factor.

They've got Eirin with them.

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