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This isn’t really good time for grilled lamprey, that stuff would probably suit better the evening. And you’ve never had yakitori, wonder what it’s like?
”Let’s go to yakitori stand.”
”Alright, come on.” After Momizi has taken firm hold of you she raises in to the air. You’re becoming strangely used to this, although it is kind of annoying that you can’t fly yourself, How do these people do it anyway?
As Momizi is carrying you she looks down to you and speaks. ”Uhm, I’m not exactly sure where in the forest that stand is located, so…” Even though she sounds unsure, it seems like she’s happy.
”Sure, it is fine. We have time, don’t we?”
She smiles, and looks forward. ”Yeah, let’s go!” Your flight over the forest continues.

Hey, what’s going on down there?
Looks like some kids have gathered in the clearing. There’s not many of them, probably just four, and a… Blob of darkness? Anyway, they’re moving around, while the one dressed in blue dress is yelling and waving her hands, that one is apparently ordering others around.
There’s also some things there that you wouldn’t normally find at the forest, like couch, something that look like buckets and few boxes.
What are they doing in the middle of a forest?
[ ] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.
[ ] Ask Momizi to stop so you can check it out.

Path of SHaG is filled with 7 minute breaks.
[X] Ask Momizi to stop so you can check it out.

Can't resist little sister squad.

Also, gathering strange items in the forest? HOLY PENIS, WHAT A SCOOP!
[X] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.
[ ] Ask Momizi to stop so you can check it out

Ask them about the yakitori stand's location.
[x] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.

Have enough sets of sisters.
[X] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.

Ugh, change of pace, please. No little sister squad this time unless they're the Aki sisters.
File 121052560887.png - (12.91KB, 289x287 , 1207193725724.png) [iqdb]

[x] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.

[ ] Ask Momizi to stop so you can check it out.

Screw little sis squad I want to know what's in the box
[x] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.

As much as I love the (9) squad I think it's time for a change of pace. Besides I'm hungry.
[z] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.
Well, Scorn, in a box surrounded by hungry youkai, there can only be one thing. Food. As in, the remains of an unfortunate the game.
[x] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.

We have Momizi. That's all that matters.
[X] Ignore it. Continue towards yakitori.
Idiot squad AGAIN? Do not want, they're used in too many text adventures already.
Couple of kids in a forest? Shouldn’t be that important. You don’t say anything, and Momizi carries you towards thick bamboo forest.
The air in there is humid and warm. Light that goes through leaves creates interesting shadows on the ground. It is almost completely quiet in there, save for few sounds of bugs.
This whole place has very mystic feeling to it.
Momizi places you on the ground and scratches her back. ”Uh, like I said, I don’t know very well where the stand is, so we could just walk there.”
You nod. ”That’s fine.”

You walk for a while without any clear direction, but scenery around you doesn’t have any notable changes in it. Soon you’re starting to think that you’re going around in circles.
You look at Momizi, and notice that she seems kind of restless.
”Momizi, is everything alright?”
”Eh?!” She snaps out of her thoughts, and looks back to you. ”No, it’s fine, I’m just not sure where we should go.”
”Huh? So, you don’t know where it is?”
”…Yes, directions Aya gave me were pretty vague. What do you think?”
[ ] Go forward.
[ ] Go left.
[ ] Go right.
[ ] Call out to somebody.
[X] Call out to somebody.

This isn't MiG, so I don't think this will lead to DESPAIR.
[x] Northeast
[ ] Garden > Shed
Deja vu

[X] Call out for Tewi.
[ ] Go forward.

Um, not to poke holes or anything. But can't she see great distances?
[x] Call out to somebody.

Don't you fucking dare make us whistle.

Bamboo Forest is a forest of Bamboo. There's probably too many pieces of bamboo overlapping with each other for Momizi to get a clear picture of anything.

Can't see the forest for the bamboo, I might say.
Yeah, she can see long distances, but that won't help if there's something blocking her sight.

Took a bath, writing the calling now.
Wandering around randomly has to lead to troubles.
”Momizi, let’s try calling for somebody.”
”Ah, alright.” She nods, and breathes in.
You both start calling out for people and sound of bugs seems to stop for little while. Your sound echoes through forest, but it has little effect.

After a while of yelling you stop. Doesn’t look like anybody will show up-
”Oh, what are you doing here?”
You turn around, and behind you in the air there is a woman. She is wearing dress that is red from one side and blue from another and a matching blue hat that looks kinda like something that nurse would wear. Her silver hair is braided behind her head and is carrying bag.
She lands, and walks closer to you. ”Hmm? Aren’t you the…” She looks at Momizi pondering about something, and then smiles. ”Yes, you’re the tengu from mountain. And who are you?” She looks at you, and just when you’re about to answer, she continues.
”Well, that doesn’t really matter. Don’t you know that it isn’t wise to wander around here without guide?”
You’re about to say that you were looking for yakitori stand when she starts talking again. ”Actually, you probably noticed that already, from what I could tell from that yelling.” Damnit, that’s annoying. Is she doing that on purpose?
She turns back to Momizi. ”So, what are you doing here?”
[ ] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Do you know where it is?”
[ ] Let Momizi handle it.
[ ] ”…Nevermind, we can manage ourself.”
[X] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Do you know where it is?”

Yakitori, yakitori.
[x] Let Momizi handle it.
[ ] Let Momizi handle it.
[x] Let Momizi handle it.
[ ] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Do you know where it is?”
[X] Let Momizi handle it.
[X] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Do you know where it is?”
[x] Let Momizi handle it.
[x] Let Momizi handle it.
She's looking at Momizi, not us.
File 121053391360.jpg - (15.51KB, 172x126 , jjba_dio_big2.jpg) [iqdb]
>[ ] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Do you know where it is?”

Yakitori-type stand? Feh, my WORLD is superior!
But can your stand make delicious grilled chicken? I don't think so, Dio.
What about the infamous CHICKEN SANDWICH STAND
[ ] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Have you seen a picture that shoots arrows flying around?”

Muda da. Mokou's stand is a pheonix. Not even your time stop would save you.
File 121053464541.jpg - (200.37KB, 1198x1462 , 1209166328652.jpg) [iqdb]
...This shit isn't working right now. I'll continue tomorrow, after I've figured good ways to get where we're going with this.

Man, you don't pull that until it becomes a shitstorm
File 121053699061.png - (467.92KB, 1198x2346 , 1194838077029.png) [iqdb]

Funny, but misses the point.
Damn, Vodka, come on!

We cry out for moar Anonko and Momiji.
File 121069071973.jpg - (70.99KB, 567x800 , 5b99bcff87440079192657bd5119fb39.jpg) [iqdb]
That last part seemed kind of weak to me(Eirin particularly), so I wrote it again. Actual continuation of the story where you let Momizi handle it will follow shortly.
And if this isn't an improvement, sorry.

Well, you don’t think you have anything to fear in this forest since you are with Momizi, but wandering off without knowing where you are going is just asking for trouble.
”Momizi, let’s try calling for somebody.”
She blushes a bit and looks at you eyes wide. ”Ehh, why do you say that?” Doesn’t look like she wants to raise her voice. Lovely.
”It’s the best I can think of right now, and…” You look at the forest around you. It looks the same no matter where you turn to.
”…We can’t find anything in here without a guide.” Momizi nods.
”Alright.” She breathes in.
The amount of noise you two manage to cause by yelling stuff like ”Hello!” or ”Is anybody here?!” is incredible, and bugs in the forest respect your efforts by quieting down while you are yelling.

As the echo of your last desperate yell dies down bugs return to their usual business. You sit down breathing heavily while Momizi just sighs. Doesn’t look like anybody will show-
”Oh, you were the ones behind that noise? It was quite impressive for just two.” You turn around, and see nothing. Then you notice that everybody that you’ve met can fly, and you look up.
Up in the air there stands… Floats, mature looking, quite busty woman wearing dress that is red from one side and blue from another. Her blue hat seems like something that nurse would wear, with that red cross in it. Her long silver hair is on braid behind her back. She is also carrying pretty big brown paper bag.
Hina’s clothing was eccentric, but what this woman has is just weird.
She lands, and walks closer to you two and looks at Momizi. ”Hmm? Aren’t you the…” She ponders for a a while, and then snaps her fingers smiling. ”Yes, that other tengu from mountain. And you are?”
She looks at you, but before you get around answering she continues talking. ”Well, that’s not important right now.” She steps back and looks at two of you amused. ”Now you should know how easy it is to get lost here.”
She turns back to Momizi, who seems much more relaxed than when you met Marisa. ”So, what are you doing here?”
[ ] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Do you know where it is?”
[ ] Let Momizi handle it.
[ ] ”…Never mind, we can manage our self.”

Completely unrelated to anything, I just thought something. Well, not just, I thought of this while biking back from work while it was snowing. Just moments earlier it had rained, and sun was shining all the time. The whole situation was so surreal that I thought if my current state of life was complete failure, or incredible victory.
You see, few years ago I quit the school. I dunno, I realized that it didn't exactly lead to something that I'd want from life. From then I've had more odd jobs than I can count. Right now I’m sometimes chef, fixing bathrooms as part time and occasionally writing something for some magazines. Occasionally I go to art classes(because I want to draw, or write comics) and next week I’ll be applying for a play.
…I'm not exactly sure what to make out of this.
[ ] Let Momizi handle it.

Well your still better off than a NEET like me.
[ ] ”We’re looking for a Yakitori stand. Do you know where it is?”
[x] Let Momizi handle it.
It would be rude to cut in when she is clearly talking to Momizi, so better just let her handle it.
She makes a light bow before speaking. "Great to see you, Miss Yagokoro. Me and Adahn were looking for yakitori stand that we heard was around here."
The woman let's out small small laugh and smiles. "Hah, there is no need for formality like that right now. You can just call me Eirin." She turns to you and smiles. "So, a human and tengu looking for place to eat together? This is quite rare."
Eirin starts walking away and waves to you and Momizi gesturing you to follow. "I'm not in a hurry, and she should be happy to get customers."
You walk after her, venturing deeper in to the forest.

Soon Eirin starts talking with Momizi, and you're left walking behind them.
"So Momizi, how is it going at the mountain?"
"Quite good miss Yagokoro."
Eirin laughs again. "I told you, you can call me Eirin! This isn't formal, you know."
"Ah, right! Sorry..."
"Don't mind it. Anyway, I read on Aya's little paper that Moriya people are going to hold a festival."
"Yes, that's right! I heard they are putting lots of work to it, and they plan on inviting everybody important!"
"Is that so?"
[ ] Continue listening.
[ ] Try to join the conversation.
[ ] Sneak off to somewhere when they don't notice.
[x] Continue listening.
[ ] Continue listening.
[ ] Try to join the conversation.
[ ] Sneak off to somewhere when they don't notice.

Paradox vote.
Damnit, it doesn't take that long to type the trip.
[ ] Continue listening.
[x] Continue listening.
As Momizi and Eirin are wondering if people from Scarlet Devil Mansion will show up, you sneak into bamboo and zip from behind one to another. Excelent, now they can't see you.
You are one with the forest. The bamboo blends into you and you blend into bamboo. All this while you keep on listening to what they say.
"I'd be suprised if Patchouli came, but Remilia can't afford to miss something like this."
"Are you coming with that kappa? She isn't exactly the most socialicing sort..."
You decide to voice your own opinion.
"Chiyuri sure won't come! She's too busy avoiding anything not related to SCIENCE!"
Eirin and Momizi turn around and look eveywhere, failing to see you.
"Adahn? Where did you go?" Momizi calls out on weak voice. Better tell her that everything is alright.
"It's okay! I know you can't see me, but that's just because of my incredible stealth skills."
They calm down and continue the converstation, while you occasionally yell something from behind the trees. Journey through Bamboo Forest of Lost goes smoothly.
[x] Dash at Nero.
[ ] Continue listening.


What's the play? If anyone hasn't figuered it out yet I myself am training to become an actor so I'm always interested in this stuff.

I go through the whole "What-the-fuck-am-I-doing-" thing quite often too. But as long as I can keep doing it I don't really care whether I can live off of it or not.
Under the North Star. Suggestion came kinda out the blue when my grandmother hauled me to theatre to talk about it with the director. She's awesome like that.
Obviously my charm was incredible and I was told to come back for actual auditions later. It's been a while since I've done anything like this so I'm not sure how it'll turn out.
[x] Continue listening.
I think Eirin would call Remilia just "the vampire"
You decide to keep on listening. Maybe you'll learn something.
Momizi continues talking cheerfully. "Yes! It will definitely be the biggest festival that has ever been held at Youkai Mountain!"
Eirin continues to smile. "You mean the biggest since the onis left." Momizi looks at the sky thinking for a moment and then answers in unsure voice.
"I guess you are right. But I never met any, except for the one living on Hakurei shrine..."
Eirin laughs. "Yes, Suika is quite a case. Not really an typical oni, but she will definitely be there. Although I'm not so sure about miko she lives with."
"What about people the people from the mansion?"
"That vampire? Well, she can't miss event like this. The witch from library hasn't gone out for years, and probably won't break that for little party like this."
"Ah, that means the maid will be there too."
Eirin goes silent for a moment. "...Yes, where would the master go without her servant?"
It is quiet for a while until Eirin talks again. "Are you coming with that kappa? She isn't exactly the most socializing sort..."
"Oh! Well, she is working on something important right now, so I don't think she has time for that."
"Hmm..." Quickly she turns to you. "What about you? Thinking of going to party?"
You are left speechless for a while with her sudden question, but answer. "I... haven't had time to think about it."
"You should, it's a great chance to raise your status!"
Raise your status? Not sure if you care about that. Eirin notices your expression and smiles.
"Oh, it's not your thing? I'm afraid I can't say the same, being brain of the moon, after all."
It might be interesting to go there anyway.

Soon you arrive to a house with few benches and table in front of it. It's not very fancy, with one wall being the counter. The walls are in plain wood color, with few burn marks here and there around it.
Doesn't look like anybody is home. Eirin sighs, walks to the counter and presses small bell placed there. It lets out clear sound that goes through the forest. She turns back to you and smiles.
"Just wait for a bit. The devoted owner should be here shortly." After that she raises back into the air, and waves to you and Momizi. "It was fun talking with you. I hope you enjoy the food!"
[ ] Ask her to join you.
[ ] Bid her farewell.
[ ] Say nothing.

You don't think like that about silly responses to silly suggestions.
[x] Bid her farewell.

We're on a date with moemizi~
[X] Bid her farewell.

Special alone time with our Momizi!
[x] Ask her to join you.
"We're discussing penises, or our lack thereof."
[ ] Bid her farewell.
Sorry Eirin, I want to spend time with Moemizi.
[x] Bid her farewell.
[ ] Bid her farewell.

I wanna stroke her tail and fiddle with her ears
I'd never thought I'd willingly abandon the futa route, but...

[x] Bid her farewell
I have a fetish for obscure things, and Momiji satisfies me greatly.
[X] Ask her to join you.

She came all the way here, why not enjoy it?
[x] Ask her to join you
Oh ho, why not blow off the one who went out of her way to guide us here in the first place?
[X] Ask her to join you

Why not?
[X] Bid her farewell.

On a date with Momizi. Just her and I~

You mean me.
She's mine. She's yours. She's all of ours.
oh hey didnt see this thread, just got caught up

[X] Bid her farewell.

[X] Ask her to join you.
Be polite anon.
[ ] Bid her farewell.

I guess you could call me a Momizifag, like we have Chinafags and Keinefags.
[ ] Bid her farewell.
>"Ah, that means the maid will be there too."
Eirin goes silent for a moment. "...Yes, where would the master go without her servant?"
It is quiet for a while until Eirin talks again.

I see what you did there
”Eirin, thanks for leading us here. Hope to see you later.”
”My, aren’t you kind. But anybody would’ve shown you the way here, my favour is nothing special.” She smiles to you. ”But I hope you both do well.”
You wave to Eirin with Momizi as she flies away and disappears between bamboo. It gets quiet again.
It might take the owner some time to show up, so you decide to sit down next to table. It’s basically just really broad and thick flat piece of wood somehow set on top of two tree stumps, it’s kind of simple but does the job…
Wait a second, tree stumps? Isn’t this a bamboo forest? You check again.
Yep, normal tree stumps. The owner must have gotten them from somewhere else. That’s pretty respectable effort made for stand in the middle of-
”Adahn, what are you thinking about?” You raise your head from under the table and notice that Momizi has taken seat opposite to you.
…You propably looked pretty silly just now. ”Not much, just wondering how this place was made.”
”Ah, I see.”

Uncomfortable silence. Momizi is fiddling with her arms and looking at the table. Better think of something to say.
”Hey Momizi, who was that person earlier?”
”Eh?” She raises her head. ”Who?”
”That Eirin. She seemed important.”
”Yes! She is the best doctor in Gensokyo!” You cock your head.
”Doctor? She seemed more like a nurse.”
Momizi giggles. ”It’s good she didn’t hear you say that.” She sighs. ”They say she can cure almost anything, she takes lots pride in her work.”
”So, is she the leader here or something?”
”Hmm.. Not a leader, but more like second in command. But Kaguya lets her handle almost everything so people know her a lot better.”
”Who’s Kaguya?”
”The princess of Eientei, it’s located in this forest.”

Suddenly you hear loud noises such as crashing from inside the house.
”Gah, damnit! Why did I leave those there?!” Angry female voice follows the crash. And some kicking to the ground
You take an eye at Momizi who seems surprised by the noise too. Her ears are pointing upwards as if expecting more. And noise continues.
While still talking, girl with light-blue hair walked from inside the house behind the counter. ”Picked a really good time to ring it too, I was-Oh.” She noticed you. At first it looks like she’s surprised, but quickly gathers herself and smiles widely.
”Eh… Welcome! Pressed the bell, huh? Then place your order!” She looks at you expectantly. Now that you have better look at her you notice that there’s some light burn marks on her shirt. Not just light, her left sleeve is almost scorched off.
=========Pick three========
[ ] Order food.
[ ] Stare.
[ ] Tell her that it was in fact Eirin who ringed the bell.
[ ] Ask her where those burns are from.
[ ] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.

Also guys, I like writing, but getting comments or even reasons for specific votes is what makes this worth doing. Reading feedback is great.
[ ] Order food.
[ ] Ask her where those burns are from.
[ ] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.
[x] Stare at the sleeve
[x] "I don't think I like yakitori cooked on an open flame"
[x] Order food.
[x] Ask her where those burns are from.
[x] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.
[x] Order food.
[x] Ask her where those burns are from.
[x] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.
[X] Order food.
[X] "Trouble with the grill?"

Because I want to see if Mokou takes the chance to lie about whatever problem she was having.

Also, I want to share a semi-romantic lunch with Momizi.
[ ] Order food.
[ ] Ask her where those burns are from.
[ ] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.

Let's see Mokou's reaction to the subject of Eientei.
[ ] Order food.
[ ] Ask her where those burns are from.
[ ] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.

Doing great with the writing, can't wait for the second chance to molest Momizi. Also, Momizi route fuck yeah
[x] Tell her that it was in fact Eirin who ringed the bell.
[x] Order food.
[x] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.
Just hope that Aya doesn't come over to wreck our shit.
Yeah, we could have pulled the first one off if it wasn't for Aya
[X] Order food.

We're hungry.

[X] Tell her that it was in fact Eirin who ringed the bell.


[X] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.

Chop-chop, wage slave.
[x] Order food.
[x] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.
I'll try to get update later tonight.
And once again, I'm sorry for being slow as shit during weekdays. Just bear with it until the end of May.

Take it easy.

Well, He's doing it slowly.
[X] Order food.
[X] "Trouble with the grill?"
[x] Continue your earlier conversation with Momizi.
”Hmm, yeah, we came to eat.” You look at the hybrid of house and stand again. You really don’t know what to expect of this, but better just try something. ”I’d like something spicy. Momizi…?”
”I’ll just have normal kind at first.” You nod to girl.
’”That’s it then.”
She claps her hands together. ”Alright! Two orders coming up!”
She starts working with stove, setting wood inside it. Did she get that burn on her sleeve from that?
”Trouble with the grill?”
She raises her head, looking confused. ”Huh? What do ya mean?”
You point to her sleeve. ”That, accidents like that must be annoying.” She is quiet for a moment, but then grins.
”Nah, nothing like that. You see…” She snaps her fingers, and light flame appears on her her hand.. At the same time you hear light ’fwoomph’. It’s not hard to tell that woods on stove were set on fire. She smiles as you look at her in amazement.
”I’ve never had problems with fire.” She pulls out some chicken meat, vegetables and spices to table next to her and starts preparing them.
”Food will be ready soon, ’kay?”

Hmm… No matter how interesting it is to look at that girl making yakitori, that stuff about Eientei was interesting. You turn back to Momizi. ”So, just what is Eientei?”
”It’s a mansion hidden somewhere deep in this forest. Like I said earlier, Eirin is from there.”
”Who else lives there?”
”Lot’s of people! There’s many, many rabbit youkai living there, but they’re mostly weak and do just simple tasks, like protecting the place.”
”Then there’s Kaguya herself. She doesn’t go out much, but she’s supposed to be really powerful. Her powers were the ones keeping that place hidden for many years.”
”It was hidden?”
”Hmm, and it only appeared few years ago. Just like with Moriya shrine, there was quite bit of commotion when people found out about it, and obviously that shrine-maiden had part on it.”
She thinks for a moment, holding resting her jaw on her palm. ”Hmm, anyway, I guess there’s also those two other rabbits, Reisen and Tewi. They’re supposed to be stronger than others, but I’ve hardly ever seen them.”

”Sounds like even though there’s lots of people there, only few are important.”
”Isn’t that the same everywhere with lots of people around? Many youkai live on mountain, but I know just few of them.”
”I guess so. But why is it so important to protect Eientei?”
”I don’t know all the details, but I’ve heard that Kaguya is the princess of moon, who was banished for… I don’t really know what, but when the border didn’t exist yet lots of men fell for her beauty. Being princess, she couldn’t choose just any man, so she set trials for them. Nobody succeeded, and many died.” She sighs.
”After father of one girl died, she swore revenge. From that day on, she has been attacking Eientei, trying to kill Kaguya.”
”And she’s still alive today?” That sounds kind of hard to believe. From the looks of this place, border has been up for quite some time now.
”Yes! You see, she drank some kind of-”

”Food’s ready!” The voice of girl running stand cuts off Momizi’s story.
”I’ll go get it, then.”
You get up and walk to the stand, and indeed, there are two plates with two barbecued yakitori in each and a bowl with some sauce on it.
The girl notices you eyeing it. ”Oh, that’s tare sauce. Try it if you like.”
You breathe in. The smell of yakitori is simple, but wonderfully meaty. The sauce seems more sweet.
You grab the food, and carry it back to table.
[ ] Sit back where you were earlier.
[ ] Sit next to Momizi.

Must be easy, taking it easy all the time.

Anyway, another update might come in morning. Or maybe not.
[ ] Sit next to Momizi
[ ] Sit next to Momizi.
[ ] Sit next to Momizi.

Easy choice.

[ x ] Sit next to Momizi
File 121081208831.jpg - (132.25KB, 550x944 , Yuyuko - eat.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Sit next to Momizi.

Oh god. Please say this leads to feeding Momiji.
[x] Sit next to Momizi.
[x] Sit next to Momizi.

>>feeding Momiji

[x] Sit back where you were earlier.
Oh ho, why not force ourselves onto somebody we only met fairly recently?
Damn right we will.

Plus, it's okay. We're both girls, after all.
Despite remembering, time and again, that Adahnko looks like Anon-ko, I always imagine her looking like Mizuho from Otoboku.
[x] Sit next to Momizi.

If we get to feed her, why not pat her head as well. You know, we give her some food, then while she takes a bite and eats we pat her head, calling her a good girl, and she could smile, blush a bit and rub her head against your hand
[X] Sit next to Momizi
gotta love her.
[X] Sit next to Momizi

Do it faggot
...I'm meant feeding her as a cute/romantic/friendly gesture, not as a pet. We don't want to play up the dog angle.

Aside from being just creepy and weird, it's also pretty patronizing.
Yeah thats what I was meaning
File 121085618271.jpg - (336.32KB, 960x720 , 1188239292399.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121102244893.jpg - (78.27KB, 600x600 , momiji scratch.jpg) [iqdb]
Still patiently waiting for Moemiji.
You go back to table, and place the plates down.
"Thanks Adahn- eh?!" Momizi jumps up as you sit next to her. "Wh-what are you doing?" She does her best to sound calm, but fails. Her voice is trembling and there’s light blush on her cheeks.
You lean back and take it easy. "Hmm? Is there a problem?"
She shakes her head and looks away. ”No, it’s alright…” Momizi seems unsure what to do. Better push her a little.
You gesture to the food. "Come on, let’s eat! Shouldn’t let it get cold."
”Uh… Yeah!” She grabs one of the skewers and gets ready to chew on it. "Itadakimasu!" She takes a bite and her eyes are filled with glee, and her tail quickly sways from side to side. ”Hmm! So good~”
You grab the food too and taste it.

Oh my god.

This is great, the taste of chicken blends so well with the pepper, and onions just add to it. But damn, it’s spicy. You raise your hand to a girl at the counter.
"Hey, can we get something to drink?"
”Yes, the tea is ready! Just a moment!” She grabs can from stove and disappears.
Hmm, you’ve only seen her from other side of the counter. Wonder what kind of pants she has? Soon she walks from the back carrying the can with few cups. And her pants... They’re truly a sight to behold. Large, red and baggy, yet not long enough to completely cover her legs. And there’s some papers stickied on them.
"What’s up?" Oh. She noticed you looking at her.
"...Nice pants." Well, they do seem comfortable.
She stares at you for a moment, not smiling or looking angry, just stares. "...Thanks. Anyway, enjoy the tea." She lays the tea down at the table, and goes back inside.
You sip it. Hmm, good. It’s not messed up, like the stuff at Nitori’s place.

You try the sauce too, and decide that you prefer the food without it. Sweetness and spiciness doesn’t mix that well right now.
You look at Momizi and notice that she is looking at your plate. "Hey? Something wrong?"
”Ah, nothing, really…" She fidgets with her fingers, and continues. "…Though I was thinking if I could try some of yours.”
[ ] "Sure." Hand her the yakitori.
[ ] "Momizi, say 'Aah'!" Feed her the yakitori.
[ ] "Are you sure? This stuff is pretty spicy."
[ ] ”Sorry, this yakitori is mine alone.”

Sorry about that, I spent most of Friday setting up five acre area of forest filled with rocks, and after I was done I didn't really feel like writing, or like doing anything else for that matter.
[x] "Momizi, say 'Aah'!" Feed her the yakitori.

[X] "Momizi, say 'Aah'!" Feed her the yakitori.

The... the moe... it's too much... save... yourselves...

[x] "Momizi, say 'Aah'!" Feed her the yakitori.

[x] "Momizi, say 'Aah'!" Feed her the yakitori.

[ ] "Momizi, say 'Aah'!" Feed her the yakitori.
I guess this was obvious. Writing now.

...Oh, I feel Scorny.
File 121103640989.png - (174.95KB, 1051x755 , hooray.png) [iqdb]
I see what you did there
Momizi target locked, here we come.
File 12110384498.jpg - (111.50KB, 600x600 , 1204923669971.jpg) [iqdb]
This is so great...
You smirk and grab piece of yakitori from skewer. "Momizi, say 'Aah'!"
She blushes, and backs away for a bit.
"Come on Momizi! 'Aah'!” She looks at you, then hesitantly opens her mouth.
”A-aah…” You put the yakitori in her mouth, and she happily chews on it with blush on her cheeks.
"Mmmh! Tasty…" The spiciness doesn’t seem to bother her as she holds her arms tightly in front of her, eyes closed. She seems so satisfied it, and swallows.

Momizi coughs, and her pupils widen. She looks seriously distressed. ”Momizi? Is everything alright?”
She shakes her head violently and hits her chest. Another cough, this time really loud one.
You stand up and grab her shoulders. ”Momizi?! What’s wrong?!” She stares at you with tear filled eyes. You can feel her hands weakly holding on your shirt as she tries to say something. But she can’t get any voice out, you can only try to make out the words from the way she moves her mouth.
”..Good.."...Bye....Adahn... MOMIZI!” You’re starting to panic. This can’t end like this. What the hell is going?!

Strong push. You fall to the ground. ”Move it! We have to take her to doctor!” It’s that stand girl. She picked up Momizi and is now on air, flying away.
”It’s faster if I carry her alone, follow!”
You can only nod, but she isn’t looking at you anymore. She flies past bamboo, and you keep your eyes on her. So you run. She’s fast, but you can’t afford to fall behind now.

You can’t tell how long much you ran before you see house coming up from between bamboo. It feels like your lungs are on fire, but you just ran.
The girl lands in front of large sliding doors, and immediately some kind of girls with rabbit ears surround her.
”Halt Mokou! You should know yo-” Mokou pushes them, and rushes for the doors.
”Fuck off! I have to see Eirin right away!” You catch a glimpse of Momizi. Her eyes are upturned, and there’s foam coming out of her mouth.
No. Don’t let this happen.
Before Mokou gets inside, another rabbit girl steps in her way. "Fujiwara no Mokou, what could ever make you do something as reckle-" You can’t make her looks too well, as Mokou knocks her down.
"Damnit Reisen! Can’t you see that she needs help!" Get me to Eirin!"
The girl looks at Momizi, and then back at Mokou. "...She’s in the infirmary. Just go.”
Mokou rushes in, and you try to follow. But it seems like you spent all of your strength on running, as you manage to take only few steps before falling to ground, your eyes filling with tears. This can’t go like this.
You feel pat your shoulder and lift your gaze from ground. The rabbits have gathered around you with sad looks on their faces, and that Reisen girl has extended her arm to you.
"Come on. Let’s go inside.” You sniff, and grab her arm.

She lead you to Japanese styled room with futon, and told you to rest.

How could you rest right now? You don’t anything about what the hell just happened. Is Momizi going to be alright? What if she…
No. Shiver runs down your spine, that can’t happen.

You feel tired, but you can’t rest. You must've spent hours in this room by now, but you keep on waiting, in the darkness.
As you’re lost in thought, the door opens, and you see Eirin, Mokou, and rabbits that you can’t recognize. They look incredible sad. No... You stand up. ”Well?! How did it go? What happened?” There’s still hope.
Eirin walks to you, and places her hand to your shoulder. ”I'm... Sorry.” You stare to her in a shock. What does she mean? She embraces you, and you can feel something cold on your back.
Tears. She is crying.
"I’m not... Completely sure what caused it, but... She had to be allergic to something...” Her voice trembles as she speaks. You feel the tears swelling in your eyes again. How can it be? You cried so much while waiting for news, how can you even cry anymore?
"She... Choked to death. If only...” She hold on to you tighter, and you return the embrace, putting your head on her shoulder. "If only I could have... Seen her sooner...”

You fall asleep while holding onto Eirin. How did it come to this? What will Aya think?

When you think about it, your actions caused her friend’s death.
Well, that was kinda lame.
File 121103861289.jpg - (113.18KB, 461x347 , 120869393646.jpg) [iqdb]
There is no image macro for what I am feeling.
Well, that was unexpected. Now, go ahead and write the real segment. Go on, I'll wait.

[ ] Jump in the lake
File 121103938241.jpg - (109.16KB, 512x384 , 1143142753966.jpg) [iqdb]
Vodka you humongous faggot.
Ah come on that's not fair. At least at some volcanic diarrhea if you're going to kill her like that.
>This is great, the taste of chicken blends so well with the pepper, and onions just add to it
>pepper, and onions

Fuck. Even though it should take days for onion to kill a dog (white wolves?), I'm guessing this was the hint that feeding her was a BAD IDEA.
File 121103992660.jpg - (89.17KB, 1049x755 , hooraywaitwhat.jpg) [iqdb]
This is so great...
You smirk and grab piece of yakitori from skewer. "Momizi, say 'Aah'!"
She stares at you. "...What?" Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.
"Come on, just close your eyes and open your mouth."
"What are you going to- Oh!" Suddenly she gets it and looks away blushing furiously. "I.. I don’t know if we should..."
You look at her, with most adorable look you can manage. "Pleease?
For a while it’s quiet, until Momizi breaks into laughter. "AHAHA!" That wasn’t supposed to be funny. It take some time for her to calm down, but when she does she seems a lot more composed.
"Alright then...” She smiles opens her mouth wide. ”Aah!”
You smile, take the yakitori out of skewer and put it her mouth.
She chews it happily, then stops, as if wondering about something, and then continues slowly. ”Mmmh?” Suddenly her pupils widen, and...

"AAAH!” Momizi jumps up screaming, and slams her hands to the table. ”Water! Anything!”
She notices the tea, and quickly gulps it down. "Hothotthothot!" She jumps around the table, and you and Mokou can only stare her in amazement.
After a while, she sits down and falls over the table. ”Aaah... That wasn’t... Good at all." Her tail has fallen, it just slouching, until suddenly it straightens up.
Momizi is looking at you with fierce look on her face. "Why didn’t you tell me it was so spicy?!"
[ ] Pat her head.
[ ] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"
[ ] Laugh.
[ ] ”At least you didn’t die.”
Hopefully I won't do that again. Let's continue with the story.

Hopefully I won't do that again. Let's continue with the story.
I do things my style, you do them yours.
[z] Pat her head.
[z] ”At least you didn’t die.”
[X] Laugh.

Damn lightweight. Probably burn her tongue on Taco Bell sauce.
[x] laught
[x] Pat her head.
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"
[x] ”At least you didn’t die.”

All four
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"

Was fine for us.
>>you and Mokou can only stare her in amazement.
I really need to read these through better.
[x] laugh
[x] Pat her head.
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"
[x] ”At least you didn’t die.”
[x] Pat her head.
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"

My Moemizi ;_;
[x] Pat her head.
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"

At least she isn't dead.
[x] laugh
[x] Pat her head.
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"
[x] ”At least you didn’t die.”
Writing while being distracted by Metal Gear.
[x] Pat her head.
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"
[x] Laugh.
[x] Embrace her.
[x] "I'll never hurt you like that again."

Just because I think it would be funny.
File 121104502066.jpg - (202.14KB, 500x411 , metalgear.jpg) [iqdb]
Enough Metal Gearitry already!
[x] laugh
[x] Pat her head.
[x] "Come on Momizi! It wasn't that bad!"
[x] ”At least you didn’t die.”

Momizi screaming because of yakitori and then burning her tongue on tea…
This is too much. You laugh and pat her head. ”Come on Momizi!” She looks at you flustered as you ruffle her hair a bit. ”It wasn’t that bad!”
She shakes her head ”Yes it was!”
”You asked for it yourself!”
”Well...” She turns her head away frowning. ”You could have told me just how it was!”
”Hey.” You lean back on the chair and look at her. ”At least you didn’t die.”
”That’s...” She stares at you for a moment, then starts giggling like crazy. ”That’s just...” She leans back too, stretching her arms, eyes closed smile on her face. ”Incredible.”
The mood has seriously lightened, and you go on, chatting everything that happened during the day.

”By the way.” Suddenly she has more serious tone in her voice now.
”Hmm?” You’ve got food in your mouth, so you can’t speak.
”That sword you bought from Kourindou...” She’s eyeing behind you. Now that you think about, you’ve been carrying it on the scabbard for all the time since you left that shop.
Weird. It doesn’t as heavy now as it was on the shop.
”What about about it?” You take it off, and lay it on the table, so that you two get better look to it.
”It seemed like really weird thing to buy.” She looks at the markings on scabbard closely, running her finger on it, feeling the texture. ”Just what are you going to do with it?”
[ ] ”It could make a great to somebody.”
[ ] ”I was thinking of training with it.”
[ ] ”It’s a secret!”

It's great game. I must play it.
[ ] ”It’s a secret!”
[ ] ”I was thinking of training with it.”
[ ] ”I was thinking of training with it.”

And guess who I want to train me!
[x] "Truth be told, I feel kind of naked without a weapon, if you know what I mean."
[X] ”I was thinking of training with it."

Moemizi can train us~
[x] ”It could make a great gift to somebody.”
[z] ”I was thinking of training with it.”
[ ] ”I was thinking of training with it.”

Training with Moemizi sensei!
[ ] ”I was thinking of training with it.”

Ever since you told me that I could die at any minute I've been shitting bricks.
[ ] ”It could make a great to somebody.”

I damage brain! Halp.
Writing now, but wasn't that supposed to be gift? Are you perhaps thinking that it's some kind of heirloom treasure, like a certain dagger? What ever gave you that idea?

>>”It could make a great to somebody.”
Why the fuck do I keep missing words from choices. Should've been "great gift".

We need something to give anonko her own image like Belmont's whip, Nanaya's knives, futa anonko's cat getup and (eventually) Cu Chulainn's spear.
>Are you perhaps thinking that it's some kind of heirloom treasure, like a certain dagger? What ever gave you that idea?
Meh, finders keepers. It's not like Futanonymous is going to be needing her claymore/katana back soon, seeing as how s/he's Yuyuko's bitch now.

How could I forget captain anon's harpoon? I'm such a faggot.
The rose is more important
That’s a good question, why did you choose this sword? There were some really good items at the store, and thought fighting magic off with sword is kind of silly.
But still… This felt like a right choice.
”I was thinking of training with it.”
”Seriously? What for?” She’s not looking at you, keeping her eyes on the sword.
”Well...” You’re not especially fit, but you’re not in a bad shape either. Still you could raise that sword easier than Nitori. That’s got to count for something. ”...If I’m ever alone, it would be better if I could take care of myself.”
”Hmm...” She thinks for a moment, and then looks at you. ”I guess that works. But even with training your chances against youkai are small.”

Rest of the meal goes on with silence, until you both finish eating, and take the dishes back to counter.
The girl isn’t there, and you ring the bell. Just where does she go every time?
”Momizi, about that training...”
”Could you teach me?” She goes red for a moment.
”Ah, well...”
”Yes, what is it?!” You hear familiar voice from inside the house. This girl really picks good moments to turn up.
She walks from inside, significantly calmer than last time. ”Oh, so you’re finished, wait a moment, ’kay?” She looks at the paper in the counter, and then turns back to you.
”Alright, so it will be 300 yen for tengu’s meal, and 500 for you.”
[ ] Pay only your meal.
[ ] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.
[ ] ________________________ Decide how to be a complete dick. Write in.

+And also+

[ ] Get back to Aya’s place.
[ ] Wander around in bamboo forest.
[ ] Go somewhere else.
[X] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.
[X] Get back to Aya’s place.

Incidentally, how much money is on us right now?
[ ] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.

<3 Moemizi.
[x] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.
Now she HAS to train us.
[x] Wander around in bamboo forest.
I wonder what Eirin's up to!
[X] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.
[X] Get back to Aya’s place.

10% love.
[x] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.
[x] Get back to Aya’s place.

Time to go home.
[X] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.
[X] Get back to Aya’s place.
'Our lesbian date with Momzi
[X] Inspect towel.
[x] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.
[x] Tip for service, 18%.

[x] Go somewhere else.

What time of the day is it?
6,000 yen. Your inventory also contains towel and latest issue of Bunbunmaru news.
It's an usual looking, although rather large yellow towel with red flower in it. If you hit somebody with it when it's wet, it would definately hurt. You think that you might fine some other uses for it as time passes.

Also, possible break for the night. Possible.
[ ] Pay for Momizi’s meal too.(If we have enough)
[ ] Get back to Aya’s place.
[ ] Dine and dash
Hell, maybe Anonko/Adahnko is Saber. Or the sword is the Witchblade.

Also, training with the sword could lead to sudden close minutes during, awesome bath scenes afterwards, and as an incidental benefit, learning how to actually fight well.
Loving how this is turning out, Vodka. Eagerly looking forward to more, so keep it up!
I personally treat SHaG like dessert: save it for last, until I've caught up on all the other ones, just so I can take my time and savor it, because Moemiji is worth the fucking wait.

shag makes a good last story because of it's pure slowpoke speed.
You can attend to other faster stories which require votes right away, and get here last with still time to cast a vote.
Exactly. When you want to unwind, nothing can beat a good shag.

I'd shag Momizi if you know what I mean...

Innuendo these days
no effort.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Anyway, I'm finding it pretty annoying that I can only manage one or two posts during weekdays right now. Do you want this pace to continue for this and next week, or shall I take the weekdays off, and use the gained time to for following things:
Try finding cure for my Slowpoke habits.
Making better flowchart.

What says you?
Better flowchart means better flow. Cure for Slowpoke means evolve into Fastpoke. Sleep means... something good.

So, yeah.

How the hell can 2 posts a day be that much of a drain on you? You won't fix anything by doing even less of it.
No, not that. It's more that I don't have time to do more than two posts a day, and that's annoying. I would write more if I had time, but I don't. So, I'm thinking of using that time I have right now to prepare better for stuff to come.
More time to focus on story = more Moemiji.

This sounds plenty good.

Ah then go ahead. I expect a shit load of Moemizi when you get around to writing.
File 121122696484.jpg - (669.31KB, 1137x1600 , 1210368704860.jpg) [iqdb]

It's as if millions of voices cried out in moe overdose and were suddenly silenced.

File 121125514242.jpg - (284.54KB, 1127x1600 , 1210368899172.jpg) [iqdb]
File 12112551874.jpg - (247.36KB, 1127x1600 , 1210368941561.jpg) [iqdb]


Why would it matter?
You're already dead.
I am dead
A thousand times dead.


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