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Today I was sitting on my porch, admiring the fact that Spring finally arrived to my hometown. While I sat there, sipping away my tea, it started to rain a bit, while the sun was shinig brightly above me. My little sister came out to the porch, and said "look, look, Spring came"

I lifted my teacup to my lips, took a long sip, and said quietly to myself

"And my, what an explosive orgasm that was. Spring surely came"

Then I broke down laughing my ass off
Oh god, what? D:
File 121045231162.jpg - (52.33KB, 300x268 , 1205949859568.jpg) [iqdb]
How does this make you feel, Herald of Spring?
This reminded me
I have tea downstairs.

I get it.

And I feel bad for it.
File 121045342438.jpg - (11.08KB, 350x363 , 140.jpg) [iqdb]

Kind of like this.
It includes the words "orgasm" and "came."

Shouldn't be hard to get.
File 121046148182.png - (198.37KB, 423x314 , 1208872677385.png) [iqdb]
>"And my, what an explosive orgasm that was. Spring surely came"
File 121046181378.png - (20.99KB, 372x299 , 1206492197824.png) [iqdb]

Saved for future Springs.
Spring seems to be particularly hot and wet this year.

Must be because it seems to have just slid in. Turning daily cold snowing to daily hot raining.

I'd slide into Spring if you know what I mean.
I don't think I want to.
File 121047699048.jpg - (81.62KB, 500x704 , 1fv3.jpg) [iqdb]
I would happily accept sliding into Spring, and would go inside and out as I please. I would relish the fresh heat and humidity of a virgin season as I did so, savoring each drop of sweat that rolled off of me. Every now and again I would voice my love for the season quietly.

And then I'd cum inside her and get her pregnant.

Oh u
Why does Lily have white FOEs again?
Write more, needs to be more in detail.
File 121049231144.jpg - (34.72KB, 352x348 , 12.jpg) [iqdb]

Why not?
File 121049271922.gif - (27.19KB, 500x600 , 1fuw.gif) [iqdb]

Ask and ye shall receive...


"I... I... Please."

Lily looks at you with tears in her eyes, her arms held over her small chest and her legs crossed to prevent you from seeing anything. She's been getting better about talking to people and expressing herself with your help, but it seems that at a time like this she can't help but return to her old habits. It's cute, really.

You crawl silently towards her, and loom over her. Leaning forward, you plant a series of soft kisses along her neck, causing her to shiver and moan quietly. Gently brushing her arms aside, you trail your kisses down to her small breasts. Lily stiffens and lets out a gasp as you nibble and suck at one of her petite nipples.

You can tell from her whimpering that she's already feeling it. There's no reason to deny either of you what you truly want now. Wrapping your arms around her waist, you lean back and pull fairy girl off the grass and into your lap. You both shudder when your erection brushes against her sex; even without entering her, you can feel the heat radiating from her nether regions, and her juices leaking into your lap.

Running your hands down her back, you give her cute butt a firm squeeze, causing Lily to let out a short shriek of surprise. You cut her off with a kiss, and with a firm grasp on her behind, you begin to drag her down onto your stiff length. She's a tight fit, so tight that you have to move slowly, every inch that you slip in causing Lily to simper in pleasure.

It seems like an eternity before you've filled her completely, and neither of you can bring yourself to move. Resting here, inside of Lily, with her small body pressed against you... you never knew anything could feel this good, feel this right. It's agonizing when the time comes to remove yourself even a bit, but eventually she moves her hips, and you move yours just enough to withdraw from her before you sink back in.

It's a little unfamiliar for both of you at first, but soon enough you fall into a rhythm. Slowly at first, then faster and faster; you never hit too high a speed - she's so tight, and you're so close that you can't - but even still it feels nothing short of exquisite. The tight, wet heat of her closing around you again and again, contrasting with the cool touch of the wind every time you're exposed to the air, no matter how brief it may be. It's ecstasy in it's rawest form.

You don't know how long it lasts... minutes, hours? It doesn't matter as you make love to the shy fairy that captured your heart. The only things that exist are you and her, the only thing that's important is her. She's so... so... she's too hot, too tight, too wet. You can't take it any more, this impossible pleasure.

Wrapping one arm around her, and grasping her smooth derriere with your free hand, you pull her close and drive yourself as deeply into her as you can. Gasping, you release your seed directly into her aching body. You can feel her walls tighten as you trigger her orgasm as well, her body desperately milking you for as much as it can. You hear Lily let out a piercing cry, and you feel her arch her back as she reaches climax. For a brief moment your eyes are overwhelmed by a series of blazing lights - danmaku whirling loudly through the air in every direction, as Lily completely loses control of herself.

As you come down from your shared moment of passion, Lily slumps down on top of you. For a while the two of you lay there without moving, the light breeze cool against your skin, soaked in sweat and both your bodies fluids. At last, Lily lifts her head and gives you a silly smile, her eyes filled with a strange mix of emotion - a combination of the love you saw so often in them, and the pride she had found in your praise of her.

"I... I came." Drunk off your love-making and still out of breath, her voice comes out much huskier than usual. The silly smile doesn't leave her pretty face for even a moment.

Running a hand through her long persimmon colored hair, you return her smile with one that you're sure is equally silly.

"Yeah. I guess we both did."

Fapping Saved.
Speed of light, ye ken.
File 121050819690.jpg - (93.95KB, 1022x768 , 1210323997512.jpg) [iqdb]
Fuck Yes, fapping to Lily White untill my cock is full of bruises.
I can't fap to this because of
>You hear Lily let out a piercing cry, and you feel her arch her back as she reaches climax. For a brief moment your eyes are overwhelmed by a series of blazing lights - danmaku whirling loudly through the air in every direction, as Lily completely loses control of herself.

I keep loling too hard to continue.
I came.
I saw
File 121054005165.jpg - (801.50KB, 1069x1600 , Iskander_Rider.jpg) [iqdb]

I conquered.
And then you got OHKO'd by Gilgamesh
Goddammit, Rider!
I groaned.
You're nothing but women and children!
File 121054322673.jpg - (51.15KB, 350x485 , 100.jpg) [iqdb]
There is no picture for what I'm feeling, but you can have this one.

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