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Given the fuckups of the board last time, I'm re-doing the last choice.
. . . You look at her, she looks at you. The two of you sitting there. Silently. This is rather annoying. She seems that she’s not going to volunteer any information, so you’re going to have to test the waters. You introduce yourself to this girl, and then ask her name.
“Wait, You’re telling me that you don’t know who I am?”
You shake your head. She looks absolutely shocked, but then smiles.
“Interesting. I figured that’s why you fled with me. You can call me. . . Shiki. Shiki Eiki. It’s, strangely, a pleasure to meet you.”
The waiter chooses then to return with your food. The two of you begin to eat, now holding a lively conversation. The topics range across the board, but eventually fall onto anime. She starts discussing the current season of anime quite animatedly while you sit there and listen. She begins to talk about some new anime that’s apparently going to start airing shortly that’s a spin off of the popular series. Apparently, the basic plot is that this girl who’s a judge goes around and judging ghosts and other beings who have died but refuse to move on, with her assistant. Eiki seems to be quite excited about this show. She also seems to know quite a bit about a show that’s soon to be released. It seems rather odd. . .

[ ] Press her about the show.
[ ] Let it slide.
[ ] Let it slide.

Let's play Shirou.
[ ] Let it slide.
[x] Press her about the show.
[X] Press her about the show.
Shikieiki path GO
[z] Let it slide.
[] Press her about the show. x
Oh no. I want answers this time.
[ ] Press her about the show.
[ ] Let it slide.
it's best we don't know, at this stage.
[X] Press her about the show.

She's a voice actress. And a really famous one too, that's why it was weird that we didn't know her.
[X] Let it slide.

Don't make her feel uncomfortable.
[x] we don't know and she's obviously not comfterable speaking about her job.
that was supposed to be [x] Let it slide.
[x] Press her about the show.
If she starts to get uncomfortable we can back off.
[X] Press her about the show.
[ ] Footsie
[X] Let it slide.
The real question is "where is Komachi?"
[X] Press her about the show.
plus we need to get her to leg-model for us
I hope this is one of those choices that ultimately doesn't matter.
hahah knowing kira, he'll just find a way to make this bite us in the ass.
There are choices that don't matter?
Even if it does matter, we have no reason to choose one over the other. If we want to get closer to her it might be better to be ignorant of her work, but it could also be good to seem interested. If we do somehow fuck everything up it's not like we really could have done anything about it.
[ ] Press her about the show.
I swear anon, you better not run her off by making her uncomfortable. Don't fuck this up. If she doesn't want to talk about it, then just back off.
[x] Press her about the show.
As of my post:
[8] Press her about the show.
[7] Let it slide
yeah yeah, I need to stop playing wtih flash things when I'm supposed to be writing.
[X] Press her about the show.
Do it.
Back to work nigga
[ ] Press her about the show.
[ ] Let it slide.

Paradox vote go!
x Press her about the show.
You decide to press her for more information about this show that she’s been going on about. She seems like she’s going to go off on a whole little explanation about it when she manages to catch herself.
“Ah, No. I see what you’re trying to do. Get me all excited and distracted. That’s not going to work on me. So. Who do you work for?” Her smile is gone, and she’s affixed you with a cold stare. “Trying to get an inside scoop. I can’t believe I almost fell for that.”
You quickly try to explain that it’s nothing of the sort, but Eiki’ll have none of it. You sigh and hang your head. Well this sucks. She seems to think you’re some sort of corporate spy, or someone from a magazine trying to get a scoop, and it seems that there’s no way to convince her otherwise. The whole world must appear black and white to her for a reaction like this. You pull some money from your wallet and throw it on the table, Eiki still having you affixed with a cold gaze. You shake your head, and apologize for being a bother to her while standing up to leave.
The pair of you are startled, however, when there’s a commotion by the entrance as a red haired woman in a suit storms into the restaurant. She sees you and Eiki at the table and storms over to where the two of you are at.
“SO! THIS is where you’ve been hiding! We were supposed to be recording an HOUR ago!”
Eiki sighs and apologizes to the woman. “It seems I was taken in by this charlatan.” Eiki waves in your general directon.
“Eh? This kid? Who’s he?”
“Wait. . . He isn’t with one of the magazines?”
“I don’t believe so. Unless they’re hiring kids off the street now to try and do their dirty work. No matter though. We have to go now.” The woman grabs Eiki by the hand and starts to drag her off.
“Alright, alright Komachi! There’s no need to be so rough!” While she’s being dragged off, Eiki wordlessly apologizes to you for the misunderstanding. You stand there, shocked through the whole exchange. About this time, the waiter comes back with the bills.
“And how will you be paying for this sir?”

The trip home is mostly un-eventful. In the end you got stuck with both bills. You hang your head. Oh well. You HAD offered to pay, so it worked out in a round about fashion. You walk up to the door to your house. It sounds like there’s a quite heated debate going on inside. Ugh. This won’t be fun. You unlock the door to your house and walk inside, announcing your arrival. Within seconds Rinnosuke and Marisa are there, yelling at you.
“And just WHERE were you today?! Did you forget you had to work?! I needed help at the store! It was horrifically busy today! You know we’re going into the busy season and I need you to be there when you’re scheduled! Where have you been!” Rinnosuke is MAD.
“Honestly. You could have at least called. Or at the very least checked your cell phone.” Marisa seems like she was more worried than angry. Wait, your cell phone? You reach into your pocket and don’t find your cell phone, then check your bag. Shit. It’s not there. You must have left it on your desk this morning! You try to explain to Marisa and Rinnosuke that you just forgot. You had a bad day at school and it slipped your mind, and that your cell phone is likely on your desk in your room. They’re having nothing of it. After they chew you out for about half an hour, they just tell you to go to bed. The little sister squad watched the whole thing from the doorway, despite being chased off several times. You storm up to your room and slam the door behind you. This makes you angry, even if it partially your fault, you don’t remember having to work. You sigh. Some night this turned out to be.
The bed is soft as you fall back on it. Staring up at the ceiling you continue to fume. There’s a light knock at your door, but you really don’t feel like getting up and answering it.

[ ] Answer door.
[ ] Shout for whoever it is to go away.
[ ] Ignore and go to sleep.
[ ] Answer door.
[x] Answer door.
Must regain composure in times of rage.
[X] Answer door.
[ ] Answer door.
[ ] Answer door.
[ ] Answer door.
[x] Answer door.

Delicious nightly visit from one of our little sisters? Do want
[ ] Answer door.
[X] Answer door.
[X] Shout for whoever it is to go away.

[x] Answer door.
Probably our sis.
[X] Answer door.

Well, thanks for pissing off Siki, everyone.

Might as well see who it is.
[x] Answer door.
[x] Answer door.
Kira, will we get to see Shiki again?
I vote random.
[X] Answer door.

Honestly, answering door is the least pissy option of all right now.
I would just like to go on record as saying I Told You So.

That's all.
[X] Answer door. Nothing to gain or lose from this perspective.
Why are you all baawing that Shiki hates us.
>Eiki wordlessly apologizes to you for the misunderstanding

She was pissed of at you when she tought you were a reporter, but now that that misunderstanding is cleared, who knows what happens
Hold of on that "I told you so." Even though I voted the other way too, we actually didn't lose much on this deal.

The fact that we're willing to risk fucking up like this is reason enough to be annoyed.
[ ] Shout for whoever it is to go away.

Let's be a douchebag
Alright, answer won, I have to put some scaffolding up and clean out my upper gutters really quick. It shouldn't take more than an hour. The reply is half written so I'll finish it up and post it as soon as I'm done with the gutters.
<Dark_Mercury> Day 4's not been that bad.
<Dark_Mercury> Now day 8?
<Dark_Mercury> That's an assraping in a bag.
<Dark_Mercury> It's avoidable ass rape.
<zer00> Knowing us, we'll gravitate towards it, right?
<Dark_Mercury> You're. . . 2 flags tripping from it~

Lets avoid this.

Even though you say that we're gonna hit it like a moth to a flame. Collectively anon is a total moron.
Enter Lunatic Mode.
At the rate we're going, Day 8 will be years away.
So we're a really really really slow moth attracted to a dying flame.
But we have no idea what we're trying to avoid anyways.
Oh ho, why not send us into a minefield with no metal detector?

I don't think it's possible for him to be any more of a huge geek.
Not his fault Anon votes for the most stupid things possible. Looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.
I told kira that I'd hold him up on his word, and it better be one hell of a ride.

We also have this to look forward to, I assume it has a far better outcome.

Dark_Mercury> Well, you're 1 flag from tripping a differerent set of routes.
Christ that wasn't even a vague estimate of what we'd do like the call for Tewi choice. It doesn't take a genius to see that celebrity+show she's blabing on about=she's part of the damn show.
I get the feeling that every Choice we make is a bad Choice.
Seriously, what was so bad about the outcome?
>>While she’s being dragged off, Eiki wordlessly apologizes to you for the misunderstanding.
She doesn't think badly of us.

That and kira is like a fucking anti-spiral. Every time we make some progress we get kicked in the balls.
He is drawing Power from our Despair to write even more bad ends for us.

The outcome was favorable yes but the fact that the majority didn't come to the conclusion she'd get suspicious of us if we pressed this is just retarded.

Anyway get back to work I want a shag.
Everyone make sure you don't vote for anything interesting till we're probably past the flag, we get enough GRIMDARK in MiG.
Your taste in carpeting is atrocious and outdated.
File 121045609757.jpg - (650.20KB, 686x570 , 1148675579820.jpg) [iqdb]
Damn it, Emiya!
Meh. You’re still angry and you really don’t want to talk to anyone right now, but it’d be rude to not answer the door. The scant few feet that it takes to cover the floor to get to your door puts you in a slightly better mood. Until you open the door that is. Standing on the other side of the door is Marisa. She smiles at you weakly and you promptly close the door in her face. Of all the people it could have been at the door. . . Feh. You turn and start walking back to your bed when you hear your door open. Marisa had slipped in and closed the door behind her.
“Ah. . . I should have expected that, I guess. You’ve been acting differently lately though.” Marisa looks at your desk and sees, indeed, that your cell phone is still on it.
You half heartedly tell Marisa to get out and flop down on your bed. The ceiling is so much more interesting than anything she could have to say at this point so you stare at it intently. Marisa sighs loudly.
“You’ve been acting strange recently. What’s going on? Something with me you’d normally blow off, but for your father? That’s completely unlike you. I know you don’t like me, but I promise I won’t tell Rinnosuke. So please, just tell me what’s going on.”

[ ] Tell her.
[ ] Lie.
[ ] Continue ignoring her.
x] Tell her.

We has anmesiah
[X] Tell her.
[x] Tell her.
[ ] Ask about Mima

Let's change the subject
[X] Lie.
Satisfy her curiosity, but tell her fucking nothing.
[X] Tell her.

Every time I vote I'm going to be worrying about voting for the DESPAIR route, fuck.
[x] Tell her.
[ ] Lie.
[X] Lie.
[X] Tell her.

If rape wins, I'll kill you.
[x] Lie.

We didn't trust her before we lost our memories, this is a bad time to start.
[x] Tell her
[x] Continue ignoring her.
Learn more about the situation without showing your hand anon.
[X] Continue ignoring her.

On the one hand, I'd like to know more about her. On the other, I don't trust her worth a damn.
[x] Lie.
[X] Lie.
[x] Tell her.
[ ] Lie.
[X] Tell her.
[ ] Lie.
In all probability, you just voted for the despair route. Despair is probably connected to the supernatural shit, and you just voted to bring the pupil of the most magical mother in on your secret.
[X] Tell her.
[x] Tell her.
[x] Continue ignoring her.
Tell her has won, you can all quit voting now.
[x] Tell her.
[ ] Lie
[ ] Tell her
We don't have to say we have amnesia. While we don't have reason, yet, to keep it a secret worth lying about, we also have no reason to worry her, despite our currently pissy attitude. Just say we've felt all out of sorts lately.
Gentlemen, welcome to the despair route.
[x] Tell her.

What? That doesn't even make sense.
[ ] Lie
But I don't want to!

[] Lie.
[ ] Tell her

Marisa will either smile and say "Just as planned" or despair with us
[15:23:14] <Terminal-tan> DM, why would you assume "Tell her" wouldn't have been picked? You must be awful at predicting what anon will choose.
[15:24:50] <@Dark_Mercury> Well,
[15:24:51] <@Dark_Mercury> Lets see.
[15:25:03] <@Dark_Mercury> 'cept patchy.
[15:25:18] <Terminal-tan> Anon is stupid, don't count on them to pay attention.
[15:25:20] <@Dark_Mercury> And every indication that you've been given has been that you didn't trust her.
[15:25:28] <@Dark_Mercury> And you have no reason to trust her.
[15:25:33] <@Dark_Mercury> YOU CLOSED THE DOOR IN HER FACE.
[15:25:49] <Terminal-tan> You know people don't read before they vote
File 12104587026.jpg - (94.37KB, 532x401 , Despair.jpg) [iqdb]
Please, just bad end us Kira. Don't stretch this shit out.

Nope, didn't recall that at all.

>And every indication that you've been given has been that you didn't trust her.

Anon has no personality but what we give him--is what most Anons like to think.

Kira sure is stupid if he can't figure out anon is a total retard.
File 121045886550.png - (294.99KB, 453x362 , facepalmassassin.png) [iqdb]
God damn you people can be stupid sometimes.
Kira just have Marisa pull a gun and blow our fucking head off, no need to turn this into another MiG where everything turns to shit.

Forgot your shirou.jpg


Not so much retarded in this instance as making a decision without careful consideration of clues from previous threads. Anon is like a kid with ADD, as evidenced by his inability to STAY ON TARGET, which has been shown over and over again. Our problem here is bad long-term memory, made worse by stretching the game over weeks. To someone with a good understanding of the story, such as the writer, this isn't a problem. To the vast majority of readers, it is.

Damn it, I knew this would happen.

I'm serious, though. I couldn't have remembered any of that without rereading.

Anon is also switching back and forth between different stories that have an anon with a completely different mindset so that anons attitude influences choices made in this story, that is a BAD BAD THING.
Why couldn't of you fags just asked her about Meemer?
Maybe I should link the archives at the start of the thread, then wait 5~10 minutes before doing the next part to give people time to read the archives?
Probably not a bad idea, but I think something more drastic is needed.

Like a mild electric shock delivered to the user upon any bad ends he voted for.
Oh god, GA:SD is going the way of MiG. We're fucked.
You know, I actually do look back at the archives when making certain decisions, which is a horrible idea since by the time I've found what I'm looking for, too many people have already voted.

Well that depends, are we in an irreversible death trap with no way out?
Just don't give us the options until 5 or 10 minutes after you post the text. That way we can discuss shit first, and maybe give write-ins a chance of winning.
This is like the blind leading the blind.

Kira, we're doing this over a course of days. Every minute detail isn't sticking with us as closely as you'd like; and, as has been pointed out, we're beginning to distrust even what your characters are telling us. This is going to turn into the first-iteration of Higurashi, isn't it?

We do have a bad relationship with her. And we have no idea how she might react. Why the fuck would we tell her the truth?
But she hasn't done anything to us. We know we previously didn't like her, but lots of kids have trouble with step-parents, and Anon was being particularly juvenile in this scene. Do we have actual REASON not to like her? Vague suspicions, maybe, but I can't recall anything.

So the question is, why not?
The easiest way to fix this problem is to stop making every damn situation volatile with the chance of death/despair around every fucking corner.

Twice we've fucked up in one thread now.

How about the fact that several of our friends have pretty much told us outright: "Hey, shit, you didn't trust her, and frankly we don't really trust her either! Let me tell you about something she did that was rather suspect!"
If you're distrusting everything that the characters are saying, then yes. It has the potential to.
Where to start. There’s so much to tell that’s happened since you lost your memory. It’s been four days and nothing has returned to you as of yet. . . so, not knowing where to begin, you just start talking. You dump to Marisa everything that’s happened to you in the past four days. The memory loss, saving Reimu, what’s been going on with your little sisters, with Mokou, everything. Even the trip to the flower store and running into Yuka. Marisa’s eyes narrow at the mention of Yuka’s name, but otherwise she remains silent through out your entire story. She remains silent for a while after you finish speaking, as if mulling something over.
“My. . . That’s.” she pauses again, “That’s quite the story ze. . .”
It seems that she doesn’t completely believe your story, but she does at least admit that it might explain why you’ve been acting the way you have been.
“I will say this. You shouldn’t go see Yuka again. That woman is dangerous. For all we know, she may be what happened to your mother.” Marisa’s eyes are slits, glaring off at some unknown thing in the corner of your room.
“I won’t tell your father, as I promised I would, but I think you should. I can understand you not trusting me, but your father?” Marisa shakes her head. “But what do I know?”
You just sit there. Marisa seems quite upset at what you’ve told her. Unexpectedly she pats you on the head.
“I’m sorry to run like this, but I have something else that I have to do.” Marisa stands up and slips quietly out of your room with out another word. You wonder why she ran away all of a sudden. A noise coming from your desk interrupts your reverie. It’s your cell phone going off.
You climb off the bed and walk over to it and see you have a new text message, as well as five voice messages. Checking the call logs, only three calls are from your father. the other two calls are from a number you don’t know and an unlisted number.

[ ] Check your messages.
[ ] Go to bed.
[ ] Go talk to Mokou.
But Patchy tells to to tell her and that all everyone seemed to remember. At least that what I'm guessing, hopefully you all aren't really this stupid, just forgetful.
[ ] Check your messages.
[x] Check your messages.
[X] Check your messages.
[x] Check your messages.
>“I’m sorry to run like this, but I have something else that I have to do.” Marisa stands up and slips quietly out of your room with out another word. You wonder why she ran away all of a sudden.

Why gee this isn't suspicious at all nosiree
I doubt half of the idiots who voted to tell her the truth have even read the entire story.

[ ] Check your messages.
Once that I know of. If you're talking about the shikieiki bit, that's not a mess up.
So I suppose it's too much to expect anon to remember contunity? It's kinda silly to run any sort of game like this then.
Also, I have to clean up the house a bit, so I'll read the votes in about an hour or two.
[ ] Check your messages.
[x] Go talk to Mokou.

I wonder if she's cooled off.
[X] Check your messages.

Oh wow, Marisa! Don't visit Yuuka?

Trust me, we'll be sure to do the exact opposite now.
[x] Go talk to Mokou.
[ ] Check your messages.
[X] Go talk to Mokou.

Fuck that phone I know what it says


Major events are easy to remember. Little pieces of info spread randomly through the story? Fuck no.
[ ] Check your messages.

[ ] Check your messages.

"from: Raymoo
contents: ur a faget"

[ ] Go to hospital
So who do we think will be dead by the end of the next day because of this idiocy? My moneys on Mystia. She's been around enough for Anon to from an emotional attachment, but she's not really vital to the story, and I doubt Marisa will have a problem with killing her because shes not related.
I kinda like this idea. Makes sure people actually read the post, comprehend the situation, and can actually reason it out. Considering how MiG and GA:SD seem to go, there's a rush of retardation from the get go (people that obviously didn't read the post) and logic sets in after the more reasonable people have reflected upon the story and make an educated choice. Might fix up the votespam issue to an extent, too: if the consensus is one way and suddenly a dozen votes for the obviously identified BAD END direction occur, well, we know there's a problem now.

Mystia is important, we just need to talk to her some more. Anon has been seriously been depriving little sister of attention, lets change that.
>So I suppose it's too much to expect anon to remember contunity? It's kinda silly to run any sort of game like this then.

Oh, people will read the archives. They just won't read them when a decision is waiting to be voted on.

I don't mean to destroy your ability to write, but I would've thought it obvious that a serious story in this medium is a recipe for ultimate despair. Some of us do feed off that despair, but you'll just be continually surprised if you write while expecting Anon to be thoughtful and rational. Alternatively, when you think something should be obvious and in the forefront of the protagonist's mind, you could have him subvocalize it. It depends on how much you want to fuck with everyone.
But even so it isn't hard to remember unlying themes and messages related to certain characters when they are repeated.

We've had enough hints to know not to trust Marisa even if you can't recall why.
[ ] Check your messages.
Which reminds me, I don't think Anon ever gave his sisters the stuffed toys he got from the UFO catcher.
[x] Go talk to Mokou.
While that's true, it doesn't help that we don't know why our amnesia occurred. I can't see the problem with talking about it when the whole situation is unknown--beyond outright paranoia.

And (though I didn't vote) I didn't think we were going to tell her EVERYTHING. I thought we were going to tell her about the amnesia.

We've had nothing that suggests she's some sort of villan just a step-mom we don't want to get close to. Hell our attitude to her has been exactly this.
[x] Go talk to Mokou.

The messages will be there for while.
Kira, can you perhaps have this anon do a bit more internal monologue before he acts? Like at the end of the post show what he's thinking? I reckon one of the key problems here is the gap between the writer's though process and that of anonymous.

I'm not saying give us hints, rather highlight the character's current opinion on the situation because at least then it'll serve to give the clueless ones some context to work with.
It's probably too much of a give-away from the author's perspective and there's probably too much to cover to make a broad choice remain broad, but would a "{internal monolgoue}Tell her? Almost everyone else said I shouldn't trust ...{/im}" tagged before the choices been too much to hope for?

Answering my own question, yes, it is. Too possible to spoil.

So, who wants to think we've brushed the lock on the door to the Path of Ultimate Day Eight Despair yet?

Lol monologue mind
[x] Go talk to Mokou.
We should probably GTFO the house and go to someone we know we can trust. i have a feeling something BAD is about to happen if we stay put.

Good idea, Kira said we are not locked into a specific route yet. Hanging out with little sisters more may just save our asses, so lets give them the stuff we won.
[x] Go talk to Mokou.
And tell her how much of a fucking idiot we are. We can check our messages at her house.
[x] Go talk to Mokou

She is awesome.
Marisa had put up a pretty good front as helpless step-mother, and children often dislike their step-parents for no real reason. We have amnesia: Couldn't it be that we just weren't an ideal child?

But seriously, this was an attempt to pump information. Bringing it forward to the relevant parties (Marisa, Kourin, Yuka) is the only way we'll be able to get the true Mima story. Marisa at least has been kind to us so far; we haven't even interacted with Kourin, and Yuka is even less likely to tell us the truth.
[x] Go talk to Mokou
Genuflect, apologize, hug, and then tell everything.
[X] Go talk to Mokou.
Even if she is still a little miffed at us, she wouldn't turn us down when we need help.
Marisa probably already knew we had amnesia because she fucking gave it to us when we found out too much. Wouldn't a normal parent take their kid to the hospital or something if all his memories suddenly vanished? Marisa just hurries out of the room.
[x] Check your messages.

This would take, like, a minute. And right after, we'll:

[x] Talk to Mokou

How is Yuuka less likely to tell us the truth about what happened to Mima? As far as we can tell, she doesn't actually know - she was surprised when we mentioned it. Then she wanted information from us - I'd wager a rival would the one most interested in uncovering what happened?

Marisa and Kourin, on the other hand, have apparently lied to the entire family before by telling us Mima is dead. Kourin might be doing it so that we don't hope in vain, but Marisa showed up and married him right after Mima went missing. Not just us, but our friends and sister distrust her as well - and it's been hinted at that she's a suspicious person multiple times. She's not the person we'd want to pump for information first - if anything, she's the most likely to lie to our face.
You know.
I just realized.
Isn't that what Natalie Holloway's mother did when she hooked up with the father of that other missing kid?

When did we confirm that Mima was alive?

And the widower marrying a woman who reminds of or was related to in some way his dead wife is not uncommon.

Anyway, even if she is lying to our face, this too is information. Think Rashomon.
>Marisa and Kourin, on the other hand, have apparently lied to the entire family before by telling us Mima is dead.

Parents do this shit all the time. Nobody wants to upset their child by telling them they were an accident, or were adopted, or that you have no father because daddy ran off with his secretary.

We never "confirmed" she was alive, but everyone we've talked to about this outside of the family has told us something to the effect of "Mima went missing - she just disappeared one day."

From what we know, Marisa turned up almost immediately after Mima went missing, and married Kourin in short order. As it stands, several of those we've encountered have been wary of her, and she has some connection to Reimu Sr. who we know to be dangerous, as she had threatened us before the game started. We could talk to her, but we didn't want to talk to her first, because at this point she's the most likely to cause us enormous problems down the line, because she's the biggest suspect in Mima's disappearance. The reason it was a bad idea to talk to her was that she was MUCH more potentially dangerous than anyone else.
Well, I'm sure, if the Anonymous collective wants, we can go talk to Reimu Sr. too and make this a short playthrough.
>“I will say this. You shouldn’t go see Yuka again. That woman is dangerous. For all we know, she may be what happened to your mother.” Marisa’s eyes are slits, glaring off at some unknown thing in the corner of your room.

Which is exactly what we're going to do, you evil bitch. Now that we know it's Mima's ghost you're sneering at, we're going to pull the same the trick you did--smile sweetly, while holding a knife behind our back.

>From what we know, Marisa turned up almost immediately after Mima went missing, and married Kourin in short order.

She didn't just "turn up"; she was Mima's apprentice. Kourin probably had been having an affair with her, so when Mima became (legally) dead, they married.
Didn't we just have this conversation with Kira? If we start distrusting everybody out of convenience, this is going to turn into the first-iteration of Higurashi. And we're Keiichi.
At least we now know what FAIRIES is about.
What? we do? I missed that, was it said on the IRC?
So, she doesn't kill us? I actually think this turned out pretty well.

But we had reason to distrust Marisa right from the start. No reason to start trusting her now.

I think Kira means the problems will come up if we stop trusting EVERYONE.
It will probably be pure DESPAIR, MiG and GA:SD were just a test run for Kira to improve and find out what makes us rage and cry.

What reason was that? Somebody who we also have no reason to trust told us so without actually explaining why?
I don't see as we have much of any reason to distrust her especially; then again, I don't see any reason to trust her, either. In any case, she was the closest person to our mother before she went missing. If we're going to solve that mystery, we're likely going to need her help.
Back. Counting the votes now, I'll start writing shortly.
I think the only people we can adequately trust right now are the sister squad and Mokou. Probably Sanae and maybe Kaguya.
And Ran, let's not forget school.
Wait, when did we meet her?
Pathcy, Alice and Medicine seem to be on the level.
>This is going to turn into the first-iteration of Higurashi, isn't it?

I've been getting that vibe, yeah, although more from MiG proper.

>Think Rashomon.
Damn, obscure much? You and I are probably the only ones here who saw that.
damnit. got delayed again, stuid house mate. 20 minutes tops.

Srsly, its 7 minutes. ALWAYS.
>20 minutes tops.

Did you mean "seven minutes max"?
Excuse me, Sikieiki.
Where is our little green miko anyway?

Seven minutes mind?
>I think the only people we can adequately trust right now are the sister squad and Mokou.

The half-sisters are more likely to listen to Marisa and Kourin than to us; I don't think they'll be aiding us if push comes to shove. Mystia is unstable.

Mokou is in love with us and wants to save our relationship; that's why she didn't tell the whole story about Kaguya.

The sisters, Mokou, and Kaguya do love us and are probably trustworthy, but could always end up trying to "protect" us from ourselves.

Strangely, I think Reimu may be someone we can trust.
She's probably currently involved in a brutal gang war with the Hakurei family.
File 121046997966.jpg - (38.75KB, 495x431 , 1205644186584.jpg) [iqdb]

After the WTF YOU DONT CARE THAT I ALMOST KILLED YOU BY PUSHING YOU IN THE WAY OF A TWUCK, I wouldn't be surprised if she did help. Reimu Sr and Marisa are assumed to be the original and Jr wants to fight da powa. So yeah.
After how angry she got after finding out we didn't tell her about what happened with Reimu, I don't think she'd do the same by hiding important things from us. Of course, I'm a Mokou fanboy though, so maybe I'm being a bit naive here.
>[15:25:03] <@Dark_Mercury> 'cept patchy.

When the fuck did this happen, anyway? I'm not seeing it in the archives.

After we found out about Marisa, we:
Talked to Mystia briefly about her and our real mom
Nightmare, bath, bonding with Mystia
Occult Club, Patchy saying WE SHOULD TELL HER
>"At the very least, you should go talk to Marisa. I'm sure she would be able to help you, somewhat. I know that you don't like her, but she WAS Mima's star pupil, and is, for all intents and purposes, the best person you could talk to for matters like this."
Reimu reipu
Going to Mima's with Patchy
Kaguya at the arcade, restaurant, fight with Mokou
History lesson from Mokou (she barely mensions Marisa)
Peeping on Mokou, argument with Mokou at school
Meeting Shiki

We didn't really talk to anyone else outside of those events. We haven't talked to our sisters AT ALL since those early scenes with Mystia. Am I missing something?
Going through the archives it looks like you're right. The only one who really implyed that we shouldn't trust Marisa is Mystia, and Mystia probobly doesn't have as good an idea of what was going on as Patchy does.

This thread is so lulzy

Anonymous is so schizophrenic.
>Going to Mima's with Patchy
ah, that should be Yuuka's, obviously
[ ] She mentioned dessert, right? Why not make a cake?
Yeah, this probably wasn't worth the wait, but it's the end of day 4. Day 5 will probably be delayed for a bit, as tomorrow I'll likely have a large number of things to do as well. I'm also probably heading off to bed after this.

Those phone messages will still be there tomorrow, hopefully they’re nothing important. You slide open your window and crawl across the ladder to Mokou’s room. She has the curtains drawn, and the light is off. You knock on the window, and sit, waiting for a reply. Nothing comes from within the room, but you do hear another noise. You hear two voices talking, a male voice and a female voice. Shortly after that, you hear a car engine start. You can’t see anything from here, because of the tree that blocks it from this side, but given how close that car engine is, it must be in your driveway. You hear the male voice shout something, and then strain your ears to hear the reply. It’s Marisa.
“I’m such as scatter brain ze~. I forgot something at the university, so I have to run and pick it up ze~ I won’t be long, I promise.”
The engine noise fades as the car backs out of the driveway onto the street and drives off. You sit there, frozen on the ladder. It sounds like someone’s knocking at your room door. As quickly as you can do so silently, you climb back across the ladder and dive into your room, sliding the window shut. Just barely in time do you make it as Rinnosuke comes into your room.
“I’m very disappointed in you. You could have checked the board in the kitchen and seen that you had to work today.” Rinnosuke looks over at your desk and sees that your messages haven’t been checked.
“I guess you did leave your phone here today. No matter. I expect better from you in the future.” Rinnosuke turns and walks out of the room, closing the door behind him.
You sigh. What a night. You look out the window again. Mokou’s room is still dark, so you figure either she’s ignoring you, or you’re not going to have a chance to talk to her tonight. In any event, It’s late. You fall back onto the bed and let sleep claim you.
So tell me. Why do we like our father again?

Playing with borders huh?
Now, how much you want to bet that Marisa comes in and erases the messages from our phone, because we didn't check it? Because if anything like that happens, I swear that I will put the Anti-Spiral to shame with my reaction.

Also, yeah, Marisa running off to the university right after she finds out what's up with us? Yeah, totally not suspicious at all.

Damn it, we need to go do the exact opposite of what she says, and visit Yuuka at the first opportunity.
Hey, he's a stand-up guy, but we did let him down to go run around with anime actresses, so he's got a right to be a little disappointed. I think, anyway.
RIP Yuka.


should've listened to our messages instead
Well, it was a fun ride while it lasted.
Too bad it seems we're about to transfer over to the One-Way BAD END Express.
We learned one thing for sure - Rinnosuke is clean. If Marisa is involved in the disappearance of Mima somehow, he honestly doesn't know anything, nor was he, for any reason, a co-conspirator. Of course, that's only if Marisa really is to blame. Then all bets are back to square one.

Yuka's reaction I find the most surprising. Her reaction, I think, resolves her of blame because of its blatant over-reaction. It may just be authorly whim but, assuming Kira is as subtle as we've been lead to believe, she'd have no reason to bring Mima up in front of us if she was the person who gave us our amnesia.

Hah ... I'm going to go the Hercule Poirot route and say that Rinnosuke must have done it.
The concept of Marisa as a mother is a crime against nature.


Who's to say you, Anon yourself, are not responsible - huh? HUH? I mean, you can't remember shit, have had weird crap happen several times before (Re: not dying when you should have, etc)

Or y'know, Rinnosuke and Marisa were both in on it and Rinnosuke's only staying behind to ensure you're not up to something because you're closing in on them somehow
>Now, how much you want to bet that Marisa comes in and erases the messages from our phone, because we didn't check it? Because if anything like that happens, I swear that I will put the Anti-Spiral to shame with my reaction.

Don't forget the possibility of Mystia, protecting her darling brother from those filthy women.
Wtf guys, I though we had a huge discussion about how suspecious Marisa is and that we shouldn't trust her. Why do you let me down Aon, why?

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