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"Master I-"
"Master I can't!"
Defeated you collapse to your knees disturbing a drift of cherry petals as you do sending them swishing around your master's ankles.
"Pathetic, how long have you been here and you're still whining like this?"
From the hard look in her eye you can tell Master Youmu is as tired of this exercise as you are, every day for the past year or so you've been repeating this task. Not that days have much meaning in this timeless place.
"It's hopeless master...."
"I'll never be able to do it!" You snap.
"You can and you will, because it is your karmic fate to do so."

Karmic fate, how you've come to loathe that word. You can no longer recall the life you led when you had it, but what ever you did it earned you the right to keep your body upon entering the nether world. On the condition that you became one of Princess Yuyuko's retainers. The way it was described to you it sounded like it was supposed to be a great honor, yet so far it feels like some kind of divine punishment.

"Focus yourself." Youmu calmly repeats her self for what must be the thousandth time, sitting cross legged on a tree stump she watches you carefully with her deep blue eyes with Myon floating placidly next to her. Sighing you turn back to the task at hand.

The concept behind your training is simple but the execution infinitely harder than implied. Even though you retained your body you cannot interact with non-ethereal existences, in layman's terms that means you can't touch anything that isn't a ghost. In order to serve the Princess better you must condition your mind so that your will can give your new form a tangible presence and touch material things.

In order to learn this skill Youmu has taken to putting you through a rigorous training reigeme to discipline your mind, seeing as your entire existence is based around your mind and soul exercising them is like building muscle. But you get worn out in the same fashion too, in fact it seems that what ever you were in life it definately wasn't a scholar as even with Youmu's help you struggle to understand to master even basic feats of mental agility.

Pushing such thoughts from your mind you turn to the task at hand, to gauge your current level of strength in the material world and to push your will to it's limits Youmu makes you play chess with her using a set taken from the land of the living. Every time you manage to win a game against her, which isn't often, she replaces the set with one made of a heavier material. First it was bone because it carried a vague spiritual presence that made it easier for you, then wood, tin, iron and now lead.

Closing your eyes you place a hand over the rook, only to be met with a sharp slap to your hand. Frowning Youmu berates you.
"Idiot! How can you concentrate on what's there if you do not look at it!"

Rebellion flares up in your stomach and for a moment you wish you had the strength to topple the chess set with a cry of rage, but you know you lack the strength to do so. Glaring at her you try to settle your self again, her cool glaze meets you levelly.

"I said look at the piece, not me."

Embarrassment and anger rise in the pit of your stomach again, snapping you attention away from her you stare at the rook again. Tentatively you reach out a hand and carefully close your fingers around it, your half expecting to feel them pass straight through you can't help but feel triumphant when they press softly against the cold metal. Spurred on by this you increase your hold on the impassive element and will your self to move it four paces to the right in order to take her queen, it's excruciatingly slow going as your hand begins to shake with the effort. But slowly and surely you seal her queen's fate.

"You know, you're pretty cute when you concentrate like that."

What? Oh, blast it! The heavy rook slips from your fingers one black square away from the queen clattering into place with a heavy thud. Desperately you look up at a smiling Youmu who giggles and takes you rook with the deft swish of her hand.

"That's check." Gaping at her, the game board, then her again you splutter at her. She did that on PURPOSE!

"That's enough for today, we'll finish the game tomorrow. Bright and early."
"As always." You mutter sullenly as she hops down from her perch, those cool eyes narrow on you.
"Is that a complaint I hear?"
"No master."
"Could it be you don't like getting up at the crack of dawn everyday?"
"No master."
"Perhaps you want to sleep in tomorrow?"
Ha! You didn't think I'd fall for such obvious bait, did you Youmu?
"No master."
"Good!" She smiles at you and turns to go, but before she leaves you she mentions.
"Because you'll be glad to hear we're getting up before sunrise tomorrow for tai-chi."


"Sweep the garden while I see to Lady Yuyuko."

With an oft handed wave behind her she leaves your presence, standing alone with the chess battle frozen in time you watch her for a while as she walks away. What was that whole "cute" remark about anyway? That's not like her. Grabbing your straw, and ghostly, broom you set about clearing the tiny sector of the garden that is your responsibility to keep clear of the choking cherry petals. Thinking while you sweep you ponder more deeply the mysterious "cute" remark, after all you don't have much else to do while your hands and feet work on autopilot and often during the task your mind will set about analyzing what ever philosophical conundrum your master has set you that week.

She called you "cute", that's not like her in the slightest. Normally she just barks standard insults like "Stupid!" "Moron!" "Idiot!" at you and that had led you to believe that she only endured your presence here, she certainly wasn't very receptive to you upon your initial arrival. Not that you felt particularly warm to her either, her tough and cold exterior was intimidating in some one so seemingly young and your attempts to engage with her always fell flat for some reason quite often earning you a flaying from her wicked blades. It wasn't until she began training you that she began to warm to you, but even after nearly a year of a better relationship with her you'd never expected her to ever see you as anything more than just another ghost. Where did cute come from?

But then again she's never short on praise when you succeeded, whenever you managed to make some progress in your training she would proudly and almost boastingly tell Lady Yuyuko about it over dinner.

Ah yes, Lady Yuyuko. If there's one thing that has helped you throughout your stay here it's been the kindness of the lovely Lady Yuyuko, a woman that Youmu could do well to emulate. She's so graceful, wise, beautiful, serene and not to mention well endowed. As is often your custom when sweeping the garden you soon loose your train of thought while entertaining some day dream about Lady Yuyuko, sometimes imagining you're a brave knight saving the lovely princess from the clutches of an evil dragon.....
Sometimes imagining how she rewards you after...

Where's my sick, fucked-up H-scene?
Fuck yes More. Scat is going to follow i hope.

"How can you say you love her if you can't even pick up her shit?"

Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?
Teaching us to touch?

I like where this is going.
My good sir, I dearly hope that your tale of ghostly training is resolved by the heated passions of consensual intercourse in the missionary position with this lovely master you speak of.
You sick fuck.
Poor ghosts haven't been getting enough attention down there on their own.
I have found your weakness, and soon, i will have my revange!
File 121037484393.jpg - (38.87KB, 567x777 , 1208554526336.jpg) [iqdb]
"Mmph, I cast level 8 eroticism on your..*YAWN* Mmph?"
Huh? Oh shi-! You fell asleep on the job again! Rubbing your chin from the way it's been resting against your arms on the broom and smacking your lips trying to clear them of that "I just woke up" taste you survey the quiet and empty patch of path you swept. The sun has set leaving the garden lit by an eerie natural luminescence found anywhere in the netherworld, apart from a few sloppy piles of petals left at the sides you've at least cleared the path. Time to head home you think. Hitching the broom over your shoulder you whistle a few random bars while enjoying the stroll back, it'll help erase any traces that you were sleeping when you should've been working.

Slipping your shoes off and leaning your trusty petal buster by the door you step into the warmth of the house, a delicious creamy smell permeates the air making you salivate. Chicken in that creme sauce would be your guess, another benefit of serving Lady Yuyuko is the excellent cooking Youmu provides every night.

"I'm home!"
"Welcome back~!"
With a gleeful smile Yuyuko greets you happily making the cares of the day fall from your body and mind. Or would that be mind and mind?
"Come! Come and sit! Dinner is almost ready!"
You certainly don't need telling twice, when lady Yuyuko invites you to do anything you're always sure to snap to it with a smile. Taking your usual spot next to her on the left of the head of the table she beams at you and you break into a happy, if goofy smile too.

"Dinner is served!" Emerging from the kitchen Youmu easily hefts a great iron pot into the dining room and puts it on the table before you. Eagerly Yuyuko lifts off the hot lid with a cloth sending steam and delicious smells wafting through the air, laying out three bowls Youmu serves up three piping hot portions of her specialty. A thick stew like dish with a cream based sauce for chicken, a favorite of Yuyuko's.

"Why are you so late to dinner?" Ah! Those piercing blue eyes are turned on you again, the way she's looking at you it's like she already knows what you did.
"You didn't fall asleep did you?"
"Actually the wind picked up and I had to start over."
"Mmmm. I guess it was pretty choppy today."
She concedes.
"I just think it's nice we can all enjoy dinner together," Ah Yuyuko~ You are a shining light in a dismal realm. "Remember last week when you said he wasn't allowed to come back in until he could write you an essay on the life of The Buddha?"
"It was for his training!"
"And when he first came here you wouldn't cook him his meals?"
"I didn't get a chance to go shopping for three people!"
Yuyuko simply smiles fondly at her while saying.
"I'm just glad you two are getting along so well now."

Speaking through a mouth full of dinner and spraying rice everywhere you pipe up.
"You know she called me cute today during training, you think she's ill of something?"
"Shut up! Don't talk with your mouthful!" Youmu snaps hotly at you turning red, Yuyuko however has a scandalous look on her face her sleeve raised to her mouth and eyes bulging with mirth.
"Oooooooh myyyyyyyyyyy! Did you really say that Youmu?"
"L-lady Yuyuko!" Bunching her fists Youmu pleads.
"Ooooooohhh myyyyyyyy! Is this what they call a crush? The budding affection of a young girl for her senior? The cute female pupil falling for the charms of the older sensei?"
"IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND!" Youmu's face has turned a furious red and those piercing blue eyes are now wide with desperation.
"Ooooooohhh myyyyyyyyy! Perhaps you've been abusing your station over him Youmu? Is that what your training involves? Naked sparring? Cold baths together? Harsh discipline involving a complex series of chains and pulleys?"
"LADY YUYUKO!" Amazing, even myon has began to change to a deep shade of pink at that last remark. As Lady Yuyuko continues to rib her gardener you can't help but feel sorry for your master, perhaps if you speak up she'll owe you one later.

"Come now Princess, Youmu doesn't really seem like the type to be interested in boys. She doesn't seem very feminine at all in my eyes."
haha, what a poor sucker he is. Well looks like he will get quite a beating now. still MORE.
>>She doesn't seem very feminine at all in my eyes


File 121037565184.png - (207.19KB, 497x663 , 1208555703437.png) [iqdb]
Silence falls over the dinner table, there that put a stop to poor Youmu's torment. Didn't it?

"I doubt that Youmu," You add. "Has ever had a romantic thought in her life. She doesn't seem the type."

The silence persists, why have they fallen so quiet? Yuyuko watches Youmu with a pitying experssion on her face, while Youmu just stares at you stunned.

"Youmu..." The princess begins.
"P-please excuse me. I don't feel very h-hungry."
With that Youmu dashes from the room, perhaps it was a trick of your mind but... was she crying?

"Oh dear..."

Yuyuko looks at you with a displeased look on her face, her brow furrowed she raises her fan to her face and begins to cool her self.

"Really, what made you say that? Don't you know how to handle a young girl's heart?"
"You lost me."

Her eyes search your face for some sign it's all a cruel joke, sighing she realizes you are that dense.
"Oh dear." She says again.
"Lady Yuyuko what just happened? Why," What is this feeling?
"Why do I feel terrible all of a sudden?"
"I guess dying made you even forget what it is to be a man." She mumbles looking away, what in heaven's name is she talking about?
"What? What's happened?" Your face is wet?
"Why am I crying Lady Yuyuko? I'm not hurt...."

She considers you for a moment longer, this is the other side of the Princess. While normally she's a serene and almost spacey cheerful kind of woman, sometimes she becomes very serious. The lines of her face seem to rearrange themselves making her look much older and wiser than her normal half-not-there smile.

"Perhaps some things cannot be forgotten, even in death." Closing her fan she stands.
"I'll let you discover what you must, you need to learn to listen to what your heart tells you."
"But I don't have a heart anymore...."

"Don't you?"
File 121037578955.jpg - (47.37KB, 333x354 , yuyuhooray.jpg) [iqdb]
I think I love you, Scorn.
File 121037589180.png - (9.76KB, 201x238 , 1208885160675.png) [iqdb]
Being kinda sad there. Very good, where is the next part?
(;_; ) ...
( ;_;) ....
(;_; ) ....
( ;_;) .....
File 121037738582.jpg - (39.80KB, 250x360 , blur4.jpg) [iqdb]
Fapping at light speed!
File 121037744681.jpg - (149.69KB, 1024x768 , 24.jpg) [iqdb]
>>I've got to find her!

Over and over you think this, nothing else matters. Find Youmu. That's all that matters.

In your panic you're acting like you're alive, running through the winding halls of the mansion instead of phasing through the walls or flying.

Find Youmu. Find Youmu. Find Youmu. Find Youmu. FIND YOUMU!

Why does it hurt so much? If you weren't already dead you'd say it's like drowning in shadows, thick black ones that fill your lungs. Or is it like someone has torn a hole in you and stolen something from within you? Something irreplaceable... What is this impossible and confusing feeling of being filled but totally empty as well? What was Yuyuko talking about? Why did Youmu run away?

Argh, why does thinking aobut Youmu pain you so much? Images unwind within your mind, every touch and every smile. The echoes of her voice resounding in the vaults of your mind. The quiet winter evening and the warm spring days spent together....

Twists and turns, do you even know where you're going? Every hall way looks the same, you could've been running down this stretch all along and never notice, has this place ever seen the sun? But you mustn't slow down, you must find Youmu. You have to find her, hold her to you and stroke her hair. Something has gone wrong, something must be made right.

Stumbling you're sent sliding painfully across the smooth hard floor, for a moment you can't even stand. All you can do is let your body be wracked by strange juddering breaths as the tears flow freely from your eyes, it's all you can do to keep yourself from vomiting.


Your desperate cry rings through the cold and empty house.


>>You must not let this defeat you

Yes, this is a waste of time. What good does this serve you? Steeling your will you concentrate on one thing, on your master's face. Pushing the pain beneath the surface you dedicate your mind solely to your task, using the very skills she taught you. With great effort you force yourself to your feet, welling up deep within you comes the determination to go on.

What's more, you know exactly where to find her.
Scorn, why are you so awesome?
Scorn, you magnificent bastard!
Because I am he who holds the reigns of this world in his callous hands.

A mere machine you call me? Nay, I am a God.

Now, anonymous, choose thy fate.

Heads? Or Tails?

awesome story awesome.
Finally some Youmu route.
[X] The coin lands on its edge.
[X] Thumb.

[X] Whatever leads to giving Youmu some hot dickings.
{><} heads
[X] Heads.

Can we get shitting futa Youmu?
Shitting futa STOP
File 121037954622.gif - (1.96KB, 128x94 , 1206824924214.gif) [iqdb]
Are you afraid of Scorn shitting up the board?
Maybe after forest is over, you can turn this into a full-fledged game?
You're getting rusty Ultros.
I personally think scorn is acting awfully Cocky
File 121037990891.jpg - (46.21KB, 574x542 , 20050715_youmu002.jpg) [iqdb]
Heads it is.


The moon shines callously over the night, uncaring of your woes. Your sandals slapping loudly on the paving as you run with all your might, filling the night with their rhythmic cracks.

Not slowing down in the slightest you leap down the steps, with a clatter you land and charge onwards. Silhouetted by a tree in the distance you see the shape of a girl standing on a tree stump, a silhouette of Youmu.

Joy bursts forth inside you, somehow you knew she would be here. In the shade of that ancient cherry tree, by that gnarled old stump where the two of you whiled away a year together playing chess. Half remembered names and faces of your life tickle your brain, within you the memories of life stir and you recall a time when you felt this all before. Love.

Straining every ounce of your will you draw closer to her where she stands on the stump watching over the garden, her back turned to you.

She doesn't turn.
"Youmu, I can't even begin to apologize to you." Her silence damns you further, if she would turn and shout at you. Stab you with her gaze and lash you with her tongue, that would be better than this crushing silence.

"Youmu... I don't know what to say. I can't begin to describe how sorry I am, all this time and I could've even see. See what was in front of me....." You swallow hard, a lump is rising in your throat making it hard to speak.
"Death made me forget, forget what this was. But I know now. You've helped me Youmu, you've let me remember ..... love."

Why isn't Myon with her?

(http://youtube.com/watch?v=Bgcrg1q7iqA play this now)

You take a step closer, then another and then another. You can't see Myon anywhere around here, you know that Myon is her other half and can't travel far from her body.


The callous light of the moon shines off of the cord extending from her neck to the tree branch.

This, this is too cruel. This can't be true! Yet even as you reach for her pale hand your own passes right through, in life Youmu was one of the few people you could touch due to her ghost half. Desperately you snatch at her, trying to clutch at her clothes desperate to make contact with her. To feel her warmth, to know that this is a lie. A horrible lie.

Wailing you dash yourself over and over into her body, every time you pass straight through without so much as making her rock. Her blue eyes, dead like those of a doll. A trickle of blood running from the corner of her mouth.

For hours you scream your loss on that tree stump, as if your ghostly tears could bring her back to you. The cries resonated through out Gensokyo, that night every living thing felt the icy chill of loss listening to that desperate keening.

Days have no meaning in this timeless place. Cursed forever to to be dead, yet undying in thought and memory. For all eternity would you face this loss, death could offer you no comfort. Not even Yuyuko's power over death could offer you respite despite your frenzied begging.

So you hold onto one hope, one impossible hope. Every day you return to that tree stump in the garden of the dead, to await her reincarnation.

For the rest of eternity you swear to maintain your lonely vigil until she's back beside you. Even if the stars burned out in the sky, even if all the oceans in the world dried up and even if the moon was worn away to dust.

If it takes for ever, you'll wait for her.
A single. Manly. Tear.

What would tails have given us?
Oh. Look.

It's starting to rain.
Manly tear.

give us Tails too please
File 121038051877.png - (140.24KB, 600x400 , 1191221513789.png) [iqdb]
This board is gonna turn me into an anti-spiral I fucking know it.
File 12103805327.jpg - (6.16KB, 320x182 , 1852074889_59c6ab3fd0_o.jpg) [iqdb]

Give us a good end.

I'll wait for it...
>>I'll wait for it...
Of course you will, Seymour.
Of course you will.

Alright, you made me feel dead inside, now write the happy end, you bastard.
>>Alright, you made me feel dead inside

Just as planned?
I bet if we'd chosen tails we would've died instead.
File 12103815394.jpg - (394.56KB, 717x468 , touhou2iq5.jpg) [iqdb]
You know it's fucking amazing, I was actually going to write a fairly delayed sex scene with no surprises in order to prove I am not a one trick pony.

And yet instead I kill my favorite character in one of my many attempts to destroy anon's mind. I never intended it this way when I set out, but suddenly everything took a turn for the sad and you guys were saying as much. Suddenly out of NOW WHERE came the desire to make a sad end.

The first post was the prototype for the other limited adventure I had in mind before I started, I couldn't decide if I wanted to do /forest/ or /boarder/ back then.
So the guy she's been around and has developed feelings for over a year says something thoughtless and stupid, and she goes and offs herself?


Fuck you Scorn, you made me cry manly tears.
File 121038178465.gif - (18.48KB, 125x80 , 1208922614521.gif) [iqdb]
Men were meant to fap alone?
File 121038192630.jpg - (51.01KB, 450x450 , 1208549663398.jpg) [iqdb]
I'll admit, I teared up writing it. Or rather when I came up with the idea of her hanging her self.

I think that with a bit more thought the last post could've been even more heart wrenching. Talking to the corpse longer, more descriptions of the body and the epilogue. As it is I wrote it on a sudden whim...

it was more WTF than sad, tbh. she hangs herself just because anon shoots off his mouth? all in the space of a few minutes? unrealistic death is unrealistic.
File 121038231961.jpg - (46.21KB, 400x400 , youmu2.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah like I said, the original idea was hot dickings.

Then I kind of just said, fuck it time to spread the despair. I knew the death was pretty weak, but I'm very happy with the first two posts.
>Why isn't Myon with her?

>(http://youtube.com/watch?v=Bgcrg1q7iqA play this now)

Anonymous, you should be able to solve this. No tears from me. Rather it feels like an epic Bel Air.

Any chance of seeing the hot-dickings scenario, or are we gonna have to carry that weight?
Scorn when is the /forest/ LA going to start again? This was good, although I'm left with the feeling of being rickrolled.
File 121038334283.jpg - (36.15KB, 640x480 , spike72.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121038334162.png - (21.88KB, 400x400 , bousou_youmu.png) [iqdb]
Soon, monday is a massive hand in day for me and I have three essays to write and a film to finish editing. Then I have the presentation. Basically this is the first break I've had in quite a while and that's only because it's a friday night. Tomorrow I have to do the rest of the work.



I feel in this case I may hold off on posting the sex scene. Firstly to teach you that sometimes one must accept the bad with the good, secondly because I think it's funny to fuck with you guys.

I've seen the other writers like YAF and HY doing some awesome stuff, so I saw it as a personal challenge.

I reckon that perhaps I'll post the H version sooner or later. I still have momizi pop and Reisen's torture to do.

How about some Momizi Jazz instead?
>>Firstly to teach you that sometimes one must accept the bad with the good,


It's shit like this that makes me realize that I'm not devoid of emotion, I don't know if I should hate you or thank you.
>momizi pop

You.. You just had to ruin it, didn't you? ;_; I want my happy Youmu end, H-scene or not.
Also, post the H Scene where we fuck her hung corpse.
>Reisen's torture to do.
Fuck, this started out awesome.
>I reckon that perhaps I'll post the H version sooner or later. I still have momizi pop and Reisen's torture to do.

It is time to post silence of the Lamps i think.
you assholes. Tails never fails.
Good sir. You have just issued me a challenge. And I do believe I accept.
Now, to decide who to choose...

One of the lolis. Too much focus on the girls with large breasts damnit around here.
You Writefags need to learn how to Good End for fuck's sake. Between this and Kira's nightmare MiG, and the nightmare I'm almost positive School Days will become, it's depressing... First it's awesome Reisen fanservice, and the next thing you know we're bleeding all over and running for our lives.

Good ends are for pussies, it's all about just how far you can go before your guts get scooped out
This. Most of the writefags seem to be trying WAY too hard to out GRIMDARK one another.
Come to think of it YWUiG is probably the most laid-back good-endy story, but You don't see GM around much any more. Finals season, or D&D?
Actually, GA:SD's lined up to be quite light and happy. Anon's been doing a supreme job of avoiding the grim'n'dark half of the world.

Not trying to start a war here or anything, but thats why I stopped reading his stuff. I really wish it stayed even a little consistent instead of some ADHD kid at a computer trying to cram everything that comes to mind in one post.
>>YWUiG is probably the most laid-back good-endy story

Well, while I agree with the laid-back part, I don't think we've gone far enough in to really tell if it will stay with the "good-endy" vibe. Especially if those BAD ENDs GM had written involving Cirno, China, Keine, and Mokou some time ago were any indication. Breaking Cirno's heart and driving her to continually drown herself over and over again? I would hope not even Anon would fuck things up THAT badly, but I know I'm probably wrong.
Hard to stay consistant when the choices that are made tend to be rather schitzo.
SHaG is pretty relaxed, but I sense dark foreboding...
We may make schitzo choices, but part of the blame rests on the one who gives us choices that allow us to be schitzo in the first place.

Face it, Kira. You're an enabler.

Is that so?

It feels like your writing goes along on a path that makes it seem anon's choices are just place holders but the actual story is already written out and if we actually do take it somewhere we just get bad ended in some stupid way.
You just described dating sim.

So then his work is contrived and unoriginal?

you must ALWAYS be given a choice to be schitzo. You can't seriously expect to play on easy mode all the time and get to cruise through you can it? Stop using walkthroughs or just live with it.
Or most visual novels.
I know that the ends require some work, and I'm still planning on retconning that Yuyuko bad end into something better, There are reasons for the bad ends other than to just get a roll back. As I've said before, what's in front of you isn't the whole picture of what's going on. Parts of the story are already written, but your actions with in it do affect it more than you realize. The fact that they seem like placeholders shows how integrated that they can be considered to the story.
I'll say this right now. If things would have gone differently? You'd still be at the shrine. Or hell, You wouldn't have Reimu out to kill your sorry ass. You might have been able to go to SDM. I essentially have vague ideas of where the story's going, and I act from there, giving anon choices to steer it towards where I'm planning, but I also give them options to steer it away.
I was planning, originally, to end it all at the shrine, but then anon picked the choices that drove them away from there. And I went with it. It may not seem like it, but I carefully consider the options.

tl;dr- Whatever. I just typed out a bunch of crap that nobody cares about. Ignore, cocks, etc.
I...I just call them dating sims...
[X] Call out for Tewi
File 121039757381.gif - (13.20KB, 600x400 , no-macro-1197197181581.gif) [iqdb]
And it's been shown, extensively, that the whistle both was used previously to summon the ninja, as well as it being how you called Tewi before. The prison sequence didn't really exist before that, it was simply going to be three tengu ninja show up and kill you, But I decided that I wanted to continue the game. It's also why the game kept going after the bad end with the not-Eirin, as my original plan was for the next bad end to result in going back to the start. I rather like doing this, and it's required some reworks of what I wanted to do with it in order to keep it going.

If you hate it so much just tell me to quit and I'll be done with it. It's not like you need me around any more with the number of writefags that have taken up residence here and in the limited boards.
I'd at least type up a brief synapsis of where I was thinking that the game'd go heading towards the end before I kicked off, at least.
Uh oh.
You. STFU.
>>You can't seriously expect to play on easy mode all the time and get to cruise through you can it? Stop using walkthroughs or just live with it.

I never said anything about wanting things easier, nor would I expect that. However, there's a difference between the difficulty that comes as a natural part of the game, and the artificial difficulty that comes from the players themselves.

I don't mind if we play on LUNATIC MODO. I do, however, mind if you expect me to play while drunk, blindfolded, and operating the controls with my elbows whiling hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Perfectly fine if that's how you want to play, and frankly awesome in a freakish sort of way, but not really my cup of tea. I figure if a game wants to kill me badly enough, I don't need to go and make it any easier for it to do so.
I think the problem most people have with the whole "[X] Call out for Tewi" is in the wording. If it had been "Whistle for Tewi" or even "Call for Tewi" there probably wouldn't have been as much bitching. I've seen the same issue elsewhere in MiG and in some of the other stories where the choices are ambiguous enough that people don't really realize what they're voting for, and when it turns out bad they feel like the writer has purposefully tricked them into choosing the wrong option.
I think the jail sequence was rather convincing, honestly: Anonymous would end-up killing himself long before his enemies would get/take the chance.

Imagine the problem one person who have making good decisions in a visual novel and then expand that to about a dozen such troubled people. That's the part I hate about this VN-thread stuff - I'm stuck to the whim of the masses who act like chickens who've lost their heads after everything is tabulated. Even before we arrived at Moriya, I was trying to head back to the Hakurei Shrine and I still take every chance I'm given to slightly direct the story back that direction somehow.

Meanwhile, Anonymous crawls under shacks in the middle of nowhere and plays with Tengu plumbing ...
Wow, there are people still sore about that?

I voted for crawling under the house, I have no regrets.
And to be fair, likewise, I contributed to our waste of the camera.

I dropped the screw in the tuna.
Nah, I didnt vote for that, just showing how stupid Anon can be sometimes.

Somehow, I think if I spoke out, my IP would end up in the hands of the horde who follows you in IRC.
What the hell is going on here. I like the story how Kira writes it, it gives surprises, and a bit of Action and not the mindless harem get a girl and that is it. You have to think more and choose Options, too bad people are too stupid to choose the right one. If you want to hand out blame, blame it on yourself, not on Kira damnit.
His Story is good, it is just a shame that he can not write a Dialogue between characters.
MiG is not meant for you people, go find something light hearted. Do as a favor and go away and stop crying about how you dont like the choices given.
You i forgot, go away if you dont like it.

Stop cock sucking so hard, it's embarrassing.
You are a total Idiot. If i wanted to do that i would go on IRC and tell him personal.

I bet you do that anyways. Also, did you even read the first few threads of MiG? So then how can you go around talking against the people who wanted something light hearted when it started that way? The only idiot I see going around is you, tough guy.

Hold on. I need to run this all through babelfish before I can take you seriously.
see, this is why 4chan hates tripfags. it's because of shit like this.

hey Kira, I bet if you put that energy into actually writing the story, rather than going on and on about how your story doesn't suck, there is a master plan, etc, there would be less bitching.
also, the cocksucking, the defensiveness, even the threat to quit, all this reminds me of Megatokyo.
My, what drama.

If Kira's lame enough to shut down the story cause a few people don't like it, then let him. Nothing of value will be lost.
And if you don't like GRIMDARK in your story? Don't read it. Nothing of value will be lost.

While we're on the subject of retarded arguments.
Cirno versus Shiki.
Can he kill the concept of nature to kill Cirno?

I remember there being a quote a few threads back, something like, "We only like you when you are writing. Any other time we can't stand you." that fits right now. Kira seems to be a huge dork when not actually doing anything.
I don't know what went wrong here, but at the beginning there were not total Fags and braindead Morons around here.
It is easy guys, Kira explained it to you, but i guess reading things is beyond you. So i am going to make it short

If you don't like things, then leave and don't bitch about it like little children. Or better, make something yourself and see how hard it is.
Cirno win, she is the strongest
True enough, he himself even said it.

>I can't argue so I'm just going to try and insult you all with bad grammar.

Stop, please.

And you as well. If you don't like them bitching, then don't read it.

They raise a good point, even if their own bitching is unwarranted. Playing internet white knight is just going to piss people off.

What are you? The Sakuya tripfag who kept stalking GM and now you eventually moved to MiG?
"Because a writefag that doesn't write..."

*puts on sunglasses*

"...is just a fag."


File 121040287490.gif - (162.62KB, 776x1200 , 1181976469796.gif) [iqdb]

This thread has ended. You may now all go in peace.
Fuck I lol'd.
I don't see what the problem is here. Too many VNs on this board are light and cheery; Kira brought some much-appreciated seriousness to the table, so now people have a choice between the sappy romance and gritty action-suspense genres when they log on to /th/. And frankly, I couldn't be happier with it.
>>MiG is not meant for you people, go find something light hearted. Do as a favor and go away and stop crying about how you dont like the choices given.

I never said anything about not liking the choices given, wise guy, just that I don't care for some of the choices that wind up getting picked. Namely, the ones that wind up serving no other purpose than to screw us over in a non-amusing way. Like when we tried to use the camera on Reimu, failed, and lost it. Or when we tried to use the camera on Alice, failed, and got it taken away by dolls. Or when we tried to use it on Yukari and Kanako, succeeded in getting back the box that shouldn't have been handed over in the first place, and got it GAP'D away to parts unknown.

Frankly, I hope we never get the damn thing back. If the choice came up to use it again, either everyone would forget about all the previous incidents, use it too soon AGAIN, and get it taken away AGAIN, or they'll remember too well and not try to use it until it's too late, where it will, once again, be taken away.

...or we'll completely forget what the hell it's even for, and wind up choking to death when we try to eat it. JUST WATCH, IT WILL HAPPEN.

[ ] Eat camera
[ ] Don't eat camera
Yeah i know, but the ridiculous things they write just made me write a few things.
Just a shame that those people are too stupid. Probably want some Drama or something.

The guy you're arguing with is a faggot.
You are also a faggot.

Cry some more, both of you.
So what of it? It's not like we can't just respawn after the BAD END and pick the right choice the next time around.

Fine, look, you win. It's like talking to a garden hose and the only thing it spews out is horse shit.

If you're the fan base Kira has and wants, then by god, he can keep it and the other stories don't have to suffer through it.
File 121040348369.jpg - (35.75KB, 264x373 , bawwww.jpg) [iqdb]

That's what you get when the argument is completely retarded.
I bet all of the writerfags eat all this shit up. Good attention or bad, it's still attention for them in the end that they would normally never get.

Even better when they can get anon to go nuts by posting things like "It's all going just as planned." "Wait till you see what happens next." "Generic cryptic hint about next post and or something you missed because apparently you made the wrong choice sometime back" and so on.
>>So what of it? It's not like we can't just respawn after the BAD END and pick the right choice the next time around.

It seems to me that the most dire consequences are not the ones that kill you, but the ones that allow you to survive.
File 121040433956.jpg - (17.02KB, 474x263 , 1.jpg) [iqdb]
This is certainly one of Scorn's threads
File 121040436759.jpg - (19.08KB, 474x263 , 2.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121040439281.jpg - (17.29KB, 474x263 , 3.jpg) [iqdb]
Because it ended with alot of shit.
So...yeah, back to the story. For something written up quickly on a whim, it was pretty good. I'd like to see the happy end, but if it's not in the cards I'm not going to cry about it. Also, that damn music, man. Fuck.


I admit, I laughed.
Kira's story is just fine. Not every one of these things has to be about fucking your favorite touhous. He's just rolling with the choices we make and the choices we make are absolutely retarded. Not talking back there to save someone was kind of our crowning achievement in retardation so far, but why does it really matter? There's no reason to get all serious over this shit. If you're frustrated because you don't know what to do, that's because it's impossible to know. The writer doesn't even fucking know half the time, I'm sure. If he (or any writefag) really wanted to fuck us over or change the story he could do it anyway he wanted. If he wanted to restart it, it would be as simple as every choice leading to being eaten by a grue or something. Instead he just goes with what we choose and tries to make it interesting while almost completely winging it.

That said, I'd just like to note that everyone who posted in this thread is a tremendous faggot. Including myself on account of sucking up to a writefag. Though calling someone a faggot on a Touhou image board is something far beyond redundant.
I don't see how defending and/or praising someone amounts to sucking up.

You wouldn't.

Now lets let the thread die or give it back to Scorn, this is stupid.
I'd like to see the happy end too, if only out of sheer curiosity.

Frankly, though, what I'd really like to see is an actual Limited Adventure based along this line. Yuyuko and Youmu need more love, dammit.
Besides that, it would be interesting to see what sorts of BAD ENDS can crop up when you're already dead.

Well, 40 more or so, and it's dead.
Approaching the enemy, there is only one thought in your head.
Starting with a swift kick to the guts, you begin your flurry of attacks.

Posting image macros.
Not even taking a whole hour.
Not even thinking about consequences.
You 'troll' up his thread completely.

He falls to his knees, spasms shaking his body as he cries in despair.
No, rather pathetic.
"So, how was it?"
He raises his head, tears still flowing from his eyes. Utter confusion can be seen on his grimacing face. You can't help but feel very, very satisfied.
"How do you like it? My favourite image board?"

This thread doesn't deserve my words.
Do you understand? This is what it means to sage!

I'll be seeing this thread again. In hell.

Well then, let's sage each other!
File 12104236885.gif - (200.87KB, 384x238 , 120843580741.gif) [iqdb]
Wow, it sure is DRAMATIC around here.

This thread seems to be filled with the kind of person who gets pissed off while playing counter strike, one bad move and you spend the rest of the round calling your team mates idiots and screaming at the monitor.

Promise me you'll never play Dwarf Fortress, I can guarantee you'll hemorrhage something.

Losing is fun guys. I'll be honest with you. I voted to do nothing when we had the chance to speak, in fact I even jumped off the roof that one time way back when. I don't seek out bad ends on purpose, nor do I jump right to the votes. I vote on instinct and gut feeling because I think the first time you play through a VN you should play it as if it were you, tactical choices are for repeat play.

Take it easy.
>I've seen the other writers like YAF and HY doing some awesome stuff, so I saw it as a personal challenge.

This is the last straw! I challenge you to a duel! Ten pages, no h-scenes, no jokes, BAD ENDs only, FINAL DESTINATION!
There's something in my eye.

And Momizi pop better not be horrible scat because she's delicious 10% and deserves only to be loved tenderly.

I thought Momizi pop would have alot to do with her organs flying everywhere. Infact, I'm expecting it.

But, knowing Scorn, he may throw some scat in there too.
it's not scat. it's guro.
You know that dogs don't really like it when you you give them chocolate, right?

Momi-pop involves stuffing her with chocolate cakes and making her go boom. Think of the monty python sketch with the fat guy in the restaurant and replace the wafer-thin mint with hot dickings.
Okay it seems I'm the only one who fully remembers Momizi pop.

Basically, I was test the water trying to see who anon loved the most at the time. It was a dead heat between Momizi who anonko had just raped and Reisen who had just kissed MiG anon.

After a few posts I wondered, what happens when you feed a dog chocolate?

The idea arose that you feed your waifu Momizi some chocolate, it acts at first as an aphrodisiac but then she begins to vomit blood.
And she loves it.
Immensely aroused she continues to fuck you as she dies, until finally during anal she shits out her intestines onto your cock.
>don't really like it
Dogs love chocolate. My dog ate chocolate every day. Just don't give them too much and never feed them dark chocolate.

Reminds me of the first version of LULZ.INFO shock site. You know, the one with a gif of a woman vomiting after giving some guy a blowjob.

Good times.

I have no words, nor image macros to describe how this makes me feel.
you are slowly killing your dog.

I thought we were gonna have her die from exploding hence the phrase momi-pop but shitting innards is fine too.

Wait that was what we were talking about back then. Having her shit out her guts was the previous idea.
>you are slowly killing your dog.
>My dog ate

ate: He is already dead. He died (was euthanized) at the age of 15 a week after our vet poisened his liver with an overdose of pills (3 times recommended amount).

Dogs just metabolize theobromine more slowly than humans, so you have to strictly limit their intake.
/th/ - Dogs/Zoology

Don't forget the despair.
/th/ - Dead Dogs/Zoology
You forgot the Scat.

/th/ - Dead Dogs/Scat
I realized that I can't do it for MiG Reimu or GA:SD Reimu until either one is over, simply because it'd reveal more than I want to at this point.
Indepth psychological deconstruction of Reimu? I would read it, it sounds pretty interesting.
Random fact,
Eating an old dog's liver (around 12 yrs old or so) will kill you due to vitamin A overdose.

So, protip for all looking for immortality - Don't mix up Mokou and Momizi. It could end badly.
☑ Scorn wall of text.
☑ ;_;
☑ Horatio Caine.
☑ Dead dogs.

Excellent it seems we've covered everything. Same time next week guys?

I'll be there.
Next Week hopefully only with
☑ Scorn wall of text.
LA is on right now BTW
Age for awesome end.
That reminds me, when are we getting that Sikieiki story, Scorn?
Fuck that, I want a good Youmu H-scene.
In one of two situations:

1) I get that far down fufilling my list of half empty promises and threats, I think it's either after the Reisen Torture or the good end to this story.

2) I feel sorry for her some time soon and am compelled.

Thing is, I don't know her character that well so it's not something I'm willing to commit to at the moment.

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