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30703 No. 30703
You lean back in the chair. It seems that it’s actually not that uncomfortable. You feel yourself start to drift off slowly, when suddenly there’s a huge noise. The door to the house slams open and there’s a loud thud. You instantly jerk awake and look into the kitchen. Aya’s standing in the doorway, breathing heavily. Lying on the ground in front of her appears to be. . . Eirin!? But wait. . . Something’s off. Aya rushes into the room and slams the door shut behind her. She says something to Momiji who runs out of the kitchen and heads upstairs. Aya waves you into the kitchen, before grabbing Eirin off of the floor and slamming her down on the table. You begin to raise a protest when the prone figure on the table groans in pain before speaking.
“Lord Tenma. . . Will hear of this. . . You damn whore. . .”
You and Tewi both have the same confused look on your face. Aya explains quickly.
“This isn’t Eirin. And from what this. . . thing,” she spit’s the word, “Has told me, They already traded off the real Eirin to Reimu in exchange for her not having Suika tear down the mountain.” Aya grabs the tengu by the collar and slams her into the table again. It’s head lolls to the side. You hope it’s only unconscious.
“But that’s moot at this juncture. Grab your stuff, we have to go now. This thing raised the alarm, and shortly the whole mountain’s going to be coming down on us.”
Momiji re-enters the kitchen, re-dressed in her normal garb carrying someone in her arms. Wriggle trails along behind her, rubbing sleep from her eyes and carrying Rumia. Cirno, who had been sitting in the corner the whole time, watching this unfold quickly rushes over to Wriggle and begins whispering into her ear. You dash into the living room and wrap Reisen up as best as you can in the blanket, then pick her up.
Re-entering the kitchen Aya and Tewi seem to be in the middle of a heated debate.
“That’s stupid you rabbit, going to the shrine would be suicide!”
“Exactly! That’s why it’s the best idea you idiotic crow! The red white’ll never expect it!”
“It’s also the best way to get us murdered. The quickest route there would take us directly over that devil’s mansion!”
“So who said we had to go the quick way?! We could always skirt around the mountains, or maybe hide in the human village. Either way, we need to get Eirin away from that goddamn miko.”
Aya sighs and shakes her head. “I don’t know where we can go at this point, but the shrine is definitely the worst of the ideas for places we can go.”
“Well then! You think of something better!” Tewi crosses her arms and stomps her foot. She’s fuming.
“I know you want to get Eirin back but. . .” Aya notices that you’ve re-entered the kitchen at this point, “Maybe we should have him decide.”
“Fine then. Human, where do you think we should go?”

[ ] Shrine. Short route.
[ ] Shrine. Long Route.
[ ] Human Village.
[ ] Forest of Magic.
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Flee Gensokyo altogether

>> No. 30705
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion

Time to recruit the big guns
>> No. 30707
[ ] Oh no, leave me out of this!

I've had ENOUGH of picking places to go and get tortured! YOU DECIDE!
>> No. 30708
[ ] Shrine. Long Route.

...huh. Flee Gensokyo altogether?
>> No. 30709
Human world end?
>> No. 30710
Leg-jerking choice. The only two beings who can let us out of Gensokyo are on our heels ATM. Well, one is, and the other is probably asleep and ordered Ran on our hells instead.
>> No. 30711
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
Seems like the only place where Reimu doesn't have a DIRECT influence (though I'm tempted to see if anyone at human village seen Mokou).
>> No. 30712
File 121035761645.png - (41.06KB , 308x227 , 120987032363.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 30714
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion
>> No. 30715
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion
Have this story come full circle and end it at the very place it began: Near the lake.
>> No. 30716
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion

Oh ho, why not feed ourselves to the vampire lolis?
>> No. 30717
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion

It's on the way to the shrine, anyway. And, frankly, if they're against us we're not going to last much longer there than we would on Reimu's turf.

Besides that, Patchy's little assist in giving us back our button still has me curious as to why she was at the Moriya Shrine, why she didn't attempt to attack or capture us, nor even so much as tip off the enemy as to our presence there.

If Reimu and company knew we were at the opposing shrine, you would think they would have come there well before Yukari made her appearance.
>> No. 30718
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
fuck yes
>> No. 30719
File 121035777728.jpg - (241.23KB , 800x1065 , 120750445632.jpg ) [iqdb]
With our ruffling powers, we can recruit Flan.
>> No. 30721
[x] Human Village.

We slaughter everyone there, thus making that vengeful shrine maiden's actions ultimately pointless. Then we laugh, and laugh, and laugh....

Just kidding. But it sure as hell would be a crazy fun "PSYCHO END".
>> No. 30722
Isn't Remilia kind of fond of Reimu?
>> No. 30723
Read what Tenma did, and that's why Reimu's not there.
>> No. 30724
[x] [x] [x] No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS
>> No. 30725
Didn't Kira say at one point that the SDM was essentially a death sentence for us?

[X] Shrine. Long Route.
>> No. 30726
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion
It is either do or die now, either they help us or kill us, nothing to lose now anymore. It is time for the FINAL BATTLE!
My Logic is flawless.
>> No. 30727
Ah well, if we manage to get Pachy, Flan Flan or Koakuma on our side it would help, but having Remi against us would limit our choices to Flan only. That is, if we are smart enough to make her an ally.
>> No. 30728
It depends, and we quite frankly have no idea what Kira's take on Remi is like just yet.

For all we know, she might APPEAR to be fond of Reimu, but secretly resents her for the fact that despite being a mere human she still outmatches her.

I think there's a chance that many of Reimu's allies aren't as fond of her as they may seem. It's just a matter of finding that sore spot and pressing it until they decide to turn against her. Like Alice and her dear, departed mother...
>> No. 30729
Even that is against us. What Remilia says goes, so just a simple "Sister doesn't like those people, Flandre" could make us go BOOM! Plus, we're not traveling with the most diplomatic crew ATM (a loudmouth fairy, a crybaby, an annoying journalist, and a mischievous rabbit). It's going to be PHANTASM MODO trying to sway Remi and the SDM as a whole to our side.

...unless she wants revenge against Reimu for stopping her plans...
>> No. 30730
[X] Forest of Magic.

Take down the easiest targets first. Divide an conquer.

Marisa is powerful, but only human. A gun stolen from Kourindou will put her down, or at least cripple her.

Alice had already been showing signs of waffling in her alliance with the Shrine, and the knowledge we have on her past grants us leverage. Her grimoire along with EX-Rumia are the only possible powers available to us that could go toe-to-toe with Suika or Reimu.
>> No. 30731

Having SDM split against us and with us would be incredibly badass, actually.

A nice way to bring this story to it's climax, a big standoff between everyone.
>> No. 30732
Wait a minute...

>>Momiji re-enters the kitchen, re-dressed in her normal garb carrying someone in her arms. Wriggle trails along behind her, rubbing sleep from her eyes and carrying Rumia. Cirno, who had been sitting in the corner the whole time, watching this unfold quickly rushes over to Wriggle and begins whispering into her ear. You dash into the living room and wrap Reisen up as best as you can in the blanket, then pick her up.

>>Wriggle...carrying Rumia.

>>Momiji...carrying someone in her arms
Um...anyone else wondering about who this is?
>> No. 30733
Remi/Sakyua/Patchi/Koakuma vs. Flan/China/us

Some favorable odds we have <_<...
>> No. 30734

>> No. 30735
Fake Eirin?
>> No. 30736
Flandre can see the lines of existence, and tear them apart. We instantly win.
>> No. 30737
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion
>> No. 30738
>> No. 30739

Stop that.

Flandre is more powerful than you think. All she needs to do is think and the rest of them are dead.

It comes down to a standoff between her and Remilia. Fate hacking versus mystic mind of instant annihilation.
>> No. 30740
Only thing we can do is hope that Patchy did heals us is a sign of Remilias uprising against Reimus terror Regime. I know it is a slim chance of hope, but the only thing we have at the moment, only choice is to hide like a rat, but looking at that whole of gensokyo is behind us seems little of hope. We can not forget one thing that Yukari and Kanako are secretly planning something that they would not want to tell us at the shrine. So knowing that she is watching us the whole time, we can assume and hope that if the shit starts to hit the fan, she will help us. Human Village is unreasonable same with Forest of Magic, those are strongholds for the Reimu faction. Going to SDM is more like DEAD ON ARRIVAL then anythign else.
>> No. 30741

Well. So much for that idea, then.
>> No. 30742
Did someone say power levels?
>> No. 30743
>>Fake Eirin?

Already unconscious and on the table at that point.
Whoever Momiji is carrying, it seems to be someone we don't recognize. At the moment, anyway.
>> No. 30744
Flan is not going to turn her sister, guys. Remi's kept her under her foot for 500 years. And if you read her PMiSS entry, she lets out that she's afraid of "spears".
>> No. 30745
Aya and Tewi both look at you like you’re retarded. Which you probably are, suggesting that you go to the SDM.
“You CAN’T be serious, kid.” Tewi’s just staring at you.
“And here I thought YOUR idea was stupid, Tewi. It’s a wonder you’ve managed to keep this one alive as long as you have.” Aya just shakes her head. “Since we’re not going to get a sensible answer out of him we need to go now. We don’t have any more time for nonsense. Momiji, take Reisen. I’m going to have to carry this idiot.”
Momiji grabs Reisen. A short while later, Momiji has Reisen situated on her back with some help from Tewi. She races out the door followed closely by Tewi.
“Cirno, you and wriggle need to try and keep up with me. Momiji and Tewi’ll be running along on the ground, and I’ll need you two to cover me as I’ll be carrying this nitwit.” Aya jerks her thumb in your general direction.
“Let’s go.”
Aya scoops you up in her arms and flies out the door, Cirno and Wriggle follow you out the door and into the sky. The moon illuminates the cloudless evening quite well. Aya curses.
“I was hoping there’d be a storm or some such tonight. So much for that. . .”
Cirno and Wriggle struggle to keep up with Aya’s speed, and you’ve already turned your head away from looking the wind speed is just too much for your face to bear. You wonder, absently why Aya’s helping you. With nothing better to do, you ask her.
“That little spy was supposed to track you down, once you escaped from that prison and report your whereabouts to Lord Tenma, so that he could turn you over to the miko in exchange for sparing the mountain. The idiot. However, that little spy got antsy and jumped the gun. She was supposed to slip out in the night and tell Lord Tenma where you were hiding at. Being part of a group may mean that some times you don’t get your way, but it doesn’t mean that you always have to swallow the stupidity of your leaders. I don’t know. There’s just something about you that I like. It makes me want to make sure nothing happens to you, that, and Lord Tenma is an idiot. Short sighted fool. Sure, handing you over may hold off Reimu for now, but it’s not a permanent fix. Something has gone. . . wrong with her. I can’t explain it. She seems a thousand times worse than usual. Sure she’d rather kill first, and ask questions later, but she’s never just up and erased a faction from the face of the map. That’s probably why Remilia’s helping her. Seeing Eientei wiped off the map is good motivation for any one to start listening seriously to the miko when she’s talking.”
Aya closes her eyes for a moment and shakes her head.
“This whole thing has turned into a huge mess. I really wish I knew what was going through Reimu’s head. I really just don’t understand what’s possessed her all of a sudden. . .” Aya falls silent. She seems to be flying slightly slower now, since Cirno and Wriggle are having an easier time keeping up, and the wind isn’t buffeting your face as much as before. You glance down at the ground, far below, It seems that you’ve long since left Youkai Mountain. You’re still in the mountains that surround Gensokyo, but it’s mostly rocky outcroppings. Something catches your eye on the ground, but you’re not quite sure what it is.

[ ] Ask Aya to check it out.
[ ] Ignore it, It’s probably nothing.
>> No. 30746
[x] Inventory

I want to open the box. I have a bad feeling nothing is in it.
>> No. 30747
[ ] Forest of Magic.

We are still lacking mystia. No (9) team without mystia.

Also, Kira can you please have Hina appear again at some point ?
She just doesn't get enough love, and her fanon is the least solid out of all the MoF characters
>> No. 30748
File 121035919247.png - (19.48KB , 126x254 , keine0.png ) [iqdb]
>>30707 here
Changing to [X] Human Village

Guess, let's think about this for a second. Yes, Remilia and Flandre are some heavy-hitters worth recruiting, but help or victory are NOT guaranteed with them. We need someone who's A) A docile ally willing to help us, B) someone pretty strong in their own rights, C) A full moon.

Gentlemen! We need a re-write, and we know just the person to do it.
>> No. 30749

Marisa's mimi-elemental reactor could be quite useful in the hands of another magic user.
>> No. 30750
[X] Ask Aya to check it out.
[X] Ignore it, It’s probably nothing.

I like both of these options.
>> No. 30751
[X] Ask Aya to check it out.

Wow. I don't believe it. We actually voted for an option so stupid, the game actually vetoed it?
>> No. 30752
Why let us choose where to go if we dont go there....
[X] Ask Aya to check it out.
>> No. 30753
[ ] Ask Aya if she notices anything.

Use your superior youkai senses! ...but damned if I'm going to ask her to do something that'll get us shot down.
>> No. 30754

actually im also going to double vote, for the lulz

[c] Ask Aya to check it out.
[c] Ignore it, It’s probably nothing.
>> No. 30755
The guys on irc were probably against it, and Kira dropped it.
>> No. 30756
>>the game

>> No. 30757
File 12103593113.jpg - (52.01KB , 720x576 , sledgehammer4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Aya to check it out.

Trust me! I know what I'm doing
>> No. 30758
[ ] Ask Aya to check it out.

Might be one of our left behind comrades. Or hina
>> No. 30759
[x] Ask Aya to check it out.
Specifically, ask Momizi to identify it. She can see that far, right? Maybe it's discarded Mokou.
>> No. 30760
[X] Ask Aya to check it out.
>> No. 30761

Oh u. Voting this to annoy Kira.

[ ] Ask Aya to check it out.
[ ] Ignore it, It’s probably nothing.
>> No. 30762
Anon is shizo!
But i am the other half of Anon that is sane, the voice is bad for you, don’t listen to it.
[X] Ask Aya to check it out.
>> No. 30763
Nope. Nobody's said anything on IRC.
>> No. 30764
>Remilia’s helping her
We find this out AFTER making the decision??
>> No. 30765
I mean, know we haven't really had much time to sit and chat what with all of the running for our lives we've been doing lately, but you would think SOMEONE could have clued us in as to just what the hell was going on.

They ask us what we think we should do despite us not being nearly as clued-in as they are, and they look like there's something wrong with US for picking something we didn't have much reason to think was that bad of an idea?
>> No. 30766
[x] Ask Aya to check it out.
How many votes is it again for a decision? In b4 slowpoke.jpg
>> No. 30767
>Wow. I don't believe it. We actually voted for an option so stupid, the game actually vetoed it?

If this were a message board, I'd sig that.
>> No. 30768
We should have gone to the Forest of Magic and KIDNAP Marisa or Alice, we are in the Majority and could have traded them for Eirin or something else.
>> No. 30769
They expected us to tie-break between Tewi's and Aya's choices. Not pick some other choice which, as it so happens, they consider entirely stupid.
>> No. 30770
But imageboards do have signatures. I've already got it set as mine.

"Wow. I don't believe it. We actually voted for an option so stupid, the game actually vetoed it?" - Anonymous, /th/
>> No. 30771
[X] Ask Aya to check it out.
>> No. 30772
wait where did you find the sginature entry line?
>> No. 30773
I still think that the final enemie and true Mastermind will be Kaguya, she has this all planned out to take over Gensokyo.
>> No. 30774

Kidnapped Marisa = bargaining chip with Alice.
>> No. 30775
Except for the fact that we'd probably get raped badly. I mean after all, I'm sure I'm not the only one that is a bit scared to find out if Marisa's penis IS indeed larger than ours or not.
>> No. 30776
It's still their fault for expecting us to pick between two choices with little information to help us determine which might be the better one.

Like WHY going over the mansion would be so very, very bad for us.
>> No. 30777
Go to Manage at the top right. That's how you can change all your imageboard settings, including signature, default name, avatar, etc.

"Wow. I don't believe it. We actually voted for an option so stupid, the game actually vetoed it?" - Anonymous, /th/
>> No. 30778
I say we take Rumia's ribbon off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
>> No. 30779
>> No. 30781

Wait. What? Manage just asks me to log in.
>> No. 30782
No Option that Kira has given us was every useless, maybe choosing this has already done its purpose and helped us out in the background, you all seemed to forget about the scene of someone talking about us ages ago.
>> No. 30783
[x] Go to Human Village --> [x] Remove Rumia's ribbon --> [x] ????? --> [x] Profit!!
>> No. 30784
>> No. 30786

oh u

"She was a fragile thing, sliced apart by the blades of summer."
>> No. 30787
>No Option that Kira has given us was every useless
Yeah, that metal pipe under the house was pretty fucking important.
>> No. 30788
Wow, this really works, thanks

"Wow. I don't believe it. We actually voted for an option so stupid, the game actually vetoed it?" - Anonymous, /th/
>> No. 30789
Later, we found out and were amazed there was indoor plumbing in Gensokyo.
>> No. 30791
The use of it was so that he can laugh his ass off at our stupidity. And also to yell just as planned.
>> No. 30792
Copying my signature is just going to cause confusion, you know.

"Wow. I don't believe it. We actually voted for an option so stupid, the game actually vetoed it?" - Anonymous, /th/
>> No. 30793

Marisa is weaksauce compared to the combined assault of Aya, Reisen, Tewi, Momizi, and our 9s.
>> No. 30796

Don't forget all the useless shit in our inventory.
>> No. 30798
...such as?
>> No. 30800
Happy Cirno de Mayo, Anon.

Apparently the board supports a header in addition to a signature, so you can have a lovely set up like mine.

"Wow. I don't believe it. We actually voted for an option so stupid, the game actually vetoed it?" - Anonymous, /th/
>> No. 30801
Neet in box, throw it away, fucking useless.
>> No. 30802
I want to ban you so you'll never vote again, it's probably your fault we lost Sanae

"You gently pick up her head, and pet her hair, quietly telling her to take it easy."
>> No. 30804
>There’s just something about you that I like. It makes me want to make sure nothing happens to you, that, and Lord Tenma is an idiot.
MIG Anon is MOE~
>> No. 30805

Magically disappearing film. Piece of bamboo. Fluff. Not to mention the McGuffin box.
>> No. 30806

ITT underage B&
>> No. 30811
>Not to mention the color-changing McGuffin box.

>> No. 30812
the fluff actually had a use though.
>> No. 30813
The Fluff is like the Googles.
>> No. 30815

The same use as attempting any other distraction option, like attacking.
>> No. 30816
Is a quick resume of MiG even possible? I'm getting lost in the archives.
>> No. 30818
You point down at the object on the ground. Aya looks down.
“A house? here? I’ve never been out this way, but I don’t know of anyone who might be living out here. . . We should be far enough away from the tengu and the kappa that it shouldn’t be any of them but. . .”
Aya seems to be unsure of what do to.

[ ] Ignore the house.
[ ] Check it out.
>> No. 30819
[x] Check it out.
Why the hell not? It's not like we can get screwed even furthr, right?
>> No. 30820
[X] Check it out.
Nothing can go wrong here.
>> No. 30821
[x] Check it out.

>> No. 30822
[X] Check it out.
Why not make a short rest and see what is down there before the FINAL BATTEL.
>> No. 30823
[X] Check it out.

Redundant choices much? Any choice where it's "do something with unknown result" or "not do something with unknown result" shouldn't even require a vote.
>> No. 30824
[x] Check it out.

Hina GET?
>> No. 30825
heh. . .
>> No. 30827
[ ] Check it out.
>> No. 30828
[X] Check it out.

Fuck it. Our curiosity obviously hasn't done enough to fuck us over just yet.
>> No. 30829
[x] Check it out.
Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out
What-wha-what-what-what's it all about
Work-wa-work-work-work-wa-work it out
Let's turn this motherfuckin' party out
>> No. 30830
[X] Check it out.

Prismriver Mansion?

Yuka's House?
>> No. 30831
Well shit, time for some DESPAIR. We still enough party members, one or two less will make us learn to NEVER check things out again.
>> No. 30832
Oh fuck, it's Hina's house.

[x] Ignore the house.
>> No. 30836
Goddamn it, Kira. I can't tell when you're laughing at us screwing ourselves over, or making us think we're screwing ourselves over so we pick the option that really WILL screw us over anymore.
>> No. 30838
>Oh fuck yes, it's Hina's house.

[x] Check it out
>> No. 30840
File 121036216871.jpg - (127.04KB , 512x700 , 120893059145.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck yeah Hina
>> No. 30841
File 121036217135.jpg - (202.67KB , 761x759 , 8ec06e8bea8d907a65febb256c3c04e2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>We are still lacking mystia. No (9) team without mystia.

<Kapow> if we do another playthrough we are definitely finding mystia
<Jerl> Fuck yes
<Kapow> she was probably in the fucking forest when we ran into reimu
<Kapow> if we had just run away then
<Jerl> She was in the forest the first time we got separated from Cirno and Rumia.
<@Dark_Mercury> You had no less than 5 chances to meet mystia,
<@Dark_Mercury> And 3 for chen.
<Jerl> But we did meet chen.
<@Dark_Mercury> You met chen, but not in a recruitable fashion.
<Kapow> how long ago were the chances
<@Dark_Mercury> Way back.
<NEff> Chen should have been sitting under that house we crawled under. It's the cat thing to do.
<@Dark_Mercury> Too late to recruit them now.
<Kapow> if we do another playthrough let's try to be a little less fucking retarded, and actually find mystia
<@Dark_Mercury> Mystia's already become a certain someone's dinner.
<Kapow> nooooo
<NEff> ?_?
<Kapow> bad end
<NEff> Does that mean Yuyuko's out on the prowl? Maybe we'll get some much needed backup....
<Kapow> fucking reimu ate her
>> No. 30843
>>>Oh fuck yes, it's Hina's house.

>> No. 30844
[X] Check it out
>> No. 30845
>> No. 30846
Aya shrugs and swoops down to the house. Cirno and Wriggle following closely behind. When the four of you land you take a quick look around. There’s a little clearing here, it’s relatively flat, and there’s little here but the house, and the flat ground you’re standing on. Well . . . House may be a bit much. It’s more of a shack, really. The party climbs the stairs up to the door and slides it open. It’s dark inside, but you can see the entire inside from the doorway. Stepping inside, a light overhead sparks to life, revealing a bizarre room. Well, Bizarre for Gensokyo. You could probably find either a replica or something similar to this room in any Japanese Otaku’s room. There’s shelves and shelves of figures, mostly of touhou characters, along the far wall. There’s a computer in the corner nearest you, and a futon laid out on the floor in the middle of the room. It seems that it was abandoned in haste, as it‘s still warm to the touch.. The computer in the corner is off, but something in the corner there is humming. Aya follows you in and turns up her nose.
“Ugh. . . It smells in here. . . Wait, where is this? This is one bizarre looking place.”
Cirno, Wriggle and Rumia are all still outside the room. This place is just too strange, and makes you feel ill at ease.

[ ] Leave now.
[ ] Search the room.
[ ] Shout.
>> No. 30847
What about Ran, could we have recruited her? You need to write some sort of Flowchart somewhen.
>> No. 30848
File 121036243973.jpg - (655.70KB , 1600x1200 , 1201340224821.jpg ) [iqdb]
What happened to those happy days when we were preparing lunch with the Aki sisters...

>> No. 30849
So, are we still on the Reisen route?
>> No. 30850
[x] Search the room.
Failing that set Kaguya free.
>> No. 30851
[X] Check underneath the house.
>> No. 30852
[X] Search the room.
>> No. 30853
[x] log onto /b/, ask for advice, do as they say for the lulz

[x] Search the room.
>> No. 30854
[ ] Search the room.
I've no idea whose room this could possibly be.
>> No. 30855
[X] Search the room.

is the Boundary Field weakening?
>> No. 30856
[x] Turn on the computer.
>> No. 30857

>> No. 30858
[x] Turn on the computer.
[x] log onto /b/, ask for advice.
>> No. 30859
If it were ZUN's room there'd be a rather distinctive smell of booze and we'd be able to tell from a mile away.
>> No. 30860
[x] Turn on the computer.
[x] log onto /b/, ask for advice.

What could go wrong?
>> No. 30861
[X] Leave now.
[X] Leave now.

>> No. 30862
[x] Genuflect
[x] Pray for a Good End
>> No. 30863
Well /b/ would ignore us, they'd probably say something along the lines of "GTFO WEEABOO". And then proceed to talk about their girlfriends and repost the same fucking shock pictures over and over.
>> No. 30864
[X] Leave now
>> No. 30865
[X] Search the room.

Hilarity ensues.
>> No. 30866
[x] Leave now.
>> No. 30867
[ ] Search the room.

Take the figures. We can have them in this game, since we'll never have them in reality.
>> No. 30868
[x] Search the room.
>> No. 30869
Don't forget barrel rolls and stick it in her pooper
>> No. 30870
[ ] Leave now

It's a trap people, anon is regaining consciousness and returning to reality. Get the fuck out of this house.
>> No. 30871
Why would such a place be here?
Filled with things that only we would recognize as being from the outside?

It is almost as if someone knew where we were from. It is almost as if that someone brought these things here for a reason.

...whoever could that be, I wonder? I wonder?
>> No. 30872
[ ] Search the room.

>> No. 30873
The Miko's probably mad at us because she found this house.

Shit must have crossed the border along with us. In fact, there might be other Anons in Gensokyo as we speak, blame the LHC, etc.
>> No. 30874
[x] Search the room.

are there any other NEETs other then kaguya ?
>> No. 30875
File 121036322987.gif - (11.96KB , 288x264 , phptf_1.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Turn on the computer.
[x] log onto /th/, ask for advice.
>> No. 30876
[x] Search the room.
If this is ZUN's room he must have some godly items for the taking, at least godly in Gensokyo.
>> No. 30877

Other anons in gensenkyo ?

that actually sounds like something kira would do
>> No. 30878
WUiG Anon
>> No. 30879

>> No. 30880
>>What happened to those happy days when we were preparing lunch with the Aki sisters...

What happened to those happy days when we were tripping fucking balls and being told jokes by a talking banana?
>> No. 30881
>> No. 30882
[x] Search the room.
I know this is a little late but why didnt we go to Garden of the Sun and try recruit Yuka?
>> No. 30883
[x] Leave now.
>> No. 30885
-Reisen, Reisen!
-What is it, Tewi?
-Sanae's dead!
>> No. 30886
Psh. We can take that pussy no problem.
He takes forever to do anything, and all we have to do is convince him he hurt someone's feelings again and he'll probably go kill himself for us.

Failing that, we push his ass into the nearest body of water.
>> No. 30889
What happens if it's /shrine/ anon then?
>> No. 30891

Then we're pretty much dead.
>> No. 30893
Anon civil war in Gensokyo, FUCK YES
>> No. 30894
[x] It's a tarp, leave now.
>> No. 30895
Bend over and kiss our ass goodbye.
>> No. 30897
Convince him to join us as we're going to a place where there's alot of chairs?
>> No. 30898
Should have gone to SDM. Anonymous Belmont would have helped you.
>> No. 30901
That would explain why Reimu is acting so weird. She is being manipulated by Nanayamous into killing us because we are an Irregularity. If facing him alone, we are fucked anyway.
>> No. 30902
Ok, which one of you guys dividet by zero?

>> No. 30903
You could probably find either a replica or something similar to this room in any Japanese Otaku’s room. There’s shelves and shelves of figures, mostly of touhou characters, along the far wall. There’s a computer in the corner >nearest you, and a futon laid out on the floor in the middle of the room. It seems that it was abandoned in haste, as it‘s still warm to the touch..


>The computer in the corner is off, but something in the corner there is humming.

>> No. 30904
You and Aya give the room a quick once over, but find nothing out of the ordinary. Well, out of the ordinary for you. There’s just the figures, the computer and the futon in the room. There’s also an attached bathroom, but there’s nobody in there, and nothing in there besides the toilet and a small shower. You attempt to turn on the computer but find that it’s unplugged. There’s no wall outlets, which then suddenly strikes you as very odd that the light in the room would be working then. You didn’t see any power lines or anything that looked like a generator outside, so you have no idea how this place could have power. . .
No sooner do you finish that thought than the light goes out. Aya screams and clings to you.
“Th-There’s something in here. . .”
Out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glint of something. Looking towards it, the door slams shut. You can hear Cirno and Wriggle shout in surprise at the sudden door closing.

It’s suddenly very, very quiet.

You can’t hear the pounding from Cirno and Wriggle that you heard a moment ago, nor anything that Aya was saying. You can still feel Aya clinging to you, but. . . Things seem to be getting a little hazy.

“Oh? And what, prey tell, are you doing in my house. . .?”

[ ] Flee.
[ ] Attack where the voice is coming from.
[ ] Cry.
[ ] Do nothing.
>> No. 30906

fuck i lol'd
>> No. 30907
No he wouldn't. He's too busy getting handjobs and trying to bang the sisters while keeping at bay a succubus who wants to either eat him, screw him, or both.

Then again, even that would help. Anything that keeps the SDM crew distracted is one less enemy to worry about.
>> No. 30909
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.

>> No. 30910
[ ] Do nothing.
>> No. 30912
[x] Attack where the voice is coming from.

This voice is clearly the source of all evil. It must die.
>> No. 30913

Do it faggot
>> No. 30914
[x] Do nothing.
>> No. 30916
[X] Rape Aya
>> No. 30917
Oh fuck...is this Yukari's place?
>> No. 30918
First of all
[ ] Cry.
[ ] Do nothing.
>> No. 30919
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.

This our biggest skill, even if we're not that great with it.
>> No. 30920
File 121036421761.jpg - (90.97KB , 500x300 , 1208930775858.jpg ) [iqdb]
>the light goes out.
>“Th-There’s something in here. . .”

>> No. 30922
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.

Yes. This seems much, much better than other choices.
>> No. 30923
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.

this would be nice
>> No. 30924
>Aya screams and clings to you.
>clings to you

Why is it that everytime we are about to get some sort of a bodily contact with a girl we are about to probably die?
>> No. 30925
[x] Do nothing.
Told you it was a fucking trap.
>> No. 30926

Pray it's Yuka? Are you fucking stupid?
>> No. 30927
>Well, if you ask me? Avoid the stairs. They're gonna be bad news. Also? Flowers. They're nice. But not the kind you're thinking of. Also, You may want to watch out behind you. You really suck at searching.

It is Yuka, we are fucked!
>> No. 30928
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.
>> No. 30929
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.

We're at nowhere near something resembling combat strength so might as well do what we do best... Initiate dialogue and then genuflect if it doesn't work
>> No. 30930
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.
>> No. 30931
[x] Look behind you
[x] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice, try to buy enough time.
>> No. 30932
[x] Do nothing.
>> No. 30933
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.
>> No. 30934
>> No. 30935
>“Oh? And what, prey tell, are you doing in my house. . .?”
Just answer the fucking question, we were wondering who lives all the way out here.

[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.
>> No. 30936
>No sooner do you finish that thought than the light goes out.
>> No. 30937
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.

We're trapped.
We're blind.
Clearly fleeing isn't likely to do much, nor is attacking (with WHAT, anyway?). And crying? We're retarded, not pussies.

The voice wants to know why we're in their house, we should attempt to explain ourselves.
>> No. 30938
>> No. 30939
[X] Attempt to initiate a dialogue with the voice.

Write-in vote GO!
>> No. 30940

That's exactly what I thought
>> No. 30941
I was the guy that voted WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.

after voting I noticed that I had a new window open, and I don't remember opening it by myself.

Guess what was in there. A motherfucking gif of Simon standing in there, his jacked flapping in the wind. Brix were shat
>> No. 30943

post gif or gtfo
>> No. 30945

That gif. must have opened it at some point.
>> No. 30946

This gif.
>> No. 30948
>> No. 30950

>> No. 30951
[X] Cry.
>> No. 30952

No matter who it is, we're fucked if we can't get on their good side... We either die, or we lose Aya which would suck just as much
>> No. 30953
Remind me never to let Kira be the DM.
>> No. 30959
A stuttered reply escapes your lips, something about wondering who lived here. You think you also threw in a ‘please don’t kill me’ but you can’t quite remember. It’s dark now, much darker than it was before, and the wind is blowing. Wait, the wind is blowing? It’s blowing quite strongly. You force your eyes open and see Cirno and Wriggle following you closely behind, but wait, what just happened? Aya’s carrying you, but this time it’s more like she’s pulling you along as she has you gripped under the arms instead of carrying you. She seems to be in a great hurry, which is why Cirno and Wriggle are struggling to keep up. You can’t even speak the wind is pressing down too hard.
After what feels like an eternity, Aya finally starts slowing down, and you can breath properly again. Coughing a bit, you ask her what in the hell just happened.
“I-I don’t know what that was, but whatever it was, I wasn’t sticking around to find out. I pulled you along with me and fled. I may have ah. . . accidentally used you to break the window on the way out. . . but we seem to have gotten away from whatever that was.” Aya looks around now. “We also seem to have lost Momiji and Tewi. . . They should hopefully be alright on their own. . .”
Aya suddenly seems to be getting drowsy.
“Uhh… What’s. . . Happ. . .”
She begins slowly gliding towards the ground, then all out starts falling. SHIT.
The two of you tumble for a bit before something snags you. It seems that Cirno caught you. She seems to be straining under the weight of you and Aya, whom you just realized you grabbed onto with out thinking when Cirno caught you. The three of you float down towards the ground eventually coming to rest in the middle of a large field of flowers. They appear to be lily of the valley. The wind here, while it isn’t strong, is fairly constant. Wriggle comes down along behind Cirno, and lands on the ground near you.
“What just happened back there? Aya just covered half of Gensokyo and all but pulled us along with her!”
You shrug and tell Wriggle that you have no idea what just happened. Aya seems to be out like a light. Going that fast for that long must have taken quite the strain on her. You’re not sure where you’re at, and it’s still night. Maybe you should rest here for the evening, as you doubt anyone would expect you to be halfway across Gensokyo at this point.

[ ] Rest.
[ ] Sleep.
[ ] Keep moving.
>> No. 30962
[ ] Keep moving.
Need to cover more ground faster, the place is not safe.
>> No. 30963
[x] Rape Aya
>> No. 30964
[ ] Rest for a while and resume moving.
>> No. 30965
[x] Rest.
>> No. 30966
[X] check out the immediate surroundings.
I get the feeling that this will end up in POISON END and Medicine is somehow involved.
>> No. 30969
[X] Keep moving.
>> No. 30970
[ ] Rest.
Let Aya recharge her cooldowns.
>> No. 30971
[ ] Keep moving.

>> No. 30972
[ ] Keep moving.

We need to find a safe spot to sleep, which is definately not where we are right now
>> No. 30974
[X] Keep moving.
Best to move, we can not defend ourself if we are wide open for enemies to attack.
>> No. 30975
[X] Rest.

For the love of GOD Anon, do NOT fuck up here.

Don't pick the flowers.
Don't step on the flowers.
Don't so much as SNEEZE on the fucking flowers.
If you so much as DREAM about doing any harm to the flowers, you had better wake up and apologize.
>> No. 30976
[X] Keep moving.

>They appear to be lily of the valley.

Medicine. I'm guessing she's still pissed, and scattered some sleep-inducing poison. We might want to clear out of here pretty quick.
>> No. 30977
[x] Keep moving.
I don't want to be broken in half. Do you, Anon?
>> No. 30978
I hope you aren't writing so randomly, now I really want to know what the fuck is going on.
>> No. 30979
[x] Keep moving.

...probably not the best place to rest.
>> No. 30982
Where is Reisen?
>> No. 30983
Medicine's special on PoFV slows you down, Aya has been slowed down. You should be able to solve this.
>> No. 30984
[X] Keep moving.

>The three of you float down towards the ground eventually coming to rest in the middle of a large field of flowers. They appear to be lily of the valley.

Yuka or Medicine nearby, this is a real minefield and Aya is out cold.
>> No. 30985
Lilies? Reminds me of Valkyrie Profile.
>> No. 30986
[X] Rest.

For the love of GOD don't fuck with the flowers.
>> No. 30987
File 121036580225.jpg - (327.69KB , 600x800 , b028f5e47dd706b3598b91f3a3e18f97.jpg ) [iqdb]
We can't leave yet!

>> No. 30988
>lily of the valley

Think we can get another shot of Medicine?
>> No. 30990
Nope. The house scene has now been seemingly rendered pointless through the victory of the writin, but there was more stuff that could have happened there. Guess we'll never know then.
>> No. 30992
Sometimes i really hate you.
>> No. 30994

We're surrounded by lily of the valley, not by sunflowers. This is Medicine, and we already pissed her off before. Yuuka maybe we could cut a deal with, but that's pretty doubtful with little miss dolly.
>> No. 30995
Not even a HINT?

>> No. 30998
The poppies made her sleep.
>> No. 31005
[x] Keep moving.
>> No. 31011
We left Reisen on Momizi's back. In the house. Didn't we?
>> No. 31012
No, this isn’t a good place to rest or sleep. Aren’t lily of the valley poisonous anyways? With a little help from Cirno, you manage to get the unconscious Aya up onto your back, and the five of you set out across the field. Suddenly, Cirno seems to realize something.
“OH YEAH! THIS PLACE! I remember this place! There was the flower thingie! It happens all the time, and like, there’s a lot of flowers! And there’s some girl who lives here! She has a doll or something. I don’t know. . .” Cirno seems to be concentrating hard on remembering something. You tell her that your little group needs to be quiet, otherwise you could attract unwanted attention.
. . . If you weren’t carrying Aya right now, you’d face palm. However, you don’t really get that chance. Turning back from Cirno, there’s a girl standing in your path. She has short blonde wavy hair, tied up with a bow. In the moonlight, her dress seems to be blood red, her eyes flashing silver in the moonlight. There’s a small doll floating nearby her. She seems to be standing there, staring up at the moon, not moving. You think you’ve seen her somewhere before, but you’re not certain. You stop moving, as does Cirno and Wriggle. The five of you stand there staring at this strange, motionless girl.

[ ] Keep moving, go past the girl.
[ ] Greet the girl.
[ ] Go back the way you came.
>> No. 31014
>>We left Reisen on Momizi's back. In the house. Didn't we?

>>“We also seem to have lost Momiji and Tewi... They should hopefully be alright on their own...

We lost our precious moon bunny AND the one person who has done more to keep us alive and everyone from hating our guts again.

>> No. 31016
[x] Keep moving, go past the girl.
>> No. 31017
[x] Greet the girl.
Well, we're boned.
>> No. 31018
[ ] Keep moving, go past the girl.
>> No. 31019
haha, from bad to worse, to fucking hell are you serious.
[X] Greet the girl.
>> No. 31020
[ ] Keep moving, go past the girl.

It's like getting Yuffie in 7, ignore her and she'll join.
>> No. 31021
[X] Greet the girl.
first greet, then ruffle her hair.
>> No. 31022
[ ] Greet the girl.

We have nothing to lose, and questions to ask.
>> No. 31023
[X] Greet the girl
>> No. 31024
[X] Keep moving, go past the girl.
>> No. 31025
[X] Keep moving, go past the girl.

Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.
>> No. 31027
[ ] Greet the girl.
>> No. 31028
[X] Greet the girl.
>> No. 31030
[x] Keep moving, go past the girl.
>> No. 31031
[ ] Keep moving, go past the girl.
>> No. 31032
>> No. 31033
[x] Greet the girl.
>> No. 31034
[ ] Greet the girl.

Hello, Medicine. Still mad about last time?
>> No. 31036
Didn't Kira warn us about flowers just a short while ago? And how we should be avoiding them?
>> No. 31037
File 12103671109.png - (295.25KB , 1097x1600 , i_love_su-san_07.png ) [iqdb]
Medicine isn't too bad, it's Su-san we have to be scared of.
>> No. 31038
[X] Greet the girl.

Well we are pretty much the enemy of fucking everyone at this point, maybe she'll like us now.
>> No. 31039
[X] Greet the person...er, girl.

I am having deja-vu in more ways than one...
>> No. 31040
> Also? Flowers. They're nice. But not the kind you're thinking of.
>> No. 31041
it’s useless anyway, even if we go past her, she will notice us and will talk to us, so why not just go say hello nicely and try to talk her out of killing us, she is young and doesn't know much about the world.
>> No. 31042
[x] Keep moving, go past the girl.
>> No. 31044
Akyu indicates that you should be able to solve this.
>> No. 31045
[X] Greet the girl.
>> No. 31046
>>Akyu indicates that you should be able to solve this.

We should have been able to solve lots of things.
>> No. 31047
>>>> Also? Flowers. They're nice. But not the kind you're thinking of.

So, NOT the "plant that grows out of the ground" kind?

You lost me.
>> No. 31048
Well, let's just die a glorious death, go back some choices and hook up with our bunny girlfriend.
(Did Sanae die, by the way?)
>> No. 31049
[X] Greet the girl.
>> No. 31050
We fucked up (again) back then and Kanako came back and took her Miko and Suwako back.
>> No. 31051
REIMU ALREADY HAS OUR BUNNY. Only thing left for us is DESPAIR and a slow death.
>> No. 31052
Alright guys, greet won, we'll continue on monday. I have to go to work now.
see you guys tomorrow for GA:SD
>> No. 31054
But not before we get one last communication from her, clearly in agony and near death, as she tells us she doesn't blame us for what happened, she believes in us, and is cut off just before she can finish saying she loves us.
>> No. 31055
Fuck! Oh well, until monday.
>> No. 31057
Well, we didn't lose Reisen (that is, not before we randomly fucked up out of the otaku basement). IF WE DIE, WE CAN GET HER BACK.

But is Anon ready to die for the sake of his loved ones?
No. He doesn't give a shit.
>> No. 31058
[ ] Greet the girl.

Might also ask if she gassed Reimu when she attacked us
>> No. 31060
>But is Anon ready to die for the sake of his loved ones?

I would let Kira BAD END us to save our party but only if there was no other way.
>> No. 31062
What happened to the Button?

[x] Button
>> No. 31063

Not going to happen, it's too easy. Kira prefers to make our bad decisions drag out rather than provide instant bad end. I doubt our life is at risk in this encounter.
>> No. 31064
Well we got a bunny hot for us, but are we actually hot for the bunny?
>> No. 31065

don't ask blatantly stupid questions
>> No. 31066
File 121036836966.jpg - (165.64KB , 840x1200 , 1206459017108.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am.
>> No. 31067
She's fifty motherfucking years. She could be a grandma.
>> No. 31069
I'd eat Reisen's popsicle if you know what I mean.
>> No. 31070
Hottest Grandma ever
>> No. 31071
>fifty motherfucking years

You asshole ;~;
>> No. 31073
File 121036894022.jpg - (135.45KB , 444x719 , 1207967465603.jpg ) [iqdb]
I like my woman older.
And by older I mean 4950 years older.
>> No. 31074
>She's fifty motherfucking years. She could be a grandma.


>> No. 31075
Newfag here. Can I get a link to the 50 years shit?
>> No. 31077
Not enough Yukari in all of Anon’s Stories. She needs her own furry adventure.
>> No. 31078

>> No. 31080
I'd post it, but its fucking long.
>> No. 31085
I'd post the link, but TouhouWiki is down.
>> No. 31086



The last story on the page.
>> No. 31089

You've got quite the high horse now.
>> No. 31090

He might even think he's the cock of the walk.
>> No. 31091
saging an autosage thread to point out stupidity of others.
>> No. 31093

Sage is normally used to show resentment toward another user.
>> No. 31095
File 121037177051.jpg - (31.67KB , 128x256 , Th09reisen_manual.jpg ) [iqdb]
Name: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Species: Moon rabbit
Age: Unknown, at least 38 years old
Occupation: Kaguya's pet
>> No. 31096

I'll never understood how this law went into affect.

Last I remember it was used to shit in a thread that was shit, or went to shit. Even if that wasn't really what it did.
>> No. 31124

lol semantic drift
>> No. 31217
So we've most likely missed out on something interesting in the mysterious shack, and in the process have now been separated from Tewi, Reisen, and Momiji.
Now we're BACK at the place where we first pissed off Reimu, about to greet the crazy little dollie who tried to kill us the last time we tried to talk to her, the thing we used to defend ourselves from her before is gone, the strongest member of our party is out like a light, and our only backup is the nine-ball trio.

Mind, this is already after we screwed the pooch and lost our healers, our techie, our immortal, have almost the entire Youkai Mountain in pursuit of us, and have even more unanswered questions than when we left the NEET and Eirin to their fates back at Eientei.

We are as doomed as doomed can be.
>> No. 31220

I believe in the nine-ball trio.
>> No. 31221
This isn't shounen or shoujo! It doesn't work that way!
>> No. 31222
Well, maybe not THAT way, but they might have point.
Last time Medicine tried to kill us because
>>"I don't like humans. Much less, humans who show up suddenly, and are noisy."

...of course, breaking her from her staring at the moon won't help us much. But, the fact that we're in the company of four definite non-humans might make her less inclined to turn hostile right away. If we play our cards right, we might even get her as an ally.

She is firmly anti-human. Our main enemy is not only human herself, but is firmly anti-youkai. With a little persuasion, she might be able to be swayed to our cause. As to how much good that would do us, however, I don't really know...

Frankly, I'd much rather try to get Yuka on our side, but even if that were an option, I can't see us pulling it off.
>> No. 31277
You didn't run into Medicine on Namless hill before.
>> No. 31288
Eh. You've been to one Gensokyo flower field inhabited by something that probably wants to kill you, you've seen them all.
>> No. 31421
Wait... Yuka's an otaku?