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30371 No. 30371
Turns out it wasn't votespam. Huh. Who woulda thunk. Anyways,So the last set of choices coming up. Also, the entire last choice, just to refresh people's memories. You lost the shrine crew, Suwako and Sanae. Kanako also seems to be upset at you. Shikieiki offered her help to you but were unable to accept. Momiji has returned from the hunt for Red Octob-. . . I mean Eirin, while Aya is aparently still tracking the person. It's just you, The bits of the 9 squad you've managed to assemble, the waskily wabbits, and Little miss taking a bath.

Inventory: Box 1ea, Card 4ea, Empty Bottle 1ea, Talisman 1ea, Hourai Doll 1ea, Button 1ea, Clothing (equipped) 1ea, stone 1ea.
This is it. You have to call out, NOW. You try to speak but find yourself unable to do so, You continue trying to force yourself to try and call out. “W-” Is all you’re able to manage with what little time you had left, but it seems that it was not enough. The girl has already gone, and time’s flow seems to have resumed. FUCK. Well, it would seem that another route just closed itself off. You might have been able to get more out if you had started trying to speak earlier, but you can’t worry about that now, Sanae seems to be on the verge of death now, and Suwako seems to have fallen back down, onto the ground, horrifically weak. She sighs. However, the mist around Sanae seems to be coalescing around the wound. You have no idea if Suwako’s ‘miracle’ will make it in time, or if Sanae will die first.
The rumbling starts again, threatening to shake everything apart. However, this time it’s different. it seems to be coming from outside. Through the open window a huge gust of wind blows into the room, scattering things about, but not disturbing Sanae’s body.
“So. This is where you’ve been hiding, eh Suwako?”
Oh shit, It’s Kanako. She strides over to Sanae and kneels down next to her. She glares at you before pressing her hand over Sanae’s wound.
“So, this is how you protect my Priestess.” You see a forked tongue snake out of her mouth before being pulled back in. You shudder involuntarily. Kanako scoops up Sanae and vanishes with her. Suwako looks at you sadly before vanishing as well. Shit.
Cirno, stumbles into the room bleary eyed, Wriggle following behind, carrying Rumia.
“Whuz jus happn?” Cirno says drowsily, looking around the disheveled room.
You tell her that it was nothing and that she should just go back to sleep.
“hozky” And with that Cirno lays down on the floor and curls up in a ball. Rumia already seems like she was asleep in the first place, but Wriggle looks unconvinced by your placating of Cirno.
“Where are Suwako and Sanae.” Wriggle asks you point blank.
You turn your head away and don’t reply. Wriggle starts to get upset, but then sighs. You look back at her in time to see her shake her head and walk out of the room. Tewi gives you a pained look before butting in.
“We really should move Reisen somewhere else. . .”
You pick up Reisen and carry her into the other room. You put her on the unoccupied couch and cover her up with a blanket.
About this time, Momiji comes back into the house, complaining loudly about how Aya kept chasing that person and how even She couldn’t keep up with Aya. Momiji throws her sword and shield down on the table before looking over at you and Tewi. She looks around and sees Cirno sleeping in the doorway to the other room.
“Wait. . . Where’s Sanae and Suwako?”
You tell Momiji what happened. She doesn’t exactly look shocked. “Eh, I couldn’t imagine her letting anything seriously life threatening happen to her Priestess.”
It would seem that Momiji doesn’t know the whole story of what’s happened so far but, really, that’s to be expected.
“I’m exhausted, I’m going to go take a bath~” Momiji heads through to the back of the house and into what is, presumably, the bath. It’s just you and Tewi now, with Cirno sleeping in the door way to the other room. Aya’s apparently still out chasing the person who did this to Sanae, Sanae’s now with Kanako again, and you can only presume that Suwako is as well. Reisen is still unconscious. Wriggle is likely upstairs somewhere with Rumia. You sigh. Can anything ELSE go wrong?

[ ] Wake Reisen.
[ ] Wake Cirno.
[ ] Talk to Tewi.
[ ] Go look for Wriggle.
[ ] Go look for Momiji.

>> No. 30372
[X] Talk to Tewi.

The most sensible awake member
>> No. 30373
[x] Talk to Tewi.
>> No. 30374
[x] Talk to Tewi.
>> No. 30375
>>Turns out it wasn't votespam. Huh.

You actually got through to them?
And they cared?
>> No. 30376
[X] Go look for Wriggle.

The one relationship we're least likely to fuck up any further than we already have.
>> No. 30377
[x] Wake Cirno.

Her neverending optimism will help anon to overcome his current "i'm a total failure" state
>> No. 30378
[x] Go look for Wriggle.
Am I the only one that suddenly thought "oh fuck, what if Eirin finds Wriggle all alone?"
>> No. 30379
[x] Talk to Tewi.
>> No. 30380
YEah. They aparently came back, cleaned up the CP and mailed me back. I was shocked.
>> No. 30381
[ ] Go look for Wriggle.
>> No. 30383
[X] Go look for Wriggle.

We've fucked up so bad. Seriously, I am amazed at the depths of idiocy anon can slink to.
>> No. 30384

Oh wow.
>> No. 30385
[ ] Talk to Tewi.

I need sleep Kira you bastard.
>> No. 30386
[X] Go look for Wriggle.
>> No. 30387
[X] Talk to Tewi.
Holy shit, it is KIRA. Love you man.
Talk to Tewi, she knows best what to do.
>> No. 30388
[x] Talk to Tewi.
How long do you have time tonight Kira?
>> No. 30390
>I need to get back to writing Kira you bastard.

>> No. 30392
[x] Talk to Tewi.
>> No. 30393
[x] Talk to Tewi.

Let's get a conversation going.
>> No. 30394
[x] Talk to Tewi.

Oh christ. This is the most fucked we've ever been.
>> No. 30395
[X] Talk to Tewi.

Yay, one of the writers is back.
>> No. 30396
>> No. 30397
Gentlemen, I love Gensokyo!
>> No. 30398
[x] Go look for Wriggle.
Wonder wat Rumia is doing
>> No. 30399
You and Tewi stand up, moving away from Reisen and out into the kitchen. You clear off the table while Tewi looks around the kitchen for something to snack on. She pulls some carrots out of Aya’s fridge and offers you one. The sword and shield clatter loudly as you dump them on the floor, returning to the table and refusing the carrot offered from Tewi.
“Your loss.” She shrugs, taking a bite out of the offered carrot.
“So,” You ask, “Now what?”
Tewi sighs, and screws up her face in concentration. “I’m not sure. We’ve lost two powerful allies, but you still have quite a few powerful allies. Aya seems to be on our side, and having the fastest around can’t do anything but help. . . Really though, I have no clue what our next course of action should be.”
You sigh. That carrot is sounding awfully good now. Taking one of the carrots from Tewi’s stack, you bite into it absent mindedly. It doesn’t taste very good, but it’s something else to focus on other than your current situation. The only sound in the kitchen is you and Tewi, chewing away on your respective carrots. There seems to be a slight commotion coming from where Momiji’s taking her bath. It doesn’t sound like anything serious.

[ ] Check it out.
[ ] Keep talking with Tewi.
[ ] Go outside.
>> No. 30400
[ ] Check it out.
>> No. 30401
[X] Check it out.

It's never "Nothing serious" around here, check it out before it escalates.
>> No. 30402
[ ] Check it out.
>> No. 30403
[X] Keep talking with Tewi.
Strategy meeting time.
>> No. 30405
[ ] Keep talking with Tewi.
Better make a plan now while it's relatively calm.
>> No. 30407
[ ] Keep talking with Tewi.
>> No. 30408
[x] Keep talking with Tewi.

Let the action come to us.
>> No. 30409
[x] Keep talking with Tewi.
>> No. 30410
File 121021243591.png - (183.75KB , 1024x1024 , Awesome.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Check it out.
>> No. 30411
[x] Keep talking with Tewi.
>> No. 30412
[X] Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out. Wh-wh-wh-wh-what's it all about?
>> No. 30413
[X] Keep talking with Tewi.
Tewi knows best, we shouldve choosen tewi instead of Reisen. If there will ever be a new game, get Tewi.
>> No. 30414
[X] Check it out.

Lest it turn out to be something serious.
>> No. 30415
[x] Keep talking with Tewi.
>> No. 30416
[X] Keep talking with Tewi.

>> No. 30417
[x] Check it out.
>> No. 30418
[X] Check it out.

I don't know. Tewi can't offer that much comfort, and she has no idea what to do right now anyway.
>> No. 30420
[ ] Check it out.
>> No. 30421
File 121021283749.png - (118.53KB , 400x521 , Reisen2.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 30422
Tewi seems lost in thought as you push your chair back from the table and stand up. You stride through the living room area, noting that Reisen still seems to be out. Thought it looks more like she’s sleeping. Cirno is still lying in the doorway where she fell asleep. You continue back through the door that Momiji walked through, and find yourself in a small changing room. It looks like the next room is the bathroom, where the actual tub and everything is at. There’s a mirror on the wall, and a sink beneath it, complete with faucet. You assume that it works, given that it’s over a sink, but really, indoor plumbing? It’s still neat. There’s the noises again, coming from the other side of the door. It sounds like splashing. It really does have your curiosity piqued.

[ ] Throw the door open, rush in, and make sure Momiji’s alright.
[ ] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
[ ] Search the bathroom.
[ ] Go back to the living room.
>> No. 30424
[x] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
Peeking why not, in such a shit situation we need to cheer up.
>> No. 30425
[X] Throw the door open, rush in, and make sure Momiji’s alright.

Go for it, get some of our pride back.
>> No. 30426
[X] Wash your damn face and try to collect yourself.

Nothing gets you more focussed than a nice splash of water on your face.
>> No. 30427
[x] Throw the door open, rush in, and make sure Momiji’s alright.
Brace for yiffing
>> No. 30428
[x] Go back to the living room.

Fall back! I sense no good coming from this.
>> No. 30429
[X] Search the bathroom.

There might be something useful in there, or nothing at all.
In any case, PEEPING IS A NO-NO.
>> No. 30430
[X] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.

We've never chosen the smart option, why start now?
>> No. 30431
[ ] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
Then steal panties.
>> No. 30432
[x] Search the bathroom.

Seems dodgy.
>> No. 30433
[X] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.

This is the sequence where we go around seeing one member of our party after the other and realize how important they are to us, renewing our resolve.
>> No. 30434
[X] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
>> No. 30435
Wow, things really look bleak, huh?
It's always darkest before dawn.
>> No. 30436
[ ] Go back to the living room
>> No. 30437
peeking in huh, seems like we are in for a world of pain.
>> No. 30438
[x] Throw the door open, rush in, and make sure Momiji’s alright.
Just peeking might raise suspicion to our true intentions. If we think Eirin's drowning someone we should just charge in, guns ablazing.
>> No. 30439
Wait, weren't you just complaining that you don't have time to write for the next few days?
>> No. 30440
>> No. 30441
The way things are going dawn may never come.
>> No. 30442
Let him write if he wants to.
>> No. 30443
[x] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
>> No. 30444
[x] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
>> No. 30445
[x] Throw the door open, rush in, and make sure Momiji’s alright.
>> No. 30446
[x] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
>> No. 30447
[X] Throw the door open, rush in, and make sure Momiji's alright.
>> No. 30448
[x] Slide the door open slightly and peek in.
>> No. 30451
You open the door slightly and peek in. Momiji’s currently sitting in the bath, splashing around. She probably can’t do this while Aya’s around, so she seems to be taking full advantage of it. She seems to be re-enacting some sort of battle, using two rubber ducks. The whole scene is just disturbingly cute. You can’t really see anything, as she’s sunk into the water up to her nose now, and is playing quite happily with her little ducks. She hasn’t noticed you yet, and you’re quite satisfied that she’s not being attacked currently. You stand back from the door, leaving it slightly ajar. Drawing her attention by closing the door and making noise would be a bad idea, you think. This has been quite an evening.
You find yourself back in the living room. It seems odd, but you don’t recall walking back out here. You must have been lost in thought the whole way. Reisen is still lying on the couch, but Cinro seems to have gotten up. Tewi’s in the kitchen still sitting at the table. Her pile of carrots greatly reduced from when you went into the bathroom. Concentration is etched upon her face. The door to the room where Sanae was at is still open, and you can still clearly see the puddle of blood on the floor. That’s sobering. You can only hope that she’s still alive at this point. You don’t think Kanako would allow any more harm to befall her. . . You hope any way.
Reisen starts whimpering and kicking, apparently she must have passed from unconsciousness into sleep at some point and seems to be having a bad dream. She rolls over on the couch, now facing the back, and her whimpering stops. Sighing, you wonder if Aya’s managed to track down Eirin yet.

[ ] Wake Reisen.
[ ] Go look for Wriggle.
[ ] Go look for Cirno.
[ ] Go back into the Kitchen.
[ ] Go outside.
>> No. 30452
Quiet, you.
>> No. 30453
[x] Go outside.
[x] Stare at the moon wondering what the hell happened to Kaguya
>> No. 30454
[ ] Go look for Rumia

Rumia needs more love.
>> No. 30455
[ ] Go look for Cinro.

I sacrifice my vote to point out delicious typo, must eat.
>> No. 30457
[ ] Wake Reisen.
[ ] Go look for Wriggle.
[ ] Go look for Cirno.

In this order.
>> No. 30458
[X] Go look for Wriggle.

See the whole team, one by one. Wriggle is calming, so let's go see her. Cirno will be last, because she's so upbeat that it'll be impossible not to feel a little better after talking to her.
>> No. 30460
[X] Go look for Wriggle.
>> No. 30461
[X] Wake Reisen.
We need company.
>> No. 30462
[x] Wake Reisen.

we havn't even check on her or said a word to her yet
>> No. 30463
[X] Go look for Wriggle.

Haven't actually talked to Wriggle in a while, and it's because we came across her Reimu is pissed at us.
>> No. 30464
[x] Go look for Wriggle.
>> No. 30465
[x] Wake Reisen.
We need her to clock us in the face and give a motivational speech.
>> No. 30466
[x] Go look for Wriggle.

Might as well.
>> No. 30468
[X] Wake Reisen.

Though, frankly, I would prefer gathering everyone in one spot. If Eirin comes back to call again, she'll likely pick off whoever is away from the group first.
>> No. 30469
[x] Go look for Wriggle.
>> No. 30470
[X] Go look for Wriggle.
>> No. 30471
[x] Go look for Wriggle.

Let Reisen sleep for now. She could probably use it.

Wriggle seemed just as down as us, so let's go see her.
>> No. 30472
I like this idea, but more for the notion of having the companionship of everyone in one place.
>> No. 30474
No one wants to get back to Tewi?
[ ] Go back into the Kitchen.
>> No. 30475

She's busy concentrating on something important. We shouldn't be bothering her while she's trying to think.
>> No. 30476
>>No one wants to get back to Tewi?

She's still concentrating on what our next move should be. Best not to risk breaking her train of thought just yet.
>> No. 30478
[x] Go look for Wriggle.
>> No. 30479
Maybe she thinks so hard because she cant think of anything useful, we should just help her, it is our problem too.
>> No. 30480
[ ] Go look for Rumia

The poor neglected child.
>> No. 30481
Considering how most of Anon's ideas range from "borderline retarded" to "full-blown retarded" I'm not sure how much help we could offer.

Then again, when logic and reason fail, sometimes insanity and blatant stupidity can offer inspiration.
>> No. 30482
That's about all we can hope for, at this point.
>> No. 30484
[ ] Go look for Rumia
>> No. 30485
Just go Hakurei Shrine, face off with Reimu. Or SDM, one of them will bring us forward.
>> No. 30487
The stairs creak as you ascend them. The upstairs hallway is darkened, but there’s light shining in from the end of the hallway. The moon seems to have risen by this point. Everything that’s happened tonight just seemed to have happened so fast, but more time’s elapsed than you previously thought. There’s a glow coming from underneath one of the doors. You go to it and look inside. Wriggle is sitting on the floor, singing a song to Rumia, who’s lying there, obviously trying to stay awake and failing. You watch from the doorway for a bit while Wriggle continues to sing that quiet, peaceful melody. Rumia quickly looses her battle with sleep and is shortly snoring slightly. Wriggle steps up quietly and begins to head over to the door. She’s almost to the doorway when she sees you. The look on her face is impossible to identify, but she pushes you back, switches off the light in the room, and steps out into the hallway with you. The door slides almost all the way shut, stopping just before it’s closed.
“Look. . . I don’t know what happened tonight, but all three of us felt it up here. . . And now Sanae and Suwako are missing. . . I just want to know what happened. . .”
You tell her everything that happened, leaving out the bit about Shikieiki. She just stands there, nodding occasionally.
“Ah. . . That really doesn’t sound like Eirin. She seemed like such a nice lady when we met her at Eientei. She told us that she’d take extra special care of you, and that we should do the same when we got you back. That really just doesn’t sound like her at all. . .” Wriggle shakes her head then turns back to the door, sliding it open quietly.
“I’m going to lay down again. . . There’s just too much going on right now. . .” Wriggle steps into the room, and starts sliding the door shut. Halfway the door suddenly stops and Wriggle looks up at you.
“Thank you for telling me. Good night.” She closes the door the rest of the way. You hear her foot falls move away from the door before stopping. Must be lying down by now. You turn and walk down the hallway quietly, returning to the living room.
You all but throw yourself into one of the chairs in the room. Cirno’s in the kitchen sitting at the table with Tewi. The pair are both munching away on carrots. It’s actually a rather picturesque scene. It’d be far cuter if it were under different circumstances. Reisen whimpers slightly, moving on the couch, but still seems to be out like a light. She has rolled onto her back again, and seems to be lying there peacefully. You pull the blanket back up where she’s knocked it off of herself. About this time Momiji comes out of the bath, wrapped up in a robe.
“Ahhh. . . That was a good bath.” Momiji isn’t too loud with her exclamation, seeing Reisen sleeping on the couch. She heads out into the kitchen, leaving you alone in the living room with Reisen again. You lean back in the chair. You feel quite sleepy, and it seems to have gotten relatively late in the evening. Maybe you should just go to bed at this point.

[ ] Head out into the kitchen.
[ ] Nap in the chair.
[ ] Go find somewhere to sleep.
>> No. 30488
Those are actually crazy enough to work.
...or send us straight into a long, slow, and agonizing death for us and everyone we've come to care about.

Going straight to Reimu seems completely suicidal, and most likely is, but with the way we've been hiding all this time it's quite possibly the last thing they would expect us to do. Of course, surprise is about the only factor we would have going for us.

The SDM is also highly risky, but if we assume we weren't simply dreaming/hallucinating that Patchy was there after we woke up in the Moriya Shrine and for whatever reason was NOT trying to kill or capture us, we may very well have some potential allies there that we are not yet aware of.

Then again, the same could have been said about the Moriya Shrine, and we've seen how well that panned out for us. Sure, we have Aya and Momizi with us (for the moment) but considering it's so far cost us Mokou, Nitori, Sanae, and Suwako, I'm not sure it was a worthwhile trade-off.
>> No. 30489
[ ] Nap in the chair.
>> No. 30490
[x] Nap in the chair.

THIS CHAIR... may be quite comfortable.
>> No. 30491
[X] Nap in the chair.

I don't think we can even afford to have full nights of sleep at this point.
>> No. 30492
[ ] Nap in the chair.

We'll be the first thing Reisen sees upon waking.
>> No. 30493
[x] Nap in the chair.
This chair is awesome.
>> No. 30494
[X] Nap in the chair.

If we can get a full night's sleep without incident, I will be very surprised.
>> No. 30495
File 121021949185.jpg - (619.11KB , 1024x768 , HEYJOEIREMEMBER.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Nap in the chair
>> No. 30496
Guess where we were last time Eirin impaled us and we got a BAD END, take a guess where we are about to fall asleep.
>> No. 30498
[x] Nap in the chair.
>> No. 30499
[X] Head out into the kitchen.
>> No. 30500
[X] Nap in the couch next to Reisen.
>> No. 30501
not in the living room, and you weren't about to fall asleep.
>> No. 30502
[x] Nap in the chair.

Time for some awesome sores to form from napping in the chair. Hopefully we'll get a massage out of it.
>> No. 30503

I remember ;_;
>> No. 30504

Nap in the chair doesn't mean sleep? Last time I checked it did.
>> No. 30505
>>Guess where we were last time Eirin impaled us and we got a BAD END,
The room with the Eirin-sized hole in the window and a big stain of blood on the floor.

>>take a guess where we are about to fall asleep.

The living room, which is not the same room.

Not that it makes a difference. If a murderous psychotic breaks in during the night, the only difference who is in what room would make is who gets to die first.
>> No. 30506

Joe... ;_;
>> No. 30507
File 12102203159.jpg - (46.65KB , 640x478 , shhhthey'resleeping.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Nap in the chair
>> No. 30508
First of all, we did choose the bad options at the moriya shrine when we had the lil encounter with Yukari and Kanako, we should have just listened to them, now we see what happens if we do things our way, we fucked up big time, well and looking under that house probably too.

Well the SDM is the only Option so far, we need some protection and rest and healing, now without Sanae and Suwako it will get hard, Mokou is probably bottled up somewhere as a piece of meat. Momiji is no that strong and Aya, who knows what if she will help us, after all Lord Tenma wants to deliver us straight to Reimu.

So either SDM, or Hakurei Shrine and pray for a miracle to happen.
>> No. 30509
nap meaning you stay there in the chair. Get up and find somewhre to sleep means you go find a bed/futon to sleep on.
>> No. 30510
Why you do this?
>> No. 30511
Its a trap!
nap means we wake up if something happens. sleep means we are out like a light and will not even notice if we get killed.
>> No. 30512
...iirc, Kira mentioned before that heading to the SDM gets us massacred. Well, I suppose that's no worse than the Hakurei Shrine though.
>> No. 30513
>>pray for a miracle to happen.
We already lost Sanae. Tewi's luck is all we have left.

[X] Nap in the chair.
Napping is usually less consuming than sleeping, though not as good as nodding. We're just milling around aimlessly anyway.
>> No. 30514
File 121022066889.jpg - (42.88KB , 600x337 , Gurren Lagann - 08 - 01.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Nap in the chair
>> No. 30515
>>sleep means we are out like a light and will not even notice if we get killed.

Or someone else getting killed.
Frankly, though, dying in our sleep would be the way to go. Quick, painless, and over before we knew what was happening.
>> No. 30516

when did he say that?
>> No. 30518
Chair won in an overwhelming landslide. Time for this writefag to imitate anon~ I'll probably be doing some more writing tomorrow evening, as I've just found out that the house mate isn't gonna be on! Yay! I'll have full access to my notes and pictures. Until then, good night.
>> No. 30519
>Tewi's luck is all we have left.
Except even that's been used up trying to keep us alive.
>> No. 30521
So all we have left is Cirno's unshakable optimism?

We're so screwed ...
>> No. 30524

We must protect that innocence and optimism. Anon has let despair get to him and the stories tone has been dark for a long while. Anon also is keeping a secret from Wriggle, a secret that is better off kept.
>> No. 30525
>>We're so screwed ...

As if that's anything new.
>> No. 30527
File 12102225826.jpg - (17.30KB , 299x226 , gs6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your only option.
>> No. 30528
File 121022277113.jpg - (22.70KB , 606x587 , antispiral.jpg ) [iqdb]
Giving ourselves up to Reimu doesn't seem like a bad idea anymore.
Let's face it. People are dying and getting wounded left and right for us(some multiple times), and for what? Why are we so special? What do we have to offer that's worth them going so far? Sure, Reimu might take her frustrations out on us and leave us in a shape so miserable our mother won't recognize us. Sure, we're going to piss off, depress, and shame quite a few people who have gotten attached to us(the nineball squad) or have given an arm and leg to pull us through the various shitstorms we've caused only to see us quit(Eintei), but in the end they're going to realize we left them all better off than if we decided to struggle until the very end.
>> No. 30532
I think it was after some anon said that we should have gone to the SDM instead of Moriya Shrine. Could've been in IRC, but think it was an actual post.

...damned if I can find the post though. And maybe things have changed at the SDM since then. Wouldn't bet on it though.
>> No. 30534
Would this have been before or after Patchy's appearance at the Moriya Shrine, I wonder?
>> No. 30543

No, we can still hold Gensokyo hostage with EX-Rumia.
>> No. 30550
>Giving ourselves up to Reimu doesn't seem like a bad idea anymore.

I'd give myself up to Reimu if you know what I mean.
>> No. 30553
No love for Alice then?
>> No. 30555
Sure, but what good will that do provided she helps us? Surround us in a wall of "protective" Shanghai dolls? working our way backwards from there to recover face with Marisa is also far too risky. We may as well turn ourselves over to Reimu and be done with it.
>> No. 30557
We should have waited back then instead of attacking, then we would not be in that shit now.
>> No. 30559
We should have gone 56 choices back. From what Kira said, MiG is near it's end, we could have prolonged it just a bit more.
>> No. 30563
Better to end it, and then take break. That way School Days can be regular and we can do FAERIES on weekends.
>> No. 30564

All Alice needs to do is open her grimoire.
>> No. 30565
Just what we need. Bad poetry.
>> No. 30567

Can't be any worse than what's written on the back of Marisa's spellcards
>> No. 30568
I'd open her grimoire IFKWIM
>> No. 30569

Quoth Marisa "Nevermore."
>> No. 30571
I'd open her grimoire IFKWIM
>> No. 30572

Quoth Marisa, "Nevermore".
>> No. 30617
Wow. strange debates.
>> No. 30618

Anything for us tonight?