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You enter the flower shop and are greeted only by the bell above the door. Everything looks the same as it did a few days ago. Rows of unusual plants create a rainbow of colors which appeal to the eyes. As you wander, the owner emerges from the back and shows a horrifying grin the moment she sees you.

“Oh my, it’s Mima’s boy. I’m surprised you came back, but I’ll accept the gift gladly.” Yuuka walks straight to you and stops dangerously close, practically resting her well endowed chest against you. She stares very closely at your face, as if inspecting or sizing you up. “You really are so like her. How nostalgic~.” She lets what you hope is a happy sigh as it seems she has made a decision. “I have some questions for you boy. Come with me” the woman more than suggests as she runs her hand up your chest and grabs your arm, guiding you to the back of the store.

The hidden rear section of the building turns out to be a small greenhouse. Walls of vines on trellises surround the room like mountains around a valley of flora. There are literally flowers everywhere forming a chaotic sea of vibrant colors and shapes. The smell of pollen assaults your senses and the air is a bit warmer and more humid than the front of the store. You’ve never been to a jungle before, but it feels like this is a reasonable comparison. Still following Yuuka, you comment on the sight.

“Wow, this place is really impressive” you say with sincere approval. “Oh? Why thank you. I started it a few years ago growing different species of hibiscus but moved to growing...” Yuuka drones on about the history of her little shop. The room really does look savage. Finally the tour comes to an end and you find yourself standing in front of what appears similar to a row of Asian Lilies but with violet teardrop like sacs hanging from them. “I’m especially proud of these” Yuuka states as she picks off one of the pods. “Here, smell it” are the last recognizable words you hear as she pops it open, sending thousands of spores into your face and lungs.

Everything becomes hazy. There are voices, but they don’t say anything you can understand. Your body moves, but it’s not by your command. Everything is just a swirl of sight and sound and smell and touch. And more touch. Very pleasant touch. It brings your senses back but the fog in your mind lingers.

Suddenly you realize it’s hot; too hot. It’s like you’re on fire. The sensation is maddening. It’s like being outside on the worst summer night with a deathbed fever. Too hot. Too hot! You feel like you will die any second, but then a coolness blows across your neck. Oh god it feels good. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. Then a wet hot sensation covers it, but the feeling is not unpleasant. And then the cool breeze comes again. What the hell is going on?

“Oh ho? Come back already have you? Hmmp, that was much quicker than I expected,” someone pouts, “but then again you are her child. What inner strength you must have. A normal person would stay susceptible to suggestion for at least an hour.” You still feel a bit loopy, but you are pretty sure that voice belongs to Yuuka. She breathes in deeply at your neck. “You smell just like her. I hated that woman’s smell; it would always linger after she left a room. But to have this scent on a man…” she trails off and inhales again “…it’s intoxicating. Absolutely splendid. Even your taste is wonderful.” She licks the side of your neck again, causing that fire to return only to quench it again with a soft cool blow of air from her lips. You shudder. The green haired tormenter moves to your nipples, which should be covered with a shirt.
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Suddenly you realize there is no shirt. In fact you are wearing no clothes at all. Instinctively you pull your hands down to your chest, but they won’t move. Turning your head to inspect your arms, you see something green wrapped around your wrist. The realization hits you with a quick wave of dread. Yuuka has tied you to the trellis with the vines. Weakly you try to break free from the restraints, but strength leaves you as sharp nails slowly scratch your sides. It hurts and feels great at the same time.

A pool of red fills your vision as Yuuka stares directly at you, face to face. “None of that, boy. Do not hurt my plants” she warns with a frightening voice as blood colored eyes pierce you. “Just stay there until I get what I want.” You manage to control your voice enough to inquire what that is. “Your seed” she replies matter-of-factly. “I want to taste your essence.” And with that, she lowers down to your waist.

Delicate fingers slide along your firmly erect shaft, followed by a hot wet tongue. Yuuka begins to fondle and rub your balls in one hand will stroking your penis in the other. What skilled hands. You can tell this isn’t the first time she has done this, but the thought is hard to maintain with so much nerve stimulation surging to your brain. The green haired vixen begins to playfully bite and pull the skin on your sac after lightly running her teeth and sucking the general area. She moves to the skin just behind it and licks it. Wow that’s a new sensation. Having her that far back disturbs you, but admittedly it felt quite good. Yuuka looks up and smiles. “Oh ho, enjoyed that? Maybe I should move a little farther,” she muses with a wicked smile. As her fingers reach for your ass you quickly vocalize a decline to the offer. With a disappointed face, she says “well that’s no fun. I was hoping to violate you a bit just to mock Mima, but if you refuse that profusely I guess there is no helping it. Besides, it seems like you are nearly ready anyways.” She isn’t wrong. Between whatever the plants did and Yuuka’s artful movements, you find it extremely hard to hold back. Yuuka returns to rubbing and stroking your cock while licking your pre-cum at the tip as you let out a long groan and let loose your load onto her.

Yuuka swallows the fluids greedily, savoring the taste as if it was ambrosia. She sucks hard, careful not to waste even a single drop. The sensation causes you to buck against the trellis as your muscles cry out in spasms. No thoughts or control come to you as pleasure hits your brain again and again, purging anything else in its wake. Time is lost as your mind goes blank.

As you come to, you realize that Yuuka is leaning against your chest and rubbing it caressingly. Her face is flushed with ragged breathing. “Who would have thought… you’d have such an…effect on me,” she manages to say between breaths. “I want more~.” With that thought she drops a yellow berry into her mouth and chews it for a second, and then moves up to kiss you. Her tongue slides across yours as the juices flow into your mouth. Sweetness fills your taste buds and you swallow instinctively. Yuuka kisses you fiercely while kneading your pecs and shoulders. After a minute she draws away with a thin string of saliva connecting her soft lips to yours. As if with a single touch on the vines, Yuuka unbinds your restraints. As you sink to the floor, strength seeps back into your body.
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A skirt falls to the ground, followed a blouse and a large bra. Before you stands a naked and voluptuous queen with full breasts and hips. Her marvelous pink skin practically beckons you to grab it. Her sharp red eyes are filled with desire as she bites her lower lip in anticipation. In the back of your mind you wonder why she wasn’t wearing panties, when a fragrance reaches you. It’s delightful. The more you smell it, the more you hunger for it. Yuuka lifts a slender leg over you and rests the thigh on your shoulder. Desire hits you like a wave as the smell washes over you. The sight of her swollen pink pussy, lips parted, dripping with juices greets you. Immediately you cover it with your tongue, licking the sweet nectar away. Yuuka gasps and laughs. “Good boy,” she coos, rubbing your hair. “I’m glad the berries work on you. Now service me well and I’ll give you a treat~.”

You run your tongue up and down Yuuka’s tender fold of skin, invading every crevice. Obviously something has altered your sense of taste and smell, but it’s irrelevant as passion fuels you further. Moving to the front of her vagina, you feel a small bump. Yuuka’s body jerks as you pass over it. Interesting, her clitoris must be very sensitive. Running over it again, you hear a soft moan. Jackpot. With one hand you push two fingers against her vagina and spread the lips of her pussy. You push it forward towards you a little bit, moving the Labia menora and covering skin away to expose her swollen clit. Very carefully, you brush your tongue against it again, causing Yuuka to shudder and cry out. You repeat this, applying a little more force and hear her gasp in air. Brilliances hits to you as you create a pattern of rapidly licking up and down, side to side, and changing the pressure of your tongue while moving back down to rewet yourself on the rest of her vagina periodically. Yuuka’s moans come louder and more rapid as she almost falls over, grabbing some of the hanging vines for support. Her waist pushes forward, driving herself into your tongue. After a few more minutes of this, Yuuka’s smooth legs squeeze you and a cry of pleasure fills the room as a cascade of liquid is pushed out and covers your mouth with delicious sweetness. You feel a shift in weight and realize that she is about to fall over as you reach up and grab her lower back. Slowly you lower her to the ground, where she lies unmoving.

After a minute, Yuuka rises and suddenly pushes you to the ground, soil pressed against your back. Her eyes are wild and an evil smile fills her face as she hovers on her hands and knees just above you. “You,”she says darkly “are deceptively skilled.” The fierceness fades into longing as Yuuka wets her lips. “But I’m not done yet.” And with that, she lifts up your once again fully erect penis and slides down onto it. As her hot and tight pussy wraps around you, your sight begins to go fuzzy again. Suddenly a sharp pain cuts across your chest. “Focus,” Yuuka commands as she scratches you again. She begins to move up and down over you, trusting slowly at first but quickening over time. It is a wonderful sight to behold. Emerald hair shakes as she throws her head back; incredible breasts bounce up and down like waves. Unable to resist, you reach up and grab her breasts full in your hands; squeezing her hard nipples tightly. She cries out in pleasure and digs her hands and nails into your chest for support while grinding into you with an added forward and back motion. Her hips practically move in an oblong circle as she grinds forwards and down, then lifts up and back again. It almost reminds you of how a snake slithers; the motions carry from her chest down to her legs like waves. You synchronize with her movements and push up into her as she slides down against you.

“Oh!” she cries out and moans loudly. “Oh you wonderful boy. Truly Mima’s” but is cut short as you grab her beautiful ass and force your waist upwards with all your might. She yells out and quickens her pace. “Yes. YES. Oooh fill me. Fill me!” Ignoring the pain in your back and legs you continue to drive into her with all your might. Yuuka leans up and tosses her hands around erratically before pulling her hair and lifting her wonderful breasts up to bite them. It’s amazingly erotic sight. She seems to be going just as insane as you are.

As the two of you drive at each other with all your being, Yuuka’s moans becoming more intense. “Good boy oh OH god good boy! Yes yes just like that, just like that, oh oh OH!” She throws her head back and cries out as you feel her pussy tighten around your throbbing member. “I’m coming, I’m coming, oh fill me please FILL ME COVER ME” she cries out not a second too soon, as you let go of all your restraints and fill her to the brim with your hot seed. “aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA” Yuuka screams as she orgasms, her hot pussy squeezing almost painfully around you in pulsating bursts. You slow and focus all your power into each thrust as you destroy all sense and reason in either of you.

Yuuka collapses onto your chest, breathing hard and covered with sweat. “Not…..bad” she compliments as she rolls off of you into the dirt, rubbing herself. After resting for a few minutes, you sit up and brush the soil off. The beautiful woman who basically just seduced and raped you is still in ecstasy on the ground, and it’s doubtful she will return any time soon. Finding your clothes a couple of feet away, you dress yourself and pocket a few of the berries and seed pods used during the encounter. “Could prove useful” you say to yourself as you exit the store. You know a pair of girls who could certainly benefit from them.
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Sex drug plants


Oh gods yes.

I came.

Now Yuuka route is must have.
Holy fucking shit that was awesome.
File 120987712991.png - (94.41KB, 400x600 , 1180290230098.png) [iqdb]
>>Now Yuuka route is must have.

Because Kira's version will be juuuust like that, and will in no way be twisted around to royally fuck us over in the most heinous way possible, like the magnificent bastard he is.

Have fun getting your scrotum ripped off while Yuka's little pretties go Audrey II on your ass.

Doesn't matter. I'm still interested in Kira's version. I doubt she'll be as psychotically violent as some of you guys think - no, knowing Kira, she'll be fairly normal with some non-lethal but far more terrifying streak of psychosis.

Which gets me hot.
God DAMN. I think the yellow berry scene gave me a new fetish.

I'm still gunning for Mokou, though. Sex is so much fucking hotter when it's bringing pleasure and ecstasy to the girl you love.
>>Sex is so much fucking hotter when it's bringing pleasure and ecstasy to the girl you love.

Truer words were never spoken.

Hey, hey, no reason you can't love Yuuka. Yet, anyway.

But seriously, I was going for the Yuuka route anyway.
File 120989158162.jpg - (110.97KB, 840x1200 , 06.jpg) [iqdb]
Eyes on target...
I was going for Yuka route anyways. Now I want it even more.
But there are targets everywhere!

Every girl is a target girl.

Except Mima.

Awesome, but i am more looking forward to Mokou/Kaguya H Scene.
Why, that's on Mystia route.
...And I recall Kira saying that everybody except Mima and older Reimu are fair game, so you could propably get it on with Kourin too.
YES sexy beam route
i'm wondering why Older Reimu's off the list, myself...

There's a few others unavailable due to being under aged V&. As if that would stop us if we actually wanted them.

Maybe cause it'd be too LUNATIC MODO to get, considering she's
1) Much older
2) Bitchy
3) old-fashioned
4) doesn't like us

I'd still go for it though, and blast it from inside, that Death Star of hers.
I think he mentioned Chen's off the list too, since she's only 11 in GA:SD.
Ah, right. Other people not available are Daiyosei, Suwako, Youmu and... I can't remember all of them.
Most likely it has something to do with her particular role in certain events rendering any possible chance of reconciliation with her, let alone any romantic scenario, utterly impossible.

Besides, despite her seemingly pleasant demeanor the one time we've met her in person, she's clearly the type who is really a supreme mega-bitch when feigning kindness won't get her what she wants, and may yet prove herself to be on such a level bitchiness that MiG's Reimu looks mildly cranky by comparison.
And lovely Youmu, the bastard.

Is Suika in this game? (target or not?)
if reconciliation is impossible, then raep is fine too.

you know what all these stories need? they need moar GRIMDARK in the protagonist. i'm so sick of Junai and the generic eyeless nice-guy protagonist.

seriously, you writefags need to give us some more sadistic choices that we can get away with.
Gensokyou Academy is perfect for this. in all those other stories the Touhous have hax powers and you're just a normal guy so you can't go around starting shit, but here everyone's pretty much normal, right?
Way to miss the point of a dating sim.
ffs, there are eroges out there other than dating sims, you know.

hell, even dating sims aren't always Junai these days. stop being a keyfag.
If boundless sadism with no ill consequences is what you want, I think you may as well just wait for FUiG to start again. I don't think that sort of thing would really work to well with what most of the stories are trying to do, and even if they did, there's no guarantee Anon will let it happen anyway. We killed ourselves just for hurting Meiling's feelings in WUiG, for crying out loud.

No real HAX, perhaps, but a number of the cast seem to be involved in the occult. Besides that, though, they don't need HAX to fuck our shit up. We can just as easily get shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, disemboweled, strangled, and tortured to death by "normal" people as we could get killed by a HAX-powered super-being.
certainly, but the difference in POWER LEVELS is markedly smaller.

I'm not advocating sadism with completely no ill consequences - which would be unrealistic - but instead diminished (but still present) consequences, h-game style. does the train molester get caught and thrown in jail by the end of the game? certainly. but not before he spent the whole game groping. I think it'll make a good change of pace from all the moemoe floating around, which is rotting my teeth, dammit.
Frankly, I'd prefer if Gensokyo Academy kept with the lighter stuff. I don't know about anyone else, but part of the appeal of it for me is that it offers a break from the RAGE and DESPAIR that MiG has been consumed by.

Of course, between Anon's tendency to royally fuck up and Kira being an evil bastard, I doubt that will last for very much longer.

I doubt everyone would go for that when it would just get us a less than good end after the amount of time devoted to these things. If you want something like that just ask the writefags to make bad ends that don't end up with us dead and have an epilogue to go along with it.
personally i would like at least one story in which Anon is a heartless, calculating bastard who has his way with all the Touhous through a mixture of violence, blackmail and manipulation.

just for a change of pace.
yeah, probably not a good idea to change direction this far into a story, now that I think about it.

one of you writefags should start a new one with this tone. it would be awesome, I assure you.
If there were to be a story like that, it would pretty much HAVE to be with the super-powered cast.
Manipulating your way into a harem of mostly normal girls is fine, but manipulating your way into a harem of HAX-powered girls, each of whom is capable of fucking over the world nine ways from Wednesday, is AWESOME.
i'm not sure anyone can pull that off consistently and believably, though.

winning once through plot armor is fine, but if you win EVERY SINGLE TIME against superior opponents suspension of disbelief dries up fast.
File 120990832356.jpg - (3.02KB, 125x125 , win.jpg) [iqdb]
Completed? I hope not. Yuka is awesome.
And that's why I don't watch Akagi.

The Nanayamous in /shrine/ is kinda like that. He's already molested Suika twice, groped Mima, and will probably fuck Reimu given the chance.

He's also seen many eyesores, if you know what I mean.
I think all that's holding the various Anonymouses back is the fear of running out of continues. someone start a game with limitless continues and Anonymous will suddenly become a huge dick.
sure, but i look away for two seconds and he becomes a moralfag. depressing.
Yeah, I thought that was really weird. He got depressed over molesting Suika.

She was enjoying it, damn it. Why get down about it? Getting depressed over his first (human) murder was a little more understandable.
it is because YAF wants the waki-miko route, probably.
>he becomes a moralfag

Depressed because Suika ran away after he molested her in the bath. This is how you feel after being cockblocked, anon.

Then anon chose to stop before jamming it in when Suika came to our room at night, and after that we decided to tell Reimu everything. Srsly, is there anyone that would NOT feel depressed in a situation like this?
File 120992215444.jpg - (256.02KB, 800x800 , 1203235330628.jpg) [iqdb]
Before I write Kaguya x Mokou, any feedback on my writing style? Characters represented well? Too descriptive or not enough?
why don't you start a full story, dude? write the kichiku anon one. it'll be epic.
Well... my impression is that the further in, the more out-of-character they seem to become...
Other than that, not bad. I still have the saved screenshot of Patchouli copypasta (and that one was good probably because she didn't talk).
Post that screen shot please? I don't believe I've seen it
A full story? If you want that follow School Days, he just writes a possible hentai scene of that. Still overall its good, keep doing that for every character in School Days.
no, i mean start another WUIG clone.

except with heartless bastard harem-crafting non-Junai GRIMDARK anon.
File 120992307755.jpg - (192.24KB, 1198x350 , 12073424268.jpg) [iqdb]
Dr. Doujin y-you pervert!! :)
yeah, like that. that would be totally awesome as a full WUIG clone.
File 120992484976.jpg - (190.40KB, 1012x720 , 1191876145219.jpg) [iqdb]
He wasn't depressed over her running away. He was angry with himself for molesting a "child." And then he thought of her as a child AGAIN during the h-scene. As if she wasn't a centuries-old oni. This is beyond merely being a moralfag.

And that was all before telling Reimu everything, something he did BECAUSE he was depressed, and thought he didn't deserve her kindness.

I like what you've written, though Anon often seems a little too sadistic on his part.
>As if she wasn't a centuries-old oni

She certainly doesn't act like one.

Or look like one.
Does girl have the mental maturity equivalent to that implied with the age of consent?
If yes, then go for it.
If no, then you are a bad person.

Now quit talking about other stories in my thread *shakes fist*
You haven't been reading the right doujins, then.
Go back to writing my Mokou/Kaguya scene.

You are doing a Teacher Ran one, right?
I will eventually, though I would like for Anon to have more interaction with her in story first. I'll be gone all next weekend, so there is no telling when I'll finish MxK sadly.
In reguards to the people who are going on about the GRIMNDARK bits for GA, you've been masterfully avoiding them. I do have to congradulate you. You've been doing a magnificant job at keeping the story light and . . . well light.
give us some examples, then. what choices did we make that avoided GRIMDARK?
How about not?
I'd rather be surprised in the event we get to do another play-through.
Didnt you say that the sister story was GRIMNDARK?
I'd be rather surprised in the event we get to do another play-through.

I see what you did there.
bump from the grave
This reminds me, he is late for the Kaguya/Mokou scene.
Better work on that Doujin.
He said he'll have it this weekend. He's busy during this week
All dirty Lies.
File 121165703432.jpg - (55.82KB, 600x600 , 1202070865713.jpg) [iqdb]
It will probably be up on Monday (lol national holiday) since I literally just got back from graduating from college, and I will be performing a marriage ceremony for 2 of my good friends early Sunday.

As soon as I finish writing it and Message proofs it I'll post.
>>I will be performing a marriage ceremony

Awesome, you a priest or something?

A priest that writes H stories? ( ಠ∀ಠ)
Its more likely than you think!

I'm ordained with Universal Life Church. Its the free one you can sign up for online. The credential card cost $15, but its great since I get to call myself "Reverend".

So yes, I guess I am technically an atheist priest who writes H-stories for Anon.
Truly doing God's work. Amen.
Why does this remind me so much of Kotomine?
>an atheist priest who writes H-stories for Anon

I'm amazed and suprised at the same time.
I just had to spend the last of my dole money on a hard drive. Next month I become a servant of god and wed myself to Momizi.

So ronery.(´・ω・`)

Oh shit son. Do you get a card as well?
File 121166518620.jpg - (48.12KB, 600x456 , Master-of-Wicca-Large.jpg) [iqdb]

They got all sorts of shit on their site. MASTER OF WICCA BITCH.

site url NOA.
So what the hell do ULCers believe in?
File 121166954152.png - (75.88KB, 501x64 , flags.png) [iqdb]

From the looks of the site, everything.

Looks like anything. Reverend here I come.
File 121166988132.png - (14.89KB, 112x106 , 121166954152.png) [iqdb]

I smirked.
Indeed I do. Best $15 I ever spent.

Fuck if I know. As other have said before, pretty much anything. They are like Unitarians.

Fuuuuuck I have to write the dialog for the ceremony, but I've been drinking too wine with my family at the graduation celebration dinner. At least they wrote their own vows. Tomorrow will be....interesting.

Hello Brother Doujin!

(i'm a reverend now)
Greetings brother Reverend Anonymous. May the internet shine upon you during while you travel across the series of tubes we call Life. May your downloads be quick and your latency minimal. May your trolling be made of win, humorous, and free of sage. Go forth great Defender of the Internets and be unnoticed by the FBI.

In root name way pray.
[x] Go dry your clothes.

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