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What the fuck.

No. 29267
Yeah, it randomly bans people for half-hours like that.
No. 29268
This is what you get for not writing.
No. 29270

So it's not permament, I suppose?
I sure hope so. Contacting the admin would be pain.
Well, I might as well sit down an play some Republan Commandan games-- I mean write! Yes, write!
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Why bother with a proxy?
Just reset your modem.
No. 29276
lol one whole hour of b&
No. 29277

Can't do it. I'm behind a NAT.

Well, I'll just wait that one hour.
No. 29278

Or you could start writing. DO IT.
No. 29280

There's probably your problem.
Someone using the same network's probably got an adbot.

Just pick a fast proxy, I guess.
No. 32975
I've noticed that it bans you for that when you include the word "special...ist" in your post.
No. 32982
Yeah, see the word in brackets in the ban? is that word shows up ANYWHERE (even if it's as part of another word like special...ist then it'll think you used the banned word and ban you)
No. 33038

Abuse unicode