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29166 No. 29166
You sit silently as Mokou lets loose a new level of rage you haven’t seen before. Somehow it seems better this way; letting her get it all out of her system now. Especially considering the re-opened pain from last night’s conversation and what happened this morning. She storms back and forth on the roof in front of you, listing off all the things that could have gone wrong.
“. . . AND ANOTHER THING! HOW DO YOU THINK IT WOULD AFFECT ME? YOU REALLY WANT ME THAT SCARED AGAIN? DID YOU SOMEHOW THINK IT’D MAKE ME HAPPY?” Mokou looks to actually be on the verge of tears here now. “I couldn’t stand it if I… lost you.” The full weight of what she just said seems to hit her. She stands there a moment, not quite realizing what she had just said. There's something in her eyes, but you can't quite tell what it is. Some emotion that you can't identify. Mokou seems to realize that your'e staring at her now. She quickly turns away from you and folds her arms across her chest, Harumphing. She turns curtly before marching off.
“Hurry up. Your sisters are already leavin. If you hurry you can catch ‘em.” Mokou slams the door shut behind her, leaving you alone and bewildered on the roof.
You pick up the newspaper off of your chest and look at the headline. There’s a picture of you next to Reimu, with the caption ‘Local Boy Saves Girl~’ By Aya Shamemaru. Quickly reading the article, you can see why Mokou was upset. It makes it seem like you ran in there like some brazen hero, some bizarre white knight on shining steed, to rescue the fair damsel in distress. Half the article seem to be made up, with about another quarter being theories by Aya. Only a quarter of it contains any concrete facts, from some policeman who probably thought he was actually talking to a real reporter, not some two bit high school news paper girl. There’s nothing you can do now, except maybe explain the situation a little better once she calms down some, but until then, you should probably avoid her. You should get going, as Mokou said, if you want to catch your sisters and head home with them.

[ ] Head to the gate.
[ ] Go to the Club Rooms
[ ] Head into town.
[ ] Stay on the roof a while.

>> No. 29168
[x] Head into town.
Take a break from school and school life
>> No. 29169
[ ] Head to the gate.

Sisters have been neglected.
>> No. 29170
[x] Jump
>> No. 29171
[x] Head into town.

Time to see Yuka. Also while we are on our way we should read the article written by our very own stalker.

Oh and see Reimu again too.
>> No. 29172
[x] Head into town.
>> No. 29173
[ ] Head to the gate.

Glad we let her vent.
>> No. 29174
>Half the article seem to be made up, with about another quarter being theories by Aya.
Well done, Aya. Well done.

[ ] Head to the gate.
>> No. 29176
[x] Head into town.
>> No. 29177
[X] Head to the gate.

Let's meet up with our sisters. Mystia will be happy to know that we've survived Mokou.
>> No. 29178
[x] Go to the Club Rooms
>> No. 29179
[ ] Head to the gate.
>> No. 29180
[X] Head to the gate.
>> No. 29181
[c] Head into town.
Yuka+Reimu tiem.
>> No. 29184
[x] Head into town.

Better get started on looking for that Arcade again.
>> No. 29185
[x] Head into town.
>> No. 29186
[x] Head to the gate

Looking for trouble isn't something that should be done at this juncture. The trouble will come to us.
>> No. 29187
Of course, we won't say much of anything incriminating ...

[X] Head to the gate.

We have to get to the gate so we can go into town anyway. Chat with the sister squad first.
>> No. 29188
[X] Head to the gate.

As another anon pointed out, neglected little sister makes me a sad older brother.
>> No. 29189
[X] Head to the gate.
To the gate
>> No. 29190

Sorry, I mean sisters, plural.
>> No. 29191
Vote spam faggotry senses tingling. Didn't you bastards learn anything from MIG?
>> No. 29192
[x] Head to the gate.
>> No. 29193
[x] Head to the gate, chat with sisters, then go to town.
>> No. 29194
Mn. . . you really don’t feel like hanging out with your sisters after that little tirade that Mokou went off on. She can make sure they get home safely. You on the other hand, you wan to relax, go unwind. You leave the school and head off in the opposite direction of the train that you take home. Several minutes later you come to the other nearby train station. It runs directly to the downtown area. Riding it several stops down, you come to the downtown station, an head out onto the street. You’re here, so now what?

[ ] Wander aimlessly.
[ ] Arcade.
[ ] Department store.
[ ] Back Alley.
>> No. 29195
[ ] Back Alley.

This is a weird option, lots of colorful characters live in alleys.
>> No. 29196
[X] Wander aimlessly.

I'm interested in who we might find.
>> No. 29197
[X] Arcade.
>> No. 29198
[x] Arcade.
We need Kaguya to unwind the belt around our waist IFKWIM.
>> No. 29199
[ ] Department store.

I probably won't die horribly here.
>> No. 29200

[x] Flower shop
[x] Hospital
>> No. 29201
[x] Wander aimlessly.
>> No. 29202
[X] Wander aimlessly.
>> No. 29203
[x] Wander aimlessly.


I wanted to go see my sisters. ;_;
>> No. 29204
Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!
>> No. 29205
[ ] Wander aimlessly.
>> No. 29206
[ ] Wander aimlessly.

We should have brought a book.
I recommend something nice and thick. Nonfiction. "Is Paris Burning", maybe.
>> No. 29207
[x] Department store.
Just on a whim.
>> No. 29208

[X] Arcade.

Mokou didn't fill us in completely. I want her side of the story.
>> No. 29209
File 120970645671.jpg - (58.21KB , 392x571 , 1191818717407.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Back Alley.
>> No. 29210
Neither of those are nearby, according to Kira. Opposite direction to flower shop, even.

[x] Wander aimlessly.
Needs moar random encounters.
>> No. 29211
[ ] Wander aimlessly.
Spending time with Kaguya right after Mokou's confession would be BAD.
>> No. 29212
[x] Department store.
Failing that backalley for Killer (I)
>> No. 29213
[X] Wander aimlessly.
Let us wander.
>> No. 29214
>> No. 29215
[x] Wander aimlessly.

Find something to drink.
>> No. 29216
[X] Wander aimlessly.
>> No. 29217
[x]Mahjong parlor

Suddenly, we are Akagi
>> No. 29218
[X] Anemia option
>> No. 29219
[ ] Wander aimlessly.

Let's see where life (Kira) takes us.
>> No. 29220
You set off, with no real destination in mind, wandering around the town aimlessly. One foot in front of the other, your feet carry you in no real set direction. You wander past the stores, occasionally looking into them. There’s nothing of any real interest here to you. As you continue to walk, there seems to be more and more food places in this section. You shrug. Nothing down here that you’d want, so you turn around, and go a different direction. You wander on for a bit before stopping in front of the GBK, Gensokyo’s own little broadcast company. Huh. You always thought the building was larger than this, but it really does seem quite small. It is known as somewhat of a tourist destination, and usually has a variety of interesting things in it. You could probably kill some time in there if you wanted to, or you could keep wandering.

[ ] Go inside.
[ ] Keep wandering.
>> No. 29221
[x] Arcade.
>> No. 29223
[x] Go inside.
Can we broadcast our love? or at least an apology.
>> No. 29224
[X] Go inside.

A broadcast company? Sounds nifty. Let's do it.
>> No. 29225
File 120970711274.png - (29.26KB , 700x600 , Danteshot.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Keep wandering.
>> No. 29226
[x] Go inside.

Boring if we just wander around aimlessly the entire time.
>> No. 29227
[ ] Go inside.
why not
>> No. 29228
[ ] Go inside.

I'm curious to see who we could meet in here.
>> No. 29229
[x] Go inside.
>> No. 29230
[ ] Go inside.
>> No. 29231
[X] Go inside.
A variety of interesting things? There's no way I'd pass that up!
>> No. 29232
[x] Go inside.
>> No. 29234
[ ] Go inside.

Seems like a nice place.
>> No. 29235
ok, go inside won. I'm fallin asleep here, so I'm off to bed. I'll pick this up sometime tomorrow before I go to work, but no guarantees on how long I'll be able to run it before I have to run off. Should be at least 2~3 hours. anyways, Gn'ight folks.
>> No. 29236

[x] Go inside.

It's at least something to do, don't know what'll happen to us though.
>> No. 29237

Night, Kira.
>> No. 29238
[ ] Go inside.

Is there an excitable yet lovable female disc jockey in our future?


No there isn't.

But we might as well check it out, anyway.
>> No. 29239
no, but who knows. You might meet a voice actress.
>> No. 29240
Might we also soon find ourselves having our little doll autographed?

I have to wonder the voice actress could be, though. Mystia's the only one I can think of off the top of my head known for her voice.
>> No. 29241

Maybe a Prismriver? Not known for their voices, but they certainly do soundwork; Layla Prismriver might no be dead in this timeline, allowing her to be a voice actress.

Or maybe whoever the voice actress might be, it doesn't have anything to do with her reputation in the games.
>> No. 29242
>> No. 29251

[ ] Go inside.

Welcome to GBK.
>> No. 29252

It's a fucking conspiracy. We're going to pay GBK back for sending amnesia waves into our mind.
>> No. 29254
>> No. 29257
[ x ] Department store.

Please, please let us find Yuka. But she is probably in the back alley, killan people.
>> No. 29258
File 120973552774.jpg - (117.90KB , 578x600 , 3a1aa13efd870db5bfbf52e1735af16e.jpg ) [iqdb]
If Mokou is still sore at us the next time we see her, I wonder if that would be the time to patch things up with a little present.

Perhaps that's a bit too early, yet, though.
Gotta work that tsuntsun shell more to gradually weaken it, before finally cracking it open with a decisive blow to reveal the gooey deredere filling hidden within.
>> No. 29259

I've seen that picture many times before but it gets me every damn timHHHHHHHHHHHNNNGGHHHHHNNNN
>> No. 29260
It's a trap, Mouku isn't filled with creamy deredere but rather BEES.

Keep pushing for her and you'll bust her open like and angry hive, the BEES will swarm out and you'll know absolute despair.
>> No. 29261

Mokou guro sex story with bees flying out of her anus. DO IT FAGGOT.
>> No. 29262
Why don't you do it Mr Writefag?
>> No. 29263


>> No. 29264

He isn't even working on his shit, why would he want to do something else?
>> No. 29281
>> No. 29305
Oh! I want to play!
Man that was fun.

I'm running a fever of 100 F so H scenes are on hold for a bit.
>> No. 29306
Unlike /tg/, we don't appreciate our writefags (term of endearment!) nearly as much despite the fact everything they write is still superior to anything C.S. Goto has done.
>> No. 29307

It's supposed to go both ways though.

Scorn seemed like he had the right idea. Anon would be telling him to get his lazy ass to work, and he would randomly write out scat surprises.
>> No. 29308
Everyone wins that way.
>> No. 29310
>> No. 29319
so i wonder where kira is
>> No. 29321
>> No. 29322

Didn't this just get posted?
>> No. 29325
I wonder when he gets off
>> No. 29327

after mindfucking /th/, obviously
>> No. 29330
When he's aroused, I assume...
>> No. 29331
Why does this board suddenly feel dead? The post rate today is very very slow.
>> No. 29332
If there is no MiG, WUiG or any of the Limited Adventures in shrine, forest, SDM going on, there are no people around.
>> No. 29333
File 120976885678.png - (83.32KB , 1110x598 , multikill.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 29334
File 120976900025.png - (25.61KB , 354x291 , kirawrite.png ) [iqdb]
Writer's strike in full effect.
>> No. 29335
/border/ is a thread about killing Rumia with a Knife.
>> No. 29337
File 120976994741.jpg - (2.98KB , 131x98 , canadamoney.jpg ) [iqdb]
We want more money
>> No. 29338
I'll double what I'm paying you now, hell, I'll triple it.
>> No. 29339
But you're not even paying them.
>> No. 29340

Damn it, don't tell them that! They don't need to know that anything multiplied by zero is still zero!
>> No. 29343
Oh gawd i lol'd. That was totally on the spot.
>> No. 29346

Some of us have final exams to take and term papers turn in.
>> No. 29349
Also, some of us, while recluses, aren't completely NEETS or hikkomori's yet.
>> No. 29352

You're alive!
>> No. 29353
ZOMG it's kira
>> No. 29355
I wonder if Kira will be writing any before sleeping
>> No. 29356

Man, if you got the time to complain on a message board, you got time to hone your writtan skills.
>> No. 29367
Goin to bed now, I'll do some writing tomorrow. It's just hard to get writing in during the small window I have between waking up, taking care of the stuff I have to around the house in the morning, and then having to run off to work. Plus, I'm not going to be able to run anything tomorrow night, as I open on sunday, after closing on saturday. Gotta love that.
>> No. 29368

You know what? If Anon is given the choice to kick reason to the curb every once in a while, you might as well do it to.

What's the worst that could happen?
>> No. 29417
No problem, write whenever it is possible for you, dont want quality to drop.
>> No. 29424
I'm still here, leeching bandwidth like the fist of the north star, expect at least one update today.
>> No. 29425

>> No. 29427

It's weekend. we're all enjoying spring outside.
>> No. 29428
File 120983127194.jpg - (196.89KB , 800x800 , 1201522622499.jpg ) [iqdb]

How DARE you enjoy yourself while we sit here in the dark.
>> No. 29429

Well that was fast.
>> No. 29430

Fuck you, I just got home after staying at my mother's place and 3 hours of cyclan.
>> No. 29431
take it easy
>> No. 29432
take it easy
>> No. 29433
Holy same person Batman!
>> No. 29434
I've posted a wall of text in /shrine/ if anyone's interested. Taking as short break to eat delicious, moist cake and wait for people to vote.
>> No. 29435
I'm here too, if anyone cares.
>> No. 29436

SDM just got continued too.
I figure most people are out enjoying spring after it looked like there wasn't gonna be any active stories this weekend.
>> No. 29437