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File 120968156117.jpg - (105.12KB , 516x729 , mokoubath.jpg ) [iqdb]
28815 No. 28815
Ugh. . . You have a splitting head ache. Rolling over and looking at the clock, It’s about an hour before you normally get up. Looking outside, there’s no sunlight streaming in your window, as would normally be happening at this time of day, but it appears to be overcast. You vaguely make a mental note to take your umbrella as you sit up on your bed. You happen to glance out the window and see that Mokou’s curtains are pulled back. Huh. She usually keeps them closed. You’re about to get out of bed when Mokou walks into the room wrapped up in only a towel. Wait, WHAT?! She seems to have just gotten out of the bath, with her hair still up, and is about to get dressed. She drops the towel and you get a rather nice view of her backside. Something tells you that you shouldn’t let her catch you watching, but you can’t quite look away.

[ ] Continue peeping.
[ ] Stop peeping.

No. 28818
[x] Continue peeping.
No. 28819
[x] Continue peeping.
No. 28820
God damn it. I don't suppose there's any way to avoid getting caught if we keep peeping, is there?

...but why the hell would she keep her blinds open at a time like that, anyway?
No. 28821
[X] Continue peeping.

If she catches us, we can flash a perverted grin.
No. 28822
[X] Continue peeping.
No. 28823
[ ] Continue peeping.

Hide just below the window seal.
No. 28824
[x] Continue peeping.

This is clearly the best choice.
No. 28825
And a thumbs up
No. 28826
[x] Continue peeping.
No. 28827
[X] Continue peeping.
No. 28830
[x] catcall
No. 28831
[x] Stop peeping.
No. 28832
This had better not ruin our chances for a Mokou route, damn it.

Then again, it might work in favor of it. Show our old buddy that, despite everything, we do still see her as a girl, too.
No. 28833
[X] Stop peeping
NO, dammit, NO!
You want your best friend to get pissed at you for life?
No. 28834
[X] Continue peeping.

Was there another option? I didn't even notice.
No. 28835
[X] Continue peeping.

>Then again, it might work in favor of it. Show our old buddy that, despite everything, we do still see her as a girl, too.

dis so tru I shat old prophets
No. 28836
[X] Continue peeping.

She'll like it ... we hope.
No. 28837
[X] Continue peeping, fapping furiously.
No. 28838
[x] Stop peeping.
Would you peep if a girl ever gets on friendly terms with you for years?
I know i wouldn't fuck up like that.
No. 28840
[X] Strip naked and make like you're wandering aimlessly in front of your open window.

It's not really peeping if you can both see each other doing the same thing just as easily. Right?
No. 28841
[x] Continue peeping.

She wants us too. I see no negative repercussions for this other than a beating. And it will still be worth it.
No. 28842

We fucking snatched her up in our arms and planted a nice kiss directly on her lips. She forgave us.

This is what we do. We make sexual advances on her at every opportunity, because it's hilarious.
No. 28843
[x] Continue peeping.
No. 28845
>>Would you peep if a girl ever gets on friendly terms with you for years?

Would you walk around in front of an window with the blinds open knowing the guy you've been on friendly terms with for years is RIGHT across the way?

Either she had a lapse in judgement, she WANTS us to see, or she genuinely doesn't feel enough for us to be embarrassed by something like that.

...considering her reactions to our innuendos and whatnot, though, that last one seems unlikely.
No. 28846
[X] Continue peeping.

Anon is a natural peeping tom.
No. 28847
[ ] Continue peeping.
It's worth dying for.
No. 28849
>We fucking snatched her up in our arms and planted a nice kiss directly on her lips. She forgave us.

When did that happen?
No. 28850

We have been sexually harassing Mokou from the beginning.
No. 28851
Your eyes are glued to her as you watch her move about her room. She really is quite more well developed than you had given her credit for. She must bind her chest or something. Maybe it’s just that the male uniform minimizes her assets. . . Either way, you’re mesmerized. Even though she seems to be looking this. . . OH SHIT. SHE’S LOOKING THIS WAY. You quickly dive off your bed, and crouch down on the floor. Minutes pass. You hear no sound, and decide to look again. Looking out your window, you see that Mokou has pulled her curtains closed again. You sight. At least it was a good view while it lasted. Shrugging your shoulders, you start to get ready for school. The morning proves uneventful until you’re leaving your house. Mokou’s standing at the gate waiting for you and your sisters as you exit. She has, for all intents and purposes, a huge happy grin on her face. However, something deep in side tells you to be afraid. To be horrifically afraid. Nothing good will come of this smile.
“HAY! IT’S MOKOU! SUP MOKOU!” Cirno charges out the gate up to Mokou.
“Hey there kiddo. You and your sisters wanna run along today? I need to talk to your brother for a little bit.” There’s that grin again. You shiver. Mystia, standing next to you seems to pick up on this, but seems unsure if she should say anything.
Wriggle, Rumia and Cirno all run off ahead, leaving just you, Mokou and Mystia. Mystia is standing there unsure of whether or not to go. You get the feeling that if she’s here, Mokou won’t do anything serious to you. . . At least you hope not.

[ ] Take Mystia’s hand, and head to the train with Mokou.
[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
[ ] Beg Mokou not to kill you.
No. 28852
Near the very beginning. I believe it was the first day of school, when we first saw Patchouli out front.
No. 28853
[x] Use camera

...Fuck, wrong game.
No. 28856

Go back a day or two. We were at the gates to school, and Mokou was ribbing us about the mystery girl because Patch came up and blushed when she saw us. We got back at Mokou by planting a good one on her, then escaped up to the classroom; Patch thought it was funny.
No. 28857
[X] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
Take it like a man, anon.
No. 28858
[x] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
Be brave anon, be brave.
No. 28859
[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
No. 28860
[x] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
No. 28861
[X] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.

Don't hide behind your sister! Also, anon is an idiot for diving off the bed, its not like she could see if our eyes were open.
No. 28863
[X] Take Mystia’s hand, and head to the train with Mokou.

Just to reassure Mystia. And save our ass.
No. 28864
[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.

We take this beating alone.
No. 28865
[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
I don't want to let her know that I am a pervert
No. 28866
[x] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
We lived a good life.
No. 28867
[x] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.

We are going to die, but it was worth it.

[x] Thumbs up. "Nice combo"
No. 28868
[x] Breasts.
No. 28869
You were sitting up on the bed, looking out your window, essentially sitting directly in front of it. There's no way she could have NOT seen you.
No. 28870
[x] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.

We're all friends here! No worries!
Besides, although the kiss-and-run was fine, using a Mystia Barrier in this way leaves a poor taste in my mouth.
No. 28871
[X] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.

be a man
No. 28872
[x] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.

Mokou will kill anon if he's coward enough to hide behind his little sister.
No. 28873
[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
No. 28874
[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
[ ] Beg Mokou not to kill you.
No. 28876
No. 28878
[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
[ ] Beg Mokou not to kill you.
No. 28879
[X] Anemia option.
No. 28881
We beg for our life after facing it like a man.

Then we comment on her delicious goodies, perhaps expressing an admiration for her lovely lady lumps.
No. 28882
Don't be a pussy anon, no one likes a pussy.
No. 28883
Oh sure, where were you when I offer that option.
You pat Mystia on the head through her hat and tell her that it’ll be ok. You throw in that if she hurries she should be able to catch up with her sisters. Mystia still looks unsure but nods before running off after the trio. Which leaves you alone. With Mokou. Who STILL has that grin on her face. You look to the sky, and begin praying silently that your death will be swift and painless. Knowing Mokou though? It’s gonna be loooong and painful. Extremely painful. Dropping your head forward and slumping your shoulders you walk up to Mokou.
She squeezes in close to you REAL close, pressing her body up against to your arm, she grabs it tightly. She leans up to your ear, and in a breathy voice whispers, “So, Didja like what you saw?”
You freeze. There’s no possible right answer to this. There can’t be. She’s just trying to decide how badly she’s going to beat you.
“Well? Did you~?” Her voice has taken on a sing-song tone.

[ ] Yes?
[ ] No?
[ ] What did I see again?
No. 28885
i love pussies, if you know what i mean.
No. 28887
your argument is severely flawed.
No. 28888
Messed that up.

[ ] Tell Mystia to run along and catch up with her sisters.
[ ] Run like hell to the train via a roundabout route.

Nothing like a good chase to get the rage out of her system. Or leave her too tired to use it anyways.
No. 28889
[ ] Yes?
No. 28890
[X] No?
No. 28891
[X] "Hell yes."
No. 28892
[x] Yes?
Beating's a comin', may as well be honest.
No. 28893
[x] Yes?
And I want to see more. DO YOUR WORST, MOKOU.
No. 28894
[x] Yes?
No. 28895
[ ] "Yes." With a perverted smile and a thumbs-up.
No. 28896
[X] Kiss her
No. 28897
[ ] Is this a trick question?
No. 28898
[x] Yes?
No. 28900
[x] Yes and I want MOAR.
No. 28901
[X] "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."
No. 28902
[x] Yes?
No. 28903
[x] Yes?

She opened the curtains on purpose! We are playing right into her little game! And its a game I don't mind losing.
No. 28905
I like the way you think, Anon.
No. 28906
[x] Yes?
No. 28907
[x] Kiss her.
No. 28908
[ ] What did I see again?
No. 28909
[X] Yes?

I'm not sure telling her no at something like that would dissuade her from ripping out our spine through our ass.
No. 28910
[x] Yes?
No. 28911
[ ] What did I see again?


Play dumb, if she says it first it disarms some of the problem
No. 28912
[X] Kiss her

No. 28913
[ ] Yes?
No. 28914
[X] "Hell yes."

I approve of this.
No. 28915
File 120968485038.jpg - (114.96KB , 840x1200 , 08.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have no regrets.
No. 28916
[ ] Yes?
No. 28917


No. 28918
[X] Yes?
Only a faggot can say "no".
We can either be honest or deny, that's all.
.........hoping she wouldn't kill us before.
No. 28920
[ ] "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."
and then
[ ] Kiss her.
No. 28921
Uncensored in /at/. Now.
No. 28922
[ ] What did I see again?
No. 28924
[x] Yes?
No. 28925
[ ] What did I see again?
No. 28926
But even so playing dumb can be enormously effective in these situations.

Seriously, if we deny everything while grinning maddeningly at her we win.
No. 28927
[x] Yes! Best view EVER!
No. 28928
[ ] Yes?
No. 28929
So is it bad to tell her that we like to look at her naked body?
No. 28930
[x] Yes
No. 28931
It's too early for that kind of thing, all this "UR HAWT BAYBEH" MASH FACE
won't work yet I don't think, we're lucky she's decided to play it this way so far.

If we out right LIE and deny it she'll pester us about it and try to get a rise out of us, then we can turn on her and unleash the smooth line when we're in the position of power
No. 28933
Well I guess we are at a sort of crossroads. Mokou has always been our lovable tomboy friend who we tease but don't actually pursue a relationship with. But after talking in the park and seeing her moe side I'm sure we coul- SHAMEIMARU!
No. 28934
File 12096856318.jpg - (116.33KB , 474x328 , 21208973288181.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 28935
File 120968567288.jpg - (21.36KB , 474x328 , 12089732881812.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 28936
No. 28937
“Oh ho. . . So you did, did you.” Mokou pulls back from you, and then the world goes black. You wake up, a short while later, sprawled out on the ground. Mokou standing over you still quite angrily.
“Seriously, what the HELL did you think you were doing?! Couldn’t you have at LEAST been discreet about it?! And when the hell did you start getting up so early anyways?! You’re NEVER up at that hour.”
Mokou reaches out a hand to pull you up. You take it and she yanks you to your feet.
“I have never been so embarrassed in all my life! REALLY what on EARTH were you thinking?! Jeeze.”
Mokou storms off towards the train station, leaving you nursing your new headache. Feeling your face, it doesn’t seem that anything’s broken, and it doesn’t seem like anywhere around your eyes is tender. It seems that you got off easily today. WOO~.
“Hurry the hell up or we’re gonna miss the train.” Mokou calls from the end of the street. You hurriedly run after her as she rounds the corner.
The trip to school is uneventful, with Mokou fuming most of the way, but still sitting next to you. You don’t even bother trying to calm her down, hoping that she’ll get less angry over it with time. The two of you continue to school in relative silence. Given that you and Mokou caught a later train than your sisters, the streets are quite devoid of students. You reach the school gates just as the late bell is ringing. Today just feels like such a bland day. The sky is overcast, and Mokou’s pissed at you. Mn. . well, you could always just skip today.

[ ] Hurry to class
[ ] Skip.
No. 28938
[x] What did I see again?
No. 28939
[ ] Skip.
No. 28940
File 120968583525.jpg - (41.93KB , 948x328 , 120897328818122.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 28941
[X] Skip.

Seems like a dreary day, anyway. Might as well wander somewhere less dull than school.
No. 28942
[ ] Hurry to class
[ ] Skip.

No. 28943
[ ] Skip.

No. 28944
[x] Take Mokou behind the bike sheds.
No. 28945
[x] Hurry to class.
No. 28946
File 120968591323.jpg - (82.92KB , 948x656 , 1208973288181224.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 28947
[ ] Skip.
No. 28948
[ ] Hurry to class

Telling people you liked seeing them naked is just asking for trouble.
No. 28949
[x] Skip.

No. 28951
[ ] Skip.
Tsun tsun tsun
No. 28952
[x] Skip.
It's Yuka time!
No. 28953
[x] Skip.

never done it so far, mightswell
No. 28954
[x] Hurry to class

do you really want to be a bad example for your imotous? better play it safe and go to the school.
No. 28955
File 12096859664.jpg - (23.69KB , 477x359 , SHAMEIMARU.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 28957
It was totally worth it.
No. 28958
[x] Hurry to class
No. 28959
[ ] Skip.
No. 28960
[ ] Hurry to class

Don't over do the Mouku when we can get info on other characters right now, we can skip if nothing interesting happens.
No. 28961
[X] Skip.
No. 28962
[X] Skip.
Mokou is an awesome friend. still calling us to hurry up or we'll miss the train and still sitting near us.
Add option [X] Bow down on your fours and apologize.
No. 28963
[ ] Hurry to class

book lernan gaems.
No. 28964
I think you mean GENUFLECT
No. 28965
[ ] Hurry to class
No. 28966

[x] Skip.

or [x] Whatever Mokou wants to do.
No. 28967
[ ] Hurry to class
No. 28968
[X] Skip.
Skip boring lessons, many interesting things can happen if you skip
[X] Go Flower Shop
No. 28969
Everyone should vote
[x] Hurry to class.

and here is my logic:

I wonder if people will be talking about us saving Reimu. Mokou is going to absolutely flip out when she finds out since we didn't tell her. I REALLY don't want to miss it. Also Reimu will probably have a conflict with us. It will be awesome.

So don't skip today.
No. 28971
[x] class

No. 28973
[x] Hurry to class.
No. 28974

There's a fair chance Reimu's still in the hospital. Recovering from attempted rape can take longer than you'd think.
No. 28975
Damnit people we can visit Yuuka after class. I don't want to miss the entire school shitting bricks over how awesome we are.
No. 28976
I think she aready knows.
No. 28977
You decide you really don’t feel like going to class. Absentmindedly you begin to wonder where you might actually run off to today. Mokou notices that you’re starting to walk off and starts to get angry.
“And where do you think YOU’RE going? Did you forget we have a test today?!”
You shrug your shoulders and give a non-committal answer. It’s not like you forgot, but it’s not like you really could remember. You really just have no desire to go to school today. It feels like the whole thing is just going to be a huge bother. You sigh. Mokou’s staring at you expectantly.

[ ] Skip anyway.
[ ] Go to class.
No. 28978
Indeed, everyone change votes.
No. 28980
[ ] Go to class.
Do it.
No. 28981
[ ] Go to class.
Eh, if she's going then you might as well go too.
No. 28982
[ ] Skip anyway.
No. 28983

How fast do you think news spreads? Hell, why would anyone at school know about this? We're not big enough assholes to mention it, and I doubt either Hakurei would want the information floating around.

There's a good chance no one's even heard about the damn thing.
No. 28984
[ ] Go to class.
No. 28985
Anonymous thinks with his dick, and Yuka is smokin' hot. What can you do?

[X] Go to class.

Second chance, anyway.
No. 28986
[X] Skip anyway.
[X] Find Kaguya, Gamecenter wherever she is
we need to find Kaguya.
No. 28987
[X] Go to class.

Well, shit. Tests you ought to show up for, even if they're a drag.
No. 28988
[x] Skip anyway.

Fuck school we have better things to do than brag about seeing Mokou naked.
No. 28989
[x] Go to class.
No. 28990
[x] Go to class.

Take the goddamn hint, Anon!
No. 28991

Isn't she still in the hospital? I figured we would visit her.

At the very least, she wouldn't have gone back to school right away; her mother hasn't silenced us about it yet.

Also, we need to bring Mokou to the flower shop for her insights.
No. 28992
[ ] Go to class.
No. 28993
[X] Skip anyway.
No. 28994
[ ] Go to class.
Well if she says so.
No. 28995
[x] Go to class.
No. 28996
[x] Go to class.
No. 28997
[ ] Go to class.

Mokou is going, we should as well.
No. 28998
[ ] Go to class.
No. 28999
[ ] Go to class.
No. 29000
Even the delinquent is telling you to go to class.

[X] Go to class.
No. 29001
[X] Go to class.
No. 29002
[x] Go to class.
No. 29003
[X] Go to class.
No. 29004
[ ] Go to class.

Skipping possible character interaction : Yuka, Kaguya, Mouku

Going to class possible interaction: Reimu, Patchy, sisters, Ran sensei, Mouku, Alice, Medicine, Aya and others unknown.
No. 29005
[x] Go to class.
We can skip after the test.
No. 29006
[ ] Go to class.
No. 29007
[x] Go to class.
No. 29008

[x] Go to class

She's not that angry; she's just planning something.

I bet she drew on our face with a magic marker while we were asleep.
No. 29009
Lets skip, we need to find Kaguya to get on that Kaguya/Mokou route.
No. 29010

They are waiting for you, Anon... In the TEST CHAMBER!

[X] Skip
No. 29011

Not so much Reimu. She's probably still in the hospital, considering how recent the rape attempt was. I would think a rape victim would be under observation for a few days.
No. 29012
We'll skip after the test. It's important that we take it, just to prevent ourselves from slipping too far. We can wander into town after that.
No. 29015
Dejectedly, you sigh. Turing around you head into the school with Mokou, barely making it to class before the final bell rings. The teacher turns around to the class and begins explaining the examination rules to you. Apparently, this is the big testing for the year. Class rankings and all that crap. You have no idea how you’re gonna fare on it given how little you remember of school.
The test begins, and somehow you manage to make your way through it until lunch. You have a slightly longer lunch today, before testing resumes in the afternoon. Many of the students seem to be eating in the class room, or at least doing SOMETHING in the class room. They’re mostly gathered at the front of the room, chatting animatedly about something, occasionally glancing back at you. Mokou’s already abandoned the room, probably heading for the lunch room to get something to eat. So where will you eat?

[ ] Go eat outside, despite the weather.
[ ] Go buy something to eat in the lunch room
[ ] Go eat on the roof.
[ ] Eat in the Classroom.
No. 29016
[X] Go eat on the roof.

I like roofs, damn it. They're nice, quiet places.
No. 29017
[x] Eat in the Classroom.
No. 29018
[x] Go eat on the roof.
No. 29019
[ ] Go eat on the roof.

We've had good luck up there.
No. 29020
[ ] Go buy something to eat in the lunch room

i hope it's mystery meat day.
No. 29021
[ ] Eat in the Classroom.
No. 29022
[X] Go jump off the roof.
No. 29023
[x] Go eat outside, despite the weather.
No. 29024
[X] Go eat on the roof.
A nice vantage point to watch Mokou skip class again.
No. 29025
[ ] Go buy something to eat in the lunch room

We need to be available, if you know what I mean
No. 29026
[x] Go eat on the roof.

If it's raining we should shout out the whole moby dick monologue. Just to show nature who's the boss.
No. 29027
[X] Go eat on the roof.

No. 29028
[X] Go eat on the roof.
No. 29029
[x] Eat in the Classroom.

Just because noone else has voted for it. Also I want to know why the other students are looking at Anon.
No. 29030
[x] Go eat on the roof.

See if Medicine is still in one piece.
No. 29031
[x] Go eat on the roof.

I like roofs. Maybe we can hang out with Medicine.
No. 29032
oh u
No. 29033
The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire.
No. 29034
[x] Go eat on the roof.
No. 29035
You can't take it anymore. The stress, the frustration of not knowing, the pain of hurting those around you by not knowing. You find yourself on the roof, Right in front of the section Medicine told you was weak.
A quick kick. That's all it took to knock that section of the fence loose. It falls rapidly to the ground below, landing with a resounding thud. Several people look up and see you, now standing on the edge of the building. They start shouting and pointing, but you can't hear them any more.
You take a step forward and off the building. You're falling. It's a wonderful sensation, the wind rushing past you. . . You feel almost. . . At peace. The ground rushes up and quickly takes you into it's warm embrace.

At your funeral, nobody quite understands why you did it. There's a great many faces standing around sobbing and crying, most surprising to most of the comers was Reimu. Out of all this sorrow, however, one thing did come of it. Mokou and Kaguya, long time enemies, finally set aside thier differences and came together as friends. At least something good came of your death.
Not official: Don't archive.
No. 29036
[x] Go eat on the roof.
No. 29037

No. 29038

No. 29039
File 120968879566.png - (15.17KB , 494x404 , 120787888774.png ) [iqdb]
No. 29040
>>Mokou and Kaguya, long time enemies, finally set aside their differences and came together as friends.

Mokou/Kaguya TRUE END
No. 29041

No. 29042
This room feels oppressive with more and more people turning and pointing at you while you sit there making up your mind. You decide to go where there’s very few people usually. Walking through the hallways the whispering and the pointing continues. It’s really annoying the ever loving CRAP out of you. Climbing the stairs to the roof, you burs out of the door and slam it behind you. You scan the roof quickly and see that there’s nobody else on it. Good. You want to be alone right now anyways. You wonder, absently, what’s gotten into everyone.
The bench you sit on is rather cool. There’s a stiff breeze up here, making you wish you had a jacket or something else to keep you warm. You dig into your lunch. Apparently, Marisa cut your sausages into little octopus. You probably grabbed one of your sisters lunch boxes this morning, as you can’t believe that Marisa would make you something like this. looking closer at the lunch box, you notice that it’s pink as well. You sigh. At least it’s food, even if it is a little spicier than you like.
You absently wonder who’s lunch this might be when you hear the door click shut. Glancing up you don’t see anyone on the roof. Huh. Maybe there was someone already on the roof, and they just snuck off. You didn’t really look on top of the stairwell, or on either side of the building, you just looked out across the roof. You scan the roof again quickly, just to make sure that there’s nobody else on the roof. You must have been hearing things, or someone was hiding up here. Either way, you’ve somehow finished your lunch with out realizing it. There really was a lot less in this lunch than what you get normally. Your stomach growls as if to protest the lack of food. You could always head down to the cafeteria and buy something else, or you could just sit up here and wait for class to start again.

[ ] Go to the cafeteria.
[ ] Wait for lunch to be over.
[ ] Go back to the room.
[ ] Skip out on the rest of the testing.
No. 29043
No. 29044
[ ] Go to the cafeteria.

No. 29045
[ ] Wait for lunch to be over.
No. 29046
[X] Wait for lunch to be over.

Just relax and recuperate before the testing starts again. Finish the testing, though, because that stuff is important.
No. 29047
[x] Wait for lunch to be over.
No. 29048
[x] Go back to the room.

That or wait for class to be over.
No. 29049
[x] Go to the cafeteria.

Tests/exams are a bitch to get through. Worse when you're hungry.
No. 29050
[X] Wait for lunch to be over.
No. 29051
[x] Anemia option
It will be too late by the time we get down to the lunch room. We will already have passed out from hunger. Queue MiG hallucination.
No. 29052
MiG in my GA:SD? more likely than you think.
No. 29053
[ x ] Go to the cafeteria.

No. 29054
[x] Wait for lunch to be over.

We can handle a little hunger. And if not...well...second KO of the day?
Not sure I really want to meet anyone who might be in the cafeteria. And what's with all the people pointing at us?
No. 29055
[ ] Go to the cafeteria.
No. 29056
[ ] Go to the cafeteria.
No. 29057
Mokou expects us to be there (rearing you into a responsible young gentleman?), but you don't need the pointing and whispering before it's unavoidable.

[X] Roof until the lunch period is over.
No. 29059
prolly cause we saved Reimu?
No. 29060
More like whipping us into the perfect manslave.
No. 29061
No, it's because of our pink lunchbox.
No. 29062
[ ] Go to the cafeteria.
No. 29063
[x] Wait for lunch to be over.
No. 29064
>>pinku (that's Japanese for pink) bento
No. 29066
Im looking for a bento box, it cant be pinku (thats japanese for pink) or any girl color. It has to be of 2 or more kotoba (thats japanese for 2 compartments) and has be be chibi (small) sized. And has to be really kawaii (cute). Also It has to be about 10-20 bux. And you have to post pics of it first (i want to make shure it's kawaii [cute]). And it would be nice if it came with matching chopstick holder (WITH chopsticks). OH! and it CANNOT have any cartoon pictures, or be made out of plastic. It has to be made of ceramic, or something like that. Also it would be nice if it was made in japan. and not in china or corea (korea) or whatever. I have found a bento box similar to the one im describing in e-bay, but it was 1 kotoba, and i dont want my gohan (rice) to touch my other things (it can get wet and i would not like that, plus 2 compartments looks more kawaii)
No. 29067
Let's compromise.

We saved Reimu with a pink Lunchbox.
No. 29072
[X] Check a mirror.
Kira mentioned that we seemed to have gotten off easily. I suspect Mokou took advantage of our unconscious state
No. 29074
No one commented anything on the train, or pointed and whispered.
No. 29075
No. 29076
[x] Wait for lunch to be over.
No. 29077
She probably scribbled "Sex Offender" on our forehead...
No. 29078
I was hoping for something along the lines of "Property of Mokou".
No. 29079
[x] Wait for lunch to be over.
No. 29082

I agree with this, if not specifically that then

[x] Go to the bathroom

Will work.
No. 29084
You lay back on the bench and watch the clouds go by. The thought of having to go through that gauntlet of stares and pointed fingers doesn’t appeal to you at all, even if you are still hungry. The clouds, thick, dark, and grey, blanket the sky. It seems to be the perfect mirror of how you feel today. Cloudy. Conflicted. You want to see Kaguya again, but you doubt that you’ll find her that easily at the arcade again. She seemed really hurt by the fact that you didn’t remember. You must have made some sort of promise to her or something. . . You curse the fact that you can’t remember anything. That weak portion of the fence catches for some reason. There’s nothing good that could come from going near it.
Sitting upright you look around the roof again. You don’t know why, but you have the feeling you’re being watched. Again. The roof seems smaller than it did earlier, but you’re fairly certain that’s just a trick of your mind. You walk to the side of the roof that faces the back of the school. The back gate is down there, somewhere, hidden under all the trees and leaves. There’s also the gym equipment storage sheds, the track, and the sports playing fields. The same is true for the elementary school. The two are separated only by an extremely high chain link fence that runs the distance between the front wall and the back wall of the two schools.
Your gaze finally swings out over the city. It is relatively large, framed by mountains on all sides. Perfectly situated in this little valley. Meh. You feel pensive today. However, your little reverie is interrupted by the lunch bell ringing. You trudge back down the stairs into the classroom. Upon entering, Mokou immediately comes up to you.
“WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” She shouts. The entire room instantly gets quiet and everyone stares at the pair of you. You point this out to Mokou who blushes and then drags you over to your seat and shoves you into it. She leans in close to start talking to you more quietly, but before she gets the chance, the teacher comes back in.
“Alright class. Time to resume testing.” The teacher adjusts his glasses and picks up another book of tests.
Mokou just glares at you. You have no idea what you’ve done now, but it’s apparently upset Mokou, again. Today is just shaping up to be a chipper day.
Slogging through the tests is hellish. You’re still hungry, and your stomach feels like reminding you frequently, and quite loudly. The teacher glares at you, but there’s little that he or anyone can do to quiet your stomach.
After what seems like an eternity, you finally finish the tests. Most everyone else starts packing up their things, and slowly filtering out of the room. There’s still a small group up at the front of the classroom, and Mokou is looking at you expectantly.

[ ] Go see what all the fuss is about.
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
[ ] Go somewhere else.
[ ] Go home.
No. 29086
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 29087
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
Ah, the Reipu incident.
No. 29088
[ ] Talk to Mokou.

Obvious choice here
No. 29090
File 120969266889.jpg - (27.38KB , 272x311 , Shirou8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Talk to Mokou.
What's eating you, Rin?
No. 29091
[ ] Talk to Mokou in an entirely friendly, clueless, and irritating manner
No. 29092
[ ] Talk to Mokou.

Naturally. Give me informatio~n!
No. 29094
[x] Go see what all the fuss is about.
No. 29095
[X] Talk to Mokou.

I'd rather talk to her to see what's up than I would the class...
No. 29096
[X] Go somewhere else with Mokou and talk to her there.

The less chance of eaves being dropped, the better.
No. 29097
[ ] Talk to Mokou.

'that' isn't something you tell everyone.
No. 29099
[ ] Talk to Mokou
No. 29100
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 29101
[x] Talk to Mokou.
No. 29106
File 120969345361.jpg - (164.46KB , 800x600 , 1204745710245.jpg ) [iqdb]
Everyone is obviously talking about rape. rape rape rape.

And guess who Anon hit in the head with a large tree branch?
No. 29110
>And guess who Anon hit in the head with a large tree branch?

Anon's less perverse half?
No. 29113
The mayor's kid?
No. 29115
You turn to Mokou and are about to speak when she notices that the group at the front of the room seem very interested in the two of you. She puts you into a headlock and drags you from the room. Kicking open the door to the roof, she all but flings you out onto it.
“What in the HELL. Why the FUCK didn’t you tell me about Reimu being raped?! That you were running off and playing hero! How in the fuck did you even find her if she was being raped in the middle of the woods? God DAMN it, it’s like I don’t even know who the hell you ARE any more.”
Mokou continues to stomp about on the roof, RAGING. She rants and raves at you for quite some time before she seems to start calming down. She takes a deep breath and turns to you again.
“Alright. Just. . . Just tell me what happened, alright?”
You tell her the whole story, starting from the bench. Tactfully leaving out that you were chasing after her to find out where she was. Mokou listens to your story, nodding occasionally, her face impossible to read.
When she finishes she nods again, seeming to be deep in thought. Suddenly, she turns on you and slaps you. HARD.
“You haven’t seen the paper have you?”
You shake your head.
“That guy? He had a knife, a rather large one. And you take him on with a STICK. What the HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!” Mokou kicks you in the shin, HARD. You wince this time.
“This isn’t like you, this isn’t like you at all, why would you risk getting killed and for REIMU of all people?! God. She ALMOST KILLED YOU.”
You try to interject that you didn’t know that at the time but Mokou doesn’t let up.
“And you don’t even tell me what you did! That’s the worst part of it! Not one word to Mokou! You used to tell me everything. Do you know how many people came up to me and wanted to know what I thought of what happened? DO YOU?! I had no idea until I got my hands on that stupid camera bitch’s rag. She apparently wrote a whole article on it.” Mokou throws a crumpled newspaper at you, hitting you square in the chest. “So, how was riding to the hospital with that little bitch? It looks like the two of you were pretty friendly there, eh?” Mokou spits on the ground.
“He’s still alive, you know. That. . . thing. He was apparently wanted for raping a bunch of other women. That doesn’t change the fact that, WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!”
Man, Mokou is letting you HAVE it.

[ ] Sit there and let her rage.
[ ] Try to defend yourself.
No. 29116
File 120969440926.jpg - (6.20KB , 150x150 , 1189643715926.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was just going to say Shiki.
No. 29117
[ ] Sit there and let her rage.

She's angry because she cares.
No. 29119
[X] Sit there and let her rage.

Mokou's the kind of gal it's better to let work her rage out. Once she's really calmed down, we can talk to her more freely.
No. 29120
[ ] Sit there and let her rage.

Defending yourself does nothing, unless...
No. 29121
[x] Sit there and let her rage.
No. 29123
[x] Try to defend yourself.

No. 29124
[x] Sit there and let her rage.
No. 29125
[x] Try to defend yourself.
I've had enough of sitting there and taking it. It's now or never.
No. 29126
[ ] Sit there and let her rage.

And then when she's done, hug her.
No. 29127
[x] Try to defend yourself.

I take off my glasses...
No. 29129
[x] Try to defend yourself.

There's a thin line between taking it like a man and being a pussy. We gotta speak up here, or we'll regret it.
No. 29130
[x] Sit there and let her rage.

Let her vent, THEN

[x] Try to defend yourself.

On next turn.
No. 29131
There's also a line between being a pussy and knowing when it's best to hold your peace.

[X] Sit there and let her rage.
No. 29132
>That guy? He had a knife


Oh shi-

[x] Sit there and let her rage.

What everyone else said, it just seems best to let her.
No. 29133
[ ] Sit there and let her rage.
No. 29134
[X] Defend yourself.
We know why she's angry now, more or less, and THERE IS NO OPTION OF TRYING TO OFFER APOLOGY, KIRA. At least now we can answer for our actions.
No. 29135

[x] Sit there and let her rage.

No. 29138
Screaming "I was just following you!" would end this in a heartbeat.
No. 29140
...holy shit, we were, weren't we? I'd forgotten all about that part, with what came after.
No. 29141
[x] Try to defend yourself.
No. 29142
Ok, Let her rage won, I''ve got some things to take care of quick, then I'll get down to writing, next post will be in a new thread, given that 9's above 10 right now. lulz.
No. 29143
Gentlemen. We have broken the tsuntsun shell and are now at the deredere creamy center. But since its KIRAAAAAAAAAAAA, we most likely already screwed up. Bad.
No. 29146
[x] Try to defend yourself.
Show her that you aren't just the next door neighbor kid. Show her you are a man."

Slap her for the stun, and then hug her tight. Tell her that you are sorry and you didn't mean to make her scared again. You were just doing what you thought was right.
No. 29148
Broken? you've barely even dented the finish on the paint. Maaaaaybe put a scratch in it.
No. 29150
Fuck yes! Progress!
No. 29151
No. 29155
>“So, how was riding to the hospital with that little bitch? It looks like the two of you were pretty friendly there, eh?” Mokou spits on the ground.

[x] Punch her in the face

I could understand raging because she feels she doesn't know who we are anymore, or because she was scared, but insinuating we were wrong for or had some ulterior motive for helping a rape victim?

That shit is so far beyond the pale it makes me physically ill. Clench those teeth, Mokou.
No. 29156
sorry about the length of time, took longer than expected. Typing now.
No. 29159
>Clench those teeth, Mokou.

No. 29160

No. 29161
Wrong reply to that prompting.

The correct seed would have been "SPLIT YOUR LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER"

An acceptable reply, however, would have been "ROSSIUUUU!"
No. 29162
So, it's been an hour or so. Can I assume that we're actually done for the night?
No. 29163
Or maybe.. WALL OF TEXT
I hope...
No. 29164
>Or maybe.. WALL OF TEXT

I'm all for a GREAT WALL OF TEXT. I read books in hours, not days, so I'm ready for this.
No. 29165
Kira is busy talking about Bioshock and... dolls? And other things too, dont expect anything anytime soon. He is lazy, GET BACK TO WORK NIGGA.
Or just give him a bottle of Rum, that will do wonders.
No. 29167
got distracted after I had to unload a car, feed cats, and a variety of other things.
I had a hard time getting back into the flow that I was in before, so it took a while to get this to come out.
No. 29183
File 120970529281.jpg - (276.53KB , 650x620 , chen029.jpg ) [iqdb]
>feed cats


Love cats.
No. 29250

>He had a knife, a rather large one. And you take him on with a STICK.

Shiki is weak. We're the motherfucking Nanaya Kiri, we kill people with fucking STICKS.
No. 29274
Yeah, There's 3 cats outside that have sorta addopted me. They're staying in the garage and I'm forced to feed them regularly, at the behest of the housemate. She was the one who started feeding them in the first place, but now I'm stuck with taking care of them.
Plus, I have to constantly drive off this one cat, 'cause all it does is fight with the other cats, and generally cause problems.
No. 29284
Man you are a good person.
No. 29312
All to hide that seed of pure, seething evil within his heart.
No. 29350
>All to hide that seed of pure, seething evil within his heart.
lulz. You act like there's anything else in there but an evil sammich, with extra evil, evil on top, with a side order of evil, and a tall frosty glass of evil to drink. Served on a plate of the damned, cooked in the flames of hell~
No. 29371
File 120979503672.jpg - (15.32KB , 447x249 , broodwich.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well that explains everything.