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You sigh. With no clue where to begin, you just start talking. Mokou gives a louder, more audible sigh than you.

“No idea where to start either, eh?”

The two of you laugh, before falling silent again. It’s hard to organize your thoughts. Yuka in that flower store, Reimu in the hospital. Kaguya at that arcade. . . Too much has happened in such a to short time span. The whole ‘losing your memories’ problem has been quite hard on you up to this point. It’s left you spinning in utter confusion wandering into places with no knowledge of the consequences. If you’re going to survive, you’ll need information. Just as you are about to speak up, Mokou begins talking quietly.
“It all started probably. . . about six years ago I guess. The problem with Kaguya that is. Back then she was still attending the academy, before her parents died. The three of us had been really close friends, ever since you resolved that little ‘truck’ incident when we were little kids.” Mokou laughs quietly.

Mokou’s slight babbling doesn’t feel normal. It seems to be a rather touchy subject with her.

“Anyways. . . Our class went on a weekend camping trip up north. We were pretty much allowed to wander wherever we wanted to, but a few places were off limits. You got stuck with gathering wood for the fire, while I was stuck on fishing detail. I hate fishing. . . It’s so boring.” Mokou snickers at some private joke.

“Sorry, sorry, I keep getting distracted. Anyways, Dinner rolled around, and nobody could find Kaguya. Reimu said she saw her going past the barricades and up the mountain, which wasn’t allowed. Everyone broke up into search teams, but you and I decided to go past the barrier and go looking for her. The whole area was closed off because there’d been quite a few rainstorms lately, and the area was prone to landslides when that happened.” Mokou pauses for a moment. You can see her silhouette shift as she reaches her hand out from underneath the elephant, into the rain. She sighs again.
“How appropriate that I’m telling you this story in the rain.” Mokou sighs again.

“Turned out Reimu was wasn’t wrong. We walked up the twisty little mountain path and found a part that had broken away. Looking over the edge, we saw Kaguya lying below on a small cliff. Apparently, she had fallen down when part of the trail gave way. You told me to go get the teachers. I asked what you were going to do and ya told me ‘something stupid, but I gotta do it.’” The interior of the elephant slide is briefly illuminated by a flash of lighting once again. Mokou’s face is filled with a sadness, like telling this story brought back painful memories.

“So I ran off to find the teachers while you climbed down to try and help Kaguya as it started raining. It was an absolute down pour before I managed to get them. Large parts of the path were washed away, so climbing up took forever. By the time we got there everything....everything was gone. We thought that you had gotten caught in the flood when I saw you were hangin’ from a tree with Kaguya by a rope. The water was rushing past below, knockin’ out everything away. Neither of you were movin.” You hear Mokou move. Another flash of lighting reveals that she has pulled her knees up against her chest. “I was so scared that you were dead, or if you weren’t that you would be soon. . .” Mokou pauses, and you can tell it’s to keep her composure.

“Anyways, we didn’t know if you were unconscious or hurt or anything. You and Kaguya were just hangin’ there limp. The tree had been at the edge a little stream, but now it was in the middle of a river which was pulling the soil out at the roots.” There was a particularly loud crack of thunder at that point causing you to jump.

“Heh. . . That’s pretty much what happened then too. I dunno if it was thunder or the tree givin’ way, but either way it brought you back to your senses. You tried to wake Kaguya, but she was out like a light. You started climbin’ the rope while the teachers were running around tryin’ to figure out a way to get to you. I couldn’t wait for them to waste time, so I found a couple of rocks and started jumping across them to get to you. By the time I got there you had pulled Kaguya up into the tree and handed her over to me, telling me that it was more important to get her out of there than someone who could take care of himself.”

“One of the teachers threw a rope and I tied it Kaguya and myself before tryin’ to jump back over the stones. I slipped and fell into the water, but thankfully the teachers were able to pull us up. You had just finished untying yourself from the tree when the whole thing just. . . gave way. You fell…” Mokou stops again and remains silent for a while, but it gives you time to think. For the life of you it’s unbelievable that something like this could be forgotten. The rain outside starts coming down harder as the wind picks up. The two of you move closer to the middle of the elephant. Very close.

“So. . . well. . . nobody’s really sure what happened after that. The teachers sent Kaguya and me back to the camp, and then went looking for you. They apparently found the tree broken to bits downstream, but no sign of you or your body. They searched for hours. . . and well, just when they had given up, you came stumbling into camp and collapsed. You were the only one who had any clue what happened, but you never told anyone. . . not even me. Now I guess you never will, unless you regain your memories.” Mokou laughs wryly. “Once you woke up and were checked out ok, the teachers chewed your ass so hard it wasn’t even funny. But it did make you a bit of a legend around the school for a while. Shortly afterwards a rift started to form between Kaguya and I. She basically fell in love with you for saving her. . . and well, I didn’t want anything to change.” Mokou coughs, and then sniffles. “And well. . . she seemed to think that I was challenging her for your attention, which sparked fight after fight after fight between us. She just sorta drifted away from me. You stayed friends with both of us, but after her parents died no one saw much of her. She was pulled out of the academy because she had to take over the duties of the Houraisan family. I don’t think she really wanted to do it but still. Ah. . . That was back when you still frequented the arcade. I think that’s why she bought it. It gave her an excuse to still see you.”

The rain seems to be letting up outside. You suggest to Mokou that the two of you start heading home, lest it become too much later. You crawl out from under the elephant and offer your hand to help her up. She takes it, letting you pull her to her feet. You open the umbrella and the two of you start walking along underneath it. While the two of you are walking, you decide to ask about Reimu.
File 120962290639.jpg - (110.89KB, 640x522 , reimu.jpg) [iqdb]
“Ah, Reimu, I knew she was gonna to come up again at some point. Reimu. . . I suppose that the story with her starts at about the same time as that ‘incident.’ She was the one who tattled on Kaguya, sure, but it turns out that she hadn’t really seen Kaguya. That’s not really the important part, I just like pointan out that she’s a liar. Anyways, she was jealous that you actually found Kaguya, and what’s more, managed to save her in such a dramatic fashion. She was off lookin where she thought Kaguya had actually ran off to, and ended up waitin out the storm in some cave with a few other kids. That jealousy she had grew and grew. All the while, she was gainin in popularity and status amongst the class, eventually managing to become the student council president. Her mother was quite proud of the achievements of her daughter, which reflects well on her shrine, I suppose.” Mokou shrugs. A couple of cars go past on the street, splashing water up. You and Mokou jump out of the way, and just barely miss being soaked. Mokou waves her fist at the cars at they go past, calling out a couple of obscenities.

“Anyways, where was I? Ah, right, So she became student council president. I don’t think anyone thinks she’s happy, but then again, that’s why they don’t mess with her. Anyways, the two of you bickered constantly over anything. And well. . . You fought dirty. She just constantly rubbed you the wrong way, so eventually, you started learning things so that you could rub her the wrong way back.”
The two of you reach the train station and head inside. Mokou continues talking once you’re on the platform waiting for the train to arrive.

“So one day the two of you were going at it in front of the school, out by the road. Class had already started, but I don’t think either of you noticed. So, from what you’ve told me, you finally hit a nerve with her and she got pissed. I don’t mean angry like just a little upset, she was furious. You said something and pushed her out of the way to leave and she just snapped. Reimu shoved you with all her strength and you stumbled back and fell over the guard rails in front of the school and into the road. The people who were around watched in horror as you were hit by a truck and sent flying. Reimu panicked and ran for the school. I don’t know who called the ambulance, but they got there in time.”

The train arrives. Boarding quickly, you take one of the many empty seats. Mokou sits down next to you and continues.

“It gets bad from here on out. Reimu’s mother, well, given the clout she has being the priestess of the major shrine in town, was pretty much able to threaten everyone into silence about what happened. She couldn’t have her precious little daughter’s reputation ruined by some little nobody. She even came to threaten you, but you told her you weren’t gonna say anything regardless. While that took her mom aback, she wasn’t really one to look a gift horse in the mouth. She still threatened you just so you’d know what would happen if you ever talked and left. That much I heard on my own, I don’t think she ever bothered to see if anyone was around before threatening you.” Mokou sighs. “Her mother really is a bitch. She doesn’t care what Reimu wants, only that she be the perfect little daughter, ready to take over the shrine when she steps down from being the Priestess. Such a sad state of affairs. My mom may be strict, but she’s nothing like that crazy woman. . .”
Suddenly, Gensokyo Academy!

Reading textwall.
File 120962309473.jpg - (43.00KB, 330x600 , Mokou.jpg) [iqdb]
While not perfect, it does offer you a chance to segue into getting more information about Mokou.
“Eh? Me? Well. . . What’s there to tell. I live next door with my mum. She’s a teacher at your sisters’ school if you don’t re. . . Ah… right. She’s a teacher at the school. She’s taken good care of me, even though she’s not my real mom. She apparently found me when I was little, and well. . . Nobody stepped forward to claim me, so I was adopted. She really is quite strict but, well, as you can see, none of it’s rubbed off on me.” Mokou smirks at her little bit of poetry. “But other than that, well, we’ve known each other since we were little. Lived next door to each other for as long as I can even remember, though I never did meet your mom. Met Marisa though.” Mokou shakes her head. “Can honestly say that I like her about as much as you do, er, did. I don’t know what you think of her now. I’d assume it’s the same, but. . . Well, anyways. So I’ve always grown up with you around, and your sisters. You’re like an extended family to me.” Mokou smiles at that, apparently thinking of some fond memory. “Don’t get me wrong or anything, I still love my mum. You guys are just great to be around too. Hum. . . Well, remember the ‘truck’ incident that I was talking about before? Well, You, Kaguya, and I were all in kindergarden. Nobody really knew anyone at that point, and class was still more play than school at that point. During one of the play breaks, Kaguya came over and she stole the truck I was playing with. I went to get it back and we started fighting. All the other kids just stood there watching, but you came over and broke up our little fight and told Kaguya off. She ran off crying to the teacher who told Kaguya that you were absolutely right after hearing the whole story. ‘Everyone needs to play nice together’ she told us. You went over to Kaguya and wiped her tears and asked if she wanted to play with us. The three of us were thick as thieves after that.” Mokou smirks, “We made quite a reputation for ourselves after that. Pulling pranks and such. Although Kaguya and I were always the leads and had to convince you to come along with it.”

Mokou gets off the train and you follow suite. The conversation continues while walking home, but isn’t really of any great consequence. It’s just the two of you chatting aimlessly while you walk home. Mokou’s joking a lot more, seemingly trying to lighten the mood, given how serious the conversation had been up to this point.

“Well, here’s my house. I’ll see you tomorrow at school, ok?” Mokou looks very serious about this. You nod in agreement and she heads inside. You walk around the corner to your house and enter. Nobody else is present and must be asleep. You head up to your room and fall into bed. It’s been a long day, and you deserve some rest.
Why you break massive wall of text combo? Why you do dis? Delete your posts, yo!
So are you and I, assuming he's not done... wasn't there a 4th?
I love you.
That's the whole post. with that, I'm gonna go play anon and collapse into bed. g'night.
Oddly disappointing. I expected something bigger and badder after Reimu said she tried to kill us.
Longest post; shortest thread.
Longest post; shortest thread.

Well, they're just kids.
Gee, we, uh, we sure nearly die a lot, don't we?
So Reimu the Older is also a bitch? This somehow seems strangely fitting.
>The three of us had been really close friends, ever since you resolved that little ‘truck’ incident when we were little kids.”


>"The people who were around watched in horror as you were hit by a truck and sent flying."

Walls of Text!
When the choices come up for tomorrow, aim for Mokou. Keep your eye on the target.
Who doesn't? I can count 3 seperate occasions in my childhood where I should have died. and thats just the ones I know about.

Target is now Mokou/Kaguya combined route. Kira says it's possible. It may be difficult, but that makes it sweeter.

I wouldn't be opposed to a Yuuka route, but there doesn't seem to be as much support for it. At the least, I want to see if Yuuka is as unhinged as usual, and if she's still a fight maniac; if she is, we NEED to introduce her to Mokou.

Frankly, Reimu Sr. seems to be a bigger bitch than her daughter. I kind of feel for Reimu Jr. being put under all that stress. We should swing by the hospital more often.

I kinda wanna see a combination Reimu\Yuka route

Psycho Moe~
Anon used continues on those, obviously!
I think I remember playing a game with the exact stories before.
Reimu is a bitch and I hate her, but god damn every time I read the posts when we saved her I can't help but to feel that dazed clinging Reimu is moe.

I'm working on a Yuuka scene I'll probably post next week.
File 120962500127.gif - (55.23KB, 900x300 , PBF032-Todays_My_Birthday.gif) [iqdb]
Shit, how many do we have left?
I'm completely expecting Kaguya to give a wholly different account of the twuck story.

Well, I'll get at least one Yuuka scene, then.

But I still want to pursue her route in GA, and I know that I, for one, am going to try to do so. Sure, Mokou's fun, but that best-buddies-with-sexual-tension relationship with her will still be there, even if we pursue other routes.

Reimu is delicious tsundere in this, and I want to cuddle with her.
Yes! Ai ai gasa with Mokou!
I'm with you. Reimu's outrage over our "water under the bridge" dismissal seems quite justifiable, now. I wonder if she knows her mother threatened us?
File 120962704675.jpg - (463.15KB, 1055x1500 , mokoukeineminamike.jpg) [iqdb]
>She’s a teacher at the school. She’s taken good care of me, even though she’s not my real mom. She apparently found me when I was little, and well. . . Nobody stepped forward to claim me, so I was adopted.


Oh god, you've go to do an indepth Teach Me Ran Sensei! at some point before I die.

Also, Reimu's mom was a bitch? I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I AM HEARING.
File 120962809882.jpg - (173.99KB, 400x565 , e558854979208f9e1b2607baf9702580.jpg) [iqdb]
oh god, so moe I spontaneously combusted
File 120962830450.png - (27.98KB, 192x256 , reimuIaMPsmile.png) [iqdb]
Reimu Sr. IS Reimu, after all.

Reimu Jr. just wants to FITE DA POWA!
So, should we make "Get back at Reimu Sr"
A part of our plans as well?
She seems like an eyesore
File 12096284695.jpg - (84.03KB, 485x485 , 1186480230395.jpg) [iqdb]
>an indepth Teach Me Ran Sensei!


I'd let her "teach" me EVERYTHING about her if you know what I mean.
File 120962869843.jpg - (11.95KB, 270x275 , 1206338867377.jpg) [iqdb]

What the fuck.

Rage about it later, write now.
File 120962951838.png - (92.76KB, 512x504 , 1206126748045.png) [iqdb]
An eyesore you say?
File 120962974065.jpg - (57.79KB, 512x504 , 120956849641.jpg) [iqdb]

Kill it easy.

Give me a moment, I just woke up (browsin interwebs on laptop in my bed). I'll get up, eat breakfast and write.
File 120963004215.png - (196.30KB, 400x300 , 1180420905443.png) [iqdb]
Of course.
File 120963158995.jpg - (22.58KB, 439x388 , Sacchin - hidden.jpg) [iqdb]
>“Well, here’s my house. I’ll see you tomorrow at school, ok?”
"Come rescue me if I'm ever in a pinch, Anon-kun!"

Did someone say something?
Don't cry Satchin, you'll surely get a route in remake!
File 120963287975.png - (37.78KB, 180x133 , rage.png) [iqdb]

So, Kira is basically trying to build the great wall of text in order to protect /th/ from the Mongols? Am I understanding this right?

Man, this particular variant of anon is such an awesome ero game hero cliche.

Where's our airship scorn?

The best defense is offense.
Well shit, i wake up and read this, plain AWESOME. All those hours waiting really paid out. But now we really need to get Mokou/Kaguya or Mokou or Kaguya Route, it is NOT otherwise possible anyway. I would prefer Kaguya, she needs some really love from us, Mokou is nice too but we can have her always.
Let's make Reimu a villain in yet another story, shall we?
This is just what canon Reimu is. She's a bitch.
Anyway, even with this I'm more interested in Yuka than Mokou or Kaguya.
Obvious troll is obvious, but Reimu isn't even a villain in this story. Bitches get mad and push dudes into moving vehicles ALL THE TIME!
File 120964485283.jpg - (154.17KB, 500x750 , 5ffaa728294dc180b395b8aaa3f464c4.jpg) [iqdb]
How can you not be interested in a unhinged street fightan' botanist?
Anyone got this fully archived? After this wall of text I got interested but the archive guy only has thread 1 to 4 it seems. ;_;
She's hardly a villain, there's been bad blood between us certainly but

A) We know why she's a bitch (see: mother).

B) We know she isn't beyond redemption.

We did provoke her in the past, she over reacted and nearly killed us but it wasn't an intentional thing.

To be honest I think she may of had some level of feelings for anon, considering her massive jealously and by the way
>>You fought dirty. She just constantly rubbed you the wrong way

sounds I think it was a kind of super tsundere relationship


Still in existance.
I was referring to her mother. Who is clearly Kira's perception of Reimu.
Oh, wow. Looks like there's more interest in a Yuuka route than I had thought! Well, guys, let's go for it. Yuuka is our target.

Back to Reimu, for a moment, though: I get the feeling that if gun for Reimu Jr. we'll end up in a battle with her mother. I get the feeling she doesn't want her daughter to have much to do with us. Much like in MiG, I doubt this would be dealt with easily, as Reimu Sr. seems to have a great deal of influence.

I personally like the Reimu jr, Kaguya x Mouku, Teach me Ran sensei and the "Mystery letter girl" routes.
Would you care to read an indepth psychological deconstruction of my views on Reimu? Yes, I have very good reasons for making her the way that I do.
Whatever those reasons are, I'll probably won't agree with them, so spare yourself another wall of text.

Well, as long as you keep Reimu bitchy, I'm with you. Please, don't make her super-deredere like Scorn did.
If you're up early enough to get trolled, why not write something?

Thank you good sir.

???Reimu Sr. is just your typical extremely overbearing mom. She means well, she wants Reimu Jr. to exceed, but she doesn't really know how to go about it other than being a gigantic bitch.

Kinda standard.
File 120965544714.jpg - (106.08KB, 602x593 , 29f302f3fd1c89d5569c05c908b15fad.jpg) [iqdb]
>>Oh, wow. Looks like there's more interest in a Yuuka route than I had thought! Well, guys, let's go for it. Yuuka is our target.

Like HELL she is.

We have a delicious childhood friend scenario AND a gaming NEET who apparently absolutely adores us, as well as a chance (no matter how slim) of actually getting them together, and you would throw it all away for a flower-crazed nutjob who getting involved with will likely result in numerous BAD ENDs, most involving either being used as plant food or being turned into a plant ourselves?

Not only that, but for some reason Yuka just SCREAMS "Lunatic Mode" to me. If we go for her, as well as look into the whole Mima thing too much, I don't doubt our happy little school story will go straight into ABSOLUTE DESPAIR like MiG did. Fuck that. FUCK. THAT.

If the majority wills it, clearly I can't do anything to stop it. Just don't start bitching and moaning when the shit inevitably hits the fan.
Oh god Mokou and NEET route. DO WANT.
Why should we give a shit about Yuka when there are so many better options around? Mokou, NEET, Mokou/NEET, and Patchy are all better options. Hell, even Reimu would probably be better, and easier.
Do it.

Man, the fuck you guys doing?
He should spend time contuing MIG or Schools days, not writing an essay on why he's writing these stories like he is.

MiG : Lake :: GA : Truck
File 120966162090.jpg - (319.09KB, 1024x768 , yuka023.jpg) [iqdb]

You bet your ass I'd go after a potential psychopath. I'm actually interested in discovering exactly how unstable she is in this storyline, and if she's still ludicrously strong. Plus, it learns us more about the past, so it kills two birds with one stone.

But at what cost, Anon?
We get molested by crazy flower lady.
File 120966202561.jpg - (75.91KB, 500x560 , sexyyuka012.jpg) [iqdb]

One would hope our virginity in the story.
Yuka route would be worth going through solely for the hilarity of her meeting with Mima. If she ever turns up.
It’ll be difficult, but the rift between Mokou and Kaguya needs to be closed. The loneliness and pain from Mokou when she talked about the mountain still bothers you, but Kaguya’s sobs are absolutely haunting. It feels wrong that you are the reason they don’t get along. You come up with a plan and have both girls meet you at the same time.

“Hey where are you taking m-…” but Kaguya’s sentence falls dead the moment she sees Mokou, who is equally shocked. “Wha-what the hell is going on, Anon? I though I filled you in on the past enough to avoid doing something dumb again.”

“Oh ho, spending time with me is dumb? Better than being with an unfeminine tomboy like you!” Kaguya snaps.

“You little manipulative bitch. Say it again, I dare you.” Mokou begins to stride forward with fists clenched.

“Fufufufufu. Not a single lady-like part in you is there?” Kaguya mocks with her hand over her mouth. “You’re so like a boy I bet you’d even try to get a se-“

“ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU!” Your outburst stuns them, but it gives you their full attention. “Sit down” you command and not quite gently push them onto either ends of the couch. “Enough fighting. I like you both and am tired of this happening. You two were best of friends and that should never have ended.” Kaguya looks down sadly has Mokou also averts her gaze away from you.

“I’m going to make this easy on you then.” You step forward and pull Kaguya into your arms. Her body is surprisingly light. With one arm around her waist, you slide your other hand gently behind her head. Bringing her lips up to yours, the two of you exchange a soft kiss. You feel her hands slide up and feel your chest as she grabs your shirt. She feels delicate in your arms, like a beautiful doll you want told hold but are afraid of breaking. After a moment, you lower her back down to the couch. Kaguya’s eyes are glazed over but she never takes them off of you.

Mokou’s face in the other hand is filled with pain and betrayal. “I should go” she says as she jumps up from the couch and begins walking to the door. Thankfully you are faster and grab her hand firmly. You pull her back into your arms and hold her tightly as your force your lips into hers. She struggles at first but then stops resisting as you kiss her deeper. As you pull back her face follows forward, as if desperate not to let the kiss finish, which gives a surprisingly cute expression. Eyes closed with small tears in the corners and lips puckered searching for yours.

Mokou dumbly follows you back to the couch and you sit her down next to Kaguya. Both the girls stare at you with confusion and longing for another embrace. Now comes the hard part. You pray it will work, as you turn both girls to face each other. “I like both of you and won’t pick one over the other. Please learn to like each other again as well.” And with that you bring their faces together to form a very surprised kiss.

Will Kaguya and Mokou be friends again? Will Anon make sweet love to them in a delicous 3some? Will the H-scene get written this weekend? Find out on the next Gensokyo Academy Love Sidestory!
Part of me is raging.

If you know what I mean.
Dude, now they're just going to argue about why you kissed Kaguya first.


Fuck you YAF, she was drunk. There's more going on with her than the current plot exposition has revealed.

Plus I kind of just wanted to have a nice fun scene with consequences. Sexy consequences.
File 120966404476.jpg - (651.38KB, 969x912 , ohgodmyfuckingballs.jpg) [iqdb]

See? Thinking like that is exactly why bad things happen to us.
Yes, Yuka's hot, goddamn moe, and probably a demon in the sack. But if you're letting that influence your thinking, all you'll accomplish is making it that much easier for her to wrap you around her little finger.

Even if all you're after is information, even then going for Yuka is highly risky. Remember how Patchy lied to Yuka about needing us along for lunch so she couldn't question us? Or how she strongly suggested we not go back to Yuka before we get our memory back?

Clearly we need to at least have what little knowledge we had pre-amnesia before we can hope to get anywhere near the truth about what happened to Mima, especially from her old rival. As-is, we're basically blind and completely defenseless. If one of the few friends we've (apparently) trusted enough to confide in and include in our search for the truth about our mother thinks it's a bad idea to be alone with Yuka in our current state, I would think it would be very wise to go along with it. In case you haven't noticed, but rushing blindly ahead with things because we're either horny or curious has usually ended rather poorly for us. And this time, we'll be lucky if all that happens is getting a hand driven through our chests.

I'd hit it regardless.

Fuck you. It was just getting good. ;_;

Frankly, we have to see her some time if we want to learn about the past much, and I doubt we're going to recover much of our memory. Just take her information with a grain of salt until we're closer to her. We simply have to be careful around her at first, that's all. Plus, if we go down her route, then we're liable to end up in a more trusting relationship with her anyway.

And before you mention it, Kourin and Marisa are arguably viable sources of information about the past, but they've apparently lied to the entire family about Mima previously, so they're less than trustworthy.
We shouldn't trust Marisa as a source of information. We didn't trust her before we lost our memory, and we probably had good reasons not to. We should trust our pre-mindwipe self and keep her in the dark.
So they lied. What matters isn't that fact that they did, but the REASON they did so.
It's hard to say about Marisa's motives, and between her former connections with Mima and her relationship with the elder Reimu, I'm inclined to not trust much of what she says, regardless.
Papa Kourin, on the other hand, I think might actually have some worthwhile info, if we can dig it out of him. For all we know, he may have lied about Mima dying because he honestly doesn't know how or why she disappeared, and thought that believing something that might not be true would be far less cruel than not knowing the truth at all, or building up false hopes that she might return.

It wouldn't be that unreasonable. In real cases of disappearances and kidnappings, people often cite not knowing what happened to their loved ones is far worse than even knowing they're dead.

In any case, I would find it hard to believe that Mima would just up and vanish without someone who was close to her knowing at least SOMETHING about the circumstances of it. And as surprised as Yuka seemed, I seriously doubt she would know much about that.

Frankly, I think the ones who know most about it are Marisa and possibly Reimu, but to get the truth from them will require getting a lot more info before confronting them. Yuka would be the one to go to for that, but before going to her there's still much we need to find out that she cannot help us with. Aside from investigating on our own, finding someone new who can help us, or lucking out and finding we had stashed some notes somewhere, I think we should try finding out what we can from Kourin. Just tread carefully, and avoid tipping off Marisa.

Ah, well, I can agree with this.

Kourin I still find somewhat suspect, but I'd still trust him over Marisa. I would imagine he was pretty down-and-out around the time Mima disappeared, though, so I'm not sure he would have any substantial information on what happened.

The reason for gathering information from Yuuka is to find background information; she may not know exactly why or how Mima disappeared, but being that they were rivals, I would imagine she would have some degree of knowledge regarding what Mima may have been involved with. Yuuka probably can't tell us anything exact, but she can provide us with more information about Mima herself, which we can then mix with any other information we pick up.

Additionally, I'm inclined to think Yuuka would genuinely want to help us out on this one. Mima and Yuuka were apparently bitter rivals, and I doubt Yuuka would want to let the issue hang forever without closure. Rivals tend to place some value on one another.
Listen to this man.
Crazy theory crafting time, I just got the idea that it might be Marisa who mind wiped us.

It seems really odd that someone's pupil would hook up with their teacher's husband so quickly after their disappearance/death. We know that she likely has some kind of supernatural abilities because she was Mima's pupil, and Patchy implied it as well when she said she might be able help our memory problem. Maybe she had a thing for Kourin and offed Mima to get him or something, I don't know. If we managed to find out that she had something to do with Mima’s disappearance she'd have to do something with us. It would be a lot of trouble if we just vanished or turned up dead, so she wipes our memory. However, this would logically mean that she knows were amnesiac, so she would probably have taken more action than she has with us. But, maybe she screwed it up and we were only supposed to lose a day or so but ended up losing more. It would explain why we woke up in our own room, and Marisa hasn’t been acting like anything’s out of the ordinary.

Now that I think about it Mystia and Anon both had the same dream about Mima dieing, which seems an odd coincidence, especially considering that we both seem to have it frequently, and at the same time, and Marisa fucking knew we had it the next morning. Perhaps Marisa magically manipulating everyone is the reason everyone in the family thinks Mima is dead instead of missing.
>>avoid tipping off Marisa.

Yes. Despite anon's supreme survival skills, i think being stabbed in the night is gonna be beyond his abilities to survive. (assuming we're, y'know, actually human. I'm not putting a twist like that past kira - especially after that mysterious surviving in the flood)
For finding out about Mima we should visit Yuka regularly helping with her research on what happened to her(tell her what our parents tell us and compare it to whatever information she digs up), whether we tell her about the amnesia or not is best left to a vote. Tell Marisa and Kourin about the amnesia and ask about Mima but from a 'what was my mom like?' standpoint don't bring up anything about disappearance unless they say it themselves. Ask our friends what we ask Marisa and Kourin and only trust those we know we can trust. Mokou is a given, Patchy if anon is so inclined to trust her. I doubt we'd want to drag our sisters or anyone else into this mess. If it tuns out to be GRIM AND DARK the last thing we need is Mystia ending up gutted like a fish because she confronted Marisa.
Even crazier, I think, is the possibility that Marisa is completely innocent of any wrongdoing, and could be just as in the dark about the truth as anyone.
Yes, her coming around looking for Mima right around the time she vanished is suspect, as is her and Kourin hooking up so quickly afterwards. If there were foul play involved, she would be the obvious suspect. Perhaps a little TOO obvious...

What if she is a red-herring, or a patsy set to take the fall while the responsible party gets away scot-free? Assuming Mima's disappearance was caused by someone else, that is.

What if Mima disappeared of her own free will? Perhaps knowing she would vanish from our lives, she called upon her star pupil, trusting her to care for us in her stead? Maybe Marisa and Kourin hooking up wasn't a sign of possible foul play, but merely a final act of love from Mima so that her children would not have to grow up without a mother figure in their lives?
Suddenly i realise we need a Koakuma in this storry.
A beautiful and cheerful yet shy girl, wears a bow on her head with 2 demon-wing like decorations

Just because you people haven't gone to the right places to meet everyone yet, don't go blaming it on me.

So should we try our luck in the school library or is there a library in the town?
It occurs to me, we blame marisa.

Why aren't we suspicious of dear father huh? Bumping off his wife so he can go seduce her student...
Eh? Eh?

We're suspicious of both of them.
We seem to suspicious of anyone over the age of twenty.

Anonymous only trusts the underage.
"Et tu, Rumia? Then fall, Anonymous."
Anyone else feel at least a little bad about suspecting Marisa?
I mean, sure, there's a good reason to and all. But it's because of her we have the family we do now, with such awesome little sisters who seem to adore us.

If she truly is guilty of something, do you honestly think we'll be able to accuse her without driving a serious rift between us and them?

If she has done anything to Mima she deserves everything she gets.
>Maybe Marisa and Kourin hooking up wasn't a sign of possible foul play, but merely a final act of love from Mima so that her children would not have to grow up without a mother figure in their lives?

Not entirely ridiculous. A friend of a friend of my mom told my mom's friend that she would be dead by 36, and that she would marry her husband.
And that's about how it happened, too.

Which is why we don't accuse her without a bunch of evidence on our side.

If our little sisters discover that Marisa actually did kill Mima, I'm pretty sure they'll be upset, but not necessarily at us. They might take it out on us if we get Marisa taken away for murder, though.

And if they were both in on it? Could be significantly worse.
What's with the assumption that Mima was murdered?
Even if she disappeared due to something someone else did, I would think a simple killing and cover-up would be just a little to "plain" when the parties involved are well-versed in the occult.

Maybe she's in another world or dimension. Maybe she's still around, but is no longer recognizable. Like turned into a rock or plant or something like that.

We just don't know.
>Maybe she's in another world or dimension. Maybe she's still around, but is no longer recognizable. Like turned into a rock or plant or something like that.

I guess we're assuming the culprit has read the "Evil Overlord" list. That said, depending on the mythos, sending Mima to the proper dimension could probably reduce her to a gibbering fleshbag and do the job just as well as simple murder would.

Or maybe Marisa IS Mima.

Oh ho, why not just write the story ourselves.

You expose Reimu's mother as the one who murdered both your and Alice's mothers all those years ago. It takes a lot of time convincing Yuka, Marisa, your father, and even her own daughter to testify against her, but eventually you file a criminal complaint against her. The trial is slow and agonizing; as it progresses Mystia becomes mentally unstable from the reforming memories and her father's apparent involvement. Eventually, the miko is found guilty of a lesser crime and charged with a minimum sentence. She escapes jailtime, but is forced down from her position. But that's not enough for you, as you achieve much more success with the civil suit, and she becomes financially ruined.

You can't live at home, after knowing what your father and step-mother hid, even if they had their reasons. The final straw is when they have Mystia institutionalized. You gather a few belongings and, having no where else to go, you move next door. Keine is strict and allows little private time for you and Mokou, but her pity for you is deep.

Being in town is hell. People avoid you because they're afraid of being cursed by the (now former) Hakurei shrine maiden, or because you've ruined the town's image. Even your sisters have become distant at school, and the few times you go to see Mystia... well, you don't even want to think about it.

You and Mokou rarely go to school any more, but you at least put on a show for Keine's sake. Usually you hang out, but sometimes Mokou goes to do her own thing, and you go to the arcade. You and Kaguya don't really talk, you just play games against each other, so there was relatively little drama on her part when Mokou eventually decided to follow you one day. Mokou still gets seriously pissed, but acquiesces with a sigh after you win her a plush truck from a UFO catcher on the first try. Kaguya steals the truck out of her hands, but laughs and quickly hands it back to her with a roll of quarters. You begin to become the friends you once were after that. You and Mokou spend most of your time at the arcade, especially after business hours when Kaguya orders delivery and you can all get high and wasted.

This truck. It seems a running theme in your life. And you are stricken with an insane idea. It takes a month in planning, and you deplete the bank account created for you with the money from the civil suit you won against Reimu's mother. You put most of it up as collateral for a loan, and rope Kaguya into co-signing it, claiming it's because you have no credit and you need a vehicle. It is only later at her apartment that she lazily reads the legal documents and realizes how much money you are borrowing. You ignore her calls. Mokou comes by the arcade the next day looking for you. For an entire week, no one knows where you are. Mokou and Kaguya spend most of this time in the arcade office, out of shared worry and loneliness. Drinking to sedation, they remember old times together, and even air past grievances--without serious injury.

It is early morning when a loud airhorn sound wakes the both of them. Mokou follows sleepily as Kaguya unlocks and opens the arcade front door to see what the racket is. They are staggered by the sight. Against the light of the rising sun, a huge trailer truck is "parked" half-way on the sidewalk. Every inch of it is painted with crazy flames and moons and phoenixes and UFOs and shit. You kick open the driver door, and with a big shit-eating grin, you stand on the platform, slowly removing your Aviator sunglasses. Your two friends stare slackjawed.

"Which of you would like to play with this truck?"

You extend one hand, then two; Mokou and Kaguya look at each other with uncertain expressions, and walk towards the vehicle. Exerting quite a bit of effort, you manage to pull them both up the stairs and into the cab. The inside is surprisingly spacious, with bench seating for three people. As you turn the ignition, Kaguya, sitting nearer to you, is the only one able to speak. "Wha-, um... where are we going?" she manages while looking around at the interior. Mokou is leaning against the passenger door rubbing her temple in confoundment.

You shrug, "dunno lol, Vegas?; there's beer in back," and throw the shift into gear, which sticks out of the floor between Kaguya's legs. She with an "oh ho" expression looks at your hand and snorts amusedly. Mokou unfurrows her brow a little, and rifles through the back of the cab, mumbling "hair of the dog".

As you check your mirrors and turn the wheel, Mokou opens a bottle of beer with her lighter and chugs it. Throwing her feet up on the dash, she sighs and hands the beer to Kaguya, who is now fiddling with the radio controls.

You're only really on the road when Kaguya tunes the radio from static to playing something recognizable. Satisfied, she takes the Aviators out of your shirt pocket, and slips them on, sipping at the beer. Mokou rolls the window down and lights up a cigarette. You absently begin to sing along with the lyrics, "~hantoshi sugitaga~".

Driving towards the highway on-ramp, you recall that your memories never really did come back. But so what? The present and future matter more: The present is all right here in this truck. And the future?


Prefer my version where Mima sexually abused you and Mystia.

Although it needs retconning in light of new evidence.
And where can one go about reading this version?
Holy shit, this fucking awesome.

And then we break Mystia out with our supertruck, right?


What about Mystia?

Uhh, one of the threads before Mouku told us about the past. I think it's the one right after either meeting Kaguya or seeing Reimu in the hospital.

Basically I theorized that Mima abused you and Mystia sexually for years without Kourin knowing, after you got Mystia pregnant she realised what she was doing was wrong. Aborted the baby, used her occult powers to fuck with your memories and went into hiding.

Mystia is sexually attracted to her own brother and doesn't know why, you can't engage women in a normal relationship because you can't tell sexual and emotional attraction apart and Reimu hated you because you had a seizure while she was blowing you and she blamed her self reasoning that if she wasn't near you she can't hurt you.

Obviously most of this has been disproved.
What about her?

What does that last line tell you, Anonymous?

That it'll all be fine?

Then we take her crazy ass to Vegas where she wins poker hands like the fucking Rain Man.

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