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28149 No. 28149
ITT we BAAAAAW because GM pussied out on eating Mokous liver.

Fuck you, Getting us all excited and then leaving us with blue balls.

No. 28153
It was pretty disappointing that after cock-grabbing us with the first choice wins that we didn't get to eat the liver.
No. 28157
Mokou hasn't revived yet, and apparenlty Keine has split with Cirno. There's still time!
No. 28158
Before someone suggests it, OP is not me.
No. 28159
If you haven't caught on to the fact that things seldom go exactly as Anon expects them to, you REALLY haven't been paying attention to this game at all. Anon expected dream H-scenes, and they've either end before or start after the "good" stuff, and ending in a horrible death in the case of the latter. Anon expected Flandre to call him "Onii-chan" when he asked and became permanently labeled as "Dumbass" instead.

If you honestly expected
>>[ ] Attempt to figure out how to get her liver
to ACTUALLY result in Anon going Hannibal Lecter on Mokou, you only have yourself to blame.
No. 28161
Gaining immortality can be a terrible thing. Living forever and watching your loved ones die slowly. Time has basically stopped for the immortals, and their souls are not given a chance to rest. Anyways, I'm just saying that eating the liver can become more like a curse than a benefit. Sure you can explore and do whatever you want with no fear of dying, but after repeating these things for hundreds of years, one will surely become tired of even the most exciting events. Don't make such a choice so rashly, but then again this is anon we're talking about...
No. 28163
Honestly eating the liver could only result in two things: an instant bad end about how we live forever and it sucks and all that, or it could just take all the risk out of decision making, which would be no fun.
No. 28165

Actually, if your memory retains its human limits, you'll forget most everything that happens to you over the course of a century. Then you can go out and experience it all again, and it will seem new to you.
No. 28168
The Hourai Elixer doesn't just make your body immortal, it fucks with your soul. Even if your head and brain are destroyed you should retain your memories. I doubt you'd go forgetting things enough to reexperience them, regardless of how much time passes.
No. 28175
I'm seconding this anon. I mean, look at the language of the choice: "Attempt to figure out how..." All you're doing is thinking about how to accomplish the deed, which is a far cry from vivisecting the girl and digging in.
I'm not going to touch the nature of the language and what it should be conveying to us all about the situation. This is a sage after all.
No. 28180

>Give me attention please
No. 28195
Think about it. You have a delicious flameloli body in front of you, who you just stabbed. She is dead. Would -you- have the balls to rip open her chest, take off her liver and eat it? Even though I have seen worse things on /b/, I don't think I could do it.
No. 28206
>rip open her chest, take off her liver

Someone doesn't know their anatomy.
No. 28212
Perhaps, but they sure will have fun learning.
No. 28216
Mammal and bird livers are commonly eaten as food by humans. Liver can be baked, broiled, or fried (often served as liver and onions) or eaten raw (liver sashimi), but is perhaps most commonly made into spreads (examples include liver pâté, foie gras, chopped liver, and leverpostej), or sausages such as Braunschweiger and liverwurst). Liver sausages may also be used as spreads.

Animal livers are rich in iron and Vitamin A, and cod liver oil is commonly used as a dietary supplement. Very high doses of Vitamin A can be toxic; in 1913, Antarctic explorers Douglas Mawson and Xavier Mertz were both poisoned, the latter fatally, from eating husky liver. In the US, the USDA specifies 3000 μg per day as a tolerable upper limit, which amounts to about 50 g of raw pork liver or, as reported in a non scientific source, 3 g of polar-bear liver.[15] However, acute vitamin A poisoning is not likely to result from liver consumption, since it is present in a less toxic form than in many dietary supplements.[16]
No. 28217
Oh, cool.

Enough Wikipedia, anyway.
No. 28226
Assumes normal human decay.

The hourai elixir doesn't just make you live forever--it makes you eternally youthful. This means never having to deal with anything that results from old age, such as senility. You may theorize that the elderly forget things due to some kind of maximum mental capacity rather than decaying mental faculties, but it'd be a difficult theory to support.

Who cares? We just want an interesting story. And to not die. Gaining immortality nicely supports both goals.
No. 28228
>>Who cares? We just want an interesting story. And to not die. Gaining immortality nicely supports both goals.

Ah, but what would make for a more interesting story? Stealing someone's organ like someone from those urban legends where the victim wakes up in a bathtub filled with ice in a seedy motel with their kidneys missing and a note telling them to call 911, or getting someone with such a liver to like us so much they'd gladly rip it out themselves and hand it to us?

Anyone can steal from someone who is unconscious and defenseless, or in this case DEAD and defenseless, but it takes work and effort to make them like you enough to actually LET you take their organs so you may live with them forever.

Ignoring the tricky business of getting it out of Mokou and scarfing it down before Keine returned, the approach most Anon seemed to be leaning towards is like the organ-snatching equivalent of EASY MODO. And as we all know, EASY MODO is for children and pussies.
No. 28230
>Thread 28149 hidden.
No. 28232
>like us so much they'd gladly rip it out themselves and hand it to us?

Mokou would never do that. Ever. For anyone.
No. 28234
We need Hourai Elixir for Kaguya or Mokou Good End. Because I'm sure they'll never tire of us after an infinity.
No. 28237
Well, then how about getting her to like us enough to tag along on a raid on Eientei, so we can take Kaguya's liver?
No. 28245
And Mokou can even roast the NEET's liver for us. Awesome!
No. 28258
I don't think either Kaguya or Mokou want there to be more immortals in the world, for different reasons. In Mokou's case, my impression is that she considers it something of a curse and wouldn't inflict it on anyone she liked. Rather, she'd keep them from it. If it were otherwise, it brings up the question of why she hasn't granted this phenomenal strength to Keine, someone who goes to great lengths to be her ally.
No. 28262
>>If it were otherwise, it brings up the question of why she hasn't granted this phenomenal strength to Keine, someone who goes to great lengths to be her ally.

Well, for starters, it would have to be something they both wanted, not just one or the other, and some people simply don't care about living forever for whatever reason they may have.

Besides that, being immortal generally means having to live somewhat outside of human society, for one reason or another. If Keine already has issues with being seen as a "monster" of some sort due to her were-hakutaku side, adding in immortality on that would likely only add to her insecurities. For someone who cares about others and truly loves living with people like she does, that would probably be too much for her.

In short, the sort of baggage that would be added to what Keine already had probably wouldn't make the benefits of immortality worthwhile to her.

However, if someone were already used to not being a part of society at large, they might take to those aspects of living forever much better. Mokou probably managed it as well as she did because even previous to drinking the elixir she was never really let out into public much (if at all), and Kaguya has probably been kept apart from the masses for so long that even her hiding in exile wasn't that much of a change for her.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Anon has more in common with those two in some ways than he does with someone like Keine. Give him sufficient food, shelter, and a computer with a fast internet connection, and anything else he might otherwise need, and would he really miss being a part of society?

Sure, having to watch as the few people you love and care about grow old and die would suck, but if you have someone else you care about who is in the same situation as you, wouldn't it be easier to cope with?
No. 28263
>Besides that, being immortal generally means having to live somewhat outside of human society

Only if they know. The human village already thinks/knows Keine is strange and wouldn't notice something like this. Keine is further from being human than Mokou is.
No. 28265
Well, that's what I think is the odd part about Keine's circumstances.

Mokou having to become a recluse while still on the outside world once people wherever she lived noticed she never aged at all is one thing, but there are far stranger things that could be found in Gensokyo than a woman whose hair and clothes change color and sprouts horns and a fluffy tail on the full moon. Of course, it probably doesn't help that all of those things generally like to attack and eat humans, so perhaps there's a sort of "guilt by association" thing going on.
No. 28270
I've heard that Keine was run out of one village before finding another, though I think that was just a theory. In any case, Yukari mentions that the humans don't care much for Keine, even though she protects them.
No. 28602
>>I've heard that Keine was run out of one village before finding another, though I think that was just a theory.

I don't remember seeing that in PM/BA, so yeah
No. 29279
I liked where the story was headed, even though GM backpedaled on the liver option. Mr. Dumbass should've been looking for Cirno to heal him; a first aid kit ain't gonna do shit when you have a second or third degree burn. She could then be sent to find Keine in the bamboo forest, while you clean up.

I was hoping to see Keine's shock when she comes home and sees you're alive and Mokou is slumped by the door, but it looks now like you'll be unconscious by that point. Hopefully if Keine comes back or Mokou resurrects before we die they'll provide medical attention. As far as Mokou is concerned WE HAVE COME TO TERMS, but serving "liver & onions" for dinner ought to be a laugh.

Still need to get that inhaler and whatever else that could be found from Kourindou.
No. 29282
So I guess WUIG is only once a week now, huh?
No. 29283
In b4 flood of whiny ass shitstorm rivaling a Scorn "fapfic."
No. 29285
I think GM is out of ideas..
No. 29286

If it continues at all anymore.
No. 29287
I WISH my fapfics kicked up this much fuss.


This. Stop doing it.

She's explained that she has finals, in fact any writers in higher education are going to be busy for the next month or so. My self included.

But where as I have a fairly easy subject to cover, she's doing chemistry. Much harder. So cut her some slack, it'll come back just be patient.

We write for fun, if you guys make it no fun to write then she won't want to come back. Simple no?
No. 29288
I meant it more literally. Like the shitstorm coming out of Alice's ass.
No. 29289
>We write for fun, if you guys make it no fun to write then she won't want to come back. Simple no?

Careful there, you're starting to sound like something you don't wanna be.

The process should be simple by now.

Anon harasses
You deliver
Anon is happy

If this is impossible, then we move to cycle two.

Anon harasses
You tell anon to fuck off
Anon goes and does something else until they can harass again tomorrow.
No. 29290
>She's explained that she has finals..

I missed that post of the GM, but that explains all. I have exams as well (3 in the next week), and I have my work. Anyway I just wish a good luck for both of you!

ALSO: Scorn stop insulting me, it isn't funny. And the other thing that you've posted scat makes you disgusting.
No. 29291
You are not the center of the universe, nor is Anon. Get over it
No. 29292

That's the exact fucking point you retard
No. 29293
>We write for fun, if you guys make it no fun to write then she won't want to come back. Simple no?

Exactly. That's why I love it when anon picks an obvious BAD END choice. Writing BAD ENDS is the most entertaining part of writing an interactive story.

And now, dead thread ressurecting stop!
Trollan dead thread ressurecting stop!
No. 29294
I'm pointing the point you idiot
No. 29295

Only retards point points and use spoiler tags
No. 29296
i thought we solved this already
no one would complain if the writers state that they're taking a break
all the writers do that except gm
obvious solution: ban her
No. 29297
File 120974595137.jpg - (82.11KB , 500x563 , oraga1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, Might as well.
No. 29298
File 120974605937.jpg - (124.34KB , 500x563 , oraga2.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 29299
File 120974609514.jpg - (129.36KB , 500x563 , oraga3.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 29300
File 120974615843.jpg - (118.76KB , 500x563 , oraga4.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 29301
File 120974625548.jpg - (128.50KB , 500x563 , oraga5.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 29302
File 120974629067.jpg - (123.33KB , 500x563 , oraga6.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 29303
File 120974641534.jpg - (119.34KB , 500x563 , HONKHONK.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 29315
Only that shit can save this Thread, but i fear its already too late for that anyway.
No. 29316
Looks like this will be long and quiet weekend.
No. 29317

Kira should be around, shouldn't he?
No. 29318
Kira's gotta work today, I believe, but I believe we may get GA today.
No. 29320
File 120975804538.jpg - (54.90KB , 610x480 , popcorn.jpg ) [iqdb]
I got a holiday because of my birthday. I hope he doesn't disappoint.
No. 29328
Kira is lazy in the last time, he spends more time chatting on irc than writing. It is the same cycle as with GM, first it started strong every day then lesser and lesser and then random. In a month we need another person to fill in the position and continue the cycle.
No. 29336
speaking of which, channel is?
No. 29341
No. 29342
No. 29344
No. 29345
No. 29347
No. 29348
I'll keep writing as long as it's interesting. MiG's just waiting on an admin/mod response, which, since it seems that it's not gonna come, I'm just gonna do a poll on monday.
No. 29351
If keeping Sanae wasn't too important to the storyline, I'd say continue from Moriya turning their backs on us, despite the claims of "samefaggotry". I mean, if this really were a VN, you'd have to roll with the punches anyway, unless you simply reload from a previous save, WHICH you've given too many of already.

People should learn that not everyone can be saved, and not every route can be opened on the first playthrough. I, personally, would like to see this finished or nearing the finish.
No. 29354

Will the poll have an entry for "[x] Go back 68 choices"?


It's not a VN. There won't be a second play-through. If you fuck up and are offered a chance by the author to rectify it, then you fucking take it.
No. 29357
EXACTLY! Kira gave two chances to fix a mistake we made threads ago (surviving the prison was chance 1, he could've just BAD END'D there), gave way more hints than he should've, and Anon STILL fucked it up, then turn around and blame it on spam votes.

Sanae's gone, Moriya's a non-ally, and Eirin's crazed and on the loose. MiG should continue from there.
No. 29359
>Anon STILL fucked it up, then turn around and blame it on spam votes.

Kira believes there was vote spam. Take it up with him.
No. 29360
I really wish you guys didn't take these threads so seriously. Kira isn't helping much either.
No. 29361
To be fair, I think some of Anon's mistakes at this point can be attributed to their sense of logic conflicting with the logic behind the options.

If you have three people severely injured, but only one of them is definitely dying, common sense would suggest you attend to the one in the most dire need first. The problem is while the intent was to help save Sanae, Anon failed to figure out what was the "best" way to go about saving her.

And then on the retry with the Yama popping in, we were told we couldn't move and couldn't speak. The logical assumption, then, would be that attempting to do either would seem futile.

The problem is that, after countless times of kicking it to the curb when he should not have and paying the price, Anon was finally using reason. Unfortunately, it happened at a time when NOT using it was what the situation called for.
No. 29362
>MiG should continue from there.

Hell yes. All we have to do at this point is wait until our house is surrounded by Tengu and the shrine maiden, and then we pull the pin out of our Rumia-grenade.

And laugh maniacally as the sun is devoured and the screams starts.
No. 29364


First: Anon uses action strategy -> repeated loss
Then: Anon uses thinking strategy -> repeated loss
Finally: Anon does nothing -> impending loss

lol we are electroshocked rats
No. 29365
I was thinking more along the lines of leaving the group behind (again, but they'll know), run all the way back to the Lake, and spin in circles yelling "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING!??" until Reimu shows up for our final showdown, THEN we do some reason curb kicking!
No. 29366
Uh.. I've said that if people want to I'd do another play through. Multiple times.
I don't know if there was votespam or not. I've suspected it before, but anon hasn't griped about the results. I think, partially anyways, because it hasn't hurt them this badly before. At least in thier minds.
No. 29369
You ever read Captain SNES? Webcomic. You don't really have to know about.

It plays on common video game tropes. At one point, the main protagonist's party goes up against a group of common enemies and gets slaughtered. The protagonist immediately wakes up at the last save point, the only member of the party who remembers the failed battle. He proceeds to take on the same enemy again, and again fails.

And again and again and again and again and again and he's the only one who remembers. He's the only one who remembers. He's the only. One. Who. Remembers.

...I forget what point I was trying to make.
No. 29374
You Kira, I forgot to ask this a while ago in the "Ask Kira" thread, but I wanted to know, did you make a flowchart for MiG or do you have it mentally and sorta freestyle with the writing?

Un-cle must do re-search!~
No. 29400
ho shit. I read that comic.
No. 29402
File 120980781914.gif - (105.00KB , 512x820 , Captain Snes Comic 103.gif ) [iqdb]

Uploading for awesome.
No. 29403
File 120980785766.gif - (92.79KB , 512x820 , Captain Snes Comic 104.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 29404
File 120980789823.gif - (113.47KB , 512x1020 , Captain Snes Comic 105.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 29405
File 120980793259.gif - (98.27KB , 512x820 , Captain Snes Comic 109.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 29407
File 120980800192.gif - (163.02KB , 512x466 , Captain Snes Comic 110.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 29408
File 12098080304.gif - (99.06KB , 512x1020 , Captain Snes Comic 111.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 29409
File 12098080522.gif - (61.00KB , 512x420 , Captain Snes Comic 112.gif ) [iqdb]
And done.
No. 29438
What a shitty comic.
No. 29450
Kira. Is this gonna happen or not?
No. 29451
Bit of both. I have major events planned out, and attempt to steer you guys to them, but Anon's thrown me for a loop. MANY. TIMES. And as such, the flow charts have required some. . . Rewokring on the fly. But yeah, I sorta do a mix of both.
No. 29455
Eventually, I'm getting refrenced sources for the biblography.