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Today as it was a beautifull spring day, sun shining and all, I tought that why not go experiment how warm it is. So I stripped out of my clothes, and went to walk around in the backyard. As I was standing there naked, I just couldn't help but to think,

It was like I was flashing at Spring

No. 28068

Gee, thank you for ruining my naked afternoons. I used to think it's healthy, not lewd, but now I'm going to feel bad about it.
No. 28099
I'm going to watch this topic for both Lily White's and Spring's Reaction to OP.
No. 28112
Spring is always welcome here~
No. 28140
Can it be Lily tiem please?
Am i the only one that noticed she's more beautiful than some of the touhous?
too bad she can't really talk....
No. 28143
I HHNGGHHHHHHH at lily in OPs pic
No. 28162
This I must try. Oh Lily, you know you'd love it.
No. 28167

May the spring be with you
No. 28177
It begins in earnest in 2 days.

No. 28179
File 120951148284.jpg - (32.09KB , 480x503 , 1208391772918.jpg ) [iqdb]


And it wasn't even a beam nor was it sexy, Letty!
No. 28184

How horrible~
No. 28209
>Spring is H

Go on...
No. 28233

Letty has one too
No. 28240
What is Lily White's favorite flower?


What is Lily White's favorite color?

Lily is not a color
No. 28252
File 120952231625.jpg - (51.71KB , 480x462 , 120865813555.jpg ) [iqdb]
The herald of spring is laughing at your penis.
No. 28260
And you people wonder why I try to make it rain as much as fucking possible.

You should think about getting a tan. the reflecting rays were seen from the space station. You blinded a russian.
No. 28264
File 120952864619.jpg - (106.21KB , 400x365 , 173516.jpg ) [iqdb]

More like my F.O.E. does.
No. 28393
In b4 Lily White / Spring is mai waifu