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28027 No. 28027
Back to normal now...

Foggily the idea of eating her liver comes to you in a cold disassociated thought you can barely recognize as your own as you violently reject the callous idea. Eating someone's liver? Even if it would give you immortality, that's just... sickening. She was your friend, or at least, someone who you were on pleasant terms with, how did all of this escalate so far as to end in bloodshed? Your mind is still recovering from the fact you just KILLED SOMEONE, and the idea of slicing her open, with blood and other internal pus, and eating a liver(You don't even eat animal liver. It tastes like crap. You're pretty sure human liver isn't any different.) is unappealing amidst the blood. Not to mention, the adrenaline in your blood is ebbing and, with a groan, you clutch at your stomach. The world begins to spin as the burning sensation becomes near unbearable. You have to do something, you realize with no small amount of desperation as your eyes scan the kitchen. You can't hear Keine if she is here, and it is getting hard to think straight.

[ ] Run for the nearest body of water, take the shortcut to the lake

[ ] Find Cirno, ASAP

[ ] Call for Keine

[ ] Look through the kitchen coldbox

>> No. 28028
[X] Call for Keine.

I think we need more help than our beloved nineball can offer us.
>> No. 28029
[x] Call for Keine
>> No. 28030
[x] Look through the kitchen coldbox

Oh god dammit you big pussy, eating it would have been awesome.
>> No. 28031
☞ Run for the nearest body of water, take the shortcut to the lake

Haha yes
>> No. 28032
Your anon has gained somewhat of a personality, congrats.
You can only blame yourselves.
>> No. 28033
[X] Call for Keine
The temptation to choose the lake option is tremendous
>> No. 28034
And thus, we lost our balls for good.
>> No. 28035
[x] Call for Keine
Man, and all that talk over becoming immortal for nothing.
>> No. 28037
[X] Call for Keine
>> No. 28038
[ ] Call for Keine
>> No. 28039

We can only blame you since you're the one that dictates exactly what we do.
>> No. 28040
[ ] Call for Keine
>> No. 28042
[x] Call for Keine
>> No. 28043
But realistically, if Anon was Immortal, GM Would have to continue this story forever. Also, Yuyuko and Youmu Route would be closed (They haet immortals.)
>> No. 28045

And speaking of the afterlife, I imagine that should we encounter Siki, she's going to be just a tad angry about all this.
>> No. 28046
[x] Call for Keine

Oh good. No more lunatic mode.
>> No. 28047
Super Immortal Bros. route is closed. FUCK.
>> No. 28048

Well, but if we would hit a bad end, we could wither roll back, or wait for resurection. Would have been fun to see how it would effect the story, us coming back from the dead after doing some stupid shit that would have gotten us killed
>> No. 28049
I ment choose to either
>> No. 28050
All this hype for nothing. Thanks a lot
>> No. 28051
[X] Look through the kitchen coldbox

For lack of a "pass out where you stand" option, we may as well see what we can find to use as an ice pack.
>> No. 28052
[ ] Put Mokou's liver in the kitchen coldbox
>> No. 28053
Did i miss a thread or something, I don't remember killing anyone. Could someone be kind enough as to post a link to the last thread?
[x] Call for Keine
>> No. 28054
[x] Look through the kitchen coldbox

Time to walk it off.
>> No. 28055
[X] Call for Keine
>> No. 28056
Also, [X] Raid the Fridge

Mokou tried to kill you, and Keine ran away. Best thing you can do now is get whatever supplies you can and find a nicer person to stay with.

>> No. 28057
[x] Look through the kitchen coldbox
>> No. 28060
>> No. 28061
I'm not sure we'll have much choice in the matter, regardless.

I'm going to be very surprised if we don't find ourselves booted out of Keine's house for this.
People tend to not appreciate having their best friends killed and their kitchen turned into a bloody mess.
>> No. 28062

But she started it...
>> No. 28063

Hey, Mokou started it, and Keine knows it. We already knew Mokou was immortal, so we ought to be able to get out of this just a little worse-for-the-wear.
>> No. 28064
[ ] Look through the kitchen coldbox
Letty can help us!
>> No. 28065
[ ] Call for Keine

And when she comes, welcome her to your wonderful killing chamber.
>> No. 28066

Yes, but we need SOME sort of plot device to get us out of the house and adventuring again.
Between our going off to the SDM the second we were alone, and nearly getting ourselves killed TWICE in her company just on the trip back to her house, Keine isn't going to be too keen to just let us go wandering off somewhere again. Especially now that there's so much she wants to hear from us about history in the outside world.
>> No. 28067

I imagine it'll depend on whether Mokou's still pissed when she reincarnates. If she is, Keine will take her side and you'll likely be kicked out and potentially have many bad things happen to you. If Mokou admits that it was her fault, then Mokou Route Go (and probably a lot of Keine points lost). Also, BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WE VOTED FOR LIVER!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 28070
>>Also, BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WE VOTED FOR LIVER!!!!!!!!!!!

No, we voted for attempting to try to figure out how to GET liver.
If the option had been more along the lines of "RIP AND TEAR" then that would be different.
>> No. 28071
[X] Run for the nearest body of water, take the shortcut to the lake
>> No. 28072
File 120950229567.jpg - (406.28KB , 711x950 , Keine.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>[x] Call for Keine

"Keine? KEINE?!" You scream, calling out even as you clutch at where you are burned; it is a futile gesture, and only makes it hurt more, but it's all you can do. Your plea for help reverberates through the house.

There is no reply. You feel lightheaded and dizzy, and things are slowly getting hazy.

[ ] Shove yourself into the coldbox

[ ] Pass out

[ ] Scream for Cirno

[ ] Curse the lake

[ ] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28073
[X] Pass out
While shouting in delirium.
>> No. 28074
[X] Eat Mokous Liver

Write-in vote go!
>> No. 28075
[ ] Curse the lake

>> No. 28076
[ ] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help

We've got burns still.
>> No. 28077
[x] Shove yourself into the coldbox

When we awake in the future everyone will fly with jet packs and danmaku will consist only of lasers.
>> No. 28078
[X] Shove yourself into the coldbox
>> No. 28079
[X] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28080
[X] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help

She has books on the stuff, and supplies, right?
Though in our condition, I think we won't hold out long before passing out anyway.
>> No. 28081
[x] Pass out while masturbating
>> No. 28082
[X] Eat Mokous Liver

Like we were supposed to do in the first place
>> No. 28083
[x] Pass out

anon's problems are always washed away with the good old anemia/pass out option
>> No. 28084
[x] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28085
[x] Shove yourself into the coldbox
>> No. 28086
[ ] Shove yourself into the coldbox
>> No. 28087
[x] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28088
[X] Pass out.

Anemia option.
>> No. 28089
[X] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28090
[x] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28091
[x] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28092
[X] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
I look forward to next first post decides moment.
>> No. 28093
[x] Pass out

When you wake up everything will be ok.
>> No. 28095
[X] Pass out
>> No. 28096
[x] Pass out.
>> No. 28097
[ ] Scream for Cirno

Cirno can cool it, accidentaly passing out in a freezer could be deadly.
>> No. 28098
[x] Scream for Cirno
cool my burns
>> No. 28100
[x] Don't over do it... FIRST AID!
>> No. 28101
oh, are we on first vote, 5 vote, 10 vote mode?
>> No. 28102
[ ] Curse the lake

Medicaments are rather useless here.
Cursing the lake will help somehow, I guarantee it.
>> No. 28103
[x] Scream for Cirno
>> No. 28104
[X] Shove yourself into the coldbox
>> No. 28105
[ ] Bad End

Anemia option.
>> No. 28106
[ ] Pass out
>> No. 28107
[X] Pass out
The World will look bright again once we wake up again.
>> No. 28108
[ ] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28109
[ ] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help
>> No. 28110
[x] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help.
Sounds like the only safe option.
>> No. 28111
[ ] Shove yourself into the coldbox

We'll wake up 17 years later only to find out that we have a son and daughter of 16 years old we randomly made with a tsundere in a sinking amusement park.
>> No. 28113
File 12095042945.jpg - (352.91KB , 700x1370 , Keine2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>[x] Look for some sort of first aid kit or whatever might help

Recollecting your thoughts, you manage to rationalize one thing. At the very least, Keine has been well prepared, and although she's not the best at taking care of the sick, she does tend to have the supplies. Supplies like burn ointment might be among them, and bandages. The question is, where do you look?

[ ] Kitchen

[ ] Living Room

[ ] Keine's Room

[ ] Bathroom

[ ] Unexplored Room
>> No. 28114
>> No. 28115
[X] Unexplored Room

It says unexplored, so let's explore it.
>> No. 28116
[x] Kitchen
>> No. 28117
[ ] Bathroom
>> No. 28118

[x] Keine's Room

If we can't find anything, She has to go to sleep sometime.
She can find our burned dying body sleeping in her bed.
>> No. 28119
[] Unexplored Room
>> No. 28120
[X] Bathroom
>> No. 28121
[x] Bathroom
>> No. 28122
[X] Unexplored Room
>> No. 28123
[x] Bathroom
>> No. 28124
[ ] Unexplored Room

It's gotta be either this one or the bathroom, I think. I hope.

Otherwise, we might wind up finding something we are not meant to see.
>> No. 28125
[x] Keine's Room
>> No. 28126
[X] Unexplored Room
>> No. 28127
[X] Unexplored Room

Okay, Curiosity overcame the will to survive. So sue me.
>> No. 28128
[x] Bathroom
>> No. 28129
[ ] Unexplored Room
I doubt Gensokyo has the same concept of bathrooms as we do.
>> No. 28130
[x] Bathroom
>> No. 28131
[x] Take Mokou's head, then travel to Eientei by sheer force of will and present it to Kaguya.
>> No. 28132
[X] Bathroom
Where I've always known the medical supplies to be...
>> No. 28133
[x] Bathroom
>> No. 28134
[ ] Shove yourself into the coldbox
>> No. 28135
[x] Bathroom
>> No. 28136
[X] Bathroom
>> No. 28137
[X] Unexplored Room

>> No. 28138
[X] Unexplored Room
Shit screams to choose this one.
>> No. 28139

Aww, how sweet!
>> No. 28141
[X] Unexplored Room
Goddamit GM you're being lazy today.....
what's the point behind going half-a step at a time?
where are my walls of text?
>> No. 28142
Eating a human liver, I'd like to say I could but that's internet tough-ism. The actual though would repulse me far too much out side of starvation.

Although I am fond of liver and bacon once in a blue moon.

[X] Unexplored Room

May as well
>> No. 28144
This is always how WUIG is. GM lets us decide everything, as opposed to Kira who makes all the important decisions for us while letting us decide to look under a house.
>> No. 28145
>GM lets us decide everything, as opposed to Kira who makes all the important decisions for us while letting us decide to look under a house.
>letting us decide to look under a house.

I lol'd, just because I still get a kick out of Anon choosing to crawl under the house. The mental image of the situation is just so silly.
>> No. 28146
Dont start this shit again. Kira does it good, and GM does it good too. I have no problems with their ways.
>> No. 28147
They do it differently and I prefer GM's method. That's all I wanted to say.
>> No. 28148
[ ] Bathroom

I wonder, where do you keep your first aidderties, Collective Anonymous?
>> No. 28150
Dude. We discovered some sort of metal object under there. Turns out it was a pipe or something. Shit was awesome.
>> No. 28151
In the room I've never explored obviously.
>> No. 28152

Definitely not in the room that has a cesspit with a box over it.
>> No. 28154
[ ] Unexplored Room

Silent Hill: The room again!! Now anon is trapped there and the ghost of the somehow dead for good Mokou makes anon suffer a living nightmare
>> No. 28155
[X]Unexplored Room
>> No. 28156
[X] Try to find the fairies instead
damnit anon! first aid can wait!
>> No. 28160
7 minute break?
>> No. 28164

seems that way
>> No. 28174
people with actual LIVES shouldn't write those stories.
Any NEET up for the job?
>> No. 28176

Kirakishou's taking a break it seems.
>> No. 28181

What does that have to do with this?
>> No. 28182
He's a NEET.
>> No. 28183

No he isn't.
>> No. 28185
Kiras working, we had MiG 2 hours yesterday, probably going to start again tomorrow.
>> No. 28186
There was that NEET dude from a thread a short while ago, suggesting to start another VN
.....Thinking back, with the recent dulling WUIG threads, i'm starting to regret saying no to that.
>> No. 28187

While he does seem to spend all his time when he's not working on writing, I don't think I want him taking over WUIG. Or anyone else for that matter.
>> No. 28189
You forgot the Limited Adventures Threads, the SDM one is really good. Captain Anon was a good one too. GM inspired other people to write, so dont mind it that GM slows down and writes not as much as before.
>> No. 28193
Damn, I wanted to curse the Lake. DAMN YOU LAKE
By the way, can anyone link me to the... archive-like thing to MiG? Suddenly, I feel like reading.

>> No. 28197
...oh wait.
It looks like I am late.
>> No. 28200

I wonder what will happen if we turn the lights off...
>> No. 28204
File 120951487685.jpg - (182.93KB , 600x450 , aka.jpg ) [iqdb]
This one?
>> No. 28211

Three hours, you're fashionably late for a slowpoke.
>> No. 28247
>We'll wake up 17 years later only to find out that we have a son and daughter of 16 years old we randomly made with a tsundere in a sinking amusement park.

...Okay, I'm not catching the reference, here, although it makes me think of Interlude.
>> No. 28249

Ever17 slowking.
>> No. 28251
Some of us haven't finished that.
>> No. 28253
Shouldnt matter. Most of the posters here are from /jp/ There is a Ever17 thread once a day atleast.
>> No. 28259
Every Ever17 thread I've seen was careful with spoilers. The general consensus was that it is not a game that should be spoiled.
>> No. 28277
>Gensokyo Man!!L3MGOyMGOz 08/04/29(Tue)13:12
>Gensokyo Man!!L3MGOyMGOz 08/04/29(Tue)14:25
Ha ha, wow, one whole hour of WUIG today. Aren't we lucky GM managed to pencil us in between lunch with the executives of the company she's buying out, and having Skype phone sex with the paladin in her secret D&D campaign.

And holy balls on a goddamn fuck, we decided to go into another room!!! This micromanagement style where the protagonist can't perform a single act of free will without our help (except he thinks liver is gross, that's called a personality trait) really works well with the current pace of about 10 choices per week. It's like I almost forget I'm reading a story.
>> No. 28278
>> No. 28279
File 120954128861.png - (468.69KB , 1000x1000 , E6LUWJGC33OS6VJFJIB6CIP2L3HI2ORV.png ) [iqdb]
needs a fucking pepper macro
>> No. 28280
>the executives of the company she's buying out

>> No. 28281

Enjoying yourself, YAF?
>> No. 28282

I don't really care about getting an option for every little thing, but damn it would be nice to actually get a full day of it, like back in the beginning.
>> No. 28285
Fuck you, don't associate me with that spineless nancy. He'd never say that. He says shit like:
>There is no such thing as "better writer", there are only tastes and personal opinions.

Bullshit. Hungry Youkai is the best writer at the moment. Not necessarily the best story, but just based on the writing and especially the top-notch characterizations. Sakuya's angry note was so tsundere I died.

Kira's still the best at planning, but that should be pretty goddamn obvious by now. He got the Death Note back and killed L, after all.
>> No. 28286
College finals can be a bitch like that.
Just wait until they're over.
>> No. 28291

Fuck you, it wasn't me.
Also, don't feed the troll.
>> No. 28292
I wish GM at least tells us when she stops. I mean, how difficult is that?
If you plan on stopping, than type something like "Goodbye guys, I'm done for today". It's not only nice but also helpful.
It's not like GM is a stranger, we've been associating like friends for a while now. And friends tell eachother hello and goodbye. Well, at least I consider GM a semi-half-internet-friend kinda.
>> No. 28298
File 12095641035.jpg - (26.51KB , 283x277 , 1206334251962.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 28299

Why facepalm at that?
It seems reasonable to me
>> No. 28300
It's official, WUIG is slower than Naruto mango.
>> No. 28301

That implies you followed Naruto, you realize.
>> No. 28302
It's not offensive outside of /a/
>> No. 28303

...I just popped a vein in rage
Have some self-respect.
>> No. 28304
To be clear, I do not actually read it. Just throwing a name to compare with the glacial pacing this had. Silent Sinner in Blue could have worked better.

But really though, is it a crime reading that manga?
>> No. 28305
>But really though, is it a crime reading that manga?

It's not really a crime, but admitting that you read it, in a place where most people are from 4chan is like going to a church and telling the priest that you raped a 6 years old girl.
>> No. 28306
Wouldn't a true Christian congregation find it in their hearts to forgive the sinner, though?
>> No. 28307
Wouldn't the priest suggest a 6 year old boy instead?
>> No. 28308
priests are little boy rapists. They would welcome you
>> No. 28320
File 120957327725.jpg - (41.44KB , 331x945 , 1183702337030.jpg ) [iqdb]
>This thread
>> No. 28366

Depends. I'm not really familiar with churches' customs, so yeah.

Good point though. Just like 4chan would suggest watching Bleach instead.
>> No. 28467
I don't think so, Tim.
>> No. 28478
>4chan would suggest watching Bleach no Pico instead.
>> No. 28481

I'm talking about /a/ here, you know.
>> No. 28488
You lost me. /a/ would recommend Gurren Lagann. Not fucking Bleach
>> No. 28589

I dunno, /a/ seems to really have gone downhill lately.
It wouldn't surprise me.
>> No. 28596
Gone downhill? Wouldn't that require once having actually been somewhere UP the hill?
>> No. 28606
If /a/ has taught us anything, it's that you can always sink a little lower.