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(note: to avoid confusion, do not archive this with Kira's work.) I just pulled this out randomly in the MIG IRC last night.

Continuing from http://www.touhouproject.com/th/res/26877.html

A less than pleasant expression crosses Mokou’s face.
"Ok, listen up because I only want to talk about this once. It’s damn annoying to think about. Back in middle school we were all friends. The three of us would hang out damn near all the time when we weren't with your sisters. Especially after Marisa became your mom. But things sort of changed. Kaguya started acting…differently. W- she has always had a thing for you."

Mokou stares blankly at the ground avoiding eye contact, as if she is thinking about something very painful. It's odd, but Mokou's mournful face looks rather beautiful. She's always been the lively and strong person friend at your side, so it's rather rare to see her look feminine. A sort of tightness grips your chest; a longing to comfort her, and perhaps yourself. She continues.

"I don't think I really want to talk about this. Sorry could we ta-" but you cut her off as you pull her into a fierce embrace.

Mokou does push you away or yell at you like normal. She just kneels there, limp, as you squeeze her with all your might.

"I'm sorry, Mokou. You're my best friend and my biggest source of support. I didn't mean to bring up anything hurtful. I just want to know what's between...us"
Mokou stops breathing for a second. That last comment sucked the air and resolve right out of her. "Anon....I..." but she just trails off. You can feel her trying to lift her arms to do something but she just stops midway, as if she can't decide what to do.

You decide to break the silence. "I really don't know what happened, but I can guess that I had to make a choice. I think I made the right one, but probably never followed through with it. I don't care how we've acted before, but I can't hold back any more.” A more awkward silence settles in.

You search for the words, but both of you have lost them. You just kneel there, gripping your best friend with a horrible squeezing sensation in your chest. Suddenly, your senses spike and you become aware of things. Her soft, warm breath against your neck. The feeling of her skin in your arms. Her ample bosom pushed against you. It's maddening. You want her. You have to have her. You should have done this from the beginning. You pull Mokou back and look at her straight in the eyes. They are wide with surprise and confusion. Beautiful rubies shimmer at you. Is she going to cry?
"Mokou. I'm sorry for what I'm about to do, but I can't stop myself."

Gripping into her back and sides firmly, you pull Mokou's body to yours and press your lips onto hers. She immediately wraps her arms around you. She kisses you furiously, forcing her tongue between your lips. It's as if this was the final crack that broke a dam holding back a flood of emotion. She pushes you to the ground and starts hitting you in the chest. She doesn’t punch you hard, but rather steadily like waves hitting a shore.

Mokou stares down at you with wild eyes. "Y-you idiot! How could you do this now after I saw you with her! I’ve never been more scared in my life when I saw you holding arms with her. I've held back for all these years because I was scared, and then you just happen you lose your memories and do whatever the hell you want!" It’s not fair! You stupid…idiot!"
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You try to raise a protest, but are quickly silenced by her lips. Funny, that's the same thing you would have done in her situation. But there it is. A fire fills your chest replacing the earlier dread. A command keeps reciting in your mind. A single though. <Take her. Take her. Take her.> Quickly you roll on top and bite her neck.

She moans loudly as you move up to her earlobe and nibble it. Her waist rises rhythmically against you, grinding into your now firm cock. Mokou pulls your shirt over your head and pushes you over during the confusion. With shirt still stuck on face, you feel something warm and moist traveling along your chest down to your pants, which are forcefully unbuckled. Managing to pull the shirt away, it reveals Mokou staring at you with fiercely hungry eyes.

"God I've wanted this for so long" you hear her say as she pulls your pants, underwear, and shoes off.

She looks surprised for a second seeing your fully erect member, but then smiles deliciously at it. Her eyes close as she runs her tounge along the bottom of your shaft as if savoring the taste. As Mokou reaches the tip of your penis, she opens her eyes and skillfully wraps her hand around your shaft. Drunk with desire and eyes upturned like the best of porn stars, she slowly brings her mouth down around your penis. Her fingers squeeze hard and move up and down as she begins to suck, while the other hand lightly rubs your balls.

Silver hair falls like a fine silk curtain across her face as she bobs her head quicker. Her hand gives way to her mouth as she takes in all of your manhood, running her teeth along the shaft ever so lightly. Your body jolts at the sensation, spine tingling, heart racing, mind running nowhere at full speed. This goddess simply stares into your soul with her burning red eyes as she moves quickly up and down.
Up and down.
Up and down.
It's too much. After a few minutes of this, you know you can’t hold back any longer. You manage to gasp out a warning and can almost see a smile on her face. She wraps her fingers tightly around you again and strokes firmly; her head bounces at your tip with new vigor as she sucks hard. It blows your mind. Your back arches up at the sensation. You cum hard into her hungry mouth. She moans in surprise and delight as she drinks it all. Her pace slows but doesn’t stop. Thank god she knows what she is doing. Your sensitive penis sends shocks of pleasure through your body.

She moves back to a kneeling position, playfully stroking your shaft lightly and breathing deeply. "Wow, you are still hard? I didn't know you had it in you."

But you know. The cloud in your mind clears and only one thing matters. You want her. You want her to scream with pleasure. You want to feel her body and crash into it. You want to fill her and ram into her until there is nothing left.

She lays back as you rise up on her, once again pinning her back to the ground. You grip her buttoned blouse and tear it open, ruining the shirt. She inhales excitedly. No time to undo the bra. You pull it up and over her breasts, exposing the perfectly round ivory mounds with pink tips. With one hand firmly gripping a breast, you bring your mouth to the other one. Your tongue quickly runs a lap around the nipple as she moans and rubs your back. Her nipple quickly hardens and deeps to a crimson shade as you begin to suck on it. You hold each breast and rub them, as if massaging them. You quickly jump to the other one to nibble and suck it. Her body twitches. Ragged breathing and soft cries fill your ears. You pinch both tips firmly, but still gently, as you lean up. Her faces winces in pleasure or pain or both, you can't be sure.
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"Please..." she begins to beg, but you know exactly what she is going to ask.

You pull off her jeans, exposing bright pink panties with a lacy trim. You pause, admiring the spectacle. Huh, always thought they'd be plain white. Maybe she does have a feminine streak in her. You make a mental note to convince her to wear a skirt and stockings in the future.

Taking a single finger, you quickly run your finger along the wet slit in her panties. Her waist jerks up as she gasps loudly, and then emits a restless moan. Foreplay can be cut short, it's obvious she's ready for this.

Mokou lifts her smooth athletic legs straight up as you pull off her panties. There she is, that silver haired beauty. Full breasts, soft lips, longing red eyes. It's like a dream. It's what you always pictured in your fantasies, and now it's yours for the taking.

She looks a little bashful, but if she is scared its hidden pro. "Its....its my first time you know? I couldn't bring myself to go all the way with anyone else."
You smile. "Thank you" is all you can think to say.

"Here I go" you warn as you slide into position over her. Consensual sex in missionary position might be a bit sick, but for what you are about to do it's needed. "Kiss me" she pleads, so bringing your lips to hers.

Slowly, carefully, you slide into her inviting vagina as you slide your tongue into her mouth, simultaneously parting both her lips. You feel a resistance, but know that in this situation its best to end the pain quickly. You trust with your waist and tear through the seal as Mokou hugs you hard and cries out. Tears fill her eyes as you slide in all the way and stop for a moment. You kiss her gently, not wanting to break the moment. She has waited for this as long as you have, dreaming of it during countless nights.

You slowly pull back and push in again. Her fierce breathing and soft cries continue as her unfocused eyes roll back to the top of her head. You slowly increase the pace.

Her waist rises with yours, gyrating in sync with each push. You can feel it grind against you. The muscles around your member begin to squeeze each time you pull out. Mokou arches her back and moans, but you know she hasn't come yet. This is just the beginning.

The pace quickens. What started out slowly and gentle builds momentum into a powerful pounding over the course of a few minutes. Her breath is ragged. She murmurs incoherent words as you kiss her neck and ears. Her breasts bounce with each thrust. She wraps her arms around your neck and pulls you in. She starts to say "I'm" but is cut short by a moan.

It's hard to resist anymore. You've been inside her for a while now, and the pressure has built up. "Mokou...I'm cumming soon."
"Please" she cries out. "Cum....with me." After that she can barely speak except to whisper "yes" and moan.

You move your arms under her back and wrap your hands around her shoulders. Gripping hard you pull her into you with new motivation and force. She screams out in surprise and pleasure.

"oh god. Anon. oh god. yes. oh. oh. I. I. I."
"I love you too, Mokou"

Her back arches strongly and her legs wrap and squeeze around your back and waist.

"I LOVE YOU ANON! oh oh OH!" She holds you with all her might. You kiss her fiercely and ram into her with all the strength in your body.
She cries out with every push. Her pussy pulsates and constricts tightly around your throbbing penis, causing the both of you to jump in pleasure. You can't count how many years of welled up desire you fire into her warm inviting body. An eternity's worth. She cries out your name over and over again as your seed shoots into her. "YES!" her delight scream fills your ears like music.
You keep thrusting until the last of your strength leaves your body. Laying your head on her breast, it feels like you've reached Nirvana. That void, that painful emptiness and longing, it's gone. Nothing else matters right now. You lay there with the woman you love and listen to heartbeat. All's right with the world.

After an eternity of holding each other, you pull back on your clothes and wander towards the train. Everything feels like a slow motion dream as you walk holding arms. Eventually you make it home and kiss her deeply. She looks at you with hazy eyes and a smile you've never seen before. "Have a nice night, Anon." Mokou punches you hard in the arm and half grins as she steps inside her home.
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Would you like to save?
[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
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>After an eternity of holding each other
Then Mokou got pregnant


I was like ಠ_ಠ when I saw this. Kinda ruined the moment.

><Take her. Take her. Take her.>
Fuck you, Nanaya.

Anyways, good job, anon. Too bad its not canon.
>...r her say as she pulls your pants, underwear, and shoes off.
Ew, she left the socks on?
Fuck, I'd stop her and take them off.
I fucking hate socks.
Hey, if the girl has her kinks, let her enjoy them.
File 120941247378.jpg - (55.44KB, 800x600 , 1203658203718.jpg) [iqdb]

or not

Now anon has to spend his time with a boring little baby instead of little sisters.
Our little sisters will help us, of course.
It'll be one really big adorable family.
I will have you know that the original version had mollusks in it. At least I took out the REO Speedwagon Hijack too.

Maybe the next one will be Kaguya. Spankings by all means will be involved. Someone has to show her who is boss.
Always needs more surprise scat
She could be my boss.
>The molluscs (British spelling) or mollusks (American spelling) are members of the very large and diverse phylum of invertebrate animals known as Mollusca. There are some 112,000 species within this phylum.[1] The scientific study of molluscs is known as malacology.

Haha, no. A woman can't respect a man who won't take the lead. Enjoy being manipulated and abused, faggot.
>REO Speedwagon Hijack

How would have this gone?
I'm interested now.
I guess that's why I gave up on women a while ago.
Oh? So I guess my faggot comment WAS justified. Women are fine if you know how to deal with them. Women may be total bitches while they think they have an equal hand in the relationship, but they're much nicer to be around when you finally tame them and show them their place. You just need to be a strong enough man to do that, which I guess you aren't.
In retrospect it wasn't that funny, but remember I was writing each sentence off the top of my head and posting it.

>>You decide to break the silence. "I really don't know what happened, but I can guess that I had to make a choice. I think I made the right one, but probably never followed through with it. I don't care how we've acted before, but I can't fight this feeling any longer.
I can’t fight this feeling any longer
And yet I’m still afraid to let it flow
What started out as friendship, has grown stronger
I only wish I had the strength to let it show
This Man knows what he is talking about, listen to him. Women only want pure assholes, not nice and understanding Men.
Haha, women don't give two shits if you're a "nice guy." Saying "I may have a weak personality, but I'm a nice guy" is like a fat girl saying "I may be hideous, but at least I'm smart!" It's not going to help you in a relationship.
>>This Man knows what he is talking about, listen to him. Women only want pure assholes, not total pussies.

Also, the song I was ORIGINALLY thinking was B.J. Thomas - Hooked On A Feeling.

>>I can't stop this feeling.
File 120941637087.gif - (86.76KB, 241x230 , 120729860717.gif) [iqdb]
God dammit, this has become a misogyny thread. Stop it and post some fucking Mokou.
"Nice understanding men" are really just wimpy pussies who pretend to be nice because they have nothing else to offer women. They'd be "jerks" like everyone else if they had the balls to do so.
Post the original pic in /at/
I notice this sort of thing happens a lot anytime someone says anything to the effect of wanting or not minding being dominated by a Touhou.

Often saying the exact same things, no less.
Why, I wonder? I wonder?
Disregard that, I found it.
We're more than one people. Stop crying "same person!" whenever anyone shows disgust at your gross femdom fetish. There's a reason very few people like that sort of shit.
File 120941725167.jpg - (82.78KB, 460x450 , 120735928047.jpg) [iqdb]
Kana? Kana?

I actually don't have the original. Link?
>>27721 Rena, go back to bed. My bed.
Dammit, we don't hate women, we hate what modern society has done to them. Men are being systematically castrated, while women are convinced they can only be worth something if the try to imitate men. No one benefits from this. I'm against feminism because I like women, and I hate seeing what they are becoming.
The mexican culture that's starting to claim America is horrific as well though. They degrade women to the point where they're just objects, which is no better than forcing them to be something they're not. Either way, nobody really wins. :/
The Mexicans assimilate our culture when the cross the border, not the other way around. Also, it's perfectly possible to promote women being obedient to men without being viewed as objects. In fact, that's the way it was for hundreds of years. Feminists just like to exaggerate "male oppression" for their political rhetoric.
So basically you like the old gender roles? Whoop-de-doo.
The old gender roles are far superior to the confused, irrational, contradicting, and unrealistic standards we have now.
I never said "same person" did I? I don't believe I did.
I was merely commenting on the fact that whenever a discussion goes this way, for some strange reason someone pipes up with something that sounds exactly like something that is said every other time this topic pops up.

It's hardly my fault if your opinion comes across as less of a voicing of an original thought and more like a reading of a pre-written script or slogan.
And what confused, irrational, contradicting, and unrealistic standards are those (and why are those adjectives applicable)? Sounds like hyperbole if I've ever heard it.
To either be a whore, a tuff gurrl, a submissive bitch, or a manipulative whore with a soft, creamy dere-dere filling.

I'm actually just rejoining this thread, I still think a Kaguya trying to be dominative but ends up being scared and shy is cute.
Would you faggots kindly take this elsewhere? I can't concentrate on my fapping.
Seriously. Why the fuck are we talking about "realistic standards" and whatnot here?
We're not talking about how we're going to score with someone in real life, here, people.
Nah, >>27733 was complaining about what "modern society" has done to them. Only some ridiculous sub-culture and fringe wackos would actually hold those standards, cause they're clearly absurd caricatures.
already dumped it all to a txt file. I'll probably post it on /jp/ for shits and giggles when mods are asleep.
Can we expect a similar good end involving Kaguya, and another with both?

Please say yes.
Now write this again but with Kaguya in it. Needs more Kaguya/Mokou with us in the middle.
Anyone who can be a jerk is a jerk? That's just absurd.

Sexual fetishes have very little relation to anything involving rational beliefs. Liking femdom doesn't mean a person really believes women should control men, and the converse is also true. To most who practice such things, it's merely a game. A game that turns them on, and that's all it needs to be.

This is impossible. Particularly in this setting.
Nah, it's possible to get a Mokou/Kaguya, but it's not easy. I doubt anon will be able to pull it off. More likely it'd come down to Mokou or Kaguya.
You realize by saying that, we'll just want to go for it even more, right?

...or, just puss out and settle for one over the other that much faster. Damn it.
Kira's saying that so we'll try for both, and end up getting neither.
>Nah, it's possible to get a Mokou/Kaguya, but it's not easy. I doubt anon will be able to pull it off.

Mokou/Kaguya is OTP. If I can't have the both, I'd rather have none.
If we can't have both, I'd rather we BAD END ourselves until we get it right.
I'm glad Anon liked it. I think the next one will be Kaguya. I'm a sucker for the girl-next-door theme, which is why this Mokou story was a bit more love oriented. Kaguya will be much more lust oriented, since she strikes me as more of a spoiled vixen.

Mokou x Kaguya is tempting, but I can only see it possible if they were under the influence of drug/alcohol.

Other thoughts (which will probably need more MIG to work in)
Yuuka wants Anon's seed.
A visit to the school nurse (assuming its Eirin)
Teach Me Ran-sensei
Taming of the Reimu

>Teach Me Ran-sensei

Oh god yes.
>Yuuka wants Anon's seed.

Please, please do this.

Also, Anon getting some "discipline" from Principal/Student Disciplinary Committee Sikieiki.
>Yuuka wants Anon's seed.

Oh hell no. I think we all know how Yuuka goes about doing THAT.

Anon likes all his parts to remain attached.
>Yuuka wants Anon's seed.

Delicious May/December
>Yuuka wants Anon's seed.

I'd plant my 7 seeds in Horo, if yo-wait, wut?
What? No anon & sisters co. accidentally drinks drugged beverage?
You know, I'm pretty sure there's some kind of legality concerning keeping written-porn on websites.

I should probably look into that.
I did once see an ero-fic archival site with a disclaimer on the front page, so that's possible. I'm not really sure, though. Books with explicit sex scenes don't get their own shelves in bookstores.
File 120944925243.jpg - (184.36KB, 900x900 , a2ba9e51132fd4abcab48060811a33f6.jpg) [iqdb]
>>Mokou x Kaguya is tempting, but I can only see it possible if they were under the influence of drug/alcohol.

I see no problem with this.
As far as I know, the only rule for this website is that it must be Touhou related. If the mods don't want this on their board, they are free to remove it. I just hope I don't get banned. Its worth looking into, thanks for the heads up.
Oh why did I not use "p0n0s" and "vag00."

Er..not at this moment but I'll keep that in mind.
Out of Toilet Paper?

>>NSFW Deleted by admin - 1/10/08 @ 4:37PM PST#
>>Due to conflictions with host and legal laws >>and blah blah yeah you get the idea.
There is a NSFW board...

No one's gonna get banned over nsfw text. Do not breed paranoia.
Also try looking at the date on your little quote there. We've a new host.
Noone on an imageboard will get in trouble for nsfw text. Archival sites may be different, and I assumed that's what that guy who archives was talking about.
Bump from the grave.
I think you saved its life, 27965 (SHaG 06) is already deleted.
You...you saved it. You people care. *sniff* I'm touched. I will reward you with Kaguya x Mokou sometime this weekend.

Don't worry, I have this thread and the Yuuka thread saved, and with back-up. Just like every other VN thread.
That reminds me - I lost the address to the archive page. Could someone kindly provide a link to it?
Are you doing anything besides manually saving them from the browser? I need to figure out what to use (on windows) to make a script that'll save pages "complete" with the _files folder. It's getting ridiculous to do it manually for 10+ stories and spin-off stories at once.


Though, I think he's just saving the thumbnails, which is good enough, really.
Yeah, you get the thumbnails in the _files folder if you save "complete," I'm just tired of doing that manually for each thread every time. I'm using DTA to get the fullsize images, too.

Yep, but now I'm thinking of saving even the pics.

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