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File 120940546020.jpg - (371.29KB, 698x1200 , psychoeirin.jpg) [iqdb]
You ask Tewi if she knows where you’re at or where you’re going.
“Back to the house for now. We need somewhere safe to regroup, and Aya can cover for us for a while. She apparently has quite the bit of standing with the Tengu, you know, despite everyone else disliking her.”
That seems like an odd way of saying it, but, any port in a storm, eh?
“Enough chatter though, we need to keep moving.” Tewi helps you get Eirin back up on your back. You and Tewi continue moving through out most of the rest of the day. By the time you make it back to the clearing where this whole mess started, it’s late afternoon. The sun has almost set, and everything is cast in long shadows. It’s about one hundred feet to the small house. It seems that the lights are on in the house already. You look around. Tewi’s already checking around the edge of the woods to see if it’s safe to go across. She starts out into the expanse between the house and the woods and quickly waves for you to follow. The two of you barely make it up onto the porch before the door opens and the two of you are waved quickly inside by Aya.
“So, How’d it go?” Reisen immediately asks once you’re inside. You double take. She’s sitting at the table, apparently feeling much better. Sanae’s sitting there two.
“Just as planned.” Tewi smirks. “The kid’s plan here went off brilliantly.” Tewi slips you a knowing glance. “He’s a little worse for wear for it, but we really did seem to get lucky.” She nods.
“That’s good to hear.” Sanae smiles while nodding her head. Eirin makes a slight noise and shifts on your back.
“Ah! We almost forgot about her.” Reisen and Sanae stand up and come over to you.
“Here, let us take her off your hands. We’ll take care of her from here.”
You let Sanae and Reisen take Eirin from you. They carry her off into another room, which Suwako soon enters too.
Aya sits down at the table and Tewi follows suit, waving for you to sit as well. Tewi fills you in on what happened after the tengu ninja jumped you, with occasional interjections from Aya. It basically boils down to the ninjas loyal to Aya had informed her that Lord Tenma had captured someone fleeing from the direction of Eientei, and was heading up the mountain. Tewi was told this when she went to confront Aya about the Tengu Ninja who had kidnapped you. From there, Tewi broke into the prison to try and find you, and also to try and find out who might have been captured from. She never expected it to be Eirin. So Tewi had apparently told the girls that you’d been captured on purpose so that you could infiltrate from the inside, and try and find the captured person as well as lead Tewi to their strong hold. That’s why the girls weren’t mad at you. You thank her for what she’s done.
“Don’t expect me to do it again, kid. Next time, you’re on your own.”
Your shoulders slump at this, but this situation shouldn’t arise again. Hopefully. Aya opens her mouth to ask you a question, but is interrupted by a scream from the other room. The three of you run to the door and are greeted by a horrific sight. Reisen is lying, crumpled, on the floor, Suwako is slumped over against the wall by the door, and is apparently coughing blood, and in the middle of the room, Eirin has Sanae in a death grip, trying to strangle her. Eirin glances up, seeing the people enter the room, she quickly pulls Sanae up and spins her around, effectively turning her into a human shield, but letting go of her throat. Sanae is coughing fiercely, fighting for air. She seems to be trying to tell you all something, but can’t yet speak.
“E-Eirin. . . What are you doing?!” Tewi shouts in surprise. Eirin says nothing but only laughs.
Aya seems to be making ready to charge Eirin, but Tewi stops her, shaking her head. Tewi starts walking towards Eirin, who backs away from Tewi. The look on Eirin’s face, which you can occasionally see peeking out from behind Sanae is wild eyed. This situation isn’t good. You look down at Suwako who seems to have passed out. Suddenly something warm and wet hits your face. Aya screams. You whip your head back around and see a fountain of blood erupting from Sanae’s chest. E-Eirin’s hand. . . It went THROUGH Sanae’s chest! Eirin pulls her hand out, and kicks Sanae’s body at Tewi before jumping out the window. Tewi catches Sanae’s body and lays her down on the ground. Aya’s there in an instant, and flies off after Eirin after shouting for Momiji. Momiji runs past the room and out the front door, presumably following Aya, you’ve got more pressing concerns right now. You have three people in this room, a couple potentially dying, and one definitely dying. How in the hell did it come to this?

[ ] Use item
[ ] Try to wake up Suwako
[ ] Try to wake up Reisen.
[x] Use Elixir
[x] Grapple attack

Get out some dice.
[X] Use item

Goddamn it, Kira. Couldn't let things go smoothly for us for too long, huh?
[x] Use Elixir
[x] Try to wake up Reisen.

Immortal Reisen Route GO
[ ] Use item
[X] Use Hourai Elixir on Sanae

I had hoped we could save it for ourselves, but if ever there was a time to use it...

Wait, do we still have it? I can't remember what we've lost and what we still have.

[X] Inventory
[X] Use item
What the hell is going on again, after we saved her she kills someone....
She has probably gone nuts from all the torture.
This seems rather simple.
Use the Generic Hourai Elixir to heal Sanae. She and Suwako are our only healers, so we need to keep them alive.
If there's any left, give it to Reisen and Suwako.

Then, figure out what the fuck just happened with Eirin. Did the torture drive her insane? Is she being controlled? Did we just fall into another trap?
Only temp effect but otherwise I agree

[x] Use Elixir
[x] Try to wake up Reisen.
Suwako is a god, she can survive this.
[X] Use item
[x] Use Elixir
[ ] Use item
[Z] use item.
The shit hits the fan again, no quiet hour for Anon.
File 120940666372.jpg - (172.92KB, 500x708 , 1206328465799.jpg) [iqdb]
BAHAHAHAH. What a twist!

No wait, I'm not happy about this at all. ;_;
Which item will you use?

[ ] Talisman.
[ ] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[ ] Card.
[ ] Box.

On who?

[ ] Yourself.
[ ] Sanae.
[ ] Suwako.
[ ] Reisen.
[ ] Tewi.
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).

[x] Sanae
[ ] Hourai Elixir (Generic).

[ ] Sanae.
[X] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[X] Sanae.

Don't fuck this up, anon. She needs it to live.
Health level check on party. I want to find out who is the most injured.
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Reisen.

It's gonna be a good day - a good day for drinkin'.
[X] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[X] Yourself.
Then we feed them all our LIVER, so we have got ourself an immortal ARMY. Thought only for a day or so. Enough to conquer everything.
[ ] Hourai Elixir (Generic).

[ ] Sanae.
mokou: 1% Ultra Critical Condition.
Sanae: 5% Ultra Critical Condition
Suwako: 25% Critical Condition
Reisen: Unable to determine.
Tewi: 74%
Cirno: 99%
Rumia: 99%
Wriggle: 99%
Aya: 98%
Momiji: 95%

Sanae just had a fucking arm driven clean through her chest. I'm pretty sure that's a mortal wound that outranks everyone else's damage.
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).

[x] Sanae

[ ] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[ ] Sanae.

Okay, recover the priestess first and make sure she gets healing while the elixir is still in effect or she'll just wear out again.

If we can't save someone we use Cirno to put them in suspended animation and pray she doesn't fuck it up.
If Reisen dies, do we rage hard enough to discover our inner powers and go on a killing spree?
[x] Hourai (Generic).
[x] Sanae.
leave some drops of elixir for yourself
>>mokou: 1% Ultra Critical Condition.
>>Sanae: 5% Ultra Critical Condition

See that? The priestess is little better right now than Mokou, who was fucking IN PIECES.

Save the poor girl already, for crying out loud.

>>Reisen: Unable to determine.

[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Sanae

Then Sanae can help Reisen
>[ ] Talisman.
When did we get this?
why don't you wake up suwako? she can heal sanae and reisen
[X] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[X] Sanae.
[X] Wake up Suwako.
Lifted it off of one of the unconscious guards when we escaped our cell, along with some spell cards and the keys.

When we HONK HONK'd the guards back in tengu prison i think.
Your hands are shaking. Quickly taking the cap off of the bottle you go over to Sanae. There’s blood everywhere. It doesn’t look like her heart was pierced, just her lung. Which could be just as bad. You have the bottle of Elixir, but where do you pour it? On the wound or in her mouth?

[ ] Mouth.
[ ] Wound.
[x] Mouth.
[ ] Mouth.

You drink it, hurr.
[x] Mouth.


I hope.
[X] Wound.
[X] Mouth.
Both of course.
[x] Mouth.
[X] Mouth.

I would think. Both Mokou and Kaguya drank the elixir, they didn't pour it into an open wound. The effect should be immediate, too, since it works on the soul rather than the body.
File 120940778790.jpg - (23.14KB, 154x240 , 1198593326217.jpg) [iqdb]
Good question, does she even have enough body left to swallow things?

[ ] Mouth.

I know I don't pray very often and you're not my favorite of the chaos gods but...
I've been doing a lot of work in your name lately and well, if you could see you way clear to healing Sanae with as few mutations as possible. I'd appreciate it.
Wouldn't there be some indication of where it can and cannot be used on the label?

"For external use only" for example?
Or is Gensokyo not so big on warning labels?

How apropos.
I know we're busy and all right now, but I would just like to take the time to remind everyone that Tewi is fucking awesome, and we absolutely HAVE to figure out Unlimited Carrot Works for her at some point.
Sanae best appreciate this.
That damn elixir could have sold for a million
the hourai elixier (generic) come with an instruction leaflet of 79 pages. sadly, you don't have the time to read it
>>I've been doing a lot of work in your name lately

The scat made me think you were more of a Nurgle kinda guy.

Also [x] Mouth. I'm pretty sure it works like that.
File 120940811045.jpg - (49.37KB, 499x721 , 1190315068293.jpg) [iqdb]
Is that such a good idea? This is what happened when I asked him to help out with my parents' garden...
Beer Spider is my representative of Nurgle, I'm chaos undivided.
That looks more like the work of PROGRESS to me.

[X] Both
You pour the liquid down Sanae’s mouth and gently massaging her throat until she reflexively swallows. She coughs slightly, her eyes completely unfocused. Nothing seems to be happening. You look up at Tewi, panic evident on your face. She looks at you and concentrates for a moment.
“This really is the last time I can help you kid.” She’s breathing heavily. “Try it again.”
You notice that there’s some liquid left in the bottle. Pouring the entire remaining contents of the bottle down Sanae’s throat, she manages to swallow it this time. She coughs again after swallowing, this time spewing blood out her mouth. She tries to take another breath but falters, making only a gurgling noise before he head lulls to the side. It would seem that blood loss got to her. You sit there in shock. Why didn’t it work?! WHY? Tewi, still holding Sanae’s hand, feels at the wrist.
She remains silent for a while, staring at the limp wrist that she’s holding. “. . . There’s no pulse. It would seem we weren’t in time to save her.”
Tewi takes Sanae’s hand and places it upon her chest, then closes Sanae’s eyes.
“I guess I helped you too much kid.”
You’re not even listening. The bottle’s fallen to the floor and rolled away from your hand. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening! Tewi goes over to check on Suwako and Reisen, leaving you sitting dumbfounded in the middle of the room, next to Sanae’s body.

File 120940903975.jpg - (37.98KB, 255x288 , 1206994345199.jpg) [iqdb]
What the fuck?


That... that's a delusion, right? Or a a BAD END, right? We could avoid this somehow, right?

KIRA... it hurts...
No choice?

fuck it.

[Z] Kick reason to the curb. Live, damn you, Live!

Tewi is the effective leader of our group, and she's done a bang-up job, covering our asses and our ego. I suggest taking her advice whenever possible.
Notice there were no options?
It's not over yet.

It's Epic Wall of Text, time.
File 120940923817.jpg - (308.80KB, 582x456 , 1207194186238.jpg) [iqdb]
y u do this???
Now what?

Waiiiiiiit a second.

No. I'm not going to jinx it, I may be wrong besides. (but I prey I'm right)
Tewi comes back over to you after checking on Reisen and Suwako. She says something to you, but you can’t even hear a word she’s saying. Suddenly, there’s a sharp stinging sensation from the side of your face. You raise your hand to your face, dumbstruck. It feels slightly warm. Looking at Tewi, tears are streaming down her cheek.
“DAMNIT ALREADY. SNAP OUT OF IT. Help me here. We can still save Suwako. Now help me!”
You get up and help Tewi move Suwako into the kitchen. You hold Suwako while Tewi fills the pot that Suwako was using earlier to carry water.
“I hope this works” Tewi pours the water on Suwako, who seems to glow slightly, but seems to have no other effect. Suwako seems to be breathing a little bit more easily, if that’s any consolation. Moving Suwako over to an unused couch and covering her with a blanket you head back into the room. Reisen is still lying on the floor. You and Tewi head over to her. She seems to be unhurt, except for the fact that she’s unconscious. You gently pick her up and carry her into the other room. Tewi stays behind with Suwako. You place Reisen on the floor next to Suwako and grab another blanket and put it over her. It’s the least you can do at this point. You fall back, sitting on the floor. This. This was a massive failure. If you had only gone with them, maybe. . . Maybe you could have done something.
Kira... ;_;
I bet kanako is gonna be filled with joy when she hears about her miko's death.
Uh, YAF..

>>27425 *Scorn*!!D4MGD0ZwZl
>>27428 Spring!m7te1lApzs
It's her own damn fault.
Also, I can't imagine Suwako is going to be happy when she gets up. Not only was she grievously wounded, but now her descendant is dead.
Yeah, okay, I misread the names. Big deal.

Also, good job, anon. I fucking congratulate you.
File 120940992789.jpg - (443.58KB, 1137x1602 , playing_with_the_gods_06.jpg) [iqdb]
Isn't it sad Suwako?

Mokou can be rendered down to little more than bits and pieces, right? The elixir works on the soul, not the body.

Tewi comes out of the room, sliding the door shut. She toddles over to you. Suddenly she’s hugging you tightly.
“There was nothing you or anyone else could have done. I . . . I should have seen that there was something wrong with Eirin. But that’s all behind us now. I think we should be more worried about when Suwako wakes up and finds out that Sanae’s dead. . .” Tewi sighs. “I really thought that you did have some of the experimental elixir that Eirin was working on in there. . . Even if you didn’t there should have been enough left in the bottle for my luck to have done something. . .” Tewi starts buries her face in your shoulder crying. You return her hug, squeezing her tightly. The both of you crying, so much built up tension. . . all of it is coming out in a flood, from both of you.
Reisen moans slightly, and seems to be coming around. Tewi breaks away from you and is by Reisen’s side instantly.
“Reisen, Reisen. . .” Tewi is still crying.
“Ah. . . Tewi. . . What. . what happened?”
Tewi latches onto Reisen, squeezing her tightly. “It’s Sanae. . . She’s. . . She’s. . .”
Reisen is suddenly quite alert. “What happened to Sanae?!”
“She’s. . . Dead.”
Reisen goes pale as a sheet. “N-No. . . That. . . That can’t be. . .”
You tell her that it is.
“No! That CAN’T be. It can’t be at all. I have to go see her. . .” Reisen starts to try and stand, only to be held down by Tewi.
“No, you don’t understand I have to get to Sanae!” Reisen seems frantic, almost hysteric.

[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.
[ ] Help Tewi hold her.
[ ] Ask her what she means.
You are a bad person and you should feel bad.
File 12094100667.jpg - (38.40KB, 312x445 , Channel.jpg) [iqdb]
Take it all!
[x] Tell Tewi to let her.
[ ] Ask her what she means.
[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.
[X] Tell Tewi to let her.
w00t first death.

don't worry guise, i'm sure Sanae will have a good time in the underworld, even if she gets molested by Yuyoko.
[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.
[X] Tell Tewi to let her.

There are some things we have to see for ourselves.
[ ] Ask her what she means.

[X] Tell Tewi to let her.
Kira is the anti-spiral. If it wasn't clear earlier, it's pretty damn obvious now.
[X] Tell Tewi to let her.

[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.

Let's cling to this bit of hope while listening to Tetsuya Shibata's piano version of Devils Never Cry ;_;
[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.
[Z] Ask her what she means.
[X] Tell Tewi to let her.

Believe in she who believes in us.
[ ] Help Tewi hold her.
[ ] Ask her what she means.
[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.
[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.
[x] Turn the lights off

Sanae isn't what she seems.
"Karma" from Ever 17 is now playing in your head.
File 120941028481.jpg - (36.73KB, 640x360 , 1206749383850.jpg) [iqdb]

Excuse me wtf are you doing?
Sanae can't die
She owes us for that elixir
File 120941032467.jpg - (33.06KB, 100x110 , 1209164982077.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] "Uboa, is that you?"
Caramelldansen is now playing in your head. manually.
File 120941043396.jpg - (92.71KB, 908x605 , whatreimu.jpg) [iqdb]
....the fuck?
File 120941047360.jpg - (36.71KB, 312x445 , Stream of Life.jpg) [iqdb]
[Z] Cast Channel + Stream of life.
Needs moar Patriarch's Bidding.
Do we fusion HAAA with Sanae to save her life?
half Anon, half Sanae. The body of a female, the mind of a male Anon

Yeah, bitch ain't getting that shit for free.
This better be a votable option
Time is of the essence here.
Best to trust that Reisen knows something we don't and let her do whatever she plans to do.
Explanations can come afterwards.
Causing a miracle upon death?
[X] Tell Tewi to let her.
In b4 we look into Reisen's eyes and 50 YEARS.
Libera me from hell is now playing manually in your head. And on your computer. Or hifi set.

We have to believe in Reisen. She seems to know something we don't and time is of essence here, so no use delaying her with stupid questions. Every little bit of hope we have here is important. We must row row and fight da powa.
[ ] Tell Tewi to let her.
Libera Me from Hell always brings a manly tear to my eye.
You tell Tewi to let Reisen up, she might know something that we don’t. Tewi looks at you funny but lets Reisen get up. She rushes over to the door, albeit a bit unsteadily and slides the door open.
“Ah! But. . . But. . no. . .This. . This can’t. . .” Reisen slumps to the floor, shaking her head. She just continues to mutter to herself that this can’t be happening. It seems that she may have been confused about something. You decide you should probably cover the body with something, but you really don’t want to get anything of Aya’s covered in blood. You instead walk over to Reisen and help her up. you walk her back over to the couch and sit her down. She’s stopped mumbling now and is just sobbing, rubbing away the tears, but they’re coming faster than she can rub them away. You hug her tightly, and she buries her face into your shoulder, wailing loudly now.
Aya comes back in now with Momiji in tow. She sees Reisen and Tewi both crying, and you look up at her with a pained expression on her face.
“ . . . Oh. oh.” Aya’s voice is very small.
Momiji comes in, and dumps her sword and shield on the table complaining loudly about how the woman got away. She didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary until Aya hits her on the head with the fan, and turns Momiji’s head towards the group of crying people.
“Eh? Oh. OH. oh. . .” Momiji seems to have caught on to what happened.
The rest of the evening passes in relative silence. Aya half heartedly makes a meal, and you help her with it, but nobody exactly seems hungry tonight. You’re the last one still awake, Everyone else has either gone to sleep, or is off pretending to sleep. You’re sitting at the kitchen table, the only light in the room is from the moonlight streaming in the window. You should probably go to sleep, but you can’t bring yourself to go. The remains of dinner still sit on the table.

[ ] Clean up.
[ ] Try and go to sleep.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
>Devil Never Cry

*cradle Sanea in arms*

Nitori risked her life for me. And now you too. I should have saved you. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO FILL YOUR SOUL WITH LIIIIGHT!!!
[x] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
[ ] Clean up.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
[X] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
Making sure that the miko doesn't turn into an undead zombie
File 120941168712.jpg - (196.63KB, 702x468 , eirin (5).jpg) [iqdb]
Man, it's so hard to like Eirin. In most fanon when she's not the villain she's the bitch.
[x] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.

[x] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.

Third checks a charm, as I always say!
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.

Yep, she's dead Jim.
[X] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
[X] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.

God damn it.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
[x] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
File 120941183344.jpg - (22.37KB, 714x479 , antispiral.jpg) [iqdb]

My thoughts exactly.

[ ] Clean up.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.


[ ] Clean up.
[X] Defile the body
I just put on libera me from hell and I see >>27496. BAAAAAAAAW
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.

I know you're just putting this here to depress us, but I'm voting for it anyway.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time...
AND *GASP* it's not there!
[ ] Clean up.
[x] Use 3B to cast Zombify
[x] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.

We must become one with this body.

Or she has good loot
[X] Feed Sanae the leftovers.

Anons food can wake the dead.
[ ] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
[x] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
There are legends that tell of powerful cures, which take a few days to work. I can only pray that the elixir was the same way.
[X] Equip leftovers

We will heal a bit of health every round.
I figure either Sanae is about to pull a Jesus on us, or she's dead for good and we're just going to pay our final respects.

Either way, no harm in checking on her one last time.
You don’t know why but you stand up and walk over to the door to the room. Sliding it open quietly, you’re greeted by the same sight that’s greeted you every other time you’ve opened the door since this all started happening. The moonlight isn’t bright, but you can still see the body, laying on the floor. It hasn’t moved from the last time you looked at it. You sigh. You shouldn’t have gone back and looked at it but you just felt that you had to. To sear that image into your mind. This is what your incompetence has wrought. You go to close the door, but you think you hear something, a cough or maybe something moving in the room. It was probably just your mind playing tricks on you, but it could be something else. Check it out?

[ ] Check it out.
[ ] Ignore it, go to bed.
[x] Go check on Sanae’s body, one last time.
The potion worked, it just needed time.
[x] Check it out.

[x] Check it out.
[x] Check it out.
[ ] Check it out.
[x] Check it out.
[X] Check it out.

It MIGHT be...it COULD be...
[ ] Check it out.

[ ] Check it out.

[ ] Check it out.
You're three days to early Sanae but I don't care.
Gentlemen prepare for absolute despair.
[x] Check it out.
[x] Check it out.
[x] Check it out.
[ ] Check it out.

No it didn't, Kira is just FUCKING with us again.
Or it worked just long enough for her injuries or shock to kill her again.
[X] Check it out.

Dead people release their bowels, maybe that is what anon heard.
[x] check it out

The girl is capable of miracles. She will arise on the third day.
That would happen almost instantly. It's been a while since she died.
Now we just need to swap that miko blue for some miko blue and we have a destructive force to rival the other zombie
Do the impossible, see the invisible
Row Row! Fight the power ;_;
[x] Check it out.
It's probably Eirin eating her legs.

You walk into the room, and look around. You don’t see anything in here besides Sanae. Kneeling down and touching the body briefly, it’s cold. The blood on the floor has dried. You sigh. It was just your mind playing tricks on you. As you stand up, however, it seems you’re not alone. There’s someone on the window sill. SHIT. You turn to flee, to call out, to do ANYHTING, but you never make it. A sharp pain explodes through your chest. Looking down, you see a hand sticking out of your chest. You try to speak, but the only thing that comes out is a gurgle of blood. The hand pulls out of your chest and you fall forward onto the floor. The world seems to be fading away now. Everything is getting dark and cold. . . You think you hear someone laughing maniacally, but you . . . can’t . . . be. . . . . . . . .

Bad Ending No. 23.
File 120941287133.jpg - (14.70KB, 704x396 , KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIII.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Check it out.


Time paradox


File 120941295166.png - (11.48KB, 464x429 , 1198624985645.png) [iqdb]

Anon is full of despair and bad choices today.


That's it! We need to gain awesome powers so we can take revenge on everybody that dies for us.
God dammit, Bad End me right before I leave for work.

Thanks for ruining my day, asshole.

Considering all the cries of Kira bringing us absolute despair, it actually took us a long time to get a (non-comical) bad end

The only way we're going to resolve this Eirin business is letting the NEET out of the box.
What the fuck. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

If Eirin came back, how the hell could going to sleep averted this? She could have killed us all in our sleep, for crying out loud.

The mistake was taking her with us from the beginning, wasn't it?
wait, did we have any continues left ?


Hey guys...

It's raining..
And thus the wheels of time turn backwards once again...
File 120941310790.jpg - (42.02KB, 704x400 , STOP SCREWING WITH US.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go back 50 choices

Or whenever the fuck you pulled that whistling bullshit
That was fucking random
File 120941316099.jpg - (184.90KB, 480x680 , Time Stop.jpg) [iqdb]
Wait. What.
[x] Back to the last post of the last thread

[x] dump eirin in the bushes

You're forgetting the invisible third option

[ ] Inventory
It would seem that our tendency to protect our allies has finally been used against us.

Goddamn it, Kira.
after the good end with the beer spider, we had it totaly coming
[x] Go back to the fucking whistling and don't fucking whistle this time, fuck
Wait what?
After all this shit we died a dogs death? What now Kira?

Didn't see the death coming but I suppose as soon as Sanae died we were doomed as well.

Simply put guys, we can't finish the game if we loose any party members. Any story telling after a loss is just death throes.

Looking back on it now I think Suwako may have been the "right" choice. She's a god and is restored by water, maybe the elixir would increase her recovery rate. Once she's back on her feet I'm sure she could pull some kind of divine blood hax to return Sanae to us.

This is just theory of course.
Seemed like she died too fast for anything else to work. And pouring it on the wound would be stupid. I don't think we had any way to avoid it.
this kinda lacked the epic battle with reimu, but end is an end

[ ] replay
File 120941354344.jpg - (358.01KB, 598x953 , 1203567652221.jpg) [iqdb]
This is what you brought home.
(also sage for bleach, which I no longer watch)
Jesus bloody fuck. I mean, WHAT. I leave to run errands for a couple hours, come back to find the thread, and watch helplessly as you railroad us straight into hell. With minimal choices, and most of them seemingly cul-de-sac in nature, or specifically engineered to be lethally counter-intuitive.

God damn it, Kira. If you wanted to quit writing MiG, you could have just fucking said so.
Can we go back to the point where Yukari arrived and we made our grand escape from her and Kanako? We should not have left after all, its obvious that we cant protect our little team, so we need them to help us out.
What I'd like to know is how the fuck Eirin could have given Aya and Momizi the slip.
Between Aya's speed and Momizi's acute senses, there shouldn't be any way for her to evade them.

Assuming that really was Eirin, I suppose.
Teach Me Ran-Sensei~!

Ran: Welcome class! Settle down.
Ran: Well, it seems that the Anon-kun who has reached this bad end is very schizophrenic. Odd choices all across the board.
Chen: Nyaa! Can they help it if they’re thinking with the wrong head?
Ran: CHEN! You shouldn’t say things like that. *cough* Anyways. Doing silly things around another person’s house is a bad thing, even if it didn’t directly lead to this situation. If someone appears to be dead, leave them be, playing with corpses is a bad thing. Also, isn’t there someone in your party that seems to be healed by liquids? Maybe she needs something special to wake up.
Chen: You’re giving them too many hints! Nyaa!
Ran: It would seem that I have to. The thing that is directly in front of you is not always the answer. But anyways, Until next time, Good luck anon!
Chen: Nyaa~. This was stupid.

[ ] Back to Chapter start.
[ ] Back 5 choices.
[ ] Back 37 choices.
[ ] Back 56 choices.
MiG has turned into a fucking Higurashi no naku koro ni
Tell me, Yukira, who is the clurpit, dammit?
I thought of Suwako at first, too. Only thing was time was of the essence and the Elixer should've been a quick fix.


We need to get back to the prison and examine Eirin's body BEFORE unshackling her.
It's felt like he wanted to quit ever since he made us whistle when we voted to call.
[x] Back to Chapter start.

This better mean the start of the thread. If it means a reset then ignore this vote.
[ ] Back 5 choices.

back 37 choices would just be too complicated, I have no idea where we left off

also, where exactly IS the chapter start ?
[ ] Back 5 choices.
[ ] Back 56 choices.
Assuming thats where the whistling was.
[X] Back to Chapter start.
Lets become Reimus goon this time, conquer gensokyo in the name of the Hakurei.
[ ] Back 5 choices.

Lets avoid fucking this up.

Is this one of those forced Bad Ends, where you get an additional (correct) option on your second way through?
[ ] Back 5 choices.

'cause we can save them, now.
[ ] Back 5 choices.
Okay, so five choices should take us back to the start of this thread, but how far back are 37 and 56 choices?

And where does this chapter start?
[x] Back 5 choices.
[X] Back 5 choices.
This time, we do it RIGHT. No one is goign to fucking die.
[ ] Back 5 choices.

Because the rest is too complicated. orz
back 37 choices sends us back to fucking argueing with Yukari

[ ] back 5 choices

well, we might not be able to avert her death, but at least our own
[ ] Back 56 choices.

Uhh...That's somewhere around finding Letty while trippin' right?
[x] Back 56 choices.
This is actually in the shrine according to Kira. I want to save mokou and nitori this time.
Reimu. Pheromones. Absolute control and order maintained.
You're gonna like the way you think, I guarantee it.

[x] Back XX spaces before we first came to Aya's house.
[ ] Back 56 choices.

Should be about the time Anon thought he was Solid Snake.
[x] Back 5 choices.
Heal Suwako this time.
FUCKING CALLED IT, too late I might add.

Now guys, just because we're hitting some bad ends and going through some tough times doesn't mean that the game is broken. It might mean it was made by someone thinking very different to us but that's no body's fault.

That said, if we had some concept of direction I think we'd be making less bad choices, we are playing blind here.

[ ] Back 5 choices.

[ ] Back 5 choices.
[ ] Back 5 choices.
[ ] Back 5 choices.
37 is roughly whistling.
56 is somewhere in the shrine,
_5 is back to before you used an item.
Chapter start is when you were fleeing Eientei.
[X] Back to School Days
[ ] Back 5 choices.
[X] Back 56 choices.
>Also, isn’t there someone in your party that seems to be healed by liquids? Maybe she needs something special to wake up.

Who is that, Suwako? We use the elixir on her and she heals Sanae?
Ahh, okay.

Of course, it's a little late for that info to be all the helpful, I think.
[ ] Back 5 choices.

oh god, I don't know what the right answer is...

I have the feeling that no matter what, sanae will die
[x] Back 5 choices.
[X] Back to Gensokyo Academy: School Days
>37 is roughly whistling.

If Kira is taking the votes AFTER this one

[x] Back 37 Choices
[X] Back 5 choices.
Alright, it's looking like 5's won. I've gotta run now, I have to work. I should be back in about 5~6 hours. I work all day tomorrow so there might not be MiG tomorrow. Just giving you a heads up.
[X] Back 5 choices.

We might as well, come on. We might still be able to save Eirin, too.
So, we have a plan now, right?
Give Elixir to Suwako, and see if that helps anything.

Eirin will probably still give Aya the slip, so we need to stay on guard in case she comes back in the night.
We voting again?
[X] Back 5 choices.
This time we do it right, no one is fucking going to die on us, no man gets left behind.
well, then, what do we do ?

is there any chance to save Sanae ?

keep in mind NOT using the hourai elixir will make Tewi, and thus all others think sanaes death is our fault
Tewi does think the elixir is true after all


You going to run MiG on your two free days full power?

We use it on Suwako duh.
[X] Back 5 choices.

Awaken Suwako and have her use HAX (as the spell cast by a 20th level cleric)
If it doesn't work we'll just keep killing ourselves till we find a way.
Do you really need it spelled out for you THAT much?

>>Tewi pours the water on Suwako, who seems to glow slightly, but seems to have no other effect. Suwako seems to be breathing a little bit more easily, if that’s any consolation.

>>Also, isn’t there someone in your party that seems to be healed by liquids? Maybe she needs something special to wake up.

You should be able to solve this.
Becoming immortal when you're healthy is all well and good, but would there be a Mnomosync-Sayuri penalty if using the elixir on a gravely injured party?

Immortal Hole-in-the-Chest?
File 12094147842.jpg - (49.90KB, 450x300 , scary-ass-spider-rangiroa.jpg) [iqdb]
"And then Beer Spider turned up giving Suwako a cold one that refreshed and revived her, using his powers of malty goodness he went on to fix Sanae and cure Reimu's madness. There was a big party at the shrine with lot's of beer and some of the girls got really wasted and started making out with each other. Anon even got to second base with Reisen, but where was Beer Spider? He was riding off into the sunset, already on the trail of his next adventure.
Shine on Beer Spider, you crazy arachnid!"


By Kira
I wish I knew how to quit you.

File 120941502630.jpg - (225.39KB, 640x500 , kanakomusprime02.jpg) [iqdb]

>56 is somewhere in the shrine

[X] Back 56 choices.

Escape from Ran, enter Suwako's room and have her and the 9s to take out Chen, preventing Sanae from getting heavily injured. Get Camera and Spellcard. Either use Camera or tackle Ran (she can't kill us) and have allies subdue her. Give Mokou the box. Tell EVERYONE to flee out the back. Confront Yukari and Kanako; depending on the altered outcome we may get off scotfree. In the worst case we use the spellcard + run tactic and get away with Nitori's help.

No casualties. No one left behind. Minimal item loss. True GAR.

I lol'd. Thank you for making me lol.
Mmm, I was annoyed we weren't attacking Ran when we had the chance considering only our body and not our life was being threatened.
Or we could, you know, just give Ran the fucking box.
No one is going to take our NEET in the Box.
But we clearly weren't SUPPOSED to hand over the box.
There's no other reason why, if they wanted it so badly, they couldn't have just taken it by force instead of trying to coerce it from us, be it by seduction or threats. Nor would there have been any reason for Yukari to seem disappointed when we actually DID hand it over, if that was what she really wanted us to do.
Beer Spider is once again incredibly awesome.
Yukari is one of the strongest in whole Gensokyo, if she wants the box so bad she could have easily took it from us without even an effort.
>Yukari is one of the strongest in whole Gensokyo

She doesn't even have to be strong. She can get the box the same way we landed on that chair in the inner scatnum.
I meant sanctum.

Haha oh wow

Yeah. Apparently there isn't even any decent magic binding the box to us, since the Tengu knocked us out and took it without any problem. (Unless we broke that magic by willingly giving it to Yukari earlier).

All in all, it seems that Yukari was just screwing with us. Again.
>She can get the box the same way we landed on that chair in the inner scatnum.

AoA = *Scorn*

Then the solution is simple.
"I'm not going to give you this box. If you want it, kill me"
Of course, that could backfire, but we have continues don't we?
Considering how easily they could just kill Anon or gap the box away, and how Kanako was helping Yukari (who was attacking Sanae), I'm almost positive this was just some weird test of hers.
When has she NOT be scre- oh, right, when we threw ourselves off a hospital roof.

Eientei is not a hospital.
We should've jammed the box up our arse and invite her to take it.

Or up our urethra. What a lovely mental image.
File 120941775683.jpg - (151.87KB, 1007x1658 , rudedudemarisa.jpg) [iqdb]
Seems familiar

Yes, it could backfire. It's also perfectly reasonable Yukari has more than one goal here: While it's at one point a test of character, she may end up taking it from us via portal even if we "succeed".

This is why we don't have the box to begin with; we hand it off to a reliable patsy (Mokou was suggested) before the events take place. Then even if we're captured alone, our team will have made tracks with the item; and we'd have no information they could torture out of us.

If we enter the sanctum this way, we're on a much more level playing field, and may actually get some answers.

If we go this far back, and play all our cards right, we could be motherfucking Anonymous of the Rebellion instead of being what we were 5 turns ago, less than useless.
So have we decided how we are going to avoid a bad end? Kira won't be back for a while so now is the time to think this over.

We've already decided. Give Suwako the elixir.
Hmmm, we were betrayed by someone we thought would help us, that sounds like an original idea. Definitely not done that one before Kira.

Can I just say, if you plan on spending the next two weeks rehashing this idea again but with the Scarlet Devil Mansion as a backdrop then please just skip it and get to the point. This story is quickly becoming repetitive.
Suwako gets the Elixer
Suwako saves Sanae
We press on, press Aya about info on Lord Tenma

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear there was some Ninja Art - Possession going on there...
I thought the same, but I think it was mentioned that there is no mystery madness going about. Apparently Reimu just really like destroying anyone who stands up to her, and Marisa backs her up. Eirin...well...I guess torture and Eientei's destruction caused her to lose it? Dunno.

Eirin didn't "betray" us you idiot; she's fucking delirious, and just made the switch from catatonic stupor to excitement.

We should've expected this as a result of the torture and payed more attention to her condition, and maybe get Reisen eyeh4x her into sedation.
Correction, when I said "betrayed" I meant "get fucked over by". Doesn't change that this will probably happen AGAIN in SDM.
The strongest mind in Gensokyo? Losing it? Unlikely.

Her feral nature of killing Sanae, as well as quickly dispatching of the two in such a brief time, and ALL of this without the use of her bow, leads me to believe she was either drugged (LMAO, oh the irony!) or possessed. Ninja's do quick, CQC work, and there's a plethora of them around, plus we have no idea why they'd capture Eirin in the first place (I thought we were about a few days walk from Eientei), seems someone high up had this planned out, and I don't mean Kanako or Yukari.

The suspect is obviously Red Herri-er, I mean Lord Tenma!
>she's fucking delirious, and just made the switch from catatonic stupor to excitement.
>We should've expected this as a result of the torture and payed more attention to her condition
>We should've expected this as a result of the torture

What. I'm fairly certain torture does not cause someone to completely fail to recognize old comrades (e.g. Tewi, Reisen). Hallucination/lunacy and indiscriminate homicide is hardly to be expected.
Torture fucking sucks.
Depends on the methods used.

Eirin is potentially immortal, and if not, at least several times more durable than a human...If she was tortured, it was far worse than anything a human could ever experience and live.
From what I understand, your mind makes you unconscious if you receive too much pain, and you don't have to do life threatening damage to inflict this much. Whatever happened probably wasn't that much worse than whatever Tengu normally do to prisoners, physically at least.

Of course, the Tengu's normal methods could also be enough to make someone flip.
What the hell, people?

Do you not remember Kira going "WTF WHY DID YOU GO UNDER THE HOUSE?! YOU DAMNED IDIOTS!"

However, 37 choices has, like, no votes, and 56 has 6 already.


Kira gave us the option to go 56 back just for the hell of it, he never expected it to win.
...If we go back 56, we can theoretically unfuck ourselves in a great way.

We will save Nitori.
We will save Mokou.
We will save Sanae.
We will save Eirin.
We will save ourselves.
We will not go under the house like a bunch of colossal retards.

So, yeah.
Fuck 5 choices.

[x] Back 56 choices.
[x] back 56 choices.

Incorrect. Intractable to even intrathecal morphine, lidocaine, ketamine, and omega-conotoxin, there are pains of such an immense nature that they require coma induction to prevent the patient dying from autonomic failure and respiratory exhaustion.
>We will not go under the house like a bunch of colossal retards.

...yes we will. Anon isn't that smat.

☞ Back 56 choices.
[x] back 56 choices.

Next time, wake up Suwako instead of trying to heal Sanae ourselves.
[x] Back 5 choices.
[x] back 56 choices.

With this Anonymous will be able to predict his opponents' actions by up to 56 moves in advance.

We just shifted from Kaiji to Akagi.
vote change
[x] go back 56 choices
the more time we got...
56 puts us at the point when Mokou and Reisen came in and saved us from Ran.

37 puts us at tackling Ran after escaping from Yukari and Kanako.


Chapter Start puts us at... dunno.
Chapter Start probably puts us back to around when we're riding that wagon.

Ah, no. The writer/god of the story is still Zetsubo Mindfuck Kira. We cannot predict their moves unless Kira does not want to write new content.
So if we make all the same choices again, things should turn out okay?
...I'll chime in with the 56 crowd. All in all, it seems like we'll have a better chance than our present "lol, Eirin's crazy and your party members got their asses kicked again".

[x] Back 56 choices
No, we'll just be able to predict our own defeat
Damn load of good that'll do
>56 puts us at the point when Mokou and Reisen came in and saved us from Ran.

Cue Read or Die OVA OP.

We telepath Reisen to divert Ran's attention as we hand off the box to Mokou as we run by her to Suwako's room, where we mobilize the ⑨ brigade. Everything proceeds just as planned.
Best. Comparison. Fucking. EVER.

And not because I'm a fan of those, but because that PERFECTLY describes it.
....Action scenes in Gensokyo threads always put The Sword of Promised Victory (the Fate/stay night anime's battle music) in my head, but now...
We should bring Rumia into the chamber with us. Tell her to not make a sound and to sit hidden in the darkness. If negotiations break down or just to show that we mean srs business, we beckon her to come out of the darkness and threaten to remove the ribbon amulet, thermal detonator-style.

Also, blacking out all the light and running in the opposite fucking direction with Rumia hand-in-hand is a viable alternative to using the spellcard escape.
Changing vote as well to
[X] Back 56 choices.
Yukari gaps her to Eientei as soon as she hears the -click-. Two birds, one stone, Anon screwed!

Don't waste trump cards, Anon.
What's the benefit of going back 56 choices, again?

Because as far as I can tell, while it might help us avert the current series of fuck-ups, the hints we were given to avoid those fuck-ups will be all but useless if we don't have the opportunity to make use of them.

We'll be exchanging one set of death-traps that we now know how to better avoid (don't go under the house, heal Suwako with the Elixir first, and DON'T MESS WITH DEAD BODIES) with all NEW death traps that we'll have to guess at how to avoid. Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't seem like too good of a trade-off.

Once again, Anonymous climbs out from the depths of Hell. This time however, he brings Hell along with him.

Item acquired: Sands of Hell 1ea.
Guys, we need to get Kira to do the voting again, he already said 5 choices back won. Nothing we can do about it, just get him to start up a vote again once he is back.
Suddenly, a theory:

Do you think Reisen might have tried Madness Eyes-ing Eirin as a way of keeping her calm, but it horribly backfired?
Yet, we can recover Mokou and Nitori with this option rather than go against our credo "NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!" like we've done ever since leaving Moriya.
>What's the benefit of going back 56 choices, again?

-Camera and/or spellcard
-Much better party status
-Information from Yukari & Kanako that actually advances the plot
We don't need to backtrack that far for fuck sake. Just give the elixir to suwako like the tip said and get on with the story.

This isn't the first time we've fucked up and it won't be our last. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time, don't jump backwards and do everything perfectly from the get-go.

Thats like beating an adventure game using a guide, 56 choices back is the cowards way out.
[x] Back 56 choices
[X] Back 5 choices

That's damn near likely. We need to get her to use her powers more responsibly. Problem is the group (and especially Reisen) has little faith in our leadership ability. We need to use the codec option more frequently, if just to show we think about more than sex.

No, it's like playing a game to the point where you realize you've progressively fucked youself over so badly in terms of armor, health, and ammunition that you have to restart the beginning of the level instead of from that last quicksave.

Bullshit. The situation is salvageable, we can build our strength back up, we have a place to stay and the resources to recover. As long as kira doesn't shove another bomb up our arse we'll be fine.

What story progression? The only thing that's progressed since leaving Eientei is the number of enemies we've made, and how many party members and items we've wasted. We still don't know what that fucking camera, box, and doll are. We don't know what Reimu is doing. We don't know what SDM is doing. We wasted our chance to gain information from Kanako and Yukari by being huffy and leaving our allies fighting outside. Hell, we're farther away from sexing Reisen than at any time at Moriya.

Pfft that's not the fun way to play the game, I remember the first time I played Deus Ex I managed to break both my legs by exploding a barrel in a weird way and having to hack the gun turrets to cover my escape so I could get to a medi bot.

It's fun to struggle your way through, have you never played Dwarf Fortress?
Loosing is fun!

Yukari wasn't gonna tell us shit. She said herself it's too early to know why we're here. You can't honestly expect us to remain in a strong position after we reach this point in the storyline again. We'll just keep going back 50 choices so we can do everything perfectly over and over.

Salvageable? We have an immortal zombie that's just about to wake up and kill someone, that none of the party is likely capable of fighting even at full strength. We can't even sleep, because she'll come in the night, too.

We've officially made ourselves enemies of Lord Tenma, and have no planned destination. We're essentially waiting for tengu encirclement or for Raymoo to raze us to ashes along with the rest of the mountainside.
Holy shit.
[x] Dance at the miko.

Are you a bad enough dude to kick reason to the curb?

Holy fucking hell, Slowpoke, you've evolved into some shit I don't even know anymore.

We're in the same position at the shrine. Reimu will always be after us and tenma will be looking for us while we're on the mountain. Nowhere in gensokyo is safe for us so get used to being hunted everywhere we go.
And now we have another murderous psycho on the loose, and injured party members...AGAIN.

Hell, if I were Suwako and Sanae I'd desert Anon because he's clearly a walking disaster zone. Ever since Reimu, the pattern has been this:
1. Anon/Allies get injured
2a. Anon/Allies runs away
2b. Anon loses consciousness
3. Anon wakes up at a new location
4. Return to 1

Isn't it sad?

Damn it, stop doing that!
Even if we manage to get rid of some of the problems, Anon will screw up more and make more problems. We just fuck up on some other sides then, it will change really nothing of the overall picture. Every Choice is a bad Choice, Kira will find ways for us to make new enemies and lose more of our Allies.
>Yukari wasn't gonna tell us shit. She said herself it's too early to know why we're here.

The information we want is in the form of logistics, Hakurei and SDM movement, the fastest route to allied or neutral territory, and more importantly, whatever we can learn from Kanako, who seems much more ambivalent about the situation and stands much more to lose.

And like has been said before we'd have many more chances to appear more "interesting" to (and therefore receive the grace of) Yukari--EX Rumia, taking down her shikigami quickly, tricking her regarding the box, etc.

Moreover, if we can convince Kanako through our actions that we're eminently capable of holding our own in the face of powerful youkai, she may decide protecting us is a safer bet than selling us out.
File 120942911015.jpg - (58.25KB, 275x300 , slowpoke-rs.jpg) [iqdb]
A live picture of that Slowpoke.

EXACTLY. The only way to get out of this is to see it through and stop whining every time kira deals us a bad hand. Eirin going bat shit insane and critically wounding Sanae was all in one post. There's no way we could avoid that and such a situation will most likely pop up again.

If you're that fatalistic, why do you bother voting?

If you want to appear capable to Kanako then keeping her miko and friend in one piece would prove that. This situation is a perfect test.

Just because we left the shrine doesn't mean we can't go back later.
Sort of a moot point unless we come back down this same decision trail.

5 decisions back, a chance to try this one scene all over again.
36 decisions back ... I forget the whistling part right now.
5X decisions back ... we lose all possible progress and the game changes significantly.

I vote [X] 5 decisions back.

Chen nearly tore Sanae to ribbons right in the shrine, while Kanako watched through Yukari's gaps. At this point, she's washed her hands of the priestess and the frog goddess, in return for the continuing and stable worship of youkai that I'm sure Yukari has promised her.
I don't know about that.
If that were truly the case, she probably wouldn't have seemed quite so taken aback when we accused her of such.

Our understanding of the situation is severely limited by what we can see. That doesn't do much good, however, if there's so much more going on behind the scenes than we're privy to.

We don't know a thing about what the shrine incident was about or whether Yukari told Ran and Chen if they could or couldn't kill anyone. Anything kira types is from our POV so we shouldn't take everything said as the truth.
[x] 5 choices back.

because you're all whining too fucking much.

Tengu involvement clearly hinges on Kanako's orders. Not only does keeping Moriya neutral or allied make the entire mountain safe haven until Reipu arrives, but it all but assures communication black-out with Hakurei, delaying our perusers.

We can end the Moriya conflict with minimal casualties and could be ready to leave within a day, to wherever we want to go. We'd also be able to a scout/spy on multiple areas of interest--Eientei Ruins, Kourindou, Yuka's Sunflower Field, SDM, Hakurei & Magic Forest (Is Alice still with Hakurei? Is Suika with Reimu?), the netherworld (fulfill promise to Yuyuko), the village (get Mokou to make contact with Keine). Constant contact would be maintained through codec.

The Prismriver Mansion in particular would make an excellent, and unlikely sanctuary.

These things we're that we're utterly unable to do now because of member loss, poor physical status, and terrible morale.
Reisen still slept with us (literally, but not figuratively) by the 56 post mark.

That's progress I'm happy with.

[X] 56 choices back.
>Reisen still slept with us (literally, but not figuratively) by the 56 post mark.

How else could we measure progress if not by this?
Or, you know, dead.

That would mean we would have to somehow get ourselves an audience with Kanako before Yukari and not accidentally trigger her "now I'm interested/threatening" you too side. Would that even deter Yukari, at all?

To the contrary, Tengu opposition clearly hinges on the fact that Lord Tenma is scared shitless that Reimu is going to wipe them off the face of the Earth. The guards mentioned they intended to hand us over to the shrine maiden to avoid her wrath.
...I don't get it.
Just got back from work, and I am RAGEing bricks.

[X] 56 choices back.

I do.
File 120943281167.jpg - (10.95KB, 173x190 , Madden2.jpg) [iqdb]
See, what you have here is a Slowpoke, over (here) and a post over (there), and some red coloring on the Slowpoke (arrow).

Now, you see, the Slowpoke, is, is a generally slow thing, which is the point of the joke (draws circle). But he's red (more arrows), which means he's redshifted (diagonal lines), and that means he's really slow.

So the Slowpoke right (there) makes an old post way out over (there), and it gets (here) only now (underlines), because he's slow, which you, you, can see, because he's redshifted.
[x] Back 56 choices

Back to a time when we fucked ourselves instead of Kira fucking us.

Some other liquid, eh?

Nice Ran-dojo.

[x]Back 37 choices
Wait, so we were supposed to ejaculate on Suwako? I like this idea.
No, no, no, no... that's just wrong.

Mana replenishment would require ejaculating IN Suwako.
I'm liking this idea even more now.
Huh. Has no one noticed that aparently Eirin did this with her bare hands? I wasn't aware she could punch through somebody's chest.
Don't make me post "Silence to Rabbit." You don't want to see me when I post "Silence to Rabbit."
>To the contrary, Tengu opposition clearly hinges on the fact that Lord Tenma is scared shitless that Reimu is going to wipe them off the face of the Earth. The guards mentioned they intended to hand us over to the shrine maiden to avoid her wrath.

Lord Tenma's move is political, to maintain control over the tengu population which has apparently already fractured, and Kanako is important to this. Kanako had already sealed the deal with Yukari by the time of our imprisonment, so not once do the tengu act contrary to Moriya. The tengu were reporting to her, and it's obvious she was the operative commander of the tengu at the time. Tengu are extremely arrogant, but they listen to Kanako; Lord Tenma is much more likely to entertain ultimatums from the shrine maiden if advised by his deity.

We have to take advantage of Kanako's uncertainty over Yukari's offers by demeaning her apparent influence over us and our allies. Defeating the shikigami is the first step; dragging their unconscious bodies along with us is a plus. Have our entire troop advance into the chamber before us, preventing us from being sequestered from the door slamming shut. It's important we have an impressive array of forces at our back.

Catch Kanako off-guard by ignoring her and having Suwako and the injured Sanae confront her. The important thing is to focus only on Yukari, making it seem as it's a two-way conversation, while Kanako is distracted by her fellow residents. Kanako's main analysis of our power dynamic with Yukari will then be the looks of surprise (or even terror, when mentioning the Rumia card) Yukari gives, and our own confident face and conversational tone.

Pre-empting certain requests (e.g., have a seat) grants us some initial leverage. Keep Yukari's interest high while leading the conversation so she doesn't feel the need to assert herself and redirect it. And if Yukari's interest is high, she's less likely to call our bluff through an actual show of force. Hell, Yukari may even rescind the deal if we can entertain her well enough.

Importantly, this method employs no escape tricks where we are forced to act as if disadvantaged. There's no way either of them would wage a direct battle against so many youkai, so whether it ends in WE HAVE COME TO TERMS or NO SIDE, we all walk out with some of our dignity intact.
In case Kira misses this, I suggest "[x] Back 56 choices " as first response to thread 29. Response to (various):

It's not cowardly. As stated, we don't really know what will happen. We have a general idea of some things that will happen, which is a small advantage we can put to use only by combining it with whatever else we learn.

This scene isn't a licking we HAVE to take. We know we fucked up. This isn't a necessary story event. Kira told us we fucked up, way before this.

If nothing else, we get to explore the greatest variety and quantity of story by branching back as far as possible, reliving the greatest amount of time.
That is a very interesting and well-thought-out plan.

Has absolutely zero chance of happening the way you think it will, of course, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The best laid plans...

Do you really think there's a chance in hell of us pulling off a multi-step plan like that without a hitch?

That aside, some of us like being forced to limp away from every encounter on a pair of broken legs.
I searched for "water" in the archives, and I came up with:
>You take a sip of the water and feel refreshed. Strangely enough, your arm doesn't hurt as much either.

>You lay Sanae on the bed, and Suwako is above her immediately. She runs her hands over the slash marks across Sanae's chest. "QUICKLY! I need water." Suwako starts chanting and glows slightly. She pours the water on the wounds that Sanae has, and they quickly close up. Sanae sits up, shakily.

>You follow Suwako's lead and lay Reisen down by the water. Suwako scoops up some of the water and pours it on Reisen. She starts chanting, and the water glows slightly. Sanae, still uneasy on her feet, shuffles over to Reisen, kneeling down next to Suwako.

When well-thought out plans fail (often spectacularly) then it is time switch gears and kick logic & reason to the curb.

As this next continue will prove, you can only win if you die.
>>As this next continue will prove, you can only win if you die.

And as all of our previous continues have already proven, you can just as easily LOSE if you die.
Quit thinking we'll do better if we go back 56 choices. Kira will always put us in these situations and what are we gonna do when it happens again? Go back again because we can't see the obvious solution that kira fucking gave us? Leaving the shrine didn't lead to a dead end we can always go back. In fact we'll have to sometime for Suwako and Sanae.

You can't expect Yukari and Kanako to tell us what we want to know. Kira will obviously stop any attempt to unfairly strengthen our position with completely random fuck ups like in the first post of this thread.
ITT assholes who don't want to take Kira's obvious hint that essentially told us what we were supposed to do, but would rather replay the last 56 moves as if we didn't have plot armor and actually needed the camera. This isn't an RPG, ffs.
Even if Kira does randomize a bit more, samefag is still samefag.
That's ...worryingly interesting. And relevant.

...Jesus, maybe we ARE the Lake.
>Kira's obvious hint that essentially told us what we were supposed to do

was this before or after the actual choice?
but yeah, going 5 back would be fine if there actually is a way of salvaging the situation. The way Kira writes it does make it seem like he WANTED this BAD END to happen, we were almost railroaded here.
Do you guys honestly think Kira will play the same scenes if you roll back? They will bare resemblance to the originals but does it really seem like would give us the same chances again? That's not in his character.

Kira will surprise us no matter what we do, if we roll back we can save ourselves from one disaster only to run head long into another equally plausible one. He's not going to give us an easy time what ever we do so why sacrifice progress for a "potential" chance at security.
The music that plays on optimus prime's death in the transformers movie kicked in while I was browsing a Sanae thread and instantly reminded me of this thread.

FUCK ;_;
stop voting you faggots

back 5 choices won already, and kira even gave us a hint on how to handle the situation properly
Here's a hint. Maybe he should stop with the 'completely random game-ending bullshit that pops out of fucking nowhere for no goddamn logical reason whatsoever.'
Indeed, even if we go back 56 choices, nothing will change, we will run into another big disaster and this time maybe a bigger one, maybe more will die, who knows. Let us take what we have and try to choose the best possible choice this time.
I think he uses dice to make some decisions, which is why things tend to defy logic.

Running out of ideas. lol
Yes, You would have died if you had gone to sleep. It's far less random than people seem to assume.

Well, I can understand the reasoning behind who should or shouldn't have been treated first, as well as why sneaking under houses is not such a good idea, but I'm really not seeing the connection between checking up on Sanae's corpse one time too many and getting a return visit by homicidal psycho lunar nurse.

I get the feeling you gave us the option of leaving without Eirin back at the cells for a reason, didn't you?
Like Hell we leaving Eirin behind, no man gets left behind, there has to be an option or way to save her and return her to normal, not even Kira is so evil that there is only a killing her Option.
If we made an exception to "no man left behind" for people who chose to stay behind to cover our retreat, like Mokou and Nitori did, would it not also be okay to apply it to people who for whatever reason are now murderous psychopaths hell-bent on killing us all with arm-sized holes through our chests?

I'm hoping we'll find out what caused Eirin to turn this way, and that she might be returned to normal, but first we have to worry about our party and us actually surviving her long enough for that to happen.
Heh, we have to save them all, you seem to forget that it is our fault that Eirin is in that state right now and Kaguya is in the Box. Would only be safe to risk our Life to return her back to normal.
There has to be an option for this.
I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the very first fucking post.
Yes, but it's also our fault for bringing Eirin back in her state so she could perforate Sanae and later do the same to us.

...well, assuming she was already insane when we brought her in. With Reisen's reaction, I'm worried that one Anon might have been on to something with his theory that her eyes might have had something to do with this.
Just because you can only see what's directly in front of you, dont' assume that there isn't things going on behind the scenes.
Reimu finally makes a move against the Mountain, amassing an army, ready to raze everything in her reach. Thats why Lord Tenma wants us so much, as a trade to stop Reimu.
That much isn't hard to figure out.
The question here is what happened to Eirin between the time we left her and Kaguya in Eientei to when we found her in the cell to turn her from being somewhat pleasant and on our side to a wild-eyed psycho-bitch who rams her hand through people's chests and trying to kill everyone?
Wait a second something is niggling the back of my mind now.

Can Tengu or any other Youkai assume the form of other people as a disguise?

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