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26877 No. 26877
You wander around the arcade for a little bit, looking for a game to play. You see a nearby crane game and start playing it. There’s several cute prizes in the game, any of which your sisters would love. Fifteen minutes later, you have a small stack of prizes packed into the bag with the doll you bought earlier. You just got another one when Kaguya comes back up to you. She seems to have changed her clothes somewhere and it looks like she’s wearing some sort of skirt and a pink shirt. She looks far more feminine than the outfit she wore while playing did.
“So I see you’re bleeding my arcade dry.” She smiles impishly. “No matter. There’s plenty of other machines that you’re not bleeding out, so I’ll overlook this one. So, shall we go?”
You ask her what she means by ‘go’.
“Silly. I’m taking you out to dinner. I had to make sure that the arcade was ready to close. So come on.” Kaguya grabs your arm and starts pulling on you. You grab the last prize out of the prize slot, and allow yourself to be pulled along. The two of you walk down the street, Kaguya hanging off of your arm.
“Ah! Here it is!” Kaguya pulls you into a diner. The two of you get seated and a waiter comes over and gives you menus. The two of you order, and then begin chatting pleasantly while trying to decide what to order.
Suddenly, you feel something running over your leg. Kaguya has that impish grin on her face again. Both of her hands are on the table so that means. . . Her foot?! Her foot is running along the inside of your leg, back and forth, just barely touching. You’re suddenly having a very hard time concentrating on the menu in front of you. Kaguya giggles. The waiter is back quite quickly, you think. Kaguya orders something. You don’t hear what. Her foot slips higher up your leg. GAH! You twitch, then realize that the waiter is looking at you expectantly. You tell him that you’ll have whatever Kaguya ordered. The waiter nods and walks off.
“Oh? Having a hard time concentrating?” Kaguya giggles again. DAMN HER. It feels nice though. . . BUT DAMN HER.
The waiter returns quickly with drinks. Kaguya thanks the waiter while her foot continues to caress your leg. You’re about ready to reach down there and make her stop, but for some reason you don’t. She’s slid down in her seat slightly, and one of her toes now brushes over your crotch. You shudder involuntarily. Why does she have to be doing this in public, where you have no option to retaliate? You couldn’t get your shoe off easily, and trying to return the favor with your shoe on would be stupid. You sigh. Her foot trails back down your leg. You shift uncomfortably in your seat.

[ ] Tell her to stop.
[ ] Say nothing.

No. 26881
[x] Say nothing

No. 26883
[X] Think of a way to get back at her.
No. 26885
[x] Kill her.
No. 26886
[x] Tell her to stop.
We're going for Mokou, not the NEET. Eye on the target.
No. 26887
[x] Tell her to stop.
No. 26888
[ ] Tell her to stop.
No. 26889
[x] Say nothing
No. 26890
[ ] Tell her to stop.
No. 26891
No. 26892
[X] Think of a way to get back at her.
No. 26893
[X] Think of a way to get back at her.

Counter attack
No. 26894
[o] "hey, do you know anything about a color-changing box?"
No. 26895
[ ] Say nothing.

...shmexy. Devilish, but shmexy.
No. 26896
[ ] Say nothing
No. 26897
No. 26898
"Think of a way to get back at her"?

What, reach under the table and surprise foot massage? Mwah hah hah!!
No. 26899
[x] Say nothing.
No. 26900
[x] say nothing

NEET is superior
No. 26901
[ ] Say nothing
No. 26902
[ ] Tell her to stop.
No. 26903
[x] say nothing
No. 26904
[ ] Tell her to stop.

Fuck the NEET, Mokou is what we need.
No. 26906
[ ] Say nothing.

Good Kaguya you're looking kind of slutty.

I vote say nothing, but this has BAD END written all over it. She boasts to Mouku and that route slams shut for good, plus anything to do with anyone we've already made some head way with.

This is the serpent we're dealing with here.
No. 26907
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

[x] Say nothing.
No. 26908
[ ] Tell her to keep going.
No. 26909
[X] Say nothing.

No need to make a scene. Not to mention it's quite nice. We'll stop her only if it gets too heavy, and we have to get back home.
No. 26910
No. 26911
I wish i could get someone to touch my penis in real life ;_;
No. 26912
[x] Tell her to stop.
No. 26913
No. 26914
[x] Say nothing.

I'm not into feet, but damnit Anon you are going to sit here and enjoy it. You understand?
No. 26915
[ ] Say nothing.

Oh lawdy.

And you can't get your shoe off with only your fot underneath the table? Anon sucks.
No. 26916
[x] Tell her to stop.
No. 26917
Kaguya-san, Kaguya-san, rubbing stop! Crotch rubbing stop!
No. 26918
This is just a test. You're Mokou's Friend, and you both hate me as mush as I hate you. However, since you were nice to me after beating my ass at PoFV, I have to check to see how you react to what I do. I already guessed at your amnesia because of this.
No. 26919
[x] Tell her to stop.

No. 26920
[ ] Say nothing.

And when we visit Mokou before bed, we can tell her how slutty Kaguya was acting.
No. 26921
File 120934852988.jpg - (70.92KB , 800x600 , footjob_of_destiny.jpg ) [iqdb]
oh goddamn it's yume miru kusuri all over again, DON'T TELL HER TO STOP SHE'LL DIE OF TOXEMIA

[x] Say nothing.

fuck it, we aren't hooked up with anyone yet
No. 26922

I lol'd far harder than I should have
No. 26923
[X] Say nothing.

No. 26924

Don't look at me. I think with my brain, not my head.
No. 26925
This can only end bad anons, drop Kaguya. Do you think you can be friends with Kaguya and Mokou at the same time?
No. 26926
[ ] Tell her to stop.

Unhand(foot?) my penis, NEET!
No. 26927
Mokou: "You raped that bitch? FUCK YEAH!"
No. 26928
Which reminds me: Anyone else think it was ironic that even the Romans thought that semen was spinal fluid? Basically you were leaking your intelligence.

Oh no you don't. There is no way you'd know about the amnesia unless Mokou told you. We beat you are our game, so you are trying to beat us at yours. You complain about having to deal with shit as a gamer, so why not exploit your beauty and seduction? A win is a win.
No. 26929


Mokou is the jealous type, you know damn well you are lying to yourself.
No. 26930
I don't see it yet, but it will come. Anon, it will come.
No. 26931
[X]Threaten to pay her pack 3 fold if she doesn't stop.
Domineering bitches like her love men who can resist their shit and take control.
No. 26932
That's worth considering later, we don't want her to think she has any power over us. We need to return fire any moment now.
No. 26933
"If I bang you will you stop groping my dick with your foot?"
No. 26934
What would our sisters think of us if they saw us being cockteased like this? Think of the little sisters anons.
No. 26935
[x] "If I bang you will you stop groping my dick with your foot?"
No. 26936
Why would we tell her to stop? That's like telling her that she has a good degree of power over us.

The smart course of action is to just let her play her game without getting too caught up in it, then get some pay-back later.
No. 26937
Who said anything about being friends with Kaguya?
No. 26938

[x] "If I bang you will you stop groping my dick with your foot?"
No. 26939
Anyone possibly think the NEET gave us the note?

...Nah, said we haven't been around for a few months. Still wonder who it could've been.
No. 26940

Wasn't me!

Probably was the same person who murdered your Mom, Actually. You were getting to close to the truth.

Oops, I ment kidnapped or, something.
No. 26941
[ ] Request "please stop groping my penis" in an embarrassingly loud voice
No. 26942
As long as we don't cum our shorts that is.
No. 26943
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
No. 26944
Isn't that a good thing?
We can use it to fuck with her. "See what you made me do? I have to fucking pay you back now, you bitch."
No. 26945

This sounds good to me

[x] "If I bang you will you stop groping my dick with your foot?"
No. 26946
"Look at this mess! I guess it's time for you to start cleaning up."
No. 26947
No. 26948
At her base character, Kaguya isn't the type to be easily coerced; doubt that's a part of her plan, whatever it is.
No. 26949
The suspense is killing me.
No. 26950
Which is what my original point was.
No. 26951
Of course, she could always pull the whole "Oh ho, I think it would be so quick. Perhaps you should work on that stamina 'Minute Man.'"
No. 26952
We respond with "I wonder how long you'd last then?"
Obvious answer.
No. 26953
My question is: if she respects us, why is she pulling this shit? I thought she admitted her defeat, why is she trying to gain control over us like this? Bitch needs to learn some respect, but teaching it to her should be fun.
No. 26954
I'm reminded of every Zyx game ever. There's always at least one path in each game in which the main character's sentiments are those.
No. 26955
>My question is: if she respects us, why is she pulling this shit? I thought she admitted her defeat, why is she trying to gain control over us like this? Bitch needs to learn some respect, but teaching it to her should be fun.

Maybe she knows Mokou's routine and Mokou is about to go through this part of town. She might have set this whole thing up to watch some fireworks go off.
No. 26957
Just assume that Kira has some kind of twisted plan to make us hate ourselves.
No. 26958
That may work with Mokou, but we're dealing with a woman who is merely centimeters away from giving us a footjob. I don't think going for the sexual shock value will work in this situation. Unless we get really kinky, that is.
No. 26959
We done for the night?
No. 26960
writing, writing, Dexter was on and distracted me, but I'm writing now.
No. 26961
No. 26962
Did Kira go back to the original thread?
No. 26963

The serial killer or the scientist kid?
No. 26964
[x] Rape her on the table
No. 26965
Serial Killer.
The waiter brings out your food, and Kaguya sits up straight. She thanks the waiter. She smirks at you before digging in. You look at the meal in front of you. It’s nothing much, but it looks good. You dig in too, but just as you’re about to take a bite, Kaguya’s foot returns, playing lightly over your inner thigh. You just about drop your fork. You glare daggers at Kaguya. She continues eating, looking at you with a faux confused look on her face.
“Oh? You seem to be having some trouble. I wonder why.” Kaguya grins, and then resumes eating. You try to take another bite cautiously, but nothing happens this time. You manage to eat a bit more before Kaguya gently runs her toe over your crotch. This time you actually do drop the fork. Kaguya looks up.
“My, my, such trouble you’re having just trying to eat. Maybe I should come over there and help you?” She laughs. You shake your head, and pick up your fork again. Rising to her game is not going to get you anywhere. You continue eating, and this time, when she begins running her foot along your leg, you barely flinch. You continue eating, and she redoubles your efforts. You somehow manage to not raise to her game. She seems to be pouting now.
“You’re no fun. Oh well.” Kaguya sits up straight and finishes eating. She still seems to be pouting. You finish eating as well. The two of you get up to leave. Kaguya pays, as promised, and the two of you head outside, Kaguya still hanging on your arm. You ask her why she’s hanging on your arm. Kaguya giggles.
“You’ll see soon enough~”
You wonder what she’s talking about when you hear a shout. Wait that sounds like . . . Mokou? Somewhere, deep inside of you, a fear awakes. It is a primal, and eternal fear. Is this what the fight or flight response is? The will to stay alive? Every cell in your body is screaming in chorus now. Something terrible is about to happen. You slowly turn, and see Mokou standing there. Kaguya still hanging onto your arm, now squeezing it tightly and smirking at Mokou.
“Good evening, Mokou, How are you tonight?” The impish grin gets larger.
“Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you. What are you doing with. . . HER.” Mokou jabs a finger at you accusingly. You start to try and explain what’s going on but Kaguya cuts you off.
“Isn’t it obvious? We’re out on a date.” She rubs her cheek on your arm. “We just had dinner too, didn’t we, dearest?” She releases your arm and throws her arms around your middle, and squeezes tightly.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Mokou looks PISSED.

[ ] Try and defuse the situation.
[ ] Break free of Kaguya and run.
[ ] Stand there silently.
[ ] Cry.
No. 26966
[ ]punch kaguya in the face, invite mokou to join in
No. 26967
[x] Cry.
Nothing wrong in crying when facing imminent death with regrets still in our heart.
No. 26968
I am beating my meat to the feet of this NEET.
No. 26969
[X] Try and defuse the situation.
No. 26970
[ ] Try and defuse the situation.

Not good. So fucking not good.
No. 26971
[x] Try and defuse the situation.

I freakin' called it. Just KNEW this was going to happen
No. 26972
[ ] Stand there silently.

When there's nothing you can do, all you can do is shake your fist...
No. 26973
[ ] Cry.
No. 26974
File 120935275493.jpg - (3.06KB , 238x195 , kermit.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26975
[x] "Being molested, obviously"
No. 26976
[ ] Try and defuse the situation.

I warned you fuckers
No. 26977
[x] Cry.
Mokou will kick her ass for making us cry, while we slip away unnoticed.
No. 26979
[x] "Being molested, obviously"

I like it.
No. 26980
[x] Break free of Kaguya and run.
Everything is screwed now, we either cry or run. And i'm more for running.
No. 26981
[x] Cry

No. 26982
[x] Cry like a little girl.
No. 26983
[x]Being molested, obviously
No. 26985
[x] Respond with "YES! MOKOU, YOU'RE HERE! SAVE ME!"
No. 26986
[X] Break Free of Kaguya and Run.

No. 26987
Running will just make us look more guilty. But the other shit will never work.

Um. If we start crying can we blame it on the frustration of losing our memory and not knowing who anyone is or what they expect of us? Because that would be understandable.

[X] Cry
No. 26988
[x] Try and defuse the situation.

Shit has hit the fan with us and Mokou.
No. 26989
Crying makes us look like a faggot.
No. 26990
If we cry, it'll show Mokou that something's wrong and she'll act automatically to help us. Otherwise, we just look like we're weaseling our way out of a situation.
No. 26991
[X] Stand there silently.

We'll take our punishment like a man, and make no excuses. We'll give Mokou some time to calm down, and it'll all work out eventually.
No. 26992
No. 26993

here, changing to this

No. 26994
[x] Try and defuse the situation.
No. 26995
The hell do you know about crying? This is the mental breakdown kind of crying, not bawwing because we're sad.
No. 26996
[x] Break free of Kaguya and walk away.
No. 26997
Mental breakdowns are for pussies.
No. 26998
Actually I'm changing my vote to this
[x] "Being molested, obviously"
No. 26999
[X] Look Mokou in the eye, tap our forehead twice, then shrug to remind her we've lost our memory.

Hey, you never know.
No. 27000
"Try and defuse the situation" won, but that's really vague. Can we make asking Mokou for help be our method?

No. 27001
[X] "It's just her plan to make you jealous. She really loves you."
No. 27002
[x] "Being molested, obviously"
No. 27003
We lost our memory, anon just has to explain he didn't know about Mokou and Kaguya's rivalry.
No. 27004
[x] Push Kaguya and grab a hold of her with arms and pin them behind her back. "Glad you could make it, Mokou. I'll hold her, you hit her."
No. 27006
[x] Cry.

Trust me; this will work.
No. 27007
Changing this to [x]Being molested, obviously! Counts as defusing and staying silent!
No. 27008
[ ] Cry.

Just because.
No. 27009
Mokou is ANGRY, you swear you can see fire raising off her body. You look at her with a pleading
‘save me’ look on your face, then you try to calm her down verbally. You tell her it’s not what it looks like.
“Oh? So I give you a foot job in a restaurant, and it’s not a date? I see how it is.”
Your head whips around to look at Kaguya, the look of horror on your face evident. You whip back around to look at Mokou, who is now storming closer. You start to back away involuntarily, you raise your hands and wave them back and forth, telling her that isn’t what happened, this is all a huge misunderstanding. Mokou doesn’t seem to be listening any more. She’s probably about three steps away from you now, and you swear you can FEEL the heat and rage radiating off of her, her eyes seem to be glowing menacingly too. SHIT! SHIT, SHIT! Kaguya’s just smirking at Mokou, while clinging to you.

[ ] Try to run.
[ ] Take it like a man.
[ ] Cry.
[ ] Anemia option.
No. 27010
[x] THIS
No. 27011
[ ] Try and defuse the situation.

"Come on, you know this is bullshit. How the hell could we be dating within three fuckin' days?"
No. 27012
[x] Take it like a man.
No. 27013
[ ] Take it like a man.
No. 27014
[x] Cry.
No. 27015
[X] Take it like a man.

Running or crying makes us look guilty as crap at this point. Anemia won't save us here. Time to man up.
No. 27016
[x] Turn around and punch Kaguya in the face as hard as you possibly can.
No. 27017
[ ] Take it like a man.
No. 27018
[X] Go out with a bang. Grope kaguya's ass.
No. 27019
[ ] Take it like a man.

No. 27020
[ ] Sigh. Take it like a man.
No. 27021
[x] Turn around and punch Kaguya in the face as hard as you possibly can.
No. 27022
[ ] Cry.
No. 27023
No. 27024
[x] Take it like a man.

Anemia option did make me lol though.
No. 27025
[x] Take it like a man.

No. 27026
[x] Take it like a man.
No. 27027
[x] Take it like a man

Accept your fate.
No. 27028
[x] Anemia option.
"Suddenly, anon's chronic case of AIDS started acting up. The whole world spun around and an enveloping darkness fell around you."
No. 27029
>Kaguya’s just smirking at Mokou, while clinging to you.

[X] Push the bitch off of you.
[X] Take it like a man.
No. 27030
guys she is going to put you in the fucking hospital if you just stand there

[x] Cry in anguish and frustration, fall to your knees and curse the heavens for stealing your memory, your friends, your life
No. 27031
I see this going two ways.

A) We going to get the stuffing kicked out of us...

B) Mokou will surprisingly pass over us and beat the stuffing out Kaguya considering we have amnesia
No. 27032
[X] Take it like a man.
This is our best recourse. We could do the whole cry/pleading bit but I don't know how much we'd recover with either of the two from it, or if it'd work at all.

>>[ ] Anemia option.
Sure, like that one ever works.
No. 27033
No. 27034
[X] Cry
No. 27035
[x] Take it like a man.
No. 27036
[x] Take it like a man.

Won't she feel silly when we tell her the whole story through our wired jaw? Besides, Reimu could use company in the hospital.
No. 27037
[ ] Anemia option.
No. 27038
No. 27039
[X] Anemia option.
No. 27040
Mokou is simply going to tell us off and walk away. Watch!
No. 27041
Well, at least we'll have company.
No. 27042
[x] Stare into Mokou's eyes, don't blink, and take it like a man.
No. 27043
>guys she is going to put you in the fucking hospital

Fuck yeah, Reimu route cont'd!
No. 27044
>>and you swear you can FEEL the heat and rage radiating off of her

So we are going to have angry, passionate 3some right?

No. 27045
File 120935423365.jpg - (85.25KB , 534x402 , Anti-Spiral.jpg ) [iqdb]
Accurate depiction of Kira
No. 27046
Mokou closes the small gap between the two of you. You close your eyes and steel yourself for the blow you’re sure is to come. However, it never does. Well, not to you anyways. You feel Mokou’s fist go flying right past you and connect with a very surprised Kaguya’s face. You open your eyes in time to see Kaguya slide back away from you, clutching her face. She lands on her backside, but is quickly up on her feet.
“You BITCH.” She coughs, still holding her nose, “If you broke my nose. . .”
“You’ll what, cry for your little nanny? TASUKETTE EIRIN~! Feh. Learn to do something on your own, you little cunt.”
Kaguya sputters with rage before charging at Mokou. The two are quickly locked in combat, giving and taking blows back and forth. A crowd’s gathering, and someone seems to have called the police. Shit! This can’t be good.

[ ] Run.
[ ] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
[ ] Try to pull Kaguya from the fight.
[ ] Grab them both and run.
No. 27047

[x] Run

Don't get involved in a cat fight.
No. 27048
Now we will.

[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27049
[X] Grab them both and run.

Give them both spankings afterwards.
No. 27050
[ ] Grab them both and run.
No. 27052
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
Eh this will get us some Mokou pts... right?
No. 27053
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
Don't need her getting in trouble thanks to us.
No. 27054
[ ] Grab them both and run.
No. 27055
[ ] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.

Wait, does the pullee or the girl not pulled get points if we do this?

Oh well, let's try for Mokou route.
No. 27056
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.

Time to head home.
No. 27057
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
No. 27058
[ ] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.

See? Mokou isn't that stupid. She knows Kaguya's shit.
No. 27059
[X] Grab them both and run.

No. 27060
[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27061
[X] Grab them both and run.

No. 27062
[x] Start taking bets from the onlookers.
No. 27063
[X] Grab them both and run.

Bitch though Kaguya may be, we're not leaving either of them to deal with the police. We're going to have to work things out with Mokou later.
No. 27064
[ ] Try to pull Mokou from the fight and run.
No. 27065
[ ] Grab them both and run.
No. 27066
[ ] Grab them both and run.
No. 27067
[ ] Grab them both and run.
No. 27068
[X] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
No. 27069
[ ] Grab them both and run.
No. 27070
[X] Grab them both and run.
No. 27071
[ ] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.

Bros/Siblings before hoes. Grab Mokou and RUN.
No. 27072
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.

I choose friends over scheming bitches any day.
No. 27073
[X] Grab them both and run.

Trying to pull Mokou out will just give Kaguya an opening. "OH SHIT IT'S THE COPS" and get the fuck out of there
No. 27074
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
mai waifu
No. 27075
[ ] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.

I wonder if Mokou's mad because she hates Kaguya or because she's jealous.
No. 27076
[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27077
[s] Grab them both and run.

No. 27078
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
No. 27079
"Absolute despair."

Hm. Be a gentlemen or be a cunt. It's not like a simple pow-pow is going to get either of them to make up, a little leverage is going to get either or both of them away from bashing each other ... Ha. Best to just throw ourselves into the blaze and intercept an attempted cross-counter. At least us being knocked out will surprise the two.
[X] Grab them both and run.
No. 27080
No. 27081
[X] Grab Mokou and Run.

I don't mind being left alone with the police. I promise not to say that You and Mokou started picking on me, honest!
No. 27082
[X] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
No. 27083
[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27084
[X] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
Kaguya deserved that punch in the face for manipulating us like that. Mokou is pissed off for our sake.
No. 27085
[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27086
[x] Grab them both and run.
I don't like that "try" in try to pull Mokou out.

That's why she's our main buddy.
No. 27088
You guys do realize that pulling Mokou out of the fight will likely give Kaguya a few free shots at her and make us look like a dick.
No. 27089
Let's see, who should we save? The girl who pretended to like us just to get back another at girl, or a girl who's pissed off at the bitch who manipulated us, and is now fighting for our sake? Decisions decisions...
No. 27090
>Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
>Try to pull Kaguya from the fight.

>Try to pull


I don't like the looks of that.

Besides, if we pull either back without dealing with the other, we'll be leaving them open to a nasty blow; hell, it'll probably make it look like we're involved in the fight, and convince the police to take all three of us in.

[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27091
[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27092
[x] Grab them both and run.
No. 27093
Anonymous is a true gentlemen to the NICE BOAT end.
No. 27094
If we do choose to save both, we should apologize to Mokou, and tell Kaguya to GTFO. Kaguya was willing to make us lose a friend and our reputation for a petty grudge, where as Mokou was willing to fight for us. Mokou isn't mad at us, she's knows we were taken advantage of. It's clear who we should be supporting here.
No. 27095

Even if Mokou WON'T give us a foot job or share our interests in games.
No. 27096
I agree with this
No. 27097
Anonymous wanted shenanigans. Anonymous got shenanigans.

I want this wackiness to continue. I just hope its controlled chaos, and collective dumbassery doesn't rear its ugly head and get the story cut short before it should.
No. 27098
We don't know that...
No. 27099
Let's also not forget that Mokou has always been the aggressor in the Mokou/Kaguya conflict.

Of course the conflict is so old that both sides hold grudges and seek revenge for some grievous crime by now.
No. 27100
>petty grudge
To be fair, we have no clue why they hate eachother.

We also don't know that Mokou isn't mad at us.
No. 27101
She's too rough; she'd break something.
No. 27102
r u shur
No. 27103
Right, that's why Kaguya tricks whatever team you play as to go and fight Mokou in the IN extra. It was obviously self defence!
No. 27105
If we somehow succeed at yanking the two away to the safety of an alley or somewhere else the police won't find us, we can only hope Kira offers us a talking option.
No. 27107
[x] Try to pull Mokou from the fight.
No. 27109

Mokou really is the Aggressor. Sending Assassins is sly, not Agressive.
No. 27111
File 120935648682.jpg - (78.53KB , 616x640 , Keine Mokou017.jpg ) [iqdb]
Posting Mokou x Kaguya in a Mokou vs Kaguya thread.
No. 27112

Now is the time to do something shocking and far out to get them to stop for just a bit. For example:

Locking lips with one of them,


Dropping your pants in front of both of them.
No. 27113
File 120935653053.jpg - (67.36KB , 600x600 , Keine Mokou015.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27114
File 120935655893.jpg - (41.42KB , 486x294 , 1197760760019.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27115
Hey, I was gonna post that!
No. 27116
File 120935660476.jpg - (104.97KB , 720x560 , Kaguya Houraisan019.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27118
File 120935671586.jpg - (85.59KB , 960x768 , 1207019829268.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27119
>Keine Mokou015.jpg

Get out!
No. 27120
I didn't rename the files I got from that every-character pack list awhile back on Pooshlmer. He sorted Keine and Mokou into one folder, with every image prefixed "Keine Mokou".

So shut up.
No. 27121
File 120935691740.jpg - (101.06KB , 997x800 , fight.jpg ) [iqdb]
The cops are trying to force their way through the crowd, which isn’t giving way to them very easily. You’ve got one shot at this. THERE. Mokou and Kaguya are about to hit each other, you charge in while they’re close and effectively tackle them. Lifting one up onto each shoulder you plow through the crowd and out the opposite side from the police. Once on the edge of the crowd, you drop the girls, grab them by their wrists, and yank them along behind you. The three of you keep running until you stumble across a small park. Crawling inside one of the little statuette things there, the three of you are breathing heavily. The cops run past outside, unsure of where you might have gone to hide. So now you’re hiding under some sort of Elephant slide, Mokou on one side of you, Kaguya on the other side. And you, once again, Stuck in the middle. It’s also exceedingly dark inside here. You sigh deeply, but before you can do anything else, Mokou starts in on Kaguya.
“What the FUCK do you think you were doing?!”
“Oh, Like you care about him, little miss, I’ve been there forever but I’ve never made a move.”
Mokou sounds hurt by that comment but continues on. “Quit messing with him! He doesn’t know what he’s doing right now!”
“Oh, sure. That’s a likely excuse from a sore looser like you. Next you’ll tell me he has amnesia or something.”
You pipe in and say that you actually DO have amnesia.
“And another thin. . . Wait, What did you say?” Kaguya sounds shocked when you say that you have amnesia.
“He’s telling the truth. I don’t have any reason to doubt him, not after what happened a couple of days ago. . .”
The pain in Kaguya’s voice is evident. “So. . . Wait. . . That means. . . You, you don’t. . . You don’t remember anything? Anything at all?”
You shake your head sadly, and tell her that you can’t.
“I thought. . . I thought since you came to play that meant. . .” Her voice trails off to nothing. It’s dark outside now, and dark inside here. You can’t see Kaguya’s face, but you can hear her sobbing quietly.
You sit there, unsure of what to do. Mokou seems uncomfortable too, as she’s shifting back and forth, and otherwise fidgeting.
“I thought you had. . .” Kaguya sighs, still sobbing slightly, “How did it happen?”
You tell her what you’ve been told as to what happened. Kaguya sits there in silence while you explain.
“Ah.” Is the only thing Kaguya has to say when you’ve told her everything. The silence is crushing at this point. It seems that none of you have any idea of what to say at the moment, and so nothing is said at all. Eventually, Kaguya breaks the silence. “I-I have to be getting home. I’ll see you two some other time. You’d better take good care of him Mokou. I’ll never loose to you.”
“Of course I will. Don’t think for one second I’m gonna go easy on you, just because of this.”
Kaguya walks away silently after that, not even rising to Mokou’s little verbal jab.
“So. . . Rough night?” Mokou asks.
You just sigh. What a day this has been. Outside, it finally starts to rain. Well, it was gonna do it sometime today, why not now.

[ ] Stay here a while longer.
[ ] Go home with Mokou.
[ ] Go after Kaguya.
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27122
File 120935697698.png - (362.93KB , 700x500 , 1189305143331.png ) [iqdb]
Delicious hatesex.
No. 27123
[x] Talk to Mokou.
Going home with Mokou is fine too
No. 27124
[ ] Go home with Mokou.
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27125
[X] Stay here a while longer.
So tempted to go after Kaguya
No. 27126
[ ] Talk to Mokou.

Need some context concerning what the HELL just happened, s'il vous plaît.
No. 27127
[ ] Go home with Mokou.
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27128
[ ] Stay here a while longer.
No. 27129
[ ] Talk to Mokou.

Fuck, man. Fuck.
No. 27130
[X]Talk with Mokou.

I'm curious as to what Kaguya meant.
No. 27131
[X] Stay here a while longer.

No. 27132
[X] Talk to Mokou.
We should thank her for caring so much about us, even if it did cause some trouble in the long run.
No. 27133
[x] Talk to Mokou.

The end of the day is upon us. Time to wrap things up for now.
No. 27134
[x] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27135
[x] Talk to Mokou.
[x] Go home with Mokou.
No. 27136
[x] Talk to Mokou.

No. 27137
[x] Go after Kaguya
No. 27138
[ ] Go home with Mokou.
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
You can talk while walking, a little known fact.
No. 27139
[X] Talk to Mokou.

Damn, now I'm interested in Kaguya, too. Better leave her to her own devices right now, either way.

Might as well spend some time talking with Mokou before heading back. It's raining anyway, so we don't want to head out there just to have it start pouring down way too hard when we're half-way home. Might as well get some information on just what's going on between the three of us, not that I don't already have my suspicions...
No. 27140
[ ] Talk to Mokou
No. 27141
Guess ol' anon was gettin busy before his little amnesia.

[x] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27142
[ ] Talk to Mokou.

It's LOSE, Kira. And LOSER.
No. 27143
God damn, we pulled it off.
Anonymous is some sort of superman.

[X] Stay here a while longer.
I'll pass on walking home in the rain. Talking is fine to since the original reason to go home would have been to talk to Mokou anyway (plot-intended reason anyway).
No. 27144
[ ] Talk to Mokou.

"OK, bitch! Tell me EVERYTHING I need to hear, or it's a night in the clink for ya'! I'LL DO, I SWEAR TO ZUN, I'LL FUCKING DO IT!!"
No. 27145
[X] Stay here a while longer.

After a bit of silence, thinking to yourself... Or something like that.

[x] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27146
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27147
[x] Stay here a while longer and talk to Mokou.

Oh my, look at the time! We are soaking wet and its so late. Most of the trains are no longer servicing, except the rare ones that hit the main stops. That will require even more walking. We'd best get a hotel for the night. Yep, that would be the best thing to do.
No. 27148
So are we ever going to ask about what happened before we got amnesia?
No. 27149
[x] Stay here a while longer.

Silent moment with Mokou.
No. 27150

...eaf, Anonymous?
No. 27151
[x] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27152
[x] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27153
[X] Talk to Mokou.

What the hell just happened, and why do I feel like such a dick?
No. 27154
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27155
You're a smart man. Care to elaborate?
No. 27156
What do you want to ask Mokou about?

[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.
[ ] Just talk.
No. 27158
We brought an umbrella didn't we? Ai ai gasa with Mokou!
No. 27159
Yes, he is a very smart man. Trust me.
No. 27160
[ ] Mokou.
No. 27161
I want a Kaguya route.
No. 27162
OH NOES! Did we leave our stuff back at the scene of the fight, or did we bring it with us?
No. 27163
[ x] Mokou.
No. 27164
How much rain do we have? Cuz I'm feelin a little multi-vote coming on!!
No. 27165
[ ] Reimu.
No. 27166
[ ] Mokou.
No. 27167
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.
[ ] Just talk.

All of them. I want textwall.
No. 27168
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
No. 27169
[X] Kaguya.

We need to know. Otherwise I'll feel like a dick.
No. 27170
[x] Just talk.
No. 27171
[x] Mokou.
No. 27172
[x] Kaguya.
No. 27173
[x] Just talk.

Time to write freestyle, Kira.
No. 27174
No. 27175
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.

Hay guise, why not all 3?
No. 27176
[x] Kaguya.
No. 27177
[X] Mokou.
No. 27178
[x] Reimu.
Near death takes priority over Kaguya. sorry my sweet NEET.
No. 27179
[x] Reimu.

I'm alot more curious about getting nearly killed.
No. 27180
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.

Sorry about the multivote, but it's time for a few answers.
No. 27181
>[ ] Reimu.
>[ ] Kaguya.
>[ ] Mokou.
>[ ] Just talk.

>All of them. I want textwall.

No. 27182
Yeah right, he'll go "you talk about nothing in particular for a while"

[x] Mokou

Let's ask about our past together. It's about goddamn time.
No. 27183
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.
[ ] Just talk.

...I'm curious, I admit.
No. 27184
[x] Kaguya.
No. 27185
[x] Reimu.
want to know how she almost killed us
No. 27186
[X] Kaguya.
[X] Mokou.


We really need to know what's going on.
No. 27187
The topics are a bit confusing. Do you mean that if we ask about "Kaguya," Moukou won't tell us anything about her rivalry with the NEET? or if we ask about Mokou, we won't learn anything about the NEET, or, if we "Just talk," the conversation won't include anything about what just happened (including "are you okay?")?

Reimu seems like the only straightforward choice but I don't know why we would ask Mokou about it right now. It would be my last option anyway.
No. 27188
[x] Reimu.
No. 27189
[X] Mokou.
No. 27190
Though if textwalling is too much, just [x] Kaguya and [x] Mokou are fine.
No. 27191
[ ] Mokou.
No. 27192
[x] Mokou.
mai waifu
No. 27193
It's vague, so fuck it, I voted Mokou for Mokou points.
No. 27194
[x] Reimu.
[x] Kaguya.
[x] Mokou.
Oh ho, why not wall of text ourselves?
No. 27195
[X] Mokou.
Give her that doll we bought at the hospital too ;_;
No. 27196
Because wall of text is hard to write.
No. 27198
[X] Talk to Mokou.

Goddamn, what the fuck is going on?

Does this mean we're in a love-triangle with Mokou and the NEET?

No. 27199
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.
[ ] Just talk.

If Kira's up for a wall of text, then I'm up for a wall of text.

If not,
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.
No. 27200
Thank you kindly for the e-stroke.

I've got some good ingredients and cake mix, but I'm not as good at cooking up stories as Kira is.
No. 27201
I say we shouldn't talk about Reimu just yet. We should be subtle about that and not talk about her behind her back. She doesn't know we have amnesia yet, after-all, and is therefore baffled at our reaction without explanation.

At the next possible option, we should go check-up on her again. At the hospital if need be.
No. 27202

But you are good at ad-libing them.
No. 27204
Agreed about checking up on her, but if we're just asking Mokou what Reimu did with us then we're clear.
No. 27205
alright alright, since you guys want walltext, I'll give you walltext, however, it'll have to wait until next weekend, or such, as I'm off to be dnow. So, until next time, CLIFFHANGER BITCHES. BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH*hackcoughwheeze*
Err. . . I mean, good night.
No. 27206
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Mokou.
[ ] Just talk.

Wall of text option GO!
No. 27207
No. 27209

You are an evil, evil man. Yet I keep coming back to you.

I feel so small and weak.
No. 27210
Fair enough.
No. 27211
Kira, you magnificent bastard.
No. 27212
File 120935865141.jpg - (224.83KB , 835x1200 , yuyukokotatsu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well played...

G'nite, Kira!
No. 27215
Well, back to DESPAIR!
No. 27216

Well done.
Some day someone is going to have to draw the school-days Touhous.... but I doubt we have any quality draw-fags in our midst.
No. 27217

No. 27218

Magnificent bastard it is. It's been such a melancholic thrill; I set aside my precious weekends to accomplish something meaningful, only to have them devoured by the high school drama I wish I had.

Fuck you, Kira. I love you.
No. 27219

_| ̄|◯
No. 27220
File 120935954182.jpg - (141.31KB , 403x400 , 391ba51304a2a568ded8ddbfff528103.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did anyone else think Mokou and Kaguya seemed strangely similar in some way? I can't help but wonder if the NEET is a fan of the same show Mokou and we like.

Add in how upset she got when she found out we didn't remember anything, and I'm beginning to get mighty curious about how well Kaguya's penmanship is...
No. 27221

You're a genius. Too bad Kira won't let us pull it off.
No. 27222
We never got Kaguya's name.
No. 27223
NEETs don't write, therefore, poor penmanship. And the way she was speaking so admirably about us at the arcade, as well as threw together a date with us, I'd say we've found our mystery girl.

Guise, we just broke the heart of a gamer girl who was really diggin' us. What should we do?

[ ] Kick ourselves for not realizing it
[ ] Blame Mokou
[ ] It's all Tewi's fault
No. 27224

I'm just generally curious about Kaguya now... I think we ought to talk to her again a few times; if we leave her to cry and mope about our amnesia all on her own, I'm going to feel like a prick. Ideally, we should find out what's going on between her and Mokou, and find some way to reconcile them.
No. 27229
All the above
No. 27230
Sounds peachy. If we can't get Two-Woman Harem end, we can try for I won't try to rip out your uterus when I see you end.
No. 27241
File 120936347455.jpg - (66.03KB , 520x485 , c3c154ff7297eb16370a34906352f127.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, it's not entirely certain she's the one just yet.

We know she operates the arcade, and that we were at one point a regular, but have not shown up there for the past couple of months. Also, between the fact she appears to be the proprietor, she is definitely the type who would spend most of her time in the arcade, regardless.
In any case, if we were to assume we were out meeting THE girl the night we got amnesia, I would think the arcade would have been the natural place to meet the NEET, if she were really the one. Yet, we clearly haven't been there in months.

Secondly, it wouldn't really be fair to blame Mokou, even if the girl IS Kaguya. She obviously knew we were out meeting SOMEONE that night, if she was asking us about it the next day. If it were really Kaguya, I doubt Mokou would have asked us about it like she did if she knew.
That leads me to think either Mokou didn't know the girl's identity either way, or if she did that it was not Kaguya.

Even if Kaguya isn't the one who wrote the note, there is clearly a LOT more between her, Mokou, and us than we know just yet.
No. 27256
Holy shit yo0u guys, something just come on to me.

The note was probably a confession by Kaguya, and us going to the arcade was the Yes answer to it.
Something like I like youo, if you accept these feelings come to the arcade etc.

We just broke the poor girls heart.
No. 27259
File 120937093852.jpg - (46.30KB , 636x398 , untitled.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 27261
Just one problem here. If she's actually working with/for/at/running the arcade, then she's not actually a NEET, is she?
No. 27262
It seems being even 2/3 still qualifies you as a NEET. Patchi's the 2nd/3rd most educated person in Gensokyo, yet is still labeled a NEET.
No. 27266
We're still going for Yuka route, right?
No. 27268
File 120938245792.gif - (744.99KB , 791x613 , kaguyamokouhijack.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 27269
File 120938265189.jpg - (66.74KB , 420x600 , kaguyamokou.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why is Kira making me love probably the most useless superpower in all Gensokyo?

No. 27270
File 120938272066.jpg - (21.85KB , 300x375 , 5e2272104be8e7d59e2010e683411bf5.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27271
Don't beat yourself up now, kid. Kira's will, you can still steal the spotlight from Tom & Jerry next week.
No. 27273
Make no mistake: We Gotta Catch 'Em All.

First we talk to Mokou, get Kaguya's backstory, and then bang on the NEET's door in the middle of the night demanding a "rematch". We can get Mokou to understand we were making sure Kaguya wasn't going to hurt herself; even so, exciting her jealousy reveals her true feelings for us, which we can develop by ditching school with her occasionally.

NEET's path is counterpoint to Mokou's: After-school trips to the arcade, bringing Mokou along and having them work out their aggression through video games, hopefully ending with mutual reconciliation, and maybe an awkward threesome. Eirin's advice on the matter would also be useful; she's the school nurse, right?

Reimu's backstory we can get from our sisters and Mokou at any time, such as lunch. She would have few visitors (being unlikable), so there'd be no one to tell her we have amnesia, which she's better off not knowing. All we have to do to clear her route is visit her every day with flowers from Yuka's shop.

The doll path (Alice, Patchy, Medicine) is taken care of right after school every day. This is important because it teaches us the extent of our pre-amnesia abilities.

The family arc requires both kinder interaction with Marisa on our part, and visits to Yuka at the flower shop (even applying for a job there), where we'll build ammunition for when we eventually confront Marisa and Kourin about what really happened to Mima. The nightly Mystia events will provide additional hints, and will resolve by solving the mystery and tying the family back together.

Only when all these conditions are satisfied will we reach our True End--our memory restored and the whole cast sipping tea in the student council room.

This is like MiG Re-Take. It like it better.
No. 27274
>and maybe an awkward threesome. Eirin's advice on the matter would also be useful

Eirin, I want to have freaky hate sex threesome. Halp meh
No. 27275

Leading us directly to NEEDLE TIME
No. 27281
File 120938961663.jpg - (268.08KB , 600x848 , yuyukoyoumucherrytrees.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry, but even though I'm going crazy figuring out why I want a Kaguya route over Mokou route, I'm still waiting on a certain MILF and her kendo-loving botanist to come along.

There's not TRUE END without them
No. 27284
File 12093907742.png - (13.23KB , 300x300 , yuka037.png ) [iqdb]

Acceptable. So long as we eventually get a big group-karaoke scene, and Yuyuko sings "Afternoon Delight" to us in a suggestive manner, infuriating every other character we're involved with for a short period.

Perhaps, as a gardener, we can find Youmu in Yuuka's shop some time. That way we can kill two birds with one stone: Yuuka route and Hakugyokurou involvement rolled into one!
No. 27291

Youmu could be the school groundskeeper. Yuyuko is probably someone important (principal, super, or head of the school board) and got Youmu hired in spite her young age.
No. 27292
I'm just gonna tell you guys this now, just to get the rage out of the way, there's no Youmu path.
No. 27293

A cameo is fine too.
No. 27296
What routes do we get anyway?
So Youmu only comes in double with Yuyuko?
Can we get a Mokou/Kaguya route instead of a Moukou or Kaguya route?
No. 27297
Is there a possibility to a Mystia route?
No. 27298
Why do you do things that you know will hurt me?
No. 27299

I want this. Even if it doesn't end up in sex.
No. 27300
You don't get a youmu route, 'cause she's 10 in this setting. Other underaged and V& include:
Denied for obvious reasons-
A few of the PC-98 characters.
Denied for not so obvious reasons-
Reimu Sr.

Pretty much everyone else is fair game, assuming you can find the proper paths.First~ week or so is character introduction, then it goes from there. Gametime is about one month~ish.

Mokou/Kaguya route is possible, as is Mokou or Kaguya, But I doubt anon will get it. Though, they do seem to be making progress in that field.
Yes. yes there is. You just may not want it. Well, you may want it, you just may not like it.
No. 27301
>Mokou/Kaguya route is possible, as is Mokou or Kaguya, But I doubt anon will get it. Though, they do seem to be making progress in that field.

Fuck yes, do want Mokou/Kaguya route. Double the fun. Fuck the rest we need to go this way.
No. 27303
>>...I'm going crazy figuring out why I want a Kaguya route over Mokou route...

It's not that hard to figure out. Kira just has an amazing knack for making the NEET goddamn lovable, it seems. When I think about how she saved us in MiG, and then opened fire with a turrent defense system on Reimu and company, I still regret we had not made a write-in vote of trying to bang her right there and then.


Shame on you for wanting her over Mokou, though. Especially if it's somehow possible to get BOTH.
We have to make this happen, Gentlemen.
We can, and we must.
No. 27305
>>Denied for not so obvious reasons-
>>Reimu Sr.

Why do I have a feeling that it's going to turn out that Reimu Jr. isn't nearly as much of a bitch as she makes herself seem, and deep down is really a sweet girl lashing out for some reason, while her seemingly pleasant mother is the REAL megabitch in this story?

That she's buddy-buddy with Marisa, while not unexpected, does raise some suspicions, though...
No. 27317
you know, we are going to die in the end, this is school days after all. I wonder who will go yandere and kill us. I don't think it would be moukou, best guess is reimu
No. 27320
There's no reason it must come to that, so long as Anon doesn't do anything extremely stupid.

...oh. Nevermind, then.
No. 27323
It seemed that we were quite the pimp before we lost our memories. We made good friends with all those girls, but it seems we never made a move on any of them, thought this is going to change now that we figured out that there is a Kaguya/Mokou route. We have to make them both ours.
No. 27336
File 120940345639.jpg - (106.76KB , 650x475 , b47c2bcd8a0d52a6139394b76e67b8c8.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>We have to make them both ours.
It will probably be risky, though.
Fuck up too badly, and you'll have two girls closed off to you, as opposed to just one.

However, the reward easily trumps the risk, and anything worth having is worth fighting for.
No. 27342
Firstly, I'd ask each of the individually why they hate each other, then make them realize their stupidity.
No. 27344
2 girls 1 cock. They don't want to share.
No. 27349
>>Mokou/Kaguya route is possible

Gentlemen! You know what you do etc etc.

We are having this.
No. 27400
>Mokou/Kaguya route is possible

No. 27691
>I'm just gonna tell you guys this now, just to get the rage out of the way, there's no Youmu path.


Aww well, I really wanted Yuyuko path mostly!

Kaguya/Mokou intrigues me. But so does 'FAERIES'! Gentlemen, what do we read Saturday?
No. 27794
>>Kaguya/Mokou intrigues me. But so does 'FAERIES'! Gentlemen, what do we read Saturday?

We're already going to have to wait a week for a break from MiG. LIKE HELL we're going to wait another before we get some answers.

Sorry, but I think the FAIRIES! story can wait a while. Let's get further in the ones we're already involved in before introducing something else to the mix.
No. 27929
File 120946006379.jpg - (98.28KB , 501x591 , 96428887a180264d9fb6f4315f52c7ce.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Mokou/Kaguya route is possible, as is Mokou or Kaguya, But I doubt anon will get it.
>But I doubt anon will get it.
>But I doubt anon will get it.

Goddammit, people. This is DOUBLE LUNATIC MODE. Probably something like 30 choices related to this and we have to get 28 right, or we risk fucking up everything with BOTH of them. Anon's track record is.....not really up to par. This isn't the kind of thing you go for on the first time through.

You dumb faggots are going to break Mokou's heart. She's your best friend since forever AND the girl next door, who's clearly fallen for you but can't admit it. And you're going to clumsily trample over her heart and throw all of that away. God fucking dammit.

You don't even want a relationship with both of them, do you? You just want to fuck both of them. You want a threesome h-scene. I hope you like boats, because that shit will never work. They're already beating each other up. The subtitle of the story is SCHOOL DAYS. HINT HINT, MR. DUMBASS.

You know what, it doesn't even matter. Mokou/Kaguya will just be Ciel Good End all over again. This is Kira we're talking about, you're asking the wrong fucking genie to grant a wish like that.
No. 27963
File 120948459426.jpg - (49.90KB , 605x552 , 04cac61dedbbd8d7b0cffd4283ec3a5a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Agreed. I think it's best to not get greedy, as that's a sure-fire way to a BAD END.

Of course, knowing how these things go, odds are we'll be forced to break the NEET's heart, and be made to feel like total shit about it.

Hurting our long-time friend is unacceptable, but I can't say that doing the same to Kaguya feels any better, even if we don't know nearly as much about her connection to us.