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26639 No. 26639
Downtown. You feel strangely drawn there, like you’re supposed to be going there. Boarding the train and riding it the scant few stops to the downtown district, you exit the train. Looking around, you have nowhere to go, really. You don’t think that you needed to shop for anything, and there’s little else here besides the stores. Well, there is that arcade, but you’re not sure if you want to go there. You could always just wander and see if anything catches your eye.

[ ] Wander.
[ ] Arcade.
[ ] Department store.

>> No. 26640
[X] Wander.

>> No. 26641
[ ] Arcade.
the classic
>> No. 26642
[X] Wander.
>> No. 26643
[X] Arcade.
>> No. 26644
[ ] Arcade.

>> No. 26645
[X] Arcade.
Seems like the best choice.
>> No. 26646
[x] Arcade.

UFO catcher prizes for our little sisters.
>> No. 26647
[ ] Arcade.

Fuck yeah, Mini-game GET time!
>> No. 26648
[ ] Arcade.

I haven't played Time Crisis 2 in forever, time to catch up on that.
>> No. 26649
[x] Arcade

Pew Pew motherfucker.
>> No. 26650
This reminds me of the old Hentai Games like 3 sister stories or runaway City.
>> No. 26651
[x] Arcade
>> No. 26652
oh shi-
[X] Arcade
>> No. 26653
[x] Wander.
>> No. 26654
There's a 4 now, y'know. Just beat it a month ago. Took damn near $10 worth of tokens to do it.

Damn nanomachines bugs...
>> No. 26655
>> No. 26656
[X] Wander.
I wonder if we meet mysterious blonde foreigner that we want to cut up?
>> No. 26657
[X] Hospital
>> No. 26658
Arcade won, but I'm kinda disappointed we won't be meeting the blue haired lady-of-the-night.

Meh, she'll be our school nurse by the end of the week. No big.
>> No. 26659
Time to play some Uohuot at the local arcade.
>> No. 26660
[x] Arcade.
>> No. 26661
[x] arcade

find 3 more people and an old Gauntlet Machine.
>> No. 26662
haha, those games were the best possible back then. Arcade reminds me of that gamer girl..... Nitori in arcade?
>> No. 26663

I know, but 2 was always my favorite.
>> No. 26664
Thank you. I was thinking who was the one we'd probably run into here at the arcades.

Can't think of who's more fashionable enough to be at the department store. Yuyuko?
>> No. 26665
I hated 4. 3 is still the best, IMO. The fight with Wild Dog and Fang was epic. Too bad the only arcade within easy driving distance closed a year ago...
>> No. 26666
Your feet carry you quickly over to the arcade. All the lights, all the sounds, all the people, Yeah, This is either an arcade or a gambling hall. Entering you’re greeted by the sight of a large screen. On that screen is currently displayed a battle. CMP vs. NEET. It’s apparently some sort of game where you have to dodge bullets, and try and beat your opponent off of the other side of the screen. Occasionally this white fairy shows up and sprays bullets everywhere. This NEET character seems to be owning every single challenger that comes along. You see them quickly dominate four or five other players. The game seems strangely familiar to you for some reason, but you can’t quite place it. Someone walks past you, looking defeated. You figure that they were just playing the game that’s displayed on the screen, and you ask them where that particular machine is at. They point over to a small booth.
You wander over to the booth, where there’s apparently a small crowd gathered around. As you manage to get closer to the machine, this NEET person appears to be a girl. Long black hair, wearing a baseball cap and some sort of loose fitting garment. She seems to be beating all challengers handily.
“Oh COME ON. Can’t ANYONE give me a challenge tonight? You bastards can’t even last five minutes against me!” The girl seems quite infuriated. No further challengers have stepped up and the seat opposite her is empty. Challenge her?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
>> No. 26667

[x] Yes

>> No. 26668
Damn there was this arcade game I've only played once but it was possibly the most fun thing I've ever played. It was some generic robot gundam type fighting game but the controls made it bad ass. You had two joysticks, if you quickly jammed them in an opposite outward direction you would jump, jam them to the same side and you would dash to that side. The panel of the machine had buttons and shit that shot missles and regular weapons, it was single player campaign or two player Vs. That was the best god damned game ever, fuck my 360.
>> No. 26669
[x] Yes.
>> No. 26671
[ ] Yes.

I would kick her ass at PoFV.
>> No. 26672
>> No. 26673
[x] Yes.

This is what Anon was born to do.
>> No. 26674
[X] Yes.
>> No. 26675
[X] Yes.

Queen of NEETs, do you have enough bullets?
>> No. 26676
That would be Virtual On. There's a few console ports of it.

You may want to check out Custom Robo Arena for DS, although it doesn't have the awesome tank-style controls.
>> No. 26677
Fuck yeah! Virtual on!
>> No. 26678


have for saturn
>> No. 26679
[ ] Yes.

I am the bone of my joy stick?
>> No. 26680
[ ] Yes.

>M9 (^_^) HA HA-
>> No. 26681
[x] Yes.
>> No. 26683
[x] Yes.

I wanted to play TouhouM@STER, but taking on a NEET is fine too.
>> No. 26684
[X] Yes.
If wonder what would happen if School Days Kaguya and Mokou meet.
>> No. 26685
[x] Yes
Please give her a friendly personality kira.
>> No. 26686
[x] Yes.
We'll show Kaguya ultimate NEET power.
>> No. 26687
Maybe Mokou is the only person who can beat her at arcade games.
>> No. 26688
[ ] Yes.
>> No. 26689

Awesome, yeah thats it.

It wouldn't be the same without the arcade controls though.
>> No. 26690
[x] Yes.
>> No. 26691
[X] Yes.

Pssh. Like we'd pass up such a challenge.
>> No. 26692
[X] Yes.

I am the bone of my joystick...
>> No. 26693
I can see it now, Kaguya will try to get in our pants just to piss off Mokou.
>> No. 26694

This will be awesome. Angry sex threesome.

Also [x] Yes.
>> No. 26695
Question is: Would you mind?

I wouldn't...
>> No. 26696
>I can see it now, Kaguya will try to get in Mokous pants.
>> No. 26697
One hell of a party when EX-Keine arrives.
>> No. 26698
You sit down across from the girl and pop a coin into the machine. She looks around the machine to you and her eyes go wide.
“Y-y-YOU?! I haven’t seen you here in forever. Heh. You’ve probably gotten rusty since the last time you played. I know *I’VE* gotten much better. So how about we make this interesting. I win, you never come back to this arcade. EVER. You win? In that unlikely event, well, we‘ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Her shit eating grin pisses you off.
“So, you gonna accept or you just gonna forfeit to me?”
You agree, and tell her to just get on with it. The two of you pick your characters. You pick what appears to be a small ice fairy. She reminds you of your sister for some reason. Kaguya’s character is apparently some rabbit.
The game starts. For some odd reason, this all feels really familiar and you’re quite quickly in the groove. Shooting the small targets, launching attacks, and dodging bullets. The match has gone on for easily ten minutes, neither side giving an inch. The crowd that was small before quickly becomes larger, and around the screen the crowd is even larger. You could probably prolong the fight and be dramatic or you could launch an all out offensive on her now, which should bring about her swift demise. Which is it?

[ ] Offensive.
[ ] Defensive.
>> No. 26699
[X] Offensive.
>> No. 26700
[ ] Defensive.

Defense is ALWAYS the best offense in PoFV.
>> No. 26702
[x] Defensive.
>> No. 26703
[x] Offensive.
>> No. 26704
File 120933248593.jpg - (263.08KB , 600x800 , 1203372336550.jpg ) [iqdb]
Stupid sexy NEET. Get a job! Like being a maid!

Mmmmm....Kaguya meido....
>> No. 26705
Not voting. Never played PoFV. I'll leave this in the hands of the professionals.
>> No. 26706
[x] Unleash Mystic Eyes of Bullet Perception
>> No. 26707

[x] Defensive
>> No. 26708
[X] Offensive.

You're goin' down, NEET.
>> No. 26709
[x] Offensive.
>> No. 26710
[ ] Offensive.
>> No. 26711

[x] Defensive

Wait for her to get frustrated and leave an opening.
>> No. 26712
[ ] Defensive.
>> No. 26713
[X] Offensive.
Fuck yes RAMMING SPEED. Take out that rose and show her how manly we are.
>> No. 26714
[x] Defensive
>> No. 26715
[x] Offensive.
Nothing beats 9000 failing icicles.
>> No. 26716
[ ] Offensive.
The best defense is a good offense.
>> No. 26717
[X] Offensive.


We win and she becomes our maid. Alls right with the world.
>> No. 26718
[x] Defensive.
>> No. 26719
[ ] Defensive.
>> No. 26720
[ ] Defensive.
>> No. 26721
People don't seem to like anon too much, must of been a real dick before amnesia.
>> No. 26722
>You pick what appears to be a small ice fairy. She reminds you of your sister for some reason. Kaguya’s character is apparently some rabbit.
Just caught that. Nice touch.

Also, how do we know her name? Sudden burst of memory?
>> No. 26723
[x] Defensive.
>> No. 26724
[x] Offensive
>> No. 26725
Artistic licence. Done so that I don't have to keep typing out "That girl, or the girl with the long black hair, or your opponent" It's happened frequently in the story, if you haven't noticed it already.
>> No. 26726
[x] Defensive
I've always been best at defensive danmaku.
>> No. 26727
Actually I'm changing my vote
[x] Defensive

We make the NEET nervous and we probably have more patience. She is bound to screw up. Just talk about Mokou while you are playing.
>> No. 26728
You let loose with a full force, double barreled offensive. You give that NEET everything you’ve got an then some. However, shortly after shooting off your last spell attack, she just grins.
“Such an Amateurish mistake.”
Kaguya launches a counter attack. Quite quickly, your screen is overwhelmed with an impossible number of bullets and oh god the bullets are shooting bullets. You quite quickly find yourself left at one hit point. There’s still an insane number of bullets on your screen, but you now have a full bar. This is it, do or die time. You seem to come into some perfect zone of focus and somehow manage to dodge through the hell of bullets that were coming at you. You’ve managed to get most of your screen cleared at current, but you don’t know for how long that will last. You’ve just managed to take down Kaguya’s avatar on your side of the screen.

[ ] Offensive again! Surely it won’t fail this time!
[ ] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
[ ] Half offense, half defense.
>> No. 26729
Awesome idea. Talk about Mokou, brag about how awesome she is.
>> No. 26730
[ ] Half offense, half defense.
>> No. 26731
[X] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
>> No. 26732
[ ] Half offense, half defense.
>> No. 26733
[ ] Half offense, half defense.
>> No. 26734
[ ] Half offense, half defense.
>> No. 26735
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!

Dammit you guys.
>> No. 26736
[X] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
>> No. 26737
[ ] Half offense, half defense.

Let's go! 60-40
>> No. 26738
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
>> No. 26739
Sudden urge...

Brb, playing PoFV.
>> No. 26740
What the fuck is half offense, half defense?
Dicking around like that will make you lose, idiots.
[X] Offensive again! Surely it won’t fail this time!
>> No. 26741
[ ] Ask about NEET's panties

Psychological warfare. Distract her ey?
>> No. 26742
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
>> No. 26743
[ ] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!

Just like me. Carelessly losing 4 1/2 points and then enduring forever with the last resort.
>> No. 26744
[x] Dodge bullets in 4D
>> No. 26745
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
>> No. 26746
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
>> No. 26748
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
>> No. 26749
I can dig it. Just clarifying.

[X] Half offense, half defense.
>> No. 26751
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!
[x] Mention something along the lines of "This is taking forever. Mokou and I would've ended this by now!"
>> No. 26752
[x] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!

Let the NEET get overconfident.
>> No. 26754
In that moment--

The world--seems to melt away--

I'm sliding.

I'm sliding into another place.

The shouting around me fades away into the fierce wind.

The lights on the screen grow until they encompass my entire reality.


These sights, these sounds--they were always my reality, from the day I was born.

How could I have missed this?

This truth, so plainly visible, even behind the veil of illusion that has just been flung away.

A thousand points of light appear. No, not a thousand--two thousand, three thousand, four, five--

They multiply until I can’t count them anymore, a curtain of glowing spheres.

A name. There is a name for this--


The bullets rush towards me, and I smile.

I’m home.

(Welcome home.)
>> No. 26755

[X] Half offense, half defense.

>> No. 26756
>[x] Mention something along the lines of "This is taking forever. Mokou and I would've ended this by now!"
Oh, shit yes. Whatever ends up winning, do this.
>> No. 26757
[ ] Defensive now! This is it! Hold out until she makes a mistake!

>> No. 26760
[X] Offensive again! Surely it won’t fail this time!

Break through! The unexpected persistence!
>> No. 26761
You.....you...DOUBLE AMATEUR!
>> No. 26763
[X] Half offense, half defense.
>> No. 26764
Awesome. Not sure what it's copypasta from--or even if it is--but it's still awesome.
>> No. 26765
Kira.....its been an hour..... plz post.
>> No. 26766
[X] Run away with Medicine's head
>> No. 26767
>> No. 26768
Sorry sorry, had to actually play PoFV to decide the outcome. HERE IT IS. Oh and if someone can figure out somewhere to upload it, you can see my horrific PoFV skills~
The battle has come down to this. You play defensively, only using your spell attacks when you need to clear something on your screen. The fairy comes, and comes again, and again. Numerous avatar attacks are made. The battle stretches on, longer and longer. Twenty minutes, thirty minutes, forty-five minutes. The crowd that’s gathered falls silent, it seems that nearly the entire arcade is watching this breathtaking battle between two sides who refuse to give an inch. The match continues on for a seeming eternity, however, you hear that familiar chirp, indicating that Kaguya has fallen to her final hit point. She curses quietly, the only noise discernable in the entire arcade. It’s as if every person there is holding their breath.
You continue to bob and weave. Kaguya’s attacks are becoming more erratic, less predictable. But that means she has a greater likely hood of making a mistake.
And there it is. You hear her explode on her side, and on your side, Winner. You sigh inwardly, that was an insanely intense and close match. You feel like you’ve just run a marathon.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~” Kaguya screeches. She bangs her head on the screen, clutching the sides of the machine as she does so. She’s not hitting her head hard, but the machine is shaking. The crowd is all a buzz now, dispersing slowly while chatting about the intense match. A note appears on the screen that the replay has been saved. Kaguya stands, stalking over to your side of the machine.
“Fine. . . You won. . .” She mumbles, seeming to be thoroughly defeated, shoulders slumped, head tilted down. It seems like the defeat hit her hard.
“I just thought. . . You know. That I’d finally overtaken you. You haven’t been here in months, but you’re not rusty at all. You have no idea how hard it is to be a girl playing games. Every guy expects you to be beaten handily, or if you cheated or you used your body to distract them. Always the same shit. You have to be ten times better than them to get half the acclaim, beyond, OH LOOK AT THE LITTLE GIRL, SHE’S PLAYING A GAME. Hurr, Hurr.” Kaguya sighs.
“So come on. Just get it over with. What horrifically embarrassing thing are you gonna make me do for loosing?” Her head is still hung, shoulders still slumped.

[ ] Be cruel.
[ ] Be kind.
>> No. 26769
>> No. 26770
[ ] Be kind.
>> No. 26771
[ ] Be kind.
>> No. 26772
[ ] Be kind.
>> No. 26773
[ ] Be kind.

You're a bitch, Kaguya. But we're not assholes.
>> No. 26774
[x] Be kind.

I don't what to be cruel to our delicious NEET.
>> No. 26775
[ ] Be kind.
>> No. 26776
[ ] Be kind.

Tonight I'm home alone~
>> No. 26777
[X] Be kind.
Be cruel to a Kaguya with feelings?
Who can be a fucker stupid enough to do that?
>> No. 26778
[x] Be kind.

>> No. 26779
[X] Be kind.
>> No. 26780

[X] Be kind.
>> No. 26781
[ ] Be kind.

I know she just trying to manipulate us with that little speech, but I really don't care.
>> No. 26782
[X] Be kind.
kind anon likes rape victims and loser
>> No. 26783
[X] Be kind.

It's what we do.
>> No. 26784
[x] Be kind.
I can think of things far worse than >>26704
We'll take good care of her.
>> No. 26785
[x] Be kind.
Weather or not she is being sincere matters not to me.
>> No. 26786
[X] Be cruel.
can't be nice, we're on mokou route
>> No. 26787
[C] Be kind.
>> No. 26789
[ ] Be cruel.

Cruelty unlocks the Tsundere route!

"Go on a date with me."
"Dressed as a maid."
>> No. 26790
[x] You're going to play me again.
>> No. 26791
File 120933731446.jpg - (303.74KB , 1280x1024 , 1205985047175.jpg ) [iqdb]


Wonder how the beef between Mokou and her is here. ANON IS GAMING GOD.
>> No. 26792
Why did you make a PoFV game last 45 minutes? I've never had one last over 4 minutes.
>> No. 26793
[x] Be kind.


>The fairy comes, and comes again, and again.

I got hard.
>> No. 26794
>> No. 26795
[x] "buy me dinner, then"

was going to say beer, but then remembered high school plot. damn kids.
>> No. 26798
You tell her that you don’t care about the bet. It was a great match, and the two of you will have to play again some time. Kaguya seems slightly shocked by this, but not exactly surprised.
“Heh. To be expected of you. Let your opponent live to fight another day. That’s what I always liked about you. Skilled, brutal in battle, but you always showed compassion to those you beat and tried to help them get better.” Kaguya smiles, and punches you lightly in the shoulder.
“So, what advice can you give me?”
You tell her that her playing is extremely good, the only thing that got to her was that this became a battle of attrition, and it was an accident that did her in. She nods at this.
“Pretty much what I thought. Hm. . . Since you did win and all, and there was a bet. . .” You start to protest, but she cuts you off. “The arcade will be closing in about 20 minutes. Hang around and I’ll have a nice surprise ready for you by then.”
Kaguya waves and runs off somewhere. You’re utterly baffled. If the arcade closes in 20 minutes, why do you have to stick around here? Oh well, it’s not like it’s bad or anything. You shrug to yourself.

[ ] Play another game.
[ ] Leave.
[ ] Go find something to snack on.
>> No. 26799
[x] Be kind.
>> No. 26800

As if that would stop them.
>> No. 26801
[x] Play another game.
>> No. 26802
[x] Go find something to snack on.
>> No. 26803
File 120933781624.gif - (49.45KB , 190x178 , motherfuckingmysticeyesofdeathperception.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Play another game.
>> No. 26804
[x] Play another game.

UFO catcher prizes for our sisters.
>> No. 26805
[X] Leave.
obvious choice
>> No. 26806
[ ] Go find something to snack on.

Oh yeah, get me some NEET ass to tap.
>> No. 26807
[X] Play another game.
>> No. 26808
[ ] Go find something to snack on.
>> No. 26809
[ ] Go find something to snack on.
>> No. 26810
[ ] Play another game.
>> No. 26811
[x] Play another game.

I like this idea
>> No. 26812
[X] Play another game.
>> No. 26813

Got it right. We ought to try and win some prizes that we can bring back to our little sisters.

[x] Play another game.
>> No. 26814
Do we still have that doll we bought at the hospital?
>> No. 26815
[ ] Go find something to snack on.

I can't wait to see her and Mokou's dynamic. If Kira can make Suwako and Cirno friends, I'm open to nearly anything.
>> No. 26816
[X] Go find something to snack on.

>> No. 26817
[ ] Play another game.
>> No. 26818
[ ] Leave.
>> No. 26819
File 120933820898.jpg - (54.80KB , 400x400 , 12082101814.jpg ) [iqdb]
Everyone knows what actually won the match for you.
>> No. 26820
[ ] Play another game.
Go see if you can find a Metal Slug around here.
>> No. 26821
[x] Play another game.
>> No. 26822
[x] Play another game.
>> No. 26823
Alright guys, Game won, and I'm off to find a snack, be back shortly.
>> No. 26824

>Game won

Oh fuck you kira for reminding me.
>> No. 26825
Reminds me more and more of Runaway City. Tonight we have sex with Kaguya, can not be anything else, she wants us.
>> No. 26826
Oh yeah time to get our dick NEEThandeled
>> No. 26827

So, what, NEET is our non-romantic fuckbuddy, who challenges to matches of that bedtop-sport for indoor types to see who can "win"?
>> No. 26828
Oh great, now I'm hungry, but it's 02:40 here and I don't want to risk on waking everybody up.
>> No. 26830
File 120934008369.jpg - (298.08KB , 740x1035 , 120796179779.jpg ) [iqdb]

probably gonna be a something cocktease. After all, we are Mokous BFF.
>> No. 26832
>Oh and if someone can figure out somewhere to upload it,

Bitches don't know about my Replay Archive
>> No. 26833
>You pick what appears to be a small ice fairy. She reminds you of your sister for some reason.

Also, I know I'm slowpoking around, but shouldn't we have picked the Bird Demon character? Doesn't she reminds us of a sister we're closer to than the others?
>> No. 26837
No, because Cirno is the only sister who is not blood related and so the only one he could have sex with.

And that is always on his mind.
>> No. 26838
We only have 2 sisters?
Also, Cirno is the strongest in all of Gensokyo and therefore in PoFV
>> No. 26840
>Blood Related

Why would that stop us?
>> No. 26842
Apparently it's been retcon'd to Mystia is fully blood related, Cirno isn't, Rumia and Wriggle are half.
>> No. 26843
Yeah, if we get the chance to incest, then incest we shall
>> No. 26844
fuck I forgot about that
>> No. 26845
lol retcon.
>> No. 26846
File 120934139374.jpg - (147.71KB , 648x906 , 1205974560104.jpg ) [iqdb]

Cirno beating everyone in PoFV was really a WTF MOMENT for me after I learned of it.

Guess she really is the strongest.
>> No. 26850
Ok, i'm writing now, it's just taking a wh ile to. . . work some things out. I'll post in a new thread once all's said and done.
>> No. 26854

>>26838 here
It took me over 30 tries with most characters to 1cc normal PoFV. I beat it on my 4th try with cirno.
(First try with medicine, but she's bugged against AI so it doesn't count)
>> No. 26858
PoFV makes me laugh every time i play it.
The SFX...... it sounds like a pachinko machine with background music.
>> No. 26869

So, what, I'm guessing that's actually the end of today's antics?
>> No. 26870
No, he's writing right now. He had to find a muse first. Which he did.
>> No. 26871
Um, am I the only one concerned over the fact that we seem to be becoming friends of both Kaguya AND Mokou?

This isn't going to end well. Let's just hope nobody pulls a nice boat, huh...
>> No. 26872
>new thread
So soon? We haven't even hit autosage
>> No. 26874
And what a muse it is!

I still can't believe my prescription wasn't used. Stupid holistic cross-character-drawing medicine. Ah well, it all worked out in the end.
>> No. 26876
Quick! Let's Autosage before he finished writing
>> No. 26878
>> No. 26879
>> No. 26882
I've heard that Cirno has unbeatable defense in PoFV and is able to prolong games indefinitely. Unfortunate that I wasn't here to relay this information earlier...
>> No. 26884
File 120934777684.jpg - (82.13KB , 400x400 , stomponmokou.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 26905
Yeah, Cirno is awesome. Perfect freeze is a godsend. it's saved my ass so many times.