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26381 No. 26381
Hey, you’re a customer. You should get some service! You step between Marisa and Rinnosuke, showing latter the paper you got from Chiyuri. ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?” They both stop arguing and are now looking at you.
”Ah, yes, let me have a look at it…” Rinnosuke lifts his glasses as he takes the list from you.
”My, these items are quite rare. Just what are you planning on with them?” He doesn’t seem to recognise the hand writing. Is that a good sign or not?
”I think we have all of these in stock. Wait a moment please, I’ll gather them up.”
Rinnosuke starts walking away, but is stopped by Marisa’s hand still griping his sleeve. She looks furious.
”He-hey! What’s up with you ignoring me like that?!” She turns to you. ”And you! I was here first, and I’m a customer too!”
The arguing continues, now with you going along with it. It might’ve went on forever unless Momizi hadn’t dragged you out.

After you come back in Marisa and Rinnosuke seem to have made up, and seem to be ashamed of the whole spectacle.
Soon Rinnosuke has gathered everything on counter, and is working on with register. You wonder where it gets it’s electricity when he prints the receipt and looks at it. He thinks for a moment, and turns back to you.
”You know, since you are buying so much, you can pick something from here for free.” He takes a small pause ”…And I would like to thank you for saving the shop from Marisa.”
”You’re still going at that, Kourin?!”
[ ] Look around for something good.
[ ] Decline the offer.
[ ] Tell him that Chiyuri is one buying the items.

No. 26382
[X] Look around for something good
No. 26383
[ ] Look around for something good.
No. 26384
[ ] Look around for something good.
No. 26385
[X] Tell him that Chiyuri is the one buying the items.
No. 26386
[X] Look around for something good
No. 26387
Needs more H-scenes. Boring shop is boring.
No. 26388
[x] Tell him that Chiyuri is one buying the items.
No. 26390
[] Look around for something good
No. 26391
[x] Look around for something good.

We tell him it's on Chiyuri's tab afterwards.
No. 26392
[X] Look around for something good.
No. 26394
[X] Tell him that Chiyuri is one buying the items.
No. 26395
[X] Look around for something good

inb4 vibrating cucumber
No. 26396
[X] Tell him that Chiyuri is one buying the items.
No. 26397
[X] Look around for something good
No. 26398
[x] Tell him that Chiyuri is one buying the items.

Don't want to get stuck with the bill.
No. 26399
[X] Look around for something good
No. 26400
[X] Look around for something good
if yuo know what I mean
No. 26401
[x] Tell him that Chiyuri is one buying the items.
No. 26403
This offer is just too good to pass up. You search the shop, hoping to find something useful.
Like you noticed earlier, the whole place is a mess. You have no idea if Rinnosuke uses some weird assortment method, or if he uses one at all. There's lots of items that are pointless without something else, like remote controllers, and many that you couldn't ever imagine needing here, like lawn mover.

Neverthless, there's lots of useful things in there too. Rinnosuke seems to have stocked up on almost anything available. You see rare brands of tea there that would've cost way too much for you back at home, and some really old wines.
Nitori is looking around too, and seems to be interested in perfectly normal looking umbrella. Well, she does live under a waterfall, so maybe she's gotten tired of getting wet every time she goes out. But then again, she is a kappa.
You notice a lot papers and books in the store, and one basket is filled with miscellaneous monthly published magazines, including some in languages that you don't know.
There's also some guns(that appear to be unloaded and there doesn't seem to be bullets anywhere), and that fridge filled with swords. Momizi is standing next to door, waiting for you to finish.
Now, what you're interested in is...
[ ] Bottle of wine and bag of tea.
[ ] The umbrella.
[ ] Old magazines.
[ ] One of those guns/swords.
[ ] Nothing.
No. 26404
Trip was forgotten.
No. 26405
[x] One of those guns/swords.

Go for a gun and get nitori to turn it into a PEW PEW PEW laser.
No. 26406
[x] One of those guns/swords.
Just because the handle of a sword is a phfallic object that can be used to masturbation.
Also, if sword wins, give us something exotic, not the normal kind of a sword
No. 26407
A cat is added
No. 26408
[X] One of those guns/swords.
No. 26409
[x] One of those guns/swords.
No. 26410
[X] The umbrella.
The umbrella is partly a shotgun!
No. 26411
[ ] Bottle of wine and bag of tea.

these will get you further than the weapons, trust me.
No. 26412
Something like a Basket Hilt Scottish Sword
or a ...
God dammit the blood in me that has an unhealthy intrest in bladed weaponry is starting to flow again
No. 26413
[ ] Bottle of wine and bag of tea.
No. 26415
File 120930652385.jpg - (17.47KB , 450x334 , claymore-thumb.jpg ) [iqdb]
Get a claymore.
No. 26416

[ x ] One of those guns/swords.

Claymore or 1911 please.
No. 26418
[ ] Bottle of wine and bag of tea.
No. 26419
[x] One of those guns/swords.

Get sword, give to Momizi as present.
No. 26422

[ ] One of those guns/swords.
No. 26423
Dude. Get back to work, I want to know if we can come back and talk to Patchouli again in liblary.
No. 26424
No. 26425


No. 26426
Previous vote deleted in favor of this plan.

[X] One of those guns/swords.
No. 26427
>There's also some guns(that appear to be unloaded and there doesn't seem to be bullets anywhere)
>There's also some guns(that appear to be unloaded and there doesn't seem to be bullets anywhere)
>There's also some guns(that appear to be unloaded and there doesn't seem to be bullets anywhere)
>There's also some guns(that appear to be unloaded and there doesn't seem to be bullets anywhere)

You all DID notice they're unloaded and empty, right?

[x] Bottle of wine and bag of tea.
This is Gensokyo, dammit. Drinking elegantly is preferred here.
No. 26429

Nitori can SCIENCE us some bullets.
No. 26430
What I said in >>26427
now seems moot. I will change my vote to
[X] Sword option
if there's anything that looks really decent.
No. 26431
[X] examine the items further

Near as I can tell:
>[ ] Bottle of wine
Suika item

>and bag of tea.
All-people item

>[ ] The umbrella.
Nitori item?

>[ ] Old magazines.
Uhh.... Aya item? Seeing another publication might give her some ideas and innovations.

>[ ] One of those guns/swords.
No. 26432
Oddly, it can only be used by maids.
No. 26434
Right, you can find everything else from back home fairly easily, even if it might cost a lot. Now you should get something that would be really hard to acquire.
You walk to shelves that contain the weapons, getting the attention of everyone in the store. Now that you actually look around, Rinnosuke has pretty wide selection of them, and they're taken care of too. Even the swords inside the fridge look clean.

If it's a gun, it has to be...
[ ] 1911 Colt Series 70.
[ ] Double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.
But a sword might be good too.
[ ] Scottish claymore.
[ ] Pirate-style cutlass.
[ ] Some ridiculously huge sword.
No. 26435
[X] Scottish claymore.
No. 26437
[X] Scottish claymore.

No. 26438
[x] Scottish claymore.
No. 26439

No. 26440
>Double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.
Goddamn, now I keep thinking of Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Supernatural.

But I'm choosing
[X] Scottish claymore.
No. 26441
[ ] Scottish claymore.
No. 26444
[x] Pirate-style cutlass.

Something that can be swung easily and quickly.
No. 26446
[ ] Scottish claymore.
No. 26448
[ ] Pirate-style cutlass.

No. 26449
No. 26450
[X] Double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.

No. 26451
[ ] Pirate-style cutlass.

1. If we keep the sword, we are a small woman. We need something that can be swung easily.
2. If we give the sword to Momiji, don't you think she'll want something a bit lighter?
No. 26453
[ ] Scottish claymore.
No. 26454
[X] Double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.
No. 26455
She's a tengu, I'm willing to bet she's stronger than she looks. Heck, that sword she's carrying around in MoF doesn't exactly look like it's made out of aluminum foil...
No. 26458
[ ] 1911 Colt Series 70
No. 26460
[ ] Pirate-style cutlass.
No. 26462
I mean lighter than the sword she currently has. Also, it's not that she can't handle the big ones, but that we're concerned about her getting fatigued. It's the thought that counts. Of course, she could take it as a slight against her "warriors pride" and get pissed. Either one.
No. 26463
[X] Scottish claymore.

anyone who chooses a gun without ammo is a fucking idiot
No. 26464

Speed and agility can make for elegant attacks compared to boring attacks of pure brute strength.
No. 26465


[x] Scottish Claymore
No. 26466
File 12093111514.jpg - (67.22KB , 651x421 , gutsgrin.jpg ) [iqdb]
>boring attacks of pure brute strength.
No. 26467

FUCK we should of got the ridiculously huge sword.
No. 26468
If Momiji ever makes a face like that, either it's time to fucking run or she's in heat. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.
No. 26469
>she's in heat
No. 26470
[x] Pirate-style cutlass.
Something we might be able to lift and use, please.
No. 26471
[x] Pirate-style cutlass.
No. 26472
/r/ lesbian dog pron plz
No. 26473
[x] Pirate-style cutlass.
No. 26474
So, which won?
Jack Sparrow sword or Ima Highlander?
No. 26475
You end up choosing the Scottish claymore. It's got simple black hilt, and the blade is so clear that you can see your reflection from it. Even if it is a big sword, the design is incredible.
When you pick it up, you notice just how heavy it is. If you went around swinging this you would be exhausted in no time. Just then you remember that Momizi's sword was definitely bigger, and heavier, and you take a look at her.
She's looking at your direction too examining the sword in your hands, but quickly turns away when your eyes meet. You shrug it off and carry the sword to counter.

"This? Well, I never would've guessed." Rinnosuke examines the sword for a bit, and turns back to you. "Well, I should thank you for taking this. I've had it longer than I can remember, and I don't think anybody would've bought it in the future either."
"Wait for a moment, I think there's a hilt for that too." He goes in to back room, and Nitori comes to you to look at your purchase.
"Oh, so you're interested in stuff like this? Personally I like more harmless stuff." She tries to lift it, doing even worse than you. "WOW! And somebody actually use this..."
She puts it back to counter, and goes back to looking through the shop.
Rinnosuke comes out of back room with hilt, and hands it to you along with the receipt. "Alright, the final price is 16,000 yen." Wow. The stuff Chiyuri asked you to get was really expensive.
[ ] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."
[ ] Pay part of the price yourself.
[ ] "Can you put it on my tab?"
[ ] Run away with the stuff.
No. 26477
[ ] Pay part of the price yourself.
It doesn't matter, we got a sword!
Yatta Yatta
No. 26478
[x] Pay part of the price yourself.
No. 26479
[ ] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."

*cough* Scabbard *cough*
No. 26480

[ x ] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."
No. 26481
[ ] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."

we don't have that much money
No. 26482
[X] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."

Maybe we'd win some points paying part of it, but hey, free dummy.
No. 26483
[x] Pay part of the price yourself.
No. 26484
...Right. Right right. Or maybe you noticed the nice black hilt of the sword before Rinnosuke gave it to you?
No. 26486
[x] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."
No. 26487

We'll come back and buy it later with our own money. Along with a chainsaw.
No. 26488
[x] "Can you put it on my tab?"

Flutter eyelashes at him, make Marisa jealous.
No. 26489
>>It's got simple black hilt
>>Rinnosuke comes out of back room with hilt

I thought I told you not to mess with the space time continuum Kourin. Unless that's a scabbard in your hand.

To your credit though, I'm not entirely sure if you keep a claymore in a scabbard but rather a case. After all you couldn't draw the fucker if you had to wear it, but I don't know shit about weapons.
No. 26490
You keep it in scabbard. But yeah, that happened becuase I didn't really go through what I wrote.
No. 26491
File 120931379597.jpg - (63.55KB , 600x675 , 2ffa53a889e317a484656d49777c86f9.jpg ) [iqdb]

Should ask Youmu that. She carries a no-dachi.
Anyways, either have it off the the side or carry it over a christ cross for extra balla points.
No. 26492
I think you keep it in a scabbard, but have to sling it across your back rather than your hip. Unless you're just THAT fucking tall. But then, I'm no expert, either.
No. 26493

Not a nodachi. A katana. And wakizashi.
No. 26494
if you're wearing it into battle, you can't use a scabbard. still, for storage a scabbard is likely provided.
No. 26495
That's my point, ever try scratching your own back? That's hard enough, considering the size of a claymore there's no way you could draw it if it was attached to your back. Arms simply aren't that long or flexible, especially if you have the massive muscles needed to swing one.

I guess you'd just unstrap the scabbard, draw it and then chuck the scabbard at your squire.
No. 26496
File 120931430971.png - (25.79KB , 1082x818 , simplar.png ) [iqdb]
Actually it is possible to wear it on your belt, thanks to gravity, and it can also be worn on the back. I say we wear it on a belt, looks more cooler. The belt needs to be crooked and quite strong, tought. Here's a simple picture to show what I'm trying to say
No. 26497
But when in battle, usually scarab is left somewhere else while you skip around on the battlewield swinging your sword around
No. 26498
I meant field. Battlefield
No. 26499
File 120931454557.jpg - (29.35KB , 470x324 , scarab.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26500
You also meant "scabbard" instead of "scarab". Probably.
No. 26501
Good pint.
No. 26502
Oh for the love of-
point. I ment point.
No. 26505
File 120931493551.jpg - (44.32KB , 673x839 , goodpint.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26506
No. 26508
I am really enjoying this thrad
No. 26509
Did you mean meant.
No. 26510
Many chuckles have been had. Keep up the unintentional comedy folks!
No. 26511

The blade length of a claymore is around 3 and a half feet. You can't wear it at your side, it would scrape the ground. Across the back is the only option.
No. 26513
let's just forget the scarab beetle and just drag it around, Pyramid head style.
No. 26515

Not if you attach a small swivel wheel to the end and have it roll along while you walk.
No. 26516
Godammit we're only going to hurt ourselves with this thing.

At least with the unloaded guns, we can't accidentally shoot ourselves.
No. 26517

I'm still amazed there were no bows with complementary arrows lying around the shop.
No. 26519

There might've been ammunition elsewhere in the store. If he knew enough about them, he would keep them unloaded. And if he didn't he might have some lying around anyway, if we described it to him.
No. 26520
Yeah, but this solution would totally negate the manliness factor of having a sword that huge, so, yeah.
No. 26521
Before we know it, we have a rusted triangle over our heads, and we go raping averyone
No. 26522
not with Adahn.
No. 26523
[ ] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."
No. 26524
Don't you mean Adahnko
No. 26526
When you wear the sword over your back, it actually comes out through the side. There's a way foryou to swing it out around yourself so you don't have to go over your head with 3 1/2 feet of steel. It goes around instead.

No. 26528
[ ] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."
No. 26530
[x] "Actually, Chiyuri asked me to get these for her."

>It's got simple black hilt..."Well, I should thank you for taking this. I've had it longer than I can remember, and I don't think anybody would've bought it in the future either."

This better not be one of those cursed Celtic swords, like Caladbolg or Dyrnwyn.
No. 26531
Gay Bulg?
No. 26533

Fuck. This sword will give us a cock won't it?
No. 26535
Futa-mode, GO!
No. 26536

Well that's a spear.

Our battlecry is now "FAITH'N BEGORRAH!"
No. 26538
I know, it was just that Calabolg and Gay bulg soundet alike
No. 26539
A welcome change. We seem to have lost ours somewhere at the start of the story.
No. 26540

And it still works out fine, because everyone is gay in Gensokyo.
No. 26543
I take it Vodka drank himself and is unable to continue
No. 26546
File 120931936385.jpg - (75.08KB , 500x373 , sexy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Great, what the fuck are we planning to do with this Claymore? We should have gone for the .45, and asked Rinnosuke if he has bullets for it.

And I'm wondering, what kind of rocket launcher was that supposed to be?
No. 26550

A gun would be useless against youkai. At least we can get the sword enchanted or some shit so it'll actually do some real damage.
No. 26551
Don't be a pussy, Shotgun was the only way to go. Fuck yeah boomstick.

Although a Rocket Launcher is probably the only overpowerful weapon in Gensokyo we can use.
No. 26552
If we had chosen a gun with a history behind it, it'd be damaging. Also, bullets are faster than danmaku. A Colt 1911 surely has a good history behind it, seeing as that series was prevalent from the 1890s through the end of World War II and even in to the Korean and Vietnam wars.
No. 26554
We're giving it to Momizi for Affection Points.
No. 26555
Then, the gun itself must have been used in those conflicts. I doubt that a 100+ year old handgun would be in an usable condition.
No. 26556

Not to mention, I'm sure that something like silver bullets - uncommon in the outside world - wouldn't be too hard to find in Gensokyo. Hell, have one of the shrines bless the gun, and we'd be in business.
No. 26559

Even if the gun had a history how are you supposed to hurt the youkai? Throw the gun at it? Bullets won't fall under the same conditions as the gun.
No. 26560
There are plenty of M1911s used in WWII that have been well maintained and still function just fine to this day.
No. 26561
You'd be surprised. I thought so too, before I started working with vintage firearms for a living, but surprisingly enough, there are a LOT of older handguns and rifles that are still in working condition, if they were taken care of. Now, pieces older than that, yes, they're going to be deteriorated. But they can be restored to a condition where they can fire.
No. 26562
Who knows, maybe we could get it to shoot Demon Shells or some shit. The Claymore looks to suck whether or not it gets enchanted.
>When you pick it up, you notice just how heavy it is. If you went around swinging this you would be exhausted in no time.

Sawn-offs are for niggers and faggots who try to look cool. Full choke is the only way to go.
No. 26564
And what are the chances of a gun being well-maintained in Gensokyo?
No. 26565
If it just got bordered in in the past few years? Pretty damn good.
No. 26567
>You walk to shelves that contain the weapons, getting the attention of everyone in the store. Now that you actually look around, Rinnosuke has pretty wide selection of them, and they're taken care of too.

Dammit forgot my sideways V
No. 26572
You don't need conceptual weapons to hurt youkai.

VIVIT and space marines agreed, don't ask them about it.
No. 26581
>Sawn-offs are for niggers and faggots who try to look cool. Full choke is the only way to go.

Ash is neither a nigger nor a faggot.

And fuck the 1911. I have a different .45 in mind, one with history.
No. 26590
You guys are forgetting that we don't have any magic. Unless you plan on MURDERING people we can't join in Danmaku games.
No. 26593
I'm guessing that you're talking about the Colt Single Action Army, or some similar pistol often seen in westerns.

There's been a fuck ton of WWII movies too, and you know who always wins? The Americans, with their 1911s at their side. Fuck your revolver.
No. 26594

And we care?

We are hunters, and it is youkai season.
No. 26596
Sakuya gets away with knives, Youmu and Momizi get away with swords, and Eirin has a bow. I don't see any reason why we couldn't use a gun.

Of course this is all moot point since we took the braveheart option.
No. 26598
>>There's been a fuck ton of WWII movies too, and you know who always wins? The Americans,

Yeah, that TOTALLY doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the Americans writing\directing\watching those films.

Weapons with history would be things like the guns used by officers to kill cowards, rifles used by snipers with an excellent record or a Russian rifle that actually made a kill at Stalingrad
No. 26603

Enjoy being dinner.
No. 26605
Hey, history is written by the victors. And we need a weapon with history. And if I recall correctly the first 1911s were exclusively officer weapons before America saw the need for standard infantry to have a decent sidearm.
No. 26610
>>Hey, history is written by the victors.

True enough, but as an Englishman I've always been pissed by the amount of credit America takes for their part in WWII. It's not that I want to downplay it, it's that Americans want to over blow their role.

They provided vital financial and industrial support yes, but the amount of soldiers they dedicated to European theaters of war is negligible compared to the numbers committed by European countries and Russia. Even England which is vastly smaller in population sent more soldiers into Europe. America dedicated it's forces to naval pursuits protecting merchant ships and to invading Japan.

Weapons of WWII that would have a history would more likely to be of British, French or Russian design than American.

But then again Gensokyo has a close connection with Japan so I can still see it being filled with American guns.


(I fucking hate Americans that claim too much credit for sending a few thousand at the last minuet into a war that claimed millions)
No. 26611
tl;dr Bawwwwwwww
No. 26612
File 120932398850.jpg - (26.93KB , 500x603 , 120897391655.jpg ) [iqdb]

would be more accurate.
No. 26613

Actually, I was thinking specifically about the ivory-handled .45 SSA revolvers Patton wore.

Also, enjoy your stovepiping.
No. 26614

seconded, north americans tend to glorify too much their actions.
No. 26615
ITT we rage about America. At least Bush cleans up the whole world from all the evil out there. He is like a 2nd Hitler.
No. 26618
America, fuck yeah
No. 26621
Oh, say can you see
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming
Whose broad stripes and bright stars
Through the perilous fight
O'er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled
banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home of the brave?
No. 26622
On the shore dimly seen
Thru the mist of the deep
Where the foe's haughty host
In dread silence reposes
What is that which the breeze
O'er the towering steep
As it fitfully blows
Half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam
Of the morning's first beam
In full glory reflected
Now shines in the stream.
This the star-spangled banner
O long may it wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home of the brave!
No. 26623
Way to ruin the thread faggots. Take the politics back to /k/.
No. 26624


Only Russia and the Eastern European countries are allowed to play the martydom card in European theater in WWII. The losses we and you sustained both were negligible in comparison.

God help us had the full weight and bulk of Germany's Eastern Armies descended upon us instead.
No. 26625
I've never understood why people liked those movies so much. I remember watching it a long time ago thinking "Wow, this is so cheesy it should be on Mystery Science Theater". Is it supposed to be tongue-and-cheek or something?
No. 26626
>Take the politics back to /n/. Oh wait...
No. 26629
File 120932626736.jpg - (33.34KB , 448x336 , ALLYOUNEEDISLOVE.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thread needs more love.
No. 26631

This is what happens when people go on 7 minute breaks without warning Anonymous.
No. 26633

No. 26634

Watch the Dollars Trilogy.
No. 26635
File 120932786763.jpg - (66.96KB , 461x568 , faggotree.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26636