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25974 No. 25974
Breakfast. You roll out of bed and throw on some clothes. You stumble downstairs and into the kitchen. Rinnosuke is over at the stove cooking breakfast with Marisa. Mystia is sitting at the table, happily munching away at something. The rest of your sisters don’t seem to be around. You sit down at the table and Rinnosuke looks over to you.
“Ah, There’ll be some more ready in a little bit. Just relax for a little while, k?”
You just sit there, your mind quite in neutral at the moment. Marisa puts a large plate of food in front of you and ruffles your hair.
“For the little hero, Da~ze.” She smiles at you, then goes back to helping Rinnosuke prepare breakfast.
It’s quite the spread. Pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon. The works really. You dig in, not realizing how hungry you actually were until the food was in front of you. You quickly scarf down the whole thing.
“Oh? That was quick. Are you still hungry, Da~ze?” You tell her that you’re not. Mystia glances across the table at you, with a strange look on her face. It’s almost concern, but it’s not quite that. you can’t quite identify it really. You shrug. Mystia hops up from the table.
“I’ll go call down my dearest sisters to breakfast, father~”
Mystia then rushes out of the room. You hear her trod up the steps. Standing up from the table you take your dishes over to the sink and put them in. You thank Rinnosuke and Marisa for breakfast before heading back to the bathroom. You take a quick shower then head up to your room. After getting dressed you look at the clock. It’s just now 9 am. You have a little bit of time before you’re supposed to head to Patchouli’s house, so what do you do?

[ ] Get ready to go out.
[ ] Go see Mokou.
[ ] Go bother one of your sisters.
[ ] Go watch TV.

>> No. 25979
[x] Get ready to go out.
>> No. 25980
[X] Go see Mokou.
What really did happen a long time ago with Reimu, we need the truth.
>> No. 25981
[ ] Get ready to go out.

Wana be looking good for our ladies...
>> No. 25982
[x] Get ready to go out.
>> No. 25983
[x] Go see Mokou.
>> No. 25984
[x] Get ready to go out
[x] Inventory
>> No. 25985
[X] Get ready to go out.

We have three lovely ladies to go out with, who are taking us to a new store, which we've never been to; there's a chance to meet more lovely ladies at this new store.

You know what we must do.
>> No. 25986
[ ] Go bother one of your sisters.
>> No. 25987
[X] Go see Mokou.
Get her to comfort us. That'd be nice.
>> No. 25988
[ ] Get ready to go out.
>> No. 25989
>Marisa puts a large plate of food in front of you and ruffles your hair.
>ruffles your hair

Marisa used "hair ruffle"! It's super effective!

[ ] Get ready to go out.
>> No. 25990
There is no inventory option in this game.
>> No. 25991
[ ] Talk to Marisa as suggested to us.
>> No. 25993
File 120925707198.gif - (48.54KB , 600x600 , timetorock.gif ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Get ready to go out.

Fedora ON. Sorry, too lazy to not make the backround color FAIL.
>> No. 25994
File 120925708456.jpg - (48.25KB , 639x989 , 1209250822678.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 25995
[x] Get ready to go out.
>> No. 25996
[x] Go see Mokou.

Delicious Tsundere childhood friend route is delicious.
>> No. 25997
[x] Get ready to go out.
>> No. 25998
[x] Go see Mokou.
>> No. 25999
[x] Go watch TV.
Go watch the news. We might be on it. Or we could see what that animu we like is.

[x] Go see Mokou.
"Hey guess what I did yesterday!"
"Guess whose tits I saw yesterday!"
>> No. 26001
>No Inventory

Then I'm switching from Get Ready to [X] Watch TV
>> No. 26002
[x] Go see Mokou.

Hey, I just saved Reimu from getting raped
What did YOU do this weekend?
>> No. 26003
Save a girl from a rapist, then start gossiping/bragging about it the next morning? Not cool, Anon.
>> No. 26004
[x] Get ready to go out.
>> No. 26005

Video taped it.
>> No. 26007

I'm with this, I'd like a little more info, and Mokou seems the best to ask.

[x] Go see Mokou.
>> No. 26009
[x] Go see Mokou
>> No. 26010
[x] Go see Mokou.

She's probably not awake, but we don't care.
She's not the only one with a ladder. Let's peek through her window.
>> No. 26011
fuck, nice answer!

agreed. I really want to know.
>> No. 26013
[x] Go see Mokou.
>> No. 26014
Wouldn't Mokou be working at the restaurant right now?
>> No. 26015
Also it's best we keep quiet about this, Aya will spread this throughout the entire school if she finds out.
>> No. 26016
Something happened with Reimu a while ago? But from the way she spoke to us on the roof, it was like we only first met.
>> No. 26017
[x] Go see Mokou.
We need more background info here.
>> No. 26018
You gather up the things you think you’ll need today. Cell phone, that little pocket knife you used yesterday, wallet and the like. Looking outside you grab your umbrella and a jacket. Looking around you see a post-it note with an address on it. Several minutes later you’re holding a sheet which has directions to the address. With that, you seem like you have everything you need to go. You trod downstairs and into the kitchen. Rinnosuke and Marissa are eating breakfast, and given the pile of dishes in the kitchen sink, you presume that your sisters have already eaten. You tell Rinnosuke and Marisa that you’re going out.
“Eeeeeh?” Marisa seems shocked, “But we had plans today! Remember?”
. . . You don’t remember this at all, and the blank look on your face probably broadcasts that nicely to them.
Rinnosuke sighs and then laughs, “You forgot again this week too. You’d figure after a couple of years of doing this, you’d remember by now. Or maybe you do remember and you just don’t want to take part.” Rinnosuke slips you a sly grin, only to be hit playfully by Marisa.
“Alright, alright. I can over look it this time, considering. So! You’re excused this week, but NEXT week for sure!” Marisa smiles at you.
You turn and flee from the kitchen, put on your shoes and head outside. It’s a tad bit chilly today, so you’re glad that you have your jacket. It isn’t raining yet, but it looks like it might be soon enough, so you’re glad you have your umbrella. Now, where were you going?

[ ] The Hospital.
[ ] Patchouli’s house.
[ ] School.
[ ] Mokou’s house.
[ ] Downtown.
>> No. 26019
[x] Go see Mokou.
>> No. 26020
Assuming that it's now close to 10,
[x] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26021
[X] The Hospital.
>> No. 26022
[X] Patchouli’s house.

Three girls to meet up with, possible new girls to meet where we're going.

Besides, we promised, and we can meet up with Mokou pretty much any time.
>> No. 26023
[ ] The Hospital.
>> No. 26024
Do we have time to go to Mokou's and still make it to Patchy's on time?
>> No. 26025
Now is the true time to decide!

[x] Patchouli’s house.

Simply because.... I don't know, this is just what seems good to me.
>> No. 26026
[ ] Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26027
[ ] Patchouli’s house.
We'll visit the hostpital later.
>> No. 26028
[X] Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26029
[X] Mokou's house.
I sense hilarity there.
>> No. 26030
[ ] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26031
[x] The Hospital.

>> No. 26032
[x] Pathouli's House

We can have an adventure today, then swing by Mokou's on the way back and tell her the story.

You know she'd love it.
>> No. 26033
[ ] Patchouli’s house.

but we're telling her that we can't go because we need to visit reimu, alright?
>> No. 26034
[X] Mokou's house.
>> No. 26036
[ ] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26037
[x] Go see Mokou.

>put on your head and shoes outside.
>> No. 26038
[ ] Patchouli’s house.

Reimu is probably still asleep or being looked after by her family.
>> No. 26039
[ ] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26040
>> No. 26041
[x] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26042
[x] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26043
[x] Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26044
[x] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26045
[x] Patchouli’s house.
>> No. 26046


[x] Pathouli's House
>> No. 26048
[x] Mokou's house.
Still worried about Mokou.
>> No. 26049
[x] Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26050
[X] The Hospital.
>> No. 26051
[X] The Hospital.
>> No. 26052
[x] The Hospital.
>> No. 26053
Votespam much?
[X] The Hospital.
Stop being a skirt-chaser and start acting like a man, dammit
>> No. 26054
You are an asshole
[x] The Hospital.
>> No. 26055
[X] The Hospital.
>> No. 26056
File 120925928531.jpg - (280.72KB , 512x512 , 1206251155892.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 26059
Its too late, but

[X] The Hospital.
>> No. 26061
Frankly, I really doubt that Reimu would want to see us right now. Sure, we may have been a comfort for her when her emotions were in a complete jumble, but when she's in that little conscious-but-confused state that's liable to follow, our presence will just be a distraction and cause more confusion for her. Best to give her some time to really come to grips with what happened, then swing by and ask if she's alright; better yet, see if she comes to us herself.
>> No. 26062
[x] The Hospital.
>> No. 26063
Too late indeed. Anon is keeping his appointment with Patchouli.

No worries. The day is still young, and Anon can visit the others.
>> No. 26064
Oh yeah like you're any better, where do you get off calling anyone a skirt chaser in a girl-get game?

We've already scuppered one persons plans today and Reimu isn't going any where right now.
>> No. 26065
But if we don't go places we'll never meet anyone, then we'll never know what happened. Ah, to hell with it, we can wander aimlessly later; we could probably even take Mokou around with us and she can narrate.

[X] Hospital.
>> No. 26066
I know it doesn't even matter at this point but I vote for [x] The Hospital
>> No. 26067
File 120925956830.jpg - (55.09KB , 400x604 , 1205608140113.jpg ) [iqdb]
I hope the gatekeeper is a total hottie with a thing with highschool boys.
>> No. 26070

Something is very wrong with her chest.
>> No. 26073
File 120925991123.jpg - (101.90KB , 600x750 , 1205198681824.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 26074
Her breasts are so large and powerful that they are cutting off the blood circulation in her arm. If you look, you can see her hand already turning blue.
>> No. 26075
File 120926015449.png - (392.84KB , 707x823 , Meiling.png ) [iqdb]
You barely make it onto the train that you needed to. Had you missed that one, you’d have been late to Patchy’s little gathering. The train ride is short and uneventful. Getting off the train, you walk to the address listed on the sheet you have. Looking around you don’t see any houses on the side of the street the directions say that it’s on. There’s just a very large wall here, topped with iron spikes. You continue walking for some time before you come across a gate. There’s a woman standing there wearing a black suit and a green, somewhat floppy hat. She has long red hair as well. Ah! Maybe she can tell you where the address is. You walk up to her and greet her. She gives you an appraising look before responding.
“Can I help you?”
You show the woman the map and ask her if she knows where this house is.
“You’re at the entrance to it.”
You stare at her blankly. This is. . . You look through the gate and see an ENORMOUS mansion set back a good distance from the road. Holy CRAP. Patchouli lives HERE?! You look back at the woman, the shock evident on your face. She chuckles slightly.
“Are you one of Miss Patchouli’s guests?”
You nod dumbly, shock still evident on your face.
“Wait here a moment.” The woman heads inside a small booth that’s attached to the wall. She picks up a phone and talks for a moment. You walk up to the gate and stare inside in wonder. That place is HUGE.
“Alright. You may head inside. Follow the path, it leads straight to the house.”
You’re shocked out of your short little reverie, and thank the woman. The gates swing open and you head inside. Shortly thereafter, the gates swing shut behind you. The house is actually closer than it looked, but is much larger than you could have possibly imagined it being. Patchouli is waiting outside the front door with Alice and Medicine.
“Just on time. We were about to leave with out you.” Patchouli nods to the car in front of the house. “We’ll be taking a car to the shop, to save time walking.” She coughs. “Accursed weather”
The four of you pile into the car, of which the driver seems to be a maid with silver hair. She says nothing, but starts driving once everyone is in the vehicle.
The trip to the store is quiet and uneventful. Medicine looks out the window the whole way and Patchy and Alice are having a lively debate about something or other. Suddenly the atmosphere is broken by the driver speaking.
“We’ve arrived, Miss Patchouli”
“Ah. So it would appear that we have. Thank you, Sakuya.”
The four of you get out of the car and Patchouli goes to the front of the car and talks to Sakuya for a bit. Sakuya then drives off.
“She’s gone to do some shopping for the Mistress. Well, shall we?”
The store in front of you appears to be a flower shop. Why someone would open a flower shop here and not in the downtown area baffles you. However, This “Mistress?” the idea intrigues you.

[ ] Ask about the ‘Mistress’
[ ] Ask about Sakuya
[ ] Go in the store.
[ ] Suggest you all get lunch.
>> No. 26076
Seem like water balloons.

Actually looks more realistic.
>> No. 26077
[x] Ask about the ‘Mistress’
>> No. 26078
[ ] Go in the store.
>> No. 26079
File 12092602962.jpg - (165.51KB , 400x604 , 120925956830.jpg ) [iqdb]
>would be better if the hand wasnt blue
>> No. 26080
Yuka sense tengling~
>> No. 26081
[ ] Go in the store.

Ehhh, don't care about anyone else from SDM right now.
>> No. 26082
[x] Ask about the ‘Mistress’
>> No. 26083
File 120926033883.jpg - (124.34KB , 552x611 , 02190adda767276b84ef295295fd5c58.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go in the store.

Flower shop.

Time for delicious Yuuka?
>> No. 26084
File 120926034048.jpg - (201.67KB , 508x680 , cae42f9db8c4c99e4cab615d705a8b15.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ x ] Go in the store.

>> No. 26085
[x] Go in the store.
I sense Yuka encounter, not sure if thats good but will certainly be lulz.
>> No. 26086
[ ] Go in the store.
>> No. 26087
[ ] Ask about the ‘Mistress’
>> No. 26088
[X] Go in the store.
We just had breakfast and we'll see Sakuya again on the way back.
>> No. 26089
[x] Go in the store.
>> No. 26090
File 120926046980.jpg - (166.91KB , 549x527 , 1206937565682.jpg ) [iqdb]

Dangerous? Pfft. She's so moe~
>> No. 26091
File 120926046841.png - (22.79KB , 523x518 , 1207157884009.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask about the gatekeeper.
>> No. 26092
[ ] Go in the store.
>> No. 26093
[x] Ask about the ‘Mistress’

we're going in the fucking store anyway, why not
>> No. 26094
Flowers for Reimu
>> No. 26095

Also sisters and Mokou.
>> No. 26096
Actually that's a good idea, definately glad we didn't go to the hospital now.
>> No. 26097
Get flowers.
>> No. 26098
[x ] Go in the store.
>> No. 26099
File 120926097943.jpg - (144.91KB , 374x420 , yuka.jpg ) [iqdb]
The four of you enter the store. A small bell rings.
“Welcome! Just a moment, I’m in the back. Feel free to browse” A voice calls from the back.
Medicine wanders over to where there’s several Lilly of the Valley plants, and Patchouli and Alice immediately head over to the herbs section. The store isn’t very large, but it seems that there’s a large variety of plants here. Even some that would be considered to be out of season. Huh. Green houses certainly a great thing. It’s odd though. Every plant here looks fresh, and there’s not a wilted plant in the store. Interesting. You wander around the store aimlessly, not really knowing what to do. There’s an interesting plant placed next to the register. You’ve never seen one like it. While examining it, someone comes up to you.
“D’ya like it? It’s my own creation, I don’t think there’s another like it in the whole world.” You tell the person that it’s very pretty while you turn to face her. She looks from the plant to you, and her eyes go somewhat wide, before quickly regaining her composure.
“Oh? You look familiar. . . You wouldn’t happen to be Mima’s son. . . Would you?”

[ ] Tell the truth.
[ ] Lie.
>> No. 26100
[x] Go in the store.
>> No. 26101
[x] Go in the store.
>> No. 26102
[ ] Tell the truth.

Why not?
>> No. 26103
[x] Tell the truth.
Anything to uncover our past.
>> No. 26104
[ ] Tell the truth.
>> No. 26105
[x] Tell the truth
>> No. 26106
[x] Tell the truth.
I don't see what the problem would be. Better find out.
>> No. 26107
[X] Tell the truth.

No reason to lie.
>> No. 26108
[X] Truth
PC-98 territory, huh?
>> No. 26109
[x] Tell the truth.
>> No. 26110
[ ] Tell the truth.
>> No. 26111
[X] Tell the Truth.

Yuka and Mima are friends, right?
>> No. 26112
Merry Christmas, slowpoke!
>> No. 26113
[ ] Tell the truth.

>> No. 26114
[x] Tell the truth.
>> No. 26115
File 120926123965.png - (420.17KB , 600x600 , 113114058af62d1d5c72b5b8e5d03862.png ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Tell the truth.

Maybe she got scared for a second. Or got hard from Anon's powa level.
>> No. 26117
[x] Tell the truth.
>> No. 26118
I get the feeling we're about to prematurely reach a bad end.
>> No. 26119
[x] Tell the truth. wins. And for good reason. If she attacks us, it will be awesome. If she likes us, it will be awesome.
>> No. 26120
Would Patchu have brought us here if she knew Yuka would murder us?
>> No. 26121

And if she attacks us AND likes us, it will be double awesome.
>> No. 26122
Christmas? It's the end of April.
>> No. 26123
>> No. 26124


you know, that sentence is pretty shakey even without the keyword.
>> No. 26125
[x] Tell the truth.

fuck yes! moar PC-98 stuff!,if more of the characters belonging to that era continues appearing, then the next time we go to the school let's try to find Rikako, Chiyuri and Yumemi in the SCIENCE club, maybe Nitori is with them too.

Extra fun if some of them are interested in researching the occult club to discover if their magiks are bullshit or are for real.
>> No. 26126
File 120926192166.jpg - (4.77KB , 170x127 , 1202607057003.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just save the image you ..... you DOUBLE (9)!
>> No. 26127
Yumemi and Chiyuri will kidnap us.
>> No. 26128
File 120926195066.png - (11.77KB , 128x256 , 1209083149191.png ) [iqdb]
Magic is bullshit.
>> No. 26129
why would I if someone else will post it for me?
>> No. 26130
You know, it's kind of odd
It seems whenever presented with a chance to lie, Anon tells the truth
>> No. 26131
That's because Anonymous is stupid.
>> No. 26132
File 120926234918.png - (11.85KB , 400x400 , 1206062814813.png ) [iqdb]

...fuckin' christ.
>> No. 26133
That's because Anonymous is a good person.
>> No. 26134
Or a normal person, really.
>> No. 26135
File 120926278784.png - (435.63KB , 499x600 , psychoyuka.png ) [iqdb]
You nod.
“Oh ho ho! I thought you were. You have the same scent about you as your mother. Hm. . . I haven’t heard from Mima in forever. How’s she doing?”
You start stuttering some response, but this time Patchouli comes to your aide. “Mima-sama has been missing for quite some time. Nobody is quite certain what happened to her.”
That’s not exactly the story you were told but, yeah, that might be true. Mystia told you that she had ‘died’ but that might have just been what she told, you didn’t really get a whole lot of information about your mother out of that conversation.
Yuka’s face is undisguised shock. “She’s *MISSING*? That seems so unlike her. you have no idea how happy she was when she had her son! To just go running out on him? That’s not like her.” Yuka furrows her brow. “That just doesn’t sound like her at all. Hm. . . I’m sorry girls, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, I need to close up shop and check some things out.” She turns to look at you, “You I have some questions for.”
“Ah, That might not work. Ya see. . .” Alice starts, only to be elbowed by Patchouli.
“We have lunch plans, madam, which include him. So we can’t allow you to take him from us now. You may be able to borrow him some other time, but not today. Also, I would like to purchase these three plants.”
Yuka looks at Patchouli, then at the three plants. “Alright. That’ll be . . .”
Patchouli hands over the money, and Yuka puts the plants into a bag for her.
“Thank you for the business.”
“Thank you for the plants, madam.”
With that the four of you leave the store. Yuka flips the open sign around to the closed side and locks the door. Huh. That whole encounter was quite strange. As if on queue, the car pulls up in front of the store.
“I’m sorry. Were you waiting long?” Sakuya inquires.
“No we were not. Thank you for being so prompt Sakuya.”
The four of you pile into the car again, which takes off as soon as the door is closed. You seem to be heading back to Patchouli’s house. Mayhap now would be a good time to ask Patchouli about what happened to your mother.

[ ] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
[ ] Ask about the ‘mistress’
[ ] Ask about Yuka.
[ ] Look out the window.
>> No. 26136
>got hard

>> No. 26137
[x] Look out the window.
>> No. 26138
[X] Look out the window.
Looking pensive is as good as asking.
>> No. 26139
[x ] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
It's either this or looking out the window.
>> No. 26140
[ ] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
>> No. 26141
[ ] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
>> No. 26142
[ ] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
>> No. 26143
[ ] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
>> No. 26144
[ ] Ask Patchouli about your mother.

The post suggested it. Who am I to argue?
>> No. 26145
[X] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
[X] Ask about Yuka.

Seems they're connected, though I doubt the girls know much about Yuuka.

We ought to swing by Yuuka's again when we have the time.
>> No. 26146
[x] Ask about Yuka.
We can find out about Mima later.
>> No. 26147
[x] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
>> No. 26148
[ ] Look out the window.
>> No. 26149
[x] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
>> No. 26150
[x] Ask Patchouli about your mother.
>> No. 26151
...suddenly, I want a Yuka path.
How odd. Why would I...?

Anyway, they're lying, aren't they?
They're lying.
Why are they...

To lie is a bad thing. They shouldn't be lying.
It's not good to lie. Whenever people lie, bad things happen. Bad things happen whenever people lie. Bad things. It's bad to lie.
To lie is a bad thing. It's bad to lie.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
To lie is a bad thing.
>> No. 26152
[ ] Ask about the ‘mistress’
>> No. 26153
But the cake is a lie, and cake is always a good thing.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie.
>> No. 26154

Of course Cake is a good thing, but since the cake is a lie, it becomes a bad thing because there is no cake.
>> No. 26155
[X] Ask Patchouli about your mother.

She knows something. Even if it's not much, it's more than we do, by default.
>> No. 26156
That makes me sad. ;_;
>> No. 26157
Hear that, anon? You know nothing about your mother.
>> No. 26159
all the enigma around his past and his mother will make Anon suffer the same fate as Onikakushi Keiichi.

All of them know it but they refuse to say the truth, anon slowly stops trusting them and Yuka tells anon that they were the best friends until an incident in a dam with Marisa.

Later, Anon eats some meatballs that Marisa cook for him and finds a needle inside. Finally anon goes nuts and it's bat time!

Already batshit insane, anon writes a letter saying that Marisa and the occult club were the culprits, they killed anon's mother and now they were hunting him ... anon ends his own life by scratching the shit out of himself and dies. And the mystery remains unsolved ...
>> No. 26160
File 120926407886.gif - (777.99KB , 196x207 , bawwwww.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 26161
Not true. We know her name was Mima.
>> No. 26164
File 120926418570.jpg - (476.17KB , 640x688 , 5ba9e0ce54940e5c3212642d4c524637.jpg ) [iqdb]
You turn to Patchouli and ask her point blank what happened to your mother. She looks quite shocked by your directness, but regains her composure.
“So you’ve forgotten even that as well. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but you were the one who was constantly seeking out information about her disappearance.”
You stop Patchouli there, and tell her that Mystia had told you that your mother was dead.
“Yes, I believe that’s what your father told her. Probably in an attempt to get her to accept Marisa. However, neither you nor your sister really accepted her as your real mother like Rinnosuke wanted you to. But with him ending up with Marisa so soon after your mother disappeared. . . The whole entire thing seems quite suspect.” Patchouli looks out the window. “I really am not the one who should be telling you this, but seeing as it seems that you have nobody else who can tell you this, I’ll fill you in on what you’d managed to learn and share with us.”
It turns out that your mother founded the Occult Club, and actually had a hand in the formation of Gensokyo Academy. The grade school, middle school, and high school. She apparently had a large hand in getting you and your sister into the school. Cirno, Wriggle, and Rumia made it in on the fact that Marisa was Mima’s star pupil. But apparently, several years after Mystia was born, Mima just. . . Vanished. Dropped off the face of the earth, and nobody had heard from her since. Shortly thereafter, Marisa shows up with Cirno, looking for Mima, and she and Rinnosuke hook up. Shortly thereafter Wriggle and Rumia were born. The whole thing just sounds really suspicious, but you apparently had quite a bit more research done, but this is just what you had shared with Patchouli and the others. Patchouli couldn’t offer you any ideas of where to look for where you might have stored that accumulated research, and she feared that it was kept in your head.
You sigh. That was quite a bit to take in but. . . Well, You feel that it was important to know. The car pulls up in front of your house. You seem shocked that you’ve been brought to your house.
“Of course we’re going to drop you off here. Alice, Medicine, and I have a few more errands to run. We were only bringing you along to see Yuka, but in your present state. . . I had hoped that you would have recovered. You were the one who originally wanted to see her when you found out that she had moved to the area, but I’d suggest against that before your memory returns. Yuka and Mima were bitter rivals, so I have no idea how she’d treat you. See you tomorrow.”
The car pulls away quickly, leaving you to wonder what it is, exactly that you’ve forgotten. You sigh. Checking your phone you see that it’s a little after 2 in the afternoon. You still have plenty of time today if you wanted to go somewhere else.

[ ] Go to Mokou’s house.
[ ] Go to the Hospital.
[ ] Go inside.
[ ] Go downtown.
>> No. 26166

Sounds like a fiesta to me.
>> No. 26168

sounds oddly familiar.
>> No. 26170
[ x] Go downtown.
>> No. 26171

[x] Go see Mokou
>> No. 26172
[ ] Go to the Hospital.

Without flowers ;_;
>> No. 26173
[x] Go to the Hospital.
Take a responsibility for the life you (probably) saved.
>> No. 26174
[x] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26176
[x] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26177
File 120926441530.jpg - (154.04KB , 800x600 , 120770670249.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ x ] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26178
[ ] Go to the Hospital.

We'll have all day tomorrow to talk to Mokou.
>> No. 26179
[ ] Go to the Hospital.
>> No. 26180
Damn, we didn't get flowers.. Oh well.

[x] Go to the Hospital.

Anyways, and after that we can make a stop with Mokou, since she lives right next door anyways.
>> No. 26181
[x] Go to the Hospital.
>> No. 26182
[ ] Go to the Hospital.
>> No. 26183

Don't make me put an X in front of it.
>> No. 26184
[ ] Go to the Hospital.

May be a short trip, depending on how introverted this left Reimu (or whether she's back at her home, yet). maybe we'll meet Eirin though.
>> No. 26185
[X] Go downtown.

Let's spend some time on our own, see if we can sort things out. Maybe swing by the Hospital on the way home. We can talk to Mokou about all this if she decides to drop in on our room tonight, or the next time we're together.
>> No. 26186
[x] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26187
[ ] Go to Mokou’s house.

Perhaps we might have shared information...?

Also, suddenly, plot.
>> No. 26188
[x] Go to the Hospital.
and grab a present on the way
>> No. 26189
[ ] Go to the Hospital.

Jesus crap Kira, I thought this was supposed to be light hearted "Lol school for touhous" and yet you've made it into "anon's awesome after school adventure"
>> No. 26190
[ ] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26191
[x] Go to the Hospital
Hospitals are always fun
>> No. 26192

>Awesome After-School Adventures

It's like I'm japanese!

...wait, wrong game!
>> No. 26193
[x] Go to Mokou’s house.

Anon needs to be with his best friend who would never hide something from him to prevent paranoia and schizophrenia.
>> No. 26194
[ ] Go to the Hospital.

Like Pheidippides.
>> No. 26195
[x] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26196
[ ] Go to the Hospital.
>> No. 26197
File 12092647732.jpg - (118.37KB , 368x750 , 1206650109648.jpg ) [iqdb]

And her hot guardian, Keine.
>> No. 26198
[ ] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26201
Ye plot thickens!

[X] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26202
[ ] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26203
[x] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26204
[ ] Go to Mokou’s house.
>> No. 26205

I forgot about our respectable teacher, Miss Keine.
>> No. 26206
[x] Go to the Hospital.

Obviously Eirin is there.
>> No. 26207
File 12092654171.jpg - (124.66KB , 500x330 , ppg.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 26208
Let's just wait a bit before we start hitting on our best friend's guardian, ja?
>> No. 26209
especially since she's our teacher.
>> No. 26210
Wait, she's your teacher? When did this happen?
>> No. 26211

Wasn't Ran our teacher? I don't remember any other specific teachers being mentioned.
>> No. 26212

When I said it did. I now have control of the story. Protip: You're going to die of an anvil falling you after your next decision.
>> No. 26213

I don't know. I thought she would be an elementary school teacher in this story.
>> No. 26214
The trip to the hospital is quick and uneventful. In the lobby there’s a small gift shop. You see a small doll in the window. She appears to be of the same one that was on both the note, and on the receipt. You have more than enough to purchase the doll, should you decide to do so. Purchase doll?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
>> No. 26215
>Let's just wait a bit before we start hitting on our best friend's guardian, ja?

I have no intention of hitting on her However, there is nothing wrong with admiring the scenery. And the scenery is good.
>> No. 26216
[ ] Yes

>> No. 26217
[ ] Yes
Wait, the position of this choice gives me an idea...
>> No. 26219
[ ] No

Savin' the money for later.
>> No. 26220
[X] Yes

Mystery girl seems to like the character, and so does Mokou. As a popular item, she could make a decent gift.
>> No. 26221
[x] Yes
>> No. 26222
[ ] Yes
>> No. 26223
[x] Yes
My, what an odd looking... Figurine.
>> No. 26224
[ ] Yes

In b4 this doll was made for me, or some such
>> No. 26225
[ ] Yes

...actually, I'm voting for this because I like dolls.
>> No. 26226
[X] NO
Its a trap! Her seeing that doll will prob bring up some past event and idk what follows.
>> No. 26227

[ x ] Yes

>> No. 26228
[x] No
>> No. 26229
[x ] Yes
Why not?
>> No. 26230
[X] Buy the doll
The question is what to do with it. Who's subplot does this item belong to?
>> No. 26231
Multiple I'd Imagine. Alice and Medicine are both into dolls, and the mystery girl and Mokou both like the character enough to randomly draw it.
>> No. 26232

Hell, the positioning of the choice makes me think that it might be involved in Reimu's subplot.
>> No. 26233
Damn it, why can I NEVER give references to ideas about future developments without people figuring them out without any hints.
>> No. 26234

But are you sure? That character is popular, after all. It could be in any gift shop.
>> No. 26235
Hint: stop giving references.
>> No. 26236
You buy the doll. It seems to be the only one of it’s kind in the store. Even the clerk was a little surprised when you pointed it out in the window.
“I never knew we had anything like this. Oh well.”
It strikes you as somewhat odd, but no matter. You’re now in possession of the doll, and the bag it came in.
You head up to Reimu’s room. It seems that her parents aren’t there. You go into the room, after knocking. Reimu is there in the bed, staring off into space. The TV’s on, but she’s apparently not paying any attention to it. You greet her after entering the room and she turns to look at you. She looks angry now.
“Come to lord it over me that YOU were the one to rescue me? Feh. If I knew you were going to come and save me, I would have rather nobody had come to save me.” She glares daggers at you. Taken aback by her sudden verbal assault, you appologize. This seems to take her by surprise.
“Wait. . . You’re not here to lord it over me?”
You tell her that you were just checking to see if she was alright.
“Feh. Like I’m supposed to believe a lame ass story like that? You got any proof?”
You could give her the doll now to prove it, you think to yourself, but that might not really prove anything at all.

[ ] Yes, Give doll.
[ ] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
[ ] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26237
Fools! Clearly this doll is the connecting piece to Anons powers in MiG.
>> No. 26238
[ ] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
>> No. 26239
[ ] Yes, Give doll.
>> No. 26240
[X] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
>> No. 26241
<Dark_Mercury> 'cause I know which vote anon will pick~

Throw Kira off NOW
>> No. 26242
[ ] Nope. None what so ever.
this is a god damn trap if I ever saw one.
>> No. 26243
[x ] Nope. None what so ever.
meh nothing we say or do will change her mind.
>> No. 26245

[ x ] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
>> No. 26247
[x] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
>> No. 26248
[ ] Nope. None what so ever.

"Nope, I've got no proof. Other than the fact, I'm not actually lording it over you."
>> No. 26249
Enough tsun-tsun! Dere-dere mode on!

[x] Yes, Give doll.
>> No. 26250
[x] Nope. None what so ever.

Reimu wouldn't appreciate the doll.
>> No. 26251
[X] Nope. None what so ever.

You'd best take our word for it. It's all we've got for you, hon.
>> No. 26252
[ ] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26253
i rescind my vote at >>26239! It's a trap! And proves nothing!

...we can give the doll later, maybe.

[ ] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26254
[ ] Yes, the fact that I’m here.

Kira wants us to give her the doll.
>> No. 26255
[x] Nope. None what so ever.
You're just going to have to trust me~
>> No. 26256
[ ] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
>> No. 26257
[x] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26258
Changing my vote.
[X] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26259
Damn, I really want to know who this character we like so much is.
>> No. 26260
[x] Nope. None what so ever.

This isn't really the situation to give someone a doll, and the other line is lame as hell. What proof is she expecting, anyway? Just be frank about it.
>> No. 26261
[x] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26262
[ ] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26263
[x] Nope. None what so ever.
Then surprise!
>> No. 26264
[ ] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
>> No. 26265
I change my vote. Give the doll.
>> No. 26267
[x] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26268
File 120926708954.jpg - (36.02KB , 500x312 , dddddddddddddd.jpg ) [iqdb]
I refuse to believe it's anyone other than Kamina.
Or, like, the Gurren Brigade logo.
>> No. 26269
Yes! The fact that I'm here.
>> No. 26270
I like this.

[X] Nope. None what so ever.
>> No. 26271
[x] Yes, the fact that I’m here.
>> No. 26272
I...think [ ] Nope. None what so ever. won. Kind of a hard call with alot of vote revisions
>> No. 26273
File 120926731186.jpg - (15.65KB , 510x286 , 1205786647344.jpg ) [iqdb]

Isn't MANservice enough inspiration?
>> No. 26275
[X] Nope. None what so ever.
To option to ask if she wants us to leave, so we don't even have the opportunity, doesn't present itself.
>> No. 26278
Anon has to tame this woman.
>> No. 26279
You shake your head.
“Nope. Not a shred of proof what-so-ever.” You smile as you say this, walking over to the chair next to her bed and sitting down.
Shock is evident on Reimu’s face. You pick up an apple and start peeling it, offering her a slice after you’ve cut it up. She takes it hesitantly and eats it.
“So, really. Why are you here?”
You shrug. You tell her that you really were worried about her, especially after what happened yesterday. Reimu snatches another slice of apple from you. “Even after all the shit I put you through?”
You shrug again. You tell her it doesn’t matter what’s happened, you were still worried about her. At the last minute you add that whatever it was doesn’t even bother you any more, you can’t even really remember what it was. Reimu looks absolutely shocked at that.
“You can forgive someone for almost killing you!?”
You shrug once more and tell her that it’s water under the bridge, but make a mental note to ask SOMEONE what the crap happened. Reimu snatches another piece of apple from you and turns away from you. “I want you to leave. Now.”
You start to protest, but she interrupts you. “NOW.”
Reimu grabs the pillow off the bed and throws it at you. Deftly dodging it you flee the room before she finds something heavier to throw at you. Well. That didn’t quite turn out like you expected it to, but you’re not really sure how you expected it to turn out. Leaving the hospital, you check your cell phone again. It’s now a little after 5:30. Downtown is relatively close, as is the central park of the city. You could probably go one more place today if you wanted to, but you feel really quite worn out after today’s activities.

[ ] Head home
[ ] Go downtown.
[ ] Go to the school.
[ ] Go to the Park.
>> No. 26280
>Anon has to make this woman enter deredere mode.
>> No. 26281
[ ] Go to the Park.
>> No. 26283
[x] Go downtown.
c'mon we've gotta check out downtown. Failing that the park is fine too.
>> No. 26284
[X] Go downtown.
>> No. 26285
[ ] Go to the Park.

Seems to be a good place to get raped.
>> No. 26286
[X] Go to Mokou
Cmon guys, we've been ignoring her all day, actually 2 days.
>> No. 26287
>but you feel really quite worn out after today’s activities

Too many times has anon looked dumb by passing out

[ ] Head home
>> No. 26288
[ ] Go to the Park.

maybe someone who doesn't have issues with showing affection is getting raped
>> No. 26289
[X] Go downtown.

We should get a look around. There might be a couple of places of interest in town.

I'm wary of the park, but it's fine too. I guess it's a good place to unwind.
>> No. 26290
[x] Head home

You're tired. Time to reflect on the days activities and let the action come to you.
>> No. 26291
[x] Go downtown.
>> No. 26292
[x] Go to Mokou's house.
>> No. 26293
[X] Head home
We haven't seen the sister squad in full force all day. I wonder if asking about Yuka would be rash ...
>> No. 26294
So, She's hasn't killed Shinki, She's probably not related to our mother's disappearance, and she's almost killed us before.

I am not familiar with this woman.
>> No. 26295
[X] home

ask Mystia or someone what the fuck Reimu did to us.
>> No. 26296
Guess what, little sisters are being targeted at the park by a sexual predator.
>> No. 26297
>I wonder if asking about Yuka would be rash ...

Gotta ease the question in after a long period of conversation with Marisa. Even then, it probably will be a touchy subject.
>> No. 26298
[x] Head home
I wonder if she's starting to feel even a tinge of remorse now.
>> No. 26299
Nah, the park has met it's raping quota for the week.
>> No. 26300

Thats why the are going to get kidnapped and taken to the predators basement.
>> No. 26301
WHAT THE CHRIST. We better find some answers and quick.

[X] Go downtown.

And so far, random encounters seem to have been our best source of leads, or at least hints.
>> No. 26302
Naw, there's no way in hell my imouto squad is all stupid enough to go to the park unsupervised.

>> No. 26303

>> No. 26304

Cirno and Rumia aren't that bright.
>> No. 26305
[x] Go to the Park.
>> No. 26306
And that's why Wriggle and Mystia and Hina keep them in check.
I know what you're trying to do, Anti-Spiral! I'm not going to fall for it!
>> No. 26307

>> No. 26308

I'm thinking the sister squad probably took advantage of family time on this Sunday.
>> No. 26309
[X] Go downtown.
>> No. 26310
[X] Go downtown.
Change my vote to this. I have a good reason for the change too.
>> No. 26311
[x] Head home
>> No. 26312
[x] Go downtown.
>> No. 26313
Care to share?
>> No. 26314
>> No. 26315
Doll can keep us company at the park.
>> No. 26316
Ok guys, downtown won. I have to head off to bed, shitshift in the morning. I'll run GA:SD when I get back from that. G'night.
>> No. 26317
You people need to learn to delete your goddamn votes when you retract them.
>> No. 26320
I bet we're adopted.

It doesn't relate to any of this, but I bet we're adopted.
>> No. 26323
>> No. 26325
File 120927605583.jpg - (78.04KB , 385x550 , 1153682232001.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know that GA:SD started as a hallucination in MiG and all, but is it just a coincidence that in both of them we have a Reimu who for some reason hates our guts and tried to kill us as some point, or will the reason she hates us in one story be somehow connected to why she hates us in the other?
>> No. 26327
We have seen things that we shouldn't have been able to see while hallucinating in MiG. Assuming Gensokyo Academy is still linked to MiG in any way we might gain some insights here.
>> No. 26330
File 120927743766.jpg - (175.77KB , 550x712 , 85a6cf708a6b1740556bfb8627d7267c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Maybe. Didn't Hina first appear in GA before showing up in MiG?

And yet, just that first appearance was enough to convince me to stay the fuck away from her if she ever showed up in MiG. And, sure enough when she did, we didn't, and we got our head smashed on a fucking rock as a result.

...the stuff that came after kinda made up for it, though, so it wasn't that bad. I'm still inclined to say that any and all appearances by her in either story should always have an option present to cunt-punch her and run the fuck away.

I swear. One more "woe" or "one such as" shit from her, and I'm going to want to strangle her to death with her own hair.

I forget where I'm going with this, but suffice to say Hina is a whore and I hope she dies.
>> No. 26332
You know, back when we first heard the moans, I'd have bet money it was Mokou having sex with some random dude. Just for the heart wrenching factor.
>> No. 26333
File 12092789643.png - (129.08KB , 641x2614 , mspaintahab.png ) [iqdb]
Haha yeah, I was thinking that as well.
It would have fit perfectly with the kind of despair Kira likes to tease us with.
Thank god he didn't though, other wise we would have a situation similar to the one pictured here.
>> No. 26335
File 12092793968.jpg - (66.95KB , 258x258 , cardcrusher.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hey, you want this tomboy childhood friend?"
"That's not like you...sure, I'll have it."
>> No. 26336
>>It turns out that your mother founded the Occult Club, and actually had a hand in the formation of Gensokyo Academy. The grade school, middle school, and high school. She apparently had a large hand in getting you and your sister into the school.

Long story short, Kira: Are we all going to die by going insane from hearing The Chant or get swallowed and eradicated by the Pillar of Light once the gate's open?
>> No. 26339

I see what you dividead there.
>> No. 26340
Glad you got it.
>> No. 26341
I find it funny how all of uss arque about the small things but when shit gets serious (ie. Reimu getting raped) We all seem to stick together
>> No. 26343

There's a time and place for everything, and it was time to go Ahab on his monkey ass.
>> No. 26344
Anon's a good soul. Roneriness just gets to him sometimes and causes him to be bitter and petty.
>> No. 26346

Yeah, I lol'd at that too. It seems Anon actually DOES have a conscience about these things, but it was according to Kira's keikaku. If Anon had known sooner that this broad tried to murder us once before, I'm pretty sure Anon would've left her to rot, or watched, fapped, and posted pictures online.

"Little shit" seems to include which girl to go after, seeing as Anon can fucking STAY ON TARGET for shit. First one of our sisters, then Mokou, that one Anon for Marisa, the Patchi, possibly Medicine, and I'm sure there was one sick soul who wanted to open a Yuuka route... When will Anon learn the golden rule of VNs: HAREM ROUTES ONLY OPEN AFTER YOU'VE COMPLETED ALL ROUTES!! We're a couple of playthroughs short of getting it, so stick to one girl, idiots!
>> No. 26347
anon just doesn't like anyone else raping his hoes.
>> No. 26348
Huh, it just occured to me. Shouldn't there be instances (like with fellow students or teachers) that Gensokyo Academy Anon is referred to as "Morichika"?
>> No. 26349
And what's really funny is that nobody was really into Reisen much (in MiG), until she started getting all blushing around us, and we found ourselves around her a lot, and then... yeah.

So, I have to ask: That guy who would never shut the fuck up in WUiG threads about going back to Eientei and seeing Reisen, will you finally quit mentioning going for her in WUiG?
>> No. 26350

Maybe Anon's well-known for being an informal, relaxed guy?
>> No. 26351
...With raging schizophrenia undetectable outside of infrequent behavioral inconsistencies.
>> No. 26352
Wait a minute. Something just occurred to me.
Our parents still don't know we've got amnesia.
>> No. 26353

Hey, it's not his fault the voices are almost always arguing. Taking Reimu Jr. home seemed like a really good idea for a second.
>> No. 26356
File 120928908216.jpg - (76.29KB , 996x364 , 1201869049236.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>and I'm sure there was one sick soul who wanted to open a Yuuka route...
What's so sick about that? Yuka is sweet, sweet person.
>> No. 26357
I'm all for boning our dead/missing Mom's hot rival.
>> No. 26359
Hey Kira, ever thought that some of us have considered telling Reimu we have amnesia?
I think that's more believeable than forgiving someone for almost killing you.
And of all the people to know, I think telling our damn parents would also be a good idea.
>> No. 26360
Yeah... these two, in conjunction, would be perfect.
>> No. 26361
And if Mima ever comes back, she can never really one-up Yuuka. "Oh yeah? Well, I did your son. Guess who he calls 'Mommy' now."
>> No. 26362
>> No. 26363
>> No. 26364
Guessing you're not American.

>> No. 26365
Wow, I can't believe I missed that reference. The only Jerry I could think of was Seinfeld (and I hate that fucker).
>> No. 26366
A Yuuka route is fine by me...
>> No. 26367
File 120929311177.png - (248.18KB , 600x550 , 1202741520471.png ) [iqdb]
Florist moe~
>> No. 26370
Now, what I want to know is why we got options to go pretty much everywhere, but not to visit the flower-shop again.
>> No. 26372
Because it's closed moron
>> No. 26373
File 120929805852.png - (79.51KB , 320x240 , snapshot20080427130148.png ) [iqdb]
"Ah yes he has his mother's eyes and his father's dick."
>> No. 26374
Time and a place for everything.
ha. ha. ha. No.
>> No. 26377

Ooh, low blow.
>> No. 26378
File 120930086243.jpg - (97.26KB , 707x506 , 1204156369417.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Not as low as the blow I gave him last night."
>> No. 26379

Yes! Come on people, we need this route.
>> No. 26389
Mystia and the rest of the sisters get too withdrawn to tell the whole story about anything.

Two things:

Marisa: We need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart. Explain the amnesia and that we can't remember why we would dislike her. Melt her heart by saying that she's the only mother you know. Ask about about Mima, herself, Yuka, and Kourin.

Yuka: Becoming Yuka's boytoy would create some awfully lulzy drama. But it would fill in the gaps between what Marisa said, and the truth. And we can buy a flower for a sick girl.
>> No. 26393
I just hope Kira doesn't limit our choices to school-mates. Now that would suck.
>> No. 26402
So who thinks that Yuka might have some kids of her own?

>> No. 26417
File 12093069312.jpg - (37.72KB , 400x400 , 1208312787795.jpg ) [iqdb]

Any possible kids she could have (Wriggle,Medicine for example) are already taken. Bet she has a huge pet turtle named Genji though.
>> No. 26420

She could be the mother to some of the lotus land story characters.
>> No. 26421
File 120930728443.jpg - (345.48KB , 600x750 , 1852335aa67b2cc5a1ea140aabb3e53a.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 26428
Ok, after we have gotten back at Mokou, we need to get closer to Yuka, to hear our past.
Among other various things he he he...

We are going to wet the flowers in her field, take a stroll inside her secret garden while exploring her Twin Peaks, testing how fresh her apples are
>> No. 26436
File 120930901687.png - (31.80KB , 148x150 , Shirou face.png ) [iqdb]
A part-time job as a farmhand? How thoughtful of you!
>> No. 26442

With our luck her kids will be the friends of uor little sisters. That'll be a blast

"Hello kids, take a good look at your new father, oh, Wriggle, Mystia and the rest, you're here on a visit?"

"No Onii-chan no!"
>> No. 26445
Daiyousei, single child and single parent.
>> No. 26447
File 120930970135.jpg - (19.51KB , 400x356 , AudreyII.jpg ) [iqdb]
God damn it, Anon. We could be trying to figure out who the girl from the note was, get Mokou into deredere mode for us, or even find out just why Reimu hates us so very much, and NOW you're wanting to go after Youkai Moe?

You DO realize that, even here, she's likely to be a bit unhinged, right? And that her unnaturally-healthy plants likely became that way through less-than-normal means?
And that REALLY unique plant of hers?

There are only so many ways going after her can end, as far as I can see virtually all of them involve the last thing you hear before you die being to the effect of "FEED ME, SEYMORE!"
>> No. 26452
File 120930995613.png - (347.88KB , 560x630 , Lily White 1.png ) [iqdb]
Damn. What do you want to bet her kids picked up her talent for spreading mayhem?

Yuka: And this is one of my daughters; the other is up in her room at the moment. I don't know if you've met before...?
Lily White: *hops and dances into the room* SPRING IS HERE~! *Hands Anon a few small lit firecrackers and dances off, chanting those words merrily.*
Yuka: Oh, she likes you!
>> No. 26456
Thanks, now the song is singing itself in my head. C'MON SEYMORE
>> No. 26457
that looks like a penis in a cup.
>> No. 26459

I accept your first point. We will acquire Youkai Moe next playthrough! If Kira feels like having another go, that is.
>> No. 26476
File 120931231271.jpg - (56.79KB , 500x500 , 610956a42bcca77e905fae65b9e67bcd.jpg ) [iqdb]

We have to talk to her once she returns from whereever she went; and also when we get for memory back either way.
>> No. 26485
Oh, Kira, why are you making Reimu so bitchy? Now I love her even more.

>> No. 26503

Speaking to our schoolmates or sisters advances their routes. The only thing Mokou knows about is what happened with Reimu. Following Patchy/Medicine/Alice will reveal the power we once held. But speaking to Yuka, Marisa, and Kourin is the only way to advance the main plot.

And we need True End to get an After Story.
>> No. 26507
Damnit, now we really have to find out what happened to Mima. We only have that Dream, and know shit about what really happened to her.
>> No. 26514

once we find a way to resolve our own nightmares, we'd be able to do the same for our sister.
>> No. 26527
Mima molested her own children, Kourin never knew and both you and Mystia blocked out the memory. Now it resurfaces in the form of nightmares and in your case amnesia.
>> No. 26529

No, Scorn. Keep your sick fantasies out of this.
>> No. 26532

This is acceptable. It better be brick-shitting awesome if it's capable of caused chronic nightmares and dissociative amnesia.
>> No. 26537
You should write about that.
>> No. 26541
>>This is acceptable. It better be brick-shitting awesome if it's capable of caused chronic nightmares and dissociative amnesia.

Even if that is what happened, I don't think it had anything to do with our amnesia case.
Unless we had a sudden flashback about it while we were climbing over the wall, I think our lack of memory is more due to that whole "falling and cracking our skull" thing.

Speaking of which, I'd like to know more about the circumstances of that little injury. While it supposedly happened while we were climbing over the back wall, I can't help but wonder if that's what really happened. Or, rather, if that's WHERE it really happened.

There can be quite a number of ways one could fall in the vicinity of your house. Ladders, for example, can be quite treacherous things to be on.
>> No. 26542
File 120931879325.jpg - (10.09KB , 139x200 , 1207863474840.jpg ) [iqdb]

The abuse took form in Mima forcing you to pleasure her sexually, when Mystia was born she was incorporated into her sick games and Mima forced you two to have sex in front of her.
She convinced you that this was all part of an expression of "love" because families loved each other, when you got Mystia pregnant however Mima suddenly realised the horror of what she had done.

After giving Mystia a back street abortion she disappeared after some how tampering with your memories.

The repressed memories are affecting you and Mystia still, causing a great deal of mental trauma. Mystia masturbates thinking about you and doesn't understand why she's attracted to you in this way, you on the other hand can't distinguish love from erotic attraction which effects your relations with girls.
That's why you say inappropriate things to Mouku, you don't know how to properly express your self.

Reimu hates you because in your last year of middle school you began to see each other secretly, she began to perform sexual acts on you and during oral after class one day you began to have a trauma induced fit. You were rushed to hospital and she blames her self to this day. she thinks hating you is the best way to protect you.
>> No. 26545
.....tell me more.....
>> No. 26547
ITT: We believe in disproven Fruedian theories, such as repressed memories.
>> No. 26548
ITT: We believe in disproven Fruedian theories, such as repressed memories.
>> No. 26549
>Mystia masturbates thinking about you

Please go on..
>> No. 26553
Ahhh true, but "lol magic" hax take precedence over reality! After all, magic has been proven to work in this world and Mima was the head of the occult club.
>> No. 26558
>during oral after class one day you began to have a trauma induced fit. You were rushed to hospital and she blames her self to this day. she thinks hating you is the best way to protect you.


>Reimu looks absolutely shocked at that.
>“You can forgive someone for almost killing you!?”

Oh lawd.
>> No. 26563
You know, I wanted a Yuuka route before...

Now, I want one even more. Once we see just how stable she is, and have spent more time with her, we should introduce her to Mokou. Besides Yuuka route also lets us know more about our past, and from an angle that's liable to present more information, more easily than the other routes; I'm not sure Kourin actually knew all that much about this stuff, and I highly doubt Marisa would want to talk about it.
>> No. 26568

There's nothing distinctly Freudian about repressed memories as part of mental illness, just that they're not usually involved in the personality and affective disorders.

The dissociative disorders and PTSD can result in amnesia, and the blocked memories are often involved in the etiology.
>> No. 26573
>>Besides Yuuka route also lets us know more about our past, and from an angle that's liable to present more information, more easily than the other routes

Only if whatever information she gives us can be trusted. Whatever little we knew about the truth before our amnesia, it goes without saying we know even less now. Meaning, we are not only clueless, but could be very easily mislead and manipulated.

Now, think. If you had a bitter rival who mysteriously disappeared, and her child came to you for information, would YOU be completely and totally honest with them? Or would you take advantage of their inability to corroborate whatever you tell them, and spin your own little version of things? Perhaps try to get them to your side?

Other sources might not be so forthcoming, but they're bound to be a whole lot more trustworthy. The extra work needed to coax it out of them is a small price to pay, compared to possibly getting manipulated, mind-fucked, or killed and turned into fertilizer...or a plant.
>> No. 26578
>Now, think. If you had a bitter rival who mysteriously disappeared, and her child came to you for information, would YOU be completely and totally honest with them? Or would you take advantage of their inability to corroborate whatever you tell them, and spin your own little version of things? Perhaps try to get them to your side?

Not a problem so long as you take information with a grain of salt, which we should be doing with all the information we're given about our past. Hell, I'd imagine that her rival would be more interested in finding Mima than spinning us around to her side - as it stands, Yuuka's probably just as interested in finding out what happened as we are.

>Other sources might not be so forthcoming, but they're bound to be a whole lot more trustworthy. The extra work needed to coax it out of them is a small price to pay, compared to possibly getting manipulated, mind-fucked, or killed and turned into fertilizer...or a plant.

I wouldn't be so sure. Remember that if Rinnosuke knows Mima merely disappeared, he's already effectively lied to us about it by telling the entire family that she's dead. Considering how quickly Marisa showed up after Mima's disappearance, and the suspicions leveled against both by us prior to the memory wipe, and by the people who were in on our quest to find Mima, I doubt anything Marisa would say could be trusted. In fact, I'd trust her less than I'd trust a rival - Yuuka at least seemed to be quite surprised by Mima's disappearance, whereas if Marisa is sticking with Rinnosuke's lie about Mima's death, she almost certainly has reason to keep lying.
>> No. 26583
File 120932197282.jpg - (193.27KB , 640x480 , 9ca3629e8a3cd586cbbf5ba7fc88bf05.jpg ) [iqdb]
How? Very, very easily.
>> No. 26588
We have to talk to all three of them, though Marisa and Kourin are too likely to clam up, maybe going as far as to think it's better we have amnesia. If we can confront them with an accusation based on what Yuka tells us (regardless of the source's veracity), they will be forced to explain themselves.

It's too early to take sides or pick a "route"; until the memories come back, we have to pry as much information out of our sources as possible.
>> No. 26591
Let's not forget with all of this business with Mima and Yuka and whatnot, that we still have that whole matter of our mysterious confession letter to deal with, too. And now the doll, too.
>> No. 26607
I think our happy GA:SD days are over, when we happily spend it with our sisters and lighthearted talked with everyone. It was the same with MiG, now easy mode is over and we go over to lunatic. Rape, Murder, Sex, Incest its all in the program now, School Days all over again. We lost our Memories because we could not take the shock of figuring out the Truth behind Mima and everything else. Scorn may have figured out a bit of the whole Picture.
>> No. 26617
Or not. Aside from the rape with Reimu, and that bit of yet-to-be-revealed backstory with her where she apparently tried to kill us, there's so far not much else to indicate things are as bad as you make them sound.
>> No. 26620
So, is there going to be School days today?
>> No. 26632

I expect bricks, now.

Just don't go overboard, Kira.
>> No. 26637

She never said she "tried" to kill us, she just said she "almost" killed us.

Accidents happen.