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25568 No. 25568
You head out from your class, down the hall, and across the bridge that leads to the club rooms. You’re on the second floor of the Club room building. You’re not really sure where any of the clubs are at in this building. There are two floors to it, that much you do know. The rooms are numbered, All of the rooms on this floor seem to start with 2. You can see 4 rooms in this hallway, before it turns off at an angle down just past the fourth room. The rooms here are 2-8, 2-9, 2-10, and 2-11. There’s a couple of girls milling about outside one of the club rooms. There also seems to be a commotion coming from within room 2-11.

[ ] Ask the girls where the Occult Club is.
[ ] Ask the girls what club is in the room they’re in front of.
[ ] Check out the commotion.

No. 25570
[x] Check out the commotion.
We've got time.
No. 25571
[X] Check out the commotion.

Ooh, fireworks!
No. 25572
[x] Check out the commotion.
No. 25573
[X] Check out the commotion.
No. 25574
[ ] Check out the commotion.
No. 25575
[ ] Check out the commotion.
No. 25576
[x] Check out the commotion.
No. 25577
[x] Check out the commotion.
No. 25578
"Could you describe the ruckus, sir?"
No. 25579
[ ] Check out the commotion.
No. 25581
[x] Check out the commotion.
No. 25585
[X] Check out the commotion.

Probably being caused by someone we know.
No. 25586
[x] Check out the commotion.
No. 25588
File 120923752276.jpg - (244.92KB , 728x1000 , medicinee.jpg ) [iqdb]
You slide open the door to the room and are greeted by an unnerving sight. The girl that you were talking to on the roof. He-he-her head. Its sitting on the table. . . Not attached to a body. Over in the corner, Patchouli and another girl with blonde hair seem to be struggling with what appears to be the girl’s body. All three girls hear the door slide open and look over, their faces frozen in shock. Patchouli is the first to recover her composure.
“Close the door! Quickly, quickly!”
You jump inside and quickly slide the door shut behind you. Medicine’s body has broken away from the two girls and is now rushing towards you. You deftly sidestep the body and it crashes into the door. Fumbling with it for a few moments, it can’t seem to get the door open. It turns around and slumps to the floor, seemingly defeated.
“Thank goodness it’s finally stopped.” Patchouli comes over to the body and kneels down next to it.
The other girl comes over to the body too. “It shouldn’t have gone berserk like that. . . I wonder what went wrong this time.”
“Don’t break it! I need that!” Medicine’s head pipes up from the table, bouncing slightly, “This happens every time you two feel the need to tinker with my body.” Medicine’s head sighs.
Well. This is certainly a strange situation.

[ ] Ask Medicine what’s going on.
[ ] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
[ ] Ask the blonde girl what’s going on.
[ ] Look around the room.
No. 25589
>>Medicine’s head pipes up from the table

[x] Take it easy
No. 25590
[ ] Ask the girls where the Occult Club is.

meh. Girls are stupid anyway
No. 25591
[ ] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
No. 25593
[ ] Ask the blonde girl what’s going on.

Alice points
No. 25594
[ ] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
No. 25595
[ ] Look around the room.

I'm sure they'll tell the complete stranger who was invited what's going on before he bolts out the room in utter despair.
No. 25596
[ ] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.

This time I won't miss
No. 25597

I lol'd.

[ ] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
No. 25598
[x] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
No. 25599
[x] Take it easy

No. 25600
[x] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
No. 25601
[ ] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
No. 25603
[x] Take it easy
No. 25604
[X] Ask in general what's going on.

Who's Medicine, anyway? She's like the only character I haven't read about.
No. 25605

Go look on the damn wiki.
No. 25606
[x] take it easy.
No. 25607
[X] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.

Does this mean Medicine is like our Chachamaru in this story?
No. 25608
Self-aware independently acting poison doll
No. 25610
[x] take it easy.
No. 25611
[x] take it easy.
No. 25612
Hey, sweet. The first serious indication that Gensokyo Academy World is has supernatural stuffs in it.
No. 25613
[x] Ask Patchouli what’s going on.
No. 25614
[x] take it easy

Come on guys, let's walk to the head, pick it up to our laps, give it a hug and say
"take it easy"
No. 25615
[X] Look around the room.
No. 25616
[ ] Take it easy.

You should be able to solve this.
No. 25618
>>[ ] Take it easy.

I don't get it.
No. 25619
[C] "Uh...what was I doing?"
No. 25620

Do it slowly.
No. 25621
[X] Take it easy
This just calls for it.
No. 25622
File 120923907043.jpg - (218.31KB , 350x3907 , 1208932477955.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25623
[X] Take it easy

Too perfect.
No. 25625
Hey, if someone retracts their patchouli vote, then Take it easy wins
No. 25627
[x] Look around the room.
No. 25628

In light of this, I change my vote to
[X] Take it easy.
No. 25629
[x] Take it easy
No. 25630
too late, unfortunately.
Patchouli looks up at you with a confused look. “ Eh? You don’t know? But you’re the one who. . .”
Medicine’s body starts flailing at this point, causing Patchouli to jerk back to holding it again. She turns to talk to the blond girl, and the two of them get the body onto the table in the center of the room and strap it down. It struggles a bit before giving up. The girls sigh. Medicine’s head starts hopping angrily on the table.
“Fix it already! Fix it already!”
The blonde girl looks quite annoyed at Medicine. “We’re TRYING sister, so shush. He’s here” the girl jerks her hand in your direction, “So it should go quite a bit faster than us doing it on our own.”
Patchouli looks over to you and is greeted by the blank stare on your face. A look of dawning comprehension comes across her face. “Alice, I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as all that.”
Alice turns to Patchouli. “What do you mean? He’s the one who’s fixed the problems before, so why wouldn’t he. . .” Patchy takes Alice’s head and turns it towards you, and is greeted by the same blank stare.
“Yes. This could prove quite problematic. Even *I* am unsure of what he did to fix her body last time.” Patchouli sighs and shakes her head.
“W-w-w-w-wait,” Alice looks back and forth between you and Patchouli, “If he can’t do it. . . And you can’t do it . . . Who’s. . . Who’s gonna fix Medicine’s body?! Mom’ll have a FIT if I bring her home like this!” Alice hangs her head, her shoulders dropped in despair, she moans slightly. “Ohhhhhhhhh. . . this can’t possibly be. . . Wait a minute. What happened to you?” Alice suddenly is looking in your direction, a very confused look on her face.
“I would like to know as well.” Patchouli looks over at you again as well.

[ ] Explain.
[ ] Make up a story.
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Kidnap Medicine’s head.
No. 25631
[x] Kidnap Medicine’s head.

Damn you, this is the last chance to take it easy. Take the head and run to safety.
No. 25632
[X] Explain.
No. 25633
[x] Kidnap Medicine’s head.
No. 25634

[X] Explain
No. 25635

[C] Kidnap Medicine’s head.
No. 25636
[ ] Explain.

no reason not to. as tempting as head-only oral sex would be.
No. 25637
[x] Explain.
No. 25638
[X] Take it easy.
This time it will work.
No. 25639
[x] Explain.
No. 25640
[ ] Explain.

These people might be able to help.

No take it easy, damnit!
No. 25641
[x] Explain.
No. 25642
[x] Explain.
No. 25643
[ ] Explain.

I am, however, tempted by [ ] Kidnap Medicine’s head.
No. 25644
[ ] Explain.
No. 25645
[ ] Explain.
No. 25646
[x] Kidnap Medicine’s head.

This seems like a good idea
No. 25647
[X] Take it, easy
No. 25648
[X] Kidnap Medicine’s head.
I want some action.
No. 25649
[x]Explain, then ask if you could take Medicine's head home to figure out how to fix it.
No. 25650
Taking it easy slowly is preferred here.
No. 25651
[x] Kidnap Medicine’s head.
To the toilets, blowjob time
No. 25652
[x] Explain.
No. 25653
[ ] Explain.
No. 25654
[x] Explain.
No. 25655
This reminds me of Da Capo... didn't he need to give the robot girl hot dickings or something, in order to restart her?
No. 25656
[ ] Kidnap Medicine’s head.

No. 25657
[x] Explain.
No. 25658
[x] Explain.
No. 25659
[x]Explain, then ask if you could take Medicine's head home to figure out how to fix it.
No. 25660
>Mom’ll have a FIT if I bring her home like this!

Yay, she's still alive!
No. 25663
For now. Don't forget that Reimu's here.
No. 25665
You sit down on a nearby chair, and motion for the other two to sit as well. Medicine’s head hops over to listen. You start explaining the whole situation. Several minutes later, the girls sit there in silence. Patchouli’s looking down at her lap, Alice is staring at you , mouth gaping open, and Medicine looks thoroughly confused.
“Tha-That’s horrible!” Alice finally exclaims. “So you don’t remember anything?”
You nod.
“This is. . . Most unfortunate.” Patchouli still hasn’t looked up, “Are you certain you remember nothing?”
You nod again. Patchouli sighs.
“Well. I will have to see what I can do for Medicine’s body on my own. Alice, if you could?” The two girls stand up and go back to the table with Medicine’s body strapped to it. The body starts pulling at the bonds again, like it’s trying to get away from the two of them.

[ ] Offer to try and help fix the body.
[ ] Look around the room
[ ] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25667
[X] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25668
[x] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25669
[x] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25670
...that could be a pretty sweet "aw, shit" moment, if timed correctly. Just as we start down the road to victory in MiG, Gensokyo Academy starts spiralling into a bizarre hell scenario. "School Days" indeed.
No. 25671
[x] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25672
[ ] Look around the room

Kira doesn't expect us to pick this option.
No. 25673
[X] Offer to try and help fix the body.
No. 25674
[ ] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25675
[ ] Offer to try and help fix the body.

"Now let me take this body home with me and I'll...fix it."

No. 25676
[X] Offer to try and help fix the body.
No. 25677
[ ] Look around the room

Occult textbooks and dark magic, they call out to you, Anon! You must find them!
No. 25678
[x] Look around the room

Only because it showed up earlier. Might as well choose it now.
No. 25679
[x] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25680
[x] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25681
[ ] Offer to try and help fix the body.
No. 25682
So, while talking to Medicine's head, can we tell it to take it easy?
No. 25683
[ ] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25684
And that she's already killed one mother. ;_;

[X] Talk to Medicine’s head.
No. 25685
[X] Bang Medicine’s head in front of Patchy and Alice.

It's like teabagging a bear cub in front of it's mother. The sheer audacity of the act will save us.
No. 25686
ohoh? are you so certain of that? Things may not alwasy be as they appear.
You look down at the head that’s hoping around on the table in front of you. She seems quite mad at Alice and Patchouli.
“Don’t break it! Don’t break it! I need that!” She now seems on the verge of tears. You gently pick up her head, and pet her hair, quietly telling her to take it easy. You wonder, absentmindedly, how she can even still talk, despite being a severed head at the moment. She just sort of sits there, watching the two tinker with her body. Exclaiming every so often when the arms jerk. You ask her if she can still feel her body.
“Yes, and when they do a couple of things it hurts.”
Something dawns on you at that point. They’re treating the head and the body as separate parts, maybe they need to deal with both at the same time to get it working, or at least be consulting with Medicine.
Patchouli looks exceedingly frustrated, and Alice looks defeated.

[ ] Pipe up.
[ ] Keep quiet.
[ ] Run away with Medicine's head.
No. 25687
[ ] Pipe up.
No. 25688
[x] Pipe up.
No. 25689
[ ] Pipe up.
No. 25690
[x] Run away with Medicine's head.

Don't pussy out now faggots
No. 25691
[X] Pipe up.
No. 25692
[X] Pipe up.

Crap, we just might be geniuses...
No. 25693
[ ] Keep quiet.
"Oh hey, I figured how to fix her, but I'm not telling."
[X] Pipe up.
No. 25694
[x] Pipe up.
No. 25695
File 120924230410.png - (9.55KB , 377x349 , 1206294166906.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Pipe up.
No. 25696
[X] Pipe up.
No. 25697
[ ] Run away with Medicine's head.

DO IT FAGGOTS, NO BALLS. Don't be a pussy, anon!
No. 25698
[x] Pipe up.
No. 25699
[X] Keep quiet.
[X] Run away with Medicine's head.

In that order.
No. 25701
[X] Run away with Medicine's head
No. 25702
Jesus Christ, anon. WHERE ARE YOUR TESTICLES?!
No. 25703
[x] Run away with Medicine's head.
No. 25704

There's no point in choosing options that will make our position worse off.
No. 25705
[C] Elope with Medicine's head.
No. 25706
There are balls and then there are plain retarded ideas. You want head action, go for the medicine route.

[ ] Pipe up.
No. 25707

No. 25708
In my pants, where I'm using them to think.

No. 25709

Enjoy getting nice boat'd. The point of this story isn't to do the most retarded thing possible.
No. 25710
Standing up, still carrying medicine’s head, you walk over to Patchy and Alice. You explain to them the thought you had while watching them work and talking to Medicine. The three of you start poking and prodding at the body, listening and discussing things with medicine the whole time. In short order, Medicine has her head re-attached, and her body seems to be working just fine again.
“Wonderful. Nothing less to be expected from Mima’s son. Even with out your memory, your skills still serve you.” Patchouli smiles at you brightly. “Though, I’m quite certain that we’d be able to do more than just a patch job if you had full access to your facilities. If your memory does not return soon, I would, quite honestly, suggest that you go see a doctor. At the very least, you should go talk to Marisa. I’m sure she would be able to help you, somewhat.”
You apparently have a sour look on your face because Patchouli interjects, “I know that you don’t like her, but she WAS Mima’s star pupil, and is, for all intents and purposes, the best person you could talk to for matters like this.”
You shake your head, but tell Patchouli that you’ll do so. She seems satisfied by this.
“Good. Then this club meeting is dismissed. Don’t forget. Tomorrow we’re going to that new store that opened up on the edge of town. We’ll meet at my house at 10 am. sharp. Please do not be late.”
The four of you say your goodbyes and go your separate directions. Walking across the bridge, you see that it’s not that late in the day. You could probably go somewhere else before heading home if you felt like it.

[ ] Somewhere on the School grounds.
[ ] Go look for Mokou.
[ ] Go to the Middle School gates and see if any of your sisters are leaving now.
[ ] Go down town and wander around for a bit.
No. 25711
File 120924298076.png - (20.25KB , 520x520 , 1208801295004.png ) [iqdb]
Come on guys, let's go CRAAAAAZYYYY
No. 25712
[x] Go to the Middle School gates and see if any of your sisters are leaving now.
No. 25713
[X] Go down town and wander around for a bit.
No. 25714
File 120924306074.png - (130.21KB , 468x292 , picture-1.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Go down town and wander around for a bit.
No. 25715
[ ] Go look for Mokou.

I wonder what Patchy wears on week ends?
No. 25716
[ ] Go look for Mokou.

Mokou is luv.
No. 25717
[ ] Go to the Middle School gates and see if any of your sisters are leaving no
No. 25718
[X] Somewhere on the School grounds.
Maybe something will happen?!
No. 25719
[X] Go look for Mokou.
No. 25720
[x] Go to the Middle School gates and see if any of your sisters are leaving now.

loli pickup time
No. 25721
[C] Go look for Mokou.
No. 25722
[X] Go look for Mokou.

There has been a serious lack of tsundere today.

Also, I bet Patchy didn't give us directions to her place.
No. 25723
[x] Go down town and wander around for a bit.
No. 25724
[ ] Go down town and wander around for a bit.
No. 25726
[ ] Go to the Middle School gates and see if any of your sisters are leaving now.
No. 25727
File 120924331327.jpg - (79.11KB , 600x750 , rec.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go down town and wander around for a bit.

Random encounter time
No. 25728
[x] Go look for Mokou.
No. 25729
[ ] Go look for Mokou.

Damnit, anon.
No. 25730
[x] Go look for Mokou.
No. 25731
*rolls a 4-sided die*

[X] Go down town and wander around for a bit.
No. 25732
[x] Go look for Mokou
No. 25733
[x] Go look for Mokou.

I kind of feel guilty about stabbing her to death in an alternate universe. We should make it up to her somehow.
No. 25734
[X] Go down town and wander around for a bit.
No. 25735
And leaving her for dead in yet another alternate universe.
No. 25736
[x] Go look for Mokou.
No. 25737
Alright, guys, reply's half written, but I'm taking a short break to run and get lunch. Be back in 15~20
No. 25738
[x] Go look for Mokou.
No. 25739
Ah well, I'll go play something in the meanwhile then.
No. 25744
Mokou. Goddamn it. You just remembered that she skipped out on school and left you alone. Well. You’re not gonna stand for that are you? Dashing out the gate, you head down the street in the direction she headed off in. You have no idea where to start looking for her, so you just start checking every place you can find off in the direction she wandered off in. You search for some time, but you fail to find her. Eventually wandering into a park you slump down onto a bench. It seems that she’s not going to be found right now. There are very few other people in this park, given that it’s heading on into evening. The sun is setting, casting the sky in a wonderful sunset, but you still haven’t found Mokou anywhere. You shrug. If she was going to be found, you suppose she would. Behind you somewhere you hear the bushes rustle and a noise that sounds vaguely like a moan.

[ ] Investigate sound.
[ ] Ignore sound.
No. 25745
[ ] Investigate sound.
No. 25746
[X] Investigate sound.
No. 25747
[x] Investigate sound.
No. 25748
[ ] Investigate sound.

Couple having secks or someone got hurt?
No. 25749
[x] Investigate sound.
No. 25750
[X] Investigate sound.

Does school days Anon have a stalker?
No. 25751
[x] Investigate sound.
No. 25752
[ ] Investigate sound.

It's a trap! I walk into it.
No. 25753
[ ] Ignore sound.

No. 25754
[x] Need it be said?
No. 25755

No. 25756
[ ] Investigate sound.
No. 25757
[ ] Investigate sound.
No. 25758
[ ] Investigate sound.
No. 25759
[X] Investigate sound.
No. 25760
[x] Investigate sound.

No. 25761
[X] Investigate sound.
delicious MokouxRinnosuke
No. 25762
[X] Ignore sound.
your fake moaning cannot trick me
No. 25763
[X] Investigate sound.

Must investigate.
No. 25764
[C] Throw a stone at the bush making noise.
No. 25765

But I thought Rinnouske, our father, was a faithful man?
No. 25766
No. 25767
File 120924701914.jpg - (16.79KB , 704x396 , 1209237010341.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25768
File 120924708717.png - (72.26KB , 320x240 , snapshot20080426225610.png ) [iqdb]
No. 25769
Say, kira, does the moan go "Ayayayayayaya" by any chance?
No. 25770
File 120924764647.jpg - (121.15KB , 650x923 , 1203193599742.jpg ) [iqdb]
Always investigate a moan, H-scene potential or not.

Last time we investigated a moan, we found Eirin! That reminds me; I'd like to visit the nurse's office some time.
No. 25771
>delicious MokouxRinnosuke

If that happens I'm going to...I don't know anymore.

No. 25772
File 12092478301.png - (14.31KB , 400x400 , 1206241756571.png ) [iqdb]

HELLO NURSE. maybe she lieks the S&M too
No. 25773
We will be Ahab to Rinnosuke's Moby Dick. None shall stand in the way of our vengeance.
No. 25774

So, we have to kill him for our deceased mother's sake and preserve the honor of our current family?
No. 25775
Why did I read Mody Dick as Mighty Dick?
No. 25776
No. 25777
File 12092480795.jpg - (8.75KB , 200x276 , 1209147226068.jpg ) [iqdb]
I might have an idea.
No. 25778
No. 25779
If anyone DARES touch my Mokou he will be sent home by mail. In match boxes. A LOT of them.
No. 25780
File 12092483822.png - (187.15KB , 641x2614 , 1207207126697.png ) [iqdb]
No. 25781
I lol'd, despite the fact that this is probably the hundredth time I've seen it.
No. 25782
File 120924883071.png - (790.44KB , 850x631 , editedshit.png ) [iqdb]
Getting up from the bench, you push into the bushes slowly. You have no idea what to expect as you push through the bushes. Crawling along your hand comes across something softer than the grass. Picking it up you see that it’s a pair of panties. WAIT WHAT? You stare at the panties in your hand, and then directly ahead. The noises are closer, but. . .
Throwing caution to the wind you creep ever closer to the source of the sounds.
“No. . . Stop~” You’re close enough to hear voices talking, not that you can identify who’s crying out like that. Moving even closer you come across a. . . School uniform top? It looks like it was ripped off of whoever was wearing it. You move forward faster, thinking someone might actually be in trouble. Shortly thereafter, you come to the edge of a small clearing in the woods. There’s a man there, He has a girl pinned down under him. She’s calling out for him to stop, but he’s still going at it. The girl seems to be struggling, from what you can see, but you can’t see who it might be. You’re directly behind the guy. You might be able to sneak out and take care of him with out him noticing. Or you might have if you hadn’t just put your weight onto that stick that broke. The man stops.
“Who’s there?” He calls out. With him leaning back , you can see who he has pinned to the ground. It’s Reimu. Her hands are also tied above her head, and it looks like she’s crying or has been crying, you’re not really paying too much attention to that. The rather large man who’s apparently raping her is more your concern at the moment.

[ ] Stay put, and pray that he ignores you.
[ ] Charge the fucker.
[ ] Escape from the scene.
[ ] Pretend to be a vengeful spirit.
No. 25784
[X] Charge the fucker.

I know she is a bitch, but let's help her. SMASH HIS HEAD
No. 25785

[ ] Charge the fucker.

I sense bad end or something but whatever.
No. 25786
[x] Charge the fucker.

No. 25787
[x] Charge the fucker.
No. 25788
[x] Charge the fucker.



No. 25789
[ ] Charge the fucker.
No. 25790
[x] Charge the fucker.

Oh fuck no nigger. Hateful Bitch or not, she doesn't deserve this.
No. 25791
[x] Pretend to be a vengeful spirit.
No. 25792
[X] Charge the fucker.

I don't care what she's done to us, that shit is not kosher.

Break that guy in half.
No. 25794
No. 25795
[x] Charge the fucker.

No. 25796
[x] Charge the fucker.
No. 25797
[ ] Charge the fucker.
[ ] _________ be a vengeful spirit.

Yesss...your eyes shall be mine. I shall tear them from your sockets, then snap your limbs as you flail in agony upon the ground.
No. 25799
[X] Charge the fucker.

Time to finally get Reimu on our good side.
Unless they were roleplaying or something. Then there's no light for us.
No. 25800
File 120924919474.gif - (405.62KB , 254x175 , 1180115881156.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Charge the fucker.
No. 25801
"You asshole, he was my boyfriend."
[X] Charge the fucker.
No. 25802
[X] Charge the fucker.
Kira, make this a good one. don't let anon be overpowered, and let us punch that bastard with our motherfucking FALCON PUNCH.
Even if she's a bitch, rape is too much even for her.
No. 25803
[ ] Charge the fucker.
No. 25804
how might this end? we manage to drive the guy away, but are seen with tied up reimu by mokou or the 9 squad or aya
No. 25805
[X] Charge the fucker.

Not cool. NOT. COOL.
No. 25806
[x] Charge the fucker.
Anon is predictable.
No. 25807
[x] Charge the fucker.
No. 25808
>"You asshole, he was my boyfriend."

Unlikely, given the whole tied up thing. People who are into that stuff tend to do it in private, not the park.
No. 25809
[x] Charge the fucker.
[x] Pretend to be a vengeful spirit.

Quickly, Anon! Switch to your psychotic alter ego!

"Oh, hi, Reimu! When did you get here?

"Huh. Actually, where am I?

"Ahhhh! Hey, I'm convered in...red stuff. Whoa, this smells. Did a paint bucket fall on me or something?"
No. 25810
...oddly fitting.

[X] Charge the fucker

No. 25811
[x] Charge the fucker.


No. 25812
[ ] Charge the fucker.

I know how this ends...... Yes Kira, I've read the relevant doujin.

She asked him to do this because it's her fetish isn't it? She is simulating rape because she gets off on it. She's going to be royally pissed when we interrupt.

And yet, even I cannot take that chance. A man must aid a lady in need, this is how a true man lives!
No. 25813
File 120924955665.jpg - (249.52KB , 732x780 , SUDDENLY FALCON.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25814
[X] Escape from the scene.
He's just saying hello to her
it's japan after all ... somehow
No. 25815
File 120924961388.jpg - (142.02KB , 458x457 , Reimu1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25818
Exhibitionist AND simulated rape fetishes. Reimu is a psycho, after all.

(...I'm not sure whether Reimu would be better off, or worse off, if my first statement is true.)
No. 25819
No. 25821
>She is simulating rape because she gets off on it. She's going to be royally pissed when we interrupt.

That seems too obvious. And even if that is the case we can laugh it off because it's Reimu and shes a bitch.
No. 25822
You feel around nearby, your hand comes across a rather large stick. Pulling it up you see that the man’s pulled out of Reimu. He seems to be going for his pants. This is your chance. Before he manages to get his pants up, you come charging out of the bushes stick raised high. He looks up in shock as the branch comes down on h is skull. CRUNCH. You pull up and swing around to the side and connect with the side of his head. CRACK. His body falls limply to the ground. You throw the stick to one side and turn to Reimu. Her hands are still bound and it looks like she’s trying to crawl away. You rush over to her and ask her if she’s alright. She swings back wildly with her hands, and almost connects with your chin. You manage to barely pull back at the last second. She’s babbling incoherently at this point, so you don’t think you’re gonna be able to talk reason to her. Taking off your jacket you drape it over her. This seems to bring her somewhat back to her senses. You root around in your pocket for a moment and find that you have a small knife. You wonder when you picked it up, but you realize you haven’t checked your pockets in quite some time. You cut the ropes from her hands. Reimu sits there dumbly through all of this, your jacket draped around her shoulders. You ask her again if she’s ok, offering her what little of her clothing you managed to find, just the top and the panties. Her skirt is nowhere to be found. She quickly pulls on her panties and what’s left of her school shirt. You help her up, but she really can’t stand. You tell her that you’re going to pick her up now, and she just nods dumbly. Carefully picking her up, you carry her out of the bushes, leaving the rapist to die in the middle of the woods. Really, you could care less what happens to the guy. Emerging from the brush, you find yourself back by the bench you were at. Nearby there’s a policeman, apparently on patrol. Reimu seems to be in no shape to go anywhere on her own. Her eyes are completely unfocused and she’s clinging tightly to your shirt with one hand.

[ ] Flag down the policeman.
[ ] Take Reimu to her home.
[ ] Take Reimu to your home.
No. 25824
Or finish the job. Make it real rape this time, she'd love that.
No. 25826

[x] Flag down the police.
No. 25827
[ ] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25828
[x] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25829
[x] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25830
[X] Take Reimu to your home.
You gonna get taken home.
Also, avoid the cop if at all possible.
Fucking pigs.
No. 25831
[x] Take Reimu to your home.

You gonna get taken home.
No. 25832
[ ] Flag down the policeman.

Aww I wanted to murder the rapist.

I still have more anatomy lessons for anonymous.
No. 25833
[ ] Flag down the policeman.

Oh god Reimu.
No. 25834

Technically we did. If caught we'd probably get done in for not getting the fucker medical attention.
No. 25835
[x] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25836
[X] Flag down the policeman.

Don't want the cops at our door charging us for murder when we wake up tomorrow.
No. 25837
[x] Take Reimu to your home.

No. 25838
[x] Take Reimu to your home.

Surprised this hasn't picked up more.
No. 25840
[x] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25841
[X] Flag down the policeman.
[x] Take Reimu to your home
We can flag the policeman, but right now we can't let go of Reimu. she's not in a condition for investigation.
No. 25842
[x] Take Reimu to your home.

No. 25843
[X] Flag down the policeman.

Responsible course of action. Get the guy in trouble for rape, avoid getting charged with murder if he's still alive. Reimu's probably better off with some police care, too.
No. 25844
File 12092504029.png - (127.76KB , 610x494 , 120836377053.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Take Reimu to your home.
No. 25845
[X] Take Reimu to your home.

I have no beef with law enforcement, but I think all the questions would just compound on her. Plus, I don't think we actually know where *she* lives.
No. 25846
[x] Take Reimu to your home.

Fuck no am I going to go to some policeman.
No. 25847
Goddammit, what happened to my slice of life?!

[X] Take Reimu to her home
Sister squad doesn't need to see this.

>You root around in your pocket for a moment and find that you have a small knife.
Jesus Christ, we're Shiki!

>but you realize you haven’t checked your pockets in quite some time.
No. 25848
[x] Take Reimu to your home.
Doubt we even know where her house is, and I don't trust cops. Plus we did just beat the hell out of some guy and she might want this kept quiet.
No. 25849
[X] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25850
I just hope these aren't Japanese police. Congrats anon, you just landed yourself in JAIL.
No. 25851

Oh shit, good point.

[X] Inventory check.
No. 25852
[x] Take Reimu to your home.
1.) We don't KNOW where Reimu is and judging by how she reacted to us, I dont think she'd take to it kindly if we KNEW where she lived somehow.

2.) fuk da poleez Reimu just got raped. She needs tender loving, or a break from it all. I'm leaning towards a break from it. Rapid fire questions would do nothing but aggravate her.

No. 25853
...God damnit Kira. I so want to take her home. Tsundere GET! But the police option is the best way for us to avoid trouble.

I'm still surprised we actually found and saved her from being raped. I like this dramatic turn of events.
No. 25854
Not really the time
No. 25855
[x] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25856
WE need to overpower lol police option votes with hometaking votes quickly
No. 25857
[x] Take Reimu to your home.
No. 25858
[x] Take Reimu to your home.
No. 25859
Police option already won.
No. 25860
[x] Inventory
No. 25861
[x] Take Reimu to your home.

Oh ho, why not help.
No. 25862
[x] Take Reimu to your home.
Let us be there for her
No. 25863

Fuck that. We may be given a second chance to choose between the two.

[x] Take Reimu to your home.
No. 25864
Japan doesn't have self-defense laws does it? We're fucked.
No. 25865

[x] Take Reimu to your home.

This action should explain why there is TEH BAD BLOOD between the hero and Reimu.
No. 25866
[x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home. [x] Take Reimu to your home.

No. 25868

Inventory check pauses the game, remember?
No. 25870
Supposedly no (self-)defense laws? ...here's for hoping they're not quite so blatantly backwards in their favoring of criminals vs victims.

[X] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25872
>here's for hoping they're not quite so blatantly backwards in their favoring of criminals vs victims.
They are, but we're in Kira's Japan now.
No. 25873
In MiG, it does. Don't recall that we've tested that rule in GA yet.

[X] Check inventory.

Eh, what the hell, though.
No. 25874
I guess if we're luckey it'll be a cop that understands the system is bullshit and sweeps this under the rug. Otherwise this just became Law and Order: Gensokyo Unit
No. 25875
"That kid beat me up while I raped that girl."
"Can you prove it was him?"
"I saw him do it!"
"Do you have any other witnesses?"
"The girl."
"Miss, did you see what happened?"
"No I was clearly too distraught."
"Sir, calm down or I'll hold you in contempt. Young man, did you assault the plaintiff?"
"Not Guilty due to lack of evidence!"
No. 25876
[x] Take Reimu to your home.
No. 25877
File 120925148362.jpg - (212.39KB , 700x551 , 1203746212329.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25879
haha awesome
No. 25881
[x] Take Reimu to your home.

do it faggots
No. 25882

No. 25883
Well, technically, the rapists testimony would be admissible into evidence, as would ours, to establish assault. The jury would weigh our testimonies and deliver a verdict.

A good attorney would raise an affirmative defense of justification, or try to prove extreme emotional disturbance (we were slightly insane due to the situation and didn't have a guilty mind at the time of the attack).

But that's the US court system. Who knows in Japan...
No. 25884
I guess you called
*puts on sunglasses*
Tasukette Eirin.

No. 25885
I made all those policeman votes. All of them. I'd like to change them to:

[x] Take Reimu to your home.

No. 25886
[X] Flag down the policeman.

Anon plays by the book.
No. 25887
File 12092521096.jpg - (201.90KB , 1000x1084 , 1206244172495.jpg ) [iqdb]

>>Rape, its like saying Hello in Japan!


...Tasukette just ruins it.

can call me
Eirin Yagokoro

No. 25888
In Japan you get convicted. That's how shit works in Japan.
No. 25889

just kidding lol.
No. 25890
So did I, but harder.
No. 25891
Wouldn't taking Reimu to our house be a bad idea? Didn't we have some sort of bad history between her and our family? I know this is an extreme circumstance, and because of that, going to our house would still be kind of a dumb idea.
No. 25892
Man, what threads have YOU been reading?
No. 25893
disregard that, I suck cocks while changing all my votes to [x] Take Reimu to your home
No. 25894
Why does kira have to disappear at such a moment?
No. 25895
>Didn't we have some sort of bad history between her and our family?
You mean Anon's retarded speculation that she killed our mom? Because she fucking didn't.
No. 25896
In Japan the police generally just force people into a confession. They're more concerned with finding SOMEONE to blame than finding the person who actually committed the crime. There have been cases where they've accidentally made separate people confess to the same crime.
No. 25897
It would seem that his only defense...
...is our good offense.

No. 25898
No see I'm saying they cried for help and Eirin's on the case
I've never seen him say "I guess you can call me
Horatio Caine.."
No. 25899
That would work, but you have to get EVERYONE who knows that you saved Reimu to shut up. And that's tough if you're carrying her all the way home.

Heck, if the guy dies and Anon is noticed carrying Reimu, and then police check you for an alibi and find Reimu's clothes around the area where the guy died.... Well...better hope that Anon and Reimu can lie convincingly.
"Yeah, some other guy must've busted the rapist on the head. I found Reimu stumbling around half-naked, and decided to let her stay at my family's place since she was incoherent at the time."
Good luck!
No. 25900
The book is titled "Being an Idiot". It is a self-help guide, from the successful line of "For Dummies" books.
No. 25901
File 120925243550.gif - (168.02KB , 256x144 , 1209079539968.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 25902
That's my favorite book!
No. 25903
File 120925258581.jpg - (138.01KB , 1024x768 , 1209244206514.jpg ) [iqdb]

Cry some more!
No. 25904
...you held that in for 298 posts. That's some patience you've got there.
No. 25905
[x] Flag down the policeman.
No. 25907
I guess our life...
...is an open book.

No. 25908
In Japan, you would be arrested for bludgeoning the man, and the police would pressure you into signing a confession that you both raped the girl and assaulted that man. Only when you have a court date, you have a chance to prove your innocence.
No. 25909

No, but in Shiki's case the body regenerated and walked away before it was found.
No. 25910
[x] Take Reimu to your home.
No. 25911
File 120925298558.jpg - (79.90KB , 600x872 , Yotsubato!02_27.jpg ) [iqdb]
We aren't in Japan. Kira agreed, don't bother him about it.
No. 25912
You call out to the police man. He looks at you suspiciously carrying a girl who seems to only be wearing a jacket, but when you explain the situation he quickly calls for backup before wading into the woods. You lay Reimu down on the bench and go to move away when she grabs your shirt again and just holds onto it. You stay there next to her. A short while later, several more policemen arrive, and you point them into the woods, one stays there and starts asking you some questions. You quickly tell him everything you saw. The man looks a little queasy, but listens to the whole story. The man nods and tells you that there’s paramedics on the way. Reimu still seems to be out of it. She hasn’t said a single word through all of this, and she’s just clinging to your shirt.
The paramedics show up a short time later a few go into the woods and a couple come over to you and Reimu. They begin to check her out, but Reimu freaks out again, this time clinging tightly to you. You tell her that it’s ok, that it’s just the paramedics, but she doesn’t seem to be listening. After a little while she calms down, and the paramedics try to examine her again. They tell you that she seems to be fine, and doesn’t seem to have any serious physical injuries, besides the minor ones from the assault. They tell you that she needs to be brought in for observation. A small crowd has gathered by this point, wondering what’s going on with all the people. The paramedics and police that had gone into the woods now emerge with a body on a stretcher. The police go quickly and try to disperse the crowd while the paramedics who came out of the woods carry the injured man off to, what you presume anyways, a nearby ambulance. The two paramedics help Reimu to her feet and start leading her to the other ambulance, but she freaks out as soon as she’s pulled away from you. You end up riding along in the ambulance.
After several examinations, of which you’re all but forced to be present for, being that you seem to be the only thing that keeps her from freaking out when others touch her, she’s admitted for the night for observation. They contact her family. You end up staying with Reimu until she falls asleep. Shortly after she finally falls asleep, a woman comes in. She seems to be the spitting image of Reimu, only older. Marisa is there with her as well.
“We came as soon as we heard, Da~ze.”
The woman who looks just like Reimu remains silent and walks over to the bed, and gently brushes Reimu’s hair back out of her face. She then turns to you.
“Thank you, young man. I know what my daughter did to you before was horrible. Its nice to see that you don’t hold a grudge against someone in need. I only wish my daughter could do the same.” The woman sighs.
“Don’t be like that Reimu. You know how she is.” Marisa waves her hand at the Reimu in the bed.
You seem slightly confused, but apparently both mother and daughter are named Reimu. Bizarre.
“We should be going though. It’s getting late, Da~ze.”
The elder Reimu nods. “We’ll have to catch up again some time. It’s been far too long. Hopefully the next time we meet will be under less auspicious circumstances.”
Marisa nods back and leads you from the room. The ride home passes in relative silence. Marisa occasionally attempting to make conversation with you, but giving up after a while. When you arrive home, you go straight up to your room, ignoring the calls from your sisters and your father. You collapse into bed. What a way to end up spending a day. You throw your uniform on the floor, not even bothering to hang it up. Sleep comes quickly.
----The next morning---

You wake up to a cloudy sky. It seems that someone came in while you were asleep and hung up your shirt and the pants of your uniform. Reimu must still have your jacket. You never did bother to retrieve it from her. You sigh. Looking at the clock it’s 8 am. Thankfully it’s Sunday, and you don’t have anywhere to go. Or do you?

[ ] Stay in bed.
[ ] Go take a bath.
[ ] Do something in your room.
[ ] Go down and get breakfast.
No. 25913
[X] Go take a bath.
No. 25914
[ ] Go take a bath.
No. 25915
[X] Go down and get breakfast.

Patchu Patchu tiem~
No. 25916
>You seem slightly confused, but apparently both mother and daughter are named Reimu. Bizarre.


No. 25917
[x] Go down and get breakfast.
Pancakes. Breakfast of champions.
No. 25918
[ ] Go down and get breakfast.

Food is good, and we don't take baths unless we have that nightmare.
No. 25919
[X] Do something in your room.
[X] Masturbate
No. 25920
[X] Go down and get breakfast.

Saving the day works up an appetite.
No. 25921
[x] Go take a bath.
No. 25922
[ ] Go take a bath.
Oh we must walk in on someone of the girls, hopefully one of your little sisters having a shower
No. 25923
[x] Go down and get breakfast.
No. 25924
[x] Go down and get breakfast.
No. 25925
>----The next morning---
>Thankfully it’s Sunday,
School on a saturday. Nope. We're in Japan.
No. 25926
[ ] Go take a bath.

Why is it sunday all of a sudden? Why were we at school on a Saturday? Also, I reckon when we next see Mouku we should punish her by blanking her.
No. 25927
[ ] Go take a bath.
You know, dispite the seriousness of the topic, I'm surprised no one has made a Reimu/Rapu comment.
No. 25928
[x] Go take a bath.
No. 25929
[ ] Do something in your room.
A wild Mokou appears?
No. 25930
File 120925331795.jpg - (269.11KB , 700x700 , a4ae8d0e506dec59e4ceb2065fba43f4.jpg ) [iqdb]
You best be making this up.

Methinks it's time to look into the Japanese criminal justice system.
No. 25931

Aren't jap school days all weekdays and Saturday morning?
No. 25932
[x] Go down and get breakfast.
No. 25933
[ ] Do something in your room.

Roleplay as the rapist
No. 25934
[X] Inventory check

LONG overdue. This includes uniform pocket contents.
No. 25935

Mother and daughter sharing the same name is a much more common place occurrence than you think.
No. 25936
[X] Go down and get breakfast.

Either that or a bath. We'd best be prepared to go out with Patch.
No. 25937
[x] Go take a bath.
Bath is a good day to collect our thoughts and get inspired for the day.
No. 25938
Curiosity still lingers about Mokou’s warning and why your sisters feel awkward when talking about Reimu.

“Mokou, seriously what happened? I’d really like to know.” However her face sours at your request. “Ok, but it still pisses me off some I’m not exactly an unbiased source, k?”
And so she explained.

“About a year ago you found Reimu being raped by some guy. Don’t give me that look I’m serious! She may be the class president but she’s got a mean streak and a habit of hanging out with the wrong people. Also she’s a bit of a whore, but that’s just my opinion. Anyways you found her being raped and knocked the guy out. She was still in shock when you brought the police over and they took care of everything.”

“But Mokou….that doesn’t seem bad at all. I mean hell I saved the day.”

“You don’t get it. She lives a double life. She is supposed to be responsible and everything, but she still does all that stupid stuff. And then you brought the police into it. You did the right thing, but she hated you for it. I heard her parents didn’t take the news very well, which is why they threatened you not to say anything. They wouldn’t let this news ruin her campaign for class president.”

Something doesn’t seem right about all this. “So wait, I save her and she gets pissed at ME because her parents are controlling and she rebelled and messed up?”

Mokou gives a forced smile. “That’s pretty much it. If you ever did it again, I think she’d try to kill you. Hell if you see her in that situation again I’d say just leave her to get raped. Serves her right. But you are an idiot and would save her again. I just hope you’d take her to safe place afterwards instead of the police.”

Well fuck.
No. 25940
[x] Go down and get breakfast.
No. 25941
[X] Go down and get breakfast.
[X] Go visit Reimu at the hospital
Bitchy as she might be, we have to see through to this matter
No. 25942
wait, wait, wat
No. 25943


I had forgotten about that.

No. 25944

No. 25945

Old Reimu
New Reimu
No. 25946


This didn't actually happen, right?
No. 25947

No, I don't remember anything about it.
No. 25948

Mystia can be Reimu
No. 25949
File 120925374782.png - (479.65KB , 1060x1513 , b1r_057.png ) [iqdb]
>>She seems to be the spitting image of Reimu, only older.

No. 25950
I just made this up. Thought it would be a fun twist.
I hate that I took too long writing it; I wanted to slip it in before Kira's next post.

[X] Go down and get breakfast.
Patchu time.
No. 25951
[X] Go down and get breakfast.

>[x] Go take a bath.
Nightmare again?
No. 25952
Shit I was just looking around the fucking 9th page to find the thread that said that you bastard.
No. 25953
It would be a beautiful twist. Cruelly plays upon our loss of memory to totally screw us for doing what we considered a good deed. An entirely appropriate thing for a sadistic DM to throw at us.
No. 25954
File 12092540276.jpg - (299.13KB , 480x640 , 668008.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25955
[x] Go take a bath.
No. 25958
Well, then, I guess she's...
...a real moeblob.

No. 25961
File 120925491253.jpg - (95.85KB , 396x396 , 664090.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25962
They stopped doing that years ago.
No. 25963
<Jerl> Do we have any sharp objects on our person? We didn't eat our lunch with a spoon, did we?
<Jerl> Man, I'm being psychotic tonight.
<@Dark_Mercury> chopsticks~
<@Dark_Mercury> The disposable ones.
<@Dark_Mercury> made of shitty cheap ass balsa wood
<@Dark_Mercury> Break just by looking at them funny.
<Jerl> So wait, where on the globe are we?
<@Dark_Mercury> Um..
<Kapow> to the left
<@Dark_Mercury> Magic island.
<Kapow> where yotsuba is from
<Jerl> Heh.
<@Dark_Mercury> Yeah.
<@Dark_Mercury> what he said.
<@Dark_Mercury> Foriegncountryland.
No. 25964
Who is that?
No. 25965

No. 25966
Heh, sorry and thank you. I thought it would be a good twist. Reimu always struck me as a person in power who didn't want to be, and her smoking on the roof showed a bit of a rebellious streak. So I figured if we were to have a bad result from obviously doing the right thing, this would be a good one.

Man...now I really want to visit Reimu in the hospital. I'm a sucker for defeated tsunderes.
No. 25967
Take it easy! >>25961
No. 25968


I don't really like that idea. No offense, but it just doesn't seem very interesting to me. It seems more like a boring twist.
No. 25969
>I'm a sucker for defeated tsunderes.

That's because their tears are the sweetest. They are the drug that I live for.
No. 25970
File 120925618526.jpg - (489.22KB , 944x1445 , 1206679694160.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ x ] Do something in your room.

I would choose to visit Reimu....
But but Patchy, Alice and Medicine!
No. 25971

No. 25972
A drug that makes you dream, is that you?
No. 25973

Link to IRC? I've lost it.
No. 25975
No. 25976

No. Just a junkie that lives off the tears of defeated tsunderes.
No. 25977

No wonder I couldn't find it, I was looking on IRC highway.
No. 25992
Nope. Just a write-fag from the Touhou VN project. I had no part in that other thread.

AND I NEEDS MY FIX! *taps vein in elbow with hungry eyes*