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25270 No. 25270
For anyone who missed it, we just had WUIG thread 53 >>24537

It got pushed back 5 pages by all the bullshit. Also it says 52 but it's 53. >>22787 51 >>23118 52 >>24537 53

No. 25272
GM left us with a cliffhanger, right before we get to eat Mokous Liver.
No. 25298
So, _____ was waiting so long for a story they flipped out and _____ killed them with a knife.

Was that cathartic enough, GM? Can we start doing this seriously again?

[x] Picnic lunch with Meiling
No. 25301
...are you implying that Mokou personified Anon in her impatient RAGING for a story? Thus, Anon voted for WUiG Anon to kill the metaphor for Impatient Anon?

Mind Blown.
No. 25337
It all makes sense now.
No. 25338
File 120916115919.jpg - (497.83KB , 1400x1600 , 1207558546148.jpg ) [iqdb]

Urge to "VECTOR TRACE ON the scene with Shirou fight'n KING OF HEROES in casual clothes" rising.
No. 25346
I did what n-
Err, yeah that GM sure is a card, haha. She totally meant that.
Sometimes stabbing an immortal is just anon with schizophrenia stabbing an immortal to let things progress.
No. 25351
Hey! Get the fuck in the chat!
No. 25352
This is why you should never trust Anon. Ever. Shit will go to hell. Always.
No. 25353

AIM or Skype?
No. 25354
So I was away for a day...

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THESE BOARDS. Someone else link to here on /jp/ again?
No. 25355

No. 25356

/jp/ and /b/ twice, slowpoke.
No. 25357
No. 25358

I can't find the room FFFFFFF
No. 25359
No. 25360

I haven't used AIM in years, I have no idea how to get in.

sage myself
No. 25363

Oh, well, that clears it up.
No. 25364
post your sn, someone will invite you.

Unless you can't even figure out how to accept an invitation... then you're screwed
No. 25365

Terminal tan
No. 25367
Invite sent. Click Accept.
No. 25368
I didn't get it
No. 25369
What version of AIM are you using? That Trillian crap?
No. 25370
Fuck not Trillian, Triton.
Do they even still have that version? I don't see it on their site
No. 25371

6.5 or whatever the newest version is, I have Vistaids could that be the problem?
No. 25372
Vista shouldn't do it, but AIM 6.5 might, considering how I'm still running 5.1. I'll ask the guys in there to invite you.
No. 25374

No, I run on 6.5 and can accept invitations, so that shouldn't be the problem.
No. 25375

I don't even see the invite pop up.
No. 25376

Listen, since you apparently aren't getting the invitations, here's how to invite yourself to a chat.

Click on AIM, Chat, and then Buddy Chat. Enter your own screen name into the "Screen Names to Invite" box and enter "danmakudesu" into the "Chat Room" field.
No. 25377

Fuck AIM, I'll just make a new SN.
No. 25378

After doing that repeatedly it decides to randomly work one of the times.
No. 25393
On the subject of IM clients: Yesterday I got fed up with Trillian secretly disconnecting me from message rooms and put on AIM 5.9--only to have, within half an hour, AIM disconnect me from all rooms (I was using the maximum of 3) and thereafter prevent me from joining any room. This problem persisted even after relogging or switching back to Trillian, whether I invited myself or someone else did. Finally, I turned to IRC.

No informed user uses Triton.
No. 25401
>>GM left us with a cliffhanger, right before we get to eat Mokous Liver.

Why does everyone seem to assume that's what we're doing?
The option was:
>>[ ] Attempt to figure out how to get her liver
Attempting to figure out how to do something isn't really the same thing as actually doing it.
Besides, just because Anon picks an option with a certain objective in mind does not mean that's how the choice winds up working out. "You could call me Onii-chan" ring any bells, Mr. Dumbass?
No. 25402
True, I've been praying for a deus ex machina.
No. 25405
What happened to democratic voting in the WUIG threads?
No. 25407
It caused anon to die. Twice.
No. 25409
They took a break for the most recent thread.
Supposedly, the "first vote wins" method was supposed to be just for that one time.

Whether or not it will remain for the next thread remains to be seen.
No. 25420
File 120920109734.png - (88.40KB , 400x400 , 1204204532633.png ) [iqdb]
Hopefully we'll go back to 5 or 7 votes. That action scene turned out well, but if we act this impulsive around Meiling, expect a lot more Ctrl+Z's in the fucking lake.
No. 25421
anon seems to be a lot more bloodthirsty on the single-vote system. i for one hope it stays, so long as we get extra continues.
No. 25424
How comes it seems like the VN project/wiki sites haven't been getting very much attention lately? I mean, with all the guys writing on these boards, it's rather surprising that more of WUIG hasn't been written out on the wiki.
No. 25425
Even though it makes Anon a bit stupider, I kind of liked playing with that one votes win method...

It made things more exciting. More frantic. I dunno.
No. 25426
Since the Hourai Elixir is contained on Mokou's liver, doesn't she just turn into normal human if we eat it?
No. 25427

Because people f5ing the fastest are the most excited; it's given then they would take the hot-blood choices.

I think some time would've let us come up with a superior write-in plan, like TWF frying pan & kitchen knife. Or grabbing the frying pan and start chanting "I am the bone of my skillet..."

I wonder if we're going to have to keep knocking her out with the frying pan as we perform the hepatectomy.
No. 25428

No. Although her there is hourai elixir stored physically in her liver, drinking it actually warps your soul, not your body.
No. 25430
if we eat her liver, will she still be able to regenerate?

because predeterminated choices are boring. it's the writer-reader interaction that makes it so interesting
No. 25431
It doesn't actually do anything in the liver, that's more of a side effect. Once you take it, your soul is immortal and can regenerate your body indefinitely, even from nothing.
No. 25432
Yeah, but then if the VN ever gets finished we can collectively bask in the glory of having actually created something for a change instead of letting the stories die with the threads.
No. 25433
Anon seemed as stupid as always to me. I don't think it would have turned out much differently if we were voting.
No. 25434
Fuck basking, this is more fun. And the threads are all being archived.
No. 25435
I'd actually attempt to help, but I'm fucking fresh out of ideas. Attempting to come up with shit for a VN is tough.
No. 25437
I understand, and I agree. I was considering throwing my own ideas for a Yuyuko/Youmu route into the wiki, but it's kinda hard to get motivated and come up with fresh material.
No. 25443

Where be this wiki you speak of?
No. 25451

No. 25453
Adopting trip just for the hell of it.

I think we'd have an easier time of this if we just focused on things one at a time though...
No. 25479
Personally, I'd like to see all of the systems used, with whichever one we go with depending on the particular circumstances of the moment.

The single-vote system is great because it's fast-paced and gives a sense of urgency. It's like a quick-time event in a videogame, in a way. Perfect for situations that require quick thinking and snap decisions, like the plant attack or the recent events with Mokou. The only downside is that some people are so intent on getting their choice in first, they don't even bother reading the rest of the post first. Choices don't really mean so much if you don't even try to consider the context in which you're making them.

For situations that actually require some thought, though, the multi-vote system seems the best way to go. If the single-votes are our quick-time events, then the multi-votes are like our "stealth" sections. It offers a slower, more methodical pace, where charging blindly ahead will most likely get you killed. In other words, pretty much any time we were in the company of Flandre.

Besides allowing for decisions that best reflect the tone and urgency of a particular scene, switching between voting systems allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds. The single votes for those frantic "F5 LIKE THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR JESUS CHRIST" and "GODDAMN IT, ANON" schizophrenic moments, and the multi-votes for the strategizing and actual discussion of what we're doing and so on.