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File 120913172398.jpg - (220.31KB , 600x800 , Mokou2.jpg ) [iqdb]
24537 No. 24537
Remember. First choice wins. Good luck, anon.

"My problem? My problem is that you are utterly useless and wasting my time when you could be informing me of more important things. I've been alive for longer than you can imagine, and it has been damn long enough that I've waited to hear about the outside, and if you are just going to squander even more time, say so outright." She snarks at you, slamming the table violently near the end. Keine visibly recoils.

"Stop please, Mokou, you're-"

"Back away, Keine, and shut up!"

[ ] "Oh, so you want a fight, bitch?" Get up, prepare for battle

[ ] "Woah, calm down, I didn't know!"

[ ] "How dare you talk to Keine like that?!" Stand up

[ ] "Good for you. Say, did you know? I didn't come here to be yelled at some half mature brat, no matter how long she's lived."

[ ] Run for the door

[ ] Dive through the window

>> No. 24538
[ ] "Woah, calm down, I didn't know!"
>> No. 24539
[X] "Good for you. Say, did you know? I didn't come here to be yelled at some half mature brat, no matter how long she's lived."
Oh yes.
>> No. 24540
[X] "Oh, so you want a fight, bitch?" Get up, prepare for battle

>> No. 24543
File 12091322277.jpg - (465.25KB , 800x600 , Mokou3.jpg ) [iqdb]

"Calm down? You little shit, I'm not calming down. You are a spineless bitch, aren't you?" The young looking immortal spits at you derisively. "All you've done is worry Keine, cause problems, damage property, dick around where you shouldn't have, and fucked around with me. I won't let you get away with such." She pushes out from the table and stands up, looking down on you with a sneer.

"Stop it!" Keine yells, getting up herself, but is seemingly ignored by Mokou.

"I said shut up. Well, you little shit, do you have anything to say for yourself?"

[ ] "Oh, so you want a fight, bitch?" Get up, prepare for battle

[ ] "It makes you feel big to pick on those less powerful than you, doesn't it, you whore? Normal people happen to need caution. I don't think you remembered that when Keine was injured that night. And who saved her? You?
No bitch, that was me."

[ ] "How dare you talk to Keine like that?!" Stand up

[ ] "Wow, you're so mature, using such naughty words. Perhaps you should listen to yourself; I certainly don't have to put up with a brat who can't get over herself."

[ ] "Can't we talk this out?"

[ ] Run for the door

[ ] Dive through the window
>> No. 24544
[x] Dive through the window
>> No. 24545
[ ] "Wow, you're so mature, using such naughty words. Perhaps you should listen to yourself; I certainly don't have to put up with a brat who can't get over herself."
>> No. 24546

Good, now I'll go read what actually got written.
>> No. 24547
Goddamn it, Anon.
>> No. 24548
we are doomed
>> No. 24549
Gee, our fight-or-flight response is pretty hairtrigger, isn't it?

Not that I'm complaining, though. Probably would have chosen that as well.
>> No. 24550
Anon is being confronted by a loud angry girl.

...that seems like the most accurate response, yup.
>> No. 24551
Good choice! Although I would've preferred:
[ ] "It makes you feel big to pick on those less powerful than you, doesn't it, you whore? Normal people happen to need caution. I don't think you remembered that when Keine was injured that night. And who saved her? You?
No bitch, that was me."
>> No. 24552
Well, we ARE a spineless bitch, after all.
>> No. 24553
I would just like to say that if write-ins were allowed, this would be the perfect time to strip off all of our clothes and strike the best goddamn manly pose we can muster.
>> No. 24554
You wouldn't have time to write tha-Right. You'd just do it in advance and post it when we're serving omelettes to Remilia.
>> No. 24555
File 120913299772.jpg - (180.98KB , 450x627 , Mokou4.jpg ) [iqdb]

Holy shit. Immortal with power over fire vs guy with not even a weapon. You know a losing battle when you see one. Moving quickly, you dive out of the chair and run to the window, opening it even as Mokou gives a surprised start at you and lunges for you as you attempt to throw yourself through... And the window is too small. Oddly, you feel as though you should have known this. with a start, you're pulled back, and are met with a punch to the gut. You can't help but scream as you feel searing heat where the fist met it's mark. You scream is joined in by a horrified one of Keine's, who retreats from the room. It appears you'll be getting no help from there. There is no way to avoid combat through the haze of pain and adrenaline.

[ ] Attempt to kick back

[ ] Bite at her and run for the door

[ ] Take a shot at punching her face

[ ] Grab her hair and attempt to rip it out of her head
>> No. 24556
[ ] Grab her hair and attempt to rip it out of her head
>> No. 24557
[ ] Take a shot at punching her face
>> No. 24558
[X] Grab her hair and attempt to rip it out of her head
>> No. 24559

[ ] Take a shot at punching her face
>> No. 24560
[X] Breasts
>> No. 24561
Uh, guys? I'm not so sure she's just being tsundere anymore.
>> No. 24562
WuiG seems to be taking turn for the FuiG.
>> No. 24563
This is acceptable, as she has punched us first.

...I would have chosen [ ] Bite at her and run for the door myself, though.
>> No. 24564

BAD END has been inevitable for a while, we just need to make it an entertaining one.
>> No. 24565
nightmare modo kinda sucks...
>> No. 24566

This is Anon Must Die mode.
>> No. 24567
Did you know? There's heat resistant charms on Mokou's pants and hair(the ribbons) but not on her shirt. Her shirt burns off.
>> No. 24568

Only when anon chooses retarded options. And why the fuck is it first post wins again? We're doomed this way.
>> No. 24569
Ironic murder time!

I...killed him.

The person from the Outside.

He was the only person who could tell me what had happened to everyone, and I killed him.
>> No. 24570
What the hell is going on with WUIG. GM is hellbent to give us a Bad End so that it will end.
>> No. 24571
>>Only when anon chooses retarded options. And why the fuck is it first post wins again? We're doomed this way.

I think that's the point.
>> No. 24572
Killed by the person who saved our life a good two or three times, no less.
>> No. 24573
GM wants to return to how fast it was in /jp/. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work too well because with only one vote required people just skip the text and go straight to voting.
>> No. 24574
File 120913359821.jpg - (167.61KB , 565x800 , Mokou5.jpg ) [iqdb]

You hand grasps the white strands of her hair, and you tug viciously, your survival instinct having you give all you've got. Your efforts are rewarded with a screech and bloody strands of hair in your grip as she throws you across the room, and you hit the wall, slightly stunned but still alive, awake, and kicking. An iron frying pan and a meat knife fall to the floor with a clatter as the shake of your impact echoes, even as Mokou approaches with a small laugh. "Not so tough, are you?" She comments. "You're a willful one, though. Takes guts to try that, much less to piss me off and try to fight me. But this is the end."

[ ] Scramble for the door

[ ] Grab the frying pan, throw it at her.

[ ] Grab the knife, attempt to cut her open

[ ] Snatch the pan, run

[ ] Take the knife, flee for the exit
>> No. 24575
[X] Breasts
>> No. 24576
[ ] Grab the knife, attempt to cut her open
>> No. 24577
[ ] Grab the knife, attempt to cut her open
>> No. 24578
[X] Take the knife, flee for the exit
>> No. 24579
[ ] Grab the frying pan, throw it at her.
>> No. 24580
[ ] Grab the frying pan, throw it at her.
>> No. 24581

does that count ?
>> No. 24582
So we're supposed to live till tomorrow at least yet GM is desperate to off us right now?
>> No. 24583
I prey this works.

Also, why do you hate us so GM?
>> No. 24584
as a chef, Anon's skill with a knife is peerless.
>> No. 24585
[X]Let her kill you
>> No. 24586

Well I hope it does
>> No. 24587
[x] Grab the knife, attempt to cut her open

>> No. 24588
She's going to end the game now. GM has abandoned us.
>> No. 24589
File 120913372043.png - (199.66KB , 471x454 , Akiha_Vermillion.png ) [iqdb]
Eh, you never know.
>> No. 24590
School Days MOU IKKAI
>> No. 24591
Okay, I can't tell what the fuck is going on anymore.
Is this an honest and genuine attempt to kick our ass and/or kill us?

Some kind of tsundere immortal foreplay?

Or at they pretty much the same thing?
>> No. 24592

Oh shit son.
>> No. 24593
[ ] Grab the knife, attempt to cut yourself open

>> No. 24594
I see.

Even though she acted like it was nothing, Mokou really wanted to know what was happening on the Outside.

She was only suppressing her true emotions.

Which has led to this...
>> No. 24595

well, at least not something that should suprise her
>> No. 24596

We aren't the bone of our skillet for nothing, y'know.
>> No. 24597
Personally, I hope GM chooses the write-in answer.

"I was trying to push you away."

"And when you squeezed them?!"

"...involuntary twitching."
>> No. 24599

Oh come on, we're gonna die today.
Hell, WUIG might die today.
Don't you wanna atleast try it before the end?
>> No. 24601
File 120913413745.jpg - (281.65KB , 610x700 , Mokou7.jpg ) [iqdb]

With a grim determination, you realize you have to get through this alone, on your own wits. Not very reliable wits, but god damnit it's all you have. Keine and Cirno, your other protectors, are who knows where, and the last is currently the one attempting to kill you. Mentally repeating to yourself she'll live, she can't die, you're not doing anything permanent to her, your hand snaps out and holds the handle firmly, the sweat of your hand making the grip feel slightly slippery. You don't dare look down at yourself, you'd just panic, as the adrenaline courses through your system and drowns out some of the horrible pain wracking your chest and stomach from the first punch, and you avoid wincing as you right yourself and slice at Mokou. She is taken off guard, apparently having expected you to flee is surprised by your resistance as your knife hits her, having moved right into it as she headed to block the door, and you can't help but close your eyes as she lets out another shriek of pain...

[ ] Hit 1

[ ] Hit 2

[ ] Hit 3
>> No. 24603
So, by the time Keine comes back in, we will either be:

- Dead
- Bloodied, battered, and laughing with Mokou like we were old buddies
- Totally making out with Mokou on the floor with a knife still sticking out of her skull.
>> No. 24604
hit 2
>> No. 24605
[ ] Hit 2
>> No. 24606
[X] Hit 1
>> No. 24607
[ ] Hit 3
>> No. 24608
[ ] Hit 3
>> No. 24609
>> No. 24610

Why do we have to hit her at all.
>> No. 24611

Fuck yes
>> No. 24612
>>- Totally making out with Mokou on the floor with a knife still sticking out of her skull.

>> No. 24613
I have no problem with either of these.
>> No. 24614
After this is done, let's get back to SDM. Being insane helped us survive there.
>> No. 24615
It's a meat knife, though. Both weapons jive with our Cooking skill, and the knife, being an actual weapon-type, should do more damage.
>> No. 24616
btw GM, be honest, will we die, or will we abandon the whole "last continue" stuff and just go back a few choices ?
>> No. 24617
Also, I just used the word "jive" unironically!
>> No. 24618
Exactly my thoughts. DAMN YOU GM
>> No. 24619
No, Mr. Dumbass, being a spineless little bitch helped us survive there.
>> No. 24621
See, Anon should be welcoming this chance at combat.
After going through the whole SDM bit like a spineless little pussy, we're finally having a chance to assert ourselves and reclaim our goddamn balls.
>> No. 24622
"Rocks fall, everyone dies."

Face it, GM has come to hate the very thing she created.
>> No. 24623
This is Madness, why do we have to hurt Mokou, i dont like this shit. She needs loving not killing, i hope we fucking die.
>> No. 24624

She started it.
>> No. 24625
Oh, relax. It's not like she hasn't had worse from Kaguya.
Besides, this is the only way she could ever respect us.
>> No. 24626
I am going to F5 and choose the most suicidal Option possible.
>> No. 24627

this is the entry for the mokou route

only if we hurt her really bad we will be able to gain her respect, and ultimately her love
however, it should block the keine route, I doubt she'd like it if we stab mokou
>> No. 24628

It is your duty as Anonymous to do so.
>> No. 24629

I doubt she'd like it if we let Mokou kill us either. It's self defence so we're doing the right thing.
>> No. 24630
[X] Hit 1

Damn Dumbass use your amulette!!!
>> No. 24631

Only works on youkai moron. And it's automatic.
>> No. 24632
File 120913485896.png - (2.81KB , 200x200 , wut.png ) [iqdb]
Mokou = human
>> No. 24633
Sakuya, you ignorant slut.
>> No. 24634

not a youkai
>> No. 24635

Holy shit, THE AMULET!
>> No. 24636
I hate you with a burning passion.
>> No. 24637
Fuck Keine. She ran off in our time of need.

I'm willing to bet that Sanae shows up and saves us in seven minutes. We will then relocate to the Moriya Shrine because Sanae's computer has TF2.

This is why everybody hates you, tripfag. Mokou isn't a youkai.
>> No. 24638
[ ] Cunt stab

Take that you tsun tsun bitch
>> No. 24639
your no slowpoke, your a dumbpoke
>> No. 24640
>>Fuck Keine.

>> No. 24641

>> No. 24642
This whole mr nice guy shit is bringing us nowhere, we need to get back to the SDM and challenge Flandre to get our balls back. After we are done with her, we will make Sakuya ours and show Remilia who is the boss.
>> No. 24643
Then maybe Remilia and I should help you..

Master saw your destiny! Why the hell did she said that I will come for you?
>> No. 24644
Huh, this is just like middle school all over again.
>> No. 24645

Enjoy being a pile of dust.
>> No. 24646
I think Sakuya is kind of good trip-fag. We can all agree on our hate to her.
>> No. 24647
[x] Stab the dot

[x] Stab the dot

[x] Stab the dot
>> No. 24648
Fuck this fire-bitch. The problem is that we're playing by the set rules. We believe that we're weaker than Mokou. We've given up before we've even begun.

I'm not gonna spout some bullshit about kicking reason to the curb, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM, etc. What I am going to say is that we need to be the least unhappy people in this fight. That means we need to make sure she knows not to fuck with us again.

Don't be a pussy, anon. If and when you put this bitch down, put her down for good.
>> No. 24649
if by any chance we actually manage to knock Mokou out, I vote we cut her open and eat her liver.
>> No. 24650
You aren't actually Sakuya.
Sakuya does not exist.
You're posting on an image board, pretending to be Sakuya.
It's pathetic.
>> No. 24651
agreed. we've got the knife out. we're mortal, facing someone who could have killed us by now if she weren't blinded by anger.

holding back will just get us killed. go all out.
>> No. 24652
Yeah, in a sense. But that makes it too easy to confuse tripfag Sakuya with tripfriend Sakuya.
>> No. 24653
>> No. 24654
Never has this been more relevant:

>> No. 24655
File 120913528699.jpg - (34.93KB , 270x472 , ahriman.jpg ) [iqdb]
Dust, you say?
>> No. 24656
This is like Akiha Route all over again, but this time without the good end. After we eat Mokous Liver, no one can stop us anymore, on to massacre everyone.
>> No. 24657
good WUIG, you kinda look FUIG
>> No. 24658
Can't we just have sweet consensual sex in the missionary position with her instead?
>> No. 24659
There was no good end in Akiha route. Just true and normal.
>> No. 24660
If this were FUIG, we'd have eaten her hair when we pulled it out of her head.
>> No. 24661

>> No. 24662
Oh, Moukou seems to be in a good mood today.
>> No. 24663
File 120913565017.jpg - (114.93KB , 400x600 , Mokou6.jpg ) [iqdb]

You feel something wet slide down your hands as you hear a hacking cough, and you can feel more on your arm. "Nice one... Kid..." You can't help but force your eyes open to see the scene before you.

In Keine's kitchen, you both stand before the doorway, still as statues. Blood drips slowly onto the floor at a steady rate, from the stab wound between Mokou's ribs where your knife found soft tissue to slice right into instead of bone, onto your arm and where it drips off at your elbow, slightly bent. Mokou's face is smiling, but the pain is evident as it is like a chilling rictus. Horrfied, you pull away with a start, and once your knife pulls out the blood pulses out in earnest, and you can, with a sickening realization, that you stabbed her through the lung, and slashed out a motor muscle as she falls back with a horrible noise, and more blood pools to the floor as her skull cracked where you weakened it by pulling at the hair. You feel like you want to vomit as you nearly slip in a small amount of blood when you try to move away.

[ ] "M-mokou...?"


[ ] Run as far and as fast as possible from the body

[ ] "KEINE, HELP!"
>> No. 24664
"Don't you see? Don't you see? Ahahahaha! Everyone here...everyone here is trying to kill me! No matter how nice I am, they always end up trying to kill me! So...I just have to kill them all first!"
>> No. 24665
[x] "M-mokou...?"
>> No. 24666
[x] Breasts
>> No. 24667
[ ] "KEINE, HELP!"
>> No. 24668
>> No. 24669
[ ] "M-mokou...?"
>> No. 24670
[ ] "M-mokou...?"
>> No. 24671
>> No. 24672
[ ] "M-mokou...?"
>> No. 24673
>> No. 24674
[ ] "M-mokou...?"
>> No. 24675
Oh my. This situation is quite... Thrilling.
>> No. 24676
Okay, Moukou, check.
Now we can aim for Reimu.
>> No. 24677
>> No. 24678
>> No. 24679
[X] Rape the body
>> No. 24680
[]stab her some more to delay the regen.
>> No. 24681
Now, proceed to rape the Corpse, Skull first.
>> No. 24682
[X]Enter catatonic state
>> No. 24683
[X] Take off her shoes and lick those delicious feet.
>> No. 24684
Mokou. It's Mokou.

Also, would be fun if she actually died.
>> No. 24685
But Mokou is an immortal human, so yeah.
>> No. 24686
>> No. 24687
Being killed by a human is her only weakness?
>> No. 24688
something just occured to me: Mokou = hot guro route.
>> No. 24689
[X] "M-mokou...?"
>> No. 24690
The bad news is, Keine might not want to let someone who shanked her best friend stay under her roof anymore.

The good news is: MOKOU ROUTE GET
>> No. 24691
Doesn't this make us murderers regardless?

Time to meet up with Reimu.
>> No. 24692

Reimu isn't a cop.
>> No. 24693
No, but she's a murderer. She surely knows what to do in this situation.
>> No. 24694
Go back to her shrine and drink tea all day?
>> No. 24695
The Hakurei Shrine is a Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Raymoo will come to us in our sleep, give us a spellcard, and have us go ruin somebody's life.
>> No. 24696
police recruitment rules specifically forbids undead for hygiene reasons.
>> No. 24697
My headache stopped.
Mr. Dumbass dies. I switch back to Anonymous who doesn't afraid of anything.
>> No. 24698
[x]Breasts or whatever is left
>> No. 24699
Fuck yes guro route, we better enjoy this. Where is the Skullfuck Option.
>> No. 24700
Badly wounding an immortal experienced fighter without dying.
>> No. 24701
Darn straight.
>> No. 24702
Too bad we killed someone who doesn't actually die.
>> No. 24703
[ ] "M-mokou...?"
>> No. 24704
File 120913675854.jpg - (18.89KB , 640x368 , 1191566580407.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 24705
[X] This is, without a doubt, reality wrought by my own hands.
>> No. 24706
Post died, GM cried. Remaking.
>> No. 24707

>> No. 24708
>> No. 24709

Good game, GM.
>> No. 24710
We're killing this board with this activity.

>> No. 24711
Loading my F5, getting ready for Suicide Option.
>> No. 24712
That's why you save long posts to your computer before pressing the submit-button.
>> No. 24713
"...and that's how your mommy and daddy first fell in love."
>> No. 24714
File 120913697173.jpg - (36.04KB , 475x475 , 1209062216320.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 24715
Well, Mokou wanted to hear about the Outside.
Now we get to tell her while she regenerates from her injury.
>> No. 24716
File 120913734323.jpg - (67.20KB , 500x600 , 1192331868169.jpg ) [iqdb]
This sounds familiar.
>> No. 24717
if we're gonna do this, we need to be constantly cutting chunks off of her while we talk. this is so that she doesn't regen and ruin the mood by kicking our ass.
>> No. 24718
Great. Now I can't help but to think of WuiG Anon as Shiki. And of MiG Anon as Shirou.
>> No. 24719
File 12091374033.jpg - (114.83KB , 1280x1024 , 1205963329751.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 24720
Cut her into pieces and put one into an old blue box to carry with you all the time.
>> No. 24721
That settles it.
The second we get anywhere close to a romantic scene with Reisen, we're all voting "You lost me."
>> No. 24722

>> No. 24723
>> No. 24724
Anonymous shall never vanquish'd be until the lake to the scarlet devil mansion shall come against him
>> No. 24725
[x] Resist Arrest
>> No. 24726
>> No. 24727

Will Mokou's do? She has enough to spare.
>> No. 24728
>> No. 24729

bad dum tsch
>> No. 24730
We're going to have to take responsibility for killing her, aren't we?
>> No. 24731
File 120913812993.jpg - (125.88KB , 413x476 , Mokou8.jpg ) [iqdb]

There is no reply to your small, quavering whisper as she lies there on the floor, prone. Your hand remains locked around your knife, your knuckles white from the pressure as you grip the hilt of it like a dear weapon, being something solid to hold onto as the world seems to shake. Looking down at yourself, you flesh looks sickeningly burned near the abdomen, and your shirt has been burned away there. Your jeans and shirt have splotches of blood on them, plus the soles of your sneakers and edge of your right sleeve have a new color, "Remilia Scarlet". Mokou's breathing has stopped, at least temporarily. Being immortal doesn't mean you can't be out for a few days, apparently. Or, uh, she might really be dead. But that's unlikely.

[ ] Get the hell out of there

[ ] "Keine? KEINE!"

[ ] "CIRNO!"

[ ] Look for anything to take with you before running

[ ] Attempt to figure out how to get her liver
>> No. 24732
>> No. 24733
[X] Eat her liver.
>> No. 24734
[x] Breasts
>> No. 24735
[ ] Attempt to figure out how to get her liver
>> No. 24736
[ ] "Keine? KEINE!"
>> No. 24737
[x] "Keine? KEINE!"
>> No. 24738
[ ] Attempt to figure out how to get her liver
>> No. 24739
[ ] Attempt to figure out how to get her liver
>> No. 24740
only if it leads to consensual sex in the missionary position.
>> No. 24741
[ ] "Keine? KEINE!"
>> No. 24742
>> No. 24743
Ahh fuck this can't be good.
>> No. 24744
>> No. 24745
Goddamn it, Anon.

...oh well, easy come. Easy go.
>> No. 24746
>> No. 24747
can it be unlimited continues tiem nao?
>> No. 24748

that won ?
you gotta be kidding me.....

curse you, GM !
>> No. 24749
F5 like crazy pays off. WE ARE EATING HER LIVER.
>> No. 24750
[X] "Keine? KEINE!"
>> No. 24751
...Retracting my vote.
>> No. 24752
File 120913832595.jpg - (74.35KB , 747x877 , 1208059194482.jpg ) [iqdb]


>> No. 24753
You had to know that one would win
>> No. 24754
...Hahaha! We're just TRYING to FIGURE OUT how we could eat her liver! It's not like we're gonna do it.
>> No. 24755
>> No. 24756
>> No. 24757
The hell we are.
>> No. 24758
little high, little low
>> No. 24759
The hell I'm not!
>> No. 24760
Well if you go by the exact wording, we're just trying to work out how to do it. But I doubt GM is that nice.
>> No. 24761
no, dude. this is the start of Mokou route.
>> No. 24762

I'll take it.
>> No. 24763
It's like YWUiG Anon turned into FUiG Anon in one thread. I love it.
>> No. 24764
Like hell, take it like a man, i was faster. Now GTFO. Its time to cut her open and eat LIVER.
>> No. 24765
Oh, just you wait. We'll fuck up the Meiling route so badly, this will look like nothing.
>> No. 24766
We have no more impulse control.
>> No. 24767
hinthint, Delete Post is here for something.
>> No. 24768

Or then we get a bad end which would make me a saaad panda
>> No. 24769
The point you make is the only salvation we have.

Anon: "Maybe if I slice her open like th--"
Keine: "......wtf are you doing?"
Anon: ".......first aid?"
>> No. 24771
[x] Unlock the door for Kohaku
>> No. 24772
>> No. 24773
File 120913863396.jpg - (13.44KB , 242x320 , KratosAurion.jpg ) [iqdb]
First Aid!
>> No. 24774
why does WUIG Mokou have such shitty regen rate? In MiG Mokou rezzes fast enough to be killed twice in a single fight.
>> No. 24776
I'm really hoping we just ate some bad laundry.
>> No. 24777
"Wanna split it?"
>> No. 24778
What's a liver, by the way?
>> No. 24780
File 120913868691.jpg - (349.33KB , 1024x576 , 1191480525734.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 24781

There's no way someone can be this dumb.
>> No. 24782

A miserable pile of intestines.
>> No. 24784
>> No. 24785
File 120913871667.jpg - (208.22KB , 565x378 , facepalm.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 24786
With Anon's luck, he'll fuck up trying to get the liver, and wind up eating her pancreas or something else.
>> No. 24788
I could say the same thing I said about taxidermy, but liver is not exactly uncommon word.
>> No. 24790
>> No. 24792
Eating Mokou will still be fun.
>> No. 24794
Oh god the chanses of this happening are way too higher than they should be
>> No. 24795
Anon is about to become Immortal, this thread needs to be epic.
>> No. 24798
And then would come the rather awkward moment where Mokou wonders why she seems to be regenerating some extra organs, when all we did was stab her lung.
>> No. 24799
It wouldn't be a problem if some fucker wasn't bumping other threads and then deleting his posts.
>> No. 24800

I was wondering why everything suddenly jumped.
>> No. 24802
Damnit, I want my slice-of-life back!
>> No. 24804
Screw your slice, we're about to slice Mokou up
>> No. 24805

Sorry, we're fresh out of that.
How about some slice of liver, instead?
>> No. 24806
>> No. 24807
how does an anonymous know what a liver looks like?

is anon going to have to eat most of Mokou's internal organs just because he doesn't know which is the right one?
>> No. 24808
Anon has to improve his cooking skills anyway, soon its party time.
>> No. 24810
To get to the liver you should make an incision around the belly, best to do it lower down and possibly cut the stomach rather than risk damaging the liver.

Peel back the skin, muscle and fat and it's the purple\brown organ just about the pink sack that is the stomach. Reach underneath the liver until you can feel the spine, cup your hands and then lift to see where the joins are.

From there it's just cutting the various connections to the rest of the body and lifting it free.

My question is, can we cook it first? How much liver do we need to eat?
>> No. 24811
MY question is, how the FUCK do you know that?
>> No. 24812
Why am I not surprised that you have researched exactly how to do this
>> No. 24813
I don't think I want to know how you know that.
>> No. 24814

about = Above
>> No. 24815
You need to eat the liver raw.
>> No. 24816
>> No. 24817
>> No. 24818

It's basic biology\anatomy to know where the liver is and what it looks like, after that I used common sense to guess how to best remove the liver.

Truth be told I was one of the kids that refused to dissect anything because it made me queezy.
>> No. 24819
Now that we have the knowledge, it is Time to act and take out the Liver, have no fear Mokou will not feel any pain, once she wakes up she is as good as new.
>> No. 24821
File 120913965541.jpg - (47.73KB , 400x400 , d4329601d91df14085aacd362c6e002c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mokou's not the one we have to worry about right now...
>> No. 24822
How in HELL are you going to explain that to Keine?

>> No. 24823
it ain't full moon. we can take her, no problem.
>> No. 24825
THE TRUTH. "Once Mokou wakes up she's gonna want to kill me, and I don't want to die."
>> No. 24827
Keine won't be happy, but she's not going to hurt a human, either.
>> No. 24828
She is no problem, we will take care of her, first we say Kaguya came and killed her and once she is looking at Mokou, we will stab her to death from behind. Removing the eyewitnesses takes priority. Next it is Cirnos turn.
>> No. 24829
You know, I look at it this way:

If Shiki can strangle Kohaku and then jizz on her, or halfway-rape Arcueid,
And STILL get away with a Good Ending where they somehow don't hold it against him..

..then somehow, we'll make it out of this cleanly.
>> No. 24830
Well we've taken care of Mokou, Keine is not even a match for us.
We'll kill her, hide the body, take over her house, and house Mokou ourselves. With the were-hakutaku out of the way, we can fuck Mokou whenever we want.
>> No. 24833
Unfortunately, a human will be happy to hurt Keine.
>> No. 24835
Post combat jitters, we're seeing red, cant stop, panic attack, ect.
>> No. 24836

[X] Kill her.

>> No. 24837
...and we just happened to swallow some delicious liver lol
>> No. 24847
...so if we split Mokou's corpse right down the middle, will we get two chibi-Mokous regenerating?
>> No. 24848
I'm not sure that GM's random seven minute breaks have ever before come at a worse time.
>> No. 24854
murder moe!
>> No. 24859
>> No. 24862

Anon: "It's okay she'll come back in a day or two."
Anon: "Kaguya does that every month, you don't flip out at her though."
Keine: "I LOVED YOU..."
Anon: "Awesome, we'll get it on right after I'm done with her liver..."
Anon: "I can't let you do that Keine."
*Keine runs, Anon chases and tackles her. She cracks her head against a table as she goes down and is unable to defend her self, Anon brings down the knife again and again until finally the screaming stops.
Anon: "*huff*huff*"
Anon: "Come on Cirno, we're going to DISNEY LAND!"
Cirno: "What?"
Cirno: "You're the best human EVER!"
>> No. 24864
o hi guys, i pushed down ur thread
>> No. 24876
Bawk bawk bawk- bawk bawk bawk- bawk bawk bakok bakok bawk bawk bawk~
>> No. 24886
You forgot the raping part.
>> No. 24889
too bad with bumping treads from page 10 you won't be able to get this deleted
>> No. 24897
I'm not, I'm writing.
>> No. 24901
Shiki can do that? are the girls of tsukihime SO stupid or he has the ability of making women fell in love with him just by looking at him?
>> No. 24916
little of column A, little of column B.
>> No. 24919
baaawwwwk~ BAWK.
>> No. 24951
Are we still going or are we going to suspend because of the current shitstorm?
>> No. 24955
wall of text coming. possibly BAD END.
>> No. 24959
we can simply bypass the shitstorm by opening a new tread

there is only 1, maybe to trolls here right now, and they are slow as hell
if that faggot tried to sage WUIG, he would just make a fool of himself
>> No. 24967
Oh wait, so she tried to kill us because WE DIDN'T TELL HER WHAT SHE WANTED FAST ENOUGH?
Well, hopefully killing Keine will open the Kaguya route.
>> No. 24969
/b/tards incoming.
>> No. 24979

Thread should be gone by now.
>> No. 24981
It's at page 9, or the one I saw is rather.
>> No. 24982
For fuck's sake, who's the idiot who kept linking this place to /jp/.
>> No. 24985
I think she just wanted to rough us up a little.

then it escalated because we fought back and Mokou has anger control problems.
>> No. 24989
Oh... fuck.
It was nice to meet you guys.
>> No. 25000
I think she wanted to let off some steam (she was pretty much spot-on about us) and also force us to do something that proved we weren't as uselessly ball-less as we've appeared to her up to this point.
>> No. 25004
>let off some steam
Shed did let off some blood, too.
>> No. 25005
I don't wanna eat her liver. ;_;
>> No. 25007
Be a man and do it. It's probably the only chance we get for immortality
>> No. 25008
too bad. you're gonna git your immortality, and you're gonna like it.
>> No. 25012
>> No. 25013
If we tell her we did it so we could live happily ever after with Keine she'll forgive us.
>> No. 25015
if you know what I mean.
>> No. 25018
I believe we won't be able to do it. Either Keine appears with a "...what" on her face, we find out liver tastes horribly and vomit, we vomit while searching her body, Cirno appears and asks us what's up...
The only way to get immortal is to fuse with The Lake's spirit.
>> No. 25022
If Keine actually ran out of the house we could just say our burns were fatal, not like she'd know.
>> No. 25023
>Cirno appears and asks us what's up...
That doesn't distract us and
the liver does taste horrible.
>> No. 25024
Love doesn't work that way.
>> No. 25029

>> No. 25030
File 120914259272.jpg - (99.42KB , 800x1000 , Spark_lesson.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 25033
I hope you didn't just call my waifu Akiha stupid.
>> No. 25044
You people are monsters! MONSTERS, I SAY! What use is immortality without our precious Mokou?!
>> No. 25051
She'll be back... I am weeping over the loss of Keine route however.
>> No. 25053
eh. she'll live.

in fact, we've got a better chance with her if we're immortal.
>> No. 25058
it's not the end, yo. if we can get Mokou to eventually forgive us Keine will too.
>> No. 25060
Eirin will jump in and say OH HAI, see us ripping through Keine's flesh and give us a blowjob, secretly injecting some medicine on us. We'll then be her immortal laboratory rat.
BAD END, but at least the blowjob was awesome.
>> No. 25068
No, but she falls into the "wants to fuck Shiki on sight" category.
>> No. 25093
File 120914333873.jpg - (158.65KB , 500x746 , best NEET.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who cares about Mokou? Now that we have her liver the delicious NEET route is open.
>> No. 25102
NEET rejects men.
>> No. 25106
Not if we complete her Five Impossible Requests
>> No. 25108
At least we're through the trial of guts soon.
>> No. 25111
>>Five Impossible Requests

There's a crucial word in there....
>> No. 25121
Kick reason to the curb, etc
>> No. 25125
File 120914395972.jpg - (468.66KB , 903x1130 , Ippongi ouendan.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know who to scream for when the going gets tough.
>> No. 25126
Psh. She most likely just came up with those as a way to get rid of all of those obnoxious suitors back then.
Since a "no" wasn't enough for them, she sent them off on a wild goose chase so they would finally leave her alone.

If Anon can prove himself to be interesting enough, she might not dismiss us so easily.

The quickest way to her heart is through her ribcage.
>> No. 25134
The wait is killing me, but hell yeah, we're gonna go for the liver
>> No. 25147
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the liver the actual physical source of a Hourai's regeneration? Aren't we actually about preparing to kill Mokou off for keeps?

Please tell me I'm wrong.
>> No. 25155
you're wrong.

you can grind Mokou to a pulp and bury it in fifteen different places, and she'll still respawn.
>> No. 25156
Drinking the elixir makes the sould immortal.
You don't need a liver to regenerate, you don't need anything to regenarte.
>> No. 25162
Phew. Thank you.
>> No. 25182
So, basically, someone is going to walk in while we're eating mokou's liver, and lulz will be had.
>> No. 25189
File 120914513711.png - (18.64KB , 520x520 , anoncraaazy.png ) [iqdb]
After whe're immortal, this party is going to get CRAAAAZYYYYYYY
>> No. 25211
Any action on this thread anymore?
>> No. 25214
1. We eat Mokou's liver and become immortal.
2. We get caught somewhere in the process, but since we're immortal we can't really be killed, so they chain us up and throw us into the lake.
3. A few days later, we merge with the soul of the lake itself and become an immortal with control over water.
4. We come out and face Mokou. Powered by our rage, we take part in a battle that lasts for an eternity.
Fuck yes, you are the most awesome BAD END ever.
>> No. 25219
Seven minutes.
>> No. 25220
so, I take it GM is done for now ?

greatest cliffhanger ever
>> No. 25223
That, or we're in for one fucking huge wall of text.
>> No. 25226

Oh fuck. If GM doesn't write this then someone else should.
>> No. 25228
It's better to be HUUGE or kick-ass awesome, I'm missing my gym today for this
>> No. 25230
Go the fuck outside; gm's not even online right now.
>> No. 25234
File 120914681522.jpg - (131.06KB , 518x507 , 1206082584014.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 25259
All things considered, I'm amazed we didn't fuck things up all that much.
Sure, Mokou's "dead" now, we've made a bloody mess of Keine's kitchen, and now we're going to ponder how to rip out the poor girl's organs to eat them.

With any luck, though, we can plead self-defense, and our sizing up how to best get out the liver might be misinterpreted as attempting to give Mokou first-aid.

Once Mokou revives and starts acting all buddy-buddy with us, it will all be water under the bridge, anyway.
>> No. 25290
Hopefully, she's not cognizant enough to realize what it is we're trying to do to her...
>> No. 25292
So I'm guessing it doesn't affect Mokou's regen ability to eat her liver?

I don't know how we could explain this to Keine...
And then GM has to figure out how to deal with an immortal protagonist.
>> No. 25294
That was kind of psycopathic of Mokou...

I mean, she knows we're not immortal. She must really really like us to let us kill her like that.

That's my best guess.
>> No. 25308
So is there anyone who's hoping for a wonderful kiling chamber end? Kiling Keine, then Cirno, then people in the village etc?
>> No. 25315
That's awesome. Count me in. Either we go bat shit insane and muder everyone bad end, or we become immortal and continue our lives in Gensokyo
>> No. 25316
Personally, I'm hoping for this >>25214
>> No. 25324
I just got home from school.


You fucknuts.
>> No. 25349

meh, Mokou would get owned. She's helpless when it comes to water.
>> No. 25350
what the hell?
>> No. 25387
Keine: What the fuck happened here?
Dumbass: I ate her liver with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti.

Actually, since pancakes didn't go over too well, how about we make liver & eggs for everyone?
>> No. 25388
>> No. 25429
>> No. 25452

In west Gensokyo born and raised,
On the near the Scarlet Lake where I spent most of my days.
Chillaxin', macking from ⑨ to 8,
And shooting some danmaku, outside of the Lake.
When a girl name Mokou said, "Yo I hear liver tastes good."
Started making trouble in my harem-hood!
I got in one little fight and Keine got scared
And said, "You’re moving in with the Red-White at the shrine of Bel-Air."