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Am I the only one who feels that a certain young writer has been getting way to much fawning and attention lately?

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If you point out the faggotry, it usually stops.
No. 24413
I think they all are, but which one did you have in mind?
No. 24414
No, but nothing we can do about it. idiots will be idiots.
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Post more Letty.
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No, you're not.
It's worth the trade off though.
No. 24419

If it wasn't for that certain young writer this board would still be under 300 post.
No. 24423

No activity versus us hijacking it and making it /jp/lite
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There wouldn't be any MiG w/o WUiG
No. 24428
I hate to burst your bubble, but MiG is inferior to YWUiG, which is currently under fire.
No. 24430
I know, but some people like it. You're obviously not one of them.
No. 24435
YWUiG isn't under fire at all.
The only thing on trial here is the ridiculous e-cult that has formed around GM.
No. 24438

Just find something else to attention whore yourself out to. You don't seem short of any ideas.
No. 24439
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I think he might mean regarding the latest decision.

I'll have to agree though, "GM is my waifu" and "GM is god" and cocksucking like that is very unsightly.
No. 24444

Because none of the other writers have one as well, right?
No. 24445
GM seems to like it, though.
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I admonish cock sucking of any kind.
This thread just happens to be about GM now, apparently.
No. 24447

I do too. But if I'm going to argue against it, I'm going to argue against ALL of it. Not just a select person.
No. 24448
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I argue against it as it happens, no matter the story or writer. This thread was predominantly about GM's cult, so I argue against that.
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Why would two federation vessels fire on one another?
No. 24454
Giant e-penises firing at once another.

Looks about right.
No. 24456

Yeah, I think thats it.
No. 24465
Slacker! Repent and back to writing.
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dis thred
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Gentlemen. This thread,

Gentlemen. This thread is an eyesore.
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The writers do deserve some praise for their work, but it seems even the simplest "Thanks! You're awesome" is "ZOMG, LETMEMONGLEYOURCOCKHURRDURRR!!" Yes, the GM waifu threads are the cancer that's killing /th/, but stop over exaggerating ever little appreciation the writers get.

I would've expected the lot of you could decipher between the truths from the trolls, but I guess I was wrong.
No. 24475

I don't know. I think each story having it's own IRC room, every front page topic about it or hijacked to be, and each time a writer says something it's followed by five posts saying "OMG ME TOO!" is a bit overboard.
No. 24476
Well, the IRCs were suppose to be a meeting ground for BAD END AVERTED choices, but idiots will vote idiotic things and not everyone uses IRC (myself included), so the first two sort of validate each other.

That last one I haven't seen myself, but I agree, that does go from appreciation to major sucking up.
No. 24477
Wait, If I say stuff, people agree with me?! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!
No. 24478

We're so Kira & L!
No. 24479
File 120910235052.jpg - (49.02KB , 450x563 , 901ecd1670b63c9c4ab0d7b33ab7db18.jpg ) [iqdb]
It is overboard, but it's a fair cycle. YWUiG was the driving force. MiG picks up from there and keeps the drive alive as YWUiG transitions from "spam F5" to the DnD campaign. As Kira takes a break from "ZOMG WALLS OF TEXT AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE," SHaG and LA fill in with some alternative interpretations. As the new-comers start establishing themselves, YWUiG goes back to "unlimited F5 works; enjoy your despair" (we shall see).

The authors should enjoy their accolades, and rightfully so. Performing at the whim of anon, regardless of the particular flavor, isn't easy. I don't particularly begrudge them the cult status they achieve either, with the "OMG ME TOO" and "SCRON IS MAI WAIFU" (yes, the typo is intentional for the sarcastically impaired) drivel an understandable by-product. That's something beyond our control. Should it all become wholey distasteful, there's always /jp/ and /touhou/
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What is the whole Point of this Thread anyway?
No. 24483

Bitching. Writers posting as anon to make themselves look better and others worse. Cock fights. The usual.
No. 24484
>Cock fights

You are now picturing two naked Anons beating eachother off with their cocks
No. 24485

OMG, EVEN SCORN HAS GROUPIES NOW!?? Man, I keep trying to be fair and bias with both sides, but this is just too much to swallow.

Then again, this is was H-scenes get ya, right?
No. 24486
Needs less bitching and more writing.
No. 24487
GM was yesterday, you are my new God now.
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No. 24489

Stop that
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Holy shit when did that happen? My intention was to make the H unfappable due to horrible twists, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO LIKE THEM.

Also, yeah cock sucking is cock sucking. I imagine half the "ZOMG WAIFU" attention WUIG gets is because GM revealed she's a girl, fuck anyone who disagrees with me or misinterprets what I say. Doesn't change anything to me, but I'm more than willing to bet that there are ronery faggots that would swallow her shit whole if she would do so much as talk to them.

Besides I find "GET BACK TO WORK YOU LAZY NIGGER" more incentive to write than "Good work today, go rest you need it."
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No. 24501

I cannot find the words express my thoughts here, but I shall say I agree on every count. Therefore age, for all eyes to see.
No. 24504
You expected the depraved souls of Anonymous, the same Anon that found Schoolgirl in Concrete fappable, to NOT FAP to your "twisted" H? ...smh

No. 24511
>there are ronery faggots that would swallow her shit whole if she would do so much as talk to them

So true. It's really sad that there are people like that. I like WUIG, but it's getting pretty crapy lately, with all this plotless lack of action and rare updates. I couldn't care less about GM's gender in this situation.

And Scorn, your shit is not fappable, but it isn't that disgusting either. I've seen worse things, really.
No. 24513

That's just going to push him to new and more disturbing heights in his efforts to disgust us you know...
Oh well, it'll be fun to see what does actually work at turning Anon off.
No. 24517
File 120912453071.jpg - (42.63KB , 407x499 , 480.jpg ) [iqdb]
>That's just going to push him to new and more disturbing heights in his efforts to disgust us you know...

pic related
No. 24525
I see that as a challenge my good sir, Momi-pop will hopefully induce vomiting.
No. 24542
>>Also, yeah cock sucking is cock sucking. I >>imagine half the "ZOMG WAIFU" attention WUIG >>gets is because GM revealed she's a girl,

Yeah, no shit. No offense to her, but I hope she's a hideous hambeast just so these asskissers get owned.
No. 24846
Quit being mean to GM, guys.