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24215 No. 24215
Ugh. Due to a variety of factors, not limited to idiocy at my place of employment, MiG will not be happening today, unless it's much later. In any event, Have some Aya to tide you over.

No. 24220
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No. 24221
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No. 24227
File 120906042358.gif - (15.33KB , 275x489 , o-waritto.gif ) [iqdb]
Shit happens.
No. 24230
What? You motherf-SHAMEIMARU!!!
No. 24231
Life sucks, and it is your Day off too. God thanks there is always a tomorrow.
No. 24316
Taking another ZUN break, eh?

It's okay. We've all been there.
No. 24330
File 120906993941.png - (273.56KB , 479x361 , SHAMEIMARU.png ) [iqdb]
No. 24333
File 120907303682.jpg - (77.80KB , 664x718 , 1204726804449.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24341
File 120907578630.jpg - (39.41KB , 128x256 , shameimaru.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24370
You can't spell "Shameimaru" without "shame."
No. 24373
You also can't spell Shameimaru without maru.
No. 24380
File 120908861439.jpg - (427.84KB , 567x850 , 20071012014135.jpg ) [iqdb]
There is no "I" in "Aya".
No. 24382
"Shameful guy?"
No. 24398

There's a me in Shameimaru, though.
If you know what I mean.
No. 24512

I c wut u did ther
No. 24515
Im is in Shameimaru, as well.
No. 24518

So now it's DP. Anyone up for a third one?
No. 24520

Why not? There's u in there too.
No. 24849
Will we see any MiG today Kira?
No. 24906
No. 25418
Awesome show, guys! Bravo!
No. 25454
MiG or School Days or such Sometime later today. I've a crapton of stuff I have to do around the house that's piled up. It'll be about 3~5 hours before I start though.
No. 25460
School days

we need our weekly dose of Mokou
No. 25461
weekends are for school days
No. 25462
School Days on weekends.
But we just had a lot of action centered on Mokou yesterday.
No. 25463

Which Mokou are tou talking about?
No. 25464
We had no MiG for 3 days now. We need to catch up to it again.
No. 25467
File 120922292088.jpg - (118.89KB , 642x473 , 1192421015178.jpg ) [iqdb]
The one you murdered, Anonymous the Killer.
No. 25468
Why, the one whose liver we're about to eat.
No. 25473
GM quit for the day before we got to cut her open and eat her liver. At least we got Scorn to explain to us how to find the liver.
No. 25478
Basic anatomy to locate it and educated guess work on the removal, I am not a monster.

You damn americans just need 2gb2/school/
No. 25480
My headache stopped.
Mr. Dumbass dies. I switch back to Anonymous who doesn't afraid of anything.
No. 25482
we didn't have school days for a week now
school days wins (can we change the name? it's giving me a sense we'll eventually get nice boat'd)
No. 25495
Sure, as if normal people know where the liver is and how to best cut open a human being to get to it. Well maybe where the liver is, but not the rest.
No. 25496

"Gensokyo Academy" is what I thought the 'official' name of it was, really.
No. 25498

It's pretty simple if you think about it. You don't need to be a doctor to figure out how to take a specific blob out of someone's abdomen.
No. 25500
Official: Gensokyo Academy
Fanon: School Days

It goes both way, just like Rude Dude/Card Crusher.
No. 25501
>Sure, as if normal people know where the liver is and how to best cut open a human being to get to it.

Going in through the fleshy midsection and digging up under the ripcage is obviously going to be easier than going through it. It's logic and simple anatomy.

Jesus, are they still teaching the miasma theory of disease where you come from?
No. 25878
Right alongside the 4-element system and Galen's system of bodily humours!