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24091 No. 24091
”Sure.” You walk to the door and put you shoes on. Momizi looks happy.
”Great! Let’s go, she’s living nearby!” Momizi goes out.
When you get outside, you have much better view of house’s surroundings than in the evening. It’s positioned right next to the mountain, with forest next to path leading down the mountain. You take a look up, and notice that road continues for a while before it turns to stairs similar to what you saw leading to Hakurei shrine. You can faintly hear sound of waterfall coming from somewhere.
”Come on!” Momizi has already started walking down the path, and is urging you to follow her. Well, you said you’d go with her.

The sound gets louder soon, and you reach magnificent looking waterfall. You gasp. It’s bigger than anything you’ve ever seen. You can’t clearly see the end of it due to there being so much steam in the air.
”…That’s huge.” She looks back at you in wonder.
”Hm? Is it? I guess so.”
Maybe it’s because she’s used to it, or that there’s lots of waterfalls like that here, but she doesn’t seem to think much of it.
”We just have to go down these stairs and we’re at her house!” Momizi leads you to completely wet stone stairs going close to the waterfall, with no handrails at all. They’re pretty wide, but just one slip, and…
”Momizi, we’re going down these?”
”Sure! This is the shortest way since you can’t fly!”
The stairs seem really long. Aside from their lethality, you and Momizi would end up completely wet from steam while walking them down.
[ ] ”Okay, let’s go.”
[ ] ”There are other ways to get down, right?”
[ ] ”Wouldn’t it be faster if you carried me?”

So yeah, I'll be updating this today through the day whenever I find time for it.

No. 24093

[ x ] ”Okay, let’s go.”

Pfft, danger.
No. 24094
You just had to make this thread RIGHT when I was about to leave for school, didn't you?
No. 24095
Seriously, go to school. Board is slow as hell now so it'll be a while before decision is reached, and I've got to go to class that takes two hours.
No. 24096
[ ] ”Okay, let’s go.”

SHaG after lunch, just perfe-
>I've got to go to class that takes two hours.
No. 24097
[X] ”Wouldn’t it be faster if you carried me?”

Great, I'll get some sleep today, after all.
No. 24098
[x] ”Okay, let’s go.”
>Aside from their lethality, you and Momizi would end up completely wet from steam while walking them down

Were gonna see some skin trough those wet clothes
No. 24099
[X] ”Wouldn’t it be faster if you carried me?”
No. 24100
[ ] ”Okay, let’s go.”

Tempted to be carried, but I don't know how big/small Momizi is.

Also, god dammit, Vodka! Because of that cute, sleeping Momizi scene, I have to add SHaG to my reader's list now... starting now!
No. 24101
[X] ”Wouldn’t it be faster if you carried me?”
No. 24102
[ ] ”Okay, let’s go.”

Good idea, plus someone may slip and we'll have to take shelter in a cave or something
No. 24106
[ ] ”Okay, let’s go.”
No. 24108
[x] ”Okay, let’s go.”

It's not fun if there is no risk of severe bodily harm or death.
No. 24110
You brace yourself, no way you're gonna act like coward in front of Momizi ”Okay, let’s go.”
"Alright! I haven't ever used these myself either, so it'll definitely be interesting.
You swallow, and have one last look down the stairs before starting the decent.

At beginning it all goes well. The floor isn't that slippery, and sound of waterfall is quite pleasant.
>>But it gets worse. At some points the part of the stairs has fallen off, either due falling rocks(that you see quite few yourself), or just because of old age. But that's not the main problem.
>>At one particular tricky part there's lots of light rubble on floor, and you can't help it. You fall down. And it just so happens that floor is angled towards the fall, and you slide off the edge falling to your death. You can see that Momizi jumped after you, but she can't make it anymore...
You shake your head. Half of the way is already behind you, and there were no accidents, except that once when you fell on your butt and Momizi tried to help you up and she fell too.
Now you're both laughing with your clothes completely wet.
...You can almost see through Momizi's white shirt.

When you reach the bottom, Momizi immediately runs to small door at the base of waterfall and knocks.
"Nitori! Open up!"
Soon the door opens, and blue-haired girl about Momizi's age wearing green cap and blue dress comes out.
"Alright, alright, what with the..." She sees the state of Momizi's clothes and stops.
"...Why didn't you fly down?"
Before Momizi can answer she sees you behind her. "OH! So you're with somebody! That explains it, I see... But who is she? I haven't ever seen her before."
Momizi looks at you, unsure about what she should say.
[ ] Introduce yourself.
[ ] Introduce yourself, but lie about where you're from.
[ ] Let Momizi handle it.

And I'm back.
No. 24111
[ ] Let Momizi handle it.

Let's see what she thinks of us.
No. 24113
[x] Let Momizi handle it.
No. 24114
[ ] Introduce yourself.

We have to say ourself that we are Adahn.
No. 24117
[X] Let Momizi handle it.
No. 24118

[X] Let Momizi handle it.

See if she has something positive to say about us.
No. 24119
[ ] Let Momizi handle it.
No. 24120
[x] Introduce yourself.
No. 24121
[x] Let Momizi handle it.
No. 24122
I've never played Planetscape. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to say our name ten times?


[X] Introduce yourself.
No. 24123
No. As long as you don't tell the guy who magically appears that you're the jackass who's been going around saying his name.
No. 24124
[x] Introduce yourself.
Ominous Latin chanting is now playing in the background.
No. 24126
[X] Let Momizi handle it.
It would be better to introduce ourselves, but... Just so we can move on.
No. 24127
Momizi notices that you have no intentions of speaking yourself, and turns back to Nitori.
"Oh, this is Adahn. She's a... Friend living with me and Aya for a while."
Nitori nods in agreement. "I see, I see, but isn't she a human? You don't exactly visit the village regularly, how did you two end up knowing each other?"
"Ah, uhm..."
"Well, that's not important. Come inside and dry yourself up." She opens the round door for you, and following Momizi you go in.

Compared to Aya's place, Nitori's house is a mess. But in a sense, more modern. There's lots of electric equipment on floor, such as drills, computer keyboards and calculators. Most of them have been dismantled.
But there's also lots of speakers and CD-players on floor, most of which seem intact.
Apparently this isn't normal, as Momizi is suprised too. "Wow! Nitori, what are you up to now?"
"Well... Actually, that's a secret. Don't worry, you'll find out soon!"
"Aaw. Are you too busy for a game?"
"Too busy? No way, I could use a break." With that Nitori clears off table, knocking few PS2 controllers and cassettes to floor.

"No... That won't work..." You turn to Momizi and Nitori. No, they're playing some board-game completely quiet.
You look around to find the source of the noise, and soon notice that on the corner there's blonde-haired girl wearing sailor-uniform going through some papers, occasionally drawing on them, then talking to herself.
"What am I thinking..."
She rumples the papers and throws them to floor after which she continues scribbling something.
[ ] Have a look at what Nitori and Momizi are playing.
[ ] Try to talk to girl on corner.
[ ] Find somewhere to dry your clothes.

Thank you. And yeah, I've had this part written for almost fifteen minutes now.
To avoid stuff like this: If seven votes won't be reached in hour, then winner will be decided by which got most.
No. 24128
[X] Try to talk to girl on corner.


Might as well not interrupt the game, since that seems to be their idea of relaxation.
No. 24129
[x] Try to talk to girl on corner.

No. 24130
[ ] Have a look at what Nitori and Momizi are playing.
No. 24131
[ ] Try to talk to girl on corner.
No. 24132
[ ] Try to talk to girl on corner.
No. 24133
[ ] Find somewhere to dry your clothes.
Catching colds is bad.
No. 24134

Says you. Becoming bed-ridden with a cold = receiving love and care from Aya & Momizi.
No. 24136
[X] Try to talk to girl on corner.
No. 24138
[X] Try to talk to girl on corner.
No. 24139
File 120905040018.jpg - (324.85KB , 492x997 , the_most_moe_situation_09.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24140
[x] Try to talk to girl on corner.
"It's raping time!"
No. 24141
Caution! She has an invisible gun.
No. 24142
[ ] Try to talk to girl on corner.
No. 24143
File 120905179840.jpg - (88.21KB , 646x500 , 30so.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24144
You walk to girl who just keeps making notes on papers. Either she’s really busy, or incredible concentrated, as she doesn’t notice when you look over her shoulder.
Looks like she’s making some sort of blue-prints for-”HEY!”
A hit from rolled paper is delivered to your head, and you can’t help but to jump back. It didn’t hurt, but sudden hit was definitely enough to surprise you. You lift your head and see girl looking at you annoyed.
”What do you think you’re doing?”
”I, just,” You try to think up explanation quickly, ”I was just interested in what you were doing.”
She looks at you suspiciously. ”You didn’t see anything, right?”
”No! No I didn’t.”

She seems to calm down. ”Ah, that’s good,” She sighs; ”But you shouldn’t sneak on people like that.”
She turns back to her blueprints ”I’m busy, so talk to you later.”
You turn to leave, looking for some place to dry your clothes in. Having cold would not be very nice.
”Hey, wait a sec!” She jumps up from the chair and walks to you. ”Are you busy?”
[ ] ”Not really.”
[ ] ”Why do you ask?”
[ ] ”Yes, very.”
No. 24145
[ ] ”Not really.”
No. 24146
[ ] ”Why do you ask?”
No. 24147
[ ] ”Not really.”
[ ] Say your name 10 times.

Let's just get it over with.
No. 24148
[ ] ”Not really.”
No. 24149
What would you do with your personal clone? Name her Jane and send her to Forest of Magic to collect berries?
No. 24150
Call them Mini Me and take over the world
No. 24151

Do I smell a crossover?
No. 24152
[ ] ”Not really.”

cranberries from the mansion.
No. 24153
Hot, HOT lesbian sex.
No. 24154
My own clone, now neither of us will be virgins, etc
No. 24155
Keep the hell out of my forest.
No. 24157
[X] ”Not really. Why do you ask?”
No. 24158
I'd have a catfight over who gets the penis.
No. 24159
[ ] ”Not really. Why do you ask?”
I'd kill her and absorb her X-Parasite in order to get my Ice Beam back.
No. 24160
File 120905347242.jpg - (43.22KB , 580x531 , whoslaughingnow.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24161
File 120905380688.jpg - (83.31KB , 500x500 , 1206907318688.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ok I'ma go into the forest
No. 24162
[X] ”Not really.”

Guinea pig time!
No. 24164
File 120905449471.jpg - (32.88KB , 640x360 , 1196295564854.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24165
[ ] ”Not really.”
No. 24166
Go back writing about Captain Anon.
No. 24168
[X] ”Not really.”
No. 24175
[ ] ”Not really.”
No. 24188
”Not really.”
The girl's eyes blaze in joy. "Yes! Listen, I need you to do something for me." She hands you a paper with various things written on it, most of which you recognize. There's also her name there, written so fancy that you almost can't make it out.
"Chiyuri... Kitashiarkwaa?" You read it out. At least that's what you think it says.
"No no, see, it's 'Doctor Chiyuri Kitashirakawa'. But just call me Chiyuri."

"Anyway, I need you to get these for me." She pushes you a bit to make you leave faster. "You should be able to these from Kourindou, don't worry about money, he owes me. A LOT."
"If you bring everything, I'll give you something nice." And with that, she's back to her blueprints.
-Item received: Chiyuri's shopping list!-
You're almost about to leave, when it comes to you that you don't know just where this Kourindou is.
Momizi and Nitori are still going at their game. How long is it going to take? Momizi has taken her shirt off and placed on top of some kind of heater, now she's just wearing a t-shirt.
[ ] Just go.
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[ ] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."
[ ] "Chiyuri, I'm not gonna do this."
No. 24189

[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
No. 24191
[ ] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."
No. 24192
[X] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."

I remember reading that Momizi and Nitori tend to have games that last a damn long while.
No. 24193
[X] Just go.
No. 24194
[X] Just go.

Random destination time!
No. 24195

[x] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."
No. 24197
[ ] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."
No. 24198
[ ] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."

C'mon Chiyuri, at least give us a map.
No. 24199
[ ] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."

We wouldn't want to ruin their game, and I know we wouldn't want death by rushing waters!
No. 24200
[x] Ask Momizi to come with you.
No. 24202
[x] Just go.

Anon is a cool TG'd dude, he/she goes to an unknown place without a map and doesn't afraid of anything.
No. 24203
[X] Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is.
No. 24205
[x] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."
No. 24219
>[x] "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."

Fly right home to the human village, Kourindou is a bit north near the forest.

Gonna help us a lot.
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.

On foot, it'll take the whole day to get there and back to the mountain.
No. 24234
The excitement that you got of her wears of and you walk back to her. "Chiyuri, I don't know where the shop is."
She looks at you in disbelief.
"Seriously, I have no idea."
She continues to stare, until she rolls her eyes. She probably figured that you weren't joking.
"Alright... Listen, you take the road down the mountain, after which you take the path towards the forest. Go through it, and soon you should reach it." She sighs.
"If you can fly, the trip shouldn't take more than a hour." You get long, annoyed look from Chiyuri. "You know how to fly, right?"
And she turns back to her table, and continues scribbling.

...Best not to annoy her any more.
Momizi and Nitori seem to have paused their game, and now they're staring at you.
Seems like you attracted quite bit of attention when speaking to Chiyuri.
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[ ] Ask Nitori to come with you.
[ ] Go alone
No. 24235
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
No. 24237
[X] Ask Momizi and Nitori to come with you.

Hay Guise, Y not boff?
No. 24238

[x] Ask Momizi to come with you.

Damn our human limitations of nonflight.
No. 24239
[x] Ask Momizi to come with you.
more moemizi relationship points
No. 24241
[x] Ask Momizi to come with you.
No. 24242
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[ ] Ask Nitori to come with you.

They are girls, we are a girl. We are shopping. THEY CANNOT RESIST OUR OFFER!
No. 24243
[x] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[x] Ask Nitori to come with you.

why not both of them? the one we don't pick is gonna get bored there. And Momizi wanted to spend some time with Nitori anyway.
No. 24245
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[ ] Ask Nitori to come with you.

I guess extra company is nice.
No. 24246
What he said! Nothing comes between a girl and her shopping!

[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[ ] Ask Nitori to come with you.
No. 24247
File 120906189579.png - (369.37KB , 800x600 , UNLIMITEDIDORTWORKS.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[x] Ask Nitori to come with you.
So, as I pray,
"Unlimited Idort Works"
No. 24249
[x] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[x] Ask Nitori to come with you.
No. 24250
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
No. 24251
[X] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[X] Ask Nitori to come with you.

I can find no fault in this logic.
No. 24252
[X] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[X] Ask Nitori to come with you.
No. 24261
[X] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[X] Ask Nitori to come with you.

C'mon it will be fun!
No. 24262
[ ] Ask Momizi to come with you.
[ ] Ask Nitori to come with you.
No. 24266
[X] Ask Nitori to come with you.
[X] Ask Momizi to come with you.

I'm totally goin' against the flow, man.
No. 24268
X] Ask Nitori to come with you.
[X] Ask Momizi to come with you.

the more the merrier
No. 24269
...Wow. And when I left the computer I was slightly worried that you actually might not pick that.
No. 24272
Would going it alone lead to Keine saving us in a Big Damn Heroes moment, followed immediately by a caving?
No. 24274
No. 24275
What would Keine be doing on Youkai Mountain? No, depending on choice after that you would've either died or met Hina.
No. 24276

So either way we'd be screwed.
No. 24277
Thought so. I've had enough of Hina from the other VNs!
No. 24278
..We missed a chance to bang Angra Mainyu. Damn.
No. 24291
You walk to Momizi and Nitori. "I'm going to Kourindou to by few things for Chiyuri. Wanna come along?"
They look at each other for a moment, and Momizi stands up. "Well, I don't mind. What about you, Nitori?"
Nitori is playing with her fingers flustered. "Ah, well..." She looks at Chiyuri. "I have lots of work to do, so..."
"Don't worry about it! We're almost done for today!"
"Ah." Nitori seems to be unsure about what to do, but when you and Momizi walk towards door she gets up and rushes after you.

After you get out into open Momizi looks at you. "You don't know how to fly, right? I'll carry you."
She lifts you up with much lesser ease than Aya, but rises and starts flying towards flying down the mountain towards the forest in distance. Nitori follows quietly.
In the distance you see the shrine you were at yesterday. It finally hits you just how fast Aya carried you to her place from there. Compared to Momizi she's on completely different class.
Trip is going nicely, but it's quiet.
[ ] "Nitori, what are you working on with Chiyuri?"
[ ] "Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"
[ ] "What's up with Chiyuri?"
[ ] Silence is good.

I have to get up at like six in the morning tomorrow to take my sister to volley-ball game, so that's it for today.
No. 24296
[x] Silence is good.
We need to save our energy to fend off the advances of MANnosuke.
No. 24297
[ ] "Nitori, what are you working on with Chiyuri?"

Expecting something that ends with "TANK"
No. 24298
[X] "Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"

I'm actually kind of interested in that.

Anyway, get more than the hour of sleep that I'm operating on. I dislike even the memory of the hell that is waking up any time before seven or eight.
No. 24299
[X] "Nitori, what are you working on with Chiyuri?"
No. 24303
[ ] "Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"
No. 24307
[X] "Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"
No. 24309
[x] "Nitori, what are you working on with Chiyuri?"
A Metal Gear?
No. 24313
[x] "Nitori, what are you working on with Chiyuri?"
I want to know what Super Science is capable of.
No. 24314
[ ] "What's up with Chiyuri?"
No. 24323
[X] "Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"

Chiyuri's project will come out on its own. Now's a good time for some backstory.
No. 24325
[ ] "Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"

I'll add mine for good measure.
No. 24326
[x] "Nitori, what are you working on with Chiyuri?"
No. 24334
Jesus H, I just realized something fantastic.

The two principle Gensokyo stories, WUiG and MiG, have long been surrounded with the feel/running joke of the Unlimited Egg Works and being Rinnosuke's past self, and all the other fun F/sn associated stuff.
But this... this is different, and yet, it can still fit into that: this is the Shirouko version of F/sn.

I can't describe how awesome this realization was.
No. 24335
[X] "Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"
For exactly the reasons given in >>24323
No. 24342
File 120907643743.jpg - (240.08KB , 800x600 , 9cb3264a858be8525cf056654aff837a.jpg ) [iqdb]

Shirouko, eh?
No. 24347
File 120907677934.jpg - (67.92KB , 600x849 , c8eecce1146d928464e56810bc56cda6.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24348
File 120907682951.jpg - (149.35KB , 600x839 , 9812c16c42b1e924d4f4a9421f0cec72.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24349
File 120907840558.png - (133.18KB , 280x446 , 1205452697332.png ) [iqdb]
Doin it right?
No. 24350
File 120907862353.jpg - (96.39KB , 800x600 , rin facepalm1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24356
no u doin it rong
No. 24358
File 120908104649.jpg - (61.71KB , 579x538 , Shirou(ko).jpg ) [iqdb]
Posting extra Shirouko to counteract the fail of Maid Shirou.
No. 24359
File 120908127930.jpg - (82.02KB , 600x839 , shirouko - broadsword 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24360
File 120908134227.jpg - (79.42KB , 582x823 , shirouko - broadsword.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24361
File 120908141569.jpg - (68.08KB , 600x625 , shirouko new 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24363
File 120908161224.jpg - (42.03KB , 431x600 , shirouko new 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24364
File 120908164559.jpg - (26.75KB , 284x450 , shirouko new 3.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24365
File 120908167637.jpg - (87.33KB , 738x500 , shirouko new 4.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24366
File 120908173496.jpg - (107.52KB , 567x789 , shirouko new 5.jpg ) [iqdb]
At last, the balance is restored.
No. 24368
FSN Would have been so much more badass if Shirou had been a girl.
No. 24372
I've made this claim quite often, myself.

Also, I had a thought, the other day:
Even in the Ayako/Saver thing in the artbook, the whole "lol wut genderswapping history" thing with Saber being Arthur could still have been preserved, if Saver was the incarnation of Joan of Arc.
No. 24499
No post now, this'll after about two hours. Just thought I'd say few things.
1. It'll be a while before there's gonna be actual h-scene. But I might add something to bad-ends.
2. ...Why did I write 3 before 2?
3. So far I think that worst scene has been talking with Chiyuri the second time. That felt really weak.
Complaints and questions about story and whatever are welcome.
No. 24506
Yeah, it was sorta lacking, but it got what needed to be done (and quite predictably by the true Touhou fans, I might add).

I haven't read the other three threads yet, but it looks pretty go from what I've read. BTW, same Anon as >>24100. That Momizi scene was just to cute to the imagination!
No. 24521
File 120912949335.jpg - (146.06KB , 650x400 , 03269b66ee32df2890f886442648d5af.jpg ) [iqdb]
You almost ask Nitori about the project she’s working on, but pass. If it’s that important you should learn about it sooner or later. You’re more interested in something else.
"Momizi, how did you meet Nitori?"
She slows down and seems to think. ”Well... Ah, it’s not that interesting, you shouldn’t think about it.” Momizi tries to avoid your look, and Nitori speaks up.
”What are you talking about Momizi? If she wants to hear it then tell her, we’ve got time.”
”But really, it’s not…” Nitori continues to stare, and after a while Momizi gives up. ”…Fine.” She lets out small sigh.
”I don’t think you know that it’s also my job to keep watch on this mountain, although lately I’ve been doing errands around Gensokyo since almost no strangers come here. Anyway, some time ago I was doing the usual patrol around the mountain, when I saw somebody suspicious.”
”What do you mean by suspicious?!” Nitori is blushing and looking at Momizi furious.
”You asked me to tell the story and I’m doing it.”
”Uuu…” Nitori is sulking, now that she realized that Momizi’s story wouldn’t paint the best picture of her to you.

Momizi continues; ”So, she was sneaking around the place, probably looking for something. I did what anybody would’ve done in the same situation, and went to talk to her. Can you imagine what she did when she saw me?”
”No, what?”
”She started shooting at me with… Some gun! We ended up in a fight, which she fled. She dived in to water and I couldn’t find her anymore. But it didn’t look like she got what she was looking for, so I started keeping watch on that place. It didn’t take long for her to show up again, and this time I had a plan. I decided to sneak up from behind her.”

”Did it work?”
”…Not really. She noticed me, and I ended up chasing her all over the mountain. Finally when we were back at the waterfall with us both out of breath I managed to ask just what she was doing here. Turns out she was looking for place to live in that was away from humans.”
”What, she doesn’t like them?”
”No, but that’s what I thought too. Later I learned that she just didn’t know how to deal with them, nor with Youkai. She’s desperately shy.”
”Uu..” Nitori really isn’t enjoying the way story is going, but Momizi continues.
”I directed her to the abandoned house under waterfall. She was incredibly glad for it, and invited me to come play Dai shogi. I couldn’t play at all in the beginning, but eventually learned and started visiting regularly.” Momizi let’s out sigh as sign of the end for story.

”And that’s how I came to know Nitori.”
”Momizi, that was horrible! What are you telling to somebody that doesn’t even know me yet?!”
Momizi grins ”If you wanted to present yourself better, you should have told the story.” She looks down to you. ”What do you think Adahn?”
[ ] ”It was interesting.”
[ ] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[ ] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
[ ] ”You were right. It was boring.”

Originally that last part read ”She turns to you” but then I started thinking that how the hell that would happen.
And I spent good amount of time looking for picture to go with this, but I only ended up thinking that what the hell is the logic behind Hina X Nitori pairing. I ended up picking this.
No. 24522
[ ] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
No. 24523
>what the hell is the logic behind Hina X Nitori pairing
Hina's constant spinning can be used to power an electrical generator, which makes her very useful to Nitori.

[x] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
followed by
[x] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
No. 24524
[x] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”

Anon knows well that one can live their life without physical contact.
No. 24528
[x] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
followed by
[x] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
No. 24529
[X] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
No. 24531
[ ] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
No. 24535
[x] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[x] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?
No. 24600
[x] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[x] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?
No. 24620
[ ] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[ ] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
No. 24770
[ ] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[ ] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
No. 24801
x] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[x] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?
No. 24871
[ ] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[ ] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?”
No. 24928
[x] ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.”
[x] ”Why did the mountain have to be patrolled?
No. 25216
where are you, vodka?
No. 25237
You look at Nitori while Momizi is carrying you. ”Cheer up Nitori, it’s not a big deal.” You say this with honest, wide smile on your face. Whole scene is so silly that Nitori can’t help but to stop and laugh it off. Well, you managed to cheer her up. That’s the main point, isn’t it?
”Aaah-hahaa… I guess so, thanks Adahn.”
You turn your gaze back to Momizi. ”But really, why did that mountain have to be patrolled? Don’t you want strangers there?”
”Hmm, it’s not exactly that. People on Moriya shrine would be glad about visitors, but earlier when they weren’t here we just wanted to stop people from harming themselves. It’s not nice to have bad reputation because some idiots decide to go around eating humans.”
You freeze when you hear that. Well, freeze as much as you can while being carried, but Momizi notices it.
”Huh, what’s the matter?”
”Uh… Youkais eat humans?”
Nitori gasps. ”You really didn’t know?! Wow, just what are you?”
Flight goes on quiet with you wondering about just how big danger you’ve been in all the time. Do Aya and Momizi… No way.

After a while you arrive to the little house in the forest with sign ”Kourindou” over it. Momizi lands and places you down. The earth under your feet is incredible sweet after that long flight.
”Well, this is it. Kourindou, shop where you can find almost anything if it happens to be there.” Momizi begins to walk towards the door, but stops when sounds comes out of the store.
”Hey! What’re you doing, treatin’ customer like like this?!” The sound is angry, belonging to girl.
”Even if you are a customer, you don’t trash around in the store! Out!” Other voice is that of man’s, and a lot calmer, but still angry.
Soon… Traditional witch, that’s the best way you can come up with to describe that girl. Anyway, she flies out of store and lands on her butt.
”OW! Damnit Kourin, I’ll show you…!” She pulls something out of her dress and points it towards the shop’s door.
”Aah! It’s the white-black!” Nitori is taking cover behind Momizi, who also preparing herself for worst.
”Master….” Something seems to glow in girl’s hands.
[ ] Stop her.
[ ] Don’t stop her.
[ ] Take cover behind Momizi.

Oh look, it calmed down.
I was eating. Family dinners are always awesome, this time we talked about crazy Swedish kings, lawyers and... Some other stupid crap. I love Fridays.
No. 25238
[ ] Take cover behind Momizi.
No. 25240
[ ] Stop her

doesn't afraid of anything
No. 25241
[ ] Stop her.
No. 25242
[x] Stop her.
With the back of your hand.
No. 25243
[ ] Stop her.
No. 25244
[ ] Stop her

excuse me wtf do u think ur doing?
No. 25245
[x] Stop her
No. 25246
[ ] Stop her.
No. 25247
[X] Stop her.
No. 25250
You're either from Finland, Swidland (yeah i knwo it isn't written like that, screw you all) or Israel.
My guess is Israel
name it
No. 25251
[X] Stop her.

I think we need that there shop.
No. 25252
I'm Finnish. But why do you think I'd be from Israel? Really, I'm curious.
No. 25253
[x] Stop her
No. 25254
[ ] Stop her.
No. 25255
The hell? Marisa's planning to Spark Kourin/Kourindou? Gah! It's MiG-style Bizarro Gensokyo all over again!
No. 25256
[ ] Stop her.
Bitch, be good!
No. 25257
I think she's just trying to give everyone a scare, but I'd slap her regardless.
No. 25258
Wondering that, myself.
No. 25262
[ ] Stop her.

Rinnosuke would never kick anyone out of his store.
No. 25263
Something bad is about to happen, probably to that store. And you need that store. So, you do the first thing that comes to your mind and make rush to the witch.
”STOP!” You scream as you tackle her, just in time as she finished her spell, or whatever it was. ”SPAAAARGH!”
You don’t see it, but something definitely happened. Wind pushes you down, lying heavily on top of the girl. You notice that she has her arm pointed up, holding some card.
The wind dies out soon and you get up. The girl is lying on the ground with shocked look, and you snatch the card from her hand. It’s simple, with few words written on it in clear hand-writing.
”Wood Sign: ’Sylphae Horn’.” Doesn’t say anything to you. There’s a small note on lower right corner. ”Good for Thursdays.” That doesn’t exactly help either.
You shrug, and throw the card to girl’s face. You walk to the store, and take a look inside from open door.

You’re not impressed. The story isn’t messy, but unorganized as hell, with swords coming out of old fridges, washing machine stuffed with magazines and dozen or so light-guns placed next to various extension cords.
You can’t see all of the store, with shelves covering your view. But what really catches your attention is lying on the floor.
It’s a silver-haired man. Sitting on the floor with his legs spread, looking at the witch you knocked down with his mouth open. He’s wearing some kind of blueish kimono, and glasses.
Now that you think about it, everybody you’ve seen in here since you arrived have been girls. So that’s what was bugging you.
You’re not impressed with the man either.
[ ] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
[ ] Look at the man with slightly amused look on your face.
[ ] Take a look around the store.
[ ] Leave the store. Fast.
No. 25264
He IS amazingly mild-mannered. It would be a startling occasion where he kicked Marisa out. She'd have to really muck things up.
No. 25265
[x] Take a look around the store.
No. 25267
[X] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25268
[X] Look at the man with slightly amused look on your face.
No. 25269
>”Wood Sign: ’Sylphae Horn’.”
>”Good for Thursdays.”

Oh, Patchouli.

[ ] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25271
[X] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25273
[ ] Go past the man into the store and make coffee.

[ ] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25274
[X] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25275
[x] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25276
[X] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25277
Heh, yeah. Just got that.

[X] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25278
[x] Take a look around the store.
Resist the gland, Anonko. One moment you're reaching to his hand asking if he needs help, and the next you'll wake up naked in his bed wondering what the hell just happened.
No. 25280
>You shrug, and throw the card to girl’s face.
Apparently this Anon is suicidal even without our help. Good thing we're on EASY MODO.
No. 25281

Unless you wanted to hump Momizi

[ ] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25282

No. 25283
With Momizi and Rinnosuke? You wish.
No. 25284
Aya and Momizi. I hear Tengu are pretty fast.
No. 25285
[X] Reach for the man ”Need a hand?”
No. 25286
File 120915305080.gif - (57.85KB , 1024x768 , 1205736428601.gif ) [iqdb]
Go for it Anonko, delicious Rinnosuke
No. 25288
How about Momizi and Aya then? Or Momizi, Aya and Nitori?
No. 25289

and who doesn't want to hump momizi ?
No. 25291
Someone who has lost his mind?
I know I want to hump her.
Over and over again.
If you know what I mean
No. 25300
He does look kind of poor, just sitting on the floor like that. You reach for him while smiling. ”Need a hand?”
Soon he snaps out of it, and grabs your arm. ”Yes, thank you.”
You pull him up, and he brushes some dust off himself. ”I can’t thank you enough, who know what would had happened if she had activated that spell-card to the store.”
The witch has managed to get up too, and now is staggering inside. ”Says you! I was just givin’ you a scare!” She gives you a angry gaze. ”And who’re you to go around knocking people down?”
Momizi walks in, with Nitori following close behind. ”Marisa, if she hadn’t done it, I would had.” Momizi speaks boldly, with Nitori trembling behind her. Does she fear the witch that much?
Marisa turns to them, ignoring you. ”Oh-ho! If it isn’t the fox and kappa! Got tired of sittin’ on that mountain, huh?” Nitori squeaks, and steps towards door.
Momizi sighs, and bows to man. ”Pleased to meet you, Rinnosuke.”
Rinnosuke lets out smile in response to her formality. ”Ahaha, it’s fine. Nice to see you too, Momizi.”

Marisa doesn’t seem to be happy being ignored, and graphs Kourin.
”Don’t think I’ve forgiven you for throwin’ me out like that! The fall hurt!”
Rinnosuke steps back. ”Marisa, you had already broken one of cameras. I couldn’t be sure about what you would’ve done next.”
”Oh, come on! Yukari gets them for you like every month! One or two is not a big deal.”
Marisa starts arguing with Rinnosuke, who doesn’t seem to be doing that well. Looks like it was just a sudden burst when he threw Marisa out.
[ ] ”Hey, calm down guys!”
[ ] ”Marisa, what were you thinking?”
[ ] ”Rinnosuke, don’t you know that customer is always right?”
[ ] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
[ ] Ignore them and look around the store.

...I won't even try to write anything after this. Story is just not coming out right at the moment.
No. 25302
[ ] Ignore them and look around the store.

Let them sort it out
No. 25303
[ ] Ignore them and look around the store.
No. 25304
>>and graphs Kourin.
...Marisa doesn't graph Kourin. She grabs him.
No. 25305
[ ] Ignore them and look around the store.
No. 25306
[X] Ignore them and look around the store.

They're good friends, huh?
No. 25307
[X] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”

Don't forget, we're here on a mission. For SCIENCE!
No. 25309
[x] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
Let's take the attention away from Marisa, and see how she reacts.
No. 25310
[x] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
No. 25311
[X] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
No. 25312
[X] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
No. 25313
[x] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
No. 25314
[x] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
No. 25323
[x] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”
No. 25331
[X] Ignore them and look around the store.
No. 25332
Friday family dinners- you'll find that mostly in jewish houses, deduced israel from your timezone.
Well, we share a timezone, my friend.
No. 25334
The abbreviation of the story made me think vodka was a brit.
No. 25347

[x] Shoplift
No. 25348
I believe Anon is Caucasian in this story.
No. 25366
[X] ”I’ve got this shopping list, could you help me?”

>...I won't even try to write anything after this. Story is just not coming out right at the moment.
You're doing fine so far, if that's what you're worried about. Style is great, Anonko is a fantastic idea, don't worry, be happy, tail feel so good.
No. 25403
He means he can't articulate his thoughts, the writing isn't matching what he's trying to say. Let him take a break, a nap and a decent meal will get the brain back in gear.
No. 25439
Marisa called Momizi a fox. unforgivable.
No. 25442

Well, they are both canids.