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Ok u guyz
i just noticed that although WUiG and MiG are going on, there's still a lot of room for another one, perhaps.
I'm a total NEET and kind of a hikkikomori, awake 18 hours a day and ALWAYS has a computer with me, be it my desktop or laptop.
meaning- except from a few brakes during the day, i can write as much as you want.
thinking of something a bit more on the humor side, less on the serious one. kinda like GSQ.
your call- should i give it a go?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] Genuflect
in case of a yes, i'll get myself a name&trip
God fuck no.
[ ] No

Now we're pushing it, a new one started up in /sdm/ and we've just had a full day of three active threads in /th/.

Give it time, there's pretty much something on every night now. If anything else dies soon then move in.

If you insist on writing because you are stubborn\awesome go write in one of the unclaimed regional boards.

Sorry to shoot you down there feller but it's getting full in here, competition does improve the various works but we're getting close to watering down the value of the idea now.
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I don't like following about seven different text visual novels.
Though, I'm all for a dedicated school days in Gensokyo.

Though maybe that's a bad idea.
If you do make one, don't make one where anon magically ends up in Gensokyo and is thrown into caraaaaaaazy adventures.
At least explain yourself, faggot
Noted. didn't know there were THAT many. will hold off for now.
If i were a stubborn faggot i'd just start the story without even making this thread.
Limited adventure would be fine. Give those other sections some life.
Another full scale one? Fuck no. Four at once is already pushing it.
A little "might be" spoiler (in case this gig DOES go off in the end)
My anon doesn't get gapped in by Yukari.
he fucking RAMS his way into gensokyo, in a CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY way, while at it.
>RAMS his way into gensokyo
.....Oh fuck, now you got my interest
Sure, why not?
Maybe you should start and see how the first thread goes, then deside.
Sleep time (GMT+2)
keep piling up replies, i'll decide in the morning baced on the opinions given why to do/not do it.
will be back in about 6 hours or so.
More is better; it distracts me from my horrible loneliness.
I'm afraid I'll have to vote [X] No on this one. Three stories going on at once in the main section is a nice limit. You can always start in another section of the board though.
i welcome our new writefriend overlord.
>awake 18 hours a day and ALWAYS has a computer with me

I see what you did there.
I'd say [X] Yes, but only if it's on a currently dead board. The bit about anon fucking ramming into Gensokyo is what really interests me.
Do it, but only if you keep it comedy, unlike MiG which went to DARK and GRIM and DRAMA.
A new FUIG would be nice.
Yeah, something like FUiG would be awesome.
LHC, LHC, suck my dick, L~H~C~

. . . Or something, I really couldn't come up with anything clever for this. Nyoro~n
>Okay, you guys.
>I just noticed that although WUiG and MiG are going on, there's still a lot of room for another one, perhaps.
>I'm a total NEET and kind of a hikkikomori, awake 18 hours a day, and ALWAYS have a computer with me, be it my desktop or laptop.
>Meaning--except for a few breaks during the day, I can write as much as you want.
>I'm thinking of something a bit more on the humorous side, less on the serious one, Kind of like GSQ.
>Your call: should I give it a go?
>[ ] Yes
>[ ] No
>[ ] Genuflect
>In case of a "yes", I'll get myself a name & trip.

Oh, hey, I fixed your utter massacre of the English language.
[x] Yes

But there will be a lot of grammar nazis around usually

Well, he did say it would be like GSQ. It wouldn't be authentic if it didn't have horrible grammar.
GSQ is the worst thing this board has generated, and the less said about it, the better. That being said, if you don't think you can do better than it then for the love of all that is holy don't try.
Why is it the worst?
Yeah, I'd like to know too. GSQ was amusing and seemed to move at moderately good pace. SHaG is slow as hell and currently has no plot or point in it.

I would guess it's because GSQ was really hard on the eyes, and got a bit too LOL RANDOM XD at times.
Morning everyone
Capital letter fag, you may STFU. (I'm not an Amerifag/Britfag, learned English myself from scratch)
In case i start writing, i'll use capital letters. In my casual posts i usually don't bother to, but here, so you can be happy.
Ok, i see mixed reactions here. You need to make it more decisive
I'll start to write the storyline, may post the first post during noon (when more of you are awake)
Go for it, someones bound to be butthurt over letters anyway.

As stated before, please do it one of the unloved sections.

I'd recommend /border/ based on the way the story sounds.
"I" is always capitalized, including in conjunctions such as "I'll."

And yes, use one of the other sections to avoid crowding /th/.

The people that hated GSQ were either grammar nazis that couldn't shut up or butthurt virgins annoyed that the GSQ anon was getting more action than they were.
Whenever you ask why anyone didn't like it they just say "OMG GRAMMAR SUCKS".

By the way, OP, if you're learning english from scratch, make sure you learn the right english. That is, there's another "u" in humour.
Sorry, can't change it now, too late.
I don't see any need for an extra "u", can't bring myself to write "Colour" instead of "Color" and such.
Besides, nost of this board is populated by Amerifags, so i see no problem here.
Decided to limit it to /Border/
Now i just need to figure how i change the storyline to fit there and there only.
Will probably start tomorrow.
GSQ was really silly at times. Fanfiction.net silly. But at least we raped Tewi.
It was more than just grammar. The story was jumpy and the characters' dialog was written poorly. The author just didn't know how to write well.
In our dreams.

The damn archive never loads for me. Anyone else have this problem?
This kind of life is rough. Ever since that time you became her personal bitch things have sucked. Carry this, do that blah blah blah. But now it has gotten worse. She would get you excited, give you a bit pleasure, and then leave you with blue balls. Today was not going to be different, or so you thought.
You are chained to a wall, and Tewi is sitting in your lap. She is gripping your man meat hard, moving her slender, soft fingers up and down on your shaft, painfully slowly. You can see it from the look on her face, she is enjoying torturing you.
"Well my little slave, how does it feel" She picks up the pace, and just when the pleasure is starting to feel really good, slows down, and hops off of your lap.
You can't take it anymore.
You break free from the chains with ease, and tackle her to the ground. Tewi seems a bit surprised at this.
"Oi, human, what are you doing"?
You pin her down, and spread her legs. She seems a bit scared at you now, but it just gets you harder.
"He-hey human, what are you-"
But she never has a chance to finish what she was saying. You push your erect penis against her panties, which are a bit soaked from her own juices. She must have gotten really excited while torturing you.
She has tensed up, as you rub yourself against her little rabbit hole. Soon her resisting is becoming weaker, as she is loosing her ability to think straight. She seems confused. There are tears in her eyes, and she looks at you with fear, but at the same time her body language suggests that she is ready.
"Ple-, Please-"This snaps you back to reality, as her voice sounds like she is about to cry. you are about to let her go, until
"d- don't's..stop"
You look at her face. She seems to be avoiding your gaze, and you let her go. She removes her panties, and lays down infront of you. Before you have any time to act, she thrusts herself at you, burying you Pen0r in her vag00. The feeling, you can't describe it. It feels like you own penis is creating a new path for itself into something warm, soft and wet.
You know what to do. Slowly, as gently as you can, you start the thrusting movement. You soon pick up the pace, creating wet sounds of flesh hitting flesh. She arches her back, trying to grip the floor in ecstasy with her hands.
You lift her up, on top of yourself, and she places her hands on your shoulders. you presume the motion of the art of loving, and she grips your shoulders so hard, that her nails draw blood. her body starts to convulse, and she lets out the loudest cry of ecstasy you have ever hear.
But it's not the sound that shocks you, it's the feeling. Your dick, deep inside Tewi, feels like it is being massaged from everywhere. It feels like Tewis milking you, urging you to shoot out your load. And that my friend is what you do.
You feel your penis filling her shot after shot with your own juice.
Tewi is resting against your chest, with your dick still inside her. Jizz and her own juices are dripping down along her tights, dropping or your lap. She presses her small body so close to you as she can, hugging you tightly.
Please don't do that.
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... is there something wrong with you? How can you NOT like that?
It's because I twitch when I see the last word of a sentence followed by NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL followed by an ending quotation mark.
I'm not kidding. I actually twitch. The whole bottom right side of my face sort of jerks, a bit to the right, and then returns to its normal position. That's a twitch, I think.

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