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You try the door and are quite surprised to find the door unlocked. You slip in side and close the door behind you quietly. Tewi is standing there, digging through a box. You seem to be in a guard station of some variety. Looking around you see your possessions on a nearby table. You quickly rush over and gather them up. You check the box. It doesn’t seem to have been opened. At least, you hope it hasn’t. You sigh in relief. You go to put the button back on when Tewi is suddenly beside you and stops you.
“Not yet. C’mon. I got what I needed from here. Hurry. We probably don’t have much time to get out of here.”
You finish loading your stuff up, and adjusting Eirin on your back, you charge out after Tewi.

Some time later.

You and Tewi are running furiously. You probably have half of the tengu on the mountain after you at this moment, the only thing keeping them from descending upon you at this very moment is the fact that they have absolutely no idea where you are. Tewi skids to a stop and you follow suit, almost flying off the cliff that caused Tewi to stop.
“Well, it would seem that we have arrived at an impasse.” Tewi looks down, as do you. It’s far too far to jump from here, and it’s too far for you to be able to climb easily, especially with Eirin in the state she’s currently in. Somewhere behind you a tengu shouts. Damn it. It seems that you’ve been found out. Well, there’s no choice left you just have to . . .
“C’mon!” Tewi’s waving at you as she starts to climb some stairs that are carved into the side of the stone face behind the waterfall. You quickly follow suit, trying to not slip on the water covered stone steps. You somehow make it to the top of the stairs which lead out to a path along side the waterfall. Tewi quickly vanishes up ahead of you. The path heads both up and down the hillside. You glance down and think you see someone at the bottom of the path. You can’t really be sure from this distance, and really, you don’t have the time to bother. You quickly follow up the path behind Tewi. After a short while the path levels off and you find yourself near the top of the falls. Tewi is nowhere to be seen, and you’re not quite sure where you’re at. There’s some foliage nearby that seems to lead off towards the forest, There’s a small rope bridge over the river just before it becomes the water fall, and the path continues off past the foliage.

[ ] Follow path.
[ ] Into the foliage.
[ ] Over the bridge.
[X] Into the foliage.

She surely couldn't have gone across the bridge so quickly. And I can't think she would intentionally try to lose us just like that, especially with us carrying such precious cargo now.
[x] Follow path.
[X] Into the foliage.

Rabbits like foliage, don't they?
[X] Into the foliage.
[ ] Into the foliage.
[ ] Into the foliage.
Just because I don't know what a foliage is
[ ] Into the foliage.
[X] Into the foliage.
[ ] Into the foliage.

Cliche bridge breaking
[x] Inventory

Did we get the doll back?
[x] Into the foliage.
"Battle in the Base" is now playing manually in your head.
[ ] Into the foliage.
Nowhere to be seen = into the forest.
Let's see.

[ ] Follow path.

Pro: In the open, we can't be surprised so easily.

Con: In the open, no where to hide

[ ] Into the foliage.

Pro: Cover

Con: Works both ways.

[ ] Over the bridge.

Pros: Enemies can only come one at a time, if they aren't on th other side we're safe and could even cut the bridge

Cons: They could cut the bridge with us on it, it's in the open again and that's no good against people who can fly.

[ ] Over the bridge.

I say
[ ] Into the foliage.

Too easy to be seen on the path, and this is doubly true of the bridge.
[X] Into the foilage.
[ ] Into the foliage.
[ ] Inventory.
Why are we so sure Tewi is on our side?
They'll just fly over the river.
precious cargo is precious and also mortal.
We're carrying Eirin? She has helped us all along? hurr?

Because we have her owner hanging on our backside.
File 120897942970.png - (84.61KB, 620x752 , 120792095357.png) [iqdb]
Because we want to ruffle her. In various places
Because she owes our sorry ass, and she's delivering on it right now.
Tewi promised to save us when we first tried to escape Eientei. She blamed her self for our capture and promised to come along when Erin told her to.

Plus she loves Reisen and Reisen is sweet on us.

Tewi always seems to show up at the last second, seems odd to me.
1000years to perfect the style factor.
[x] Into the foliage.



Luck and Surprise are on her side.

You have no idea how many times I've died to her in IN...
It's just her style or that's the way her luck ability works.
[x]into tewi's foliage
[x] if you know what I mean
oh u
>tewi's foliage
..reading this I think of pubic hair. and think she has none.
>>23682 >>23691
Inventory: Clothing (equipped) 1ea.
Button 1ea.
Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1 ea.
Cards (unknown) 4 ea.
Keys 4ea
Hourai Doll 1 ea.
Large Green Box 1 ea.
Stick with metal pointing out of it, 1 ea.
Length of blood covered rope. 1 ea.
Well, her tail has hair?
Green, now?
>Large Green Box 1 ea.

Changed colors again?
green box?
It's like that fucking horse on the wizard of oz.
>Hourai Doll 1 ea.

IT'S OFFICIAL! ALICE IS FUCKING TRACKING US! HOw the Hell did we wind up with the doll AGAIN!?
File 120898012283.jpg - (58.54KB, 300x399 , C57.jpg) [iqdb]
box also changed size
wait, we dropped the half-brick? shit, we better go back and get it.
...we picked it up along with all our other stuff.
>>Length of blood covered rope. 1 ea.
The fact that wolf-Tengu can smell blood and we have this bothers me.
File 120898024787.png - (334.68KB, 375x500 , 1208953495142.png) [iqdb]
We lost it a little before our stay in Moriya, though!
Fair point, but we were fairly close-range at the time. Also, they apparently were pretty clueless as to where we were when we first broke out of the guard station and into the forest. So apparently they aren't so hot at tracking by scent.
>>Length of blood covered rope. 1 ea.

Erin: "Oh my! You're hurt!"
Anon: "What this? It's nothing..."
Erin: "Oh you poor dear, let me look at it."
*Erin takes Anon's hand an begins to examine it.*
Erin: "Well it doesn't look infected, by I think it needs some treatment anyway...."
*Erin begins to lick the blood from the cut*
Anon: "I came"
We could through it down the cliff/waterfall as a decoy.
. . . No, no you did not.

Cards? Did I miss something earlier or might we have some more spell cards?

Both, possibly. We grabbed them off the guards Tewi K.O.'d.
We jacked some guards during our escape!
File 120898053446.png - (46.45KB, 332x505 , 1206775289791.png) [iqdb]
I still say we should've slipped in a grope while we were searching those guards.

It's a matter of principle.
Fuck that, WHEREZ OUR CAMERA!!??
>>Hourai Doll 1 ea.

Tail does not feel good we you're DEAD!

Yukari gapped it away during the "lets fuck with Anon and his box" incident. Naturally the tengu won't have it.
0/10. Go away troll.
[x] player.additem 00026b22 1

Time to SLASH AND SMASH those tengu.

Here we go again...
i'd throw my camera in Yukari's gap while she fucks with my box, if you know what i mean.

Stop getting distracted. Proceed, please.
Umbra is shit, you should feel bad.
File 120898093448.jpg - (36.18KB, 422x480 , Guard3.jpg) [iqdb]

Have at you!
Into the foliage you go, almost tripping over Tewi when you do. She quickly pulls you down and out of sight. Just in time, as several tengu fly up out of the waterfall, and start looking around. Tewi pulls you back through the foliage heading towards the woods quietly. The two of you manage to slip away unnoticed, thankfully.

Several hours later.

You and Tewi stop to rest. You’ve been moving non-stop since you’ve left the tengu’s prison and it’s catching up to the two of you. You carefully put Eirin down. She’s still out like a light. Whatever they did to her, it was apparently quite severe. Tewi slumps to the ground followed shortly by you. The three of you just sit there in the middle of the woods, quite exhausted. Hopefully, the tengu are still out searching around various places besides here. The forest is quite thick here, so someone could probably pass right past you with out even seeing you.

[ ] Ask tewi if she knows where you are.
[ ] Rest.
[ ] Scout around a little.

It's better than a stick with a sharp bit of metal on it though.
[X] Put on the button
Ok, who else besides me hopes that Eirin will thank us for saving her. And you do know what "thanking" means in this case, if you know what I mean

[x] Breasts

Hell, Tewi might join in
[X] Ask tewi if she knows where you are.
I wonder what would happen if we used the Hourai Elixir on Eirin?

In fact, why the fuck are we carrying around an immortality potion if we don't use it?
[ ] Ask tewi where everyone else is (and how they're doing)
[ ] Ask tewi if she knows where you are.
[x] Rest.
Because I'm paranoid and the other two are probably going to get us caught.
'Cause the effect wears off. And Anon hasn't been worried about definite imminent death lately.
[ ] Ask Tewi what she knows

She knows everything! Fill us in!

[ ] Rest.

Regenerate HP and SP first, Anon.
[x] Omniruffle Tewis hair and Eirins breasts
[x] Ask tewi if she knows where you are
[X] Put on the button
[X] Put on the button.
[X] Ask Tewi if she knows where you are.
I'm still bleeding like a motherfucker.
Good point.

I ask QUIETLY. Maybe snuggling close enough to whisper into her ear. Mmmm.

Errr, scratch that last part. The lack of a ruffling/groping fix is getting to me. Been on the run or K.O.d too much.
[X] Put on the button.
[X] Ask Tewi if she knows where you are.

Changing vote to this. Previous was deleted.
[ ] Ask tewi if she knows where you are.
[ ] Rest.

Talk and rest.
[X] Rest
[X] Ask Tewi if she knows where you are.
>>[ ] Ask tewi if she knows where you are.
"Hey Tewi, do you know where I am?"
"...you're right here."

Buttonmind. Or rather samebutton.
[X] Put on the button.
A winrar is you.
[x] Rest.
"Oh right, sorry"
"Kid, are you ok?"
"Im fine, it's just that..."
Anon closes in on Tewi, and lifts her chin up, and proceeds to stare deeply into her eyes.
"When I'm wioth you, I can't controll myself"
And Anon goes for the kiss

Use your imagination on what happens next.

[] Put on the button.
[] Ask Tewi if she knows where you are.
[ ] Ask tewi if she knows where you are.

We stab her with the stick+blade.


And then Scorn makes Tewi guro. You bastard.
[ ] Ask tewi if she knows where you are.
[ ] Rest.

If she knew enough to find where we were imprisoned, I would suspect she might know where we are now.

Other than that, nothing else we can do other than rest while we can.

And for the love of god, don't try scouting yourself.
I get the feeling it'd be something involving mallets. Also, seeing your internal organs. Externally.
And then Eirin fixes us, making us faster, better, stronger.
>[ ] Scout around a little.

So we double jump everywhere screaming 'NEED A DISPENSER HERE' over and over while bonking any tengu with our sharp-stick?

Tewi holds still, suppressing here imminent urge to kill Anon at once, which would cause to much noise and would result in the three being found by the Tengu. Seeing as Anon is not willing to release Tewi from his grasgs, she clenches her fist and hits Anon deep into his stomach. Her angered expression quickly forms into a smile as Anon collapses next to her.
Alright, guys, Asking tewi won, And I'll be picking up from there tomorrow. I have to get ready for work now. I might run a little bit more tonight, but it'll depend on how work goes. Anyways, see you guys later.

Enjoy your toiling wage slave.
Do not taunt the MASTER.
Lest he, y'know, take offense and screw anon over for the hell of it (Like he wasn't gonna do that anyway...)
Anon: "I guess all those years of good health are failing you now, you're a mess Tewi."
Anon:"What was that."
Tewi:"Y-you're no longer... human."
*Tewi shrieks in pain, Anon is heard spitting something out*
Anon:"And you're no longer a virgin."

Fucking niggers ruining my music with their (c)rap.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syDHNeIywrE SUPERIOR
Don't eat the tail.

Yeah, the rap ripoff sucks.

Also Alive 2007 cd is Superior to all
You know, for all the ways Anon manages to royally fuck up, it amazes me how things seem to work out so that it seems like it was for the best in the long-run.

We fucked up at Eientei, and got Reisen and Tewi in our party. We fucked up with Hina, and got KISSU KISSU FALL IN RABU with the moon bunny.
And now with our latest fuck-up, we wind up rescuing Eirin from imprisonment and torture.

Maybe we're NOT such useless fuck-ups after all.
I still say we leave because we're such fuckups that we'd end up risking the lives of the ones we love most.
I say we don't, because if we leave we cause them more sorrow. Nobody is forcing them to help us, the help us because they care for us
Our fail has a one in 20 chance to be epic fail. This fail warps the universe around it's self to create win paradoxes
Actually, it just occurs to me that part of the whole reason Eirin was imprisoned and tortured in the first place was likely because she allied herself with us.

Make of that what you will.
Fuck you, you forced me to listen to Interstella 5555 ...one more time
File 12089860788.png - (53.83KB, 426x304 , 1207821001793.png) [iqdb]
Name: Anonymous
Species: Human
Ability: Manipulation of Failure
Age: Unknown, possibly between 18-23 years old
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Constantly moving within Gensokyo. Orginally from the "Outside World"

* Kaguya Houraisan (Possible Ally)
* Reisen Udongein Inaba (Love Interest(?))
* Tewi Inaba (Ally)
* Alice Margatroid (Enemy)
* Sakuya Izayoi (Unknown)
* Aya Shameimaru (Neutral, possible Enemy)
* Cirno (Ally)
* Eirin Yagokoro (Ally)
* Marisa Kirisame (Enemy)
* Momizi Inubashiri (neutral, Possible Enemy)
* Nitori Kawashiro (Ally)
* Ran Yakumo (Enemy)
* Chen (Enemy)
* Yukari Yakumo (Unknown)
* Reimu Hakurei (Enemy)
* Rinnosuke Morichika (Acquaintance)
* Rumia (Ally)
* Sanae Kotiya (Ally)
* Shizuha Aki (Acquaintance)
* Minoriko Aki (Acquaintance)
* Wriggle Nightbug (Ally)
* Yuyuko Saigyouji (Unknown, Possible Enemy)
* Youmu Konpaku (Unknown, Possible Enemy)
* Fujiwara no Mokou (Ally)
* Patchouli Knowledge (Unknown)
* Remilia Scarlet (Unknown)
* Sikieiki Yamaxanadu (Neutral Acquaintance)
* Komachi Onozuka (Neutral Acquaintance)
* Hourai (Unknown)
>* Yuyuko Saigyouji (Unknown, Possible Enemy)
>* Youmu Konpaku (Unknown, Possible Enemy)
both are also possible friends, remember?
If we're dead.
And Yuyuko isn't hungry at the moment.
And only if Yukari isn't actually pissed off at us.
So I just got home and realized you guys rejected a Momizi grope.

Tewi would have seen us, and shes buddies with Reisen.

I believe most figured we'd cop a feel while searching them.
File 120899393526.jpg - (172.50KB, 480x640 , 1208748820120.jpg) [iqdb]
>>Tewi would have seen us, and shes buddies with Reisen.

Yeah, and something like how you copped a feel off of an unconscious girl is generally the sort of thing you don't want to have to try to explain to your would-be girlfriend.
If she ever gives us shit we're go get ourselves kidnapped again and guilt her.

We'll be the peach to her mario.
File 120899519872.png - (82.02KB, 239x599 , 239px-WEEGEE.png) [iqdb]

'Peach is a total whore. Daisy never gets kidnapped.'

Man, forget that. Anon would should be like Han Solo when he's captured.
...so we should get frozen in carbonite?
We should shoot first?
Is Rinnosuke Chewie?
If it means Reisen sneaking into Reimu's desert palace disguised as a bounty hunter in order to unfreeze us?

Us, of course.
There's no doubt.
Not even close to one.
So who gets to be Boba Fett?
I wanna bitch-smack their ass into the goddamn lake.
So does that make Reimu Darth Vader?
Cirno = R2D2

No, Reimu is Jaba.

It'd have to be Gensokyo's equivalent.




My head hurts.
Alice is Darth Vader.
Medicine is Luke.
File 12089978361.png - (47.27KB, 300x300 , yuyu.png) [iqdb]
I'm afraid that position has already been filled.
Well, now I have the image of Youmu cackling like that rat thing that was always on Jaba's shoulder stuck in my head.

Thanks, ass.
That's what you're thinking about? I got Yuyuko yanking a chain attached to a collared Udonge (in a golden bikini).
You know what? So do I.

And suddenly, things don't seem so bad.

Yeah, that's kinda what I had in mind.

First -
Reisen: I love you.
Anon: I know.

Then later, when we're surrounded -

Anon: I love you.
Reisen: I know.

And then Reisen shot the enemy with a blaster.
File 120899950514.jpg - (96.05KB, 800x620 , 1208732262224.jpg) [iqdb]
"Back door, huh? Good idea."
But that means that Reisen has to kiss her brother(lol sister)

I think that Alice is Luke

Alice: "You killed my mother!"
Reimu (vader): "No Reimu, I am your mother!"
Alice: "That's not true! THAT'S RETCONNING!"
Reimu: "Search ZUN's interviews, you know it to be true!"
File 120899969254.png - (199.32KB, 512x512 , mima (9).png) [iqdb]
Does that make Mima the Emperor?
File 12089998127.jpg - (221.53KB, 825x1970 , suika (11).jpg) [iqdb]
Ah, if Suika wasn't sided with Reimu I'd want all the Ewoks to be mini Suikas.
Just thinking about it is making m-HHHHHNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
>But that means that Reisen has to kiss her brother(lol sister)

Easily solved. Anon assumes everyone is gay in Gensokyo.
Storm troopers
But I don't want to kill mass-produced Suika... ;__;
Anon will do anything to get some action.

>Han Solo/Anon is "a loner who realizes the importance of being part of a group and helping for the common good."

>has a wry wit, skepticism, a reckless disposition, and technological savvy"

Sounds like Anon to me.
Considering the scene where Han runs screaming right into a room full of Stormtroopers, only to run away screaming...yeah, that's us alright.
Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating Gensokyo is approximately 3,720 to 1.

Theoretical probability means nothing to anonymous.
I find it worrisome that Tewi didn't want us donning the communicator. I'm not sure if the Tengu could have monitored its signal (no demonstration of the zenith of Tengu mimickry of human technology has been demonstrated yet) but to even be asked not to put it on our ear ...

Now that I think about it, we have an imbalance of cleric-like members (Sanae, Suwako, Eirin) in our party.
Tewi seems to be a rogue or a ranger, Mokou is/was a barbarian, and Cirno was the bard. I can't say for Mystia, Wriggle, or Reisen.
I think we're a bard too; we do a bit of everything but nothing really well.

>> I think we're a lvl 1 NPC we do nothing.


Good old FF3...
>>I find it worrisome that Tewi didn't want us donning the communicator. I'm not sure if the Tengu could have monitored its signal (no demonstration of the zenith of Tengu mimickry of human technology has been demonstrated yet) but to even be asked not to put it on our ear ...

Well, it's possible there are some good reasons for her wanting us to be incommunicado for a little while. Perhaps knowing we still have poor control over our own communication using it, there might be something about it that could give away our position. It could be that Reisen is still in bad shape, and shouldn't be disturbed while still recovering.

Or, perhaps something very bad has happened while we were away...
>Or, perhaps something very bad has happened while we were away...

Oh god, it's going to be 50 years all over again.
Mabye she just didn't want us making small talk while there's goddamned ninjas everywhere.
Oh, don't worry. Kira's already said our moon bunny isn't going to go and die on us.

I do have to worry about what WILL happen to her, though, since he has to inflict massive rage and despair on us SOMEHOW.

Easiest way to do that is if she is captured, tortured within an inch of her life, suffers amnesia, and turns into a "living doll" or becomes comatose.
Hey, another XRation fan!
That makes Letty or Daiyousei C-3PO.
Damnit, stop giving him ideas Judas.

If he does I will kidnap his Rozen Maiden dolls and do horrible things to them while sending Kira the pictures.
Except replace "tortured" with "raped".

One cannot taste the true sweetness of victory without having first been pushed to the brink of falling into an abysmal chasm of despair.

Nah, Anon is desensitized to rape. In fact, it would probably turn him on.
I would like to think that even Kira would not be so much of a bastard as to not give us some slight chance of a Good End.

It's just that between his little traps and our own suicidal retardation, we'll need a goddamn miracle to make it happen.

If all else fails, we can just spam continues until we become jaded and cynical, and come to rely upon alcohol to dull the pain.
File 120900657083.jpg - (463.28KB, 1070x1513 , 010_179r.jpg) [iqdb]
After reading The Silence of The Rabbits anything Kira does to Reisen will seem tame.
There are no continues. We just get judged and land in front of Yuyuko again, where we hopefully pick the right choices to get back to Gensokyo again.
You know, I don't think it would even be necessary to do anything to Reisen to put the hurt on Anon.
Sure, she'd be the obvious target, but that also makes her the most predictable target.

And it's not like there aren't others for whom we care a great deal about...

How would anonymous respond to little sisters torture?
File 120900730442.jpg - (77.22KB, 480x640 , 1178398313324.jpg) [iqdb]
Does "Okay, Rumia. Which is green, broccoli or cauliflower?" do anything for you?
File 12090090168.jpg - (179.35KB, 850x637 , mystia.jpg) [iqdb]
You know, theres probably a reason hes been making us like her in the weekend threads. And we took all her friends with us, shes all alone, no one to help her.
We'll find her when we can, but first we have to concentrate on evading the hordes of tengu ninja that are out for our blood. And the psycho miko with her equally psychotic friends. And the pair up of a God and a youkai who might as well be a god. And everyone else in gensokyo.
.00000269%? Sounds like 100% to me.
Again, Too expected~ Gotta make you consider dancing with the devil in the pale moon light.
Oh god, I hate you. I'm never gonna see the Ewoks the same again... And yet, it's not so bad.
Yeah. Go back to Yuyuko. =D (rage all you want over the emoticon, it's perfectly applicable here)
*whistles* Oh, what was that? Good end? I'm sorry but what is this 'good end' of which you speak? If it is a food, may I partake of some?
File 120901092089.png - (48.56KB, 400x400 , 1498e10e3058787625079b717ba9ed34.png) [iqdb]
>>Again, Too expected~ Gotta make you consider dancing with the devil in the pale moon light.

We're already borderline suicidal in even the best of moods. I don't think you're really going to have to do a whole lot of work here.
There is no good End for Anon, only pain, torture, despair and death alone.
So, basically, we're going to wind up GAP'D back to the outside world in the end, where Anon must return to his miserable little life alone in his tiny apartment, his beater of a car, and his shitty low-wage job?
File 120901192013.jpg - (42.49KB, 326x418 , raven.jpg) [iqdb]
"The path you walk on has no end. Each step you take is paved with the corpses of your enemies... Their souls will haunt you forever... you shall have no peace... Hear me, Snake! My spirit will be watching you!"
Well, considering what we're up against, that could be the good end.

It's the only way to bring balance back to The Fo...I mean, Gensokyo.
Not really, if that's what happens when things go WELL for us in Gensokyo.
The Reimu situation is diffused peacefully, we're on good terms with everyone again, Eientei gave their blessing for our relationship with Reisen, and JUST when we're finally about to consummate our love...BAM.

What would make Anon despair more? Being trapped in Gensokyo in a bad situation with no way out but slow painful death? Or having every reason to want to stay, but being denied that happiness to be forced back into a life of misery and loneliness on the outside?

The more you give someone anything and everything they could ever want, the more of an impact it has when they wind up losing everything.
Making life hell for someone doesn't mean much if it mostly sucks for them already, after all.
Ooooooooo. Thanks. I like that.
Enjoy your 30 pieces.

Hey, not all my ideas can be along the lines of "strip naked and strike a manly/sexy pose".
Gotta mix things up, you know?
File 120901574189.jpg - (141.71KB, 954x740 , suika (10).jpg) [iqdb]
Go forth Ewoks! Destroy the traitor with yourHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG
I'm starting to feel like I should treat this like an anime that's probably going to have a shit ending (like when Claymore was about to catch up to the manga) and stop watching until I see how much RAGE it generates.

I mean, fuck, what's the point of making all these choices if they all lead to a disappointing BAD END? Would you play a VN like Yume Miru Kusuri if the good ends were taken out?
Yeah, I have to admit that as fun as jerking Anon around and making the poor bastard suffer can be, in the end it all seems kind of meaningless if it wasn't FOR something.

It's one thing if the story has no element of choice whatsoever, such as in something like Narcissu, for example. But when you make it more game-like, then it's only fair to try to give the "player" at least some semblance of a fighting chance. Otherwise, it's little different than those boss battles in games where it is completely impossible to truly "win" the fight no matter what you do because the story demands you lose like a little bitch no matter how much ass you seemed to be kicking.

This story will end in a ??Good End??
>those boss battles in games where it is completely impossible to truly "win" the fight no matter what you do because the story demands you lose like a little bitch

Although, some of the better-designed games will give you an awesome easter egg bonus if you're a bad enough dude to actually beat the unbeatable boss battle.

...Maybe this is a really accurate analogy.
I think it could all be a matter of what your perspective on "Good" is.
Maybe we can never go back to Gensokyo, but can still maintain contact with our moon bunny via Codec and the NEET's internet connection. Maybe we can stay inside the barrier, but for whatever reason we hit a Chobits scenario where we get the girl but for whatever reason can never have sex or something.

Or maybe we all have a seemingly perfectly happy ending with everyone, but only to have it revealed that we're all just brains in jars inside Eirin's lab.

And of course, there's always "Death by Snu-snu".
>I think it could all be a matter of what your perspective on "Good" is.

Here's a hint: NONE OF THOSE ARE GOOD. Except maybe the last one.

Wow. You're a huge dork when you're not actually writing anything.
He is not writing enough lately, it slowed considerable down.
Mainly because there's a lot more contunity to considere than before, and I have to check my notes, and a variety of othe factors slowing down. Slow voting included in that, as well as some other various external issues. HOWEVER. Writing like the fist of the northstar shall commence here shortly, I just have to get a few things taken care of, and it's off again.
What started small with not much to think about, feels like your writing a full blown novel now which must statisfy every need.
>Yeah, I have to admit that as fun as jerking Anon around and making the poor bastard suffer can be, in the end it all seems kind of meaningless if it wasn't FOR something.

Yeah, I agree. If it turns out that it was all pointless, I'll be angry. And mad.

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