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23169 No. 23169
You crawl over to the floor grate. It seems to be somewhat solid. The bars move when you pull on them, but not enough that you could pull them out or slide around them. Looking down into the hole you see nothing of any great interest. There’s a small rock by the grate that you decide to drop down the hole. Listening closely, it falls for a couple of seconds before hitting something hard, bouncing once or twice and then splashing into the water. It’s not big enough for you to crawl down anyways. You decide to try the bars again for whatever reason. One of the end ones seems to be looser than the rest of them. Maybe if you had something to pry with, you could pop it out.
Going over to the steps, you find that they’re worn smooth. They’ve apparently been well used, or are under the effects of the elements for quite some time. Looking up, you realize that above the hook, there’s also a small hole in the Ceiling. You wonder idly what it might be for. While you’re leaning on the steps, looking up at the hole, the brick that you’re leaning on, at the edge of the steps, suddenly breaks loose. You crack your jaw on the steps, and bite your tongue. GODDAMN it feels like you bit it off, but a quick check reveals that it’s still attached, somehow. The brick that broke loose is actually relatively long, which is surprising, given that it broke loose from the edge of the steps. Deciding to not look a gift horse in the mouth any further, You take the brick.
Inventory: Clothing (Equipped) 1ea., Brick 1ea.

[ ] Examine the Door.
[ ] Try to look out the window.
[ ] Search around the cell.

No. 23173
[X] Try to look out the window.

Try to ascertain our general location, first.
Then, we scour this miserable little hole for anything of potential use.

After that? It's MacGuyver time, motherfuckers.
No. 23175
[x] Try to look out the window.

Lets find out where the hell we are.
No. 23176
[x] Search around the cell.
No. 23177
AND YOU TOO. What's going on here.
[X] Try to look out the window.
No. 23181
>>AND YOU TOO. What's going on here.

No. 23182
[ ] Search around the cell.
No. 23183
[x] Try to look out the window.
No. 23185
oh god that pic

[ ] Try to look out the window.
No. 23190
File 120896164393.png - (45.61KB , 674x311 , impossible.png ) [iqdb]
Multi novel reading!

[ ] Try to look out the window.
No. 23192
[ ] Try to look out the window.
No. 23199
[ ] Try to look out the window.

Fuck yes, I'm finally being a part of MiG
No. 23204
[X] Try to look out the window.
No. 23206
The window to the cell is much higher than you can currently reach with your hands bound. It’s near the ceiling of the room, so maybe if your hands were free, you could look out it. At current, bound as you are, you are unable to climb up to the window. You idly note that the hook is out of your current reach as well.
The floor by the window seems to also be lower, which somewhat makes sense, given that the drain is over here as well. However, there seems to be a pool of water in the corner, where the cell appears to be lower than the drain. You realize that the dull noise you hadn’t even taken notice of is a sort of dull roaring. Like, the kind you would hear if you were standing in a cave behind a waterfall. Odd. There seems to also be some sort of stick on the window cell, but you can’t quite reach it yet.

[ ] Examine the Door.
[ ] Search around the cell.
[ ] Examine the floor grate again.
No. 23210
[ ] Examine the floor grate again.

Goddammit, there's ALWAYS a sewer level.
No. 23211
[x] Examine the Door.
No. 23212
[ ] Examine the floor grate again.
No. 23213
[ ] Search around the cell.
No. 23215
[ ] Search around the cell.
No. 23216
[x] Examine the floor grate again.
No. 23218
[ ] Search around the cell.
No. 23219
[ ] Examine the floor grate again.
No. 23223
[x] Examine the floor grate again.
No. 23226
[X] Search around the cell.
No. 23227
Well.. this was unexpected, too bad I got a class in 1 hour ;_;
No. 23236
You crawl back over to the floor grate again, since you’re right next to it. You pull on the loose bar again. It wiggles some more this time, but you’ll need something to pry it out. The brick might just fit between the bars, but you’re not sure that it’s strong enough to pry the bar out. Try it anyways?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =If no, choose another option.= = = = = = = = = = = = =
[ ] Examine the door.
[ ] Examine the steps again.
[ ] Try to look out the window again.
[ ] Search the cell.
No. 23238

Go, go, text adventure puzzle!

[ ] Yes.
No. 23239
[ ] Yes.
No. 23240
[ ] Yes.
No. 23241
[ ] Yes.
No. 23242
[x] Yes
No. 23244
[x] Yes.
No. 23245
[ ] No.
The hole is too small for us to fit throug anyways. Save the brick for throwing it at a guard's head or something.
[ ] Search the cell.
Let's see if we can find another way to escape.
No. 23246
[X] Yes.

Best case scenario: We get a brick and a metal bar, and can combine the two to make a small hammer.

Worst case scenario, we break our brick, and have nothing to show for our efforts.
No. 23247
[x] Yes.
No. 23248
[ ] Examine the Door.

also, add the rope to our equipment, and attach the brick to the rope. Should make a good makeshift tool-for-everything
No. 23249
[ ] No
[ ] Search the cell.
No. 23250

We'll have to find a way to cut it first.
No. 23252
The rope is still tying you up.
No. 23253
Perfect! It is almost as if the rope is as one with our body!
No. 23254
in this case

[ ] yes
No. 23258
You slide the brick in between the bars. It just barely fits. Pressing down on the back end, your brick breaks in half. You scramble desperately and manage to save half the brick. The other half falls down the drain making a huge noise as it hit’s the solid surface down there. Shortly thereafter, there’s several small splashing noises followed by a large splash. Outside, the near constant noise of the guards arguing suddenly breaks. They seem to be listening closely for any noises now.
Inventory: Clothing (equipped) 1ea., Brick 0.5ea.

[ ] Stay put.
[ ] Examine door.
[ ] Examine Grate again.
[ ] Search the Cell.
No. 23261
[ ] Examine Grate again.
No. 23262
[x] Stay put.

Thanks tards, now we only have half a brick.
No. 23263
[x] Search the Cell.
No. 23264

Told you so.
No. 23265

Oh, nostalgia!

[ ] Curse as loud and as ugly as you can

but seriously,
[ ] Stay put.
No. 23266
[ ] Stay put.
No. 23267
[X] Search the Cell.

No. 23268
[ ] Stay put.

No. 23269
[ ] Stay put.

just for the guards to get distracted again

we are now on hard modo

no more fucking up
No. 23271
[x] Search the Cell.

fucking quietly
No. 23273
>no more fucking up

There is no image for what I'm feeling right now.
No. 23276
[ ] Stay put.
No. 23279
[X] Stay put.
brick died ;_;
No. 23283

and yet another one dead just because of you anon

if that isn't a foreshadowing, I don't know

who will be next ? Rumia ?
Wriggle ?
No. 23285
Congratulations, you euthanised your Weighted Companion Brick faster than any test subject on record.
No. 23287
File 120896490049.jpg - (341.02KB , 1600x1200 , d26e8c333d.jpg ) [iqdb]
It will be Rumia. And then she will return as Ex-Rumia, just like Jesus.
No. 23288

you really want me to cry myself to sleep, don't you ?


[ ] Stay put.
No. 23289

To avoid all those rushed decisions, why not set a time limit (of say, 5 minutes) after last Kira's post before votes are valid? This would allow people to actually think and disscuss what would be our best course of action. Even if the threads would be slower, I think avoiding even more screw-ups would pay off.
No. 23290
You strain your hearing. The guards remain silent for some time, but hearing nothing else they quickly go back to arguing. The discussion seems more intense this time, which may be good for you. Sigh. Well, at least you have half a brick. You look at the bar. The brick seems to have dislodged it, at least somewhat. You could try pulling on it to see if the brick really did anything, or you could wait until you have a more sure fire way of prying it up.

[ ] Pull on the bar.
[ ] Search the cell.
[ ] Examine the door.
No. 23291
File 12089650922.jpg - (65.27KB , 448x530 , 1208881744600.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23292

Don't start this shit again.
No. 23293
[ ] Search the cell.
No. 23294
Do believe the general consensus on that was "no". Doubt that's changed.

[ ] Search the cell.

Lets search the cell already.
No. 23295
[ ] Pull on the bar.

maybe it has some sharp edges we can use to cur the rope ?
No. 23296
[x] Pull on the bar.
No. 23297
[X] Search the cell.
oh brick, you will never feel pain again. i will protect you and you will become the source of my power
No. 23298
[X] Search the cell.

We'd best wait just a bit before trying to snap the bar. That would definitely alert the guards. We'll want to wait to try and break it until the guards are either arguing so heatedly that can't notice anything else, or they stalk off angry at each other.
No. 23299
or cut our wrists
No. 23300
[ ] Search the cell.
No. 23301
[x] Search the cell.
The more you search the more clues you get, as long as you don't run out of time.
No. 23302
Your wrists are bound up by quite a bit of rope. good luck reaching them.
No. 23304
[X] Search the cell.

No. 23308
[X] Search the cell.
No. 23309
You search around in the cell. There is no straw or anything of any great usage here, that you can find. Searching around by the steps you see the place where the brick came out of. There appears to be a slight hole there. The water in the corner is deeper than it appears at first glance, you can’t actively see the bottom of the water, either because it’s murky or the bottom isn’t close at hand. The bar from the grate is still sticking up slightly, but not enough that you could pull it out yet. While searching around in the cell, the wind picks up and blows into the cell. The stick that was on the window cell falls into the room. Seeing no reason not to, you pick up the stick.
Inventory: Clothing (Equipped) 1ea., Brick 0.5ea., Stick 1ea.

[ ] Examine stick.
[ ] Check Water.
[ ] Check steps again.
[ ] Examine door.
[ ] Pull on the bar.
No. 23315
[ ] Examine stick.

Use stick
No. 23316
[X] Examine stick.

Best to see if it has any particularly useful properties. I.e. is it hardened, or shaped oddly enough to be used as something else, or has any sharp bits.
No. 23317
[X] Examine stick
[X] Use stick of orgy +10 on Aya and the others
No. 23318
[ ] Check steps again.
No. 23319
[X] Examine stick.

Here's hoping for a pointy bit. Maybe we can pick at our rope.
No. 23320
[ ] Examine stick
No. 23321
[x] Examine stick.
No. 23322
[ ] Check Water.
No. 23323

[x] Examine stick

We could use it to test the water depth or prod the small hole if it fits.
No. 23324
[x] Check Water. / [x] Poke stick in water hole
No. 23325
[ ] Examine stick.

A "wind" just happened to blow into the window that just happened to have a stick in it that just happened to land in our cell?

Coincidence? Or a subtle indication we might not be as on our own in this as we appear to be?
No. 23328
File 120896660271.jpg - (35.52KB , 500x300 , 1120017890_c70674ba9c_o.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Check steps again.

Also, combine stick and brick.

Receive hammer.
No. 23329
[X] Examine stick.
Sticks always help.
No. 23331
The ‘stick’ is about a foot long. The ends aren’t any more pointed than any other stick that may have broken off. It’s pitch black in color, and about 2~3 inches in diameter. It’s quite solid, it would, however, not make a good club. This would probably fit into the hole in the steps, or you could poke it into the water to probe the depths. It might also just be hard enough to loosen the bar the rest of the way.

[ ] Examine door.
[ ] Check water.
[ ] Check steps again.
[ ] Pry the bar with the stick.
[ ] Pull on the bar.
No. 23332
[ ] Pry the bar with the stick.
No. 23335
[x] Check steps again.
No. 23336
[X] Check steps again.

Don't examine the water with it. If it gets soaked through, there's a chance that it will break if we try to use it for anything. Let's just use it to probe the hole in the steps for now.
No. 23337
[x] Check steps again.
No. 23338
[x] Check water. with stick, as i said before, lets not try and leave JUST yet
No. 23340
[ ] Pull on the bar.
If the bar seems loose enough, and the stick seems sturdy enough, then:
[ ] Pry the bar with the stick.
No. 23341
[x] Check steps again.
No. 23342
[ ] Pry the bar with the stick.
No. 23343
[ ] Pull on the bar.

if we pry it with the stick, what will keep the bar of falling down the shaft ?
No. 23346
1. Pry bar with stick.
2. If the bar has sharp ends, use it to cut the rope.
3. Add rope to inventory.
4. Combine rope and stick into a multi-purpose tool/weapon.
5. ???
No. 23347
I don't think sticks get soaked/weakened like that. Especially not this one, which is apparently 2-3 inches in diameter. If the wood's already porous enough for the water to get in and weaken it, then the wood's probably already half-rotted and too weak for it to matter.
No. 23348
[X] Examine stick.
this stick ... is awesome
No. 23350
[x] Check steps again.
No. 23351
>Congratulations, you euthanised your Weighted Companion Stick faster than any test subject on record.
I can already see it..
No. 23352

[ ] Check water.

Mini-Lake end plz.
No. 23353
You crawl back over to the steps and upon closer inspection, you realize that your hand could probably fit in there. However, you probe inside the hole with the stick first. You hear a clacking noise. The stick seems to have hit upon something metal. Pulling the stick out, there’s a shard of metal stuck in the end of the stick. It looks quite sharp and sticks out a good three to four inches. You’re glad you didn’t put your hand in there, blindly feeling around. You likely would have sliced your hand to ribbons. The noise of the guards arguing seems to be closer now, maybe they’re moving down the hallway towards the room. It would seem that you’re running out of time to formulate an escape plan.

[ ] Cut the rope around your ankles with the stick.
[ ] Try to cut the rope around your wrists.
[ ] Remove the piece of metal from the stick.
[ ] Probe the depths of the water.
No. 23355
[x] Cut the rope around your ankles with the stick.

You wouldn't want to hop around when guards come.
No. 23356
[ ] Cut the rope around your ankles with the stick.

If we try the wrists, I trust Anon will screw up and end up Emocutting himself
No. 23357
[x] Try to cut the rope around your wrists.
No. 23358
If it seems possible to hide the metal shard in our clothing then...
[ ] Remove the piece of metal from the stick.
[ ] Hide metal in clothing

Otherwise, I dunno. Cutting our bindings now would probably be useless, since these guys can apparently totally outmatch us.
No. 23360
[ ] Remove the piece of metal from the stick.

I don't think we can take the guards, if we get ourselves free too soon they can strip us of our metal shard and tie us up again.

Also, WTF is with all the activity?
No. 23361
[x] Probe the depths of the water.
No. 23362

[ ] Cut the rope around your ankles with the stick.

The rope, Sareth! Cut the rope!
No. 23363
[x] Remove the piece of metal from the stick.

and hide it, i think the reason why he gave us two options either wrists or ankles is because we only have time to do one, which we really need both of them free to have any good chance of escape
No. 23364
File 120896910527.jpg - (67.51KB , 563x750 , dark_mmm_54.jpg ) [iqdb]

Oh, I didn't think of that!
No. 23365
[X] Remove the piece of metal from the stick.

Actually, if we can hide the metal on our person, we should be able to cut our binds at any time. As long as they're not taking us for execution, it might be in our best interest to simply tag along with the guards and make our escape later.

Would it be possible to hide stick, say, inside the hole in the steps?
No. 23366
>I don't think we can take the guards, if we get ourselves free too soon they can strip us of our metal shard and tie us up again.

This. Remember how these guys appeared out of nowhere and K.O.'d us the first time. They're just too damn fast to take in a fight. Save the shard for later--stuff it in our pocket or something.
No. 23368
They just got us by surprise. And now it's our turn. Anon's no weakling, running with Reisev everywhere, etc
No. 23369
[X] Try to cut the rope around your wrists.

We can hide our hands behind our backs to look like they're still bound if we were to try to pretend we just fell from our hanging position.

No. 23370
[X] Remove the piece of metal from the stick.
EYEs on the prise.
No. 23371
'cept you're short one bag over your head.
No. 23374
Clever, except if our hands were tied in front, they'd know something is up if suddenly our hands are behind our back.
No. 23375
Wait, why didn't we put the bag in our inventory?
No. 23376
Well we're also off the hook now you mention it. Maybe they'll be impressed, maybe we're going to get beatings.
No. 23378
Hands were behind our back before I think, anon is a contortionist
No. 23384
>>Maybe they'll be impressed

Let's strip off all of our clothes, and strike the best goddamn manly/sexy pose we can manage and wait for the voices to come to our door.

No. 23385
No. 23386

No. 23389
[ ] Cut the rope around your ankles with the stick.

No. 23391
File 120897035072.jpg - (40.12KB , 512x384 , TheVentureBrothers-2x06-VictorEchoN.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23393
File 120897040947.jpg - (469.46KB , 448x1600 , 1208903784595.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm glad someone has given me a reason to post this.
No. 23396

Well, I don't think we have a winner yet.

[x] Strip and strike the manliest pose possible
No. 23398

[x] Try to cut the rope around your wrists.

How about now?
No. 23404
[X] Let's strip off all of our clothes, and strike the best goddamn manly/sexy pose we can manage and wait for the voices to come to our door.

And that's five votes
No. 23405
I'm not seeing how stripping and posing relates to this...
No. 23408
The piece of metal seems rather well embedded into the stick, but you decide to try and remove it. You don’t see anywhere you can get a good grip on it, so you grab it and just start pulling on it. Congratulations. You’ve now sliced your hand open, and cut a good deal of your fingers. The metal is now slick with your blood, and didn’t move an inch. The guards see to be closer to your cell now, and you can hear their discussions quite clearly.
“I still can’t believe you. . .” The guard sniffs the air. “Say, do you smell that?”
The other guard sniffs the air. “Yeah, it smells like . . . Blood? Well, Well, WELL!” You can almost hear the sadistic grin on the guard’s face. SHIT. This is not good, not good at all. You’re still bound and the guards are likely going to be coming in here in short order.

[ ] Cut the rope off your ankles.
[ ] Check the water.
[ ] Stay put.
No. 23409
[X] Let's strip off all of our clothes, and strike the best goddamn manly/sexy pose we can manage and wait for the voices to come to our door.

No. 23410
[ ] Cut the rope off your ankles.

Goddamn it Kira, you couldn't of just given a little hint the metal wouldn't move could you?
No. 23411

[ ] Cut the rope off your ankles.

...lets hope that these are super-weaklings that we can spear nicely before running like hell.
No. 23412
Alright, NEW PLAN.

We still strip off all of our clothes and strike a manly/sexy pose, but now we also paint ourselves all over with our own blood.

No. 23413
[X] Check the water.

Meh. It's refreshed us before. Maybe water can help us out here.

I can't see how freeing our legs would help much at this point, and laying around doing nothing would be pointless. Making the best of some meh choices.
No. 23414
[x] Cut the rope off your ankles.
I hoped this would win before... But then again we could slice our legs...
No. 23415
MiG Anon seems to have the ability to have periods of good luck and then periods of extremely bad luck.
No. 23416

Yeah, let's strip off our clothes when we don't even have the ability to do so because our wrists and legs are bound. That's going to be so easy.

What's that? Laws of physics? Screw that!
No. 23417
[ ] Cut the rope off your ankles.

Smelling blood? don't tell me that we're at SDM now...
No. 23418
>>Goddamn it Kira, you couldn't of just given a little hint the metal wouldn't move could you?

I would think the bit about how
>>It looks quite sharp
>>You likely would have sliced your hand to ribbons.
might have been a BIT of a clue that trying to handle it with our bare hands might be a tad stupid to try?
No. 23421
[ ] Cut the rope off your ankles.

We still strip off all of our clothes and strike a manly/sexy pose, but now we also paint ourselves all over with our own blood.

No. 23422
Then tear those fuckers off like Hulk Motherfucking Hogan, motherfucker.

You'll never impress them with that pussy no-can-do attitude!
No. 23423
Nah. Fumbling around blindly where there's a sharp, pointy, edged thing lying in wait can surely cut you open. That is quite different from cautiously trying to remove a metal shard that's right in front of your eyes.
No. 23424
No. 23425
[ ] Cut the rope off your ankles.
God damnit Anon, stop making the wrong decision.
No. 23426

No. 23427
What part of "You don’t see anywhere you can get a good grip on it, so you grab it and just start pulling on it" is at all cautious?

Anon doesn't DO caution.
No. 23428
The post didn't suggest it was secure is my meaning, carefully pulling th blade by holding the sides should've been enough to test it. How big is it anyway out of interest?

At the moment I think we should get our legs free, although if we're going to be moved our captors may do this anyway. That water is VERY interesting at the moment, why so many mentions?
No. 23430
[X] Cut the rope off your ankles.
No. 23433
F5ving like the fist of the motherfucking northern star
No. 23434
Why's everyone so keen on freeing our legs? Do you really think we can outrun what seems to be an entire enemy compound, especially when two of its guards seem to be right around the corner? Where would we run to, when we're still trapped in the cell, as well?
No. 23435
ALRIGHT, I got it!
We drip our blood into the drain and down to the water.

With the way our luck works, it will cause a giant fucking shark to smash up through the floor. Then we hop on the fucker's back, go back down to the water, and ride on out of there.
No. 23436
If the shark won't yell "I'M A SHARK, I'M A SHARK, SUCK MY DIIICK, I'M A SHARK" I won't do this
No. 23437
You traditionally women would bind their legs together prior to committing suicide so that they would not fall in an undignified position when they died?

We've got the binding taken care of for us. We got the blade. IT'S RIP AND TEAR TIME.
No. 23438
With legs, you can cunt punt. If that was the word for it
No. 23439
Don't be silly, sharks cannot talk.
That's why we have to use ventriloquism to make it LOOK like it's talking when the guards get to the door.

They will be so stunned at being told to suck the dick of a talking shark, they will be helpless to stop us from riding that shark TO FREEDOM.
No. 23440
No. 23441
[x] Free legs. Strike sexy pose.
No. 23442
Upon witnessing us doing this very thing, every member of our party will instantly become teen pregnant.
No. 23443
Then we will just have to FALCON PUUNCH
No. 23444
[X] Let's strip off all of our clothes, and strike the best goddamn manly/sexy pose we can manage and wait for the voices to come to our door.
No. 23445

But Sanae is the only one young enough to be a teenager.
No. 23446
Yeah, let's put all that pose knowledge we got from JoJos bizarre adventure into use.
No. 23447
You carefully flip the stick over, then as quickly as you can cut safely, you cut your legs free. You grab one of the lengths of rope, and throw the rest in the middle of the room. Hearing the guards drawing close, you press yourself up against the wall, now easily able to stand freely. The guards stop talking outside the front of the door, and you hear the sound of metal sliding on metal. Some light pours into the room from the small slat in the door.
“Oh fuck. He’s gone!”
“Wait, what do you mean he’s gone?! How!?”
“Look for yourself you nitwit!”
There’s silence for a moment then, “Oh FUCK. He IS gone. Shit, shit, shit! If lord Tenma finds out that we lost him, we’re screwed.”
“Well, at least we have the other one?”
“God damn it, that’s not gonna call the shrine maiden off! She wanted him. Fuck, FUCK! Let’s check the cell really quick to see if he’s still in there.” You hear the sound of metal sliding against metal again, followed by a loud thunk. The door starts to open when you hear two loud cracks. The door continues to open and the wolf tengu who had been opening the door slumps forward into the room.
“God DAMN you’re useless, kid.” Tewi’s head pops in the door. She hops down into the cell, over the fallen tengu’s body and grabs the stick from your hands. Making quick work of the ropes around your wrist, she’s back at the door within seconds, looking down the hallway.
“Come ON. We don’t have much time. We have to get out of here, NOW.” Tewi vanishes out into the hall.
Well, shit. You feel like an idiot. You should have been able to solve this. No time to worry about that now. You get up to go, but for some odd reason the wolf tengu’s body draws your attention. She is sorta cute, you suppose. But there might be something else.

[ ] Search the guards.
[ ] Kick the guards.
[ ] Grope the guards.
[ ] Follow Tewi.
No. 23448
[ ] Grope the guards.

No. 23449
[X] Search the guards.

We can cop a feel while we do it.
No. 23450
[ ] Follow Tewi.
No. 23451
[x] Follow Tewi.

Don't you fucking dare anon. We're already considered mentally retarded by everyone.
No. 23452
[ ] Search the guards.
No. 23453

[ ] Follow Tewi.

No, Kira. You won't trick us into doing pointless things anymo-- Wait, is that some double reverse psychology?
No. 23454
[ ] Grope the guards.
[ ] Search the guards.

No reason not to.

>>Well, shit. You feel like an idiot. You should have been able to solve this.

You give us too much credit.
No. 23455
[X] Search the guards.


[X] Follow Tewi.

We've got a pretty crappy inventory at the moment, and there could be something worthwhile on the guards. But, we'd best be quick about it.
No. 23456
[ ] Call out for Tewi.
No. 23458
So, how long do you think it will take to make everyone not hate us THIS time around?
No. 23459
Trust me, nowone will find out. If they do, we say we were searching for usefull items.
No. 23460
[X] Search the guards.
No. 23461
File 12089728199.png - (325.67KB , 704x396 , 1179338008990.png ) [iqdb]
No. 23462

[x] Follow Tewi

No. 23463
[X] Search the guards.

useful items! maybe a weapon, or a camera, or something.
No. 23464
I think he meant for getting us into this mess.
No. 23465
[x] Grope the guards.
[x] Search the guards.
No. 23466
No one will find out that we got our stupid ass captured for REAL again?

Unless Tewi covered for us and left the group on some pretense, I'm pretty sure they all already know. We can only hope at least Reisen slept through this whole ordeal.
No. 23467
Slowpoke! You're alive!
No. 23468
[ ] Search the guards.
No. 23469
[x] Search the guards.
No. 23470
I now see Anon on a murderous rampage, running around woth a huge sword
No. 23471
"Hey Kid what's taking so long?"
"I'm searching the guards!"
"I don't think she keeps the keys in her bra Kid."

Not really our fault this time.
No. 23472
>>"There’s silence for a moment then, “Oh FUCK. He IS gone. Shit, shit, shit! If lord Tenma finds out that we lost him, we’re screwed.”
>>“Well, at least we have the other one?”
>>“God damn it, that’s not gonna call the shrine maiden off! She wanted him."

So, we now know for certain we were still in the captivity of the tengu. And it seems Reimu likely coerced their cooperation in exchange for probably not killing them all or something.

But who is this "other one" they refer to?
Did Tewi let herself get caught in order to bust us out? Or is there someone else we need to worry about?
No. 23473
"Not in the bra? Ok, let me take a look in here"

And then Anon stuck his hand into the guards panties
No. 23474
[x] Follow Tewi

No. 23475

If it's important tewi will mention it.
No. 23476
It's not pointless if one of them has our box.
No. 23477

Ignore the grope but search her, that's what you DO after you escape.
No. 23478
[x] Follow Tewi.
No. 23479
[X] Search the guards.
No. 23480
You give each of the bodies of the guards a once over. You find three keys, and pull the fourth one from the door. You also find a couple of cards on each of the guard’s bodies. You quickly shove all of these into your pockets. You also find a strange little charm on one of the guards, and some money. You leave the money but take the strange charm. Tewi’s head pops up from around the corner down the hall.
“Come ON. Move, move, move!” Her head disappears back around the corner. You quickly follow her.
Catching up to Tewi, the pair of you move down the hallway slowly. Apparently, there’s still several guards floating around. As the pair of you sneak past another cell door, you hear a faint moan coming from inside. It sounds vaguely familiar, but you can’t place why.

[ ] Examine cell
[ ] Ignore cell.
No. 23481
[x] Search the guards.
No. 23482
See, if Tewi was going to bust us out regardless, wouldn't it have been better if we had distracted them with our sexy manly posing?

We would then be so caught up in the moment that we would forget to put our clothes back on, and have to explain to the rest of the party why we've come back completely naked.
No. 23483
So, in probably the last 10 minutes game-time Anon has:

-Bashed his skull onto a stone wall.
-Same to his jaw (except with stairs), probably cracking it, causing him to bite the shit out of his tounge.
-Sliced his hand open.

We're so awesome.
No. 23484
[ ] Examine cell
No. 23485
[ ] Examine cell

Go Go Go go
No. 23486
[X] Examine cell

No. 23487
[x] Examine cell
No. 23488
[x] Examine cell
No. 23489
[x] Examine cell
No. 23490
[ ] Examine cell

Ask Tewi about it too
No. 23491
[x] Examine cell
No. 23492
[ ] Examine cell
No. 23493
I get the feeling we're about to find out what happened to either Nitori or Mokou.
No. 23494
Well we would have been if we would have posed
No. 23495
[x] Grope the guards
[x] Search the guards.
No. 23496
File 120897354453.jpg - (30.08KB , 343x254 , 911.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Examine cell

That voice. It sounds naked.
No. 23497
crap, slowpoke´d again!
No. 23498
Nice GSQ reference
No. 23499
No. 23500
Don't worry. The next time there's a good opportunity to do a manly strip-down, we'll take it.

For now, let's just worry about getting the fuck outta Dodge and getting our items back.
We need our goddamn box and Codec back.
No. 23501
>You leave the money but take the strange charm
>You leave the money

Now why the HELL did we do that? We could've donated it to Reimu! She'd be so damn happy she'd forget about the whole poison business
No. 23502
[x] Examine cell

This time Eirin, We'll help you.
No. 23503
[x] Examine cell

A familiar faint moan? Hell, there have been so many H scenes there is no telling who it could be.
No. 23504
Ok. Next time we are suroundet with our little sisters, we strip down and pose for them, to show how awesome big brother they have.
No. 23505
[x] Examine cell

this could have sexy results
No. 23506
File 120897378021.jpg - (121.47KB , 541x593 , 1206665151845.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23507
You tap Tewi on the shoulder and point at the door. She sighs and shrugs her shoulders. Sliding back the little metal door you glance into the room. It’s somewhat dark in there, but you can make out long, disheveled, silver hair, and a long, but torn skirt. You’re still not sure who it is, so you wave Tewi over. She glances inside and almost exclaims in shock. She quickly starts to head back towards where the guards are, when you pull the keys out of your pocket and tap her on the shoulder. She turns to look at you and sees that you have the keys.
“Smart move, kid. Now, quickly, open the door.” Tewi bounds down the hall to keep a lookout.
You have four keys. Unless the key that you used is the same one that opens this door, you only have three.
The first looks like it’s hardly been used.
The second looks well worn, like the door that it opens has been open and closed many times.
The third key is tarnished and extremely worn. It looks like it’s probably one of the oldest keys here.
The door in front of you has no real identifying marks, and it looks relatively new. It also seems slightly larger than the door on your cell. In fact this whole section of the corridor seems to be more well taken care of than the section you were thrown into.

[ ] First key.
[ ] Second key.
[ ] Third key.
No. 23509
[ ] Second key.

Someone say who it could be, my touhou knowledge is failing me atm
No. 23510
[x] Third key.
No. 23511
[X] First key.
resurrecting mokou has bashed the door several times
No. 23512
File 120897399080.png - (112.53KB , 463x608 , 2d6dbbd13f81a5de44b4ac0e20eb3d00.png ) [iqdb]
[X] First key.

No. 23513

Sounds like its either Eirin or Keine.
No. 23514

[ ] First key.
No. 23515
[x] First key.

Come on first key!
No. 23516
[x] First key.

New with new? Please don't fuck with us Kira.
No. 23517
[ ] Second key.

Well maintained = often used.
No. 23518
[ ] First key.
No. 23519
Just goddamn try them all god dammit
[X] Third
No. 23520
[ ] Drop trow, ram cock into key hole, and fuck the door into unlocking.
No. 23521
[ ] First key

(Or is it the second key? Hmm. Eh.)
No. 23522
[x] First key.
Hardly used key for the new door? This better not bite me in the ass.
No. 23523
[X] Second key.

While relatively new, the corridor does seem to be old enough to bear regular maintenance, if it's "well taken care of". The second key seems to have seen regular use, so that fits, right?

The corridor doesn't seem to be entirely new, so the first key doesn't fit; and it's well taken care of, so I doubt the Tengu would let the keys for the area become as decrepit as the third key.

I'm probably over-thinking this.
No. 23524
[ ] First key.
No. 23526
[X] First key.
No. 23527
File 120897422971.jpg - (176.44KB , 723x871 , 1208032358023.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Thank you for rescuing me, Anonymous. How could I ever repay you?"
No. 23528
We never met Keine.
No. 23529
can't we use a spellcard to open the door?
No. 23530

Well there's no time like the present to meet new people! Even if they're bound, torn and violated.
No. 23531

Doesn't mean it couldn't be her.
However, I don't know what she'd be doing around these parts, so my money is Eirin.
No. 23532
Stop experimenting on Reisen
No. 23533
File 120897449677.jpg - (32.27KB , 500x660 , aee81317717764dc57edcb8fb3669865.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't fuck up now, Anon.
We've almost got a mother-figure for our harem!
No. 23534
tewi is with us, so we have a high luck bonus
even if it is the wrong key, the door will open
No. 23535

For starters, sterilize that needle.
No. 23536

>Stop experimenting on Reisen


Are you feeling ok?
No. 23537
[X] First key.
No. 23538
The first key, that’s HAS to be it. You slide the key into the lock. It fits in perfectly. You try turning it and. . . Nothing. Argh! It must have been the wrong key! You push the key in a bit harder, just to make sure, and you hear a slight click. Curious, you turn the key. It turns this time! You push on the door slightly and it swings open into the room. Tewi is instantly at your side and pushes past you into the cell. She runs up to the woman who is apparently chained to the wall. You try the remaining two keys on the shackles only to find that neither of the keys work on it. God damn it. So close and so far all at once. Tewi is trying to wake Eirin up currently. This cell seems different from yours, it seems more like a torture chamber of sorts. It’s longer and there are several devices scattered about the room. You also notice that, as you get closer to Eirin, she is covered in bruises, cuts scrapes, and seems to be missing a few fingernails. Her clothing is also in no great condition. Tewi feels at Eirin’s neck.
“She still has a pulse. . . But it’s weak. We need to get her out of here.”
Well, The keys you have won’t work, so. . .

[ ] Do a quick search of the room.
[ ] Try to find another set of guards.
[ ] Flee with out Eirin.
No. 23539
I'm glad I'm not the only one who was thinking that.

Eirin or Keine, I'm happy with either. Kira is taking a bit of time to reply, so that may be a good sign. Its better than "lol key didn't work, try again."
No. 23540
[x] Do a quick search of the room.
No. 23541
[x] Do a quick search of the room.
No. 23542
[X] Do a quick search of the room.

Though it might be good to keep an ear out for anyone approaching.
The last thing we need would be to get locked in there.
No. 23543
[X] Do a quick search of the room.
No. 23544
[X] Do a quick search of the room.
No. 23545
[x] Do a quick search of the room.
No. 23546

[ x ] Do a quick search of the room.

Torture chamber=weapons!
No. 23547
[ ] Do a quick search of the room.
No. 23548
[X] Do a quick search of the room.

Pretty slim odds that they'd leave the key to her freedom just lying around the cell. But slimmer odds, I think, that Anon could encounter any more security and walk away a free man.
No. 23549
>>Nothing. Argh! It must have been the wrong key! You push the key in a bit harder, just to make sure, and you hear a slight click. Curious, you turn the key. It turns this time!

Tewi luck, right? Awesome.
No. 23550
[X] Do a quick search of the room.

If it turns out later that the first key was for the shackles, and we broke it by using it on a door it wasn't for, which only opened because of Tewi's luck bonus, I will be pissed.

Seriously though, there may be something we can use to break the shackles, especially if this is a torture chamber, which are notorious for holding potentially destructive items.
No. 23551
[ ] Do a quick search of the room.

Erin can regenerate the damage, even if she hasn't had the Hourai elixir she still has unnatural health.


I love the moon bunny. She was the first Touhou I looked at and though "Oh!"

Of course this won't save her from the day I defile her in your eyes for my sick kicks. It will either be spectacularly horrific as I give her my best as a token of my adoration or it'll be tame as my compassion takes hold.
No. 23552

Haha, Tewi really does have quantum immortality.
No. 23553
You never know. She's already locked in the cell itself. If she's also chained to the wall, and the cell does double-duty as a torture/interrogation chamber, they might leave the keys to the shackles around for the sake of convenience.

If she could get out of the shackles to begin with, the keys for the shackles wouldn't really matter if they were in or out of the cell either way.
No. 23554
[ ] Take off glasses and cut lines on chains.

I mean,
[ ] Do a quick search of the room.
No. 23555
Urge to kill Reimu...rising....

Of course, it may be the local tengu to blame, it being their torture room, after all. In which case......urge to massacre tengu...rising....
No. 23556
File 120897518795.png - (10.58KB , 289x287 , 1207193651988.png ) [iqdb]

Enough of the concept of chains....
No. 23557
>>and seems to be missing a few fingernails

Ahh, the good old "Sonozaki Manicure" is always a classic.
No. 23559
File 120897534114.jpg - (57.04KB , 405x465 , 1204224673137.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23560

Eirin is still a genius. But then, again DURGS.
No. 23561
I missed that thread. Anyone have it saved? I do loves my Dan Kim threads.
No. 23562

He has them archived on Clone.Manga
No. 23564
A quick check of the room reveals a board nearby the door. There’s several keys here, which likely go to the various devices around the room. Again, there are no labels on the keys. You grab them all and quickly rush back over to Eirin. The third key you try finally unlocks the shackles. As soon as her arms are free though, she starts to slump forward. Tewi is there in an instant holding her up.
“I can’t carry her, you’re going to have to.”
Tewi helps you get Eirin situated on your back and the two of you sneak back out into the hallway. However, you seem to have company this time. Two guards round the corner and spot you. Tewi curses. The two of you run off in the opposite direction of the guards, who are calling for you to stop. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Tewi is running down the hallway as fast as she can, and you’re doing your best to keep up with her. The tengu guards seem to be raising some sort of alarm, rather than chasing you. You don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.
You turn the last corner you saw Tewi turn and come face to face with a rather large door. It appears to be made out of some kind of wood. There’s a keyhole and a handle on one side. Really, it seems somewhat old. Tewi is nowhere to be seen, and you can’t easily get at the keys you still have.

[ ] Try the door.
[ ] Set Eirin down and get the keys.
[ ] Kick the door.
[ ] Call for Tewi.
[ ] Go back, you must have taken a wrong turn.
No. 23565
[X] Call for Tewi.
this time ..
No. 23566
[ ] Kick the door.
No. 23567
[x] Set Eirin down and get the keys.
No. 23568
[X] Try the door.

If Tewi turned this corner, then she could only have gone through this door, right?

Perhaps we need to go through it and lock it?
No. 23569
[x] Try the door.

Tewi luck can't have run out yet
No. 23570
[X] Kick the door.

Looks like a piece of crap, and we don't have the time to slow down at the moment. Going back is out of the question with how we're being chased, but...

Damn it. Maybe we should call for Tewi this time?
No. 23571
No Anonymous.
Tewi IS the door.
And then Anonymous [x] Try the door.

I'm thinking key #3 btw.
No. 23572
[X] Try the door.
There's no smart decision to be made here. This one is just luck.
No. 23573
[X] Try the door.
No. 23574
No. 23575
[X] Try the door.
No. 23576
Is it wrong that I'm less concerned about the time it would take to set down Eirin, fiddle around with the keys, and then pick her up again than I am of depriving ourselves of delicious oppai pressed to our backs?
No. 23577
[X] Kick the door.
No. 23578
[ ] Try the door.

If no then kick it, after all no one said it was locked right now did they? Maybe it is maybe it isn't
No. 23579
[x] Use Eirin as a battering ram.
No. 23580
>>Tewi IS the door.

Actually, what if Tewi IS the door?
Or at least, the door is some sort of illusion created by her to trick our pursuers into thinking we didn't go this way?

Kicking might not be a good idea.
No. 23581
We are never going to call out for Tewi ever again, even when it might be the right choice. That said, we can't go back, so let's deal with this door.

[x] Try the door.

We don't know if it's locked, and we don't know how sturdy is really is. Let's try the handle and work from there.
No. 23582
[x] Fondle the door
No. 23583

>[x] Ruffle the door's hair.
No. 23584
[X] Set Eirin down and get the keys.

We have an old door, and an old key. Seems fairly straightforward.
No. 23585
No. 23587
You know, if we just try the door its gonna be locked. If we get the keys out it's gonna turn out be unlocked already.
No. 23588
We will try the door. It may or may not work.

If it does not work, we have keys. Like Key #3. If the guards catch up to us, we have spellcards and an immortal human shield. I'd say we are still doing pretty well.
No. 23589
>immortal human shield
Fuck, dude, NO. a big NO.
even if she is immortal, you don't use women like that dammit.
No. 23590
Eirin's not immortal. Well, not in the same sense that Kaguya is.
No. 23591

Yeah she's already messed up, if she gets worse it'll just mean she'll be out of the kitchen for longer. As a man we can't allow that.
No. 23592

I bet your favorite spell is knock
No. 23593
Really? I thought she took the Hourai Elixir as well. Then again, canon and fanon do tend to make this a gray area.
No. 23594
>we have spellcards
We do?
No. 23596
If the door doesn't open, we set Eirin down and try the keys.
One way or the other, we're getting that fucker open.

If we need to make a quick escape, then we just have to scoop Eirin up and carry her bridal-style.

...just be careful to not let her head smack on the doorway when you go through.
No. 23598
[X] Kick the door.¨

We have no time to shuffle with keys, we got Eirin injured on our back, fuck everthing, break the fucker.
No. 23600

No. 23601
Although Eirin was the one who formulated the Hourai Elixir, it has never been explicitly stated whether she has consumed it herself or not. Her official profiles say nothing on the matter, and she never claims in-game that she is immortal, unlike Kaguya (who refers to herself as an eternal being) and Mokou (who flatly states she is immortal). Considering that she was punished far less severely than Kaguya was, it is possible that leniency was granted in consideration that she did not actually drink the elixir. She is at least as old as Kaguya, but it is possible that Lunarians simply have lifespans far longer than humans do. (She does acknowledge that she has prolonged her life through the use of drugs, but does not specifically mention the elixir; also, Yuyuko mentions her power of death will not work on Kaguya or Mokou, but offers no such caveat against Eirin.)
No. 23602

We got them off the guards. Read moar.
No. 23604
And what cards do we have? Icicle Fall?
No. 23605
No. 23607
If they were wolf tengu I expect 'heat sign: leg hump' to be included.
No. 23608
Nothing slips through Yuyuko's immortal radar.
No. 23610

>You also find a couple of cards on each of the guard’s bodies.

No. 23611
>>You also find a couple of cards on each of the guard’s bodies.
No. 23612
>You give each of the bodies of the guards a once over. You find three keys, and pull the fourth one from the door. You also find a couple of cards on each of the guard’s bodies

>You also find a couple of cards on each of the guard’s bodies
No. 23614

Straight from the horse's mouth.
No. 23615
>>You also find a couple of cards on each of the guard’s bodies.
No. 23617
Tripled pwnd
No. 23619
Don't bother, I can find my own way out.
No. 23620

So...what are you trying to say, exactly?
No. 23621

No. 23622

No. 23623
gj saging an autosaged thread
No. 23624
No. 23625

No. 23626
No. 23627
new thread?
No. 23628
No. 23629
metamind lulz
No. 23630
[x] Kick the door.
No. 23631

Oh for the love of...
No. 23632
No. 23633
No. 23634

No. 23635
File 120897853942.jpg - (14.11KB , 300x200 , 1205215624040.jpg ) [iqdb]
This image just seems...appropriate.
No. 23636
No. 23637
File 120897856567.jpg - (92.78KB , 800x1000 , 1206129913617.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23639
Do we even have a winning choice yet?
No. 23640
No. 23641

You lost me.
No. 23642
And now you know the risk of being a namefag
No. 23644

Shoulda stayed anon
No. 23646
File 120897875081.jpg - (153.90KB , 348x386 , CirnoClueless2.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23647
namefag mind.
No. 23649
Once I stop laughing so hard, there'll be a new thread.
No. 23650
Nah, he just needs to learn to enjoy trolling and making shitstorms. It's so much easier as a namefag/tripfag.
No. 23651
I believe Try the door won; what are the winning rules anyway? First 3?
No. 23652
File 120897880164.jpg - (448.15KB , 800x1000 , 1205874403624.jpg ) [iqdb]
And then time resumes
No. 23653
Don't you start that shit again.
No. 23654
fuck you not again
No. 23655
It was first 5 near the beginning. It may have been raised to first 7 a while back, but I don't recall.
No. 23656
No. 23657
No more-mind
No. 23659
Goddamn I love this board.
No. 23661

No. 23662

No. 23664
>And now you know the risk of being a namefag
No. 23665
No. 23666
No. 23667
>>23656 >>23657 >>23661 >>23662
No. 23669
No. 23670

He's not namefagging it up with good intentions, he's labelling himself to help troll.
No. 23678
*sigh* I'm going to go play WOW. Its a race between Kira and I to see if I can finish my remaining dailies before his next post.
No. 23680
New thread >>23660
No. 23681
New thread >>23660
No. 23685
No. 23688

No. 23690
No. 23702
No. 23711
It has already started in the other thread, so I have to say no
No. 23754
My mind == blown/0
No. 23760

o u.