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22787 No. 22787
You decide it's best to make something in the kitchen for everyone; a welcome back meal of sorts, even if it should be made by them. You walk down the hallway, intent on making a fine dish for them all. It appears to be early evening to late afternoon as you enter the now-familiar kitchen, as sunlight streams in from the window just over the stove bordered by miniature soft beige curtains.

The question is, what to make?

[ ] Pancakes

[ ] Slice some apples

[ ] Chicken noodle soup

[ ] See if you can find some sort of meat for steak and potatoes

[ ] Deviled eggs

[ ] Fried eggs

[ ] Omelettes

[ ] Scrambled eggs

No. 22788
[X] Chicken noodle soup
No. 22789
[x] Omelettes

Change it up a little.
No. 22790
[x] GARcakes
No. 22792
[X] Pancakes

Trust me, guys. You can't go wrong with pancakes, even at this hour.
No. 22793
[x] See if you can find some sort of meat for steak and potatoes

If we are to prepare a feast in the future, we must learn to make more!
No. 22794
[ ] Scrambled eggs
No. 22795
[x] See if you can find some sort of meat for steak and potatoes
No. 22796
[x] Pancakes

with a side of

[x] Omelettes
No. 22797
[X] Pancakes
No. 22798
[X] Pancakes
No. 22799
[X] Omelettes
No. 22800
[x] See if you can find some sort of meat for steak and potatoes
No. 22801
[X] Pancakes
No. 22802
[x] Pancakes
We need practice with something other than eggs
No. 22803
I should point out that Huevos Rancheros would be a good egg based dish to serve at any time of day.
No. 22804
[ ] Pancakes
They use eggs and you could balance them in someone's head.
No. 22805
[x] Deviled eggs
No. 22806

Cracking eggs like the fist of the north star.
No. 22807
[x] See if you can find some sort of meat for steak and potatoes

Practise in something non egg-based is probably a good idea. Perhaps we can find a way to slip some ovarian sidedishes in?
No. 22808
At first I thought I just missed a thread and that's why we were suddenly at Keine's house. Then I realized that it was fake and I was sad.
No. 22809
Aw, fuck. You're right.

See you at the lake, everybody.
No. 22810
No. 22811
GM: Okay.
No. 22812
Oh anonymous you silly nigger.
No. 22813

Dude, we WERE at Keine's house by the time the last thread ended. There was even a bit about Mokou finding something to read, and Keine taking her shoes off.
No. 22814

Looks legit to me
>>You walk onwards and ignore it. Who cares if you're going insane, or if something is there, you have a schoolteacher, an immortal, and the strongest. You reach the village and enter Keine's house with no further issues.
>>Meanwhile, a fairy sobs at her failure to spook a simple human. You dick.
>>Nonetheless, Keine looks relieved at being home at long last, and goes to brew some tea. "Let's relax for a while." She suggested, moving out of the warm, relaxing living room after a short time, taking off her shoes and setting off with bare feet down the wooden floored hallway. >>Mokou reached to one of the shelves filled with texts and curios, handling a small scroll gently and sat down next to the fire to read. Cirno had fluttered off somewhere around the house while you were looking away as you stand in the doorway.
>>[ ] Make dinner/lunch for everyone
No. 22815
Ah, fuck. The archive said it had 50 and I believed it.
No. 22816
Baby steps

[ ] Omelettes

It r not breakfast tiem.
No. 22817
[X] Deviled eggs

Work with our one strength.
No. 22818
[ ] Pancakes
No. 22819
Come to think of it, [x] Deviled eggs is strangely symbolic. I wonder if Remilia would be amused.
No. 22820
[X] Pancakes

Good for any time of day.
No. 22821
[x] Pancakes.

We have already mastered the way of the egg, Anon.
No. 22822
Looks like Pancakes wins.

No. 22823
I think it's just worth noting at this point that Waffles are superior to pancakes. But, I suppose we don't have a waffle iron.
No. 22824
No. 22825
File 120890193699.jpg - (97.31KB , 600x800 , fuckingwaffles.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 22826
Does Keine even have any eggs?
No. 22827

No. 22828
Plenty of milk.
No. 22829
[x] Philly Cheese Steak
No. 22830
Of course she does, how else would she be pregnant with my child?
No. 22831
File 120890211163.jpg - (160.91KB , 464x464 , 96e252a84055c6749609b9b96d2f4798.jpg ) [iqdb]

You move deftly through the kitchen, collecting the required ingredients as necessary, inwardly reminding yourself not to get too fancy, as to appeal to all tastebuds instead of a few in particularly. You easily crack the eggs and mix the pancake mix before pouring it into the pan, and light the kindling. Keine's kitchen is well provisioned, and you can find all that you need within. But how many do you make?

[ ] Just enough for yourself

[ ] One per person

[ ] 2 per person

[ ] Three per person

[ ] Make a dozen
No. 22832
[x] 2 per person
No. 22833
[ ] 2 per person
No. 22834
File 120890219666.gif - (119.54KB , 468x400 , pancakes-3.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 22835
[ ] Three per person

[ ] Make a dozen

Cirno, Keine, Mouku and Anon.

These answers are the same.

[ ] Three per person
No. 22836
File 120890220545.png - (116.21KB , 360x451 , keineshokku2.png ) [iqdb]
No. 22837
[x] Make a dozen
No. 22838
[x] Make a dozen

No. 22839
[X] 2 per person
No need to go overboard
No. 22840
[X] Unlimited Pancake Works...

But seriously...
[X] Three per person
No. 22841
[x] 2 per person
No. 22842
[X] Three per person

But... there are four of us. Isn't that a dozen anyway?

Well, three pancakes each should be enough if we make the pancakes large enough. If anyone can't finish, Cirno will probably polish off the rest.
No. 22843
[ ] Make a dozen

Same choice is the same.

>[ ] Three per person

I see what you did there.
No. 22844

[x] Make a dozen

It's been an entire day since Anon last ate, with dangerous stunts inbetween.
If they don't want to eat that much, we probably can eat the spare.
No. 22845
File 120890230086.jpg - (189.76KB , 1536x1152 , pancake2.jpg ) [iqdb]

superior pancakes are superior
No. 22846
[X] "Out for some fresh air." You reply sarcastically. "And you?"
No. 22847
...oh yeah.

[X] Make a dozen

I like the word "dozen", though.
No. 22848
[ ] Make a dozen

Better leave them stuffed than hungry.
No. 22849

No. 22850
File 120890235918.jpg - (5.19KB , 300x300 , PrimusLitechFryingPan.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Three per person

No. 22851
No. 22852

Slowpoke! You're alive!
No. 22853
Oh god, why does Keine look like Uboa in that pic?!
No. 22854

Holy fucking slowpoke
No. 22855
And then slowpoke was a slowking.
No. 22856
[x] 2 per person
No. 22857
...Holy Zen, I can't even remember when that's from.
No. 22858

When we met Eirin.
No. 22859
[ ] 2 per person
Don't be fatties, Anonymous.
No. 22860

Shh we're fattening the others up to use in the SDM feast.
No. 22861
[X] Get lost in the Forest of Magic so I can live with Alice.
No. 22862
Remillia is a light eater, Keine could feed her from her ample supply without even feeling it.
No. 22863

That wasn't actually an option, that was just a reply to the initial OP.

So does a dozen/three per person win on account of being the same thing yet?
No. 22864

Yeah but we're only gonna be called on for gala events. Lots of people there.
No. 22865

No! Bad anon! You do not feed your waifus to SDM!
No. 22866
Oh, yeah. Wow. And there's nothing past Slowking?
No. 22867

Where else will we find beef in gensokyo?
No. 22868
[X] 2 per person
And let Keine watch you humming happily while you demonstrate your AWESOME skills, thus falling for you completely.
No. 22869
Cirno. EoSD dialogue.
No. 22870

Wiki is down. Quote it for me would ya kindly?
No. 22871
[x] Make a dozen
No. 22872
Probably something about English cow.
No. 22873
[x] Make a dozen
No. 22874
[x] 2 per person
Try not to eat her out of house and home, guys.
No. 22875
No. 22876

>Try not to eat her out

Oh anon
No. 22879
No. 22881
Still no winner, Unless GM counts 3 per person/dozen votes as the same thing.
No. 22883
No. 22884
[x] Make a dozen
No. 22885
God damn it, Reverse Shirou.
No. 22886
[x] Make a dozen
No. 22889
[X] Just enough for yourself
No. 22890
Anon's in the kitchen. MANLINESS, ACTIVATE!
No. 22891
[X] 2 per person
No. 22892
[] Make a dozen
No. 22894

Well, dozen wins regardless now.

No. 22895
[ ] Make a dozen
No. 22899
File 120890452474.jpg - (47.71KB , 639x480 , beef.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 22900

Ah so we use cirno to freeze keine. Nice way to keep the meat fresh.
No. 22905
You fools, then where would we find milk for the children?
No. 22907
I can suggest an alternative....
No. 22908

This guy seems legit.
No. 22909
Waiting for YWUIG?

Too bad suckers! D&D time.

We last left our heroes...
No. 22910
Oh look it's almost 7, guess we're gonna call it a day.
No. 22911
File 120890510697.jpg - (278.01KB , 602x849 , 0f8e645d5142ecaadf262ff7621dc8c3.jpg ) [iqdb]

You swiftly move about the kitchen, creating 12 pancakes, one for each person. You idly note to yourself in a detached fashion that 12 and 3 per person are the same amount, indeed. With precision, you butter each equally and apply a healthy but not an overdose of syrup to each pancake with a flourish, skidding over the wood floor as the scent of the pancakes drifts quietly throughout the house as you set a place at the table for each person. You look over your creations with a hint of pride, although for some reason, you feel like you should have set a place at the table for someone else. It passes quickly.

[ ] Call for everyone

[ ] Wait for them

[ ] Eat without them

[ ] Go elsewhere for now
No. 22912

A crushing bracket buster. There were bets on only getting 1, 3, 4, or 5 WUIG entries.
No. 22914
[X] Call for everyone
No. 22915
[x] Make three more pancakes.

[x] Wait for them

[x] Genuflect
No. 22916
[x] Wait for them
No. 22917
[x] Call for everyone

Oh, I guess we haven't been abandoned.
No. 22918
[x] Call for everyone
Again with the mystery chick...
No. 22920
[X] Call for everyone.

Dinner call!
No. 22921
[x] Call for everyone

Make that 3. Still where is kira?
No. 22922
[x] Call for everyone
A place at the table for someone else eh?
No. 22923
[x] Call for everyone
No. 22925
[x] Call for everyone
No. 22926

Call for them
No. 22927
[X] Call for everyone

Someone's coming to dinner?
Er, breakfast?

What time is it, again?
No. 22928
[x] Make three more pancakes.

[x] Wait for them

[x] Genuflect
No. 22929
\[ ] Call for everyone
No. 22931

In before that birthday party.
No. 22932
[ ] Call for everyone





BAD END 29- Death by Sexy Pancakes

But seriously, [ ] Call for everyone.
No. 22933
[X] Call for everyone
No. 22934
[X] Make three more pancakes,


[X] Call for everyone.
No. 22935
This is WUiG guys, pick one and that's it.
No. 22936
[ ] Call for everyone

China, you and I are of one mind and body. As I doth consume these cakes of the pan, so doth thee.
No. 22938
Actually yeah,

[X] Make three more pancakes then

[X] Call for everyone

always make a few more than what you think you'll need
No. 22939
[X] Call for everyone.

If China shows up theres still enough for everyone to have 2 and one person to have 3. No need to look schizo by making more.
No. 22940

Not here. Because this is WUIG.
No. 22941

You can't like both, Idort.
No. 22942

No shit Sherlock.
No. 22943
[x] Drink tea and wait.

Oh, it's not an option? FUCK THAT, DO IT ANYWAY!
No. 22944
If call everyone hadn't win yet then
[ ] Go elsewhere for now

Let's see if we can still find the mystery lady.
No. 22945

Then don't fucking ask.
No. 22946
Well, Call everyone won by a landslide.

F5, etc.
No. 22948
its over
No. 22949
Oh well
No. 22950
It's not over until the fish jumps.
No. 22951
[X] Eat without them

fuck you guys, I'm hungry.
No. 22952
Well, I guess
Should come forth and collect his prize.
No. 22953
I don't know, I think >>22587 might still be right. GM probably has one more update to post, otherwise we would have got a brb, 7 minutes, soup, or whatever.
No. 22954

I'm >>22587
No. 22956
File 120890721796.jpg - (212.96KB , 700x700 , c8f6724ef749af8bdb20ef6b47e961a7.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Call everyone

You call out, and Keine and Mokou arrive promptly, the former smiling, the latter anxious. "I see you've made something. This supposed to impress us? I would rather be hearing about the outside." Mokou says, idly taking a seat with little decorum. Keine gives a concerned look at the immortal, and takes a seat with far more grace than her friend without a word, but looks pleasantly at you with a silent thanks. Cirno, the little ice fairy, doesn't seem to have arrived yet.

[ ] "What's your problem, Mokou?"

[ ] "If you're going to be that way, maybe I shouldn't talk about it."

[ ] Remain silent, eat

[ ] "Where is Cirno?"
No. 22958

[x] "Where is Cirno?"

Oh no!
No. 22959
[x] "What's your problem, Mokou?"
No. 22960
[x] Remain silent, eat
No. 22961
[ ] "Where is Cirno?"

I don't get what she's talking about....
No. 22962
[x] "What's your problem, Mokou?"
No. 22963
[X] "Where is Cirno?"
No. 22964
File 120890746067.jpg - (37.32KB , 319x500 , 1206601450526.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] "If you're going to be that way, maybe I shouldn't talk about it."

No. 22965
[X] "What's your problem, Mokou?"
We must break down her cold tsun shell to get to the creamy dere center
No. 22966
[X] "Where is Cirno?"

Eh, Mokou's just bein' Mokou, far as I can tell. And I'm sure the Nineball's okay, but still, her flapjacks're getting cold.
No. 22967
[ ] "Where is Cirno?"

ignore mokou, she'll bend to our will via cold treatment in time ...
No. 22968
[⑨] "Where is Cirno?"
No. 22969
File 120890769040.png - (13.51KB , 400x400 , 1205124281955.png ) [iqdb]

Just for the irony, she'll freeze the pancakes into frozen waffles.
No. 22970
[X] "Where is Cirno?"
No. 22971
[X] "What's your problem, Mokou?"
No. 22972
[x] "Where is ⑨?"
No. 22973
[x] "Where is Cirno?"

Also, we can talk while we eat, you silly immortal.
No. 22974
[X] "Where is Cirno?"

No. 22975
And then we can throw them like a Frisbee and watch Cirno catch them in her mouth and bring them back to us. Commence hair ruffling.

It should work on Momizi and Sakuya, too.
No. 22976
And then we can throw them like a Frisbee and watch Cirno catch them in her mouth and break her teeth
No. 22977
I believe Cirno just won.
No. 22978
Thereby giving us an excuse to romance Eirin when we take our beloved tomboyish daughter to Eientei for treatment.

No. 22979
No, I would think for Momizi that a tummy-rub is the way to go.

Sakuya...I don't know what would be best for her.
Either one would be at least funny to try before we're stabbed to death.
No. 22982

Play dead?
No. 22983
File 12089083034.jpg - (44.94KB , 450x387 , 12077057513.jpg ) [iqdb]


No. 22984
File 120890846644.jpg - (147.55KB , 536x612 , 990a6de926bcdfbf6032930465231457.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 22985
>>Thereby giving us an excuse to romance Reisen when we take our beloved tomboyish daughter to Eientei for treatment.

I fixed that for you.

But adopting Cirno. Heh.

Now I've got a mental image of anon running an orphanage for the (9) squad....
No. 22986
Fondle Sakuya. Based on her reaction earlier, she won't care.

Obviously, we're seducing her so she'll make Patchouli's inhaler for us.
No. 22987
Oh shi- Maybe Cirno's with the new guest we feel we should make pancakes for.
No. 22988
And with our luck, it will be the poor fairy that we made cry by ignoring her attempts at spooking us. To further add insult to injury, we've also neglected to make enough food for her as well.

Anon really is a dick.
No. 22989

Well, We declared Cirno the prettiest fairy. Naturally the rest wouldn't catch our eye.
No. 22990
Doesn't mean we shouldn't try to be nice to her.
Especially if she's a friend of Cirno's.
No. 22991
I'd already planned on voting to give our share of the pancakes to the mystery guest, so yeah.
No. 22992
File 120890980722.jpg - (322.19KB , 650x650 , Gates of Scarlet Devil Mansion.jpg ) [iqdb]

Also, don't forget to pick up that inhaler.
No. 22993
LOL, it would be crazy if my "revenge of the fairy" post inspired GM to make a BAD END related with that fairy.
No. 22994

You want to win over Remilia and get the entire mansion?
No. 22995
No just those sexy iron gates.
No. 22996
File 120891045516.jpg - (31.29KB , 452x340 , ohyou.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 22997
Anonymous has expended much power cooking two huge meals today. He must recharge his mana tonight...If you know what I mean.
No. 22998
File 120891096234.jpg - (83.75KB , 700x789 , 1206603360098.jpg ) [iqdb]

I don't think Anon is getting any MANA rechargin' tonight.
No. 22999
[ ] "Where is Cirno?"
No. 23000
>I don't think Anon is getting any MANA rechargin' tonight.

What? I call bullshit, anon never runs out of energy drinks!
No. 23003
Actually, now that you've mentioned it, I am. Protein bars, too. I'll have to stop at the store on the way home from class tomorrow.
No. 23006
Pff. The only energy drink this Anon needs is good old-fashioned coffee.

Only it's not so much a "drink" as it is "snorted through a straw" really. Water just dilutes the magic.
No. 23007
File 12089130803.jpg - (47.01KB , 400x500 , Godot.jpg ) [iqdb]
Straws? What is this faggotry? DRINK UP, MOTHERFUCKER!
No. 23008
Did you not hear me? WATER DILUTES THE MAGIC.
The only way is to snort the grounds!

No. 23009
Snorting is for fags, you fag. Real men inject it directly into their bloodstream.
No. 23010
Bloodstream? What are you, some kinda pussy? Cut out the middleman and put that needle directly in your brain.
No. 23011
Needles are for women and communists.
REAL MEN would crack a hole in their skull with a hammer and pour that shit in through a goddamn funnel.
No. 23012
Ignoring your circulatory system would prevent the rest of your body from being affected.
No. 23013
A hammer? What the fuck is wrong with your hands, you shouldn't need tools for something as simple as this.
No. 23014

FUCK THAT, stuff it into your brain through your eyes.
No. 23015
Exactly! What kind of pussy can't punch a hole into his own skull?
No. 23016
I now have the image of someone stuffing coffie beans into his own forehead.
No. 23018
File 120891458928.png - (538.11KB , 1052x1500 , zayaku_menace_19.png ) [iqdb]
Caffeine is for losers. I have a fucking Elemental Reactor installed in my cerebrum.
No. 23019
>>I have a fucking Elemental Reactor installed in my rectum.

No. 23020
You had to have one installed? I grew mine out of sheer force of manly will.
No. 23021
I have an LHC installed in my spinal cord
Not like it helps with staying awake
No. 23023
Fuckin' weirdest thread hijack, evar.
No. 23024
It's configured wrong, then.
No. 23026

What kind of weak son of a bitch punches holes in their own skull? The truly strong like me don't bother with such half-assed methods. I rip my heart out through my nostrils and fill it with whole beans. WHOLE FUCKING BEANS. PULLED STRAIGHT OFF THE PLANT. Not that ground up, pre-packaged shit only women and children use. Grinding them removes all the flavor and makes it taste like piss.
No. 23027
You're still on COFFEE? Oh, that's fine, I guess.
If you don't mind looking like a total panty-waist.

If you want real fucking energy, the only way to go is to hunt and kill a fucking cheetah, rip out its adrenal glands, and then graft those fuckers into your body with a goddamn soldering iron.
No. 23030

Soldering irons do not work liek that.
No. 23032

Just one? Hell, if I were to get a fucking cheetah, I'd go all out. Catch a whole goddamn group of 'em and surgically attach them ALIVE to my goddamn forearms--by way of a fucking pneumatic railroad spike driver! I'd be loaded with energy AND have arms that could rip a man to shreds in practically no time at all!
No. 23033
Yeah, soldering irons are OK, I suppose. IF you're such a cockmunching pussy that you can't heat your fingertips to 700 degree plus temperatures naturally.
No. 23034
>have arms that could rip a man to shreds in practically no time at all!

You mean you don't already?
No. 23036
Of course I do. It's just so un-cool to have to actually TRY to tear people limb from limb. I'd rather just brush past them and have them be mutilated without me lifting a finger. It's so much more convenient.
No. 23037
File 120891827323.png - (12.91KB , 289x287 , 1207193725724.png ) [iqdb]
No. 23038
You have fun with your little girly cheetah arms. Meanwhile, I'll have bitten off each and every one of my fingers and replaced them all with motherfucking SHARKS. GREAT WHITE SHARKS.

Ever been punched by a FIST MADE OF SHARKS?
No. 23039
I can see that this is escalating into an arms race
No. 23040
File 120891863083.gif - (9.03KB , 675x518 , sigmaaaa.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 23042
File 120891875557.jpg - (59.74KB , 301x152 , 1208811630499.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23043
Oh Ultros, you magnificent bastard.
No. 23044
thread ruined.
No. 23064
[ ] "Where is Cirno?"
No. 23066
Oh god, I laughed at this far more than I should have.
No. 23076
Someone point me to the last thread? Archive isn't up to date.
No. 23077
Here you go.
Thread 50: >>17096
Last post in the archive: >>17424
No. 23113
File 120895494644.jpg - (138.23KB , 700x600 , Cirno8.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Where is Cirno?

You have more important things to worry about than Mokou being huffy as you ask about (9) with some concern. One of them had to have seen her.

Mokou looks slightly piqued that you don't rise to her fit and looks away, not responding. Keine looks thoughtful. "I thought she went outside for some fresh air. She said she'd be right back." She shakes her head. "I am sorry I cannot be more helpful! I didn't realize she had been gone very long until you mentioned it!" There is an apologetic look on her face and in her tone.

"Who cares." Mokou says with some amount of spite. "I'm tired of being delayed by the fairy. Let's just eat and then get to what you promised. You might start decomposing before my eyes if we wait to long." She sends a small glare at you, obviously irritated by the wait.

[ ] "I'm sure she'll be back eventually." Begin to eat with Keine and Mokou

[ ] "I'll be right back, guys, I have to go find Cirno first." Get your shoes back on and go outside to look for her

---Optional seconds---

[ ] "Don't be such a dick, Mokou."

[ ] "You all can eat while I'm away." (Second option)

[ ] "Mokou, stop it, I don't want to deal with this. If it's causing so many issues, I just won't tell you. Would it kill you to be polite?"
No. 23115
No. 23117
Evidently new thread is needed.
No. 23123
[x] "I'll be right back, guys, I have to go find Cirno first." Get your shoes back on and go outside to look for her